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RE: =AQ= Weapon Contest

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2/24/2014 19:40:30   
Lord Kamus

Plasma Guardian Dragon Blade

Character ID: 3975204

Weapon Name: Plasma Guardian Dragon Blade
Description: This Heavy Blade is imbued with the power of the Legendary Plasma Guardian Dragon. Click in this weapon to transform you into a Plasma Guardian Dragon, that can unleash a massive energy attack to shock your foes!

Weapon Type: Sword
Damage Type: Melee/Enery/0%Proc(Deals 1.09 Damage for no-special). Click in the Blade to switch to Magic Damage. Magic form Deals 0.75 damage.
Weapon Special: Click on the Guardian Symbol in the Weapon to load the Armor "Legendary Plasma Dragon Form" (Like Flame Guardian Dragon Form). It's a FO Energy Armor with an Element-Locked Energy Skill(Like the Flame Guardian Dragon Breath).

Additional Notes: The weapon size is like Giant Killer, and the damage range too.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 101
2/24/2014 21:43:56   

character id 10829669

shocking raindrop/electrified puddle/lightning tempest/forked riverbolt/fulminating tsunami/thunderous torrent

Black staff with blue rain drops and purple lightning coming from grayish clouds up the staff. with a
large lightning bolt at the top of one side and a rain cloud on the other
A magic water/electric toggable by clicking the topmost rain cloud. staff weapon that has a 5% special rate that does 5 equal hits of whichever element is selected and one hit that deals twice as much as the other but is the opposite element.


edit: i didnt put my character id in the picture to begin with idk if i can delete the orginal picture if it is allowed let me know staff thanks


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AQ  Post #: 102
2/25/2014 2:57:41   

The above http is the link, I am calling it the Reaper's Edge, a darkness weapon doing melee damage
ID: 38418797

So on the blade there is text written in cursive that reads: First comes death; Cross the river Styx but pay the boatman before you go; Pay the fair with a single coin; Grim is the price of those that would fail to pay the ferryman; As at last the final verse ends so too will life itself.
I was thinking of making the text be a teal or blue color with the area behind the letters to be black and the inside area that was left blank to also be teal I think, if it doesn't look good in teal I trust the AQ team to figure out what color works best. The skull would be white and the handle is made of wood with black metal plates going down one side, the grip is in the middle (I say this cause I have been asked before). I would also like to have the sharp edges be silver or white color. I did it in pencil so I wasn't sure if i was allowed to put in color which is why I am saying all this.

I wanted to have a special ability on it that goes something like this: For every turn that you attack and land at least one hit on the enemy, one of the 5 verses on the blade lights up from a normally dull state, and in order from start to finish. When all 5 verses are lit up, the next time you attack a special weapon trigger activates cause you to deal 5 hits of 5% of the enemies maximum health per hit as magic based darkness damage. The percent can be changed and balanced because I am not sure if that would be over powered or not, I just wanted the idea to be put in if I win. This effect would replace the weapon special that most weapons have.

Sorry I put in so much text for you to read I just really want a good scythe in this game because it is my favorite weapon and the AQ scythe selection is rather lacking for quality.
Post #: 103
2/25/2014 4:06:33   


ID: 44858872
Name of Weapon: The Bloodthirsty Blade
Element: Fire
Description: An ancient blade of unknown origin. Rumors suggest that the blade originated from the Skraeling Desert, and was at first nothing but an ordinary sword. However, a man, lost and mad with thirst, slew all he came across to satisfy his cravings. For some reason, the blade became a cursed blade with a thirst for your blood and promising great power.

Abilities/specials: the blade is similar to the Horo-show void vanquisher except instead of using skill points to maintain the "harm" element they must use health points. To activate the sword the person can click the "eye" of the sword. while the sword is active the player has a chance to inflict "bleeding" on their opponents.
Post #: 104
2/25/2014 8:22:42   

Skull Terror Axe

ID: 34858729[uh, my ID in the pic may not be clearly visible]

Weapons Name: Skull Terror Axe
Element: Darkness

Description: The Skull Terror Axe of the Shade Lord has been re-found, rejoice, be happy to strike fear in the hearts of your foe! Was re-found by Abe, the rare item hunter.

Special/Effects: This should have a 5% rate special which is 4 hits and is as powerful as Onnyx Wartexx special and has a chance of inflicting Necrotic Disease for 2 turns, power can depend on the version of the axe. It also, every turn has a 5% chance to inflict Elemental Vulnerability to Darkness for the entire battle by 5% each time it occurs. Stacks up to 6 times, so maximum gain is 30%.
AQ AQW  Post #: 105
2/25/2014 10:02:59   

Void Ripper Scythe
Element: Darkness
Description: A scythe ripped from the void itself, the Lord known as Scorpio has been known to use this to call a the King of Animals from the Void to do his bidding. It can change between Melee, Magic, and Ranged by clicking the claw.
Type: Melee/Magic/Ranged click claw to switch
Damage: 5-60?
Special Animation: The scythe flies out of your hand and slices through the opponent, creating a portal to the void. Then a tentacle comes out of the portal and hits the opponent three times.
Special Damage: 200% base+STR per hit; 4 hits; Melee; Void element;
Special Chance: 5%
Level 150 MC Example
Bonus to Hit: 20%
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
2/25/2014 12:30:04   

Character ID: 58047939


Name of weapon: Rainbow Knitting

Element: fire

Type: Magic

Description: A granny has been knitting.She offers you this rainbow to use as a weapon in your adventures if you promise to bring her back some of the finest thread you can find in Lore and help her finish it.

Special attack: 1)fluffy attack: It throws red,yellow and blue fluffy balls of wool at your enemy doing fire,light and water damage respectively and/or
2) Play with Wool:A similar attack which only triggers against all kinds of cats and kittens.It mesmerizes them for a turn. Making them unable to attack.

AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 107
2/25/2014 12:56:27   

ID: 62474675

Name: Draining Lotus Katana

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: xxx
Sellback: xxx
Location: xxx

Element: Darkness/Earth (seeking)
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: xxx
BTH: xxx

Hits: 1
Element: Earth/darkness (seeking) or harm
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: xxx
Stats: xxx
BTH: xxx
Rate: 10%

Special drain x HP and ad x% HP to the player.

Deep within the gardens of despair
Lays the corpses of many loving pair
Here passion never burns hot
Where the Lotus feast on blood
This katana, a treasure of the family Khaiin
Leaves the opponent drained and in pain.

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AQ  Post #: 108
2/25/2014 13:30:57   

my entry to the aq weapon contest

ornate dragon halberd

range type damage

Post #: 109
2/25/2014 14:40:49   

The Light of Life:

A Lantern which shines light on any situation

Ranged weapon.

Attacks will choose Light or Earth Damage depending upon which is the weakest defense the monster has.

If the Attack is Light element it will cause damage X 1.5 to the monster.
If the Attack is Earth element it will cause damage equal to 0.75 and then heal the wielder of the Lantern for 50% of the damage done to the monster.

To balance that strength, the weapon has two weaknesses.

Against Light monsters, Light damage will be x0.75 and 50% of damage heals the Wielder.

Against Plant monsters Light damage will be x 0.75. Earth damage will be x 0.5
AQ  Post #: 110
2/25/2014 14:44:11   

Melee Energy sword, Warglaive of Kamenwati

The Warglaive of Kamenwati was once used by an ancient god of lightning.

Character ID: 31822067
Post #: 111
2/25/2014 19:49:43   
Kuro Banshee

AQ Character ID: 580258

Weapons: Albia

The weapon is a Melee Energy sword, its rare special place's Albia Love (Renamed Chi-shield) on the player.

Description: Named after the Priestess whom to protect her love, sacrificed her life to infuse this blade with protective magic. Although a replica, this sword may still create a barrier around the user.
MQ  Post #: 112
2/25/2014 23:09:29   

Char ID: 61236493

Weapon: Flesh Reavers Axe

Melee Fire Axe

BTH lean (preferably +3)
-if possible the mastercraft bonus should be +BTH, assuming it doesn't go towards the specials weird effect

20% proc
3 hits, all fire
BTH lean (preferably +5)
Each hit lowers each of the enemy's defenses by 1 (much like the necromancer ability fear)

Animation: (for the special) 3 Muscle Tendrils (must like those on axe) reach from off screen and hit the opponent, one from slightly in front on top, one behind the upper corner behind and one from inbetween the two (closer to corner) on the bottom

Text for Lowering Defenses: The tendrils hold your foe, making it harder to dodge you attacks --- Your tendrils are tenderizing your foe, lowering defenses by XX

Description: (Excepts, up for editing) The preferred axe of the flesh reaver. --- The tendrils on this axe actually bind to you, greatly increasing accuracy --- Can call forth tendrils that make you enemy easier to hit
AQ DF  Post #: 113
2/26/2014 0:57:12   
Nulgaths Void

id: 70880434

Name: Darkness's Reach
Element: Darkness
Type: melee/range

Bth +2
Special: 3X damage -30% hit chance
darkness orbs around the claw create a circle and flow through it then unleash a powerful 1 hit Darkness blast that leaves the foe with fear and chocked

non Animated
Gif version

< Message edited by Nulgaths Void -- 2/26/2014 1:03:38 >
AQW  Post #: 114
2/26/2014 12:08:31   

Well... Heres my work... If you dont like the colour or element just change it. Well its a little tall blade but it appears short from my photo ( im bad at taking photos.... my bad ). Then I wish good luck to everyone and it was fun doing these things ...

LINK: http://s64.photobucket.com/user/Abinandh/media/Deception_zps597cd910.jpg.html

My ID: 74288290

Name: Wolf God's Deception
Level: 80 (or your choice)
Type: Melee
Element: Fire
BTH: +15

Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Damage: 300% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 150% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +25
Rate: 20%

At the end of the special and if all the hits connect there is a chance for the foe to bleed for 5 turns with each dealing 50-90 damage.
(And rest same as the usual bleed effect)

This blade was the great wolf god's masterpiece carrying a fraction of his undying flame power and allows the wielder to use his claws to bleed the foes.

The red colour sparks of the blade sparkles like katana
Post #: 115
2/26/2014 15:03:54   

Hi i have been a long time player of Artix Entertainment with a few forgotten accounts, but now i have been maintaining this name as well on "AQW" "MQ""DF"and such through out it, and i would say a "Prismatic Cyber Blade Of Awe" but not called that but called "Cyber Blade Of Rain-Bawe" and a second entry idea would be the "Primal Blade Of Rain-Bawe", these blades can bee seen from aqw, but are not color custom.
Post #: 116
2/26/2014 16:04:02   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Thank you everyone for participating, there were a lot of great entries! This contest is now closed and the winners will be announced soon!
AQ  Post #: 117
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