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4/29/2014 1:33:19   

AQW account name: Ignacious the DeathTaker

Level range: 15+
Release date: May 5, 2014


The Ring of the Jade has been lost since last night. The Ring of the Jade is the most powerful ring in Yokai where it is used to summon the Jade Dragon.

The Jade Palace is a hidden place in Yokai. It is the one who protects Yokai from those who wants to conquer it, that is the reason why heroes won over chaos, because some monsters they have fought are from the palace. Such as the Dragon Koi Tournament, Ryoku did not just accidental not unleashed his soul nuke, but he attempted it for heroes to continue their way to fight chaos. Only those who have the Jade Dragon mark can enter the kingdom. If the Jade Dragon has taken away in this palace, it will no longer exist and will continue as a myth, because the structures of this kingdom is from the power of the dragon and the dragon holds their lives. Help Princess Kunoichi, who is only known to be a ninja trainer and martial art vendor in Akiba, to find who stole the ring.

Whoever stole the ring has evil plans. You need to stop him or her or else, Yokai will completely fall to the hands of invaders.

(205 words)

Name of Map
Theme of map: Yokai
Map name: Jade Palace

Princess Kunoichi
The Last Heir of the Jade rulers

The Jade Dragon is our life, and we are the life of the Jade dragon. If we let it in the hands of evil, we too will fade. The evidence of it is the disturbance of the residence here. If this will continue, our kingdom will be in riot.
First, you need to stop the riot of the residence here. if the disturbance has faded, then you need to find the one who stole the Ring of the Jade and save us, Time is running, hero. We count on you.

<After completing the final quest>
Thank you hero! You really are a savior! You did not only save Yokai from chaos but you also saved us. As a token of appreciation, please receive the rewards in the shop, because you really deserve it.

Samurai Nopperabo
Ninja Nopperabo
Absolute Zero

Boss Monster Type
Boss type: Dragonkin

Name: Jade Dragon
Description: A green crystal dragon that breathes green flames. It’s body is green and has jade crystals on the back.
Difficulty: 3 stars
Total HP:150,789

Dragon clutch: 200-700
Jade breath: 500-1000
Crystal wave: 750-1000

Item drops:
Jade tokens 1-5
Treasure chest 1
Reward type:
Merge shop
Shop that unlocks after completing quests

Item Rewards
Merge shop:
Blinding Jade of Destiny-2000 Jade Tokens
-The base is gold, trim is jade and the glow is ghostly green.
Jade Dragon Blade-2000 Jade Tokens
-It is like the emerald dragon blade, but this time, it has jade crystals.
Green Prismatic Katana-500 Jade Tokens(member-only)
-A jade green katana. Also see dark and light prismatic katana.
Mini Jade Dragon pet-1000 Jade Tokens(member-only)
-A smaller version of jade dragon. It really attacks.
Reward shop:
Jade Ryoku Armor-25,000 gold(member-only)
-A green based like a sensei cloth.
Absolutely Zero mask-10,000 gold
-Like a frozen ninja hood covering the face.
Furious Nekoyasha face-10,000 gold(member-only)
-A blazing eyed Nekoyasha face.
Jade Dragon banner cape-5,000 gold
-A green double banners at the back with chinese symbols.
Jade Runescape-15,000 gold(member-only)
-Green runes on the back.

Release Outline

April 26-29, 2014

//Player joins jade palace
//Player talks to Princess Kunoichi


Opening cutscene:
Princess Kunoichi: Welcome, hero! I knew you will came here.
Player: Princess? You are a princess!? I thought you were just a martial art vendor and ninja trainer.
Princess Kunoichi: You are right. Everyone thought that I was just a daily quest giver. I am in Akiba to guard Yokai. The Jade Palace is a secret, hidden palace. Everyone in Yokai thought it was just only a myth. The early ancestors who discovered Yokai created a place to guard it in the hands of invaders. I am the last heir of the rulers, and I need your help.
Player: What help?
Princess Kunoichi: The ring of the Jade has been stolen by someone during the night. I was fallen into sleep so I didn’t realize it. The ring is hidden in my katana’s handle. Only I, my ancestors and my father’s adviser only are the one who know about it. It is impossible that our adviser will stole it, because we trust him for years. The Ring of the Jade is the one who summons the Jade Dragon. The Jade Dragon holds our kingdom, without it, we will not live. Please save us and our kingdom.
(The princess narrates while the events are shown)
Player: Count on me!

Closing cutscene:
(Player smashed and defeated the Jade Dragon)
Adviser: Don’t you ever move a single step to me, or else, I will destroy this ring!
Princess kunoichi: How could… how could you do this kingdom? Me and my father has trusted you for almost fifty years, and now, you will return this into our goodness? Its better for you not to live than to gain our trust and turn away from your oath!
Adviser: You really don’t know what happened are you? You really don’t know why I have done this!?
Princess Kunoichi: What are you talking about?
Adviser: I am the real son of your grandfather. your father is just an adopted child from Yokai. But my father has loved your father more than his own son, so the kingdom was placed to him, and now to you. I am just taking what’s mine!
(The adviser walks back slowly, going to the portal, but he did not know where is going)
Adviser: Don’t you ever follow me, or else, or… else… Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Player: Adviser!
Princess Kunoichi: The Ring!
(The Adviser fell to Yokai and never seen again. The ring was dropped by the adviser before he fell)
Princess kunoichi: Thank you for saving us!

Note: The 200 word applies in the cutscene(includes ahhhh!!!), but please exclude the name referring to whom is speaking. The words in ( ) that tells some information are included in the 200 word rule/summary.


1st Quest:Drop
Samu Sumo
The samurai nopperabo are e Jade was stolen. acting differently since the Ring of the Jade was stolen. We need 10 evidences why they are in riot so we can create a cure for it.
10 Evidences
Now we know why they act strangely. Don’t worry, they are not still fitted to a mental hospital!

2nd Quest:Drop
Catching the Shadows
They are fast and dangerous! Those ninja nopperabo are like playing with their shadows. you need to stop them or else, the whole palace will be chopped. Stole 10 of their knives so they would be stopped from slicing.
10 Ninja knives
How does it feel of being faster than the fastest? Well, I think its good!

3rd Quest: Drop
Beating the BEaST
NOTruto is not only the master of fine arts, but he is also the storage of the beast. Because of the disturbance, he may not control the beast inside. Slay him until he drop the beast core.
1 Beast Core
You are not only a ninja hunter, but also a beast hunter are you?!

4th Quest:Drop
Cat War
Nekoyasha, the ruler of samurai cats, have been turned into a coward mammal. We need him to protect us from the dog monsters lurking around who threaten our kingdom. Wait until he drops the core of fear he is keeping
1 Core of Fear
Nekoyasha can now have a catnap without having bad nightmares since you have saved him. Don’t worry, cats don’t forget things easily, if I am right, so you will be credited by him.

5th Quest:Clicky
Eye M Spying
Do you think we don’t have techs as your world have? We don’t just live in an old fashion way. Thank to the IM Company (Intellectual Master Company). Through them, we now have CCTV’s. Place all he CCTV around so we could see who stole the ring.
10 CCTV placed
That’s better! Now we can record who is suspicious in stealing the ring.

6th Quest: Drop
Breaking the Ice
The ice ninja, which is Absolute Zero, were disturbed by the Jade Dragon. If he is not stooped on freezing violently, this place will not be anymore jade kingdom, but will be ice kingdom!Snatch his ice core from his heart to stop him. Wait until he drops it and we are now safe from cold.
1 Ice Core
Very well, master of fire. You have melted the heart of the ice king, or shall I say, Ice ninja!

7th Quest: Drop
Battle of the Utensils
The master of spork got so dramatically weird. If this continues, we would lose utensils for us to eat. Stop Sporkion from being a crying lady, or man. Wait until he drops the crying core to save him.
1 Crying Core
Now, we will not be afraid anymore of using bare hands to eat!

8th Quest: Drop
Last in the List, but not in the Least!
The master in soul nuke has been wild since last night. I don’t know if he got a bad nightmare, or or someone stole his precious, or changed his hairstyle, or it is the effect of losing the ring. Whatever the reason is, you need to help and stop him. wait until he drop the wild core.
1 Wild Core
Thank you for helping my people to get back in their normality. Your next step is to find who stole the ring, because I can’t wait to punch his/her face out in this place.

9th Quest: Clicky
Following the footsteps
Oh wow! The one who stole the ring drooped the crystals surrounding the ring in his/her way. You need to pick up and follow the trail of drooped crystals to find out who stole it.
10 Jade Crystals Picked
Oh no, my trusted adviser! How could he stole the ring? How dare him use the dragon for his evil plans!

Final Quest: Boss Battle: Drop
Dragon Confrontation
You need to beat our lovely Jade Dragon so it will lose it’s consciousness and the adviser can’t use hi in his evil plans.
1 Jade Dragon Defeated
Now we can punch that adviser to his face and kick him out of here!

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
A minute to Repeat it
You want more Jade Token for your beloved rares? Then slay the Jade Dragon again and yours is the tokens.
1 Jade Dragon Defeated
Are you now satisfied with your tokens? If not, then you have a minute to repeat it!
Reward: x10 Jade Tokens

Special Quest: Legend-only Quest
The Quest is Right
If you want an easier job to earn tokens, then you have need to have the right price! Kill 10 monsters in this palace.
10 Monsters Killed
Isn't hard right? Then you have the right quest for your right item!
Reward: x5 Jade Tokens

End Release

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4/29/2014 2:01:51   

The First Journey into the Mirror Realm

By Albel and Pepsi Ninja

Lvl Range (40+)

Quick Overview (Most is self-explanatory in the outline) – It is set before Chaos has come into play, before the hero has started his journey to his destiny and when the hero is still in a more a relaxed state of mind. The hero is bored and in need of something to do. All the sudden a portal opens in front of him.. and a quest to help a “friend” is started.

Area: Mirror Sandsea (Sandless Sea)

NPC: Mirror Zhoom, he is first introduced as Moohz

• Main Text- I am Moohz, Zhooms cousin, Navy Captain and Harpooner. I will find anything that benefits m… the world. No one can stop me in my quest to take ov… to protect the sea! I take on any job regardless of the danger and expect to be paid very well in return!
• More- I seek your assistance in this urgent matter as it seems I cannot travel through the Cove of Desp… Desires alone. I have heard great stories from people that you would be the one to assist me in the matter. Can you help?

Monsters: Fishmen, merdraconians, and other Random water monsters.

Boss Monster : Iyambobbi (A djinn, Blade should draw him. I feel like he could make this guy pretty awesome looking with his art style)

Reward Type : Monster drops for the rusted armor version, and A quest for the unrusted version
Also any other items you guys would want to add I would LOVE!

Item Rewards : Rusted Armor of Invulnerability, Rusted Helm of Invulnerably, Armor of Invulnerability, Helm of Invulnerably, Special Sock Cape

Release Outline

Opening Scene - The hero sits bored practicing his sword swinging abilities to accidently hit monsters….. But all of a sudden, a portal pops up in front of him. Inside he sees a figure, someone familiar. It seemed to be Zhoom telling him to enter the portal to the unknown. The hero being bored from all the action that isn’t happening right now… enters. He is on a boat where the man begins to tell him who he really is. “I am…. Moohz, I am…. Zhoom’s cousin” He says. “I am the Navy Captain of the Doomhaven Royal Navy here on this boat the `SandlessSea Port` and also a Harpooner” he continues! The hero speaks up “ Oh I don’t know where we are, buttttttt have you called me here because you saw that I was bored and care so much you wanted me to help you save the world!!!!!?!?!”. “Kind of, there is an armor I must get my hands on to… yesss to “protect” the world” Said Moohz. “This journey will be hard but I have faith you can do it HERO, We will be entering the Cove of Desires.” The hero says “ YAYYYY, I’m going to find a treasure to save the world!” The journey has begun.

Quest 1- Finding Clues to the Ancient Armor

Moohz: Hero, we must find clues to where the armors whereabouts are. Kill the Fishmen in the area here!

Find 10 Clues (Monster Drop)

Upon Completion – Moohz: Well done we now know that it is in the deepest part of the cove and must fight our way through to find it in through the treasure door.

Quest 2 – Collect the Map Pieces

Moohz: It seems that a map exists to the area,the pieces are hidden around hiding in the cove. Find them all and bring them back to me so I can put them together!

Collect all 7 map pieces (Clicky/multi-clicky)

Upon Completing- Moohz: It seems the cove isn’t as complex as we thought; I will lead us in the right direction.

Quest 3- Clear the Guardians

Moohz: There are too many enemies in our way help me slay them all! ALL OF THEM… I mean we must… to continue the quest.

Kill 15 Enemies (Drop)

Upon completion – Moohz: Ah finally we have made it to the end of the path……..

Quest 4– Find the Keys

Moohz: It seems the door to enter the treasure room needs keys to open. I bet the monsters have them! Find them!

Find The 4 Keys (drop 40%)

Upon Completion - At last MWAHAHA… Um.. cough cough I mean let’s go in, the Armor should be just inside….

Quest 5 - Dispel the Ominous Barrier

Moohz – It seems someone put a barrier over the armor. We must get rid of it. There should be spell symbols around the cove… dispel them all.

Find the 6 symbols hiding in the cove (Clicky/Multi-Clicky)

After Completion – Yes…. Fina… Wait is this rust? WHATTT!!!!?

Quest 6 – Rust Be-Gone

Moohz – We must get rid of the rust for the armor to be effective enough! The monsters here should have something to get rid of most of the rust on it!

Kill monsters until you find Rust Be-Gone (drop 25%)

After completion – Mwahahha, You foolish Hero, I will now tell you who I TRULY am.

Before Boss Cutscene- “I am Zhoom , of the Mirror Realm!” Says Mirror Zhoom. “ I am a treasure hunter but not for sport! I am going to take over the entire sea!! It will all be mine!” The hero stares in confusion “What is the Mirror Realm, you are another Zhoom?” Mirror Zhoom Laughs “That is the least of your worries right now” *Mirror Zhoom uses the Rust be gone on the Armor* The Armor begins to glow and smoke emits from it, A Djinn appears inside of the armor. The Djinn Speaks “Who has released me The Invincible Armored Djinn , Iyambobbi, from my prison?” Mirror Zhoom states “I have! Give me my wishes or Armor of Invincibility back!” Iyambobbi speaks “I will do no such thing, instead I will take your wishes away, every last one of them by destroying this puny pathetic world and start a new one where only djinn exist, free from the vessels they live in.” Mirror Zhoom looks in panic at the Hero “ Are you going to let him do this to the world” The hero stands up against Iyambobbi “Finally!! A boss Battle! WOOHOO. No way I am going to let you destroy the world….. I still haven’t got to embark on my mighty journey foretold about in the beginning credits of the game!”

Quest 7- Beat the Armored Djinn,

Mirror Zhoom: He didn’t wait till I was able to get rid of all the rust on the armor, so it should still have some weak spots! I was so close to achieving my goals!

Take out 1 Iyambobbi (Drop)

Upon Completion- Mirror Zhoom : Great Job Hero, now hand over the armor quietly and I will spare you.

Boss Drops - Rusted Armor of invulnerability, Rusted helm of Invulnerability

Ending Cutscene Summary – As the hero finishes Iyambobbi off, the armor falls to the ground. Mirror Zhoom jumps in to grab the armor but is stopped by a well-known face. It was Cysero, you know breaking the 4th wall and doing whatever he wants. Mirror Zhoom says some last words and disappears into a dark shadow. Cysero explain how the Armor of Invulnerability only worked for Djinns and lets the player keep it. Out of nowhere Cysero hits the player in the head with a frying pan rendering him unconscious. While the player is knocked out Cysero turns into Iodia stating “Your Story hasn’t started yet young hero… the pages are yet to be written.” The hero wakes up in his room and remembers nothing that had happened, other than the he has obtained a new Rusty armor and is given 3 choices to do with it. 1. Evil- “Someone left some armor here… Mine now” 2. Good – “I will return this Armor when I find the owner” 3. Neutral – “Oh armor, this might be useful”.

After completing the story

If Possible I would like this quest to go Rare eventually along with the additional Items.

Legend Only Quest – Restoring the Armor

Cysero (In Battleon Maybe) – That is a nice armor you have there! Mind if I fix it up for you and make it really shiny? But I will need a type of metal from a monster near a sock.

Get 1 mysterious metal (drop)

After completion- Cysero: Well done here are you items! And I added a special cape for fun!! Now let’s eat pie.

Rewards: Armor of Invulnerability, Helm of Invulnerably, Special Sock Cape

End Release!
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4/29/2014 2:48:25   

The island of Yokai is in complete chaos and full of unrest due to an ancient myth suddenly coming to life. The legends had always described this monstrous creature as curious and inquisitive, and gave no indication of it having a temper. Rather, the legends seemed to imply the beast had always been calm, yet it has been thrown into some kind of rampage. You must find out all you can about this mythical creature and do your best to soothe it. You'll need help from various people who are familiar with such things, such as Ai No Miko, who can tell you the legends of this monstrous giant, and Warlic, who can teach you how to calm it. They will give you guidance on what you must do to quell this monstrous creature’s rage but first you will have to perform certain tasks to Now you must hurry before all of Yokai Island is in ruin! You somehow magically craft a giant bottle, make sure it’s not too cold, heat it up, and then give it to the giant to soothe it. Once it is safely asleep, cleanup will be underway and the quest chain will be completed. This is meant to be taken jokingly, not seriously.

This will take place on Yokai Island, on a map area called giantperil

You will have to battle Skello Kitty, Funa-Yurei, Tanuki, and Absolute Zero.

The boss battle will be an Elemental, and it will be called Baby Daidarabotchi (based on this monster).

The quest giver will be Ai No Miko. She will give you the backstory of the Daidarabotchi, including the bit about the mountains. She will then go on to explain something similar to "But something doesn't seem right. The legends always said it would be a giant, and this giant is as small as far as giants go. I think I have an idea." Once you click more, she will say something like "I have a feeling this is just a baby. The best way to calm a baby is with a rattle, something to drink, and a lullaby. A little magic never hurt, either, so I asked Warlic for a list of items. He said you'll need these to create what we need."

Opening Cutscene. Shows a baby giant lifting two mountains, then dropping one and cracking the tip. This creates a volcano. The baby then wreaks havoc upon Yokai, picking up buildings thinking they're toys. Ai No Miko hands you a list of things needed to calm the giant. She'll tell you that she plans to craft a giant rattle, a cup of warm milk, and a giant teddybear. She says she'll need you to gather the parts while she works on making a spell to grow the objects large enough by asking Warlic for help. The baby will continue to wreak havoc on Yokai Island for a while, picking up a Nopperabo in each hand and using them like action figures. Lava will flow from the volcano and destroy a bamboo forest, a few shrines, and will run into the river and destroy a source of water that Yokai Island needs. Ai No Miko will beg you urgently to get started right away, and will send you off to gather the items from your list. The scene will cut to your list, and it will show the first item as bones, which are needed to make a rattle. The cutscene ends with you running frantically into a graveyard that is overrun with Skello Kitties.

Quest #1: Rattle Riddle (Drop Quest)
You have to defeat Skello Kitties until you gather 8 "Piles Of Bones" to fashion into a rattle.

Quest #2: Stop the Cooldown (Drop Quest (Kinda))
Defeat Absolute Zero and get a "Absolute Zero Defeated" quest item. This is so the drink you're making won't freeze.

Quest #3: Nothing Funa About It (Drop Quest)
Defeat Funa-Yurei until one of them drops a ladle. This will be used to get liquid into a cup.

Quest #4: Cuddly Cuddly Critters (Drop Quest)
Defeat Tanuki until you can get one as a drop. This will be used as a teddy bear.

Quest #5: Cup of Success (Multi Clicky)
Just clicnk random trash parts until you get 10 parts needed to make a giant cup.

Quest #6: Soothe the Giant (Map Quest)
Bring the cup full of whatever you filled it with, the take it to the monster. Since, according to the legend, it broke the tip of a volcano, use this to heat the contents of the cup. Quest complete when you enter the frame with the volcano, which heats the cup and is fed to the baby (which soothes it and makes it sleepy).

Quest #7: Sleep (Drop)
Defeat the sleepy giant and let it nap again, allowing Yokai to rest in peace once again. Yokai in peace. This is the boss fight quest

Ending Cutscene. The giant Daidarabotchi baby is seen sucking on its thumb. The volcano has stopped erupting, construction is underway to rebuild what has been broken, and Ai No Miko has a key in her hand. She'll tell you to hang on to it, since it's a special token. It's been used to honor heroes that have helped Yokai Island, and tradition states that it must be handed to someone who has saved the island multiple times. She hands it to you eagerly, thanking you once again. As a special reward, she had the finest craftsmen handcraft a set of rewards for your heroic deeds. The scene then shows a man wearing bright pink clothing with sushi on his head. Ai No Miko explains that the man is demonstrating the armor they had made for their savior. She explains that it's tradition that, to show how important the deeds were, the armor has always been crafted to show Yokai's most import resource, and she explains how it was turned into an armor to remind you that because of you, World Famous Yokai Sushi will still exist because you saved Yokai Island. Camera pans out, or something similar, and it shows a map view. The Daidarabotchi baby can be seen on the map, but probably only for the cutscene.

Reward Shop:
Evolved Tuna Nigiri Hat. Just this: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/tuna-nigiri-hat but with 2 more hats stacked on top of it, each one smaller than the one beneath it, and it looks like a snowman made of sushi.
Squid Hat. It's a squid on your head. It's salmon pink.
Soy Sauce Cape. A cape made of flowing soy sauce. Salmon pink.
Sushi Commander Armor. It's sushi on sushi on sushi on sushi, piled so much that it covers your entire body. Salmon pink.
Pink Chopsticks. Exactly as they sound. Just a pink version of these: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/really-large-chopsticks
Salmon Schnozzberry Bush pet. It's a salmon colored schnozzberry bush. What more needs explaining?

All made by me (character name is popinloopy) with some minor editing by my friend who doesn't play AQW.

This was made in Google Docs, so pardon some formatting errors that may have been caused. Thanks.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 353
4/29/2014 3:23:47   
Nick Pyro

AQW Name:
Nick Pyro
Legacy of Virtues
Level range: 30+
Release Date: May 16 2014

“There was once a Space Conqueror who hunted for the finest treasures, landing himself on Lore to gain the ultimate treasure said to be buried deep within. He attacked Lore in search for it, bringing misery with him to every place he went to find it. However, six warriors rose from this attack, wielding the power bestowed from the great treasure and defeated the evil conqueror, restoring peace and love to Lore, defeating the threat forever.”
For many years, many decades, the tale reached the ears of children from their parents who were told the tale by parents, to find courage to face their challenges and fears. However, unknown the people of Lore, it is no fairy tale, and it is only a matter of time for the Conqueror to rise once more, and go after the great and powerful treasure of Lore.
On the descending of the DreadGalleon, you will need to fight your way through the ship with Artix and the robotic parrot Squawker to display the values set by the legendary heroes in order to gain the power to use the treasure against the notorious conqueror who has risen once more to finally gain Lores greatest treasure.

Name of Map
DreadGalleon- Lolosia
Artix- Defender Paladin

Hey Hero! Looks like we have an undead invasion of pirates. Let’s take on these guy together. BATTLE ON!!!!!

“More”: Wow, I guess all this time the most known myth in all of Lore was an actual event. No time for being amazed though, we need to take this thing down fast in order to defend Lore’s greatest treasure once more.

Lolosia: Undead Pirate, Bone Terror, Wrathful Soul, Undead Soldier

Boss Monster Type*

Deadbeard wears a long black coat with a black shirt inside and a black handkerchief tucked in long with long collars. , but has a pirate hat and although he is undead, he is more pale than skull looking. He wields a black wide sword, and a black flintlock.

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
Boss drops (Ac)
Quest Drops (Ac)

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
• DreadBeards’ Armor
• Helms: Hair of Dreadbeard-A long mane of hair with 2 dreadlocks.
Hat of Dread Beard-A black and tattered pirate hat.

Cape: Robarrot On your back.

Weapons: Black Sword of Conquest A black sword with a silver blade.
Conquerors’ Flintlock-A black flintlock with a silver lining,

• Robarrot-a robotic parrot.

Release Outline

// Player joins dreadgalleon
// Player talks to Artix

• Opening: It opens up to Captain Rhubarb telling the tale to children along with the Hero and Artix, both being huge fans of the story and wished for themselves to find the legendary items of the heroes. A child asks if DreadBeard would return, which he laughs off, saying no. A robot parrot comes flying in alerting everyone of the return of Dreadbeard, and from the skies, a ship does descend. The robot parrot named Squaker tugs at the hero, wanting to bring him to the ship and do their job. It says they don’t have all day, as unlike before, Dreadbeard knows where the treasure is, in the waters of Lolosia.
• After thinking they have an advantage, the hero rejoices, only to see the chest already on board, and Dreadbeard ready to open it. The hero tries to stop him, but they are only pushed aside. Dreadbeard opens the chest revealing a pendant with 6 colors, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and white, with a rainbow center. The pendant glows, and burns DreadBeards’ hand. It gets onto the hands of the hero and the hero glows as well. All around Lore, a beam of light, 6 beams of light are erupts into the air towards Lolosia, crashing into the ship and defeating DreadBeard, before they surround the hero and scatter once more. Squawker explains those were the Legendary items, and the pendant is the greatest treasures of people, which was bestowed to the heroes to vanquish the darkness. Those same treasures were all presented by the hero, so the pendant of Virtue once again activated. The ship begins to collapse, and the Undead invaders still live, ready to attack. Squaker pushes the Hero off the boat, revealing the huge arsenal of weapons hidden in its huge body, taking the ship and pendant with it.


1st Quest
From Us, With Hope
Looks like we have some prisoners, hero, lets give them some safety by freeing them.
6 Undead Soldiers Slain
6 Cells Opened
Great Job! Now we can causemore problem for them now they don’t have any more innocent people around.
500 Xp
2000 Gold

2nd Quest
Caring is Victory
Looks like some soldiers fighting against the undead are injured, go around and hand out some aid, hero.
10 oldiers healed
Nice! Now we have some of our forces doing better,
500 Xp
2000 Gold

3rd Quest
Explore the Ship
Now that we are gaining in the invasion, let us get some clues on where the hatch to DreadBeards’ cabin.
1 Passageway Found
250 Xp
1000 Gold

4th Quest
To You, With Pain
Now, hero, you can take down as many enemies as possible. It looks like our forces are having a bit of trouble.
30 Invaders Slain
Sweet!! That is a lot of undead slain. But, don’t forget to leave some for me.
1000 Xp
3000 Gold

5th Quest
Help Our Allies
Well, looks like that wasn’t enough. Hero, clear the passageway to DreadBeard.
20 Invaders Slain
Looks like it’s time to finish this.
5000 Xp
5000 Gold

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Batteon in the Galleon
The time is now, let us take im down!
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s)
10000 Xp
10000 Gold

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Ultra DreadBeard
Ready for a super challenge?
1 Dreadbeard Defeated
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Super Ultra DreadBeard
Ready for a Super Ultra Challenge?
1 Dread Beard Defeated
1000000 Xp
1000000 Gold

Special Quest: Find the Legendary Items!!!
Note*Out of all the weapons, only the Bursting Flame of Courage has the lowest drop rate. Each one has a special animation. The Bursting flame can give a flame animation when clicked. The silent sabres, give an illusion of water moving on the blades, the Terrable Flintlock spins forward twice and once back. The Deadly Mallet extends and spews out pink hearts, The Sparkign Daggers spark, and the Shiny Trident glitters.
Find the Bursting Flame(Red)
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Bursting Flame of Courage
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
500000 Xp
500000 Gold

*Red with a horned hilt, the end of the hilt has the design of a fire.

Find the Silent Sabres(Blue)
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Silent Sabres of Friendship
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

*From the hilt the end of the blade, is outlined in blue.

Find the Terrable Flintlock(Green)
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Terrable Flintlockof Sincerity
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

Find the Deadly Mallet (Pink)
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Deadly Mallet of Love
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

*It has a heart on the side and a cute angelic wing attached.
Find the Sparking Daggers
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Sparking Daggers of Knowledge
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

*They are shaped like lightning bolts.
Find the Shiny Trident (Silver)
Well, with DreadBeard defeated, I guess we can recover the Legendary items of Lore to defend us when the time comes. Journey and fight Lore’s toughest monsters in order to gain these weapons of legendary proportions.
1 Shiny Trident of Hope
Congratulations Hero, you found one of the Legendary weapons.
100000 Xp
100000 Gold

*The 2 ends of the trident have curved blades.

End Release

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Release title: Uprising from the Deep
Level : 20 +
Release date: May 16, 2014

SirensCove, Lolosia's pirate haven, home to the freemen of lore finds itself in turnoil not caused by air breathers but something from the depths. A sudden massive attack originating from the serene waters led the pirates of Lolosia into confusion that they would not enjoy.

Rakham, a reputable smuggler has been given the task by the Empress Gravelyn herself to stop this uprising before it grows to a scale that the war of chaos be affected.

Journey to the haven freemen would die for to protect. discover the nooks and secret passages only legends have described. search for the reason and monstrosity behind the rebellion of the oceans. Find out what's moving the sea inland and finish what has to be done. Is it a contract? Mate?

Map Name : /SirensCove
Location : Lolosia

description: very calm waters, the waters of this cove is very deep and the calm water is like an irony to the chaotic and very lively pirates who dwell on its beaches. The water is so calm that it looks like a giant mirror that shows the reflection of the sky. At night, the moon and stars sparkle and lights up the waters beautifully. The cove comprises of caves and forests. the caves have been around since ancient times and thus the cove has been home to legends about sirens, thus getting its name. The sand would be sparkling white under the sun and the coves itself would be a sight to behold.

NPC : Rakham, Pirate smuggler.

"SirensCove, the vast serene waters of this cove hides the deepest secrets and wonders of a smuggler. beneath all these beautiful scenery is the watery grave of al who does not tread these waters carefully"

"Freemen have prospered on this cove as this is Lolosia's haven for pirates. But recently, a disturbance began to worsen and now we can't just turn a blind eye from it. Something awoken deep under these waters and it is slowly turning this place into Pirate's grave."

<more 2>
"news have reached the Empress and she has given me the task to end this uprising fr I know these waters well than anyone since Salavar became legend. But, I fear that this is a quest no man can do alone. I'm not sharing most of the gold from this quest but whatever you could find through this quest is yours to keep. Come and make a Pirate's Contract? Mate?"



Fishman soldier


boss type: Beast

description: The Boss is Salavar himself, or what is left of his humanity. Salavar from the legend is a pirate who fell inlove with a mermaid, when the Pirates took over Lolosia and Sirenscove, the mermaid were hunted down for gold, Salavar in order to save his beloved tried to rebel against the pirate lords but to no avail have failed and is bound to be executed at the cove. The day that he was to be hanged, His beloved mermaid rushes to save him, leaps out of the water and into the pedestal where Salavar stood, gave him a pendant and made Salavar escape into the sea by magic. Salavar hesitant to leave his beloved mermaid saw how the pirates ended her life and thus he forever promised revenge. The pendant allowed him to be one of the fishmen and over time, he grew strong in exchange of his humanity and appearance. So basically, Salavar would look like a merdraconian. A big merdraconian. since he was a pirate long ago, we can give him pirate clothes for his top. His lower body which is now something like a mermaid would be armored. He would still be wearing the red pendant around his neck. For his weapon, he would be holding a sword we would later name as...Evolved Wave cutter/ True Wave Cutter.

http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/850546376.jpg?1398758457 < image URL of the weapon.


REWARD types:
Merge Shop

ITEM REWARDS: Armor ---- It would look like Salavar's human armor. imagine a pirate attire with a bit or armor around the legs. it also has gauntlets.
Helms ----- for the helms I just want a hairstyle for both male and female. 1 of each. Messy style for both since nobody would actually have time to comb their hair given the fact that they saw their beloved murdered right?
Capes ----- 1. The first one would be like a rune ---- the design that would be used for the barrier
2. The rune with a big black tattered cape ---- something like Legion titan cloak but instead of the sword, put the rune and instead of it being fixed, make it tattered since time has done its way with it.
Weapons ----- 1. Evolved Wave Cutter (This weapon is from the merge shop and legend only)---- as shown in the design (refer to the link) I want it to be of the same size as the sword 'Soverteieng' since the name itself says that it is a 'wave cutter', I imagine it to be big to be able to cut waves :D
merge the following:
Wave cutter
100 essence of the deep. (item from the extra quest after the storyline)

2. True Wave Cutter (This weapon is AC and has animation, a little bit of lightning to show that it is a sword able to control the raging waves of the oceans amidst the storms.
3. Salavar's sword ( a pirate cutlass with a golden handle and hand guard ) runes are inscribe on the blade which means "Protection from the sea" (non member merge)
merge the following: Salavar's broken sword (drop from the boss when the quest is taken) 10% drop rate
100 Essence of the deep

//Player joins /SirensCove
//Player talks to Rakham and the pirate beside him.

----> Night time
- The camera pans left to right showing the beauty of Sirenscove as the full moon shines over the serene waters
- The camera camera shows and focuses on a group of pirates sharing drinks and loots over bonfire
- Scream is heard and suddenly, the cove is filled with Fishmen and Sharkbaits creating chaos and turmoil.
- fade to black
- The camera now shifts its focus to Rakham, the hero, and the Pirate (the survivor) who narrates what happened that night.
- Rakham looks at the hero and with a nod, the Hero accepts the contract.
------> end of cutscene


Quest 1. Recon
The cove's pristine beach is now overrun by the fishmen, check the whole beach to see the scale of the whole attack.
'Success' --- > Map item --- > awarded after the player enters the last frame/map of the cove
hmm, looks like an organized attack, let's find out more.

Quest 2. Give Them Peglegs!
I need you to clean out their ranks, begin with the fishmen. hooks, eyepatches, peglegs, give them what is necessary to send a message. They don't Plunder what we Plunder!
Kill Monsters
Fishmen 0/25
Brace yourself for the officers are next!

Quest 3. Lighten the Mood.
Apparently, They took most of our Pirate's Plunder for the last week. Take this opportunity to take it back and while you are at it, place bombs all over the place to light things up for them. Go fish some Sandsharks on your way, those pesky monster could ruin the bombs.
Sandsharks 0/10
Sachel of Gold 0/20 (Drops from Fishmen 100%)
Bombs placed 0/8 (clicky)
Nice going! you move like one of us!

Quest 4. Ours and Theirs
Take back our treasure guarded by the officers and finally secure the bay so our friends can go back to work
Sharkbait 0/10
Treasure box secured 0/8 (clicky)
My men have found a passage from where these scallywags came from.

Quest 5. The Water Rises
Go to the end of this cove and search for the passage. My men have informed me that it is covered by the lush plantation of the beach.
Hidden Passage found! 0/1 (multiclicky) (cutting the bushes per click)
It leads to a cave? Brace yourself, Exploration is coming!

Quest 6. Rolling in the deep
We've found where they came from and the only way to continue is to go underwater. Defeat whatever snarls at you down there. I'll take it that you've done underwater quests before. You have done these kind of quests before right?
Merdraconian 0/10
So they amassed a full battalion underwater, somethings definitely fishy about that!

Quest 7. Something Fishy?
Go back and trim their forces more, bring me Merdraconian fins as proof of your heroics and also, scout for a clue of who might be behind these uprising.
Merdraconian Fin 0/10 (40% drop rate from Merdraconian)
Water Barrier found! (clicky)
A barrier always protects something...

Quest 8. You came in like a wrecking ball
There must probably a rune being held by one of the merdraconians to dispell the barrier. Pirates gamble. I'll take a bet that there is one! Find one and dispell the barrier!
Aquarian Runestone ---- drops from merdraconian (30%)
Barrier Dispelled! --- Clicky
Lady Luck Favors my bet! One does not simply dispell a barrier...unless you have a rune!

Final Quest. Upheaval Of Salavar
Take down what you came here for! Defeat the perpetrator hiding behind that barrier and end this turmoil. Complete our contract!
Salavar Slain 0/1

<triggers cutscene>
----The hero comes out of the underground lagoon while holding a pendant. He shows it to Rakham and the shake hands.
-----Next scene shows SirensCove slowly recovering from the attack and pirates starting to fix their boats and docks again. Rakham then Narrates about Salavar's Legend.
example..."Salavar was a legendary pirate who fell inlove with a mermaid. Legends say that when The Pirates Lolosia made port, the Mermaid were hunted down for gold. Salavar fought but to no avail failed. The day of his execution came and his Beloved Mermaid jumped out of the water to give him a pendant and tell him to escape with it. As Salavar escaped with magic and the pendant at hand, He saw how The pirates ended his beloved and thus forever vowing revenge. He lost his humanity and aimed for the day that he will take back Lolosia for the peace of his unrequited love"
----- next scene shows the hero and Rakham. Rakham throws the pendant to the depths of the Cove and they both enjoyed the sunrise together.

<end of cutscene>


AQW player name: EixandrieL
The Supremacy III

Thank you for giving us a chance to try our luck and share our ideas for this game! we all love the game and the community that actually allows us to be part of it. More power to AQW team and Artix Entertainment! :)

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Arch of Zhoom story


One day from Wednesday to Thursday, Zhoom his bow was stolen by the magical spirit Tibicenas. He was very upset because could not find the spring received from his father when he was five years. He went in search of spring along with 3 heroes. On the way he met Sek-Duat and he said that in that castle is magical spirit. Sek-Duat in the Zhoom pacalti actually, he wanted to help him find a lost treasure. At one point Zhoom and realized that he was tricked. Then he saw a light (chaos) big explosion, Acol was Tibicenas. Was taken by the light and found the Tibicenas spirit has killed the 3 heroes and Zhoom was at a disadvantage. Zhoom fought him two days, then took his bow back.

Name of Map



Desciption Sek-Duat’s NPC: Scarabel Wizard. Lies and thieves.
Description Zhoom’s NPC: Zhoom master for Ranger and city defender.


Sek-Duat, Ultra Tibicenas, Chaos Sprites and Chaos IMP

Boss Monster Type


Reward Types

Ultra Tibicenas : Zhoom armor and Zhoom Arch
Merge shop : New item for house.

Item Reward

1 Armor
1 Weapons
And new item for house


( NPC Sek-Duat )

1st: Found Sek-Duat.
You gotta look on Sek-Duat to show you the way his bow Zhoom
2nd: Treasure Pyramid
You must search for gold coins and bring them to Sek-Duat.

( A video 7 seconds ) Where there is a light chaos and Zhoom headed towards it.

( NPC Zhoom )

1st: Traces of Tibicenas
Find footsteps of chaos Tibicenas collecting dust on the floor.
2nd: Kill monster
Kill monsters to find out exactly where the Tibicenas

Video in which Zhoom gives notice that Sek Duat's Tibicenas gold coins and is allied with him ( 5 seconds )

( NPC Zhoom )

3rd: Kill Sek-Duat
Kill Sek-Duat order to reach Tibicenas

Final Quest: Kill Ultra-Tibicenas
You have reached your big challenge, you have to kill Ultra Tibicenas, call your friends and help him to recover Zhoom bow.

My Aqw name : Dark Madias

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Pockey Moglin!
Level range:15+
Character Name:ChaosDestructor26

Oh no! The sudden craze of the new battle pets they call “Pockey Moglins” Has taken Balboa to the brink of bankruptcy! He calls upon you to become a Pockey Moglin trainer and become The Very Best that Only Bash Ketchup Ever Was!

Map Name:Pockeymogarena

Main Text: “Oh no! The sudden craze of the new battle pets they call ‘Pockey Moglins’ has taken me to the brink of bankruptcy! The leader of the Pockey Moglin rebellion appears to be Bash Ketchup. It appears the only way to challenge Bash and the rest of the Pockey Moglin trainers is to become one yourself. You must direct their attention to my battle pets, or this pet shop is finished!”

Evil Moglin(Named “Pockey Moglin”), Pockey Chew(multiple),(This is not from the choices but here goes,)RedDeath Moglin(Named “Pockey Moglin”), Evil Hotel Manager(Named “Pockey Moglin Trainer” [also multiple])

Boss Monster Type:
Description:Bash Ketchup. Just, Bash Ketchup.

Shop at the end.

Item Rewards:
Armor: “Pockey Moglin Trainer Gear” Looks like Bash’s outfit.
Helm: “Pockey Moglin Trainer Hat” Looks like Bash’s hat.
Weapon: “Pockey Ball” Dagger. A parody of the Poke ball from Pokemon.
Pet: “Raichew” An evolved version of Pockey Chew. CAN BE BOUGHT FOR COINS BY NON-LEGENDS!!!

Release outline!

Opener: Balboa chillin’ in his shop, when he hears a rumble. Tons of kids burst in, yelling, “Where are the Pockey Moglins? We want the Pockey Moglins!!” Balboa is very confused, until Bash Ketchup comes along, shows off his Pockey Chew, and mentions where you can get Pockey Moglins. The kids cheer and desert the pet shop, and Balboa has had next to no business since….

“Wow! You’re really strong!” Says Bash. “Who taught you your skills?” You point out Balboa and his pet shop, where, you loudly announce, “He sells pet dragons that could beat any Pockey Moglin!” The kids cheer again, and rush off to the Pet Shop.

Quest one: “Pockey Ball”(Drop quest)
“If you want to become a Pockey Moglin Trainer, You’ll need Pockey Balls! These balls let you capture Pockey Moglin and train them! I believe some of the Pockey Moglin must have a couple on them.

Collect 5 Pockey Balls from Pockey Moglins.

Q 2: “Professor Choke’s textbook”(Drop quest)
“Next is training for yourself! You’ll need to learn from the best if you want to beat Bash Ketchup. He learned from the established Pockey Moglin scientist Professor Choke. He wrote a book on Pockey Moglins. You would do well to borrow one from A Pockey Moglin Trainer.”
Get 1 Professor Choke’s Textbook from Pockey Moglin Trainers.

Q 3: “Pockey Moglin Habits 101”(Drop quest)
“You should also brush up on your studies of Pockey Moglin themselves. Learning the tics of them could be very helpful in the long run. You should study the lives of the elusive Pockey Chew.

Beat 10 Pockey Chews, but have it say, “Pockey Chews studied ump/10”

Q 4: “Find the Arena!”(Map Quest).
“Hurry! The Pockey Moglin tournament is almost starting! Find the arena, quickly!”

Enter the stadium portion of the Pockeymogarena map.

Q 5: “Sign up” (Clicky Quest)
“Now you must sign up for the tournament. There should be a sign-up sheet around here somewhere….”

Click on the sign-up sheet.

Boss Quest: “The Very Best That Only Bash Ketchup Ever Was!”
“You have entered the tournament! Quickly, my boy, the time is now! You must become The Very Best That Only Bash Ketchup Ever Was, in the name of this glorious--and bankrupt--Pet Shop! Make history--or I’m history!

Beat Bash Ketchup.

End Release.
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level 20-45 release: 2014-04-25
OVERVIEW:drakath has planned to destroy battleon,the hero’s home.Fortunately,Mirror drakath know drakath’s plan. And summoned hero to the chaos dungeon.Make sure you already complete the 13 lord of chaos
1.Chaos dungeon talk to mirror drakath portal at screen 1 in battleoff /join chaosdungeon
NPC (chaos dungeon):
1.mirror drakath [champion of order] main text:Battleon is in danger,you must open portal and go to the battleon [more] its not safe to go to the battleOn,because chaos is looking for you [quest] 1st quest: chaos dungeon the chaos dungeon are swammed by chaos creature,it’s not safe to teleport you until some chaos creature are gone 5 chaos creature eye:dropped by all monster in chaos dungeon great job hero,lets we open a portal. 2nd quest:open a portal now,lets we open the portal.All you needs:15 chaos evil moglin axe,10 chaorrupted undead mage bone,and 20 chaos eye 15chaos evil moglin axes,dropped by chaos evil moglin 10 chaorrupted undead mage bones,dropped by chaorrupted undead mage 20 chaos eyes,click the button around chaos dungeon well,that good hero. 3rd quest:place the portal now, we must place the portal portal placed:click the button around chaos dungeon reward:anti-chaos potion okay now take this potion,this is will help you when battling drakath 4th quest:sriekhward dragon! Oh no! The dragon is angry,AND THE DRAGON ARE DESTROYING THE PORTAL. Defeat it,or battleon will gone. Defeat chaos dragon:dropped by chaos dragon hurry up,go to the battleon hero
Monsters in chaos dungeon: chaorrupted undead mage(health:4300) X7 chaos evil moglin(health:2200)X5 chaos dragon(health:11000)X1 chaorrupted fire leech(health:5100)X3
2nd map:battleon chaos button at chaos dungeon /join battleonchaos
Npc at battleon chaos 2.Artix Paladin Great you come in time,hero.Battleon needs your help [quest ]
1st quest:Chaos is BRUTAL chaos is brutal.thats reality.Bring me 25 shard of chaos 25 shard chaos,dropped by all monster We are slaying chaos... We are slaying chaos...... 2nd quest:Chaos tactics and stratregy We must find the chaos tactics.Its has been chronicled by chaos general.Can you bring it to me. 1 tactics scroll:dropped by chaos general Lets find out about chaos tactics. 3rd quest:The power of chaos beast Can you help me get the chaos energy to beat drakath.Bring me chaos power from all of the chaos beasts. 1chaos power:dropped by all chaos beasts great,now we have to place this around battleon. 4th quest:Power of the lord There is a problem with a chaos beast power ill guess we have to find the power of lord chaos.Bring me the power lord of chaos lord of chaos power: dropped by all lord of chaos well done. 5th quest:chaos power are down now we must place the chaos energy around battleon. 10 chaos energy placed:click the button around battleon. Now,chaos power are DOWN. 6th quest:slay drakath You must save battleon.Slay drakath. Drakath defeated:dropped by drakath Bonus Quest:chaos token slay chaos dragon in chaos dungeon. Reward:1 chaos token
Monster at battleonchaos: chaos general(9000) chaos bandit(4000) Drakath(900.000)
Shop: chaos slayer(merge class):360 chaos token/2000ac chaos slayer armor:3.000.000 gold chaos slayer helm:50.000 gold chaos eye on your back:50.000 gold sword of drakath:1.000.000 gold chaos slayer sword:50.000 gold
Note:drakath not death,he’s run to his dungeon
sorry my bad english
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Chaorruption in Greenguard West
Only for level 15+
Release Date: Whenever it’s Ready
Designed by
-New Bo(http://aq.com/char/New Bo)

After Corrupted Almost All Place in Lore. Now Drakath will go to Peaceful Greenguard West and corrupting this place. He send armies to corrupt Greenguard West. Many of Monsters run away from this forest and chaos dominate this forest.
Drakath change the green grass to purple grass, and change green leaves to purple leaves. Now the trees are corrupted. Chaorrupted Wolf and Chaorrupted Bear attack Greenguard West. Lord Brentan order Rolith to clean Greenguard West from Chaorruption. Rolith with a lot of Pactagonal Knight come to Greenguard West.
When Pactagonal Knight attack. Pactagonal Knight change to Chaos. Another Pactagonal Knight afraid to attack, they said “Our army is chaorrupted by monster there, we cannot kill them”. Rolith say “<player_name>, we need <player_name>”
After that Pactagonal Knight calls <player_name>. They said Rolith need your help in Greenguard West. You come to Greenguard West. Can you survive Greenguard west from Chaorruption?
Name of Map
I choose Mirror Realm
My Map is /join chaosguardwest
Captain of Pactagonal Knight

HELP!!!This Forest is Chaorrupted. Drakath has attack this forest with his chaos armies. He also bring Chaorrupted Animal. When our armies attack, they changed to chaos. So will you join us to survive Greenguard West from chaos?
Chaorrupted Wolf
HP :2000
Chaos Bite :100-200
Chaorrupted Bear
HP :2000
Chaos Claw :100-200
Chaos Knight
HP :2000
Chaos Attack :100-200
Chaos Sp-Eye
HP :2000
Chaos Laser :100-200
Chaotic Chicken
HP :2000
Chaos Egg :100-200
Type of Boss is Beast
Boss Description
Name : Chaos Dragon
HP : 50000
Attack :
Dragon Claw :123-245
Dragon Fire :234-272
Green Dragon colored Purple with chaos eye on his skin
1st Quest(One time Only)
Slain the Wolfes
To survive Greenguard West from Chaos we must slay leader of this Chaorruption. Drakath send Chaorrupted Wolf to slow our moves. After defeat one you will get wolf fur. Slay 8 for it and bring 8 Wolf Fur to prove you have kill it

8 Wolf Fur

Prepare yourself again to kill next enemy. Thank you for slaying, Hero

2nd Quest(One time Only)
Bear will disturb you
You still have an ememy after slay wolfes. Drakath also send Chaorrupted Bear from Forest of Chaos to avoid you to slay the leader. Slay 8 of them

8 Bear Tooth

There still an enemy you must slay, Thank you for slaying, Hero

3rd Quest(One time Only)
They spying you
Chaos Sp-Eye are spying you to report a situation in Greenguard West. Slay 8 of them to make you easier to move and found the leader of this Chaorruption. Slay 8 of them to found the leader immediately

8 Chaos Sp-Eye Wings

Thank you, Hero

4th Quest(One time Only)
Slay Chaotic Chiken
Drakath send Chaotic Chicken from Llama Farm and Attack this forest. Slay 8 of them to make you easier to move and found the leader. Slay 8 of them to make you easier to move

8 Chicken Fur

Now found the ingredient to make the potion, Thank you Hero

5th Quest(One time Only)
Twilly’s Stolen Magic Treasure Chest Key
Twilly’s Magic Treasure Chest Key has been stolen by the all monster here. Slay 4 Chaos Knight, 4 Chaorrupted Wolf, 4 Chaorrupted Bear, and 4 Chaos Sp-Eye. Twilly will reward you

4 Chaos Knight Slain
4 Chaorrupted Wolf Slain
4 Chaorrupted Bear Slain
4 Chaos Sp-Eye Slain

Take this Reward. Twilly will thank to you

Magic Treasure Chest Key x2

6th Quest(One time Only)
Face the Leader of the Chaorruption
After slay a lot of chaos armies, finally we found the Leader of Chaorruption. If we slay this monster, Chaos will be vanish from Greenguard West. Slay the Leader and I will reward you

1 High Chaos Knight slain

Leader of Chaorruption has finally slayed. Thank you, Hero and take this reward

Chaos Token x2(Please make this misc. item AE)

7th Quest
Chaos Tokens
Many Chaotic Monsters still live here so i order you to slay 5 of them. I will reward you.

5 Chaotic Monsters Slain

Take this Reward, Hero

Chaos Token x1(Please make this misc. item AE)

8th Quest(Legend only)
Chaos Tokens for Legend
Are you a member? If you so I will give you more reward if you slay 5 Chaotic Monsters. I will reward you twice.

5 Chaotix Monsters Slain

Take this Reward, Hero

Chaos Token x2(Please make this misc. item AE)

Merge Shop
Hipster Sweatervest(AC item) x20 Chaos Token
Frosted Falchion x6 Chaos Token
Valor High Halo(AC item) x15 Chaos Token
Capwn Armor(AC item) x20 Chaos Token
Lotus Armor(AC item) x20 Chaos Token
Azure Flaming Fists(AC item) x15 Chaos Token
Formal Light of Destiny(AC item) x15 Chaos Token
Zealith Reavers Wings(AC item) x12 Chaos Token
Chaos Naval Commander(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Naval Commander(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Chronolord Naval Commander(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Vindicator of They(Class) x60 Chaos Token
Chunin(Class) x60 Chaos Token
Anonymous Drone(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Mirror Caladbolg(AC item) x20 Chaos Token
Ragnarok(AC item) x20 Chaos Token
Aura of Awe x6 Chaos Token
Celestial Sandsword(AC item) x15 Chaos Token
Celestial Sandknight(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Celestial Sandwings(AC item) x12 Chaos Token
Twilly Bank Pet(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Zombie Quibble Bank Pet(AC item) x30 Chaos Token
Pirate Quibble Bank Pet(AC item) x30 Chaos Token


// Player joins “chaosguardwest”
// Player talks to “Rolith”

After Corrupted Almost All Place in Lore. Now Drakath will go to Peaceful Greenguard West and corrupting this place. He send armies to corrupt Greenguard West. Many of Monsters run away from this forest and chaos dominate this forest.
Drakath change the green grass to purple grass, and change green leaves to purple leaves. Now the trees are corrupted. Chaorrupted Wolf and Chaorrupted Bear attack Greenguard West. Lord Brentan order Rolith to clean Greenguard West from Chaorruption. Rolith with a lot of Pactagonal Knight come to Greenguard West.
When Pactagonal Knight attack. Pactagonal Knight change to Chaos. Another Pactagonal Knight afraid to attack, they said “Our army is chaorrupted by monster there, we cannot kill them”. Rolith say “<player_name>, we need <player_name>”
After that Pactagonal Knight calls <player_name>. They said Rolith need your help in Greenguard West. You come to Greenguard West. Can you survive Greenguard west from Chaorruption?

Me, Rolith, and Pactagonal Knights has slaying Chaotic Monster and Succesfully meeth the Leader of Chaorruption, He is Chaos Dragon. After that Me, Rolith, and Pactagonal Knights attack the Dragon.
After a Difficult battle. We have Successfully defeated Chaos Dragon. All Chaotic Monster back to normal. Purple Leaves come back to Green, Purple Grass come back to Green and normal monster(such as Slimes and Frogzard etc) back to Greenguard West and Chaos has successfully vanished from Greenguard West. We have peaceful Greenguard west again
Many People thank to you, they give many reward(such as Aranx, Quibble etc).They happy because Greenguard West has back to Normal and they give your reward. We have Normal Greenguard West again

*NOTE: Please add “Chaos Mode” button to make people can Farm Chaos Tokens
*If you in Chaos Mode you can back to normal by clicking Normal Mode
*If you in Normal Mode you can farm Chaos Tokens by clicking “Chaos Mode”(Must Complete the story)

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Adventure Quest World's name is Oquies.

Release May 16th 2014

Drakath Champion of Chaos has been doing his job well, spreading chaos and it has effect more then just Lore. With the fall of King Alteon and Swordhaven left in near ruins the forces of good have diminished and scattered. Evil, with out good as a counter balance, has been spreading through out all of Lore. This has not gone unnoticed in the Mirror Realm.

Drakath Champion of Order contacts you with a way to help correct the imbalance. With the help of Cleric Joy you will find your self battling an untouchable evil that had once been sealed and let some light shine on Lore again.

Set in Mudluk, map name Sealed

Greetings Hero. I must say I am not too pleased with the idea of releasing Buburu but, if you defeat him Lore will be so much better off. If what Drakath says is true we will come out of this with more then just Buburu removed.

(Who is Buburu?)
Buburu is more of a what then a who. He is a powerful beast of ether and would feed on the fear of his victims. He was described as a shadow since any one who actually survived an encounter with him could not even touch him. They said it was like trying to blow away the fog with a sword.

(What happned?)
In short he was sealed. The mages of Arcangrove surrounded the area with a magic circle to prevent him from escaping and they slowly shrank the circle until they trapped him.

(After Release)
It worked just as Drakath Champion of Order said it would. Buburu is gone and with it Drakath was able to send us a little help. These items are among the best and most powerful Gravelyn the Good could offer.

Swamp Frgodrake, Swamp Lurker, Sulfur Imp (from Firestorm if not allowed then Scoria Serpent)

Name: Buburu
Based on the model of Belrot the Fiend but made more ghostly if possible. Also a more black type coloring like an evil shadow.
If possible give him a bit more evasion then normal bosses.

Reward Type
Unlocked shop after completing missions.

Item rewards
Kind of like a cross between Paragon of Love and Cleric of Nulgath think Angel. The main thing that would be wanted is a smile on both male and female and a halo that is part of the armor.

Something like the ElvenBangs hair style from Bev with a halo.
Something like the Soulpatch or Crew hair style from Bev with a halo.

Think angle wings there are already some good ones out there.
Wings of hope, astral wing, descended amadis wings and pinkipalities Wings are all good wings that could be molded after. Also like the etheral look the pinkipalities Wings have. Would also like the wings to have a different look when moving.

Not entirely sure on this white weapons that glow kind of like blinding explosion and burning sun blade are good. Thinking at least one sword. Maybe a pole ax. Main thing would want with the weapons is good not evil looking and 30-30 damage range.

Hero and Cleric Joy are helping some good soldiers who just defeated a hydra. <hero was not involved in this fight>
Drakath Champion of Order appears as a reflection in the water. He informs the hero that there is an imbalance between the two worlds because the forces of good have been scattered when Alteon was defeated. He lets the hero know there is a way for them to defeat an evil monster that would allow him to send some of the good from the mirror realm. Says the hero would need to defeat Buburu. Joy recognizes the name and offers to help.

As the hero fights Buburu disappears into a vapor and the hero cannot find him. Buburu then ambushes the hero from behind but, the hero is ready for it and delivers the final blow and sets off the magic circle. Buburu disappears and a portal opens with Drakath Champion of Order on the other side.

Quest 1: Click and Search
Is he here?
It has been several centuries since Buburu was sealed. It should be here some where but we will need to find exactly where that is. You will need to find the 5 points that maintain the seal.
Search and click on 5 areas through the map.
Excellent so we are in the correct spot.

Quest 2: Drop
Clearing the Way.
This swamp is now over run by kinds of monsters. We will need to get rid of a few so they do not interfere.
Kill 5 Swamp Frgodrake
Kill 5 Swamp Lurker
Kill 5 Sulfur Imp or Scoria Serpent if Sulfur Imp is not allowed.
Great now that we have some room to work with let us start the preparations.

Quest 3: Drop
All at once.
The seal that holds Buburu prevents him from feeding or moving but, if only part of 5 points keeping the seal is removed he will regain the ability to move and feed although very little. We want to know exactly where he will be when the seal is removed so we will have to remove all 5 points at the same time. Thankfully though it should be easy to set up a spell to remove all 5 points at the same time with just a few teeth from the Sulfur Imps (or Scoria Serpent).
Kill 8 Sulfur Imp or Scoria Serpents.
These teeth are sharper then I thought. While I set this up you can start working on opening that portal.

Quest 4: Drop
We need a Trap.
Buburu is an immaterial creature we will need a way to capture that magic for the portal. Swamp Lurker eggs and Swamp Frogdrake eyes will be used for this. Strange as it sounds they are great at gathering ether.
Kill 4 Swamp Frogdrake
Kill 4 Swamp Lurker
Gross they are so sticky but, the slimier the better. Now to set it all up.

Quest 5: Click and Place
Portals and Traps
Alright now set the eggs and eyes out for the portal and the teeth for the seal and we are nearly ready.
Set teeth in 5 locations
Set eggs and eyes in 5 locations
Alright one more preparation is needed.

Quest 6: Drop
Potion Needed.
Do you know why Buburu was sealed away instead of defeated? Because you could not hit him! The good news now is that he has been sealed to a single location for a long time and we can now give him a physical form that can be defeated. You will need a accuracy potion to prevent him from just disappearing on you.
Collect 1 Nimblestem (Already drops from Swamp Frogdrake and Swamp Lurker)
Collect 1 Searbrush (Already drops from Sulfur Imp. If Sulfur Imp is not allowed will have to add something to quest to let players know to get it in firestorm)
*Note: If possible would like to be able to turn in quest with out actually removing the Nimblestem and Searbrush from inventory.
This is a good start but, you might need more.

Quest 7: Required Item
Hitting Thin Air.
The Nimblestem and Searbrush can make an accuracy potion but, potion making is a bit tricky. You will need to brew these together in /Alchemy. Be sure to use Rune of Jera.
Create 1 Accuracy Elixir (Rune of Jera with Nimblestem and Searbrush can make level 5 Accuracy Elixir)
That was not so hard was it? Potion making is a bit tricky though.

Quest 8: Click and Place
Release Burburu
Use the Accuracy Elixir on the seal and then release it and be prepared for Burburo.
Click and place Accuracy Elixir one time.
Click and release seal one time.
Now hurry Burburu is lose once again!

Quest 9: Drop
Burburu has not eaten in centuries he will be much weaker then he use to be but, remember he will also be very very hungry.
Defeat Burburu (Quest auto turn in and plays closing cut scene)

Legend Quest 10: Required Item
Simple Chemistry
It is possible I could make the Accuracy Elixir for you but it is not easy.
Requires 1 Nimblestem
Requires 1 Searbrush
Reward: 1 Accuracy Elixir level 5.
*Note: This quest will become available after quest 6.
One Accuracy Elixir like I said.

End Release

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By/AQW Char Name: Kaidou

Where is Beleen


Release Date: May 16 2014

Beleen… the pink master has been gone. No one know where is she right now. It’s revealed when Warlic want to gave her a pink potion and he couldn’t find her. He ask to everyone in BattleonTown but, no one knows. Then Cysero came and said to Warlic to using the Magic Water to find Beleen. Finally they can see Beleen from that magic water. Beleen caged in a big golden aviary. That place is named Neverland the west of Arcangrove. Neverland is a place surrounded by darkness magic. No magician can’t enter that place because that magic.

There is a monster that using evil magic named Lyx. Warlic sure if Lyx want to pick pink power from baleen. The pink power can make him more stronger. Already your job here to protect the lore. You must going there and also need warlic to help you kill Lyx, only him know how to kill Lyx. There is a magic place and only magician can enter that place, but don’t worry hero Warlic can protect you and you can safety in there.

If Lyx take the pink power from Beleen he will be more stronger than Drakath and can take over the lore. The lore will be on chaos forever!

Name of Map
Location: Arcangrove
Name: Neverland

The magic master
Here we are hero, this is a dangerous place which called Neverland. I need your help to save Beleen and kill the boss monster named Lyx.

This place is full of monsters and you must be carefully with the boss monster, he is inside the template. We can save Beleen if that monster death.

Come on hero Beleen is waiting for you, let’s do this job.

Chaos Sprites x6
Wind Elementals Lv25 x4
Living Fire Lv25 x4
Mana Falcon x6

Boss Monster Type
Human: Lyx Like This

Reward Type
Boss Drop
Merge Shop

Item Rewards
Black Warlic Armor (Warlic armor in black color) Like This x150 Astar Runse (AC Rare)
Yami Mafic Wings (Mafic Wings in black color) Like This Boss Drop (AC Rare)
Evolved Mafic Wings Like This x75 Astar Runes
Lyx hair Like This x75 Astar Runes (AC Rare)
Evolved Mage’s Hood Like This x50 Astar Runes
Lyx schyte Like This X200 Astar Runes (AC Rare)
Evolved Staff of Malachite Like This x100 Astar Runes
Yami Babies Like This Boss Drop (Legend-Only)

Release Outline

Release Timeline

//Player joins Neverland
//Player talks to Warlic

Opening Cutscenes
At Batteontown, Warlic bringing the pink potion and waiting for Beleen, after an hour she not came. Warlic decide to find her and he calling Beleen in any place “Beleen..Beleen.. where are you…” Then he going to meet and ask Alina “Alina do you see Beleen today, cuz I can’t find her anywhere” Alina replies “Beleen, I don’t meet him today, I’m sorry” Warlic is going to ask Artix and Cysero “Hi guys do you see Beleen today” Artix replies “Beleen, I think no” and Cysero replies “Why don’t using your magic water” Warlic back to their room and using his magic water and he look if Beleen caged in a big golden aviary. “What.. oh no that is…Lyx. Omg it is really emergency, I must to meet hero” Warlic meet hero in Battleon” Hero I need your help to save up Beleen” Hero replies” What happen” Warlic replies”She is kidnapped by Lyx, and Lyx bring Beleen to Neverland” Hero Replies “Oh, Come on we must save Beleen now” They’re going to Neverland.

Ending Cutscenes
Hero defeat Lyx, hero thrust his sword into Lyx’s heart. After Lyx death hero take out Beleen from the big golden aviary. Beleen hug the hero and said “thank you my hero!” They back to Battleontown and meet Alina, Artix and Cysero. Artix said ”Thank you hero, You have done a great job today”.

1st Quest
Find the Stone
Your body will not survive in this place, you must find the magic stone near the castle to protect your body and your soul.
The Magic Stone
Ok, your body is protected now.

2nd Quest
Protect Gained
I must make sure your body is ready to defeat Lyx, Lyx is using dark magic and his attack is really dangerous, you need the chaos aura robe to protect yourself from the dark magic. You need 5 robe pieces to makethat. Kill Chaos Sprites to get that robe pieces.
5 Robe Pieces
Wow, you’re amazing hero, I’m sure you will beat that moster.

3rd Quest
Weapon Strenghthen
This is the important point hero, if you gonna kill Lyx you need a very strong weapon. Your weapon is look great but Lyx will not defeat if your sword have no more power. Your sword will get stronger by 10 fire power from killing Living Fire.
10 Fire Power
Great, Lyx will don’t have a chance to live when he thouch this brutal sword.

4th Quest
Sharp Eyes
I just want you to know hero, inside the castel is totallydark, you will blind in there. Just one thing can make your eye work there, that is mana filter. You need to find 2 mana filter to your left and right eye by killing Mana Falcon.
2 Mana Filter
Yay, now you’re ready to defeat Lyx.

5th Quest
Open the Gate
We are almost done hero, what we need now is open the gate. You can’t open the gate without keys. There are four keys that you can find it. 1 fire key by kill Living Fire 1 wind key by kill Wind elemental 1 chaos key by kill Chaos Sprites and 1 mana key by killing Mana falcon
Fire Key
Wind Key
Chaos Key
Mana Key
Come on hero, Lyx is waiting for you.

6th Quest (Final Quest)
Kill Lyx
Finally, this is the final fight hero. Kill Lyx now!
Lyx Darkness
Thank you hero. Beleen is safety now and maybe she will marry you if you’re lucky.

7th Quest
Collect Runes
I have a great rewards for you hero, you can trade with some runes. You’ll get runes by killing 2 Wind Elemental.
Titan Runes
Collect more runes to get more prize hero, Battle On!
Prize: 3 Astar Runes

8th Quest (Legend-Only)
More Runes
I have a great rewards for you hero, you can trade with some runes. Wow you’re awesome hero, get more runes by killing Chaos Sprites.
Platinum Runes
Collect more runes to get more prize hero, Battle On!
Prize: 5 Astar Runes

End Release

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• Overview of Release
The story starts with the Hero falling down from the sky onto a desert which looks like Sandsea. The hero rises and hears a roar from the South, and heads toward it. The hero meets Artix, and sees a Giant Serpent whom Artix identifies as Apophis, the Egyptian Snake of Chaos. He had cause great destruction around Lore. Arcangrove, Mythsong, Bloodtusk, all round Lore had fallen. Even their friends (Cysero, Zoshi, Rolith, etc.) had succumbed to him. Artix had gathered the remaining troops on Sandsea. A local then appears and tells Artix and the Hero that this event had occurred during the Ancient Times. Apophis had made great destruction and that the Egyptian defeated Apophis with the guide from The Book of Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge. Apophis was safely sealed in the Duat, and the world was in peace again. But as time flows, the Book of Thoth was lost and was buried in the tomb around there. It is decided then that Artix will lead the forces to hold Apophis as the Hero hunt for the Book of Thoth.
The hero finally finds the tomb and recovers the Book of Thoth. The hero finds out that the last light of the day Apophis’ rising will shine Apophis’ weak spot. The hero went to a hill for the final showdown against Apophis. When the hero thinks Apophis is finally defeated, Apophis’ wounds heal and Apophis regain his strength. Meanwhile Artix and the forces are starting to control the situation, until an eruption from the sands killed them all (Sandsea begin to fall). Apophis reveals that he will not be defeated that easily, and that all hopes were lost. The hero turns into tears as the last light shines upon a particular scale on Apophis head. The hero lunges forward and stabs Apophis on the scale. Apophis roars, before finally exploding into dust and glitters. The hero falls before being killed by an eruption. (The scene changes quickly).
The hero wakes up in a room and recognizes that the events were just a nightmare. Meanwhile the hero doesn’t recognize the presence of a shadowy figure on the corner of the room, which reveals that he miscalculated the dream and the hero survives because he is unpredictable. (The shadowy figure is actually a Dream Weaver (not assimilated to Skyguard storyline) and that he attempted to kill the hero in the dream, if the Hero didn’t defeat Apophis.) Finally, the shadowy figure said, “Perhaps we’ll meet again, Hero.” in a whispering voice before finally disappears.
• Map location: Sandsea
• Map name: SandRealm
• Monsters: Tomb Robber, Anubis DeathGuard, Golden Scarab, Mummy, Kalestri Worshipper, Lotus Spider
• Boss: Apophis (A Giant Serpent who King Cobra. But because he is massive I suggest that to defeat him we must defeat each part (The tail, 2 bodies’ part and the head)).
• NPC: Artix
o Speech text: It’s great to see you, Hero! We have an apocalyptic situation here. The Egyptian Snake of Chaos, Apophis had risen and is causing great destruction on Lore! Even our friends, (Rolith, Cysero, Warlic, etc.) had succumbed to him!
o Book of Thoth (“More” text): Yes, there’s been a rumor about the Book of Thoth buried inside one of the tomb here. Legend has it that the Book of Thoth has the knowledge that will help us to defeat Apophis. Well, if you want to see Lore again then we better start searching!
o Apocalyptic? (“More” text): Arcangrove, Mythsong, Bloddtusk, all around Lore had fallen! I can say that Sandsea is currently the safest place on Lore, but we don’t know how long will it stay like that! I have gathered all the remaining force here on Sandsea. I don’t think it will be strong enough to defeat Apophis, but at least we can hold him while you search for the Book of Thoth!
• Quests
o 1st quest: Lotus Map
Sandsea is a big area, Hero, and that’s why we need a map to locate the tomb. Legend has it that the map is carved onto the lotus of the first Lotus Spider. Well, we better start finding!
1 First Lotus Bloom
(Upon “Turning it in”) Great job, Hero! I know you can do it!
o 2nd quest: Golden Essence
For the map to show itself, we must pour on some Golden Essences from the Golden Scarab. Then the map carved on the Lotus will glow golden!
15 Golden Essences
(Upon “Turning it in”) Ha! Now I think we should pour the Golden Essence on – Oh look! The map glows golden! I told you, Hero!
o 3rd quest: Excavating Items
Now that we know that the tomb is buried in the sand, we’re going to dig and find the entrance! We currently don’t have the equipment to do such, but I’m sure the local Tomb Robbers have them and is willing to lend them, even if it means by force!
1 bucket
1 shovel
1 spade
1 water bottle
(Upon “Turning it in”) Nice work! Now we can start digging!
o 4th quest: Finding the tomb entrance
Now that we have the equipment we can start digging. Let’s go, go!
1 Tomb Entrance found!
(Upon “Turning it in”) Great! I’ll meet you down there, Hero!
o 5th quest: Mummy Paper Rope
Well, it seems that it’s quite a jump to down there, although you survive the jump from the opening cut scene. That means that you need a rope to reach down there. Well no rope is present around here, so I guess you need to use the mummy paper wrappings from the Mummies. Gather enough amounts of them so we can tie them long enough for you can climb down there safely!
7 Mummy Wrappings
(Upon “Turning it in”) Great, we just need to tie it here, tie a knot, and done!
o 6th quest: Secure the Tomb
It seems that this tomb is filled with monsters and such. We really should start cleaning up this mess. Collect 3 Golden Crowns from the Kalestri Worshippers, 3 pairs of spider legs from the Lotus Spiders, 3 Golden Scythes from the Anubis DeathGuard, 3 Golden Shell from the Golden Scarabs, 3 Mummies Wrapping from the Mummies, and finally 3 Tomb Robbers wrap to secure the Area!
3 Golden Crowns
3 Pairs of Spider Leg
3 Golden Scythes
3 Golden Shells
3 Mummies Wrapping
3 Tomb Robbers Knives
(Upon “Turning it in”) Nice! Now moving on, Hero!
o 7th quest: Gain Respect from the Kalestri Worshippers
To prove your worth for the knowledge of Book of Thoth, you need to gain respect from the Kalestri Worshippers. Go slay 12 of them to prove it!
7 Respects Gained
(Upon “Turning it in”) Now that you have gained respects from the Kalestri Worshippers, you are allowed to read the Book of Thoth. Let’s go hunt it down!
o 8th quest: The Book of Thoth
Now we’re going to look for the key of defeating Apophis, the Book of Thoth! One of the monsters carried it with them, I think. Slay them until you recover it!
1 Book of Thoth found!
(Upon “Turning it in”) Nice! Let me read that for you. “The last light on the day Apophis rose will shine you his blind spot.” I wonder what that mean, Hero!
o Final quest: Defeat the Snake of Chaos!
This is it, Hero! You’ll have to face Apophis! But because he’s a giant, you’ll going to need to defeat each of his body parts! Let’s go!
1 Tail Cut!
2 Body Parts Slay!
1 Head Slay!
(Upon “Turning it in”) YES! It finally ends! Wait, what’s happ…
o Legend only quest 1: Scales of Apophis
Rumor says that there’s a massive blade called Apophis’s legacy. Legend has it that this Apophis’s Legacy has the power of Apophis himself!
1 Apophis’s Legacy Found
(Upon “Turning it in”) Well! Look at this massive blade!!
o Legend only quest 2: Apophis Avatar (Pet)
When Apophis exploded into sand and glitters, not all his bodies were destroyed. There were some scales left on the desert and I guess that the Tomb Robber took it. I believe we can summon an avatar of him from the scales, but in a smaller version and is harmless.
75 Apophis’s Scales Collected
(Upon “Turning it in”) Nice work, Hero! Now we’ll try to summon him – Yes! It works!
• Cutscenes
o Opening cutscene:
The story starts with the Hero falling down from the sky onto a desert which looks like Sandsea. The hero rises and hears a roar from the South, and heads toward it. The hero meets Artix, and sees a Giant Serpent whom Artix identifies as Apophis, the Egyptian Snake of Chaos. He had cause great destruction around Lore. Arcangrove, Mythsong, Bloodtusk, all round Lore had fallen. Even their friends (Cysero, Zoshi, Rolith, etc.) had succumbed to him. Artix had gathered the remaining troops on Sandsea. A local then appears and tells Artix and the Hero that this event had occurred during the Ancient Times. Apophis had made great destruction and that the Egyptian defeated Apophis with the guide from The Book of Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge. Apophis was safely sealed in the Duat, and the world was in peace again. But as time flows, the Book of Thoth was lost and was buried in the tomb around there. It is decided then that Artix will lead the forces to hold Apophis as the Hero hunt for the Book of Thoth.
o Closing cutscene:
When the hero thinks Apophis is finally defeated, Apophis’ wounds heal and Apophis regain his strength. Meanwhile Artix and the forces are starting to control the situation, until an eruption from the sands killed them all (Sandsea begin to fall). Apophis reveals that he will not be defeated that easily, and that all hopes were lost. The hero turns into tears as the last light shines upon a particular scale on Apophis head. The hero lunges forward and stabs Apophis on the scale. Apophis roars, before finally exploding into dust and glitters. The hero falls before being killed by an eruption. (Scene changes quickly).The hero wakes up in a room and recognizes the events were just a nightmare. Meanwhile the hero doesn’t recognize the presence of a shadowy figure on the corner of the room, which reveals that he miscalculated the dream and the hero survives because he is unpredictable. (The shadowy figure is actually a Dream Weaver (not assimilated to Skyguard storyline) and that he attempted to kill the hero in the dream, if the Hero didn’t defeat Apophis.) Finally, the shadowy figure said, “Perhaps we’ll meet again, Hero.” in a whispering voice before finally disappears.
• Item Rewards:
o Anubite Armor: The evolved version of Anubis armor that is sold on Sandsea reputation shop. It loses all armor parts. There’s an addition of armbands on each arms, and legbands on both legs. It only has the left Cauldron (Shoulder armor), a golden belt with scales, and a white color kilt. The leg is a wolf’s paw. There’s a pharaoh ornament on the neck, colored golden and red.
o Legendary Khopesh of the Pharaohs: The evolved version of the Savage Khopesh sold in the Swordhaven Castle Shop. Now it’s a dagger and the color is golden, and there’s the hieroglyphs “Ankh”, the symbol of life, on the hilt and the separation between the handle and the blade. It glows white, the color of order.
o Scales of Apophis (Legend-Only Quest Reward): The massive blade that is rumored to have the same power of Apophis himself.
o Anubite Morph: The evolved version of Anubis Helm that is sold on Sandsea reputation shop. The hood is now colored Golden not Brown, and the eyes glows blue. There’s a fur added on the helm’s neck.
o Anubite Locks: Wraps with the head of Anubis (like a cap). The player’s eye is shown. Strands of hair are added.
o Ornate Anubite Cape: Red cape with golden linings and ornaments.
o Pharaohs’ rune: Runes decorated with ancient hieroglyphs.
o Apophis’ Avatar (Legend-Only Quest Reward): A mini version of Apophis as a pet. Looks like Apophis himself. When it moves (the animation) it will dive into the soil and move forward underground.
• Images (Twitter Link):
o Apophis (By Skythrone): http://t.co/eSAQYmOa76
o Item Rewards (By PakubuwanaVI revised by Skythrone): http://t.co/HVAImvnKzz and http://t.co/b5BwtRwLFr
Created by: Auva, Skythrone, PakuBuwanaVI, RabbitX
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Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

AQW Account name: Lupus the wolf

Unidentified Darkness
Recommended Level: 30

In the Settsu Forest on Yokai Island, reports of people gone missing and the mysterious cries of an unknown creature during the dead of night had reached the ears of Princess Ai No Miko. Fearing that this might be the awakening of an ancient youkai, she sent Mitsu Bishi and the hero on a quest to seal it away.

Travel with Mitsu Bishi to the forest in order to bring down the mysterious youkai and prevent it from taking the forest as its territory!

Name of Map
/join yokaiforest on Yokai Island.
A mountainous forest. There's a small stream in one screen of the forest, where Kappas and Funa Yurei lives. Another screen have a stone monument of a samurai warrior holding a bow and an arrow. All the other screen have Neko Mattas, Skello Kitties and Tanukis.

Mitsu Bishi
The Emperor's Samurai
Greetings, hero. While you were arriving I've been looking around for signs of the mysterious youkai. From what I've gathered, it's clear that this is the works of a Nue. For such a dangerous youkai to appear...we must make haste!

The Nue is an ancient yokai that feeds on the flesh of humans. Its most dangerous aspect is that it gains power from people's fear, especially fear of the unknown. Covering itself in a dark mist, it remains unknown even as it feeds on its preys.

In the past, the Nue used to rule over the forests of the island, until a warrior went by the name of Minamoto defeated it, sealing it away. A monument had been built in the forest in memory of him and his valiant deeds. It has been a long time since then. The seal must've been weakened enough for the Nue to overpower it.

As long as people still fear of the unknown, the Nue will also continues to exist, and for that we can only reseal it. If we don't, words of the Nue's appearance will reach the ears of the villagers of Akiba, and the result will be catastrophic.

Tanuki, Neko Matta, Skello Kitty, Funa Yurei, Kappa Ninja

Boss Monster - Nue, a japanese yokai with the head of a monkey, the body of a racoon, the limb of a tiger and a snake for the tail. It's always followed by small puff of dark cloud drawn in traditional Japanese style art. Here's my depiction of Nue
Type: Beast

Reward Types
Shops that unlock after you've completed all quest

Item Reward
1 Armor: Minamoto's Armor
Recolored Samurai Armor, with white plate, gold trim, more detailed shadings and the kanji for honor written on the shoulder plate and a cloth that hangs down from the belt

2 Helms: Minamoto's Helm and Minamoto's Horned Helm
Recolored Samurai Helmet, with white armor and yellow trim. Horned Helm has curved demon horn coming out from the sides.

2 Capes: Pride of the Shogun and Samurai Backblades
Pride of the Shogun is a recolored Samurai Banner, with red clothes, golden trim and the symbol that look like a horned samurai helm colored in gold. Samurai Backblades is a sheathed katana hanged on the back of the character. The sheath is a simple black with a yellow cloth wrapped onto it.

3 Weapons: Genzanmi Bow and Arrow, Beast-Hunting Nodachi, and Silent Moon Katana
Genzanmi Bow and Arrow is a pair of bow and arrow held like a dagger, similar to the Armanent of Conquest.
Beast Hunting Nodachi is a rather long nodachi (Japanese styled sword, similar to katana but with a straight edge) with an ornated white and gold handle
Silent Moon Katana is a katana with a blade emitting a cyan glow and crescent shaped ornament above the blade's hand guard. The blade has the kanji for wolf, okami 狼 written on it.

1 Pet: Mini Nue

Release Outline
/join youkaiforest
Cutscene 1
Scenes of the forest at night scrolling through. A villager is shown running away from something. The man disappear the moment the cutscene scroll through the silhouettes of a few trees blocking the view. Back in the palace, princess Ai No Miko talks to you about the current situation and decide to send you there.

Quest 1
Explore Settsu Forest
Quest Text: We must know the area more if we want to find and defeat the Nue. Go find a place that could possibly the Nue's hideout. Look for the monument on the way too.
Quest item: 1x Cave Found, 1x Monument Found
End Text: You found a cave with beast's footprints? That must be its hideout!

Quest 2
Night of Restless Yokai
Quest Text: The local youkai here have been known to cause some trouble in the past. Since we're here already, we can teach them a lesson.
Quest item: 5x Forest Youkai Defeated (dropped by Tanuki, Neko Matta and Skello Kitty), 5x River Youkai Defeated (dropped by Funa Yurei and Kappa Ninja)
End Text: Excellent. Now, back to our task.

Quest 3
Pay tribute to the hero
Quest Text: I heard that the people who built Minamoto's monument had buried something that could help us against the Nue. You should dig around there to see if there's really anything.
Quest item: 1x Bow and Arrow
End Text: The legendary hero's weapon? Considering he used it to defeat the Nue, it must be very effective!

Quest 4
Renew the Seal
Quest Text: There seems to be a paper talisman wrapped onto this arrow, but its magic must've been worn out. The local tanuki might have the paper and ink we need to replicate the talisman. Gather 5 Pieces of Tanuki Paper and 1 Vial of Tanuki Ink.
Quest item: 1x Tanuki Ink, 5x Tanuki Paper
End Text: Ah, this is just what we need! Now we can make new talisman!

Quest 5
Nights of Dreadful Nue's Cries
Quest Text: We need to actually lure out the Nue in order to do anything about it. I've prepared some meat. Place it around the forest and see if anything will happens.
Quest item: 10x Meat placed
End Text: You've returned... now for us to wait. Keep your ears out for any strange cries.

Quest 6
Cat Burglar
Quest Text: It's been a while, but nothing came up. That's strange. Perhaps the cat youkai around here have stolen our baits. Defeat the cat yokai and teach them a lesson!
Quest item: 6x Neko Mata Chased, 6x Skello Kitty Chased
End Text: Did you hear that!? Something is coming up!

Quest 7
Defeat the Nue
Quest Text: It's the Nue! He must've been attracted by the fighting! Defeat the Nue and stab it with the arrow to end this!
Quest item: 1x Nue Defeated
End Text: N/A

Cutscene 2
The hero is shown fighting and dealing a finish blow to the Nue. He/she then walk to the Nue's lifeless body and stab the arrow onto its back. Dark smoke will cover the Nue and then clears up, with nothing left but the arrow standing.

Special Quest
Grudging Nue
Quest text: It seems some of the Nue's power are still around, but without it masters, it's now bounded into a single place where the Nue was sealed. Bring me the Nue's teeth and I'll reward you handsomely.
Quest item: 1x Nue's Teeth
End Text: Thank you.

End Release

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The Rise Of Druids
Releases Date: May 16 2014
Aqw Character Name:odsey

Overview of releases:

Druids are known for their shape shifting ability. Although there are some tribe of druids that exist in lore, there are a powerful tribe of druids that has been forgotten and thought to be extinct. Recently, warlic has seen many of lore extinct creatures alive again. You will go near from the arcangrove to investigate further. Following the clues, you will go to a forest near arancgtove to investigate further.

After the investigation and the help from Elder Ironwood, you will meet the Druid Tribe. You will need to gain the trust of this Druid tribe before they can tell you about their powerful shapeshifting abilities and the appearance of the extinct animals. You will also learn why these Druids have chosen to keep themselves hidden for many years.

After you help this Druid tribe, you are faced with someone who doesn’t like your help. He will stop at nothing to destroy you, even if it means destroying his own tribes.Your only hope to stop him is by searching for the fabled Druid soul weapon to stop him.

Map Location:


Map name: Forgottendruid

Monster:Mana Falcon, Earth and Water Elemental, Merdraconian and Frogdrake

Warlic, the blue mage

Main text:This forest is.. Different. Not only that there are many creatures that have been long thought extinct. There are also a powerful force in this forest. We need to search this forest, perhaps we might find some valuable information in here.

Any Ideas:?(Talk more button)

This is really unnormal. No force in the lore have the power to replicate an extinct creature. There might be more explanation if we find out more.


1st Quest: An important discovery

Quest text: I have a feeling that somewhere in the forest we might find the information we are looking. Keep going until you have reach the heart of the forest(The last screen).

Heart of the forest found1/1!

Well Done hero. There might be a tribe of humans settling in the forest. Lets go to the heart of the forest, lets see if we can find anything there.

2nd Quest:

Druids and Druids

Based on the current look of the heart of the forest, I feel that this might be a tribe of Druid. Can you talk to Elder Ironwood? He is waiting for you in greenwood east. I feel that he can help us.

Elder Ironwood found1/1

Quest complete
He told that there is an ancient tribe of druid that is powerful? Good thing we got a druid Elder.

3rd quest: Opening the shield

I feel that the heart of the forest is protected by the shield. Based on Elder Ironwood information, you will need to kill all of the monster around here to open the shield.

Shield opened1/1

(You need to kill every monster in every screen, until you reach the final screen)

Quest Complete: The barrier has been opened. The druid elder, Elder ironwood has said that he has open the barrier. Shall we enter the village?

4th quest: Gaining the Trust of the Druid

Talk to these npc: Ashtongue,Azaloxe,Laylar and Natura

(After you complete the third quest another screen is unlocked. You can talk to the following npc to gain their trust and eventually learn about their secret)

The following text is not a cutscene, but a npc text

Ashtongue Text: Pfft... I do not trust an outsider. You are not even worthy to learn about the secrets of our tribe.

Azaloxe text: You are new here. We cannot trust you until you help us.

Laylar text:
An outsider in our tribe is not welcomed. Be gone!

Natura text:You are different... You seek to know our secrets? Help us and we will tell you about us.

4th quest complete: I see. As a blue mage I would like to understand further about these tribe. Lets help them maybe we can learn about their tribe more.

5th quest: A new Information

They said that we must collect the mana soul from the mana falcon and elemental pieces from the earth and water elemental. Collect 4 of the mana soul and 5 of the elemental pieces. Go talk with ashtongue after you have collected the things they need.

Ashtongue text:

I see that you want to help us. I tell you some information about us. We have keep ourselves hidden because we are too powerful to be seen. Thats why we hide ourselves. As for our shapeshifting powers.... Help us more and we’ll tell you more.

Quest complete: Interesting hero. This is indeed not a normal tribe of druids. I feel that the reason they are hidden is because of a device. When you talk with one of the druids, can you ask about the device?

6th Quest:The Last Legacy

Quest text:

Our next quest is to kill the merdraconian and the frogdrake. They need this to increase the amount of the defense. Collect 6 essence of the merdraconian and 7 frogdrake soul. Talk to all of the three remaining druids after you complete the task.

Azaloxe text: The task that you have done is not easy. I guess its time to tell you about our shapeshifting powers. We have learn powerful shapeshifting abilities by using our soul. It has allow us to become almost anything we want from extinct creatures to dangerous beast. Talk to Layral and Natura for the next information.

Laylar text: I feel this village is getting more weak. Ashtongue is gone for some reason. Since you have help us, Il tell you about something. The druid soul is what makes us powerful and stabilize. It has gone.Also Ashtongue is gone. Talk to Natura to learn more about us.

Natura text:I might have underestimated an outsider. I am the druid leader of the tribe, Natura. Every of us has its own specialization. As you have learn about us, the most important part of us, the druid soul has been gone. I suspect that ashtongue might have something to do about this. We have to search for the druid soul, or even make a new one!

Quest complete: I see.. If we doesn’t find the soul of the druid, this village might be destroyed.

7th Quest: Core lost

Quest text: Natura has told me about the Druid soul and me and Elder Ironwood are willing to help them. I have forged the arcane eye. This will help you detect the stolen druid soul and possibly, ashtongue. Put these in the forest to spy for the druid soul.

Arcane Eye placed

Quest complete: This should do. If I see anything I’l tell you.

8th quest: The betrayer

Quest text: I.... I see Ashtongue with the soul. He is heading to the ashvalley mountains. Tell the druids about this.

Druids told1/1

Druids text: Imposibble. This means that he wants to unleash his true from and bring havoc to everywhere. If he suceed, he cannot be stopped and will bring havoc everywhere. Our only hope is to forge another druid soul.

Quest complete: The druid soul has been stolen? This is really..Really bad.

9th Quest: Awakening lineage:

Quest text: You will need to slay dracoliches, chaos lord,undead and desoloth to forge another Druid soul. For dracoliches,Chaos lord and Undead, any of them will do. Good luck!

Dracoliches soul found1/1!
Chaos lord Eye found1/1!
Undead freed1/1!
Desoloth purified1/1!

Note: Dracoliches,chaos lord and under quest drop has a chance of 30% to drop,the more powerful the higher chance to drop,while the Desoloth drop has 100%.

Quest reward: Druid soul*

This item will be explained more in the items section

Quest complete: You have done a good work. Now... are you ready to face Ashtongue?

10th Quest: Last Stand

Quest text: You have made the druid soul. Use it well.. because Ashtongue has reach his true form, and will not stop at anything to destroy you.

Ashtongue Destroyed!

Monster: Ashtongue

Has a hp of 100.000 and has a base attack of 100

Has 4 abilities(All optional to be released): True form(Passive) Cannot be stunned

Ancient bear: Ashtongue draws upon the power of the bear, increasing his base damage and speed by a huge amount for 20 seconds. Increase damage taken for ashtongue by 130%

Ancient eagle: Ashtongue draws upon the power of the eagle, increasing dodge and increase his hp bar by 20% for 20 seconds. Damage that he deals is reduced by 40%

Ancient druid: Draws upon the powers of bear and eagle at once for 10 seconds. Effect reduced by 40% and he will be self stun

Quest complete text: You have destroy ashtongue. The druids have chosen you as their chosen one. You have also access to their armory. Good job hero!

After turn in,you will watch a cutscene
Legend only quest 1: Chosen one

Quest text: Your work here isn’t done yet. Destroy the elementals here and the merdraconian. You will bi rewarder with a moderate amount of exp

Quest finish text: Good job here, you ahve made the village safer.

Legend quest 2: Chosen one part 2

Quest text: The druids need to learn more about the elementals. Destroy them. You will be rewarded with a moderate amount of exp.

Quest complete: Good job hero, the druids thanks you.

Opening cutscene: Hero: Ah, just another day. In about 10 minutes, I’m sure someone will ask for my help.

Warlic: HERO!

Hero: Warlic,chill out. Whats up?

Warlic: I found that somewhere near arancangrove.......

Hero: Let me guess, A monster invasion is there and I need to stop them?

Warlic: Nope, an ancient tribe of druid is rumored in there. I need your help to find abotu these information.

Hero: Count me in! ..Just a minute, I need to change my equipment.

Closing cutscene:
As the hero face with ashtongue, the druids have come to watched.

Ashtongue: You cannot stop me. I have stolen the druid soul and used to destroy the druids.
Hero: Sadly, I made another one.

Ashtongue:Only one druid soul can be made, and yorus will be destroyed.
*As two druid soul face each other, the druids have chosen to give their powers to the hero,destroying ashtongue soul.


Hero: I guess thats it,huh?

The Druids: We thank you hero for your help, and we have decided to make you the chosen one. Wear the title with pride. By the way, I hope you,warlic and elder ironwood will keep this a secret.Can you do that?

Hero: I’l do my best, and so does they.
Item rewards:

Armor: Armor of the chosen druid
A light green and brown armor. Has a features of a normal druid but deadlier. Has a sharp like weapons in his/her hand.

Helm of the druid

Basically a cowl that has the color light green and blue .Looks like a simple cowl, but is a bit more advanced.
1.The druid soul:

A green like weapon that can be switched by pressing it. Can be a sword,staff or a dagger. The hilt is colored light green with a bit of brown. In the middle, there is a light blue orb.Obtained from the 9th quest

Druid spear:
A logn spear that has been modified to look like a sword. The hilt is simple while at the end of the edge there is a light like ray.

Cape: The chosen:
A green cape that looks like a wings. There is a orb at the bottom.

Well that is all, and Im really sorry for the wall of text.-Odsey
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Username: Aristella
Race for Elemania
May 16 2014

Legends speak of a race that dwelt on the shores of yokai island a long time ago. Before the first record of the akiba dynasty.1 Before humans elves and dwarves even walked the earth.2 A people born of the elements lived in two large cities on the small island of akiba.3 they were said to rise the tides, split the earth, and call the wind.4 Their control over the elements kept both dragon and demons at bay.5 They were also said to have been all wiped out.6
Few believe that it was a natural disaster.1 that the world punished them for commanding the elements willfully.2 It was said that the planet opened upt its "mouth" and swallowed their two cities.3 Others have said they destroyed themselves in a civil war.4 Some even say it was the darkblood, that the darkblood and the people were once sharing this world until the darkblood decided to conquer them.5
Now strange things are happening on the island.1 elementals which have not roamed the island for centuries are now appearing in mass.2 Ai No Miko has called apon you once again to help bring peace to her island.3 but Nytheria has surfaced bringing only more bad news that chaos is aware of the legend, and is on the move to find the people.4 Now begins the race for a last city of Elemania.5

yokai island

The purple mage

Greeting hero, It seems Ai No Miko was able to get me some decent help.1 As you may or may not know Elementals have been appearing all over Akiba.2 According to the princess Elementals have never been seen on this island.3 However their archaeologist have found fossilized carapaces of stone elementals that have long since perished.4 There must have been a time long ago when Elementals roamed these lands.5 Naturally she called in the expert, "me" to investigate this phenomena.6 But I am not getting my hands dirty, so thats where you come in (makes a sly smile).7

Your in the Earths Maw, Named thusly for the legend that this is where our world swallowed an entire people.1 Think well find ruins of a city down here?2 I wonder if the disapearance of the cities is link to the fact that there are no Elementals on Akiba now.3 Sounds like a bunch of rubbish, but..... I have seen stranger things happen in lore.4
<More 2>

<More 2>
Why am I here?1 You name someone else with as much experience with dealing with unwanted Elementals than me and i'll let them take my place.2 No really i'd rather by somewhere else.3 Ai No Miko is a friend... its by her request that I'm here.4

Kappa Ninja-now with 50% more ninja
Pockey chew-fully charged with no extra chrage
Fire elemental-I'd like a yeti shape. how many yeti scene in movies don't start off ominous. i mean just watch monster inc.xp
Water elemental-we should make this one look like a vortex. don't worry about the wind elemental we got something cool and different for that one.
Earth elemental-i really want us to do chuck norri's chin but i understand if we gotta stick with the "b" idea of a twin headed golem.
Wind elemental-i played dnd with my bro's and 1 cool thing was maelstroms... because their doughnut shaped... tornado doughnuts!!

Boss Monster Type
Elemanian Construct
: A violent torrent of elements weaving in turmoil. With Stone for body, an arm covered in icy spears and the other consumed in flame. Clouds cover its shoulders with arcs of lightning jumping across.
Reward Types
Merge shop
Dropped components

Elus: a unit in which Elemanians messured recoverable essence from elementals. (dropped by the 4 elementals)
Overcharged Battery: A Pockey Chew never leaves home with out it. for everything else. theirs mastercard. xp (dropped by pockey chew)
Kappa shroud: For the kappa that prefers the shadows to the waters. (dropped by Kappa Ninja)
Elemental Turmoil: An entropic collection of energies from the Elemanian Construct. (dropped by Elemanian Construct)
Item Rewards
Elegant Kimono (ceremonial) [a more ornate version of the elegant kimono. trim and a desing to help it pop out. also static colors of violet and aquamarine that represent the Elemanians
Elemanian Bamboo Flares: like how tower guards would wear on their backs.
Prismatic Bamboo Flares(same concept as above with color custimized.)
Elemanian Nodachi: a field sword with a blade of red steel. a glimmer animations running up the blades edge maybe?
Elemanians Great Hammer: forged from the people compressing stone together to form massive stone hammer.
Elemanian crystal: a sphere of pure crystal reinforced with the peoples powers giving it a glowing aura.
Elemanian Warbler: a species of bird that looks like a parakeet. they lived in harmony with the people. a small companion that over time had evolved along with the people. now they too breath fire and ice. and flap their wings to create a gale dispite their small size

Release Timeline
//player joins "Earthsmaw"
//player talks to "Nytheria"

1. The hero arrives on the island(if we could do a scene with the hero as a shodowy figure looking out over a sunsetting over akiba) opening up another letter from Ai No Miko "please help hero, the island of Akiba is being plagued by violent elementals. I have sent for Nytheria to investigate. She awaits for you at the Earths Maw, be weary hero. For we have never known elementals to appear in Akiba" The hero pockets the letter and leaps into the trees. coming ups to a crack in the earth that seems to streatch without an end. Hero descends ending the cutscene.

2. After defeating the elemental. Nytheria begins investigating the carvings on the walls depicticting a pair of cities. The Hero takes notice to a part of the wall that's glowing now that wasn't before. A ring with three spheres 1 of which is glowing.
"what about it?" Nytheria asks.
"well it wasnt lit when i was fighting the golem"
"do you think defeating the golem released some kind of lock?"
"it's possible but then what about the other 2 locks?" behind the hero and Nytheria a pair of Elemanian Constructs step down from behind sliding wall panels.
"hey Nytheria"
"don't say it!"
"........ Ironyyyy~"
"ugh...". Right then in a blast of chaotic energy drakath fels one of the monsters.
The other monster roars but is chained then taken down by Ai No Miko's Ninjas and struck down by samurai. once the monsters are done with. Everyone turns their attention to drakath. "just what are you doing here Drakath?" demanded the Hero. Drakath looks at the wall
"A long time ago before the first Dynasty of Akiba, there was a race of being know as the Elemanians. They are the people who lived in those 2 cities. I have searched their ruins at a depth you'll never reach. I've seen the records of its fall by the Dark blood. Dispite their defeat they were a powerful race, only a handful can create a natural cataclysm on their own. And with the power of chaos they will both want it and SERVE ME!
The last 2 lights on the ring begin to glow and that wall blats off revealing a woman in a regal kimono with thin markings that would glow. she slides out of the crystal as if it were water. Standing before Drakath, Nytheria, Ai No Miko, and the Hero. She opens her eyes. "The worlds cries have reached us"
"yes.. I've worked hard to wake you. lots of ruin against the elements" are the only things Drakath says before being blasted by fire and lightning, his chaos powers protecting him but still losing ground. A portal opens up at his heels.
"begone defiler" Drakath stabs his blade into the earth. "I saw into your peoples history. I watched them burn at the hands of the Darkblood and you will serve chaos now as your did then!"
"never!" she stomps the ground and the earth shakes before a pillar knocks Drakath into the portal. Returning to a calm state she turns to the Hero.
"so listen we got this alliance against the forces of choas thing going. and were kind of looking for ally's"
"what do you mean no?"
"my people and I have been in slumber for an aeon. We need to recover as a people and find our place in this world. This island was our home but I have no idea what awaits my people on the surface. if there even is a surface.."
"look for now we can't help you but when the showdown against chaos happens. we will march by yourside. for now farewel, I must wake my people. The Elemanians"

1st Quest
Charting the Maw

These caves are big hero. If we are to have any understanding of where these creatures are coming from we need to know the layout. Take this scroll and pen and take a long walk. when your done come show me what you've got.
...just reaching the end.
Ok very good hero. now we don't have to walk around aimlessly. Which I never do..

2nd Quest
Earth Tap

Ok hero, straight to business we need to collect stone samples from Earth elementals. Earth elementals carry alot of material from where they were spawned, no matter how they come into our realm they use materials of the area to take form. so bring me some samples and we can rule out wether or not this is an attack from outside the island.
10 Earth Elemental samples
Very good I'll send these to Alina in Battleon so she can analyze the samples with some samples I took of the area. Meanwhile you and I have more work to do.

3rd Quest
Removing the Kappa

You may have noticed the Kappa through out the cave. We can't afford them getting in our way, I want you to clear out a few Hero.
15 Kappa Ninja
Very good hero. now that you've have silenced the Kappa for me I can hear myself think.

4th Quest
Mystic Solution

Hero hold out your weapon (pours grey ooze that coats your weapon) This is a mystic solution used to determine if Water elementals come from another elemental creature or a conjurer. If its from another elemental creature it will weaken and rule out some trouble making conjurer.
8 Water Elementals
Alright so how did it go?..... So they weakened. If a conjurer had made them they would have magical protection from this. So that means they come from other Elementals. But where and why here...

5th Quest
You smell a rat, I smell a clue

Look there!.. see those little rodents scurrying around. those are pockey chews and they are not in their natural habitat down here. they're the foraging fruit, sleeping in a burrow or tree hollow type. So to find these sunlovers down here is peculiar... I bet theirs a connection but to know for sure ill need you to knock a few out. I'll send for some Cat carriers. If you collect at least five, that should be enough. 3 to observe, 2 to test on... what?.. what?? I was only joking.
5 Pockey Chews caught
Very good hero. These little guys seem very irritable right now. I don't think they like being locked up right now. I'll need to watch them for a while to figure out their connection.

6th Quest
Fire Eater

I'm gonna cast a charm on you so stay still. This will allow you to absorb the flames of any Fire elementals you fel. Pay attention because the charm is gonna send a flavor to your mouth when you absorb those flames. Return when you can tell me if they taste like Pickles or Salmon.
10 Fire Elemental flames
And your absolutely sure it tasted like Cysero's thanksgiving turkey he made us 2 years ago that he served to us last year!? well if it tasted like pickles it the elementals could have came from Arcangrove, and Etherstorm waste if they tasted like salmon. but I never heard of an elemental tasting like double chocolate turkey.

7th Quest
Rune of the Void Lilly

Take this scroll and draw my rune in every room of this cavern. With them in each room we can monitor the changes in energies in each chamber. also "this is mah house"
(dependant on # of rooms) runes placed
Noticed the runes huh, yes i made those spells and that should be no suprise. More importantly..... This is really puzzling the samples I sent to Alina have returned with it a letter reguarding their composition. She found traces of Cerebriton, a metal recovered by the akiba dynasty archaeologist. Those of what they found were degraded and deteriorated, but still showed potential for storing massive amounts of energy. Alina notes that these samples were like fresh caught fish, still glimmering with elemental energies... she writes were not getting them back...

8th Quest
Wind Scars!

Ok like you didn't see this coming. last Elemental we have yet to investigate is the Wind Elementals. But what you didn't see coming is how we will investigate them. Go out there and fight 25 Wind Elementals. After which come see me so I can examine your wounds...
25 Wind Elementals defeated
Wow Hero, you may not have noticed this but your mana pressure points around where the wind cut you have been disrupted. they will be ok after a while but it must have made casting spells accurately very hard, Ill fix you up but no more taking unnecesary hits. If we learned 1 thing in all this it is that these Elementals are nothing like the rest in lore. these things are armed for bear.

9th Quest
Breaking through

Thanks to the runes I believe i can detect a current that the energies are riding and it leads to a wall at the end of the cavern. Take this Magic Bomb to the wall, were gonna blow through and find the source on the other side I know it.
Wall Breached
Very good now let us meet our culprit.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Bad news with legs

woah... I mean woah. that thing is huge, and the elements are just gushing out of it. this has got to be the reason all the elementals are showing up. We need to take it out quick before it spawns anymore.
Elemanian Construct slain

Special Quest 1:Legend-only Quest
Batteries batteries batteries

Hero do me a favor and collect some batteries for me. give me 10 batteries and i may reward you for your efforts.
10 Overcharged Batteries
Thanks hero, we can keep the lights on longer with these.

Special Quest2: Legend-only Quest
Distilling Turmoil

Hey hero if you collect Elemental turmoil for me I can refine the Elus from it. just bring me some it will be real quick.
1 Elemental Turmoil collected
Ah there we have it. no need to thank me. I'm just being amazing thats all.

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Release overview: "The Desertologist"
AQWorlds Author Name: Tonemaro
Editing consideration by: Shadowsherman
Close captioning brought to you by: The Sek-Duat Memorial Foundation for the Arts and Sciences
Release date: to be determined by the AQWorlds team. Ideally before we tackle Drakath.
Level Range: 30+
Before King Alteon's death, he appointed a knight to study the Sandsea and the effects of Chaos upon its denizens, including how it affected supply shortages in the area. The appointment of this Desertologist, in conjunction with the efforts of the Sandsea's new ruler, Zhoom, was supposed to be a step forward in understanding the harsh yet beautiful land. Unfortunately, the Royal Desertologist, Dr. Kinds, has disappeared and hasn't been seen for months. It is feared that the monsters he wanted to study have gotten to him. It's YOUR job as Hero to clear out the monsters who are swarming the Sandsea and help Zhoom find Dr. Kinds! Time is running out before the monsters overrun the Sandsea--if you don't find out why they're so aggressive, it will be another blow to the Alliance, another victory for Chaos, and the loss of a valuable ally! The Sandsea will be in all kinds of trouble unless you find Dr. Kinds!
The Hero will fight his way through the local wildlife in search of Kinds before confronting the final boss, which has trapped Kinds in a cave. Afterwards, Kinds/Zhoom will explain that the boss was causing all of the monsters to attack--while the boss used to be dormant, when it woke up it scared all of the local monsters into attacking the local settlements. With the boss "subdued" by the hero, the monster attacks should subside. Also, turns out that Chaorruption can't get a foothold in the Sandsea--props for shifting dunes!
Disclaimer: This release is heavily inspired by Dune (and while DragonFable had an awesome Dune reference, AQWorlds is kinda lacking, so this is something I've always wanted to do. Yay! ~280 Words)

Name of Map
This release is set in the Sandsea. Map name suggestion: desertologist
The area would have extremely minor hints of chaorruption, but would mostly be just normal desert: Sand/Dunes, a few scattered desert flora, and monsters, with a single watering hole by Zhoom.

Ranger/Sandsea Reputation Vendor
Hero! Thank goodness you're here! The Royal Desertologist has disappeared, and all of the monsters are suddenly aggressive! If you don't find out what's making them attack us, the Sandsea may be overrun!

Before his death, King Alteon appointed a Desertologist to study the Sandsea and its monsters, resource shortages, and chaorruption. I've assisted Dr. Kinds in his studies, but recently he disappeared and since then the monsters have been attacking--you need to find him to get to the bottom of this!

The Sandsea is a harsh and beautiful land, full of mystery and majesty. Unfortunately, it's also full of dangerous monsters that are attacking town! And while there may not have been a lot of chaorruption of the monsters here, the shortage of resources means that we're vulnerable to, say, chaorruption of our water supply. That's why Dr. Kinds was here--and why you need to find him!

In /desertologist there will be Bupers Camels, Cactus Creepers, SandSharks, and Golden Scarabs
The Boss Monster would be an AQWorlds version of DragonFable's DuneLord titan monster.
The monsters would drop the area's weapons, and the Boss would have a chance to drop a Battle Pet. After completing the release, the Desertologist shop would open up allowing you access to all of the items but the Battle Pet and access to the Ranger set (Ranger would require Rank 10 Sandsea Rep, of course, and the items may require Sandsea rep to purchase from the shop--like Rank 4, or something).

Item Rewards: These would have a mixture of a Steampunk and Desert theme.
Desertologist Armor, which would be like a revamped version of the Royal Alchemist armor; while the basic premise would remain the same, the colors would become more desert-y and the potion bottles would all be full of water.
Desertologist Hood--A brown hood with a steam-punk-ish lens over one of the eyes and a covering over the lower part of the face. Some hair may poke out from under the top of the hood.
Desertologist Locks--It would have the lens over the one eye and the covering over the lower part of the face like the Hood, but it would have rugged hair in place of a hood. Might want to make a male and female version of this, following the trend in helms in AQWorlds, but yeah. Maybe Color Custom.
Desertologist Pack--a backpack with gears, tools, and potion bottles spilling out of it
Desertologist Cape--a flowing cape of mottled desert colors, good for camouflage.
Sample Collection Sword--this sword would have a basic blade but would have an empty container in the hilt for collecting specimens. The crossguard would follow the prevailing Sandsea style.
Sample Collection Dagger--a dagger version of the sword
Sample Collection Staff-- the container would be in the head of the staff, with measurement devices (eg, gears, wires, gauges) lining the length of the rod.
My Lil DuneLord--a smaller version of the boss monster, this would be, ideally, a Battle Pet and would only be available as a rare boss monster drop.

Release Outline:
//Player joins "Desertologist"
Cutscene launches automatically on first join.
The first cutscene would be Zhoom voiceover-ing the <More> tab--that is, he'd explain who Dr. Kinds is and why the Hero needs to find him. Show silent cuts of King Alteon commissioning Dr. Kinds from his sickbed (pre-chaos lord, naturally), Zhoom and Kinds examining desert flora, and Kinds taking samples from the water supply. Then cut to black, say "But then Kinds disappeared...", and show monsters attacking. End cutscene. (70 words)
//Player talks to "Zhoom"

Quest 1: Map Item
Explore the Sands
I tracked Dr. Kinds to this area after his disappearance. Explore the area to see if you can find him.
1 Area Explored
Hmm... no sign of him?
Rewards: Gold, Experience
Quest 2: Drop
A Thimbleful a Day
With Dr. Kinds gone, we can't be sure that our water supply is safe from Chaorruption. Slay Cactus Creepers until you have enough water to last us for a few days.
8 Cactus Water
Good. This should last us until we find Dr. Kinds.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
Quest 3: Drop
Like Bees to Honey
The monsters are attacking town! I've never seen an onslaught on this scale before; they seem positively drawn to the oasis! Slay 8 Scarabs to slow down the attack.
8 Scarabs Slain
Whew! You've bought us some time to keep looking for Dr. Kinds, but it won't be long before they're back.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
Quest 4: Drop
Bupers Document Smugglers
If we could find Dr. Kinds's notes, they might help us track him down. I think I saw some Bupers Camels with scraps of paper in their hooves--slay them until you find a clue.
1 Camel Clue Found
Hmm... Dr. Kinds was studying the SandSharks?
Dr. Kinds's note: In my examinations of the local fauna of the Sandsea, I find the SandShark to be the most interesting. A large sub-surface species that 'swims' through the sands must have something else to explain their current behavior... the note is unreadable after that point
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
Quest 5: Clicky/Drop
Drum Sand
According to Dr. Kinds's notes, the SandSharks are drawn to rhythmic music. Place several drums throughout the area, then slay the SandSharks until you find out where Dr. Kinds is.
5 Drums Placed
10 Sharks Slain
Auto-return the quest, jump to cutscene. Unlocks Boss area.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea

Cutscene 2: You stumble upon a valley within the dunes, centered around a rock formation. Zooming in, you see Dr. Kinds huddling terrified in the entrance to a cave--he is wearing the Desertologist set and has black hair. Then you notice the giant boss, the DuneLord, menacing the scientist from the sand outside of the cave. You run forward into battle as Zhoom fires an arrow at the boss. End Cutscene.

Player is deposited from the cutscene in the Boss frame. Zhoom ported forward and offers the boss quest.
Quest 6: Final Boss
Save Dr. Kinds!
That monster seems to have trapped Dr. Kinds! And, from its size, I'm betting that it's driving all of the other local monsters into a frenzy. You have to subdue it, Hero!
1 DuneLord Slain
Now that Dr. Kinds is free, we can calm down all of the monsters and return to our examination of the Sandsea's natural habitat. He's also offering you some of his equipment as a reward.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest, Drop, Daily Quest
Stave off the Monsters
Even though we've subdued the DuneLord, the local monsters are still going crazy. Thin their numbers to protect the town.
15 Sandsea Monster Slain
You've cleared them out for now, but they'll return--and in greater numbers.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
Special Quest 2: Legend-Only Quest, Drop, Daily Quest
Subdue the DuneLord
We have weakened the DuneLord, but the ancient beast just returns when it has regained its strength. Defeat it again so we can deal with the rampaging monsters.
1 DuneLord Defeated
That old monster will be back tomorrow, but for now we can rest knowing that the Sandsea is safe.
Rewards: Gold, Experience, Rep: Sandsea
End Release

Some notes: The rewards for the quests are flexible, which is why I didn't include actual amounts with them. I don't intend to make farming Sandsea reputation 'easy'--that is, I don't want to change the current reputation status quo. However, I think it would be nice to have a different zone for farming than just /sandsea. Although the rubric requires both of the special quests to be Legend-only, I would really like for one of the daily reputation quests I provided at the end to be open to all players--because that would be nice. Not as much hopeless grinding. However, they are here listed as legend-only.
After you complete the quest chain you can either talk to Dr. Kinds or have Zhoom relay some of his discoveries: namely, that chaorruption can't get a foothold in the Sandsea--the area is just too harsh and wild, and changes too much, for chaorruption to become a major problem in the future--in short, it's too chaotic already with all of the shifting sands for chaos to take root. Obviously, this can be tweaked to match the official storyline.
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Battle of Mists and Iron


20+ Level release

Tell us the story of your release in 500 words or less! This will help us write the cutscenes for your story.

Krognac DoomCleaver, Orc War Chief of the powerful Orgoth Clan, has sailed to Yokai Isle and has his eye on the prize! Legends foretell of an ancient sword known as the Masamune, rumored to possess mythical abilities of conquest and lost in time for centuries, that is hidden somewhere in the mists and rolling hills of the Seifuku-sha Valley, meaning the Valley of Conqueror’s.

If WarChief Krognac obtains this legendary weapon, he will unleash a massive crusade upon all who would stand against the Orgoth Clan! The hero must race against the Orgoth clan, who is fighting through the Yokai on the opposite side of the Valley, to reach the Shrine of Honor first and protect the Masamune from the power-hungry WarChief!

The hero must complete trials of Honor with the Ninja and Samuari Nopperabo to prove his worth to enter, while collecting Ancient Scrolls of the swords’ former owners to learn the honor and burden of wielding such a tool! When the hero finally enters the Shrine within the Valley’s heart, he finds that Krognac has already reached the sword…but his dishonorable ways have rendered him unable to lift the weapon from its stand on the shrine's pedastool! It’s up to the hero to stop the Orc’s rampage before the fires of his anger engulf all of Yokai!

Name of Map
Suggest a map name for your area. It should match the theme of the general area you want to set your release in. Choose from the following map locations:

I chose to set my release on Yokai Island, so I my map suggestion is:Seifuku.

Choose any NPC currently in game to be your Quest Giver. Also, you’ll need to create speech text for NPC:

Ninja Trainer & Martial Arts Gear Vendor
The Orc’s…We’ve never seen their true might in conquest until now! They are laying siege to the Valley of Seifuku-sha, also known as the Valley of Conqueror’s! Legends foretell of a powerful tool that lies within the mists somewhere …That must be why the War Chief is here!

Your foe is Krognac DoomCleaver, an Orc who is rumored to have defeated a Doom monster with his bare hands and WarChief of the Orgoth Clan! How do I know? I snuck into their camp before you arrived, listening to a speech from the massive Orc. He doesn’t sound that much brighter than most but he has passion and rage to make up for it.

The Orgoth Clan did not expect the Yokai Nopperabo to be guarding the Valley or to even be here at all. I’m sure the legend of whatever is in this Valley left that part out…Fortunately enough for us that gives us time to work before the War Chief reaches his goal.

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map:
• Yokai Monsters: Ninja and Samurai Nopperabo, Funa-Yurei, and the Tanuki.

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:

My Monster boss type suggestion is: Orc.

Description: A hulkish Orc, standing at least a head over a regular Orc, riddled with battle scars across his biceps and shoulders. His face features a grueling expression of war and conflict, his tusks longer then a normal Orc’s and a warrior’s ponytail of flowing white hair behind him. His armor is a thick, spiked Plate Armor, its main color of dark Iron and its trim a powerful orange color. The armor covers one side of the Orc’s chest while leaving the upper breast/chest area and shoulder exposed. The one Pauldron worn on the left shoulder (The shoulder facing the player) is a rounded shape featuring spikes along its edges and the skull and horns of a defeated beast, a wide round skull, it’s horns curling down under the toothy jaw and then back upwards. His left arm features similar armor with the iron/orange colors of Orgoth Clan and a spike poking from his elbow. His right arm and shoulder is bare. His leg armor is simple, Iron-colored/orange plates strapped to the sides of his legs, a black cloth-mesh beneath. His knee’s feature two smaller animal skulls strapped crudely to his knees. The WarCheif’s weapon is a sword forged with a grizzly, rectangular blade. An iron spike is strapped onto its flat top, creating an almost hook-like shape. The grip is a wooden material with orange straps holding it together, their edges hanging loosely from the hilt itself.

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
• Boss Drops.
• Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
• 1 Armor – Orgoth War Chief, a player morph into an orc wearing the War Chief’s armor, appropriately sized to match a player-Orc armor. The armor is a thick, spiked Plate Armor, its main color of dark Iron and its trim a powerful orange color. The armor covers one side of the Orc’s chest while leaving the upper breast/chest area and shoulder exposed. The one Pauldron worn on the left shoulder (The shoulder facing the player) is a rounded shape featuring the skull and horns of a defeated beast, a wide round skull, it’s horns curling down under the toothy jaw and then upwards. His left arm features similar armor with the iron/orange colors of Orgoth Clan and a spike from the elbow. His right arm and shoulder is bare. His leg armor is simple, Iron-colored/orange plates strapped to the sides of his legs, a black cloth-mesh beneath. His knee’s feature two smaller animal skulls strapped crudely to his knees.
• 1 Helmet – Orgoth War helmet – a steel-grey/orange helm, featuring a scowling brow to form a visage of intimidation and tusks bolted onto the cheeks that curl upwards towards the player’s ears. From the back of the helm is a false pony-tail of white animal fur, to copy the infamous War chief’s own Warrior pony tail.
• 1 cape – The War Chief’s Cloak – A tattered white fur cloak, featuring a glossy-black interior, falling to the ankles of the player and wrapping around the ground at the player’s feet.
• First Weapon – The Blade of the Fallen Chief – The sword of Krognac, the weapon is a sword forged with a grizzly, rectangular blade. An iron spike is strapped onto its flat top, creating an almost hook-like shape. The grip is a wooden material with orange straps holding it together, their edges hanging loosely from the hilt itself.
• Second Weapon – The Masamune Blade – A beautiful katana, it’s smooth and curved blade featuring an indent in its face, for strength and balance. Its hilt features a black cloth hilt, wrapped expertly with a golden ribbon to symbolize courage. The ribbon is marked with blue Yokai inscriptions, symbolizing the everyday life of a hero with the sapphire color. Its blade is a pristine white, shining brightly like the heart of those who are true to wield it.

Quest Legend: (when writing the quest outline please indicate what type of quest you are thinking of)

• Quest’s #1,3,5,7 are Drop quests.
• Quest’s #2,4, and 6 are Clicky Quests.

Your Release Outline

// Player joins “Seifuku”
// Player talks to “Kunoichi”


Cutscene #1 – The mists over the rolling hills of the Valley of Seifuku-sha slowly fade, revealing the brutish silhouettes of the two Orcs, before fading entirely and revealing an Orgoth Clan Peon, Yuk’gra, and Krognac DoomCleaver.

Yuk’gra: WarChief, we sail to strange land of mist and hills but me forget on walk from shore. What we finding again?

Krognac DoomCleaver: A weapon that make Orgoth Clan greatest of all Clans! Through anvil of battle, we forge with iron of victory…a new Clan that wash over world of Lore like Firestorm!

Yuk’gra: Firestorm! Victory to Orgoth!

*The Peon Orc raises his fists in a cheer*

Krognac DoomCleaver: Rally troops from ship! We attack Valley and seize trophy! Nothing stop us, no matter what, we keep fighting!

*The War Chief raises his sword in a war cry!*

Cutscene#2 - *The War Chief lays broken and defeated at the heroes feet in front of the Shrine of Masamune, his blade dropped in front of him. Shakily, he rises to his hands and knees before the hero.*

Krognac DoomCleaver: Me…me no get it…me have Will of Iron…What right do Hero have to stop the Great War Chief…of Orgoth…Me have power…and…

Hero: That’s your mistake, War Chief. There is more to having power than simply taking what you want. It’s a great duty that you must carry both proudly and humbly.

*The War Chief lowers his head at the Hero’s words, starting to see his mistake.*

Krognac DoomCleaver: Me…wanted to bring brothers and sisters to new height for Orcs…Instead we find things with no face who fight harder than anything we face before…Many hurt…Me no wanted this.

Hero: I believe you’ve learned from your mistake, War Chief, and that is punishment enough.

*The hero kneels down, offering the Orc a hand to get back to his feet.*

Hero: If I learned anything from this day, it’s that not everything has to end with a blade. Let’s tend to your injured, War Chief Krognac.


1st Quest
What’s yours is mine.

We need to find out who these Orc’s are and if they are part of a Clan. The Nopperabo have been fighting them since they arrived, guarding something at the heart of the valley. Defeat the Nopperabo and retrieve the Orc’s weapons from them and maybe we’ll find a symbol or writing on one of them!
7 Unknown Orc Clan weapons
You did well, collecting these so quickly by the way, although not as quietly as you could’ve. Now let’s see here…Yes…Yes! I’ve seen some of the heroes I’ve trained talking about symbols like this. This is the Orgoth Clan, known for their destructive and powerful tactics in battle.Why would he send so many of his Orcs against the Nopperabo though? It doesn’t add up.

2nd Quest
Historical findings.

Now that we know who they are, let’s see if we can’t find out what they are after in the Valley of Conqueror’s. Hidden in the mists and grass, are scrolls. They are the reason I was here before the Orc’s showed up, actually, but I have yet to find any. Try to have better luck and see if they share any ancient knowledge about this place, Hero!
1 readable scroll retrieved
Lemme read these for you, hero…”I write these scrolls now, as a humbled wielder of the Masamune Sword. It is the greatest power I have ever known, with it…nothing is truly beyond my grasp. While this fact rings true like the ring of battle, I find myself in awe of the blade’s beauty simply out of battle. As if the weapon was forged as a symbol, not a weapon.” The Masamune blade!

3rd Quest
Legend made real.

Legends foretell of the great Masamune sword, the finest sword ever forged in Yokai Island history! They also say it has the mythical strength to empower its wielder! That is why the Orc’s are here, it has to be! If we’re going to get any closer to the heart of the Valley, we’ll need to prove your honor to the Nopperabo. Challenge and defeat 8 Samurai Nopperabo and return to me.
8 Samurai defeated honorably.
Good, very good, Hero. You defeated them, yet used your power in such a way that you did not disgrace them with utter defeat. For once, I am impressed.

4th Quest
Dishonorable victory.

The Orc’s have started to simply destroy everything in their path, burning down trees and knocking over any ancient statues they find…This destruction cannot go on, Hero! We need to find out where the blade is hidden and reach it before the Orc’s do. Perhaps another scroll will help us, find it before the Orcs burn them away with the rest of the valley!
1 Scorched Scroll Found
Strange, this one appears to be in different hand-writing. Let me translate…”I have obtained the blade, as I knew I would. That foolish old Samurai thought he could keep what was rightfully mine away from me. Little did he know, I simply snuck my way into the old man’s study one night and took it! Nothing is beyond your grasp if you’re clever enough to get it, what use does one have for honor? Now, I wield the greatest blade of Yokai Island and will become Emperor soon enough…” It seems the blade has changed hands over time…Some less honorable then others.

5th Quest
Faceless shadows…

You have earned the Samurai Nopperabo’s respect, but the Ninja Nopperabo seem more skeptical about your worthiness to enter the Valley’s heart and claim the Masamune. Simple spirits…don’t they understand we are trying to help? Hero, prove to them that you have the right to wield the power you've earned, unlike Warchief Krognac.
6 Ninja Nopperabo defeated.
I think now they understand, your right is undisputed, yet still they bar our path. Perhaps something else will work, something that doesn't involve a blade…

6th Quest
Defeated, not forgotten.

Even though they have burned and destroyed this beautiful Valley in search for their WarChief’s prize, the Orc’s were not prepared for the skill of the Samurai and Ninja Nopperabo…It makes my blood boil suggesting this, but perhaps if we mend a few of them, it will show these Yokai that even in victory, you still respect your enemy enough to not leave them to their fates.
8 Orc Peon's healed.
Orgoth Clan is brutal and destructive but they did not deserve what their WarCheif has thrown them into… I hope some see the foolishness in his actions…

7th Quest
Spiritual Thieves

It seems the Tanuki and Funa-Yurei have noticed we’ve taken a liking to the Scrolls hidden around the Valley…They’ve started picking up any parchment or scrolls they find and hording them. See if you can’t…retrieve them, Hero, I only have half of the tale here, from the same hand-writing as the man who stole the sword from it’s old master…“I have taken the Masamune to the Valley of Conqueror’s and placed it upon the Shrine of Honor, to let the Blade look upon the Valley it should soon fill with those defeated. I let the blade alone for a while, and then returned to claim it…” These should be the last few we need to finish the tale and find the Sword.
3 Scroll parts found.
Very well done, Hero, those Yokai can be very mischievous when they see a reason. Now, let’s piece these back together and finish the tale.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Earned, not taken.

A trail of smoke has come from the center of the Valley, Hero, I believe Krognac has found his prize. We need to quickly translate this…” I let the blade alone for a while, giving it time to absorb this mysterious place before I returned to claim it a few hours later. When I tried to lift my weapon from the Shrine…my strength failed me and it refused to budge! Despite every attempt I made, the Sword did not move…I realized now that the Blade had simply used me to find its final resting place and that I was truly unworthy of wielding it in battle…I left Yokai Island, leaving both my pride and the Sword at the Shrine of Honor in the Bamboo Circle…” Finally, there we have it, Hero! The WarChief’s equally dishonorable tactics are going to render him unable to wield the blade either. One can only imagine his rage then…Defeat him once and for all to prevent his rampage from even starting, Hero!
1 Krognac DoomCleaver’s Ponytail.
You…you helped him after the battle, Hero? I…don’t know what to say. You upheld an honorable banner all the way to the end, even when faced with an enemy who had none of his own. You truly have learned the lesson of the Masamune.

End Release
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•-release name:the possessed mirrors
•-Overview of Release
The history begins in brightfall (mirror realm)
the gate to the mirror world loses the control,many type of spectral criatures start leave of the gate talking possession of the current mirror world creatures,all creatures begin to take terrifying forms because the spectral creatures gravelyn called his troops but still they could not defeat this evil,drakath the good choose to call the hero (you),the hero was chatting with artix suddenly appears drakath the good tells them about the current situation in the mirror world artix start thinking that this is about a war so help drakath the good.
Arrive to the mirror world and this fact all chaos then look at a red mirror enter the mirror that's when the battle begins
1-localization:Mirror realm
2-map name:/join mirrorwar
3-map of the boss:/join mirrorofdoom
o-tex of the npc introduction:
hello hero you and me must fight with all our might battleon!!
o-tex of the npc fight the boss:
this guy must be very handsome looks but still must be defeated...
o-tex of the npc final:
congratulations save the world of mirrors!! Now we can return to our world.
1-which place is this?
find out here that there hero.
o-roam the map
rewards:0 xp 0 gold
2-evil moglins???
-wow evil moglins
o-defeat 15 evil moglins in the map
rewards:500 xp 500 gold
3-dage the good?? haha
-at that time exist dage the good who's next? the windows they attack me? hehehehe.......
o-talk dage the good
rewards:500 xp 500 gold
4-oh no ghost aaahhh!!!
-defeat 10 ghost of doom
rewards:1000 xp 1000 gold 3 mirror of doom token
5-in the center(automatic quest)
o-complete the war to 50%
-the dead are still dead battleon!!!
o-defeat 25 spectral undead knight
rewards:1250 xp 1250 gold 3 mirror of doom token
7-review of the overworld
-goto overworld
o-see if the undead artix is there (no)
rewards:2000xp 2000 gold
8-a handsome guy (need war in 100%)
-this guy is handsome,but is undead
o-defeat undead artix of doom
rewards:5000xp 5000 gold 10 mirror of doom token
-undead artix of doom
•rewards type
-marge shop
o-misc item
-mirror of doom token:drop for the mosters in the map
-Blinding Light of Terror.need 50 mirror of doom token,shadow reapeer of doom,50 dark spirit orb.(AC item)(nom mem) http://prntscr.com/3el5jh
-dark blade of the legens.need 150 mirror of doom token,150 mirror realm token,200 dark energy.(nom mem) http://prntscr.com/3el6wb
mystical villager of light
is the mirror version of the original mystical villager have inverted colors,example in the girls vercion:black sleeves,dress white
-spectral ghost
is a red spectrum form orb
-spectral ghost (pet)
same description for the cape
-narrator:the shadows invade the mirror world....things are never just light.
a mirror appears begins to take a blood red in that mirror start at leave ghost take possession of some creatures of the mirror world,reach bright fall then.
-gravelyn the good:hmmm?.
looks out the window look at a lot of undead possessed.
-gravelyn the good: wow all troops get ready.
obtain the victory but look many more out there
-gravelyn the good:imposible.....
-drakath the good:I have to get special help
-gravelyn the good:go now
then artix and the hero (you)They were talking.
-hero:that is the number of broken windows?
-artix:hmmm... 10000.
-hero:wow 10000 windows!!!
watching a strange light
-hero:what is this?
-artix:do not know
appears drakath the good
-drakath the good:need you helm artix,hero
-hero:What's up?
drakath the good tells what happens
-artix:hmmm ok lest go
enter the mirror world looking at something very particular the red mirror decide to enter.
-artix-well here we are battleon!!!
o-before fighting the boss
artix look the undead artix of doom
-artix:wow this guy must be very handsome!!
the fight begins.
artix manages to defeat the undead artix of doom.
-artix:that battle so heavy
-hero:yeah /rest
-gravelyn the good:many thanks for your help we could not have done it without you
-artix:we're here to help
-drakath the good:now be back to your world.
and here the story ends

•created by player:alejandra169

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Level ~20
May 16

Username: Gargirdius

Strange things are happening in the Neverglades. Animals in the area recently started attacking nearby villages, and tearing down trees surrounding the forest. At night, very loud footsteps can be heard in the swamp, smoke clouds form above it, and strange lights are seen within it. Anyone who tried to investigate was never seen again, but no one really did, so that's not too much of a suprise.

Opening Cutscene: The Hero, seeking to have a relaxing day off, heads to Guru Forest, being fairly certain he/she already eradicated everything within it, making it quite a peaceful place. As the Hero takes a deep breath, filling his/her lungs with a suprisngly nasty smell, begins hearing loud cracks. As he/she wonders where are the noises coming from, another loud crack is heard, this time from the Hero's bones being crushed by a rather large tree.

End Cutscene: The Hero bring Yllems to his knees. Yllems explains he didn't actually want to hurt anyone or the animals, and was simply expermineting with different kinds of soup, one of which accidently contained a Rage Potion. The Hero and Yllems settle their differences and sit down for a bowl of soup, but after sipping from it the hero runs off and attempts to attack a tree.

Location: Neverglades (Guru Forest, preferably.)Map Name: Ogretober F'rest

Monsters: Gorillaphant, Seed Spitter, Trobble, Spider, Evil Moglin, Marsh Tree.

NPC: Guru Forest Witch

Main text:
Hello, adventurer! I'm in a dire need of help!
Something strange is happening in this forest... It seems like all the animals here,
who usually tend to be quite peaceful (except for when eating each other) are attacking pretty much anything that moves!
I'm serious, I even saw a Gorillaphant tear down a tree because it winked at it.

...Oh, yeah. Winked at it. Literally everything in the forest seemed to go mad.
If you ask me, it's some kind of Black Magic. But it really could be anything. Like Yellow Magic. Or, I dunno, Blue?

Trobble Stirrer:a stirring spoon covered with what appears to be Trobble fur. DESC: What is he putting in his soup?! DROP:Quest #5
Quench War Helm looks like the Brodie helm used in World War 1, except it's a bowl of soup. DROP:Yllems
Rage Potion a dark red potion held as a weapon DESC: Infuriate your enemies by tricking them into drinking this, or just hitting them with it. Yeah, that'll work. DROP:Yllems

Boss: Yllems(orc/beast?)
Dark green skin, elf-like ears, a brown mullet hair-do and tusks. Should wear a coat from Gorillaphant fur and use a larger version of the Trobble Stirrer as a weapon

//Player join ogtoberfrest
//Opening cutscene
//Player speaks to Guru Forest Witch
//Player finishes quest 4, causing boss to spawn (or player gains access to boss room?)
//Player beats boss, triggering the second cutscene


Quest #1:Breaking Good
Summary: Player has to click trees in order to break them (Clicky)
Text: As it seems, the animals around here are attracted to noise. Just break the trees around here to attract the monsters around so I can study them.
Click ~5 trees
End Text: Hopefully that made enough noise. If it didn't, you're a bad, bad person. Like, really bad. You should be put in jail.

Quest #2:Gorilla's Fat
Summary: Player has to gather items from Moglins, Trobbles, Gorillaphants and Spiders
Text: Now that we have their attention, we need some samples from them if we want to find out why are they all so violent. Get me 3 Trobble beaks, 3 Spider legs, 3 Moglin ears and 3 lumps of Gorillaphant fat.
Kill 3 Trobbles, 3 Spiders, 3 Moglins and 3 Gorillaphants, and take the items they drop
End Text: What? Why do Spiders only drop one leg each? Eight is just greedy.

Quest #3:Please, Take a Seed.
Summary: Player has to take seeds from Seed Spitters and fruit from Marsh Trees
Text: The specimen all seem to be affected by GREEN magic. Yeah, seriously, that exists. Get me some seed and fruit from the nearby plants I have a plan.
Kill 5 Seed Spitters and 5 Marsh Trees and take the items they drop
End Text: I know who's doing this, and I know he won't be able to resist this.

Quest #4:A Yearly Soup Lie
Summary:Player places a bowl of soup where the boss will later be
Text: The one who is driving all the creatures here crazy is an Ogre named Yllems. I made a soup I know Ogres will not be able to resist, and I need you to place it in the forest.
End Text:Yes, I know this is pretty stereotypical, 'Ogres can't resist food' and all that. I'm not Ogrephobic. Don't look at me like that!

Quest #5: This is My Swarm
Summary: Player has to kill the boss
Text: I believe the Ogre is planning to use these animals as an army and invade nearby cities. You have to stop him!
End Text: ...Okay, yeah, I guess I have to apologize. On the other hand, I think you have some trees to apologize to.
Quest Reward:Trobble Stirrer

Well, I'm one hour late and I this isn't really good, but I tried. Hurrah for self-satisfaction.
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-------THE CONTROLLER'S STONE ----------
Long time ago, the magic to control elements landed on Lore. It appeared in the form of a mystical powerful stone which contain the powers of the five mancers. Our ancestors have divided the stone in to many pieces and split up all over the elemental land. Now our world is in danger as the shadow of evil has reached nearby and planed
to recover the stone and uses its power for wrong purposes.
You-the hero of lore need to be trained by Alina. You'll be training along with your teammate Randore to possess the skills of the bounty hunter to hunt down and recover the stone and save it from the hands of the devils.
Note: Randore is another form, a spy of the evil force who came along in a purpose as to steal away the stone.
Map: elemental gate (yokai island background)
NPC: Alina

monsters: undead warrior, aracara, Earth Dragon Warrior, lava mage, Shadowscythe
Boss: Randore the evil elemental controller(human)
Alina's main text: Greetings hero! I'm glad to see you here willing to help us recovering the controller's stone. Legend says it is a powerful stone that landed on our world thousand years ago. Now the evil has aimed to use its power for wrong purposes, we must hunt down the stone before tt's too late! Randore will be your helpful assistant. good luck!
more text: As you can see, the controller's stone has its unbearable power, we can't let the evil possess this. I will train you to be the bounty hunter, you'll master the skills while hunting the pieces down! We may create something powerful with this!
first cutscene: you'll be entering the gate of elements to the elements land. you'll start wandering around the land and there you'll meet the villager. The old lady(villager) will tell you about the story(with flash back) - the stone landed on the land and they divided splited it up in many pieces.- after that she will tell you about the evil forces who tried to take the stone away to use it for bad purposes. You'll end the cutscene with your promise with the old lady the keep the land safe.
When you finished the cutscene, you'll be immediately given a quest that says:

Quest 1 line: "first of all, you'll need to find Alina. The people says that she's a good trainer and she can teach you the proper way to hunt down the stones." QUEST 1: GO FIND AND TALK TO ALINA
when you finish the quest, you'll be given these quest by alina:
quest 2: hunter's basics: find my hidden object on this land, it's best to try the easy one first! 5 Alina's object will be placing randomly all over the map and you will have to find them.
quest 3: The deadly skills of necromancers-you'll have to slay the undead warriors until you find the temp drop called necrotic shard
quest 4: Poisonous stings of arachnomancers-you'll be slaying aracara until you find poisonous shard (quest item)
quest 5: furious claws of the elemental dracomancers: you'll be slaying earth dragon warrior until you find the dragon shard (quest item)
quest 6: cooled down obsidian of the pyromancers- you'll be slaying lava mage until you get the molten shard (quest item)
quest 7: frozen clock of the chronomancer-you'll be slaying shawscythe until you get the time shard(quest item)
quest 8(member): quick learning- slay 10 of each listed non boss monster to have a quick access to the boss
quest 9(member): the sword of fusion- slay the boss-reward: sword of fusion.
quest 10: defeat the traitor- slay the boss
cutscene 2 before you can access to quest 10: after collected all 5 elements you merged them together and it became the controller's stone. Randore quickly took it away and absorb its power! Now you have to defeat him to get the stone back.
reward: shop unlocked
wepon: changes when clicked- elemental master's stone
armor: elemental master(a powerful like armor, a combination of the five elements. it has spider legs wrapping around its body while being equipped with sharp dragon claws on its wrist (arach and draco). It also have chronomancy's patterns along with chronomancy's special green color. On its shoulders are two burning furious skeleton heads (pyro and necro).)
cape: wings of the elements(you can adjust the clour but you will be surounded by the power of the five elements, those elements reflect their powers underneath your foots)
helm: elemental maste's lock
thanks for your reading

players who did this:
monkeydogburger,archerks,scott1705,jimmyhanh, dale pro,the poo masterz,elvis1506

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Made by: Darknite786,Ridion.
AQW Char Pages: Darknite786 and Ridion.
Everyone is Hunting For Your Blood.
Lvl 30+
Release Date:May 16th 2014

KrilFore is in Chaos,in Darkness ... and in need of Aid.
Many Heroes have met Death at the hands of this "Being".Rumours have travelled thick and fast across all of Lore and KrilFore that this ... this creature of the dark is ONE of Lore's greatest hero BUT it's soul twisted and tainted ...-WHO or WHAT is "IT"?!-It has destroyed countless cities with it's inferior army,Loyal to it's leader until their last,dying breaths...And they're coming for YOU.
Battle your way through perilous meetings with vicious monsters,Loyal allies and cheating death,where you will help "Fahim" quest in collecting ALL 4 pieces of a Lost sword.
The Book of Krilfore spoke of this...a day will come when this great sword will be forged fusing,Light,Dark,Chaos and Time piece by piece,by,ONE of Lore's Saviour and most infamous being-But WHO ?
Quickly,hero,time is not on your side as there isn't long before "IT" brings complete darkness to KrilFore and moves onto it's next location...

KrilFore (Map Name)
Mirror Realm in Battle-Off.

NPC (Male) (Sek-Duat)
City's Cryptic Bookkeeper
*Pants* You are a danger to everyone...*Pants* even I'm scared to talk to you...but i don't have time for petty remarks,Hero,you are KrilFore's only hope YOU must defend this city by defeating "IT" the only way you can do that is by collecting 4 pieces of a legendary sword lost,as generations passed BUT can still be retrieved.You must be swift Hero or "IT" is going to wipe out everything...and I mean everything !
As you know I am The City's Bookkeeper,the very first,Now about this Legendary Sword...Hmmm...There is a Book on how to retrieve it fusing precious materials found here in this City from these horrid creatures but I tell you now,this will be no walk in the park,Hero.
KrilFore was the home to many people like me,all enjoying peace where we were far from civilisation but "IT" rose from the depths of the shadows beneath our feet unexpectedly."HE" will be coming back to finish YOU AND this city and YOU must be ready to face "HIM"!

(Optional-IF time is available)-Make ALL the monsters have an overlay of Light Black Colour with maybe Evil eyes (Red)-So it looks like the monster is controlled.
Dark Makai(Lvl 25-Very Aggressive),Chaos Sprites,Chaorrupted Orb,Skello Kitty,Iadoa,Good Lieutenant.

Boss Monster
Maybe have a kind of Stance like this (See Below) floating in mid air with Red Eyes flaring ? and Shadowed (Overlay of Black) With Dark Coloured Thunder roaring out of his chest.
Reward Types
Note: Shop opens AFTER storyline Quests have been completed.(Listed Requirment and what it should look like.)
Merge Shop.

Same Concept as "Dark Water" armour BUT the shoulder pads have skulls on them and the theme of the armour is Chaos- Requires 20 Dark Pieces,9 Light Pieces and 5 Time Pieces.

Smile At Death- http://twitpic.com/dkn5th - Requires 25 Chaos Pieces,2 Light Pieces and 7 Dark Pieces.

RidiChron-A Jagged cape BUT Black with a Runic Circle (Pulsing little rays of energy) and Claws from the cape all pointing at the centre of the cape- Requires 10 Time Pieces,10 Light Pieces,15 Dark Pieces

CC KrilFore Katanas- http://twitpic.com/e2c7u2 - Requires 30 Chaos Pieces ,3 Dark Piece,5 Light Piece
Spear of Dark-y- http://twitpic.com/d5wraz - Requires 5 Light Pieces,18 Dark Pieces
Blade Of Fayze - http://twitpic.com/d5e70y - Requires 3 Dark Pieces,5 Light Pieces,50 Chaos Pieces,5 Time Pieces.

A Square (Which is 3D) revolves and spins on it's own but a small runic circle,circles the 3D square. Optional - Can be CC - Requires 5 Time Pieces,25 Chaos Pieces and 15 Dark Pieces

Item Rewards (Optional if you add the description below item)


Description:This Armour helps you to float your way to battle instead of using the Ol' 2 legs of yours ... it's much faster this way too AND easy to dodge attacks!
Smile At Death
Description:When you do battle just remember when you die don't forget to Smile at Death...he doesn't like boring deaths just entertaining and painful ones.

Description: This mighty cape will help you bend time at your command ... just say abracadabrah OR open sesame ... Go on just try.


1. CC KrilFore Katanas
Description:Be your own in combat Hero,Slay your Foes in style and forget your friends' style create your own trend with this CC weapon.
2.Spear of Dark-y
Description:Wield this spear at your peril,Hero,There's something mysterious about this spear like it has an Aura of Dark Energy inside it...hmmm...
3.Blade Of Fayze
Description: Thought to be the weapon of a Hero that vanished while defeating the monsters of KrilFore..Strange... but hey,the rumours are not always fully true..are they Hero?


A Square that's not the usual pet but hey it's always good to stand out from the rest ... isn't it hero?

Release Outline
// Player joins "KrilFore"
// Player talks to "?"

Opening Cutscene- *Fade In Black* BountyHunter is on his knees in the middle of a runic circle on the ground lit by candles full of Skulls around him*Fades Out Black and returns to the Hero "2 Weeks later"* A Swarm of Lore's People Chase the Hero and screams *He's ONE of Lore's "Heroes" GET HIM !!!"the Hero runs only to be tripped by someone in the bushes.The hero goes flying to the ground with a *thump* and knocked unconscious the guy who tripped him takes him through a portal behind a tree quickly before anyone see's.*(Hero's point of view)Hero opens it's eyes readjusting to it's surrounding.Hero tries to speak but can't.*Fades out Black*.
End Cutscene- The Hero put 's it's weapon deep into the NiteDar's heart and the Hero whispers in it's ear "I'm so sorry" (Sad Emotion) and yanks the blade back,Lights begins to appear in rays where the boss was hit *Fades out White**Fade In Black* Hero is seen kneeling next to Fahim (The Bookkeeper),Fahim says "I'll be fine" *Looks in pain* Hero says "Hey,can you hear that ... Joy and peace has returned to KrilFore" *Fades Out Black*

Note:This is based on obtaining a Sword to defeat the boss also,Quest should show one by one (The quest before should be completed then the next quest title is revealed or it ruins the flow of it.)
*Items Marked with *Inventory Items* are used in The Merge Shops

1st Quest (Drop)

Trust,Respect And Travel. (Can Only be completed Once)

Help the people of KrilFore leave this worthless City by making their travels easier.Kill the horror's "HE" has made.Destroy 15 Dark Makai's,10 Chaos Sprites and 5 Skello Kitty to show them that you're no ordinary Hero ...you're here to help them.
15 Dark Makai's Destroyed.
10 Chaos Sprites Dimmed.
5 Skello Kitty Freed.
Now that you've made travelling out of KrilFore that little bit easier You have my respect and trust on behalf of the people of KrilFore.Their Hope is with you Hero.

2nd Quest (Multi Clicky)

Book of KrilFore. (Can Only be completed Once)

Search EVERY monster,I have hidden the Book of KrilFore for generations (Small on the outside but BIG on the inside)-Hidden from even it's own people-where all the secrets are held and possibly the whereabouts of this Legendary sword.Quick Hero.(Click on the Blue Arrows until you find "The Book Of KrilFore")
1 Book of KrilFore.
Finally,We shall unlock the secrets and whereabouts of each of the pieces of this Legendary sword.*Opens the Book*

3rd Quest (Drop)

Lack Of Contents. (Can Only be completed Once)

Impossible !! Where are the pages? Only I knew the whereabouts of this book !...Hmmm it MUST be with those creatures ! I want them ALL dead until you find ALL the pages of the Book.Now GO!
Note:(The Drop Rates of these pages should be 50% From ALL Monsters)
1 Contents Page
1 Page 1
1 Page 2
1 Page 3
1 Page 4
1 Page 4
1 Page 6
1 Page 7
1 Page 8
1 Page 9
1 Page 10
Yes! Now that we have all the pages we can now delve deeper into this mysterious blade that will defeat "IT" and collect the resources needed to forge it...This Book holds more secrets than one thinks Hero.

4th Quest (Drop)

Seal of a Hero. (Can Only be completed Once)

Show me what you're made of,Defeat Chaorrupted Orbs 2 times to show your strengths because a WEAK Hero is NOT a Hero fit to forge this ultimate weapon... but I believe you can.
2 Chaorrupted Orbs Obliterated.
Well Done Hero You've shown me you're committed to summoning this Blade.

5th Quest (Drop)

Craving with Chaos. (Repeatable)

Now Hero,According to the Book there are 4 pieces... you're first piece to this blade will be the "Chaotic Piece".This Piece controls Chaos as it seems...Defeat "Chaorropted Orb" until the piece drops...Be wary Hero.
Note:(Drop Rates 40% ONLY from Chaorrupted Orb and the pieces will be Inventory items)
1 Chaos Piece
Thank You Hero,That's 1 out of the 4 pieces captured.That should teach the Orb not to mess with Chaos again.

6th Quest (Drop)

Dreaming With Darkness. (Repeatable)

The 2nd Piece will be the "Dark Piece" These creatures of the night hold many truths yet to be unravelled...Go shine Pure daylight and Kill ALL "Dark Makai's" until they've surrendered the "Dark Piece"...Hurry!
Note:(Drop Rate 30% ONLY from "Dark Makai's" ;*Inventory Item*)
1 Dark Piece
We're 2/4 of the way there Hero...however obtaining the pieces will get more and more difficult...as these monsters know YOU are coming for them.

7th Quest (Drop)

Trading With Time. (Repeatable)

Time is invaluable hero...and at the moment time is ticking nearer to your death or to your glory,as they say Hero, "Only Time Will Tell"...Hurry and obtain the 4th piece from Iadoa.
Note:(Drop Rate 10% ONLY from Iadoa;Inventory Item)
1 Time Piece
Great ! Now Only 1 Piece left Hero...Not long now until we meet with our enemy and forge this mythical blade...and Yes I'm coming along,I want my fair share too.

8th Quest (Drop)

Liberating With Light. (Repeatable)

The Final piece and most difficult to retrieve...Once you have obtained the "Light Piece" you will receive the blade that will end our sufferings.
Note:(Drop Rate 5% ONLY from "Good Lieutenant";Inventory Item)
1 Light Piece
Note:Player Receives DaRidVinRix (Name of Blade)-Which is this- http://twitpic.com/dxqm43 .
Now Hero use this mighty blade and strike it at it's Heart this will definitely ensure that it will never rise from it's ashes...Are you ready to face your fate? *Reads the Book of KrilFore*

Final Quest:Boss Battle

Defeating Yourself.

Note:(Before players accept the quest they must equip the "DaRidVinRix")
Hold on Hero...,This Monster IS YOU but not YOU...it's The Evil You,The Destroyer of Cities YOU!The Rumours were half true! I Hope Hero,That killing "your other half" does not affect you in anyway...Look what he did... It Killed many of my people. So Hero,Please lift the burden with me and Kill him...Please...
1 NiteDar Defeated
I knew you'd do the right thing in defeating your other half.A huge burden has been lifted and that of KrilFore has returned to it's former glory...Thank You Hero.

Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest.

Ultra Useful Resources.

Confront "Ultra" NiteDar Hero I know you crave for more and I'll give you what you deserve.
Note:Player may also randomly receive 1 of the following (9 % higher Drop Rates than quests):

1 Light Piece
1 Time Piece
1 Chaos Piece
1 Darkness Piece

Ultra NiteDar Defeated
Well,I for one do not question your ability Hero...

Special Quest 2:Legend-Only Quest.

Useful resources.

I know a mercenary instinct is in you. Bring me 7 defeated souls of NiteDar and i'll make sure it will be easy to get your goods.
7 NiteDar's Defeated.
Note:Player may choose one of the following:
5 Light Piece
5 Time Piece
5 Chaos Piece
5 Darkness Piece
Well Hero,Pick your reward but choose carefully...These are priceless resources.

End Release
Thank You for taking the time to read our Entry.
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Dna X

done by : dark69blade and Dna X
Release Title : mirror Nulgath and Dage attack
Level range : 30+
Release date : May 16 2014
P.S I know that you said no dage or nulgath items but these are combined there is nothing like them in the game . and you said that I can choose any item and describe it so I did the legion fiend stuff.
This is mirror realm every thing is opposite so nulgath and dage are friends and they are going to challenge all the players in a brutal battle all the way in the story.
There will be drops from all monsters which is legion diamonds which is used to merge items also there will be hard battles which needs certain levels and the hero need to fight tuff monster... to complete quests .
The quest drops will be the same as the actual items but with extra legion looks and not color custom .
At the end the final 2 quests will need level 55+ players to unlock because this gonna be BRUTALL Heros will fight caladblog and nulgath blade in a battle to show the two lords dage and nulgath that they are worthy enough to unlock the merg shop and the pet shop that will be with gold and non-member pet.
(187 words)
Map location :
Map name : Mirror Realm in Battleoff
Access Point : /join MirrorAlliance
NPC : Dage and Nulgath (both have the same speech text)
Hero I don’t think you will really pass the first test *laughs* hahah…
If you wish to countinue you will need to use real weapons not your toys , this test is not an easy shot hero I think you need to go fight some slime instead.

So you choose to continue !! I salute your decision but you will really regret later because you will face the most brutal battles ever!!! This is the cave of doom no one till now went out alive , so do you , I m sure you can .
Monsters : - Mirror dark witch, Mirror Dark Elemental , Evil moglin , Chaorrupted Wolf , undead berserker . Mirror binky and ultra chaos warrior
Boss monster type :
- Caladblog and Nulgath Blade
Caladblog :- is the same as the sword you find with dage but here it will be a monster ( the design of bank pet version )
HP -560490
skills :- slash- 500 damage
block :- stun all targets
Double slash :- 1000 damage x2
Nulgath blade :- the same as the nulgath battle pet but it will not do massive damage .
HP -560490
skills :- slash- 500 damage
block :- stun all targets
Double slash :- 1000 damage x2
Reward type :
Merge shop (items may be added to the battleoff merge shop )
Item Rewards :
2 Armors : Mirror Paladin (made of mirrors) , Mirror Arcane robes
2 Weapons : axe of mirrors , Mirror Bow of Mirrors (looks like Bow of Density )
1 Helm : high lord mirror helm
1 Cape : mirror Cape
Quest drops:
3 Weapons : Legion arch fiend spear and shield , Duel caladblog daggers , duel nulgath blade
1 Armour Legion arch fiend Armour
1 cape : Legion Archfiend shadow cape
(and a quest drop for the merge shop {Mirror DIAMONDS & Mirror Legion tokens })
Release outline
// player joins ‘’ MirrorAliiance”
// player talks to “ Dage OR Nulgath
Cutscenes ;
Part 1 – the hero will enter the mirror realm and will be walking then suddenly a cave appears from no where . the hero will think if this might be a trap but then he decides to enter. Later on He will see the scariest thing ever . the two lords of darkness are United to dominate the lore and underworld too.
The hero will try to escape but the door he entered from is closed , later he decides to go and talk with the under lords of darkness Dage & Nulgath . next when he reaches them all there minions will point their weapons on the hero . Dage Yells calm down this is the {name here } . All of dage minions will go but Nulgath minions are still pointing there weapons , after that nulgath tells them to move apart . * The hero askes * Why you 2 are together , why you ain’t fighting , *dages and Nulgath Laughs* and say :- we are friends since childhood hero . then nulgath will ask the hero why he came here , the hero will tell him the story , and then they both will ask him if he wants to collect there items and battle through the mystry cave , the hero will choose “YES” or “NO”if he choose “YES” he will continue to do the story , if “NO” they will attack him and he will respawn back.
PART2 – the hero defeated the 2 bosses and now is moving towards dage and nulgath , the hero is tired he needs some healing , suddenly artix appears from no where and heals the hero . after the hero thanks artix and continue to talk with dage and nulgath .
DAGE : well Done Hero !! You are the first to pass this test you are a real champion
Hero : wooah , does that means I well get the items you told me about ??!
Nulgath : NO !! you have to earn them
Dage : Oh !! I forgot to say that you need to earn them
Hero : Does this have extra battles with brutal monsters ?
Dage : Yes and No .
Nulgath : Yes ‘if you are not a legend in AQW and no if you are legend , because that will unlock easy quests for you .
Hero : Oh thanks then …. I have quest to complete !
1st quest
Heart to heart
Hello hero , to pass the test one in the great alliance between the two mighty lords you ned to get the heart of binky to show your loyality to the underworld lords .
Items needed : binky heart
Reward : 1000 gold
1000 Exp
Legionarch fiend armour (5 % drop rate )
Good work !! you have showed your loyality to the underworld lords , here is your reward , thank you for bringing me what I needed .

2nd Quest
Legion And diamonds
You need to collect 10 daimonds and 50 Legion tokens so you can show dage the evil and nulgath that you are a true hero !!
Items needed : 10 mirror diamonds
50 mirror legion tokens
Reward : 2000 gold
2000 Exp

Legion arch fiend spear and shield
3rd Quest
Chaos to conquer
Now as you found your way to here you need to work harder than before MUCH HARDER!!!............ YOU NEED TO SLAY CHAOS !!!
Items needed : Chaorrupted Wolf
Rewards : 2000 gold
2000 Exp
Legion archfiend helm
Finnaly there I someone like you that have the power to defeat chaos monsters … you are a unique hero.
4th quest
Spread the fear
Now as chaos is no longer a fear we will become the fear . you need to slay as much as you can of monsters to let the fear spread .
Items needed : Mirror dark witch
Mirror Dark Elemental
Evil moglin
Undead berserker
Rewards : 10000 gold
10000 Exp
Good you defeat one of my most strong minions , they got a powerful attacks im surprised that you could defeat them easily .
Mirror arch fiend cape
5th quest (boss battle)
Caladblog defeat
Hero you are now so close to your goal to be the ultimate hunter in the upper lore and the underground lore !!! you need to fight my loyal blade to master it
Items needed: caladblog defeat
Rewards : 20000 gold
20000 Exp
Duel caladblog daggers
You have defeated my loyal blade and mastered it .. you impressed me Great job Hero !!
6th Quest (boss battle)
Nulgath blade defeat
You really impressed me by your skills , but mortal you need to defeat my loyal weapon !!
Items needed : nulgath blade defeat x2
Rewards : 20000 gold
20000 Exp
Duel nulgath blades
Well done .... you got amazing skills hero you might become one of the great heros of lord .

Legend only Quests
1st quest
More mirror legion tokens more chaos
Hero if you need to collect the legion diamonds you have to bring for me chaos .
Items needed: ultra chaos warrior

Rewards : 1000 exp
100 gold
x5 mirror legion tokens
x10 mirror leigon tokens
x15 mirror legion tokens
Well done hero !!! keep those diamonds to get some cool items .

2nd quest
More mirror diamonds more undead
Hero to collect mirror diamonds you need to bring for me Undead artix head to me HAHAHAHA !!!
Items needed : 1000 exp
100 gold
x5 mirror diamonds
X10 mirror diamonds
X15 mirror diamonds
You just brought to me a special head UNDEAD ARTIX HEAD … this is the last head to complete my heads collection , thanks hero !!

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Chaos slayer Dempsey

aqw account:chaos slayer Dempsey
this was made only by me

Mirror meteor
(level range 40+)
Release date 16th may 2014

A meteor has landed in the mirror realm containing a crystal used to forge the most powerful weapon in lore. If the shard fell into the wrong hands it would be dangerous for its power can kill instantly. Ebilcorp has heard about the shard before and will stop at nothing to get it. Chairman Platinum has sent out a group of highly trained mercenaries to get the shard for him. Led by the brutal red lightning the mercenaries go to the meteor. News quickly spreads about ebilcorp going to get it. Time is running out you need to get it before they do.

Name of map: MirrorMeteor

The bounty hunter
You got here just in time. But you have got to stop those mercenaries quickly. We don’t want them getting the shard or ebilcorp will nearly have the most powerful weapon in lore. Enough chat now go.

The crystal is used to build the ultra sword. It can defeat whole armies in a single swipe. It can summon powerful gods. If it falls into the wrong hands lore is doomed.

Mercenary but holding a sword
Ebil robot guard
Security camera
Ebilcorp ninja

Red lightning (human monster)
He has a sword in his left hand which looks like the beast kings lightning sword but the blade bit is red and black with red lightning animation flickering on and off around it. His left arm is also robotic. His armour is like the archfiend class look but black with red lightning flickering down his arms .
His 1st attack is to strike you with his sword doing 400-500 damage.
His 2nd attack is to shoot red lightning out of his right hand doing 300-450 damage.
He has 78986 health.

Reward types
Boss drop
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

Item rewards
Red lightning’s sword as a boss drop
Red lightning’s armour as a boss drop
Evolved derder the stool pigeon (No molecule and has a small knife with a black handle under its feather .Ebilcorp logo on handle) from shop as a pet
Evolved zealith Reaver wings (a darker red colour) from shop as cape
Evolved Quad combat Engineer cape (instead of blue glow it is red and the gold is replaced black also it has 2 ebil assault rifles in the bottom 2 hands.) from shop
Lightning fists (mace)(orbs of red with red sparks flicker around them)from shop
Evolved Aero mask (red instead of the blue and black instead of the gold with a scope like attachment coming off the cog on the side) from shop

//player joins mirror meteor
//player talks to J6

Opening cutscene: meteor crashing into mirror realm Guardian Tower. Then screen goes black and re-appears with the hero reading a book under a tree. Then a portal appears underneath the hero and they fall through it and land on the ground next to J6 behind a rock.
J6: shh
Hero: why
J6: Ebilcorps mercenaries are near by we don’t want them hearing us
Then the hero looks over the rock to see red lightning commanding some people to get the crystal
Hero: what are they doing
J6: trying to find the crystal to build the most powerful weapon in all of lore. You must stop them hurry.

End cutscene: shows Red Lightning grabbing the crystal and trying to run. The hero gets up from the floor and shoots a massive energy ball at Red Lightning. It hits Red Lightning in the back causing him to disintegrate and drop the crystal shattering it into hundreds of tiny pieces. Then J6 comes in and thanks you for the help then the hero gets teleported back to battleon where there is a big party to thank you.


Quest 1 (drop)
Taking down the security
They have security cameras everywhere take out 10 of them.
Security camera disabled 0/10
Well done here’s your reward.

Quest 2 (drop)
Guard taken out
They have lots of defence take out 15 guards and bring me their body’s as proof.
Ebil robot guard body 0/15
Well done.

Quest 3 (drop)
Mercenary madness
Take out 5 mercenaries for me and your work will be rewarded.
Mercenary defeated 0/5
You have proved your loyalty so far do not let me down.

Quest 4 (drop)
Fist fight
Defeat 10 ninjas for me they’re getting on my nerves.
Ninja defeated 0/10
So far so good.

Quest 5 (map item)
Find the entrance
Find the entrance made by the mercenaries to the meteor.
Entrance found 0/1


Quest 6 (clicky)
Cause a distraction
Set their tents alight so we can sneak in.
Tent set alight 0/8
Brilliant now they’re distracted.

Quest 7 (map item)
Find the crystal
Quickly get the crystal.
Crystal found 0/1
Damn red lightning’s guarding it.

Final quest: boss battle (drop) (after item is gained start ending cutscene)
Red lightning
Defeat red lightning.
Red lightning defeated 0/1


Special quest 1 (drop)
Take down
Defeat 10 mercenaries, ninjas and ebil robot guards for my amusement
Mercenary defeated 0/10
Ninja defeated 0/10
Ebil robot guard defeated 0/10
Well done

Special quest 2 (drop)
Lightning is yellow not red
Take down that fool red lightning 3 times to show him who is boss.
Red lightning defeated 0/3

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Are you a true hero?
level: 40+
Release Date: May 16 2014
AQW Nick: HGX Madara uchira
Guild Launch: http://hgx.guildlaunch.com/

Event Picture: http://i.imgur.com/PARtRqO.png


A sign appears in the sky, this signal can be seen from any part of Lore and after appearing Mana becomes unstable consuming the lives of people who use it, the signal is in Arcangrove and their place emerges a lost temple.
  An old legend said that the temple was the sanctuary of a lost god, when a warrior came there was dominated by God and that warrior lost his honor.
  Our hero will need to return Arcangrove to find out WHAT is affecting mana but for that he will need the help of magicians Arcangrove.

Name of Map: The Mysterious Temple

/join MysteriousTemple

Master of Tower
This place is sucking mana from across Lore! Inclusive is destroying the Tower of Magic, if this continues all who rely on mana will die! 'll help you save Lore this Temple!
This place is apparently a lost temple in time, a legend says that he can bring the dreams of any hero no hero but he came back.

Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) and Dark Elemental

Reward Types:
Monster drops (treasure Cheast)
Boss drops (H.G.X.'s Blade)
Shop: (items in "Item Rewards" less the HGX's blade. If also possible the boss armor but I have chosen another armor)

Item Rewards

Evolued Necromance Emperor Armor
Description: The Necromancer were evolved to the side of Mana, they increased their forces with undead powers and magic.
Note: Armor color is Blue, the image below.

Mana's warrior Blade (is a Evolued Mammoth Crusher Blade)
Description: A blade able to go through and absorb mana from an enemy. It is not widely used because users do not usually use mana swords.

Mana's warrior Blade Cape (Mana's warrior Blade nas costas)
Description: When not using the blade carry it with you on your back!
Note: The sword is back, she is a bit slanted.

Itens image

H.G.X.'s Blade (Not in the shop, is a drop from the boss)
Description: "A hero need freedom and honor." This sword is the honor of a hero.

Boss Monster Type
Name: H.G.X.
Type: Human
Description: Ele tem uma capa preta, uma ombreira de ferro (amarelo), seus rosto tem um “rachadura” na qual é possível ver o mana dentro de seu corpo;

Boss art

Release Outline

Opening cutscene
At the beginning of every show several wizards Lore looking at the sky, then look at the sky and Warlic sends Hero Arcongrove go because he realizes something wrong. Getting there Ryst speech that appeared a temple, and he is sucking mana Lore.

Ending cutscene
Hero asks H.G.X. "Who are you? And what you want? "HGX responds" I'm a forgotten hero, the temple brought my dream was to save the world, but he took my honor manipulated me and using me as a source of energy, I'm corrupted both mana he absorbed me and I found it joins a large amount of mana could escape this fate. "HGX begins to disappear and says "A hero needs freedom and honor" and ends disappearing along with the temple, the hero of lore is teleported to the tower of magic and thinks "Freedom ... Honor ..." and ends with him looking at the sky.

1st Quest
Title: Investigate local.
Text: To start we need to know more about the place, so look for something that does not look natural.
1x Temple's Scroll
Cliky in one Scroll in room,
End Text: This confirmed my suspicions, even here is the lost temple.
2nd Quest
Title: Clean the area
Text: Get 10x Elemenal Defeat
Kill monsters,
End Text: Perfect but it seems that the monsters are appearing again.

3rt Quest
Title: Look for a way to stop them
Text: We can not enter the temple with many monsters surrounding the site, look for a way to end all!
Get: 1x Petrified Mana
Kill monsters,
End Text: This may help us'll investigate a little about it..

4th Quest
Title: Battle some more.
Text: Procure mais informações sobre os montros.
Get: 1x Dark Scroll
Dark Elemental drop.
1x Fire Scroll
Fire Elemental drop.
1x Water Scroll
Water Elemental drop.
1x Earth Scroll
Earth Elemental drop.
1x Wind Scroll
Wind Elemental drop.
End Text: Brought everything I needed .

5th Quest
Title: Let's start
Text: With the information I forged a key that will open the temple, take her there.
Item: 1x Inside the temple.
                 Go to the room the boss
End Text: A warrior? Confront him as being he who is causing all this.

Final Quest
Title: mysterious warrior
Text: Confront him as being he who is causing all this
Get: 1x H.G.X. Defeat
Number Amount and Name(s) of quest turn-in Item(s)
End Text: None, quest auto turn in.

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest

Title: Look for his freedom.
Text: We need to free Lore temple, defeat the elementals to return the mana to Lore.
Get: 50x Elemental Defeat
Kill all the elemental.
Turn in: Get Arcangrove Rep.
End Text: great! but not all mana was returned.

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest

Title: Prove your honor!
Text: Test if you are worthy of a hero and battle with HGX again
Kill H.G.X.
Turn in: Arcangrove Rep.
End Text: You are a true hero!
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Genesis Shadows


Drakath is experimenting in his workshop, creating another Chaos beast. He makes him big & strong. He’s thinking of the powers he should add, so he gives him:
- Super speed;
- Invisibility;
- Power of confusion (confuse opponent by creating holograms, so that they don’t know which to attack);
- Disable opponents powers;
- Everything it touches turns into stone.
Drakath is finished and seems satisfied, so he brings him to life. But the monster turns on him and touches Drakath, turning him into stone. He escapes from Drakath’s workshop, leaving Drakath behind, on his quest to conquer the whole of Lore. The hero hears of this through a message from Drakath, and is asked to help.

Quest 1: Find Drakath

Drakath talks to the hero and tells him/her that first, he/she has to make and antidote for Drakath, before Drakath will help with defeating the monster.

Quest 2: Find list of items for the antidote
Quest 3: Find items (they’re on the chaos monsters/minions)
Quest 4: Merge items in cauldron in a special order. Mess up and lose all the items (so you’ll have to do it again)

When finished, the hero brings Drakath back to flesh and bone. They make a temporary truce and start looking for the Chaos beast. It’s hidden and you have to kill all the monsters before you can get there. But before you go to the Chaos beast, you must be protected from the ‘’Touch of Stone’’.

Quest 5: Find all components that are needed to make an armor that will protect you from the ‘’Touch of Stone’’
Quest 6: Defeat all monsters (in room) to be able to continue.
Quest 7: Find Chaos beast. (it would be cool if the place where he hides is kind of a maze, to make it harder to find him)

Once you’ve found the Chaos beast, you meet a girl that wants to protect him.

Quest 8: Defeat girl
Quest 9: Defeat beast

You have a small chat with Drakath, now that the truce is over; in the end Drakath says: Until we meet again >:3’’ and he’ll fly off, leaving the hero behind.


Special Legend-only quest

When Drakath is in his workshop: ‘’Help me get more powerful by using this potion. Get 7 strands of hair from the Chaorrupted Bear, the Chaorrupted Wolf, and 3 legs from the Dreadspider.’’
At the boss: ‘’Want some quick money? Kill Spikey 7 times, and you’ll get 75.000 gold.’’

Map location

1. Arcangrove. You can get to Drakath through the Red teleportation device that transports you to an unknown destination.
2. Neverglades. Here’s where the Chaosbeast hangs out.


- Chaorrupted Bear
- Chaorrupted Wolf
- Dark Witch
- Dreadspider
- Spider
- Dark elemental
- Undead beserker


The NPC for my storyline will be Drakath.
When he’s in his workshop, petrified:
‘’Hero, I have made a new Chaosbeast, he doesn’t have a name, but he is powerful. He’s is extraordinary, out of this world, he’s perfect, he’s… against me. I don’t need your help to defeat him, but I do need your help to get back to normal. Quick, help me!’’
(more) ‘’ I don’t know what he’s after, maybe he’s looking for someone like him. All I know is that he wants to take over the whole of Lore, and nothing’s going to stop him. Why you would help me? Because you can’t do this alone, and I can’t do anything while petrified. What are you waiting for? Help me!’’

When the hero and Drakath have reached Neverglades
‘’Look, it seems like he’s gotten some friends. *looks frustrated because his creations have been taken over* Defeat them all hero, I know you can do it. The faster you do it, the faster we’re done with this, and the faster our truce is over. Now go!’’
- Evolved Horc armor (more spikes, color custom, no more green skin, nor fangs.)
- Pet: Evolved doom courage moglin (Now with pacifier instead of scary fangs, and nice brown eyes c: )
- Evolved horc helmet (no more skull, and it shows your hair, color custom)
- Horc Cape (has to be neatly cut, furry everywhere, not just the top, either nice shaped horns or no horns at all. You know what, no horns, and just spikes on the shoulders c; also color custom )
- Weapon: Bonecutter (color custom, I’d love to get rid of the skulls, but if that defies the purpose of the name, forget it xD)


It’s gonna be a horcish kind of boss. But it should be chaorrupted, and look a bit like Frankenstein. Still though, it shouldn’t be reaaally ugly, like Frederick Sluggbutter, haha. Because you know, Drakath made him, and everything that Drakath makes, can’t be that ugly, hehe, sorry, Drakath fan here. *fangirls* XD Oh, and it should have spikes, a lot of spikes. We could call him Spikey Mike, or Spikey Frank… depends. Do what you think is best. :3

This was made by Genesis Exodus, player of the game AQW.

Copyright © 2014, Genesis Exodus
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