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RE: Design your own AQW Release Contest! Submissions

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4/29/2014 15:15:58   
Saber Tooth Dragon

Saber tooth Dragon1234 and wolverine24 8






















Room 6: GIANT CHAOS EYE * 1 (LEV40; HP 12000)

LEV 40; HP 89000

LEV 50; HP 1777000

quest 1 location :


quest 2 onward:


NPC: Gai Saber (before completion)



NPC: Gai Saber HOLOGRAM (After completion)



1: Portal to the unknown


















Requirement: DRAGONS SCALLED: 2




Requirement: CHAOS OVERRULED: 1




Requirement: GAI DEFEATED: 1




Requirement: SURVIVE THE BATTLE : 1










MALE: pic.twitter.com/LCgwhzUE2i
FEMALE: pic.twitter.com/8na0PTdE5W

MALE: pic.twitter.com/9dX9DElNMU
FEMALE: pic.twitter.com/C9VLeLmQ1f

BLADE AND GUN: pic.twitter.com/hwCNX3vIXa

BLADE: pic.twitter.com/ASfumRu2Ut
GUN: pic.twitter.com/r6VXUITzQy
DAGGERS: pic.twitter.com/KjBwBW35sk


End Release

PARTICIPANTS: Saber tooth Dragon1234 and Wolverine24 8

ARTIST: Saber Tooth Dragon1234

STORY WRITERS: Saber tooth Dragon1234 and Wolverine24 8

QUESTS: Saber tooth Dragon1234 and Wolverine24 8

EDITOR: Wolverine24 8



GUILD: Iffrit

ALL ART DONE ON PAINT (On the same day)



DATE- 27.4.14 /28.4.14



(Gai Saber – Battle Gems format)
SABER AND J OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!
; 3
AQW  Post #: 376
4/29/2014 15:28:30   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Judges, I'm sorry if my submission is overly long! I only wish to have my story clearly told. Many pardons! *sincere apologetic bows*
My AQW Player Name: Pinwheel

The Creature of the Sunken Cave
Level 30+
Release Date: May 16, 2014

J6 asks you to join in on a bounty hunt in an island near Lolosia, as requested by his client. When you ask who it is, he refuses to tell you her identity, for it is the client's request to remain anonymous to you. The hunt takes you to a sunken cave in Crescent Island, where the pirate inhabitants claim to hear eerie howlings night and day and even sometimes a sighting of a massive winged creature, dubbed by them as Winghorntooth, emerging from the cave's depths. Your mission is simple: retrieve a certain amulet in the possession of the beast and slay it once and for all. As you go deeper into the cave, you encounter fishmen, merdraconians, undead, booby traps, and even more undead. As you meet the winged creature at the end of the cave, you find out the significance of the amulet, the identity of the client, and the story behind the creature of the cave.

Name of Map:
  • Map based on: Lolosia
  • Suggested Name of Map: /winghorntooth
  • Suggested Map Description: A damp cave close to the sea with around 10 rooms, with some parts submerged in water.

  • If I may describe each room, the rooms should be so:
    • Room 1: The beach outside of the cave where J6 gives his quests. Contains a few Fishman soldiers.
    • Room 2-4: A damp cave with Fishman soldiers.
    • Room 4: Part of the room is submerged underwater, which prevents the player from moving on without completing Quest 3. Populated by Fishman soldiers.
    • Room 5-6: An underwater cave populated by Merdraconians and Anglerfish.
    • Room 7: Like Room 4, half of the room is submerged in water. This is where the player emerges from underwater. Populated by Undead Soldiers, Undead Pirates, and Undead Vikings (preferably random spawn)
    • Room 8: Booby-trapped room with swinging blades from the ceiling.
    • Room 9: Same damp cave populated by Undead Pirates and Undead Soldiers, with tattered Shadowscythe banners scattered on the floor.
    • Room 10: Same damp cave populated by Undead Pirates and Undead Soldiers with tattered Shadowscythe banners scattered on the floor, but with a gate blocking the next room.
    • Room 11: The end of the cave and also the Boss room. There’s a dais in the far side of the cave with a skeleton leaning on it and a Shadowscythe banners hanging over it.


“Best Bounty Hunter in the Universe”

  • Main Text: Hero, I don’t usually call a party to join me on bounty hunts such as this, since it means more people sharing in the loot, but since the client requested it, welcome aboard! The mission is simple: retrieve a certain amulet of interest, slay Winghorntooth, and get paid!

  • Who’s the Client?: Like I said, I can’t tell you that. You may never find out, even after the mission. Not unless things don’t go as planned. But I’m not going to let that happen.

  • Winghorntooth?: Weird name, right? Seems like the local pirates don’t have that creative knack for naming. They say that that creature has been here for years now, howling night and day, sometimes taking flight in the darkest hours of night. Well, I bet you’ve handled worse! If that’s not the reason my client wants you here, then I don’t know what.

  • Spelunking: Well, if you prefer to call it that, then why not? Who knows what we’ll find at the end of this cave? Sure, a winged abomination, an amulet, and some crystallized dragon’s breath is a guarantee. But one thing I learned in missions like this is you always have to expect the unexpected.

  • Crystallized Dragon’s Breath: They’re an extremely rare and powerful energy source in this age. They’re also very pricey in the black market. If what my client said is true, then the end of this cave is filled to the brim with those crystals! Ha! I wouldn’t take on a mission like this for a lesser prize. (Of course, I get the lion’s share! Hey, that ship doesn’t fuel itself, buddy.)

  • Fishman Soldiers (in the first rooms of the map)
  • Merdraconians and Anglerfish (in the submerged parts of the map, along with Fishmen)
  • Undead Pirates, Skeletal Vikings, and Undead Soldiers (at the deeper parts of the map, up until the room before the boss room)

Boss Monster
  • Type: Undead
  • Name: Winghorntooth
  • Description: A very disfigured winged creature that looks nothing like any monster we’ve seen before (in actuality, it is an undead dragon, but looks nothing like it because of severe disfigurement due to decay).

Reward Types

Sunken Cave Shop (Unlocks after finishing all the quests):
  • Armor 1: "DragonLord of the Sea" or “Naval DragonLord" ( Reference sketch along with helm. Sorry if it's a bit messy; I was in a hurry, lol!)
  • Helm 1: “DragonLord of the Sea Helm” or "Naval DragonLord's Helm"
  • Weapon 1: “Dragon Cutlass” (A fitting blade for the DragonLord of the Sea.)
  • Weapon 2: “Crystal Tide Bringer” (This blade is adorned with crystallized dragon's breath, you can see the power surging from it.)
  • Cape 1: “Cloak of the Deep” (A fitting cloak for the DragonLord of the Sea.)
  • Pet: “Mini Winghorntooth” (For lack of a better name.)

Boss Drops (All items resemble one way or another the boss monster):
  • Helm 2: “Winghorntooth’s Horns”
  • Weapon 2: “Winghorntooth’s Tooth”
  • Cape 2: “Winghorntooth’s Wings”

Release Outline

// Player joins “winghorntooth”
// Player talks to “J6”

Opening Cutscene

The hero runs over to the Hyperium which is parked on the ground. He looks up to the ship in awe, during which J6 invites him onboard. The hero wonders why he was specifically asked for by the client, but J6 refuses to tell him why or even reveal who their client is. J6 briefs him with the mission, which they should not fail at all costs: go to the sunken cave at Crescent Island near Lolosia, slay the monster called Winghorntooth from within its depths, and retrieve an amulet of interest from the beast’s possession. The reward: hoards of crystallized dragon’s breath at the end of the cave. In a few moments, the Hyperium touches down on a beach near the sunken cave. The camera zooms in on the darkness of the sunken cave, where glowing eyes flash maliciously and quickly disappear once again.

Ending cutscene

The hero stands over Winghorntooth, ready to deliver the final blow, when J6 announces that he has found the amulet. The hero looks up and notices that the amulet is actually a Dragon Amulet, found by J6 in the hands of a skeleton on the dais. The hero realizes that Winghorntooth is actually a dragon, and assumes that the skeleton on the dais is its rider. Because of the Shadowscythe banners hanging on the walls of the cave, the hero is convinced that Winghorntooth and its rider had something to do with the Shadowscythe, and refuses to slay the dragon without first speaking with the Empress Gravelyn. J6 tries to convince the hero otherwise, but the hero is decided. Sighing, J6 hands over a holoprojector to the hero, and reveals that the client is actually Gravelyn herself. Gravelyn shows disappointment at the hero, as she explains that the reason she hired a neutral bounty hunter and the hero in secret was because she did not want any questions asked, nor anyone to know her army could not handle a single undead dragon. She tells the hero that Winghorntooth was the dragon of Eldrion, known to many as the DragonLord of the Sea, who fought for Alteon. Her father Sepulchure was able to defeat Eldrion singlehandedly, after which he used Eldrion’s Dragon Amulet to imprison his dragon in his service as a dracolich. Overtime, Eldrion’s dragon fought back from Sepulchure’s will, and one night, was able to completely break free from the Doomknight’s control. After thrashing the Doomknight’s fortress, the dracolich flew over to this sunken cave to stay by its rider’s grave. Sepulchure sent many of his undead warriors to retrieve the dracolich, but the dracolich has acquired some necromancy powers of its own, waking the skeletons of drowned pirates to defend itself and turning Sepulchure’s undead forces against him, a feat which makes it a huge threat to the Shadowscythe empire. Only Sepulchure's stubbornness prevented him from asking help from living heroes. And so Gravelyn orders the hero to slay the dracolich once and for all. The hero looks at the dracolich (and if it’s possible to add Good and Evil choice boxes that wouldn’t affect the cutscene it can say “A threat to the Shadowscythe is a threat to the Alliance.” [Good] and “It’s dead anyway. Get it over with.” [Evil]) before he proceeds to slay the it.

The scene then shifts to the hero and J6 outside the cave. It’s already night time and J6 is loading the crystallized dragon’s breath into the Hyperium while the hero is looking at the stars. The hero says “At least Winghorntooth is in peace now.” to which J6 comments, “Yeah. I still think it’s a bad name.”


Quest 1: “I Forgot the Batteries”
Would you believe it, Hero? I forgot the most important thing when going spelunking: flashlight batteries. I couldn’t find my stock in the Hyperium. Care to fetch some for me? I’ve got the best idea where to get them. I heard the Mithril Man in the dwakel crash site owns some long-lasting batteries for his suit and blasters. Go over and “borrow” some. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to return them (that is, if I remember to).

5 SuperBatteries (dropped by Mithril Man from the dwakel crash site)

(Note: Player can not enter the cave until this quest is completed. A text will flash when the player attempts to enter, preferably saying: “It’s too dark in there. Go talk to J6 and see what you can do.”)

Splendid! This will be enough to keep us well-lighted until the end of the cave.

Quest 2: “Clear the Way”
I’m going to send in some sentry bots to survey the cave before we dive in, but these Fishmen Soldiers are blocking the entrance. Knock down a few of them and they’ll soon get the message. And hopefully stay away for their own good. Just don’t go too deep into the cave yet.

10 Fishmen KO’ed (drop from Fishmen Soldiers in the map)

(Note: Player cannot go beyond the first four rooms until the next quest. The fifth room is submerged underwater. If possible, a text will flash when the player attempts to go to the next rooms, something like, “The next room is submerged. Talk to J6 about what to do.”)

That should keep them away. Launching the sentry bots in five.

Quest 3: “Swimming Is Not an Option”
My sentry bots reported that the next few rooms are completely submerged, but it gets dry farther out. Luckily, I brought with me some underwater breathing potions from the pirates in Lolosia. Just pour these into the body of water, and they’ll be good for breathing! I’m not entirely sure this will work, so after throwing these potions in, go on a dive to test it out. Return to me if it works. Don’t drown yourself, hero.

5 Potions Spilled (multi-clicky in Room 4 on the water, five times)
1 Potions Tested (map item acquired by moving the character to the next room, which is submerged underwater and unlocked by spilling the 5 potions)

What, it worked? I did not expect that. Not that I expected you to drown. Well, on to the next part.

Quest 4: “A Profitable Effort”
These merdraconians are very defensive of their turf. I normally don’t pick a fight with creatures like them, but if they are what’s standing in the way of me and my bounty, then I’m not going to back down. Luckily, their scales and tridents may be of some value to some collectors, meaning our extra effort won’t go unpaid. Collect 7 tridents and 10 scales from those nosy fishes, while getting them out of the way at the same time.

7 Merdraconian Tridents (drop from Merdraconians in the map)
10 Merdraconian Scales (drop from Merdraconians in the map)

Yes, these will surely increase the profit we get out of this mission. Now go farther into the cave and see what else you can find.

Quest 5: “What, Swinging Blades?!”
(Note: This quest automatically turns in when you go to Room 7 and die from the swinging blades. This quest does not show in J6’s quests, but will be required to unlock the next quests.)

1 What, Swinging Blades?! (quest completed by dying from the swinging blades)

Quest 6: “Swing, Swing”
Who in Lore would put swinging blades in a cramped cave like this? Whoever did must be insane! We need to figure out how to get past those booby traps, Hero. That bounty is waiting for us at the end! Go explore the rooms we’ve already passed, it might help you think of something.

1 I’ve Got It! (map item acquired by going to Room 6)

You’ve thought of something? Well let’s hear it. What?! That’s insane! But I guess it’s worth a try.

Quest 7: “Your Bright Idea”
So let’s go try out this bright idea of yours. You say those shields from the Skeletal Vikings may block those swinging blades? But they’re all rusty. Well, you do have a point saying those swinging blades are rusty, too. If this plan of yours works, I will never doubt your sanity again. Now go collect some shields and try going past that blasted room. If you can, that is.

3 Sturdy Viking shields (drop from Skeletal Vikings)
1 Will it work? (map item acquired by going pass Room 7)

Aha! It worked! See, what did I tell you? Huh? I never doubted you once there, my friend! Now let’s get that bounty!

Quest 8: “Steal Back From The Thieves”
Those undead are carrying around my crystallized dragon’s breath like they own them! I won’t tolerate a single crystal missing from my loot. I don’t care if they’re Shadowscythe or pirating thieves. Go gather the crystals from those undead and teach them why you don’t steal from a thief.

10 Crystallized Breath Re-stolen (drop from any undead in the map)

Ha! That ought to teach them.

Quest 9: “J6 the Locksmith”
This is it, Hero! Our target is right behind those gates. I never thought that creature is smart enough to barricade itself behind those gates, but I told you to expect the unexpected. I saw some undead carrying around some keys, and if one of those keys is of the right size, I may be able to alter them to fit and open the locks. Gather a good 5 keys, and let’s see if my locksmithing skills are still the most infamous in Lore.

5 Skeletal Keys (drop from any Undead in the map)

You may receive, at random:

Key to the Gates (required to unlock the final quest and the boss room)

Did it open? Did I get it right?

Quest 10: “Defeat Winghorntooth”
This is really it, Hero. Slay Winghorntooth as the mission dictates. Keep him distracted while I search the cave for the amulet and secure the crystallized dragon’s breath. Stick to the mission, and don’t get distracted! Only then we can get out of here.

1 Winghorntooth Defeated (auto-turn in, triggers Ending Cutscene)

Special Quest (Legend-Only): “Spelunking Lunch Break”
All these spelunking and diving makes me hungry for lunch. How would you want some sushi, Hero? Bring me some Anglerfish fillet and Fishman tails, and I’ll make us some lunch. Eh, lunch's not enough for 'ya? Fine. Some crystallized dragon’s breath for your efforts, then. Good enough? Great.

15 Anglerfish Fillet (drop)
15 Fishman Tails (drop)

You will receive:

2 Crystallized Dragon’s Breath (may be sold for a good amount of gold)

I don't know why I'm paying you these rare crystals for some fish, but I'm too hungry to think straight!

/End Release
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 377
4/29/2014 16:12:34   

By Dimoftalex
I am not very good at english so please understand.
Level range : 30+
Release Date: When ever is ready

The misteryous egg was broken and the mirror version of hero rised.
The mirror version of the hero destroyed everything and also killed king alteon and more lords of order. Mirror Drakath fighted agains him but he cannot kill him so contacted the hero.
The hero must save once again the mirror realm until is to late.

(a mirror version of swordhaven)


Mirror Drakath
The champion of order

Welcome back to mirror realm <hero>. Your mirror version is going to kill everyone who stay in his way. You're our only hope.
<My mirror version?>

<My mirror version?>
You remember that mysterious egg? Yesterday, without warning, something out of it.
We don't know what this creature can do, but how you fight with chaos, he fights with the order.


Dreadmancer (Total HP : 4000)
Undead Mage (Total HP : 3500)
Undead minion (Total HP : 3500)
Undead bruiser ( Total HP : 4000)
Undead Paladin ( Total HP : 5000)

Category : Human
Name : Mirror Hero
Total HP : 80.000
Attack damange : 700-800
A man with:
-Heirstyle: Glowingeyes2
-Hair Color: Black (#000000)
-Skin Color: #CCCCCC
-Eyes Color: Red
-Cape: Some long black wings
-Blade: A long black sword
-Armor: Some torn clothes

Shop that unlocks after completing all quests


1 Armor : Cleric of Nulgath
Same armor but when you click on it, the color will be red (non-mem)

1 Helm : Evolved Hood of archangel
Same helm but when you click on it, the color will be red

1 Cape : Evolved ArchAngel's Protection
Same cape but when you click on it the color will be red.

1 Sword : Evolved Cloud Shifter
Same weapon but with white color and longer and of course when you click on it the color will be red.

1 Pet : Battle Destiny Kitten
Same pet but without the purple eyes, and if it can be a battle pet non-mem.

Your Release Outline

//player joins in DoomGuard
//player talks to Mirror Drakath

Opening custcene:

* The Hero Stays in battleon when Mirror Drakath appeared next to him. *

Mirror Drakath: Hero we must go to battleoff, hurry!!!
Hero: Why?
Mirror Drakath: There's no time for details, we must go now!
Hero: Ok... (scratching his head)

* The hero and Mirror Drakath teleported to battleoff. *
* In battleoff everything was destroyed *

Hero: What was happened here?
Mirror Drakath: Do you remember that mysterious egg that keeps you in life?
Hero: Yes...
Mirror Drakath: It was broken and of him came your mirror version. We fouth against but we can not beat him. Finally we caled you.

* Mirror hero apears and run *

Mirror Drakath: He is!!!

* Mirror Hero run in doomhaven *

End custcene:

* Hero and Mirror hero are fighting *
* Mirror hero falls to the ground ready to die *

Mirror Drakath: STOOOP!!! Hero if you kill him, you will die.

* Meanwhile mirror hero rises and try to run *
* Mirror Drakath made a magic cage wich stoped mirror hero *

Hero: Drakath, he is undead right?
Mirror Drakath: Yes...
Hero: We can take him at Dage the Good to free him just like Undead Artix.
Mirror Drakath: We can try...

* Hero, Mirror Drakath and Mirror Hero (in a cage) are teleported to overworld *

Hero: Dage, can you help him?
Dage the Good: I don't know but I will try.

* Dage the Good transforming Mirror Hero *

* In Battleoff *

Mirror Drakath: Thanks for Saving us, again <hero>.
Hero: I doing my best...
Mirror Drakath: <hero> we will repair all the damange here, thenks again for all your help.

* THE END. *

1st Quest:
Slay the minions
The undead minions are protecting the castle, go and try to slay them all.
Undead Minion x 10
Now we can enter in the castle.

2nd Quest:
Protecting shield
There's a magic shield who don't let us go, I think the undead mages are making this shield. Go and slay 7 of them, it will be enough.
Undead Mage x 7
Ok now we can pas.

3rd Quest:
Slay the slayers
The Dreadmancers are slaying our people, go and solve this.
Dreadmancers x 1

4th Quest:
Slay the protectors
The Undead bruisers protects the trone room, kill every undead bruiser who gets in your way.
Undead Bruiser's head x 7

5th Quest:
Find the key
The door is closed, one of the undead paladins certainly has the key.
Throne room key x 1
Well done hero.

Slay you
You will need to kill your bad version and all of this is over.
Slay Mirror Hero x 1
Well done hero, again.

The end

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Post #: 378
4/29/2014 17:39:37   

DF Pedia

Lost in a Jungle
Level Range: 15+
Release Date: May 16 2014

My character name is Red Westley and I paired up with Gandiral in the making of this entry. I hope you find it interesting.


A young girl named Britney got lost in a jungle while traveling to Lolosia to catch a ship. She has tried for what seemed like hours to try and escape, but to little avail. When the sun began to set, Britney began to lose hope that she would catch her ship and became desperate. At some point, while she was running frantically, she tripped and got tangled in the vines hanging from two trees. She struggled to escape, but Britney realized that she may never get out of the jungle alive unless help came. The next day, was the day Britney was supposed to go on her ship and Captain Rhubarb was puzzled that Britney didn’t show up. As a result, he sends you to the jungle to look and Britney and make sure she is okay.

Name of Map

The area will take place in Lolosia. You can /join junglehike to get there.

Captain Rhubarb
Anchorious Sailor
Thank the seas you’ve arrived. One of me passengers, Britney, was supposed to arrive today, but she has not arrived. I will have to halt this voyage until you go find her. Mate, I sure hope nothing bad has happened to that lass. The Red Betty does not have good seating options.
I told all of me passengers ahead of time to stay out of the Lolosia jungles while traveling to the ports. Apparently, Britney didn’t get me memo and look what we have to do. I have heard ghastly legends of travelers hiking in the jungle and never returned. Even us mateys know better than to go inside.
<More 2>
<More 2>
How do wary travelers vanish? Mate, jungles are no place to hike in if ye don’t have an accurate map. The most common causes of disappearances are quicksand, carnivorous hunters, and the vines that hang off the trees. They are as thick as rope and ye need to be skillful with your weapon in order to cut them off.
Undead Pirate, Balboa, Forest Spider, Germs, Lowtus

Boss Monster Type
Twin Vinery

The boss monster is two jungle trees with nine or ten vines attached to them. In between the trees are where Britney is tangled in the vines. The trees are actually sentient as proven when they could use one of the vines as a whip and they could make coconuts rain on our heads.

Reward Types
Boss drops
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards will look like. You can suggest the following types:
Leaf Ericson (Armor)
Covered in Nature (Helm)
Leaf Ericson Helm (Helm)
Bush behind your back (Cape)
Rope Vine Cloak (Cape)
Rope Vine Whip (Weapon)
Leaf Ericson Claymore (Weapon)
Vine Sidewinder (Pet)

Beginning Cutscene: On-screen, the sun nearly disappears into the trees and Britney is running in the jungle. As she runs, she thinks to herself, “Dusk is approaching. Please let this path be the right one.” But she starts to run faster when the sun completely disappears. “OMG,” she said with eyes wide open. “Without the sun, I can’t see where I’m going.” She continues to run frantically despite the fact there is no moon in the sky. But she can’t see where she is going and eventually takes random turns without expectation. The screen fade to black. There is nothing on it except for the words, “3 hours later…(Don’t try running like that at home or in a gym.).” The screen fades back to the jungle except now we see a large puddle and the Twin Vinery. Britney still doesn’t see where she is going. When she walks into the puddle, she trips on the vines, which catch her fall immediately. Much to her horror, she discovers that the vines actually tangled her. Britney tried with all her might to escape, but when it was no use, she screamed, “HELP!!!” at the top of her lungs. The screen fades to black again.

Ending Cutscene: On-screen, Captain Rhubarb and Britney stand side-by-side while the Hero stands on the opposite side, feeling slightly exhausted. Captain Rhubarb says, “Thank ye so much, Hero, for getting my sweet little lass back to me! It means a lot for a captain like meself to ensure my passengers’ safety.” Hero replies, “It was no sweat!” as he/she wipes away a little bit of sweat. Britney says, “Ya! Thanks so much! I really appreciate you helping me out! Here is a token in my thanks.” She provides the Hero with a sack of citrus fruit. Hero pretends to be cool by replying, “Ya, no problem, it was really something I do to keep myself from getting scurvies. No biggie.” Captain Rhubarb says, “Well, we be headin’ off now to continue our wee little journey.” The scene then changes to Captain Rhubarb and Britney being aboard the ship with the Hero at the docks. Captain Rhubarb says, “Thanks again Hero, you be a good Pirate, time to get me some Rhubarbs, and rum! I mean to continue our journey!” They all pause and laugh “Ahar ahar ahar!” The-screen slowly dims as they all continue to laugh. You return to Twin Vinery’s area.

1st Quest
Two (or more) Roads Diverged in a Jungle
Nothing ever stays the same in the Lolosia jungles. The paths change depending on the weather. Make your first attempt to find Britney by looking for any sign of recent activity like footprints. If you can’t find them, chances are that a scallywag has perished.
1 Frantic Footprint Trail
50g 100xp
Ah, matey, you have found footprints after all. Did you remember to mark your path?

2nd Quest
Trail of Charcoal Pearls
YE FORGOT!?!? What am I going to do with ye? Because you can swim, I’m not going to make you walk the plank. Instead, I’ll tell you to go get some firm charcoal pearls from the Balboas so you can remember where you found the footprints.
50 Charcoal Pearls
100g 200xp
I suppose fifty would suffice depending on how long it took you to find those footprints. Just hope you still remember where the footprints are.

3rd Quest
Beaded Path
Place the pearls on ye path so ye won’t stress about remembering which path goes where. Because I fear ye will run out of pearls, I recommend you place them at a fair one yard distance. Spread them any further and you will have to go get more.
50 Pearls on Path
150g 300xp
Good. This should help get one task off the hook. *takes out a pirate hook and snickers.*

4th Quest
Violent Illness, anyone?
Jungles on Lore are notorious for being habitats of insects that carry fatal diseases. If a mosquito went to find Britney, the lass would have to stay behind. We can’t let this happen. Go around the jungle and squash nine mosquitos while I squash them near ye path.
9 Mosquitos Squished
250g 500xp
Back and not even a scratch. Ye gettin’ good at knowing the dangers of the jungle. ;)

5th Quest
It’s Spreading through the Air
Surprisingly, the germs are adaptable even outside the body. Looks like we can’t get rid of this disease in this part of the jungle that easy, but try to destroy twelve of these gross cells before Britney catches it.
12 Cells Mauled
500g 1000xp
I don’t know about Britney, but it’s getting safer to move about in this jungle if not temporary.

6th Quest
Creepy Crawlers
Arrr, we’re not done yet, mate. The mosquitos are only one type of disease-ridden insect. Spiders per se also carry dangerous diseases. Some may even kill ye in a matter of minutes in just a bite. Are ye wearing protective gear, matey? You may have to put some on because you’ll have to keep the spiders away from here to ensure our safety.
8 Spiders Disease-free
1000g 2000xp
Let’s cross our fingers (or hooks) that the spiders don’t reproduce.

7th Quest
Spider Regenerations
My, those spiders are tricky. They’ll do anything to bite some scallywag until there’s not a breath in their bones. Yet, this really makes me fear the lass. Go back and get rid of the spiders before they kill you or Britney, assuming she’s out of harm’s way.
14 Spiders Perma-killed
1100g 2100xp
From the looks of it, the spiders are retreating and they’re taking their filthy diseases with them. The jungle’s safe to move around in for now so we better work fast.

8th Quest
The Gift of Being Low
I know that Britney needs to be saved, but me need to prepare her a lovely bouquet to welcome her aboard, should she survive her fatal trip in the jungle. Fortunately, jungles aren’t entirely made up of booby traps and diseased bugs. Plants have recently taken a liking to undead and even grow beautiful flowers on their carcasses. Why don’t you take a break and pick flowers off of 10 Lowtuses? I’ll scout out the footprint area while ye at it.
10 Lowtus Flowers
1200g 2200xp
Just what the lass needed. Just give me a minute or two to make the bouquet. Afterwards, I’ll tell ye what I found in the area with the footprints.

9th Quest
Make Way for the Hiker
I know this looks like a dead end, but look closely. There is actually a path in front of the footprints, but it is somehow blocked by the vines. This must be where Britney went, but I doubt a lass like herself managed to get past these vines. Feel them, mate. They are like ropes. That’s how thick they are. Don’t worry, though, they are no match for your weapons. Cut them down and see.
1 Column of Vines Cut
1250g 2500xp
Hoorah! Ye did it, mate. Now there’s hope for us to find Britney.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
A Hundred Vines between Limbs
The undisturbed footprints continue to go down that path. They must belong to Britney. Follow them and see where the trail leads. Don’t forget that if there is a beast keeping Britney from leaving, know that it will not give the lass up without a whipping. Please, get my little lassy back to me right away! We need to get the crew back on deck including her! Let’s go, go, go, Hero! I believe in you to get ‘er done!
1 Britney Rescued
You battled sentient vines to save her?! Poor Britney. The lass must be so dizzy and lethargic after being in the jungle for the entire morning. Let's go accompany her back, mate. She’s too exhausted to come here on her own.
1500g 2600xp
-Vine Sidewinder

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Victory lap
You are done I see, so to prove you truly are a HERO go battle all the monsters that you have already battle. Just as a victory lap, we don’t want our best Heros looking soft now do we?
5 Undead Pirate defeated
5 Balboa defeated
15 Forest Spider defeated
5 Germs defeated
5 Lowtus defeated
1 Boss defeated
3000g 3900xp
Way to Hero! Super proud of you! Ye are lookin’ in great shape!

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Double time!
Come on Hero you aren’t tired from all the battling are you? I sure hope not! If our enemies see you tired it will give them motivation. This quest will make your enemies fall to the ground and beg for mercy.
10 Undead Pirate defeated
10 Balboa defeated
30 Forest Spider defeated
10 Germs defeated
10 Lowtus defeated
2 Boss defeated
5000g 8000xp
Great job, Hero! Your enemies will be sure trembling at your feet! If ye needs a place to go, my ship always needs crew members like you.

End Release
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The Secret of the Dragons
Level 30+
Release date: As soon as possible
Creators: Athidytus. Haokun95 (Has guild “Claws of the Dragonfang, and a Guild launch page, please contact @Athidytus on twitter NOT FACEBOOK)

Over view
•Dragon’s have been going crazy all over Lore. Warlic, Cysero, and many other mages, alchemists, and clerics have trying to find a cure. But there was no cure to be found. Search through Lore to find a cure and to save all dragon-kin before the Great Dragon slayer, Galanoth gets immensely sick of the roars.

You need to help Chitori, the mother of all dragons and the dragon kin to gain their trust, and then you’ll have to fly on her back to go across Lore to find out who caused such a thing. But before that you must help Warlic, Alina, Cysero, and Lore-master Maya to find out the secrets of the dragons.

But time has run out and Galanoth will have to slay them or more CHAOS will happen to Lore’s environment!
•Name of map:
Chitori (title: mother of all dragons)
•Main text: I am Chitori, the mother of all dragons and something is going wrong! All dragons in Lore are going mad, I don’t know how to explain the story, but I need help, QUICK! Or the dragons will all perish. I don’t know who will do such a thing, will you, help me?
• “More” text: If you want to hear the story, ok but it will be long. Long ago, a lady came to me, she was one of those pirates who wanted treasure. And she wanted me as her treasure. When she grabbed her dagger, she swiftly charged into me with rage so I summoned the dragons. But she held a ring, it sort of had an effect on the dragons, and finally, they gone insane, so that was the story.
•Monsters: undead pirate, Shark Bait, Fish wing, Fishman soldier.
Type: Human
Name of boss: Netrina (female)
Description: she is a pirate with a black bandana and a black and green suit with a green pirate symbol on it. She has long black hair and has a gold edged jacket. She holds a gold cutlass in one hand and a ring on the other. She has a very sassy look and green eyes, tan skin, gold ear rings, and black boots. She has a golden human skull on one of her shoulders and green lipstick.
Boss drops, Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
•Item Rewards:
•Armor: Dragon Egg armor
(Changes pattern when clicked)
•Helmets: Baby Dragon on your head (Short) (Shop Item)
Baby Dragon on your head (long) (Shop item)
•Cape: Evolved Dragon wings (Has gold tinting and is CC, Shop Item)
•Weapons: Dragon eggsterminator (shop item) (gun weapon)
Dragon’s egg (It’s just an egg that you hold) (Shop item)
Dragon statue (once again, it’s a statue that you hold on your hands) (boss drop 90%)
Statue of Athidytus (it’s just a brownish gray statue of a girl with a French braid and a dress standing on a block that says Athidytus, Boss drop from Metrina 90%)
Mother of All dragons (AC and Non legend and a boss drop from Metrina 90%)
For the opening cutscene, the hero would be in Battleon wondering why the dragons are making such a big racket. So the hero went to May and asked he, but she has no clue, no one does. But she decided to offer some help, so she grabs a book and opens it, the title of the book is Mother of all Dragons. So the book states that the mother of dragons can tell you but it is really hard to get her trust. And any wrong move, the player will be in the dragons’ dinner. But Galanoth was preparing his blades and armor. So the hero goes to Alina and asks for a sleeping potion that would last all night, so then the hero would go and make Galanoth drink the potion. So as Galanoth slept, the hero quickly jumped into action and went to the dragon’s cave. There were no guards because the guards were also freaked out, so the mother stumbles alone. She is the most superior dragon, she could kick someone and the person passes out. So the hero asked her why are all the dragons freaking out and why is she not freaking out. The dragon sad that she had a name and that would be Chitori, so she said she does not know this stranger and you must get her trust. But she is in her bad mood so if you get ruin it, you would be in the worst of all trouble.
For the closing cutscene the hero will charge forward to Netrina with his or her weapon. Netrina parry the attack and pushes the hero away. Then Netrina would throw her cutlass at the hero, the hero grabs the handle and uses it along with his or her current weapon. Netrina held her ring and summons one of Chitori’s baby dragonlings at him but the hero slipped the ring of her hand and it flew to Chitori. She smashed it with her big claw and Netrina screamed “NOOOOOO!” nothing happened, it was just a half of it. Netrina stood up and opened a little bag. In the bag was a golden egg. She dropped it on the floor and put her heel on it, Chitori roared, the hero leaped and punched Netrina in the face and grabbed the egg. As fast as possible, the hero ran and gave the egg to Chitori. Then the egg cracked, and there was a blue glow into it, then the dragons stopped making the racket. Then that was Lore’s savior, and then Chitori thanked the hero and the hero would go back to Battleon and ask Maya if it’s all right, and she said it was.
•1st quest: Dragon food
Text: Dragons like to eat and in order to get trust, you must get the food and not poison it, and believe me, I don’t get poisoned but I can taste it! So get me some fish sticks from those fish soldiers and fish wings, and I DO NOT like shark baits!
(Kill monsters, fish wings and fish soldiers)
Quest items: 50 fish
End text: So you didn’t poison them did you?
1000 exp
•2nd quest: Bony Bartenders
Text: I still don’t trust you, you look like a bandit and smell like a pirate! If so, kill those bony bartenders out there! You know! The Skeletons with the pirate hats! Teach those undead pirates something! (Kill monsters, undead pirates)
Quest items: 10 undead pirate bones
End Text: I didn’t ask you for the bones. I just asked you to fight them and teach them a lesson about spilling moglin berry juice everywhere.
1250 exp
1250 gold
•3rd quest: Who summoned you?
Text: So who summoned you, just show me and you will be trusted. (Click on Maya)
Quest item: clicked on Maya
End text: Maya summoned you! Why didn’t you tell me at the beginning!
1500 exp
1500 gold
•4th quest: Dragon Back Ride
Text: Hop onto my back and let’s fly across Lore to search for the cure (Click on Shi’tori’s back.)
Quest item: click on Chi’tori’s back
End text: …
1750 exp
1750 gold
4th quest: Ring of Dragon control
Text: The lady who tried to control me must be a dragon lord, like all of them, they are cruel and just as insane as the dragons now, ask Tomix from /tower and inspect Vath from /Stalagbite. (Kill monsters, Vath. Click Npc, Tomix.)
Quest items:
Inspect Vath x1
Inspect Tomix x1
End Text: They said no? Impossible! Or are they lying?
2000 exp
2000 gold
5th quest: Green crystals
Text: I’m sure the pirate lady had a green gem on her ring. Go into /battleunderc and give me a sample of a green crystal from the skeletons and I need an emerald from an emerald golem from /earthstorm. (Kill monsters, Green Crystallized undead and Emerald Golem)
Quest item:
Crystal sample x1
Emerald x1
End Text: there is no trace of dragon control, which is weird, this is more serious than I thought any clues?
2250 exp
2250 exp
6th quest: Where is Arrr Pirate?
Text: There would be at least 1 other pirate who knows about the lady, don’t you think? Would you mind if you ask those pirates if they know? If they would not tell you, then they will have to face it the hard way. (Kill monsters, Undead Pirate, Sky pirate dragon, Kappa Ninja)
Quest item:
Kappa ninja asked x10
Undead pirate asked x10
Sky pirate asked x10
End text: So they don’t know? I should put this pirate stereotype away.
2500 exp
2500 gold
7th quest: D.E.R.P
Text: So far we have no clue, but I know someone who can help. Go to /Battleontown and see if Cysero is there, if he is ask him for a D.E.R.P (Dragon emergency relocation phone) device. (Click on Npc, Cysero)
D.E.R.P x1
End text: You would see the purpose of this device soon, hopefully.
2750 exp
2750 gold
8th quest: Renaming, Reusing, and Reanimating
Text: This device can be used for searching anything, mostly dragons, so if you can reprogram it, you can sort of find out. Don’t tell me how, but it works, but let me find the instructions. Oh, Cysero didn’t give you the instructions, did he? That is trouble, wait! I think I see a Shark bait eating it, get me the instruction from his mouth before it’s gone. Hurry! (Kill monsters, Shark bait)
D.E.R.P instructions x1
End text: spit got all over it, but you still can read it, go try.
3000 exp
3000 gold
Final quest (boss quest): Netrina
Text: So it is Netrina, ever heard of her? She is the famous pirate outlaw and I bet I know how she got that ring. Give me her ring and I’ll destroy it once and for all of Lore. (Kill boss, Netrina)
Quest item:
Ring of dragon control x1
End Text: …
5000 exp
5000 gold
Special Quest: Sleeping on night shift
Text: Is Galanoth still sleeping? Oh he is, but with the time
we have right now, let’s go do something Galanoth will not appreciate. Grab one of Cysero’s socks from the red dragon’s mouth in /lair and a fish wing, then stuff them all together and put it on his nose. That should be alerting enough. (Kill monsters, Red Dragon and Fish wing.)
Quest items:
Slimy sock x1
Fish wing x2
End text: That should be able to teach him a lesson about killing dragons.
3000 exp
3000 gold
2nd special quest: Skeletal issues
Text: Those undead pirates are taking too much space, I mean they are already dead. Slay 100 of those guys and you will be rewarded with 50 bone dust. (Kill Monsters, undead pirate)
Quest items:
Undead pirate bones x100
End text: …
50 bone dust
10000 exp
10000 gold


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The Mana Castle
Level: 15
Overview of Release
A portal from para-elemental plane has been opened in Arcangrove and a giant castle emanating mana appeared!
Lots of monsters are invading the place, coming from the para-elemental plane and turning everything into mana!
Now Rayst and the Hero have to discover who (or what) is the center of the problem and finish him!
Name of Map: manacastle (Arcangrove)

Master Shaman
Hello hero. I was talking with the spirits of the stones about this castle and the portal. Someone opened it from para-elemental plane. We have to discovery who did it.

Mana monster are coming from the portal and annoying the elementals. Now they are destroying the place and going to destroy Arcangrove! We have to calm the elements before closing the portal.

Mana Imp, Mana Falcon, Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) and Chaos Sprites

Boss Monster Type: dragonkin (a mana dragon)

Reward Types: Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards:

Elemental Mage Robe (a mage robe with appearance of the four elements)

Mana Wizard Hat (like the Prismatic Wizard Hat but made with mana)
Mana Gladiator Helm (like a roman helm with mana appearance)

Mana Falcon Wings (two big wings like the mana falcon’s wings)
Mana-Blessed Staff (like Wizard's Blessing but with mana aspect)
Runic Katana (a black katana with blue runes)

A mini version of the boss (Mini Mana Dragon)


// Player joins manacastle
// Player talks to Umbra

First Cutscenes:
The cutscene starts with the Mana Dragon and mana creatures in para-elemental plane. Mana dragon roars and the portal opens.
Mana imps and Mana Falcons pass through the portal.
Mana Dragon:
-Yes! The portal is open!
In the Elemental forest, the portal appears. The castle is summoned by the Mana Dragon in front of the portal.
The elements wake up and attacks the villages next the forest.
In the Ruins of Gilead, Umbra appears and says:
-There’s something wrong. What’s this, Spirits of the Rocks? Oh, that’s not good.

Final Cutscene:
The hero is in front of Mana Dragon.
Mana Dragon: -No! You can’t defeat me! My revenge! You have to pay!
Hero: -Pay for what?
MD: -You destroyed my master, Ledgermayne and destroyed my chaotic body!
Hero: -Mana Golem? I killed you!
MD: -You destroyed my body, but my soul stills alive! I can take energy from the places and make a new body!
Mana Dragon attacks the hero, but he uses the sword and stops the attack.
The hero jump and take down the Mana Dragon, finishing him.
Umbra closes the portal with a magic;
Umbra: Tanks hero! You helped the elements and defeated the Mana Dragon!
Hero: No. He stills alive anywhere. He WILL return.
Umbra: So, we have to wait and defeat him forever.
The castle goes down.
Under the ruins the Mana Golem’s soul goes out to Lore

1st quest: drop-Elemental Problem
The Elements are destroying the villages. I prepared potion to calm them. Take them down, so I will put the calm potion in their head.

9 elements defeated

Now the villagers are safe. We can close the portal

2nd Quest: Drop-Mana ID
The Mana Imps have a type of “ID” in their mana energy. I will need the id of some of them to get information about the portal.

10 Mana IDs

I can feel the portal. I know how to close it.

3rd quest: clicky-Feathers for Potions

Sometimes Mana falcons drop their feathers. Go around the castle and find some of them.

6 mana falcon’s feathers

Yes, I will use this with caution, they are explosive when in contact with bad magic.

4th quest: drop-Explosive Mana Horns
For the potion, I’ll need rare explosive mana Horns from mana Imps. To a good explosion I need some elemental frames from any element.

4 mana horns
4 elemental frames
The potion is finished, but we have another problem.

5th quest: click - Galanoth’s tactic

There’s a Mana Dragon in front of the Portal. Ask to Galanoth the Dragon’s weakness to kill the dragon. Do /join lair and tell him what is occurring.

1 Galanoth Asked

Now we can defeat the dragon

Boss Quest: Clear the Portal

We need to destroy the Dragon. He commands the mana monsters. He is the problem!

1 Mana Dragon Slayed

Yes! Now I can close the portal. These mana Monsters will return to home.

Special Quests:

1st: Exploding the Castle

We need to destroy the ruins of the castle. I’ll need more Explosive Horns from mana imps and some mana powder from mana falcons

8 explosive horns
3 mana powder

Now we have some explosive power with us.

2nd: Some Dynamite

The Killer Queen Bee has dynamite and lasers. We will need it. Do /join beehive and take it all from her hands.

1 killer queen’s equipment

Now it is only KABOOM.
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Chase Tao

AQW Character Name:
Chase Tao
Celebration of a Hero
Choose a level range for your release 30+
Release Date: May 16 2014

It is time for the annual celebration of the great savior of Yokai, Wren, who saved Yokai from destruction from the dangerous General Yu many decades ago. However, it looks like someone has come to spoil the celebrations. It is………………General Yu himself?!?!?!
Come to Yokai to join in on the celebration and find the underlying cause of the reappearance of a deceased warrior, and use the power that once defeated him to vanquish him once more.

Name of Map
Yokai Island-spiritvillage

Ai No Miko -Princess
Greetings hero, welcome to the honoring of the Lighting Dragon, the celebration we hold for the great Wren who sinlge handedly defeated the nototrious General Yu. Legend has it that with his great Guan Dao, the Draguan Dao, he defeated General Yu in mere seconds, and brought tranquility to Yokai.

More: The Draguan Dao? It is a mythical weapon gifted by the great spirits themselves of this village, and we forever keep it in his old residence. The wielder is said to gain great speed, which makes one appear to be as fast as lightning. Only when great terror strikes us again do we believe that the Draguan Dao is ready once more for battle.

Yokai: Samuari Nopperabo,Ninja Nopperabo, Kappa Ninja and Tanuki

Boss Monster Type*

*Being a very powerful being, and my loves for wolves, I would like General Yu to look like a cross of mainly Zen-Aku from Power Rangers WIldforce, but more bulkier like the Mirage Gaogamon from Digimon and Gawain form Code Geass, with back protrusions being swords. He carries weapons that have a wolf head at the hilt, and the blade extends from its mouth, like the sword of the Shadow Ranger.

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
• Monster drops: Blessing of Spirits
• Boss drop: Blessing of Spirits x 10
• Merge Shop (Ac marked)
• Quest drop- Draguan Dao (Ac)

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
• Armor of the General-a bulky black armor with 3 silver claws at the hands and a moon design on the chest. 100 Blessing of Spirits
• Helm: Helm Of the General –A helm shaped metal helmet with yellow eyes. 50 Blessing of Spirits
Wolf Morph-a morph with blue fur and yellow eyes.
• Capes: Swords of the General -6 Wolf blades protrude form the back. 60 BoS
Cape of the General- a long black cape lined with fur at the neck.
Wren’s Cape- a long blue cape with a long collar.
• Weapons: Wolf Blade –a blade with a wolf head at the hilt and a black blade coming from the mouth 70 Blessing of Spirits
Dual Wolf Blades

• Wolf Pup -200 Blessing of Spirits

Your Release Outline

// Player joins spiritvillage
// Player talks to Ai No Miko

Opening: The Hero is greeted by the Princess in Yokai. They have come to Yokai to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of their island Hero, Wren who had saved them from the evil warrior General Yu who tried to take over Yokai. The clouds start to darken and the candles in the spirit village go out. A bonfire is now relit with green flames. Appearing from the flames is General Yu.
General Yu says “The time for celebration is over, I will be that last thing you people of Yokai will ever see. Prepare for your doom once again”. The Hero charges at General Yu and fights him but General Yu is too powerful and he is pushed back. General Yu stares at Ai No Miko saying “The Draguan Dao will be mine.”.
The green flame vanishes and so does General Yu. The candles are relit. The celebration comes to a hold as the people start to cry at the broken statue. Princess Ai No Miko tells the Hero that the Draguan Dao was the weapon used by Wren to defeat General Yu many years ago. The Hero now has to get to the Draguan Dao before General Yu.

Ending: The Hero is beaten around by General Yu, saying “No one will get in my way again!!” , as he goes for the Draguan Dao. However, the spirit of Wren emerges from the Dao, and repels General Yu back, and disappears. The Hero leaps for the Draguan Dao, grabs it, and as fast as lightning, slashes his opponent. “NO!!!!” General Yu yells as the helm falls off, revealing a girl, and the yellow glow in her eyes fade. The girl is revealed to be a descendent of General Yu. Her name is Yue.
The General Yu’s spirit possessed Yue. However, it was the power of Wren within the Drgauan Dao that cleansed the evil spirit that controlled Yue. Yue joins the celebration of Wren who has once again defeated General Yu, but this time once and for all.


1st Quest
Find the Shrine
I give you my blessing hero, and it will guide you to the sacred shrine. Please locate it, it should appear in the center of the village.
1 Shrine Found
What?!?!? You can’t get in?

350 Xp
1000 Gold

2nd Quest
Breaking Security
I guess all the commotion has tightened the security of the shrine. Please hero, for Yokai, weaken security by defeating the Tanuki and Kappa Ninja.
15 Guards Defeated
350 Xp
1000 Gold

3rd Quest
Stopping Yu
It looks like Yu’s forces are infiltrating the shrine. Defeat his Nopperabo to keep him from getting to the Draguan Dao.
20 Nopperabo deafeated
Things look great. I don’t think there is any way he can get in now.
1000 Xp
5000 Gold

4th Quest
Locate the Dao
Now that things have cleared up, let’s locate the legendary weapon.
1 Dao Found
350 Xp
1000 Gold

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Enter the Beast
Oh No!!! It looks likes General Yu has reached the Dao before you. Quickly hero, defeat him to protect us from certain doom.
1 General Yu defeated
2000 Xp
5000 Gold

Special Quest Everyone:
Earn the Draguan Dao
Looks like the spirits have taken a liking to you. Let’s make a deal, you earn a great amount of blessings of the spirits, and we will reward you with the Draguan Dao.
500 Blessing of Spirits
WOW!! So, many Blessings!!! Take the Draguan Dao hero, you’ve earned it.

10000 Xp
10000 Gold

Note: The Draguan Dao is a double bladed guan dao with a dragon with lightning designs surrounding it, and the blades looking like it is from the tail on one side and coming from the mouth of the drgaon on another. Wren and the Draguan Dao are inspirations from Ren Tao of Shaman King.

End Release

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The Magic Games
Release Date: May 16 2014
Username: Liy010

It is the annual Magic Games in Arcangrove, and the excitement is building. Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers and all magic beings from all over have gathered together on this day to have a shot at the prize: The honor to call themselves a winner of the annual Magic Games and of course, the Orb of Magic, a relic that allows the user to cast spells of a new level.

As the games are about to begin, the sky darkens and a portal forms, sucking in the Orb of Magic. You, as the hero jump into the portal after it right as the portal closes.

As you wake, you realize that you are in an alternate dimension all together and with you are several other heroes. You tell them about your situation, and to your surprise, they are in the same boat as you! However, there is only one Orb of Magic, and there’s no way you’re letting THEM get the prize before YOU!

As competition heats up, you see a hologram of Rayst appears. He provides you with the instructions that you will need to follow in order to obtain the Orb of Magic. He tells you that you must compete against other heroes and be victorious in several of the ‘Games’ in order to receive the prize. You start to understand that no matter what dimension you are in, you’re going to have to participate in the games to win the prize, and figure out who is behind all this.

Game on.

Throughout the release, you will have to slay monsters to acquire reagents that you need to compete in the games. After you collect said reagents, you will compete against other heroes to win the minigames**
At the end, you will battle against a hero in a classic 1v1 PvP match (Unless it’s possible to have a free-for all) and that will decide the final winner of the Games.

You try to claim your prize but the person behind the whole plot reveals himself as the first ever winner of the Magic Games, but he was found to be cheating and they denied his victory. He plans to use the Orb of Magic to get revenge, and you just eliminated the competition for him. You battle him and you win. You bring the Orb of Magic back to your dimension, where the real Magic Games may finally begin.

*Note this release will incorporate elements that have never been used in the AQW game engine. I hope that what I request will be able to be run by the game engine, and I if not, I look forward to working with the staff for an alternative if this entry gets selected.

** Games can include, but are not limited to, magical spin offs of BattleShip, Whack-A-Mole, Minesweeper, Chess, Endless Runner (like the Mine Cart minigame in Dwarfhold and the Rainbow Run game in the Shamrock Fair). Many more, just not sure of what the game engine is able to handle yet.

(500 Words)

Name of Map
Map name: /join magicgames
Submaps (For minigames):
/join magicmatch1
/join magicmatch2
/join magicmatch3
...And so on for each of the Minigames.

Map Location: Arcangrove

Holographic host of the multi-dimensional Magic Games
“Welcome to the annual Magic Games. You may be confused about why you’re here. The truth is, my master was bored, of the same old Magic Games each year, so he brought in some new competition from different dimensions. I hope you don’t mind, you should win these nonetheless. I’m rooting for you!”

“You should already know what the Magic Games are, so there shouldn’t be a problem. You’re going to be competing against other heroes from different dimensions in the classic Magic Games that you normally play, anyways, just with more...unexpected competition. My master should find this amusing.”

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map:
Arcangrove monsters:
Seed Spitter, Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Ice), Mana Imp, Mana Falcon.

Boss Monster Type
Description: Just a typical Sorcerer. However, he wields the Orb of Magic in the final fight. He is wearing the Evolved Prismatic Magi’s Robes, described below.

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
Boss drops
Shop that unlocks after all quests are complete
Merge shop (Unlocks after all Quests are complete)

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:

1 Armor :
Evolved Prismatic Magi Robes / M’s Robes - Like the Prismatic Magi Robes, but there are orbs floating just about the shoulder orbs. Every so often, lightning will flash connecting the floating orbs to the shoulder ones, like Halo of the Dawn Mage from the Wheel of Doom. The armored part (Shoulderguards) will extend down the arm and the belt will also have armored parts hanging from it. In addition, lightning will flash below the belt

1-2 Helms :
Prismatic Wizard Hat - Like the Wizard Hat, but color custom

1-2 Capes :
Mana on your back - A blue flame of Mana. Every so often, it will disperse into small prices and dust, then form back into the shape.

Evolved Elemental Orbs - Like the Elemental Orbs, except Love is replaced by Ice. They will no longer be orbs, but actual elements. For example, instead of a rock orb, a jagged piece of rock will be there, and instead of a fire orb, there will be a raging flame in its spot.

1-3 Weapons :
Orb of Magic - A blue Orb that has swirls in it. It is surrounded by small prices of blue dust that swirl around it

Evolved Dragonhead Archon - Like the Dragonhead Archon, but scales envelop the staff, except where the hand is. The head grows more horns of a lighter color. Also, there is an animated flame where the nose/mouth is.

Evolved Mana Scepter - Like the Mana Scepter, but with pieces of mana dust swirling around the “head”. The head will increase in size, and mana orbs will be added to the sides. There will also be a line of mana dust rotating around the handle, animated.

1 Pet
Holographic Rayst - A mini version of the NPC Rayst, but with a holographic effect

Your Release Outline

// Player joins “magicgames”
// Player talks to “Rayst”

Opening Cutscene (Plays upon joining the Map):
Everyone has gathered together at the tower of magic for the annual Magic Games. As the games are about to start, the rules of the games are explained, along with what games are to be played this year and of course, last but not least, the prize that will be awarded to the winner. As the ceremonial bonfire is about to be lit up, a portal opens beside the prize, and sucks it in. The hero runs and jumps in after the portal. He wakes up and realizes that he is in an alternate dimension, along with several other heroes. He explains his situation and how he got here. The other heroes agree with him, saying the same happened to all of them.

Boss Cutscene (Plays upon entering the boss room):
After winning all the minigames, the hero goes to collect his prize. It is revealed that the mastermind behind this entire thing goes by the name of “M”. He explains how he was the winner of the first ever Magic Games, but was denied his victory due to suspicion of cheating. He reveals his plan to use the Orb of Magic to get revenge, and how the hero just help him eliminate the competition. He says that he will now eliminate the hero himself. The hero charges at him.

Closing Cutscene (Plays upon completion of the last quest):
The hero recovers the Orb of Magic. “M”, driven mad with rage, threatens to destroy the dimension they are currently in, along with everyone and everything in it. As his eyes start to glow, the hero uses the power of the Orb of Magic, and transports himself back to Arcangrove. <It is assumed the other dimension gets destroyed after, but nothing is shown>. The hero returns of Orb of Magic and is thanked for his actions. The Magic Games commence.


All Quests in the release will be drop quests. However, some will require you to win a minigame, or a PvP match. Not sure what to call these quests, but I’ll just call them “Special Drops”. They will be marked with an asterisk (*)

All Minigames mentioned can change if needed, just a few from the top of my head.

All rewards will be 2000 Gold and EXP, unless specified otherwise.

1st Quest
Prepare for the first Game
You will need to gather the reagents for your first game before you can play it. Let’s see...The first game that you’ll be participating in is ‘Elemental Battles’. You’ll need the cores of different elementals for this. You’ll need 5 Fire Cores, 5 Ice Cores, 5 Water Cores and 5 Earth Cores. Bring them to me and I will prepare you for the first game.
5 Fire Core
5 Ice Core
5 Water Core
5 Earth Core

Ah, you’ve gotten what you need for the first game. Now that that’s out of the way, you can compete!

2nd Quest*
The First Game: Elemental Battle
It’s time to play. Go through the first door and read the rules there. May the Magic be in your favor.
Elemental Battle Won
You won the first game, as I expected. Let’s see how you do in the other ones.
(For this quest, players will play a minigame of Battleship against another player. Each Elemental Core will have different effects. Fire: AoE for tiles around it, Earth: Destroys the entire ship if hit, Ice: Opponent misses a turn if hit, Water: Neutral. Unlimited Water Cores, 5 of each other Core. Alternatively, if the game engine cannot do that, players will play their own game, and a score will be given on how many turns it takes to win. Scores will then be compared for a winner.)

3rd Quest
Prepare for the second Game
Congratulations on your win, but don’t get cocky, many more challenges are yet to come. Time for the second game. You will need to gather the reagents once again. Let’s see...The second game that you’ll be participating in is ‘Mine-ing for Trouble’. You won’t need much for this, just a few seeds. You can get them off the local seedspitters. Return to me when you have collected them.
12 Seedspitter Seeds
That was pretty fast. Looks like you’re eager to play.

4th Quest*
The Second Game: Mine-ing for Trouble
It’s time to play. Go through the second door and read the rules there. May the Magic be in your favor.
Mine-ing for Trouble Won
You’ve taken another victory, as expected, of course. Time for your final game. I’m still rooting for you!
(For this quest, players will play a minesweeper game against another player. Ideally, the two players will share a board and take turns dropping seeds onto tiles. Whoever hits a mine will lose. Alternatively, if the game engine cannot do that, players will play their own game, and there will be scores awarded for each turns that they survive. The scores will be compared at the end for a winner.)

5th Quest
Prepare for the final Game
Great job so far, but don’t let your guard down just yet. There’s one more game left. Let’s see...the last game scheduled is “Mana Run” It’s pretty obvious what you need for this one. Go find some Mana Imps and Mana Falcons to obtain some Mana.
15 Vial of Mana
Finally, now you can compete. It’s the last game, and everything is riding on this. I hope you win.

6th Quest*
The Final Game: Mana Run
You’ve gotten so far! Go through the last door and read the rules there. May the Magic be in your favor.
Mana Run Won
You won! You won! I expected this from the beginning.
(For this quest, players will control Mana and play an Endless Runner Game, like the Rainbow Run in Shamrock Fair against the other player. The rules are simple: Whoever crashes first loses!)

7th Quest*
An unexpected challenge
It looks like the the other competitors don’t like losing too much. One of them has challenged you to a PvP match! This will be a true test of your magic skills in battle. Better gear up, he’s not leaving until you fight him.
PvP Won
Heh, you’re quite a warrior, or should I say, you’re quite a mage. Now’s the time to claim your reward. Go through the big door. Remember, I was always rooting for you!

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Take down M
Seeing as how you’ve tackled that PvP challenge, I’d say you’re a perfect match for M. Even though I am just a hologram, even I know what he’s doing is wrong. Stop him. As always, I’m rooting for you!
M Defeated
<No end text. Quest will auto-complete and play cutscene>

Extra Quest: Merge Shop Reagents*
Collect Reagents to Merge
If you’re still interested in the games, you’re welcome to play them again. If you do, there’s some shiny rewards in the merge shop for you if you win enough times.
Elemental Battle Won
Mine-ing for Trouble Won

Mana Run Won
You still have it in you. Congratulations on your win. Here are some Trophies. Trade them in the merge shop for some awesome gear!
Reward: Magic Trophy x1
You may receive at random:
Magic Trophy x2
Magic Trophy x3
Magic Trophy x5

Special Quest: Legend-only Quest*
Collect Reagents to Merge (Legend)
If you’re still interested in the games, you’re welcome to play them again. If you do, there’s some shiny rewards in the merge shop for you if you win enough times. Oh, I see that you’re a legend as well. That means you’ll get DOUBLE the rewards! Isn’t that awesome?
Elemental Battle Won
Mine-ing for Trouble Won
Mana Run Won

You still have it in you. Congratulations on your win. Here are some Trophies. Trade them in the merge shop for some awesome gear!
Reward: Magic Trophy x2
You may receive at random:
Magic Trophy x4
Magic Trophy x6
Magic Trophy x10

End Release
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I made this by myself. My AE account’s username is my email and my AQWorlds username is Ranzler.

Heavy Metal Havoc
(Lv. 20+)
Release Date: May 16, 2014


· Heavy metal is under siege from the forces of chaos! Once a way to express oneself and to rebel against the status quo, it now finds itself being twisted and warped. Join Discordia in Metallichaos, the homeland of heavy metal, and see if you can solve the mystery of heavy metal’s corrupted notes. Once there you should be able to find the cause of this travesty and set it straight once and for all. However, if you fail, metal may never again be the same…..

Name of Map

· Metallichaos in the Neverglades


· Discordia
· Main text – “Heavy metal is under threat from the evil power of chaos! If we don’t stop it soon then who knows what will happen. It might already be too late…”
· More text – “Music’s sweet notes have once again been corrupted by chaos’ taint. We must find out what is causing this and stop it before heavy metal as we know it is gone forever. Help me in solving this mystery and I will see that you are rewarded.”


· Leatherwing, Chaorrupted Bear, Chaorrupted Wolf, Dreadspider, Dark Elemental, Dark Witch

Boss Monster Type

· Undead
· Description – A large skeletal rocker clad in black, leather, and skulls with long, dark hair, a headband, and wielding a large “Flying V” electric guitar as a weapon.

Reward Types

· A special shop opens once all storyline quests are completed.

Item Rewards

· Armor – Black with spikes and serrated edges. On the breastplate is a large white skull with glowing red eyes.
· Helm #1 – An open-faced black helmet with a color-customizable spiked Mohawk.
· Helm #2 – Same as Helm #1, but instead of being open-faced it has a skull faceplate.
· Cape #1 – A tattered black cape with red on the inside.
· Cape #2 – A “Flying V” electric guitar strapped across the back with the neck showing over the shoulder.
· Weapon #1 – An axe in the form of a “Flying V” electric guitar.
· Weapon #2 – A staff in the form of a microphone stand and microphone.
· Weapon #3 – A set of daggers in the form of drumsticks.
· Pet – A twisted demonic creature partially covered in metallic plating. (A good example would be basically a miniature Ormagoden, the mythical beast and the creature from the game Brutal Legends.)


· Opening cutscene – You arrive to a scene of chaos and darkness. After surveying the area for a moment you catch sight of Discordia. Thinking it must be his doing you go to him, only to realize it was he who sent for you. He explains what has happened and asks for your assistance in stopping the corruption.
· Closing cutscene – Though still dark, things no longer appear to be in utter chaos. You speak with Discordia who thanks you for your assistance and go on about your life. As you leave you see a concert going on.

Quest Legend

· Quest #1 – The Enemy: A drop quest in which you must defeat Leatherwings and acquire 4 leather patches. Opening Dialogue - “First you must prove yourself to be a true heavy metal fan. Start by getting some leather from those Leatherwings.” Closing Dialogue – “Great job! No self-respecting hard rocker would be caught without some leather.”
· Quest #2 – Harvester of Sorrow: A drop quest in which you must defeat Dark Witches and acquire 6 tattered cloths. Opening Dialogue – “That was good, but you still need practice. Go get some cloths from those witches over there.” Closing Dialogue – “Good. While you were gone I also got a lead on who might be behind this, but I’ll need time to confirm it.”
· Quest #3 – Mama Said Knock You Out: A drop quest in which you must defeat Dreadspiders and acquire 8 spools of dreadsilk. Opening Dialogue – “My informant has stonewalled me! He says he’s not telling me anything more until I get him some dreadsilk! Do me a favor and get some for me?” Closing Dialogue – “This is perfect! I knew I could count on you!”
· Quest #4 – In The Year Of The Wolf: A drop quest in which you must defeat Chaorrupted Wolves and acquire 10 tainted fangs. Opening Dialogue – “The intel I was given in exchange for the dreadsilk turned up very little. My informant says that he now needs fangs from Chaorrupted Wolves for some reason.” Closing Dialogue – “Another great job! I’m sure my informant will have something of value now!”
· Quest #5 – Devour: A drop quest in which you must defeat Chaorrupted Bears and acquire 12 chaos pelts. Opening Dialogue – “I’m sorry to say that my informant has one final request before giving me the name and location of this epidemic. He requires twelve pelts from Chaorrupted Bears.” Closing Dialogue – “Don’t worry. This time I’ll make sure we get the info we need before he has a chance to make anymore demands.”
· Final Quest – Bow Down To The King: You must defeat the boss. “My informant finally came through. The culprit behind all this is a large, undead rocker who goes by the name of “King Metal.” Defeat him and everything should go back to normal.” Closing Dialogue – “You’ve done it! Heavy metal is safe once again so that generations to come might enjoy torturing their parents with it!”
· Special Quest #1 – The Curse: A pop-click quest in which you must locate 5 hidden skulls throughout the area. Opening Dialogue – “I heard a rumor that there are cursed skulls hidden throughout the area. See if you can find them.” Closing Dialogue – “A job well done my friend! I’ll see to it that these are properly disposed of.”
· Special Quest #2 – Rough Day: A drop quest in which you must defeat all 6 creatures and acquire 5 of each creature’s drops, including dark matter from Dark Elementals. Opening Dialogue – “The creatures around here are causing trouble again. See if you can thin their ranks some. Bring me proof and I’ll see to it you get a nice reward.” Closing Dialogue – “Splendid! Perhaps now I can get some rest without having to worry about being attacked.”
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Here is my Submission: (Made only by myself)

AQW Character Name: Ben123123124

Release Title: Battle On! For Lazarus!

Level Range: 30 +

Release Date: Whenever the team is ready to release it.

A long time ago, lay an injured Umbra (The master Shaman of great Gilead) and the only survivor after a devastating battle. His injures were severe, and his mind drifted closer and closer to death. He crawled around the jungle he fought in, in the hope of a savior.
Suddenly! A presence appear to him but spoke nothing. As Umbra stood up, the presence appeared into the thickness and mist of the jungle. When Umbra followed the presence, he found himself beside a spring glowing with a green light and surrounded by mist. The presence spoke!! Telling the Umbra to submerge himself within the spring, with little to lose Umbra proceeded into spring. For a few seconds his injuries pain increased massively but within half a minute his injuries were completely healed and his mind was in good health.
However before Umbra could thank the presence, the mist built up and the shaman was back on the battlefield.
Now the time has come for you to help Umbra re-discover the hidden location of the “Lazarus spring” and the find the mysterious identity of “presence” that saved him so long ago.

Name of Map: Lazarus Jungle

Region on World Map: ArcanGrove

NPC: Umbra

Chaos Sprites (level 30), Lost Spirit (Green Version of a Chaos Sprite) (Level 35), Lazarus Imps (Green Imps)(Level 40), Lazarus Falcons (Green tint of a mana Falcon)(Level 45).

Boss Monster Type:
Evolved Human - Dr Lazarus (Dr Who Reference <.>) (Level 50)
Ultra Lazarus (Harder Version) (Level 60)

Special ability: Every attack he make also heals him.

The look is aspired from This.


Item Rewards: (each of the following items will be dropped from the quests)
Lazarus Shaman: Looks a Earth shaman, except the rock is replaced with frozen (green glowing) water and the fabric and belt gem is blue with wavy writing on the trim.

Lazarus Cowl: Looks like a blue earth shaman cowl, with wavy symbols on the trim of the cowl.

Lazarus Mist: Looks like green Mist that partially cover some of the Hero

Scepter of Youth: Looks like a Long Wooden Stick encrusted with earth Gems into it with a vial of Lazarus Spring water (Glowing green) on the top.

Lazarus Scythe: Looks like a Heart merged with vines, bones and a Dr Lazarus claw.

Pet : Mini Dr Lazarus

Epic Weapon item: Lazarus blade: (half of its normal damage heals, half damage is dealt at selected monster) Looks like a Cypress Blade with vines instead of wood, and a green tinted blade.


Opening Cut-scene: (When you click on the map location) You are outside the tower of magic with Rayst Talking when suddenly you hear a scream in the distance! Rayst points you in the direction of the screaming and tells you "it's coming from Lazarus jungle, battle on hero!".

Hero (Yourself) runs into the jungle.

You find Umbra (The master shaman from the ruins of great Gilead) knelled screaming on the jungle ground, He arises from his screams

Umbra: "Oh hello hero?"

Hero: "What was all that screaming about?"

Umbra: *Suddenly Umbra start pacing up and down whilst speaking to the hero about the previous event* "I was walking around this jungle trying to remember discover the Lazarus Spring when suddenly something triggered a flashback"
(Short Pause) "Hero, Can you help me reveal the location and mystery behind the Lazarus Spring"

Hero: "Battle On!" *Raises his arm to the sky*

Closing Cut scene: (When you reach the Spring) Both Umbra and the Hero make it to the spring, Its misty and a green light glows from the spring. When suddenly a darkened figure appears the other side of the spring to Umbra Saying

Dr Lazarus: "Yes, I've done it! I, Dr Lazarus, has created the perfect mutagen for my youth potion!"
*He then laugh evilly*

Umbra: "Umm... Dr Lazarus? Are you the one who brought me to this spring and saved my life"

Dr Lazarus: "Yes Patent No.001, I am. And you are finally here to witness my genius"

*Lazarus submerges himself into the spring and drink the mutagen*

*Suddenly Lazarus (Who is darkened) Evolves into a six legged monster with the face of Lazarus and a tail of a scorpion*

Hero: "Here we go again"

Umbra: "Battle On!" *Cut scene Fades out*

Ending Cut-scene: (After Defeating Lazarus)
*Dr Lazarus Collapses on the ground and devolves back to his human state*

*Umbra and the Hero look at each other*

Umbra: "I guess Evolution and youth isn't everything"

Hero: "But I've almost evolved my Pockey Chew into a Rocket Chew"

*Umbra shakes his head and the cutscene fades out*



1. Prepare for the jungle!
To explore this jungle we need swords of ivory to cut through the jungle`s thickness, kill gorillaphants until they drop 2 horns of ivory (50% chance to drop).
0/2 gorillaphant horns
1000 exp
1000 gold
Afterwards: Great! Now we are ready to venture into the jungle!

2. Clearing the jungle!
Cut down the jungle`s thickness to clear our path. (click on the blue arrowed jungle)
0/9 cleared jungles
1200 exp
1200 gold
Afterwards: Thank you hero, now that the jungle path has cleared so has some of my memory.
Rewards: Lazarus Cowl (Helm)

3. Destroy the chaos!
Even this hidden location has chaos, destroy the chaos Sprites before it spreads!
Chaos destroyed 0/9 (100% drop rate)
1400 exp
1400 gold
Afterwards: Well done, you have purified our path from chaos.

4. Lost spirit
Spirits from the battle once fought seek vengeance!
Defeated spirit 0/15 (100% drop rate)
1600 exp
1600 gold
Afterwards: Phew! Those spirits are gone, they bought back bad flashbacks of my battle.
Rewards: Lazarus Mist (Cape)

5. Convict the imp!
Before we can pass through this area of jungle we must convict these Lazarus imps, the hard way!!
Convicted imp 0/8 (50% drop rate)
1800 exp
1800 gold
Afterwards: Acosta la vista imps!...

6. Pursue the falcons!
Before we enter the Lazarus spring we must pursue these falcons into surrender.
Surrendered falcons 0/5 (50% drop rate)
2000 exp
2000 gold
Afterwards: bye bye birdy!
Reward: Lazarus Scythe (Weapon)

7. Chaos killer!
More chaos sprites remain in the jungle, it's time to remove them! Once and for all!!
0/150 chaos sprites.
2500 exp
2500 gold
Afterwards: This quest gives you rank here of chaos slayer!
Gives character page badge/achievement - Chaos Killer.
"One Time only Quest"

Final quest: The presence?
Discover the presence and reveal the mystery behind this spring.
Dr Lazarus Defeated 0/1
2000 exp
2000 gold
Reward: Lazarus Shaman (Armor)
Afterwards: Ending Cut Scene
"One time only Quest"

Special Quest 1: Ultra Lazarus
What's up ultra doc?
Ultra Lazarus Defeated 0/1
4000 exp
4000 gold
Reward: Choose one of the following: Lazarus Scepter (Weapon), Mini Lazarus (Pet)

Special quest 2: Blade of the water!
Legend has it that a blade was created with Lazarus water in its veins,
Maybe the doctor will?
Lazarus blade found 0/1 (dropped from ultra Lazarus, (5% drop rate))
4000 exp
4000 gold
Reward: Lazarus blade (half of its normal damage heals, half damage is dealt at selected monster) (AC Item)
"One time only quest" (if AC item)
"Repeatable" (If not a AC item)

End Release.
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Created by AQW player: newdiger
Dimensional End
Levels: 20 +
Release Date: May 16 2014

The hero enters Battleon and notices some denizens of the Mirror Realm with their counterparts, in the middle of town, attempting to discover what is going on. Our hero goes to find out what is going on then, Mirror Drakath comes to Battleon to retreive the hero and brings them back to Battleoff and informs them that some unkown force is causing their two realms to merge. That is bringing counterparts in either of their realms and it needs to be stopped. Some wanderer, who calls himself "Demi" , told Mirror Drakath "that if it isn't stopped the two realms will become too unstable and both will collapse ending the existence of the two realms", When Mirror Drakath asked how he knew all this, Demi said "I don't have long but I am holding them back as best I can with my powers, but part of the world is already merged, so time is short. I will repair the realms but those willing must corral most of the people and monsters to their proper realms and find a way to stop the force causing this mess before it is too late." Then he disappears through a portal created from his right hand and isn't seen again. The hero, with no other leads, decides to head to where the realms have merged, The cities of Swordhaven and skullcrusher, to get the monsters that have all gathered up there. Meanwhile, Mirror Drakath tries to locate the source of this problem. They best hurry or both realms will be wiped from existance and all will cease to be.

Name of Map
(Swordhaven and Skullcrusher have already merged and is where the quests take place.)

Vath One of The Thirteen Lords of Order
Ah, hero! Welcome to Skullcrusher. Best watch yourself. This place is, well, was home to the worst of the worst but now is part of your world's version of it. We best get started before it gets any worse.

Drakath has started his search around the surrounding area for the cause of this, while the Lords of Order are taking care of the outside areas and gathering those of your world while preventing the fighting and the legion of monsters from spreading any farther.

Your friends and allies from Battleon have come here to stop the fighting within the city. But, something isn't right. The undead army of Skullcrusher is organized with some of the monsters. Someone must be controlling them. If so, watch yourself for this, may be tougher than anticipated.

Undead Berserker
Undead Mage
Undead Minion
Tainted Phoenix
Dire Wolf
Dark wyvern
Shadow serpent

Type: Human
Name: Ark
Gender: male
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Armor is blood red with white spikes and will be in concept drawing for time sake (may be changed for time's sake)
Weapon: a blue beam blade on each forearm capable of changing into energy shields to defend himself as well as a bow for ranged attacks

Ark Boss

Reward Types
⦁ Boss Drops:
I. Arks Hair - (helm)
II. Arks Diabolical Hair - (helm)
III. Ark's Platemail - (armor)
IV. Arks Blades - (weapon)(click to change form)

Boss Drops

⦁ Shop that unlocks after completing all quests:
I. Demi's Coat - (armor)(black coat/shoes with red decal)(blue pants)
II. Evolved Shadow Serpent Scythe - (weapon)
III. Arm of Flame - (weapon)(click to change form)
IV. Armor Wings - (cape)(cloak is color custom)
V. Demi Wings - (cape) Note: similar to wings of abyss
VI. Mini Ark Clone - (pet)
Item Rewards Will have drawings and changes or removal of items will be acceptable.

Shop Items

Opening Cutscene
The hero decides to head into Yulgar's inn, then they hear a commtion and scan the area for the cause to see a group. Within the hero notices Warlic, Aria, and a few other people but the weird part was the hero saw their Mirror Realm counterparts as well. The hero heads over to the group to find out what is going on, but to their dissapointment, no one knows why this is happening. Since that morning the counterparts were near each other and a few others haven't been seen such as Cysero, or Artix. Then Mirror Drakath comes in to inform the hero about how their two realms are starting to merge and that Swordhaven/Skullcrusher have already been merged. If it continues both realms shall collapse, ending all existence for both realms. Mirror Drakath sends the hero to find Mirror Vath at the merged cities to help gather the monsters and people to send them to their proper realms. The hero asks about Mirror Drakath to learn that "he is searching for the cause of the merge within the area." The hero then asks "What if more get sent into their opposite realm?". Mirror Vath replies "There is a mysterious ally called Demi holding the realms merge for as long as he can. It seems whatever he is doing is working so we need to hurry. We don't know how much longer it'll last".
*End Scene*

Ending Cutscene
Before the hero could finish Ark off, an unexpected enemy returns, Undead Artix, and blocks the finishing blow. Ark then reveals that he planned ahead and revived Undead Artix as his servant to protect him for as long as needed. Ark then proceeds to flee to another area while Undead Artix blocks the way. Artix then comes in and battles Undead Artix. The hero chases and defeats Ark. After defeating him, Mirror Drakath congratulates the hero, but when they turn around, Ark is gone and in his place a note that reads "I'm sorry that my own mirror self caused all of this. If I had realized sooner I could have prevented this, but the realms are themselves again, and I have taken Ark into custody back in another realm. As thanks for defeating him, I leave you these gifts please use them wisely.
The hero looks up from the note and notices a chest nearby with the letter "D" carved on the chest's lid.
*End Scene*


1st Quest
Army of the Undead
This is unusual! All the undead and monsters are working together like one unit. How is this possible? Hero, go slay some of the undead to find a clue as to why this is happening.
1 Confiscated letter
It appears a man called Ark has taken control of Alteon's undead army and the animals to keep all out of the city.

2nd quest
The Berserkers Rage
If we want to get farther into the city we will need to first stop the Undead Berzerkers. They take down anything living that gets near the city. Prepare well for they are nasty fighters with endless rage.
10 Berzerkers Defeated
Rest well. There will be more fighting soon if we are to have any hope of getting to your allies.

3rd quest
Mages of Magic and Spells
Those undead mages are fortified and preventing us from moving foward. Silence them once and for all, so we can continue on.
10 Silenced Mages
Great job! We are almost to the end. Defeat the last few waves.

4th quest
Tamed Dark Beasts
The creatures are coming at us now in great numbers. Defeat them so we may get them freed of control and send them back to their proper realm.
5 Unconscious Phoenix
5 Dire Wolfs gathered
5 Wyverns caged
5 Serpent sealed
Alright we are almost there. It appears that one more wave is on the way.

5th quest
Ride the Wave to Victory
They're throwing everything at us now. Mages, Soldiers, and two Berserkers to lead them. Be careful, this will be dangerous.
2 Berzerkers Defeated
6 Mages Silenced
6 Minions Discharged
Alright, we did it! That was the last wave, and I got more good news. Rest up and come see me when you're ready.

6th quest
Trust in Your Allies
Alright, good news. Your friends from your realm were here helping defeat the stragglers, and now that the battle is over you need to find the allies from your world. They should be resting around the city. Bring them here once you find them.
1 Cysero Found
1 Alina Found
1 Zhoom Found
1 Reens Found
Hero! Drakath discovered the source of the disturbance. It is within the castle walls. Come back to me when you've rested up. I'll tell you more when you're ready.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Hero's Ark
It appears the one who caused the world's merge is a man named "Ark". He is also the one who gathered the undead and animals to create an army to keep all out. It is time, hero! Defeat this menace before all existance is erased from both our realms. Also, keep an eye out. I heard that Artix is in the castle. Find him after you defeat Ark.
1 Ark Stopped
Good job hero! We could not have done this without you. Now the two realms can be set back to normal. Thank you for your help, hero!

Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest
Stopping Straglers
There still a few undead around. Find and slay them to prevent them from being controlled as an army again.
3 Berzerkers Slain
3 Minions Slain
3 Mages Slain
Thank you hero! That will make things easier to help contain the undead, and keep them from being used again.

Special Quest2: Legend-Only Quest
Cages full of Crtitters
Hero! We found more creatures of your realm hiding here or there. Help us by gathering them so we can send them back to their proper realm and help stabalize the realms a little more.
10 Animals Captured
Thank you hero! Your help is making a big difference in repairing this mess.
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AQW Character Name: mohammedf
Artix Account: mohammedf

this is the link to my submission:


thank you

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4/29/2014 18:54:45   
electro the 99th

alright, here's my entry

release name: Crystal Calamity
Created by: only electroshield 99 (AQW character name)
Recommended level: 25+ (with a higher level 45+ option, if possible)


The Neverglades have been overrun with monsters, people, and creatures inhabiting the area when the Neverglades are found to have a rare, super-powerful crystal deposit, the perfect item that will give any group that obtains it the upper hand. It becomes an arms race between the forces of Good, Evil and Chaos to obtain the super crystal, which will ultimately decide the fate of lore.

The Neverglades
/join crystaldeep

Chaos sprites, dark elemental, dark witch, guru chest, chaos wolf, chaos bear, leatherwing

Elemental, name: super crystal manifested.
It should have the super crystal (which is rainbow-colored and a sphere-ish shape, sort of rocky yet still cylindrical) at its core, and then there should be a large mist-like body which is also rainbow colored. For its attacks, I’m thinking a big crystal growing the ground for one of them, and for the other, it drops its super crystal on you.

Bal & Wez: Necromancers & Marsh-observers
Hello. I see you’ve arrived due to the news, yes? That the neverglades contain a crystal deposit of super crystals that can tip the tide for any faction immensely? I see that you want to obtain it and use it as an instrument of peace and order. If you want to get the crystal, we’ll assist you, but don’t think that others don’t want it. <More> <more2> <quests>

Super crystal? <More>

The swamp hides many secrets, and one of these secrets has revealed itself recently. A super powerful crystal capable of multiplying a spell’s powers a thousand-fold. Whichever faction obtains this crystal first will be virtually unstoppable.

Rewards? <More 2>
Oh, yes. We have a little knowledge with the crystal, and each quest that brings you closer to the crystal brings you one more piece of gear.

These are the quest that Bal &Wez are to give out, fell free to change the XP and Gold outputs.

1. Crystalline caving: to make sure you know where you’re going, scout around the area and find the evil bandit camp, the chaos sprites portal, the good leatherwing landing site, and the super crystal's barrier. Quest type: map item.
XP: 600. Gold: 2000. Item reward: swamp-mancer staff

2. Darkness in a bottle: Alright, now that you know your way around the swamp, trap 7 dark elementals inside a bottle. This will stop them from regenerating. Quest type: drop.
XP: 700. Gold: 1000. Item reward: swamp-mancer sword

3. Chaos lights: Ugh! Those chaos sprites are using the crystals to their advantage! Swat 5 sprites and the rest should get the message. Quest type: drop.
XP: 800. Gold: 900. Item reward: swamp-mancer helm.

4. Leatherwing attack: the leatherwing are stopping us from making any extra progress! Knock out 10 to help clear out path. Quest type: drop
XP: 900. Gold: 800. Item reward: swamp-mancer cloak.

5. Chaos charges: alright, now to focus on the crystal barrier. To break through, we're going to need chaos charges, which can only be obtained from chaorrupted monsters. Slay 20 chaos monsters on site to gain chaos energy, and we’ll transform them into the chaos charges we need. Quest type: drop.
XP: 1000. Gold: 700. Item reward: Crystalline cloak

6. Dark(ened) souls: next we’ll need dark souls from the dark witches and elementals prowling the site. Get about 13 dark souls for or cause. Quest type: drop.
XP: 2000. Gold: 600. Item reward: crystalline buster blade

7. Crystal cache: the thieves have been nipping bits and pieces of the crystal deposit away, right under our noses. Beat up 7 robbers and raid 10 of their chests to retrieve some crystal shards. Quest type: drop.
XP: 3000. Gold: 500. Item reward: crystalline battle helm

8. Crystal combat: well, the essences fusing together caused the barrier to get destroyed, but the super-crystal has activated a self-defense! Destroy the manifestation, and bring back the super-crystal as proof! Quest type: drop
XP: 12000. Gold: 12000. Item reward: super-crystal elemental

Intro: the hero walks in near the pit, and then is shoved by a bunch of robbers saying “move it, chump!” after the hero falls to the bottom of the pit, he is confronted by a few chaorrupted creatures, which charge right past him. A dark witch flies past on her broom; a dark elemental is throwing rocks behind him in the corner of the screen. After getting up and being greeted by bal with wez behind him, he and the hero start talking about the super crystal <end cutscene when wez and the hero are done talking.

Outro: Bal raises his hands as an orb of chaos and an orb of darkness collide, making a rainbow colored, crackling ball, which then flies at the barrier. The barrier explodes; Bal says “well, your path is now clear hero. Go and claim the super-crystal.” The hero walks into the room, reaches for the super-crystal, touches it and the crystal shakes and rises into the air, transforming into the super-crystal manifestation, and attacking the hero, who has shifted into a battle ready stance.

This explains how I’d like the items to look; you can attach any description to it.

swamp-mancer armor (dropped by super-crystal manifestation) it’s an evolved version of the necromancer armor, with muddy clothes, swamp plants on the armor, murky green colored cloth, etc.
Swamp-mancer helm (quest reward) a big cloak-helm draped in green swamp plants.
Swamp-mancer staff (quest reward) a worn necromancer staff with a green orb with eyes at the end, has some vines and such wrapped along the stave arm.
Swamp-mancer clock (quest reward) a murky green cloak with swamp plants coming off it.
Swamp-mancer sword (quest reward) a worn blade with swamp plants coming off it, with green energy crackling along it.
Crystalline cloak (quest reward) it’s an array of rainbow colored shards swirling around behind the player.

Crystalline buster blade (quest reward) it should be a large blade that looks like the blade from the horc merge shop in bloodtuskwar called The Pain, except it’s made out of rainbow-colored crystals and has three holes along the back of the blade, preferably in a line.
Crystalline battle helm (quest reward) it should be like a rainbow colored rock helm with several crystals growing out of it.

super-crystal elemental (quest reward) it’s basically the super-crystal manifestation except it had more crystals in it so it has two crystals shaped like the super crystal for its fists, and then little crystals going from either mini crystal to the super crystal core, and down to the base of the elemental.

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The City of Sand

Level Range: 25+

Release Date: May 16, 2014

All storms cease. All disasters end. But what if something beyond your power surfaces? What if all hope is lost, and all you can do is watch the world fall around you?

Rumors are spreading. SandCasters. Whispers are spilling out onto the streets of Maelis, the capital of the Sandsea. Fear is spreading. No one has heard from the city of Ha'uran for almost two months now. The last message received was torn and stained with dirt, enough to where only a few words were legible. The sandstorm has begun.

Zhoom, fearing what could happen if the people of Sandsea gave in to hysteria, sent for a Guardian and you, Hero, to assist one of his search parties in finding the lost city. You see, that's one of the problems Zhoom was facing. There aren't any formal maps of the Sandsea, so any searches sent are guesses, branching out into darkness. So far, none of the previous search parties sent have returned. Guardian Delmar has set up a small camp just outside Maelis, waiting for your arrival.

Hurry Hero, time is running out. If you do not find Ha'uran, or find out what happened to the city, civil war may break out in the Sandsea, and spread across the world. There has never been a better time for you to save Lore; the land can't fall apart before Drakath even arrives for the final showdown.

Map: Sandstorm
Sandsea - /sandstorm
Screen 1: Guardian Delmar, small tent, exits to Oasis
Screen 2: Desert, 4 Random spawns- Sandshark, Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper
Screen 3: Desert, same spawns ^
Screen 4: Small signs of ruined civilization buried under the sand, same spawns ^
Screen 5: Slightly more signs of civilization, giant sand dune blocking the way to Screen 6, 4 random spawns- Golden Scarab, Sandshark
Screen 6: Swirling sandstorm, everything covered in sand, Boss- SandCaster, 2x Golden Scarab - Cannot be entered until player has completed the ' There's a Wall Between Us' quest

Guardian Delmar - http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/guardian-delmar
Defender of Lore

"Glad you're finally here! The sand is really starting to pick up; we need to get inside and discuss our plans. We've got to act fast."

<More> "We need to find Ha'uran quickly, before anything happens to the Sandsea. I doubt a civil war will start like Zhoom has been thinking, but there's no denying the outcome won't be good."

(Sandsea Monsters): Sandshark, Golden Scarab, Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper

Name: SandCaster
Type: Undead
Description: This won't look undead. It's more of a spirit-like human. It looks like a mage-y Sandrunner, maybe like the Celtic Caster but with sandy colors. High HP and slightly better than average attack.

Reward Types
Boss Drops:
-SandCaster *NOTE* Please see 'Extras' below for more information.
-SandCaster Cowl
-SandCaster Cloak

Shop that unlocks after all quests are completed:
-Sand Guardian (Looks like the Guardian Armor, but dirtier. Also combined with a cloak/cloth added to armor)
-Sand Guardian Helm
-Sand Guardian Cape
-Sand Guardian Blade
-Staff of Sands (Pet) *NOTE* See 'Extras' below for more information.
Expensive gold items, all Non-Member except for the pet

Release Outline

//Player joins /sandstorm
//Player talks to Guardian Delmar

--Begin Cutscene--

Opening: <Player> runs up to Delmar.
Delmar- "Thank goodness you're here! The situation in Sandsea is getting worse."
*flashback onto a peaceful city in the sand, children run around playing, people building sandcastles*
Delmar- "Ha'uran. It was once a beautiful city, but I fear it is experiencing something horrible. No one has received word from its people in months. Some say it was a sandstorm."
*shows a violent sandstorm ravaging the city*
"Some say it was the SandCasters, a malevolent race of beings thought to have been killed off thousands of years ago. They can manipulate sand for their own benefit."
*shows a mysterious figure, observing the city as the sandstorm intensifies*
"...and some say it wasn't just a SandCaster, but the strongest, fastest and smartest of them all. The leader. His name has been lost to history, but parents still tell stories of him in a hushed whisper to convince their children to fall asleep."
*shows the figure's face, an empty void partially hidden by a cowl*
*fades back to the Hero and Delmar*
"That's what we could be up against."

//Player completes Guardian Delmar's storyline quests
//Player defeats the SandCaster

Ending: The SandCaster falls.
Delmar, holding a snowball- "We did it, <Player>!We defeated the SandCaster, and the Sandstorm is fading!
*shows sandstorm dying, losing intensity*
"However, this victory didn't come without a price. I fear Ha'uran has been lost to the desert."
*shows small signs of ruined civilization covered by sand*
"I think... I think I'll stay here, in the Sandsea, for a while. I knew people here, I had friends..."
*shows Delmar and the Player standing near the camp*
"I'm going to speak with Zhoom. The SandCasters will pay. I will make sure that they stay legends. Thank you for your help here, but it's time for you to go home."
*fades to black*

//End release


First Quest - Map Item
Sandy Bearings
We should be in the right area... I hope. My map might be a little off, though. You should scout ahead and look for signs of civilization.
1x Desert Scouted (Travel to Screen 5)
Oh, great! We're in the right place. Didn't doubt it for a second.

Second Quest - Drop
Detective Work
This is definitely the place, but where is everyone? What has happened? We need more information.
4x Clue Found (Dropped by Sandshark, Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper - Medium Chance)
Oh no... that's not possible! There haven't been any since... No! It's a SandCaster. We need to act.

Third Quest - Clicky
Sunny With a Chance of Sand
This sandstorm is getting unbearable, Hero. We need to place something to block the onslaught.
8x Umbrella Placed
Phew, I think I can see again!

Fourth Quest - Drop
A Snowball's Chance
The legends I've read all say that SandCasters are weak to only one thing: snow. If we're going to have any chance of emerging victorious, we need to weaken our enemy. Go get 12 snowballs from the Snow Golems in the Northlands.
12x Snowball
Ever had a snowball fight with a spirit? Yeah, me neither.

Fifth Quest - Drop
Pave the Way
There's no easy way to get to the SandCaster, Hero. We need to finish off the monsters out so we can attack him easily when the time comes.
24x Monster Defeated
Great! We're that much closer to the final battle.

Sixth Quest - Drop, Multi-Clicky
There's a Wall Between Us
Also known as a giant sand dune that's definitely NOT natural. We're going to have to dig that up, and get rid of any scarabs that come out.
1x Dune Cleared (Dig out the sand dune at Screen 5)
4x Scarabs Killed
Alright, we're ready to take on the SandCaster. Sharpen your blade, Hero. This won't be easy.

Final Quest - Boss Battle
Defeat the SandCaster
Hurry, Hero. I'll distract it with snowballs.... from way over here.
1x SandCaster Slain
It's over! Peace can now return to the Sandsea! Good job, Hero.
-Rewards: SandCaster's Staff

Special Quest 1 - Legend-Only - Drop
Desert Challenge
If you can make the desert a little safer, I'm sure Zhoom will reward you.
100x Sandy Enemy Defeated
Good job. I'll go talk to Zhoom.
-Rewards: You may recieve, at random - Evolved Justice Blade - http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/justice-blade , Sandsea rep

Special Quest 2 - Legend-Only - Drop
SandCaster Showdown
Show any other SandCasters in hiding that we mean business. If you can best this one, none of the others would dare mess with us.
10x SandCaster Bested -OR- 1x Ultra SandCaster Defeated (if an ultra version is made)
-Rewards: You may receive, at random - Evolved Justice Blade (At a slightly better drop chance), Sandsea rep

Note: These are just suggestions, beyond those above. They are mostly beyond the contest requirements, which is why they're down here.

SandCaster Class
This is an optional drop from the SandCaster boss. It can be changed to a SandCaster armor, or omitted.

Mana regen based on Mage regen model - http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/mage

Auto Attack: 90%, 2.0 Speed
Rank 1: Sand Rejuvenation- 10 Mana, 3 Second Cooldown
- Small to Moderate HoT for 5 seconds, doesn't stack. Also decreases opponent's damage for 5 seconds. Doesn't need to successfully hit to activate. (Can be used when stunned)
Rank 2: Splice- 0 Mana, 8 Second Cooldown, Consumes 15% of Total HP
- Hits opponent for moderate damage, recovers mana. 50% chance to stun target for 2 seconds.
Rank 3: Polished- 20 Mana, 6 Second Cooldown, Consumes 10% of Total HP
- Increases both Damage Resistance and Damage by 45%
Rank 5: Sandstorm- 50 Mana, 12 Second Cooldown, Consumes 20% of Total HP
- Extremely high damage to up to 4 opponents, applies Blind to everything (including players) in the room. Blind severely reduces accuracy for 5 seconds.

Rank 4: Sandy Boots and Sand Castle
- Increases Damage Resistance and haste by 10% each.
Rank 10: Sand Anarchy
- Your target's damage will be reduced to zero for 2 seconds. Chance on auto attack.

Staff of Sands (Pet)
As this would be a Legend-Only pet, I'd prefer if it gave the Legend-Only quests, instead of Guardian Delmar.

Sandsea Rep
Legend-Only quests giving Sandsea reputation
-Sandsea Rep takes a very long time to farm. Members should be given a harder yet more rewarding way of farming the rep. Also, the regular quests could give a bit of Sandsea rep. This would be a good reason to also require Sandsea rep in the release rewards shop.

Ultra SandCaster
High level, very high HP, high attack. Stats are close or equal to http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/colossal-primarch
Drops the same items as the SandCaster, plus whatever extra you decide to throw in.

Good luck to everyone!

End Release

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By mxtonandres http://aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=mxtonandres
(ex: 30+)
Release Date: May 16 2014

in 500
Too much time has passed, such an old story that is difficult to remember will be exposed and revenge will be released from the depths of Lake Nobu. An old orc has awakened from his meditation in the mountains once again felt the old threat approaching. You will definitely help stop a ghost from the past and defend the citizens of the Yokai Island. Even the protective spirits have ancestors, some not very good nor honorable to say but ambitious and insane. This May knows the history of the predecessor of Kitsune and discover why he betrayed his people because of his search for immortality.

Go to the top of Mount Kamiyu kumo and learn the way of the samurai, be prepared before it is full moon and you have to fight the fearsome yokai Fumetsu who has been a prisoner of a powerful seal that weakens every thousand years

Name of Map
Suggest a map name for your area. It should match the theme of the general area you want to set your release in. Choose from the following map locations:
• Yokai Island

Map name: Sutendomun
(ステンドムーン) means stained moon
The map is at night, an enormous moon is showing after you complete the third quest, environment focuses on the hills, the woods and a frozen lake

• Taro
Blademaster (Orc Samurai)
Good thing I found you here, hero. The time for us to face this horrific and evil threat has come, I’ll teach you the way of the samurai
• <More>
Fumetsu is very intelligent, he has the power of immortality and can change reality around him but only for a short time, time is running out and we need to start training as soon as possible

• Yokai monsters:
o NekoYasha
o Samurai Nopperabo
o Tanuki
o Tsukumo-Gami
o Funa-Yurei
o Neko Matta
o Skello Kitty

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:
• Beast
Fumetsu is an old blind white Inugami with black long hair, he is in possession of immortality and can change reality, which will use in battle to revive once you've defeated him and to cancel your hits/stuns you, he uses two katanas one long and the other short in each hand which can channel energy from nature and cut at cellular level (charges and hits a huge crit to one player).

Once you have defeated him once he will return with triple musculature, angry and showing his teeth, will be twice as fast and powerful but not using his powers to control reality nor his swords and with half HP (berzerk state)

Drawing: http://imgur.com/YjyZ4Lk

Reward Types
• Merge shop
• Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards

• 1 Armor:
Immortal clothes (free merge shop): a black kimono jacket, white short pants with a golden rope belt and a pair of huge Geta sandals /female version with a full pink kimono dress with floral decoration (both with fumetsu weapons, male tied at the waist and female showing from inside of the dress
• 2 Helms
A) Old Taro helm (Acs, shop that opens after completing all the quests): a black samurai helmet with a red hanya mask with orc teeth like taro’s and a white mane of hair falling from the back Description: Taro once used this helm when he arrived to Yokai, when you use it you can feel all the experience getting into your mind
B) Chinese Tiger morph (free from the merge shop): a face of a furious orange tiger Description: is said that tigers were powerful enough to defeat a dragon
• 2 Capes
A) Hakai (Acs free From Legend quest): A demon yokai ogre skeleton like spirit protector on your back, it has a sword and a gun on each hand, color custom
Description: You've made enough spiritual energy to summon your own yokai defender, use it wisely
B) Neko Matta’s tails (free merge shop): gold metal halo with light on the center and spears and arrows stuck in the back
• 3 Weapons
A) Evolved Taro Manslayer (Acs from the shop after completing all the quests): the handle is now black with gold and yellow glowing. A lot more electricity animation, it has 純情 (pure heart) written in the blade and a long rope on the handle
Description: This sword has seen more fights than any living being, boils with justice and has fought in over ten thousand fights.

B) Dual Nunchucks (Free from the merge shop): a nunchuck in each hand both light brown like wood (they spins when attacks)
Description: Nunchucks were used by Okinawan nobles, makes a good training weapon, since it allows the development of quicker hand movements and improves posture.

C) Cosmic Dragon Nagitana (Legend from the merge shop): A color custom nagitana with space seen on the blade and a dragon wound on the handle
Description: Says the legend that many years ago a warrior achievement tame an elder dragon, together traveled beyond the clouds, when the dragon died in battle, his scales were used to create the blade of this legendary weapon.

• 1 Pet
Sozoshi (Acs free from the merge shop):
A samurai armored dog spirit with a japanese scimitar on its mouth
Description: You've earned the trust of this spirit because of your combat prowess and now it will accompany you wherever you go.

Merge shop:
• Immortal Clothes
• Chinese Tiger Morph
• Neko Matta’s Tails
• Dual Nunchucks
• Cosmic Dragon Nagitana
• Sozoshi

Ac rare shop (after completing all quests):
• Old Taro Helm
• Evolved Taro’s Manslayer

From “Fight Ultra Fumetsu quest”:
• Hakai

Your Release Outline


// Player joins “Sutendomun”
// Player talks to “Taro Blademaster”

• Opening Cutscene: Taro is meditating in the mountains , He has a vision of a frozen lake being melted and Neko Matta falling into the lake , breaking the seal completely , the lake melts and a shadowy figure finding emerging
* Taro awakens from his trance and leaping down the mountains *
Taro meets the hero and asks him to help with a task that could define the fate of the entire world,
Taro begins to tell the story of the war fought long ago (He’s telling what happened long ago) along with his friend Inugami Fumetsu both in a war against undead defending the island, until Fumetsu finds a secret cave, opens it to find a spell in a headstone, Fumetsu gets as immortality and control of matter around him in exchange for his eyes. Fumetsu gets mad with power and begins to enslave humans and spirits of the island. Creates yokai O-Dokuro. Taro defeats him and sends O-Dokuro to the void, cuts Fumetsu with his sword and falls into the lake Nobu, which seals with a spell burying his sword in the ground around the lake as his sword breaks because of the enormous amount of spiritual energy.
Taro and promises to never fight for war again.
Taro explains that there is no time to lose, He must teach you to seal him again before it is full moon and the seal gets weakened.

• Closing/end Cutscene: You defeat Fumetsu for the second time and starts to rise again, Taro enters and gets in the way for an attack that was directed towards you, Fumetsu stop and remember what both lived together. Fumetsu kneels and regrets what he did, is prepared to stop the spell and become ashes, Taro stops him and tells him to live as the evil it has been cleaned, Fumetsu rises and thanks the hero have made him see the light after being for so long in the dark.


1 st Quest
Feline Curiosity (Drop)
A good warrior always needs some good reflexes and voracious when fighting someone fast attitude, speed becomes a key to victory. Bring me 15 Nekoyasha’s fangs to test your skills against these deadly felines
15 Nekoyasha’s fangs
Every second counts when your life is in danger, concentrate and slow down time when you feel the adrenaline pumping through your body combat

2nd Quest
One Finger (Drop)
The nopperabo posing as humans, can not stand them with armor and sword, we must oppose them out of the way and whatever the cost. Bring me 20 of their fingers to prove that you're done with most of these samurai attempts
20 Nopperabo’s fingers
now without them is more comfortable access to the lake, dont you think hero?

3rd Quest
A ghost in the water (Drop)
In my many travels around the world, I have found at sea many Funayureis, and have sunk many of my ships I’ve learned that they possess special monitoring for water, Defeat them and bring 30 water ghost souls to strengthen the seal for the lake
30 Funa-Yurei souls
These spectra owe me many boats; I hope the second seal is stronger if we want it to last another thousand years

4th Quest
Seal preparation (Clicky)
I have carved these seven Fu dog statues carved, go and place them around the lake for the spell to cover it completely, the spirits of these protective dogs are what keeps Fumetsu in the bottom of the lake
Place 7 Fu dog statues
Well, this will be sufficient to cover the entire perimeter.
5th Quest
Animal Madness (Drop)
Fumetsu is allergic to cats and hates Tanuki hair. Would be a shame if someone gets all feline material in the mount and put it right at the entrance of the Lake.
20 Neko Yasha’s hairs
7 Skello Kitty’s ribs
20 Tanuki’s tails
I hope this will of that old dog a good lesson about not messing with the freedom of the citizens of Yokai

6rd Quest
Feels like home (Drop)
Now we just have to find the vital energy that keeps the active seal, it is very difficult to find and almost reaches the time of the full moon, see if one of those Tskumo-gamis has a sufficiently powerful vital energy for our task.
Vital energy
I can feel it flowing. It is essential for the label and you definitely have a knack for getting the most powerful ones...
8th Quest
Find the blade’s shards (Multi-Clicky)
Only a hero of legend with a pure heart can face Fumetsu. My first sword was destroyed when using the seal and the pieces were scattered on the ground, dig around and find the pieces of the sword that I could not recover by then.
Dig and find 5 sword pieces
With the complete sword I will use the seal once more after Fumetsu slacken, it is our only chance or all will be lost
9th Quest
Two Tails (Drop) (Turns in automatically because of the events)
Neko Matta is behind this all every time I come to this island, that devilish cat never leaves me alone, must be stopped before it releases the destruction of these lands.
Neko Matta defeated

Release Events (Cutscene)
Neko Matta is defeated and falls into the frozen lake, serving as a sacrifice; it breaks the seal and releases Fumetsu. Fumetsu rises from the lake and laughs maniacally

Final Quest: Boss Battle
A Moment of Truth
This is it hero. I'm too old and you must go to the tip of the mountain to face Fumetsu and seal him once and for all, be very careful. May the winds blow in your favor! Show him what it means to have a pure heart!
Defeat Fumetsu
We made it hero, the taint in Fumetsu’s heart is finally gone, no need to see these lands suffer more.

Special Quest: Legend-only Quest
Fight Ultra Fumetsu
Fumetsu always available to train anytime, if you're a warrior worthy of renown
Ultra Fumetsu defeated
You fought very well for a mere human, please come back if you want more training.

End Release
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Lady Vetis

My release is quite long so I made a gdoc
Gdoc url:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jw8UoBY4wOOQ1vK7ciHaf-2u3A-6eLV8M0S1J-OI0OQ
If you will not accept that then here it is:
This was made by me Lady Vets and Marax Vabad.
Sister Savior
level range (14-48)
Release Date: Anytime


The hero enters a mossy, swamp town in the Neverglades that burns with a unholy black fire. Shadow swamp creatures walk the town searching for villagers hiding in alleyways and inside homes. The hero, after battling his/her way there, finds the chief of the village, Marax Vabad, battling the hoards of monsters with a simple battle axe. After doing a few quest for him he mentions that one person, or child that is, is unaccounted for. Hope seems bleak that after through countless home you are unable to locate her. When finally in the smallest basement style apartment you check you find a small child around age 8 curled in ball in a corner sobbing. After a good soothing she reveals that she is Premorel Vetis.

When asked why she did not escape with the other children. She responds that she does not deserve to live as she has caused all the chaos in the village. A flashback then shows how she was basically magically gifted and her sister Opal Vetis being very magically gifted. This gift attracted the intense necromantic activity of the Neverglades to the otherwise unknown town. Continuing in the flashback when see how the dark witches and wizards of the Neverglades attacked the town threatening to kill all that lives there unless Opal showed herself. She gives into their demands for the sake of the village and joins their evil sect. Unfortunately they trick her by first locking her memories of humanity deep within and second leave the monsters they created in the village.

Back in real time the hero agrees to help Premorel with saving her sister. After gathering supplies, they look to outside sources for help. Premorel suggests the pink necromantress Sally. From Sally the hero learns that the necromancers using Opal’s power are not on official business from her or anyone and that they are a rogue group of chaotic necromancers, bent on completing Sepulchure’s will to open the Plane of darkness but not for Gravelyn’s sake but for the “shadowy essence” for in the plane to create unstable weapons. Sally also tells the hero that since they did not stay long in Necro U they are weak and it must for the reason they need Seraphis.

To sum the rest up quickly, they invade they swamp base and find that the brain washed Seraphis now called Lady Vetis is giving all of her vital magical energy to the dark will. Once the hero and Sally and Premoral fight their way to the opening portal, they must fight Lady Vetis eventually freeing her. The story ends happily here. (^-^)

Map Location
The province in which the release with take place will be the Neverglades.
There will need to be to additional maps for the release itself:
The first one will comprise the village and the Serapis and Premorel’s house.
Map Name:/vetisvillage,or /necrovillage, or whatever you guys think because I’m terrible at name XD.
Appearance: It will look like an ordinary village with the typical lowly houses and shops. Before completion of the final quest there will be black fires scattered throughout the town. After completion of the final quest the fire will be gone and various villagers with swords can be found about the town.
The second one will comprise of the cave,ruins,or abandoned temple that the rouge necromancer group uses
Map Name: /necrorouge
Appearance: I allow artist freedom on this rendering. But it must contain the room for the Plane of Darkness portal.
Dark Elemental
Shadow Chaorrupted Wolf
Dark Witch (with male variant if possible)
Undead Berserker
Shadow Marsh Lurker
Shadow Chaorrupted Bear

The final boss as quote in the overview would be Lady Vetis:
Level: 48
Difficulty:4 stars
Total HP: 98,900
Summon: 23-48
Blast: 45-56
Slash: 30-90
Temporary Items Dropped:
Heart Freed (Dropped during the ‘Sister Savior’ quest)
Items Dropped:
Bouncing Skull pet
Bound Necrotic Heart staff
Bound Heart Staff
Basic Necromancers Robes
Treasure Chest

Summon attack cause the Portal to open widely for a small amount of time until 11,000 damage is dealt.
Deals DoT

Reward Types
Boss drops
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

NPC/Quest Giver
There are multiple main NPCs who change as the story progresses....
Marax Vabad
Troubled Village Chief
Hey you are you going to help us or are you going to stand there in /afk while the town burns! *sighs* I guess this is what we get for giving away that Vestis kid....Ummm..I mean being such a BEAST town. Yea! Anyway hit the shiny red quest button and let’s reclaim the village!
-What’s going On!
After we lost one of our more-special citizens. The witches have been tormenting the town with wave after wave of shadow beasts.We’ve tried to call for help, but with our limited supplies and minimal skills it’s been unsuccessful. So thankfully you’re here so let’s cut the chatter and pick up a questing platter.
Premorel Vetis
Orphaned Village Outcast
This is all my fault. If i only had been stronger I could have stopped those meanie necromancers from taking my sister. Hey (insert hero’s name here) can you help me? If we get my sister back sister back she can use her magic to kill all these big bad monsters. But I don’t where they have her,but i bet those monsters do!
Yea Opal Vetis my sister. She was very magically gifted in the village and i guess the witches noticed that. They threatened to destroy the town and take me away if Opal did not come with them. *whispers* if only I had been stronger....Then when she finally agreed to go with them they tricked her by sealing everything good in her body under a curse. The town now blames everything wrong now on her.
Pink Supreme Necromancer of Necro U
How dare those witches do this! Making the whole of the necrotic world look like a bunch of childs running around unorganized. In any case I’m not here to help some girl in need, or save the world or something else heros would say, but I am here to wreak my punishment upon those riff-raff witches and wizards. Now let’s move some undead units and close the the portal!
Hey! Did you not pay attention to my last beautiful cutscene, typical heros... alway rushing to the next quest. Well, if you did not catch it we need to close the portal to the plane of darkness before the rouge necromancers get to the shadow resources held within. With the resources they can create weapons of shadow- the most pure and unstable form of unholy magical weapons there is!

I will group the quest based on who is giving them out of the three NPCs mentioned
Marax Vabad
Die Big Bad Wolf!
One of our most major threats are these wolves, they stalked our streets attacking anyone and everyone in their way. Let’s lower their numbers so more citizens can come from hiding and reach safety!
Kill Seven Shadow Chaorrupted Wolves
Nice now were one step closer to a stable town.
Drop Quest
Made of Darkness
The elementals that are here are the the main ones to blame for all this putrid black fire. If we get enough samples for them maybe we can find a way to put out the fire.
Kill 9 Dark Elementals
Click on five black fires around the map.
So they’re mad of darkness,eh?
They Lurk in the Dark
Another reason we can’t get messages to the outside world is because of those darned Shadow Marsh Lurkers. Were desperately running low on supplies and need to trade so weaken their blockade.
Kill 5 Shadow Marsh Lurkers
Trade shall commence!
We Can’t BEAR This Anymore.
Now time for our most furious enemy!The bear...HEY, don't look at me like that he’s a very powerful bear! In any case deal with him.
Kill 1 Shadow Chaorrupted Bear
You will never ravage us again you horrible thing you.
Premorel’s Quests
Dreaded By All
The Dreadspiders in the area are known to have a very close relationship with the necromancers who took my sister. Let’s ask them where they are hiding
Kill 12 Dreadspiders
Thus ends the reign of the Dreaded Spiders...or was it Dreadspiders.
Potion Commotion
Before being captured Opal stored countless potions and elixirs in the storage shed of the village. We need to reach that stockpile, because we have a long battle ahead.
Completes once player goes through 3 rooms in which you have to kill all of the monsters in the room.
Great! All the health potions we could ever need.
Find the Other Children
There are other children just like me who still haven’t made it to safety yet. We have to find them. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt because of me.
Click on various children throughout the map
Great most of these are my friends. I would have hated to see something happen to them too.
The Dark WItches Know
There is one of the necromancers overseeing the monsters in the town. Take her down and maybe she’ll spill the beans on where Opal is.
Kill 1 Dark Witch
Urgh this hasn’t brought us any where near close enough to find out
Sally’s Quests
Let’s Bust Up This Place!
These Necros have overstayed their welcome in this temple,in my presence, even this world! Let’s show em who's boss.
Kill 15 Dark Witches
Excellent that seems to have put them in their place.
Uh oh looks like that last attack really got their attention now. Let’s take down their Undead minions they summoned.
Kill 10 Undead Berserkers
Ha! This is what they get for not staying with the Necro U program those were pathetic undead.
Close the Portal!
It looks we’ve really pushed them back. But now they are moving in for their final attack. Opening the Portal to the Plane of Darkness! We can’t let this happen. So we need to stop their only way of opening the portal-Opal Vetis. If it means killing her then do it!
Kill 1 Lady Vetis
Quest completes instantly
Legend Quest From Marax Vabad
Special Veggies (Daily)
It appears that we have located some special (yet gross) veggies that can be used to rebuild the town. Unfortunately they have captured by the surrounding monsters.YAY! I mean awww....Listen you get them back and we’ll give half of the money we make from it. Deal?
Kill any monster in map 20x
Rewards are a very high gold pay
Aww your back with the veggies....*cries* Now we can eat healthy again.

The first cutscene will take place as the hero enters the map for the first time and can be replayed at any time from NPC Marax Vabad.
*A zoomed out shot is shown of the the village*
*We then see Marax Vabad slicing at Shadow Chaorrupted Wolves that were chasing random villagers*
Hero:What’s going on here!
Marax: The village has been under attack for days by the witches in the swamps.
Hero: What could they possibly want with such a beat up town like this.
Marax: I just happen to be Chief of this”beat up town”.
*Sweat drops*
Hero: did i say beat what i meant to say was...
Marax: Save it! I just want to know if you have the bronze to beat some sense to your brains.
*hero /unsheath*
Hero: You Bet!
Marax : Well then what are we waiting on Santa Claws Go!
*marax turns head to group of cowering villagers*
Marax: Alright while (he/she) does that lets get started building the impenetrable safety out house.
*pulls out and looks at blueprint*
Marax: Made by Cysero himself
The next cutscene happens after the hero completes all of Marax’s quests
Marax:Great job (insert hero’s name here) now the town’s and whee bit safer.
Hero: Glad I could help.
Marax: Now you have two choices...
Marax: You can either hop on it the impenetrable out house fort with us
Marax: Or you look for one last citizen...
Hero: Who?
Marax: Premorel Vetis the sister to the very magically gifted-and now missing Opal Vetis.
Hero: And you left out there alone!
Marax: Hey! Were the Villagers and you're the hero it's your job not ours!
*runs off screen*
Marax: It’s your funeral.
*turns back to over stuffed out house*
Marax: Make some room, Make room!
*shows scene of shadow chaorrupted bear tipping over out house*
Marax: I told you people that bear is pure evil!
The next cutscene take place as the hero approaches Premorel
Hero: Hey, why aren't you with the other people?
Premorel: I don’t deserve safety..
Hero: Of course you do!
*tears swell in eyes*
Premorel: NO I DON’T not what i’ve done...
Premorel: My big sister Opal Vetis was a amazing mage.
Premorel: She was always healing someone,or entertaining the other kids when they got bored,but...
Premorel: One day a band of Dark Witches(and Wizards) appeared and began to rain black fire upon the village!
Premorel: They wanted my sister and threatened to destroy the town if she did not show herself soon.
Premorel:Unable to help I watched from the alley as Opal bravely confronted the Mages and surrendering to them.
Premorel:They said that all they needed her for was one small magical problem they had, and if she listened they would put out all of the fires and eventually return Opal to the town
Premorel: But they lied and sealed her heart under a curse.
*end of flashback*
Premorel: So hero please help me get back my sister!
Hero: Of course I’ll help just tell what you need me to do.
The next cutscene happens after completing all of Premorel’s quest, but takes place at the top of the Tower of Necromancy with Sally.
*eyeCOM flies in*
eyeCOM: Ms.Sally it has come to my attention via outside sources that a rogue group of necromancers are attempting a ploy the open the Plane of Darkness.
Sally: Rouge?
eyeCOM: Yes,rouge, and a tad chaotic if I may add.
Sally: Well what do they plan to do when the portal is open?
eyeCOM: Through the patented eyeCOM i-spy technology i have discovered that they intend to enter the Plane and remove its resources.
Sally: WHAT!?
eyeCOM: Yes. As we are all aware such actions will result in catastrophic occurrences.
Sally: Hey, maybe they’re on our side and just want to level up evil.
eyeCOM: My studies through the i-spy technologies indicate that they wish to do the complete opposite.
Sally:This is a disgrace to the Necro world, just like that dead man Sepulchure.
eyeCOM: Indeed. Furthermore it seems that the witches and wizards involved were in fact past students, but dropped out after learning of the Plane.
Sally: So how do they expect to open it with such little power?
eyeCOM: It seems they have come in contact with a very powerful mage one who they have cursed to work for them.
Sally: Hmmm...
Sally: How far is the hero along in this questline?
eyeCOM: The hero has been working with the mage’s younger sister.
eyeCOM:My suggestion to share your information with them as to gain their help.
Sally: Yes that is a wonderful plan!
Sally: Glad I thought of it myself.
eyeCOM: If I had another I would be looking cross right now.
Sally: And that’s why you don't
The next cutscene takes place after Sally’s first quest but its short
*Lady Vetis is seen using magical energy to fuel a rune that seems to be opening form the wall*
*She looks tired and is frowning as if the task requires great effort*
The final cutscene takes place after finishing Sally’s final quest.
*The Hero knocks down Lady Vetis*
*She gets up into a kneel*
Premorel: Sis! Stop this! If you don’t we might have to...
Hero:...have to kill her....
Sally: No we won’t!
*Sally smiles*
Sally: In all of this questing and what not I was able to get some Holy Water.
*The hero grabs the bottle*
Hero: Here it goes!
*Throws water*
Lady Vetis: Ahhh!!
Premorel: Yay! Sis your back!
Premorel: Opal I’m sorry for being so weak,and letting those meanies take you and..
Opal: Listen you are very strong, because you were even able to direct the hero, and sneak in to this place and survive the village disaster, so never say you are weak.
*Nods head happily*
Hero:This is a little cliche....
*Everyone in the room stares angrily at the hero*
Hero: Not that’s there is anything wrong with that.
Opal: Also Hero tell your King or Queen that they have our loyalty.
(Choice Response)
Good: Alteon will happily accept you as member to the elite Swordhaven Knights!
Evil: Gravelyn will be delighted to know that you are joining her dark forces.
Neutral:Well when I next see a king I’ll tell him.

Item Rewards
The armor will be an evolved version of the Arcanist’s Robes found in Yular’s Legendary Suggestion shop.
The image is kinda blurry (>.<) sorry, but basically the arcanist robes with vines and various vegetation growing through it.
There is a male version but it looks very similar to the female version.

The first helm is a basic female hair called Opal’s Hair:
The next helm is a traditional wizard/witch pointed cap with the same vine and vegetation for decoration from the armor.

Floating Plane of Darkness Rune
Basically it will be the rune that is on the wall in Lady Vetis’ bos room it opens the portal to the realm of darkness.
Sword of the the Dark:a dark sword from the plane of darkness
Bound Heart Book: a spell book that is used to seal Lady Vetis’ heart
Daggers of the Plane of Darkness: two swords of the dark
Bouncing Bounded Heart: Enough said (>u<)

Creation Team
This Release was created by two people:
Lady Vetis(Main)
Marax Vabad(advice and opinion)
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4/29/2014 19:38:17   

This release was created entirely by me. AQW name: Neilandio.
Aerongard on peril! Battle for order.

Level range: 20+
Release Date: May 16 2014

The story starts at the cloister, where the hero is battling the local monsters in an attempt to help Ewa (the local NPC). After defeating an acornet, Ewa shows herself in front of the hero and tells him he has proven himself a worthy warrior willing to fight for the balance of magic, and while the Cloister still needs protection, there is a place that is in desperate need for his help. Without time for the hero to react, Ewa opens a portal behind the hero that sucks him in. When the hero wakes up on the other side he is received by two druids, one of them is Maedoc (a bear clan member) and the other is Saen (a dove clan member**). While Saen is clearly not happy about the hero being there, Maedoc insists that desperate times require extreme measures. The hero is then quickly briefed about Aerongard, a safe haven for all living creatures (and thus filled with all kinds of monsters***) located in a pocket universe. The only beings not allowed here are those who the spell that keeps this place separated from Lore detects as peace breakers, and the hero, having slayed countless monsters, was not allowed. Recently chaos has been detected by the druids and it is spreading throughout the entire realm, causing the magic that keeps this place together to start failing. Maedoc will then send the hero in a series of quests to help bring Aerongard back to order. Through these quests the hero will find out more about the history of Aerongard, and how Drakath managed to get chaos inside an otherwise impenetrable place. During the final quest, the hero will find that the source of all energy in Aerongard comes from Ingerath, the original phoenix, who got chaorrupted. The hero slays it before it can spread the chaorruption (remember it’s the source for all energy here). But its death only causes 90% of the population of Aerongard to get chaorrupted. Maedoc then reveals himself as Iosiff, a trickster. He has used the hero to raise a chaotic army for Drakath to use. The hero would then proceed to capture and hold Iosiff, handing him to Saen for imprisonment. Saen tells the hero she is very worried, for the only safe haven from chaos is now overrun with chaotic creatures and Drakath has an enormous army of chaorrupted monsters. The hero tells her that while it’s true that things seem hopeless now, it is in times like this that people bring the best of themselves, this turn of events is another motivation to defeat Drakath. Drakaths minions lack a motivation like this, for Lore fights for peace and order. Saen acknowledges that now the only way to protect people from chaos and bring peace to the land once again is by defeating Drakath. She bids farewell to the hero and promises that every druid will now help in the fight against Drakath. End of release.

*I’m not counting these asterisks as part of the 500 word summary. Also note that there is more information (about Aerongard, Iosiff, Ingerath and druids) I didn’t manage to fit in this 500 word summary but can be found in the NPC text/quests/cutscenes described below.
**I hope you can create a unique look for her, but if it’s too much work for the artists, then just say she is an Elk clan member
***Seriously, there are lots of monsters here, LOTS of them, like more than you can possibly imagine.

Name of Map
Release is set in Arcangrove.
Map name suggestion: aerongard

Bear clan druid
This, hero, is Aerongard, a safe haven created to grant all beings a safe place to stay indefinitely, regardless of species or intelligence. The magic that holds this realm doesn’t allow for chaos or anyone who would cause peace to be broken to get through. Even then, there has recently been an outbreak of chaos and this place may no longer be the paradise it has always been.
<More> <Druids?>

Aerongard was created 3000 years ago. During said time, 8 elemental champions had amassed armies and were waging a war that almost destroyed Lore. Seeing nature devastated by war and the future of all life on the planet at risk, a group of 9 powerful druids reunited and casted a spell to create this realm in hopes of making a place untouched by the war. The spell came with a cost, though, and Hegeroth, the most powerful and wise among the druids, had to sacrifice himself as part of the ritual.
<More 2>

<More 2>
Seeing such selfless act, Ingerath, the original phoenix, mother to every other phoenix, helped the remaining druids by becoming the energy source of the spell they were casting, so that no other druid would need to die that day. She still resides inside the Mother tree you see in the back, which connects this pocket universe to Lore through her roots. The Cloister, where you came from, is just one of the many links this land has to your world.

We, druids are an ancient race who devote our lives to protect nature and all living creatures. We are divided in clans, which we choose when we reach maturity, at the age of 15. Each clan holds a philosophy of their own. My clan for example, is the bear clan and Saen’s the dove clan.
<Bear clan?>

<Bear clan?>
You have already met another member of my clan, sister Ewa, the keeper of the Cloister. We, the bear clan are protectors, guardians of everything we deem worthy of preserving. That’s why you will sometimes see me in Dragonrune Hall, I think knowledge is important to be preserved.
<Dove clan?>

<Dove clan?>
The Dove clan are the biggest pacifists out there, you will never see them harm anyone. They look up to Hegeroth’s sacrifice as the ultimate price to pay for peace and would willingly follow his example if the case required it. That’s why they are always inside of Aerongard, there is no more peaceful place to be.

Fire elemental, Living fire, Karasu, Merdraconian, Mana falcon, Mana imp, Chaos sprites

Boss Monster Type
Type: Undead
Name: Ingerath
Description: It looks like a giant bird with bones showing in different parts of its body and purple flames covering almost all of it. Take some creativity with it but try to make it look majestic and dangerous at the same time please.

Reward Types
A shop that opens after the release is complete and a couple of items that drop from the boss.

Item Rewards
• Cloak of Kujib
Description: A cape dark as night that once belonged to an elemental champion of darkness. Legend says it still contains his power.

• Armor of Geotes
Description: An obsidian armor once worn by an elemental champion of earth. Legend says it still contains his power

• Shield of Lakisf and Sword of Qliv (dual wield)
Description: A shield and sword that once belonged to the elemental champions of light and ice respectively. Legend says they still contain their power.

• Orb of Malesek****
Description: A magi orb that once belonged to an elemental champion of energy. Legend ay it still contains his power.

• Sword of Qliv
Description: An indestructible sword made of the clearest ice that once belonged to an elemental champion of ice. Legend says it still contains her power.

• Helm of Tyhfon
Description: A beautiful helm crafted from a giant black pearl that once belonged to an elemental champion of water. Legend says it still contains her power.

Boss drop
• Chaotic phoenix sword
Description: You have managed to cloak your sword in the eternal chaotic flames of Ingerath, I’m not sure how that will help but it certainly is impressive.

• Burning feather cape
Description: You have collected the burning chaotic feathers dropped by Ingerath and weaved them in a magnificent cape. Now you will never be cold again.

• Chaotic phoenix hood
Description: You have collected the burning chaotic feathers dropped by Ingerath and weaved them in a cozy hood. Works wonders if you lack hair.

****This is a pet.

Release Outline


// Player joins “aerongard”
// Opening cutscene plays
// Player talks to “Maedoc”
// Player does quests 1-10
// Ending cutscene plays after boss battle
// Legend only quest unlocks

Opening cutscene
The hero is battling an acornet in the cloister. After it is defeated Ewa appears.
Ewa: You have done well, hero. Thanks to you the cloister is a lot safer. You have proven you are a worthy warrior who fights for balance. And while the cloister still needs protection there is a place that is in desperate need of your help.
A portal appears behind the hero and he is sucked in. The hero awakes and finds Maedoc next to a dove clan druid, Saen.
Hero: Where am I?
Maedoc: You are awake hero, good. Welcome to Aerongard.
Hero: Aerongard?
Saen introduces the hero to the history of Aerongard. ******
Hero: If people like me are not allowed here, why am I here?
Maedoc explains that the druidsd from Aerongard have detected chaos inside the pocket-universe and this has weakened the barrier spell allowing him in.
Hero: If it’s about chaos I’m all in. Just let me sharpen my sword and I…
Saen threatens to send the hero to the middle of the sandsea if he hurts anyone. Saen leaves.
Maedoc: Come hero, there is much to do.
Closing cutscene
Hero defeats Ingerath. Maedoc praises the chaorrupted beast beauty because of its paradoxical nature. The hero is confused
Maedoc transforms into a chaos druid and introduces himself as Iosiff, a chaos knight.
Iosiff explains that every quest the hero took helped him in his plans (he got the 7 items of power that him near invincible, slayed the citizens to bring fear and anarchy, slayed the mana monsters and sprites to pollute the ley lines, and slayed Ingerath to create an outburst of energy that chaorrupted 90% of Aerongard). He finds it funny that the hero brought all this chaos while fighting in the name of order, but that is the nature of chaos in the end, contradictory, unpredictable.
Saen and the real Maedoc show up. Maedoc tackles Iosiff. Saen explains she had her doubts about Maedoc’s identity so had the 7 items of power replaced by copies and called the real Maedoc. Saen feels that everything is lost, hopeless. The hero explains that this turn of events has given them an edge over Drakath; they have nothing to lose and everything to win, for if Drakath wins they are lost anyways, and hopeless times can bring the best of people, Aerongard is evidence of that. Saen acknowledges Drakath as an enemy to peace and order and promises she and other druids will fight against him, for Ingerath, Aerongard and peace in general.

***** I couldn’t fit all the dialogue in 200 words so there are parts of dialogue and parts that were written in prose. I’ll leave the AQW writers the creativity to fill the gaps; I know they can do a better job than I could have done.
****** All the information about Aerongard can be found in the NPC text and the quests.

1st Quest (clicky)
A tracking spell
Aerongard is completely independent from Lore in many aspects. But we still have the same needs. For this realm to exist there needs to be a source of elemental magic, if there is no earth, where do we walk? If there is no water, what do we drink? The way we do that is by the use of elemental gems. You can find the eight gems that keep Aerongard from collapsing surrounding the mother tree. The recent Chaos influence on the magic of this place, though, has caused this stones to unbalance. Luckily, there is a way to balance them back again. I’ll tell you the details later, but for now know that 7 powerful bosses hold 7 items that once belonged to 7 elemental champions; you’ll need to bring me those items. But first we’ll need to track them. Gather these regents from plants and animals around and then come see me again.
5 Yellow rose petals
6 Forest Owl feathers
6 Granite stones

Yes, this will do fine.

2nd Quest (drop)
Items of power
These are the items you need to find:
The cloak of Kujib, champion of darkness, is capable of making the wearer look like a shadow. (Held by shadow dragon)
The armor of Geotes, champion of earth, which no sword can pierce. (Held by Crystalized Jellyfish)
The shield of Lakisf, champion of light, can blind your enemies in battle. (Held by Grand Inquisitor)
The orb of Malesek, champion of energy, is an incredible source of power. (Held by Energy Tornado)
The sword of Qliv, champion of ice, freezes the opponent even if it’s not a fatal blow. (Held by King Frost)
The helm of Tyhfon, champion of water, allows the wearer to breath underwater indeterminately. (Held by Nessie)
The necklace of Dagatta, champion of wind, makes you move like you didn’t weight anything. (Held by Gladius)
1 Cloak of Kujib
1 Armor of Geotes
1 Shield of Lakisf
1 Orb of Malesek
1 Sword of Qliv
1 Helm of Tyhfon
1 Necklace of Dagatta

3000 years ago 8 elemental champions brought war to Lore. During the final battle the eight champions annihilated one another, with no victor to claim the land. There was an unexpected result to said battle though. Eight items that the champions were wearing at the time absorbed their power. Each item is said to amplify the wearer’s elemental magic by 10000 times. Legend says that whoever comes into possession of all eight items will become invincible. What Legends don’t know is that one of these items, the Shurpu ring is… no longer available. You have managed to find all the other seven though and they will be put to good use.

3rd Quest (drop)
It’s a fiery world out there
Since we can’t use the Shurpu ring to power up the fire elemental gem we will need to find another way. The amulets that the Fire elementals wear contain a less powerful version of the stone. If we can gather enough of them, then this may help bring balance to fire. Please, get 20 fiery stones from fire elementals. They aren’t technically alive so don’t worry about hurting them.
20 fiery stones
Elemental gems create a distortion field around them where the element they represent becomes stronger over the others. This is what gives elementals the ability to keep their shape and is this power we harness to balance the forces of nature in Aerongard.

4th Quest (clicky)
The easiest quest
Okay,now just put the items near the elemental gems. Hopefully this will work.
1 Cloak of Kujib placed
1 Armor of Geotes placed
1 Shield of Lakisf placed
1 Orb of Malesek placed
1 Sword of Qliv placed
1 Helm of Tyhfon placed
1 Necklace of Dagatta placed
1 Fiery stones placed

It worked… well kinda.

5th Quest (drop)
Fight fire with… water, what else would you use?
There was an unexpected turn of events and a couple of living elementals have shown up. I hate to say this here, but we will have to take them down before they burn everything down.
10 Living fire extinguished
Good, now we need to find the source of this mess.

6th Quest (clicky)
Elemental, my dear Maedoc
Now we need to start working to find the culprit behind this, and most importantly to find how they broke through the barrier spell. Interrogate citizens of Aerongard and look for clues that could lead us to the culprit.
5 Citizen interrogated
3 Mirror item found

The spell that protects the land doesn’t allow for anyone who could break peace inside Aerongard through, that’s why you didn’t know about this place until now and it’s also how this place has managed to remain untouched by chaos. The fact is that if chaos succeds in overpowering our defenses then Aerongard will get sealed, trapping any chaotic creature or any bit of magic that was trying to come in the space between universes. The clues you have found have given us an important lead on knowing how chaos infected Aerongard, and how to prevent it in the future.

7th Quest (drop)
Law enforcer
The mirror realm items that you found seem to point to someone coming from the mirror realm. Here is my theory on what happened. Drakath chaorrupted someone in Lore to work as one of his Chaos Knights, he then sent the knight to Mirror Lore where Mirror Drakath would eventually send him back to our realm to correct the imbalance. Meanwhile our Drakath just had to make sure the mirror version of the chaos knight got inside of Aerongard, something statistically likely given the amount of beings living here.
But all theories aside, there is another business at hand we must attend. Recently the rumors of an outbreak of chaos have spread throught the inhabitants and panic has spread. Some of the inhabitants have even become hostile. Your job is to make sure to bring order to them, even if it means by force.
10 Merdraconian pacified
10 Karasu pacified

It’s a pity, but it needed to be done if we are to restore peace.

8th Quest (drop)
A necessary sacrifice
This is urgent hero! Some druids have found evidence that the ley lines from Aerongard are starting to get chaorrupted themselves! This ley lines all converge on the mother tree, where the source of all energy in Aerongard resides. The original phoenix, Ingerath, mother to all other phoenixes you have met, is the source of this power. With its never-ending cycle of life and death it is an infinite source of energy that allows this pocket universe’s magic to remain independent from Lore’s. If it’s true that the ley lines are getting chaorrupted then it will be a short time before the entirety of Aerongard succumbs to chaos.
There is something we can do, but it’s not pretty. The mana creatures living in Aerongard carry with them a little bit of untouched, pure energy in their cores. If we were to retrieve these cores we could use them to overflow the ley lines and, hopefully purge any chaorrupted energy from it. Like I said, it’s not pretty, but sometimes peace requires sacrifices.
15 Mana falcon core
15 Mana imp core

Pray to your gods for this to work hero…

9th Quest (drop)
Obey Your Chaos
To make matters worse, a bunch of chaos sprites have shown up. They pack an enerdy core to, but theirs is chaorrupted. Destroy them before they can spread their chaorruption further.
20 Chaos sprite destroyed
I got word from other druids in the mother tree; our worst fears have come to pass.

Final Quest: Boss Battle (drop)
Ingerath has succumbed. The ley lines chaorruption has reached the mother tree. She has become chaorrupted and soon, with her every living being on Aerongard. The best we can do right now is to put her down. At best when she is reborn she will be untouched by chaos. At worst we will give Aerongard time to evacuate. There is nothing else to do, at this rate everyone will be chaorrupted in mere hours. Make sure to make it swift, hero.
1 Ingerath down
(Quest should auto turn in and the closing cutscene plays after this.)

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest (drop)
You can’t cause more harm hero, but unluckily for us, Ingerath can. She has become quite the deadly vicious creature and is more powerful than ever. Put her down again, this time you will truly be helping us.
1 Ultra-Ingerath down
Since she is immortal we will need the help of lots of heroes like you to keep her in check.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 392
4/29/2014 19:59:26   
Prince of house

My apologies if I posted this wrong, this is the first time using the forums. Anyways this is my release if all of you want to take a look at it. Feedback through PM please :3

Deep Water Cave
Level Range for Release (25+)
Release Date: May 16 2014

Designed by Prince of house
Email: Montagbryan@gmail.com


Mystery has fallen over Yokai Island. Rumors have spread about a underwater cave and the being that dwells there is taking travelers to its depths. Lore has called upon you, Hero, to search this cave get to the bottom of it!

To do this, you will need the help of Daisuke, Captain of the Akiba Guard, who was one of the first responders to this crisis. He is the most knowledgeable one in Lore about this cave for he is the only one to make it back out alive. With his help, meaning he will give you the clues and send you off to defeat the dwellings below, you, Hero, can stop this cave from taking more innocent lives.

Name of Map

Theme Area: Yokai
Map name: Yokaibeach


Daisuke - Captain of the Guard
Survivor of the Cave
First Menu: Welcome back to Akiba, Hero. It is with deep sorrow that we have to call upon you again for our assistance. Ai No Miko has request you specifically for this cause. It is very important. (Buttons: Assistance (More)?, Quests, Merge Shop.)

Assistance/More Menu : There has been sightings of a underwater cave near these beaches. People have been sucked into this cave and haven't been seen since. I should know...I was one of them. There are horrible things down there... (Button: You were down there?)

You were down there/More2 Menu: Yes I was. I survived by beating my captor and swimming away. There's more down there and it will not be easy beating them, they are stronger than anything you have faced here on this island. Come, we must fulfill the princess' wish! (Button: Back)


Monsters: Marsh Lurker, Kappa Ninja, Shark Bait, Anglerfish, Merdraconian, Water Elemental.

Boss Monster Type

Boss Type: Dragonkin
Description: An underwater dragon serpent

Reward Types

• Merge Shop <Opened After Storyline Is Completed>

Item Rewards


• 1 Armor:

Name: Water Pulsing armor.
Design: A form fitted costume that is like a gray wetsuit with blue pulses along the arms and legs.
Cost: 50 Merge Tokens

• 2 Helms:

Name: Male Blue Dyed Hair
Design: A wet looking hairstyle that has the tips dyed blue.
Cost: 25 Merge Tokens
Name: Female Blue Dyed Hair
Design: A wet looking hairstyle that has the tips dyed blue.
Cost: 25 Merge Tokens

• 1 Cape(s):

Name: RainCloud
Design: A floating raincloud
Cost: 30 Merge Tokens

• 3 Weapons:

Name: Water Draconian Blade
Cost: 15 Merge Tokens
Name: Shark Bait's Sword
Cost: 15 Merge Tokens

Name: Blue Blade
Design: (Default Sword with a blue blade and blue pommel)
Cost: 50 Merge Tokens

• 1 Pet: <Legend Only>

Name: Water Droplet
Design: A small water droplet
Cost: 100 Merge Tokens

Joining the Area:

// Player joins “AkibaBeach”
// Player talks to “Daisuke, Clicks Akiba Beach"
// Player clicks "Button on Game Menu"


Opening Cutscene: The Hero is laying next a tree in GreenGuard when a carrier bird delivers a note. The note says: Please come to the beaches of Akiba at once, Signed by Ai No Miko. The Hero finds Daisuke looking on to the beach. <End Cutscene>

End Cutscene: The Hero defeats the Draconian Serpent and frees the captives being held there. They reach the surface when Daisuke gives you a letter of thanks from the princess. The Hero nods and walks into the sunset. <End Cutscene>


1st Quest:
Arrival (Clicky Quest)
We need to figure out what is going on here. See if you can find clues floating on the water and other things among the driftwood.
1 Floating Paper
1 Backpack
Thank you, these will be able to help us who was here and who was lost in these waters.
Reward: 200Gold, 200XP

2nd Quest
Into the Water (Map Item Quest)
Now it is time to dwell where the dwellers live. Scout the area and see what you are up against.
Scout the Area <Boss Room Excluded>
Many water creatures about eh? Well you should be able to defeat them.
Reward: 300Gold,300XP

3rd Quest
Fight the beings of the Deep (Drop Quest)
Defeat the monsters living there. Some may be hiding or resting, so more may follow their companions disappearance.
Marsh Lurker Defeated
Kappa Ninja Defeated
Shark Bait Defeated
Anglerfish Defeated
Merdraconian Defeated
Water Elemental Defeated
Good work. There will be more to come, but for now we can reach the boss in peace.
Reward: 1000Gold, 500XP

4th Quest
Scout the Boss' Room (Map Item Quest)
See what we are up against, we need to see if we can defeat it.
Find the Boss <Player Enters Boss Room>
Wait the survivors are down there? We need to rescue them!
Reward: 1000Gold, 1000XP

5th Quest (Drop and Clicky Quest)
Defeat the Boss, Save the Survivors
We must save those survivors. Defeat that boss in order to free them from the cage.
Boss Defeated
Cage Unlocked (Must defeat boss to open)
<End Cutscene Plays>
Reward: 2000Gold, 2000XP, 1 Merge Token

Merge Quest (Must finish Storyline before available)
Riptide (Drop Quest)
There are still some monsters down there. Defeat them and earn a prize!
10 Monsters Defeated
Here you go, a Merge Token.
Reward: 1 Merge Token

Legend Merge Quest (Must finish Storyline before available)
Defender of the Beach (Drop Quest)
You look strong enough. Fight the monsters in the cave to earn a bigger reward!
10 Monsters Defeated
Nicely done, here is your reward.
Reward: 2 Merge Tokens

Legend Merge Quest 2 (Must finish Storyline before available)
Boss Hunter (Drop Quest)
There are more of those things that were keeping the survivors hostage. Defeat another to earn an even bigger reward!
Boss Defeated <Legend>
Good work, here is an even bigger reward for your actions
Reward: 5 Merge Tokens

End Release
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4/29/2014 20:10:31   

My username name is: Strongwiper
In aqw, and my battle forum name is: strongwiper
I worked alone in creating this release idea

The Sinking of Sandsea
The land of Sandsea is mysteriously caving into the ground slowly. All of Sandsea’s wildlife is running loose, frightened from the submerging grounds, and the citizens are panic-stricken, afraid that they’ll be engulfed by the sands. You must test out theories to figure out what is causing the descending of the land, why it is happening, and what you can do to restore balance in SandSea again.
You’ll need to team up with Maya to test out some of her theories to why the sands are sinking. After you and she have figured out the source of the issue, you will try preventing further decrease of the sinking sands, and you will venture below the sands to uncover the real culprit behind all of the madness.
You must hurry before it is too late. Sandsea is counting on YOU to bring peace back into their lands.

Name of Map: Sunken
(from SandSea)

NPC: Maya
Battleon's LoreMaster

<Main Text> I came here as quickly as possible after I heard about the sinking sands. The citizens of SandSea have claimed that they do not know the source of the problem, and that this is their first encounter of the sands sinking.
Please hero, you must help me solve this tragic event before ALL of Sandsea drowns into the sand’s darkness!

<More2> Every citizen in Sandsea are all in a panic, so we’ll have to find the solution our selves. To do so, I’ve came up with a few theories to why the sands are acting this way. With your help, we can conduct these experiments, and hopefully we will find the cause of this problem- but we’ve GOT to hurry! With all of Sandsea’s life getting worked up, it’ll be a difficult task.

Buper Camels
Cactus Creepers
Lotus Spiders
Tomb Robber
Anubis Deathguard
Kalestri Worshipper

<Boss monster Type>
Sand Witch
(The boss should look similar to the dark witch, but instead of wearing all black, her outfit should be sand based)

Rewards <Boss Drops>

1 armor (It should be a 1% drop rate) "Sand Witch armor" whatever the Boss looks like, there should be an armor looking like her's, but because it will be the same exact replica, it should be a very low drop. Also meaning that if the dark witch's original armor only appears to be female looking, the sand witch armor should have the same concept
2 helms
1st helm Should be a hair style of when the sand witch turns into a Loremaster, whatever her hair looks like at that point, will be the helm
2nd helm Should be a "sand version" of the dark witch's Helm
1 cape It should look like a gust of sand swirling from behind
2 Weapons
1st weapon Should be a "sand version" staff of the dark witch's staff
2nd weapon Should be just an hourglass.
1 pet should look like Nel the Librarian, but has sand all over him.

//Player joins Sunken
//player talks to Maya

Beginning Cutscene
In the beginning, it will show SandSea being all normal and peaceful. The hero should be petting a camel. But then, suddenly the ground starts to shake. The buildings begin to wobble, sand starts filling up at the sides, (indicating that the ground is sinking), and the citizens will go berserk. That also includes the wild life of Sandsea. The camel that the hero was petting earlier will spit on him/her. Because of that, the hero will be disgusted and just right at that moment, Maya, battleon’s loremaster will appear saying, “You were here at the right time hero! SandSea is sinking!” The hero will act all confused, and so Maya will further explain that if the hero doesn’t help her figure out what is going on, SandSea will be lost forever. The hero will then accept the task of helping her.

Ending Cutscene
When the Hero has defeated the witch, the hero will stand before her, while she is down on the ground, and the hero will scold her, asking why she is causing the sand to decrease. The witch will then explain that she does not like the environment, and that she was going to wipe out all of the desert to turn it into a marsh because she thinks that there would be more life there. Maya well then explain to her that the desert is home to many wild lives there, and without the desert, it would cause a huge impact on lore. The witch then apologizes, and talks more to Maya about environmental issues because she is interested in it. And then in the end, the witch turns into a loremaster in training. THE END!

Quest #1 “Slowing down the Process.” : I’ve already talked to Warlic about this, and he had said that there’s something in the sand that’s protecting it from spells. Even though we can’t use magic to get to the root of this issue, we can still use magic to buy us some time. To create this delaying scroll, we’ll need to borrow them from the SandSea’s monsters. Would you mind fetching the ingredients from them? They will all be found on Kalestri Worshippers, mummies, Anubis deathguards, Lotus spiders, and buper Camels.
(Kills monsters quest)
-6 sheets of papyrus (mummies)
-4 fingernails (kalestri worshipper)
-magic essence (Anubis Deathguard)
-2 lotus tears (Lotus Spider)
- camel spit (Buper camel)
Excellent! I will now assemble the ingredients together to make the scroll. This process will not take long.

Quest #2 “Posting Poles”: Alright, I’ve banded all of the ingredients together, just how the book said to. Now, all you have to do is place them onto 8 poles. They will automatically activate after you have placed them .
(Place Items)
-8 scrolls posted onto poles.
Thank you hero! This will allow more time for us to work on the case.

Quest #3 “Population Decrease”: I’ve checked into the book of lore, and I have noticed a huge increase in population. I have a feeling that the sand is sinking because of the weight of the population, causing it to crumble further into the ground. You’ll need to gather up a few of Sandsea’s wild life, and transport them somewhere else in the desert. Hopefully the other animals will migrate with them and loosen up the weight.
(Kills monsters)
-3 bupers camel
-4 cactus creepers
-2 sandsharks
A very well done job! Maybe this is working after all!

Quest #4 “Tomb Robber help”: Unfortunately, that experiment did not come out looking too good. The weight did not affect the sand at all, and the animals have returned to their habitat. I do, however, have another theory! According to the book of lore, it is said that the wind gusts have been pretty strong lately. Of course, we can’t just place a huge mat over Sandsea, and hope for the sand to not float away. Although, we can weigh it down by water. Because you will need to wet the whole entire surface of Sandsea, do not hesitate in asking the tomb robbers for help. And most importantly, do not hesitate in being rough with them if they turn down the offer. Just tell them it’s for a good cause!
-Convince 6 tomb robbers to wet the sands for you (tomb raiders)
(Kill monsters quest)
Who knew they could be so helpful? I am very pleased with their work. Thank you hero.

Quest #5 “Run for your mummy!”: While you and the tomb robbers were watering the sand, I have evacuated many of Sandsea’s citizens. But the mummies are still wandering around. I agree that they can be a bit of an inconvenience sometimes, but we still have to protect them. I’ve tried many ways in getting them to leave, however, it isn’t working. If they will not listen to my lies, then they will surely listen to your threats. Take it to the extremes if you have to!
-threaten 8 mummies (mummies)
(Kill monsters)

Quest #6 “One last chance.”: How horrible! The scrolls have worn off, and the sands are caving into the ground quicker than ever! Hero, I’ll need you to search the whole entire place again, check behind bushes, trees, buildings- ANYWHERE.
-Click 3 bushes
-Click 5 trees (A sinkhole should be hidden behind one of the trees)
-Click 1 building
What a discovery hero! But this sinkhole’s structure could not have been made from mother nature…

Quest #7 “Beating up more baddies”: I have a feeling that one of the Tomb Robbers knows how this sinkhole has ended up here. Who else could have done the job so neatly? There is no way it was made naturally. If you can get a word from one of the tomb robbers about this, it would be very much appreciated.
-Beat up tomb robbers until quest item (confession) drops.
Congratulations hero! Sounds like the sand witch is behind all of this!

Quest #8 Final boss battle quest “Defeat the Sand Witch”: It is a relief to know who the villain behind this scheme is, but it is a disappointment that we don’t know why she is doing this. Hero, you’ll need to travel deep into the sinkhole and end her plans. Whatever she is up to, it is affecting the sand’s of Sandsea majorly. Good luck, she was said to be very dangerous.
-Defeat the Sand Witch
(Kill Boss)
*Ending cutscene*

Legend only Quest
Quest#1 "Cleaning up after that witch": You cannot really blame her for trying to wipe out SandSea, but you can blame her for making you clean up after this mess! If you straighten out all of SandSea's buildings, you will be handsomely rewarded for your kindness.
-Click on buildings multiple times
SandSea looks better than ever! Thank you for taking your time in cleaning it!

Quest#2 "Rob the Tomb Robbers": People are now complaining about their belongings being stolen, and I know exactly who took them. While you ventured down into the sinkhole, the Tomb Robbers probably have gone into people's homes and stole their goods. Defeat 12 tomb robbers and retrieve their items back!
-Defeat 12 tomb robbers
(Kill monsters)
You did a spectacular job of getting the items back unharmed! The citizens are grateful for your presence.

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AQW username: Mihai93
Release area theme: Battleoff
Name: Chaos before chaos...
Map name: chaoschaos
Area level range: 30+


The silence before the storm! ... That's the perfect description that fits the situation. Chaos energy infests the fabric of the very existence day by day. These events are causing some changes in all realms. The misteriously Universal Egg, the hero's equivalent in the Mirror Realms is emanating a strange, but powerfull energy that's attracting monsters of all kinds. Also, this energy is strong enough to let anyone ... and anything ... to travel between dimensions, causing a a multitude of imbalances between realities. It's the hero's duty to resolve this problem!


Evil Moglin
Chaos Gemrald
Chaos Gorillaphant
Chaos-Saw Sneevil
Chaorruption (with the same HP like the one in the wiki, or less)

Mirror Drakath (Champion of Order)

Text ("more")
"It's good to see you again, Hero! BUT not in these conditions. Something, or SOMEONE is causing all this Chaos. It could be a result of my mirror equivalent's handiwork. There's no time to discuss this now. We must resolve this problem as soon as possible."

Boss monster:

Chaos Feeder (Beast-type monster)

Description: Looks similar to Fear Feeder, but instead of the green ghoul, it has a Chaos Gemrald in his stomach.


1) "Investigate"

Description: "Search the area for any piece information regarding this situation."
Quest item: "Area investigated!"
Rewards: 100 gold, 100 exp

"Good. Now tell me what you've got."

2) "Secure-egg-ty"
Description: "The situation is as dreadful as I've imagined! It seems these monsters are attracted by the energy emanated from the Universal Egg. We must first secure the Egg! Defeat 7 Evil Moglins, and 7 Chaos Gemralds.
Reward: 500 exp, 500 gold

3) " Defend!"
Description: "It seems like the enemy forces are getting stronger and stronger. Defeat 13 of each monster while I'll try to find a way to stop this mayhem."
Quest item(s):
Evil Moglin defeated x 13
Chaos Gemrald defeated x 13
Chaos Gorillaphant defeated x 13
Chaos-Saw Sneevil defeated x 13
Reward: 700 exp, 700 gold

"It seems that the chaos energy in the fabric of time somehow connected to the egg and as of result of that the egg is fighting the intruding element. I'll try to cut this connection. "

4) "Chaorruption"
Description: "These odd creatures are trying to stop me from cutting the connection between chaos and the Universal Egg. Please take care of them while I'm dealing with this situation."
Quest item(s):
Chaorruption defetead x 12

"It has been done."

5) This mayhem attracted a Feeder. Feeders are creatures that feed on different types of energy. This one seems quite powerfull and it should be defeated as soon as possible!"
Quest item: Chaos Feeder defeated!
Reward: 2500 gold, 2500 exp



Opening: Short review about chaos events, chaos energy and how it affect the realities. The egg is starting to burst unstable, strong and sometimes subtle energy around it. Mirror Drakath sees the event and the consequences and then goes to fiind the hero on his Lore.
Ending: Chaos Feeder receives the final blow from the hero. Right after that, Chaos Feeder explodes and releases a huge amount of energy that returns everything to normal. Mirror Drakath then says "Well done, Hero..." ending the story of this release.


Evolved Blade of Ashes - Evolved Phoenix Blade with the colors of Blade of Ashes.
Defender of Egg-gus armor, helm, cape - "You didn't think an egg would cause this much trouble. But it does."

End Release
DF AQW  Post #: 395
4/29/2014 20:16:52   

Darkness’s Reign
Levels 15-25
Release Date: May 16 2014

The release title is Darkness’s Reign

The power of the dark slayer vatrox is destroying all of lore you MUST stop him hero, for he has darkened most of lore he WILL do the same to the remaining bits of lore if YOU do not stop him and FAST all of our fates will be but one huge darkened world of despair and regret and all of the bad things a great evil is here and that EXTREMELY dark powerful evil is vaxtrox and we MUST stop him or the land of lore will be DOOMED for ETERNITY now you don’t want that do you the evil dark slayer vatrox will darken EVERYTHING unless YOU stop him the dark slayer
Name of Map
● The map name will be darkened so just type /join darkened and you’ll be there(in argangrove)

NPCNPC Name and title will be Warriorman12000
● Main text; ~4 sentences long will be (oh thank the gods you are here hero we were so worried that we would all perish before you came now you need to help us put an end to this darkness forever
● “More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long will be (you will need a lot of help with this adventure young hero or you will perish then we will and there would be eternal darkness where lore should be
● Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map with monsters that are: Darkened Spitter, Darkened Gorrilaphant darkened sprites (that is all)
● Arcangrove monsters:
○ Seed Spitter, Gorillaphant, Chaos Sprites, Acornet, Karasu, Swamp Frgodrake, Swamp Lurker, Anglerfish, Merdraconian, Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind), Scoria Serpent, Living Fire, Volcanic Maggot, Mana Imp, Mana Falcon
● Sandsea monsters:
○ Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper, Horc Sell-Sword, SandShark, Tomb Robber, Anubis DeathGuard, Golden Scarab, Mummy, Kalestri Hound, Kalestri Worshiper, Lotus Spider
● Lolosia monsters:
○ Fishman Soldier, Fishwing, Shark Bait, Undead Pirate (you can add other monsters to Lolosia from anywhere in the game!)
● Yokai monsters:
○ Kappa Ninja, Absolute Zero, NekoYasha, NOTruto, Pockey Chew, Ryoku, Spork-ion, Ninja Nopperabo, Samuari Nopperabo, Tanuki, Tsukumo-Gami, Funa-Yurei, Neko Matta, Skello Kitty
● Mirror Realm monsters:
○ Evil Moglin (you can add other monsters to the Mirror Realm from anywhere in the game!)
● Neverglades monsters:
○ Chaorrupted Bear, Chaorrupted Wolf, Guru Chest, Leatherwing, Trobble, Dark Witch, Dreadspider, Marsh Lurker, Marsh Tree, Spider, Dark Elemental, Undead Berserker

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories: it will be an elemental boss with the element of darkness at his command……….VATROX DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it to be easy for even level 20s okay so let us make it a 2 star level 20 boss with 20,000 HP I don’t care what he looks like

*Note: if you want, you add a description to your Boss (what he looks like) and we’ll try our best to make it…without breaking the game engine lol!

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want: after completing AC shop please I would like the items in the shop to be classes of my design okay so the 1st one is going to be like this: WARNING mods may think these are too powerful-_-just think about the chronochoruptor you were the ones who made it really it wstar level 20 boss withas awesome except I never had gotten it:C frowny face I heard it could crit for 1 milllion damage ( dwakel class:
”dwakel’s revenge” skill 1: 5 mana 0 sec cooldown description how much damage you have ever received as if you had always had 0% damage resist times two is how much damage you’ll deal instantly OMG right 2nd skill “dwakel blast” 3 sec cooldown 15 mana two times what damage you’ve ever dealt with the first skill will be how much you will deal instantly plus it will be on three targets and there will be a 10 second
3rd skill “inner intellect” 200% also heals 1,000 hit points instantly effects last 20 seconds mana 5 sec cooldown boosts damage resist by 400% and damage output by 200%> do whatever you like with the rank 4 passives I don’t care
I couldn’t fit everything in one page sorry but here is the rank 5 skill “techno power” 3 sec cooldown 20 mana effects last 30 seconds makes all enemies in the same map as you damage themselves for DOUBLE damage) cool huh I predesigned two more I’ll put them on here now but before that happens I need to tell you guys something I’m not in this to get anything for me well the classes but I mostly just want others to feel the EPIC power of them all of the players deserve it PLUS think about how much you guys can profit from them if they were to be 500 ACs each since I’m making three it’d be 1,500 ACs total but just 500 would be out of their AC range so they would either have to be lucky and patient by doing the ballyhoo free ACs thing and get 5 every day for 60 days (I know a faster way) in a row then they would have it but most people wouldn’t get them every day plus they’re not NEAR that patient everyone wants great and powerful classes right YES the answer is YES OMG if these guys knew how powerful they were to be if created they would INSTANTLY buy ACs and get them then and there BABAM oh yeah…sorry about my weirdness I’m autistic but I’m rather kind and intelligent okay back to business
The 2nd class would be the “chaotic slayer” 1st skill makes “chaos’s power” 15 mana 15 sec cooldown all heals on all enemies damage them for the damage equivalent to what it would heal for also increases your own damage output by 400% and damage resist by 50% for 20 seconds 2nd skill “chaotic strike” 10 mana 10 sec cooldown deals 2,000% damage instantly and quadruples all damage output for 20 sec 3rd skill “Drakath’s gift” 10 mana 20 sec cooldown increase damage output by 400% and heal for damage done over 40 seconds 4th skill (rank 5 ability) makes all enemies damage themselves and each other for ten times their damage (1,000% damage) over 20 seconds okay last class the “ancient warrior” 1st skill “ancient strike” 3 sec cooldown 2 mana strike with 1,000% damage and all crits on you heal you for 100% of the damage it would do normally 2nd skill “3 x 3 strike” 3 mana 2 sec cooldown crit for 2,000% damage on 3 targets and leave them stunned for 10 sec each 3rd skill “ancient nuke” 3 sec cooldown 3 mana blast 5 of your foes for a massive 20,000% damage while stunning them all for 20 seconds 5th skill “ancient power” 15 mana 2 sec cooldown deal 100,000% damage and on 6 targets (never misses and cannot be dodged) rank 10 passive “an ancients wisdom” every 10 skills you use you’ll deal an additional 1 million damage and stun the target for 2 minutes any passives I left out I want you guys to do I mean you moderators you’re all AWESOME but especially artix (adam bon)
Monster drops
● Boss drops
● Merge shop
● Shop that unlocks after completing all quests(AC shop)

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
● 1 Armor
● 1-2 Helms
● 1-2 Capes
● 1-3 Weapons
● 1 Pet
*Bonus points if you pick items already in game** and describe “evolved” versions of them!
** Excludes: Dage & Nulgath items; all Rare items; and all special items obtained from HeroMart, gaming conventions, and contest rewards

Quest Legend: (when writing the quest outline please indicate what type of quest you are thinking of)
Drop: Signifies the player gets the quest item from beating monsters.
Map Item: Item awarded from map based on entering a frame in the Map or Area
Clicky: A type of map item that the player simply clicks on around the map to get the item
Multi-Clicky: Like the clicky but requires several clicks before getting item: Digging a hole 1 click at a time.
Start Release Events: (Cutscenes and Gameplay, chronologically)
Your Release Outline
RELEASE TIMELINE: the 8th of May until the 29th of May enough time for people to figure out how powerful they are and to get them but not so much that they won’t get them shortly after they do
VERY shortly after

// Player joins “darkened”
// Player talks to “warriorman12000: The ancient warrior”

● 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your opening cutscene.
● 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your closing/end cutscene.
* We reserve the right to change requests based on time/feasibility.

It wouldn't be AdventureQuest Worlds without Quests! You need AT LEAST 5 storyline quests, and may write up to 10 quests for your release. Additionally, you may create at least 2 Legend-only quests.
● All Quests need to have:
○ Title
○ Text describing what should happen during the quest
■ Kill monsters,
■ Pick up items,
■ and/or Place items
○ Number Amount and Name(s) of quest turn-in Item(s)
○ End Text after completing the Quest

1st Quest
Quest Title Distinguishing Darkness
Describe what you want to happen on the quest. Kill 8 darkened monsters then bring me their heads as proof.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s) darkened head x8
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest. Thank you hero you have partially purified our beloved lore.

2nd Quest
Quest Title “Bringing Back The Light”
Describe what you want to happen on the quest.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s)
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest.

3rd Quest
Quest Title partial purification
Describe what you want to happen on the quest. Kill any of the darkened monsters and bring me the essence of their darkness
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s) 20 dark essence
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest. Oh thank you hero your power truly is the greatest of all powers and your heart is filled with kindness to make it better. Rewards: 40,000 EXP and 40,000 gold (you can do this again)
More and More Quests go here…. (up to 10)
and then….

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Quest Title ending darkness’s reign
Describe what you want to happen on the quest. Go now, defeat the dark slayer Vatrox
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s) Vatrox’s head x1
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest.
Describe what you want to happen on the quest.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s)

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Quest Title Defeating darkness
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest.
Quest Title darkness’s failure
Describe what you want to happen on the quest. Make darkness fail
make them suffer kill any darkened thing you see
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s) 20 darkened
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest.

END RELEASE: The world is saved once more hero , and all thanks to you , you truly are the greatest hero out there.

Special Quest 2

Credit to:warriorman12000
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Elemental Lords’ Plot
Level Range(30+)
Release Date: May 16 2014
Many centuries ago, there was only one elemental plane. The rulers of the elemental plane realized that the power in their realm must be balanced, so they crafted the mythical sword “Realmtear”. The elemental lords used the sword’s power to divide the elemental planes into eight equal and opposite parts: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth,Darkness, Energy, Light, and Wind. As the years passed, new champions of the elemental planes fought for power over the other realms. The sword was lost in time, but it did its job and to this day the realms have remained separate and equal.
It has come to the attention of some of the mages in Lore that two of the elemental lords have found a way to once again merge the elemental planes. They are attempting to retrieve the mirror version of the sword named “Voidgrasp”, and use it on the realms to reverse the effect of “Realmtear” . You must venture into the Mirror Realm after them and stop them before they can find the blade.If they acquired “Voidgrasp” and took it,The elements would be imbalanced from what they have become. The fate of Lore rests on your shoulders, Hero…

Name of Map
Mirror Realm: mirrorelemental Looks like battleoff but with magma shadows smoke and fire everywhere



Im relieved that you could make it in time to help Hero, lt is very important that we stop this elemental disturbance. It seems that the two Elemental Lords are the lords of Fire and Darkness,Singe and Koja They have brought their combined army the Nether Armada to search the town for “Voidgrasp” the mirror sword of “Realmtear”,a powerful sword used here to separate the Elemental Planes… but back to the point if we don’t find and stop the Elemental Lords or “Voidgrasp”, the consequence would be unimaginable

<More>How are you here?
How am I here you ask? I simply cast a spell to switch places with my mirror counterpart, who is locked in my Archmage quarters….

<More 2>Elemental Lords?
Singe is an ancient elemental of fire has ultimate control over it,and has connections with the fire Dragonkin. Koja is the ancient elemental of darkness,ruler of shadows and also fabled to have been stronger than Death himself…
These are formidable foes but with our combined effort im sure we can do something to stop them!

Mirror Realm monsters:
Fire Dragon Warrior,Shadowstone Elemental,Living Flame, Shadow Elemental,Shadow Imp,Fire Elemental,Shadow Guardian

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:
Armageddon: the combined form of Singe and Koja after using the effect of Voidgrasp on themselves:A dragonlike fiend with a wolf head sprouting from it stomach with wings like sskari and lycan feet Armageddon

Reward Types
Boss drops
Merge shop

Item Rewards
Singe’s Nether Armor(Merge) Singe's Nether Armor
Singe’s Dragonskull(Merge):Koja’s Shade(Drop)
Shadow Aura:Fire Aura(Merge)
Netherblade(Drop) Netherblade:Voidgrasp(Drop):Realmtear(Drop)
Shadow Wolf(Merge)
*Bonus points if you pick items already in game** and describe “evolved” versions of them!
** Excludes: Dage & Nulgath items; all Rare items; and all special items obtained from HeroMart, gaming conventions, and contest rewards

Cutscene #1
The first cutscene opens with Warlic speaking the words below to the hero. As he speaks, the scene changes to:the hero the sword, the planes,the two elemental lords, and to finally rest upon the Mirror Realm.

Many centuries ago, was one elemental plane. The rulers of the elemental plane realized that the power in their realm must be balanced, so they crafted the mythical sword “Realmtear”. The rulers used the sword’s power to divide the elemental planes into eight equal and opposite parts: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth,Darkness, Energy, Light, and Wind. As the years passed, new champions fought for power over the other planes. The sword was lost in time, but did its job and to this day the planes have remained separate and equal.
It has come to the attention of the mages in Lore that two of the elemental lords have found a way to once again merge the planes. They are attempting to retrieve the mirror version of the sword and use it to reverse the effect of “Realmtear” . You must venture into the Mirror Realm,and stop them before they can find the blade. The fate of Lore rests on your shoulders, Hero...

Cutscene #2
The end cutscene shows the hero fighting Armageddon and distracting him ,then Warlic reveals that he has “Realmtear” and attacks Armageddon by magically throwing “Realmtear” at him and undoing the fusion.Singe and Koja then ask why are they so intent on ruining their plan to save the elemental planes.Warlic and the Hero confused then talk to them and discover they thought uniting the planes and ruling with the other ancients would prevent chaos and other conflicts.The lords realize with their power combined they could protect the planes together.They then vow to help the Hero and Warlic when in need.They intrust the swords “Realmtear” and “Voidgrasp” to Warlic to keep out of the wrong hands.Then they create a portal and teleport back to the land of the elementals. Warlic and the Hero talk,Warlic telling the Hero even though their intentions were good they could have caused many disruptions in Lore,Mirror Realm,Magic and that it would have been a big mess.The Hero then states he/she is glad to have them as allies now any they may help in the future..

1st Quest
Explore the Mirror Realm
We must find a clue as to where the elemental lords are hiding. Search the area until you find evidence that they are here.
*The hero must search battleoff for an elemental rupture *
1 Elemental Rupture (Map item)
Now free, they might cause havok who knows what they are up to... I trust you found plenty of their minions running loose already.Thank you for completing your task.

2nd Quest
Catching Fire
We must find out about our enemies as the first step in our goal One lord at a time though… you will need to interrogate 15 of the Fire Lord’s minions to find out any information about him
15 Nether Minions Interrogated
Now free, his secrets are yours... I trust you gained secrets that only fire can tell, hmm? Keep them close to your heart, Hero. You are privileged. Thank you for bringing me what I needed
3rd Quest
Dark Secret
Now we must do the same and find out about the Dark Lord.Interrogate 15 of his minions also to find information about the Dark Lord
15 Dark Minions Interrogated
Their just looking for the sword they say?It doesn't make since to make this much destruction while looking for something...But hey thats what happens when you have monsters for minions
4th Quest
Asking Residents(clicky)
Maybe some of the residents here will know where the elementals are ask around town and see if you hear anything useful to our cause
Drakath asked
Twilly asked
Ragnar asked
Alina asked
Cysero asked
Elise asked
Augold asked
Hmmm the lords are waiting for their minions to bring them the sword on top of the tower….. well instead we will bring them defeat with your blade
5th Quest
Preparing Protection
I know without protection the elementals would obliterate you.Therefore i will craft a spell to reduce their damage so it will almost be a fair fight for you.Defeat 15 Nether Minions and 15 Dark Minions to collect their essence for the spell.Also retrieve a Mana crystal from the Mana Golem for me to transfer the spell into.
15 Fire Essences
15 Dark Essences
1 Mana Crystal

This is great thank you Hero!But while i prepare this spell,
I need you to complete one more task before the battle.
6th Quest
Build a Ladder(multi-clicky)
You have to get up the tower some way right? There are some wood planks by the tower with nails and a hammer for some reason....Build a ladder so you can make your way up the tower.
Ladder Built
.Great , now I shall bind the spell to your armor and you should be set.Prepare to battle the lords, be warned this spell doesn't make you invincible.
Lets go
Final Quest: Boss Battle
Elemental Lords Fuse??
We made it just in time,they have got “Voidgrasp” and have seemed to fuse themselves!?!?Lets strike now while they are off guard!
Armaggedon Defeated
The lords are defeated recover the sword

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest

Nether Orb
To create an armor like Singe’s you must collect the Nether Orb,to forge it you must collect a vast amount of fire energy
30 Fire Elemental Energy
30 Fotia Elemental Energy
5 Mafic Dragon Energy
5 Onyx Lava Dragon Energy
5 Zellare’s Energy
Wow this is quite the accomplishment you might end up wearing the Fire Lord’s Armor...just might
Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Nether Dragon’s Scar
Now you need the Nether Dragons Scar a powerful relic that will complete the Nether Armor, made by holding a ancient stone and defeating the strongest fire dragons
3 Sskari Scar
3 Desoloth Scar
3 Elder Magma Wyrm Scar
3 Trigoras Scar
1 Slugbutter Stone
You have done it! You forged the Scar now you are even closer to forging the Elemental items

End Release
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dragon death

Death’s Problem
Level 30+
Release date May 16 2014(Not sure if I’m supposed to make a release date up or this is concrete)

This is all done by Dragons_death

Death has been out reaping. However something weird has happened each time he tried to take the soul. The soul shivered and suddenly flew away from Death. Death wondered to himself,”This has never happened to me! What is going on?!” So Death looked towards where these souls were going.

Death arrived at (Arcangrove). All the souls in the land seemed to be on their way too. Death could not fathom who could do such a thing. “Who would put all these souls through so much torture? To keep them from their rest?! IT IS HARD ENOUGH TO GET THESE SOULS MYSELF WITHOUT INTERFERENCE!”

However Death had a problem. Even though these souls were free for him to take. To just reach out. And take. Death couldn’t. He came close to them, they ran away. Then, out of the shadows, leaped a cloaked man, a man Death did not know and Death couldn’t feel his presence.

“Hello Death,” said the mysterious man.

“How... How are you not known to me?”

“Men can escape Death’s gaze if he knows how. And as you may have noticed, I have kidnapped all the souls in the land. If any soul is broken free from their mortal prison from now on will come directly to me. Oh, and these souls are under my hold. As long as I stand, you will never have these souls.”

Death attempts to slash the man, however it just passes through him

“Face it Death. If you were never able to even sense me, what makes you think you can touch me?” The mysterious man disappears. And so do the souls.

Death could not fathom what had just happened. Death had just encountered a being who was impervious to his assault and knew how to hide from death. And Death still had no idea why the man was stealing the souls. But a moment later, Death decided it was about time to for him to act. He goes to ask the heroes for help.

Name of Map
Ruins of Great Gilead



Main text: I need your help. Souls are literally scattered all over this place, but yet I cannot collect them. A mysterious man has approached me and claims to have stolen the souls and I suspect he is the only one who can interact with them. I need you all to collect info about this man and weaken him so I can continue reaping.

“More” Text: I was out reaping and all of the sudden the souls started to run away from me. They all went towards here and thats when I met him. I had no idea who he was and I couldn’t hurt him. He’s strong, and he also was able to take all the souls in the land and made it so only he could be able to interact with them. Be careful hero.

Optional Text: There is an area locked up there and I cannot get to it. I think the mysterious man knows strong spells to keep my away from there. It’s probably where he is holed up.


Mana Elemental (Not sure if this is okay or not, it’s not listed, so if not regular elementals are fine)
Mana Imp
Mana Falcon
Chaos Sprites

Boss Monster Type

Human (If you can give him some really special attacks regarding souls and different weapons)

Reward Types

I would like it to be boss drops

Item Rewards

I’m not too sure about this, nor what is exactly meant by ‘evolved versions’ soo...
Armour: “Special Soul” A spiky soul that is pinkish purple. I think there is something pretty similar to it already in game.
Helm: A wizards hat, similar to the one found in Arcangrove’s rep shop but with a ghastly face imprinted on it, dark blue colour scheme.
Capes: Cloak of Invisibility: A black cloak with white/gray dots on it that kinda looks like the night sky.
Skeletal Wings: Wide skeletal wings
Weapons: End’s Light: The player looks like s/he’s holding a lamp.
Copy-Scythe: A copy of Death’s Scythe(except it looks like its made out of styrofoam)
Skeletal Claws: Large skeletal claws
Pet: A Falcon-lich
Release Outline

First cutscene is pretty much the what I had described earlier, Death goes reaping, souls run away, tracks down souls, then Death meets the mysterious guy.

The mysterious man is defeated and he plops down. He screams into the air,”I am perfect to be the new Death! I have tricked this Death, repelled him, and avoided him! I DESERVE TO BE DEATH!”

Death comes in and says,”So you want my position, is that it?! Well I certainly am not going to let a someone who has such blatant disrespect for souls to take it away from me. Souls deserve to be in rest!”

Death chops the man. The mysterious man says,”I only needed a few more souls and I could’ve defeated you. I already had the ‘special soul’ too...” He dies.

Death picks up the man’s soul and drops it in a special container. “As punishment you will remain an unrested soul trapped with me...”

Intel (Map Item Quest)

Death: I do not know anything about this man, or if he really is a man. Wear this (a temporary armour that changes to a random monster in the area) and go find intel. Look around and if you see something tell me.

(There are 6 screens in Ruins of Great Gilead, not including the boss, error room, and starting room. Each room gives a Piece of Intel and you need six in total.)

Death: Thank you hero. Those runes are peculiar. It may be the secret behind the mysterious man.

Now go Fight (Kill monsters)

Death: I have decided. Those runes are special. I believe they have high importance, but I’m not completely sure. Defeat some monsters and tell me what happens to their souls.

(There are only monsters in screen 3, 4, 5, 6-I am referencing the screen numbers on the AQWorlds Wiki. And each time the hero defeats a monster it spawns a soul which justs floats over to the rune on the screen. Each time a monster is defeated it gives the player a More Intel, which the hero needs 5 of.)

Death: I see. Those runes are a type of magic that transports something, in this case souls. I’m guessing the man uses them as a way to take the souls all over the world and keep them.

Overload the Runes (Kill monsters)

Death: The problem with the runes is that they can get overloaded. The runes are already under a monumental amount of stress because all the souls are coming here. Defeat enough monsters to overload all the runes. Remember the souls go to the nearest rune.

(Each rune takes 3-5 monster deaths on the screen to overload. If a rune overloads it drops Rune Overloaded, and you need 4 of these to finish the Quest.)

Death: Now that the runes are overloaded, it means that you yourself can enter the rune.

Enter the Dimension (Defeat monster)

Death: Now go into the rune, any rune as they lead to the same dimension, and defeat the guard monster there. Defeating that monster will also unlock that one area, letting you get to the mysterious man.

(Clicking any rune will go to screen 7, again going off of the screen numbers assigned in AQWorlds Wiki, and there is a Mana Elemental inside. And that’s not possible, since it doesn’t seem to be listed, a Mana Falcon with increased stats is fine. Defeating the monster drops Enchanted Chest, which you only need one of to finish the quest.)

Death: The one area is now accessible and this chest seems to be where the souls go to. It is still enchanted and I cannot open it.

The Extermination (Defeat monster)

Death: Go and defeat that man. He may be strong but you heroes have the strength to defeat him.

(Defeat the boss, final cutscene happens)

Death: We’ve done it. That man is now and forever my prisoner. And let me tell you... I AM DEATH AND I AM IRREPLACEABLE!

End Release
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Level range 20+
Release Date: whenever there is an option
Creator: chewy905

Although Arcangrove had a chaos lord event, chaos never overtook the land as much as others did, nothing ever turned purple and nothing ever sprouted new eyes, even the chaos beast was relatively unaffected. But now, something is taking over, the ruins of Gilead are being affected by something, leftovers? Maybe a part of ledgyrmayne has left influence on the elementals? Either way, the elementals are going insane, and no one can get close to the upper portion of the ruins. Once the hero arrives, he/she finds the ruins void of elementals, moving to the mana elementals old refuge place, the hero finds that the floating ruined door behind it, is glowing purple. The hero ventures through, and enters closer to the core of the problem.

Through the gate, the hero finds a place very similar to the para-elemental planes, the differences is, this one is corrupted. Chaos has seeped around the area, and while the elementals are unaffected, they are panicking, and attacking any who get close. The hero must calm down the elementals and find and destroy the source of the chaotic outbreak, before the chaos takes over the elementals, Arcangrove, and eventually, all of lore.
As the story suggests, the general area will be Arcangrove, the map name would be: Chaosplane. I would like the map to look similar to the para-elemental planes map, but have a different layout and be corrupted (ie. Purple, chaos eyes everywhere? Go crazy) I would like if the first room has mana creatures, second has earth elementals, third has fire, fourth has water, fifth has wind, and last has boss. Please make It unable to enter the boss room until you accept the quest, with the text when you try to enter saying “The elementals block your path!”

Master Shaman
Hero, welcome to the para-elemental planes, but not as you know them. Chaos has taken over and the elementals are going insane! Something must have been left behind after Ledgyrmayne’s defeat, and whatever it is, it’s starting to take over! You need to find that something and remove it, before it messes with the elementals, and eventually, Arcangrove itself!

I don’t know what’s been left behind or why it has chosen to start with Gilead, but I’m assuming its leftover magic of Ledgermaynes, whatever it is, you have to remove it! Stop talking and start working on some quests!

All four elementals, mana imps, and mana falcons.
Boss Monster
Elemental type, corrupted version of mana golem, called Chaos Golem Have about 10,000 health, and deals 50-100 damage per attack.
(heres a pic I drew up, try to make it as similar as possible, exactly the same if u can. And make it purple lol, can’t be chaos without purple, copy and paste the link below)

Reward types
Monster drops, everything that normally drops off of selected monsters.
Boss drops
Unlock shop
Item rewards
Armor: Corrupted Ultra elemental. Will sell from unlocked shop for 50,000 gold.(This item will be similar to the ultra-elemental class, but it is an armor instead, kind of like dark dracomancer. It will be a chaotic version of said class, put some chaos eyes on it and make it purple, try to make it very epic.) Item Description: You have tamed the elements and corrupted them, becoming an ultra-elemental of the worst kind.
Helm1: Corrupted ultra-elemental helm. Boss drop (just make the ultra elemental helm purple, not very creative but it will look cool.)*No item Description*
Helm2: Savoir of Magic’s hood: Color custom hood that has glowing runic symbols, similar to Umbra’s hood, but more arcaney (if that’s even a word) Item description: You have saved magic and proven that you are great. Bought from shop for 15,000 gold
Weapon1: Corrupted Ultra-elemental axe: Ultra-elemental axe but purple with a chaos eye on each blade. Boss drop *No item description*
Weapon2: Savior of Magic’s scythe: Very fancy scythe, covered with glowing arcance symbols, with a black handle and a color custom glowing blade that creates sparks around it every few seconds, like the ultra elementals shoulder does. Item description: Tear apart ALL those who would threaten magic! Boss Drop
Weapon3: None, place anything u want here, or don't, dosent make a difference to me.
Cape1: Elemental on your back. Looks like a fire elemental, but on your back. Item description: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! ITBURNSITBURNSITBURNSITBURNSGETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF! Boss drop
Cape2: Savior of Magic’s Guardian Flames: Three blue flames behind the wearer, one above, and one on each side. Item description: As savior of all magic, these flames of mana have vowed to help you keep magic living forever. Bought from shop for 10,000 gold
Pet: Corrupted Golem: Keep this little corrupted chaos beast under control, before another outbreak begins. Will be a small version of the boss of the map.

Release Outline
Player joins Chaosplane
Opening cutscence begins.
Player talks to Umbra
Player completes quests
Boss dies
Player turns in final quest
Ending cutscence begins
Shop opens

Opening cutscene, will begin upon entry of map: Zooms in on Gilead and zooms through a door behind the boss room. Shows the normal elemental planes, then the screen flashes, then it becomes corrupted, and a silhouette of the boss appears on the screen, fade to black.

Ending cutscene, begins upon turn in of boss quest: Watch the mana golem be destroyed epically by player, screen flashes, then the planes return to normal.
(feel free to add scenes or text as you see fit)

Quest1: Map Item
Title: Find the source
Welcome hero, we need to find out what is causing the corruption and worrying the elementals, look around a bit and see what you can find.
Path blocked by elementals (received upon attempt to enter boss room)
So your path was blocked huh? Let’s see if we can fix that.

Title: Remove the defenders
Before we can get to the elementals, we are going to have to get rid of the para-elemental-planes defense co, the mana creatures. Remove 10 of them and then we can start calming down the elementals.
10 mana creatures removed
Good. The planes will reproduce them to defend itself, so you didn’t do any permanent damage, for now let’s calm down the elementals.
Quest3: Clicky
Quest title: Stay home
If possible, I want to calm down the elementals without hurting them, making them feel safe and at home will work. Probably. Maybe. Go place 3 stones in the earth elementals room, 3 torches in the fire, 3 bowls of water in the water, and fans in the wind.
3 stones placed
3 torches placed
3 bowls placed
3 fans placed
Yeahhhhhhhh, that didn’t work. Well, let’s resort to violence.

Quest4: Drop
Quest title: Hard as a rock
We’ll start with the earth elementals. Calm down five of them and the rest should follow.
3 Earth elementals calmed down
That worked. Time to do it with the other ones.

Quest title: Burn it up
Moving on to the fire elementals. Go get them!
5 fire elementals calmed down

Quest title: Do the wave
I don’t even have to explain myself here, do I?
5 water elementals calmed down

Quest7: drop
Quest title: Wave in the wind
Again, no explanation needed.
5 wind elementals calmed down
Finally, let’s find the source of this problem.

Final quest: Drop/boss fight
That’s it! The mana golem was resurrected, but still had traces of chaos! Hero, if you don’t kill it now, the corruption may spread to all of lore! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH WHATEVER ELEMENT YOU USE TO KILL IT!
1 Mana golem slain
You saved us all! Great job hero. Buy some things from the shop why don’t you? I get money and you get gear. WINWIN!

End release. Thanks for reading AE!
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Zorbak's letter
level 25+
release date:May 16, 2014
Made by: Jhw1199and Velam

Overview:A strange letter was given to you by yulgar from an unknown source. The note tells you to meet at the the netherglades. As you arrive there your favourite ebil moglin zorbak is there with important new and need your help but why? As you find out that a legion of marsh creatures has taken zorbak's brother. You venture deep into the darkest and deadliest parts of the netherglads battling through swarms of undead to uncover riches secrets never found.

Map location: Netherglads
Map Name:DreadSwamp
Map description:This place looks like the marsh with about 8 rooms and a castle slowly getting bigger till you reach it.
rooms 1:dark elementals and marsh trees
rooms 2-3:dark witches and marsh trees
rooms 4-6:undead berserkers and dark witches(*note room 5 is in front of the gate. you cant enter the castle until completed the ?quest)
rooms 7-8:A Dreadspider in a room with skulls and ruins, guarding the gate to boss.

Zorbak's text: Hey you i'm the one who gave you the letter listen i need YOUR help. A legion of creatures has taken by brother and i need help getting him back. These guys are very tuff and wont give him back but if you get him back for me then ill give you a bunch of rewards. They live in a the the ruins of a catsle and have top notch sucurity. It will be hard to break in but the great chaos slayer can do it right ?*sarcastic grin*
This is a very dangerous quest i'm giving you and you might not make it, i also call fool dibs on your loot mehehehe. Anyways i will be right behind you at most of the time and willing to help you get what you need to bust out my brother. Do i have a brother? Not important at this moment but ill tell you hes bad to the bone. Well what are you waiting for GET MOVING.

Monsters: Undead Berserker, Dark Witch, Marsh Tree, Dark elemental,Dreadspider.

Boss Type: Undead(*note it looks like an even bigger version of the undead giant with undead beserker armor)

Reward types:Boss drops, merge drops, shop that unlocks after completing quests

Item Rewards:

-weapons titan club, Broken battleaxe
helms-undead Titan skull,undead Titan skull colour costom eyes.
capes-dual blades of war
armor-Bone buster(*note looks like sky hunter with skulls and doom >:3 5%drop)
Pets- mini undead titan *mem*

-weapons-blade of necro(blade of awe with a black blade and skulls requirements blade of awe and 100 zorbak tokens)
helms-Prismatic skull Top Hat(prismatic top hat with skulls on it requirements prismatic top hat and 50 zorbak tokens)
capes-undead moglin on back(requirements 20 Zorbak tokens)
armor-Undead shaman(a undead shaman with skull instead of head requirements 150 zorbak tokens)
pets-undead moonscar(requirements 120)

Shop after completing quests-armor
-undead beserker(950 ac)
pets-battle pet zorbak(1,200 ac)
weapons-Bone breaker blade of necromancy(a giant broad sword lined with skulls and dark energy 500 000 gold)
dual berserker blades(two awesome blades with glow affect similar cursed dragon blade but with more skulls and DOOM!
helm-berserker helm(the helm that the undead berserker's wear)
cape-battleaxe on back(a red giant battleaxe on your back you can be creative with this one :P)

Release outline

player joins in "Dreadswamp"
talkes to "Zorbak"


your in yulgar picking, witch awesome item to pick when yulgar stops to hand you a note. The note tells you to meet in the Dreadswamp for an emergency and the its but it just says from anonymous. You go to the Dreadswamp to see who wrote it and whats the emergency? Where you find Zorbak he tells you that a legion of marsh creatures have taken his brother. You want to ask if he even has a brother but all that comes to your mind is someone turning a town undead. He says that he cant get in there alone but with your help he'l get in there in no time. You agree but
your not sure, then he points toward the castle and tells you that you might note make it out alive you *gulp*


*fighting undead Titan boss and you defeat it and say "no guts no glory"* Zorbak complements your battle skill and clever pun use and tells you to wait outside the room as he grabs his brother. You wait out side for what seems to be forever but then you hear mumbling.You creek the door open a bit and see Zorbake sitting in a pile of gold and treasure chests and yelling "i'm rich!" you slam the door open and zorbak says he can explain. You tell that you dragged him over hear to steal gold and items but he stops you and says that he will give you SPECIAL items for your help at a fare price.

Quest 1
Find the castle
Go and see if you can find the castle report back to me when you see it(MAP ITEM)
goood gooood now lets break in!

Quest 2
Dark essence
we cant get in with the dark elemental's guarding the perimeter slay some to make it easy getting in(DROP)
slay 8 dark elemental's
great that pokes a hole in there defenses

Quest 3
spilled secret
word got out that two flesh bags were here and it's attracted a lot of attention get rid the of evidence by beating up some monsters(DROP)
slay 5 dark witches and 5 dark elemental's
mmm... wonder how they told each other being dead and all.

Quest 4
the dark witches are starting to beef up the defenses with a arcane shield! take down 6 witches to weaken the shield.(DROP)
slay 6 dark witches
great now it will be easier to break the shield.

Quest 5
torch-er chamber
the the shield is almost down just place these anti-magic torches around the area to fully shatter the arcane shied(CLICKY)
place 5 anti-magic torches
the shield down we can advance!

Quest 6
The key to the situation
one of the undead berserker's has to have the key to the gate right? slay undead berserker's till you find the skeleton key
key fond
yes you found the key*snap* oops

Quest 7
carving the future
well i kinda broke the key, but i can make a new one! gather 5 tree bark from the marsh tree's so i can carve a replica!(DROP)
5 tree bark
perfect now we can get inside

Quest 8
Dreadful arachnophobia
the march general is right behind the door hes guarding something important, must be my brother! bring back his head(DROP)
dreadspiders head
were so close to saving him!

Boss quest(9)
Attack on undead Titan
the undead titan is tower in front of the room there keeping my brother in. bring back it's skull to me for evidence(DROP)
Titan Attacked

Extra Quest(10)
A token of my appreciation
need zorbak tokens you ask? well slay 10 undead berserker's to prove your loyalty to ME(DROP)
berserkers slayed
here you go one token!

Legend Quest 1
the things i love
when i rule the world with you at my side i'm going to sit on a throne but not any throne a skull the best skull a titan skull! bring me the undead titans skull and ill give you 2 zorbak tokens(DROP)
Titan skull


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