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4/29/2014 21:48:18   

Zorbak's letter
level 25+
release date:May 16, 2014
Made by: Velam,jhw1199

Overview:A strange letter was given to you by yulgar from an unknown source. The note tells you to meet at the the netherglades. As you arrive there your favourite ebil moglin zorbak is there with important new and need your help but why? As you find out that a legion of marsh creatures has taken zorbak's brother. You venture deep into the darkest and deadliest parts of the netherglads battling through swarms of undead to uncover riches secrets never found.

Map location: Netherglads
Map Name:DreadSwamp
Map description:This place looks like the marsh with about 8 rooms and a castle slowly getting bigger till you reach it.
rooms 1:dark elementals and marsh trees
rooms 2-3:dark witches and marsh trees
rooms 4-6:undead berserkers and dark witches(*note room 5 is in front of the gate. you cant enter the castle until completed the ?quest)
rooms 7-8:A Dreadspider in a room with skulls and ruins, guarding the gate to boss.

Zorbak's text: Hey you i'm the one who gave you the letter listen i need YOUR help. A legion of creatures has taken by brother and i need help getting him back. These guys are very tuff and wont give him back but if you get him back for me then ill give you a bunch of rewards. They live in a the the ruins of a catsle and have top notch sucurity. It will be hard to break in but the great chaos slayer can do it right ?*sarcastic grin*
This is a very dangerous quest i'm giving you and you might not make it, i also call fool dibs on your loot mehehehe. Anyways i will be right behind you at most of the time and willing to help you get what you need to bust out my brother. Do i have a brother? Not important at this moment but ill tell you hes bad to the bone. Well what are you waiting for GET MOVING.

Monsters: Undead Berserker, Dark Witch, Marsh Tree, Dark elemental,Dreadspider.

Boss Type: Undead(*note it looks like an even bigger version of the undead giant with undead beserker armor)

Reward types:Boss drops, merge drops, shop that unlocks after completing quests

Item Rewards:

-weapons titan club, Broken battleaxe
helms-undead Titan skull,undead Titan skull colour costom eyes.
capes-dual blades of war
armor-Bone buster(*note looks like sky hunter with skulls and doom >:3 5%drop)
Pets- mini undead titan *mem*

-weapons-blade of necro(blade of awe with a black blade and skulls requirements blade of awe and 100 zorbak tokens)
helms-Prismatic skull Top Hat(prismatic top hat with skulls on it requirements prismatic top hat and 50 zorbak tokens)
capes-undead moglin on back(requirements 20 Zorbak tokens)
armor-Undead shaman(a undead shaman with skull instead of head requirements 150 zorbak tokens)
pets-undead moonscar(requirements 120)

Shop after completing quests-armor
-undead beserker(950 ac)
pets-battle pet zorbak(1,200 ac)
weapons-Bone breaker blade of necromancy(a giant broad sword lined with skulls and dark energy 500 000 gold)
dual berserker blades(two awesome blades with glow affect similar cursed dragon blade but with more skulls and DOOM!
helm-berserker helm(the helm that the undead berserker's wear)
cape-battleaxe on back(a red giant battleaxe on your back you can be creative with this one :P)

Release outline

player joins in "Dreadswamp"
talkes to "Zorbak"


your in yulgar picking, witch awesome item to pick when yulgar stops to hand you a note. The note tells you to meet in the Dreadswamp for an emergency and the its but it just says from anonymous. You go to the Dreadswamp to see who wrote it and whats the emergency? Where you find Zorbak he tells you that a legion of marsh creatures have taken his brother. You want to ask if he even has a brother but all that comes to your mind is someone turning a town undead. He says that he cant get in there alone but with your help he'l get in there in no time. You agree but
your not sure, then he points toward the castle and tells you that you might note make it out alive you *gulp*


*fighting undead Titan boss and you defeat it and say "no guts no glory"* Zorbak complements your battle skill and clever pun use and tells you to wait outside the room as he grabs his brother. You wait out side for what seems to be forever but then you hear mumbling.You creek the door open a bit and see Zorbake sitting in a pile of gold and treasure chests and yelling "i'm rich!" you slam the door open and zorbak says he can explain. You tell that you dragged him over hear to steal gold and items but he stops you and says that he will give you SPECIAL items for your help at a fare price.

Quest 1
Find the castle
Go and see if you can find the castle report back to me when you see it(MAP ITEM)
goood gooood now lets break in!

Quest 2
Dark essence
we cant get in with the dark elemental's guarding the perimeter slay some to make it easy getting in(DROP)
slay 8 dark elemental's
great that pokes a hole in there defenses

Quest 3
spilled secret
word got out that two flesh bags were here and it's attracted a lot of attention get rid the of evidence by beating up some monsters(DROP)
slay 5 dark witches and 5 dark elemental's
mmm... wonder how they told each other being dead and all.

Quest 4
the dark witches are starting to beef up the defenses with a arcane shield! take down 6 witches to weaken the shield.(DROP)
slay 6 dark witches
great now it will be easier to break the shield.

Quest 5
torch-er chamber
the the shield is almost down just place these anti-magic torches around the area to fully shatter the arcane shied(CLICKY)
place 5 anti-magic torches
the shield down we can advance!

Quest 6
The key to the situation
one of the undead berserker's has to have the key to the gate right? slay undead berserker's till you find the skeleton key
key fond
yes you found the key*snap* oops

Quest 7
carving the future
well i kinda broke the key, but i can make a new one! gather 5 tree bark from the marsh tree's so i can carve a replica!(DROP)
5 tree bark
perfect now we can get inside

Quest 8
Dreadful arachnophobia
the march general is right behind the door hes guarding something important, must be my brother! bring back his head(DROP)
dreadspiders head
were so close to saving him!

Boss quest(9)
Attack on undead Titan
the undead titan is tower in front of the room there keeping my brother in. bring back it's skull to me for evidence(DROP)
Titan Attacked

Extra Quest(10)
A token of my appreciation
need zorbak tokens you ask? well slay 10 undead berserker's to prove your loyalty to ME(DROP)
berserkers slayed
here you go one token!

Legend Quest 1
the things i love
when i rule the world with you at my side i'm going to sit on a throne but not any throne a skull the best skull a titan skull! bring me the undead titans skull and ill give you 2 zorbak tokens(DROP)
Titan skull

Post #: 401
4/29/2014 22:04:59   

Mount Hantu
Level Range: 20+
Release Date: May 16 2014

Looming over Arcangrove, Mount Hantu is shrouded in mystery. The heavy fog that
surrounds it has prevented many explorers, adventurers, and mages from climbing it. Until

The fog has lifted for the first time in thousands of years, and Warlic has asked you to join
him in scaling it to finally sift the truth of Mount Hantu from the legend. However, what
exactly lurks on Arcangrove's highest peak?

Name of Map: Arcangrove; hantu

The Blue Mage
The fog has lifted, Hero, and all that remains is a light mist. This is our chance, for all we
know the fog could return by nightfall. We must work swiftly if we are to prevent becoming
lost to the fog!

Mount Hantu is Arcangrove's highest peak, and legends and myths have surrounded it for
generations. Even I cannot remember a time where it was not shrouded in fog!

(More2, could be labelled "What kinds of legends?")
The myths range from gods residing on the mountain and foreign mysical creatures hidden
here to the fog being comprised of cursed spirits of a lost civilization. I, for one, am anxious
to see if any are true.

Elementals(Wind and Earth)
Mana Falcon

Mountain Ghost
She appears to be a mash of human and snow leopard(but the hero doesn't know that) with
semi-regular clothes comprised of Gorillaphant pelts and feathers from the Karasu and Mana
Falcons(if they leave any...) The tail should be as long as the spine, if not longer, and the eyes
should be catlike with a grey-blue glow. Slightly crouches.

She will attack in three ways:
1: Leaping Claw; leaps at target with claws outstretched.
2: Tail Whack; turns and smacks target with long tail
3: Bite; self-explanatory
You choose the damage range.
Will be knocked onto back when defeated, losing claws in the process.

Reward Types
Regular item drops for all regular monsters.
Boss drops tail. (Treasure Chest included)
(Cape)Ghost Tail
Since you felt disappointed over the Ghost's escape, Warlic conjured a replica of its tail for
you. Might as well wear it!
No merge shop.
Shop contains an armor, two weapons, and a cape.

Item Rewards
Armor: Mountain Ghost Garb
After the Ghost fled, you decided to recreate her clothes. They're actually quite comfy!
(Please ensure complete coverage for females. Let the guys show as much skin as they

Weapon 1: Mountain Pick
All you need to climb mountains! Takes quite a bit to move them though.

Weapon 2: Sharpened Claws
Considering that you and Warlic found these all over the Ghost's den, you might as well make
use of them.

Cape: Claw Cape
How many claws did you take?

Quest Legend

Release Outline

// Player joins hauntu
// Player talks to Warlic

1: (Begins when player speaks to NPC)Warlic and the Player are seen climbing the mountain,
with the Player asking(again) as to why they’re scaling the ‘ridiculously tall rock’. Warlic
answers, saying that the fog on Mount Hantu has lifted, and this is their only chance to
explore it. The Player complains for a bit, stating that Warlic can explore on his own, only to
be interrupted by a smiling Warlic, who says they’ve already found a place to start.

2: (Begins as Player enters Boss Room)(Optional) The Player is walking deeper into the cave,
only to yelp from a claw stuck in their foot, the boss awakes from its sleep, and lunges at the

3: (Boss Defeat) The boss is lying on the ground, unconscious. The player is panting as
Warlic runs in, then asks if its out. With the Player's reply, the duo contemplate exactly what it
is, and the Player describes it as a 'mountain ghost'. During this, the boss reawakens, and
begins to escape, and the duo notice it all too late, and they only see its tail as it vanishes in
the shadows. The Player starts to pursue it, but Warlic stops them, saying that if they wish to
prevent being lost, they have to let the creature go.

1: Scope it Out
(Map Item)
Before we begin, we must make sure we can traverse Mount Hantu with relative ease. Be
quick, hero. We cannot spare much time.
Traversing Easy(Found when character gets to third to last frame)
Good, good.Now we can begin collecting information.

2: All Ruffled Up
These Karasu seem less prone to flight than their kin in the Cloister. Bring me their feathers,
hero, so we can discover why. 15 would make a large enough sample.
14 Snapped Feathers(Dropped by Karasu, sometimes two at a time)
1 Torn Feather?(Dropped by Karasu)
It appears the wind can be strong enough to break their feathers... Wait, this feather doesn't
look broken, it looks torn, but by what?

3: Ivory Line
I wonder, do the other creatures share traits like this? *pause* It doesn’t matter right now.
The gorillaphants should be looked at next. Bring me their tusks, 10 should be enough, thank
7 Gorillaphant Tusks(Dropped by Gorillaphants)
3 Clawed Tusks?(Dropped by Gorillaphants)
More marred areas? One can only assume they are from the same creature that tore the
feather. We must continue our exploration, but be on the lookout for more of these claw

4: Dust Storm
The elementals here shall be next. It’s strange, with the fog covering the mountain for so
long, there should be water elementals about, not just earth and wind ones. Bring me three of
each elemental’s gauntlets so we can find out, hero.
3 Wind Gauntlets(Dropped by Wind Elementals)
3 Earth Gauntlets(Dropped by Earth Elementals)
1 Rock… With Claws in it?(Dropped by Earth Elemental)
Thank you, hero- Another? These claws… It seems something other than the creatures we
see walks here.

5: Falconry
We must find the being that has marred these creatures, if not for just catching a glimpse.
However, our original quest must not be forgotten. Bring me nine Astral Feathers from the
Mana Falcons, and see if you can find any supplies to help us climb the boulder that blocks
our path.
9 Astral Feathers(Dropped by Mana Falcon)
3 Rocks(Found by clicking around the map)
6 Branches(Found by clicking around the map)
Good. Quickly, we must stay ahead of the fog.

6: Status Report
Go, hero. Scale the boulder and lets find our clawed friend.
1 Supplies Placed(Found by clicking around the map)
1 Boulder Scaled(Found by entering the frame behind the boulder)
1 A cave?(Found by entering the frame in front of the cave)
A cave? And you say claws are scattered across the floor? That must be the place. We’ve
found it.

7(Boss Battle): Scratching Post
Return to that cave, hero, and try your hardest not to get killed.
1 Bag of Claws(Dropped by Mountain Ghost)
AQW  Post #: 402
4/29/2014 22:11:46   
van tha dud

I would like to give credit to 43pow and Abuse for their assistance.

Zecruda’s Idea
Level range (50+)

You are greeted by a wisp that speaks to you in an unknown language although your hero understands completely what it says; it informs you that Xiang has stirred up trouble in the mirror realm, although something seems strange as the wisp is more aggressive than normal. You decide to follow the wisp into the Mirror Realm to discover that it is nothing like the Mirror Realm you remember, the meteors that battleon narrowly avoided (from a long time ago) had completely destroyed battleoff.

You hear a cackling and turn around to see that the wisp is now gone and a dark figure rushed into the portal and caused it to close, and then you are greeted by a wounded Mirror Drakath who is not excited about your arrival and even informs you that you have no idea what danger you have put your world into by coming to the Mirror Realm. In which you are informed that during your previous visits to their realm, a doppelganger of you has been formed.

Since the hero is present, the task to bring retrieve and safeguard the Universal Orb is given to you, although you must make haste. For if the you are in the Mirror Realm, that can only mean one thing for your Doppelganger. Mirror Drakath uses a spell to reveal an ancient tower named “Battleover” that is so tall, it pierces the ozone layer, you must reach the top before your doppelganger destroys your name, unfortunately Mirror Drakath collapses and is rendered unable to help you.

Upon the 3rd floor you come across Undead Artix (again) surprisingly he seeks to help you although informs that you should find this fact unsettling for a good reason, he informs you that you are already too late and cannot return to your home realm as it would be a death sentence. But you must continue the climb to the top of the tower for a plan he has devised. The chaos is causing both universes to collapse, there is no way possible to stop it, but there is a way to survive the collapse, survive through the re-birth of the universe AND be able to prevent the collapse from happening again. But that is easier said than done.

(376 words)


Mirror Realm: Battleover


Undead Artix
the undead paladin is back… again again.

Hero, I would advise you lay down your weapon for I have no intention of harming you. What you should be worrying about is yourself, and my mirror self, for he is the only explanatory reason I am not here to harm you. If you weren’t able to tell from the hints, it is far too late for you to come back to your home realm, because of your presence both mine and your universe face an extremely high chance of collapsing, as a matter of fact it is impossible for them not to collapse at this point. And your doppelganger has already convinced your once was friends into believing you are a traitor. </more> At the top of the tower is a universal orb, it was made our job to defend the orb with our own existence I have devised an idea that is extremely risky, but if everything works we can reverse time while keeping our memories of the events intact and be able to prevent the collapse from happening again. </What’s the plan?> The plan is simple, but extremely difficult to do, we must both destroy the universal orb, together. It will destroy existence which is inevitable but if we are lucky it will also rebirth existence at the exact time we both aim it to, allowing us to revert to the time before this happened while keeping our memories intact so we can be able to use them to predict the future and prevent the collapse from happening while restoring order to Battleoff. This is risky, but it’s all we got.


Non-mirror Artix (appears once, is pre-boss) (optional but would be a great addition for storyline)
Inquisitor Guard
Inquisitor Captain
Guardian (like Guardian Baxter, but without “Baxter” in the name)
Silver Knight
Good Soldier

Boss Monster

Human (the doppelganger)
Carries slight resemblance to the hero but wears a unique berserker armor, wields a large axe, and wears the “Cloak and Sword” cape from the Wheel of Doom, it is possible that this resemblance can be in no more than the fact the hero and boss are both humans although the boss becomes deformed and then reverts back to original form from time to time. Unique boss abilities should be similar to those on the 4 starting classes. (When deformation happens damage is increased)

Reward Types

Monster Drops
Quest Drop


Armor: Absolute Chaos (boss drop) (severely deformed Berserker Champion with floating chaotic shapes appearing and disappearing occasionally.)

Helmets: Chaotic Berserker Helm (minion drop) (Archfiend Berserker Helm with chaotic influence); Universal Templar’s hood (boss drop) (color custom hood and mask with glowing color custom eyes and radiates a color custom aura.)

Cape: Unbridled Fury (boss drop) ( Color custom “Cape and Sword” but the sword is replaced by a huge axe and the cape is far more dramatic); Omnipotent Wings (boss drop) (large astral wings that should make the wearer feel “omnipotent” when wearing them)

Weapon: Destroyer Omega (boss drop) (boss monster’s large axe, a huge, sinister one sided version of Krom’s Conquest); Universal Orb Staff (boss drop) (Universal Orb Attached to a staff which looks like the pedestal); Eartherner (legend quest drop) (Epic black with white on the edges universal mace with a black hole caged within the hammer. The part that cages the black hole is fractured and is floating pieces (which are also white on the edges)) (Couldn’t help myself, this is my favorite hammer from my own lore)

Pet: Mini doppelganger (legend quest drop) (knowing what had just happened, you had better keep a very good eye on him/her)

Cutscenes (all middle cutscenes are optional)

Opening: You’re enjoying another day at Yulgar until you hear a whispering coming from behind you, you turn around to see a strange wisp that absorbs light. It tells you that there has been trouble in the Mirror Realm although in an aggressive tone, you follows the wisp as it opens a portal to the mirror realm, once you come out of the portal, you see that the mirror realm is rather… apocalyptic, Battleoff had been completely destroyed by two familiar meteors. You hear faint laughter and turn towards the noise to see a dark figure rush into the portal and close it. You are then greeted by wounded Mirror Drakath who isn’t excited to see you, he says, “You have put your world into serious trouble by coming here, now that you’ve seen Battleoff as it is, the universal orb may collapse on itself destroying existence itself. But since you’re here, there is one thing you can do and that is to safeguard the orb, located at the top of Battleover.” He lifts one hand and reveals Battleover with a spell and then immediately faints. (185 words)

Undead Artix Introduction (middle): You approach the 3rd floor and see undead artix, you immediately raise your sword although Undead Artix does not attack but instead says, “Lower your arms hero, I am not here to fight you.” You then reply, “Oh, that’s a change I can welcome.” Undead Artix replies grimly “If I were you, I would find this fact unsettling.” (58 words)

Artix Pre-Boss Introduction (middle): You approach the floor right before the top of the tower to see an open portal, you begin to feel worried of what might be behind that portal as you can hear screams and destruction coming from the portal then suddenly the non-mirror Artix comes from the portal, he looks at you with unbridled fury and shouts, “You… TRAITOR!” Confused, you say, “What? No it wasn’t me I swear!” Although Artix does not believe you and says “It was you that destroyed Battleon and broke the truce, and it was you that sided with Drakath! And to think you were once my… MY FRIEND!” Artix then leaps towards you. (109 words)

Boss Introduction (middle): You approach the Universal Orb utterly awed by it’s beauty as it seems to hum an angelic tone, then you hear a deep voice call out to you “It’s beautiful isn’t it, and to think you would want to destroy it to save a couple peasant weaklings.” You turn to see a horribly mutated figure approach you and then change form into a figure that represents the hero (you). (69 words)

End: Your doppelganger laughs as he/she begins to distort uncontrollably and then fade into nothingness. You approach the Universal Orb and wrap your hands around it, and Undead Artix quickly follows, he warns you that this action is risky and asks if there is any last words you wish to say, in which you say to yourself, “This one’s for you, Artix.” Then both you and Undead Artix crush the orb, absorbing them inside the orb and causing both universes to contract into the orb forming a tiny ball which then explodes and fast forwards towards the beginning of the event stopping right before the event. It then goes to Undead Artix stopping your Doppelganger from executing his plans and battleoff narrowly avoiding the meteors and landing next to lightfall. (129 words)

Release Outline

Release Timeline

/player joins “Battleover”
/player talks to “Undead Artix”


1st quest: Explore
Climb the Tower
I have no idea what this place could be nor what it could do, it would be a good idea to get a good look at the first couple floors and see what I am to expect.
1 Reach 3rd floor.
Artix? Undead Artix? Again? Really?

2nd quest: Place items
Ritual of Opening
This door has absolutely no way to be opened, except for a large circle and some candles, 6 cloths of infinity, unique to our realm, are required to open it, fortunately Undead Artix has all the required cloths although I need to recite the oath, if the circle deems me unworthy I will choke to death, but Undead Artix says he cannot see it denying my oath in any way.
6 cloths of infinity placed
1 oath recited
I feel a little dizzy, but also relieved knowing that could have gone a lot worse.

3rd quest: Kill Monsters
I should have known they would have grown suspicious if they saw me with Undead Artix it seems like we’re going to have to get these paladins out of our way the hard way. Do not show mercy, such thing is a luxury and one we can no longer afford to give
Defeat 8 Silver Knights
Defeat 8 Inquisitor Guards
It seems like they haven’t thought of me as much of a threat, I should expect that to change quickly.

4th quest: Drop
Obsidian Key
From what I hear, this key is a beautiful object, made of glass that comes straight from the coldest place on battleoff, volcanos…. wait what? Oh, right, mirror realm. All and all, the Inquisitor Captain is given the honor of keeping it, and it’s my job to take his job.
Collect 1 obsidian key from the Inquisitor Captain
Oh dear, they didn’t tell me obsidian is still sharp in the Mirror Realm. Ouch!

5th quest: Clicky
Dormant Gates
This gate is known as the Dormant Gate, the Obsidian Key isn’t to be used just yet, this gate requires a puzzle instead, four colors, blue, red, black, and white, whenever I see a color flash, I must select the opposite color if I get it wrong and it will vaporize me. These paladins certainly took their security seriously.
1 Dormant Gate Puzzle solved
Ancient security protocols aren’t always the best.

6th quest: Kill Monsters
Guardians of the Tower
The holy order is sending their soldiers after me, as much as I do not look forward to killing paladins I don’t think I am given much of a choice.
Defeat 10 Good Soldiers
Defeat 5 Guardians
Light guide you, soldiers.

7th quest: Drop
Lightning, Steel, and War
The highest ranking crusader “Valence Icarus” has come to stop me, he is a powerful foe but I have to get past him if I am to make it to the orb.
1 Crusader Defeated
This tower must have been enchanted with a guilt spell, even if I haven’t had feelings for these soldiers before, it’s almost impossible for me to take them out like this.

8th quest: Mini-boss (optional)
Artix says, “Well, what are you waiting for traitor? Let us get this over with, once and for all!”
1 Artix Defeated
“In the end, we remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

9th quest: Boss
The Doppelganger
This is it, the Universal Orb, I can feel it’s power oozing from all the way over here, but I know that I must destroy it and not become controlled by it, however, my doppelganger has made a personal appearance to stop me from doing what I must do, so there is only one thing I can do now, and that is: Avenge my friend.
1 Doppelganger Defeated
There is no time to lose, the universes are almost finished collapsing, the orb must be destroyed immediately if there is any hope for a future.

Legend only quest: Challenge boss
There is an alternate universe permanently frozen in the time period of you approaching the doppelganger, although there are two things to consider about this universe, one: the doppelganger is far stronger in this universe and two: this is the only universe that contains the legendary Eartherner, a fearsome warhammer that cages a black hole within its structure, the very earth will follow your will and nothing will be able to escape its master’s wrath, not even light, and to add on that, once it has selected you, you will remain it’s master until death, even long after the legend title has worn off. I have heard it call for you, legend, will you accept the challenge and claim the hammer?
1 Ultra-Doppelganger Defeated
And so the Eartherner is yours to wield, be careful how you use it, for this weapon can destroy anything in it’s path, even light itself.

Legend Quest 2: Challenge Drop
I Shall Call Him… “Mini Me”
I’m not sure why you’d want to make another doppelganger of yourself, it certainly won’t be easy either, I’ll need 50 fractures of existence from the good knights 50 pieces of cloth from the inquisitor guards, 50 bones from the Guardians, 50 bars of silver from the silver knights, I’ll just consider that part as payment, and then finally, 1 Diamond of Mirrors from the Crusader.
50 fractures of existence
50 pieces of cloth
50 bones
50 silver bars
1 Diamond of Mirrors
Have fun.

End Release (thanks for taking the time to read this)

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AQW  Post #: 403
4/29/2014 22:16:58   

My AQW character name is bulldogsrule7

Scourge of Estralfen
Level Range: 20+
Release Date: May 16th

Release Overview:
A strange, sickly poison has found its way into the waters of Mudluk swamp. Several attempts, both magical and mundane, have been made to try and purify the waters, all of which have ended in failure. Paddylump, a well known Mudluk Spellhunter, has traveled to Estralfen, a small swamp located at the northern edge of Arcangrove, in search of answers.

Before you can find the source of these problems, you'll need to cut your way through a grove of seed spitters. Once thats done, Paddylump will need your protection from the hoard of reptiles that make Estralfen their home. Finally, you'll have to find and defeat the elementals that guard Estralfen, and use their powers to cast a spell powerful enough to find the monster responsible for poisoning the Mudluk's ancient homeland.

You better hurry though. It won't take long before the poison seeps its way out of the swamps and into the rivers and streams of Arcangrove. And if that happens, then how long will it take to spread into the rest of Lore?!
(176 words)

Map Location:
Map name: Estralfen Swamp
/join estralfen

Mudluk Spellhunter
Hallo, murp! Paddylump thanks you for your help earlier. Paddylump wants to chat more, but is very busy. Us Mudluks have a huge problem!

Terruble monster has poisoned the swamp! Poison kills trees and animals. Makes village smell funny too. Us Mudluks can't figure out how to stop poison, so Paddylump comes here, to Estralfen.
<More 2>

<More 2>
Paddylump trying to find that terruble monster, but Estralfen not safe. Filled with all sorts of nasty monsters, murp. Paddylump wondering, you are strong, yes? Maybe U help Paddylump again?

Swamp Lurker, Swamp Frogdrake, Seed Spitter, Elemental (Water), Elemental (Earth)

Type: Dragonkin
Name: Tarrarog
Description: A long, sleek, wingless dragon. Its head has two lightly shaded black horns, which curve forward along its jaw line. Its body is covered in myriad of overlapping black and darkly colored violet scales.

Monster drops: All monsters will have a chance to drop a single "Mudluk Shard" (used in the merge shop), in addition to any of their normal drops.
Boss drops: The Tarrarog will have a small chance to drop the polearm "Paddylump's Spear", and the item "Mudluk Hunter Armor"
Merge shop:
"Mudluk Cap", Helm, costs 20 Mudluk Shards
"Baby Tiger Leech", Pet, Costs 40 Mudluk Shards. Legend Only.
"Mudluk Hunter Armor", 50 Mudluk Shards
"Paddylump's Spear", 50 Mudluk Shards
"Evolved Mudluk's Tadpolearm", 100 Mudluk Shards

Item Reward Descriptions:
Mudluk Shard: A broken shard of an ancient Mudluk relic. Maybe Paddylump can use this?
Mudluk Hunter Armor: Crafted from swamp lurker hides, this light armor is typically worn by young Mudluk trainees. A brown colored, leather like chest plate, with thin brass buttons going down the middle of the armor. The player also wears two similarly colored shoulder plates, and old, slightly torn pants. Made to resemble (or go with) Paddylump's brown shirt.
Mudluk's Cap: Usually worn by the Mudluks when it rains, it's unclear how these strange hats are supposed to be worn. The Mudluk's Cap is an overturned brown bowl that covers the players hair.
Evolved Mudluk's Tadpolearm: Swamp critters have come together, mutating into a strange weapon that Mudluk elders use in battle. Resembles the original Tadpolearm, but reflected on its self. It has two curved spearheads and purple (fins?), which join up around the ball of light, at which point the two wooden shafts become one.
Paddylump's Spear: Paddylump's hand crafted spear. Looks just like the small blue spear Paddylump holds in his hands.
Tiger Leech (Pet): Tiger Leeches are trained by Mudluks to guard items of value. This one is still young, and has been trained to protect YOU! Resembles a smaller form of the Tiger Leech boss, located in Mudluk village.

Release Outline:
//Player joins estralfen
//Player talks to Paddylump
//Opening Cutscene
//Quests 1-6
//Ending Cutscene
//Legend Quests 1

Opening: Paddylump will be fending off a small group of Swamp Lurkers and Swamp Frogdrakes, swatting at them with his spear whenever they attempt to leap at him. Upon seeing this, the player will charge in and quickly dispose of the monsters. Paddylump will thank the player, and ask them what they're doing here. The player will reply that they were sent by Rayst to protect Paddylump, and to help him in any way possible. Paddylump will go on to explain that the Mudluk swamp has been poisoned by a strange monster, and that he was able to track it deep into Estralfen before the trail went cold. Paddylump will then ask for the players help, to which the player will gladly agree.

Ending: The player will laugh while /jumpcheer(ing). Paddylump will praise and thank the player for their efforts, and assure them that the danger has passed, and that although it will take a few weeks for the swamps of Arcangrove to recover, Lore itself is no longer be in danger. The cutscene will end with the player humorously trying to decide where to put the Tarrarog on their wall.

1st Quest
Pulling them by the roots
Paddylump doesn't like this swamp, murp. Too many seed spitters. Paddylump can't even move without them trying to bite me! Go slay some of them, and bring their roots along with you.
Seed Spitter Roots 10
Thank U, Murp!

2nd Quest
Not a Drake
Paddylump happy you stop Seed Spitters, but now the Frogdrakes are everywhere! Hm... I hear that Frogdrake feet are lucky, murp. Go collect us a few pairs of Frogdrake feet. Paddylump think we be needing luck, murp.
Frogdrake Feet 4

3rd Quest
A Lurker Lead
While U were gone, Paddylump think he might have found something! Terruble monster likes eating Swamp Lurkers! Quickly, go defeat as many Swamp Lurkers as you can find. Once your done, bring Paddylump 6 Swamp Lurker tails.
6 Swamp Lurker Tails
Perfect. Now terruble monster has no food to eat, murp.

4th Quest
Weather or not
Paddylump is concerned. U see elementals wandering around swamp, yes? They control the weather of the swamp. If it stars to rain, then poison will spread out of swamps even faster! Defeat 6 water Elementals and 4 Earth Elementals. Afterwards, bring Paddylump their shards. I might need them, murp.
Water shards 6
Earthen shards 4
Well done, murp! That should buy us mudluks some time!

5th Quest
To know your enemy
(Clicker quest)
Yes! These shards are just what Paddylump needs! Using these shards, I can cast spell to help us find monster, murp! Go place these shards around the swamp. Then come back here when U are done.
Shards placed 10
Well done! Now, let's see if we can't find that monster, murp!

6th Quest
Tarra What?
Paddylump has found the monster, murp! It's a Tarrarog, a very old Mudluk dragon. Go, defeat the Tarrarog, and bring back one of its scales as proof of your victory. I will be rooting for U, murp.
Tarrarog scales 1
Quest completes upon defeat of Tarrarog, (scale is a 100% drop). No ending dialogue.

Legend Quest 1
Speeding the Process
Paddylump happy U saved us Mudluks, but the swamps are taking a while to heal. Maybe you help out again? I can make a potion to help heal the swamp, but it will require ingredients, murp. Go collect 3 Lurker gills, 4 frogdrake ears, and 2 elemental essences. Bring them back to Paddylump once your done.
3 Lurker Gills
4 Frogdrake ears
2 Elemental Essences
Thank you, murp! This will go a long way to helping restore our beautiful Mudluk village!


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The oddly mix between Derp and Chaos!
(Level Range: 25+)
Release Date: August 22th, 2014

User Name: La Roux

In the land of Neverglades, chaos is around everywhere, to the water to the plants, to the ground to every creature existent, Drakath power is magnificent, chaos runs in his blood loosely like red cells, but is there anything stronger than chaos?...

…We have experimented this a few ages ago, creatures converted in beings of low intelligent quotient, bulging eyes, badly drawn lines, yes… it is DERP. How can DERP be stronger than chaos? It is strong itself, but when it gets mixed with chaos, it is seen as something horrible! And surprisingly, oddly funny at same time. The only person that can help us to stop this, is Cecily, she is the one that knows how to control and probably defeat the powers of derpiness or it is well known as Derpmancy. Derpmancy is an ancient magic created in the mind of someone with a childish imagination and mastered the arts of wizardry.

(Third person)

I’m worried; I might be immune to chaos but to derp… I am not sure. I don’t really want to risk myself and become a brainless creature, and by brainless I don’t mean a zombie.

As said, there’s only one person that can help us to stop the spreading of derpiness, the one that caused all this, Cecily. She is said to be found in the Neverglades Lands; no doubt that it won’t be easy to find her in the Neverglades Lands. The land is said to be immense and dangerous, but there’s some secret that could help us with this hunt; all my life I’ve been learning all about magic around Lore, hah… I might not be famous as Warlic, but I have my cards up my sleeve.

Beyond the forest, above the mountains, there’s a strange mineral that will help us to repair an old crystal ball, *coughs* With my old crystal ball, we’ll be able to find the only person that will help us, sadly I don’t know anything about her, not even her name, but I can feel her presence and that can be enough to find her; can you imagine it? We could become the most famous heroes / magicians in Lore! *cough* I’m sorry, I’ve been always the joke of other magicians, never been good enough for them or for joining an alchemy academy. Everything I know is what I’ve learned by myself, that’s what matters to me.

I’ve told you everything, even my profile. Now it is your turn to make history, find all the supplements to complete this hunt and let’s end with this irrational disease, and please don’t forget about me, I’ll give you a hand – or maybe two – with these poor creatures, they already have enough with chaos, they don’t deserve to be cursed with derpiness, neither us.

Now go! Let’s start once and for all.


Derpchaos from Neverglades: Similar to Guru Forest but with more chaos and some derped items around it.


Alchemist Witch
Yes I’m a Witch, but I still have some magic skills… oh and welcome to the ‘Derpchaos’ Forest, look at your surroundings, chaos reminds strong, but derp have corrupted, or I might say, have ‘derpted’ almost all the creatures in here, I don’t like the mixed feelings I’m currently experiencing. Anyway let’s begin this adventure!

I’ve never had a laugh while being sad, I know… I know it’s cruel, poor creatures, but look at them *giggles* … Hey don’t judge me, I’m not that mean, anyway we need to help them, and the only way to heal these creatures is finding Cecily, she can cure derpiness but not sure about chaos…

<More 2>
We need to find Cecily, sadly I don’t know where to find her but I know some of the items that we need to repair my old crystal ball are somewhere in here, with the help of it, we will be able to find her, I only hope she is willing to help us, and not willing to transform us into bulging eyes creatures… ew.




Human > Cecily: She’s under control of a small derp demon, that forces her to use her magic against the creatures, converting them into derp. (More details about Cecily at the items section). IMAGE: Cecily and the derp demon controlling her.

Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.


  • 1 Armor: Cecily’s Armor, same as the Boss. Any color could match her perfectly, but I think her clothes could be a dark color as wine or light gray, gloves and boots white color. IMAGE.

  • 1 Helm: Cecily’s Hairstyle, morphed face, with a cute smile that you can wear always. IMAGE.

  • 1 Cape: DurpyDurpDemon, any color, with an animated tail. IMAGE.

  • 1 Pet: Derped Pizza Box, any color. IMAGE.


// Player joins Derpchaos
// Player talks to Guru Forest Witch



<Creatures start to feel strange>
<Scene: Guru Forest Witch summons Hero>
Hero: What?!? How?
Guru Forest Witch: Hello Hero.
Hero: Hey! I was about to get my pizza order.
Guru Forest Witch: This will take more than 30 minutes, so you will have it for free.
Hero: But I’m hungry now…
Guru Forest Witch: Listen <Hero Name> something is happening, I can feel it, look at these creatures:
Hero: Besides the purple tentacles and glowing eyes, they look perfectly normal to me.
Guru Forest Witch: Look closely.
<Chaorrupted Wolf’s eyes change to chaos to derp eyes>
Hero: Uh…! I have seen that somewhere before.
Guru Forest Witch: Derp.
Hero: Don’t be rude! I’m trying to remember.
Guru Forest Witch: No I mean, that’s a kind of infection that turns creatures into derp.
Hero: *Giggles* Hehehe… it looks funny.
Guru Forest Witch: I know rig- No! no, not at all, poor creatures, they already have enough with chaos in their bodies.
Guru Forest Witch: Hero I need your help to stop this. Guru Forest is my home now, I don’t want to see derped creatures everywhere, they must look funny, but I can feel they don’t like it.
Hero: I don’t see what’s the big deal, they look better like that, I could come here sometimes to have a good laugh.
Guru Forest Witch: Would you like a whole Lore derped out?
Hero: Eh, no? That would be annoying.
Guru Forest Witch: Their derp infection will continue speeding around Lore, without stop.

Guru Forest Witch: I can’t believe it… we… we made it <Hero Name>!
Guru Forest Witch: Hah I feel amazing; maybe with this, other magicians will give me more attention.
Cecily: You’re a witch; they will never let you join an Alchemy Academy.
Cecily: And yes, both of you made it, thank you for all, Hero.
Hero: Yeah not big deal, I’ve fought stronger monsters.
Guru Forest Witch: Well, you took a bit long to find all the items…
Hero: Slow but effective.
Guru Forest Witch: Your slowness almost made all the infection get out the Forest and spread in Lore.
Hero: Yeah… but… we made it? *Smiles*
Hero: And the best thing about all this is, I got a free pizza.
Hero: And for sure I’m hungry after all that hunting, phew. Would you mind to summon me back to my castle please?
Guru Forest Witch: When I summoned you, you weren’t in a castle… Looked more like a noob cottage.
Hero: Still making fun of me? I think this will be the last time I’ll help you…
Guru Forest Witch: Haha don’t take it so personal! I will see you soon Hero!
Hero: Soon? I don’t thin-
<Guru Forest Witch summons hero back to her-his house>
Cecily: Heh I have a small surprise for the Hero in that ‘castle’.
<Derped Pizza box awaits for the Hero at the castle>


30 minutes or free
These chaotic lands can play with your mind, but the derped lands can make you lose sanity, I need you to explore your surroundings and come back to me, you don’t need to tell me anything, I’ll be able to see what you see… Don’t be scared.
Map Explored
Hmm looks like you didn’t enjoy the tour, you came to me really fast. I think we will be able to find all the items that we need.

Chaos Essence
The first item that we need is some Chaos Essence, I’m sure the Chaorrupted Wolfs have some of it, but be careful, don’t let them bite you.
Chaos Essence x10
(Dropped by Chaorrupted Wolfs)
Don’t you like it color purple? Well done Hero! But we are not done yet.

Chaotic Bone Dust
Have you ever picked bone dust? Well this one is different, only the Chaorrupted Wolfs and Bears are able to drop it, it comes from their bones that come out their skin, due the chaos in their bodies.
Chaotic Bone Dust x10
(Dropped by Chaorrupted Wolfs and Chaorrupted Bears)
*Sneezes* Be careful with that, we need all of it, don’t waste any.

Cold, cold, hot- ow!
The ground is covered by small crystals, those ones are useless, I need a special ones, but is going to be hard to find it, check around the map and try to find them, don’t forget to use your shoes.
Ground Crystals x10
(Click the arrows around the map)
Please tell me you didn’t hurt your feet.

Some Glue
I don’t have idea how to fix my crystal ball without some glue, believe me, this glue is something especial, can’t find it in the market! Some of the chests around here might have some.
Extremely Strong Glue x10
(Dropped by Guru Chest)
Yes! The perfect ones, we are almost done repairing my crystal ball.

Time for the truth
I need an Ice Orb to complete my crystal ball, when it is ready we will able to finally see Cecily..
Ice Orb (Staff)
Well done! I’ll repair my crystal ball in no time!

Ready for summoning Cecily
There she is… I think I’m strong enough to summon her, but I’ll need some energy first, could you bring me some candies? Yes candies, the guru treasure chests are magic too, some of them will have sweets inside them.
Candies? X10
(Dropped by Guru Chest)
Yum!!! That’s what I needed, let’s do this!

Wait a Moment
There’s something I don’t like about this… I was expecting that Cecily would look more… you know, DERP, I need to clean my crystal ball so I can see this properly. Bring me some bear fur from the Chaorrupted Bears, please.
Bear Fur x3
(Dropped by Chaorrupted Bear)
Ew this fur stinks… but it will help, thank you!

True Revealed
I see, everything makes sense, I knew Cecily wasn’t the one that caused all this, come look, at her back there’s a small being that forces her to use her magic to origin all this. I think I will need more candies to wake up from the shock…
More Candies? X10
(Dropped by Guru Chest)
Nom… Yes that’s way better.

I ran out of candies!
I know, I know I need to hurry up too, all that I need now is some souls of the Leatherwings, and we will be able to summon Cecily..
Leatherwings’ Souls x5
(Dropped by Leatherwings)
Ok now I think I’m finally ready, now for reals, LET’S DO THIS!

Final Quest: Boss Battle

Warm Welcome
I don’t think Cecily is happy with us summoning her… Maybe because she was in the pee pee room… I wouldn’t worry about her much, but look at her back, there’s a small creature that is causing all this!
Cecily’s little friend x1
(Dropped by Depara)
Wow such little being caused all this mess.

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest

Magic oh sweet Magic
I heard you would like to have some of my powers, let me tell you a secret, if you find more candies (please stop worrying about my health I’m a witch) and some souls, I’ll give you the secret of how earning more XP!
Yes, More Candies x5
(Dropped by Guru Chest)
More Souls x5
(Dropped by Leatherwings)
See! That’s it, the secret is… complete the quest several times, heh…

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest

Herp to the Derp
Are you able to end with the last derped creatures in the map? If you do I’ll give you some gold in case you want to order another pizza.
Derped Creatures x20
(Dropped by every monster around the map)
Perfect! All clean… besides the chaos… We will take care of that later, here’s your gold hero!


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Gate Of Hell
For level 31+

User Name: ab 1 dc

and BlackDragon_cool


Destruction of Mirror Realm is nearly begun. The Gate Of Hell which a nightmare of all creatures in Mirror Realm gradually open.

You’ll need to help Dage The Good, Drakath, and Gravely to save the Mirror Realm from destruction, then you’ll need to search through the Mirror Realm to discover who open the Gate. You will need to ask for Warlic’s help to find a way close it. You’ll also slay the monster that come out from the Gate.

Time is running out, and if the Gate fully opened, that is the end of Mirror Realm! Save Mirror Realm from destruction

Name of Map

Mirror Realm  mirrorgate


• Hell Cerberus ( parody of cerberus )
• Evil Moglin
• Hell Binky
• Hell Manticore

Boss Monster Type

 Charateristic
 Wearing a wizard hat
 Use a staff and sword ( Dark Repulser )
 Have a fallen angel wing
 His HP is 105983


Dage The Good

Welcome back, but this is not the good times to visit Mirror Realm. This time, the nightmare of all creatures in Mirror Realm has begun. Can you help us again to stop this nightmare?
This world is in peace after you defeated the chaos lord to save mirror realm. But the peace is now over caused of the Gate of Hell opened.

Reward Types

• Boss Drops
• Merge Shop

Item Rewards

• Armor
 Evolved Dage The Good’s Armor ( Merge Shop for 750 Dage The Good’s Token )
• Helms
 Evolved Dage The Good’s Helm ( Merge Shop for 450 Dage The Good’s Token )

• Capes
 Evolved Cloak Of Dage The Good ( Merge Shop for 250 Dage The Good’s Token )

• Weapon
 Evolved Dream Blade ( Merge Shop for 300 Dage The Good’s Token )

 Dark Repulser ( parody of Sword Art Online ) {Boss Drops}

• Pet
 Evolved Armored Daimyo ( Merge Shop for 400 Dage The Good’s Token )
{ non – member }


• Opening cutsenes
The player come to battleoff and see all humans run away from the city. The player saw Drakath who fighting the mysterious monster alone in the city while all humans in that city ran away. After Drakath slay that monster the player talk to know what was going on. Then Drakath say to go to Mirror Gate as soon as we can to help Dage the Good and Gravelyn to close the Gate, and the player go to Mirror Gate.
• Closing cutsenes
After defeated the man who opened the Gate, all soldiers thanked to the player and celebrate the closing of the Gate. The player join the party too. Then end

Note : 1st – 6th quests can only be completed once

1st Quest
The Way To Close It
The gate of hell is about to fully opened. You must talk to anybody who know the way to close it in your world. If you find it, tell us how to close it.
1 Information of Gate
Oh, you find it. Now tell me how to close it.
Note : the information is “ you must kill the man who open the Gate. “

2nd Quest
After repeatedly studied, we know what is the weakness of all hell’s monsters. To make it, you must kill evil moglin for 10 evil’s heart.
10 evil’s heart
Now, we have the weakness of that monsters.
Rewards :
Monsters Potion x 10 ( effect : when used, your attack does 150% more damage to “hell monster” for 60 seconds )

3rd Quest
Defeat Hell Cerberus
Hell Cerberus are a dangerous mosters. You must slay it before we close the gate, but we have the weakness. This is a great time to try the potions.
1 Hell Cerberus Defeated
Yeah, the potions is work. Then move to the next room.

4th Quest
Defeat Hell Manticore
Now Hell Manticore. We must slay it to close the gate.
1 Hell Manticore Defeated
Yes, but no time to celebrate it. We must hurry to close it.

5th Quest
Defeat Hell Binky
Slay Hell Binky!!!!!!
1 Hell Binky Defeated

6th Quest
Defeat Lucius
This is the final fight. Kill him and save mirror realm!!!!!
1 Lucius Defeated
Now, mirror realm is saved. Thanks to you.

7th Quest
Dage The Good’s Token for Non – member
I will give you my token if you give me 10 evil moglin’s hands from evil moglin.
10 evil moglin’s hands
Thanks. Here it is.
Rewards :
Dage The Good’s Token x 5

Special Quest 1 : Legend – only quest
Dage The Good’s Token for Member 1
I will give you my token if you give me 5 evil moglin’s hands from evil moglin.
10 evil moglin’s hands
Thanks. Here it is.
Rewards :
Dage The Good’s Token x 5

Special Quest 2 : Legend – only quest
Dage The Good’s Token for Member 2
I will give you my token if you give me a Cerberus Fang from Hell Cerberus
1 Cerberus Fang
Thanks. Here it is.
Rewards :
Dage The Good’s Token x 20

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Silence lord Simidor

"The Appendix of Illness".
Level range: +37.
Release date: May 16, 2014.
In the old ruins of the Neverglades, the Dark Hag, Lithrina, is holding an ancient book of unimaginable power know by the name "The Appendix of Illness". The Dark Hag gathered a cult of Dark Witches in order to use the Appendix.
The activities of the cult were noticed by Dage the Evil. When he realized the true nature of the powerful Appendix he summoned the Hero in order to lay hands on the book.
This week you join Issik the Vile, Dage loyal servant, in the Neverglades, fight a cult of Dark Witches and their minions in order to achieve one of the most frightening books of Lore which can hold the faith of countless souls in one hand… At least… That is what you were told…
Name of Map
Neverglades – witchcult
Issik the Vile
Lieutenant of the Undead Legion
Ah, Hero, welcome to the Neverglades. A cult of Dark Witches leaded by a Dark Hag is brewing an unknown potion with the great powers of The Appendix of Illness. They need to be stopped!
<The Appendix of Illness?>

<The Appendix of Illness?>
The Appendix of Illness is a book that was written by a Cancer Mages, eons ago, in order to contain all of their knowledge about manipulation of disease. With your help, Dage the Evil will be able to get a hold on those powers!
<Who is Dage the Evil?>

<Who is Dage the Evil?>
Dage the Evill is the dark lord of the undead legion, the ruler of the underworld and the forger of souls. Ones, he did fight a war against Nulgath the archfiend, and won. Since then no one has any doubt: serving Dage the Evil is the greatest honor anyone can have.
Dark Elemental, Dark Witch, Dreadspider, Guru Chest, Leatherwing, Marsh Tree, Spider.
Boss Monster Type
Dark Hag – Human – Use the Wicked Witch Monster & the Dark Witch Monster for ideas.
Reward Types
Monster drops (only old drops), Boss drops (new items), Shop that unlocks after completing all quests (new items).
Item Rewards
Witch Hunter Dual Slayers (Longsword & Shortsword [Daggers {from shop}]).
Witch Hunter Gun (Gun [from shop]).
Appendix of Healness (Mace [boss drop]).
Witch Hunter Armor (Armor [Dark colored version of the Grim Stalker {from shop}]).
Witch Hunter Hat (Helm [Dark colored version of the Grim Stalker Helm {from shop}]).
Witch Huntress Hat (Helm [Dark colored version of the Secretive Stalker Helm {from shop}]).
Side Flying Broom (Cape [boss drop]).
Witch Hunter Night Cape (Cape [from shop]).
Mini-Cauldron (Pet [boss drop]).
Release Outline
Release timeline
# Player joins witchcult
# Player talks to Issik the Vile

Opening cutscene
On a cloudless night, in the ruins of the Neverglades, a cult of Dark Witches gathers around a bubbling cauldron. One of the Witches is holding a shining white book. Witch (1): "Put in the solidified soul, the time is right!" Witch (2) takes a solidified soul and puts it in the cauldron, which glows bright. Witch (1): "Soon Lithrina, the moon and the stars will be in the right position and the potion will be completed." The shadow of the Dark Hag becomes visible.

Later, in the underworld, Issik the Vile gets instructions from Dage the Evil. Issik: "It seems that the solidified soul, stolen from you, is used as an ingredient for a potion by a cult of Dark Witches…" Dage: "I know some potions use of a solidified soul. Did you discover which potion is brew?" Issik: "No my Lord, but I discovered the Dark Witches attained the receipt from an ancient tome, which is called the Appendix of Illness." Dage: "I'm familiar with that book. I want it for my own purposes." Issik: "The Witches put a very strong barrier against undead around the Neverglades. We can't obtain it, my Lord." Dage: "Then call the Hero!"

End cutscene
The Hero defeats the Dark Hag. He takes the white shining book from her. Hero: "For the Appendix of Illness, it looks so healthy." The Hero brings the Appendix to Issik. Hero: "I defeated the Dark Hag and found the book." Issik: "Yes, the book the Witches used, to brew the potion with." Hero: "So, what is written in there?" Issik opens the book and begins to read. Issik: "…something is really not Ok…this is a receipt for a healing potion!" Issik closes the book and looks at the cover. Issik: "It says here "The Appendix of Healness"." Hero: "Somebody is going to be disappointed. Why did those Dark Witches posses this book anyway?" A Dark Witch appears behind the Hero. Dark Witch: "Poke yourself in the eye young Hero, it is for curing our leader! What else will it be used for. Do you believe she always looked like this?" Hero:"Whoeps!"
1st Quest
Beyond the veil of mystery
The Dark Witches have a very mysteries cult. Look through the veils, concealing their activities but do not miss the cauldron where they are brewing their secret potion.
1 Area Acknowledge (obtain when the Hero comes to the map with the cauldron)
Now you know the area and that is the first step.

2st Quest
How is your arachnophobia?
The whole area is filled with gigantic spiders. The spiders work together with the Dark Witches to undermine your attempt to reach the cauldron. Slay 10 spiders to gain your passage.
10 Spider Slain
The area is buzzing with death heads night moth. It means you did a good job.

3st Quest
Which Witch Watches Which Watch?
Those Dark Witches are waiting for something to happen. It must be the cauldron being brought to boiling point! Prevent them watching the time! Smash those hour glasses they are carrying. 10 will be enough.
10 Smash Hour Glass
It seems you did it, but not on time. The cauldron is boiling.

4st Quest
Dread Attack.
Look like those Dark Witches did not like your sabotage attempt on their potion. They are sanding Dreadspiders to get rid of you. I do not see any wisdom in letting them do so, so slay them first!
4 Dreadspider Slain
Against dread attack, you put dread defense.

5st Quest
Witch cult under night cloak.
Enough playing! Those Witches need to go! Unfortunately… This barrier do not allow me to use any death effect on them. But they can be put to sleep! To do that, I will need some infected mushrooms from the Marsh trees, bags of sand from the Guru Chests and a night cloak from the Dark Elemental.
7 Infected Mushroom
20 Bag of Sand
1 Night Cloak
They are not perfect, but those will do…

6st Quest
It is NOT the night of the witches.
The night cloak is ready to throw the sand in the air. You just need to put the mushrooms around the area to make sure the sand will become a powerful sleeping-sand that will make those witches fast asleep.
7 Mushroom Placed (placing items)
Did you say goodnight to the witches?

Final Quest: Boss Battle
The hag want a hug.
It worked! Now you need just to defeat the Dark hag and taking The Appendix of Illness from her. Sound simple enough…
1 Dark Hag Defeated

Special 1st Legend-Only Quest
Dark gift for the dark lord.
Dage the Evil will not be pleased from this. But maybe, just maybe, we can bring him enough dark souls from the Dark Witches and essence of darkness from Dark Elementals to at least… Forget… The book.
5 Dark Soul
5 Essence of Darkness
… You should get even more…

End Release
Character name: Silence lord Simidor
Email: moranlidor01@walla.com


Anywere there is darkness, Hope will be.
Anywere there is Hope, you will see me.
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sir chri5

Lvlrange 50 +
Release Date : May 16 2014
The Lolosia ocean is draining through a large opening at the bottom of this, the sky has turned red and a demonic feel tension in the air, all power weakening magical increasingly as you approach the opening . Fast. Starts down this huge hole, fighting souls of pirates who ever died in the ocean to find the source of this catastrophe.
The Pirate Rakham called you, have discovered that you will need to go down the pit Alina 's help to get a potion that allows you to retain your magical skills as you go down . The mighty Paladin Artix also be vital to this mission, as the souls of undead pirates are becoming more powerful .
Going down this pit you realize that the demonic atmosphere is getting stronger, hurry to defeat the cause of this! At this rate , the entire sea of the world will be drained !.

Map name, Lolosia :

- Seadescent

Rakham ( PirateSmuggler )

Hero , the alliance has paid me a pretty penny to investigate what is happening at sea, and therefore a large hole about 3 kilometer radius has opened a moment to another ! . You call that you're the best person to investigate into the pit .

<more> Hero : A hole in the bottom of the sea?
You heard me ! . We must act fast! . That will be a dealer offshore landlocked like me ! .

Other NPC '
Artix ( Paladin ) :

Hero , just saw the sky turning red on the ocean Lolosia I began my journey here , fearing the worst,I just thought that I would meet hundreds of Undead to fight ! Hurry up !

<more> Hero: artix Thanks for the help you are offering , I need to pass these undeads dare


Hero, so the cause of that pit and red sky are those Undeads , because you expect to go to free them from their misery ! ... You need a potion to protect you against them? ... OK! But I need you to get me a few samples to know that I have to work .

Undead Pirate, Beast of Pirate's Bay, Capt . 000000Beard


Monster drops
Merge shop

Armor: EvolvedPirateRenegade
Helms: Ancient Hair Pirate , Tricorn Renegade Evolved
Capes: Cthulhu 's Demon , Renegade Parrot
Weapons: Cutlass Renegade , Renegade PistolLock , Older Cutlass
Pet : Ticklish Pirate Zorbo


Release Outline
/ / Player joins " undeaddescent "
/ / Player talksto " Artix "

QuestLegend :

1st Quest ( drop)
Soul of navigators

Hero OK , first things first. And the first is to start clearing the place of the wretched souls of ancient pirates. Luck ! I 'll go over there to kill !

15 Ghost of navigators .

Well done ! Now we can make camp here .

2ndQuest ( clicky ) ( multiclicky )
Camping on the sea ... ?

Well, the next step is the camp. I recommend you to take parts in good wrecks here , then build a couple of seats and light the fire. I'll take care of the store.

9 Old Wood plank ( 1 clickseach )

2 woodbench ( 3 clickseach )

1 Campfire ( 4 clicks )

Aaahh . Now if we can start working , good hero work.

3rdQuest ( clicky ) ( AutoTURN )
Located Alina

Alina said Rakham possibly can create a potion that allows you to enter the pit without suffering much loss of power . Do not ask how he knew , you just go talk to Alina !

Go talk to Alina

Il help u hero, Good Luck!

4th Quest ( drop) (quest begins from Alina ) ( harddrop )

All I need is a bone in good condition . It will be difficult since most of these skeletons takes forever there, but what is needed . Luck !

1 Bone in good condition

Well with this will be enough! Now you can go back to Artix .

5th Quest (map item) (quest begins from Artix ) ( drop) (once enter into the pit , damage out put is reduced)
The advance !

Well, now that you have a potion, it is time to begin exploring the moat, and incidentally kill Undeads !

1 Pit Explored
10 Undead pirate defeated
Well done, we're almost there !

Quest 6th (map event) ( clicky ) (auto turn)
Let's counter the evil !

We're almost there , Hero . Now we just need to know that we face here . And if we defeat it, whatever it is , we need to counter the evil magic that is in the atmosphere. Go draw these runes light in places that you chalk it on the map , then take look at the head of this place.

6 Runesdrawn
1 Boss checked
It's time ... ...

7th Quest (final ) (Drop)
The Call of Cthulhu

Let 's go! We can Overcome

1 defeated Cthulhu

We finished nice work friends , we saved the world ! , And all is ... YEAH !

Legend only- quest ( Rakham )

SpecialQuest 1: Legend- onlyQuest
Eyes cast down

Hero, now I just need good feat collect my benefits , all that loot you can find on the banks of the boats bring him to me . this is interesting ...

Collect 4 Treasures

Haha thanks , you're a good pirate saltwater ! .

SpecialQuest 2: Legend- onlyQuest ( Artix ) ( multiclicky )
beuty award

Wooah ! here there are many bones need to finish here with impeccable lolosia collects waste and Manages all parts of the boats destroyed ... Good Luck !

Collect 2 parts of the boats destroyed

Those repairs damage with 2 parts

Wonder, thanks for helping u all !
End Release
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Air Safety First
Level Range-Recommended-20+
King Alteon’s flying army, the Skyguard were doing their normal patrols in the sky when something mysterious came and knocked them right out the air. Help Captain Stratos track down the culprit before they cause any more air traffic related accidents!!
Name of Map
Arcangrove- Airhighway-the Great Ruins of Gilead with the Skyguard’s airship crashed into it with debris scattered around
-Scoria Serpant
-Wind Elemental
-Mana Falcon

Boss-Dragonkin-Cloud Dragon-A dragon that looks like a cloud with a silver belly-and is very large-located in a room that is unlocked after the completion of the 5th Quest.

Captain Stratos

Main text
Well this is embarrassing. It seems that in our endeavor to protect the kingdom from the skies, we have created another problem. Who knew that air traffic would be so bad? Whatever collided with the airship must have been quite large if it was able to knock us out of the air. I really hope the ruins are okay…
You turned up just in time. Please help us investigate this situation in order to avoid future collisions while we try to fix the airship. Don’t be too rude, okay? It would also be nice if you could survey some of the surrounding creatures and collect data on what they think would be best the best solution for better air control. We really need to write up a set of air traffic rules since air travel has become so popular.

1st Quest-Gather the Salvageable Parts
Before you rush of to do your survey, could you collect some of the scattered parts for us? We really need to get back into the air.
The Hero will search the area for salvaged pieces-there will be ten pieces, but only six are salvageable. Quest complete 6/6 salvaged pieces
Thank you for bringing these pieces back, they will really sped up the fixing process

2nd Quest-Birds of a Feather Fly Together
Mana Falcons are special birds. Somehow they attained a magical aura by living on the para-elemental plane for too long. Anyway, they are common users of the airhighway, so we need their suggestions.
Quest complete-8/8 Mana Flacon’s Suggestions
Hmm, the do have some good ideas. Maybe we can apply that to the rulebook.

3rd Quest-Karasu Crossing
Although the Karasu don’t usually fly, they still have wings and, therefore, are capable of flight. Please go and survey them on their view so that we can better improve air traffic safety.
Quest complete-8/8 Karasu’s Views
Let’s add their input to the list

4th quest-From Belly to Air
How did snakes ever obtain wings? Well I guess you should go ask the Scoria Serpents, they ought to have an answer.
Quest Complete-8/8 Scoria Serpent’s asked
Do they really think that? Well then, advice is advice, no matter good or bad, write that down.

5th quest-Where the Wind Blows
I just remembered that the winds high up can get pretty rough, could you go ask the wind elementals if they could get that under control? Some aggressive negotiation might be necessary as they are quite the flighty fellows.
Quest complete-10/10 Wind Elemental’s Agreement
Was it hard to get them to agree? Well I guess they were feeling cooperative today.

6th Quest-Boss Battle-There is a Silver Belly to Every Cloud
What?? There is a weird Cloud Dragon that is flying around? I guess this explains the mysterious perpetrator to our crash, perhaps you could “persuade” it to come join our meeting?
Quest Complete- 1/1 Cloud Dragon Persuaded
Alright you managed to get him to come.

Special Quest 1-Legend Only-Not Enough, Never Enough
It seem that we have insufficient data, could you perhaps go survey some more?
Quest complete
2/2 Mana Falcon
3/3 Scoria Serpent
2/2 Karasu
3/3 Wind Elemental
1/1 Cloud Dragon
Lets input the new results

Special Quest 2-Legend Only-Why So Stubborn?
The Cloud Dragon seems extra stubborn today, could you redouble you efforts to get him to join out meeting?
Quest Complete 5/5 Cloud Dragons Convinced

Cut Scene
Opening- The Skyguard airship is seen cruising through the air when suddenly a blurred shape darts past and slams into the airship, breaking off parts and sending the airship crashing to the ground.
Closing-All the featured creatures-Scoria Serpent, Karasu, Mana Falcon, Wind Elemental and Cloud Dragon are present. The hero and Captain Stratos are also present. All are gathered around a Stone Table.
Captain Stratos-“Thank you for gathering here today. <Insert Hero Name> and I have surveyed all of you and gone over the results and together we have written this rulebook on air traffic. Now if the representatives of each would please sign the rulebook so that it can become official.”
Captain Stratos proceeds to pass the book around and everyone signs.
Captain Stratos- “Now that we are all in agreement, let us adjourn this meeting. Travel safely everyone.”
Everyone leaves except for Captain Stratos and the Hero. They are seen outside the docked airship.
Captain Stratos- “Thank you for all your help. Now we have some official rules set up everyone can travel safely in the air. See you next time.” Captain Stratos docks the airship and leaves.

Item Rewards
Armor-Cloud Commander-dropped by Cloud Dragon-like all the Naval Commander gear but more puffy and in blue with white cloud designs
Helm-Airtraffic Master-Windswept Hairstyle and half glasses with green transparent eyepiece over the left eye
Helm-Airtraffic Mistress-Windswept Hairstyle in the female form and with half glasses with green transparent eyepiece over the left eye
Cape-Caped Crusader-It’s a cape but why does it have feathers or glow? Think it will help with your dreams of flight? Description- a black feather cape that glows blue. Legend only- dropped by Karasu and Mana Falcon
Weapon-Air Traffic Rulebook-Legend Only-reward from quest “Why So Stubborn?”
Pet-It’s a pet cloud with eyes. May you reach new heights together.
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Archfiend Theo

The Phoenix Rebirth
Level 35+
Release date: When it’s ready
(Narrated by Duncan, Dragonhunter)
All over the land of Lore, the Dragonkin have always been seen as nothing but mere dangerous, fire-breathing monsters who dwell in caves, have no heart for peace, and deserve nothing but death. They are very misunderstood creatures and hardly anyone has come to realize that. Until now, that is... The 4 elemental Draconic leaders known as the “Forefathers of the Flame” (Pun intended) have devised that of a plan to stop the endless massacre by the hands of the “mighty” Dragon Slayer known as Galanoth. A peace created by the legendary Phoenix Amberstone. This item is said to have sustained never before seen power of which the great Magi of Lore can’t even begin to comprehend. Though It’s unknown exactly what type of power this magical relic hold nor where it came from, but it’s for certain enough to keep Lore bright and living for unspeakable of years to come. This is a great matter of trust which will should approached with caution as declared by King Alteon…

Heed the warning of your elders hero. For there are deeper secrets that lie within this story…Your job is to find out what the fathers have planned for our world and report it to me the moment you do. But remember, don’t be fooled by their trickery, Hero. Stay strong and Battleon...I believe in you.

Overall, Players will secretly assist Duncan in his hopes to expose their questionable treaty plans to then find out that the Forefathers are trying to get revenge on Lore by sending them a source of endless energy which will keep lore alive and bright until this secret “Ticking Time Bomb” explodes. The phoenix will begin to hatch from the stone prison throughout the story and will wreak havoc on the lands of Lore once it’s completely free, therefor the Hero will have to stop the Phoenix’s rampage and put an end to the Forefathers wrath by exposing their plans of vengeance

Set in Arcangrove

Quest NPC:
Spying Dragonhunter
Greetings, Hero. Have we met before? Anyways, I secretly summoned you here for one reason and one reason only. That reason is to find out what the Dragonkin are hiding and to put an end to whatever it is that they are planning to do. Do this for me and report back to with any information the second you uncover something. Tell no one of this encounter, That’s an order.

(Click “Who are you”)
Once I was a member of the Order of Dragonslayer, like Galanoth. It shouldn't matter if you're protecting the helpless from these creatures or hunting them for sport as long as you get the job done, but the Order disagrees. I was… asked… to leave but I use what they taught me to track and kill these creatures and I'm BEST at what I do.

(Click “More”)
Enough about me. I’ve summoned you here to help me keep an eye out for these pesky scaled fiends. It’s my job to uncover the secrets that the Forefathers of the Flame are hiding from us and we both know that there’s nothing peaceful about this form of Treaty...Nothing peaceful at all. Get to work, Hero!

(Click Back)

Water Elental (1.2k hp)
Earth Elemental (2.3k hp)
Fire Elemental (3.1k hp)
Wind Elemental (1.2k hp)
Mana Falcon (4.2k hp)

4 Elemental Dragonkin; Water; Earth; Fire and Wind/air (25k hp each)
Based off of the Red Dragon
1 Legendary Phoenix (150k hp)
Giant bright, turquoise Mana Phoenix similar to the Mana Falcon
1 Ultra Phoenix (500k hp)

Reward Types:
Monster Drops
Boss Drops
Merge Shops
Item Rewards:
All drops from monsters are the same as anywhere else in-game

Boss Drops-
Elemental Dragons
Each elemental Dragon Boss will drop a different elemental version of a Dragon Egg (20% Drop Chance) as a quest item held in the Inventory which will be used in the Merge Shop. Stacks to 5 each.
Legendary Phoenix
Phoenix Amberstone (Pet) -1% Drop Chance pet which is a spherical, glowing teal amberstone with a Phoenix Embryo/hatching inside. This pet will open a legend-only quest once clicked which will have the quest that rewards the Color Custom Legendary Dragonslayer Set.
Ultra Legendary Phoenix
Embodiment of the Phoenix (Armor, Helm, Cape and Sword) - 10% Drop Chance is a full armor-set dropped by the Ultra Phoenix which is a Humanoid version of said Phoenix. Here’s a sketch I made in Flash. http://prntscr.com/3eq5z2

MergeShop Items-
Legendary Dragonslayer (Armor) - Moist Sapphire x1, Blazing Ruby x1, Chilled Pearl x1, Dirty Quartz x1, Phoenix Talon x1
Much larger and bulkier version of the original Dragonslayer, Golden plating with a mane around the neck and loincloth sash over the torso and hanging from the waist. (Armor about the size and shape of Undead Legion Overlord)
Dragonslayer’s Pride (Helm) - Dirty Quartz x1
Similar to the Dragonslayer Helmet except it’s golden and has large, curved horns horns; feathered mane and glowing eyes. Helm covers the entire face. (No skin shown)
Phoenix’s Mane (Cape) - Blazing Ruby x1
Similar to Grimlord’s Mane (From the DvN War) except smaller and made of Feathers.
Phoenix wings of Cinder (Cape) -Chilled Pearl x1
Giant feathered wings similar to the shape of the Wings of the Fallen Aranx yet larger.
Dragonslayer’s Glory (Single and Dual Wield Sword) - Moist Sapphire x1, Chilled Pearl x1
Slim claymore blade with a long handle, similar to the one in this image which I made in Flash. http://prntscr.com/3epij5
Phoenix’s Reach -Blazing Ruby x1
Long polearm similar to the overall idea of the golden Dragon Spear from the 10 year Artix Entertainment Anniversary event.
Elemental Blade of Retribution - Elemental Gem x1, Mana Seal x1
A legendary weapon merged from 1 of each of the Gems given from Duncan’s quest. Must be in wielded to fight the kill the Phoenix. (Go crazy with the Design, we can’t have all the fun now can we?)

At first, it shows a glowing magical sphere which is the Amberstone
Afterwards, it shows a flashback of the brutal aftermath of the fallen dragonkin left behind from Galanoth
Then it shows the Fathers mourning in sorrow for their fallen brethren
The Father of the Flame then speaks out and says “I’ve had enough, we can’t let this massacre continue any longer”
later the other 3 Fathers agree on to compose of a plan to seek “Peace” in the land to stop the endless massacre of the Dragonkin.
It then shows Fathers gathering around the amberstone and sending it off to King Alteon with a note attached speaking of a Treaty of Peace
Finally, it shows Alteon going over the treaty with his associates and advisors with Galanoth as Duncan hides away and secretly listens to the conversation with a face of anger and mischief.

Shows the Phoenix exploding in the sky and thus, returning to it’s imprisoned state inside of the Amberstone.
Then it shows Duncan standing at the top of a mountain, staring alteon in the face with the sense of “I told you so”.
Duncan then flies over to the hero and gives him/her a handshake and head off into the distance with the amberstone and not a word to be said.
Later, Alteon and Galanoth speak with the hero and order the Fathers to be imprisoned for an eternity with no release and awarded the Hero with a stockpile of Gold and other riches for his troubles.
The hero is then sent off to take about his/her own life once again while Alteon sighs in a deep mourn for he felt that he was too naive to see through the Father’s plans, and sits in his Throne...silent with the feeling of sadness and remorse…(End of Cutscenes)


Main quest
Quest 1: Blazing Flame
The fire Elementals have taking reign over many towns and villages. We must fight fire with fire in order to take them all down. May the blazing flame be with you. Bring me back 7 fire elemental shards.
Fire shard x7 (Dropped by Fire Elementals)
Upon Turn in-
You have conquered the fire Elementals. Now, on to the next!
Blazing Ruby (Merge Item)

Quest 2: Atlantic Tide
Typhoons, Tsunami, and Tidal Waves have been occurring all around Yokai and Lolosia. I believe it's the work of the Water Elementals that are arousing all the villagers and towners in these nations. Please bring me 7 WATER elemental shards to get one step closer to victory.
Water shardl x 7 (Dropped by Water Elementals)
Upon Turn in-
That makes for those freaks of nature.
Moist Sapphire (Merge Item)

Quest 3: EarthQuake Mania
Oh no, what I've predicted came true! Earthquakes have been demolishing the cities of Swordhaven and DwarfHold. We must stop this devastating madness before it gets out of hand. Defeat 7 Earth Elementals to calm the trenches of lore down.
Earth Shard x7 (Dropped by Earth Elemental)
Upon turn in-
Great Job hero, you’re one step closer to defeating the all mighty Phoenix.
Dirty Quartz (Merge Item)

Quest 4: Tornado Rush
After you finished dealing with the Earth Elementals, the Air Elementals were unleaded to bring death upon Lore and The citizens. we must find the air shards before all of lore is in pieces.
Air Shard x7 (Dropped by Wind Elemental)
Upon turn in-
Thanks you hero you have saved lore for the fourth time, may the four elements be in your favor
Chilled Pearl (Merge Item).

Quest 5: Mana retrieval
We’re so close, I can almost taste it! Now bring me 10 mana cores from the Mana Falcons so that I have something to fuse the Cores once we retrieve them. A few pesky birds shouldn’t be too rough.
Mana core x10 (Dropped by Mana Falcon)
Upon turn in-
Thats it, hero! Victory is within our graps!
Mana seal (Merge Item)

Mini-Boss Quest
Quest 1: Elemental Downfall
Now then. We have gotten all of the easy stuff out of the way but prepare yourself, hero. There are 4 elemental Dragons dwelling at the base of the mountain of which the Phoenix lies. Defeat each dragon and bring me their core so that you may create the Elemental Blade of Retribution. It’s the only way to defeat the Phoenix.
Water Core x1 (Dropped by Water Dragon)
Earth Core x1 (Dropped by Earth Dragon)
Fire Core x1 (Dropped by Fire Dragon)
Wind Core x1 (Dropped by Wind Dragon)
Upon turn in-
Great! Now take the Cores and forge the blade so that we may destroy this monster. The fate of lore lies in your hands, Hero.
Elemental Gem (Merge Item)

Boss Quest
This is now!
We’ve made it this far, but it’s not over just yet. This is the time for retribution, for freedom, for Lore! Take down that monster once and for all, report back to me once it’s done.
Phoenix Talon x1 (Dropped by the Phoenix Boss)
Upon turn in-
So, it is done...We may finally rest in peace knowing that the Phoenix’s rampage has been put to an end. Rest well hero, you’ve made your people happy and safe. Please, take these items for your troubles. You may need them.
Phoenix Talon (Merge Item)

Legend Quest
Quest 1: The world is ours! ( Began from the Amberstone Pet dropped by the Phoenix Boss):
This so called Phoenix has grown in power and must be stopped. It's endless rampage has caused havoc and destruction all across lore so now we must step up to the plate and end this once and for all, Battle On Hero!
Ultra Phoenix Talon x1 (Dropped by Ultra Phoenix)
Upon turn in-
Congratulations hero, the Phoenix has been stopped and the world is ours again! Take these rewards as a token of my gratitude.
Color custom version of the Legendary Dragonslayer Set and each item has a +5 bonus xp boost.
Example: Dragonslayer’s Glory (CC) +5

Quest 2: Valuable Gems
Now that we are finally at peace, we have time for some farming. I’ve been told that each of the Elemental Gems sell for a heavy amount. Interested?
Elemental Gem x 5 (Reward from Elemental Downfall)
Upon turn in-
Job well done, here’s your payment.
Heafty amount of Gold

Your fellow players, The0d0sis and ArchChancellor

End Release

Docs Link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CwFDtRXgYyGvfoJwK__WyXd3ltf6MK3-kW0EWUjM1po/edit#

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Name: Elemental Harmony
Map Name: Harmony
Level Range: 25+
By: Dyrilain, Jaikon, Zahaara and Eyalon
Of the guild Crystal Dragons


The elements are in chaos. In Arcangrove, the elementals of earth and water are in the midst of a feud over which is more vital to life. Water’s argument is that it is the source of life and therefore is most important. Earth counters that it is considered nature itself, which makes it life itself and without it there would be nowhere to live.

The mage Blakk is concerned over this imbalance. He asks you, the Hero, to aid him in his quest to stop the fighting. Telling you he has a plan that requires combining the elements of life, you go out and collect the essences of fire, water, earth and air, among other things.

After you gather all that is required Blakk uses the reagents to summon an elemental beast from a distant plane. The golem, composed of all four elements, attacks the warring elementals, and its power is enough to force earth and water to come to a truce. He then tells you that that was his plan all along. When you defeat his creature Blakk gives a rousing speech about the harmony of life. He tells of how it is composed of many parts, of Water and Earth, yes, but also of Fire and Air. In the end the elements heed his words, but you are left wondering just how insane the man is.

(NOTE: If it is at all possible, whenever elementals are seen, both in cutscenes and enemies, can they please be the versions of them seen in Fable Forest? I love them very, very much because they remind me of Dragonfable!
Wiki Links:




Seed Spitter; Gorillaphant; Fire Elemental; Wind Elemental; Mana Falcon


Type: Elemental
Name: Rednaxela
A giant elemental golem made of all four elements fused together based off of the Snow Golem’s design.
Detailed Look:
A base body made of rock with veins of lava; spirals and tendrils of water and air swirling around its arms, legs and chest (Sort of like chains); fists are covered with red fire; eyes are green.
Wiki Link:


NPC: Blakk
Main Text:
“Thank you for coming, <Hero>. The dissonance this conflict has brought is beginning to manifest itself physically. The ground weeps in sorrow while the rivers quake in unbridled rage. We cannot let this continue for much longer; will you assist me?”

More Text:
“This struggle match is meaningless, you know. Life is not so simple that one element, no matter how vital, can be considered the most important. At least the elements of fire and air have not forgotten themselves, and with their help I may be able to bring this to an end. I have a plan, but it will require much work on your part. I hope you are up to the task, <Hero>.”

Additional Text:
“Watching the elements fight, it makes my heart ache. That is, if I have a heart; for all I know I could just be an empty sack imbued with life through some sort of dark magic.

…What do you mean that’s a weird thought? Doesn’t everyone wonder that?”


Scene opens with Blakk in his shop, an earthquake in progress, his pets cowering around him; In narration he tells about the battle; How Water is asserting that it is the most important part of life because it is the source; How Earth claims that it, being nature, is life itself and also that without it there would be nowhere for air-breathing creatures to live; Blakk tells of how the earth is breaking and the waters are furious, of how they are tearing the world apart and how he must stop it (Scene changes to show each elemental and their fighting while he is talking); Blakk tells of how he needs a hero; <Hero> appears in his shop; Blakk, without even explaining the situation, says “You’re right on time” before urging <Hero> to come with him to the battlefield; <Hero> is left standing there, confused, but with the earthquake in progress knowing that they should probably go with Blakk. Scene closes with <Hero> running after Blakk.

Scene opens with <Hero> standing on top of Rednaxela, panting; Blakk appears, also standing on top of Rednaxela, congratulating <Hero> for their victory; Blakk then gives a speech, asking the elements to listen to him; He tells of the folly of the conflict between Water and Earth, of how life is composed of many elements; How Fire is the warmth and love, passion, the oil of life that keeps it moving; How Air is the breath, consciousness and a conscience, free will; How Water is the blood, the fluid, the source, important but nothing without the other elements; How Earth is the substance, the form, what holds it all together (Scene changes to show each element when he talks about them, some looking embarrassed over fighting, others nodding in agreement); Blakk beseeches the elements to stop their petty feud and work in harmony; the elements cheer, and <Hero>, partially angry that Blakk hadn’t told of all of his plan, begrudgingly confirms that Blakk’s speech was a good one; Blakk says something that makes sense and yet is a bit strange, leaving <Hero> to wonder just how crazy the man they helped really is. Scene closes with darkness, followed by one eye of Rednaxela opening.


Quest One: Convincing the Elements
Defeat 7 Fire Elementals and 7 Wind Elementals

Accept Text:
As I see it, life is composed of four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. For my plan to work I will need the essences of all four elements.

Thankfully Fire and Air still have their sense about them and have not joined in this battle. However, though they may see the folly of this conflict that does not mean that they will be willing to aid me. I need you to convince them to lend me a piece of their cores. About seven of each will do.

Complete Text:
Well, well, I did not know you could be so persuasive. Though next time, please don’t hit them so hard; I need them conscious if they are to help me.

But then again, what are a few bumps and bruises when it comes to peace? A low, low price to pay, that’s what they are.

(7) Fire Elemental “Convinced”: (Drop)
Some people you can talk to, others you just have to punch in the face.

(7) Wind Elemental “Convinced”: (Drop)
A diplomatic party would have sufficed, but unfortunately you were all out of tea.


Quest Two: Roots of Life
Collect 10 Dead Seed Spitter Seeds, 10 Sprouting Seed Spitter Seeds and defeat 10 Seed Spitters

Accept Text:
I don’t think the elements of earth or water will willingly part with their essences, even if you were to fight them. However, their elements have a very tangible expression of life here in Arcangrove. Do you know of the Seed Spitters? Their seeds hold a perfect balance of water and earth. I need ten seeds fresh from a Seed Spitter’s mouth, ten that have sprouted in the ground and ten whose life has already left them. I should be able to extract the essence I need from those seeds.

…Sometimes people ask me, “What is the answer to the greatest question?” I ask them, “Do you even know the question?” I tell you, the impertinence of people… What do you mean I’m babbling? This is perfectly relevant information! Go do!

Complete Text:
Ah yes, perfect. This is exactly what I need. Good job!

…Wait, you want to know what the answer is? What did I just say about impertinence? Well fine, I’ll tell you: you’ve already collected it! Do the math!

(10) Dead Seed Spitter Seed: (Clicky)
This seed was spat upon the path, trampled underfoot and dried in the sun. It might make good birdseed though!

(10) Sprouting Seed Spitter Seed: (Clicky)
These seeds can grow anywhere that’s fertile. Be careful they don’t circle ‘round and grow deep in your heart! As long as you don’t forget, you’ll be fine.

(10) Fresh Seed Spitter Seed: (Drop)
These seeds, if roasted over an open fire, make quite the gourmet treat. At least that’s what Blakk’s grandfather would always say.


Quest Three: Friendship is Mana
Defeat 6 Mana Falcons

Accept Text:
Now that I have all the essences I need there just comes the reagents for the rest of the spell. I didn’t tell you I was crafting a spell to end the war? Oh. Well, now you know.
What I need now is some raw magic, some natural mana. The Mana Falcons that reside near Arcangrove are strong and noble creatures. I am actually quite good friends with them and now is the time to call in some favors. Ask six falcons to give me some of their quills so I can use them to compose the spell. You may have to use some more gentle persuasion to remind them of how much they love to help me.

Complete Text:
Lovely! These quills are in exemplary condition; the Mana Falcons must have plucked them especially for me. How kind!

We’re nearly done now. You’ve been very helpful and dependable, my friend, I thank you. You know, you remind me of a rogue I once knew; he was my best friend. He had a tail.

(6) Mana Quill: (Drop)
Perfect for weaving magic or writing long-winded letters to old friends and teachers.


Quest Four: The Ties that Bind
Defeat 5 Gorillaphants

Accept Text:
Good, good. We have the elements of life and the magic. Now to hold it all together.

Go out and shave the backs of five Gorillaphants for their fur, then collect their saliva. A little from each should fill this vial. Don’t ask questions, I’m already weaving the incantation.

Complete Text:
Yes, this is just right. Did you know that the saliva of a Gorillaphant is the greatest adhesive for magical components known to the world? It’s completely waterproof, can be used for every elemental sphere including darkness and light and even expands to fill the cracks in burned mana! Plus it is a naturally occurring, completely renewable resource!

...Why did I need fur? Oh, well, it’s a good basic reagent, but mostly I just needed the Gorillaphants to salivate. It’s a little-known fact that Gorillaphants start drooling when the hair on their back is removed.

(5) Gorillaphant Fur: (Drop)
Ah, the age-old quandary: If a Gorillaphant falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course, you know what the answer is… Magic!

(5) Gorillaphant Spit: (Drop)
For the toughest magical jobs on planet Lore.


Quest Five: What Tangled Webs We Weave
Place 13 Magic Lattices

Accept Text:
You see this glowing pile behind me? Those are amplifiers. I’ve created lattice-like webs using most of the mana, the fur and the saliva. These will help in amplifying the effects of my spell.

Do you know about summoning circles? The amplifiers have to be placed around the target area to aid the caster. These webs work under similar principles, but it’s more of a road than a circle. I need you to place the lattices along the path to the heart of the element’s battle, and when I unleash my spell it will travel along it, gaining strength all the way. I made some extras just in case you broke a few; you should only need to put down about six-hundred and sixty-six of them for the spell to work.

...You think that’s a lot!? Hrm… Well, yes, I suppose that is quite a large number. Let me weave them together. There. They’ll be a bit more cumbersome to carry, but now you should only have to place thirteen of them. Now no more complaining!

Complete Text:
Through all of our hard work the way to peace has been made. My plan is almost done; now I must cast the spell.

(13) Magic Lattice Placed: (Clicky)
They say that if you looked at the whole of the tapestry of life you would be astounded and cheered by what you saw. Perhaps this magic tapestry would do the same?


Quest Six: The Battle is Over
Go to Boss Area

Accept Text:
The essences that make up life are in hand. The magic is ready, the gateway open. Please be silent as I chant the incantation…

...Vee vee eesaw suhhhhm… Zee day nand garn etfo reaver… Yah!

There; it is finished. That should be it. Not too difficult, now was it? You should go check and make sure those elementals have finally stopped fighting each other.

Complete Text:
What’s that you say? A giant beast made up of all four elements of life working in harmony has appeared and is now attacking the elementals? Great, the spell worked! Did Earth and Water stop warring to engage this new threat? Great, the plan worked!

(1) Unexpected Result: (Map Item)
A wild Rednaxela appears! Hero is confused!


Final Quest: What Heroes Do
(NOTE: Auto-Complete)
Defeat Rednaxela

Accept Text:
You wish to know what I’ve done? It’s quite simple really. I summoned an elemental spirit from another plane, the great and powerful Rednaxela. Now the elements of Water and Earth have had a truce and Air and Fire have started to help hold back Ol’ Red. The elements are working together, just as they should. Now there is only a little left until my plan is completely complete.

...Well? What are you waiting for? You’re a hero, aren’t you? Go and help them fight! They will surely not be strong enough to stop him on their own.

...Of course I’m not crazy! This is exactly what I wanted to have happen. Quit questioning me and save those elementals!

Complete Text:
Hero, you have done it! You’ve saved the elements! Unfortunately you were supposed to auto-complete this and go straight into a cutscene where I give a phenomenal speech about the unity of the elements of life. Now I don’t know what’ll happen.

...Do you want some tea?

(1) Rednaxela Defeated: (Drop)
An entire army of earth and water elementals plus a few contingents of air and fire elementals couldn’t even scratch that thing. And yet you could defeat it. Boss.


Special Quest One: Flowers Solve Everything
(NOTE: Unlocked after Final Quest: What Heroes Do)
Collect 20 Life Flowers
(NOTE: I imagine the Life Flowers as extensions of the Elemental Roses seen in Dragonfable, except that each flower has colors pertaining to Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Therefore the Life Flowers should look similar to the Elemental Roses.
Forum Link:

Accept Text:
Hero, good, you’re still here! It seems that my rousing speech did the trick for most of the elementals and the dissonance has lessened considerably. That’s good.

However, it appears that some elementals are still skirmishing against each other, and that’s bad. But maybe they just need a little diplomatic gift. When you knocked Ol’ Red out, pieces of his physical form escaped from him and fell across the land, taking the shape of beautiful, colorful flowers of life. I bet if we gave the fighters a big bouquet of them they would see just how pointless their conflict is.

There are still a few flowers on the ground, but most were picked up by creatures. You’ll have to fight them for it. I think about twenty would do us well.

Complete Text:
This is absolutely perfect. You know, I once knew a maniacal mage who used to make flowers similar to these. I tell you though, he’s downright crazy.

...What’s with that look? I’m not crazy!

(20) Life Flower: (Drop, Clicky)
A beautiful flower formed from elemental essences. For years mages have been crafting things like this, but these are the most natural, most perfect specimens you have ever seen!


Special Quest Two: An Eidolon No More
(NOTE: Unlocked after Special Quest One: Flowers Solve Everything)
Defeat Rednaxela

Accept Text:
Hmm? What’s that? You wish to know more about Ol’ Red? Well you see, Rednaxela is a spirit who happens to be composed of the four elements of life. I summoned him to this plane of existence and in doing so gave him a physical form. Are you worried that he’s still here? Don’t be. His body will dissipate in a while.

You know, Ol’ Red is actually a good friend of mine, a companion who’s been with me through thick and thin. You yourself have trusted me even when you did not know what I planned to do. I think you two would do well together. Tell you what: If you can beat up Ol’ Red one more time, I’ll try to convince him to keep his corporeal body and travel around with you for a while!

Complete Text:
Wow, you really are strong. Not only did you beat Rednaxela once, you beat him twice!

Just give me a moment… And… There. Now Ol’ Red’s physical body will last until he deems fit to leave you, which shouldn’t be any time soon if you treat him right. There’s just one catch. Never, ever, ever refer to him as a pet. He gets very offended by that.

(1) Rednaxela Defeated: (Drop)
An entire army of earth and water elementals plus a few contingents of air and fire elementals couldn’t even scratch that thing. And yet you could defeat it. Boss.


Reward Types:
Boss Drops (Little Red pet);
Quest Rewards (Ol’ Red pet);
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests



Name: Flaming Fists of Life
Fists of Fire recolored green to represent life. (NOTE: If at all possible, we would like the flames to be on the outside of the fist rather than the inside; that way it will look like fists on fire instead of hands holding fire.)
Legends say that these flames heal all they touch. Unfortunately for your enemies, not all legends are based on fact.
Wiki Link:

Name: Life Bringer
Blade of the Mount with green flames surrounding the blade (Similar to the Reignbringer) with the hilt swirl having a few small leaves and colored reddish-brown like roots.
This magical sword is constantly growing, constantly burning, and completely self-sustaining. As the vines grow longer they are consumed by the flames, which transfers the energy that is not converted to heat back to the plant so it keeps growing. Quite an efficient enchantment… Do you think they used Gorillaphant Spit?
Wiki Links:

Name: Sandstorm Bow
FrostStrike recolored to look like the elements of air and earth.
This bow is imbued with the power of earth and air so that every arrow shot will have the speed and ferocity of a sandstorm! Plus if you run out of arrows it makes for a mean club!
Wiki Link:

Name: Children of Blakk
Blakk’s Hat with a Seed Spitter seed sprouting on one side, its vines reaching around the hat, and a Life Flower stuck into the other side.
If Blakk had a son who looked exactly like him, do you think he’d come up with a more creative name than Blakk Jr.?
Wiki Link:

Name: Lifely Hood
Emerald Sea Locks recolored to represent all four elements. (Made to match the armor reward, Life Elementalist)
Being a mage is hard, but doing what you love is reward enough. Getting paid doesn’t hurt, either.
Wiki Link:

Name: Life Elementalist
New Mage Armor recolored to represent all four elements. (Made to match the helmet reward, Lifely Hood)
The flow of life is in your hands. Steadfast and free with passion burning inside you. You are… The Life Elementalist! Now go forth and spread harmony throughout the land!
Wiki Link:

Name: Harmony’s Flight
Burning Faerie Wings with each of the four elements represented in one wing each. (Bottom left: Earth; bottom right: Water; top left: Air; top right: Fire)
With these wings giving you lift you can float like a butterfly and sting like nobody’s business!
Wiki Link:

Name: Fused Spectrum
Astral Runes with the circle being a swirl of many colors and moss covering the floating rocks.
These runes give you awesome power but extract a small amount of your life force to add to the Great Spectrum. The runes giveth, the runes taketh away. Such is life.
Wiki Link:

Name: Little Red
The boss, Rednaxela, in pet form. (NOTE: To be dropped by Rednaxela)
A chunk of the elemental beast Rednaxela broke off while you were fighting him and retained the form of his larger self! Isn’t he cute?

Name: Ol’ Red
The boss, Rednaxela, in battle pet form. (NOTE: Reward from Special Quest Two: An Eidolon No More)
The great and powerful Rednaxela has decided to travel with you! You know, Ol’ Red isn’t nearly as destructive as people say he is. Really he’s a big softie, unless you threaten his friends or call him a pet. He really hates that.

(NOTE: If you only choose to make one pet, please choose Ol’ Red, because he goes with the quest.
NOTE TWO: If you do make Ol’ Red, if it is at all possible, please make him non-member. That way if a Legend does the quest and gets the pet but then their membership expires they’ll still be able to use him!)



-Player joins map "Harmony"
Opening Cutscene
-Player talks to Blakk
Quest One Accept/Complete
Quest Two Accept/Complete
Quest Three Accept/Complete
Quest Four Accept/Complete
Quest Five Accept/Complete
Quest Six Accept/Complete
Final Quest Accept/Auto Complete
Closing Cutscene

-If Legend:
Special Quest One Accept/Complete
Special Quest Two Accept/Complete



Thank you for your consideration!

And the rest of my team
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Wrath of Orcis
This was created by Roxia Eternal, Maxijack, and Nostalgia.
Level range 35+

It’s only the beginning, a change is occurring in the universe. Time is altering, constantly ticking. Lore is shifting into a cold, bleak state. But what is happening? Is there a new enemy who has turned against us? An enemy with greater strength than Drakath? Why is this happening? Undead begin to rise and attack the innocent. The fallen warriors of both good and evil form an alliance against their foe! King Alteon has risen, each Chaos Lord you have defeated is returning. What is resurrect them? Is it possible Drakath’s plans have changed? No! It cannot be Drakath! It’s Orcis, king of the Ancient Undead, who will bring Lore to it’s end. He sweeps the land like a dark plague, snatching the souls of the innocent and the valiant. Which he then uses to strike down those who stand against him. Orcis and his army of terror are not evil, although it may seem... They wish not to destroy the Good, Evil or Chaos factions, but to wipe them all out and have complete control, destroying every breath and soul that ever existed in the process. A tear sheds, a soul weeps. Is there a way to stop this? One hero must rise and stop Orcis before it is too late.
Orcis has begun to alter the mirrors of time in order to shatter everything in his path. Can the hero save us? Skys rage with flames as Orcis casts a rare toxic breeze over Lore, making all Warriors, Mages, Casters and Healers weak and brittle with fear. Anyone who tries to fight the toxin, is consumed by its fiendish rage and driven into a state of malice, before eventually falling to its toxic potency. However you, Gravelyn and Brittany have noticed a weakness in Orcis’s plan. Orcis being the only one immune to the powers of this toxic cloud, granted his generals with a special armor, allowing them immunity to the toxin. If you can defeat each general and steal their armor, they too, can become immune to the malefic powers of the gas! This gives them the perfect opportunity to bypass not only the gas, but the army of terror as well (temp armor equipped, to blend in) and make their way directly to Orcis himself (final boss fight)!

Opening Cutscene
The cutscene starts dark and then gets lighter and these words appear on the screen "A new darkness has come" and then there is a scene of Arcangrove being under a bright green fog with slain arcangrove monsters. And then darkens and these words appear."This darkness seeps into the most powerful planes of the lore". Then a scene of the chaos portal appears with vines and broken stone lay on the ground. Also, Drakath's sword sticks into the ground. Screen darkens and these words appear "This darkness destroyed Chaos the almighty master. The plane is destroyed. A small victory." A scene of Battleon appears showing flashes of mourning villagers. Then shows a crying mother and son hugging each other. In a second a slash of a sword brightens the screen and then darkens and these words appear. "For children and innocent people slain by foul warriors." The screen brightens up and a dark version of Orcis appears with darken soldiers bowing to him. The sky glows black with the sun gleaming green. These words in red appear at the bottom. "Armies of the fallen bow to this...king. Slain soldiers and the surrendered fall under his control." The screen flashes lighting and showing Gravelyn and Queen Britney making an alliance. Another flash of lighting shows an army of undead and good soldiers flooding the screen. Red words at the bottom of the screen say this  "Good and evil join together but a hero of the lore is needed to."Screen darkens and these words appear "Join the fight and save us from the wrath of Orcis!" Then the hero arrives in dreadtown. 
Closing Cutscene
You (the main hero) alongside Gravelyn and Brittany team up to fight the mighty Orcis! And after a long and pereless battle, the vicious tyrant finally falls to his knees (thus lifting the the destructive powers of the poisonous gas and returning is army of terror to the underworld. As Orcis’s body begins to decay before your very eyes, powerful surges of green lightning crack across the sky, causing earthquakes on land and tidal waves out at sea (the world shakes with the energy). The sky begins to turn normal and. You (the main hero) look at gravelyn and Brittany and cheer with joy! However, just as you turn to walk away, the white spirit of Orcis rises from his corpse and thanks you for defeating him. Now he can rest in peace with the elemental spirits and remain in peace and tranquility. The screen then becomes black and reads: ‘The End’.
Name of Map!
- Dreadtown
Please you must hurry and save us from being eradicated! You are our only hope! Be careful as we have no idea what we are facing in this realm. For this place is swarming with a new kind of enemy we have never faced before!
Everything is gone! I can already feel my soul drifting from reality. The fumes of the toxic cloud lurk all around us, consuming everything. I beg you; Do not fall under the same state! Please you must follow us! Let us lead you into battle!

Orcis Soldier (Undead Pirate) Level 36
Orcis Witch - (Dark Witch) Level 35
Orcis Spider - (Dreadspider) Level 35
Mini bosses:
General Falconius (Undead berzerker) Level 40
Queen Katrina (Kalestri Worshipper) Level 45
General Arcon. (NekoYasha) Level 40
Final Boss:
Orcis (final boss). Level 47
Boss Monster Type!
- Undead
Reward Types!
- Drops from Orcis (Final Boss):
       - Orcis Face (5% drop rate).
       - Orcis Armor (5% drop rate).
       - Orcis Cape (5% drop rate).
       - Orcis Staff  (5% drop rate).
       -  Mini Orcis Pet (15% drop rate).
- Merge Shop:
      - Toxic Samurai ( black version of ‘Kitsune Armor’ but green lighting strikes all around it). 250 armor shards
      - Foul Undead Knight ( Black version of ‘Undead Terror Armor’ skulls eyes on the knees glowing green. Eyes on head glow green with small lighting strikes around its eyes. Along with black side blades on the forearms). 200 armor shards
Drop: Orcis armor set and the armor shards
Map Item: Temp armor from the quest
Clicky: Toxic seeds quest will require clicking around the map.
Start Release Events: Opening Cutscene will happen once you enter the map. Then you have to slay 1 room of monsters to access the
Player joins /join Dreadtown. (Mirror realm - Battleoff)
Player talks to Gravelyn.
- 1st Quest!
Toxic Effect!
Description: We need to see how well you can handle the toxic fumes. By attacking these foul creatures, we can see if you are a strong soul. Kill either the Orcis Soldiers, Orcis Witches or Orcis Spiders to test your strength!
Requirement: 10 monster kills
500 Gold
500 XP
After completion: Hmm… We can sense you’re getting weaker by the minute!
- 2nd Quest!
Toxic Seeds!
Description: We need a sample of this toxin to see how potent it is! You will need to collect 12 Toxic Seeds. Look around until all 12 seeds are located.
Requirement: 12 Toxic Seeds.
Click around the map for toxic seeds.
500 Gold
500 XP
After Completion: Well done! Now we can get testing!
- 3rd Quest!
Power the Portal!
Description: Dam! We were still unable to gather enough results. It appears this toxin is a lot stronger than we thought… Go gather some living samples from the local monsters, maybe that will help us with our testing!
10 toxic jelly. (dropped from Orcis Soldier)
12 essence of the void. (Dropped from Orcis Witch)
500 Gold
500 XP
After completion: Great job! This should definitely be enough to show us what we are dealing with!
- 4th Quest!
Rune of the Ancients!
Description: We are so close to discovering everything we need to know! All we need now is the Rune of Ancients! I believe the Orcis Witches carry them!
Rune of Ancients (25% drop rate).
Dropped from Orcis soldier.
1500 Gold
600 XP   
After completion: Amazing! That should do it!
- 5th Quest!
Armor of the Toxic General!
Description: WOW! It appears our studies were for nothing! But we do believe that Orcis’s generals wear armor that makes them immune to the toxin! All you need to do is defeat the 3 generals and steal their armor! After that we should be able to pass through the gas, unaffected and undetected by enemy troops.
General Falconius Armor
(defeat General Falconius)
General Skello Armor
(Defeat General Skello)
General Arcon Armor
(Defeat General Arcon)
1000 Gold
1000 XP
Temporary armor: Random when you complete quest but it is one of the Generals armor. (Replaces armor equipped on character)
After completion: Ok put it on quickly! They are coming! Hurry!
-6th Quest!
Clear the slime!
Hero we can’t get to Orcis with all this slime! Clear it up really quick just don’t smell it whatever you do!
Click the slime the screen before the boss.
Great job! Let’s go!
0 Gold
0 XP
Mini Cutscene
The hero is covered in slime after cleaning it all up. Gravelyn helps clean the hero up. Then Gravelyn and the hero run into the portal green lighting flashes like crazy. Orcis sits in his throne with two warriors guarding him and standing beside him. Orcis says “You have come a long way it is a shame that you will be joining me soon.”
Then the hero unsheathes his/her weapon and says “We have come to stop you from destroying us.” Orcis says “Well, let’s see who falls first.” Orcis shoots toxic fireballs at the hero and Gravelyn. Then the screen darkens and the hero is at the boss.
- Final Quest: Boss Battle
Defeat Orcis!
Description: Yesss! We managed to get past the troops and the gas! Now time to defeat that tyrant Orcis and be rid of this dreadful plague forever! Hurry!
Requirement: Orcis defeated.
2000 Gold
2000 XP
After completion: Wow! Amazing battle never seen anything like it! Wait….what’s happening?!
Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Hunt for the Blade!
Description: I have heard rumors of a blade called the Toxic Hanzamune. Supposedly this blade has never been found. Can you find it? Find it from either General Falconor General Skello.
Kill General Falconius or General Skello
(AC tagged) Toxic Hanzamune (5% drop rate).
5000 Gold
2000 XP
After completion: Well done! Let's see if you have earned it.
Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Legendary Armor shards
If you want armor shards then fight any of the monsters for toxic shards.Good luck.
10 Toxic shards
      any monster
15 armor shards
600 Gold
200 XP
At random: (All 15% drop rate)
20 Armor shards
15 Armor shards
10 Armor shards
Non-legend farming quest:
Armor shards of the Generals
Hero fight any of the monsters for toxic shards I will merge them into armor shards. Good luck.
10 Toxic shards
Completion of quest:
Amazing job here is your 10 Armor shards. Let's see if I can make you some extra Armor shards if my luck is good.
350 Gold
200 XP
10 Armor shards
At random: (15% drop rate)
15 Armor shards
10 Armor shards
5 Armor shards
Orcis powers: He has the ability to counter attacks;stuns and thief of hours last skill doesn't work on him. Also has the ability to shoot green fireballs. Stun for 6 seconds with toxic blindness.  Also, has the chance to lower attack damage for 6 seconds. But if the boss reaches 100,000 HP thief of hours skill works. Lastly, the temporary general armor has a chance to boost damage for 5 seconds.
Boss Concept Art!
the concept art we would like for Orcis is a type of Lich lord champion ? Like with shadow wings and would be an evolved version of the loch lord armor in /join darkoviaforest but would look a lot better and cooler.
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Nerd Sage

Title: Winter's End
Level range: 20+
Release time: When every you get to it (Preferable sometime soon)
AQW username: Nerd Sage

In comes the clouds of Winters end
Cold as ice and sheer as wind
Falling snow that'll pierce the skin
All shall fall to Winter's end
People pray along side their kin
Pray that spring will soon begin
Leave the fire and the frost will win
Claiming those with no heat within
All shall fall to Winter's end

Oh…you thought winter was over? What a silly thought. Seasons do change, but that doesn't mean they want to. Every year when the the time is right, the seasons manifest and do battle. Spring had defeated Winter but cold clouds prove otherwise. In this release you'll team up with Spring and the Skygaurd to see who or what is reviving Winter.

Map Area:
Area Name: Winter's Wind
/join: winterswind

4 Mana falcons
3 Ice elementals
2 Mana imp
2 Wind elementals

Form of Winter (Giant avian Ice/Wind elemental (Manifestation of Winter))

Captain Stratos
Spring manifestation (if you want)

Rewards: (P.S. If you need help designing some items, let me know!)
Merge shop:
Spring weapon
Spring cape
Spring helm

Boss drop:
Winter weapon
Winter cape
Winter helm

Unlock shop stuff:
Spring/Winter combined theme armor
Ultra awesome spring/winter combined weapon

Winter's coming…Again?!?: Map item quest (Opening cutscene upon finish)
Quest giver: Spring
Brace yourself, for you must travel ahead to find Captain Stratos to see what is causing this terrible cold.
1 Source of cold
(completes when you get to Stratos so no end text)

Winds of wrath: Drop quest
Quest giver: Captain Stratos
We can't move ahead without taking out some of the gale force ahead! Knock out a few Mana Falcons and Wind elementals.
5 Downed Mana falcons
5 Downed Wind elementals

Good job! Now I don't have to fix my hair every time you come to get a quest!

Light the beacons!: Multi-clicky quest
Quest giver: Captain Stratos
To stop Winter we need to weaken out the icy creatures with what they despise most! Put up beacons so the fire will soften up our foes.
10 lit beacons
Thanks, now with a bit of pummeling they'll turn to slush.

Breeze Freeze: Drop quest
Quest giver: Captain Stratos
The ice creatures didn't like that fire at all. Since their weakened, it's time to strike! Take out about 8 ice elementals.
8 slush elementals
That should take a bit of bite out of the wind!

Salting the wound: Drop quest
Quest giver: Captain Stratos
The way the Mana creatures prevent themselves from freezing is a special type of salt they produce. If you find some you might be able to get close enough to fight the Form of Winter.
1 Mana salt pile (can be dropped by either imp or falcon at a low rate)
I think you're ready to take on the Form of Winter!

Winter's End: Boss fight quest (End cutscene upon finish)
It's time to face the cold hearted thing causing this freeze!
1 defeated winter manifestation
(goes into ending cutscene after beating the boss)

Opening scene: Spring appears to player and takes him/her to Stratos. Then Stratos hands a telescope to player. Sees mana creatures do a ritual and open an icy portal and Form of Winter flies through and icey stuff happens but not before a few ice puns take place.

Ending scene: Form of Winter falls back into it's icy portal after making some threats about returning. The hero turns around to make a pun and Form of Winter takes a swing at him/her. Thankfully Spring blocks and boops him back into the hole. The hero finishes his/her pun (something about spring cleaning) and Spring un-freezes everything.

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kaos rules x

Shadow Slayin' ArchKnight of AQW GD

The Rotting Sands of the Desert
Level Range: 20+
Release Date: May 16 2014


A new darkness is falling over the sands of the burning desert of Sandsea. The sands, blessed in the warmth of the sun, grow dark and cold, sapping the determined life thriving within the dunes.

The Djinn are the first to notice it and examine the changes. The local wildlife turn violent in an instant, attacking without abandon when normally docile. The humans of the area grow cruel, their hearts hardening towards one other. The weaker Djinn’s powers fade and drift into the air.

All turn to stone with the passing of time in the cold dead sands.

In response, the stronger Djinn turn and ask the hero for help. The hero must brave this unnatural and unworldly phenomenon to save Sandsea from the cold sands and return it to a place of warmth and determined yet friendly survival.

Name of Map: /join rottingsands or /join coldsands

NPC: Efreet – King of the Djinn

Main text: Well met once again hero! I wish that we could meet under better circumstances, but such is not always the case. The warm sands of Sandsea grow cold, and with that change also comes a dark shadow across the hearts and lives of the ones who live here.

“More text”: It began not long ago. The first cold sands occurred near the Cave of Wanders, then another appeared near the pyramid, then yet another in the marketplace. Soon it spread to the Oasis where the effects were obvious.

Additional “More text”: The sands caused the wildlife to become more violent and sporadic. It caused humans to become cruel. Even the weaker Djinn were weakened by the rotting sands! However, each case ended the same: all life ended in rotten stone.

Monsters: Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper, Sandshark, Tomb Robber, Horc Sell-Sword

Boss Monster Type – Human – The boss will actually be Zhoom, albeit in a sandy or stony coloring pattern. One of the last to fall to the cold sands, he found the source of the issue with the hero and attempted to correct it. However, his attempt was stalled by his sudden but inevitable conversion into a cold stony human-monster.

Reward Types – Boss drops and an Unlockable Item shop at the end.

Item Rewards
• 1 Armor – An armor named Cold Sand’s Recollection will be a recolored and slightly altered version of the Assassin of the Sands; the color scheme should be consistent with that of the darkened rotting sands with various tears in the fabric revealing a stony grey skin underneath tattooed with small (CC if possible) glowing spirals. This armor will be purchased from the unlockable shop in order to fully remember the significance of the victory versus the instigator of the rotting sands.

• 3 Helms – Shroud of the Cold Sand (Based on Shroud of the Sandsea assassin) will be sold from the unlockable shop. It will follow the same pattern as the aforementioned armor. A key point of this will be the visible skin being a stony gray with glowing eyes the same color as the tattoos from the armor. A second and third helm will drop from the boss, these two simply being heads that appear fully converted into this stone-like state, one male and the other female, complete with glowing eyes and tattooing at the neck.

• 1 Capes – This cape will be from the unlockable shop. This cape will be a recolor/altered version of the Sandsea Tattered Cape and will follow the same color scheme as the recolors mentioned above. It could be called “Rotting Sand’s Cover”.

• 3 Weapons – 1 weapon will be sold in the unlockable shop and 2 will serve as additional boss drops. The shops weapon will be a recolored version of the “Sandrunner Longbow”, called the “Memory’s Cold Longbow”, recolored into a deep gray color with gleaming colored spiral running down the curve of the bow, pulsing if at all possible. The other two weapons will be the “Rotted Justice Blade” (the Justice Blade recolored a mixture of gray and darkened gold, falling into the theme of before) and an updated version of “Pharaoh’s Wedjat”, likely called the “Wedjat of Dark Sands” and colored similarly as before.

• 1 Pet – This pet will be a small buzzing scarab sold in the unlockable shop. It’ll be solely black with bright blue eyes, its body also having a small golden spiral on it. It could be called the “Forgotten Scarab”.

Your Release Outline


// Player joins “rottingsands (or) coldsands”
// Player talks to “Efreet”

Cutscene – I’d like a cutscene in a similar fashion to Ravenloss’s cutscenes: ones that show a monologue of scenes and words that relate the changes seen in the occurrences. The cutscene would consist of the creatures of Sandsea becoming miscolored into a stony appearance attacking the citizens of Sandsea. The same would happen to the humans, save becoming crueler to one another, and a djinn, who loses his powers. It finally ends with all three parties fully converting to rock, nothing but forgotten memories.


1st Quest – Examine the Creatures of Sandsea

The creatures of Sandsea have become far more mad and unpredictable with the changing sands. As much as I loath to kill them, we must put their minds to rest. Kill 8 of both the maddened Buper Camels and frenzied Cactus Creepers.

When completed: Well done! It pains me to end these lives, but the change had already started and they would have simply interfered with our task.

2nd Quest – Stop the Citizens of Sandsea

The citizens of Sandsea have also become crazed with the rotting sands. Their minds are warped and their hearts and skin cold. This is not normal for those of such a determined society. You must stop 5 of the Tomb Robbers and 5 of the Horc Sword-Robbers.

When Completed: Another waste of perfectly good life. The sands must be reverted if we are to save the rest of Sandsea.

3rd Quest – Find the source of the rotting sands

The sands are to blame for this mess. Normally, the warmth of the sands drive the citizens and creatures into a determined survival based upon the memories of their ancestors and lives. The cold sands change that. Collect 10 samples of cold sand from around the oasis so I may see it firsthand away from the patches of dead sand.

When completed: Ah. The sand begins to rewarm after being removed from the patches of rotting sand. This spells hope for the life of Sandsea.

4th Quest – Help from the Sand Sharks

If the sands are being altered, then something must be underneath changing the sands. We’ll need help to gather underneath the sands, my Djinn magic will be too unpredictable with the rotted sands in such close vicinity. Gather 10 Sand Sharks to help us dig down underneath the sands to find the source of these dead sands.
When Completed: Well done! Though I fear we may have more trouble on our hands with the locals who are still being changed.

5th Quest – Clearing a Safe Area

The Citizens are attacking us one again. The sands are driving them further in a frenzy! We’ll have to take out more of them. Defeat 7 Tomb Raiders and 8 Horc Sword-Robbers and bring me their weapons so we can detain them from bothering us yet!

6th Quest – Additional Help

I feel as if we’re going to need Zhoom’s help underneath the sands, but he’s been investigating on his on since the beginning of this trouble. Find him and you two will dig below the sands in order to find the source of the dead sands.

When Completed: Welcome back Zhoom! You’ve found him Hero. Now dig underneath the sands and find what’s down there!

Cutscene: Underneath the rotting sands is a black scarab with a glowing red tattoo on its body. Zhoom recognizes it and recalls memories from the past from the ancestors of the current citizens of Sandsea. Seeing the scarab as a vessel of the memories, Zhoom figures that the pains and wrongdoings contained in the scarab’s recollection of Sandsea’s memories are affecting the sands and rotting them. Zhoom attempts to catch the scarab but only gets the memories of suffering transferred to him which alters him into a stony monster.

Final Quest: Defeat Zhoom for the Memories of Sandsea!

Zhoom now holds the memories of Sandsea within him, and their pain must be driving him to madness! Defeat him in battle and transfer the memories to yourself. Your hope and determination may defeat the pain of the past!

Cutscene: You defeat Zhoom and transfer the memories of Sandsea’s daunting past into you. Scenes of destruction, pain, and tragedy flash by the screen. However, the hero notices only the determination and hope of the citizens of Sandsea in each situation. This determination and hope rallies him to break through the chains of memories and the hero finds himself back by the Oasis, everything seemingly returned to normal. The darkened sands are shown to only be remembered by the Hero and Zhoom, who has taken the place of Efreet. In the closing scene, a black scarab tattooed in blue flitters across the screen, which signifies a hopeful memory and future for all of Sandsea.

Special Quest 1: Legend-only – Lingering Memories

Your body has defeated the memories, but they still exist somewhat in you hero. You can still see the altered creatures of the darkened sands. Defeat 10 Buper Camels, 10 Sand Sharks and 10 Cactus creepers for a hefty gold reward.

When completed: Well done Hero. The remains of these creatures will be forgotten along with the ordeal.

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest – Altered Citizens

As with the creatures, some citizens have retained a bit of the hurtful opinions of their past. Only you can find these citizens. Defeat them before their opinions again change the Remembering Scarab. I figure 15 defeated Horc-Sword Robbers and 15 Tomb-Robbers will bring in quite a gold score anyway. Deliver them to me and we’ll haggle a price.

When completed: Well done! These citizens knew naught of what their beliefs caused for the rest of us here in Sandsea, or possibly even all of Lore! Here is your reward for their capture.

End Release

Note: I've uploaded this but in order to fully meet the deadline with comfort, it was unaltered. The only edit that I did afterward was to clean up appearance of the post to make it more negotiable to read. I apologize for this little edit, but after reading through all the submissions, I'd probably appreciate a post that was easier to read, so I prepared that after submission.

And it was thought of solely by me: Kaos Rules X. Thanks for reading my submission, hopefully you liked it!

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sir chri5

Dan_sc, and Sir Chri5...

Lvlrange 50 +
Release Date : May 16 2014
The Lolosia ocean is draining through a large opening at the bottom of this, the sky has turned red and a demonic feel tension in the air, all power weakening magical increasingly as you approach the opening . Fast. Starts down this huge hole, fighting souls of pirates who ever died in the ocean to find the source of this catastrophe.
The Pirate Rakham called you, have discovered that you will need to go down the pit Alina 's help to get a potion that allows you to retain your magical skills as you go down . The mighty Paladin Artix also be vital to this mission, as the souls of undead pirates are becoming more powerful .
Going down this pit you realize that the demonic atmosphere is getting stronger, hurry to defeat the cause of this! At this rate , the entire sea of the world will be drained !.

Map name, Lolosia :

- Seadescent

Rakham ( PirateSmuggler )

Hero , the alliance has paid me a pretty penny to investigate what is happening at sea, and therefore a large hole about 3 kilometer radius has opened a moment to another ! . You call that you're the best person to investigate into the pit .

<more> Hero : A hole in the bottom of the sea?
You heard me ! . We must act fast! . That will be a dealer offshore landlocked like me ! .

Other NPC '
Artix ( Paladin ) :

Hero , just saw the sky turning red on the ocean Lolosia I began my journey here , fearing the worst,I just thought that I would meet hundreds of Undead to fight ! Hurry up !

<more> Hero: artix Thanks for the help you are offering , I need to pass these undeads dare


Hero, so the cause of that pit and red sky are those Undeads , because you expect to go to free them from their misery ! ... You need a potion to protect you against them? ... OK! But I need you to get me a few samples to know that I have to work .

Undead Pirate, Beast of Pirate's Bay, Capt . 000000Beard, (new cthulhu’s boss)


Monster drops
Merge shop

Armor: EvolvedPirateRenegade
Helms: Ancient Hair Pirate , Tricorn Renegade Evolved
Capes: Cthulhu 's Demon , Renegade Parrot
Weapons: Cutlass Renegade , Renegade PistolLock , Older Cutlass
Pet : Ticklish Pirate Zorbo

Link of the items: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t1.0-9/10256549_1500496850178561_8687608207001676086_n.jpg

other link: https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/t1.0-9/10177456_1500496923511887_7688794400288705397_n.jpg

Release Outline
/ / Player joins " undeaddescent "
/ / Player talksto " Artix "

QuestLegend :

1st Quest ( drop)
Soul of navigators

Hero OK , first things first. And the first is to start clearing the place of the wretched souls of ancient pirates. Luck ! I 'll go over there to kill !

15 Ghost of navigators .

Well done ! Now we can make camp here .

2ndQuest ( clicky ) ( multiclicky )
Camping on the sea ... ?

Well, the next step is the camp. I recommend you to take parts in good wrecks here , then build a couple of seats and light the fire. I'll take care of the store.

9 Old Wood plank ( 1 clickseach )

2 woodbench ( 3 clickseach )

1 Campfire ( 4 clicks )

Aaahh . Now if we can start working , good hero work.

3rdQuest ( clicky ) ( AutoTURN )
Located Alina

Alina said Rakham possibly can create a potion that allows you to enter the pit without suffering much loss of power . Do not ask how he knew , you just go talk to Alina !

Go talk to Alina

Il help u hero, Good Luck!

4th Quest ( drop) (quest begins from Alina ) ( harddrop )

All I need is a bone in good condition . It will be difficult since most of these skeletons takes forever there, but what is needed . Luck !

1 Bone in good condition

Well with this will be enough! Now you can go back to Artix .

5th Quest (map item) (quest begins from Artix ) ( drop) (once enter into the pit , damage out put is reduced)
The advance !

Well, now that you have a potion, it is time to begin exploring the moat, and incidentally kill Undeads !

1 Pit Explored
10 Undead pirate defeated
Well done, we're almost there !

Quest 6th (map event) ( clicky ) (auto turn)
Let's counter the evil !

We're almost there , Hero . Now we just need to know that we face here . And if we defeat it, whatever it is , we need to counter the evil magic that is in the atmosphere. Go draw these runes light in places that you chalk it on the map , then take look at the head of this place.

6 Runesdrawn
1 Boss checked
It's time ... ...

7th Quest (final ) (Drop)
The Call of Cthulhu

Let 's go! We can Overcome

1 defeated Cthulhu

We finished nice work friends , we saved the world ! , And all is ... YEAH !

Legend only- quest ( Rakham )

SpecialQuest 1: Legend- onlyQuest
Eyes cast down

Hero, now I just need good feat collect my benefits , all that loot you can find on the banks of the boats bring him to me . this is interesting ...

Collect 4 Treasures

Haha thanks , you're a good pirate saltwater ! .

SpecialQuest 2: Legend- onlyQuest ( Artix ) ( multiclicky )
beuty award

Wooah ! here there are many bones need to finish here with impeccable lolosia collects waste and Manages all parts of the boats destroyed ... Good Luck !

Collect 2 parts of the boats destroyed

Those repairs damage with 2 parts

Wonder, thanks for helping u all !
End Release
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Release Title: Missing Socks from the Void
Level range: 40+
Release Date: When it’s done I suppose?
Overview: For ages, people have accused Cysero of stealing their socks. They have kept quiet for all these years, but finally, someone decided enough was enough. An angry mob chased Cysero out of town until he could account for the missing socks. Now it is up to the hero to help Cysero clear his name and return the socks to the citizens of Battleon! Thankfully, Cysero has made a bit of head way and requests to meet you in the Neverglades.
You will need to travel to the Neverglades and help Cysero find the missing socks and you’re just in luck! While running from the angry torch wielding mob, Cysero stumbled across a purple hole, an entrance to the void! It’s a shame you can’t fit through it, but it looks like it is just large enough for a sock to fit in. But socks don’t just up and jump into the void now do they?
Map: Neverglades
Map name: neversocks
NPC: Cysero, Supposed Fugitive Sock Collector
Main text: Thank goodness for your arrival hero! There’s an angry mob with sharp pointy fire behind me! But I stumbled across this hole in the ground! I think this is where the socks go when they are lost!
More text: I have made some observations and I think we can get the socks back by getting the void hole to widen up! But be careful! There are rumors that void monsters wait at void holes to catch unsuspecting fish. Or were those polar bears?
Monsters: Guru Chest, Dark Witch, Dreadspider, Spider, Dark Elemental, Undead Berzerker
Boss Monster Type: This is a super massive undead that you have to kill part by part. The quest to defeat him requires you go to different maps to destroy his legs, arms, and head, respectively. It is basically a giant skeleton bound by chains.
Reward Type: Merge shop. Monsters have a 100% chance to drop “Smelly Socks” which can be turned in for items.
Item Rewards:
Armor: Chaotic Shadows Armor: (Evolved): Void shards jut out of the elbow. Instead of Chaos eyes, there are void gems. The loin cloth is no longer ragged, rather ending in a triangle like a tie and has a gem on that bottom part. The knuckles have crystals on the knuckles to improve punching.
Helm: Mage’s Hood: (Evolved) Imagine someone dipped this in a bath of salt water and let it dry, letting salt crystals form. But instead of salt, these are void crystals. One of the crystals covers the left eye, entering from the temple, but it still transparent, letting you see the eye.
Helm2: Metal Greek Corinthian: (Evolved) Imagine someone dipped this in a bath of salt water and let it dry, letting salt crystals form. But instead of salt, these are void crystals.
Cape: Courtly Cape: (Evolved) Imagine someone dipped this in a bath of salt water and let it dry, letting salt crystals form. But instead of salt, these are void crystals. There is now a broken halo ring made of void crystal. The ring originates from the neck of the cape and does not rise past the temple from the left and rises a little past the head on the right.
Cape2: (custom) Void Shard Cape: 3 large void crystals lined up diagonally, the center crystal is slightly larger and the other 2 are slightly smaller. Then if you would to put crystals to make an X pattern, the place where there are not crystals have 3 tiny void shards aligned in a triangle. The larger crystals gently hover up and down. The 3 tiny shards rotate. The top one is clockwise, the bottom one is counter-clockwise.
Weapon: Voidsplinter Tether: (Evolved) The staff is now cleaned up and set in a staff made of gold and silver. The void shards that make up the body of the staff are all connected by silver. The large crystal on the bottom has 3 small rings wrapped perpendicularly around it. The place where you hold it is wrapped with alternating bands of gold and silver. The moving pieces on the top of the staff now rotate constantly rather than pausing after a moment.
Weapon2: Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade: (Evolved) The blade is replaced with void crystal and the arcing electricity and glow no longer exist. The red dot is now a void gem.
Pet: Chaos Sprites: (Evolved) Battle Pet. They are now assorted void gems and shards.
Opening Cutscene: Cysero enters the screen from the right and runs in fear toward the left. He screams, “Aaaaahhh” while running. The screen pans to the right to find an angry mob chasing Cysero with torches, pitchforks, and washboards. They are all screaming, “Give us our socks!” “We know you have them!” The hero is sitting around in the Neverglades fishing saying, “Ah, the sweet smell of swampwater”. Cysero trips on a void hole and falls/flies into the hero where they fall into the marsh where the hero was fishing. The angry mob runs pass them yelling, “ I think he went this way!” “Get him!”
Closing Cutscene: The angry mob finds Cysero and demand for the socks to be given to them. Cysero looks nervous and looks toward the hero and says, “I hope you’re done, they got me!” The hero swings one final time at the boss monster. Once the boss dies, the mob is showered in a rain of socks. They say, “Horray! Our socks!” But then the socks keep flowing. The angry mob suddenly look scared as they are about to be engulfed in a tidal wave of socks. Cysero smiles nervously as the looks at the mob pinned under the socks. The hero looks at Cysero and says, “Well they wanted their socks right?”
Quests1 : The Hole Truth
“As much as those guys chasing me are jerks, I don’t want any of those guys tripping and hurting themselves. Find those holes and plug them up please.”
Place items (click on void holes) to cover up the holes
5 void holes
Thank for your help hero. Here take these. I found them while you were away.
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Quest2: That familiar smell
“You know, when I tripped on that hole, I thought I smelled something familiar, can you check it out for me?
Pick up/examine items (void holes)
5 void holes
Thank for your help hero. Here take these. I found them while you were away.
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Quest3: Socks to be You
“Those guys really, really want their socks, can you help me out and look for any socks?”
Pick up items (click on socks)
10 left socks
Thank for your help hero. Here take these. I found them while you were away.
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Quest4 : Getting this off my chest
“You know, I think the monsters here are collecting the socks! Can you help me out and see if it’s true? I need to prove my innocence!”
Kill monsters
Collect item drops from killed monsters (20 Smelly left socks)
Thank for your help hero. Here take these. I found them while you were away.
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Quest5 : Source of the Stink
“I hope you’re ready to fight the source of socks stealing, but first we need to find the source of this.”
Find boss room
“Excellent, now we can launch an attack and get those socks back!
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Final Quest : Surprise Visit
“I think we woke up the thing that’s collecting socks. I wouldn’t want to fight that thing. Can you do it for me? I’ll give you some socks! Not that I steal them!”
Kill boss
Collect “1000 missing socks” item
Wow, you collected the mother load! Nice job hero!
Rewards: 5 “Smelly Socks”
Special Quest1: Legend-only: Knock the socks off!
“I’m sure that guy still has a few socks somewhere, can you get them for me?”
Kill boss
Collect “1000 missing socks” item
Nice job hero! Here, take these!
Rewards: 10 “Smelly Socks”
Special Quest2: Legend-only: Chest nuts
“You know, I think those chests have some socks in them. Can you crack them open for me and see if they have anything?”
Kill 20 Guru Chests
Nice job hero! Here, take these!
Rewards: 10 “Smelly Socks”
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S V Patroclos

Testing whether I'm posting properly...
DF AQW  Post #: 417
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Created By AQWorlds Character: Devil Crescent on April 29th 12:16am

The Devils Descendants

Level 20+

Release Date: May 16th 2014 or Later any time is fine

Tell us the story of your release in 500 words or less! This will help us write the cutscenes for your story.

Down deep below in Lore's crust is a dark and ancient evil crawling beneath our feet, It is a black and dark evil world that has been around since the beginning of Lore's Time. They have been known to corrupt and destroy all living things of Man and Beast, Object and Magic. They use Fear to strike at your weaknesses and attack your weak spot. They bend your will against yourself and break down all you have as a Hero.

When you enter there realm they will hunt you, they will do anything they can to find you. Your very soul and aura will be challenged as they try to take it from you....... alive or dead. Why do you ask this? Well this is what they have to answer you, We are made of Evil from Lore's Darkest Evil and Death's Grace. We take what we seek and we'll destroy what we can't have! Our father created as we are, some born and some turned. We all have the same purpose in this Realm and that is to Destroy all who oppose our vision and Recruit those who seek our purpose.

Welcome to the Realm of Hell Fire and Brimstone, Lore's Darkest and Evilest Realm of them all. There is the Underworld, Undervoid, and Overworld our Realm is the lowest realm of them all. Enjoy our realm while you can before we find you and hunt you Hero and we will find you and when we do be ready for a battle of your life that will go down in Lore's History!........... We are The Devils Descendants!....... Find us before we find you Hero!............

(275 Words)

Name of Map
Suggest a map name for your area. It should match the theme of the general area you want to set your release in. Choose from the following map locations:




Yokai Island

Mirror Realm in Battleoff


The location I pick this release in is Mirror Realm in Battleoff. The map name I suggest is Hellfire

Choose any NPC currently in game to be your Quest Giver. Also, you’ll need to create speech text for NPC:

I choose Ralstis and his title is Devils Descendant

Main text; ~4 sentences long
Welcome Hero to the Realm of Hellfire. I will guide you on your journey around this Realm. I'll try my best to keep the Devils Descendants from finding you in there Realm. Let us begin our journey into Hellfire and stop them before it’s too late.

“More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long
Many Hero's ask me why I am here in Hellfire, that’s because I was once a Devils Descendant once. They are very dangerous and not to be taken lightly, if they find out I am helping you Hero they will destroy us both. I will give you as much information I have about them that can aid you on your journey in their Realm. Let us hope we can stop them and end there triumph.

Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long
When I was a Descendant I did things I can't forget. While I was in this realm many things happened I can't bear to explain. One thing that separates me from them is there are pure evil and I managed to hang onto my soul where they let it go. When I broke free from this realm they took something from me most dear to me my own Eye.

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map:

Blade Master, Skull Warrior, Undead Legend, Undead Infantry, InfernalFiend of Nulgath, DreadFiend of Nulgath, Undead Bruiser

Boss Monster Type
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:

Undead Boss Type

I would describe what I image in my head is a Tall Darkblood Devilish looking character and the boss size I would say about the size of Yaomo or Something in that range.

Reward Types

I would like to have a monster drops, boss drops, merge shop, and shop that unlocks after all quests are complete. Or whatever you guys can do for my story.

Item Rewards

1 Armor: Evolved Version of Darkblood Warrior

1-2 Helms: Evolved Version of Male and Female Darkblood Helm (AC Version) (CC), Evolved Version of Logash's Horns (CC)

1-2 Capes: Evolved Version of Darkblood Cloak (CC), Evolved Version of Fire Imp Tail

1-3 Weapons: Evolved Version of Darkblood Symbiotic Sword (AC), Evolved Version of Darkblood Symbiotic Sword (Legend), and Evolved Version of Darkblood Blade (AC) (CC)

1 Pet: Evolved Version of Ankle Biter (AC)

My Release Outline


//Player joins "Hellfire"
//Talks to NPC Ralstis
//Begins Opening Cutscene
//Player accepts Quest 1
//Player slays monsters for quest 1
//Player turns in Quest 1
//Player repeats step 4-6 until all quests are complete
//After all quests are completed begins Closing/End Cutscene
//Player talks to "Ralstis" Legend Quests are repeatable


200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your opening cutscene.

I see we have a new Hero venturing in our Realm, There are many Heros who have traveled in and out of our Realm. Well Hero we hope you journey here in our Realm of Hellfire and Brimstone is not your last, Be wise here Hero and tell us you have come here for the Dark Lords who own these lands. They must be stopped Hero only you can take them down, I see you have a nice guide with you..... Ralstis nice to see you again. Guide this Hero wisely in this realm and stop at nothing to slay the Devils Descendant

200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your closing/end cutscene.

Well Hero is seems you were the match I have been seeking all over Lore, I never thought in all of Lore's creation there would be a Hero strong enough to Defeat me. Now my Reign and Power will come to a end, there will be no one left in Hellfire to run the throne. My soul and aura are free new to descend into the after life and begin a new, Good bye for now Hero for this may not be the last time you see me as I am the Devils Descendant........... My other Descendants will hunt for you Hero for slaying me, and they will do anything to bring me back. We will meet again Hero beware the next time you hear The Devils Descendants Were coming for you..........


1st Quest
Hunt for Ancient Scrolls
Hero scout around Hellfire and see if you can manage to find anything on The Devils Descendants. Slay 6 Blade Masters to retrieve some ancient scrolls to help me determine how we need to assault the Devils Descendants.
6 Ancient Scrolls
Good Hero now we have a starting idea of how we can attack the Devils Descendants, there is still much to do.

2nd Quest
Slayer of Demons
There are many things the Devils Descendants hide in there Realm, and that is their weakness. Slay 6 Undead Bruisers and 6 Blade Masters we need to know if there are any weaknesses we can take advantage of.
6 Undead Bruisers Slain
6 Blade Masters Slain

Well done Hero I am seeing some weakness from the Devils Descendants, keep it up Hero and we may just stop them.

3rd Quest
Blood, Bones and Death
Hero there are many creatures and beasts in this realm only the fiercest reside here in Hellfire. Slay 6 Skull Warriors, 6 InfernalFiend of Nulgath, and 6 DreadFiend of Nulgath I can use these ingredients to help us in the battle against the Devils Descendants continue the journey Hero.
6 Skull Warriors Bones
6 InfernalFiend of Nulgaths Blood
6 DreadFiend of Nulgaths Death

4th Quest
Anger, Rage, and Wrath
Hero search around for these emotions I have asked for they will upset the balance of The Devils Descendants and make our fight fair. Slay 6 Undead Legends, 6 Undead Infantry, and 6 Blade Masters.
6 Undead Legends Wrath
6 Undead Infantrys Anger
6 Blade Masters Rage

Ahhhh Hero I can feel the disterbance in the Realm its changing in our favor, They seem to be close to us now so give it your all Hero.

5th Quest
Challange Accepted
The Creatures and Beasts of this Realm have come together, we need to slay them to keep them back from turning the tide in this fight. Slay 6 Blade Master, 6 Skull Warrior, 6 Undead Legend, 6 Undead Infantry, 6 InfernalFiend of Nulgath, 6 DreadFiend of Nulgath, and 6 Undead Bruiser.
6 Blade Masters Slain
6 Skull Warriors Slain
6 Undead Legends Slain
6 Undead Infantry Slain
6 InfernalFiend of Nulgath Slain
6 DreadFiend of Nulgath Slain
6 Undead Bruiser

Impressive Hero you have showed me you can posses the power to put a stop to The Devils Descendants, we are almost at the end of out journey so fight Hero and stop them once and for all.

6th Quest
Final Show Down
This is the last thing I require from you Hero and then The Devils Descendants are all ours, Slay 6 Blade Masters, 6 Skull Warriors, 6 Undead Legends, 6 Undead Infantrys and 6 Undead Bruisers.
6 Blade Master Skulls
6 Skull Warrior Heads
6 Undead Legend Skulls
6 Undead Infantry Medals
6 Undead Bruiser Skulls

Hero well done you have done something I would never have thought a Hero could achieve, now brace yourself Hero cause The Devils Descents are ready for you.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
The Devils Descendants
Hero this is the end of your journey here in Hellfire, you have done so well in this Realm and now you are ready for the last fight of your life. This is Do or Die Hero so give it your all and put a Stop to The Devils Descendants once and for all......... go now Hero Proceed to the Throne room and Fight The Devils Descent. Slay Him and Bring back his Soul.
Soul of The Devils Descendant
Good Job Hero Now the Realm of Hellfire is Saved and the Evil from The Devils Descendants Thank you Hero for your help.

Special Quest 1 : Legend-only Quest
Vengance and Rage
Hero slay 6 Blade Masters, and 6 Undead Legends they have to much Vengance and Rage.
6 Blade Masters Rage
6 Undead Legends Vengance

Good Hero now they have no more Vengance or Rage to give slay them again.

Special Quest 2 : Legend-only Quest
Death and Fear
Go Hero and slay 6 InfernalFiend of Nulgath, 6 DreadFiend of Nulgath, 6 Skull Warriors, and 6 Undead Bruisers. Show them Death and Fear.
6 InfernalFiend of Nulgaths Fear
6 DreadFiend of Nulgaths Fear
6 Skull Warrior Deaths
6 Undead Bruiser Deaths

End Release
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4/29/2014 23:56:24   

Trouble in Pirate Town!
Overview of Release:
As of late, numerous pirates have claimed to have seen dragons and experienced extremely strong winds, random uncharted islands nearby, ships randomly catching on fire, and water that slices like a freshly cut blade. Rumor has it that a cult of undead pirates have gone to Desoloth hoping to gain elemental powers for an unknown reason(probably ninjas. It's ALWAYS ninjas). X'dir and Captain Rhubarb have sent for your help in the situation. This release may seem odd at points, due to me incorporating MANY musical references. Kimberly set a curse on me right before I started righting this.
(It's short, about 99 words, but has a lot of information)

Map Location: In Lolosia, a graveyard under it named 'Desolation Row'

3 undead pirates
1 Water Dragon Warrior
1 Air Dragon Warrior
1 Fire Dragon Warrior
1 Earth Dragon Warrior

Boss: Dragonkin
Desoloth the Final as the boss and Ultra Desoloth the Final as the challenge boss

NPCs/Quest Giver:
-X'dir: hasbuttons "More" and "Quests"
-"If my master continues to reside here, the elemental realm will return to being unbalanced. -Player Name-, please stop my master from throwing your 'precious' Lore and my realm into elemental disarray. It would mean less work for me and you. Heroes like to take vacations, right?
-"More button": Desolation Row is a graveyard built for Desoloth and his dragon warriors. Desoloth needed a place to reside and live like a king. We have noticed barrels of kerosene being led out of the castle. You should investigate those along with the castle.
-"Quest button": *Opens of the list of quests*

Quest 1: They've Nailed the Curtains
-The castle Desoloth is in looks to be just about finished. Scout the area to see if you can find any weak points.
-1 brick not in the wall
-That pink is just what we needed! Wait, why is the name 'Floyd' etched into the side? Who's Floyd?
-Rewards: 100 gold, 100 experience

Quest 2: Demolition Lovers
-We got some advice from a woman named Michelle Basin. She recommended we use the leftover kerosene to blow up the wall. Slay undead pirates until you get enough kerosene.
-10 barrels of kerosene, 1 wall blown up
-Good on you for getting us closer to Desoloth.
-1000 gold, 1000 experience

Quest 3: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
-It seems the entrance to Desoloth's room is blocked by a wall of solid gold. Being a dragon myself, I should've seen this coming. Kill the Fire Dragon Warriors to get enough fire to burn down this door!
-5 crystallized dragon breathes, 1 melted gold wall
-Now let us try to take the fight to Desoloth... Again.
-1500 gold, 1500 experience

Quest 4: Over 9000!
-Desoloth is way too strong the way he is now. By the looks of it, Desoloth is powering himself up with threes weapons. Retrieve them for me from the surrounding watchtowers and when Desoloth is defeated, I'll try to have a very strong weapon by then. First things first, get the keys to the watchtowers and bring me those weapons!
-1 set of watchtower keys, 1 sacred sword, 1 sacred dagger, 1 sacred scythe
-Now go back and defeat Desoloth, so he can come back to my realm and we'll never have to deal with you again!
-1000 golds, 1000 experience

Quest 5: How to Make a Death Scythe 101
-The scythe you retrieved for me seems to have some untapped power that I figure to be that of Lord Shinigami's, or Death as you people on Lore call him. Collect the leftover souls of 99 undead monsters and 1 of a dark witch. With these, this blade may be able to combine with the other two sacred relics you retrieved.
-99 undead souls, 1 witch soul
-The souls destroyed the bonds with this weapon and will also help me craft that powerful weapon for you.
-10000 gold, 10000 experience

Final Quest(Boss Battle): Desoloth's Finale
-Losing the weapons weakened him and breaking his bond with the scythe seems to have made him weak enough to fight again. I recommend bring friends to help you defeat my master.
-1 Desoloth's desolation
-Amazing works! Soon enough we shall return, but I suggest you keep beating on my master so he won't cause any trouble while getting back to our realm.
-5000 gold, 5000 experience

Legend Quest 1: Not Very Beautiful Place
-This isn't a very beautiful place. I see the rain and it's almost as dark as the dragon warriors' hearts. The longer we stay here, the colder our hearts may become.It could be a beautiful place if we made it. Slay 50 undead pirates, 12 of each dragon warrior, desoloth, and ultra desoloth
-50 undead pirate skulls, 12 air dragon skulls, 12 earth dragon skulls, 12 fire dragon skulls, 12 water dragon skulls, 1 Desoloth's skull, 1 Ultra Desoloth's skull
-While you beautified this place, I finished forging the ultimate weapon I promised you. Ultra Desoloth stole it and may not want to give it back.
-15000 gold, 15000 experience

Legend Quest 2: Level Up!
-I have a brilliant idea. Go retrieve Desoloth's bane and I'll evolve it into a more powerful weapon!
-1 Desoloth's bane
-What?! Your sword is evolving! It evolved into Desoloth's Evolved Bane!
-1000 gold, 1000 experience, Choice of either: Desoloth's Evolved Bane or Desoloth's Evolved Banes

Item Rewards:
Ruen's Unholy Armor: Armor: Dropped by Desoloth and Ultra Desoloth
-Looks like Valoth's armor from Mechquest, but with more Shadowscythe colors
SLASH's Unholy Helmet: Helmet: Dropped by Desoloth and Ultra Desoloth
-Looks like the Helmet of Awe from AdventureQuest, but with Shadowscythe colors
Slash's Unholy Wings: Cape: Dropped by Desoloth and Ultra Desoloth
-Doom/Base Doom/Foul Doom/Noxious Doom Harvester Wings from Dragonfable
Slash's Ruen Blade of Death: Sword: Dropped by Ultra Desoloth
-Blade of Awe with shadowscythe colors as the base of the blade, the blade of Spirit(or Maka's father) from the anime Soul Eater as a miniature version as the guards on both sides of the hilt, and the pommel of the hilt being a stiletto(the dagger) that could have a shadowscythe red aura around it
Desoloth's Evolved Bane: Sword: Reward from quest "Level Up!"
-Katana version of Desoloth's Bane
Desoloth's Evolved Banes: Daggers: Reward from quest "Level Up!"
-Dual katanas of Desoloth's Evolved Bane backwards, like the Undead Assassin Swords in Dage's arsenal

-Opening: Your player is leaning against a tree and a scroll drops on them. It tells of you needing to urgently come to Lolosia and see Captain Rhubarb. You then hurry off as the cutscene fades to blacks.

-Closing: You look back at the graveyard devoid of monsters and say out loud, "It's a beautiful place to be wasted, don't you know." right before they walk off the screen and it fades to black. White, fancy-looking letters appear and read, "Take care of where you live. Desoloth came and started to pollute Lolosia. Places start out beautiful, but are easily ruined. You'll never know what you have until it's gone."
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Deep below “Sandsea”, there is a world filled with a very dark past! Sandsea was a prison for the most ruthless and dominant villains in all of Lore! The Prison was named “La Sombra del Diablo”, meaning “The Devil’s Shadow”. It is unknown who placed these criminals here, but the biggest mystery is how buried the entire prison was placed under Sandsea.
But now, after thousands of years of being entombed underground, a Giant arises! With a fist bigger than the Red Dragon of Lair, and a roar that transforms every beast of Sandsea to a malignant version of themselves. This Ancient “Kalestri Worshiper” is here to take everything underground!
Movie Clip:
 A Giant fist (larger than the screen), arises from the ground, causing the half the city to be avalanched by sand.
 Zhoom tries to calm the people and yells “Run this way”
 Many people were swallowed by sand which was hot enough to burn houses, dry up lakes, and ponds
 The Giant’s fist opens up to the sun and a blue shiny gem was revealed and all of Lore quaked as a deep voice spoke saying “Deerunt” which means “Sink Below”.
 Immediately, the sand of Sandsea turned to quick sand and everyone was helpless as they began to sink the Sand had a magical property to it which made clones of each person made of sand pull their respective person under the sand.
 The hand sank below
“Zhoom’s Scroll”
Quest 1: I have wondered this city and my dexterity can only get me so far, I found the Prison city and it is heavily guarded by multiple Ancient “Kalestri Hound”. Careful, they WILL attack you if you get close. Subdue them and make it inside in one piece.
Quest 2: There is a giant room leading to the backyard of the Prison, but I do not know where the key is located, beat up the Ancient “Cactus Creeper” and “Golden Scarab” till you get it.
Quest 3: Use the lamp to light up your path to make your way across the prison.
Quest 4: Needless to say, DEFEAT Ancient “Kalestri Worshiper”
Quest 5: Contact Warlic to help us reverse the spell that was used in the process

Movie Clip: Warlic used the blue and reversed it effects but not everyone was saved by the calamity of the event. Zhoom trying to help everyone recover, Yorumi showing up with beautiful “PINK” roses near a statue built of the hand.

Armor: Sand Bitten Armor – Basically, after almost getting swallowed alive, you now look like a mutated Sand beast.
Helm: Sand Bitten Face
Cape – Sand Bitten Cloack (Floating sand)
Weapon – Epoxy
Pet – SandTrail – Name says it all.

** (My main intention is a map that is a mpa thatfor lev 40+ because they all claim to be bored and claim everything is too easy.)
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Sky Knight

The loss of a Raven
Aqw Story Contest Idea by Zanvolt (aqw name)
In the darkness of the town of Pellow Village [battleoff town], a distant figure roamed through time to end all life in the city. Another warrior from the same time travelled back as well to consult this person. As the day goes by, the city sets up a festival for the end of all chaos weavers’ destructions. The figure hides behind the cloth and walks though the festival as he makes thoughts to himself of its disgusting nature. 2 thugs oppose him and demands for money otherwise they will attack [holding simple weapons such as a bat or crow bar and etc]. The man makes another thought “This is why I hate Pellow Village…”. He then speaks out “Don’t be stupid. Leave now so you won’t die”. The 2 thugs look at each other then laughs and approach him with their weapons”. The man opens a void hole and sends the 2 into it then leaves. The other traveller seeks for the assistance of the hero and Tomix. Quickly looks for them then makes a very brief statement of Pellow village being destroyed by this certain person. Help [his name is Rize] Rize defeat this dark character before his destruction occurs. Time is ticking, any minute can be their last!

…. As they finally consult the villain, a familiar person comes into their mind. Regardless of his it all, they attack. The 3 then are pushed back by the villain’s void power but the hero’s weapon launches, knocking off the hood of the villain. The 2 looks in a unbelievable expression and leaving Rize to say nothing. The villain gets back up and looks at Tomix, as Tomix looks at Tomix. IT’S TOMIX!! THE VILLIAN IS HIMSELF!!! But had aged a lot. He then sends Tomix (current) flying to the wall with his void power. The hero gets up and punches him before anything else occurs as the scene fades off to a stand off.
Defeats Tomix. He then gets up ravaging for a moment but falls back down because of old age. He then cries speaking about his past of losing his Weaver powers. A chance to regain that came upon the power of Pellow village many years later [my own tale here], but had turned the remaining chaos weavers back to their human forms. The villains were saved by the victims. Tomix was angered in that scenery to why they would do that. Choose the villains over one of the heroes of the war. He had thought the city had gone mad, so travelled back in time with a certain spell in order to destroy the city that he had once saved but then hated. Then the hero approaches to talk to him that he doesn’t hate the city nor people. It was just frustration that caused his cool to collapse, reminding an example of his earlier action, giving those thugs a chance before sending them to the netherland. His power then unstablizes, pushes tomix and the hero further away from him. Future Tomix then stands and says his final words “I will atone my sins… For this world”. A void hole appears behind Future tomix then sucks him in leaving both heroes and Rize speechless. Rize then thanks both heroes and says that he too must return. The hero then thanks him as well and Tomix looks at him with his edgy usual, cool smile. Rize looks at Tomix once more then smile and says “Thank you master” and leaves as a time warp appears behind him then fades off. Both head back to the main area of Pellow village and goes back to join the festival.
Overview: In the distant darkness in Pellow village, a dark figure came back in time for revenge. The cost of what had happened to him is the destruction of Pellow village. But another person from the same time line enters to consult both you and Tomix to save Pellow village. There isn’t much time left, the void is gaining power, any second could your last!
Name of Map:
Battleoff town
NPC: (if possible, design the character of this link http://twitpic.com/d8cegb
If not. Design a Character named Rize wearing the “Legion vampire” armor with the “Silver Gunsmith helm’s hair” or just the “rebel’s horn” helm.
Name is Rize: I came back to the past in order to stop the revenge of this person! You must help me hero, as the lives of the citizens in Pellow village are in stake! But you must be careful. Be ready to strike with your blade no matter how close you are with them…
Talk: I’m a Darkness weaver that has been trained by my master for years. My master says he knows you well. Do you?
Monsters: Mana Falcons x6, Elemental (fire, water, wind, earth) x2 Soul warrior (nekoyasha) x3
Boss: Dark Tomix (his design is like this) https://twitter.com/RizaOrDremunis/status/461351258373496833 (if not possible, just design normal tomix with purple eyes and the same hair and facial hair).

Evolved Soul scythe and sword
Soul dragon pet (A hollow looking dragon who breathes fire)
neko waiffer hat (evolved and has the expression if possible. PLEASE ADD THE DIMPLES)

Quest 1: Kill 4 mana falcons
Quest 2: Defeat 5 fire elementals
quest 3: Defeat 5 Water and earth elementals
Quest 4: Seek for 7 scrolls of the sealing (a searcg item placing about 2 scrolls in each area of the map)
Quest 5: Defeat 7 Soul Warriors (the nekoyashas)
Quest 6: Defeat all monsters until the "Soul piece" (quest item of 10% chance drop) is recovered
Quest 7: Place 10 soul tags (seals about 2 in each area)
Quest 8: Defeat 3 of each of these monsters (Soul warriors, fire, water, earth, wind, and Mana falcons)
Quest 9: Challenge Dark tomix (do not mention that it is tomix or rather do not have the last quest before the end).

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Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Submissions are now locked. Good luck everyone.
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