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2/25/2014 21:44:13   

Name: Nephroterrian

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "Click ca click click click ca click ca click click click!"

Enemy controlled quote: "Click!"

Appearance: Here

pattern and coloration are similar to this

Bio: Giant lobster-like creatures that live in lakes and watery areas. They have a very complex language consisting on varying types of clicks that only they understand.

1 Hit Combo: Walks forward and pinches with claw
2 Hit Combo: Walks forward and pinches with claw(x2)
3 Hit Combo: Fries water bolts from claws(x3)
5 Hit Combo: Rushes forward vanishes and appears behind opponent is pinches with claws(x5)

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)


Juggernaut in OS
Post #: 76
2/25/2014 23:21:28   

Name: Nautilus

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: N/A

Enemy controlled quote: N/A

Appearance: Here

Coloration: like this

Bio: An ancient creature that very rarely ventures onto land.

1 Hit Combo: Hits with tentacle
2 Hit Combo: Hits with tentacles(x2)
3 Hit Combo: Hits with tentacles(x3)
5 Hit Combo: Shell glows and fires water beams out of tentacles(x5)

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)
Post #: 77
2/26/2014 9:53:16   

Name: Dread

Elemental: Water

Appearance: http://pic.twitter.com/SChgwLzDQk

Combos: 1 Hit combo: 1 hit using anchor.
2 hit combo: 2 continuous hit using anchor.
3 hit combo: hurls his anchor toward enemy.
5 hit combo: Stomp on the ground and rip up the earth, water shot out underneath the enemy.

1x attack 100
2x attack 200
3x attack 500
2x defence 500
2x damage over time total 1000

Name: Cori

Elemental: Water

Appearance: http://pic.twitter.com/l0IhaYACYY

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AQW  Post #: 78
2/26/2014 18:04:34   

Name: Fenitilia
Element: Water
Rank: Master- legendary

Fenitilia ruler of a small, humble race of creatures stemming from deep in the oceans vastness. Her race consisted of her along with a small amount of dwellers who had awakened from a long,
forced slumber to hide from danger. All was fine at first, until her tribe began an odd habit of just staring to the trees. Fenitilia found nothing within these trees and put it off
as something occurring due to the sleep. Eventually her race began to lose members. First the oldest, then the youngest. Eventually Fenitilia found herself with the last member of this race, a newly born infant
. She made it her own duty to guard and personally raise her into the last awakened member of her race save herself. So when the infant began to shed tears looking at the tree Fenitilia knew this was her chance to attempt
and find out the root of her race's disappearance. Following the infant she saw what was plaguing her and her kind.. IT was a beast unimaginable at first, it was long, sleek and thick skinned. While the infant ran to her Fenitilia
took this chance and encased it into a prison of water to find out the creatures motives, and what part it played in the loss of members of her race. Taking the beast into the room she inspected it, and noticed..it took traits from her tribe.. this being appeared to look as if it was one of her own, yet it gave a feeling of horror and despair. Fenitilia noticed it began to melt away it's bonds and in a act of horror.. killed the beast flooding it from the inside destroying it's body from the inside out. Shocked she waved around the water in a bubble. To comfort the infant and herself. As this occurred she noticed the being left behind some kind of being on the ground. In time she noticed it was not one, but all of her missing race members dead lying on the ground almost as if they had the life ripped out. Pale and faded she placed them all on an altar of water and rock to remember the terror of what this new world brings. Fenitilia wishes to find out what the beast really was. Hopefully the answers sought can and will be found to honor her race.

Fenitilia and her appearance will change over the course of both of her forms.

In her master form she is defensive, as she has newly awakened from her slumber with healing and defensive cards along with pierce cards to deal with stalling.

Her legendary form consists of a barrage of damage and while keeping some defense is traded to gain more damage for a faster play style. To suit this she should get a card, Petal Barrage, this would cause a dot going through shield doing minimal damage but increasing by 100 for 3 turns. Base 100 all the way to 400 in the end.

She would ideally have a deck consisting off

X 2 fresh start

x 1 power flow

x 2 Petal Barrage

x 1 renew
x 2 healing spring

x 3 water crash

x 4 500 damage dealing cards.
DF  Post #: 79
2/26/2014 18:15:50   

Karpadian Harpooner
Element: Water
Quote:"Hssss... You dry skinned warrior will make a fine trophy."

Karpade is a race of humanoid-like water creatures. Karpade can survive on land, but have to return to the water at some point. Karpade don't welcome strangers at their colonies, and will attack any intruder, brave or stupid enough to invade their place.

Karpadian harpooners are submarine hunters, trained from young age. A swarm of harpooners can take down even a largest prey. They using to apply fish poison on their harpoons, to make them even more deadly. Sometimes they going ashore to rob terrestrial residents, or to trade with them.

Attack 500 x3
Pierce 100 x3
Power flow x1
Defend x4
Renew x2
Neutralize x1
Corruption x1

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DF AQW  Post #: 80
2/26/2014 19:55:32   

Re-submission with updated stuffles.

Alright, here's a collaboration entry. Credit to DeathGuard for the amazing art, story and idea by me.

IGN: Redingard

Name: Cyrano Blodgharm

Rank: Master/Legendary

Element: Water and Energy

Appearance: http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/804753911.jpg?1377907757 or

Backstory: At the peak of creation, the world was in disarray. With no sense of order or dissonance, everything was merely nothing. So, the world tried to fix itself with the birth of a god. Going by the name of Chaos, he was fueled by discord and hatred, feasting on the emotions of fledglings and their actions. And so, the world was plunged into darkness and sorrow. Again, the world was in disarray. And yet again, it made another god. Harmony, who taught the fledglings the meaning of order. Likewise, she gained her power through order and the kindness of the fledglings. The two gods were evenly matched, and dealt out their powers in equal measures. Without one or the other, nothing would take their place. But together, it functioned. This is where Cyrano's journey begun.

Cyrano started off as a simple, young and outgoing water mage and priest, appeasing to Chaos in whatever way he could. Many feared the god, blaming him for their strife and hardships. They turned to Harmony, hoping she would ease their pain. While there were many other gods, Chaos actually helped the world with keeping the balance. Too much order, and the world would not know the struggle of life. What good is it when you learn nothing, everything being a breeze? This is what Chaos strives for. Whether it was mere prayer or animal sacrifices, Cyrano was one of the few that praised the god for his actions.

Over the years, he was well regarded in ambiguous ways. In his own world, he became an Arch Mage and a Summoner, a revered magical art. His knowledge was unbound, and his wisdom unmatched. The Summoner grew as a Hydromancer as well, being able to bend the world around him,t he world's most abundant resource his to control. He even mingled in the other schools of destruction magic as well, being able to send out weak jolts of energy at will. Cyrano also advanced in his own religious sects. Brought up on the stories of the constant push and pull of harmony and dissonance, Cyrano came to worship the two deities. Chaos was quite the narcissist, and the Summoner was one of his greatest devotees. At this point, the mage was a grown man. His faith never wavered, and his words held steadfast. He even converted most of the world to the idea that Chaos was to be revered, not shunned. Saying that Harmony could not exist without its opposite and that there is nothing to fear, the timid people of the world embraced the Summoner's words. It became a renowned religion, rivaling even those that praised Harmony.

Thus, Cyrano advanced into the elderly age. The Summoner advanced as the greatest preacher of Chaos and one of the most powerful Conjurers and Hydromancers, able to summons lesser hydras and water elementals with due concentration. While most Conjurers can barely summons a pathetic demon or familiar, the Arch Mage was able to put their skill to shame and even out on a dazzling show with his Hydromancy. On top of this, Cyrano's skills in the other schools flourished as well. Shock storms or fireballs took quite the toll, but the payoff was well worth it. Cyrano's devotion to Chaos led him to become a prophet. Chaos wasn't one for meaningless whelps who threw themselves at him, like those who would seek protection or freedom, but he could tell that Cyrano was unique. His dedication was evident, and the deity said that the Summoner could become even stronger. He invited the Arch Mage to his own domain, seeking to make Cyrano his apprentice. He readily agreed.

Under his guidance, the Summoner became a strange sort of demi-god. He ceased to age, and his abilities accelerated at an astounding rate. At this point, Cyrano could summon some of the most fearsome creatures the world had to offered. The Arch Mage's conjuring abilities allowed him to summon the most fearsome creatures, ranging from greater hydras to storm thralls, the priest brimmed with power while he served the god. Many years continued to pass, and he learned how to keep balance in the world. By his side, Chaos became powerful and unruly. The centuries passed, and the world was the essence of perfection, the balance no longer in Harmony's constant favor.

However, Chaos began to see minute point in an apprentice. As of now, he was capable of keeping the balance without any help, since he was no longer at a disadvantage. Even if he had finesse and wit, who was Cyrano compared to Chaos? Even his own sect had no use for the Summoner. Cyrano, too, grew weary of serving the balance. The Summoner's devotion never faded, but his spirit in life had. The mere pleasantries of life were preferable to hearing to the constant bashing of whelps and fledglings, trying his best to quell the tide of dissonance and calm.

So the two came up with a contract, if you would. Cyrano would go back to being a mortal, living out the rest of his days as an adventurer. In return, he'd go to a new world, one where he could start over and make his ow way in life, without having to look back. They browsed the world, seeking out the one perfect for the Summoner. Nearly all of them were unremarkable; dull, boring, and filed to the brim with pathetic mortals struggling for power. But then, the duo stumbled upon one world outside of their own. Unchained, unbound, and not living by the rules set by the gods, it lived in its own dimension. The balance of harmony and discord was completely wrong; the perfect place for Cyrano to adventure in. So, he did just that.

Knowing that it would be a one-way trip, considering how it lived outside of the barriers of their own world, Cyrano said his farewells. His job as prophet and Arch Mage was done; it was time to start from scratch. Now, he could only summon the common beasts of the world, ranging from lycanthropes to lesser elementals. But for some reason, his hydra, Lecrato, stayed by his side. Not following the normal laws of the realms, Lecrato acted as Cyrano's vigilant and dim-witted companion, a greater hydra to always protect him. Retaining only his wisdom, intellect, and a meager portion of his former power, the power he possessed before directly serving Chaos, he delved into the unknown world. The world of Oversoul.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 81
2/26/2014 20:03:15   

Name: Otter Fisherman

Element: Water

Rank: Master

Player controlled quote: "Stay away from my fish!"

Enemy controlled quote: "These Fish are Mine! I wont let you have them!"

Appearance: Here

Bio: Otters are skilled fishermen and are often found around lakes.

1 Hit Combo: Throws harpoon.
2 Hit Combo: Rushes forward stabs with harpoon. (x2)
3 Hit Combo: Rushes forward stabs with harpoon. (x3)
5 Hit Combo: Runs off screen and returns with a long fish and precedes to whack opponent.(x5)

200 attack (x3)
500 attack (x4)
500 defense (x1)
Power Flow (x1)
Water Rapid (x2)
Water Crash (x1)
Refresh (x1)
Renew (x2)
Post #: 82
2/26/2014 20:47:32   

Name True Predator

Rank Master

Element Water and Ice

Player controlled quote "You will be an easy catch!"

Enemy controlled quote "Your like the worm on my hook!'

Victory quote "The tides of undeath gravitate towards you"

Defeat quote "The moon pulls me home..."

Quote upon failed capture "I will be the only one doing the catching around here!"

Appearance He wears large bulky armor, about the size of Xmas Fiend, that is dull blue in color. The shoulder plates are darker blue, with sapphires at there center. The sapphires emit small ripples every few seconds. The shoulder pads connect to a large central breastplate. The breastplate is a shade of lighter blue, with a glowing crest in the center. On the crest is an insignia of a electric eel. He stands in a sort of hunchback position, so that his hands droop down. He wears large spiked coral gauntlets, that pulse slightly. On his head is a large blue knight helmet. It has one central large horn, similar to that of the cosoma titan. Under the helmet you can see a face made of pure blue energy, that glows slightly. He has large white eyes, with small ripples coming out of each one. His smile is similar to that of the cheshire cat, and is wide and large, with sharp teeth showing. He has a large black mantle on his back, that goes down to his elbows. His legs are covered in the same dull blue material, and has kinks in the knees. His feet are covered in rough large boots. In one hand he holds a glowing purple net, and the other is empty.

100 attack x 2
200 attack x 2
500 attack x 3
500 defend x 2
100 pierce x 2
Powerflow x 2
Ice wall x 3
freeze x 2
Refresh x 1

1 hit combo White sea foam appears around his hand, and then he releases it shooting a stream of foam at the enemy for one hit of damage.

2 hit combo he throws the net, capturing the enemy for one hit of damage. He then jumps forward, ground pounding it for a total of two hits of damage.

3 hit combo He ground pound, and a coral reef shoots from the ground, damaging the enemy for 3 hits of damage.

5 hit combo He raises both arms, and in them a spear made from pure water essence appears. He then throws it at the enemy, dealing hits of damage by repeatedly hitting the enemy.

Quote by Dr. Phelias

"Deep under the sea, there is only one true predator. Be it beast or man, the true predator finds all. Destroys all. Like the song of the siren, reprieve comes only from death. He waits. He watches."
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 83
2/26/2014 21:34:04   
Soulweaver Zard

Name: Macden; Serpent Rider

Rank: Master

Element: Water

Enemy Quote We are the legends they speak of in stories.

Enemy Quote: We shall crush you like the waves upon a shore.

Winning Quote: The tides are not in your favour.

Appearance: A young man riding atop a green serpents head, in one hand holding a trident, and he other the serpents scales. The serpent is a jade green with glowing blue eyes and large curved fangs.

One Hit Combo: The serpent swoops in, and bites in a swift downward motion.
Three Hit Combo: The serpent first swoops in and bites downwards, and then Macden thrusts the trident forwards, finished by a mid air jump by Macden who brings his trident downwards to stab the opponent.
Five Hit Combo: The serpent charges forwards, and Macden repeatedly stabs the opponent while the serpent slithers around.


It was lying there, nestled between a pile of sand and a cluster of rocks. The green glare caught my eye in the sunlight, and I spotted it out of the corner of my eye. With the curiosity of any young child, I hurried over to it, eager to see what it was. I brushed off the sand, and held it in my hand. It fit into my palm, and I turned it over, trying to figure out what it was. Suddenly, my parents began calling for me, and so I put the egg ever so carefully back, and rushed back towards them.

It was the fourth day in a row I was visiting the shore, and once again I immediately began searching for the egg. I looked in the usual spot, I had decorated it with grass and sticks so I would always know where it was. This time, it wasn't there, instead in it's spot was cracked egg shell bits and a small dent in the pocket of sand and rocks. Tears sprung in my eyes, I thought someone had broken the egg or the creature had been eaten. I looked out into the sea, and that was when I realized I wasn't alone.

There, swimming just above the surface, was an eel-like creature, although judging from the fangs in it's mouth, I knew at once it wasn't no ordinary eel. This was a serpent, a baby form of the ones talked about in legends, and stories were told about them destroying and wreaking havoc on sailors and boats. Hesitating, I began to slowly move in it's direction, and it continued to stare. I reached into my trousers pockets, and pulled out a half-eaten fruit. The creature slowly moved in my direction, and so I tossed the apple in it's direction. It leaped out of the water, and caught the apple. I thought the serpent looked harmless, and so I began tossing it more bits of apple. The serpent caught all of them, splashing out of the water swiftly and gracefully. I vowed that I would always visit it at least twice a week, and so began my love for the cute creature.

5 Years Later

The bruises adorning my arms were beginning to heal. I trudged along back to the shore, carrying with me a couple fruit and some stale bread. The sea seemed to go on forever, and I began to waddle my way into it. I felt him slither along my ankles, and I jumped. The fruit went flying, but I managed to hold onto my bread. “Vertaw!” I exclaimed, scolding the serpent. In the course of 5 years, it had grown at least 9 feet, yet remained nearly invisible to those who weren't expecting to see a huge serpent brush against their legs. It quickly gobbled up the fruit, and then began circling around my feet once more. I sighed, the beast was no fighter. Despite it's supposed “savage” nature, I had yet to see it attempt to bite me. “I had a hard time getting that food today, so don't get too used to eating fruit.” Originally, I was heading out to get some for the family, but I made sure to get a few more for Vertaw. Unfortunately, the guards also made sure I wouldn't be doing that anytime soon. “Well boy, time for a swim I guess” I grunted, and then dove into the water, followed by my loyal serpent.

2 Months Later, Threat Of The Shadow Realm

The boy hadn't realized he was being followed. The demons had easily stalked him, blending in with the shadows and moving near silently along the forest floor. He was a target, and had something important to their master, and so they would move in and take it from him. Being lesser minded demons, they hadn't even known what they were looking for, but they were sure they would know once they saw it. The siege was underway, and the village would soon be raided and taken over. The boy was walking along the shoreline, and the demons knew now was the time to strike.

It was another long day, and I once again was looking for Vertaw along the shoreline. I saw no movement, no sign of the serpent, and so I decided to, as usual, just head into the sea to look for him. Hearing a rustle behind me, I quickly turned around, and felt my shoulder being pierced. Some small black impish creature had lunged onto me, and was ripping deep into my skin. I grabbed the freak and tossed it aside, and dove under the water. I felt a ripple of water, and looking in the distance, saw Vertaw barging towards me at an unusually fast speed. It rose out of the water, tossing me and the demons clear out of the water. The last thing I saw before everything went black was the oncoming sand, and the wails of demons rung in my ears.

I awoke just as soon as I had been knocked out, and only to see Vertaw ripping apart the demons. They flew around him, clawing at his scales, and I saw that Vertaw was growing annoyed from the petty attempt. He shook them off and finally flattened the last one. I was relieved to see my friend hadn't been hurt, aside from a few claw marks along his face. The serpent suddenly grew still, and I turned around to see why. Behind me, a huge giant lumbered in the distance, holding a tree as though it were a toothpick. Vertaw grunted, and I saw no other option. We were both in no position to a giant, let alone an entire army. I dove into the water, and grabbed onto Vertaw's scales. I knew this would not be the last time I would see the village, or the giant. Swearing revenge on the raiders, me and Vertaw took off into the never ending sea, not knowing our destiny would play a bigger role in the war then ever.


100 Attack x2
200 Attack x2
500 Attack x3
Defend x3
Pierce x2
Water Crash x2
Power Flow x1
Healing Spring x2
Renew x1

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AQW Epic  Post #: 84
2/26/2014 23:08:15   

Name: Lost Soul Hollows
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Backstory -> Dating back to the Old Ages, this map was created in the beginning of Oversoul. When the lands of Oversoul were first made, the dead would wander around aimlessly, not sure where to go.

So, a certain map was created just for this purpose, to help the lost souls wander to a safe haven, a place where they would be safe forever, or so they think.

When a lost soul would approach the map, it would open up a ''hollow'' and the soul would venture in. There, they would live ''happily ever after,'' or so they thought.

Over time, it would be home to thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of Souls. This caught the attention of the Dark Lord himself, Nulgath, after his invasion of Oversoul.

As he tore through space and time to find this ''map,'' it was taken into hiding, passed down from generation to generation.

Though the end was inevitable. Soon it would fall into the hands of Nulgath, which it did.

As he entered the haven himself, he devoured countless souls. After finishing the majority, he left some stragglers, for he had much eviler plans in the making.

Instead of tearing up the map entirely, he instead tainted it with his own ''powers,'' and mended it in his favor. The map was converted to evil, having a mind of its own now. Its only obligation, to

steal the souls of others, and keep them safely inside the cold depths of the prison ''map,'' delivering thousands of souls to Nulgath each time. In compensation for his ''service,'' he gave the entity freedom to feed on

a few of the souls he had captured, chasing them throughout the inner-world, and tantalizing them with something they may never have again- freedom.

And as it did so, Nulgath watched, pleased for his new invention.

Now the ''map'' wanders around Oversoul, slaying anyone who possesses such misfortune to come across it. And for every enemy it slays, it grips the soul, and traps it inside the map. Another soul for

Nulgath, another soul to torture. On guard, the Lost Soul Hollow yearns for your soul as well.


Description: An ancient, old looking, glowing, scroll. It has a jewel for a seal, closely resembling some sort of (soul) gem. When unraveled, there is a map/chart, with runes in a circle.

The circle would present a glassy/watery portal.

In the Lobby, it would float while sealed. In battle, it would fall on the floor, face-up, and unravel. The runes would expand, form a circle, and a fiend would levitate above.

Animations ->

Charge -> Souls would emerge from the portal, and the fiend would consume them.

Death -> The scroll's portal begins to shine brightly, as all the souls explode out of it, killing the Fiend as well.

1-hit -> A water sword appears, the fiend snatches it and rushes the enemy.

2-hit -> The fiend uses a scythe and spins it until it turns into a disc. Throws it at the enemy, hitting twice like a boomerang.

3-hit -> A water sphere levitates in the middle of the battle field, as two rings made of runes circle it.

4-hit -> The fiend uses the scythe, and spins it while still holding it, striking the opponent 4 times.

5-hit -> A giant hand and a forearm explode from the portal, with the palm facing upwards, and the long/skinny fingers jotted up with a rune on each fingertip. The fiend sits on the palm cross-legged, as he puts both of his hands together forward. 5 beams, one from each rune on the fingertips, send a stream of energy
to the fiend's hands, as he fires a beam at the enemy.


Controlled quote -> ''Join me in the Hollows.''

Enemy Quote -> ''You are not mine to feast upon, but Nulgaths!''

Cards ->

4x Sacrifice
2x Water Crash
4x Shields
1x Fresh Start
2x Healing Springs
2x Renew

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2/27/2014 4:44:42   

RANK: Master

A monster from the depths of the river of the dead.His skin is tainted
with the blood of his enemies
Post #: 86
2/27/2014 5:41:50   

Name: Time Sage
Element: Water
Rank: Master
-100 Attack x1
-500 Attack x4
-Defend x3
-Energize x2
-Chain Lightning x1
-Healing Spring x3
-Power Flow x1

Controlled Quote: “Do you feel the flow of time?”
Enemy Quote: "Yes...the seas of time are treacherous, indeed."

Shiftburned limbs, hourglass strapped to back, clocks all over the place, clock numeral runes, an unraveling sword, chronologically displaced patchwork clothing, and a nice, warm hat.

Edit: Link

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2/27/2014 7:46:16   

Name: Everflowing Power

Alignment: Evil or Neural

Element: Water

Rank: Master


Controlled: You seek unlimited power? I AM THAT POWER!
Enemy: None can control me!
Upon winning: No one can contain me!
Upon losing: NOOO AHHHH!!!!!


A floating mass of water that resembles the figure of a human male with steel platings on its head, shoulders, arms, chest, thighs and the shin. In the armor plating, there are weird looking symbols that looks like a rune of some sort. The platings on the arms, thigh and shin part has a long broken chain on it.


Dez was once a noble mage who specializes the art of bending the waters at his will. Dez believed that he has so much untapped power inside him and that he needs to learn how to release all of it. Dez studied for days and trained for hours. Dez's studies and training didn't work out, not even a slightest power inside him awaken. He studied more and more, until he realized that his own human body was the one stopping him to attain the unlimited power he desired. Dez called out the attention of the highest mage near the lands of the water mages, hoping that they would help him in his research but the mages turned him down stating "There's no point in attaining unlimited power if you lose yourself in it.". Dez's hopes shattered like a glass, maddened by the statement of his fellow mages he replies "Just you wait mages! I'll unlock this power inside me and I'll make you all bow down before me!" with that said, Dez left them. In the peak of the night, Dez travels to the Nightmare Dungeon to seek a material that could help him get rid of his human body, but what he found isn't going to help him at all. Dez saw the great fiend standing right in front of him and in just a blink of an eye, his body was torn apart. The great fiend leaved and Dez final moments is nearing to a close. Dez created small ritual circles on the ground using his blood and as his vision slowly fades, he can feel the rush of power he never felt before and as it happened, a mass of water sprang out of Dez's body. The high mages felt the presence of an everlasting power heading towards them and they can also hear a faint sound of gushing water. As the presence nears the sound of the gushing becomes louder and louder and... CRASH! The place of the high mages has been flooded by so much water. The mages looked up and saw a floating mass of water, it looked like a human male, the humanoid water mass also carries the power they've never felt before. The mages feared the entity that they are forced to use all of their power to seal and contain it.They used all nearby metal fragments to contain it's body and cast the sealing runes so that he may never remove those metal pieces, the metal fragments acts as the entity's coffin. The mages chained the metal coffin to the depths of their tower where no one else but them can have access in it. After 10,000 years, the seals on his coffin were weakened and he slowly tries to break it, he managed to remove some of it's functionality but the fragments still remains on his head, shoulders, arms, chest, and legs. "Now that I am free... I'll show anyone what TRUE power means..."

2x defend
3x water rapid
3x 200
2x 500
3x water crash
2x healing spring
1x fresh start


Idle: Floats around.
Upon starting: Shows off his power like letting the enemy know what his capable of.
Victory: laughs at the enemy.
Defeat: Returns the metal fragments around his body to it's "coffin" state, sealing him again.
Charging: Gathers nearby water source and puts it in his chest.
1 hit: He shoots out a waterball.
2 hits: He creates a water spear and stabs the enemy (as the 1st hit) and pulls it back (dealing the 2nd hit).
3 hits: He creates a water stick then stabs the enemy with it (1st hit) then spikes would grow out of the stick (2nd hit) then pulls it back with the spikes (3rd).
5 hits: Traps the enemy inside a large waterball then hits it with 5 water spears coming out from 5 different locations.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 88
2/27/2014 11:03:27   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

Name: Glaucius
Appearance: Glaucius
Element: Water
Rank: Master

A rare breed of sea slug living in huge bodies of water. Their bodies are very slippery with a high regeneration speed, and they can somehow manipulate humidity in a certain range, but the most interesting thing is that they can float around in the air like it's water, perhaps due to their magical nature. The Glaucius are very docile, and will only attack when provoked. They defend themselves by tackling the opponent with their gooey bodies, making it difficult for the enemies to balance themselves. Some have also been observed being able to call localized rains.
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Name: Axis Mistique

Rank: Master

Appearance: Axis Mistique

Story: Blessed by Poseidon, Axis grew up as a human but with sealed powers. One day, Poseidon started to die, and send Axis on a mission to recover a certain soul to save him. He parted to the UnderWorld and following the guide Poseidon gave him, he reached a portal which was long not used, so when he entered the Oversoul, his hidden powers awakened and gave him magic powers. His wings, symbol of fate and happiness, and his magic element, water being the essence of his soul, defined him as a being we could call Mistique.

IGN: DeathGuard
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How We Roll Winner

Category: Art
Name: Spirit of the Lake
Type: Water
Stages: Apprentice->Veteran->Master
Design: http://daitigrishearthside.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/spirit-of-the-lake-by-daitigris.png?w=864

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Art suggestion.

Name: Aquzal Fiend.

Rank: Master.

Type: Water.

Appearance: Aquzal Fiend

Attack animation:

1 Hit: Sonar screech

2 Hits: Pincer crush: Pincers grab at the opponent then pulls, Grabbing 1 hit, Pulling another hit.

3 Hits: Wave bang: Head bangs 3 times creating slices of water from the fin at the top that cut the opponent,

5 Hits: Holds Claw out and creates a water ball, shoots it like a beam or bullets, Somewhat like : 5 hit waterball charge.

Quotes: Controlled : *head bangs*
Opponent: *gurgling noises*

Sorry I messed up the name. Had to edit to fix it.

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The Void Calls

Name: Kelios
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• Angler fish similar to this (not my art), but with a body similar to Quaztk.
• About the size of Nulgath's Shadow or Dreadfiend

• 200 Attack x1
• 500 Attack x2
• Defend x2
• Healing Spring x2
• Water Rapid x3
• Water Crash x1
• Sacrifice x2
• Fresh Start x1
• Power Flow x1

Controlled Quote: "...It's so bright on the surface."
Enemy Quote: "I was told to protect this lake."

1-Hit Combo: Same as Nulgath's Shadow
2-Hit Combo:Same as Nulgath's Shadow
3-Hit Combo: Same as Nulgath's Shadow, but spits water instead of fire.
5-Hit Combo: Same as Quaztk Lord.

Story: Ever wondered what lies at the bottom of the ocean? Well meet, Kelios. Closely related to the species known as Quaztk these beings are the greatest hunters of the deep ocean, sometimes if you're lucky you'll see one at night near the surface right before it destroys your boat and eats you for a snack. Highly terotorial and great fighters even when they're out of water, I wonder why this one is out in the day could it be under the control of someone....

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Name Kahuna (meaning shaman in Hawaiin)

Rank Legendary


Player controlled: "Sea and sky align for the perfect wave!"

Enemy controlled: "The water speaks of you..."

Victory quote: "I have quenched your thirst for victory!"

Defeat quote: "You have showed me what true power feels like."

Failed capture quote: "My wake of destruction cannot be stopped!"


Death: Kahuna's whole body glows, and then seems to crack, scattering him to the wind.

Victory: He raises his trident and laughs

Block: A small wave of water rises up, blocking the enemy

Powering up: He stands on the tips of his tentacles, and seems to take a big breath of air

Casting a spell: He points his trident at the enemy, and smiles ruefully

Appearance: He has blue skin, and is muscular. He wears brown "monk" robes, that go down to his waist. The hood rests unused on his back. He wears two golden arm bands, one on each arm. He has White hair, as well as a long white beard and mustache. His eyes are stormy gray, and atop his head is a golden crown. A piece of frayed rope is tied around his waist, separating his top half from his lower half. His lower half is five purple tentacles. Each one is Dark purple on the outside, with a lighter shade of purple on the inside. Small suction cups lay on the bottoms, in rows of 1 at the tip, 2 in the middle, and three at the base. He holds a black trident in one hand, with small amount's of lighting crackling around it. On his forehead is a small black gem, like a bindi of sorts.

100 attack x 2
200 attack x 3
500 attack x 3
100 pierce x 2
500 defend x 3
Powerflow x 2
Super charged x 2
Water crash x 2
Energize x 3

1 hit combo: Bobs forwards, slapping the enemy once with his tentacle for one hit of damage

2 hit combo: Bobs forward, hitting the enemy twice with his tentacles for two hits of damage

3 hit combo: Bobs forward, hitting the enemy twice with his tentacle for 2 hits of damage. He then slams his trident down on the enemy for the third hit of damage.

5 hit combo: He raises his trident, and it glows with pure energy. Then lighting strikes the enemy for 5 hits of damage


From the journal of Dr. Phelias:

Day 1:

Today I am meeting with Kahuna in accordance to the kings treaty. I don not know yet who he is, or how he shall act, but I must keep my guard up no matter what. The caravan arrives in an hour to pick me up from the inn. In the meantime I will update my journal, and try not to scare myself with stories of the Kahuna's power. Only time will tell how this shall go.

Day 2:

It is late at night, but I cannot wait. About an hour ago, the shimmering city of Khan Ra appeared on the horizon. It is large and beautiful, with large spires. The streets are paved in gold, and the buildings are made from opaque shells. The city rests directly under the water of the northern lakes. Frost glitters outside, and sets the mood for an icy wonderland.

Later in the day:

We have finally reached the city. It is as beautiful and amazing as I first perceived. The following days shall be all business, and thus I shall not update my journal for a few days

Day 5:

Many things have transpired in the previous days. Our alliance was successful, and by the second day, all things were wrapped up. This is why we were surprised when Merdemon attacked us on the day of my departure. I feared for my life, although Kahuna remained strong and unchanging in his notion for peace. The Merdemons would,'t listen, and thus forced Kahunas hand. He is an offensive powerhouse. He is definitely worthy of the title "King of the depths."

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Character Name: Knights of the Lake

Story: In world of magic like Oversoul, many things are alive that shouldn't be, like lakes. Unlike the water elements in the world, a very special lake couldn't manipulate its waters. Its only taste of freedom was the movement it felt in the water cycle as it was evaporated and lost parts of it to the skies. Its only way of knowledge growth was the water returning from skies in the form of rain. Now this special lake had a great desire: to be free from the dark depressing shadow from the giant castle that sat on its shores. Its shadow was always cast on it and the lake never could enjoy the feel of the warm sun on its surface. Sadly, the lake can only patiently wait, and for now, feel the coldness of the shadow.

Then one day the castle fell. Invaders looking for treasure attacked the castle, destroying the building and its people. But even the ruins of the castle still cast that depressing shadow. But their was hope! The invaders had destroy the magical armory by sending all its contents into the lake. The weapons and armor had magical stones embedded in them. The lake soon discovered that it can manipulate these object via the magic stones in them. Realizing it had found a way to escape the shadow, the lake started creating humanoids by magic stones. It created a force field in the form of a humanoid, using magic to put armor pieces over it, holding the water inside the force field. It created its own Knights of the Lake. As the knights left the lake, for the first time in years, aspects of the lake felt the joy of the warmth of the sun.

After the initial rush of enjoying the warmth of the sun through its knights, the lake soon discovered what its Knights could really do. They were independent but still part of the lake. They can manipulate the water that composed them to form objects. They were extremely resilient, being protected against the water cycle, fire, ice, and severe physical trauma. They would kill organic creatures. They can also move and carry objects. At first, the lake would use its knights to remove the castle ruins and be free of its shadow. Through it, the lake discovered that many things cast shadows. The only way to be free of the shadows was if the whole lake moved away from there. It learned it had to gather more magical stones and armor pieces so that all of the lake can be free. So the lake sends its knights out in the world with one goal: to bring back all the magical stone and armor it can find. But as the world would soon find out, these knights have no verbal way of communicating this and that they don't take no for answer.

Phsyical Description

The Knights of the Lake our dark blue armored knights cover in light blue magic stones while missing various pieces or armor to show their a bit mismatch. Where the exposed areas of the Knights are compose of human being if they were made of water. With these being the main features.

-Head: A Dark Blue helmet cover the entire head. Think light guardian helmet as the base merge with aspects of lance knight helemt. It has point face mask which these two eye slots which glow light blue. Where the mouth would be covered with small light black crystals. The helmet has 2 large diamond magical crystal on the side(were you move the visor). Where theirs silver lining pattern.

-Torso: The chest would be dark blue version of the merc vet with light guardian pattern design in silver. Where their would be missing pieces in the torso. Like the upper left chest and lower right chest to show exposed water. Where theirs large light blue gems embedded in the open areas of the torso armor.

-Arms: The left arm has basic dark blue armor sleeve with one silver crystal no shoulder pads. Theirs no gauntlet and it has regular hand compose of water. The right arm has no armor sleeve or shoulder peice. That arm is made of water to the gauntlet. Where in the water theirs a blue arrow with silver tip and feathers stuck floating in their. The gauntlet is standard gauntlet of dark blue with silver linging and black gem on the hand.

-Lower Torso: Standard armor cover that matches this the upper torso. With it being dark blue silver lining and having various crystals to complement be it black or light blue.

-Legs: The left leg has nothing till the foot. Being compose of water like normal human leg. I was thinking small black mace with silver handle floating in their. For the foot a standard knight boot going up to the knee with dark blue armor, silver lining and black cyrstal on top of the foot and light blue cyrstal . The right leg on the knee joint. For right leg a basic dark armor for upper torso with at least a knee pad with light blue crystal and silver lining in black back ground. The rest of the leg would be normal human if it was water.

-Cape: Basic blue cape with silver lining

-Weapon: It carries a long blue broadsword with silver crystal embedded in the middle blade going from handle to the top. Which will be carried on the right hand. the handle is a black handle with a traditional T Pattern and silver wrap.

Element: Water

Alignment: Neutral

Rank: Veteran


100 Attack x2
200 Attack x2
500 attack x2
Defend X 3
100 Pierce x 2
Frest start x 1
Water Crash x 3

Enemy Quote and Controlled Quote: *Bubble popping noises*

The creatures can't talk. So I was thinking the quote should reflect that with it fails to communicate to the player. With water bubbles poping are what equilavent would work.

Alternative if the first one not allowed

"Give us your magic stones and armor! NOW!"

Victory Quote: *Bubble popping noises*

Alternative if the first one is not allowed

"We will break away from the great shadow and bathed in warm sun!"


-Shield: a Shield taller then the Knight Appears beform him Protecting him. Where the shield shape is like the normal lego shield. With the image on it being sword the Knight carries on black background with glowing blue crystal going around it in dark silver edge pattern

-1 Hit: The Knight does mid torso slash with its right hand sword.

-2 Hits: The Knight does a mid torso slashes with a sword thats form from its left hand made of water.(A clear water copy version of the sword he carries)

-3 Hits: The Knight does a lower torso sweep with both swords and then raises them up to the sky were a bigger version of water sword in the left hand come out of the ground upwards hitting the enemy.

-4 Hits: The Knight does a mid torso slash were a a mace from from it left hand made of water.

-5 Hits: The Knight opens its chest armor with with both arms. Then arrows, swords, maces, one shield, and a copy of the knigths helmet fly out of its body from the chests open and the various exposed water opens on the body. Hitting the enemy. Where after words its closes the chest armor.

-Victory: The Knight raise it left hand and various magical stone from defeated enemy fly towards the hand. Where it grabs it victoriously. The Eyes of the knight glow in bright blue.

-Defeated: The water drains out of the knight and the armor and weapons fall to the ground.

Bonus Maybe on one of the world map take one of the small lakes or make new lake and have a mini castle cast shadow on it and see if anyone picks on it for hunting the character.
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2/28/2014 0:14:53   

Name: Weshor Tho
Rank: Veteran
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Water/Fire
There once was an apprentice to both magi of fire and water, both of great power and pride. Both of these mages did not believe in the use of multiple elements in one being. The apprentice of two wished to know more of elements when put together, but neither of the magi would tell. However, as years passed, they grew ever more resentful of their apprentice being used by the other. Whenever the apprentice tried to cast a spell, it fused with the other element and turned to steam. The apprentice had been taught spells of both elements for years, and eventually they mixed together in his head. The mages both thought that the other was to blame, so they set out to destroy the other. The result was deadly, as they had not thought of the place or the people. Houses and people burned, but then were obliterated by the water. At the end, both steamed and died. After the steam had gone, only the apprentice remained. He conjured elementals of fire and water but instead of being simply fire and water, they were made of steam. Distrust of other elements and people had destroyed his home, so he would try to dissolve that distrust in truth and steam.
100 attack card x3
200 attack card x2
500 attack card x2
Water Rapid x2
Healing Spring x1
Renew x3
Defend x2
Refresh x2
*Card that discards cards for fire energy* x1
Burn x2
Controlled quote: "You shall fall to both fire and water!"
Enemy quote: "Fire and water destroyed my home and I will use them to destroy you!"

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Entry: Aeotoleon(male)



These elusive creatures dwell in the hidden and darkest abyss. Aeotoleon is said to be the offspring of a hydra and a mermaid; delicate and deadly, an Aeotoleon truly is a spectacular sight to behold and a terrifying force to trifle with. The merfolk side of this creature seems to be dominant, should anyone attempts to hurt him, he can "charm" his opponents, disarming them so long as they are within his grip. These magical race can unleash powerful offensive water spells and they can even heal themselves. As if he's not deadly enough, this creature still retains his hydra heritage. He becomes more dangerous as the battle lengthens, like fighting a hydra, if you cut its head, another 2 will spawn, hence, the more dangerous the hydra becomes. Likewise, even if no twin heads will regrow should anyone cuts his head,..... Aeotoleon gains more damage based on his missing health. Should anyone hurt him, he will reward them w/ an even more damaging strikes. It is somehow sadistic to witness his opponent's demise.


upper body: fair human complexion
ears, acromial/shoulder fins, waist fins : ombre = from dark blue to light-blue-green in the tips ( semi-transparent )
hip/pelvic fin: ombre = from light-blue-green to dark blue in the tips
tails/fins: ombre = from dark blue to light-blue green in the tips ( the fins in the tail are semi-transparent )


charm: "disarm" or prevent his opponents from using any offensive/damaging cards for @least 3-4 rounds
hydra heritage: deals bonus damage to any attack card depending on your missing health. starts from 0(perfect health) up to 500 bonus damage


1hit: transforms into a wave of water and run through the opponent(swim through)
2hits: transforms into a wave of water and run through the opponent(swim through) and then slaps them w/ the tail/fin
3hits: summon magical explosions of waters
5hits: strangles/ wraps the opponent's body w/ your fins/tails and drags them to the deepest abyss to drown them
walking: swim/glide

Enemy quote: Come with me in the deepest abyss
Controlled quote: Swim with me to oblivion

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Entry: Aeotoleon(female)


These elusive creatures dwell in the hidden and darkest abyss. Aeotoleon is said to be the offspring of a hydra and a mermaid; delicate and deadly, an Aeotoleon truly is a spectacular sight to behold and a terrifying force to trifle with. The mermaid side of this creature seems to be dominant, should anyone attempts to hurt her, she can unleash a mesmerizing lullaby that will surely beguile her opponents, disarming them so long as her lullaby persists. These magical race can unleash powerful offensive water spells and they can even heal themselves. As if she's not deadly enough, this creature still retains her hydra heritage. She becomes more dangerous as the battle lengthens, like fighting a hydra, if you cut its head, another 2 will spawn, hence, the more dangerous the hydra becomes. Likewise, even if no twin heads will regrow should anyone cuts her head,..... Aeotoleon gains more damage based on her missing health. Should anyone hurt her, she will reward them w/ an even more damaging strikes. It is somehow sadistic to witness her opponent's demise.


upper body: fair human complexion
ears & cape: ombre = from dark blue to light-blue-green in the tips ( semi-transparent )
hip/pelvic fin & bat-like wing upper body covering: ombre = from light-blue-green to dark blue in the tips
tails/fins: ombre = from dark blue to light-blue green in the tips ( the fins in the tail are semi-transparent )
jewel: emerald


Song of the siren: "disarm" or prevent her opponents from using any offensive/damaging cards for @least 3-4 rounds
hydra heritage: deals bonus damage to any attack card depending on your missing health. starts from 0(perfect health) up to 500 bonus damage


1hit: transforms into a wave of water and run through the opponent(swim through)
2hits: transforms into a wave of water and run through the opponent(swim through) and then slaps them w/ the tail/fin
3hits: summon magical explosions of waters
5hits: strangles/ wraps the opponent's body w/ your fins/tails and drags them to the deepest abyss to drown them
walking: swim/glide

Enemy quote: Hear my song!
Controlled quote: Let us perform the songs of death and destruction!

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How We Roll Winner

Name: T Doosh
Rank: Veteran
Alignment: Evil
Element: Water

History: My name is T Doosh, and this. is my story. I was born in a village in the mountains of Tres'tre'val a small population of a mere 3200 people. Life was boring, but good. We built up our strength by manipulating the element of water and using it to maintain life. Each plant and tree had to be exactly half the length of the previous one, otherwise every tree or plant would die. Rain came in little amounts each month and we made due with what we had. Moisture was a problem. My village had seen six years of drought and each year was worse than the last.

The children would sing, the old men would sit around telling stories, the women would sew and cook. It was a hard life, but it was a good life. My ancestors were those of legends. They bred horses and made boats during the great war of the Sans Re Revolt. The Sans Re Revolt happened before i was born but my grandfather told me all about it. He said that in a time when the weather was calm and clear an outcasted soldier returned with an army of more than 2000 at his call. It took the combined effort of all the warriors and most of the village to defeat the army.

One day while i was out hunting a Yakawala bird, the village was attacked. I don't know by whom but the scorch marks and terror stricken faces and the claws in the earth suggested a dragon. I returned home to find this dreadful shock and i vowed my revenge for the fallen. I would no longer be T Doosh the peaceful. I would now be known as T Doosh the merciless. Every single person had perished. The grief struck me like a chord upon the strumming of a harp.

That night I packed what i could scavenge and left my home for the final time. Rot and decay all around followed along the path i took until i came to the Eastern floor of the river known as Tre'leer. There i saw more to make me hate. Red replaced water, the soil ruined, the damp earth screamed defiance and anger. The water cried in misery. It was more than enough to make me cry. More than enough to make me shake with fury and outrage.

2 years passed and the trail had gone cold. Following seemed only to prove fruitless until the following night when I stumbled upon the carcass of a meer'nan bear. I followed the swash of destruction to the root cause. A cave jutting out of the cliffside of the Maraza mountain. Climbing proved difficult, sweat dripping down with each straining effort to reach the structured hole in the mountain.
Entering that foul place had more of an adverse effect on my courage. My knees quaked as i pulled a small flask and lit a torch. Upon entry there were bones by the thousands strewn about like little toys. This made me see red. What sort of creature would do such a thing i pondered.

Upon entry into the inner chamber was I to see the result of my query. A huge dragon lay resting in the middle of the juncture. As the snoring reached my ears, my grip upon the staff i'd made tightened. Here at last was the reason for my pain. Creeping closely and nary a sound or else risk awakening such a terrible beast. I climbed up a place and dove down from above latching on with both hands to the head of the creature. The awakening roar was horrifying. It took everything in me to keep from fainting.

As was taught to me, water gathered around my body from the moistness of the place. It struck blow after blow on the body and face of this nightmarish construct of terrible fury. I felt like I too was drowning. Drowning in anger, drowning in grief, drowning in death.
Upon awakening some twenty minutes after the attack. I discovered that while the beast lay dead, my body felt different, my revenge had cost me greatly.

My staff broken, my arms felt heavy and yet light. My eyesight was swimming with red stars and my head was dizzy. My outer appearance too had changed. There was deep blue marks upon both hands and legs, as if the water itself had carved its name into my body. I had thought revenge would satisfy my quenched thirst for destruction. It only made me feel like wanting to cause more devastation.

Journeying seems to satisfy me little as both hatred and violence fill me with driving pleasure to seek and destroy. My name is T Doosh and this is my path. Evil incarnate. Do not cross me or perish.

Physical Description:

T Doosh wears a purple robe with a hood on the top, he has a deep blue star shaped scar around his left eye. He stands at 5'7 and his weight is lean. Each hand has a deep dark blue mark (provided in illustration). There are deep blue marks across the purple robe, these are symbols of water having taken over him. His eye color is a deep dark red and his skin is tanned.
He carries a twisted staff made of Oak.

T Doosh

That's a basic sketch of the star on his face and the symbols on his hands and legs. I'd draw the whole thing up, but I'm not very good with body proportions, So i think here a basic sketch will help.

I leave the choice of card and damage up to you.

I forgot the quotes.

Enemy Quote "You are in big trouble."

Regular quote "Now is the time. It is time to destroy."

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Soulweaver Zard

Name: Windon, The Undead Fisherman

Race: Skeleton

Rank: Master

Element: Water & Shadow

Player Quote: Your bones will provide me fine hook.

Enemy Quote: Caught one!

Winning Quote: You'll make a fine bait.

Appearance: A skeleton in a fishermans vest, with bobbers pinned above the pocket. It wears a fishing hat, a long, sleek yet old tan hat that has fishing hooks made of bones sticking out of it. He carries a fishing rod with a bone hand for the bait.

The water had grown just as thick as the fog that engulfed the boat. Staring straight down, Tyren saw nothing but a wall of gray. “Nothin'. What bout' you boys?” Tyren asked with a sigh, looking at his fellow fisherman. They both shrugged, neither of them could see farther than their own boats as well. Tyren squinted, and cast his line out to the far left of Billy's. The bobber glanced off the side of his boat and settled calmly in the water. Tyren kicked open his tackle box, and searched for his bait jar. He was runninng low on worms, so he propped the cover back on his box and turned in Billy's direction. “Billy, reckon I borrow...” He stopped, for Billy's boat was no where to be seen.

Tyren scanned the area, hoping to see Billy's boat somewhere close. He saw nothing, and quickly turned to Johnathan, only to see that he wasn't there. “Johnathan?” Tyren called, and he heard a jump from Johnathan's boat. He had merely been sleeping, and was oblivous to the fact their friend had vanished into thin air. “Err, maybe he paddled off?” Johnathan stammered, unsure of what to make of the situation. The fog had gotten to the point where Tyren could barely see Johnathan's boat, despite the fact it was less than two feet away from his. “Here, I'm paddle off to the left, you go to the right, just holler if you see anything.” Johnathan replied, sleepily. As much as Tyren felt scared to veer off alone, they did need to find Billy, and so they went in the opposite directions.

The boat slowly lurched forwards, making it's way throughout the fog. The paddle cut through the water, doing little to clear the grayness that covered the surface. Tyren was growing more nervous by the minute. What if Billy was in trouble, or had wandered off far in the sea? “Billy? Bill? Where are ya?” Tyren called. He was answered by the silence of the night, and got no reply from Johnathan either. Tyren began to circle back, to see if Johnathan had found Billy, or at least a sign of the boat. “Johnathan?” Tyren hollered, and still no one had answered. Tyren took a examined the waters, and spotted Johnathan's boat, with Johnathan's hat alone floating beside it.

Tyren picked up his paddles, paddling like a madman to get to Johnathan's boat. The boat was drifting slowly through the water, almost silently as it moved away from Tyren. Tyren lept into Johnathan's boat, only to discover that Johnathan wasn't there. He surveyed Johnathan's boat, searching for a sign of a fight or a splash of water. Everything looked as it always did, half eaten sandwich on top of his tackle box, fishing line beside his spare fishing line. Tyren decided to examine the hat, and bent over to grab it. The second he did, he felt a slight tug, and was yanked into the sea, the gray water opening a hole for him to enter before closing up, looking just as it did seconds earlier.

Tyren stirred as he felt himself hit dry land. He rolled over, and looked up to see a skull wearing a fishing hat staring at him. He could barely move, and just managed to sputter “Where are they?” The skull laughed, and rasped in a dry, creaky voice “I was running out of bait too. They made a fine replacement, don't you agree?”


100 Attack x2
200 Attack x1
500 Attack x3
Water Crash x2
Mark Of Death x2
Life Drain x2
Renew x3

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