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2/21/2014 15:13:15   

Name Aspid (based on the Aspidochelone)

Element Water

Player quote "My internal compass points to victory!"

Enemy controlled quote "I can feel the world shifting..."

Rank Legendary

Appearance Aspid is a large turtle, floating a little about the ground. He has pieces of green moss growing upon his front flippers, as well as back flippers. He has shining blue eyes, that glow slightly. He has a large shell seemingly made from mounds of earth, with small plants growing upon it as well. The overall effect is a slightly glowing turtle, with a shell that looks like an island. small droplets of water float around him, bobbing slightly.

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 3
Shield x 3
Powerflow x 1
Refresh x 2
water crush x 1
earthquake x 2

1 hit combo: Aspid's eyes glow green and a jet of water comes up beneath the enemy, dealing one hit of damage

2 hit combo: Aspid recedes into his shell, then rapidly spins at the enemy, hitting them twice before going back to his normal position.

3 hit combo: A wall of water comes up from behind Aspid, then it slowly begins to swirl creating a small current. Once it is swirling very fast, Aspid's eyes briefly glow, and the wave surged towards the enemy, dealing three hits of damage.

5 hit combo: Aspid Bows his head, and as he does so, the earth begins to shake a little. He closes his eyes, for a few seconds and the shaking continues. Finally his head shoots up, his eye's glowing pure blue, and multiple streams of water hit the enemy from all sides doing five hits of water damage.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 26
2/21/2014 15:42:58   

Name Grann (play on Grannus from Celtic mythology)

Element Water

Player Quote "The best offense is a good defense"

Enemy quote "Have you come to bathe in my glory?"

Quote upon victory "You underestimated my healing powers!!!"

Quote upon defeat "The tides have turned!"

Appearance Grann floats above the ground, held up by a small wave of warm water. He has pale skin, and large brown eyes. He has wispy brown hair that goes to the bottom of his ears. His chest is puffed out, and he is wearing a traditional white toga, with a conch shell insignia in the middle. He holds a trident in one hand, and a golden abalone shell in the other. His eyes are stormy gray, and his brow is furrowed.

100 pierce x 1
200 attack x 2
500 attack x 2
defend x 4
Natures gift x 2
Healing spring x 2
refresh x 2

1 hit combo Grann raises the Abalone and blows into it. There is a few seconds where nothing happens, and then a spike of water hits the enemy from below

2 hit combo Grann points his trident at the enemy, and two streams of water shoot out, damaging the enemy for two hits of damage

3 hit combo Grann jumps from his wave, landing in front of the enemy. He jabs them once, then appears behind them, backstabbing for another hit of damage, finally he appears in front again, and slams the enemy over the head for the final hit

5 hit combo The screen goes a shade of dark blue, and then the enemy takes 4 hits of damage in rapid succession. The screen then returns to normal, and Grann raises his trident to the sky, summoning a final blast of lighting to damage the enemy.
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2/21/2014 16:11:21   

Name Grindyclaws (play on Grindylows from English folklore)

Element Water

Rank legendary

Player controlled quote "I can play dirty if I need too!"

Enemy controlled quote "The claws are out!"

Quote upon victory] "Your time came... and went! HAHAHA"

Quote upon defeat "You insignificant worm!"

Quote upon failed capture "The current has already swept me away!"

Appearance Grindyclaws is very small. He is slightly hunched over, and his only clothing are some sopping rags, with water dripping from then and making a puddle at his feet. He has an impish face, with large black sunken eyes, and two small curving horns. He has a small glowing blue swirl tattoo on his forehead. Upon his hands are a set of metallic claws. The claws have small barnacle and seaweed upon them, and they seem kind of rusted. He has a dull blue skin color, and he seems to be shivering slightly. He seems to be in a crouching position, ready to spring at the enemy whenever the chance arises. He is looking at the enemy with a bemused expression.

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 2
200 pierce x 1
500 defend x 2
Shell game x 2 (this card has the ability to stop the enemy from healing or defending for 2 rounds)
Powerflow x 1
Water rapid x 2
Life drain x 1

1 hit combo Grindyclaws pounces at the enemy, and rakes them with his claws for one hit of damage

2 hit combo Grindyclaws pounces the enemy again, this time twirling around with his claws outstretched for two hits of damage

3 hit combo Grindyclaws Pounces at the enemy, pausing right in front of them. Then he smiles and does three quick attack

5 hit combo Grindyclaws's hands glow purple and purple bubbles hit the enemy multiple times, dealing five hits of damage
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 28
2/21/2014 17:09:01   
The Finnish Phoenix

Name: Super Squirter
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A large, floating, and vibrant orange water gun.
• Yellow water tank on the top with an opening for water to be poured in.
• Is sentient and has googly eyes and a mouth near the barrel.
• Light blue pump near the trigger to add pressure.

• 200 Attack x1
• 500 Attack x5
• Defend x1
• Surge x2
• Water Crash x2
• Power Flow x2
• Fresh Start x1

Controlled Quote: "I'm gonna squirt all over you mortals, whether you like it or not. Nana nana boo boo!"

Combat Entrance: Floats into the room and a bit of water leaks from its barrel.
Charging: Water pours into the hole on its water tank.
Casting a Spell: Points upwards and fires into the air.
1-Hit Combo: Squirts a shot of water at the enemy.
2-Hit Combo: Squirts two shots of water at the enemy.
3-Hit Combo: The pump is pumped once and a stream of water is squirted at the enemy.
5-Hit Combo: Pump is pumped thrice, gun turns upwards and fires a powerful stream into the air that goes up beyond the screen and drenches the enemy as it arcs down.
Upon Victory: Bounces up and down with jubilation.
Upon Defeat: Water tank overflows with water and explodes, getting water all over the place.

Story: Once a harmless children's toy, the Super Squirter was given magical powers to think, speak, fly, act on its own, and of course squirt by a wicked and prodigious young sorcerer who used it as its favorite toy. Now on the loose, the Super Squirter has only one mission: saturate, squirt, and soak anything that gets in its way. The Super Squirter has a playful and immature personality that it adopted from the children that it was used to playing with before it was given life. It has an extensive criminal record and is wanted everywhere. It prides itself on its immortality, its offensive fighting style, and its colorful physique.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
2/21/2014 17:11:35   

Name Chasm

Rank Legendary

Element Water

Player controlled quote "Your hope is like a sinking ship!"

Enemy controlled quote "I will kill you, as well as the archfiend!"

Quote upon victory "The only thing I see in your future is rust!"

Quote upon defeat "I shall be avenged..."

Quote upon failed capture "You are a fool to try and claim my soul!"

Appearance Chasm is a warrior with rusting bronze armor. He is missing one arm, and the other is being dragged down by an anchor. His armor is covered in small barnacles and sea stars, as well as small clumps of dirt. His armor is ripped on one side, and through the rip you can see bones. He wears a knights helm, and through the front piece you can see his two eyes. One is glowing bright blue, the other a slightly darker shade of blue. He seems to have been dragged from the ocean floor, as he is clumsy and seems to be limping.

Backstory Chasm was always the perkiest sailor on the S.S Demise. He was always the one to prepare the food, and clean the cabins, and wash the floors, and clean the bird droppings from the poop deck. He also wasn't the brightest Sailor. So that's why, when the captain shouted for them to abandon ship, Chasm just kept cleaning. Before he knew it, he was already roughly 300 meters under water. He struggled valiantly, but he eventually lost consciousness. He awoke the next day to find Dage, the lord of the underworld himself, standing above him. Dage gave him the mission of destroying Nulgath. Chasm just smiled and nodded, and before he knew it, he was in Oversoul. Now Chasm one life desire is to destroy Nulgath... and everything he has created!

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 3
500 defend x 3
counter attack x 1
corruption x 1
water rapid x 2
refresh x 1
renew x 1

1 hit combo Chams stumble over to the enemy, then swing's blindly hitting the enemy with the anchor attached to his arm.

2 hit combo Chasm Limps over to the enemy, the headbutts the enemy twice for two hits of damage

3 hit combo Chams slowly raises his arm, and a prison made from three bars of water surrounds the enemy. He clenches his fist, and the three bars shatter one by one, ech bar shattering dealing one hit of damage to the enemy

5 hit combo Calling upon Chasm dark powers, he slowly floats into the air, surrounded by a darkness aura. He swoops around the enemy five times, dealing five hits of damage. At the end of the attack, the darkness seeps out of him and he land (shakily) on the ground again
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
2/21/2014 17:38:25   

Character Name: Sea Trickster

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Description: The very nature of this creature is built upon deception. It has the ability to generate electric currents throughout its body in order to light up certain areas. The Sea Trickster is naturally blind and so it relies on this special ability to intimidate other aquatic predators by giving shine to the uneasy expressions located on the belly and tail. If an enemy is to make contact with it, it can quickly generate a spark that would electrocute the target. Its offensive tactic is to lure in the prey with the same tactic. Unaware targets tend to be attracted to the light this creature emits and end up becoming its food. It travels throughout the sea and plays pranks on swimmers who travel too far off shore by lifting its tail slowly above the water while the unaware turn around only to experience an unpleasant situation. However, the Sea Trickster is quite harmless.

Controlled Quote: -
Enemy Controlled: -
Victory: -

1x 100 damage
2x 200 damage
3x 500 damage
2x 500 defend
2x renew
2x Healing Spring
2x Energize
1x Surge
1x Tazer
1x Chain Lightning

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AQW  Post #: 31
2/21/2014 18:59:59   

Character Name: The Crab
Element: Water
Rank: Apprentice
Allignment: Neutral

Appearance: The Crab is the size of a child. A sword made out of water, his handle out of a crab shell. He holds this sword in his right arm. He use black shoes and his pants are grey. The upper body is covered by orange exo-skeleton and his head is like a crab with it's mouth shut. He have a claw as his left arm and a regular for his right, the right of his is the arm that holds the sword. There are glowing tattoes on his chest. A swirly motive.


3x 200 Damage
1x 500 Damage
2x Pierce
2x Defend
1x Refresh
2x Renew
1x Healing Spring

Controlled Quote: I am not weak! I'll prove it!
Enemy Quote: Water doesn't die easily. Neither do I!

Combat Entrance: Points his claw against the attacker.
Charging: The tattoes glow and the energy goes into him.
Upon Defeat: Gets swallowed by water.
Upon Victory: Points his sword in the air.

1 Hit Combo One hit from his sword.
3 Hit Combo: Three hits from his sword. One straight, one jump and one straight again.
5 Hit Combo: The tattoes glow and water sprouts from the ground. He lift his arms when this happens.

Backstory: The Crab is a part of a great tribe undersea. His family have always been proud warriors, and The Crab was never an exception. Once he were old enough he got his tattoes, which shows when your traing starts, and started on his own journey. He picked a sword, enchanted with magic, and took off. Not knowing if he would ever see his tribe again.

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2/21/2014 19:00:45   

Oversoul Art/Writing Entry
*Note* Any way for it to be categorized is fine

Name: Reijingu the Silent
Element: Water
Rank: Master
Appearance: http://twitpic.com/dw8x80
Colored version: http://twitpic.com/dw90oe

- 500 attack - 3
- 200 attack - 2
- 300 defend - 3
- Water Crash -2
- Renew -1
- Healing Spring - 1
- Powerflow - 1
- Fresh Start - 1
- Neutralize - 1
- Iron Hide - 2
- Counterattack - 1

- Idle: Arms at his side
- Walking: Instead of a run animation, he walks.
- Intro: Bows down to the enemy. (Same as monk)
- 1 hit combo: Runs at the enemy and does a somersault kick. The kick resonates a water effect.
- 2 hit combo: Jumps in the air and kicks down in front of the enemy resonating a wave of water.
- 3 hit combo: Jumps in the air and kicks at the enemy, jumps above the enemy and kicks down, and jumps from behind and kicks down. (Pretty much a continuous assault)
- 5 hit combo: Kneels down and places a hand on the ground.
Says "..."
A whirlpool of water emerges under the enemy dealing damage.

Player Quote: "..."
Enemy Quote: "..."


"Water is patient. Water just waits. Wears down the cliff tops, the mountains. The whole of the world. Water always wins." - The Doctor

My travels have always led me to one interesting thing after another. After creating a merfish and meeting a hero whose body consists of mostly water, I met another unique specimens to increase the force of my army. The Reijingu were silent priests that worship the existence of water because in their teachings the water is the source of all things that came to be. Reijingu meant "Calm River" and they dedicated majority of their lives to live and breathe in water. My observations have led me to believe that their bodies over the years adapted to the conditions of the water being part of their daily lifestyles. Their faces no longer exist from the consistent erosion of the water and their skin have become a strange type of leather, but all of them have gained an interesting ability to be able to manipulate and commune with the water itself.

The Reijingu are a peaceful race as I should call it that have no need for violence, but when threatened they manipulate their forms to a sort of combat mode. To my surprise I found out that Mobius, my retainer, was a member of the Reijingu. It explains so much why blades and arrows regardless of piercing the leathery skin had no effect on this peaceful tribe. Alas the peaceful tribe could not be left alone because a sick and sorry form of man decided to literally poison the water that the Reijingu thrived on killing them in the most painful of ways.

I was immune to all types of poisons because the life force and nutrients in my body are all poisons known in existence. The leather bodies of the Reijingu were very difficult to work with because their bodies were like potato sacks and everything kept spilling out. After a couple of weeks I stayed in the tribes village, I was able to restore the priests bodies to perfection and gave them an immunity to poisons.

The tribe was very thankful and wished to aid me in my objective of creating the peaceful world I desired. I accepted their help and through time they gained the reputation of the most dangerous of all of my soldiers.

I don't blame them because Water is patient. Water just waits. Water can kill.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
2/21/2014 19:29:18   

Name: Scar The Nomadic Walrus

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "Roar!"

Enemy controlled quote: "Roar...Roar...Roar!"

Appearance: Here

body has lots of scars one of which runs across its eye.

Bio: Loan survivor of the large walrus colonies that used to in habit the south. Not much is known about what happened to the other walruses but that they vanished. Scar roams from lake to lake in a maddened state attacking anything that comes in his path.

1 Hit Combo: Rushes forward and pokes with spear
2 Hit Combo: Rushes forward and pokes with spear(x2)
3 Hit Combo: Rushes forward raises head back and attacks with tusks(x3)
5 Hit Combo: Jumps upward and falls on opponent

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)

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Juggernaut in OS
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2/21/2014 20:28:04   

Name: Tannin the Envious

Element: Water and fire

Rank: legendary

originally he was a sea monster whom lived with his bride, levi and the only other one of their kind, they we're feared by all but the foolish who crossed over their watery domain. their scales we're sharp enough to cut diamonds & their fearsome teeth we're those of nightmares. both breathed flames at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit(1648.89 degrees Celsius) & had an appearance like giant wale. they both took great delight in eating every other living thing and making the sea's waves crash chaotically. it was feared that if they multiplied, their species would bring about the end of the world.

eventually news spread that levi was to bear children, and the fear spread. like an animal that knows its cornered, many attacked levi only to become her or tannin's meal. in time a hero emerged slew levi & her unborn children at her moment of weakness from within & hauled her dead body back to a castle of his king via ship. she was cooked up and fed to everyone in the kingdom.

tannin came back to his nest to find that his wife was gone, but saw her blood. he knew something was wrong. he followed her sent to land and upon saw what he feared & thought was impossible. many warriors had her scales on their arms, her bones made to be swords and the sent of her flesh was still ripe in the kingdom. Tannin was distraught and furious. then he saw all the women and children, thats when the full impact of what he loss truly hit him. the thought that kept coming to mind was


why was everyone of these lesser beings allowed to have brides and children after being they robbed him of his?

he became jealous of the men of this kingdom. he breaking from his shock he rose up and killed all the women and children of the kingdom first, starting with the bride & child of the hero who slew his wife. none could stop the beasts rampage & the kingdom perished. tannin then used tidal wave to sink the remains of this now lost kingdom beneath the sea.

though he didn't realize it, tannin ingested an experimental potion that a senile old alchemist of that lost kingdom was working on. it was an attempt at an eternal youth potion with one of the main ingredients being levi's blood. the alchemist had ingested it before he had been eaten by tannin. it mutated tannin, he shrunk down into a more humanoid shape, still coated in the same scales & having the same teeth only smaller & he also kept his ability to breath fire & his control over water. with the loss of his bulk he was now faster & more agile. with his new legs he could now walk on land.

though he liked the powers his new body had and did not understand how it had happened, the one thing that kept tugging at him & hurting him was the longing for his lost love and the children he almost had. blinded by foolish envy & fury aimed at those who had what he wanted most, he set out to kill all women and children.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
2/21/2014 20:52:29   

Character Name: Bubble Creature

Element: Water

Rank: Veteran

Description: The Bubble Creature lives on its indestructible bubble. It enjoys making friends so this creature can bounce endlessly in search of a playmate. It lived for over a thousand years and till this date, the only soul that has decided to play with it went by the name of Mishap.

Controlled Quote: Come bounce with me. No? That's okay.
Enemy Controlled: They see me bouncing, they hating.
Victory: This one was for you Mishap!

2x 100 Damage
2x 200 Damage
1x 500 Damage
3x Defend
2x Crush
1x Refresh
2x Water Rapid
2x Renew

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AQW  Post #: 36
2/21/2014 21:59:38   

Name: Ostyanax

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "Hiss!"

Enemy controlled quote: "Hiss!"

Appearance: Here

body is scaly and very light grey/white, eyes are glassy with a pinkish tint, nails are light yellow, fin webbing on back and tail are smooth and white with a pinkish tint.

Bio: Ostyanax are blind cave/grotto dwelling creatures that developed a echolocation like ability to find their prey. this ability can also stun or harm the prey leaving them open to attack by the Ostyanax.

1 Hit Combo: Rushes forward and bites
2 Hit Combo: Rushes forward and bites(x2)
3 Hit Combo: Rushes forward and claws with front feet(x3)
5 Hit Combo: Opens mouth emits sound waves(x5)

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)
Post #: 37
2/21/2014 22:40:47   

Character Name: Alpha Rider

Element: Water

Rank: Veteran

Description: A known pirate encounters an elusive Frostzard on his trip to the Rocky Pass and a duel between the two resulted in favour of the Alpha Pirate! Now the two team up to scour the lands of OS for both treasure and prey.

Controlled Quote: Alpha Pirate's
Enemy Controlled: Alpha Frostzard's aka nothing
Victory: Alpha Pirate's

2x 200 Damage
3x 500 Damage
2x 100 Pierce
2x Defend
2x Water Rapid
1x Renew
1x Power Flow
1x Neutralize
1x Corruption

(Nulgath is responsible and claims all credit for the true artwork of the characters)

edit: Made it separate from another entry as per the instructions on first page.
AQW  Post #: 38
2/22/2014 0:05:20   

Character : Knight of the Depths
Element : Water
Alignment : Good
Rank : Master
Player Controlled Quote : I am here to restore balance to the Depths
Enemy Controlled Quote : Death to the enemies of the Ocean!

Appearance http://twitpic.com/dw9j7k
A Knight clad all in light blue/aquamarine coloured armour with wave/water current patterns engraved on it, except in some places like on the gauntlets that are partly in silver. On his chest is a large gold and silver plate with a golden seahorse insignia. His shield is of blue/aquamarine metal like his armour but is trimmed with gold and have the same golden seahorse insignia on it. His lower body was covered in a twirling blue/aquamarine skirt with whirling water pattern. His golden helmet is shaped like a predatory fish and turtle shell and crested with twirling seaweed. The opening of his face was covered with a large piece of transparent glass. The inside of the helmet as can be seen through the glass is filled with water. The Knight's weapon is a sword/trident combination, with a long sword on one end and a trident on the other. The blade of both the sword and the trident is in silver though the handle that link between the two is blue/aquamarine.

Idle : the seaweed crest is always twirling and the water in his helmet is visibly flowing
1 hit : He runs to the enemy and, in a twirling movement, slash the enemy with the trident end of his weapon
2 hit : He runs to the enemy and thrust them with the sword end and swing his weapon up, slashing the enemy with the trident
3 hit : He raise his shield up and charge at the enemy, hitting them with the shield. Then he use the trident end of his weapon to stab the enemy and slash them with the sword end.
5 hit : He runs to the enemy and repeatedly stab them with the trident end of his weapon for 3 time before quickly spin his weapon, hitting the enemy and end the combo by stabbing deeply with the sword end.
victory : he quickly spin his weapon around
defeat : the glass on his helmet shatters. water starts pouring out. the Knight fell facedown on the ground and water well up all around his body.

Cards :
100 Attack X 1
200 Attack X 2
500 Attack X 3
500 Defence X 3
Refresh X 1
Water Spring X 1
Power Flow X 1
Neutralize X 1
Ironhide X 2

The Depths of the Ocean holds many of the world's greatest secrets, both of the wonderful and perilous kinds. The King Under the Ocean rules over all the denizens of the Depths, ensuring that peace is maintained between all the dwellers in the vastness deep beneath the surface. At the right hand of the righteous King are the Order of the Depths, the mighty enforcer and peacekeeper of the underwater realms. the Order ensure that the King's rules are upheld in every corners under the sea. They patrol the deep and shallow vicinity of the sea, keeping the malevolent things that lurk beneath the surface where they belong, protect the people of the drylands from the power that lies beneath the Ocean and the denizens of the Depths from any threats from the drylands and, above all else, maintain the balance of power in the Depths of the Ocean. At the top of the hierarchy of the Order are the Knights of the Depths, the most trusted warriors of the King Under the Ocean. The Knights guarded the King himself and are only sent to deal with the most critical crisis that occurred in the Depths. Rarely do one of the Knights left the boundary of the great Ocean and walks on the drylands but when they do, the whole world trembles at the might of the finest of the warriors of the Depths.
The Knights of the Depths are unmatched in their fighting abilities. In the Depths of the Ocean, they are virtually invincible. Even on land, they can still move with the fluidity and grace that few among the denizens of the Depths can do. Their aquamarine armour and shield, forged in the fissures in the seabed, coupled with the regenerative power of water, give them almost an impregnable defence and few ever tasted the blade of their unique sword-trident and live to tell the tale.
Post #: 39
2/22/2014 1:11:57   

Name: Soul Wyvern
Element: Water
Rank: Master

Appearance: A large wyvern, akin to dragons, except they have beaks with their wings attached to their front arms. This wyvern has impressive armor, plated and great, with a silky blue color.
Almost phantasm, but still maintains some parts as solid. A sharp tail with a lightning blue scar across his eye.

Controlled quote: The Ocean calls, and I answer.
Enemy Quote: You will meet your watery demise, right from the Soul!

Battle entrance : Glows bright for an instant and give off a roar.
Victory : Absorbs the enemy's soul.
Death -> Consumed by a bright golden light, then disappearing into the air as golden orbs.

Backstory -> Once known for his impressive fighting tactics, he was consumed by his urge to fight. He fought in any circumstance given. Although some may not call that smart, especially his
Wyvern brethren, nobody would dare disagree when they laid eyes upon his battles. With every step, graceful and smooth, challenging even the oceans and rivers of the world. He easily adapted in
any new terrain, but in the end, he would rest in only one.

He met his demise, his own mortality. What would he do? Would he really let himself be torn from what he has done for his whole life? He sacrificed everything for what he has become.
So one night, he sat alone under the stars, on a cliff towards the sea. He gazed out, and began to wonder what he could do to save himself.

The sea, sensing his troubles, reached out to him, whispering that there was a solution.

The Wyvern, intrigued, drew closer and listened.

With a rippling voice, the oceans whispered that they could be one. They would rely on each other, depending on each other.
As the aging Wyvern agreed, it slipped into the sea.

Several years later, reports emerged that an unknown entity was spotted, challenging any creature to battle, except ones that sided with Water. Refusal meant certain death, and winning were almost impossible.
As time went by, the creature was successfully identified by a lone survivor. With his dying breath, he revealed to the public of the Soul Wyvern's existence.

As it turned out, the Wyvern became one with the ways of the water. Water was now a part of him, as he was a part of water. With exact balance, he exists as long as water exists, granting him
immortality. He no longer had to worry about Death, and now fights with more of a passion than ever. He fights from the Soul.

The survivor, a dragon knight from the Northern lands, claimed that this were to be no ordinary serpent. As quick as he was, it were faster, and struck him down. No weapon could pierce his heart, for it just
went right through it. Only a blow to the Soul could truly hurt it. He explained that as a last resort, he gathered all the power of his soul and used it in one last stand. As strong as it was, he regrets it.
It cannot be truly killed as he said. As long as water exists, it will exist. As it fell, it was consumed in a bright golden light, and dispatched into orbs, floating back to the ocean where it will re-emerge soon.
''Long has the Ocean showed wrath as grave as this, I hope you all great endurance.'' As those were his last words.

The Wyvern's new embodiment, also arrived with a new name. He was now known as the Soul Wyvern. Along with immortality, he was also bestowed upon other great attributes, such as
having the option to spray burning water from its mouth. The water, burned hotter than fire, was a special ability only he possessed. In compensation
of being stripped of his physical body and leaving his soul naked, he was also given the Ocean's best defenses. He was adorned in an
armor of magic. Specially crafted by the legendary faeries of the sea, it helped him regenerate health and protected him from almost all attacks.

He was given a great sum, but also was given a heavy burden. He was given the duty as one of the Guardians of Water. He was considered an Overseer, commanding water at full mastery, and
given directions to not harm any siding with the element of Water. He serves the Ocean dutifully, and is able to speak with it no matter the distance. Scouring the land, searching for pupils to train,
and enemies to seek, nothing is able to hide from its sight.

Cards ->
1x Fresh Start
2x Water Crash
5x Sacrifice
5x Shield
2x Healing Springs
4x Renew
1x Power Flow

Animations ->

1-hit: Took a step forward and slashes a foe with his beak.
2-hit: Stabs the enemy with his pointed tail like a scorpion, puts both claws on his opponent, and tears at its enemy's face with its beak.
3-hit: Sprays burning water on the enemy from its mouth.
5-hit: Flaps its wings very hard and conjures up a flood/hurricane/tsunami, ramming the foe with the power of water and wind combined.

-Moves in Lobby by flying.

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Oversoul 4th Character Contest

Name: Joe the Pun Master

Element: Water dur dah dur

Rank: Master

Story: Okay this character really is a splash (*chuckles*). He really rolls with the tides (*chuckles*) and is sure to drown (*chuckles*) your enemies. He is a human. Well kinda human, he has a trololo-like face. Anyways he likes to sea (*chuckles*) people's faces when he makes a pun, so he is always diving (*chuckles*) out of his way to make one. Oh well, by now you're probably saying "Water (*chuckles*) you waiting for?", so I'll get started.

4x Attack 500
2x Sacrifice
3x Healing Spring
1x Fresh Start
1x Power Flow
2x Water Crash


1-hit: He raises his hand and waves at you. Heh heh, get it? Waves. (*chuckles*)

2-hit: He grabs some detergent from nowhere (You know, cause Tide?... You'll get it on the drive home) and throws it at his opponent which hits him and explodes releasing water.

3-hit: He throws 3 letter "O"s at the enemies shin (cause Ocean).

5-hit: A giant fish comes out of nowhere and enGULFS you.


Controlled: "I'd like to SEA you get on your knees and beg for mercy."

Enemy: "WATER you waiting for? Let's begin."

Defeat: Crosses arms and says," I don't LAKE this at all."

And that's it. Yay. Done. Welp, bye.
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2/22/2014 5:06:36   

Name: The Slithering One

Rank: Master

Appearance: Click here


The bottom of the ocean holds many mysteries. Some of those mysteries, no man should ever have the misfortune to discover. One such mystery is that of the slithering ones. Large, vaguely humanoid squidlike beings who roam the depths of the oceans, they appear to have a form of telepathy as they silently communicate between one another akin to that of a hind mind. It's possible that they are merely vessels for a much more powerful telepathic being hidden in the deepest corners of the ocean. In contrast to their rather unwieldy appendages, the slithering ones traverse through the water effortlessly as they glide around with their tentacles. Out of the water, they still present a rather dangerous threat in the form of powerful tentacles who's flexibility is matched by their sheer crushing force. Despite this, most of them would prefer to dominate over weaker minds with their telepathy and let their thralls do the dirty work.

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Gorillo Titan

Coral Ninja

Rank Veteran

Apperance same as Ninja but with fins coming out it arms and a dorsal fin coming out like a mohawk from its head with two coral pieces growing on its shoulder and back. blue uniform instead of black


A ninja is stranded at sea until being found by a swarm of Quaztik that take him back to there village and nurse him back to help using there magic but to keep he from drowning they infuse his body with the quaztik coral a substance that gives any creature it touches fish characteristics. One of the elders of the village seeing the ninja had some skills in combat agrees to train him as his disciple in the art of the coral.

1. Hit strikes with a bright sword made of coral

2. Hit throws two starfish at the enemy

3. Hit Turns into water and appears behind the enemy stabbing it as another clone made of water appears in front of the enemy then both stab the enemy at the same time.

5. Hit Summons a giant creature made of coral to attack the enemy

x3 shields
x2 Renew
x1 Sacrifice
x2 500
x2 200
x1 Mystic Coral Stuns for 1 turn doing 800 damage and healing 400 health cost 8 energy
x1 Powerflow
x1 Fresh Start
x2 Water crash
x1 Nuetralize
x1 Corruption
x1 Neutral 500

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Name: Dracrios

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Back story:
Dracrios' original name was Sir Upatio Egamos, Knight of the Dragon's Lake. His title was given to him for his bravery to defend a dragon that had taken residence in a lake of a nearby kingdom. No matter how may where sent to slay the dragon, Upatio was there to defend him. Eventually, he became a knight after the king watching him for many years. But even though he had sworn an oath of loyalty to the king, he still defended the dragon. Now worrying that Upatio was more loyal to the dragon than he was to the kingdom, the king hired a witch to try and persuade him that the dragon doesn't need protecting. However, should he still protect the dragon, she was to kill him.

The next day, the witch tried to persuade Upatio to go back to the kingdom, but he refused to abandon his friend. So, doing as she was told, used a spell that poisoned Upatio, and would kill him by the end of the day. An hour later, the dragon emerged from the lake to find his friend dieing. Overtaken by sadness, the dragon sacrificed itself so Upatio could live. But this kind of dragon magic was too strong for him, and the two where both sent to another dimension. At the same time, the two fused with each other, and Dracrios was born.

Years later, Dracrios, using what he could, became a formidable opponent to all. Not only was he able to use a spear like no one ever has, but he also took command of both water and fire magic. This caught the attention of Nulgath, and he personally went to seek and destroy him. But as Dracrios was far too fast for Nulgath, he eventually gave up. Many others have tried the same, but Dracrios ether was too fast for them, or he was too strong for them.

One day, Dracrios stumbled upon a secret cave in the snowy forests. Upon exploration, he discovered a pool of water. After he drank from it, he and others eventually noticed he did not age, looking like a teenager sense he drank from the pool. He tried to go back to look for it, but the cave was no longer there. Dracrios began a search to find the cave again, looking all over the world. He is still looking to this day.

Appearance: Dracrios at first glance, according to surviving witnesses, looks like a normal teenager. He apparently has dark brown hair that covers one eye with the back going down to the shoulders, dragonic hazel eyes, fingers ending in dragonic claws, and a pair of white feathered dragon wings. His attire, as reported by the same people, consists of blue clothing. This includes a sleeveless vest, long/baggy pants, and a pair of brown shoes. The spear he uses is dual ended, one end is shaped like a dragon's head, the other is the same, but smaller. Recently, people who have survived and where able to get a good look at his face mentioned he looked not angry or determined, but sad.

water-Healing Spring x2
water-Water Crash x3
water-Defense x5
water-Refresh x2
water-Attack 500 x4
water-Attack 200 x3
water-Water Rapid x2
fire-Fire Ball x2
fire-Ignite x2 (discard one attack card for 10 fire energy)

one hit = charges with spear
two hit = charges with spear, then slams other end into enemy
three hit = spins spear into enemy till both ends hit enemy, then thrusts top end into the enemy
five hit = uses wings to fly, flies fast back and forth while hitting enemy with spear, then lands back where he was standing

Charge/Spell Cast = raises spear
Defense = hides behind wings while a blue bubble surrounds him
Hit = bends forward a bit, knees bend, then goes back to normal stance. If defense is up, with move his wings behind him as if he where deflecting the attack, then cover himself again.
Entering Battle/Victory = twirls spear for a few seconds, stops it from twirling, then goes back to his normal stance
Defeated = falls to one knee while holding the spear with both hands and bows his head

Entering Battle (enemy) = "I search for the secret cave, have you seen it?"
Entering battle (controlled) = "May as well keep my skills sharp while I search."
Defeated = "The search has dulled my skills, looks like I'll have to train a bit."
Victory (enemy) = "And the search continues."
Victory (controlled) = "I still got it, time to continue the search."

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Magician of dragons
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2/22/2014 13:19:59   
The Jop

Name: Buckethead
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A light blue shirt cut off at the sleeves.
• Green shorts.
• Light yellow sandals.
• A brown bucket with a handle filled with water for a head.

• 200 Attack x2
• 500 Attack x2
• Defend x3
• Refresh x1
• Healing Spring x3
• Water Rapid x2
• Water Crash x1
• Power Flow x1
• Fresh Start x1

Controlled Quote: "Hello friend, need some help?"
Enemy Quote: "What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?"

Combat Entrance: Waves hello.
Charging: A stream of water falls into his bucket head from the top of the screen.
Casting a Spell: Rocks his bucket head back and forth.
Shielding: Crouches and cowers in fear.
1-Hit Combo: Punches the opponent.
2-Hit Combo: Throws his sandals at the opponent, then puts them back on.
3-Hit Combo: Tackles the enemy for the first hit, falling past it, then punches and kicks it on his way back.
5-Hit Combo: Clenches his fists, tilts his bucket head toward the opponent, and shoots a stream of water at it.
Upon Victory: Raises his arms up and jumps for joy as water splashes out of his head.
Upon Defeat: His bucket head cracks apart as water splashes around him.

Originally a dimwitted peasant, Buckethead was the laughing stock of his village because he could never do anything correctly. Dejected, Buckethead screamed in the middle of his village for someone to help make his head have some use. Suddenly, Nulgath appeared in the center of town and said he would grant Buckethead's wish in exchange for a soul. Buckethead quickly agreed, and his head was transformed into a bucket. Nulgath kindly thanked Buckethead and disappeared. Buckethead did became useful in his village by helping to carry around water and milk, but unfortunately he is now also the laughing stock of the Underworld.
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2/22/2014 14:45:38   

NameThe Little Merdemon

rank master

Element Water

Player controlled quote "bubble, bubble, I will make trouble"

Enemy controlled quote "My disdain for you is immense!"

Quote upon victory "The water is no place for a fool like you!"

Quote upon defeat "I am melting..."

Victory animation the little Merdemon raises her arms, and it begins to rain around her

Defeat animation the little Merdemon glares at the enemy, and then with a pop she melts into a puddle

Appearance The little Merdemon has long red hair, that seems to be moving as if it is under water. She has two small black horns protruding from her hair. She has bluish skin, as well as large fish like eyes, that blink every once in awhile. She has pointed ears, and an impish grin. She has a pearl necklace, as well as black pearl earrings. One of her hands is close to her mouth, as if feigning surprise, while her other hand is floating idly by her side. She has a starfish bakini, although the starfish are black and red. Her tail is merged right below her belly button by a ring of rough maroon coral. Her tail is shimmering slightly, and it seems to be slowly moving back and forth. The tail is red with the occasional black scale. It ends in a point, that is tipped in a dull iron spike. She also wears clam shell arm bands.

Combat entrance She waves off the enemy in an unbecoming manner

Charging She moves her hands in small rhythmic movements

Casting a spell She looks towards the sky as she raises her hands towards the enemy

Shield She puts one hand up and looks purposefully at the enemy

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 2
200 pierce x 2
500 shield x 2
Renew x 2
Powerflow x 2
Healing spring x 3

From the Journal of P. Phelias

Day 5:

Today my travels have led me to a strange spring. It was hidden in a small ring of birch trees, guarded by fierce creatures. Upon entering the springs, I immediately felt rejuvenated. Through careful analysis, I believe this to be the fabled fountain of longevity. I shall continue to explore its seemingly vast riches tomorrow, as it is getting late.

Day: 6

I woke up bright and early today. last night was one of the most peaceful slumbers I have ever had. Upon awakening, I thought I saw a strange figure bathing in the fountain. She had splendorous red hair, and she was singing the most beautiful song I have ever heard. As soon as she spotted me though, she seemed to fade into the very mist itself. I also found a strange symbol on the side of the fountain. After decoding it, I found out that it means "Nulgath." I do not know what Nulgath means, I believe it somehow connects to this "mermaid I found earlier.

Day 7:

The night was not quiet. The air was full of the haunting echo of the creature in the pool I saw yesterday. I am beginning to doubt that this creature is friendly. I made contact with her in the morning, bringing with me a basket of berries and an olive branch as a peace offering. She didn't respond, but merely stared at me with those large eyes. They are unnerving to say the least. I have decided I will leave tomorrow. Obviously I will bring a sample of the water with me, but besides that there is nothing left here for me to explore.

Day 8:

It is 1 in the morning. I awoke to hear a strange rustling close by. I opened my tent to see, only to be greeted by the Merwoman. She lunged at me, and I barely escaped back into my tent. I am afraid this could be the end of me, so I will say one last thing. This is no mermaid, this is a Merdemon...

1 hit combo Floats over to the enemy, slaps the enemy, doing one hit of damage

2 hit combo Floats over to the enemy, then spins around twice slapping them with her pointed tail

3 hit combo Laughs three times, each laugh doing one hit of damage

5 hit combo She opens her mouth and a large stream of red water shoots out, hitting the enemy for 4 hits of damage, then she snaps her fingers and a spike made from water hit's the enemy from below for the final hit of damage

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Name Lost Explorer

Rank Master

Element Ice and Water

Player controlled quote "Could you tell me where I am?"

Enemy controlled quote "Do I know you?"

Quote upon victory "Seems you have lost..."

Quote upon defeat "This whole place wants me dead!"

Victory animation Wipes brow with a small brown handkerchief, then whistles softly

Defeat animation A flock of parrots swarm the lost explorer and he stumbles off the screen

Appearance He wears a brown fedora, with darker tanned leather around the edges. He also wears a brown leather vest, with 2 breast pockets, with a handkerchief sticking out of the left one. He wears a white shirt under the vest made from silk, with the sleeve's rolled up. He has brown cargo pants, also rolled up to a little below his knees. On his feet are a pair of brown leather boots, tied up with small pieces of rope. A whip is rolled up on his hip, next to a small canteen and a spy glass. He has brown short hair, as well as a small brown Handlebar mustache. He has a small pair of wire rimmed glasses that rest on the bridge of his nose, and his eyes are continually darting side from side.

Combat entrance He walks in, looking from side to side as if scared

Charging a spell He hops from one foot to the other

Casting a spell He waves at the enemy and hops up and down

Shield He puts his hands up, and closes his eyes

200 attack x 3
500 attack x 2
100 pierce x 2
500 defend x 3
water crash x 3
renew x 2
shatter x 2

1 hit combo He takes out the whip, and lunges forward, hitting the enemy for one hit of damage

2 hit combo He takes out the whip and lunges forward, hitting the enemy with the whip, and then spins around hitting the enemy again for two hits of damage.

3 hit combo He takes out his whip, and runs forward at the enemy, hitting them three times rapidly with his whip

5 hit combo He takes out his spyglass, and points it as the enemy. Immediately a pool of water appears under the enemy. swallowing them and doing five hits of damage before spitting them out again.

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Ebil Undead Ninja

Name: Life Hunter
Element: Water/Neutral
Aligment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran or Master

Quotes: Possessed: Ha! So.. do you think you can defeat me?? HaHa!!! very funny...
Enemy: Yeah, yeah, shut up and battle...
Defeated: No!! It cant be!! How do you?

Apparience: http://twitpic.com/dwd76s (just an idea)

Actions: Appears: Take an arrow from his quiver and prepares for battle
Defeated: kneels holding his face

Combos: 1 hit combo: Shoots an arrow
2 hit combo: Shoots an arrow and his wolf bite the opponent
3 hit combo: Hits the opponent with the bow two times and when he is going back shoots an arrow
5 hit combo: Shoots lots of arrows at the air and then falls into enemy
Counter attack: Like 1 hit combo

Cards: Attack 200 x3
Attack 500 x3
Defend 500 x2
Neutralize: x1
Counter attack x1 or x2
Healing spring x2
Power Flow X1
Fresh Start x1

Very Short History:
His name is Nathan, he was traveling by ship when a wave causes the ship to sink, he was the only survivor. On regaining consciousness he was in an desolate island.
He "adopted" a wolf as his assistant, this wolf was very young when his "fathers" were killed by Nathan himself because they were attacking him.
With just some rocks, woods and canes he built a bow and some arrows to deffend and get fresh meat.
With the passage of time he knew how to survive on the island by learning the long and true power of water with peace and wisdom...
Now at days he is called by himself Life Hunter, but the challenge dosent finished. May he evetually survive to this island?

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The Frost Lycan

Name: Edward the Assassin

Element: Water

Rank: Legendary

Back-story: Edward was just a simple working peasant and he didn't like his working pay so he set out to become a Pirate/Assassin. He would work for anyone if it involved pay even if it was an assassination. He soon became one of the fiercest of all the sea's even Black Beard was afraid of this human Edward would soon become the most legendary Pirate/Assassin.

Cards: 3x 500, 4x 200, 1x healing spring, 1x Power Flow, 1x Fresh Start, 3 Water Crash.

Attack Animation: 1hit Edward shoots with pistol. 2hits Edward uses hidden blades. 3hits Edward uses hidden blades then shoots with pistol. 5hits Edward calls in other Assassins.

Appearance: Wears the typical Assassins Creed outfit.

Dialogue: For Controller; I have come for the bounty on your head. To the Enemy; This shall be quick as my hidden blades cut through ye. After Victory; Another contract full-filled.
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Monster: Ship Mage (entry)
Name: Clyde the Curse Weaver
Rank: Veteran/Master
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Player line: I curse ye scurvy dog!
Enemy line: Me cutlass be clumsy, but me magic be mighty!

Description: A wizened old pirate hand, he wears tattered pirate garb, his salt ‘n pepper hair and beard are unkempt and tortured by the sea winds, on his back a turtle shell rests, seaweed hangs upon his shoulders and around his neck, on his wrist is a bracelet of shark teeth, and in his gnarled old hands he holds an oar decorated with the skull and feathers of a seagull as his staff.

Monster: Ship Mate (possible pre-evolution)
Name: Clyde the Clumsy
Rank: Apprentice/Veteran
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Player Line: I’ll swab the deck with ye!
Enemy line: It’s a pirate’s life for me!

Description: A young clumsy looking pirate (think Gilligan) with black hair pulled back into a pirate’s ponytail, his pirate clothes are unremarkable and drab, and he wields a deck mop.

The Ship Mage

There’s a large fishing town by the sea, which is a favorite haunt of pirates and sailors. It’s also a recruiting ground for eager young people who wish to join one of the many famed crews. In fact, every time a ship came in, it was guaranteed there would be a line of people trying to join up, although most would be turned away. One such fellow, by the name of Clyde, was much like the rest. He had dreamed of being a pirate all his life. He was young, full dreams and ambitions. He waited his turn in line eagerly as person after person was turned away. Finally, he reached the recruiter, who glancing at him only once waved his hand to shoo Clyde away. But Clyde was more stubborn than that. He stepped aside in the line, but stayed by the recruiter throughout the night, and into the next day. Unable to be rid of this wiry, feeble looking fellow, Clyde was reluctantly allowed on the ship. And so Clyde’s grand life as a pirate began… or did it?

It turned out that Clyde was utterly useless as a pirate. After months on board he still couldn’t hold a cutlass right, couldn’t aim a pistol or a cannon, on raids he only got in everyone’s way, and worse, he didn’t even have a taste for grog! In fact, the only thing he seemed useful for was rowing boats and swabbing decks. The crew was quick to give him a nickname: Clyde the Clumsy. It wasn’t that Clyde didn’t try. In fact he tried harder than most. But with the jobs on ship requiring strength or fighting skill, preferably both, Clyde the Clumsy just couldn’t seem to pull his own weight and always missed his mark. So, when the crew reached port once again, it was decided that Clyde should stay behind. He just didn’t seem suited for the pirate’s life.

Dejected, it seemed that Clyde was fated to live a duller sort of life. So he applied himself to the study of magic. This was one thing at least that he was good at. In fact, one of the reasons he’d made such a good rower and deck swab was because he manipulated the water a bit. But now he delved into stronger magic. He studied advanced water manipulation, transformation magic, even darker magics like curses and control over the mind and will. He was quite good at this craft, but still, he longed for a life of adventure on the high seas.

One day, noticing Clyde’s gloominess, a friend asked what was wrong, and Clyde told of his failure at being a pirate. Puzzled, his friend asked something so simple, that Clyde wondered why he had never thought of it. Are guns and swords the only thing a pirate can fight with? Isn’t magic just as good? Better even? Suddenly, all sorts of ideas came to Clyde. There were so many spells that could be useful on a pirate ship! Smiling broadly, Clyde thanked his bewildered friend and took off. He made a list of the tasks and troubles that a pirate may encounter and the spells that he could use or learn which could help. This would be his résumé, his passage back to the high seas!

And so Clyde appealed to pirate ship after pirate ship. But few would even look at the spindly landlubber, and when they did it was only to laugh in his face. But Clyde wouldn’t give up. After all, even though most wouldn’t think of pirates and magic together, that didn’t mean there was no use for such skill. It would just take an open mind to recognize the value of it.

And eventually, Clyde found such an open minded pirate. Clyde had been making his arguments for three days straight at the latest ship to port, when the captain finally came to see what all the raucous was. His name was Captain Stink Eye, the greatest scourge who ever laid eye on the seas. And now, this fearsome alpha pirate’s penetrating gaze was aimed directly at Clyde. Clyde froze for a moment, chilled to the bone by the Captain’s glare. But finally he managed to pull himself together and explain how his magics could be useful on ship. Captain Stink Eye was amused, then intrigued. It seemed ridiculous at first, for a pirate to use magic. And yet… it held certain possibilities. The Captain decided to give this strange and persistent lad a chance. But Clyde would have to prove himself a hundred times over if he were going to stay.

Straight away Clyde set to making himself useful. He made rough seas calm, gave a cover of fog for raids, and defended the ship from bounty hunters with great waves and curses. As the years went by his magics became stronger and he gained the respect of the captain and crew. Now he had a new nickname: Clyde the Curse Weaver, and a newly created rank: Ship Mage. But his greatest test was yet to come.

Far out in uncharted territory, the ship now sailed into the Ghost Seas. Named as such because even the few that made it back alive, were mere ghosts of what they once were. But Captain Stink Eye was fearsome, his men were tough, and they had the magical might of Clyde the Curse Weaver on their side as well. So into the unknown they went.

A small fog wreathed cove was spotted some distance ahead. It seemed the perfect spot to search for some plunder. But as they came closer, their presence stirred some ancient guardians from their sleep. The atmosphere began to change, where there was once only fog, now it seemed a terrible storm was brewing. The waves became choppy, the wind howled, and lightning flashed. Then, arising from the watery depths three huge Water Elementals took form around the ship.

The crew whirled into action, readying the cannons with special fireballs. Meanwhile, Clyde as Ship Mage did his best to ease the seas and calm the rains. The cannons fired, slamming into the Elementals with little effect other than a small amount of steam. The Water Elementals struck back with great waves which Clyde could only diminish by half. Thinking quick Clyde decided that if he couldn’t match their power, he would have to weaken it somehow. So he set to casting a transformation spell to make them better targets, and a curse to weaken them. Meanwhile the cannons fired, the waves crashed, and the ship came ever closer to sinking. Finally he was ready, grabbing an oar to better focus his magic, Clyde the Curse Weaver cast his spells. The Elementals were hit and began transforming into mere Water Ticks, their powers diminishing as well. The ship was relieved from their onslaught then, and the crew cheered.

However, it was not over yet. The three Elementals turned Tick, cried out for their master. Soon a massive form breached the waves. It was a giant sea turtle the size of a whale! The crew had no time to act. The titan turtle barreled into the boat with such force and speed that it was ripped asunder, and everyone was sent flying into the sea. It seemed certain that they were all doomed now, as the great sea beast turned to make another pass. Pirate pistols rang out… the turtles shell wasn’t even scratched. Clyde, worn out from his last spells, mustered the last of his strength to gain a moments control over the beast’s mind and will. It charged once again with lightning speed. The men braced themselves for their fate. And then… CRASH!

The water churned fearsomely then became calm once again. The calm seas revealed that not a single crew member was dead. Instead, off towards the cove, the giant sea turtle lay belly up. Just in time, as the turtle had been charging, Clyde had seized control. It was only for a moment, but it was enough to make the terrible beast turn sharply into the cove’s rocky cliffs. And at that speed, there had been no time for the titan turtle to change course.

It was a great victory, the pirates had won the day, and Clyde was a hero. Only one problem, they no longer had a ship! That problem was easily solved though. They took the remains of the turtle and the scattered planks of their ship and built an even grander vessel. While they worked, the turtle also provided a handsome feast. And as the conqueror of the beast, Clyde took a trophy. He shrunk down the enormous shell of the beast and wore it proudly on his back, the sign of his great triumph.

Over time, Clyde the Curse Weaver’s triumph over the turtle became only one of many great tales about the Ship Mage. Clyde remained a pirate all his life, becoming right hand man to the demon eyed Captain Stink Eye. And, following his legacy, many other ships recruited their own ship mages. First Clyde the Clumsy, then Clyde the Curse Weaver, the Ship Mage had brought magic to the high seas.
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