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=OS= Water Element Contest

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2/21/2014 0:31:29   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Here we go!

Calling all OS loving peeps. Here is the official submission thread for the Water Element contest. From the OS homepage:


You can submit as much as you like. I'll looks through as many as I possibly can. Once we have chosen the art and backstories, you the player community, will vote for your favorite in each category. Voting will last 1 week. The Art and Story suggestions with the most votes will be designed, animated and put into Oversoul!
Once we have chosen the entries for you to vote on, we will set the ending date for the voting! Stay Tuned!

Rules and guides for each submission:
  • Multiple entries allowed, though, ONE post per entry. It makes it easier to read. Looks nicer too.
  • 1 week for players to create and turn-in their submission,
  • 1 week of voting for the selected contestants then I create the winning submissions.

    Please make sure to discuss entries here:

    Contest will close on Feb 28, 2014.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    2/21/2014 0:36:48   

    4th Oversoul Character Contest - Water Edition

    Name: Abyssal Titan

    Element: Water

    Rank: Master

    Backstory: Few know where it came from, or how old it is. All they heard, was a sound of thunder, and all they saw. . . .well who said they saw anything before they met their watery demise? The first
    evidence it gave when it awoke from its deep slumber was at first an ominous feeling. It seeped through the cracks of the sea floor, rendering every creature restless and alert. The epidemic then scoured
    through the coast, sending chills through every heart and soul.

    The second omen, was a sound of thunder. Often, villages near the ocean would hear and feel odd pulses. What was it? Where did it come from? Everywhere, chaos was rising. People couldn't sleep,
    pets were disturbed, farm animals wouldn't stop groaning, and something didn't feel quite right.

    Somewhere in the abyss, something was rising. This lasted for a month, only affecting the coastal areas. Everyone else was oblivious of the nightmare that is stirring.
    However, something odd occurs. It all stops. The odd pulses, the sounds of thunder, the chilling wind. . . all vanished. The animals, still tense, began to quiet down and work.
    Everything was quiet. . . .too quiet. For two weeks, there was a dead silence. Shops were closed, Inns were out of service, everything felt dead. People kept their children inside, and the outside environment
    began to turn gray. They stopped fishing, the economy crashed. A soft, silent groaning soon rose from the sea.

    When the clock struck three in the morning, the coastal areas shook. It was a slight toss, followed by a violent jerk, which threw everyone on the floor. Suddenly, it stops. Everyone, tense.
    What was happening? Another quake struck. This time, there was a hollow booming sound, emitting a force that smothered every flame it touched. The coast was now engulfed in pure darkness. Then,
    from the bottom of the sea floor, emerged a claw of huge size. It crashed onto the sea floor. Then, using its claw to raise itself up, the head emerged. Another claw, crashed onto the floor. However, using both arms,
    it was only able to raise itself up halfway. It breathed its first breath, and sensed lives above him. With a deep breath, it began to dig underneath the earth.
    Now the nearby towns were ridden with fear, in darkness.

    Arriving at its first town, it positioned itself right under it, underground.
    The animals, sensing the nightmare about to unfold, began to break free of their chains and began escaping the town. Humans, with not as sharp senses, remained behind in their homes, hoping for the best.
    A violent quake struck, and a fissure began to grow in the middle. The huge claw of the Abyssal Titan rammed through the opening, tasting the fresh air. It crashed to the ground, and used it to raise himself upwards.
    The head appeared, and it breathed deeply. Another claw emerged, and it rose only halfway, letting the bottom part of its body rest in the Earth. Testing out its ancient body, it began to destroy the town.
    It let out a bloodcurdling screech, and swung its colossal claws into building, smashing them into dust. Even though half of his body is imprisoned beneath the Earth, it does not render him stationary.
    Turning up the ground, it began to drag itself across the land, at quite a decent speed, leaving the previous town in ruins. As it moved, turning up the Earth and rocks, toppling over trees, it was a rumbling sound, like thunder.
    Having the coastal areas engulfed in darkness, he ravaged every town or signs of life he could find throughout the night. As dawn broke, the creature receded into the depths of a nearby lake.
    Having overheard the uproar, many races were drawn. As they arrived, they each witnessed the damage done. Who could have done this? What could have?

    Most of them agreed that justice should be sought, and that the creature must be slain. They scavenged through the mess, hoping to find any survivors.
    Digging through the wreckage, they managed to find a small infant, traumatized. His family killed, he kept muttering odd phrases. He then pointed to the ocean, and resumed his traumatized state.
    Having nowhere to start except the Ocean, the foreigners followed the trail backwards, and came to the first town. It was all destroyed, but they did notice that the creature's trail began in a fissure in the ground, which came from the ocean.
    As they dug through the destroyed town, they found four survivors, and they told them all that happened, the odd feelings, everything.

    They now knew that they were not dealing with just any creature here. Some of the foreigners left, fearing for their lives. Others however, mustered up the courage to slay the monster.
    As they followed the trail, they found that it led to a shallow lake. As they approached, they could hear a smothered screech, one that sent chills down their spines. Nobody wanted to venture in. . .
    Until a small group decided that they would. It consisted of an archer, two paladins, and a fire mage.

    The shallow lake held a cave. As the group entered, they noticed that it was much bigger in the inside, and was dry. The Mage used her staff to light up the cave, revealing a huge cave system. It was a
    vast maze. Without the Mage lighting up the cave, it would be impossible to traverse. With the Mage leading the way, a Paladin followed, able to jump in and fight. Following the Paladin was the archer, who was
    able to lend in support while the first paladin battled. Lastly, the 2nd paladin was the last in line, keeping a close eye behind them, if anything would try to ambush them.
    A long time passed. How long could it have been? Hours? Days? They soon arrived in the heart of the chamber. A huge room appeared before them. As the mage lit up the room, they were met with

    They saw it, the creature. It was pressed up against the wall, with its huge, deadly claws pressed onto the ground to support its body like a gorilla, and of course half of its body imprisoned within the ground.
    It was in a deep rest.

    They saw it in detail. From the body and up, it was plated in a shell that of a lobster. However, it had a broad, muscular chest, with two huge arms. The two arms, barbed with spikes, were topped with
    huge claws. They were like boulders, but also like knives, and were able to be swung and used to grip objects, able to crush almost anything, and break anything with a punch.
    Its back was lined with ridges and spikes. It had big shoulder plate. The head was like a knight's helmet, with eyes deep within its sockets. It had a crest on its head, and two antennas. In all, it was a
    huge Lobster-like monster. It was big and bulky.

    The paladins wanted to proceed to kill it, though the Archer, with a clever mind, disagreed. He arranged that the creature be bound in chains first, then be devastated with a combination of their best attacks.
    The group agreed, and with the help of the Archer, for he always carried chains, ropes, or whatever that bounded creatures, the watery horror was bound- or so it seemed.

    Everything was set, and they reigned down arrows, fireballs, and swords.
    The rest of the foreigners outside the cave, awaiting the return of archer, paladin, and mage, began to dream of how famous they would be when the band returned with the creature's head. Oh how
    wonderful, they would certainly let them join in on the fame, and be rich beyond their wildest dreams!

    Oh how wrong they were.

    Deep within the chambers, the fight was changing. The small band of heroes had underestimated the monster's power. It broke through the chains with a sickening roar, and swung its claw at
    the heroes like a hammer. It swept the whole floor, killing a paladin, smashing him into the wall. The mage then landed a good fiery hit on its face, which sent it into a berserk. It crushed the mage by
    smashing her between both of its claws. With the archer and the last paladin left, they ran for the exit. They ran, and ran, and ran, in darkness. The creature let loose a vice smile, and slammed his claw
    against the wall. The caves began to crumble, and cease to exist.

    Outside the cave, the remaining foreigners saw the cave entrance crumble and fall. At once, they knew what had happened. They began to run, all of them.
    Soon, the place was deserted, as the monster emerged and looked about. It sneered, and thought how wonderful this was. What a perfect eon to wake in.

    As the remainders returned to their homes, they spread the message, far and wide, about the creature. Nobody could identify it, until an old Sage
    was brought upon the news.

    ''A grave danger the land is in,'' so he said. He recognized the creature as the Abyssal Titan whom he fought long ago. It was a creature formed in the beginning of Oversoul. In those ages, it was whole. It was not bound to the ground as it is now, and thus was known across the lands
    as a Titan. However, it was put to a stop by the old Sage. With his wisdom combined with the help of the rest of the inhabitants of Oversoul, they fought the Titan head on. It ended
    when the old Sage banished the Titan into the abyss, and sealed it. Over time, the seal was worn down and broke. However, the seal was still powerful enough to leave a lasting impact
    on the Titan. He would forever have his lower body bound to the ground, never able to achieve his full strength ever again and only has the opportunity to awaken every several eons, when the time is right.
    The Abyssal Titan was named for its sheer size, power, and violent temper. It was able to regenerate any lost or damaged body parts. It is still a true nightmare, destroying towns, eradicating every creature in sight, and bringing every ''hero'' down to their knees.

    And with the rise of the Archfiend, the time has never been better. The Abyssal Titan has awoken and is ready to answer the call.


    Appearance: They saw it in detail. From the body and up, it was plated in a shell that of a lobster. However, it had a broad, muscular chest, with two huge arms. The two arms, barbed with spikes, were topped with
    huge claws. They were like boulders, but also like knives, and were able to be swung and used to grip objects, able to crush almost anything, and break anything with a punch.
    Its back was lined with ridges and spikes. It had big shoulder plate. The head was like a knight's helmet, with eyes deep within its sockets. It had a crest on its head, and two antennas. In all, it was a
    huge Lobster-like monster. It was big and bulky.

    Colors: Mostly dark blue, some red, laced wih some Gold, and maybe black. Spikes should be like the color of ivory.


    Deck ->

    1x Fresh Start
    6x Shield
    3x Healing Spring
    2x Refresh
    2x 200 attack
    2x 500 Attack
    4x Water Crash
    5x Water Rapid


    1-hit: Leans backwards and then lunges forward, sending a lethal punch.
    2-hit: Lunges forward, sending two lethal punches.
    3-hit: His eyes glow, and sends out three blue pulses.
    5-hit: Starts to spin around rapidly, using the spikes and becoming a spinning death machine.

    Appearance in battle -> A fissure appears in the ground. It grows bigger, and a claw thrusts upwards and slams onto the ground. It pulls itself up, revealing its face, another claw thrusts up,
    and slams onto the ground. It pulls itself up. Emits a screech.

    Charges -> The antennas glow.

    Shield -> It curls downwards, pointing its spike-covered back towards the enemy.

    Takes hits -> Covers its face with its claws.

    Counters -> Emits a dark pulse.

    Dies -> Emits a screech, and the returns deep underground.

    Enemy Quote -> It feels so good to kill again.

    Control Quote -> The Abyssal Titan will not return to slumber.

    Defeat Quote -> I'll remember you.

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    2/21/2014 0:37:51   

    Oversoul 4th Character Contest

    Name: Professor S.
    Element: Water
    Rank: Master

    Story: Professor S. has always had trouble with his machinery in his ''younger'' days. . . .
    He would always accidentally get water on his machines that he built, rendering them useless. One day, he had enough of it, and chose
    instead of making machines that break in contact with water, how about making machines that WORK with water!

    Controlled Quote -> Professor S., for Steampunk!
    Enemy Quote -> Steampunk and water, how unexpected!

    2x Defense
    2x Healing Spring
    2x Renew
    4x Water Crash
    2x Attack 500
    1x Neutralize
    2x Ironhide

    Appearance: Professor S. looks more like an older Engineer.
    He stands inside a machine he built. It is an Octagon shape. On each of the corners, there is a capsule of bubbling hot water.
    In the middle of the octagon shape machine is a keyboard/control he uses to operate that can let his machine shoot the burning water at enemies.
    The octagon machine he stands in floats with jet packs. There are many wires, valves, and spinning things. More of a steampunk look.

    Animations ->

    1-hit: Sprays the enemy with a stream of hot water.

    2-hit: sprays the enemy 2x with a stream of hot water.

    3-hit: A cannon unfolds and shoots three big water spheres at the enemy, each splattering near the ground at the enemy. -splash damage-

    5-hit: The water capsules un-attach from the octagon machine, and fly towards enemies as missiles. (8 in total)

    Gets hit -> Almost falls out of the machine.

    Victory -> He jumps for joy and leaves.

    Death -> Sparks fly out and the water capsules detonate.

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    2/21/2014 0:38:53   

    Name: Mist Knight

    Element: Water

    Rank: Master

    Description: A knightly looking noble figure made of sometimes see though and sometimes solid mist and fog. Intricate and delicate patterns adorn and move elegantly across his constantly swirling and changing armor and the symbol of his see though noble looking shield fades and changes like the mist. The strange thing about the shield is that is looks almost like a intricate mirror, or what a mirror would be if made of mist...

    1 Hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms behind the foe, hits once
    2 hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms behind foe, hits twice,
    3 hit: Dissipates into mist, reforms in front of foe, hits with the shield and slashes twice
    5 hit: Places forth his shield, a shadow form of the opponent comes out and does the opponent's five hit (if that is too complex, or you think you could in trouble with Dark Souls 2 if you used such a attack which the five hit was inspired by, then have the shield instead dissipate and form a solid mist around the foe, choking it and attacking the five hit that way. Or which ever one you think is cooler.)
    Shield animation: Turns into a even mistier form.
    Shield hit: Dissipates then reforms
    Counter: (in case it's ever needed) dissipates, reforms behind the foe and attacks, dissipating again and reforming back where it was.
    Charging: His shield glows and absorbs the power.
    Win animation: He becomes more solid, kneels and places his sword down into the ground out of respect.
    Lose: The mist just fades away.

    Dialogue: No dialogue or dialogue boxes. It's just silent. It points the blade at you, swings it downwards in a subtle come here to die motion, and that's it.

    Deck: 200 attack card X2
    -500 attack card X2
    -Shield X4
    -Healing Spring X3
    -Water Crash X2
    -Power Flow X1
    -Fresh Start X1

    Story: Be careful when you find the treasures you seek.

    The Mirror Shield Of Aracos. A legendary artifact lost to the mists of time. Noone knows what happened to it, but all know one thing: it was said to give the wielder the ability to be untouchable in battle. A noble knight, who wished to use it's power in the battle against the Archfiend, sought this ancient shield.

    After ages of searching and dead ends, he at last found the shield. But when he picked it up, something terrible happened. His body began to fade away like morning mist! The shield spoke to him and said "I will grant you the power that you seek and more, but in picking me up you have doomed yourself. I will grant you command over mist, water and reflections, but you must use the souls of others to keep yourself alive. If you refuse, then you will fade away. Such is the fates of my wielders past and now."

    The knight thought he detected a hint of sadness at that last comment, and weighed his choices. In the end he figured: better to use this power to slay Nulgath, and then let himself fade away as penance, then for another to hold it in his service. Anyway, if he focused on the Archfiend's minions, no problem. Unless of course there was no minions and only a few normal people nearby...

    So he went off to find people to slay, for the greater good...

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    2/21/2014 0:43:01   
    The Jop

    Name: Demria
    Element: Water
    Alignment: Neutral
    Rank: Master

    • A mass of dark green seaweed shaped with two hanging arms, somber eyes, and a gaping mouth.
    • Pale arms and legs of corpses are sticking out out of the seaweed, with some of them losing skin or stripped down to the bone.

    • 200 Attack x1
    • 500 Attack x3
    • Defend x3
    • Healing Spring x4
    • Water Rapid x3
    • Water Crash x2
    • Power Flow x1
    • Fresh Start x1

    Controlled Quote: "Please run...I can't stop this."
    Enemy Quote: "I'm sorry."

    Combat Entrance: Drags itself in slowly from the side of the screen.
    Charging: The seaweed making up its body wriggles.
    Casting a Spell: Raises its arms up in the air, the seaweed ones and the corpses'.
    Shielding: Holds its seaweed and the corpses' arms in front of it.
    1-Hit Combo: Raises itself high in the air and smashes down on the opponent.
    2-Hit Combo: Extends both its arms into the opponent.
    3-Hit Combo: Attacks the opponent with a water spout from its mouth.
    5-Hit Combo: The seaweed consumes the opponent, and the corpses' arms and legs move into the seaweed to attack.
    Upon Victory: Turns around and droops its head down.
    Upon Defeat: The seaweed falls apart onto the ground and some of the corpses are exposed.

    Hundreds of years ago there was a necromancer named Siriso who led an attack against the world in an attempt to rule over its inhabitants, who he intended to turn undead. The struggle went on for more than 20 years, with Siriso bringing anyone he had slain to his side and a powerful healer named Demria sustaining the side fighting to survive, as well as easily dispatching undead with her healing magic. Finally, Demria led an attack against Siriso's tower as retribution for those who had fallen, getting rid of Siriso's remaining undead with her healing spells. She found him alone at the highest room in the tower, but she was alone and untrained in combat magic. She tried to keep herself alive for long enough to have the rest of the army reach her, but Siriso's dark magic overpowered her. Siriso fled the tower with the badly wounded Demria, as Demria's followers set his tower alight.

    He took her to a lake far from the tower and said "I want you to suffer as you made me suffer throughout this war. And then, finally, you will be mine", as he threw Demria into the lake. She did not have the energy to swim up or heal herself as she slowly dropped to the bottom of the lake and drowned. As she fell, she was caught amongst seaweed and other unfortunate souls who had died in the same lake. After waiting about an hour, Siriso cast a resurrection spell towards the bottom of the lake where he had killed Demria. She awoke feeling very distant from her body and she heard multiple whispers in her mind, but she could not understand them and she knew they were not hers. She was drawn against her will to drag herself out of the lake towards Siriso, who was trying to control her. When she reached him he laughed and said "You used to be a healer, now look at you. You are a monster, under my complete control." Against her will, she quickly attacked him. The corpses that had been resurrected together were fighting for control, but most of them were killed by Siriso so they immediately set out to kill him. When he was dead, the mass of seaweed forced him down into the lake as revenge. Demria had retained her ability to speak and heal, but she was only one of many corpses who fought over control so she rarely could control its movements. She tried to stay away from living things so she would not be able to hurt them, but she sometimes moved to them and attacked against her will. She wandered the land of Oversoul for years, as rumors of this vicious behemoth spread and the healer Demria was forgotten.
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    2/21/2014 1:03:47   

    Character Name: Hydra Dragon

    Element: Water

    Rank: Master

    Appearance: Similar to AQW Hydra but its body will take a form of some AQW Dragon's body such as Red Dragon, Black Dragon from OS or Greenguard Dragon with wings, sharp claws and tail. It will have about 3-5 heads. The whole appearance will take a form of Hydra. This is one good example of a Hydra Dragon appearance.

    Story: Legend about Hydra Dragon's existence began with 2 man who loved adventures. The story goes with 2 man went to explore a dark lake quite near to their hometown, Solace, for some exploration. They were very curious of that area since no one had been or mentioned that lake. They began their adventures there and hope they will gain exciting experience at that area. Once they entered the dark lake, strange noise could be heard near the lake. They had a frighten expression since they never heard any noise that creepier than they had ever encountered any beasts in their previous adventures at the jungle, mountain or seas. Regardless of the noise, they had experienced and brave through many dangerous and creepy obstacles even in the middle on midnight at the forest while exploring. They wouldn't have the true spirit of adventurous if they leave without exploring it. And so they continue their exploration.

    As they walked closer to the lake, strange noise was heard again and this time the noise level is stronger than before. They noticed a huge shadow figure swimming towards them. Frightened by the shadow figure, they ran away quickly but suddenly, the shadow figure showed himself. Both of them saw the appearance of the shadow figure and roar loudly and fiercely. It had the appearance of a Hydra and Dragon. They scream in terror and run away. unfortunately, the beasts grabbed hold and viciously assaulted one of them before devoured him. The other guy managed to survive and ran away quickly before he would be seen and ended up the same fate as the other guy.

    Once he reached Solace, he screamed in terror, whole face turns pale and nearly went berserk. The villagers ran towards him and chilled him down. Once the survivor man was chilled, one of the villagers asked what happened and where is his other friends. The man nearly went berserk again but managed to chill with a cup of tea provided by a villager. He cool himself again and slowly explain the incident to the villagers. The villagers were shocked and frightened too as they listened to the horror story and terrible fate happen to the dead adventurous man and terrible and creepy Hydra Dragon's existence. To prevent anyone to encounter the same fate as the deceased adventurous man, they went to the entrance of the dark lake and sealed the entrance with a warning sign "Do not enter". From then on, no one had ever dare to enter in the dark lake. Some named that dark lake as "Hydra Dragon's Lake".

    A few year later, another 2 man with strong spirits of adventures happened to walk across " Hydra Dragon's Lake" and saw the sign "Do not enter". They seemed very excited and decide to explore it. The same fate happened and this time, both man met with terrible fate. Hydra Dragon is displease that trespasser enter and disturb his lake. He decided to leave his lake to find a new lake as his new home. On his way to explore for his home to ensure peace and quiet, he viciously assaulted and devoured any beings that stand in his path.

    Controlled Quote/Enemy Quote: Prepare to be devoured for standing in my path!

    1-hit combo: Slash the opponent.

    2-hit combo: Bite the opponent twice.

    3-hit combo: Fly towards the sky, target at the opponent by slashing, followed by biting and return back to its place and fire a small water bomb towards the opponent.

    5-hit combo: Use its water flame to attack the opponent.

    Upon Victory: Fly away.

    Upon Defeat: Faint on the ground.

    Movement Animation: Use its wings and fly mid-air.

    Defend Animation: Use its huge body to defend itself.

    Spell Animation: Roar fiercely.

    Being Assaulted Animation: Roar fiercely in pain.

    Counterattack Animation: Slash the opponent.

    - 200 attack card X2
    - 500 attack card X3
    - Water Crash X2
    - Healing Spring X3
    - Shield X3
    - Power Flow X1
    - Fresh Start X1

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    2/21/2014 3:40:10   

    Name: Sanguine
    Element: Water
    Rank: Master

    -500 Attack x5
    -Defend x2
    -Water Crash x2
    -Healing Spring x2
    -Surge x2
    -Energize x1
    -Storm x1

    (You are what you eat after all; after living for years on nothing but the flesh of wolves that spit lightning as sustenance, you're bound to derive something of theirs.)

    Controlled Quote: “Do you believe in life after death?”
    Enemy Quote: “I'm going to save you.”

    Charging: Pulls his enemy’s life force into his staff.
    Shielding: A wall of charred bones appear.
    1 Hit Combo: He flies into the enemy in a flash of light and then reappears.
    2 Hit Combo: Energy crackles down his non-stave hand and into his opponent.
    3 Hit Combo: He smashes his staff into the ground, slamming three successive black waves into his opponent.
    5 Hit Combo: He summons a black sea that smashes into his opponent.
    Victory: He smiles.
    Defeat: He vanishes in a puff of noxious smoke.

    -A bent old man with a chest thin enough to see his emaciated ribs
    -A headful of oily, raven black hair long enough to cover his back
    -A headdress decorated with the feathers of birds of prey, with tiny wooden beads dispersed throughout
    -A rag of rough, brown burlap, covered in arcane scribbles of long dried blood, hanging on his forlorn frame
    -A gnarled, tan staff of sun-bleached oak, hunched under the weight of a sundered skull

    Until a century or so ago, there was once a woodland shaman who lived in a simple village tucked away in the forests of Marydia, bestowing cures to the sick and closure for the families of the dead. He had studied both the arts of necromancy and healing as an impassioned youth in order to find meaning behind life itself; the two sides of the coin of existence. After a few years or so of studying and wandering abroad, he had chanced upon this small village and settled down, lured by the kindness of the villagers and the inexplicable idea that is love. Little by little, he forgot his purpose, his flame, occupied by healing and the summoning of the spirits of loved ones. Peace reigned and darkness hid, until one morose night.

    The lightning-spewing wolves of Marydia are an alluring species that are scarce even in their native homeland. They’ve been hunted into near extinction for their potent conductive pelts, strange metallic teeth, and their apparent loyalty to those who they perceive to lead; as pets. It’s no mystery then, as to why so many shoals of hunters teem inside Marydia’s forests. It was almost inevitable that some stumbled into the village of the humble shaman. In this cutthroat business, it’s a dog eat dog world; you can’t blame the hunters for sacking and burning the village like they did, as they would to a rival outpost.

    In a single night, the wretched shaman lost everything. In a single night, the shaman swore undying vengeance on the hunters and screamed his hate. In a single night, he slew his transgressors under the spell of his laughing madness and wallowed in the bloody carnage, reanimating their bodies and crushing them again until none but their broken ashes remained.

    As he wept in the grisly aftermath, he was once against confronted by the question that had once plagued him, “What was the meaning of it all?” He then answered, “Death. Death is the meaning of life, the freedom from the pain of existence, and the final healing.” With that, he took up his mantle and named himself thereafter, “Sanguine” or “Blood" in the Old Tongue, for he will regain all that was stolen. Thereupon, he set off to save all that which cross his path in this desolate world of Oversoul from the monstrosity that is life and existence.
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    2/21/2014 3:42:21   
    Apple Core

    Name: Young Lurker
    Element: Water
    Alignment: Neutral
    Rank: Veteran

    A medium sized crab, should look similar to this.

    1x 100
    2x 200
    3x 500
    3x Defend
    2x 100 Pierce
    1x Refresh
    2x Renew

    Controlled Quote: "..."
    Enemy Quote: "..."

    Combat Entrance: Scuttles in and lifts it's claws a little.
    Charging: Raises it's claws, then lowers them.
    Casting a Spell: Raises it's claws, then lowers them.
    1-Hit Combo: Scuttles forward and pinches with one claw.
    2-Hit Combo: Scuttles Forward and quickly pinches with one claw twice.
    3-Hit Combo: Scuttles forward, then quickly pinches with alternating claws three times.
    5-Hit Combo: Quickly scuttles forward ramming the target in both directions, then pinches with alternating claws three times.
    Upon Victory: Raises claws high.
    Upon Defeat: Falls into an awkward heap.
    Name: Titan Lurker
    Element: Water
    Alignment: Neutral
    Rank: Master

    A large crab, should look like this, but less spines, and one blind, milky white eye.

    2x 200
    2x 500
    3x Defend
    2x Sacrifice
    1x Empower
    1x Water Crash
    1x Power Flow
    2x Renew
    1x Healing Spring

    Same Quotes and animations as Young Lurker.

    Deep in the depths of the southern lakes of Oversoul dwell an unusually large species of crab called lurkers. One particular crab was hunting. In a sudden rush the crab charged straight for its intended meal. Quick as a flash the targeted water wing was on the offensive and catching the unlucky crab off guard, it stabbed it in its one vulnerable spot, one of its eyes. The attack left it too close so with its eye now sightless, the crab furiously tore the water wing to pieces with its claws and proceeded to feast. Many years later… Three close friends, a young Alpha Pirate, Beta Pirate, and Alpha Pirette had been hearing reports of a monstrous beast that aggressively attacked, with no regard to safety to itself, anything large that moved, including humans. The trio decided that they would find the creature, and possibly slay it to show off to their elders. That night they began making their way to the caves. With just ¼ of the distance left, they came upon a gruesome sight. A lone titan moose, literally torn in half was found dead in a small clearing. Deciding that nothing less than the beast itself could have done it, they followed the blood trail the rest of the way to the caves. Cautiously entering the cave, they crept their way into the very depths until they could hear a crunching, grinding sound. They peeked around a corner and were horrified with the sight of countless bones strewn every where. Finally they took notice of the beast itself. What they saw gave them nightmares the rest of their lives. A huge crab, as tall as a horse, with massive claws was slowly but surely eating what remained of the titan moose from before. The horrified Alpha Pirette screamed, causing the monster of a crab to look at them with its one eye, the other a milky white and unmoving. The trio didn’t stop to look any longer; they ran for home as fast as their already tired legs could carry them. Quite unfortunately for them, the crab had gotten a bit smarter over the years and had stalked them to their village. On that fateful night that will be told throughout all generations, the Titan Lurker attacked the village. In the dead of night, the massive crab charged the gates of the village shattering them. It then proceeded to wreak havoc in the village, quickly getting the attention of all the warriors in the camp. What happened next was a massive bloodbath. The crab repeatedly charged and killed its unfortunate victims with quick snaps of its claws. However the fight eventually turned in favor of the pirates. Though their swords had little effect on the crab’s armor, they eventually used explosives to weaken the crab enough to finally kill it with stabs through its broken armor. The village rejoiced but that was short-lived because so many had died. They realized that from then on, they would have to contend with these huge crabs lest another similar event repeat itself.

    *Whew* First ever character suggestion complete!
    Note: The once fabled protector of the forests, the Titan Moose, has found a tough enemy. Only repeated smashes of it's hammer will break through the tough shells of these Titan Crabs!!
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    2/21/2014 5:20:51   

    Name: Sea Monkey
    Element: Water
    Rank: Veteran

    Appearance: A swarm of sea monkeys. They're little brine shrimps.


    4x 200 attack
    2x Water Rapid
    2x Water Crash
    2x Shield
    3x Healing Spring
    2x Renew

    Story: Sea monkeys. . . . . they're just sea monkeys.

    Animation ->

    1-hit The Sea Monkeys swarm the enemy.

    2-hit The Sea Monkeys form a shape of a fist and tackle the opponent.

    3-hit The Sea Monkeys form into two fists, tackling the opponent.

    5-hit The Sea Monkeys form into a monkey shape. They attack the enemy.

    No quotes.

    Story: Oh mysterious sea monkeys, these are tried of being kept pets. Now they revolt and attack anything in their path.

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    Name: Deep Seeker
    Rank: Master
    Appearance: Click here


    There once existed an ancient race, one so ancient that they predated even the voids themselves. A race which once proudly roamed the vast insurmountable oceans of the world. A race of primordial hunters of the deep. A race that was once thought to be lost has awoken from a slumber long forgotten. With hundreds of thousands of years to adapt to the harsh conditions of the immense pressure and darkness of the deepest abysses of the ocean, the primordial ones evolved carapaces that could withstand the strongest forces, eyes that could see through the deepest darkness, claws that tear through armor like paper, and jaws that can effortlessly crush steel. The only thing stopping these beasts from ever wandering too far into safety would be the fact that they are incredibly territorial of their domain in the darkest depths. Stories of such beasts are told by sailors as myths to keep others from sailing too far. Which part is fiction and which part is fact, no one has lived to tell of it.
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    2/21/2014 6:09:24   

    Name: Spitfire
    Rank: Legendary
    Appearance: An adult human. He wears light armor, with a torn cloak around his neck hanging halfway down his back. He adorns black gauntlets, laced with a gold color.
    He has a laid back posture, with the wind moving his hair and cloak every now and then. His pants are baggy, and a belt that holds three pistols. He bits on a piece of hay.

    Backstory-> When he was a kid, he was found unconscious on a beach. Having been struck with amnesia, he was soon taken in by human civilization and sent into foster care. The only
    thing he had with him, were two black, gold laced gauntlets which he never seemed to let out of his sight for some reason. Nobody knew, not even himself.
    He stood out from amongst his peers. His eyes, sharp, and a scorching temper when angered- which was triggered very easily, which is why he was given the nickname ''Spitfire.''

    One day, he had enough, and chose to run away. He thirsted for a life of adventure and excitement. He ended up running to the docks at the beach. He lived there, hidden, for almost two weeks, waiting
    for a chance to go on a real adventure. The day soon arrived. Right at noon, gunshots rang out in the harbor. Pirates began to pillage the place. The boy stood out in broad daylight and demanded
    acceptance as one of their own. After much commotion, the cap'n took a shining to his fiery attitude, and chose to raise him as an apprentice, training him in the ways of a corsair, and finally unlocking the
    secret to those mystery gauntlets.

    Animation ->

    1-hit : Spitfire whips out a pistol and fires.
    2-hit: Spitfire glows yellow, crouches, sends a quick punch to the enemy's gut, and hits a second time by pulling off a backflip.
    3-hit: He scowls, crouches, glows bright yellow, and rushes the opponent three times.
    5-hit: Jumps in the air, then pulls off a backflip in mid-air jumping higher, then glows bright gold as the sun. He gives off a war-cry and lashes out solar-flares that whip the opponent 5 times.

    Quote ->

    Controlled -> Spitfire, at your service!
    Enemy -> This shouldn't be a hassle.

    2x Fresh Start
    4x 500 attack
    2x 200 attack
    3x Water Crash
    4x Shield
    1x Powerflow
    2x Renew
    2x Refresh

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    Backstory Suggestion: Captain Mako
    Element: Water
    Rank: Master
    Appearance: Slightly taller that Alpha Pirate, he has fish-like skin, red eyes with small, black, slitted pupils, and a row of gleaming, shark-like teeth. He is muscular, and he is wearing a black, tattered pirate captain's uniform, with the fabric around the chest ripped off completely, revealing a blue, glowing kathool-looking tattoo on his chest. He wields a midnight blue, silver handled cutlass in his back hand.

    Backstory: Long before the Archfiend had invaded the Overworld, there was a stirring of the seas, one that had not been seen for thousands of years: The great Kathool Atchoo was creating an heir for his power. In order to be sure he survived to unlock his full power, he had made his heir more fearsome than any other creature of the sea. However, before his ceremony was completed, a human hero had wandered in, and he had to cast his heir aside, so that he could deal with the intruder. The little creature was wisked around the sea for weeks, and would have kept moving by with the current had he not been lucky enough to be caught by a pirate ship. This pirate ship happened to be the one of the Alpha Pirate, and he took the little tyke under his wing. He had taught him everything he knew about sailing, fighting with a cutlass, and all the other skills that a pirate would need to know, and was awe-struck by how powerful he was becoming: In fact, when he fought with a cutlass, it was as if the current itself was his blade. So impressed was the old captain with his progress that, before he and his crew went out into the Overworld, he allowed the beast to keep the ship. Now, that beast is known as Captain Mako, and if you see a flag with the Kathool-shaped symbol, it means that he has come to rip you apart and drag you down to the locker.

    1 hit attack: He slashes with his cutlass, leaving a glowing blue trail in it's wake
    2 hit attack: like the 1st, but then he uppercuts the opponent with his other hand
    3 hit combo: He jumps up, lands near his opponent, and bites 3 times
    5 hit combo: the tattoo on his chest glows brighter, and 5 sea serpents made of water strike the opponent.
    Defeated animation: a pillar of water engulfs him and carries him off.
    Victory animation: he roars and his chest tattoo glows brighter.

    Controlled quote: Ye be mad if ye think a minnow like ye can take the likes of me
    Enemy quote: I've been looking fer a challenge fer a long time.... Be a shame that ye be all I've found
    Victory quote: What a waste of me time.
    Defeated quote: Ye got a bit of fight in ye, I'll give ye that!

    500 attack: 3
    Sacrifice: 2
    500 defense: 3
    Fresh Start: 1
    Renew: 2
    Water Crash: 3
    Power Flow: 1

    OS character ID: Bloody

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    New Blood

    So, while I’m bad at drawing on a computer, i am really great with Backstorys, so this one will be really long, mostly since I prefer to cover it all.
    Naga Siren, Naga Queen.

    Chapter 1, The Myths.
    Living in the deepest reaches of the ocean, where the sun rarely shine a city of water creatures lives, once they was living beside the ocean, now they was a part of it, deadly predators for the land dwellers, and friends of the life in the sea, while fearsome, they have been seen to save poor fishermen lives, no one is entirely sure if they are killing like sharks, only kills when they smell blood or are hungry, or that they just killed if they felt like doing so, either way the sailors both feared and was interested in these strange creatures.
    This was how the life on the seas was for a long time, until a single of these creatures was getting interesting in the life on the land, and then decided to go on land, slowly getting up on the beach, a silent night, while they was used to live in water and had gills, they also had lungs, yet it took some time to getting used to the air, after fifteen minutes the lungs had finally got used to being used, first the snake like being slowly glided up the sands, until it heard something and quickly jumped back into the water, all that was seen was the tail of the person.
    The tales of this sight soon traveled all over the land, and more and more people began look around on the beach, trying to see if they could find out what this tail had been from.

    Chapter 2,The First known Naga.
    Many years passed since the first sight of this creature, soon it was forgotten, and then at a shiny day, as a young fisherman was out walking he found something on the beach, first he thought it was an animal but as he saw it had arms and hair he knew it was not, he then went over to study this creature, carefully though since at the end of the two arms, there was claws instead of nails, he noticed the creature was steal breathing, could this be the creature that had been so many myths about?
    He turns it around, the long hair fell to the side, and he could now see the creature completely, it had two arms that instead of skin had scales, though it ended a bit after the wrist, snake like as he touched it, the creature looked like any human, from the head down to just a bit below the navel, the snake tail, was not what he had expected it to be, it had fins on the side, two major just at the hips, and two smaller a bit below those, down the spine from the tail, a giant fin was, just like one of those on a fish, it clearly showed this creature was from the sea, yet what was it doing here? He eyed its body, nothing until he came to the head, where he saw something that looked like a wound, that could have been made from the lower part of a ship, he could not just leave it here, he grabbed the creature and pulled it over his shoulder and began walk back to his hut.

    Chapter 3,Snake or Human? Or both?
    It woke up some time after that, first eyeing its surroundings, before seeing it was no longer in the water, and then saw another person a bit away from it, it first tried to get away, and then saw it was asleep, then slowly glided over to it, then opening its mouth showing the poison cowered fangs, the person then woke up, as it saw that, it retreaded back to its corner.
    "You awake at last I see, I found you on the beach, you had taken a hit to the head so i took you back here..." he took himself to his neck, feeling something wet, then seeing the poison drips on it, "Are you thinking I would hurt you?" the creature moved deeper into the corner, "Do you even understand what i say?" the creature first tried the air, then coughed a few times, before slowly getting the words out "You don't want to kill me?" he smiled back "Of course not, now tell me, why was you there, on the beach, do you remember anything?" the creature moved slowly over to the man "I remember, something brown in the top of the blue, then it came down and hit me in the head with something." the fisherman took his pipe "Well, seems like it was a boat, that then came down from a wave and hit you, and then the ocean has carried you all the way here, this is not the kind of place you should be in, you better get back to your sea." he went over to open the door, but his arm was grabbed "Why not?" first now he could see how much it really looked like a human, by the first sight they looked snake like, but when he could now see it, it was scared of him, just like he was from it, it wanted to know more about the land, and he was the first that had seen one, he then sat down on his chair and they began a conversation.

    Chapter 4, To become a Queen.
    Long after the first naga had been found, it had become more common to find nagas on the beach, yet you should not get close careless, since they was just as clever as any human, and deadly as snakes, yet one thing remained for all the nagas, the males was great warriors while the females was the leader of the city’s and went under names as Empress or Queen, and now with the land know to them, the females have set out to make more cities, since they can survive on both land and in the sea they have proven to be more than just deadly.
    Both as all the females big dream is to become Queen, only a few got the power to become one, the strong feast on the weak, unless the females got enough power to could survive on their own, they are forced to live in the cities of another queen, and since they are snakes, they live far longer than normal humans, yet they are peaceful from time to time, they act just like any human.

    Naga Siren, Master.
    A female naga, using a staff, that got a sharp end like a spear, while it is formed as a snake untill the blade comes at the end, while in the center is a flying orb of water, that got a line to the end of the spears edge, where the siren can fire it and use it as she pleases.
    The look of a Naga is snake from the wrist down, but the scales begins a little below the navel, the color of the scales is light blue at the back, while they are white at the front, out from the side of the nagas the got fins that goes down long down the sides, until they reach half way down the tail where they stop, they then comes again at the end of the tail, while on the back, it goes all the way down.
    From the navel and up, they are just like any other human, both wearing armor to protect them in this new land, and armored gloves that have blue lines of water running through them.
    Nagas are normally white haired, but doe to them being on land now, their hair color has chanced to blonde, with hints of blue the longer it reaches out to the backside, since they no longer need to keep it hidden while swimming though the water but they never tend to shave or cut the hair there for it isreally long.
    Their tails first slides backward and then turns around and slides back to them so it lies on a line beside them.
    The size of a normal naga is a little bigger than a normal human.
    Deck: 4x200 Damage, 2x500 damage, 2x Water Crash (500 Pierce) 3x500 Defense, 1x Fresh Start (Discard 2 cards, gain 10 water energy) 1xPowerflow(1500 Damage) 1xRefresh (Ad 300 healing to a Shield) 1x Healing Spring (800 Healing over 2 turns.) 2xRenew (600 healing over 2 turns.)
    1hit: Points the staff towards the enemy and fires a water bolt out of the end.
    2hits: Rises up before stapping the enemy with the staffs spear end(First hit) then fires a water bolt into the enemy while it is still impaled(Second hit)
    3 hits: Rises up before stapping the enemy(First hit), then the orb inside the staff shines and is then pulled out again, it is then pointed toward the enemy and two water spikes come out of the ground (Last 2 hits)
    5 Hits: (Sky turns black) The Naga rises up, then points the staff toward the air where it becomes pure water, before the naga throw it into the enemy, where it then explodes (1 hit) and the Naga then moves over to the enemy and plants the hand on their chest, before the staff reforms and she pulls it though the enemy, (4 hits)
    Controlled “Our song echoes from the deeps, but this time, they sing for your death.”
    Enemy “No one will find your corpse, on the bottom of the dark deeps.”
    Naga Queen, Legendary.
    When a Naga Siren reach a specific age and their powers have grown enough, they undergoes a heavy transformation, they coat themselves in their magical waters and makes it into a cocoon so they can enter their next stage without being in need to fear for their survival.
    The first noticeable thing that happens inside their watery cocoon, is that their skin color chances, the color on their tails back chances to dark blue, and at the end of their fins, they grow spikes that serves as an act of self-defense.
    Next thing that happens is that they grow in size, when they only was slightly bigger than humans before, they now are big enough to could coil their tails around them and still have enough of it left to move around unhindered.
    While they are done growing, they grow two new lines of fins on the back of their tails, giving them three back fins in total, while the one in the middle grows to become the biggest.
    The last thing that happens before they leave their protective cocoon is that at the end of their tails, they grow a poison spike that is strong enough to could break though iron.
    As they have reached the state of a Naga Queen, the next thing they do is finding a place to call theirs; they normally place their cities near water or in it, and if there is no free spot, they attack an old Naga Queen and take their city as their own.
    To show of this new rank, they tend to have gold and other valuables on them, while the staff they used to use is being placed behind their throne to show as a trophy, they use a new one, one that bears the use ability’s as their old one, while it is bigger in size and have a golden snake now, the edge is the same, only that the opening is bigger along with the orb of water.
    The pose is the same as their Siren one, but the battle style has changed.
    1hit: It impales the enemy with their tail end.
    2hits: It impales the enemy with the staff (First hit) then rips it out and then smashes the enemy with the tail.
    3hits: It rises up, and the staff becomes pure water, that it then throws at the enemy (First hit) the ground where the enemy then stands burst up in a geyser (2hits), the staff then reforms in the Queens hand again.
    5hits: (Sky turns black) It points the staff into the air, before coiling its tail around the enemy, and crushes it (1 hit) it then impales it with the staff (1hit) where it then fires all the stored energy into the enemy (3 hits)
    Deck: 3x200 Damage, 3x 500 damage, 2x Water Rapid (400 Damage), 1x Powerflow (1500 Damage) 2xWater Crash (500 Pierce), 3x500 Defend, 1xRenew (600 Healing over 2 turns) 2xHealing Spring (800 healing over 2 turns), 1xFresh Start (Discard 2 cards and gain 10 Water energy)
    Controlled “How about i give you a little song, and a nice little dance with it, but i am afraid this song will be the last you hear before your own screams.”
    Enemy “A dark seas hold many secrets, why don't you follow me down to them and become a part of them? But i am afraid there will not be a choice...”

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    Gorillo Titan

    Captain Rheins Read both master and legendary rank please

    If you want you can use this character for Talk Like a Pirate Day seasonal

    Rank: Master

    Element: Water

    Appearance: A skeleton of about 6" with faded bones and a cutlass in both hands one giving off a blue glow and the other giving off a black glow. From one of its ribs is a faint blue light emitting from a crack in the third rib down on his right side. On his head he is wearing a black captain hat with a dark green rimming around it with a feather sticking out of it and the oversoul /death emoticon in the middle . On each of his sides is a sheath for his cutlasses. When its pulls them out the one on his left side has a black glow and the one on his right has a blue glow.

    1 Hit Lunges at the enemy stabbing them with the left cutlass

    2 Hit Jumps over to the enemy bringing down both swords

    3 Hit Not moving he swings his left sword down diagonal then his right sword down and then his left sword again each time having a ball of water come out and hit the enemy

    5 Hit Skeleton hands appear on the enemy each causing damage as Captain Rheins lifts his black sword up into the air.

    x3 Sacrifices
    x2 Water crash
    x2 Renew
    x3 Sheilds
    x1 Refresh
    x1 200s
    x2 500s
    x1 Water spring

    Battle Start Animation From the sheathes on its left side he quickly pulls out his black cutlass and points it at the enemy.

    Quote no speech bubble will appear.

    Enemy Quote no speech bubble

    Victory Quote Opens its mouth and releases a moan Uuggghhhh

    Lose animation Falls to the ground in a pile of bones right after having the feather on its hat pop off.

    Win Animation Lifts both cutlass into the air in an x mark shape above its head

    If new card ideas are not allowed I am willing to change the deck for Legendary.

    Element: Water

    Rank: Legendary

    Appearance: Has a body made completely out of water in the shape of pirate captain but is transparent allowing you to see his skeleton and the faint glowing light from the chipped blade piece. On his face he has a beard of watering flowing similar to this http://media.jrn.com/images/mct-sports-fbn-superbowl-4-ft.jpg. He is also still wearing his signature pirate hat and cutlass sheaths.
    His body has a similar look to how VI has armor but its all the same color so it looks like a shadow but instead of black it would be blue.

    1 Hit Forms a flintlock pistol out of water and shoots.

    2 Hit Places a cutlass in both hands and charges forward swinging both at the same time into the enemy.

    3 Hit Two cutlass made of water appear in front of Rhein and stab into the ground creating a pillar of water that burst from the ground heading for the enemy.

    5 Hit Captain Rheins Turns into a giant creature made of water and begins blasting water down on the enemy.

    Shield: Water appears around him.

    Lose Animation: Water falls from its body leaving behind the skeleton with a small glowing blue light coming from one of the bones and the pirate hat landing on top.

    Deck: Being made of water the deck should be more towards healing and hitting hard.


    1x Powerflow CC
    2x Sacrifices
    1xFresh Start
    x2 Shield
    x3 Renew
    x2 500s
    x1 200
    x2 Water Crash
    1x Current Wall For 10 energy a 1000 shield is put up that absorbs unblockable and dot damage for 1000 and turns it into health does not block regular attacks only half the damage done is converted into health so you can only gain a max of 500 hp back from it.

    Current Wall Animation The character begins to glow blue with an aura around them.

    2x Vortex A card suggested to me by xallos Works as a DOT card dealing 1000 damage over 5 turns each turn doing 200 damage for 5 energy.

    Vortex Animation A vortex of water goes around the enemy.

    1x Barrage A pirate only legendary card hits 3 times for 1200 damage.

    Barrage Animation Three ship cannons appear on the ground each shooting a cannonball at the enemy doing 400 damage each for 8 Energy.

    As the son of a Pirate, Rheins’ childhood was destined for hard ship as his mother and older sibling all met the fate of the noose something he would also face if not for being placed in an orphanage before his father’s crimes came to light. Given no other choice Rheins followed in his father’s footsteps starting his own pirate crew at the age of fourteen and becoming the second pirate in history to have the name sangue swimmer. “Blood swimmer” From the fact he wouldn’t leave a battlefield until swimming through his adversaries’ blood that spread out for miles turning the ocean a darkish red color.

    After ten years had passed Rheins fleet grew in size rivaling even his father’s crew but neither he nor his father could predict that both of their fleets could still be outmatched by a new pirate going by the name of the Alpha Pirate, whose strength was rumored to come from a magic that turned the ocean against his enemies.

    To Rheins it sounded like a tall tail but still he couldn’t deny that the Alpha Pirates where a crew not to be trifled with unless he was sure that he would win. So after planning he contacted his 1st in command a fish man of Quaztik lineage to head to his father’s fleet ship and deliver him a letter of treaty that read only for the time being that he would not attack any of his father’s ship for the next week if he met him in person within the next seven days.

    The days passed and Captain Rheins finally was face to face with his father for the first time in his life and felt something he hadn’t felt his entire life for another living person outside of his crew, compassion. The years hadn’t been good on his father the man who was still less than fifty years old looked more like a corpse, but neither captain had time for small talk or catching up as they began to talk about the threat of the Alpha pirates.

    They conversation went off without much trouble as Captain Rhains told his son of the true power of Captain Alpha a sword infused with the essence of the sea. and how the blade in Captain’s hand could sink any enemy ship before they could even get into eye sight of the ship but all was not bad news as the elder Captain told his son that the Fleet size of the pirate had been hugely exaggerated. If anything it was at least 5% of their entire crew combined and as long as they figured out a way to stop the sword’s power they could easily destroy them.

    As the pirates finally finished their conversation they decided that they would team up for now and lay siege to the alpha pirates crew once they had obtained the three treasures of Piece the unce piece, dos piece and the tres piece once all gathered they would be unstoppable even capable of living forever.

    As the Captains left the cabin though Captain Rheins was filled with emotion as he grabbed hold of his father and began to hug him but the moment of father and son bonding quickly ended as fast as it started as Captain Rhains pulled from his son with a dagger now sticking from within his abdomen and fell to the ground as blood pooled around his body.

    “Father.” Was all Rheins said as he watched his father’s life end before searching through his clothes removing the maps of the piece locations and taking hold of his father sword the first treasure of piece the sword of dark life.

    With the map in hand Captain Rheins ordered his crew to the next location on the map but is surprised to find the Alpha Pirates fleet of ten ships has already beat them to the location having no other choice he orders his fleet to attack but several of the ships are sinked in a flash as a giant tidal wave appears from thin air. Rheins is shocked as greed fills him now wanting the pirate’s sword for his own using his father sword though he begins to bring the crew members of his dead crew back to life as they begin to board the enemy’s ships from beneath. With the alpha pirate distracted by the close range fighting he able to get his ship close enough to board as he jumps to it and begins cutting through the pirates making his way to the Alpha Pirate before finally clashing blades with him.

    The two fight each for what seems like hours as the alpha pirate’s blade continues to block any of Rhein’s fatal blows but still he continues to strike at him using both his fathers and his own blade. Rheins beginning to gain fatigue decided to use his father’s sword to cheat as he bring back the arm of one of alpha pirates dead crew to grab hold of his leg before charging at Alpha for the final blow. Alpha having no other choice swings his blade at Rheins cutting deeply into his abdomen with such force the blade actually chips off a little lodging into one of Rhein ribs. As the Rheins’ felt his life being to end he struggled to make it to the side of the pirate ship before falling over into the ocean below trying to get one last swim in before sinking down into the darkness.

    After a year has passed the pressure has removed all Captain Rheins' skin but he still lives now in a completely different stage. His skin and muscles replaced with water the only part of him still remaining the skeleton underneath and the tiny blue metal shard that chipped from the Alpha Pirates blade giving Captain Rheins the ability to sustain his watery body.

    Battle Start Animation Enters the battle in his master form but then gets filled in with the water making him look like his legendary look.

    Quote Arrrggghhh, your corpse will make a great deck hand.

    Victory Quote I'll enjoy swimming in your blood.

    Win Animation Lifts his black sword as skeleton hands appear out of the ground around his feet.

    Enemy Quote: You should be proud to join my undead crew.

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    Boagi the Serpent - Water Master Character (Writing Suggestion)


    Boagi was once a simple garden snake. His life was relatively peaceful, spent generally enjoying the warmth of the sun and chasing after little critters for sustenance. One day however, he chanced upon a creature he had never seen before; it was a strange creature. It had large, unblinking eyes; its body was composed of scales; it lacked arms and legs...in many respects, it was very much like himself. At the same time, there was a rather alien quality to the creature; it possessed flaps that seemed to aid it in locomotion; its tail continuously flicked about, side-to-side; there were two continuously flaring openings located on its sides. The animal, to us, is no more than a simple fish, swimming about in its home in the lake, relying on its gills to breathe. Now, Boagi had always found a puddle or two to drink from, but he had never encountered such a body of water, or even such a creature! The fish seemed so free and at peace, completely absorbed in the clear depths of the pristine lake. Boagi suddenly longed to be part of the water...

    By chance, Boagi happened upon an old man not long after. The man was sleeping, but a creature Boagi was all too familiar with, crawled upon his neck. It was unnaturally large; Boagi wondered how the man didn't feel its presence. Perhaps it had been attracted to the smells of the camp, for Boagi it reeked of spiced meat, or perhaps it was fascinated by the steady throb of the jugular vein upon the sleeping man's neck. Whatever the case, Boagi could see the deadly tail of the creature, twitching and ready to strike. The scorpion was about the arch its tail forward when Boagi, acting impulsively, grasped the creature by its tail and hurled it into the embers of the mage's campfire. The man awoke and saw the scorpion being roasted into a crisp and stared at the snake with bewilderment.

    He had spent many years amongst nature and using magic, he probed Boagi's mind and learned of what happened. The mage's name was Chubo and he had a deep respect for the natural world around him and thus felt indebted to the little snake. He had roamed the wilds for years and though it wasn't immediately apparent due to his peaceful nature, his magical prowess was unchallenged. With his mind, he told Boagi how he was a mage and that he could help fulfill his dreams of becoming one with water. Boagi had never experienced this type of mental contact but his desire overcame his incredulity. The mage said the transformation would be quite extreme; it would morph him from a simple garden snake to a monstrous sea serpent, fully adapted to aquatic life.

    Boagi had never seen a sea serpent and had no idea what he would eventually look like, but he was too enthralled by the idea to let it pass him. The mage sensed his excitement and began the necessary rituals. Boagi felt himself growing larger, more large than he had ever been. He felt a power begin stir in him, a power he knew to be similar to that which the man wielded, magic. It would be this power that would allow him to breathe underwater. He already felt stronger than he ever had before. His scales hardened to the point where he was impervious to his old predators; his speed, agility, and regeneration were increased tenfold.

    Finally after hours of weaving more spells into Boagi's body, the process was complete. Boagi now towered over the mage; he looked to the lake and just felt it was where he was meant to be. Giving into his compulsions, he threw himself headfirst and immersed himself in its cool depths. For many centuries, Boagi enjoyed his new life but it was not to be. Humans had always been exerting their influence upon nature and now they sought to establish a settlement by the lake. Their activities disrupted the balance of the ecosystem and Boagi took it upon himself to defend his home. However, they were not easily deterred; realizing they had met their match, the humans poured toxins into the lake, killing everything within. The fish and turtles and little frogs that Boagi had befriended were all dead.

    Despite the human mage's success in bringing him happiness, Boagi could not control his emotions; he saw humans as self-centered creatures incapable of nobility and capable only of great disruption. Thus he vowed to be a blight to humans world-round. Boagi threw himself into a nearby river, knowing it would carry him to the ocean where he could attack human ships and kill everyone on board. Fear of the ocean and its denizens began to grow. Boagi hoped his efforts would teach mankind to respect nature and its inhabitants and to this very day, he continues his war on humanity.

    Appearance: A large, coiled-up serpent. <-Clicky! :D
    His color should be that of a lake to illustrate his embrace of water as his essence. His eyes are white in color.

    Player Quote: "Water gives me life...for you, it will only bring death!"

    Enemy Quote: "I protect Water and those who inhabit it! I won't let you taint it with your filth!"


    Movement: Slithers around.

    Charging: Looks upward and absorbs energy into his body.

    1-Hit: Strikes by biting the enemy viciously.

    2-Hit: Brings his tail up and smashes down twice.

    3-Hit Combo: Looks upward as a stream of water erupts from below the enemy; the water does one hit. A school of fish then erupts from the stream, dealing a second hit. The fish then land back down for a third hit.

    5-Hit Combo: Looks upward as a tidal wave rolls in, bringing with it a badly-damaged single-masted ship that smashes into the enemy for 5 hits of damage.

    Defend: A large sphere envelops him; it drips water from its sides. His tongue flicks out tauntingly.

    Counter-Attack: Bites forward rapidly.

    Casting Spell: Lurches forward and opens jaws menacingly at opponent.

    Upon Victory: Looks up and spews water from his mouth like a fountain.

    Upon Defeat: Looks up and eyes widen in surprise as a giant whale falls on him, crushing his body. Tail twitches once then falls still.


    500 Attack Card x5 (Water)
    500 Defend Card x2 (Water)
    Neutralize x2
    Iron Hide x2
    Power Flow x1
    Healing Spring x2

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    Name: Emperor Crab
    Appearance: Click here


    The coastal mudcrabs are a resilient sort. Surviving natural catastrophes that would have otherwise wiped out other races. The sheer speed of their reproduction only being matched by their death rate, not many crabs live past a few years after they spawn more young. When a crab does survive and lives long enough, they mature into an rare form known as the emperor crab. It is increasingly rare to encounter an emperor, but when you do, take extra caution for it's claws can crush iron like it were paper. For you, it's a terror you pray you never have to encounter, for him, it's payback time.
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    The Ancient One
    Element: Water
    Rank: Legendary

    Story: Long before Nulgath came to Oversoul, the Ancient One had his name. He once was the ruler of Oversoul, his station unchallenged by all who wished to remain living. He was a powerful wizard, obsessed with the power of the sea. One day, he attempted a powerful and forbidden ritual, but did not fully succeed. He became an abomination, and was driven to the sea's depths for they were the only refuge. When the Great Fiend came, he was awoken once more. The Ancient One was impressed that something as strong as Nulgath existed, but despised him for taking his former realm. This fool had the audacity to declare himself supreme? It was then he began his undersea training. Battling against the strongest of sea-dwellers and absorbing the power of their blood and souls, furthering his might. Now, after many millenia, the Ancient One rises. He will destroy the usurper Nulgath and show him true power!

    Appearance: An eldritch abomination with a head that looks similar to Cthulu's, but with two large horns and an open, fanged mouth. His body is a writhing mass of tentacles and two of them stick out to the side to act as arms. His skin is a teal-ish hue and he has a soft glowing aura. He has two glowing green eyes with wispy trails coming off the edges. He is about the size of Xmas Fiend. Think Cthulu mixed with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, then tossed in the Void.

    Controlled: I have woken from my slumber, the Fiend is doomed.
    Enemy: That fool Nulgath will pay for his insolence.

    Standard Cards

    1x 2 damage
    3x 5 damage
    2x 5 block
    3x 1 unblockable
    1x Power Flow
    2x Water Rapid
    1x Refresh
    1x Renew
    1x Fresh Start
    3x Empower
    2x Sacrifice

    Legendary Special Cards (Optional)
    1x Insanity- 15 Water- Apply a 3 turn dot for 9 damage and stun for one turn.
    1x Ocean Mastery- 12 Water- deal 8 unblockable damage.

    1-hit: He whips them once withone of his "arm" tentacle.
    2-hit: He whips them once and then again with another "arm" tentacle.
    3-hit: He whips them twice and then soars towards them and hits them with his horns.
    5-hit: He glows and all his tentacles flail about in floppy passion and doom.

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    Element: Water
    Rank: Apprentice-Master

    Story: When the Ancient One ruled, he was not alone. He had a personal guard of the most powerful mages from around the realm. They studied the ways of the ocean, and assisted his forbidden rituals. When the Ancient One changed, and was shunned by all, the Guard changed too. Their appearance was corrupted by their link to the master, especially the stronger ones. Rather than abandon the monstrosity that the Ancient One now was, they embraced and revered him more than any had ever before. They followed their master to the oceans, where they took refuge in the shallower caves and reefs, not daring to dive lower lest they wake the Ancient One. They remained hidden and in time fell into a preserving sleep like their master, until recently. When the Ancient One woke, he called for his followers to rise as well. Their mission is to exterminate the mortals who worship and serve the newcomer, Nulgath. They will not rest until the Ancient One once again rules.


    Apprentice(Cult Initiate): A person in green robes with a hood that covers their face. They are carrying the book(See Master). The robes are scuffed up and appear to be wet. He has seaweed in a few spots.

    Veteran(Cult Novice): Now you can see a few tentacles coming out of the hood. His robe is dirtier and there's more seaweed and stains. He has a small crab claw for a hand on one arm, but the other still has the book. You can see a few tentacles peeking out in various places as well.

    Master(Grandmaster): A humanoid figure wearing a flowing sea-foam green robe. Their head is squid-like with tentacles hanging down and forming a beard. One of their arms ends in a large crab claw like DF's Kathool Adept, while the other is covered in seaweed and tentacles, but has a normal hand. His robe is torn and stained, with seashells and seaweed in various places. He holds a book in the semi-regular hand that has a patchwork mix of colours, similar in appearance to the Necronomicon.

    All Versions
    Controlled: The Ancient One has risen! Oh, glorious day! Finally the fiends shall fall!
    Enemy: He awakens! The reign of Nulgath shall end!

    3x 2 damage
    2x 5 damage
    2x 5 block
    2x 1 unblockable
    1x Power Flow
    2x Water Rapid
    1x Renew
    1x Fresh Start
    (Veteran)2x Empower
    (Master)2x Sacrifice

    1-hit: He throws the book at them, which then magically reappears in his hand.
    2-hit: He throws the book then runs over and does a flip-kick, the book returns after the kick.
    3-hit: He does the 2-hit, then pinches them with his claw hand, the book returns after the pinch. In Apprentice he punches instead of pinching.
    5-hit: The book starts glowing and he throws his head back in a cackling motion. Then a mass of tentacles whip the enemy 5 times.
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    Sinful Dread

    Name: Diluvium

    Element: Water

    Rank: Master

    Backstory: Most of Solace receives its supply of water and fish from the peaceful fishing village of Diluvium. What many do not know is the sinister story behind how it all began…

    Hundreds of eons ago, there was a man who lived in the village. He was in his late forties, and was considered to be one of the village’s more important people, for he was one of the council members. The council members were the key personnel of the village. Therefore, he was in charge of taxing the villagers, and taking good care of the village’s treasury.

    A few months after he was appointed as a council member, a stranger came to his house and presented him a strange stone. It had a shimmering blue glow, and there were faint cracks amongst its surface. The stranger introduced himself as a fellow inhabitant of the village, and wanted to thank him for his efforts to serve the council and the village well. Taking it as a gift, he accepted it and continued his duties as a council member.

    A few years later, a few villagers had started complaining the taxes collected were too high, and they were not making enough money to support their families. Therefore, they had started to resist the council and started a rebellion, which rallied many villagers in their fight for lower taxes.

    With more and more in numbers, the rebellion had started to move north, where the council members resided. The rebellion had caused carnage in the village, and were determined to annihilate the man who was responsible for the problem.

    A few days later, they found the man in a village-wide manhunt, and decided to burn and execute him. They tied him to the sacrificial pole, but he did not make a single sound. Instead, the stone had started glowing brightly and was pulsing with a bright shimmer. Then, it all happened in a split second. A flash of light. The man’s body transforming right before the villagers’ eyes. Seconds later, the man emerged from the blinding light – with a new addition to his arm, which was encased in a claw-like figure.

    With ease, he threw off the villagers and raised his hand, murmuring a spell so soft no one could hear. But, all the villagers’ resistance had stopped, and they were staring around in confusion, with previous thoughts of rebellion erased from their minds.

    After that, the man began to rebuild the village alongside the villagers, and used his healing powers to reverse the effects of the deeds caused by the villagers such as poisoning the water supply and destroying the fauna and flora.

    Ever since then, the villagers had continued their duties and the town worked towards its prosperous state now. They also named the man Diluvium, which stood for “flood” in Latin, as he had metaphorically “flooded” the village back with life.

    Appearance: Diluvium is tan, white haired, tall, and lithe of form, much like a wise man. His features are as angular and small, though he bares a scar running under his left eye left during the rebellion of villagers. His arm is covered in a mystical black and blue glow. He usually hides his face under a dark hood most of the time. However; few have caught him taking off the mysterious hood, revealing his hair in a hairstyle similar to Tomix’s (from DF), though unkempt. He wears a cloak with a fur trimmed hood as a symbol of authority as a council member a satchel, sewed to the cloak itself. Several tribal markings as a sign of loyalty to the village line his arms.


    Controlled – The flood will wash over your pathetic body.

    Enemy - The flood will wash over your pathetic body.
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    Name: Alagos or Mer warrior
    Rank: Master

    Cards: Neutralizex1
    Healing Springx2

    Controlled Quote: "You shall crumble before the might of the Merlonions."
    Enemy Quote: "We Merlonions will take back what is rightfully ours."

    Entering Combat:Summons a Trident From the power of his bracers.
    1-Hit Combo: Extends trident to stab opponent.
    2-Hit Combo: Extends trident to Stab opponent then slashes downward.
    3-Hit Combo: Lifts His trident hitting opponent with three water blast.
    5-Hit Combo: Lifts his trident, Summons a shark army made entirely of water that tears the opponent to shreds.

    Winning Quote:Merlonia shall rise once again!
    Losing Quote:For Merlo...

    Story: Merlonia... Once it was the staple of all empires, the strongest nation to ever exist. That is until... until we fell away from our magical routes. I told them... I told them that this atrocity they called technology would only hurt us, that the 4 gods did not approve. They did not listen, they continued to dabble with this taboo... only after several centuries did my people forget their magical routes. We had fallen from the acceptance of the 4 gods... we raised our weapons against them, we saw this so called technology as a means to make ourselves gods... but we were wrong soon the gods grew tired of us, they broke us as a nation. My people soon fought against each other. This civil war tore us apart we destroyed what our ancestors and the 4 gods, through magic, created... Peace. I could not bear to see the Nation tear itself apart, I grabbed the children and with the remaining magic I had saved sunk the remains of my hometown. In hopes that one day we will gain the acceptance of the 4 gods once more, then we shall take back what is rightfully ours... but until then we will wait.

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    Character Name:Water man Don’t have any good name yet.i'll think about it Iratus Quis Proluvies
    Element: Water
    Rank: Master

    Appearance: At lobby,have handless human body that already into water with the bottom fused into one that look like many grim reaper personification and also already turned into water.Have skull showed,surrounded by water like ghost rider.The color of the water on his boddy is a little bit red.He show his hand when fighting,stance like Claw Druid.(I’ll draw the rough skech)

    Back Story: This is a tale about a man who name forgoten long ago,he live happily with his family until one day his daughter got a wierd sickness that even the best healer at the time cant heal her.

    Severals day after that,he dream about the pass,the pass about his father telling him a legend. The legend that his father told say that there were a place on solace that if you go there,you can posses the power that so strong,you can control even the very life .Then he man wake up,go to his dauther room to see his daughter,then he determined to get that power.He then go to a journey and go search for it for sake of his daughter after saying goodbye to both his daughter and wife.

    He's working hard at first month of searching.But,after several month of search and gathering information over solace,he's so desprate that he doubt that place really exist.

    One day,a mysterious mage talk to and claim he can bring him to the fabled place.But,there's a price he need to pay.Without thinking twice,he agreed to it.The mage bring the man to a cave,it was so dark that the man can't see anything.Thus the man ask the mage is this really the place,then the mage say"of course not,you fool.If i know the place,i'll keep the power for myself".The mage cast some spell to seal the cave,the man,and illuminate the cave.The man saw some mysterious water being caged.Long story short,the mage do an experiment by fused the man with the mysterious water being and turned him into an abomination .Driven by insanity because the fusion.He break the cage and attack the mage,they fight for several minutes.The man is stronger that the mage expected, the mage smiling and teleported out the cave. But inside,he’s fighting the insanity that control his body

    Still insane,he destroy the barrier that seal the cave and bring destruction to everything on his way,until he reach his hometown.Still insane,he destroy his hometown,killing almost all the villager,and after seing his home,his sane-self trying to take control.He got the control,but its too late,his insanity kill his own daughter and wife.Driven by anger to himself and the mysterious mage,he swear to himself that he will hunt for the mage until his life ends.

    Overtime,he’s got better at controlling both his sanity and power,that legend say even after centuries,he’s still alive and still not found the mage he’s looking for,and still looking for vengance

    Movement Animation: he turn into ball of water with skull in its central and levitate(I’ll skech it)

    Controlled&Enemy Quote: ARGH.............. WHERE ARE YOU,CURSED MAGE!?

    1-hit combo: transform one of his hand into sword and stab the enemy by lengthen his hand,after that,his hand become liquid,fall to the ground,and go back to his body

    2-hit combo: transform one of his hand into sword and stab the enemy and pull it back

    3-hit combo:most of his body mass except his skull turn into liquid and attack 3 times like soulweaver's Valour Impact from DF

    5-hit combo:transform one of his hand body to mini cannon and shoot 5 time,it shoot water cannonball

    Defend Animation: both of his hand cross and then changed into a shield

    Counterattack Animation: one of the hand become shield,the other shot water bullet to the enemy,like iron man shooting bolt

    Upon Victory: "You’re not the one I’m looking for.You wasting my time" then soak to the gound

    Upon Defeat: “He has not payed,I cant die yet…….” then he become a puddle with skull of a man inside it

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    Name: Vemor

    Element: Water (and Chaos?)

    Rank: Veteran

    Backstory: Everything that gives life can also destroy it. This is one of the simple rules of the world. And he realized it.

    Vemor was always fascinated by the science of the world, and wanted to learn all of it that he could. He lived in a nice village, wanting to be a scientist someday. He had a very normal life, aiding his parents from time to time, going to school and such. He was reading a book near the docks one day that said: "Everything that gives life can also destroy it." He always knew this, but never thought of it. And only seconds later he saw a couple of very ill people that seemed to die at any second. Vemor asked them that could he help them, and the died right in front of him by falling off to the deep ocean. He then realized that water is one of those things that gives life but can destroy it as well. He was very shocked, and saw waters potential to do various things. As a scientist, he wanted to test the properties of water.

    Later, when he finally had officially become a scientist, he started his research on water. He tested turning it to steam and ice, he mixed some ingredients to it and tested what would happen. And then... He had created something terrifying: Water that when consumed or touched would corrupt you and make you into a mindless creature, completely controlled by the user of the water. The corruption also spreads rather fast, thus it would be extremely dangerous if it was thrown into a very large amount of water... Like an ocean. "This would make possessing souls very easy", Vemor thought. He thought that if he used it for his own good, he would only destroy all and everybody that he loves. Thus, he quickly disposed of the dangerous water.

    But he didn't know that people were spying on him. They wanted this power to take control of all beings. Vemor's lab got nearly destroyed by the thieves looking for the recipe of the corrupting water. There still was some left in a huge barrel, though, and they thought that it would be enough for their purposes. Vemor then entered the lab, and started to fight with the thieves. The thieves managed to beat him, but Vemor wouldn't allow them to steal the water so easily. He threw some of the water at them, but his hands were not protected by anything this time, making all of them corrupted. The thieves became mindless zombies, while only one thought popped into Vemor's mind: "Everything that gives life can also destroy it." He instantly became obsessed with the power of the water, and now he only had one goal: Control and destroy all beings on the world. He became a victim of his own product...

    And so he made more water, and each night corrupted more people. But people got suspicious when people started disappearing and Vemor spending all his time in his lab. But now he had become an adept wizard, able to create even small tsunamis. And so one day, when all the people were out, he created a huge wave of corrupted water, corrupting all of the people. He possessed their souls, and now he is after you...

    Appearance: A hooded figure, with some water bottles connected to his belt. Has his eyes covered by the shadow of his hood, but has a mad smile on his face. The robes are a bit worn out after a lot of battles. The bottles are carefully sealed, but opens them when the battle begins.

    At the beginning of a fight: I will corrupt your soul!
    Wins: Haahahahahahaaaa!
    Loses: No...

    I'll leave the combos and cards to you, but it has to have something to do with the potions and at least one DoT card!

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    Oversoul Art/Writing Entry
    *Note* Any way for it to be categorized is fine

    Name: Mobius the Hero
    Element: Water
    Rank: Master
    Appearance: http://twitpic.com/dw87v1

    - 500 attack - 3
    - 200 attack - 3
    - 300 defend - 2
    - Surge - 2
    - Fresh Start - 1
    - Water Crash -2
    - Renew -1
    - Healing Spring - 1
    - Powerflow - 2

    - Idle: Arms at his side
    - Walking: Each step he takes splashed water
    - 1 hit combo: Presumes a running position and dashes at the enemy, a ridge of water trails behind him and slams the enemy with a heroic punch. (Running on water pretty much)
    - 2 hit combo: Dashes at the enemy trailing ridge water, jump uppercuts the enemy, and slams down creating a ridge of water. (Pretty much an anime style physics when fights occur on water)
    - 3 hit combo: Fires a resolute of high water pressure at the enemy.
    - 5 hit combo: Melts into the ground and a puddle of water appears behind the enemy and Mobius rises up from it striking with a spear of water created from his hand. A second Mobius appears in front of the enemy and strikes down with both hands. The Mobius's grab each other's hand and form a tornado of water.

    Player Quote: "Heroes of age do not deserve their titles. True heroes are unknown and never take credit."
    Enemy Quote: "Evil appears in all forms no matter where you go. Are you evil?"

    *Note* The overall design of Mobius has him showing ripples on his physical form. Mobius's clothing is a fused trench coat with his leggings and shoes fused. A good reference would be this:


    "Heroes are a affinity of good and they must never be known nor take in the attention of fame lest they themselves are corrupt. For that...the evil inside those so-called heroes shall be cleansed."

    Lord Necrosis knows much about justice and I respect the burden he has taken upon himself that even I would acknowledge him as a hero. The first time I met Necrosis was when I was wounded after killing a corrupt tax collector who stole money from the people who paid their taxes to the kingdom. Nothing physical in this world can hurt my form except the essence of magic and all types of poisons regardless of form. An arrow coated in a potent deadly poison struck my shoulder during the escape and I could barely stand when I was at a good distance from my pursuers.

    Necrosis happened to encounter my weak self and did what I did not expect from one who betrayed his kingdom, he cured my body from the poison that rotted my body. I was puzzled to why a villain would help a hero, but I found out that he was no villain who took pride in what he did. Necrosis killed his lord in attempts to create an enemy and amass an army to create a foe that all would turn their attention to in order to distract from the fighting among the kingdoms. I was enlightened that this man was just no ordinary hero, but a hero who lives in the darkness to be hated and feared to create an everlasting peace was something that was beyond the limits of what ordinary heroes could do.

    I offered my services to him and became the one who would help bring peace to this troubled land as not one who would be revered, but one who would be an enemy and an ally to the people noting the sacrifices made with each stride to justice.

    When the end of the war came and my lord died knowing well that his goal was achieved; he tasked me before his death to continue to watch over the land not only as a hero who fought as an enemy, but a hero who will continue to watch over the land until the ends of time.

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    Monster: The Loch Arr Monster
    Name: Davy Jones
    Element: Water
    Alignment: Evil
    Player line: I shan’t let ye have me treasarr!
    Enemy line: Ye will ne’er escape Davy Jones of Loch Arr!

    Discription: A monstrous spotted moray eel with the poisonous fins of a lionfish, the wicked teeth of an angler fish, and the treacherous tail barb of a stingray.

    Davy Jones of Loch Arr

    I’m sure ye all’ve heard ‘bout the dreaded Davy Jones’ Lockarr. That fearful place from whence no sailarr returns. But I be wagerin’ ye don’t be knowin’ the full truth behind it. Aye, it be more than just watarr in those depths that swallows ye up! Savvy?

    Not surprisingly it all be startin’ with a man named Davy Jones. A thief he was, and a fair one at that. ‘Twas said he could steal an elve’s bow as she strung it, or a paladin’s horse as he rode it. An’ ne’er the once were he caught! Such be the skill of his thievery.

    Ye’d think ol’ Davy would be livin’ high on the seas fer all his plundarr. But, he be a man who likes his games and likes his grog. And by days end, poor Davy Jones would be penniless once again.

    Ev’ry day Davy would dream up greatarr and greatarr heists. But not a one could keep his pockets filled, not a one could sate his greed. ‘Till one day a thought did occurr. There be only so much he can be stealin’ from regularr folks. But thieves like him? Pirates? Aye, pirates. Not only be they havin’ a large booty, but they be havin’ a price on their head too!

    ‘Twas a brazen plot, stealin’ from the pillagarrs o’ the sea. But ol’ Davy was slippery as an eel. Joinin’ crew after crew, he’d steal a few dubloons then scurry off as soon as they be reachin’ port. Each time he’d take a wee bit more.

    Now he joined the crew of Captain Stink Eye, whose tarrible glare could make the sea itself to boil. But ol’ Davy feared not, he had a plan. He worked on the ship ‘till he was knowin’ it from prow to stern. He waited fer the night when the moon be black and the men outta sight.

    Then the treasarr he gathered and to the row boats he made way. He were nearly there when the Captain himself stepped outta the shadows, eyes gleamin’ like a devil’s. ‘Twas no where to run fer that slippery eel, Davy Jones.

    It shoulda been off to walk the plank with him then. But the wily and cruel Captain Stink Eye were havin’ other idearrs. The Captain called his ship mage to work his foul magics. Ol’ Davy began a changin’ then. He became in form what he’d been as a man, a monstrous slippery eel. And now, forevarr more Davy Jones must guard the very treasarr he sought to steal, down in the depths of the lake, Loch Arr.

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    2/21/2014 14:57:51   

    Name: Yami

    Alignment: Evil

    Element: Water

    Rank: legendary

    Quotes: none

    Appearance: A demonic sea creature with a sea horse tail and body and a orca shaped head with a dark iron like skin tone he's hidding in a medium sized sphere covered by by two hands that makes a additional sphere (more about that in attack animation) he's about the size of rev when covered by the hands.

    Backstory: Yami is an ancient evil who's heart was as black as the void which it was sucked into driven by unknown anger and hatred he cursed the land of humans and summoned various minions to make their life miserable and bring the gods to their knees. For centuries he was known as the emperor of darkness or for those who had seen him he was known as "the dark hand" still not satisfied Yami sealed away various gods so that the land got corrupted due to the gods couldn’t keep it well his tyranny ended when one goddess opposed him in a fierce fight Yami lost and put into a deep slumber under the sea to never be awakened or so they say until he WAS awakened by a mysterious power could this power be nulgaths? Or something else?

    3x defend
    2x renew
    1x healing spring
    2x water crash
    2x 200
    1x neutralize
    1x iron hide
    1x 500
    1x fresh start
    1x powerflow

    If it's not allowed to use multiple elements then just give it an extra 200 and 500


    1 hit: he hits with an arm
    2 hits: same as the first but he hits again to get back to his base
    3 hits: he launches himself into the air and lands with a hand on the opponent drops himself dealing the second hit and rolls off as the third hit
    5 hits: boths arms raises and fires torrents of water at the enemy

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