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RE: =OS= Water Element Contest

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2/28/2014 16:40:01   

Name: Oculeum
Element: Water
Rank: Veteran
Player controlled quote: Yessss...Your flesh will feed me well...
Enemy controlled quote: Yesss...Fall before the wrath of the Oculeum

Appearance: A blue and tan colored serpent, with a spiked, trident like tail, and six spidery, clawed feet that reach out from its belly. The Oculeum has a plated exoskeleton, with a small, spiked frill jutting down its spine. It has a horned head, and a large, strained, red eye in the very center of its face.

Backstory: The Oculeum was originally a small, scaled, legless water based sub-species of the leviathan that lived in the depths of the ocean, hunting small fish. Possessing little intelligence or strength, they were hunted to near extinction by their natural enemy, the great white shark. Forced to hide in small caves for self preservation, a small colony found refuge in an abandoned church, built by ancient sea demons in hopes of creating a portal to the nether dimensions. Although the sea demons themselves had left centuries before, their taint remained, corrupting and mutating the Oculeum, filling them with the abyssal energies of the underworld. This rapidly changed the Oculeum, both physically and mentally. They grew to the size of horses, and their scales melded together, forming a thick, tough exoskeleton, capable of deflecting swords and absorbing magic. They grew thin, spidery legs on their bellies, allowing them to quickly scuttle across the ground, and swim with increased speed. Most notable is its great, red eye, located in the very center of its head. The eye of the oculeum is a terrible weapon, capable of transfixing enemies, leaving them open to a swift, fearsome attack, carried out by the Oculeum's spiked tail. Now one of the strongest predators of the ocean, the small colony of Oculeum began to multiply, gaining intelligence over the course of a few centuries. Now smarter than most men, these new, bloodthirsty Oculeum have began to spread to the land, attacking and slaughtering villages, and then proceeding to drain the blood from the bodies of their victims, before consuming the flesh from their corpses. Left unchecked, the Oculuem, though few in number, could one day become a great threat to the peoples of the world.
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2/28/2014 18:43:20   

Name: Viron the jet

Element: Water

Rank: Novice-Veteran-Master

Viron, the jet while it is questionable on how he came into being, only one thing Is known, his love to race, and his connection to the earth. Viron, an inter dimensional being crossed into this plane just traveling too fast.
Once in he felt the difference in air, pressure and movement, he then noticed while racing through the water, he couldn't reach that speed again. Try and try again he couldn't do it. Now finally realizing his limit he decided.
Traverse the world, this new land, find out who lives here, and most of all find out who can race along the likes of himself.

Diary Entry 1: "Day 1 of living in this new land and I have already found the difficulty of living in this area. Breathing is hard and I find nothing living in this world, I guess exploring and finding a racer is going to be a bit hard to find"

Diary Entry 2: " Day 2 of this life, I am already bored I found a racing partner but he didn't seem to be able to keep up.. huh looks like this is going to be a boring training day, hopefully this torture can end soon".

DATA ENTRY 1: " Recently out court has come into discovery of a swift and mobile creature, hopefully capturing and befriending it won't be so hard, This is day 1, Discovery".

DATA ENTRY 2: " Apparently the creature is not easily befriended and in order to gain it's respect we have to race this creature."

Diary Entry 3: Hmm, I found a nice little creature trying to befriend me, so I challenged it to a race, though small it is not that slow, interesting".

DATA ENTRY 3 " The subject is befriended hopefully after the Mass Data Transfer we can see the subjects true strength".
DF  Post #: 102
2/28/2014 21:21:47   
Soulweaver Zard

Name: Deep Sea Reapers
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Player Quote: I'll drag you into the sea.
Enemy Quote: Your not worthy enough to be my new master.
Winning Quote: I await another command.


Deep Sea Reapers was created by a water mage, with the intentions of driving away merfolk and claiming land underwater as his own. The Deep Sea Reapers ravaged and wrecked havoc among many villages, which angered the merfolk. The water mage was hunted down, and never heard from again. His creations still linger the deep seas, awaiting a command, a new purpose.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 103
3/1/2014 2:48:50   

Character : Sarkanian Squire

Element : Water

Alignment : Neutral

Rank : Apprentice (May Vary)

Story : There Was a Hidden Civilization Beneath The Depths of The Great Sea, They Have a Huge Hidden City That is Powered by Water Orbs, There are a Race Mysterious to Others That Dwells The Land they Remained Hidden After the Events of the Devourer Because they are afraid to be droved to brink of Extinction but then suddenly Some Mysterious Force forced them to Dwell Once more the Upper Surface.

They are Mysterious Sea Dwellers That Who Sometimes Helps Lost Sailor and Sometimes Eats Them.

Some of Them Guards or Raid Lost Ships, Some Populates Ancient Sunken City and Guards Ancient Powerful Artifacts or Some Vast Treasures, They Say that If You Understand Their Language and Befriended Them They may Give You Treasures/Ancient Artifacts or more They can Bring You To Their City and Understand Their Ancient Culture.

Appearance : They Look Like Grey Fishmen with Blue Tridents and Red/Grey Attire(Looks Like Swim Suit), "They are Sarkanians From Adventure Quest"

Attacks/Animations :

*1 hit - Stabs Trident to Enemy
*2 hit - Stabs Trident Twice to Enemy
*3 hit - Spins and Throws Trident to Enemy
*4 hit - Spins and Throws Trident to Enemy and Trident Stabs Back of Enemy
*5 hit - Rides a Battle Whale and Runs Over Enemy
* If Uses a Spell Eyes Glows and Raises Trident
* Defense - Blue Sphere
* Stunned - Trident Fells
* Defeat - Dives to Water

2x 200 Damage
3x 500 Damage
3x Water Rapid
2x Renew
1x 100 Damage
2x Defend
1x Power Strike
2x Water Crash
2x Power Strike
1x Refresh
1x Healing Spring (Veteran)
2x Cat Reflex (Master)
1x Power Flow (Master)

Controled : "Sarkanian Language"
Enemy: "Angry Sarkanian Language"
Defeated : "Shouts"

AQW  Post #: 104
3/1/2014 3:54:00   

Name: Meta-King "Lionheart"

Element: Water/Neutral

Rank: Master/Legendary

Alignment: Evil/Neutral/Good

Story: Once a Noble King of a Fallen Kingdom Near Gnaemor and a Long Lost Mythical Warrior Hero Died after The War Against The Mutants From The No Man's Land and Fought the Mutant King Itself Severely Damaging it but Suddenly Tricked by His Own Allies and Discovered That They Are Paid by The Mutant King , He Died and His Remains Were Locked Deep in The Dungeon Beneath The Sea And Casting a Spell to Counter Necromancy, While Leaving His Kingdom.
But After a Long Time a Force From No Man's Land Sewn The Body Parts of The Mutants To His Body Making Him a Powerful Creature Who is No Longer a Man He Gained a Very Powerful Strength That Can Lift a Mountain And Can Separate the Sea in Half But It Has a Consequence he can Barely Handle his Sanity, So He Seeks a Legendary Sword Named the "Edge of Order"From The Middle of the Maelstorm That Can Help Him Handle His Sanity and Madness.
He Is Also in a Quest To Kill The Mutant King to Regain his Humanity and Sanity And To Rebuild Once More his Kingdom.

Appearance: A 7 Feet Tall Humanoid With Beastly Claws and a Wing of a Roc Holding a Glowing Silver Sword With Blue Aura with Ancient Manuscripts Has a Helmet and Mask Covering his Face But Reveals his Glowing Blue Eyes With Obsidian Armor and Red battle Scarred Cape

*1 hit Slashes Enemy
*2 hit Slashes Enemy Twice
*3 hit Slashes Enemy Three Times
*5 hit Grabs Enemy and Stabs Its 3x and Bashes in The Ground
* Spell - Raises Sword Upward
* Defense - Wings Cover the Hero
* Defeat - Shouts

3x 200 Damage
3x 500 Damage
2x 100 Damage
2x Power Strike
3x Death Flow
2x Defense
1x Corruption
2x Renew
2x Water Rapid
3x Water Crash
1x Healing Spring

Enemy: Are you a Servant of the Mutant King?
Controlled: My People Needs me
Win: Im One Step Closer to my Quest
Defeat: Argh...

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AQW  Post #: 105
3/1/2014 12:27:30   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Contest is over. Lucky people who got to take advantage of my inability to stay up late last night...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
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