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RE: =AQ= Weapon Contest

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2/12/2014 22:03:05   

Absolix's Do Dao Of Demise

Absolix Do Dao
Element: Darkness/Ice (Toggled by enemy weakness)
Melee/Range (Toggle by clicking on the wrist band)

Description: After battling Cartwright, Absolix left Lore to look for a mythical weapon. Little did he know, a piece of his armor was damaged in battle, and a group of archmages created this all powerful weapon. Even strong enough to take on Absolix himself!

Special: The Do Dao springs forward past the enemy and off the screen, then from the bottom right of the screen it comes shooting up towards the top left of the enemy, then from the top right of the screen it shoots down the the bottom left of the enemy. Doing so has a chance to bind the enemy for 1 to 3 turns.

Damage lvl 150: 16-48
Price: 17936000-24360000 Gold

Drawn and Created by: Poo
ID Number: 12484505

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
2/12/2014 22:43:58   
Inferno Blue

ID# 74651631
Serpent's Fang

Weapon's info:

Post Script
Hi Zee it's me kungfulazerrainbow, from Ubear's Chatango.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
2/12/2014 23:15:33   

Artist's Lightning Stroke

Element: Energy
Type: Magic
Description: Having trobble painting monsters? Subjects keep moving? Sure. Problem solved. With this blade, you'll reveal the Picasso within. You'll be turning monsters into abstract art in no time!

- By clicking on the floating singular wing, you can toggle the weapon's special's ability: to stun, or imply a Lightning barrier upon the player (Chi barrier... costs SP per damage point...).
- By clicking on the 3 Wings grouped together, you can change the weapon's BtH (higher BtH = less damage... ) Therefore, 3 options: High Accuracy, Low Accuracy, Neutral.
AQ  Post #: 28
2/13/2014 1:01:13   


Behemoth blade
Element: Earth

A blade made out of the heart of a behemoth king of the beasts.
The blade was even to powerfull for the BeastMaster Vephoma

AQW  Post #: 29
2/13/2014 5:17:12   

My lame feeble awesome attempt at the contest !


Special would have the sword (if you call it one) disintegrating into the respective faces and attacking the enemy !

Triggers against a random attribute (STR/DEX/INT/CHA/LUK/END) each round. Trigger successful if enemy has non-zero stats in selected attribute.
Eg : Monster has 200 STR/DEX/LUK

First round trigger attribute : INT -> No trigger
Second round : CHA -> No trigger*
Third round : STR -> Trigger*

Char ID : 58060431

Cheers and good luck, fellow competitors !

*You just got trolled!
*Thou hast survived the MIGHT OF THE TROLL !

Plese do not use font over 3. It is considered spam and against the rules. Rules: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17051217

Eukara Vox
AE Forum Administration

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AQ  Post #: 30
2/13/2014 11:35:59   
Human Psychology

Toucan Scythe
AQ ID: 70018725

Ranged Weapon

I'm not an artist so I'll have to win this on concept alone. Zee, I leave this in your capable hands; a standard wooden-textured scythe handle topped with the head of a toucan, the beak being the blade of the scythe. The wider area around and beneath the eye is a little feathery in texture. For some reason I thought the beak of a toucan was striped, and I drew the concept before looking at a toucan on Google Images. It's more like a solid colored beak with a blob of black or another color at the tip (I'm sure you know what a toucan looks like.. more than I do, anyhow). The lower part of the beak can either be beak-colored or steel which would be cool too. If you want there could be an outstretched wing going in the opposite direction of the beak/blade.

The weapon could trigger on fruits, insects, and lizards, because that's what toucans eat, and because what the heck.

Post #: 31
2/13/2014 12:55:39   

My weapon will be a unique one, because it has the ability to switch from Melee to Magic and it's elemental power will be the ? (unknown/Void) element! It's special ability will transform the user into the mighty Rabid Diretooth Form Level 150 form/armor while at the same time, calling forth NightReign to help the wielder of this sword in his/her battles! As the player levels up, the sword will also level up as well BIG TIME!!! This is a rare, unique, infinitely powerful, one-of-a-kind special weapon!

AdventureQuest ID #: 31774252

Image Link (PhotoBucket): http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c282/Conrad_Nader_Coovert/TheLightingPitchSwordForkOfInfinitePower_zps8dae8001.jpg

Plese do not use font over 3. It is considered spam and against the rules, and since you are new, I highly suggest you do some reading before you get yourself in hot water. Rules: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17051217

Eukara Vox
AE Forum Administration

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Conrad Nader Coovert
AQ  Post #: 32
2/13/2014 15:46:20   
Dreiko Shadrack

Lugark's Madness
Lugark the Warrior was driven mad by warfare, his tombstone was fashioned into a weapon and the madness oozes out of it so severely that it had to be sealed with magic chains.
Earth Melee weapon, neutral bth lean, base heavy, no special. Is Clickable, when clicked it will break its chains and becomes a random element weapon with a 5% special also of random element.

Edit: original host took my picture down had to edit in a new link.

< Message edited by Dreiko Shadrack -- 2/13/2014 15:48:43 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
2/13/2014 16:00:34   

My Blade Would be called Grims Blood It Element: Fire/Darkness depends on the skull if his eyes are red its fire if black darkness
It Would Look Like The Void Vanquisher Execpt Red and A Skull on the Hilt its special attack is river of blood fire and darkness damage 20.4 of the enemie being paralazed with fear random and base damge I'll let the devs or mods handle it
I Think It Should Be For Lvl 80 and in z-token shop for 600-984 z-tokens I'm Lvl 78-79 Name is Chrismas Wanderer Login ID is beuru Thank you for your time to read this I'm also. A X-Guardian if that has to be part of ID.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 34
2/13/2014 19:28:54   

Image: http://tinypic.com/r/a9tvsw/8
EDIT: I only inserted my ID into my image, nothing more or less.
Same image with ID: http://tinypic.com/r/2efqnmu/8
The sword took me approximately 6+ hours to make. (Just a guess)

Weapon Name: Ruo's Endurance

Weapon Info (My Expectations):

Level: (Ranging from 1 to 150, if possible; Otherwise 150)
Price: (Whatever necessary)
Sellback: (Whatever necessary)

Element: Earth
Type: Magic
Damage: (X - Y) (19 - 50 at Lvl 150)
BTH: (+X) (+19 at Lvl 150)

Hits: 1
Element: HP Heal
Type: Magic
Damage: (X)% (600% at Lvl 150) Base and Random
Stats: No normal stats; (X)% (500% at Lvl 150) Lucky Strike damage
BTH: «Hits Automatically»
Rate: 10%

All normal Player attacks deal (END/10 + 100)% damage. (Not factored in the above numbers) (Effect is the same with all Combat Lvls)

Example: If player END is 0, then normal Player damage = 100%
Example2: If player END is 200, then normal Player damage = 120%
Example3: If player END is 50, then normal Player damage = 105%

Mastercraft Bonus:
You can click on the blade to switch between Magic or Melee damage.

This weapon is infused with Earth and the hearts of men! The higher END you have, the more damage your enemies will suffer. You can switch between Magic or Melee damage by clicking on the blade! Created by Ruo.

Character ID: 43995114

--- If the images aren't working please notify me! Hopefully all is according to the rules.
GL to everyone!

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AQ AQW  Post #: 35
2/13/2014 19:58:06   

DragonSlayer Dagger

AQ ID: 4568059

Weapon Type: Melee

Element: Neutral

Description: A dagger that was once sealed up by the unknown Dragons. Unknown Dragons sealed up the dagger to prevent DragonSlayers from using it to stop them from taking over Battleon. Galanoth has recovered it during the Dragon War and it is ready to slay Dragons with its hidden powers.

Automatic Toggled! When fighting against Dragon types. It will do additional 150% to Dragons.

Special #1: Base Rate 10%
- Will summon DragonSlayers from the dead and does 3 hits of X Element damage.
Special #2: Base Rate 10%
- Weapon will charge up for 1 turn and the second turn it will release total of 200% pure damage.
AQ  Post #: 36
2/13/2014 20:07:12   

Strident Sunflash( link)

The Sunflash weapons are ancient blades wielded in the war between the light demons and darkness angels, earning their name by flashing forth light when striking the forces of darkness. After the war ended the blades were scavenged from fallen demons, and became known for their power. The strongest Sunflash blades went to the greatest warriors; those carried by great warlords became the Strident Sunflashes, those passed down through lines of kings, Imperial Sunflashes, and there was fabled to be a Celestial Sunflash wielded by the Lord of Light. Many have become lost or destroyed, and are scarce today.

Design: The handle is comfortable and functional black leather. The guard is rich, well polished gold. The blade is sparkling clear crystal with the slightest hint of blue, and though it is most definitely solid from a distance it seems to not be there.

Uskius, character ID # is: 7516199
AQ Epic  Post #: 37
2/13/2014 21:12:34   
How We Roll Winner

Segax Hydra, Character ID: 82054282

Name: Hydra's Reaper
Weapon type: Scythe
Element: Darkness
Damage range: 10-38
BTH: 19
Cost: 2.2x Weapon (Weapon+Skill+Skill)

Created by Zon Hydra, the first Necromancer of the Hydra clan. Forging the weapon with his own hands, and containing jewels created using Zon's own mana, this weapon is endowed with Zon's strongest spell, the dark Pulse.
Also when in the vicinity of Paladins and Holy folk, this weapon can disrupt their ley lines, hence disabling and weakening their powers.

Weapon info:
Proc Rate: 0%
Contains spell. <Dark pulse> standard lv150G darkness spell, with standard mana cost
*Deals 109% damage, due to lack of special*

When used against monster category Paladin, Priest, Holy etc.
Every normal attack, there is an X% chance of inflicting a spiritual seed . The seed produces the effect "Cutting ley line", ie decreasing the effectiveness of Light weapon attacks, spells etc by y%. This continues, until the monster saves a roll, it recieves -10 to save.
#If ability is too powerfull, the user can be made to pay A SP or B HP every turn for the upkeep of the effect.

Full view

Closeup #1

Close up #2

Credits to Battlemaster25, Pokemon 2.0, Plushie, Craig for helping me pick which weapon to submit
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 38
2/14/2014 11:26:27   

Shyair's Fang

This sword was forged as a gift to the granddaughter of the elemental ice lord. but after she was murdered, her grandfather took her spirit and formed it into a great ice wolf and linked it to the sword. Legend has it that when Shyair roars, blizzards will freeze all creation, even the mightiest of fire dragons will freeze.

the sword is a combination of light and ice. with 2 special attacks. 1. ice: a large pillar of ice shoots out of the ground, encasing the monster, attacking it 3 times. 2. light: the sword opens up firing a massive beam of light at the monster, attacking it 2 times.

i hope u take this entry into consideration, and believe that if it is made into an actual weapon, that u could make it into an entire quest.


Post #: 39
2/14/2014 19:37:11   

Beta Buster

A high damage, poor accuracy melee weapon of either fire, darkness, or ice (one of the three) with a very rare but devastating, pure damage special. Triggers on giants, especially out-of-proportion beings like Limkragg or the SuperMegaUltra Giant, and also enemies with 0% or negative resistance to an element.

Desc: As is the refined style of the great weaponsmith, the Beta Buster is a finely made, sword-like weapon, except this gargantuan behemoth can devastate titans, nephilim, and possibly even an elemental incarnate with effortless swings! Being such a massive piece of bulk, though, makes it hard to carry this around...

AQ ID - 44038170
AQ AQW  Post #: 40
2/14/2014 20:17:20   


Known as "Nigrum Et Citharae" (the black harp) this blade was made the immortal god of dark Kultya. Made of a rare poisonous mineral known as Amythite, the blade in it's "Mezzo Forte" form (melee) constantly leaks this poison which not only causes harm damage but induces mental instability which in turn causes self-harm damage. In the "Crescendo" form (ranged) the blade takes on the form of a harp which shoots outs sonic blasts of darkness, these sonic blasts can cause internal bleeding damage and cause hallucinations which takes the form of self-harm damage as well.

AQ ID: 24098918


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AQ  Post #: 41
2/15/2014 2:27:50   

ID:84735329 Swagical Kry

Name: Delina's Sorrow Scythe
Weapon type: Scythe
Element: Light
Damage: 20-30
BTH: 18

Delina grew up around the kind of people with horrible intentions. She soon found herself in a deep depression, so before she had passed away she had made many weapons
for herself. But soon her weapons died with her, but this one some how had been found again by Kry. Deep in the Darkovia woods.

AQ AQW  Post #: 42
2/15/2014 4:49:53   

ID: 990943

Weapon: Chronos Crusher


Note: The gear wheel on the other side of the axe head is constantly moving clockwise. The Clock on the axe head is luminous and is always constantly moving, I would actually liked it to be always showing the same time as the server time, but if thats impossible then just make it be that the minute hand is moving even faster than a second hand in reality, with the hour hand moving appropriately, that is, moving only once per revolution of the minute hand.

Type: Melee
Element: Energy

Stats of a PLvl 153 version:

Range: 24 - 40 (24 Base, 16 Random)
BtH: 19%

-4 BtH with appropriate modifier lean

Special Rate 20%

4 hits, if at least one of the hits connects, it attempts to freeze or paralyze the foe(50/50 chance) which would be based on save roll, if the foe fails the save roll, it becomes frozen or paralyzed

Special Animation: Shoots out 4 silver gears that deals 1 hit each

MC Effect is no damage penalty for its ability to freeze or paralyze the foe.

Description: The axe of Bolter, the Keeper of Time, not only is it capable of crushing the wielder's foes but it is also capable of freezing or paralyzing them in Time with its special.

edited because: Image was incorrectly posted

< Message edited by Atomos -- 2/15/2014 5:40:39 >
AQ  Post #: 43
2/15/2014 12:27:48   


Sword Name : Firg's Sword

The melee fire weapon , The special attack is summoning the dragon ( Click link below for the dragon )


Guest Name : Firg' the Fiery Dragon

-42 SP per turn

Attack 2 fireball

Heal if HP reached 20%

Description : Once forged on Alnaphar , This legend sword might killing that who are living in the ice

Element : Fire

Character ID : 54292466

PS : I edited it because when i clicking my photo .. The photo changed wrong , So i edited it ^-^

< Message edited by Tyill -- 2/16/2014 0:45:59 >
Post #: 44
2/15/2014 12:55:57   
t.j the iron smasher


id: 83275575
my weapon is the anti guardian blade!

It is a melee darkness weapon but by clicking on the emerald at the bottom will turn it into a magic
weapon that when attacking it forms red spikes around the monster that slash at it.

Also its special attack shoots out a lesser dark bolt.

If it is a bit long you might want to take out the purple stems with the black pole in the middle


The anti guardians ultimate weapon he never got to wield it
but now we found it its all ours! But it hasn't got any special
powers against guardians.

< Message edited by t.j the iron smasher -- 2/15/2014 13:00:06 >
AQ  Post #: 45
2/15/2014 16:07:07   
How We Roll Winner

Hairdryer on a stick

ID: 59477000

Weapon Name: Hairdryer on a stick

Description: The Drakel's created this technological marvel when they started testing wind sorcery with technology. It can really give new meaning to having a bad hair day.

Weapon Type: Ranged

Element: Wind

Special 1: It creates a powerful gust of wind that can lower enemy accuracy.

Special 2: Sometimes malfunctions causing an electrical burst that strikes enemies and gives them a .33 percent chance of being paralyzed for one turn.

AQW Epic  Post #: 46
2/15/2014 18:15:40   

Hypnos blade

id: 73753007

just something i had in my mind.

this blade was touched by the power of dreams , but it is a Nightmare for your foes.

has the ability to make your foe sleep.
special prfered to be a man with wings comes from the top of screen and touches your opponent with his finger, which is when your opponent is affected by sleep.
AQ Epic  Post #: 47
2/15/2014 23:19:59   


ID number: 22096346

Name: The Hooded Blade
Clicking on the blade gives you the reaper's cloak.

Description:This blade may let you borrow the cloak of the reaper, but you may only use his scythe in this form.

Melee Sword
Top Level: 150
Damage: 18-41

When wielding the weapon itself, it deals darkness damage, but may attack you as fire for a small
percentage of damage you dealt last turn.

Special Similar to Horn of Tera Suul, but the color would be black.
AQ  Post #: 48
2/16/2014 5:41:37   

The Destruction Sword Of Chaos

img: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/047/4/2/destruction_sword_of_chaos_by_megalucario1783-d76e9fh.jpg
abbilitty:has a rare chance of burning or stunning enemy.
id#: 85513530
Post #: 49
2/16/2014 9:35:47   
Jack O

Here I go..I hope I make my brother proud..

Id: 77676948
Weapon name: Shell Breaker
Link: http://athstein.deviantart.com/art/AQ-Weapon-Contest-Shell-Breaker-434526070
Element: Water
Type: There is a melee version as well as a magic version.

Effect: Each hit of the blade causes the enemy to slightly lose combat defense up to a cap.

Description: Ancient ocean denizens used a rare mineral called Piroq coral to shatter the shells of the lobsters and giant clams that they feasted upon. Traveler and animal lover Leaira crafted a weapon from the ocean rock, using her magic to craft a stone for the hilt that creates water so her pet jellyfish Lily could travel outside of the ocean with her. Living off the absorbed water to create a neurotoxin that can be used to slow your enemies reaction time!
AQ DF  Post #: 50
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