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RE: =AQ= Weapon Contest

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2/22/2014 3:24:31   


ID# 5983992

The IWC Blade
Element- Energy
Type- Melee
Damage 16 - 48

The IWC Blade is a sophisticated piece of Drakel magi-science. The technology however lies not in the blade, but in the hilt!
The hilt of the IWC blade houses a wonderful new device called the " Physical Data Storage Unit" or the "PDSU" for short.
This device acts much like a hard drive, but instead of storing data or embarrassing photos of that one time you caught galanoth trying on a Tu-tu, it stores real physical objects!
In this case, the device is being used to store different blade styles to help combat enemies!

The idea in a nutshell, the weapon has different blade types, one for melee, ranged and magic. and based on the enemy you encounter, in the beginning of your turn it will change to the combat type that corresponds to the enemies lowest combat stat. (possibly having the master-crafted version allowing you to overwrite the decision by just being able to click the weapon and choose the style of your preference)

Good Lucky to all the other submissions!

* PS I only edited this post because the link i posted went to the wrong image, but it should be fixed now. *

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Post #: 76
2/22/2014 7:26:16   


My weapon: Death Scythe

Element: darkness

AQ ID: 85474948
Only demons can use it
Post #: 77
2/22/2014 11:03:19   

Player ID: 22912052

The Soul Crasher

Weapon Image: http://prntscr.com/2utlrw

Level: 90
Power Level: Scales with Level
Price: ??
Sellback: ??

Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 15-40 (Scales with Level
BTH: 10

Hits: 10
Element: Element Seeking
Type: Melee
Damage: 130% Base and Random
Stats: 240%
BtH: «Hits Automatically»
Rate: 25%

Special Description

Casts a giant magic circle in front, then shoots a giant particle ray to the enemy

Special Image(Unedited): http://prntscr.com/2utmoe


All attacks element seek among the eight standard elements, plus Harm.*

The monster becomes Poisoned (Level = PowLvl, 5 Rounds, Elemental Seeking damage, 0.86*[# of failed saves] Power). You heal HP equal to the damage that the poison deals.
If you poison the monster while it is already poisoned, then you upgrade the original poison:

"Over time bonus" = 1 + ([Old poison's original duration] - [Old poison's current duration])/100
OldTotal = [Old Poison Power]*[Old poison's current duration]*("Over time bonus")
NewTotal = 0.86*[# of failed saves]*5

New Power = (OldTotal + NewTotal) / [Old poison's current duration]
New Duration = Old poison's current duration

It is said that this weapon was sent directly from the Void. Anyone whose will isn't strong enough gets their soul burnt by the shining light. No one knows how it was made or it's purpose, but everyone knows it is a weapon only a true hero can hold.

I have Edited the Images Link since they do not work

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Post #: 78
2/22/2014 12:52:15   


ID# 40701943

weapon- Neikan's Honor
element- Darkness
type- melee

description- A blade forged by a mysterious man and even stranger techniques. Both the wielder and maker, Neikan made and used this blade to win many battles. This blade has picked up the strange and cheeky tactics of it's original holder and now you hold its power, but also the pride of Neikan himself.

info-This sword has two forms. Blade mode (top) and sheathed mode (bottom). Blade mode does less damage but has a higher chance of hitting the opponent with a chance to cause bleeding. Sheathed mode does more damage but has a lower chance of hitting the opponent with a chance of causing daze.

special- low chance for both modes. Blade mode's special dose a three hit attack where the blade slices through the opponent. Sheathed mode's special dose a single hit attack where the sword smashes the ground causing a ripple of darkness to to blow the opponent away.

AQ  Post #: 79
2/22/2014 13:10:56   


ID: 37398813

Weapon info:

Name: Energy Esprey's Tribute
Element: Energy
Type: Range

Description: The plain riders of Hroga must have made this polearm. Energy courses through the shaft and blade. It seems that everything but the squawk was used in its making.

Special: A spectral version of an Energy Esprey appears and sprays lightning on your foes for Magic Energy damage.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 80
2/22/2014 13:43:46   

Dark Tendril Sword
This will be a darkness sword that can switch between melee magic and ranged. With melee it will just do the normal attack. With magic it will fire black darkness flames(yes i notice the pun). And with ranged the tendrils will lash out of the blade at the enemy. The weapon special is explained at the end of the description. The tendrils all over the sword will be animated and the white part on the hilt will be a blinking eye.

Description: This weapon started out as a mere steel blade but it somehow got lost in the shadow universe. A creature found it, the blade reacted with the creature and was merged with the blade and gave it an affinity to darkness. The original maker of the sword found it and enchanted it so it could be a usable weapon once again. The user can switch it between melee, magic and ranged by clicking it. Because the creature wants to escape, it will sometimes open a portal and lash out at everything in sight doing darkness and light damage in an attempt to escape the blade.

Character ID# 48471628

I drew it by hand and this is the first adventure quest contest i have ever entered so i'm excited.
Post #: 81
2/22/2014 14:57:11   

Name: Senthax
Link: http://twitpic.com/dwcp4t

ID: 84564681
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 82
2/22/2014 17:57:36   

Name: Duality cleaver
Element: Light/Dark, Click to swap between elements (also changes which side of the blade is facing the enemy)
Description: Created by the children of the Nephilim and Demons this weapon is ideal for fighting both the forces of light and darkness as the situation calls!

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 83
2/22/2014 18:03:43   
Macho Man

ID: 3821858 (Phil Kessel)
Name: Macho Mallet

Description: A mallet made of solid gold only wielded by the strong. Some say by merely looking at it, can cause paralysis. Or it might be from the gigantic fist coming down from the heavens!

Has a special in which clouds form above the foe and a gigantic fist (looking like the one on the mallet) comes crashing down on the foe. Potentially paralysing it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 84
2/23/2014 1:02:41   

Debtor's Knell

Leveling darkness melee weapon. Damage boost is based on your Luk stat.

ID - 11409221

(edited due to not remembering to add ID number)
(edited again due to not remembering to explain original edit)

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Post #: 85
2/23/2014 9:50:23   

Name: Pucker
Look: A hockey stick, with a maple leaf in the middle. (Red of course)
Description: Lets drop the gloves and fight, eh! Score a goal on your foe's faces, or click the maple leaf in the middle to charge your aggression!
Element: Earth
Type: Melee

Special: The player raises the stick up and a puck is shot towards the enemy. (Range)
If hit, 50% chance dizziness.

If dizziness doesn't work, than message above player "The enemy regains focus."
If successful, than "The enemy is dizzy!"
(1 round: 20% change enemy will loose a turn)

Addition: If player clicks maple leaf, the hockey stick glows red.
Cost: 200 SP (Level 150)
Message overhead," Charging aggression."
Player looses 1 turn.
Player Damage: x2
Player Luck: x2
Player accuracy: -30%.
Player Health: -10%
(I don't know much about balancing. If it's picked as #1 the stats can be changed)

Player attacks with these stats for 1 turn after loosing 1.

ID: 28487820

(Edit for ID)
(2nd Edit: Word misspelled.)

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Visit: www.youtube.com/dan2000eve
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 86
2/23/2014 11:07:02   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

Name: Harvock
Element: Darkness
Look: Harvock
Type: Melee

A strange looking weapon with an unknown origin and an even more unknown energy leaking off from the tip of its blade. Just holding it gives you the urge to destroy everything.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 87
2/23/2014 11:23:43   

The Eye of Ages


Element: Energy

Types of Hits: Melee and Magic

Please view the photo for more detailed information about the blade

ID = 79813755
Post #: 88
2/23/2014 22:09:52   

Character ID: 1598222
Weapon Name: Eye of the Beheader
Element: Darkness
Type: Ranged
Description: "A gruesome creature who possessed an executioner's blades. [Insert special ability(ies) it would get here]."

Back Story: The Eye of the Beheader is the result of a gruesome creature who possesses executioners' blades that decapitated many infamous villains. It feeds off the souls' abhorrence of justice, harnessing the emotions for raw dark energy in the process. Since it can't move once it turns into a weapon, it relies on other creatures to use it and its powers. If you can stomach its ghastly appearance and gruesome history, you'll find its thirst for the blood of creatures of light to be advantageous.
AQ  Post #: 89
2/24/2014 7:41:05   

ID= 63162131
Its all explained on the image
Post #: 90
2/24/2014 8:13:14   

Critical Mass Generator

Magic Energy Staff
No special. Damage starts out to be 95% and gains 1% each turn to a maximum of 110% then drops back to 95%.
MC bonus (if possible), at maximum damage the weapon does Void damage. ie. once in every 15 turns.

This staff creates a black hole that gradually sucks in mass to increase its damage. Once it reach critical mass it releases it with a powerful attack.

ID: 1056238
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 91
2/24/2014 8:53:57   

Archangel's Might
Description: A blade imbued with holy might by an archangel whose soul purpose is to purge all evil and unholy from this earth.
Inspired by the game Diablo

I had to edit because I forgot to put in the description and the idea for the design of the blade.

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Post #: 92
2/24/2014 12:46:06   
Tep Itaki

*wobbles in* K...So this wasn't easy but I finally convinced Artimix to let me borrow his spear for the contest =.=;; *presents it*

Character ID: 21962378 (Artimix)
Weapon: Tāwhirimātea

Description: Sealed within this spear is the Terran Maori God of Weather, Tāwhirimātea. His anger towards his brothers caused the people to live in fear and suffering until he was finally sealed. From time to time, he will break his seal to vent his anger.

Type: Mastercraft Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 20-44
BTH: 19

Hits: 4
Element: Wind, Energy, Water, Ice
Type: Magic
BtH: +54 each
Rate: 5%
(didn't have time to finish Tāwhirimātea's picture, how he looks when free, angry and attacking...>.>;; For another time depending on the situation)

  • The four individual hits of the special inflict a status the instant they connect. All are subject to saves. Monsters of the same element cannot be affected.

    Wind = The ominous winds has cursed your enemy! (Cursed: -10 on save rolls for the next 5 turns) Major: LUK Minor: END +0 to save
    Your enemy stands firm against the ominous winds!

    Energy = Your enemy can't shake off the shock after being struck by lightning! (Shocked: A renamed Off-balanced. Reduces DEX for 5 turns) Major: END Minor: LUK +0 to save
    The monster overpowers the electrical currents in their body!

    Water = After being pelted by rain, your enemy is soaked to the bones! (Soaked: Raises Energy resistance and increase chance of being frozen. Energy resistance and frozen chance is reduced by 5% for every of the monster's individual hits. If the monster wears armor, robot or part mechanical they will rust) Major: DEX Minor: END +0 to save
    Your opponent dodged the worst of the rain.

    Ice = The snowstorm has caused the ground around your enemy to freeze over and become extremely slippery! (Slippery Foothold: Your opponent makes a save roll for the next 5 turns to keep from falling. If they fail, they take damage, similar to control) Major: DEX Minor: LUK
    The enemy found a steady foothold! Watch out! This might hurt a bit!

  • The weapon forfeits all elemental compensation for effects. If the enemy already has a status inflicted by the weapon, the weapon's power is boosted by .0125 *(number of status inflicted). If the monster has all 4 status on it, the special regains its elemental compensation for weird elements.

  • When the special starts, the player takes damage and when the special ends, the player pays SP*. This is done to increase chance of successfully inflicting a status and boost the effect of a couple of effects.
    *You use your skills and expertise to seal Tāwhirimātea back into the spear!
  • AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 93
    2/24/2014 14:48:26   

    Name: Vartija Terä Poltto
    Image: Vartija Terä Poltto
    Element: Fire
    Description: This weapon is a relic from the earlier wars in Heck. It's infernal blade is so hot from the souls of its victims that it may cause your opponent's blood to burn hotter in succession, and even more if you're a Guardian!
    Special: The blade summons a burning symbol of fire where your enemy is standing. Then the weapon moves and touches the symbol, burning your opponent up to 6 times.
    Note: Vartija Terä Poltto is Finnish for Guard Blade of Incineration.

    Character ID: 83125216

    < Message edited by Mystral -- 2/24/2014 14:50:30 >
    AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 94
    2/24/2014 16:14:16   


    User I.D. 10455486

    Dragon origin scythe: This scythe was forged from the fang of a dragon older then time. Possibly the first dragon ever. It was given to ancient Lolosians as a gift of peace but they betrayed the drake and trapped it’s spirit within the weapon. Now an object of hate, the spirit grows restless and will unleash it’s full might against your foes.

    Element: Fire/Dark, eye on skull will change color from red to black when clicked on.

    Special: (Depending on current element of the weapon) Flames rain from the stars themselves damaging the enemy. Shadows rise up from Heck swarming and damaging the enemy

    Unique Special: (10% chance) The dragon’s spirit will be briefly released, challenging your foe and blasting them with their weakest element. (Appearance of the attack will change depending on the element used. Fire will cause the spirit to shoot flames, water will cause a tidal wave, wind will cause a tornado to form, energy will cause lightning to strike, earth will cause cracks to form underneath the enemy and sharp rocks to shoot up through them, ice will cause a massive blizzard, light will cause a small beam of light to form from above which quickly expands in size and explodes and dark will cause the spirit to directly attack your enemy biting them. Each of the elemental attacks will deal 3 hits.

    Unique special animation: The screen will go black and a single red eye will open. “I am unleashed!” will appear in text with the screen still black. The eye retreats through the top of the screen. Light returns to the screen and a massive claw will step down on the left side of the screen and the head of the dragon will descend, maw open and depending on the element being used will cause the attack animation. For everything the head will stop about ¼ of the way towards the enemy and shoot flames or cause an earthquake etc with the maw still open except for the darkness attack which will cause the spirit to bite the enemy.

    I hereby give Artix Entertainment the full authorization to edit my picture in any way they seem fit in order to be more compatible with AdventureQuest.
    Post #: 95
    2/24/2014 18:21:03   

    AQ ID: 66182045

    Symbiosus Alpha
    Description: Initially planned as a massive Drakelon spacecraft, this downsized prototype made of experimental manasteel came into contact with a Supercharged Mana Wyvern in a Drakel Lab. To the scientists' amazement, the creature fused with it and filled it with unprecedented levels of energy. Their opposite polarity also gave the beast a bloodlust unseen amongst its kin, drawing upon one's life energy in order to unleash its full power. Fits on your hand!. (Testing experience: You're it! Warning: Living specimen is 99.99999% contained. Fusion core is highly reactive. )
    Colours: The spacecraft pod is violet and with black highlights while the dragon is purely translucent light blue, like the mana effect on many items.

    Energy Gauntlet
    Type: Melee
    Damage Lean: High-random
    Special: 10% overall. Split into two different specials. See effect for extra info.
    Special 1: Dragon breath. The dragon shoots a beam of blue on the opponent. Deals less than normal damage but occurs more often.
    Special 2: Core bomb. The whole cockpit section detaches and exhaust pipes blazing, flies towards the enemy. Explodes on the enemy upon contact. Deals more than normal damage but occcurs less often.

    MC: There is a chance of both specials happening in succession. (Treated as Special 3)

    Effect: All specials deal increased damage. It deals X amount of damage to your HP as the first hit of any special relative to its damage** *** ****.

    Special 1: **Grant me some of your life
    Special 2: ***The technology drains your energy to power up the nuke
    Special 3: ****System Overdrive! Lend us your strength
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 96
    2/24/2014 18:48:26   

    Darkovian Deception


    Element: Light

    A staff made of dark wood from Darkovia Forest and equipped with an orb. Has a trigger against Darkovian creatures: vampires, werewolves, and werepyres. The trigger lowers the damage of those creatures. When triggered the full glow of the orb subsides and takes the shape of the crescent. Darkoivans are then tricked into believing there is no full moon, hence the damage reduction.

    ID: 61215060
    DF  Post #: 97
    2/24/2014 18:59:58   

    Honestly I think you will take first. Your design is so awesome, I would brave many perils to obtain a blade that spiffy!

    < Message edited by wulf95 -- 2/24/2014 19:05:45 >
    Post #: 98
    2/24/2014 19:09:27   

    Nox Aeterna

    Image Link

    Element: Darkness
    Type: Melee

    Description: The swordsman Asher forged this sword to prove to a great dragon that some weapons made of pure darkness can be used for the greater good. When you touch the blade, you are reminded of a beautiful night sky.

    Image Note: Anything that isn't shaded in the sword is gold, so it appears as a black and gold sword.

    Char ID: 35850334
    Post #: 99
    2/24/2014 19:37:14   

    AQ ID: 31982538 (Blackflames)

    Weapon: Hydraen Blade

    Type: Melee (And maybe Magic toggle)
    Element: Earth (or water)


    There is a chance to deal a double BRS attack once your HP gets lower than 50%. The rate of doing the double BRS increases significantly the lower your HP becomes.

    This blade was created to mimic the power of the mighty Hydra: the lower your HP becomes, the more likely this blade can deal immense damage. How far are you going to go to test its true power though?
    AQ AQW  Post #: 100
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