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2/22/2014 23:13:16   

Name Collector

Rank Master

Element Water and ice

Player quote "Look what the tide dragged in!"

Enemy quote "I'm gonna reduce you to nothing!"

Quote upon failed capture "You dare try to collect me?!"

Quote upon victory "I will first reduce you, then reuse you, then recycle you!!"

Quote upon defeat "No, no! You cannot take my shiny things!"

Victory animation scuttles nervously back and forth

Defeat animation There is a popping sound and all of the various items on the collectors shell pops off, then floats to the ground as if underwater. meanwhile the collector looks from left to right, the digs into the earth.

Appearance the Collector is a small dark purple crab, with large eyes, and small mandibles. He has a sort of rough "armor" made from a slightly darker variation of his exoskeleton, that coats his claws and lags. He has 10 small legs (5 on each side) that are set in a sort of crouch position. He has one very large claw, and one smaller claw. Each one is very sharp looking. His entire body is covered in small starfish, moss, anemone, rocks, and coral. His shell is very long, and makes five spirals. The shell seems like a dirty white color, although it is hard to see through the layers of dirt. His shell is covered in small tin cans, Styrofoam, broken bottles, dented pieces of metal, algae, small fish, and other debris. he is constantly moving from side to side. He is kind of like a very large, very dangerous collector crab

Combat entrance He scuttles in

Charging a spell he waves his claws up and down

Casting a spell He jumps in the air, and shoots the spell from his big claw

Shield He puts up his big claw and debris forms around the claw creating a shield of trash

When he takes damage He shudders around as if being shaken

100 attack x 3
200 attack x 3
500 attack x 3
500 defend x 2
Refresh x 2
Renew x 2
Ice wall x 3
Snow orb x 1

1 hit combo He scuttles at the enemy, and then rams into them with his big claw for 1 hit of damage

2 hit combo He scuttle's at the enemy, slamming them over the head with his big claw, and then pinching them with his little claw right after

3 hit combo He rolls up a ball of water with his big claw, and then hops on top of it, riding it into the enemy repeatedly for three hits of damage.

5 hit combo He throws first a tin can, then a bent bottle, then some plastic, then a starfish, and finally a broken clam shell at the enemy for 5 hits of damage.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 51
2/23/2014 1:20:35   

Character Name: Aquatic Dragon

Element: Water

Rank: Legendary

Appearance: A water dragon with blue skin. It have huge wings, tails, legs with sharp claws and fins on its feet, arms with sharp flaws, head with horns, sharp tooth. An example of the water dragon's appearance.(This is one of images taken from Google, its to give better description on my Aquatic Dragon's appearance.)

Story: The oceans is part of the worlds' nature. Without water, every living beings in the world wouldn't survive from dehydration and nature would be in chaotic situation. There are even a myriad of creatures who require constant submersion within water in order to survive. The most magnificent of these sea creatures is a beast known simply as the Aquatic Dragon. It is the only one of its kind that dwells deep under the sea. Despite his fierce appearance, he is a very gentle and kind sea creature. He have strong sense of love of its home, Ocean, and every sea beings. Aquatic Dragon would always spend most of time to explore the ocean and every sea beings.

One day, disaster had fall upon Oversoul. The Archfiend, Nulgath, and his army invade Oversoul and kill everyone to steal their soul which include the sea beings. Nulgath's army that have the ability to swim in the ocean went to the Ocean where Aquatic Dragon and tons of sea beings live quite near him. They started the assault. Hearing the commotion, Aquatic Dragon woke up and check the commotion. Aquatic Dragon was shocked when it witnessed the horror of how his people were killed by the Nulgath's horde of army and the chaos they brought to the Ocean.

Aquatic Dragon couldn't bear watching it and risk his life to save the rest of his people that still survive the crisis. Aquatic Dragon fought well and bravely but he was outnumbered, the Nulgath's hordes of sea army surrounded and attacked Aquatic Dragon at full speed and force. His entire body was hurt badly. Aquatic Dragon was nearly going to die at the hand of one of Nulgath's sea minion's blade till he was fortunate the survivors dashed towards that minion that was going to kill Aquatic Dragon. They saved Aquatic Dragon and escaped from Nulgath's horde of army before they will be killed.

The Aquatic Dragon saw the damage Nulgath was wreaking upon the oceans and could never forgive him for this treachery. If his ocean home and those who lived alongside him could not dwell in peace and happiness, he figured life itself was not even worth living. For the sake of the beauty and peace of the ocean, the survivor and those that were innocently killed horribly, Aquatic Dragon decided to defeat Nulgath and his legion of followers without fearing death.

Controlled Quote: I will fight to protect and bring peace to the ocean and my people!

Enemy Quote: I will never forgive the Archfiend for causing chaos to the ocean and killed my people!

Victory Quote: Beware of me, Nulgath!

1-hit combo: Slash the opponent.

2-hit combo: Use its wing and body to charge towards the opponent forward and backward.

3-hit combo: Shoot water flame 3 times.

5-hit combo: Stomp on the ground, open his mouth wider, charging up to shoot a large water beam towards the opponent. (Quite similar to Mana Guardian's 5 hit combo)

Upon Victory: Fly away.

Upon Defeat: Faint on the ground.

Movement Animation: Fly mid-air.

Defend Animation: Summon the wave to protect Aquatic Dragon.

Spell Animation: Roar fiercely.

Being Assaulted Animation: Endure the attack while feeling the pain.

Counterattack Animation: Summon the wave to protect Aquatic Dragon and slash the opponent.

- Bash X2 (Replace Bash with 200 attack cards if Bash is only meant for pure Shadow Dragon characters only)
- Thrash X3 ( Replace Thrash with 500 attack cards if Thrash is only meant for pure Shadow Dragon characters only)
- Shield X3
- Healing Spring X2
- Renew X2
- Power Flow X2
- Fresh Start X1

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2/23/2014 2:52:03   

Name: Primal Water
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Controlled Quote -> The water flows agelessly.
Enemy Quote -> Are you worthy of my power?
Victory quote -> You are not worthy of my power.
Defeat quote -> You have proven yourself.

Description: The Primal Water is covered in an armor plate. With smooth surface, a horn on each shoulder, kneecap, and forearm, and a crest on the head, it is
tough to damage. It is colored both dark blue and light blue, with a flowing water design. He holds a large two-handed flail. (Handle + Chain + Spiked ball). He attacks with it using both hands, but holds it using one.
He is taller than most humans. He possesses a cape flowing like water, with his bloodline symbol on it.

Backstory: Ever since he was born, he was ''one with the water,'' as most people would say.
However, ''born'' does not necessarily mean from two humans, as most people would say. The reason is because
he was one day found at the beach, a toddler sitting on a rock, gazing out at sea. With no home, food, shelter, or the ability to make those, it was a mystery how he stayed alive.
All he knew was that he loved the ocean, fascinated with its mysteries and lore.

And strangely, he possessed a bright blue sphere, which he simply would not let go. Some say it was a true sign of a hero, and he was a gift from
the heavens.
At the time, he did not know that it possessed his true identity.
He was adopted by a lower class family, in a hamlet near the ocean. He gained a mother, father, and a brother. Nobody else would, nor could, since they were all very poor.

At the age of nine, it was known that he had the power to control the element of water with his mind. With his newfound powers, he was a great help to his family, friends, and the whole
hamlet. He was able to water the crops quite nicely and ensured a healthy income.

He was very clever and calm. He became an apprentice to the local monks, where he practiced all kinds of discipline and combat. He was told that in the years to come, he would be the hamlet's
protector, and leader.

Now, as a Water Adept, he was quite powerful. He was growing alongside his home. With his help, the hamlet prospered and became wealthy. It attracted more people, and grew.
He slew every other village that attempted to conquer them, and clew every beast that dared attack the people.
As they grew, a greed began to grow deep inside them. They soon had things they did not have before: money, power, and land.

They began to request that they should go and take over lands, to take what should have been theirs a long time ago.
Sensing this corruption, the Adept and monks tried to reason with them, which was futile. They were too deluded in greed, and gave no attention to the elderly.
It was him, his family/teachers, against everyone else.

Sadly, he took his family and attempted to flee the town. As they fled, the townsmen gave chase.

In the end, his family was slaughtered at the hands of his own town. In a boiling rage, he slew everyone, for they were wicked and corrupt.
He painfully lay his loved ones to rest, and proceeded to travel. He traveled the coast, until he reached another town far from his home town.
Because he loved the ocean so much, he chose to stay near it.

There, he started over and led a new life. He opened up his own academy, where he taught his students what he had learned from the wise monks whom he learned from.
He taught them how to be ''one with the water,'' disciplines, and that they should be kind and keep themselves clean, mind and soul.

After a number of years, he left the academy to his pupils, and travelled again. This time, would prove to be his last.

He arrived at a new town, and everything seemed dull and dead. The townspeople seemed gray, and disheartened.

When he met with the leader, he explained that there had been terrorized by a lone demon. The town had once been a prospering city. However, one night the demon arrived and
demanded one Human sacrifice per week. If none were to be given, he would inflict carnage upon the city.
At first, he explained that a group of their people would give chase, and only a few would return. All they reported was that they were shrouded in darkness, and screams would ring out in the night.
Leaving was not an option either, for the demon insisted that he would find them.

Disgusted by this, the Adept took on an oath to stop this tragedy. He offered the townspeople a final glimmer of hope. Once again, he would take on the role of the hero, and lead the people to victory.
Looking at the people, he decided to trust them. After all, they had seen both sides of the coin, both prosperous, and poverty.

He took no time, and prepared. He prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically, maxing out his power. He made sure each move possessed the strength of a hurricane, and that all of his movements
flowed as the river would. He had the face of the calm ocean, unstirred by any horror in his way. In the last two days, he rested.

At the end of the week, the demon once again arrived into town, preparing to receive another sacrifice. This time however, he was confronted by the lone hero. The wind stirred, as hero looked demon
in the eye. At first, nothing happened. The air was tense with pressure, and every person next to their windows, peeking out through the cracks at the epic showdown that was soon about to unfold.

The hero took a good look at the demon, who assumed the form of a leopard.
The hero stated in a strong voice, '' show your true form, you no demonic filth.''

With a sinister laugh, a glowing red triangle appeared below the leopard, as it became covered in blood.
It began to change shape, until it assumed a humanoid form, then the dark energy dripped off the hulking mass.

As the unknown substance dripped off, it revealed an eight foot horror. It had two horns on the head, along with a single bony wing with spikes and two tails.
With two glowing yellow eyes, it had a crimson skin tone, and dreadful claws. It possessed a muscular build.

The demon grinned, showing a grotesque maw lined with gruesome bloodstained teeth, and with a distorted voice, and laughed, ''So you are my sacrifice this week?''

With a scowl, the hero retorted, ''No, but I am your demise.''

''Is that so?''

''I hear no other answer but yes. I have the power of water on my side''

''Power of water? How foolish.''

Another pause.

Then, the demon lunged for him, claws and wing, ready to kill. The hero dodged it gracefully, and met the demon with an smooth fist of iron right in the face, and a knee to the guts.
Coughing up blood, the hero revealed what he meant by ''the power of water.'' He gathered his energy, and struck the demon with water with the might of a typhoon, and wrapped him in a whirlpool.

However, the demon broke free, and launched an orb of pure darkness at the hero. The hero braced himself, and took the blast. As it made impact, it exploded and erupted in a black smoke. The demon laughed in triumph,
as the watching townspeople looked on in horror. However, they still kept faith.

As the smoke cleared, the hero stood unscathed. Bewildered, the demon shrieked and fled. Before anything else, the hero took on pursuit.

As the chase continued, the hero followed it to the woods. And as they went on, he came upon a colossal stone wall, where a an opening was visible. The demon jumped inside.
The chase had come to an end, the hero arrived at its den. He would continue and vanquish this demon, and exterminate all the wrongdoings. As the hero took a step forward, he stopped,
for somewhere inside the den, a sinister laugh was emerging. However, it was not just one laugh, there were many. Soon the woods were filled with demonic laughter, as the Hero realizes that
there was more than one demon.

''Reveal yourselves!'' he commanded.

At once, he was engulfed in darkness, just as the townspeople described. He remembered, the next step were to be screams ringing out, or in other words, his death.
Suddenly he felt his hands restricted, and something clenching his throat. This would be his end, he thought. Though not yet.

At once, the bright blue sphere in which he kept for so long ever since he was a toddler, began to shine brightly. The sphere's light expanded and covered him. Instantly, he was set loose
and his throat unclenched. The light burned the demons as screams rang out in the night. Not his screams however, the demons' screams.
His whole history began to appear before him. As it turned out, his father derived from a line of powerful adepts of water. He ended up marrying a woman, who did not possess
any such powers at all, which explains why the hero's power were not as strong as his father's.

His father's bloodline was composed of pure water-based adepts, taking on heroic roles, fighting against evil forces, and most importantly recognizing the importance and sheer power of water.
He died a noble death, defending his family against an evil force that threatened the land. However, at that time, it was only him and his son, the last two remaining descendants of the
bloodline. He knew he had to uphold a noble tradition.
The moment before sacrificing himself to defeat evil forces, he compressed the heart of his power inside a
small orb. It was a tradition, that each member of the family would pass on their power to the offspring in addition to their already-gained power at birth, so that they would be even stronger.

The bloodline was known as ''The Primal Waters.''

After his death, the hero's mother took him and went to live near the ocean, where she thought there would be less evil forces. After days of travelling, she realized that she could not take care
of her son any longer, and left him as a toddler at the beach, sleeping on the rocks. Before she left however, she tucked the ''power orb'' in his hand. Not wanting him to remember her, she used the Orb to
''clear'' his memories, unintentionally taking them away and sealing them inside the orb as well.


The flashback failed to mention any specific names besides his bloodline however.

After recognzing who he was, he felt a stream of power flow into him. At once, he recognized it. It was the tradition being upheld. His father's power, along with his father's father's power, and so on,
began to rest inside him.

He was immediately adorned with an armor plate, with a smooth surface, a horn on each shoulder, kneecap, and forearm, and a crest on the head.
It took on the colors of the water, with a flowing water design. He was given a beautifully dangerous weapon to fight with, along with a cape that flew like water, with a special design on it.

He now represented his whole bloodline, and was determined to prove it and carry out the fight against evil.

After the light disappeared, a new hero was standing. He took on the name ''The Primal Water.'' As he entered the demonic den, he slew every remaining demon, each swing bringing
righteous death, and discovered a
disgusting plan. He discovered that the human sacrifices were being used on altars used to transport demons. They had been breeding here in the den, building up numbers until they'd swarm the neighboring
villages. He destroyed every altar and building structure, and crushed the area with his new powers.

He returned to the village as a true hero. He was offered the rank as leader, however he declined.
He knew that he did not truly belong there. He yearned to explore the lands, and help vanquish evil wherever it may be. With a farewell, he left, and started his own journey.

And all along, he was intent on passing on the Primal Waters tradition, but he knew he couldn't live forever. Because of this, he sealed himself inside the Orb, forever preserving himself until someone
worthy could take, and possess his power.

To find the ''worthy'' one, one must be able to strike him down in battle. Once he has acknowledged defeat, he would pass on the Primal Water's power to him/her, and the tradition would be upheld.

Animations :

Battle entrance: An aquamarine orb spins in the air, as water spins around it. Then the Primal Water appears.

Charging -> Raises his fist up in the air, like a champion.

Spell -> Raises his fist up in the air.

Defeat -> Turns back into the orb, floats in the air and pulses.

Victory -> Turns back into the orb, floats in the air, and pulses.

1-hit -> Swings the Flail at the enemy.
2-hit -> Swings the flail around with water, then it turns into a water-disc, in which he throws at the enemy. It goes through them, and then returns like a boomerang back, and he catches it.
3-hit -> He extends his hands forward, and three water spouts hit the enemy from below 3x.
5-hit -> Throws the Flail into the air, and fires three water-balls with a tail that looks like fire from his hands four times, then the Flail crashes down on the opponent like a meteor.

Cards ->

4x Shield
2x Sacrifice
2x Water Crash
2x Water Rapids
1x Powerflow
1x Fresh Start
3x Healing Springs

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2/23/2014 5:27:46   

Appearance: Click here

Rank: Legendary

Backstory: A long time ago, in the very beginning of time, a creature that was destined to destroy the world was born.
The ultimate harbinger of death, but before the creature could fulfill its destiny the great Archfiend banished it to the void.
The old one said that the world was not ready yet but when time has come, the deathbringer of the sea will be realesed.
Now centuries have passed and the beast is unleashed but have weakenend because the time it spent in the void.

Controlled Quote: I will regain my power and end this pathetic world of life.
Enemy Quote: You will not stand in the way of Doomsday.
Victory Quote: Another soul silenced.
Defeat Quote: How is this possible? I can not be Deafeted.
AQ AQW  Post #: 54
2/23/2014 5:29:10   

Art Entry:

Name: Naiad
Element: Water
Rank: Master
-100 Attack x1
-500 Attack x4
-Defend x5
-Neutralize x1
-Iron Hide x1
-Healing Spring x3

Controlled Quote: “Mother Nature is too soft on your species.”
Enemy Quote: “I don’t like your face.”

Boots of furry bark fashioned from driftwood, gauntlets of sea-weathered stone softened by seaweed cloth, dockside rope, oyster pearls, tanned skin, tattooed gill markings, a seashell, and a chiton molded from whitewater.
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2/23/2014 7:03:48   

Name: Entity of the depths

Alignment: Evil or Neural

Element: Water/Dark and Water

Rank: Master


Controlled: I must... Not... Forgive us...
Enemy: Forgive us... forgive us...
Upon winning: Forgive me....
Upon losing: T-thank you... for freeing me... agh...


Reference picture or a rotting metal diving suit with an anchor strapped on it's back and a large harpoon on its right hand as its main weapon, with oozing bubbly black liquid from it's broken breathing pipes. Its helmet has a green eerie glow on it that flickers on and off.


Mike was part of a research group that deals with unidentified phenomenons that happens underwater. As the research team receive a message from some fisherman reporting that they caught a mysterious looking blob on a certain part of the sea, they sent a group of 5 researchers including Mike. As the group reaches the said destination, Mike puts up his diving suit to investigate underwater, but as soon as he jumped of something grab his foot and it tried to drag him down. Luckily Mike grab and the edge of the boat and started to plead for help. "Help me! Something grabbed my foot and it's trying to drag me underwater!". The force of the "thing" that grabbed him suddenly increased that it started to rock the boat. His team panicked and can only think of one option to save their lives. "Sorry Mike, but we have to do this... W-we don't have other choice! P-please forgive us... forgive us...". They strapped the boat's anchor at his back and removed his hand on the edge of the boat using the harpoon (Mike grabbed the harpoon as he fall down). The word forgive us echoed through Mike's mind while he's being violently dragged down to the depths of the sea. The "thing" that grabbed him consumed his entire diving suit and started to go inside it. The last thing Mike remember is the word forgive us as he slowly tried to reach the nearest shore. As soon as he stepped on the sands, a new "Mike" was reborn. Inside that cold metal diving suit, lived an entity that only seeks to destroy living things. He reached the little town near to the shore and even against Mike's own will, he destroys all the living in his sight. "Forgive us... forgive us... Forgive me..." The entity whispered as he violently kill all of them.

2x defend
3x water rapid
3x 200
2x 500
3x water crash

if with the dark attribute:
2x defend
3x water crash
3x 200
2x 500
2x poison
2x life drain
1x sacrifice


Idle: Breaths slowly and the helmet lights will flicker on and off.
Upon starting: Rattles then the helmet light will flicker on and off.
Victory: Kneels down then repeatedly stabs the ground using his harpoon.
Defeat: Slowly bends down then slams his face to the ground.
Charging: Raises his harpoon then gathers nearby water (or dark) elements around him.
1 hit: He steps forward then stabs the enemy using his harpoon.
2 hits: He punches the enemy using his left hand the stab it using the harpoon.
3 hits: Jumps off then smashes the enemy with the anchor (as the first hit.) then raises the anchor up (dealing the second hit) then stabs the enemy with the harpoon (dealing the 3rd hit)
5 hits: Smashes the anchor on the ground and creates a water torrent to the position of the enemy. (with extra fishes, jellyfish and some broken ship parts coming out with the torrent. And for the pun, add Twilly.)

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2/23/2014 11:18:09   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

Name: Nereis the Torrent
Element: Water
Rank: Master

Normal hit: Point his trident and summon waves of water
3 hit combo: 2 spear jab and ends with a breath attack from the small sea serpent.
5 hit combo: Raise his spear upward and create giant bubbles, then his sea serpent use a wide range breathe attack to explode the bubbles, dealing damage
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
2/23/2014 12:44:01   

Name Harbinger

Rank Legendary

Element Water and shadow

Quote upon victory "They call me the Harbinger for a reason"

Quote upon defeat "You have freed my from my internal prison!"

Player controlled quote "You have no clue as to how terrible your demise shall be!"

Enemy controlled quote "Not even Nulgath can stand against me!"

Quote upon failed capture "Next time I won't go so easy on you!"

Victory animation He raises his fist into the air

Defeat animationHis shadow separates from him, and shoots straight up into the air. Meanwhile Harbingers shadowless form kneels down and bows his head.

Blocking animation His shadow jumps out of him and takes the enemies attack without even flinching

Idle He tosses a small shadow ball from one hand to the other

walking He seems to glide

Appearance The Harbinger is a humanoid figure, although he is very tall with broad shoulders. He wears a mantled cloak, with the rest of his lower body covered in a sort of swirling darkness. His face is similar to that of the shadow acolyte. He has demonic yellow eyes, and a wide grin showing sharp teeth. When Harbinger attacks, his shadow temporarily leaves him. When this happens, Harbinger gains the appearance of an old man. The old man has a grey beard, sagging black robes that are clearly too large for him. He has wispy white hair, and a small black pearl tattooed onto his forehead

200 attack x 2
500 attack x 3
500 defend x 2
100 pierce x 2
Poison x 2
Mark of death x 3
Powerflow x 2
refresh x 3

1 hit combo Harbingers shadow leaves him, running towards the enemy, and slashing them with a backhanded hit.

2 hit combo Harbingers shadow leaves him, running towards the enemy, and hitting them twice in rapid succession

3 hit combo Harbinger's shadow leaves him, and takes one step towards the enemy then stops. He raises his hand and three darkness pearls form around the enemy, doing three hits of damage

5 hit combo Harbingers shadow steps away from him, backwards, and then summons a wave of black water that slowly ghosts over the enemy doing 5 hits of damage
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2/23/2014 13:06:38   

IGN : Aragolan


Name: Admiral Fluffy
Element : Water
Rank : Master

Quotes/Actions -
Enemy : You will drown under the pressure of my power!
Controlled : My waves of power will overpower yours!
Victory : It seems you couldn't withstand this storm of strength.

Description -
Story : Fluffy comes from a small lakeside town where the villagers lived in complete harmony with the water spirits in the lake. Then one day a group of shadow beasts invade the town. His father being away collecting firewood couldn't do anything in time so Fluffy grabbed his father's old rapier from the Navy and fended off the beasts until they feared him and ran away. Wanting to feel the adrenaline rush of battle again he decides to join the Navy at the encouragement of his father. The Commander of the Navy seeing the potential in the boy got him the best training he could resulting in rapid promotions. Eventually Fluffy was given a cutlass to show his strength as Admiral, but cherishing the rapier that he had been with the entire time, he decided he could use both, making him a very powerful warrior.
Visual Description : Light brown medium hair length. Fairly tall, maybe about the same height as Time Gentleman. Wears a overcoat decorated with various medals and wears a Tricorne hat that are each colored slightly greenish-blue except for the medals which are varying in color.
Weapon : He wields a cutlass in one hand that glows slightly with a sky blue outline. The hilt/handle is adorned with golden feathers. In the other hand he wields a rapier that has similar attributes to the cutlass such as the outline

Cards/Deck -
2x 500 Defense
1 x Healing Spring
2x 100 Damage
1x 100 Pierce Damage
2x 200 Damage
3x 500 Damage
1x Fresh Start
2x Water Crash
1x Water Rapid

1-Hit : Simply slashes the enemy with an underhand cut with the cutlass
2-Hit : Swings an overhand cut with the cutlass and then stabs once with the rapier
3-Hit : Stabs twice with the rapier and then cuts at the enemy with his cutlass.
5-Hit : Throws the rapier at the enemy and then slashes with the cutlass 4 times and jumps back after pulling the rapier out.
Being Hit : Just moves back a bit
Victory : Points the cutlass at the enemy
Death : Falls to the ground with his swords falling down and sticking into the ground

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2/23/2014 13:37:27   
scopio xv1

Character name: Lady of the lake

Element: Water

Rank: Veteran/Master

Attack 200 x2
Attack 500 x3
Defend 500 x3
Sacrifice X2
Fresh start x1
Healing spring x2
Water crush x2
Water rapid x2

Possessed: My dark past will bring you a dark future…
Enemy: Coming here was your biggest and last mistake…
Wins: send Death my greetings.

Appearance: use a water rapid animation and while water rapid animation is used the lady appeares.
1 hit: a simple punch (like the one of the priest of ver)
2hit: summon a water orb.
3 hit: transform herself in water (like the “water rapid” animation) and appear behind the enemy with water rapid animation (this will be the first hit), the attack twice and then appear in the start.
5 hit: summons a water torrent from her hands.
Defend: extends one hand and creates a type of half sphere shield made up of water.

Description: A woman with a long dark blue dress and penetrating eyes, with a look of loneliness in her tired but furious crimson eyes, with a plaid skin and a long dark hair almost as dark as her soul. Possessing her soul might be the biggest increase in power and decrease in control of an OverSoul.

no color: http://twitpic.com/dwgn59

with color: http://twitpic.com/dwgngu

Lady of the Lake fable

“When a world is at Order, there will soon be other with enough space for Chaos and misery”

Legend foretells that not at all times elements were at balance, there were sometimes when some elements where stronger than it opposites, and so a force of the weaker element must rise in order to restore balance, although this will cause misery and bloodshed. This happened not so long ago with the primal elements of water and fire…

There once was a town named Rilatown, a proud small city which lay in the middle of a lake, with only one narrow bridge communicating to the mayor kingdom of Keyopia. It was said that Keyopia was one of the biggest concentration of the water element, it was also said that the king maintained a huge treasure which was desired not only by thieves and pirates, but by huge kingdoms like the kingdom of Firtus, which was exclusively a kingdom full of fire powered soldiers, pyres witches, and mana guardians. But unlike the water element fire made a huge discovery: powder.

With powdered weapons the noble soldiers of Keytopia didn’t stand a chance. One soldier of firtus was able to kill about 10 soldiers of Keytopia. The elements balance was becoming unstable, water was weak, easily crushed by fire and if the king of Keyopia didn’t act quickly he will soon be exiled from its own kingdom, expelled from all his Gold and reputation as a monarch. The King decided desperately to consolidate its power in the main kingdom with his treasure and leave all the small villages and towns without food resources and even water medics, which were well known by having the best healing abilities. One of the most devastated areas was Rilatown.

Food was barely coming in to Rilatown, the town was passing difficult times. The King each day recruited two people from each town to replace each corpse which lay in the battlefield. The power of water decreased up to a limit there
were no more waves in the seas and many fish and water based monsters were suffocating for the lack of oxygen in water, so to restore the power of water, the water avatar, decided to bless yako’s next child with an enormous power of water to restore balance of elements. Yako was a white haired and blue eyed Water apprentice which just learned enough to make the purification of water from the lake and make it drinkable water, and catch fishes by trapping them in small bubbles of water. Yako was pregnant by his husband, Logi, a young and brave pike man, loyal to his kingdom and his king. Months later Yako gave to birth to a pair of twins, it was strange case of a boy and a girl. She named the boy Tiron and the girl Amely. 17 years passed since then. Tiron was now a talented water mage, the most powerful of the kingdom many said, he loved his mother with the every part of his soul and he respected his father like if he was the real king of Keyopia. Tiron was now a charming black haired and blue eyed young mage. Amely was also a water mage but not as talented as his brother she also loved his mother and father but she was quieter and didn’t want to talk about that. She was a black haired young woman, with dull black eyes. From the age of 13 she was suffering from a horrible illness. She was going to die but her brother healed her constantly once an hour. When she was 16 years old she learned the art of healing, and so she didn’t need her brother to protect her anymore.

Eleven days after Tiron and Amely were 17 years old, the time finally reached to Logi and the king asked him to join the army as a water lieutenant. Tiron and Amely were really sad by seeing his father leaving it home town, it was said that it was the first time Tiron cried in his life. Yako decided to move with its brother Faray, which hated Logi and Tiron, but was extremely kind to Amely. As the power in both sons grew stronger she was unable to keep the secret about the blessing of the Water Avatar. When the childs discovered the truth they were amazed, they felt that they would restore the honor in the town, where although Yako used her water powers to give food to some people, most of them were starving to death.

Faray was an old man which used every opportunity to take down Tiron, and always tried to make him escape from his house. No one knows exactly why, maybe he was just like Logi and that’s why he hated, or maybe because Tiron was talented with the art of water unlike Faray.

After the death of his father Tiron was really devastated. He thought his father would survive the war. It was said that the water was acting in a strange mood when Tiron knew the bad news. In an attack of anger he almost drowned uncle Faray, but her mother calmed him down. Then the mother with an intense pain in her soul said he should go out from the town for one year and learn to control its new powers. Tiron did what his mother asked but threaten to destroy this town which didn’t support the true power of the chosen of water.

Months passed and Amely found true love, a charming young gentleman called Maxus, they were one of the loveliest couple. Maxus was a water knight which used melee and magical attacks in the battlefield. They were going to get married the same day Amely reaches the age of 18. But on one month before that date, the Water Avatar appeared to both siblings in a dream telling them that in order to bring balance to elements and to reach a huge amount of power there should be only one brother alive…

Tiron was mad of power at that time, and decided to do what he needed to get to all his power. So when he became 18 years old, he sent an unstoppable army of Water Elementals to kill every person at the town until Amely is dead. The water Elementals reached the wedding ceremony of Amelay and started drowning every one. Maxus was well trained for fights and so he was able to take uncountable Water Elementals but he was soon out of energy and two water elementals take him in to the lake and let him drawn. When Amely saw his family friends and future husband got killed she unleash all of her powers to break the control of her brother over the water elementals, and then she wasn’t able to control herself anymore, and used all her power to take all the water from the lake and throw it at a great velocity to Tiron which wasn’t able to survive the attack.

And so Amely, now called “Lady of the Lake” can’t control herself anymore, and walks over the dead bodies and the ruins of Rilatown. It is said that her dull black eyes becalmed bright red eyes, her skin became pallid, a gray with lack of life. She always wears a long dress because of the wedding day, the day of the massacre. And although she was chosen be the water element she was also cursed by some dark powers, dark as her soul. Meeting her will be a big mistake.

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Name: Levi Dragon

Rank: Master

Element: Water and Lightning (Water is Main Element)

Player Controlled Quote: "It is time that I drag you into the depths..."

Enemy Controlled Quote: "You found your own death. How unfortunate..."

Victory Animation: Returns to portal.

Defeat Animation: Roars in pain and returns to portal while looking dizzy.

Appearance: A sea dragon neck and head that is coming from a blue portal. The portal is the circle that is under all characters in Oversoul. His neck color is a dark shade of green and it is bloodstained. The blood is a very dark shade of red similar to dried blood. His neck is also covered in some seaweed. His head is the same color of the neck, but the jaw is a dark shade of yellow. The mouth is closed with the top teeth sticking out like an alligator's. There are horns pointing backwards on the back of its head. The head, like the neck, also has seaweed. Its eyes have no pupils and should be a bright blue. On the lower-middle part of the neck are small arms with claws. The arms are the same color of the neck. There should be two large wings behind the neck. The characters height is similar to large characters such as Nulgath's Shadow, Xmas Fiend, Dread Fiend, etc.

Story: There was a fellow human named Raziel. He was a knight who was loyal to his king. But he was quite strange. He wore armor that looked like a dragon. He also spent most of his money on spell books and books about dragons. He never wanted to be a knight. He was forced to be a knight by his father who wanted to make Raziel inherit the family tradition. He always wanted to be a Mage Lord and he wanted to rule the kingdom. Eventually, his lust for becoming king made him want to kill the king. Using spells he learned from his spellbook, he electrocuted all of the lakes in the kingdom. Then he fetched water from the electrocuted lake and put it in a cup. Using more spells, he temporarily stopped the electricity by using more spells. Within an hour, the water should return to being electrocuted. So he gave the water to the king. After the kings drank the water he died from internal eloctrocution. The king wasn't alone in death. Other people who drank water from the lakes died. Eventually, Raziel died when he drank the water and forgot the spell he put on it. When Raziel woke up, realized his soul was being drifted to the underworld. Raziel went to Death and demanded that he should return to life and begin his reign. But Death refused to resurrect Raziel. Raziel then got furious. He used what he learned as both a knight and a mage and attacked Death. Death then told Raziel that he could be reborn as someone else. Raziel agreed to this. But what he didn't realize is that he wouldn't be born as a human. He was born as a creature now known as the Levi Dragon. When Raziel was born to this, his fury and rage got him to want to kill people and drag them into the depths of the ocean. But he managed to control his rage. He was starting to enjoy being the Levi Dragon as he had powers greater than his previous incarnate. He was able to inherit his human powers of lightning. But as the Levi Dragon he was got Water as his main power. But when he remembered his half-failed attempt of being king, he couldn't control his rage no longer. He started killing not only people, but all other creatures as well. Raziel however had a problem in this form. He could not travel on land. So he used his power of spells and created a whole new spell that made him create a portal which let him travel on land. This furthered his killing spree. Raziel was happy that he failed to rule as king if that meant he was going be this creature Death had made him. Death on the other hand was not happy to learn that he only made Raziel's life happier than it was before.

Attack 100 x5
Power Flow x1
Water Crash x3
Healing Spring x2
Energize x2
Super Charged x1
Electric Arc x1

1 hit: Opens mouth and shoots a small light blue sphere.
2 hit: Opens mouth and shoots two small light blue spheres.
3 hit: Bites opponent, gives opponent a small shock, and shoots a small light blue sphere.
5 hit: Opens mouth and shoots a beam.
Defend: Two small blueish fires next to Levi Dragon.

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2/23/2014 17:39:48   

Name: Water Wake
Rank: Master
Element : Water

Cards ->
1x Fresh Start
1x Energize
3x Defend (Water)
2x Healing Spring
1x Super Charged
2x 500 Attack (water)
3x 200 attack(water)
2x 100 Pierce(water)

Backstory ->

The Wakes were a race that lived hidden. They were isolated from civilization, and lived off the natural energy around them. Each day, they would meditate and ''consume'' their fair share of nature's
elemental powers.

The thing about them is, that when they are first born, they take on a wisp form, and are first wrapped in a celestial cloak that would act as a barrier between themselves and the physical world. From baby to toddler, they would feast immensely
on the pure Energy around them, which is also the reason why they would retain a fragment of the Energy element in their future. Once they grew old enough, they took on a humanoid form, and
they would let go of the cloak, and choose what element they would belong to. Then they would choose their weapon of choice.

Each Wake are presented to them, a Bow, a Crossbow, a Spear, a Shield, a Sword, a Hammer, a Staff, a Cloak, or a banner with an animal symbol. They may only choose one.

Some Wakes chose bows, which meant speed and accuracy.
Some Wakes chose Crossbows, which meant accuracy and power.
Some Wakes chose Spears which meant speed and accuracy at close ranged.
Some Wakes chose Shields, which meant endurance.
Some Wakes chose Swords, which meant justice.
Some Wakes chose Hammers, which meant loudness, or being heard, influential.
Some Wakes chose Staffs, which meant wisdom and intellect.
Some Wakes chose Cloaks, which meant stealth and Dexterity. They chose to be lone wolves, relying on their own hands to do the work.
And some Wakes chose a Banner, which meant that they chose to have an animal companion fighting amongst them.

This particular Wake chose water, for she was so intrigued about it. Why was it so important? Why did the world NEED water? And how did it build up to form the oceans, lakes, and flowing rivers of
Oversoul? And most of all, the mysteries it contained. How it could help creatures stay hidden so easily, which is similar to how the Wakes lived since they lived so hidden as well.

And as for her weapon, a bow. She wanted her arrows to fly as smoothly and as gracefully as the waters.

Her destiny was now set, and she was finally ''awake.''

And after a Wake has chosen his or her element, they would learn more about it, and be taken as an apprentice.
In the future, they would become an Overseer, teaching their own kind about the elements, and maintaining natural balance, protecting that Element from any outside threats.

Not many Wakes become a true Overseer however, before they deteriorate and become one with the elements. Though they do not have short lifespans, for they can live up to eons,
taking on the form of an Overseer takes tough work. Some however, may reveal a fragment of their Overseer powers as a Wake, when their life is in danger, or when the time has come.

Wakes are exceedingly rare to come across, hiding and running. They are nature's silent helpers, making sure everything is balanced, and flowing smoothly.
When spotted, fleeing is the first reaction. However, when cornered, they fight fiercely.

When angered, they are outlined in a glowing red. Be warned, for it may be your last.


Description -> The Water Wake is bright blue, and a humanoid form. The whole body is luminous and glowing, while her hair flows smoothly. She levitates in the air, and has blazing eyes. Sort of like
a human but made out of Mana. She levitates in a relaxed position, casual. With wisps appearing and disappearing around. Energy crackles around her from time to time.

1-hit -> A blue water bow twice her size appears, and she holds it sideways, like a crossbow. A large arrow appears, and she fires it at the enemy. When it hits, a glittering dust flies around.

2-hit -> A blue water bow twice her size appears, and she holds it sideways, like a crossbow. Two large arrows appear, and she fires them at the enemy both at once. When it hits, a glittering dust flies around.

3-hit -> She stops levitating, and stands on her feet. She presents the bow, and crouches, taking aim at the Enemy. She fires an arrow, and as it hits the enemy, the enemy is engulfed in a sphere of water.
It explodes. (1-hit for the arrow, 1-hit for the Sphere, and 1-hit for the explosion.)

5-hit -> She glows brightly, sprouts celestial wings, charges up intensely and 5 giant arrows bombard the enemy.


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Name: Revlis Litusei

Race: Human / Artificial Embodiment of Water

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Water

Age: Assumed to be 16


Veteran: He is an extremely thin teenage human in tattered clothing that might of once been a coat, pants, and boots. They are a very faded blue. A cracked mirror on a chain is around his neck. He uses this to attack, as water will come out from the mirror, which he can then shape into various forms for his attacks. Additionally, there is also a golden collar on his neck. On his skin, save for his face, there are various demonic looking black runes.

Hair Color: Black, with gray on the edges.

Eye Color: Purple.

Master: He is a humanoid, nearly skeletal water elemental. The collar from his human form remains, though the rest of his clothing does not. He can meld this form to his liking in order to attack, and when he does so, the runes from his human form reappear in the water, slightly blurred, but still distinct.

Enemy: "I... can't control myself. Forgive me..."

Controlled: "I'm the monster... and you're my meal!"

Victory: "They die. Not me. They die, I Feast, not them!"

Defeat: "He...can't get to me now..."


Revlis was terrified. He was going to be next in the Fights. He couldn't stop shaking. He had been in the Fights before. He had to fight people he knew. He had to see them just as terrified as he was when he looked them in the eyes and tore their faces off. He couldn't help but remember all the screaming as they were both forced to watch as he ate them alive. Piece by piece. Body and soul.


"I'm not a monster."


"I'm not a monster..."


"I'm not..."

And then came the oh so familiar pain that came with the denial of food. He ignored it, all too used to his hunger. That was, the monster's hunger, which he wasn't. He didn't need humans, he really didn't.

"It's just the monster, not me. It's just the monster, not me. It's just the monster, not me..." he repeated, again and again, for what seemed like an eternity.

"Alright 471, your time has come." said the voice of the man, breaking him off from his trance. Revlis couldn't help but flinch as the cell's locks were undone one by one. "Get to your cage." he said. Revlis got up as quickly as he could before the man could think he was disobeying, and before the collar could activate. He walked over, not ran, the man hated when people ran, and got into the cage which had been put right outside his cell.


Revlis was terrified.

No, he was ecstatic.

No, terrified.

Blood was coming.

Yes it was, and it was terrifying.

No, it meant food.

No, it meant more death.

Yes, and that was wonderful.

No, it meant someone was going to die.

And it was going to be the other person.

And it was going to be the other person.

"I'm not the monster, I'm not the monster, I'm not the monster." he said as he was wheeled to the Death. It was all it was. Death. No matter what, someone was going to die.

And it was going to be the other person.

Revlis snarled. Food was coming his way, he knew it. He was let out of the metal for one reason, and one reason only.

To Feast.

He was brought to the Feeding Grounds by the same man, as usual. And as usual he had tried to eat that man, but there had been too much pain from the thing around his neck to make him worth it. So he would content himself to his Feast. He would hunt his meal down, and kill it like all the rest.

"I'm the monster." he would always say before his hunt.

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Soulweaver Zard

Name: Fransvick, The Merfolk Mad Scientist

Race: Merfolk


Appearance: A merman, with a tattered cloth for clothing. His face consists of a huge scar starting at his head and ending at his mouth. His teeth are crude and his eyes are bloodshot. He holds a short, seashell-made dagger.

Player Quote: What a fine specimen!

Enemy Quote: I will enjoy dissecting you.

Upon Winning: To the lab we go, fool.


The fog had settled in, growing thicker with every minute. Rick attempted once more to see through it, to no prevail. “No sign of anything, captain” Rick called out. He was answered by a chorus of sighs from the rest of his crew. Having the best eyes out of the crew, the crew was disappointed to hear that their best lookout had no luck. Rick began to climb down the ladder back to the ship. He stopped halfway down. Suddenly, the quiet chatter of the crew had stopped. The fog was now a thick mist that engulfed everything around him.
Despite the fact he couldn't see more than a foot in front of him, Rick's gut told him to go and check on his crew, to see if they were alright. He decided against it and began the journey up the ladder once more. Hoisting himself up, he again tried to scan his surroundings. “How strange” Rick thought, and began decending down the ladder. He was nearing the bottom, with only a couple more rungs to go, when he thought he heard something. Quickly turning his head left, he heard movement and caught a glimpse of something moving swiftly across the deck. Hesitantly, Rick placed his foot on the deck, glad to be back on solid ground.

As he went to turn around, he was grasped by the shoulders and thrown aside. His face scraped up the deck, splinters burying themselves in his cheeks. Rick blindly kicked out, and felt his foot make impact with someone. Rick heard the attacker stagger backwards, and Rick took the opportunity to leap up. Unsheathing his dagger, a short rusty blade that he used to cut rope with, Rick attempted to jump the attacker, only to land hard on the deck. The attacker laughed, a raspy, gruff laugh that came from somewhere behind him. Heaving himself up, Rick found himself feeling light headed. It was like the fog was engulfing him, and Rick could no longer see in front of his own feet. The attacker moved in behind Rick, and gave Rick a sharp blow to the legs. Rick stumbled, unable to hold himself up any longer. He felt himself being dragged across the rough deck of the ship, and suddenly soaring through the air. He opened his eyes to see the cold, unforgiving sea engulf him.

Rick awoke to the melodic sound of dripping water. He let out a hoarse cough and opened his eyes. He appeared to be in a dim cave, and saw a figure leaning over a table made of rock. He saw grisly tools lying on the ground, and what appeared to be a half-human half-shark creature flopping around in a small pool beside the figure, gasping for breath. Rick assumed it was a merfolk, one who had saved him from drowning after being tossed overboard. Ignoring the flopping mutant, Rick sputtered “Thanks for... saving me” He paused, coughing.“If I had gills, I wouldn't have had to worry.” Rick tried to laugh, but it came out as a weak chuckle. The figure returned the laugh, and Rick paled. It was the same laugh he had heard on the ship. The figure turned around, staring at Rick. It had an ugly, distorted face, with bloodshot eyes and a long scar running from the top of it's head down to the right side of it's hideous smile. The figure slowly lurched towards him, pulling out a crude knife made from seashells. It replied, in a rough, low voice that echoed throughout the cave “That, fool, can be arranged.”


100 Attack X1
200 Attack x3
500 Attack x3
Defend x4
Pierce x2
Water Rapid x2
Water Crash x3
Renew x4

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Name: Politician
Alignment: Evil
Rank: Master

Appearance: A human wearing a tuxedo, with red eyes. He is holding a briefcase full of taxpayer money.

Controlled Quote -> I want your money.
Enemy Quote -> I'll kill you, financially!

Defeat quote -> Blame the bushes! They suck up all the water.
Winning quote -> NO tax break for you! Muahaha!

Backstory -> This dude tried this one liquid, it was water mixed with something else. He got addicted.

Cards ->

2x Empower
3x Water Crash
1x Fresh Start
4x Healing Spring
2x Renew
3x Defend

1-hit -> He throws the briefcase at you, and money flies EVERYWHERE.

2-hit -> Two bodyguards jump in and shoot you 2x.

3-hit -> An elephant pops up and rams the enemy, and the Donkey kicks it 2x. Animal power!

5-hit -> The screen becomes a graph, and a red line depicting how the economy is going appears. It goes up, then CRASHES DOWN onto the opponent, hitting 5 times.

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Name: Basiliscus hydrolus

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "Rogg!"

Enemy controlled quote: "Rogg!"

Appearance: Before Fight, During Fight
(Similar to Werewolf transformations)

Light green body and back ridges, yellow eyes. Brown, black, or darker green striped pattern on body and tail.

Bio: Basiliscus hydrolus are a normally calm and peaceful lizards that have the ability to control water. If they become threatened they can surround themselves with water and use it to attack.

1 Hit Combo: Fires water bolt
2 Hit Combo: Fires water bolt(x2)
3 Hit Combo: Punches with water fists(x3)
5 Hit Combo: Lifts arms up and water beam(s) erupt up from the ground(x5)

When Defeated: Water falls off and lizard runs away.
When Victorious: Water fall off and lizard jumps up and down.

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)

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Juggernaut in OS
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Nulgaths Void

Water Sorceress

fire will pay for what it did!

possessed :
water is pure fire is destruction

heal 500 x 3
damage 500 x 4
damage 200 x 4
damage 100 x 2
deathflow x 1
defend 500 x 3

once just a simple peasant until xan's the pyromancer destroyed her home and family she spent the rest of her life devoting to the one weekness that xan's had water and spent 3
year's meditating in a water oasis until nulgath the kind gave her a blade of crystallised water and now she seeks to hunt out the fire element

~Image removed. Please only post links to your entry, posting the actual picture is spam.

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Ebil Undead Ninja

Name: Water Fiend of Nulgath
Element: Water/Shadow
Aligment: Evil
Rank: Master - Legendary

Quotes: Possessed: Nulgath is our king, and he wants you dead...
Enemy: You are nothing! Peasant
Defeated: Nulgath will come for you!

Apparience: http://twitpic.com/dwil5v

Actions: The same as XMas Fiend and maybe with animation of water

Combos: 1 hit combo: Just attack by hitting opponent
2 hit combo: Double Attack hitting opponent
3 hit combo: Turrent of water
5 hit combo: come Nulgath and hit him :D (If it is extrange, you can change it)

Cards: Attack 200 x2
Attack 500 x4
Defend 500 x2
Sacriface x1
Empower x1 or x2
Healing spring x2
Water rapid x2
Power Flow X1
Fresh Start x1

History: Just a Fiend controlled by Nulgath, he wills do everything Nulgath wants, and if Nulgath says kill, he wouldn´t have any problem to comply...

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Ebil Undead Ninja

Name: Water Ninja
Element: Water/Shadow
Aligment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran - Master

Quotes: Possessed: Is very easy to forgive your enemies when you can not beat
Enemy: Are you joking?, you? Haha, this will be easier than I thought

Apparience: http://twitpic.com/dwiqs4

Actions Appear: There is a smoke bomb, and then he appears
Defeated: Disappears while he is falling
Victory: As ninja, he disappears...

Combos: 1 hit combo: Just a single attack
2 hit combo: Double attack
3 hit combo: Single attack, the stab his weapon into enemy and then extend his hand and the weapon comes to him dealing the 3 hit
5 hit combo: He disappears by water rapid effect down him and appear in front of the enemy hitting him

Cards: Attack 200 x2
Attack 500 x4
Defend 500 x2
Sacriface x1
Empower x1 or x2
Healing spring x2
Water rapid x2
Fresh Start x1
Renew x1

History: His name is Prestom, he was born in a city where fire reigned, he saw too many people killed by this element so he had to learn an element who can defeat fire: Water.
He was trained to become a ninja, he was very wise and patient, so learning the water power wasn´t difficult.
But with the passage of the years he is becoming more agresive, and full of rage, killing innocent people and explorers
Now at days he is hiding in the shadow, waiting for people who are exploring for killing them mercilessly.

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Ebil Undead Ninja

http://twitpic.com/dwj59aName: Zack
Element: Water
Aligment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran

Quotes: Possessed: There is no way for the water, water is the way
Enemy: I dont want fight! Is better relative peace than a war won
Defeated: Why?

Apparience: http://twitpic.com/dwj59a

Actions: Appear: Converts one of his hands into a sword and then returns to normal
Defeated: His bracelets breaks returning him a human again
Victory: Converts his hand in other weapon

Combos: 1 hit combo: Just attack his enemy
2 hit combo: Attack two times
3 hit combo: Converts his hand in a gun and shoots water balls 3 times
5 hit combo: Extends his hand and it starts raining with acid water and hit enemy 5 times

Cards: Attack 200 x3
Attack 500 x3
Defend 500 x2
Water Crash x2
Healing spring x2
Water rapid x2
Fresh Start x1
Renew x2

History: His name is Zack, he was just a kid when he saw in a mountain a water elemntal destroyed but his bracelets doesnt broke. He was just a kid and he was playing so... he put the bracelets.
He just had powers, when he saw his hands of water he tried to get out the bracelets but he cant, so he went to his house and his fathers horrified sought ways to hide bracelets for years, until he was older, and went home.
He had great powers and he thought could help becoming a peacekeeper and helper. But the dangers will be growing, and he still learning how to use their powers, this is not over yet...

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OversoulWriting Entry

Name: Aquarius Apparatus (Latin for "One who controls the water" and "machine")
Element: Water
Rank: Legendary
1. Large overbearing body like an ogre.
2. Two accordion like pumps on both the right and left shoulder. Two giant gears located at the openings of where the arms should have been.
3. No arms, but a sort of mist like connectors that seem to gravitate two gauntlets that act as the hands.
4. Around the abdominal area is an open field showing the inner workings of the machine. A water tank is constantly bubbling, two large gears and four small gears are in constant rotation
around the water tank and two pumps from the upper is directed to the lower body. A large metal plating acting as the surface is located above the abdominal cavity covering the chest and neck area.
5. The head is a metallic mask. The design of the mask is the upper part of a skull as if to mimic a still living or dead human being. Wires and a strange pump are leading from the skull to the
opening of the neck area.
6. The lower body doesn't exist, but the design is a V-Shape with two arched lower body modifications that fire off steam creating a rocket effect for mobility.
7. The color scheme is a light bronze look and the style is sorta steampunkish. The skull mask is an actual skull part and its originator is unknown.

- 500 attack - 5
- 300 defend - 1
- Water Crash - 1
- Healing Spring - 1
- Renew - 1
- Iron Hide - 2
- Electrical Arc - 2
- Hydroelectric Conversion - 2 (*Converts one water card into 5 neutral and 5 energy points*)

*Note* This is to test the efficiency of a tri-elemental type deck instead of having separate energy boosting card. If one card of an element can give 10 energy then sacrificing one card can give energy to two different elements at half the cost still equaling the energy conversion to 10.

- Idle: Arms at his side
- 1 hit combo: Slams its gauntlet down on the enemy.
- 2 hit combo: Slams its gauntlet down and a pressure of steam explodes from the ground.
- 3 hit combo: Floats toward the enemy and raises its lower body blasting pure hot steam onto the enemy.
- 5 hit combo: *below*
The water tank in it's abdominal cavity turns red and the pumps on the shoulders start pumping at high velocity speeds. The whole
screen becomes enveloped in high burning steam turning the screen white.

Player Quote: "*Bzzzt* Preservation of *Bzzzt* life is my objective. I will *Bzzzt* fight for Necrosis."
Enemy Quote: "To *Bzzzt* protect the beauty of *Bzzzt* life I shall fight."


Systems Rebooting...Systems Initializing...All Systems Operational...Loading...Systems Loaded...Opening Visual Link...Opening Hearing Coms...Visual Link Established...Scanning...Loading Database...Scans Identify Necrosis Dezgardo and Accomplice Mobius the Assassin...

Necrosis: [tapping the screen with his staff] Strange creature this is. What do you reckon this creature is, Mobius?

Mobius: No clue, boss, but I do have an idea though it is based on rumors alone.

[Mobius walks over to a glowing orb levitating over an open area and an image of a castle pops open over it.]

Mobius: From an associate of mine, he gained access to secret mechanical advancements that the Gerodian Empire have been progressing through. I can assume that this creature here is one of their failed projects judging that we found it in the Empire's abandonment forest.

Necrosis: Interesting...you, creature! Tell me what you are.

Mobius: I don't think he can speak boss.

[Necrosis taps his staff on Aquarius Apparatus and a surge of energy envelops over the estrange mechanical creature. Aquarius sensed the sparks of energy rewiring his systems.]

Aquarius Apparatus: My model name is...Aquarius Apparatus. Thirty-fourth model of the Steam Weapons Advancement Technology. Project S.W.A.T.
Primary function: To fight and eliminate enemies of the Gerodian Empire.
Primary targets: Necrosis Dezgardo, Henrietta Rayguard, Orianna the Prophet, Felrana the Huntress, and Priest of Light Tan.

Mobius: The targets...they are leaders of all the other kingdoms and yourself, boss.

Necrosis: Interesting...the Empire is preparing for a war other than the one against me. Tell me Aquarius why were you cast out of the project?

Aquarius Apparatus: I was insufficient to follow orders. My orders were to eliminate those that were a threat to the Gerodian Empire. I was to eradicate a village that was hiding traitors to the Empire...Women, Children, and the Elderly were to be destroyed and corpses to be burned, but I...

I could not kill a child because my coding could not comprehend the reason to killing a creature so beautiful of life. I grew what you humans call a conscience.

Necrosis: A creature with no soul that grew a conscience. Very interesting.

Mobius: That shouldn't be possible, boss. Something like this thing acting like it has a soul?

Necrosis: The possibilities in this world is endless, Mobius. Long time ago when I made a deal with that Void Prince Montague Dezgardo, I met many companions of his. There was one man in particular that made dolls and those dolls for some reason had souls. I could feel their existence even though they were not alive like my soldiers.

[Necrosis ponders at a thought.]

This mechanical creature grew an artificial soul and I cannot explain how. Maybe something that impacted it's life or maybe...no...it can't be possible...I can sense it. You grew a soul, but...it is of a child.

Mobius: Whoah, whoah! Explain to me what do you mean he has a soul of a child because it doesn't explain how a machine can even grow a soul even less of a conscience. Sure the puppet guy can create dolls and give them souls, but a machine like this was made by human hands and they can't just place a soul in a machine.

Necrosis: This model was made special. You are right about one thing about a machine unable to grow a soul, but what if a soul was left dormant...a child's soul. Mobius, from your reports tell me who was the one that designed this creature.

Mobius: Let's see here.......AHA! Here it is, he is a man by the name of Edgar Vinciti who in fact is the head of the technology section in the Gerodian Empire.

Necrosis: Any sons? Any daughters? Any children that should be accounted for?

Mobius: Edgar has two daughters and...oh I see...

Necrosis: What is it?

Mobius: He had a son who...died at the age of 5 due to an illness.

Necrosis: The inventor took the soul of his son and preserved it in this machine. The machine acts like a child and it can't...no it doesn't want to hurt people because it has the soul of a child. A child's mind, but at the same time the mind of a machine. It tries to calculate and follow orders, but can't because it has reasoning like a child.

Aquarius, I have an offer for you if you would listen to good reason.

[Aquarius's vision closed in towards Necrosis.]

Aquarius Apparatus: What is the offer?

Necrosis: Serve me and I shall preserve the beauty of the world for you. Serve me and I shall allow you to see more beauty that transcends life itself.

Aquarius Apparatus: How can I serve one when this one has no power to even move. Even so why should I serve one that brings nothing, but death. There is no beauty in one dying for suffering and pain is not beautiful.

[Mobius steps in front of Aquarius and kneels in front of it. The liquid man places his hand on Aquarius's cracked water tank and liquid started gushing into it.]

Mobius: That's where I come in. You are a machine that runs on water and I am a being that is water. I will merge part of myself to your systems and you will have an unending supply of power to serve the boss. Sad thing is that I don't know if we'll be compatible due to the difference of supply so you'll be having some issues in your...functions.

Oh yeah don't worry about running out of water because that water is special. No matter how much you intake for energy, it easily can replicate itself so you'll have an infinite source of water.

Necrosis:As for your statement in regarding death not being beautiful...it is more beautiful than you think. You are right to question my...as people say...underlying gift of death. Death is immortal. Death is preserving. Death is peaceful. I betrayed my kingdom because the beauty I've once seen in my life of living was destroyed after watching men kill each other for glory. You who refuses to fight wants to preserve life, but how can you preserve life when life is taken through war.

Aquarius Apparatus: I-I *Bzzzt* cannot understand. *Bzzzt*

Necrosis: How can you understand when you are a machine. I mean after all you aren't considered human even in my eyes though you have a soul. How can you contradict yourself in seeing life as beautiful if you refuse to fight.

[Necrosis looks at Aquarius and a bellow emerged from the Necromancer that rang through the room in a clear voice.]


[Necrosis sighs and turns his back at Aquarius.]

I've sacrificed everything to preserve this world. Friends, family, and the one I loved to create this vast kingdom to preserve the ideal beauty of undying in this world.

[Necrosis walks over to a window and points to the masses of undead soldiers that await below.]

Every soldier here may look dead, but they are like you, Aquarius. Every one of these soldiers have a soul and they will fight to protect what is important to them. Will you serve me to protect your ideals? Or will you watch as the beauty of life that you hold dear will rot in the chaos that plagues it.

Aquarius Apparatus: I shall serve you, Necrosis the betrayer of his kingdom *Bzzzt* to preserve and protect the beauty of life. *Bzzzt* I do not like it, but *Bzzzt* to protect the light that I've recorded in my memory I will *Bzzzt* fight even if this body were to break down.

[Necrosis's smiles with his stitched mouth at Aquarius. It wasn't a happy smile, but one that was sad.]

Necrosis: You shall serve me well, Aquarius. Beauty of life does not compare to the beauty...of death, but both are beautiful in their own way. I'm happy to have you in my service. Rest up because tomorrow the operation in preserving the beauty you desire is nigh.

[Necrosis and Mobius leave the room leaving Aquarius alone.]

Visual Link Shut Down...Systems Resetting...Systems Reset In One Day Cycle...Registering New Master...New Master Registered Complete...New Master Identified As Necrosis Dezgardo...

Aquarius Apparatus: New objective *Bzzzt* protect life *Bzzzt*
New targets acquired:
Gerodian Empire King, Cazaer III
Gerodian Empire General, Loganus the Beserker
Gerodian Empire General, Hattori the Hidden
Gerodian Empire Strategist, Kaiz the Purple Dragon

I will protect the life that I value *Bzzzt* as beautiful and I will *Bzzzt* protect Necrosis as well for *Bzzzt* I saw in the human *Bzzzzzzt* was an ugly *Bzzzt*....death....

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Name: Kelpie

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "I will bring you into the water..."

Enemy controlled quote: "Come into the water..."

Appearance: Here

Body dark brown or black, Eyes neon green, Horns tan color, Main (things coming down over face and neck) and Webbing (on ear, tail and back) dark green, Hooves also Dark green

Bio: Lake dwelling creature that enjoys dragging creatures out into the lake and watching the drown.

1 Hit Combo: Runs forward and headbutts
2 Hit Combo: Water comes up from the ground (x2)
3 Hit Combo: Runs forward and headbutts, rears up and kicks with front hooves(x2)
5 Hit Combo: Green vines come out of the ground(x5)

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)
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Bionic Bear

Character: Wavemaster
Element: Water
Rank: Master
A tall, lanky fellow; long white hair extending out from his skull to hang at his waist; wrinkled blue skin. Slightly bluish curved sword, like a scimitar, in one hand; sheath hung over back.
-1x 500 attack
-2x 200 attack
-4x Water Crash
-4x Water Rapid
-3x Defend
-3x Refresh
Control quote: “I wish not to fight you, but the waves wish otherwise.”
Enemy quote: “I sold my soul long ago to the water. I pray you do not do the same.”
Entrance: Walks in from the side of the screen, using sword as a cane.
Shielding: Holds sword in front of its body with both hands.
1 hit combo: Runs forward slowly and slashes downwards with sword.
2 hit combo: Runs forward, slashes down and stabs.
3 hit combo: Raises sword in front of self; three blue beams shoot out from the sword to hit opponent.
5 hit combo: Rams sword into ground, from which a fissure spreads to the opponent; out of this fissure, waves pour out, somewhat akin to the Alpha Pirate’s 5 hit.
Upon victory: Slides sword back into sheath.
Upon defeat: Sword glows bright blue and floats above the Wavemaster; blue beam shoots out of sword, hits Wavemaster; he disappears, leaving the sword to fall on the ground.

Early in the days of yore, there was a young man by the name of Farl. The land in which Farl lived in was halfway submerged. Wars constantly raged over the possession of the waterways, which were the only sources of vital liquid in the land. Whichever faction held control of the water was able to starve out their opponents and thusly ensure their security forever.
Farl belonged to the faction named Seekers of the Water. He had joined it at the age of twelve and by fourteen his reputation had traveled far and wide as a strong, yet merciful man, the latter being a rare quality. Before fighting his opponents, he would apologize to them, saying that it was only for the water that he fought. But the selfsame liquid that he strived for would one day corrupt him.
One day, when Farl was out raiding a nearby faction’s camp, located next to the ocean, he fell straight across a tripwire laid by the enemy faction. The trap triggered by the tripwire sprung up from the ground and caught Farl in a large net. He slashed and hacked and stabbed all around him, but he could not break free, for the creator of the trap was talented.
The net moved over to the water, and Farl in terror realized his fate. They were going to drown him in the very thing that allowed his existence. In desperation, he attempted communicating with the water, trying to arouse some sentience in it. And to his huge surprise, it responded.
Farl detailed quickly through the mental link his dilemma, and the answer was, through a ghostly thin voice, lend me your soul…and you will be granted powers beyond that which you have ever seen.
So, of course, Farl immediately did so, not considering possible consequences. The ocean did indeed give him fantastic powers, such that Farl was able to annihilate the net he was entangled in with ease, and from there kill the members of the enemy faction encamped there.
As Farl attempted to leave the encampment, he realized he could not. A ghostly chuckle emanated from the depths of his being. You belong to us, now, came the voice of the ocean. You will do as we say for eternity. And only then did Farl comprehend the mistake he had made in choosing the ocean’s quick salvation. The Wavemaster, as Farl is known now, still wanders the land, still in the iron grip of the ocean who at once saved his life and destroyed it.

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Name: Soul Rift
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Backstory ->

There are many who yearn to join the Dark Lord Nulgath's army. The Nulgath Nation!
One such example was a very specific Water Elemental. He longed to join the EVIL side, and instead of working on balancing water, he wanted to cause HAVOC.
He first encountered his ''dark'' side when Nulgath first invaded Oversoul. Such power, such raw intense power! He knew what he wanted, to be a part of it!
All that evil goodness.

Nulgath saw potential in him. However, he did not see genuine Feelings coming from him. If he committed, no doubt he would quit.
He wanted someone who took things serious, someone who has tasted both sides of the coin.
So, he wanted the Water Elemental to grow, and face the reality of things. To do this, he decided to play a trick on him. To attempt to invite him to join his army, granting him
HUGE POWER.Though a small part of his brain told him that it might be too big of a trick and make him hate. . . nobody likes haters.

So he appeared to the Water Elemental one day. Shocked, the elemental shouted for joy, and said ''gimme dat contract bruhduh.''
Disgusted by these reactions, he was now sure that this dude needed some punishment, some REJECTION first.

So he presented him, the Unidentified 13. . .The Contract.
''Hehe, just sign right here. . . . . . . . .. . . .PSYKE!!!!''
As Nulgath ripped the paper away, he laughed coldly, until he heard the dreaded words: ''Hey, I wasn't finished signing it yet! :(''

He took a look at the contract, he realized that the Elemental had only signed HALF of his name on it before .. . ''PSYKE!!''
''Does this mean I get huge power at. . . . .50% OFF?! :D''
Nulgath glared at him. ''NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!''

Then the Water Elemental began to groan in pain, as his waist began to swell to the left. It kept swelling
until it exploded. A watery scream rang out from the Elemental, as half of his soul was torn out, and away from his body.
Nulgath, then left, leaving the near-death, gushing elemental in the night.

However, before leaving, he dropped the contract on the floor, he figured that the thing would die on its own. After all, he didn't want to get his claws dirty.

However, he did not die. Instead, he survived, though with only half a soul. He absorbed the Contract into his body. Now he traverses the land, in his new form, looking for his other half, taking whatever needed, even another life,
as his watery body turned blood-red. He uses the blood from his enemies as his strength, and to sustain himself since he is missing HALF HIS SOUL.

x6 Sacrifice
x4 Shield
x1 Fresh Start
x3 Healing Springs
x2 Renew

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Going to try and shiny up from my Rorkan clean up the story and make it overall better to my current idea on it.

Name: Rorkan the mana mage
Rank: Novice - Veteran - Master
Story/ Background

Rorkan a starved, weak mage unable to perform even the simplest tasks as his peers could wandered out to try to hone his skills. Little did he know this action would bring about the largest chain event In his life.
The archfiends armies attacked killing those in his village just near the mountains, while trying to home a simple fire spell he heard a rustle. Soon a void fiend appeared. In an attempt to fight back he shot at the fiend
attempting to fend it off in any way he could. He simply couldn't stop it's rampage. So when the beast impaled him and while he drowned and chocked on his own blood, the demon offered him a choice of life or death.
He could prolong his miserable life in exchange for his soul or die right now. Deciding as if he had a purpose in life he accepted the fiends offer. Instantly he became enshrouded in a fog absorbing it into his lungs causing him to heal. This seemed a blessing, but it ended in a horrible curse. Rorkan finally could walk, move out and about he felt stronger, smarter and in order to see if this was true casted a spell to see if it worked on a tree, a polymorph. While he did summon a energy sphere it was not what he thought it would. He fired out mystical, almost evil flames killing the wildlife and forest around him. Seeing this drove him paranoid and soon the fiends curse originally a treaty to him took root. It slowly killed his body forcing him into a shell of who he once was. He managed to gather his mind and body and dragged himself to the nearest archive to find healing spells. He found many spells to heal, normally that could have saved his life but instead they caused him pain and forced him into a even more paranoid state. Rorkan soon noticed this and while reading a book found a note. Written on it was a way to guarantee he could live. Instead of finishing the reading he rushed through it and not heeding the warning at the bottom used this spell. His mortal body, ravaged lost lifeless was finally visible to him. He say himself, or what remained of him. Not thinking about what happened he stood watching, thinking about what happened to him. When he went to wipe what he thought was a tear he saw a shocking thing, it was not water no, it was different, magical he could feel it and soon felt it envelop him. He looked and watched in awe as he say his body, changed into a pure blue being. He noticed this and saw.. he was fading away. His own body started to fade into the earth as he desperately ran into the forest. Giving up seeing himself at the brink on nonexistence he cried. He loathed himself for striking that deal wishing he was just dead as he thought that a pond nearby started to move. All the water had risen out of it and started flowing onto him. It was then he realized that he finally had a way to sustain himself for a longer period of time. With this he ran to a nearby village hiding until e found an elder to attempt to help him. Finding this chief he noticed.. this looked like his home, he thought it was gone but he realized it wasn't all gone. The chief dying of blood loss looked and talked to him. They chatted for what felt like days and the chief finally succumbing to his injury gave him a note. He was told to go into the Flood Cave in an attempt to find a part of him, or something that could become a beneficial, part of him. He wandered into this nearby cave moved along the walls and with this arcane body sought to find his way around the area. He finally found a door locked with a bond. He attempted to move through it but it caused him pain. He noticed it was enchanted and slowly melting away tried to find a way to open this door. He tried to solve this large puzzle, perplexing, annoying and unnecessarily simply at the same time. Overthinking it he tried to merely push the stones in place. This simple act opened the gate and with the last fragments of his body took the shining gem he found inside. The second he touched it the gem started to glow astonishingly and marveling at it's beauty noticed he began to reform. He soon placed this stone on his chest and it broke, not completely but broke into 3 pieces. He placed them on his body arm and hand admiring his new body. The gems then sunk into him revealing new armor, this armor was strong, it easily took attacks from his spells and managed to oddly absorb it. He gained a new scythe made of what appeared to be ice and rock formed into this state. Grasping it he set off searching for the clan of fiends who had wronged him and his village. Setting off in this journey he traveled into the village once more finding a cave located in a mountain and entered, knowing what awaits him and his newly shone future.

Skills and animations.

His novice state should appear to be a weak mage curled up and not making any eye contact whatsoever.

His veteran form should resemble his first but with a more twisted side, exposing these dark elements shown in him through the fiends curse, rugged with a claw almost like a crab oozing dark material from his mouth and eye.

And his master form should resemble the arcane and almost divine form he had found with a scythe and armor shown throughout his body in marvelous colors of gold and green.

The novice combo should begin with a simple sword swipe for 1 hit

2 hit would show a energy ball hitting and popping along with 3 hit

and finally a 5 hit combo would be a small circle of light that he struggles to gather firing it before he seemingly collapses.

Veteran would have a swipe for 1 hit

For a 2 hit it would be a swipe and a energy shot fired point blank

3 hit would be a demonic roar

5 hit would summon our sinister goo from his mouth which would erupt into vines.

His master form would start off with

Rorkan using his scythe to sweep the enemy off their feet to fall

2 hit would do this while chaining the enemy in mana and water

3 hit would cause Rorkan to fire off a mystical light which explodes into water and rock bullets

and the 5 hit combo would cause a torrent of water enhanced with magic to envelop fire off and explode in a radiant sphere before it pops and envelopes the foe in a beautiful color of blue and while it catches them in the
elegance of their coming death.

His deck should feature overall defensive aspects until the master form so when reached, it explodes with healing effects attack cards to show his marvelous change. Carrying sacrifice in his veteran and water crash along with a new spell using his gained charge to gain defense as in his arcane shield or deal damage in arcane-right to smite his foes with arcane power.

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