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Design your own AQW Release Contest! Submissions

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4/22/2014 14:49:06   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Contest Timeframe
• Begins Tuesday, April 22, 2014
• Ends Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at 11:59pm EST

Sample AQW Release Template

Want to see a sample of how your AQW Release should look like?
Check out the sample Google Doc here!
Contest Rules
• Design a brand new AQW release that includes all the parameters mentioned (Overview, Map, Monster list, Boss, NPC, Quests, and Items)
• You CAN work solo or with your friends to design this Release!
o Bonus points if you’re all in the same Guild
o Even more props if you and your Guild have a Guild Launch Hub page!
• Your Release submission MUST include your AQW character name, and any other AQW players that helped design this new Release
• Yes, you CAN include drawings/photos of your Release idea if you want (not necessary, but pretty!)
• You MUST have a valid Email Address linked to your AQWorlds account (this is how we will contact you if you win)
o Access your Account Manager here to change/update your Email address
• After following ALL THE RULES above, submit your awesome Release idea in this Forums thread!

For complete contest guidelines, rules and suggestions, please go here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21663556

Remember, DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST. If you feel something needs to be changed, please PM Eukara Vox or another moderator. The reason for this is that in the past, people have taken advantage of this and altered their submissions to copy or thwart another player.

Oh, and please keep all discussion in the original thread. This is for SUBMISSION only.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
4/22/2014 16:26:55   

Here's my submission. I came up with it myself. My Artix account is 01donut, and my AQW accound is 1glazeddonut.

Release Title: Weird Gate Thingy

Level Range: 30+

Release Date: Whenever It’s ready

A Weird Gate Thingy has appeared in the middle of Lolosia. At first glance, the gate doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, but if it doesn’t, then how could all those undead monsters come out of it? Figure out a way to keep the gate open long enough for you to get through and defeat whichever Big Bad is on the other side of it!
You’ll have to get help from Artix, who is more than happy to help beat up undead monsters. What could be more fun than that? Unfortunately, something is pushing Artix away from the gate and the undead, and that has made him very sad. You’ll have to gather materials to make a disguise for Artix!

Name Of Map
This release takes place in Lolosia, and my suggested map name is: gatethingy

The Infuriated Paladin
(Hero Name), Great, you’re here! That gate thingy is driving me crazy! There are all those undead behind it, but I can’t get near it for some reason! I NEED THOSE UNDEADS! So will you help?
Really? You will? *sniff* Thank you so much! Okay, if you’re ready, then just click on that shiny Quests Button and let’s get going!

Undead Pirate, Undead Soldier, Skeletal Fire Mage, Skeletal Ice Mage, and Pachelbel’s Cannon (Just because It’s cool and I want it in there.)

Boss Monster Type:
A pink undead unicorn. That throws cuddly brightly-colored kittens at you.

Reward Types:
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
Monster Drops
Boss Drops
Item Rewards:
Helm: Pink Undead Unicorn Helm
Helm: Artix’s Disguise (Consists of a fake mustache and a Bowler Hat
Weapon: Oversized Unicorn Horn
Pet: Cuddly Rainbow Kitten

• Opening Cutscene: A Pirate stumbles upon a gate sitting out in the middle of nowhere, and after a few seconds of inspecting it, It bursts open and a bunch of undead run out of it. The pirate runs off to get help. *Fade to black* *Fade back in* Artix is trying to get to the gate, but keeps getting knocked back by some invisible force, and is getting increasingly more frustrated each time he tries. The player watches this scene for a second, facepalms, and then rushes over to help.
• Closing Cutscene: The undead pink unicorn slowly gets back up, and then suddenly charges at the player, who backflips over it, causing it to get its horn stuck in the wall. Artix makes some witty puns about the whole thing, and the player suggests burning the gate, but Artix doesn’t want to because if you don’t then more undead can keep coming out of it. Unfortunately for Artix, the player does not listen and borrows a flamethrower from a nearby Pyromancer. He then proceeds to set the gate on fire. After it is burnt to a crisp, they all walk away, but then it pops back up again when they’re not looking.

1st Quest: Drop
Disguise Time
Now let’s see, in order for me to get in there, I’ll need to disguise myself. Maybe with a mustache! That always works! Let’s see, some of those undead probably have some hair left over from when they were alive! Go beat them up until you get enough for my mustache!
7 hair
Oh great, those hairs are all different colors! Was this really all you could find? I can’t make a convincing mustache like that!

2nd Quest: Clicky
Do or Dye it
Hmm, maybe we could dye the mustache so that it’s all one color! We’ll need something to use as dye, though. Here, fill this cup with something that we can use to dye the mustache.
1 Cup of Mud
Really? MUD? I’m beginning to think that maybe you’re just trying to make me look silly.

3rd Quest: Drop
Hat’s all you could find?
Okay, the mustache is sort of convincing, but we need something to finish it up. I know, a hat! Go find me a hat. But PLEASE, make sure it’s in relatively good condition. One of the undead should have one.
1 Bowler Hat
Well, this one’s actually pretty good! I was expecting a helmet or something… why would an undead have one of these?

4th Quest: Drop/Clicky
A wedge between them
Well, now that I can actually get close, I can finally have some fun! Woohoo! I can’t wait to fight the boss! Speaking of which, you might want to get something from one of the undeads to wedge the door open so that we can get through.
1 Disproportionately Large Skull
1 Doorway Wedged
Hey, was the skull that big when it was on the skeleton? Never mind, that’s not important.

5th Quest: Drop
Maybe I’ll just stay back…
You know what? That boss looks… um… easy enough for you to handle. I’ll just make myself useful and hide behind this rock…
1 Unicorn Defeated
Oh, cool, you did it! Now everything’s alri-AAAUGH IT’S GETTING BACK UP!
End Release
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4/22/2014 17:25:58   
Edme MacHeath


Captain Rhubard summons you(the hero) to Lolosia. He says their is a letter from a ancient empiric island that everyone thought fell apart long ago.
You agree to go because of the promises to great treasures and a giant coliseum to fight in.
You Arrive there to find a bunch of Roman Legionaires(Not to be mistaken for Dage's Legionaires) who prefer to be call themselves Roman Warriors.
They greet you only to bring you to the Roman Empress who is known as Rachel Octavius III. She request you to help them defeat a evil Immortal Being known as Nyx. Through the fights you conquer Nyx's throne and restore peace to the island.

Name Of Map: Senate
Name of Map2: Romebattle

NPCs: Rachel Octavius III, Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Nyx, And Followers Of Nyx.

Monsters: Black Knight,Good Soldier, Evil Soldier, Queen's Knight,Mercutio(Rename as Nyx and made significantly stronger), Ultra Mercutio(a lvl 60 boss with a special lock skill move and stun move)

Boss Type: No triggers from weapons.

Reward Types: Roman Empire Themed Weapons Shop
Rome Armors Shop
Possibly Rome Rares.
All Quest come from Rachel:

Quest1: "Now you see what Nyx Has done to us?! We must first find clues to what he is planning. Kill 5 evil soldiers
Requirements: Slay 5 Evil Soldiers.
400 Exp
300 Gold

Quest 2: It seems our leads have come to realize their is traitors within the empire! Find them and Interrogate them.

Requirements: Slay 9 Queen's Knights...
600 Exp
1000 Gold

Quest3: So Nyx has been stealing our best soldiers and warping them into evil diabolic versions of them
Requirements: Slay 10 Good Soldiers and 10 Evil Soldiers
800 Exp
1300 Gold

Quest4: While you were busy fighting I overheard some knights whispering to meet at the Altar in our Sacrifice Center. Please Raid and thwart their Plans.

Requirements: Slay 2 Black Knights.
2000 Exp
2000 Gold.

Quest5: Perfect! Now Search for Nyx's Keys!
Requirements: Click on 7 keys hidden on rooms of the map.
2500 Exp
4000 Gold
Quest 6: What are you waiting for! Fight Nyx! Hurry,Ill cast a weakening spell on him!
Requirements: Slay Nyx
1000 Exp
1000 Gold

Special Quest1: Now that Nyx is gone we can clear the commotion caused by his followers
Requirements: kill 4 Black Knights.
1000 Exp
2000 Gold
May drop the following:
Rachel's Armor
Rachel's Spear
Rachel's Cape

Special Quest2: Nyx won't give up that easily, you can choose to fight him full on!
Requirements: Kill Ultra Nyx

Drops: Nyx's Armor (1%)


End Release.

Rewards? Ofcourse!

1: Pet "Tempest" (Is a pegasus that is rachel's preferred pet.) (Looks like a golden pegasus)
2 capes: A gold and Black Version of Nyx's Cape
1 Weapons: SlayedNyx?: A staff with Nyx's Head on the top
1 helm: Rachel's Empress Helm (A standard roman helm with a slight difference of it being made of obsidian.)

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AQ  Post #: 3
4/22/2014 17:41:30   

Moonblight, the Accursed
(Level Range: 30+)

Release Date: ???

On a mountain not far off from Arcangrove, lived a pack of wolves known as the Lunar Fangs. These wolves only were said to be seen on the day of a Lunar esclipse. When one day, the wolves had been seen roaming around new parts of Arcangrove.
When the hero meets up with Rayst he explains the curse of Moonblight has returned. The wolves have been causing rampage all over Arcangrove. Rayst appoints you to Blakk, the magical pet trainer to help the hero save these Wolves and Arcangrove from the 'curse'. The curse causes the Wolves of Lunar Fang to lose control going completely mindless.
Later, finding out the truth of the Moonblight by a wolf of Lunar Fang that has some sanity left, he explains Moonblight was once the leader of their pack. Until one day he decided just worshipping the eclipse wasn't enough for him, he wanted more. He attempted creating a way to harness all the moon's light for himself so the moon wouldn't glow brightly anymore. After the pack obviously knew he was insane he was banished where he soon placed a curse on the clan.
Time is short, in due time Moonblight will fully rise again and he will harness all the moon's light through his curse. Can the hero stop the curse and Moonblight?!

Name of Map(Either will do)


Blakk Magical Pet Trainer
Ah hero so you've heard of the curse from Rayst? Time is short, we don't know how long until the curse completely obliterates the minds of the Lunar Fangs. Hurry! Time is short!

<More> According to Rayst the Lunar Fangs were ancient lycans that worshiped the Lunar Eclipse to harness energy for their clan, although seemingly harmless this breakout could be disaster.

<More2> If we don't hurry they could end up damaging all of Arcangrove, or even themselves or people! -Insert Hero name here? or just Hero-! They must be stopped at all costs!


(Unsure if some of these can be used)
-Lunar Fang Member(Just a Black Wolf with Red eyes and crystals in the chest)
-Dark Moon Elemental(Renamed Dark Elementals)
-Undead Berserker
-Chaorrupted Wolf
-Living Moonlight(Living Air renamed, if it can be used)

Boss Monster Type

-A Beastly Wolf(Beast)

Moonblight will look like a overly sized black Wolf with his right eye being silver, left being red. He is very menhancing looking with a single fang sticking out and muscular Wolf limbs. He has red crystals jutting from his chest(Much like the Lunar Fang Member mentioned earlier). Finally, he has sharp talon like claws on his paws.

Reward Types and Items

First, I'd like it to be a shop that unlocks after you beat the quests.

Within the shop I'd like the following(Given they can be made):

-An Evolved version of Lycan Knight from the rep shop in /join Lycan, the only difference is the fur is automatically black, the armor is buffer, and red crystals jut from the chest.

-2 Helms(One Unarmored one armored) of the Lycan helm in the rep shop from /join Lycan, the difference being the one is armored with a moonlike symbol on the forehead, and the other unarmored with the same symbol(Both auto black fur, symbol is red)

-The Cape just being a Wolf Tail with a Red tip

-Weapons; A Staff with a Crescent moon at the top that is black glowing red the handle being black with a design of whoever designs its choice. A broadsword with a moon on the hilt and a shining silver blade with black and red lined handle. Finally, two crescent-like daggers.

-A Lunar Fang Member Pet(Given you allow it to be made)

Release Outline
//Player joins "Which ever of the choices from above"
//Player talks to Blakk

Starting Cutscene: The player is sitting down leaning against the tower in arcangrove(At night) watching stars in the sky, tonight was said to be a Lunar Eclipse. Suddenly, when the Eclipse is about to begin the moon turns a bright red color and the sky darkens. Rayst is seen gasping as Wolves start to howl and jump into Arcangrove. Blakk runs out of the tower and yells: "So it is time...".

Ending Cutscene: The player is shone striking Moonblight in the chest where his crystals form. He growls angered and his silver eye turns red and his muscular figure dies down. He is now the same size as one of the other Lunar Fang Members and he sits there deeply breathing. He whispers: "Thank you hero... it is all over...". As he speaks the red moon suddenly turns to its normal color and the eclipse ends, all the wolves howl and jump away in a pack. The hero sighs and whispers to himself; "We are done... let the moon shine brighter than it has ever before.". It ends with Blakk patting the hero on the back and smiling.

1st Quest: The Moon's End; The Lunar Fangs have risen, the insanity level is off the charts and the curse of Moonblight has returned. Hero! To calm some of this down I'd like you to kill off 7 of the Wolves and bring me back some crystals from their chests to examine. 7 Lunar Crystals. Complete: Thank you hero, it seems these gems have been corrupted greatly by the curse, we must continue on.

2nd Quest: Harvesting Webs; Monsters from everywhere are hording in from the energy the curse is giving off, to calm down some of these wolves we'll have to find a way to keep them down. Kill some Dreadspiders and get me some webs to create web traps. 9 Webs from Dreadspiders. Complete: Good job hero, we're making progress next we'll lay the traps!

3rd Quest: Stick it to the Man; Now that we have all the webs we need you gotta place the traps, go around the map and place 9 web traps across the area. 9 Web traps layed out. Complete: Great hopefully the wolves will fall for the traps... maybe we need a little more to attract them to the traps.

4th Quest: Bait the Wolves; We're gonna have to find a way to attract the wolves to the traps because it seems they aren't too interested in simple traps like that. Go kill 8 Undead Berserkers to get their bones for us to lay on the traps to attract wolves! 8 Undead Berserkers. Complete: Good, now we will have to get these cleaned up and then lay em out!

5th Quest: Cleansing the Bones; These bones are obviously too dirty for us to just give out to expect the wolves to go to, we'll need some way to clean them... Oh I know! Drench em in living moonlight! Go kill 8 Living Moonlight's to cover the bones with pure moonlight to attract the Wolves even MORE! 8 Living Moonlights. Complete: We are edging close to finding the cause of the curse.

6th Quest: Info and Traps; If we're going to find the cause of this curse we'll need information. Possibly the corrupted wolves and Dark Moon Elementals will have some information try slaying some, and lay out the bones while you're at it. 9 Bones placed, Information Gained(Random drop from Dark Moon Elemental or Corrupted Wolf). Complete: Everything is running smoothly... but what's this... Moonblight was a member of the pack? We got a breakthrough hero!

7th Quest: Edging Closer; We know the cause of the curse, we just gotta find where Moonblight is, maybe if we slay some Dark Moon Elementals and Lunar Fang Members we can find pieces and bits of information on his location. Go kill 5 more Lunar Fang Members and 6 Dark Moon Elementals. 5 Lunar Fang Members, and 6 Dark Moon Elementals. Complete: We finally have a way to end this curse once and for all, are you ready hero the fight with Moonblight shall soon commence!

Final Quest: Ending the Moonblight; It is time you finally confront the source of this curse: Moonblight! He is a lot stronger than the average Lunar Fang Members to be prepared for a challenge. When the moon shines again I'll know you were successful. Go slay Moonblight, give these wolves back their freedom and save the moon! Slay Moonblight(1). Complete: It is over... you did it hero... you killed the curse of Moonblight and restored piece to the pack.

Special Quest 1(Legend-only Quest): Cleaning the Leftovers; It seems we still have a wee bit of left over wolves still recovering, and these pesky Dreadspiders still haven't left. Put the wolves out of their misery and smash those pesky bugs to get rid of the Extra mess. 15 Lunar Wolf Members, and 20 Dreadspiders. Complete: Great job, we shall have it cleaned in no time, if you don't mind can you do me one last favor?

Special Quest 2(Legend-only Quest/Must complete first): The Lunar Eclipse; Ah, the Moon's beauty can finally shine just like it should, I know this is a kind of dumb reasont to go slaying things, but can you kill some Dark Moon Elementals to make some moon sparkles for the Eclipse? 30 Dark Moon Elementals. Complete: Thank you! Would you like one? Of course you would!(If you don't mind for this one can you reward the player a Sparkle item except at the end instead of just a dot a crescent moon-shape at the end with the sparkler animation and black sparkles.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope you enjoy my idea! -Bravelyzach Adventure Quest Worlds!
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4/22/2014 17:54:59   
AQW Lore-titician

Username: Ergotth
AQW charpage linked in name.

Release Title: Reversing the tides of Chaos

The mastermind of Chaos, Drakath, has started pulling the strings to his new puppet: US!
Threatened throug what we hold most dear to us, our friends, Drakath plans on making us his latest chaoslord. Without the hero to stop a chaoslord, he wins, and so far, all kinds of plans and schemes to get rid of the said hero had failed, except one: Drag him to our side. Already divided between good and evil, we must now work with chaos, while we think of how to end up this situation! And fast, because Chaos build up in our soul like a fungus over dead matter!!

The release will basically be a reverse chaoslord. We would unwillingly follow Drakath's order to become a Chaoslord from beggining to end. ChaosLordship 101. We fought against a chaosbeast? Now we fight to CREATE a chaosbeast. We fought against corruption? now we CORRUPT! Everything must be done carefully to become reversible...once we find a way to start reversing our own mess. And it seens Drakath has set the board to his disturbing game: the mirror real, where chaoslords do not exist. And where it's balance is most delicate due the fragile nature of mirrors.

Basically, we would make a short, reversed version of Mobius chaos saga, we would create chaos, turn mirror-Mobius into, roughly, what Escherion did in our world, fight the Hydra to tame it and make ou chaosbeast, and later, fight the chaos building into ourselves to cleanse everything we have done.

Map of choice: Mirror realm
Map Suggestion: /Mathemathicus* (a reverse of Mobius)
The idea is that making two places in the mirror realm and real world the same will cause an inbalance that cna shatter the area and cease it's existance.

*Art-wise, mathemathicus would be like mobius, but un-reversed...for now

Mirror Drakath
Mirror Escherion
Mirror Renn and Zio

NOTE: similar to that release where we switch with Death, during this release, the map would give us a temporary armor of chaoslord, just, something chaos-like to wear.

Guardian eye (reverse of chaos eye)
Guardian spirit (reverse of chaos imp)
Elf (the most opposite I can think of an Orc)

Sub-boss: Hydra (I think we could make a full-body Hydra this time, instead of just heads popping out of the water, but thats up to the artists's opinion)
Boss: Chaos self (a humanoid shape of chaotic energy with eyes blinking inside it's silhouette, the surrounding of this battlefield could be the guardian tower partially dragged into the chaosrealm)

Guardian eye: Guaridna eye pet
Elf: Elf armor and weapon
Hydra: Evolved version of the Hydra armor, helmet and a weapon of the artist's choice.

Boss drops: Prismatic Chaos armor and a matching set of cape, helmet and weapon.

Reward shop:
-Chaos armor (non-temporary) and matching helmet, cape and staff.
-Mirror Escherion Helm
-Mirror Escherion armor

Link to book of lore's chaos shaper class. Feels like a good idea to remind ppl of the existance of this class that fits the release like a glove. A bonus to legendary players with more than 15 months of membership.

Opening Cutscene:
Mirror Drakath talking with Mirror Gravelyn, purple shade darkens everything and both NPCs scream. Pass to Hero, casually walking in Mobius, overseeing the reconstruction of the damage caused by the battle against chaos, when he suddently gets a message (could be a bottle leaping from the well and hitting him on the head).

"Dear <hero>, things are suspicious here in the mirror realm, we suspect Drakath (the Drakath from YOUR world) is up to foul plans once again, request your presence IMEDIATLY"

Before the hero completes the reading, he is dragged to the mirror realm (maybe a chaos tentacle from the well draggining him inside)
Hero spots a silhouette of Mirror Drakath, but finds out is OUR drakath. His plan is to make us a chaoslord, starting with chaorrupting the mirror Mobius, causing it to collapse with our mobius and cease both it's existances. His threat to convince us? He will do the same with the mirror version of our allies. He also throws a chaotic energy on us to give us power to corrupt.

Closing cutscene
Hero destroys the Chaos self, which will backslash and cause some inconvenient tingle in Drakath, like a connection of pain, and he will retreat, saying that this is not over, and chaos will always grow into the heart of the weak. We reply we are not weak, and Drakath finishes with "that we shall see" As Chaos starts to wither and die around Mathematicus.

We untie Mirror Drakath and Gravelyn and head back to our world, to make sure Mobius and Mathematicus suffer no more with any kind of interdimensional consequence.


1st Quest:
"Chaos 101."
Lets start, it "hero", As you remembered, Escherion was quite an ARTIST with Chaorruption, he easilly swarmed Mobius with Chaos eyes, Imps and orcs. I expect you no less. Go defeating those creatures and use parts of them as chaorruption seeds. Their eyeballs and auras must suffice. And one elvish rune to catalize the ritual.

Defeat 13 Guardian eyes and place their eyeballs in locations nearby their own.
Defeat 13 Guardian spirits and place their aura likewise.
Defeat 1 Elf and take(drop) a rune.

Drops: 13 eyeballs, 13 auras, 1 rune

You almost pleased me, but that is a start

2nd Quest:
"Fly, my eyes!"
Now stop looking at me like that and activate the corruption! Once you reach the circle with the Elvish rune, its all a matter of trying your new chaos withim to make everything around you withering in Chaos and Corruption!

"using the elvish rune..." you will create chaos infections where you placed the eyeballs and auras so the chaos eyes and chaos imps are bornt from where they are. This quest simply requires you to walk to the center of the city and click a runic circle that will appear on the floor, done.

Drops: 1 ritual started

MARVELOUS! You do have potential to be a chaoslord...if you were only willing to do it

3rd Quest:
"Inversions and Conversions"
It is all about location, location and location. We must estabilish the mark of our Chaos. Since we are mirroing Mobius, nothing more fitting than twist the very space around the city to make it inside out, just like Chaos is.

Each House in one of the rooms will have HP in their doors like a common monster. Defeat'em during this quest and they will become inverted (The artist is free to design this inversion or corruption, just need some hint Chaos is affecting that house)

Drops: 4 or 5 Houses twisted.

I gotta say, this place does look prettier this way...

4th Quest:
"Inside ouch!"
Inverting the city is not enough! The citizens MUST feel themselves bent to your twisted will. Subdue all of them! make Chaos the very air they breathe!

Some citizens will have HP and will fight back. Defeat about 20 citizens to chaorrupt'em. 1 of the citizens will drop a book of Chaos.

Drops: 20 citizens corrupted and 1 book of chaos

Thats more like it...And you? feeling...unwell?

Hero having a slight emotional breakout as he doesn't have the guts to continue, Drakath points out to a vision of the real world, focusing in his allies, a reminding of what he can do. We glance at mirror Drakath nodding at us to move on and humor Drakath. We nod to Drakath (actually giving a message to mirror Drakath behind him) and move on, thinking that we will find a way to escape this situation, thinking about the book of Chaos we found. Feeling an unconfortable tingling from the Chaos inside us.

5th Quest:
"Secret Studies"
*written in the book* Chaos can be misteryous and elusive, hard to study due it's lack of physical manifestation in this realm, but magic must be studied, this Compendium shows safe ways to study chaos.

We enter an inversed house and have to Defeat 5 chaos eyes peeking at us. Once done, Click the book in a desk to learn how to fake chaosrruption, which can be easilly reversed. "the counterfeit Chaos is weak, but convincing, it can infect real chaos and drain it to look real, in the end, both real and fake chaos will whither and die as both loose energy to sustein themselves).

Drops: 5 "shut" eyes and 1 book studied

*inside the bool* Conceal no corrupt, thats an easy task if you fake chaos, which is enough to study it's nature and even fool the eyes of the most expert in the field of Chaos. However, it wont last long, and you need some real source of Chaos to keep the fake Chaos's heart beating!

6th Quest:
"Pandemonium act"
Where have you been? No, nevermind, We have more improtant tasks to fulfill. Spread more chaos, I can't feel this place has enought of it!

Create fake chaorruptions to slowly drain the real chaorruption. By that, we must defeat 20 elfs to make'em fake chaos orcs

Drops: 20 "chaorrupted" elves

Very good, this chaos is perfect! Now we can move towards our plans to...bigger targets

7th Quest:
"Hey Hydra!"
unlike what you might think, Chaosbeasts don't grow on trees, unless you chaorrupt one, hahahaahaha! *ahem* We must tame or raise a beast, a powerful one, to turn into a Chaosbeast. The folk of Mathematicus are fascinated by the Hydra in the lake and it's unique ability to sprout heads in a mathematical fashion of multiplication. Boring, I know. Subdue it to our will and we shall have a chaosbeast!

Defeat the hydra that dwells in the lake of Mathematicus to turn it into a chaosbeast

Drops: 3 Bowing Hydras (refering to their heads)

Feel the chaos built withim you, with the taste of irony, "hero"

8th Quest:
"Towering Chaos"
Once again, location, location, location. Do I have to say more? Get rid of the guardians in the tower and...Oh! It seens Mirror Escherion wants to defend his home, how cute. get rid of this buffoon!

Defeat 5 guardians in the Guardian Tower and the Mirror Escherion to render the tower defenseless and invert it with Chaos.

Drops: 5 fallen guardians and 1 fallen Escherion.

Now we are all set, prepare to become....huh? Where are you going? And why is the chaos whitering?

Hero suffers anotehr breakdown of Chaos shocking him from the inside, with a final burst of energy and a torn page of the Chaos book, the Hero manages to rip off the chaos energy inside, it manifests inbto physical form and we proceed to attack it

9th Quest:
"Flipping the board"
Hey, mirror Drakath here! Quickly, you must defeat the chaos that built up inside your soul! Don't worry, it wont hurt, this chaos energy is not part of you, I can feel it! And I think Drakath will feel it too...

Defeat the Chaos that built up inside the hero to cleanse all Chaos in Mathematicus and start the withering of chaos as conterfeit Chaos empties all chaos around.

YOU DID IT! Drakath is furious, but he can't stay much long in the mirror world! He didn't tell ya that, but I can see him desappearing, back to his world. You too should "desappear".

Legend-only Quest
"Here, There and Back again"
Glad to see you want to help and clean all this mess...er...you caused. Well, no hard feelings, you did well and acted noble. Just try not to hurt the victims of chaos when cleansing them, HERO.

Defeat Any enemy to cleanse the chaos inside'em. Do it 20 times to turn in

Drops: 20 cleansed victims

They will be hurting for a while, maybe dizzy, but I'm glad they will be themselves now and forever.

Reward drops:
You might get one of these, randomly:

Mirror Renn armor
Mirror Zio armor
Chaos self morph armor
Mirror Escherion Staff

Legend-only quest
*requires rank 1 in Chaosshaper*
Aaah, I see you have a knack at taming Chaos, I wouldn't recomend dwelling in these dangerous arts, but for now, lets make use of it. Control the Chaos remaining in the soil to make an anti-chaos "infection", Slowly, t will creep throughout all of Mirror Lore, making it Chaos-repelant.

*an additional room will be avaible with Chaos eyes and imps inside*
Defeat 10 of the Chaos monsters to cleanse and spread the purification

Drops: 10 Chaos monster

Great! I can already feel the order shielding this place!

This quest offer the same rewards of the first legendary quest, but with a way higher drop rate. and Escherion staff will come with additional damage to chaos monsters as a Bonus.


I always wanted a reverse chaos release, we would know what is to be in the skin of chaos, and exploring further how costy it can be...

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All made only by:Darkorius Release Title: Mirror Realm Invasion

Level range:35+

Release date: May 16 2014


Mirror Realm is once again in danger.The mighty Pale dragon Norruth has Invaded Mirror Realm with his army of undead creatures,now its up to you hero to save the Mirror Realm once more from this new

threat.Slay the evil minions of Norruth all accros the Mirror Realm and prepare for the final battle versus Norruth!

You will need to battle your way to Norruth with the champion of Order Mirror Drakath to unlock the exclusive merge shop with old yet evolved gear. But before that you will journey accros the whole Battleoff and

clear all the invaded areas.

Be carefull Hero you are the only one that can save the Mirror Realm now!

(115 words)

Map name:/join mirrorwar

NPC:Mirror Drakath<Champion of Order>

Main text:Hurry Hero,there is not enough time for chatting,we must save Battleof and bring piece once again to the Mirror Realm,hurry!

More text:The evil Pale dragon Norruth has invaded the Mirror realm,we must quickly defeat his minions and slay the beast before its too late,Hero you are our only chance if you dont succed........we are all


Monsters:Lich,Undead Villager,Undead Mage,Fallen Warrior,Archwraith,Ghoul,Skeletal Knight.

Boss monster type:Dragonkin

A gray dragon with large pale wings and incredibly sharp teeth powerful enough to pierce trough any armor.

Reward types:Boss drops,Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

Item rewards:

Armor:Evolved Duality mage

An upgraded version of the original Duality mage with clickable arms and chest creating the gauntlets and wings of the Evil or Good faction.

Helm:Evolved Duality mage Good helm/Evolved Duality mage Evil helm

Similiar to the previous versions just without the elvish ears and the good version has a halo.

Capes:Evolved Duality mage Good cape/Evolved Duality mage Evil cape

These Evolved versions become flying sigils/runes colored each in its faction,Good in light yellow and Evil in darkish red/black.

Weapons:Norruth breaker scythe,Evolved Duality mage staff.

The Norruth breaker scythe is a long pale sword created from a piece of Norruths bones combined with his teeth creating this razor sharp scythe.

Evolved Duality mage staff is a upgraded version of the Duality mage Good/Evil staffs but with more sharp edges and elemental energy flowing trough it,it changes faction when clicked on.

Pet:Mini Norruth

A smaller version of the Pale dragon Norruth it can be a battle pet but its not necessary.


Player joins mirrorwar

Player talks to Mirror Drakath


OPENING CUTSCENE:The Hero is taking a little nap under a tree when suddenly he gets shot in the head by a rock with a note on it.The Hero quickly wakes up saying:"Owwww what was that",then he notices a

rock next to him,he takes the note and reads it.The note sais:"Hurry Hero the Mirror Realm is in a great danger,we need you more than ever!"signed by Drakath.The Hero does a facepalm saying:"Not again."The

screen turns black for a moment then letters appear saying:"Meanwhile in Battleoff".We see Drakath battleing Norruth then the Hero appears and Drakath unleashes a powerful attack that drained all his energy

but it knocked back Norruth to his own realm,Drakath then sais to the Hero I bought us some time but i dont have enough energy to continue battleing so you are on your own Hero.The Hero runs into the horde

of the minions ready to attack then the screen turns black and the quests begin.

ENDING CUTSCENE:The Hero is in a fierce battle with Norrath preparing to deal the final blow he waits until Norrath tries to attack him with his claws,the hero jumps on Norraths shoulder then on his back,climbs

up to his head and stabbs Norrath right in the head,the stabb wound from Norraths head radiates a strong light turning all of Norraths minions to dust.The Hero goes back to Mirror Drakath and sais:"The beast is

dead."Mirror Drakath just stands there shocked and amazed of the Heros power,Drakath asks:"How d...ddid you do it I used all my power just to knock him back",the Hero replies:"I guess you didnt find the

weakspot."The Hero goes back to his own realm to continue taking his nap.The screen shows us Mirror Drakath again he is thinking:"Maybe after all he is the chosen one".The screen turns black and letters

appear saying."THE END".


1st quest

Remains of Humanity

The Villagers and Mages of Battleoff tried to defend their town of Norruth but didnt suceed and Norruth turned them in his undead minions.Even though they are undead there are remains of humanity in

them.Retrieve 10 humanity from either one of them and we might find a way to ressurect them.

10 Humanity

Now thats great Hero i hope that we will find a way to revive them.

2nd quest

Soul of a Warrior

Oh,no the warrior of Battleoff have also been turned into undead they didnt deserve that.To remain their dignity collect 25 Souls of a Warrior and bring them back to me.

25 Soul of a Warrior

Nice going,Hero now when we have the souls secure the warriors will live in the afterlife proudly.

3rd quest

Ghoul beatdown

Those ugly abominations Ghouls have put enough fear in our villagers bones its time to take them out.Bring me back 15 of Ghouls Teeth to prove your victory over them.

10 Ghoul Teeth

I bet they didnt see that coming you sure knocked their socks out of,their teeth also.

4th quest

Knights and Liches

The Skeletal Knights and Liches have been terorizing this town for far too long time to take revenge on them!Collect me 15 Sword Fragments from the Skeletal Knights and 15 Staff Fragments from the Liches.

15 Sword Fragments

15 Staff Fragments

5th quest

Wraithful Archwraiths

The Archwraits are a way more dangerous entities than ordinary wraiths.Slay them and bring me 5 of Archwraith Cloth to prove they dont stand a chance againts you!

5 Archwraith Cloth

Not so dangerous after all,huh?

Final Quest

Slay Norrath

This is not a easy task Hero,but you must slay the beast once and for all to end this maddnes!

1 Norrath skull shard.



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Alastair Q

Release Title: The Fell Beast

Recommended Level: 30+

Release Date: May 16th, 2014

Created by Alastair Q.

Overview of Release

Though the war is over in the Mirror Realm, darkness still broods in the heart of King Alteon the Imbalanced's accursed realm.
A foul beast known only as a harbinger of disease and rot, the Cockatrice, runs amok without master or influence, ready to strike at the armies of the Champion of Order, Mirror Drakath. For a while, the beast was trouble enough, carrying intelligence unlike its brethren, but now, events have taken a turn for the worst. Carrying still a semblance of its master's malevolence within, the Cockatrice has stolen from Mirror Drakath and his forces the most vital prize in the Mirror Realm; the Egg containing the developing 13th Beast of Order.
Hiding in the ruins of the Dark Warlock's Dungeon, the beast guards its prize, and you and Mirror Drakath must first locate this foul creature.
First, you will be heading to Battleoff and Brightfall to question those there as to the beast's wherabouts, before heading into the dark dungeon with Mirror Drakath and facing the hordes of undead who make their home there, all before slaying the fell Cockatrice once and for all!

Unless you are able to defeat the beast and keep the Egg intact, the realms will be thrown out of balance, allowing Chaos its final victory in your world and those beyond!

Map Location:
Mirror Realm
Map Name: Dark Warlock's Dungeon (5 rooms)
Access Points: /join darkdungeon, Right of Screen 1 of Battleoff

Mirror Realm Monsters:
Undead Minion (x4)
Level: 30
Difficulty: 3 stars
Total HP: 4,000
Sword Slash: 75 - 125
Stab: 75 - 125

Undead Paladin (x3)
Level: 35
Difficulty: 3 stars
Total HP: 6,000
Skull Slash: 100 - 140
Slash: 100 -140

Cockatrice (x1)
Level: 50
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 60,000
Bite: 110 - 180
Acid Breath: 50 - 200, applies DoT of 100
Peck: 100 - 170

Boss: Cockatrice
"A hybrid amalgamation of dragon and rooster; two draconic legs support a body covered by reptilian scales that are grey and hard as stone. The wings are also familiar to those of a dragon, elongated with blood-red membrane between onyx wingbones. The tail is stout, though not short - as long as half the beast's body.
From the neck, feathers grey as ash reach up to the head; a foul sight to behold, for the head is that of some fell rooster, maligned by dark magics and hideous to the brink of petrifying all that gaze upon it."

NPC/Quest Giver: Mirror Drakath

Main Text (before completing The Best vs The Beast):
Hero! I am glad you came at a moment's notice. The foul Cockatrice has stolen the Egg that the 13th Beast of Order will hatch from; should the beast destroy the egg, a horrible fate awaits both our realms!

Additional Text:

Details: Cockatrice
The Cockatrice is a hybrid beast, part dragon and part rooster. Sharp claws and a wicked beak threaten any who dare come close – from afar, its petrifying gaze causes all who stare into its eyes unfathomable pain, before falling to the ground drained of life.

Details: Dark Warlock's Dungeon
Once the twisted playground of a foul Warlock, the forces of Order at last razed this evil construction to the ground at the zenith of the Great War against the forces of Alteon. Only the spirits of the fallen lurk here... along with the cursed Warlock's detestable minions.

Details: The Egg
This is no mere egg; it is the nascent 13th Beast of Order, ready to hatch and at last help me and all those under the banner of Order to free the land of the darkness unleashed upon it years ago. Should the egg be destroyed, only calamity awaits both of our realms.

Main Text (after completing The Best vs The Beast)
I can't believe you did it, Hero! The foul Cockatrice is imprisoned, the 13th Beast is safe, and Order is restored. Now, your realm needs you more than ever. Face Drakath and his final Lord of Chaos, before we all fall into the madness!

Other NPCs:

Gravelyn the Good(during Quiz The Locals):
The Cockatrice is naturally attracted to places of darkness and despair; perfect if not morbid residences for such a creature. There is only one place I know of that fits the criteria... the Dark Warlock's Dungeon.

Mirror Warlic(during Quiz The Locals):
Cockatrice? I thought such things were limited to legends...
I'm afraid the only thing I know about such a beast is that it enjoys resting in dark places, preferably without light and definitely with minimal interference.

Bardolph(during Quiz The Locals):
You must be joking – a Cockatrice, in this moment in time? I do not know of such fell beasts, save for the fact that they enjoy resting in places of death. If only one would keep me company...


• 1st Quest: Quiz The Locals (Type of quest; Clicking on NPC boxes)
(This quest can only be completed once)
Hero, we need to know where the Cockatrice has taken the Egg! Try asking the residents of Battleoff, Reddeath Swamp and Brightfall where the beast could have escaped to.
Items Required:
Mirror Warlic Asked
(Talk to Mirror Warlic)
Bardolph Asked
(Talk to Bardolph)
Gravelyn the Good Asked
(Talk to Gravelyn the Good)
When Completed:
The egg and the beast are in the Dark Warlock's Dungeon? It cannot be...
400 Gold
400 Exp

• 2nd Quest: Slay The Minions (Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
The Cockatrice has gathered a following of undead to guard it as it regains strength! Slay 8 Undead Minions until this dungeon falls silent!
Items Required:
Minced Minions x8 (Dropped by Undead Minion)
When Completed:
Much better.
400 Gold
400 Exp

• 3rd Quest: Free The Fallen (Type of quest: Gathering rare drops from monsters)
(Can only be completed once)
It appears the Cockatrice is not intent on merely toying with souls – it enthralls the spirits of our own fallen brethren so as to force them to fight us! Bring back 6 Last Oaths as proof of the Paladins' departure.
Items Required:
Last Oaths x6 (Dropped by Undead Paladin)
When Completed:
You did what needed to be done – they are in a better place now, I assure you.
600 Gold
600 Exp

• 4th Quest: Shining A Light (Type of quest: Clicking blue arrows present once quest is accepted)
(Can only be completed once)
In order to weaken the Cockatrice, we must allow light to enter this unhallowed place.
If you can find a way to let light into the rooms of the dungeon, I will be most grateful.
Items Required:
Click the blue arrows around the map
When Completed:
Good job! I can feel the beast weakening as we speak.
800 Gold
800 Exp

• 5th Quest: Break The Doors Down (Type of quest: Repeated clicking of blue arrows present upon acceptance of quest)
(Can only be completed once)
Our moment of judgement is nearly at hand! Break down the doors leading into the main chamber so we can end this beast once and for all and rescue the Egg!
Items Required:
Doors Broken Down x1
(Click on the blue arrow in Room 4)
When Completed:
Are you ready?
1000 Gold
1000 Exp

• Final Quest: The Best vs The Beast (Type of quest: Boss battle, leads into closing cutscene after boss' death)
(Can only be completed once)
This is it, Hero. Face the Cockatrice on one-on-one combat and vanquish the monster from our land! I know you are capable of such a feat – the fate of both our worlds depends on your victory!
Items Required:
Egg Recovered x1 (Dropped by Cockatrice)
When Completed:
Talon of the Beast (Sword)
5000 Gold
5000 Exp
Dungeon Token x20

• 6th Quest(after completion of The Best vs The Beast): Purifying the Undying (Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
Hero, the trace of darkness still lingers here and across the Mirror Realm. Bring me 1 Painadin Overlord's Axe, 5 Grim Widow Mandibles, 8 Evil Moglin Chainsaws and 6 Fire Leech Hearts to purify, in order to help drive darkness away from these ruins and restore them to their former glory.
Items Required
Painadin Overlord's Axe x1 (Dropped by Painadin Overlord)
Grim Widow Mandibles x5 (Dropped by Grim Widow)
Evil Moglin Chainsaw x8 (Dropped by Evil Moglin)
Fire Leech Hearts x6 (Dropped by Fire Leech)
When Completed:
I could not have done this without your help – we are all in your debt!
500 Gold
500 Exp
Dungeon Token x5

• 7th Quest(after completion of The Best vs The Beast): Go To Sleep (Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
The Cockatrice may be gone, but the haunted still lurk in the dungeon! Bring back 10 Minion Skulls and 3 Paladin Totems for me to send their souls to the Overworld.
Items Required:
Minion Skulls x10 (Dropped by Undead Minion)
Paladin Totems x3 (Dropped by Undead Paladin)
When Completed:
Thank you Hero – I appreciate your help, and so do the spirits.
500 Gold
500 Exp
Dungeon Token x5

• Understanding the Shadows(Legend): (Type of quest: gathering drops/items from monsters)
As a Legend, I ask you to return to your Lore and bring back 1 Mantle of Shadow, 1 Shadow Serpent Scythe, 5 Midnight Claws and 10 Obsidian Stones, so as for us to gain a greater understanding of Darkness and learn how to combat it in the future.
Items Required:
1 Mantle of Shadow (Dropped by Soulseeker)
1 Shadow Serpent Scythe (Dropped by Shadow Serpent)
10 Obsidian Stones (Dropped by Obsidian Golem)
5 Midnight Claws (Dropped by Shadow Imp)
When Completed:
Excellent work! I'll send these off to Brightfall right away. You have helped the forces of Order more than you realize.
1000 Gold
1000 Exp
Dungeon Token x10

• Death After Death(Legend) (Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
Slaying the undead is one battle – the hard part is ensuring that they stay down.
Bring back 8 Undead Minion Weapons, 1 Lich Stave and 5 Undead Paladin Helms as proof of your success in battle.
Items Required:
Undead Minion Weapons x8 (Dropped by Undead Minion)
Undead Paladin Helms x5 (Dropped by Undead Paladin)
Lich Stave x1 (Dropped by Cryptkeeper Lich)
When Completed
Perfect – that's less souls suffering needlessly.
1000 Gold
1000 Exp
Dungeon Token x10


Opening Cutscene - After entering /join darkdungeon for the first time:
Hero: I got here as soon as I received your message. What is it?
Mirror Drakath: Hero, things have recently taken a turn for the worse. A foul beast known as a Cockatrice has stolen the Egg from which the 13th Beast of Order would have hatched from!
Hero: (Unsheathed weapon) A Cockatrice?! Where? And the 13th Beast? Why is the egg so important?
Mirror Drakath: Just like in your world, the 13th Beast is a harbinger of great upheaval and change. Here, me and my forces are on the cusp of success - however, total victory can only be achieved when the 13th Beast is born. And if it is not...
Hero: What – what will happen if we fail?
Mirror Drakath: Without a counterpart to balance its existence, the 13th Beast of Chaos will have the opportunity to cause more Chaos, both in your realm and in mine. The realms will be thrown into discord, and given enough time, Chaos will trimuph.
Hero: That's one important egg. Shall we get started?
Mirror Drakath: Isn't that the plan?
(Hero shrugs, cutscene ends)

Closing Cutscene – After completion of the quest “The Best vs The Beast”:
Hero:Looks like you weren't too much of a challenge after all
Cockatrice:Fool! Did you honestly believe you could defeat me so easily?
Hero: You can talk?!
Cockatrice: Of course. My servitude to King Alteon granted me a few... perks over the lesser beasts – such as yourself.
Hero: You won't believe me as lesser when your head is on a platter!
Cockatrice:You have eyes and yet you do not see...
(Hero lunges forward, Cockatrice dodges and knocks him/her to the floor.
Eyes glowing red, the Cockatrice's gaze causes immense pain to the Hero. Unbeknownst to both, Mirror Drakath readies a spell. Firing with one deft action, a silver bolt launches from Mirror Drakath's hands and knocks the beast over. The Hero struggles to get up.)
Hero: Thank you -
Mirror Drakath It is the least I can do. The Cockatrice won't be getting up for a while – my men will transport the beast to somewhere it will not escape from.
Hero: And the 13th Beast is safe?
Mirror Drakath Yes – hold on... it's hatching!
Hero: What?! I cannot miss this!
(The Hero and Mirror Drakath stand in background. In the foreground, a silver egg develops cracks upon its surface, increasing in length slowly before the egg cracks open to reveal...)

The End. (Release ends here)

Item Rewards!

Dark Dungeon Merge Shop Rewards:

Lumenomancer (Armor) (Dungeon Token x50)
Description: As a wielder of the light, you hold the power to absolve even the darkest soul.
No foe shall withstand the power of our cleansing light!

Holy Deliverance (Polearm) (Dungeon Token x25)
Rumoured to be forged from holy light, this polearm drives the darkness away and inspires those in its presence.

Paladin's Gift (Sword) (Dungeon Token x20)
Description: A sword once held by a Paladin light-wielder, the runes inscribed on the blade still glow with ancient energy.

Paladin's Woe (Axe) (Dungeon Token x25)
Description: Even the warriors of the Light fall to desperate measures sometimes.

Evolved Templar's Helm of Light (Helm) (Dungeon Token x15)
Description: Found not in a dragon's den, but rather in the Dark Dungeon itself. And it fits!

Undead Paladin's Visage (Helm) (Dungeon Token x15)
Description: Be the Undead Paladin you want to be. Armour and accessories sold separately.

Hallowed Cape and Sword (Cape) (Dungeon Token x10)
Never hurts to look good whilst smiting the legions of undead!

13th Egg on your Back (Cape) (Dungeon Token x10)
Fight for Order and the destruction of Chaos! The fate of the realms hangs in the balance!

Cockatrice Hatchling (Pet) (Dungeon Token x100)
Description: Now you too can have your own little harbinger of death!

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the illness of dimentions

so my story is(overview):

artix,warlic and galanoth goto mirror realm trying to go and fix the problem of xang and xing warlic's spell had a mistake and he made a portal every where between our world and mirror realm
and also created a new spicies of monsters that controls time and space (he olso put his knowledge in the spell so the monsters and warlic were like sharing the same mind) artix called the the insects of time holes . they made some minions to help them invade both world so artix devided the resistance of the invading to 14 part every part had two mods 1st part was cysero and blade the second was alina and rolith ( of course there will be i love her and i love him it attracts people so it would be awesome for them to do that ) and the third was beleen and laken (it was a dimentional problem so evil good and even chaos helped)the forth was nulgath and robina (as you show love between alina and rolith olso make hate between any evil and good)the fifth was the strongest it was artix and dage (exept them cuz they both respect a good fighter)the next and the sixth willbe zhoom and ai no miko the seventh is was the most important one cuz its warlic and rayst (the two are trying to make a spell to reverse the problem)the eightth was tyronius and zoshi the nineth are dumoose and aranx the tenth was arklen and memet (arklen makes stuff to help memet helps making them) the eleventh are ghost and j6 (these are the awesome dudes) the twelvth are sora to hoshi and roroth the thertinth were yorumi and stratosthe forthenth were vokun and veneeria so any way every part is harder the the one before it)

of course you notice the area is mirror realm
the npc's are each one i said in the story
artix says :get ready hero this is one of the hardest battles we enter
an so you can get the sentence from the notes between brackets
the first is explore the dimention
its to reach asmall area in the first part
the drops are dimentional energy and backlash sword(its 0-60)
(the second nor the third have weapon or any thing interisting as drops )
the second is to kill monster 9 monsters
the third is to kill the other monsters 7 times
the forth is to place 10 orbs
it drops dimentional energy and armor of goodness (its a golden one with electricity around it )
the fifth is to kill the both types of monsters 6 and 8 times
the last one is to kill the boss(the boss drops a stronge caster class)

at last the shop will have the armor of dimentions the cape of dimentions
the dimention set in total and if the hero defeat the boss 7 times he will open another shop containing the things about the boss the wings the claws every thing
the cut scenes are taking too long so wait till my next text
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Shadow of the shaman
Level 25+
A custom story line By

Tell us the story of your release in 500 words or less! This will help us write the cutscenes for your story.
As ledgermayne has been defeated Arcangrove remains in peace over the watchful eye of the shaman..
but a new fret has joined the fray. A terrible curse has turned Rayst into a corrupt fiend. As he threatens to destroy Arcangrove and all of it’s citizens only the hero can save the day.

Name of Map
/join darkangrove
Artix: Dark Rayst has already infected most of the citizens of what is now Darkangrove there is no time to waste take out his minions.
Mana Imp, mana falcon , Karasu, and Chaos sprites.
Boss Monster Type*
Dark Rayst: Like normal Rayst but with a dark aura surrounding him. Reasonably tough maybe 60,000-90,000 Hp and about 200 per hit and 700 on specal move.
Reward Types

Monster drops: Dark mana shard. 5 % drop. Monster energy 5%drop.
Boss drops : Dark shaman armour (normal shaman but completely black):
Merge shop: Dark shaman (class)
Non member = Arcangrove Rank 10 Merge 250 Dark mana shards.100 Monster energy.
Member = Arcangrove rank 10 Merge 100 Dark Mana Shards.
Curse of Rayst(sword). Merge 25 Dark mana shards. Almost like Darkside Staff but darker and as a sword.
Mini Dark shaman (pet) Anyone can get. Merge 500 Dark Mana shards Arcangrove Rank 10. Looks like a min dark shaman.
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
Darkness Slayer(armour) 20,000 gold.Proof you defeated the darkness infecting Arcangrove. can it look like a dark more sinister version of Voodoo brawler.Darkness Slayer(polearm) 15,000 gold. A big,thin bladed stick.
Dark rayst morph ( armour) 100 dark mana shard 100 monster energy.

Your Release Outline


// Player joins Darkangrove
// Player talks to Artix

Opening Cutscene: Image of Normal Arcangrove then A dark cloud appears and Rayst disappears. Then A darker version of Rayst appears and starts spreading dark fire across Arcangrove.Artix finds the Hero and requests him to help. Then map opens.
Closing Cutscene: Dark Rayst exploding and He then returns to normal. He talks to the Hero and Artix and then the questline finishes..

It wouldn't be AdventureQuest Worlds without Quests! You need AT LEAST 5 storyline quests, and may write up to 10 quests for your release. Additionally, you may create at least 2 Legend-only quests.
All Quests need to have:
Text describing what should happen during the quest
Kill monsters,
Pick up items,
and/or Place items
Number Amount and Name(s) of quest turn-in Item(s)
End Text after completing the Quest

1st Quest
Find The destruction.
We need to see the destruction Rayst has caused go search every room and send me back a report.
Rooms explored: /9
Thanks we can now determine the safest route to Rayst.
Rewards 500 gold 500xp 500 Arcangrove rep.

2nd Quest
Gather Monster Energy.
To get to Rayst we will need enough monster energy. Kill monsters around darkangrove until you have enough.
Gather 20 Monster Energy. 20%drop from all monsters.
Great , we have enough energy to get to Rayst but we are not done.
Rewards 1000 gold 1000 xp 1000 arcangrove rep.
3rd Quest.
Rescue Mission.
The destruction has destroyed many citizens way of life and they are now living in fear of the monsters. Rescue them all.
Click on 5 citizens hidden around the Map
All the citizens are safe we can focusing on destroying Raysts power.
Rewards 1500 gold 1500 xp 1500 Arcangrove rep.
4th quest.
Into the tower.
Rayst has locked himself and his dark shamans in the tower. You will need to find the key.One of the monsters in the area should have it. But Rayst has alot of minions so it may take some time.
Kill Monsters until Tower Key drops. 1% drop chance from all monsters in the area.
You find the key, well just in time as we speak Rayst is taking in dark magic and will soon consume the whole of Lore.
Rewards 2000 gold 2000 xp 2000 arcangrove rep.
5th quest.
Gather supplies.
We can’t take rayst out without the right gear search around /darkangrove until you find all the supplies: 1 water bottle: 1 mana bottler: 2 dark auras and A rubber ducky.
Click on items around Darkangrove until quest is complete.
We can now enter the tower and find rayst.
(Unlocks the Magic tower.)
Rewards 3000 gold 3000 xp 3000 Arcangrove rep
6th quest
Rayst is a tricky one. We need to use the Monster energy to consume the darkness.
Place Monster energy in each room. In darkangrove including the tower.
It is now time to take the battle to Rayst.
Rewards 3500 gold 3500 xp 3500 Arcangrove rep.
7th quest.
Find Dark Rayst.
Go meet me at the top of the tower dark rayst is waiting for us.
Go to the final/boss room. Auto Completes quest.
It’s time to fight! BATTLE ON!
Rewards 4000 gold 4000 xp 4000 arcangrove rep.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Defeat Darkness
The time has come to defeat Dark rayst and darkness.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s)1 quest turn in. Darkness Defeated.Auto completes quest.
We have done it… darkness is gone.
Play ending cutscene.
Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Darkness Beckons.
What to get even more of a reputation in Arcangrove and darkangrove you say… well I will have to challenge you. Bring me 100 monster energy and i willl tell the shaman and dark shaman of your power.Monster energy ( 5%drop from monsters in Darkangrove. /100
You are a strong hero. Ok, I’ll tell everyone of your power.
rewards 10,000 gold 10,000 xp 10,000 Arcangrove rep. And 25 Dark mana shards.
( side not ) It seems like a big reward but in theory it’s slower than normal arcangrove rep farming the main point is for Dark mana shards.
Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
The terrible task of testing
Want to test your strength hero, earn a big reward? Well I’ll make a deal Bring me these items:
500 legion tokens
5 totems of Nulgath
250 monster energy
500 dark mana shards
1 Rayst reward ( 1% drop from Dark Rayst)
If you are strong enough to bring me these rare items I will reward you greatly.
items to get :500 legion tokens
5 totems of Nulgath
250 monster energy
500 dark mana shards
1 Rayst reward
Reward 1,000,000 gold 100,000xp 25,000 Arcangrove rep.
Items; Guaranteed. to get them all.
Dark Shaman Staff
Dark shaman cape.
Dark Shaman elite Armour ( animated darkness effect0
Hooded dark shaman hat.
Please read: This quest seems really well rewarded and it should be this quest you take over 5 days. The whole reason for the quest is to get some rare items. please deduct gold and xp and rep reward if it is too much.
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unknown informer

Elemental Fury
May 16, 2014

By Unknown informer

A dreary silence lingers in Arcangrove. Rayst has called upon you once more to get to the bottom of this stillness. He sends you to the elemental planes to venture into it's depths to find the planar rulers and help them in any way you can.

In order to get there, you'll need to gather the components for Rayst. After that, you will have to fight through planar beasts, elemental guardians, and much more. Once you reach the ruler's domain, you find them trapped and locked in some sort of spell, petrifying them.

It's up to you to find a way to break the spell and find whoever attacked the rulers and more importantly, why.

Name of Map
Arcangrove: elementalpalace


Master of the Tower
I present to you, the Elemental Palace. It's usually more robust and busy here, but something isn't right...here go look around while I work on the portal so we can go back home.

The palace consists of planes for every ruler, including a plane for all of them to gather. There is a ruler for the main elements: wind, fire, water, earth, and another long banished and forgotten.
<More 2>

<More 2>
In this time of the year, the rulers would gather in the main plane and decide on the new policies and problems of their planes and what to do with them. If we don't fix this disappearance before anyone else notices, there will be utter Chaos.

(wind, fire, water, and earth) Elementals and Chaos sprites

Mini-Boss Monster Type
* A hulking, violet-tinted golem with glowing eyes made of emeralds. Large fists made of chaorrupted mana, oozing chaos.

Boss Monster Type
*Ragged robes with runes scrawled on his robes as well as his skin. Darkness covers his face but not his glowing purple eyes.

Reward Types
merge shop
boss drops
monster drops

Merge Shop (unlocks after finishing quests)
*Each ruler has a merge shop containing the weapons of their element.

staff (wind, fire, earth, and water): 1 golem soul and 20 elemental shards
sword (wind, fire, earth, and water): 1 golem soul and 20 elemental shards
dagger (wind, fire, earth, and water): 1 golem soul and 20 elemental shards
greatsword (wind, fire, earth, and water): 2 golem souls and 20 elemental shards
bow (wind, fire, earth, and water): 1 golem soul and 20 elemental shards

Boss Drops
Armour (poisoned)
Helm (poisoned)
Cape (poisoned)
Golem Soul

Monster Drops
Elemental shard

// Player joins "elementalpalace"
// Cut-scene: Overview of the palace, fades down to entrance where you and Rayst are standing. You compliment the size of the structure and Rayst agrees, but states the urgency of the matter and suggests it'd be better to move one and sight-see later.
//Player talks to "Rayst"

1st Quest
Meet the Kings
The palace shouldn't be vacant, go seek the rulers out and see what has happened.
1 Fire king discovered
1 Water king discovered
1 Wind king discovered
1 Earth king discovered
What?! Petrified?! This is awful! We must cure them immediately!

2nd Quest
Power Hunt
Hmmm...The spell is too powerful for me to break alone, go collect 10 Souls from the king's guardians and 20 Raw essences from the elementals and bring them to me.
10 Guardian Souls
5 Fire elemental essence
5 Earth elemental essence
5 Water elemental essence
5 Wind elemental essence
Yes! If I combine these with my power, it should be enough to break the spell!

3rd Quest
Cure the Kings
Here, I have placed my power and the power from the guardian and elementals into these potions. Go and administer these to the kings to break the spell.
1 Fire king cured
1 Earth king cured
1 Water king cured
1 Wind king cured

//Cut-scene: Everyone is gathered in the in the main room of the palace. The kings thank the two heroes for their help and that a mysterious traveler came and gave them offerings. These offerings poisoned them and after they were unconscious, the traveler petrified them and took their plans for this year's meeting. As they finish, a Giant creature breaks through through ceiling and cracking the ground around him. It is a golem and he says he is going to destroy you for ruining everything.

4th Quest
Punish the poisoner
Hero! The kings are not fully healed and I am drained from making those potions! It is up to you to defeat this foe while we recover!
1 Banished Golem defeated.
//Cut-scene: As you stand ready to cut the beast down, the floor cracks more and more until it shatters and you and the beast fall into the palace's lower chamber. When you recover you see that you're in a dungeon and that there's only one mysterious man chained to the wall. Before you can say anything the golem gets back up and yells. Chaos oozes out of his body and he is overcomed by a surge of power.

5th Quest
One more time
The Golem is ready for round 2 and seems a lot stronger than before...how?
1 Banished Chaos Golem defeated.

//Cut-scene: You manage to beat him to a pulp and he is now crawling away. You start to follow to end him and then you realize he's crawling to the chained man. He breaks the chains and frees the man. The master congratulates his servant before killing him and taking his power. The man stares back at you and says it is about time and that he's been waiting for this.

6th Quest
Defeat the Mysterious Man
You've been fighting that golem for so long only to find out that this man has just taken it's power and wants a piece of you too? Crush this fool!
1 Mysterious Man defeated

//Cut-scene: As you defeat him, the kings and Rayst make their way to you. As they arrive the man says this wasn't supposed to happen. Before he can say anymore, he is incinerated by the fire king. The kings thank you for your help and will reward you with weapons from their armory to help you with your journey.

7th Quest
Fixing the portal
Our job here is done, we need to fix the portal to go home now. Gather 5 Golem souls so we can fix it.
5 Golem souls gathered
Great! this should be just enough.

//Cut-scene: The portal is fixed and the kings say goodbye as you and Rayst are teleported home. Rayst says the portal will always be up for when you want to visit the kings again.

8th Quest
Cleaning up
The residue from the golem created chaos sprites, go defeat 10 of them and bring them to me so I can study them.
10 chaos sprites defeated
Thanks, this should help us further understand their nature and why they were here.
700 Arcangrove Rep
Once per day

9th Quest
Cleansing the armor
What's that? You found some armor? I could clean it up for you if you bring me the proper materials.
3 Golem souls gathered.
Choose one of the following: Elemental Fury Armor
Elemental Fury Helm
Elemental Fury Cape

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Whoa Whoa What? by Guardianwulfgamma
Level 10-30

What happens when something thought to be weak or helpless becomes the next bump on the heros journey? This is what happens, Dwakel Strike back! Tired of being treated as weaklings the creatures there have formed a militia and prepare to take over lore! Artix with all his love for the meek tries to help but finds himself not able to resolve it peacefully. So he calls for the hero once more to deal with this threat of lizard monsters and there heavy machinery, peaceful or not.

Crashsite /underdog (the name of the new area)

Artix (and Daiymo!) Paladin and friend!

Hero , thank goodness you are here!
I am having issues trying to tame some underleveled baddies.
No matter what I say they just keep staring at me with those creepy little eyes… it’s kinda scary, Please talk to them for me hero!

(more) Alone they are not much trouble but they can hit sorta kinda, almost hard when together. further ahead are the real threats. Mithril man and ProtoSartorium. They have enough machine power to really lay a hurtin’ on our new players. DON’T LET THEM!

(more, after quests)
Thanks Hero. I dont know what you did but they stopped wanting to invade lore, which was under climatic when I found there “plans” were just to take over yulgar and mess up the carpet. (Apparently thats evil to them!) Anyways, thanks Hero!

Sentry bot, Barrier bot, Mithril man and Protosartorium.

Boss: Beast “Unrusted Rustbucket”

Reward type
Shop after all quests are completed.

Item rewards
Armor: Reinforced Rustbucket Armor
Helm: Level reader. Rustbucket facemorph
Cape: Plasma field cape. Steampunk smokestack
Weapon: Underdogs destiny(BLOD redo), Rustbucket mace
Rustbucket halberd.
Pet: Steve the steampunk rock(er)

Release outline.
/join underdog
Talks to Artix

Beginning cutscene
The hero gets word from artix to meet him at the area designated on a letter from daiymo(shame the hero might have been relaxing). And once there Artix has a clearly worried look and a angry mob of crashsite monsters. telling the hero that he needs to succeed where artix failed.making the local (and underleveled baddies) calm down or put them down(said in nicer words)

Ending cutscene
after defeating the surprisingly difficult boss , artix approaches the hero with thanks and the like. Artix is confused how but he doesn't care. The hero fixed the issue but gets a rather funny scribble letter showing a lizard creature(similar to dwakel monsters) on a scrunched up carpet with “yulgar” above the drawing. showing their plans were not so threatening after all.

*Assessing the threat
Explore around the area and see what you can find and return back to artix. Keep your eye out for anything that can help in the dire(not so dire) situation.(enemys would need to be hostile apon room entry like in /dwakel)

*What cha’ gonna do?
They wanna fight then so be it. Hero take out about 12 of these baddies and show them we mean business! (acquire 12 mashed machine parts)

*Rather safe then sorry
Guess what? they are afraid of daiymo! I seen daiymo trying to play with one of them and a group of them got scared and fled!
here, take these cute plushie versions I pulled together and place them at the entrances around each group of them, that should keep them away just incase you fai- nevermind.(4-8 dolls)

*Why cant we be friends?
They are not scared of them hero. sorry… it must of been just daiymo then because i seen some of those creatures walk up to the doll and hug it (D’awww) Can you go get them back from them… they are special to me!(collect them back)

*Friendship is magical
alright I got word from their leader that they wanna speak with you privately up ahead. Who knew they could talk? or reason for that matter. just go ahead and see what you can do to make it peaceful again. *once in the boss room and quest turns in and the boss fight begins in a new loadable room*

*its a trap!!
they tricked you! defeat the leader to end this once and for all!

Member only quests
* a strange rumor
I was told that if you slay 1000 robots you get a wish…
who would waste time on that?? Just kill 100 of them and maybe you can get half credit?(maybe a badge for doing this?)

* We will rock you!
Hero… I seen a robot making beeping noises at a rock easier but when I got close it snatched it up and ran.
You should go find that rock maybe its special?(unlocks steve the steampunk rock(er)

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Pinkie Pie

The Ultimate Bounty

Choose a level range for your release: 40+
Release Date: May 16 2014

The Lore's greatest bounty hunter, J6, has spent months tracking down the whereabouts of Lore's most wanted outlaw, Roroth. With false lead after false lead, it seemed as if J6 would never find the elusive Roroth. With one last chance, J6 and the hero travel to the dangerous city of outlaws known as Desert's Paradise, where Roroth was reportedly seen stockpiling the golden exoskeletons of the native golden scarabs. Getting to the city of Desert's Paradise is one thing, finding Roroth amongst all the criminals is another. Search through the city of Desert's Paradise and battle your way through Roroth's thugs and capture Roroth, so J6 may finally claim the 3 million gold bounty for his own!

You'll need to fight against the toughest criminals the desert has to offer to gain their respect, and more importantly, information about Roroth's whereabouts. Then, you will have to fight Roroth's goons to stop their illegal golden scarab exoskeleton trade. Then finally, you will have to take the fight to Roroth himself in the final showdown to see if J6 and the hero are the bounty hunters they claim to be! But knowing the kind of outlaw Roroth is, he will not be fighting you alone. J6 holds off the ambushing horc sellswords, while the hero battles Roroth. After the hero defeats Roroth and J6 defeats the sellswords, the duo bring the unconscious Roroth to Zhoom, the protector of Sandsea, to ensure Roroth is behind bars, and more importantly, to allow J6 to collect his bounty. Zhoom thanks the duo for capturing the outlaw and shows them the gold. Zhoom returns to check on the supposedly unconscious Roroth, only to find empty chains and a note saying "there's a reason why I'm Lore's greatest outlaw." Zhoom and the hero are flabbergasted, but J6, with gold in hand, shrugs and says "I already got the gold, and I don't do refunds, so it's not my problem now."

Name of Map:
I choose this release to set this release in Sandsea and the map name will be desertsparadise

Lore's Greatest Bounty Hunter
We arrived in Desert's paradise. This is our last shot at capturing Roroth, and more importantly, making me obscenely rich. I admit, you do have some skill when it comes to bounty hunting, but be careful out there, judging by the looks of this city, it'll eat you alive.
This city is filled with criminals ranging from thieves to murdering psychopaths. Sounds like my kind of place, and Roroth's as well. But there are hundreds of outlaws here, and I don't know where to start.
<more 2>
I know! Let's go "ask" the locals if they know anything about Roroth's whereabouts. If that doesn't work, we'll force him out by disrupting his golden scarab trade. Make your way through the city and let's see if we can find Roroth.

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map:
Monsters: Horc Sell-Sword, Tomb Robber, Golden Scarab, Mummy, Camel

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:
Monster type: human/beast (depending on what category drows such as Roroth fall under)
The boss monster will be Roroth, he will look exactly like his NPC.

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
Monster drops
Boss drops
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards:
1 Armor: Scarab Gunslinger
It will look like the Fae Gunslinger except the the shoulders will be replaced with scarab shells with scarab horn protrusions, the belt buckle and glove will have a scarab insigna, the "bullet belt" will be lined with small golden scarab horns. The purple cloth parts will be recoloured beige.
Helm 1: Scarab mask:
It will be a full face mask created out of a scarab shell with scarab horn protrusions
Helm 2: Scarab Gunslinger Hat:
A cowboy hat (the base will be the Western Gunslinger locks) with a scarab insignia
Cape 1: Scarab shell on your back:
A golden scarab shell as a cape.
Weapon 1: Golden Scarab axe:
Axe with this as the head of the axe, but it will be gold.
Weapon 2: Golden Scarab sword:
Sword with this as the hilt, but it will be gold. The blade will be gold as well.

1 Pet: "G-OW-lden Scarab"
It will be a golden scarab with a cracked shell and a bandage on its horn


// Player joins “desertsparadise”
// Player talks to “J6”


Opening cutscene: Starts in the Hyperium with J6 driving to Desert's Paradise and telling the hero about his fruitless hunt for Roroth and his massive bounty in the form of a flashback of him following false leads. J6 and the hero arrive in Desert's Paradise and tells the hero that Roroth is known to run a notorious golden scarab trade in the area. J6 tries to get the attention of a passing tomb robber who stole a woman's purse to see if he knows anything about Roroth's whereabouts. Being completely ignored by the tomb robber enrages J6 and causes him to frustratingly exclaim if anyone knows where Roroth is. A crowd of tomb robbers and horc sellswords herding golden scarabs looks at him and they quickly resume what they are doing. J6 mumbles about their disrespect.

Closing cutscene: The hero delivers an incapacitating blow to Roroth and J6 delivers and incapacitating blow to the final horc sellsword. J6 complements the hero on their skill and the duo carry the unconscious, chained-up Roroth to Zhoom. With their backs turned, Zhoom thanks the bounty hunters and shows J6 and the hero to the where their reward is. J6 is excited and dives in the pile of gold. Zhoom and the hero look back to where they left Roroth chain up only to find empty chains and a note saying "there's a reason why I'm Lore's greatest outlaw." Zhoom is flabbergasted and the hero facepalms, while J6 is attempting to cart away with the gold in a wheelbarrow. J6 stops in front of the empty chains and shrugs and says "I already got the gold, and I don't do refunds, so it's not my problem now." Cutscene ends with J6 whistling away toward the hyperium with the wheelbarrow of gold.

1st Quest: (Drop quest)
Will Fight For Tips
In a city filled with criminals, the news of the Lore's greatest outlaw settling in the city must spread like wildfire. Fight and interrogate 15 tomb robbers and see if they know anything about where Roroth is hiding.
15 Tomb robbers interrogated
All 15 tomb robbers said the same thing. Only members of Roroth's band of outlaws know where he is located.
Reward: 500 gold, 500 exp, 500 Sandsea rep

2nd Quest: (Clicky quest)
Scare 'Em Scarab.
Roroth runs a very notorious golden scarab exoskeleton trade. I bet if we "borrow" some of the golden exoskeletons they have hidden around the city, we'll get the attention of Roroth's outlaws.
9 Golden exoskeletons (click Scarab exoskeleton around the map)
Ha! That'll really get their attention!
Reward: 750 gold, 750 exp, 750 Sandsea rep

3rd quest: (drop quest)
Scarab-Doo,Where Are You?
It seems taking a few golden exoskeletons wasn't enough after all. Go into town and herd 12 golden scarabs away from the town. When they realize some of their livestock went missing, they'll know something is wrong.
12 Scarabs herded
Twelve golden scarabs, nice work! Now that I look at them, they are kind of cute.
Reward: 1000 gold, 1000 exp, 1000 Sandsea rep

4th quest: (drop quest)
Horc Sell-Outs
That's it! We got their attention, now go out there and beat some answers out of Roroth's sellsword outlaws.
10 Hideout whereabouts
So Roroth's not hiding in the city, but under it. Well isn't that interesting...
Reward: 1250 gold, 1250 exp, 1250 Sandsea rep

5th Quest: (drop quest)
You Can't run And You Can't Hide
We can't risk Roroth escaping again when we're so close. Go knock out some of Roroth's getaway camels so he can't escape.
8 Knocked out camel
There's no way Roroth can elude me-erm-us now!
Reward: 1500 gold, 1500 exp, 1500 Sandsea rep

Final Quest: Boss Battle (Drop quest)
The Ultimate Bounty
This is it! There's only one thing separating us and the bounty, and that's Roroth himself!
1 Roroth defeated
We did it! We truly are the greatest bounty hunters in all of Lore!
Reward: 2000 gold, 2000 exp, 2000 Sandsea rep

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest (drop quest)
Robbing Justice
Roroth may be the ultimate prize, but some of these tomb robbers have hefty bounties of their own. Go collect the bounties of 7 tomb robbers for some extra money in your pocket.
7 Robber bounties collected
*Clink clink* Isn't the sound of jingling gold the sweetest sound you've ever heard?
Reward: 900 gold, 900 exp, 900 Sandsea rep

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest (drop quest)
Golden Opportunity
These scarab exoskeletons sell for quite a bit of gold, now I see why Roroth went after them. Why don't you collect 8 golden scarab exoskeletons from the wild golden scarabs so we can sell them ourselves?
8 Golden exoskeletons
Keep this up and you'll be rich in no time.
Reward: 900 gold, 900 exp, 900 Sandsea rep

End Release

AQW name: Mai Waifu (note: my name has two spaces between 'Mai' and 'Waifu')
Guild Launch Page (The name is a reference to a rebel organization in the anime "Kill La Kill")
Edit approved

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Demi J

Shipyard Siege
Level Range: 50+
Release date: May 16th 2014

Aqw character name: Demian

with the tides of chaos roaming through the land, all are being persecuted and hunted down. Some choose to stand up and fight, yet some choose to flee. Lolosia has chosen to fight, to take up arms and set sail to rebel against drakath and his chaotic wrath.
Rhubarb and the residents of lolosia have called upon you to help defend and stop the siege of undead caused by the chaotic flux of magic pulsing through-out the land. As you arrive you feel the strange pulse of magic, seeing the undead ravage the town and take prisoners away into the salty deeps.

You will need to work with rhubarb and his crew of pirates to rescue the villagers, and see who-or what is behind this army of spooky scallywags. Chaos is spreading, the gates are close to opening and its almost time to take the final fight to drakath, but will this disturbance hinder you, or possibly help you in the fights to come.

Map name: Buccaneer bay

Map description: opening room is the deck of rhubarbs ship with a bunch of non-npc pirates around on the deck, with an island in the backround, have the rest of the island be filled with the undead monsters and be a tropical island, the last 2 rooms (need to beat a quest to access them) leading into a open cove and a hut in the backround with the villagers in cages with the beast of pirates bay at the end, then finally into an underwater shipwreck with davy jones

Npc: Rhubarb

Main Text: T'is be a bad time fer ye adventuring hero, my lands be in danger from this blasted chaos. Thar resisdents of davy jones locker aren't making this any eaiser on us and to make it worse! those blubberless boneheads are rounding up our villagers. Please hero, we be needing ye on this invasion of these sea-weeded scoundrals!

More Text: Blasted bone heads be ruining my day hero!. I wish that pallywag paladin artix was here, he'd be having the time of his life knocking thar shin bones out of place. Im afraid ill be recruiting ye in his place, these circumstances be requiring your help hero. Ye be off to buccaneer bay to try and find where our villagers be hiding, oh and of course me and my crew will be tagging along for (moral) support.

Monsters: Cursed naval commander (optional< like a rotting naval commander, only undead and torn up), Undead buccaneer, Undead Helmsman, Undead dueler

Boss(s): 1st boss would be the beast of pirates bay!! just to give people memories from way back in 08, then the final optional legend only boss Davy jones!, he'd look sort of like a greenish spectral wraith in a pirate captains garb and he would be level 55-65, with 1 million health and have an ability, half-way through his health bar to go into a chaotic cannoner rampage and start critical hitting upwards to 3500-4500 damage!

Reward list:

-Drops: have the undead foot soldiers (cursed naval commander, undead buccaneer, undead helmsman, undead dueler) drop weapons, like cryptic cutlasses, bone pistols, a rare drop mini undead pirate pet (legend only drop from cursed naval commanders with merge shop versions)
-Boss drops: have beast of pirate bay drop a re-colored and undeadish version of his trident and have davy jones drop an spectral pirate armor, helm and a cool pistol teal/spectral looking pistol
-Merge: have human version's of the undead pirate monster's armors and helms, and a legend only human clickable version of davy jones armor (to turn it human and spectrally)
-Rewards shop: non-legend pirate armors and bandana's, a single buccaneer pistol for non-legends, a rifle and blunderbuss for legends and a cool captains hat


-1: when entering the map have a clip of undead pirates storming lolosia cities, taking people captive and rhubarb and a bunch of pirates engaged in a fight with them, with rhubarb asking for support and looking for the hero as a green outline of davy jones rises from the water


1ST quest:
Clickable/Clicky- Monkey mayham: Hero! we got to get our villagers back, thar be families in that mess! But before we can start tracking them down, ye need to find clues of where they went and clear the way for this crew of mine!
-1 set of tracks
-5 undead pirats slain
go out of the starting room, then another room over to click a bunch of footprints and a small teddy bear

End Text: Great work!, they be heading deeper into the island, we be hot on the trail. Landward ho hero!

2ND quest:
Drop- Bone yard brawling: By neptunes chest hair hero! these undead scally wags are everywhere, we need to send them back to davy jones locker before we get over run!
-5 cursed naval commander flintlocks (uncommon drop)
-10 undead buccaneer's blunderbuss (guarnteed drops)
-10 undead dueler's flintlocks (common drop)
-1 undead helmsman's ship log (uncommon drop)

End Text: These poor pirate souls must be sent back to rest hero, im proud that ye can have mercy on them. Now lets get to finding our village mates!

3RD quest:
Cutscene/Map item- Boneheads: Hero! something's going on here! id bet my trobble muffin's on it. These undead keep coming to no end, its near driving me to walk the plank, find out whats going on!
-1 source of undead scallywags

Walk into the last room before the final 2 rooms with the villagers and see a giant group of undead around the beast of pirates bay. Starts a cutscene with rhubarb and the hero sitting behind a rock and going googely eyed at seeing the beast and all those undead, with text saying

Rhubarb: ....hero, is that what i think it is
Hero: if you think its the big fish monster that smells like tuna back from skullpunch, then yeah i think it is
Rhubarb: aaaargh, wheres that blasted paladin when ye really need some undead slaying

Open to artix sitting with daimyo, whimpering and going wide eyed saying, getting told he has to finish his work by trinny
Artix: B-but theres an army of undead attacking a cityyyyyyy
Trinny: You can go have fun, AFTER you finish your dinner
(i think trinny was his wifes name...T.T if not, then his wifes in-game name)

End Text: blast it hero, we've found whats the cause of all these undead bone heads reappearing time after time, guess it be time ye grow a backbone and charge in there!

4TH quest:
Drop- Chaaarr- wait what?!: Time to get in there and bust some bones hero! (your's or their's) Get in there and see if you can find the key to that beast's hut! Beat those boney's until you find the key!
-1 key to the beasts hut (rare drop from any of the monsters

End Text: Thar be the key hero! get in there and bring those innocents back! (and beat that fish once or twice for me ya hear!)

5TH quest:
Cutscene/drop- Fishing for fishbones!: This be it hero! get that fishy frankenstein and get our people back home to their rum(or moglin juice if rum cant be said)
-1 undead fish funk (dropped by the beast of pirates bay 100% of the time)

After defeating the beast of pirates bay, standing on top of it with its own trident, have the water in the cove ripple and show the underwater ship wreck

End Text: Ye did it hero, we can all go back home and snuggle with our trobbles!...erh i mean hug our families! i couldn't have done this without ye, you've got lolosia's people in your debt forever!

Legend only 6th quest (optional for book of lore/character page achievement)

Drop- Dropping Davey!: Hero, i know i said we be done with this mess, but i dont think that fish-for-brains could've done all this, i need ye to travel down into the cove and take down whatever was really behind this trobbling trouble!

-1 davey jones foot locker (dropped from davey jones)

End: I'd have bet my trobbles fuzzy beak that it'd be anyone else hero, but davey himself?! thar be a story to tell the grandkids, ye truly are a legend of legends!

Edit of simple grammar issues approved.

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~Hakuna Matata~
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Mirror Warlic’s Mistake
By Sir Nick (Honorable mention to my guild, The Gallant Blades)
Recommended Level: 30+
Release Date: May 16, 2014

In a time of Chaos, everyone is trying their best to help take down the evil forces of Drakath… one such person is Mirror Warlic. In an attempt to find a cure for the Chaos that has plagued the innocence of Lore for far too long, he has been working on a “secret” experiment; unbeknownst to Mirror Drakath. The rather goofy scientist needs some assistance with his research on the aptly named Chaos Cure formula. He enlists the aid of everyone’s favorite hero... YOU.
Beware, hero, not all is what it seems in the Mirror World. The greatest of intentions can lead to horrible consequences. Assist Mirror Warlic, find the ingredients he needs and collect “supplies” from any unfortunate monsters of Chaos that cross your path near the mirror town of Battleoff.
Meanwhile, a new dangerous enemy has surfaced to prevent the goofy scientist’s creation of the Chaos Cure. Who is this strange enemy, he does not seem to be chaorrupted… Be careful on this new journey, hero. (As Chaos cannot be “cured”, the formula the hero will create is unfortunately not effective, but the hero does manage to stop a powerful enemy from reaching and hurting any innocent NPC’s in Battleoff.)

Map Name
Mirror Realm in Battleoff. Map name suggestion: battleofftown

Mirror Warlic
Goofy Scientist

Thank you for coming, man. I really need your help to make some sort of like Chaos Cure formula to get rid of some of this new chaos in our realm. Can you gather some ingredients for me, dude? But be careful out there.

There are some crazy things happening, though. Enemies from your realm seem to be popping up all over the place, man. Stop them for me, if you have the time. Thanks, dude.
<More 2>

<More 2>
By the way, there is some crazy guy running around trying to stop my production of the formula. Watch out for him, buddy, he is pretty crazy. If you run into him, might as well take him out. Head to battleofftown, oh yeah!

1) Evil Moglin
2) Anubis DeathGuard
3) Undead Pirate
4) Chaos Sprites
5) Chaorrupted Wolf
6) Dark Elemental

Boss Monster
A human type monster who calls himself the “The Waiting Warrior”. His real name is unknown. He brandishes a large red sword named “Warrior’s Vigor”, similar in design to the default sword. His armor is a slightly version of the warrior armor, only red in color. He is deceptively simple-seeming enemy. Level 45 with 200,000 health points. DPS is roughly 100-300; he has the ability to stun the hero for 4 seconds.

Reward Types
• Boss Drop
• Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
• Merge shop
• Special be on the lookout item* Can drop from any enemy.

Item Rewards
Boss Drop: Weapon* He drops his large red default sword, the “Warrior’s Vigor”. To have a 20% drop rate. AC Tagged
Shop that unlocks after quests are completed: Armor, helm, cape* Of the boss, The Waiting Warrior. Armor is an evolved red version of the warrior armor, helm is a red bandana-type, cape is a red tattered design. Costing 25,000 gold, 10,000 gold, and 15,000 gold respectively. They are all non-legend items.
Merge Shop: Pet and Cape* Evil Moglin pet, costing 30 Evil Moglin Essence. *Optional quest reward* Cape is a non-tattered version of the boss cape, costing 75 Ingredients. *Optional quest reward*
Be on the lookout item: Sword* Called “Mirrored Vigor”. Drops from any enemy in battleofftown, including the boss. Drop rate of 2%, rate of 10% from the boss if possible. It is a white and gold ac tagged version of the “Warrior’s Vigor”.

Release Timeline
// Player joins battleoff map
// Player Mirror Warlic

Cutscene 1: Beginning
Mirror Warlic is in his lab thinking of how to help in the war against Chaos. He then notices outside that there are many monsters spawning in the town of battleoff. He notices that something of his is missing in his lab… He calls upon you, the player, to help gather things for a so-called Chaos Cure recipe. Watching from afar is a new enemy, however, The Waiting Warrior. He holds something very special to Mirror Warlic… and the screen fades to black. Dialogue is this scene is rather limited.

Cutscene 2: The Ending/After the defeat of the boss
With The Waiting Warrior now defeated and all enemies retreating, you return with the final “reagent” he was preventing Mirror Warlic from obtaining. Warlic reluctantly apologizes for all the trouble, and explains that he simply wanted to rid his town of this dangerous foe and get back a special flask trinket the Cysero gave to him as a birthday present, and the formula was never feasible. The hero accepts his apology and is just glad to have things back to normal. Mirror Warlic had purely good intentions and says to the hero, “Never give up, dude. Chaos can’t win as long as you’re around! I’ll help you whenever you need me!”

1st Quest (Drop Quest)
Bone Hunting
I need some things for my formula, dude. Go out there and slay some Anubis DeathGuard’s and Undead Pirates for their bones. Gather 20 pirate bones and 10 DeathGuard bones for me, okay?
20 Pirate Bone
10 DeathGuard Bone
Thanks man, this is just what I need! I really appreciate it. I’ll get started now.

2nd Quest (Clicky Quest)
Find me some pages to this old book, please?
Can you look around battleoff for me and grab any of the pages from my old book. I know this has little to do with the task at hand; I just really like this book. Gather 10 pages, for me.
10 Mysterious Scientific Book Page
Oh, YES! Thank you very much, hero. You should read this one sometime; it’s got a great ending.

3rd Quest (Multi-Clicky/Drop Quest)
Beaker madness!
I really need you to find my beakers. Pretty sure those little beasts ran off with them when I wasn’t looking. There are 10 large beakers and 5 small beakers. Look around battleofftown for the small ones, they should be lying around. The large ones are probably on an enemy, take out some of those Chaos Sprites or Evil Moglins.
10 Large Beaker
5 Small Beaker
Oh, you retrieved them all, nice work! Alright, let’s get back to helping the town. I’ve got a special task for you, but be careful…

4th Quest (Drop Quest)
One Disgusting Task
This next one will be tedious; I need a lot of items from a couple different bad guys. Go retrieve some Nasty Darkness from some of those Dark Elementals running around. I also need some Gross Hair from the Chaorrupted Wolves. Thanks buddy!
25 Nasty Darkness
20 Gross Hair
WOAH, you actually did all that? Wow, you’re my new favorite person.

5th Quest (Map Item Quest)
Locate this Warrior
So, this crazy guy who calls himself The Waiting Warrior has stolen something that I REALLY need to finish this formula. Go see where he is, check around the town for me, then come back when you’ve spotted him. I think I last saw him near the East side of town. That’s RIGHT, East.
1 Waiting Warrior Spotted
Oh, you found him, nice job. Now…go get him, buddy!

6th Quest (Final Story Quest/Boss Battle)
The Warrior is Waiting
I think it’s time to take this guy down and get back my…special item…for the formula. Head to the East and take out The Waiting Warrior, but be really careful. He looks pretty tough; don’t underestimate the guy, okay?
1 Waiting Warrior Eliminated
You actually did it, you really got it back! Thank you so much, and…I have something to confess. I just needed my gift from Cysero back, but I really did need your help beating that guy. Nice work, hero!
(End Cutscene will activate after defeating the boss)

Quest for Merge (Optional)
Gather Ingredients
Go out and slay any enemy for ingredients!
5 enemies slain
Reward is 5 Ingredients for the Merge Shop.

Special Quest: Legend Only *For the pet in the merge shop*
Go slay ten Evil Moglins and I’ll reward you with Evil Moglin Essence.
10 Evil Moglin Slain
Reward is 1-5 Evil Moglin Essence

And that is my release. Thank you. :)


[Sir Nick/Leader of The Gallant Blades]
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4/22/2014 19:32:38   
Lord Coake

Cysero's New Invention
Release Date: ???
By: Superrpg237


Cysero Calls the hero over to Arcangrove for a test run of his new invention: The Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game. The hero, Blakk, Rayst, and Reens are the Players, and Cysero is the Game master. As he begins the introduction to the campaign, Cysero unknowingly begins casting a mixture of an illusion and teleportation spell, which sends the players INTO the RPG's world. Due to the nature of the Hero, and the spell, everyone but the Hero is transformed into their characters they made for the RPG. The Hero still knows he is in a game, and sees an illusionary Cysero who speaks to him as a Game Master would to a player. The Hero must then journey through a monster-filled Dungeon, and battle the final Dragon boss in order for him and the others to escape. (139 words)

Map Name:

It would be in Arcangrove. Map name suggestion: /firedungeon


Cysero, Game Master
Congratulations! You've made it to the Fire Dungeon! Be careful, there are many fiery monsters here, all in service to the Great Fire Dragon.

What? Whaddaya mean you're not supposed to be here? Didn't that old man in the town inn tell you to go here for your quest?
<More 2>

<More 2>
*Note: Parentheses means cysero is talking out of character* (Hero, you're supposed to be in-character. You go do the adventure I have set up, and I'll try to bring you all back to our world.)


Fire Elementals, Living Fire, Volcanic Maggot, and Scoria Serpent.

Boss Monster Type:

Dragonkin(preferably some sort of red dragon, to go with the fire theme. I'll leave the creative details up to ya'll.)

Reward Types:

Shop that Unlocks after completing all quests.

Item Rewards:

Armor - Knight of the Kitchen Table: A set of knight armor that has a large 20-sided Die on the Tabard

Helm 1 - Full Helm of the Kitchen Table: A Templar-like knight helm that matches the knight armor's colors.

Helm 2 - Game Master's Crown: A crown with many dice of different types in place of jewels.

Weapon 1 - Kitchen Table Blade: A medieval-style long sword with a 20-sided die for the pommel.

Weapon 2 - Critical Success!: A large 20-sided Die with the 20 shown prominently.

My Release Outline:

Player Joins /firedungeon
Player talks to Cysero

Opening: Player meets cysero and the others in the Tower of Magic. Cysero explains what's going on, and asks the others if they want in, They all agree, and then cysero sets them up with characters and begins telling them his story intro. During the storytelling, Cysero casts a spell, sending the Player and the others into the world of the game. The player character quickly realizes the others have all been turned into their characters from the game. The Player then sees a illusionary Cysero standing there, finishing his narration.

Closing: The Player slays the Great Fire Dragon, immediately teleporting them all back to Arcangrove. Cysero apologizes to them all, and says that next time, maybe someone with less wacky magic should be the Game Master.


1st Quest:
Find a map
You must collect 5 map pieces scattered across the dungeon, in order to find your way through.
5 Fire Dungeon Map Pieces
Good, you found them all! Now we can begin the fighting!

2nd Quest:
You must find and squish 7 Volcanic Maggots if you wish to proceed.
7 Squished Maggots
Good Job! Also, you've got something on your shoe.....

3rd Quest:
Ring of Fire
Ok, so now you've got to defeat 6 Living Fire, and place their remains in rings around the dungeon, in order to break the seal to the next room.
6 Living Fire Remains Gathered
6 Living Fire Remains Placed
And the Seal is Broken! We can now move on to the next room.

4th Quest:
Stop, Drop, and Roll!
You need to defeat 8 Fire Elementals if you wish to draw out the Great Fire Dragon and his guards. Good Luck!
8 Fire Elementals Defeated
Great! Now here comes the hard part.....

5th Quest:
Guardians of the Great Fire Dragon
Those are Scoria Serpents, guardians of the Great Fire Dragon. You need to get past 10 of them in order to reach the Great Fire Dragon himself.
10 Serpents Defeated
Look out! The Great Fire Dragon is right there!

Boss Quest:
Defeat the Great Fire Dragon
Here's the best part, the final Dungeon Boss. He's all yours, pal.
1 Great Fire Dragon Defeated
You did it! Now we can return to our home!

End Release

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Chaosweaver Amon

Defend the Treasury!
Levels 30+ Recommended

Overview: Trouble is stirring in the Neverglades. News of King Alteon's death has spread quickly, and has attracted many unwanted visitors to the capital. One group in particular known as the Rhapash. Deadly undead fighters, on their way to loot Swordhaven's capital. There are still citizens trying to regain what is left of their possessions, and the Rhapash intend to steal it, as well as rob the Royal treasury. A spy within the capital was caught, and interrogated, and has told you everything he claims to know. Your job? Meet with an associate of Robina's, named Grimlon, and help intercept the Rhapash before it's too late!

Map Name: /join forestmission
  • Map Location: The Neverglades

    NPC Questgiver:
    Name: Grimlon
    Title: Royal Ranger
    Main Text: Greetings hero, Robina told me you were coming. The Rhapash are on their way to Swordhaven already, and mean to raid the royal treasury. If we don't stop them in time, there will be no way we'll get those savings back!<more>
    <more> The Rhapash are a group of elite Undead Bandits, led by a man named Barnabus, an old enemy of mine. Experts at what they do, I have no doubt they'll be more than capable of making away with the gold without a trace. They're extremely dangerous, so I'd keep on your toes at all times if I were you.

  • Undead Berzerker x5
  • Dreadspider x1

    Boss Monster Type:
  • Undead

    Reward types:
  • Monster Merge Item Drops
  • Merge Shop that Unlocks after you complete the quests

  • Armor: Royal Ranger Armor - After successfully thwarting the Rhapash's plans, you have earned the title of a Royal Ranger!
    Basically a bulkier version of Sir Valence's armor, with a Black Trim instead of a blue one.
  • Helm: Grimlon's Hair - Now you too can have the luscious locks of the Royal Ranger Chief himself!
    A longer, shaggier version of 'Lucas Hair'.
  • Helm: Royal Ranger Cowl - Royal Rangers can never be recognized, it's a good thing this hood hides your face well enough to ensure that won't happen!
    Earth Shaman's Hood, without the Runes, and also Black.
  • Cape: Royal Ranger Cloak - Royal Rangers need to be able to stay in the shadows unnoticed, and this cloak is the perfect tool for doing so!
    A Black Version of Sir Valence's Cape
  • Sword: Blade of the Royal Ranger - Forged of enchanted steel, this blade is nearly weightless, making it perfect for the quick strikes of a ranger.
    Basically just this.

    Release Outline:

    Player /joins Forestmission

    Opening Cutscene:
    A zoomed out view of the Neverglades is shown, with our hero shown walking into a clearing, a map in hand. Looking up, (s)he looks around.
    Hero: Hmm...according to the map, this is the right place. I hope Robina wasn't wrong...
    Suddenly, a group of hooded warriors surrounds the hero, bows aimed readily. The hero throws up his/her hands in surrender.
    Rangers: Halt! Keep your hands above your head, and no sudden movements!
    Hero: Wait! I-
    ???: Lower your weapons men. We've been expecting this one.
    Walking out from the trees, a man dressed similarly to Sir Valence appears. The hero lowers his/her arms.
    Hero: Are you...Grimlon? Robina sent me.
    Grimlon: Yes, that's me. You've reached the camp of the Royal rangers. Follow me, we have a LOT to talk about...

    Player Talks to Grimlon

  • 1: Infiltrate the Enemy (Map item Quest)
    Text:Alright hero, listen up. The best way to stop your enemy, is to know your enemy. I need to you sneak into the enemy camp, and get a grasp of their motives. Report back to me when you're done.
    Enemy Camp Infiltrated 0/1

    End Text: Did you get enough information? What did you learn?

  • 2: Collecting Information (Drop Quest)
    Text: There are two different routes that the Rhapash could take...we need to know if they are heading East, or Southeast. Which direction we need to attack from is VERY important. See if you can find any clues on the Berzerkers.
    Location Information 0/1

    End Text: Great work! They're heading North, which means we'll have to cut them off via the Southeast passage. Meet me there!

    Grimlon NPC moves to a new screen.

  • 3: Take out the scouts. (Clicky Quest)
    Text: Alright, they have scouts just in front of their group...if they find us, they'll report back to Barnabus, and that could be BAD. Sneak up on some of the scouts, and take them out! But be sure to be VERY quiet...
    Scout Silenced 0/5

    End Text: Fantastic! I see why Robina sent you now. Now, it's show time!

  • 4: Show Time! (Drop Quest)
    Text: Alright, it's time to go in for the attack now! Take out 10 of the Rhapash if you can...we'll do the rest!
    Rhapash Subdued 0/10

    End: Whew! We sure got 'em! Quickly, we'll hold the fort here...you go get Barnabus before he gets away!

  • 5: Go get Barnabus! (Drop Quest)
    Text: Go! You have to get Barnabus before he escapes!
    Barnabus Captured 0/1
    End Text: Great job, you have helped us save the Swordhaven treasury! You are certainly worthy to be one of the Royal Rangers now!

    End Cutscene: Barnabus is shown being knocked to the ground by the Hero. Grimlon rushes to the scene.
    Grimlon: Great work <Character Name>! We'll take Barnabus into custody; I'm sure we can learn a lot more about any future plans from him!
    Barnabus is hauled away.
    Grimlon: Say...hero, we could use skill like yours on the Royal Ranger squad, you're welcome to join if you want! There's plenty of reward in joining. What say you?

    Evil: You think I have time to waste running around picking off Bandits? I work for the Empress!
    Grimlon: A shame. But no matter; you're welcome to a selection of our gear, if you wish. Thank you for your work.

    Good: Alas, I'm afraid there are more important matters I have to attend to. For the truce, you see.
    Grimlon: I understand. Chaos is a major threat, you'd do better fighting Drakath and his minions. Nonetheless, you are still welcome to your selection of our gear, if you wish!


    AQW Character Name: Grimlon the Werewolf

    I was the only one to work on this submission.
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    I made this by myself AQWorlds USername: Dragonlord2046 also,and my portal battleon account is lebebe99.

    Release Title: Rise of the new king of Deluxia

    (Level Range : 25+ )

    Release Date: I Don't know.


    There was a struck of lightning that came down through sandsea. As the hero goes there he saw zhoom running through him.
    Zhoom: Hero I need your help.
    Hero: Okay what's the problem.
    Zhoom: There's a strange portal came down through sandsea.
    Hero: Let's check it out (Running Both of them)
    Zhoom: Oh my , poor people, I bet they're slaves because i could see them chained up to each other.
    Hero: Let's go downstair and help them.
    Zhoom: Wait we must have a plan to go down there.
    Hero: Good Idea.
    Zhoom: But first how do we go down there.
    (As the lightning bolted them both they go to the portal falling very deep)
    Hero And Zhoom : Awwhh* Aaahhhh*
    Zhoom: Now hero you got a plan already?
    Hero : Yes, I have one now. Time to save the people here!!!!

    Map Name : Deluxia
    Access Point: /join deluxia

    Zhoom(The Dusty Ranger)Help all the people who have been slave here, your there only hope hero.
    Cleyara (Hero)(Talk) Please Help us the new king of deluxia is a very mean person he vanquished all people
    that didn't like him.
    Marty (Hero)(Talk) Are you here to defeat the king of deluxia, if you are just get lost kid you have no
    chance of survival.

    Monsters: Deserter Beetle, Tomb Robber, Anubis Deathguard, Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper, Dusty Robber, Hascnol The Knight(Level 58 Boss)(Regenerate over 3 seconds)

    Boss Type: Undead, Beast

    Reward Types: Dusty Deluxia Shop
    Boss Drops: Hascnol Death Armor(50% Drop Rate), Hascnol UnderHelm(100% Drop Rate), Haschol Death Cape(100% Drop Rate).
    New King Shop
    Some Awesome Rarity

    All Quest are on Zhoom:

    Quest 1: "Now to enter the kingdom of Hascnol The Knight, Defeat as many Guard as you can.
    Requirements: Slay Tomb Robber 3x, Dusty Robber 3x.
    450 Exp
    1500 Gold
    After Quest: "Great Job , Now goto the gates of the kingdom"

    Quest 2: "We Have a problem, to enter the kingdom you must find a rune from the desert.
    Requirements: Find the Rune 1x Slay Deserter Bettle, Cactus Creeper, Bupers Camel.
    500 Exp
    2000 Gold
    (Temporary Rune 1x)
    After Quest: Now to open the door .

    Quest 3: "You need to find and open rune area that can fit the rune to open it".
    Requirements: Click the small open area . Arrow's Guided.
    0 Exp
    0 Gold
    After Quest: Sneak in to the kingdom if there's guard.

    Quest 4: "You now enter the kingdom of King, There's still a slight problem one of the people has seen you
    and reported to the Elite guards.
    Requirements: Slay Anubis Deathguard 15x.
    1000 Exp
    5000 Gold
    After Quest: I guess some people can't be trusted just by seeing them being a slave's here.
    Now enter the room were the king is staying.

    Quest 5: "Now Defeat the king of deluxia, And be the rightfull king of deluxia.
    Requirements: Slay Hascnol The Knight 1x.
    10000 Exp
    50000 Gold
    (Key to open the shop)(AQcoins Tempo)(Feel free to put it in the bank)
    After Quest: You have Slayed the Knight, Now on your feet and be the king of deluxia.

    Bonues Quest: "Slay some bupers or cactus in the desert.
    Requirements: Slay Bupers or Cactus 100x.
    1000 Exp
    5000 Gold
    May Drop The following:
    Jeweled Fiery Sword
    After Quest: None.

    End Of Release

    Ending Cutscene:

    The hero chopped out the head of the Knight , And all people kneel to the hero. And said "Hail To the New king".

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    dragon lord joseph

    AQW User Name: joey king ad Artix account: dragonlord joseph. Here is my story line please enjoy

    Darkscale’s Invasion
    Level Range: 30+
    Date: 5/16/2014

    Overview: The story to show us what happen to the young lady for the first Voltaire event. Let’s call her Anastasia, her ship that she has been on has been stolen by undead pirates and her new pets she got from Sckullpunch Island and crew need to be saved from them.
    You enter Lolosia’s port then you are hit over the head. You wake up to Anastasia. She tells you what happen to her crew. Now she tells you to find the ship and save the strange pets and the ships crew from the evil and undead Captain Francis Darkscale. His crew is already trying to carry out all the cages and treasure. But some of the cages are already open. Oh no here we go again.
    But you must hurry or who knows what that crazy pirate might try to do with the pets. Find and save the crew and hope you can save her mysteries pets. And if you don’t he could rule the seas of lore!
    Map Name: /join undeadports Note a warp for this map will be put at the last screen of lolosia
    Opening Cutscene: The player enters Lolosia and is hit over the head. You see a shadow pull you away. *screen goes black and red test pops up “Ten minutes later”. * Screen comes back to the new map and you then have this text appear “Oh you finally got up.” “Click next”. Now you’re placed place on screen 1.

    Final Cutscene: Darkscale is running at the hero. Then he shoots a fire ball and misses only to get crushed by a cage. Anastasia then shifted to holding a solid black undead cat with glowing blue eyes. She then says this line: “Oh my baby you are safe. I hope the rest are ok. Cam moves over to right show a group playing with Darkscale’s skull. Anastasia then says: “Look hero this it’s a rare kind of undead cat that can glow in the dark see *smiles*. Then the lights are turned of to show all the cats glowing. After that the screen fades to black with a return to screen 1.

    NPC: Female npc from /join voltarie (With permission from Voltarie to use her in the story along with giving her a name her)
    • Anastasia: Lovely Pirate of Sckullpunch Island
    • “Oh great you look ready to fight! Look I need you to get on that ship no matter! Here is the key to every door on my ship. Just don’t let Darkscale get to my babies!!!”
    • “Look I had know clue we were being followed. Darkscale jumped on our ship and his crew was hidden in one of our cages. If you can take him down his crew will obey you. But he has some strange cutlass that shot out fire so be carefull.”
    Monsters: Undead Pirates (level 40), Fishbone (Level 15), Shelleton (level 15), Fishwing (Level 27), Water Elemental (Level 25), and Captain Francis Darkscale (level 45).

    The Boss monster type: Undead Name: Captain Francis Darkscale (level 45)
    Hp: 20000
    Attacks: Sword Strike (100-150 damage) and Fire Blast (200-350 damage)
    Style: Large Undead, a Pirate Captain’s coat with dragon scales on it. Black Cutlass with red runes. He has a long silver beard and long curly silver hair.
    Rewards: Drop from boss Darkscale’s cutlass (member rarity epic) Sword/ Fishbone on your back (non-member rarity Wierd) Cape

    Rewards from shop after quest is done: Armor: Gothic Fancy (non-member price 900 Adventure Coins note female mirror the armor used on Anastasia for females on males I will put a link to the male style. Rarity Rare) Helms: Fem Goth hair (100 Adventure coins non-member uses Anasasia’s hair. Rarity rare) Goth Hair (male style will post link to real life hair 100 Adventure coins rarty rare) last item and an evolved version of the trident of storms (member price 300,000 gold rareity unknown) Cape: Guitar on your back (non member price 10,000 gold rarity unknown)
    • Quest 1 a basic map item: triggers when screen with ship is found.
    1. Quest name: Check the docks.
    2. Quest text: “Quick find my ship! It must be some where around here. Try look over there where the fishbones are hero.”
    3. When Complete: “Great you found her!”
    4. Exp given 500 and gold given 500

    • Quest 2 Drop quest: Player must beat 8 Fishwing and 8 Fishbone.
    1. Quest name: Clear the deck!.
    2. Quest Text: “Look at all these pest! Clean them out so we can get to the bunks. I will even pay yah. Now work I don’t want that filth with my babies!”
    3. Quest Complete: “Wait something is wrong with the door!?!?”
    4. Rewards 600 exp and 600 gold
    • Quest 3 Multi-click: Player must click the door 7 times to break it down.
    1. Quest name: Blunder buster down!
    2. Quest text: “Great he has something blocking the door mate.
    3. Can you break the door down for me? Look I will pay for any wounds you get.”
    4. Quest Complete: “You look sore but let’s keep going!”
    5. 700 exp given and 700 gold.
    • Quest 4 Drop quest: Player must clear out 10 water elementals and 4 undead pirates.
    1. Quest name: Oh Francis where art tho?
    2. Quest text: “Look I need you to capture 4 undead pirates and clear some of the water elementals out. Maybe then we could find Darkscale! But I don’t know if they even know what is going on.”
    3. Quest Complete: “These bone head won’t talk looks like we have to keep looking. Ugh!”
    4. Reward 900 exp and 900 gold
    • Quest 5 Drop: Player must slay 6 Undead Pirates to get drop.
    1. Quest name: Looks like a meeting.
    2. Quest text: “Look over there seems to be a large group of undead pirates. Hmmm take a few and let’s see if they know where the captain is. But try to get at lest 6 of them.”
    3. Quest Complete: “Great job, they said that Darkscale is the hull but we need a key.I gave it to one of my crew member, he should have it.”
    4. Rewards 1000 exp and 1000 gold
    • Quest 6: Click based: Player check 12 npc undead pirates on the map for the key. Note: the key is only found after clicking on all 12 npcs.
    1. Quest name: Skippy longjohns who?
    2. Quest text: “look one of my crew members Skippy has it. Ask all the pirates if they have seen him. Good luck and be quick hero I fear Darkscale is almost done!”
    3. Quest Complete: “Great we have the key! Now let’s go save my babies!!!!”
    4. Rewards 1100 exp and 1100 gold
    • Boss Quest Time drop based: Get rid of Darkscale!
    1. Quest name: Stop Darkscale!
    2. Quest text: “Now it time to get rid of that yellow belly. Hero finish him off so I can have my pets back.
    3. Quest complete: My babies final they are safe.
    4. Reward 1200 Exp and 1200 gold
    • Bonus Quest member: Drop quest
    1. Quest name: Look at the fire works!
    2. Quest text: “Look he came back you know what to do hero.”
    3. Quest complete: Hmmp you sure showed him.”
    4. Reward 1000 exp and 1000 gold
    • Bouns Quest member 2: Goal for quest is a drop from the undead pirates note: the quest items drop rate is 25%.
    1. Quest name: Find the missing pet?
    2. Quest Text: Oh no some of my babies seems to have been caught hero show those undead pirates a lesson!
    3. When complete: Ohh she seems to like you maybe you should keep her.” Reward 500 exp and 1000 gold pet Is a pet called Shiba, the Undead Cat. ( pet is member only and sells for 2012 gold rarity )
    • Bouns Non-member quest (if it can be done I want everyone to have at lest one extra quest to do): Note this is a one time quest.
    1. Drop based: Player gets ride of 10 undead pirate, 5 water elementals, and 20 fishbone.
    2. Quest name: Stow away throw away
    3. Quest text: “I want you to get rid of the last of his crew. Clean out 10 undead pirates, 5 water elementals, and 20 fishbone. I will even give you a nice bag of gold.”
    4. Quest complete: “Good job here take this. You did well hero you did well.”
    5. Rewards 2500 exp and 3000 gold.


    Links for the male styles will be posted here

    armor: https://a2-images.myspacecdn.com/images03/3/f3cff34cb1c34a13aada0e2147bab7ad/300x300.jpg

    hair: http://www.auditionhunter.com/images/users/2009/09/23792_531d1.jpg

    and it use the female npc seen in this screen: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/skull-punch-island
    AQW  Post #: 18
    4/22/2014 19:45:05   

    Here's my submission. All made my myself. AQW username: Aioma

    Title: Undead Artix STRIKES BACK!

    Level Range: 30+

    Overview: The armies of Evil King Alteon is invading the Battleoff. The Evil King Alteon has returned to Battleoff with his army and EVOLVED Undead Artix! And this Evolved Undead Artix has the power to control the Lords of Orders! And it is controlling them to attack the innocent people in Battleoff and helping the Evil Alteon to invade. The only way to free the Lords of Orders is to defeat the Evovled Undead Artix. Only Mirrored Drakath can stop them, but he does not have enough power to stop the Evolved Undead Artix. So he calls the hero to assist him and fight against Evil King Alteon's army, Controlled Lords of Chaos and the Evolved Undead Artix!

    Name of Map: Battleoff
    Map name suggestion: MirroredCastle

    Mirrored Drakath
    Champion of Orders
    Speech: (Hero's name), you're finally here! I- No, WE, the Lords of Orders and I, need your help! As you can see, the Evil King Alteon has returned with his army and even worse, the Undead Artix! Or should I say, the EVOLVED UNDEAD ARTIX!
    <More> The Evolved Undead Artix has the power to control the Lords of Orders! And the only way to free them is to defeat the Evolved Undead Artix! I cannot defeat him myself, it's too powerful for me! I'm sure the Lords of Orders are suffering under the Evolved Undead Artix's control!
    <More> (Hero's name)! Will you help us? To free the Lords of Chaos and defeat the Evolved Undead Artix? And save our world? If so, let's get going!

    Monsters: Evil Knights, Evolved Undead Artix, Lord of Orders Escherion, Lord of Orders Vath, Lord of Kitsune, Lord of Wolfwing, Lord of Ledgermayne, Lord of Tibicenas, Lord of Khasaandra*
    *I'm sure you can just recolor the Chaos Lords like you did in Battleoff 2009. Like you did in here: prntscr.com/3cig6t

    Boss Monster type: Undead

    Reward types:
    Shop after completing this story
    Boss drops

    Items Reward:
    Armor: Evolved Undead Paladin Armor
    Helm: Evolved Undead Paladin Helm
    Helm: Seraphim's Crown
    Cape: Evolved Undead Paladin Cape
    Cape: Seraphim's Wing
    Weapon: Evolved ShadowReaper of Doom
    Weapon: ShadowBlade of Doom (Mirrored Blade of Awe)
    Weapon: Seraphim's Guardian Polearm
    Pet: Seraphim's Light

    Opening Cutscene: The Lord of Order Escherion is patrolling around the Battleoff. All of sudden, the Evolved Undead Artix suddenly appeared right front of Escherion. Escherion attacked the Undead Artix by using sun light. However, it did not work. The Undead Artix casted a spell which made Escherion fall under it's control. The other Lords of Orders sensed that the evils is coming and went up against the Evolved Undead Artix. But, they all fell under it's control. The Mirrored Drakath sensed this, and requested for hero's help.
    As the hero arrived, the Mirrored Drakath explained how the Evolved Undead Artix is controlling the Lords of Orders and the only way to stop it is to take it down. And the hero and the Mirrored Drakath sets off to the castle (Swordhaven castle, or you can call it Swordlesshaven?), where the Evolved Undead Artix is.

    Closing Cutscene: As you defeated the Evolved Undead Artix, the Lords of Orders gained back their sense. The Evil King Alteon fled away, screaming "I shall return!" The Champion of Orders, Drakath and the Lords of Orders thanked the hero.
    The hero returns back to home, Battleon. The hero met up with Artix and explained the adventure that he/she was in and how he/she defeated the Evolved Undead Artix. Artix freezes, and asked, "Did you just say... Evolved Undead... ARTIX?!?!" The hero nods. And Artix screamed out, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU?!?!?!" And cries. The hero smiles, and pats Artix back, and said, "There's always next time." *winks an eye* <end of cutscene>

    Drakath is the NPC and the quest giver.
    Quest 1: Get out of my way!
    There's too much evil knights blocking the entrance to the castle! We must take down many of them in order to get in the castle!

    Defeat 20 Evil Knights

    Great job! Let us proceed into the castle!

    Quest 2: Escherion Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Escherion is out of control! Knock him out so that it can't move anymore!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Escherion

    Great job Hero! And sorry Escherion! I'll get you some ice pack once this is over!

    Quest 3: Vath Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Vath is on the rampage! Take him down so that I can tie him up and that way, he won't be able to move anymore!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Vath

    Great! Sorry Vath! I'll get you some bandage once this is over!

    Quest 4: Kitsune Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Kitsune is destroying the castle! Take him down until I put him off to sleep!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Kitsune

    Okay, that should do the trick. Sorry Kitsune! I'll get you some medicine once this is over!

    Quest 5: Wolfwing Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Wolfwing is on berserk! Knock it out until it is unable to move anymore!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Wolfwing

    Whew! That was a little tougher then before. Sorry Wolfwng! I'll get you some meat once this is over!

    Quest 6: Ledgermayne Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Ledgermayne is casting it's magic to attack the innocent people! Subdue him until his mana runs out and make sure it doesn't move anymore!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Ledgermayne

    Good job Hero. Sorry Ledgermayne! I'll get you some mana potion once this is over!

    Quest 7: Tibicenas Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Tibicenas is making death wishes on innocent people! Stop him and hold him off until I find his lamp!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Tibicenas

    Whew, that was tough. Sorry Tibicenas! I'll set you free after this is over!

    Quest 8: Khasaandra Confronted
    The Lord of Orders Khasaandra is savaging all out resources! Defeat her so that she won't be able to move anymore!

    Defeat Lord of Orders Khasaandra

    I think that was the toughest battle. But, there's still one more boss to take down. Sorry Khasaandra! I'll treat you some nice foods once this is over!

    Quest 9: Looking for the Keys
    We need a key to get through this door. I think one of the Evil Knights has the key. Defeat the knights until one of them drops it!

    Defeat Evil Knights until it drops the key.

    Good job! Now, get prepared. In this door, it will be one of the most toughest battle you'll ever be in!

    Quest 10: Evolved Undead Artix!
    Get ready Hero, because you're now up against the Evolved Undead Artix! Defeat him and bring back our peace!

    Defeat Evolved Undead Artix

    ... <automatically goes into the closing cutscene>

    End of the story/release.

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    4/22/2014 19:51:30   
    Beshin Adin

    Title: Kharkaragos and the Tides of Death
    OVERVIEW: Once upon a time, long ago, there was a small seaside village. In it lived a witch doctor named Kharkaragos. It was a small village, using the sea’s bounty as its only food source, and had little to no contact with the rest of Lore. However, the shoreline it sat on had some of the most plentiful ocean resources in the world. Because of this, the area was discovered by Lolosian fishermen, and overfished to the point of the village’s demise.

    Kharkaragos had always been mentally volatile, so revenge was the first thing that came to mind. He’d bring death to the land, just like they brought death to the sea. He discovered eternal youth, and a way to morph himself into a half-man, half-shark, as was his namesake. Even though he seems to champion the sea, his powers warp sea creatures into vile, twisted monsters that kill anything in sight.

    Beginning: A Lolosian ship is out at sea when Kharkaragos peeks his cursed head from the water. The crew members have a second to point in wonder, before a gigantic monster-shark capsizes the ship in moments. Kharkaragos laughs, and whispers, “Today, Lolosia. Tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Beware, Lore. The tides of death are rolling in.” Then, he vanishes under the water.
    The Hero meets up with a decorated sea captain. “Greetings, Hero,” he says, “I am Admiral Jinter Poseidon. I have called you here because several frigates of mine have all gone missing within hours of each other. Local boatmen report seeing terrifying monsters in that area. That’s where you, the world’s greatest monster-slayer, come in.” The Hero tenses up. “Monsters, swag, stabby-time, they’re what I live for. Let me at ‘em, Admiral!”

    Before boss: Kharkaragos swims down. “I’ve heard of you, Hero. You and all of your exploits. But, I’ve waited 400 years for this day, and no one’s stopping me.” He narrows his eyes. “You and the land people will all perish!”

    After boss: Kharkaragos starts floating like a dying fish. “Guh…To think the land…….had someone like you…….Hero, please…………just make sure……..nothing bad happens………to the sea…..” Some sharks swim up to Kharkaragos. “Go on…….you have my permission…………..” The sharks swarm on him at eat him, until there’s nothing left.

    Final scene: “Quite a report,” Admiral Poseidon says. “Despite his atrocities, I DO find myself sympathizing with Kharkaragos. He lived and died for the ocean. Very well, we shall be much stricter on sea poachers. Thank you, Hero, you’ve saved countless lives above and below the surface.”
    *scene cuts to a sunset on the ocean*

    Map name: /seabattle, sea near Lolosia
    Monsters: Fishwing, Shark Bait, Undead Prate, Anglerfish
    Boss: Kharkaragos – Fish (whatever Shark Bait is) – Description – Human with blue skin and white front. Has shark-like head, tail, and dorsal fin. Us es staff with fish fins and hanging seaweed at head of staff.
    Quest Giver: Elisa Shipmate. Main text: Admiral Poseidon sent me to escort ye. Hero. Some of me closest mates were on those frigates. Be it man or beast, find the wretch that did this. Me mates deserve justice! “More” text: Ye be going into the briny blue. ‘Tis their world. Ye be at a disadvantage. Be careful, Hero.
    Central Shark – Slay 8 Shark Bait
    Into the Abyss – Collect 10 Bio Lights from Anglerfish
    Fish Language – Slay monsters until you get Kharkaragos’s name (60% drop rate)
    Emergency Assistance – Return to boat, and slay 10 Fishwings
    Rest in Peace – Slay 9 Undead Pirates
    Witch Doctor Shark – Defeat Khrkaragos
    Special 1 – Neptune - Slay monsters until Neptune Amulet is dropped (15% drop rate)
    Special 2 – Deep Sweep – Slay30 Anglerfish
    Items: Head Admiral (Shop), Head Admiral Tricorn (Shop), Anchor on your Back (Shop), Kharkaragos’s Tail (boss drop), Seaweed Sword (Shop), Kharkaragos”s Staff (boss drop), Shark Tooth Daggers (boss drop), Gulliver the Gull (Shop)

    Only shop is available from beginning
    Except for special quests, everything is non-mem, non AC
    Made by Noelzal (7788225)

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    I did it by myself. My account is Haos Lorder.

    Hunt the Frostmourne
    Level: 25+
    Long time ago, when the Lich King failed, his legendary sword named Frostmourne was destroyed. Or that thought everyone until now! A few days ago, King Brentan had to go on the Icecown Citadel, the fortress where Lich King was defeated. He found a strange ancient plaque on the back of the throne reading: "When I will fall, my sword will be sealed, in a place where no one can access, no one will use it's powers, except the hero of the prophecy, the one whose powers are unequaled". Brentan discovered that this place is deep in the sands of Sandsea, where the Egyptian Gods keep the forces of the seal in order to protect the Frostmourne.

    Now King Brentan goes to the hero to tell him what happened. You are the only one who can break the seal and free the sword! Your mission is to find out the exactly place where the seal is hiden, and recover the sword. But beware, once you recover the sword, use it smart, otherwise the power of the sword will destroy you.

    (181 words)

    Name of Map
    Under-Sand Cave.
    Area: Sandsea

    King Brentan
    King of Good.
    Here we are my friend. Somewhere in here the Seal is hiden, but first we have to find out where it is exactly! You are the only one who can pass these gates, so you have to do this alone, but don't worry, I'll be waiting you here if you need to ask something.

    This is one more step to complete your destiny, and you destiny is to protect Lore! I'm sure it will be hard to recover that sword, but it will be totally worth.
    <More 2>

    <More 2>
    If you don't know what that sword is, I'll tell you. This sword was crafted for the Lich King, a powerfull knight whose powers where unimaginable. Everyone thought that the sword was destroyed when the Lich King died. Now, we are the only two who know the truth.

    Anubis DeathGuard
    Golden Scarab
    Tomb Robber
    Kalestri Hound
    Lotus Spider

    Boss Monster Type
    The undead creature that the Lich King put here to to protect the Seal.
    The boss will have a knight armor with a horned helmet. His eyes will be blue and cold. He will have a big black sword in his hand.

    Reward Types
    Boss drops
    Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

    Boss drop it's armor ( Legend ), weapon ( Free ) and helm ( Free ).
    The shop will contain: Frostmourne ( ACs tagged ).
    Release Outline
    // Player joins UnderSand
    // Player talks to King Brentan

    Opening cutscene: *Brentan goes to the hero*
    Brentan: I need your help, <Player's Name>.
    Hero: Sure, what is it? Just tell me.
    Brentan: I found something very interesting, and you are the only one who can make it out.
    Hero: I'm the only one? Why? What's all that about?
    Brentan: I found that the Legendary sword, Frostmourne is sealed somewhere in Sandsea.
    Hero: What!? Are you sure?
    Brentan: Yeah, I found an ancient plaque *cutscene shows the plaque* that was writing that the blade is sealed in Sandsea, in a cave under the sands. And you are the only one who can recover it!
    Hero: What are we waiting then? Let's go!
    *Cutscene shows Brentan and Hero at the Cave*
    Brentan: Here we are, that's the place.
    Hero: It looks much worse than I thought...
    *Cutscene ends*

    Ending cutscene: *Hero defeats the boss*
    Boss: My king told me that someday, a hero whose destiny is to bring the peace on this world would come to get the Frostmourne. Now I see that he was right.
    Hero: Wait, what destiny? What does that mean? How can I bring the peace?
    Boss: You have to find out the answers alone. Now, I can rest... *The boss is starting to disappear*
    *The hero breaks the Seal, gets the sword and gets out from the cave*
    Brentan: You did it! You really did it!
    Hero: Yeah, but this day just made me to have more questions about the past, the present, and the future...
    Brentan: Don't worry my friend, we will help you with everything you need.
    Hero: Thank you, Brentan.
    *Cutscene ends*

    Quest 1: Find the danger
    Take a look in the cave and find out what kind of danger is in there, then come back to me to make a plan.
    Anubis DeathGuard defeated 0/1
    Golden Scarab defeated 0/1
    Tomb Robber defeated 0/1
    Kalestri Hound defeated 0/1
    Lotus Spider defeated 0/1
    End Text: Good, now that we have an overview, let's make the plans.
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 2: No guards needed
    Take care of the DeathGuards so we can move deeper in the cave
    Anubis DeathGuard defeated 0/10
    End Text: Now we can take a break! Good work.
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 3: Spiders scares me!
    You need to defeat some spiders in that cave, or it will be a really catastrophe
    Lotus Spider defeated 0/10
    End Text: Great work, as always.
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 4: Rob the Robbers!
    You need to rob the weapons from the robbers so they can't do anything bad in that cave.
    Tomb Robbers defeated 0/10
    End Text: No more robbers means a safer place!
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 5: Need more gold?
    The Golden Scarabs are really dangerous... And poisonous! Take care of them before it's too late.
    Golden Scarab defeated 0/10
    End Text: Hope they didn't did anything bad, I don't have any antidot.
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 6: I like more the cats
    The Kalestri Hounds are very fast, and very dangerous, if they bite you, you won't move for 2 days.
    Kalestri Hound defeated 0/10
    End Text: You can move, awesome, that means you did it!
    Exp: 250
    Gold: 250

    Quest 7: Search for the Seal
    That's it, now we just need to find the Seal and then the sword is yours!
    Seal found 0/1
    End Text: Great, now nothing can stop from getting the sword.
    Exp: 1000
    Gold: 1000

    Boss Quest: A...Boney situation!
    There's a huge Undead Monster in the front, and I don't think it will let us broke the Seal.
    Boss defeated 0/1
    Exp: 1000
    Gold: 1000
    *Opens ending cutscene*

    Bonus Quest 1: Save the robbers!
    There are still a few monsters in the cave, and the robbers can't do anything to protect themselves, rescue the robbers!
    Robers rescued 0/5
    End Text: Now all the robbers are safe thanks to you!
    Exp: 2500
    Gold: 2500
    Tomb Robber armor

    (Click on the robbers to rescue them)

    Bonus Quest 2: The Rock!
    We have to get out from the cave and place a big rock so we will be sure that none of these monster will get out.
    Rock placed: 0/1
    End Text: I hope that's enough.
    Exp: 2500
    Gold: 2500
    ( Click on the rock next to the cave entrance to place it )

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    Revenge of the Frost Ninja's Katana
    (Level Range: 60)

    Release Date:A.S.A.P

    Once there was ninja named Kiryo-Ki. Kiryo-ki was a brave ninja and loyal to his master.Kiryo-Ki won many battles and
    tournaments and one day a defeated opponent gave up his katana, Kiryo-Ki was amazed for the beauty of the katana so he accepted.For what he didn't know it was a setup, his opponent that he defeated was not actually defeated
    it was his plan to give Kiryo-Ki the most powerful katana but the katana is cursed and then he named it Masamune.Years past Kiryo-Ki's friends became old but he didn't and one day he in a fight he didn't use Masamune and then he noticed Masamune was suddenly floating to him and fought with him till the end. Masamune the legendary katana was lost and said to be lost forever.Until now.

    After hundreds of years a poor merchant found Masamune locked in the place most people wouldn't go Drakath's Lair itself. But the merchant was so evil he wanted to use Masamune for bad ways and kill those who stole his riches. With to much hatred and sadness the merchant fueled Masamune with rage and exploded in to pieces. The shards was lost into the deepest part of the earth.

    Map Name: The Ends

    Monsters: Kappa Ninja, NekoYasha , NotRuto , Skello Kitty
    Boss: Soul of Kiryo-Ki

    NPC: Nulgath/Miltonius
    Archfiend , Arms Dealer
    Greetings worm , so you search for treasure you've gone to the correct place because all the Monsters here drop
    AC items so free bank storage. Go search for the Soul of Kiryo-Ki and get the Legendary Katana Masamune.
    I was the merchant who lost the blade so please help me getting it back.

    1st Quest: Give Me a Dagger
    Find the daggers that i want and give them to me and I will give you one of my awesome weapons.
    Requirement: 1 Dagger (any dagger type weapon)
    When Completed: These daggers is just for my minions. Very well then you proved yourself to be a fiend.
    Rewards: 2000 Gold
    2000 XP

    2nd Quest: Give me a Broadsword
    Find the broadsword that i want and give them to me and I will give you one of my awesome weapons.
    Requirement: 1 Broadsword ( any broadsword )
    When Completed: Oh nice work worm. Ahem now you shall get your reward.
    Rewards: 2000 Gold
    3000 XP

    3rd Quest: Give me a Staff
    Now these quest is special go find a staff from my Dark Makai's and give them back to me.
    Requirement: 1 Staff ( any staff that has Nulgath on it name )
    When Completed: Thank you for bringing this stolen staff back
    Rewards: 100 Gold
    50 Gold
    Diamond of Nulgath x1

    4th Quest: Find the tomb of Kiryo-Ki
    Go find Kiryo-Ki's tomb and i shall grant you the key to enter it
    Requirement: Tomb Entrance Found
    When Completed: What???? You need a new key to enter the tomb. Well then you better find some Metals
    Rewards: 5000 Gold
    5000 XP

    5th Quest: Forge the Key
    Go to dwarfhold and get the Forge Key
    Requirement: Forge Key
    When Completed: Now go defeat Kiryo-Ki and get Masamune!!!!!!!!
    Rewards: 6000 Gold
    6000 XP
    Key of all Tombs

    Boss Quest: Kill Kiryo-Ki AGAIN
    How can you kill a soul? Easy BURN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
    Requirement: Soul of Kiryo-Ki Defeated
    When Completed: Here is your reward. You can use the Masamune to get more items in my Shop.
    Rewards: 10 000 Gold
    10 000 XP

    Opening: Hello (hero name), welcome to The Ends of the World , i think you already know Nulgath the Archfiend go finish the quests and unlock the Shop for the Betrayal Blade of Kiryo-Ki. Now go on and stop the frost Ninja's from making the world END.

    Closing: I am sorry for your loss ( hero name )but i grant you the Key to open Nulgath's shop. ( hero stands in the ends and his shadow fades and becomes Masamune.) Hero thank you for freeing me from my masters soul for your bravery i will fight with you to the end.

    Reward Types:
    Boss Drops
    Monster Drops

    Item Rewards:
    Armor: Alpha Omega
    Helm: Tomix Spikes
    Helm: Windswept Hairstyle
    Cape: Bunny on your Back 14
    Cape: Cape of Guiding
    Weapon: Evolved Frost Katana
    Weapon: Gold Starsword
    Weapon: Taro Manslayer
    Pet: Twilly Bank Pet (frost version)

    End Release

    <this release is made by shaunmatthew21 ONLY>

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    Here's my submission. I came up with it myself. my AQW name is Perchow.

    Release Title: Sandsea Revolution

    Level range: 35+

    Release Date: May 20 2014 or any time as long as it's ready.

    Map Location:
    my map's name is SADNESS


    Once, there was a merchant, not a rich merchant. And he had a camel, not a beautiful camel. But he loved that camel. And one day, he came to look for the camel but the camel was not there. The camel was gone.
    ‘Oh, where is my camel?
    My camel, where is he? And he looked all around in every direction; he searched high and low, but could he find his camel. He could not go over the desert because there are cacti and mummies who were blocking the way. The cacti took over the place of the camel. Lets help Zhoom to save his camel from the cacti and mummies.

    (107 words)

    Name of the Map: sadness

    The Ranger
    Hey! (Hero Name) ! I'm glad you came. My camel was lost and i dont know where to find him. There were cacti all over the desert and also the mummies i can't search him throughout the desert. you need to slay those cacti and the mummies to help me pass the way.
    <More> I need to find my camel because that's the only animal left for me, and i love my camel so much!

    Cactus Creeper, mummy.

    Boss Monster Type:
    Large Camel. ( A camel that has the same face as the camel on the sandsea bug its bigger and has a moderate damage)

    Opening Cutscene: The player is walking down in the desert and then he met zhoom and zhoom said "(player's name)! can you help me ? My camel was lost and there are mummies and cacti all over the desert. (player): sure! what would i do ? (zhoom): i need you to slay these cacti and mummies so that we can pass through the desert!" (cutscene faded and ended)

    Ending Cutscene: Zhoom is running to (player's name) and said: Well done (player's name)! you made it! Now i have my camel back! I should let you go to my house and have a cup of coffee. thanks hero!


    1st Quest: Slaying Mummies
    Slay 10 Mummies that surround the whole desert! so that we could pass through the desert.
    (10 mummies slayed)
    Good job! now that there are no more mummies, but there are still some monsters that surround the desert.

    2nd Quest: Slaying Cacti
    Slay 10 cacti that surround the whole desert. They are everywhere!
    (10 cacti slayed)
    Well done! you slay all of the cacti. now we could pass the way, but we need to find the map.

    3rd Quest: Slaying it Together
    We need to slay 20 of them (any monster on the map) to ensure that there are no more monsters around the desert.
    (20 monsters slayed)
    Arrriii-iight! now there are no more monsters around the desert, now we can walk safely through this desert.

    4th quest: I'm the map
    If we don't have the map, we cannot go through the desert and find the camel. Slay any monster to have the map. (50% drop rate any of the monster)

    (map found)

    ayeah!! we have the map! but... but... whattt??? a BIG CAMEL ????

    5th Quest: Larger Camel Defeated
    Hero! we need to kill this large camel because he is blocking our way! if you can defeat this LARGE camel, we can already get my camel back.
    (Larger camel Defeated)

    THATS IT! THATS IT! you kill the LARGER CAMEL! now we could get my camel back! thanks hero!

    6th quest (Legend Only Quest)
    Defeat the Larger Camel 10 times to have a cool weapon.
    (quest reward: Blue mammoth crusher blade)

    Reward Types:
    Unlocks a shop after defeating the boss
    Monster drops
    Boss drops
    Item rewards:
    Armor: Sky blue color zhoom outfit
    Helms: pink huning hood, blue swanky top hat (non mem)
    Capes: two blades, Camel on your back
    Weapons: stripe zhoom's bow, Sky blue Mammoth crusher blade
    Pet: camel, it would be named perchow's camel

    End Release

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    4/22/2014 20:58:24   

    Just myself. Character Name: sasukesnake07
    Note:I actually own the AQW account Doge

    Event name: Help "Doge" Defeat Darkness

    Overview: The mirror world meets slightly with the meme world. Everything is fine at first until the evil monsters in the mirror world cause trouble in the meme world. It is up to the hero and a mysterious figure (who turns out to be Zorbak with a Doge mask) to restore balance. Note: Zorbak only wishes to defeat the evil monsters because it ruins his spotlight.

    Map Name: Mirrormeme

    NPC: (at first it shows as a shadow figure with no text or name and only 1 quest but later turns out to be Zorbak with a Doge mask on)
    Shadow NPC Quest (1 single quest):Find the all knowing-(walk around and find Zorbak who has a Doge mask on)

    Upon finishing the "find the all knowing" quest:
    New NPC: Name now says "Doge"

    Main Text: “Hello hero, such visit very find. "Doge" needs hero’s help to defeat many mirror monsters. Such balance, very disturbed, not wow. (Go now)”
    More text: "Sorry I tend to speak Doge when I have this mask on. Alina whipped up a potion so I can speak proper now. I really need your help hero; the mirror monsters are disturbing not only your world, but also the meme world too. Also what's worse is they are ruining my spotlight! I'd do it on my own but I can't see well with this mask on. Watch out though, you might come across…..Cate."
    Text after you finish all of the quests (not counting the Legend only ones):You did it hero (I could have done it better though). Here's a shop as your rewards. Also you can check the mirror merge shop items. I'd also like my Doge Mask back. What you won't give it back? Bah! Never trust anyone.

    -Evil Moglin x6 Drops: mirror token x1-2
    -Painadin Overlord x2 Drops: mirror token x1-5
    -Grim Widow x6 Drops: mirror token x1-2
    -Boss(if my suggested one does not work out): Undead Artix x1 Drops:Mirror Token x5-10, Undead paladin token 1%
    -Suggested Boss:Evil Cate (it is a cat but spelled cate because of doge talk) x1 Drops: mirror token 10-20 has a 1% chance to drop Doge helm (not mask)
    -Member Only Boss Battle: Ultra Evil Cate Drops:mirror token 10-20 has a 5% chance to Drop Doge helm (not mask)

    Quests (after you finish the "find the all knowing" quest):

    Evil Moglin Madness-Kill 12 Evil Moglins (Gives 500 XP and 500 GOLD)
    "I have seen a increased number of Evil Moglin around. While I hate to see evil monsters be beaten, the creatures here could ruin my spotlight. Defeat them for me."

    Grim Widow Wildness-Kill 10 Grim Widows(Gives 1000XP and 1000 GOLD Drops mirror token x1)
    "Now these Grim Widows are trying to steal my spotlight too! Could you believe the nerve of these monsters. Trim their number for me. "

    Find Some Clues-(pick up clues from the ground) (Gives 2000XP and 0 GOLD Drops mirror token x1)
    "We need to find the source of this madness. And by we I mean you hero. When you're finished have some easy XP too, I don't need it.

    Evil Extinction-Kill 10 Evil Moglins and 10 Grim Widows (Gives 2000XP and 2000 GOLD Drops mirror token x1)
    "There seems to be no end to this mirror mayhem. Go out and defeat a lot more of them to clear the path. And while you do that i'll go enjoy a nap in the shade heh heh heh...."

    Find the hideout-Walk around to find Painadin Overlord hideout (Gives 3000XP and 3000 GOLD Drops mirror token x1)
    "What took you so long? Bah, anyways now that the path is cleared of monsters, go find what is causing this and hurry up, this mask is starting to itch."

    Puny Painadin Overlord-Kill the Painadin Overlord (Gives 4000XP and 4000 GOLD Drops a cane that has a M on it for memeDrops mirror token x5)
    "Pff I've seen tougher, like me heh heh heh. Defeat that puny Painadin so this can all be over."

    Boss Quest: It was a trap!-Confront Undead Artix (or Evil Cate if my suggestion works) (Gives 5000XP and 5000 GOLD Drops the Doge mask that Zorbak has on. Also drops mirror tokens x10)
    "Woah! I did not see this coming. Even though he is undead he still look like a paladin. Watching you defeat him will be enjoyable. And if you're successful I'll give you this Doge Mask.....But only because it's uncomfortable!"

    Special Quest (Legend Only): Not over yet!-Kill Painadin Overlord 10 times. (Gives 6000XP and 6000 GOLD Drops a non-Legend ac version of the Doge Mask)
    "Painadin needs to be taught a less that I am more evil. Slay him 10 times and teach him not to mess with me. If you come back alive i'll give you a reward."

    Special Quest (Legend Only)2: Cate CATastrophe-Kill Ultra Evil Cate 3 times. (Gives 10000XP and 10000 GOLD Drops a 10% chance Legend AC version of Doge Zorbak Pet)
    "Hmmm seems this Cat will not calm down. Strike the furious feline down 3 times and you might get someone worth your time."

    Special Quest (Legend Only)2 (if Cate suggestion does not work): Undead Artix Assault!-Kill Undead Artix 5 times. (Gives 10000XP and 10000 GOLD Drops 50 mirror tokens)
    "Hmmm this Paladin thinks he packs a punch. Well not only did I bring punch but I also brought soda (heh heh heh). Teach him not to get into my way and you will earn rewards for your deeds."

    Rewards Shop (unlocked after completing all non-legend quests)
    -Doge Mask (legend non ac tagged) 2,000,000 gold.
    -Doge's fur (ac item) 200 Ac's.
    -Cate's Mask (non-legend) 20,000 gold.
    -Cate's helm (legend or ac's) 50,000 gold legend or for 150 ac's.
    -Doge Zorbak Pet (legend or ac's) 100,000 gold legend or 300 ac's non legend.
    -Sword of the Doge (non-legend) 10,000 gold.
    -Evolved Cat tail (cape)
    -Doge Daimyo (non-legend please ac) 500 ac's.
    -Zorbak's Meme Sword (looks like the meme weapon but has a Z) 10,000 gold.
    -WOW helm(non-legend) 20,000 gold. (shouts WOW into the air.
    Mirror Token Shop update (you can open this shop without completing the event)
    -Doge's Helm (non-legend ac tagged) Requires 1,000,000 gold, 200 mirror tokens, and the Doge's fur item from the Rewards Shop.
    -Cate pet (legend ac tagged) Requires 100 mirror tokens.
    -Meme mask (looks like a mask with a M on it. (non-legend ac tagged) Requires 50 mirror tokens.
    (And and mirror token shop will have all of the previous items)

    Opening Cutscene(after finishing the first quest given by the shadow NPC): Your character walks around, trips and is shocked by the shadow figure. Turns out to be Zorbak with a Doge mask on. Zorbak and the character have a conversation about the bad things going on and how Zorbak hates being shown up by people who think they are more evil than himself. He then lets you try on the Doge mask but takes it away while saying "meh I might let you borrow it after you have helped me".

    Closing Cutscene(after beating Cate or Undead Artix if the Cate idea does work) You are first show slashing at cate or undead artix and he is defeated. You and Zorbak have an argument about the mask but he lets you put it on because it makes him itch. With the mask on you say "wofe" and the portal between the mirror world and the meme world closes. Zorbak is amazed and confused at what you just did. And after you say you had no idea how you got it to work he takes the mask back. At the end Cate or Undead Artix is shown getting up but only to be smashed down by Zorbak.

    Additional requests: Because I own the AQW account Doge I thought i'd try and suggest him to be a different NPC for the merge shop.
    A picture: http://prntscr.com/3cjdu5
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    Josh Lycanthropy

    The Frozen Overlord

    Levels 35 - 40

    Release Date - May 16


    Lolosia, the tropical home of Pirates and Fish creatures that live anywhere but the water is cold. The sky is so gray the sun cannot pierce it. The wind give you chills. The air is so cold you can see your own breath. And in some areas frost is starting to collect. Lolosia is never like this, not even in Winter. But someone has come to Lolosia, and he calls himself The Frozen Overlord. He has brought his legion of Undead Frost Vikings and White Werewolves into the depths of Lolosia and has declared Lolosia as his own and plots to extinguish all life in his new land within an ancient temple he's taken over.

    You have been requested to help stop the Frozen Overlord by Jacob Crow, Pirate Captain of the Black Crusader and Zarn, a mysterious Undead Butler who is essential to defeating the Frozen Overlord. With their help you will defeat the Overlord's foot soldiers and enter his fortress he built inside Lolosia's mainland. Inside you must penetrate the Overlord's war room to face him. After defeating him he reveals that all he wanted was the recognition of his Master, King of the Night. After you discover this, a red energy bolt disintegrates the Frozen Overlord. Surprised, you unsheathe your weapon at the mysterious attacker, who reveals himself as Zarn. He explains that The Frozen Overlord was one of his Master's disciples who thought if he claimed an entire country for the Master, he would be made an official member of The Dark Horde. But this was against his Master's wishes and ordered that he should be terminated before he reveals critical information about the guild.

    You are curious as to why Zarn would tell you this, and he responds, "Because my dear Hero. The Master stands to gain with this puny distraction. Thanks to you, we have collected the ancient dark secrets this temple held." Before you could demand what he was plotting, Zarn envelops himself in darkness and vanishes. leaving you puzzled and slightly scared of the future. But as you walk out of the temple, the sun beats down on your face, the sky is blue, the winds are warm, and you stand there taking in that first Summer day in Lolosia. The hero is silhouetted by the light of the sun and the light envelops the screen...

    Map Name



    Undead Frost Viking - Level 37
    White Werewolf - Level 37


    Frozen Overlord - Level 40
    Appearance - http://zonagon.deviantart.com/art/Frozen-Overlord-370966091


    Jacob Crow - Captain of the Black Crusader
    Appearance - Captain of the Black Crusader Set
    Main Text - "Glad you're here hero, name's Jacob Crow but ain't got time for introductions. This Frozen Overlord's been trying to take over Lolosia! Me and the rest of the sailors here have been fighting off his vikings and dogs here. Go see that Zarn fellow over there, he's the one who's help'n us with beat'n this royal bone head!"
    "More" Text - "Personally, I don't trust this bone head. Trying to help us beat one of his own, there's always an angle to this business. Remember that an' you stay alive."

    Zarn - Mysterious Undead Butler
    Appearance - http://zonagon.deviantart.com/art/The-Horde-Zarn-the-Butler-382704083
    Main Text - "Good, you're here. Now we can begin this Regicide. What? You don't understand what that is? Illiterate. Just follow my instructions and the Frozen Overlord will be no more."
    "More" Text - "Why am I helping you ask? Simple, I'm only following orders. And don't ask who my employer is, I'll have to terminate you if you do."



    Thinning the Ranks
    "These Barbarians and their Hounds are disrupting my thought process. Extinguish their lives so that I can focus on the plan."
    Completed - "Your performance was commendable. At least I can focus now."
    Undead Frost Vikings Slain - 0/5
    White Werewolves Slain - 0/5
    Rewards - 100 Gold, 100 Exp

    Temple Crashers
    "The entrance of the temple they've captured is blocked by rows of logs they've set up. Igniting them would be tedious and time consuming, and we do not have sufficient time! We must detonate the blockade with gunpowder. However, thanks the the carelessness of these vulgar privateers, those barbaric vikings stole most of their ammunition. Reclaim the gunpowder and use it to destroy the blockade."
    Completed - "Good, now we can enter the temple. Now get moving! Time is short!"
    Bags of Gunpowder - 0/10
    Blockade Destroyed - 0/1
    Rewards - 500 Gold, 200 Exp

    A Map for a Maze
    "Curses! This temple is a maze! We won't be able to find that trech... Um, abhorrent lich if we don't know where we're going! His soldiers must have a map of the temple's layout on them. Go and find a map on any of his minions, I'm sure even his hounds can read a map. Completely revolting."
    Completed - "Excellent you found one. Interesting, this map is very old and appears to have been written by an experienced mapmaker. There is no way one of those barbarians and their hounds could have written this. But we have no time for this, we must find the Frozen Overlord!"
    Map of the Maze - 0/1
    Rewards - 500 Gold, 500 Exp

    Simple Request
    "I have a small favor to ask of you, some of these minions have letters with red candle seals on them. I must have them. Do not ask why, do not open them, and do not tell anyone of this. If you fail to meet my requirements I will terminate you. Remember, you are expendable."
    Completed - "Very good. I shall pay you handsomely for this. But remember, tell anyone and not even Death himself will be able to respawn you."
    Mysterious Letters - 0/13
    Rewards - 1300 Gold, 500 Exp

    The Key to his Lair
    "I have located his War Room on the map, but it is locked and one of his vikings has the key. Find it and return to me. His end will be inevitable then."
    Completed - "Yes, I can almost hear his last death cries echo through the temple."
    Key to the War room - 0/1
    Rewards - 800 Gold, 800 Exp

    The Frozen Overlord
    "It is time, go and face him in the war room. Take his crown as prof you ended his unlife..."
    Completed - "..."
    Frozen Crown - 0/1
    Rewards - 1000 Gold, 1000 Exp

    Jacob Crow

    White Werewolf Pelts - Legend Only
    "Those are some nice pelts them dogs are wearing. I'd betting some nice nobles would love to have some of them too. Why don't ya get me some from em? I'll reward ya nicely if ya do."
    Completed - "Oh yeah, these'll do. Come back again if ya want more gold."
    White Werewolf Pelts - 0/20
    Rewards - 1500 Gold, 100 Exp

    Steal'n Swords 'n Knives - Legend Only
    "Wow, them vikings have some nice weapons on em. How about you go acquire a few of em for me an the boys here? I'll pay ya real well."
    Complete - "Oh, now these are some nice blades 'n axes. Looks like you earned this."
    Undead Viking Weapons - 0/20
    Rewards - 1500 Gold, 100 Exp


    Opening Cutscene
    Darkness fades and the sea port of Lolosia appears. It is sunny and all seems peaceful for the first few seconds. Then the sky slowly turns gray, and the winds howl. Scene changes to forest background with skeletal silhouettes marching behind the trees. Scene changes to shivering pirates at the port with wolf-like silhouettes staring at them with blue glowing eyes. Scene changes the Frozen Overlord addressing his army as they stand in his gaze as silhouettes in front of the temple deep within the forest.

    Frozen Overlord: "Soldiers! Werewolves! Lend me your Ears!"


    Frozen Overlord: "Here we make a country of our own! Here in Lolosia!


    Crowd shouts and howl.


    Frozen Overlord: "Here we make our base in this old temple!"


    Frozen Overlord: "And soon we will concur Lolosia! Then all of Lore!"


    Crown shouts and howl again.


    Scene fades out into darkness with bold white letters saying "One Week later..." changes to the silhouette of the Hero (You), as they stand at the edge of a boat staring at the cold coast of the battle-scarred Lolosian port. Scene fades out into darkness.

    Final "Next"

    Ending Cutscene - appears immediately after final quest is completed
    The Hero stands above the now kneeling Frozen Overlord in the war room. Then they point their weapon at him.

    Hero: "Alright Mr. Frozen Overlord, time to take you in. I hear the Pactagonal Knights have a nice cell for you in King Alteon's dungeon!"


    Close up on the Frozen Overlord. He looks up at the Hero.

    Frozen Overlord: "All I ever wanted was His approval."


    Close up on the Hero.

    Hero: "What? Who?!"


    Back to the Frozen Overlord. He rests his head down.

    Frozen Overlord: "My Master, the King of the Night."


    Before the Hero could even utter a word, a red energy bolt shot the Frozen Overlord. Disintegrating him instantly. Surprised, the Hero lifts up their weapon and turns left and right to see the mysterious attacker.

    Hero: "What the? Hey! Where are you?!"


    ???: Why I am over here.

    Out from the shadows came Zarn. His skull face almost looked like it was grinning. Back to the Hero, they lower their weapon and say,

    Hero: "Zarn? What are you doing here?"


    Back to Zarn.

    Zarn: "Doing my job. Obviously I couldn't trust you to end that traitor's miserable life."


    Back to the Hero.

    Hero: "Traitor? I thought you said he was your Rival!"


    Zarn: "And my subordinate. However, he defied our Master's wishes when he tried to take over Lolosia in the name of The Dark horde."


    Zarn: "So to prevent our secrets from being revealed by his foolishness, my Master sent me to terminate him."


    Hero: "If this was your job, why did you get me to fight him?"


    Zarn: "I needed a pawn, what did you think those letters were anyway? Love Letters?"


    Zarn: "In fact, as you were distracting him. I was collecting the dark scrolls that were hidden inside this temple. Why do you think he chose this dusty old place as his base?"


    Hero: "So what are you going to do with me now that I know your secrets?"


    Zarn: "Hahaha! You actually believe that you know my secrets? Foolish Child, you don't know anything!"


    Zarn: "However, since I do owe you for helping me before I suppose I must let you live this time."


    Background darkens as Zarn's eyes glow red.

    Zarn: "But be warned Hero, the next time we cross paths again I may not be as Merciful."


    Before the Hero had time to react, Zarn cloaked himself in darkness and vanished without a trace. The Hero stood there puzzled and slightly scared for what the future holds for them. The Hero appears at the door to the outside. And looks out at the land, soaking in the light from Lolosia's first summer day. The camera shifts towards the sun as it shines brighter and brighter until the whole screen is enveloped by the sun's light. Fade to black.

    Final "Next"

    Item Rewards

    Frozen Overlord - Armor, Dropped by Frozen Overlord
    Frozen Ice Crown - Helm, Dropped by Frozen Overlord
    Frost Viking Helm - Helm, Dropped by Undead Frost Viking
    Frozen Overlord Cloak - Cape, Dropped by Frozen Overlord
    Frozen War Blade - Sword, Dropped by Frozen Overlord
    Frost Viking Axe - Axe, Dropped by Undead Frost Viking
    White Lycan Hammer - Hammer, Dropped by White Werewolf
    White Wolf - Pet, Dropped by Frozen Overlord

    Made By: King of the Night - http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=King%20of%20the%20Night

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