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4/22/2014 21:49:07   

By: heroii da fe

Sand ruins

level: 55+


Sandsea is being gradually destroyed, entire villages disappearing, rumors of a mysterious creature that is destroying everything. Zhoom and his allies set up a camp near the ruins of Sand, a holy site believed to be the next attack of the beast.

It's up to you, find Zhoom hero and help you prevent these ruins so valuable to the people of Sandsea are destroyed. A very big secret is hidden in these ruins, use caution when entering there.




Master Ranger

Welcome to Sand bad hero. Strange things are happening here lately I fear that this place is destroyed, magical forces run by these ruins, they are destroyed can cause several damages in Lore.
Espero que não se importe de ter um pouco de areia em suas calças, tem alguns monstros e alguns ladrões no local, mas creio que você não se importa de se exercitar um pouco


Tomb Robber(3), Lotus Spider(4), Sand Shark(4), boss-Sand Elemental(1).


Elemental type, Elemental giant fire element and sand spits fireballs and throws sand hurricanes. Name: Sand Elemental, Hp: 40,500


. Boss drops
. Shop that unlocks after completing all quests


A similar equipment with the Chiton, a cover of runes, and any pets, if possovel. helm, and let weapon according to the team.


/join sandruins
/player talks: Zhoom


FIRST- Player meets Zhoom, Zhoom is killing some Lotus Spiders, and asks for help to the hero and says many negative energies are prowling the site.

FINAL- Player of the last coup in Elemental, and Zhoom tells him that the gate is opening and chaos are hideous creatures are out there, and tells him that the end is near. "Hero order soon approaching war between chaos is coming to an end I was strong as I can, with the chaos n fool around my dear" ...

1st Quest:
Explore the ruins
Before we fight this creature need to explore this place and see it, beware traps can arise from nothing at this location, pay close attention to where you step. Walk to the end of the area.
What do you think location information will be very useful to survive here, thank hero.

2nd Quest:
More thieves and robbers
Ah those damned thieves do not leave us in peace, a good spanking that will leave them in quiet for some time, Tomb Robber knock out 15 for me.
Now yes these thieves leave us alone for a while.

3rd Quest:
Legs of spiders
This place has several Sand Shark, so that we have some Lotus Spider here, sharks are allergic to them, but not possible to catch them whole and bring me 10 legs Lotus Spiders.
Now we can deal with these Sand Shark easily.
4nd Quest:
Time to take the sands pants
With spider legs you brought me can easily kill these sharks and collect their essence, this essence will help us to find such a creature is whats hidden in the ruins.
Thank you hero, found the creature, it is an elemental sand possessed by chaos, let's kill him while we can.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
The Elemental Sand
What a terrible creature, not of truce with his Hurricanes have to kill him before he ruins are destroyed faster hero.
Now that the beast is gone, we can be quiet an hour, thanks again hero.

Special Quest 1: Legend Quest-only
Clean the ruins
Locals are annoyed with so many monsters and thieves on site could help me with them?
These ruins are not calm and quiet a long time, thank you hero.
Reward: 400 Sandsea rep

Special Quest 2: Legend Quest-only
Legend Lore, the elemental sand again, could help me to send it back to your place? And also the essence of it can turn a delicious tea.
The Rangers and I also thank you thank legend.
Reward: 600 Sandsea rep.


BY: heroii da fe

Post #: 26
4/22/2014 21:59:17   

Necromancer’s Attack on the Mirror Realm
Level Range: 50+ (recommended)
Release Date: May 16th, 2014

The hero (you) and Artix get summoned to the mirror realm by mirror Drakath because an evil Necromancer from “our realm” has figured out a way to get into the mirror realm. Our job is to find and stop the Necromancer from doing whatever he’s planning on doing in the mirror realm, while there we meet the Biomancer’s (mirror realm Necromancer’s). The Biomancer will tell you about what’s been happening and about the Necromancer. Mirror Drakath and Artix will then send you out to find and defeat the Necromancer. After discovering that the Necromancer brought all the undead (evil) Paladins back, the group retreated till they could come up with a plan to get past all the evil Paladins. As usual Artix suggested that they go in and slay all the undead, but little does he know that the Necromancer put a little spell on them that make’s it impossible to directly defeat the army of undead evil Paladins. They must figure out a way past the army and to where ever the Necromancer is hiding.
After finding where the Necromancer’s hideout is located, the hero is to find a way in without being detected by the guard’s. The hero is sent on a series of quest’s to get the guard’s away from the entrance so he can get in without causing any noise. After he complete's all his quest's, the hero finds himself/herself in front of the Necromancer. After a short conversation, the final battle between the hero and the Necromancer take’s place.

Name of Map
Mirror Realm in Battleoff
/join forestoflight

Mirror Drakath:
NPC Name and title: Mirror Drakath, Champion of Order
Main text; An evil Necromancer from your world has discovered a rip through the dimensions and made his way here. Now he wishes to raise the fallen evil Paladin’s to attack and take over the Mirror Realm. Hero, we need your help to stop him and his evil plans before it’s too late. Can you help?
“More” text; explains details further; The Necromancer is currently on the move and getting stronger every second, we must stop him before he completely destroys the Mirror Realm! We think that he might be hiding somewhere within the Forest of Light. Take my quests and try to find him before he destroys us all!!!
NPC title: Paladin
Mail text: none
Extra Text: none
NPC title: Biomancer
Main text: The necromancer is hiding somewhere in the Forest of Light, please find him as fast as you can! Go talk to Drakath and he’ll give you the quests needed to find him.
Extra text; after the story: Thank you for finding and stopping that Necromancer for me, I am in your debt.

Mirror Realm monsters:
Evil Moglin, Undead Paladin, Necromancer, Undead Skeleton

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:

Reward Type
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
Shop is on the NPC Helios

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
1 Armor: Biomancer’s robes (mirror realm version of the Necromancer armor)
1 Helm: Biomancer’s Hood
1-2 Capes: Biomancer’s cape, Biomancer’s shadow
1 Weapon: Biomancer’s Staff


// Player joins “/join ForestofLight”
// Player talks to “Mirror Drakath”

1st cutscene: The hero and Artix anr both summoned to the mirror realm by mirror Drakath and told about a Necromancer that has been causing trouble in the mirror realm. The hero is than asked to help locate and defeat the necromancer, a Biomancer than show’s up and tell’s mirror Drakath that the Necromancer has been spotted in the “Forest of Light”.
Ending cutscene: The necromancer is seen falling to the ground after a fight with the hero. After a short conversation, mirror Drakath show’s up with Artix and the Biomancer who then take him away to be questioned. after a few second’s, the Necromancer summons a final Undead monster (who they don’t fight) to make an escape and run’s back to the normal world.

It wouldn't be AdventureQuest Worlds without Quests! You need AT LEAST 5 storyline quests, and may write up to 10 quests for your release. Additionally, you may create at least 2 Legend-only quests.

1st Quest
Quest Title: Find the hideout!
Search around the Forest of Light to find where the Necromancer is hiding
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s): Necromancer’s hideout found! x1
Insert your “end text” after completing the quest.: You have found the hideout!!! but there is still a lot more work to be done and we will need a way to get rid of those guards.

2nd Quest
Quest Title: The Orbs of Life
That dirty Necromancer has stolen the Orbs of Life that help keep the forest strong and growing!!! try and find out if any of the Undead Paladins or Undead Skeletons have them.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s):Orbs of Life found x10
Thank you for recovering the Orbs of Life!!!

3rd Quest
Quest Title: The forest is dying!!!
Quick! Return those Orbs of Life back to their rightful places in the forest before the whole forest die’s right beneath our feet!
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s):Orbs of Life placed x10
You have saved the forest yet again hero! Now to find a way to get rid of those guard’s.

4th Quest
Quest Title: Decoy
Hero, we will need a decoy to distract the guard’s while we make our way inside the hideout...we will need YOU to distract the guard’s for this quest.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s): Distracted Guard’s x4
We have made it inside, but there are undead all over the place. We will need to clear it out before we can find the Necromancer.

5th Quest
Quest Title: Spring Cleaning
We need ALL of the undead in here cleaned out...take Artix with you and get rid of as many of the undead as you can.
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s): Slayed Undead x30
You have finally defeated ALL of the undead in here. Now it’s time for your final battle with the Necromancer.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Quest Title: Necromancer FACE-OFF
Now you must defeat the Necromancer before he causes any more harm to the forest! He is in the final room waiting for you!
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s): Defeated Necromancer x1
Hero! You have saved not only the Forest of Light, but also the WHOLE Mirror Realm yet again! we are in your debt!

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Quest Title: Find the Source of Life
Hero, we are in need of the Source of life to bring life back to this forest completely,. Go slay 100 Undead for their life source and bring them back to me
Number Amount and Name of Quest turn-in item(s): Undead life source x100
Thank you hero, now we can fully bring back the life of this once beautiful forest.

End Release

Made by Rouge

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
4/22/2014 22:06:01   

Deepwater Memories
Reccommended lvl 20+
Release Date: Jun 25th, the Day of the Seafarer
I will be submitting all art concepts, so you can have a visual description of my ideas.


Ages ago, the Lolosian peninsula was much larger, and was home to a massive trade union. This trade union was the Glory of Lolosia, but sadly all things must end. The great beast, Leviathan grew angry at the insolence these humans have shown before him and passed Judgement on the Union, sweeping away and sinking the once great Union to the bottom of the sea. A few years after the incident, a surviving galleon traveled by, sailed by an Admiral who wished revenge on the great Leviathan. Summoning it with an ancient artifact stolen from the Natatorium, he and his crew battled the Leviathan, which resulted in the sinking of his ship and its cargo of rare gear. Now rediscovered by Captain Rhubarb, and at the request of Nisse the Sage of Natatorium, an expedition has been dispatched in an attempt to quell the Leviathan’s anger, and to recover the stolen artifact that was lost with the Galleon.
Name of Map
Suggest a map name for your area. It should match the theme of the general area you want to set your release in. Choose from the following map locations:

Map: Lolosia,
Map names: SunkenShip(/join sunken) Deepwater (/join deep, quest hub)

Choose any NPC currently in game to be your Quest Giver. Also, you’ll need to create speech text for NPC:
• NPC Name and title
• Main text; ~4 sentences long
• “More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long
• Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long

• Captain Rhubarb (Quest Giver)
o (Main) Greetings (player), It’s good to see you again. Welcome to Deepwater. We could use your aid, Hero.
o (Deepwater?) Deepwater is…or was a part of Lolosia that broke away many ages ago. Thought to be lost, we recently have rediscovered it and its people, but…its infested with kelpies, fishmen, and other unpleasant scallywags.
o (Shipwreck) Aye, that there is the Peacekeeper, an old Galleon of the Lolosian Trade Union thought lost years ago. Its treasures thought lost, but if you recover any, its yours to keep.

• Rakham (Shop, Quest Rewards merge; Will appear after story completion.)
o Good to see you again. Deepwater and her residents are grateful to you for what you’ve done, and have given me treasure to give to you as a reward. I can also offer you some rare goods that I…*ahem*acquired…for a few trivial trinkets.

Choose 4-7 of the following baddies to populate your new map:
• Lolosia monsters:
o Fishman Soldier, Fishwing, Shark Bait, Undead Pirate (you can add other monsters to Lolosia from anywhere in the game!)
o (Sunken Ship) Undead Pirate, Admiral Drake (Reskinned captain 00000000beard), Leviathan(will submit art for this), Kraken Tentacles, Kraken Main body

Boss Monster Type*
Suggest the type of your boss monster from one of the following categories:
• Undead (Admiral Drake)
• Elemental (Kraken, Leviathan)
*Note: if you want, you add a description to your Boss (what he looks like) and we’ll try our best to make it…without breaking the game engine lol!

Reward Types

• Boss drops
• Merge shop
• Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards
Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
• Merge Shop Rewards.
o Armor : Arcane Pirate
o Helms: Arcane Tricorn, Arcane Bandana
o Capes: Deep Anchor, Arcane Mantle
o Weapons: Runic Rapier, Cursed Anchor, Runic Claymore
o Baby Leviathan (Pref a nonmember pet, non-moms need love too.)
• Boss drop:
o Runic Claymore (Legend weapon, Non legend version in merge shop.)

Quest Legend: (when writing the quest outline please indicate what type of quest you are thinking of)
Drop: Signifies the player gets the quest item from beating monsters.
Map Item: Item awarded from map based on entering a frame in the Map or Apop
Clicky: A type of map item that the player simply clicks on around the map to get the item
Multi-Clicky: Like the clicky but requires several clicks before getting item: Digging a hole 1 click at a time.
Start Release Events: (Cutscenes and Gameplay, chronologically)

Your Release Outline


// Player joins /deepwater
// Player talks to Captain Rhubarb

• 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your opening cutscene.
• 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your closing/end cutscene.
* We reserve the right to change requests based on time/feasibility.
Opening Cutscene: Player enters map and is amazed that he can breathe…Courtesy of Voltaire and the past F the 13th event. Pan Deepwater map.
Closing Cutscene: Player returns artifact to Nissa and speaks to Rhubarb and the ghosts of the Sunken Peacemaker. Pan out Deepwater.

1st Quest
Deepwater Rumble
Arr, them Fishmen are getting on my nerves. Deepwater be overrun with them and their kin. Defeat 15 Fishmen and bring back to me their Tridents as proof of yer deed.
15 Fishmen
10 Fishmen Tridents
Yar, peace and quiet. I thank ye, Hero.

2nd Quest
Scouting the er…turf.
Arrr, That there is the Peacemaker, but it be infested with the undead Souls of her crew. Free them from their suffering, Hero, and open the the path to the ship.
15 Undead Pirates
The ship is open to explore, I thank thee hero.

3rd Quest
Skeleton Dance
More of them boneheads be infesting the ship. Clear out 15 more of the poor souls and put their tortured spirits to rest.
15 Undead Pirates
May they find rest.

4th Quest
Retrieve the Pendant
We must retrieve the pendant and return it to its rightful place. But beware, Admiral Drake will not let go of his stolen treasure so easily. Defeat the deranged Captain and and retrieve the pendant!
Defeat Admiral Drake
Retrieve the Ancient Pendant.
Auto complete quest, cutscene(Leviathan appears, enraged.)

5th Quest
First Offensive
Argh, is that the Leviathan? What a monster. We have to protect Deepwater! Keep him busy while I try to find a solution!
I want this to be like the first Vordred battle, where you can’t damage him and die.
That…went well…

6th Quest
Krackling Catastrophe
Hero, are you…er…in one piece? I found out how we can stop this beast’s rampage. There is an ancient weapon that was used ages ago to immobilize the leviathan, but however, it is jealously guarded by the Leviathan’s ancient enemy, the Kraken. Defeat the Kraken, and retrieve the Lance of Drasnus.
8 Kraken Tentacles
Kraken Main body
Retrieve Spear
Well done, calamari tonight!

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Gargantuan Proportions
Now that we have the spear, you may have a chance at defeating Leviathan! Show that scallywag What for!
Defeat Leviathan
Auto complete, End cutscene.

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Again with the Xtra Large Special?
Greetings hero,the Leviathan has returned, and is wrecking havoc yet again. I believe you know what I’m asking, so I shall leave ye with your task.
Defeat Ultra Leviathan
Once again, Well done
Reward Merge item, Magic enfused fabricx5.

Special Quest 2: Merge item Farming Quest
Free the Cursed
There are still a number of souls trapped within the sunken Peacemaker. Free the souls, and they may reward you with some Magic Fabric.
15 Undead Pirates
You are a kind soul, hero.
Random Reward 1-5 Magic Enfused Fabric

End Release

Leviathan Concept

Gear Concept

EDITED as requested. Images removed, whole script has been written.

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AQW  Post #: 28
4/22/2014 22:20:28   

Here's my SUBMISSION, All made by me. My AQW name: KenpoShoto

Release Title: Terror of The Tides

Level Range: 25+

Release Date: ???


Since that time the Lolosia have been a ghost town, too heavily stepped in raw undeads to rebuild upon. You will find pieces of tower floating in their places, fountains spewing blood instead of water, undead pirates guarding the lost souls of Lolosia...
While you are there you will meet Elissa Keelhaul the Undead Pirate Slayer who communes with the spirits of the devastated city (not ghosts, but the spirits of the city itself). Complete her tasks and you will find yourself facing a magical ghost ship. It's a fairly simple locking mechanism... if you read the instructions.

Through the ghost town you will face a ghost ship, Battle through it until you defeat the boss... a pure expression of undead. Unlike undead bosses, this boss is a mindless form filled with rage and more goodies (if you hit him hard enough, he drops some really nice stuff that you can't get anywhere else!)

(154 words)

Name of Map:
Area: Lolosia

Captain Rhubarb
Ahoy, Hero! I be Captain Rhubarb, the most tasteful pie-rate to sail the seas of Lore! An' I've been battlin' through the binary seas makin' sure ye can begin yer adventures for ten years. I've gone through ships since first met Artix, an' I've never looked back! Thanks fer adventurin' with me! Now… would ye like to hunt fer my treasure map?

Treasure Key?
Yarrrr, every pirate has a treasure hidden away, an' I'm not different! I've packed away me finest threads to celebrate my anniversary, but I've lost th' key to the chest I keep'em in and those landlubbin' undead pirates in terrorwaves must have stolen it! /Join terrorwaves and defeat the undead pirates to get my key back and battle the boss....

Boss x1
Capt. 000000beard x1
Fishman Soldier x6
Fishwing x4
Shark Bait x1
Undead Pirate x13

Boss Monster Type:
Wearing Undead Armor with cutlasses, pirate hat and skelly bones.

Item Rewards:
Pirates Cursed (use to get Evolved Pirate Class)
Platinum Commander's Headband
Stormy Platinum Hat
Shadow of Sepulchure
Li'l Boss pet

Release Outline
// Player joins terrorwaves
// Player talks to Captain Rhubarb


Opening Cutscene:
The Boss appears in the ghost ship and orders to attack us.
Boss: My undeads, the time has come.. AATTTAAACCKK!!!!!!
Hero: Captain the undeads are attacking, what should we do now?
Captain Rhubarb: Hold on, We need to think something..''
Hero: I think we should hide before we got attacked.
Captain Rhubarb: That the best thing to do right now, ok lets go.

Closing/End Cutscene:
Boss: NOooOOOO!
Hero: We did it!
Captain Rhubarb: Finally, these place will now be in peace and agony.
Captain Rhubarb: Hero, Thank you for what you did. And now I can continue to ship the Seas of Lore and defeat bosses.
Hero: Its my honor, Capt.

Quest 1
Explore the Ghost Ship
Careful, Undeads may strike you ahead.
Boss Throne Found0/1
End Text: Wow, you got lucky to came back without disturbing the undeads.
Exp: 250
Gold: 250

Quest 2
Skelly bones du'rr
Undead Pirates have SKelly bones, bring some to me and i'll reward you nicely.
Skelly Bones: 0/10
End Text: Hope you didn't get hurt by those undead pirates.
Exp: 500
Gold: 500

Quest 3
Fish Scales, E'ww
Fishman soldiers have the scales to merge the secret weapon we need to defeat the boss, kill them and bring me some of them. Careful there scales are Sharp and pointed.
Fishman Soldier Scales: 0/13
End Text: Ouch, I got hurt but the scales,, help.
Exp: 550
Gold: 750

Quest 4
Winged Helm
You need to cut the wings of the Fishwings to disabled them on spying us.
Fishwings Defeated: 0/12
End text: Now we got to fried this wings.
Exp: 0
Gold: 800

Quest 5
Lost N' Found
I've lost my cutlass while I'm walking around the ship, Can you please recover it?
Captain Rhubarb's Cutlass Recover: 0/1
End Text: I cant sail the seas of lore without this sword. , Thanks to you.
Exp: 600
Gold: 550

Quest 6
Extreme Fishing
The Shark Bait has stole the weapon I've made to slay the Boss. Bring it back.
Wave Cutter 0/1
End Text: This sword is still unfinished, good that the shark didn't broke it.
Exp: 800
Gold: 1200

Quest 7
A Honored Guard
That giant skeleton is blocking our way through the Boss. Defeat that so we can make our way through.
Capt. 000000beard defeated 0/1
End Text: Hur hurr ur' For that the Wave Cutter is yours.
Item: Wave Cutter
Exp: 1500
Gold: 1500

Quest 8
Peace and Harmony
Hero you've battle your way through here, and now its the time to bring the peace and harmony in this place again.
Boss defeated 0/1
Goes to the Closing/End Cutscene

Bonus Quest 1
A Happy Adventure! (Daily Quest)
Oh! Wait there are still monster in this ship Slay them so we can continue our journey.
Fishwing 0/6
Fishman Soldier 0/8
End Text: hur dur grr! They are still respawning, Are they now immortals?
Exp: 2500
Gold: 2500

Bonus Quest 2
Dur' hur gwhrr


AQW  Post #: 29
4/22/2014 22:44:39   

Cheerleaders Tournament
Release Date: May 16,2014
Created by: NinjaModel
After all of the players leave /punt there is something that happens. The cheerleaders from each team EVER come back to /cheer until they can’t /cheer anymore, BUT this year a cheerleader comes back to seek revenge on the other teams. The Shadowscythe cheerleader has taken all of the /cheer captains away from the teams. Without their captains the rest of the cheerleading squads are left to sit and wait for a hero to come along.
Just as all hope seems lost along comes a mighty hero. As you fight through the hordes of Dark Witches, Ninja Nopperabos, Tomb Robbers, and Mana Imps; the competition looms even closer to the competition day, time cannot be wasted you need to find the Shadowscythe cheerleader and save the team captains from being destroyed FOREVER. There is just ONE PROBLEM though, the competition is on Yokai Island and you are in Battleon, so what are you waiting for get out there and destroy the Shadowscythe cheerleader.

Name of Map

The competition is on Yokai Island, suggested name of map: cheeraway


Cheer Captain for King Alteon’s Team
All the other captains were taken, except for me. Huh, well hero I will be helping you on your journey to get the other captains back from the Shadowscythe cheerleader. In the end maybe you can join our team and we can /cheer together. Until then lets take down this angry /cheer junkie and take back the competition.
You know maybe this cheerleader is out to settle the score with the Alteon team. She is a part of Shadowscythe, that could be what she is here for. I mean we did beat them one year and they haven’t been back to the competition since, do you think?!?!? No it couldn’t be that, it was just a silly tournament.
Hey one last thing hero if everything goes well there might be a special prize at the end of the tournament for you. If you help out with this small problem we will give you a choice of a team armor to pick from, that we have had in storage since the superbowls. You will be able to pick any one team that has ever been in a /punt event and it will be yours to keep. Here is the good part the armor you choose will become an AC armor, you won’t be able to sell it but you will be able to use it and not have to be a Member.


Dark Witches, Ninja Nopperabos, Tomb Robbers, and Mana Imps (If possible and all these to the Yokai map that I have created. PLZZZZZ!!!!!)

Boss Monster

A human type boss, she looks like a normal player but she has red eyes because she is evil and her cheerleading armor is Dark Red and Black. Her HP should be fairly easy, about around 25,000 I should say.


I would like to see Boss drops, when the Shadowscythe cheerleader is defeated she drops her cheerleading armor and a /Cheer Ticket that can be used only once to get your special one-time only AC cheerleader armor that WILL NOT be for just member players. This /Cheer Ticket can be used to unlock a shop that will allow you to get only one of the armors. After you get the /Cheer Ticket she will NEVER drop it for you again.

Item Rewards
• The armor will be a cheerleader armor with the skirt, bracelets, collar, socks, and the hems of the short sleeves being a shiny looking Dark Red. While the regular shirt area and shoes will be Black with a Dark Red Shadowscythe emblem on the chest area. The earings should be little Shadowscythe emblems as well.
• The helm will be like Gravelyn’s hair but in a ponytail.
• The other helm will be a wispy short-haired set-up for the guys, but with a head band around it with the colors I described earlier.
• The cape will be just a normal DoomKnight Cape.
• One weapon will be UNARMED for 200 AC’s
• Weapon #2 will be Bladed Shadowscythe pom-poms
• Weapon #3 will be a trophy with a cheerleader on top.
• The pet will be a mini version of the Shadowscythe cheerleader.

Release Outline

//Player joins “cheeraway”
//Player talks to “Alina”

• The sun comes up over the Yokai Island shore. Your character walks into the middle of town and then heads into the cheer arena area. When your character comes into the space everyone is sitting on the ground looking around and feeling sad. The character walks up and starts talking to Alina who then tells her that the /cheer captains have been taken away by the evil Shadowscythe cheerleader. Then you find out something astonishing, the evil cheerleader is actually Gravelyn’s long-long-long-lost sister. Right then there is a crash and everyone looks and there stands the Shadowscythe cheerleader. She /points at the character and says that you will never stop her plans of winning the competition. Then she slowly floats up and * poof * she disappears out of sight. Alina looks back at you and shakes her head. She says that if the /cheer captains aren’t back soon there will be no competition at all. The character draws their weapon and says that they will not stop until all the captains are found. Then the character asks why Alina wasn’t taken, she is a /cheer captain so why wasn’t she taken. Alina shrugs her shoulders and the cutscene fades.
• The hero hits the Shadowscythe cheerleader with their weapon, then the hero has a choice between good and evil. If the hero chooses good he/she will then attack the enemy again, until she says hero you have taken the last blow I can take and then she vanishes leaving behind a small note saying that she was just trying to get attention from her sister. If the hero chooses evil he/she will then help the Shadowscythe cheerleader up and will be given a note saying that the hero is a member of shadowscythe. Alina then comes up to the hero no matter the hero’s choice and says Thank You. The screen then pans out and shows every team and fan and they all say Thank you. The cutscene fades out, but then comes back and shows Gravelyn talking t one of her guards. Her sister then walks in and says “HELLO SIS!!!!” Gravelyn looks up and points her blade at her sister and says be gone SIS. Right then the sister of Gravelyn disappears into a cloud of smoke. The screen pans over to Gravelyn now sitting in her thrown with an evil grin, and says she doesn’t exist she never did so who is she. Then a ghost of her father appears and he tells her that the person she just saw was actually a Djinn that was playing with her mind. The cutscene fades away.


1st Quest
Mana gotta get to Cheering
You need to collect some mana sparks from those pesky little Mana Imps. Once you have collected enough bring them back here to me and I will add them to our armory.
0/10 mana sparks
Now we got something that may give her a little shock. Let’s continue we need a few more items then we can start /cheering.

2nd Quest
Give Me an R-E-L-I-C-S
We now need something to pour our mana sparks into. Relics can be used for that purpose and if we collect everything we need we can spread the relics throughout the tournament. Which will weaken the Shadowscythe cheerleader. Collect 5 relics from the Tomb Robbers around the tournament.
0/5 Relics
Hero, you did great now lets get one last item before we spread these around the tournament area.

3rd Quest
Let’s go, take those Potions
All that is left to get, hero, is the bottles of potions that the Dark Witches carry everywhere. Take the potions away and bring them to me. Then I will add them to our relics and mana sparks we collected and we can go from there, now go hero we don’t have much time left. Collect potion bottles from the Dark Witches.
0/2 Potion Bottles
Hero you have now collected everything we need to lessen the power of the Shadowscythe Cheerleader. Now let’s do this.

4th Quest
EnCHANT the Totems
Ok, hero now you just have to stand back and let me do my work. Get Alina to enchant the totems you have created. Click on Alina 5 times for her to enchant the totems.
0/5 Totems Enchanted
Great, now let’s finish what we started, so everyone can get back to /cheering. YAY!!!

5th Quest
Spread out and /Cheer
Spread the totems out around the tournament so we can finish her off. Place the totems around the tournament to lessen the power of the Shadowscythe Cheerleader.
0/5 Totems Placed
Now hero go, we have our chance let’s take her down.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
She has /Cheered Her Last /Cheer
Take the Shadowscythe Cheerleader down and then help the /cheer captains get back to their teams. Defeat the Shadowscythe Cheerleader.
0/1 Shadowscythe Cheerleader Defeated
GREAT JOB HERO!!! Now everyone is happy again and we can /cheer until we can’t /cheer anymore!!! MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!!!!!!!
Reward for Final Quest: The /Cheer Ticket

Extra Note: I know you all are busy and I thank you for all that you guys do for the game, but can you guys PLZZZ bring back the 8 Track Day Event. I would love to see it come back to AQW. Another thing is that PLZZ don’t laugh at my idea because my little sister wants to see me succeed because I have spent quite a bit of time working on this and she wants to see it come to life. So even if I don’t get picked this time then plz consider maybe adding this event another time or something. Thank You, P.S. I am not trying to be a suck up its just I spent a lot of time on this and me and my sister both want to see it get created and put into the game.

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Bones in the Sand
Recommended for Levels 25+

The Cult of Kalestri has grown since the defeat of Sek-Duat. The Order of Paladins fear that they are to blame for the more recent sightings of undead in the Sandsea. Using some ancient magic and the powers of Kalestri the cultists have been amassing an army of Mummies. They travel from temple to temple raising the mummies and moving them to a secret Enclave beneath the sands.

located in the Far North of the Sandsea, The tomb of Kalestri has finally been uncovered.
Monsters: Kalestri Hound, Kalestri Worshipers, Tomb-Raiders, Mummy, Anubis DeathGuard
Boss: Goddess Kalestri
The Undead Queen: The Goddess has risen.
She is just a skeletal version of the Kalestri Worshipers

Main text; Hero, well met. The Kalestri cult has held themselves up in these ancient ruins, they are using dark magic to raise an undead army like we've never seen before. They are using the legion of mummified soldiers sealed below this temple, I fear that if we don't stop them here, Lore will be doomed.
“More” text; This is the tomb of Kalestri the warrior Goddess. The cultists must be raising an army for Kalestri... if they awaken her... Let's just say the Sandsea isn't the only ones who will be in trouble.
1st Quest: “Rich-uals” The Cultists will need to appease Kalestri with gold and other treasures, collect what you can and bring it to me. (Collect 10 treasures- Drop from Tomb Raiders and pick up)
2nd Quest: “Give a Dog a Bone” The Kalestri hounds are on to us... we'll need a distraction....
(Defeat 3 Anubis DeathGuards, place 3 piles of bones near the Tomb's entrance)
3rd Quest: “Amassing the Army” WE'RE TOO LATE, They've raised the mummies, hurry clear a path we need to stop them from raising Kalestri! (Defeat 15 Mummies)
4th Quest: “In-Can't-tation” Ok the path is clear! Finish off those worshipers before the spell is complete!
(Defeat 10 Kalestri Worshipers and 5 Kalestri Hounds)
5th Quest: “Late to the Party” Arrgh we are always a step behind, This never happens to Artix... Quick we need that Chamber clear! (Defeat 20 enemies)
Final Quest: Boss Battle “Kaestri's Wrath” This is our Last chance, If we fail here all of Lore is doomed!
(Defeat Goddess Kalestri)
Special Quest : “Bone Breakin' Work” You missed some undead, Finish em off and bring back their Essence, I can merge them into spirit orbs. (Collect 50 Undead Essence)

A circle of Kalestri Worshipers Chant incantations, as mummies rise from their sarcophagi. Triax watches from behind a pillar and carefully sneaks out of the tomb and sends his lone loyal spirit orb to deliver the hero a message. The spirit orb travels to Battleon, where it tells the hero Traix's message summoning him/her to the Sandsea.
The Hero defeats Goddess Kalestri, the skeletal goddess, is reduced to sand and is swept away in the wind, Triax rushes in with Artix, Michem, Axe, and Daimyo, when they see the Hero standing alone in the chamber. Triax smiles explaining he brought help just in case. The hero is congratulated by the Paladins.

Item Rewards*!
1 Armor: Deserted Paladin- A Paladin armor more suitable to extreme heat. (White Robes and Paladin armor)
1-2 Helms: Paladin Turban- A Turban worn by Paladin in the deserts. (Color Custom to Trim)
Desert Sun Hat- A large Conical Hat made to keep the sun off your face (Color custom to Trim)
1-2 Capes: Deserted Cloak- A white cloak ideal for keeping the sun off your back
Urn of Holy Water: A Large Gourd Full of water, (Inspired by the one worn by Gaara from Naruto)
1-3 Weapons
Kalestri Polearm-aments: The Kalestri Trident and shield combo, like those used by the actual Monster.
Evolved Axe of Kalestri: A far more powerful Axe used by the goddess of Death and Decay herself! This evolved version features a longer handle and a bigger Head, with razor sharp blades and encrusted in rubies. This Axe does +10 damage to ghosts and incorporeal spirits.
Water Flask and Scimitar: A smaller Urn of Holy water coupled with a Gilded scimitar, A weapon set commonly used by the deserted Paladins.
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AQW Char Name: jediguy1997 (only author of this entry)

Release Title: Ninja Prison Riot

Level Range: 25+

Release Date: Whenever It’s ready

The Emperor of Yokai receives word that there was a riot and hostage situation from Hachiko Penitentiary, the new name for Hachiko Tower. Princess Miko calls for the Hero after Nightwyvern, who had just returned Ghoul of Rage to the prison, was shown as one of the hostages.

The Hero must fight through Ghoul of Rage’s men and the possessed hostages to find Nightwyvern and retake the prison before they’re overrun.

Name Of Map
As the release is set in a prison version of Hachiko Tower, the map is hachikoprison

Princess Ai No Miko
Distressed Yokai Princess
Thank you for coming, <Hero Name>! This is just horrible, what has happened here! You need to do something about this riot. Nightwyvern and the whole island of Yokai depend on it!
I don't know how this happened. Nightwyvern assured me that putting the Ghoul in a prison where all his men are would be a safe plan. Now Rage is in control of the prison, and it's all my fault. You have to help!
Really? You will? Thank you for being steady as a rock during this. It's weird though, I'm getting a huge sense of deja vu about all this.
This prison used to be Hachiko Tower. After the events with Kitsune, we built outposts throughout the island. This became obsolete as barracks, so we turned this tower into a multi-function prison to hold all of our criminals, human and Yokai.

Kappa Ninja, Ninja Nopperabo, Samurai Nopperabo, possessed Ryoku, possessed NOTruto, possessed Pockey Chew

Boss Monster Type:
A human/ghoul hybrid based off of Bane and Ra's al Ghul of DC Comics.

Reward Types:
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
Shop Item Rewards:
Armor: Dark Nightwyvern (black, more heavily-armored Nightwyvern armor)
Helm: Dark Nightwyvern Batty Helm
Helm: Dark Nightwyvern Hood and Domino Mask
Weapon (awesome rarity) (sword): Night Armblade (large Batarang attached to the wrist to look like an armblade)
Weapon (awesome rarity) (daggers): Night Armblades (same as above except one on each wrist)
Weapon (rare rarity) (sword): Ghoul of Rage's Blade (similar to Sockatana except emits blood red sprites and can be clicked to become a hooked katana of the same nature)
Cape: Dark Nightwyvern Cape
Cape: Dark Nightwyvern Wings
Pet: NightCat (Black Cat except with small black cape and dark grey domino mask)

• Opening Cutscene: A messenger, beaten and bruised, arrives at the Yokai Emperor's throne room. He gives the Emperor a letter, which he proceeds to read. The letter is shown, stating that Hachiko Penitentary has been taken, Nightwyvern and other Yokai heroes have been taken hostage, and that Ghoul of Rage will be released or the heroes will be destroyed. *Later* Princess Miko greets the newly-arrived Hero, explaining to him/her/it that the prison is in criminal control and that they need to stop the takeover and rescue the hostages.
• Closing Cutscene (2 parts):
Part 1 (before fight): The Hero, after helping Ryoku regain consciousness, goes to confront more thugs when the Hero and Ryoku are thrown into Ghoul of Rage's arena (top of the tower). Ghoul of Rage threatens both heroes to the point that Ryoku tries for a Soul Nuke, but gets knocked out again by Rage. The Hero then strikes.
Part 2 (after fight): The Hero dodge's Rage's roundhouse kick, then goes for an uppercut that knocks out Rage. The Hero then carries Nightwyvern out of the prison, just as Miko, not hearing from the Hero for hours, is about to send guards in to rescue the heroes. The Hero then lays Nightwyvern, still passed out, at Miko's feet and leaves, without saying anything.


1st Quest: Drop
Start Text: In order to get the whole scope of the situation, we need to find out Rage's plan. Obviously, asking would be too easy, so beat up some Kappa Ninja until you get some information.
Item: 1 Information on hostages.
End Text: Well, at least we got something. This is going to be a veeeeeeeery long night.

2nd Quest: Drop
The Key to the Plan
Start Text: From what my messenger said, the next floor is locked. Fortunately, Kappa Ninja are dumb, and put the lock on our side. We just need to get the key.
Item: 1 Key from Kappa Ninja
End Text: Riddle me this: What rhymes with bee and has the key? ME....not. You do, but it wouldn't work with you in it.

3rd Quest: Clicky
Phone-y Cell Numbers
Start Text: I'm getting a bit hungry, and criminals do make some phone number messes and some illegally good pizza. Collect the numbers please?
Items: 1 number 8, 1 number 6, 1 number 7, 1 number 5, 1 number 3, 1 number 0, 1 number 9
End Text: 8-6-7-5-3-0-9? Dangit Jenny! Why must you change the number???

4th Quest: Drop
Keys and Ninjas and Hostages, Oh My!
Start Text: Seems that the door is locked again. Interrogate more Kappa and Samurai, then find the key!
Items: 1 successful interrogation, 1 Key
End Text: Who had the key?? I hope Pockey Chew is alright... Anyways, we have the key. Let's hope the other hostages aren't possessed.

5th Quest: Drop
Operation: Hostage Takedown, pt. 1
Start Text: It seems that the hostages are also possessed. Defeat NOTruto and his thugs before they destroy the place!
Items: 10 Samurai defeated, 1 NOTruto defeated
End Text: Okay, even though he was a bit two-faced and a lil' bird-brained, I wish you weren't as rough with them as you were. You're angry, but remember that you have an identity to keep up.

6th Quest: Drop/Clicky
Operation Hostage Takedown, pt. 2
Start Text: Okay, we still need to get the last hostage taken down if we are to defeat Ghoul of Rage. Pray it's not Nightwyvern.
Items: 1 door bashed in, 1 Ryoku defeated
End Text: Hero....*bzzzzt* are y*bzzt*.....hello*bzzzzt*....

7th Quest: Drop
Exit Stage Right
Start Text: *Rage stands in front of you. You know what you need to do*
Item: 1 Ghoul of Rage defeated
End Text: ...

1st Legend-Only Quest: Drop
Ultra Possessed Pockey Chew
Start Text: It seems that Pockey Chew is still possessed. Whup him some more to give him some sense.
Item: 1 Ultra Pockey Chew defeated
End Text: ...

2nd Legend-Only Quest: Drop
Ultra Ghoul of Rage
Start Text: You know what to do! Defeat Rage again!
Item: 1 Ultra Ghoul of Rage defeated
End Text: ...

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Here's my submission I made it up in about an hour or 2. My AQW account name is super2damien

Release Title: Dragons vs Ninjas Final Clash

Level range 20-45+

Release Date :When it is ready

Something has disturbed the close friendship of the dragons and ninjas. Someone has made the ninja clans betray the dragons. The ninja clans say the dragons are hiding some ancient treasure from them and they need it. QUICK GO TO ABIKA AND RESTORE THE PEACE!

Map Name:

Ninja master
(Hero name) Good! We need all the help we can get. It is madness out there Ninja clans fighting dragons, we need to find out who's behind it
All we know is that the ninja clans think the dragons stole an ancient treasure from them.
I need you to help the peace between the two races return.

Absolute Zero,NOTruto,NekoYasha,Spork-ion,Ryoku,Chaos Sprites,Ninja Nopperabo

Boss Monster:
(Name: Zeruso Description: He is a level 45 5 stared monster with 156669 Health, He is a black dragon with purple eyes and red horns and wings, with a Azure dragon ninja armor on)

Monster Drops:

Master Dragon Ninja mask (A ninja helm thats black with a blue flaming dragon coming across the face and mouths open where the eyes are.)

Master Dragon Ninja swords (A sword on back in a sheath that handle is azure and sheath is scarlet)

Ultimate Dragon Ninja Sword (1% Drop rate, Is a space time hole behind player with 7 dragon heads coming out all with horns made of blue flaming katanas)

Ultimate Dragon Morph (10% Drop Rate, Legend only, Helm that turns players head into Zeruso's Head)
Final Ninja Blade (Is a fully Night Black katana)

Boss Drops:
Ultimate Dragon Ninja of Peace (Is Black ninja armor with blue flaming dragons going down the arms legs and up the chest with a dragon symbol in the middle,Has a silver belt and wristbands, Adds silver headband if no helm is on.)

Ultimate Dragon Ninja Katana (Is a very long ninja katana with blue hilt and pitch black blade with a blue dragon on it)

Shop that unlocks After completing all quest:

Dragon Ninja Peace Shop:

Blade of Peace(Is a pink katana with green arua around it (Gives +10% exp for monsters killed with it))

Zeruso's Secret Training (Battle pet. Is a miniture version of Zeruso)

Opening Cutscene:
The player is enjoying a nice walk in abika's bamboo forest when they hear a giant BOOOM! They go to investigate to see the dragons and ninjas fighting.

Closing Cutscene:
Zeruso is stumbling backward after getting hit by the player.
Zeruso admets that the player is a worthy opponent and fades in a thick cloud of smoke only to reappear as a mini version. Zeruso then says that he will tell the ninjas the truth and help you on your quest.


Quest 1: Drop
Terror of deception
"Quick we must try to calm the fighting stop the ninjas as best as you can I'll handle the dragons."
Kill any of the non boss monsters 10 times
Ninjas Halted 0/10
"Good it calmed a little now for some more planning"

Quest 2: Drop
Absolute-ly NOT
"Absolute Zero and NOTruto are certain that the dragons are against them You must change that opinion no matter how long it takes"
Kill Absolute Zero and NOTruto until these items drop:
Absolutely 0/1 NOT GONNA GIVE UP? 0/1

Quest 3: Clicky
Dragons rage
"The dragons fires are spreading quick put them out I'll talk to both sides while you do."
Click on fire around the map to put it out.
Fires out 0/9

Quest 4: Drop
NekoNeko and the Spork
"Now NekoYasha and Spork-ion are in this fight! We need them to stop NOW! Go change their opinions about this fight. HURRY!"
Kill NekoYasha and Spork-ion until these items drop:
NekoNeko loves us :D 0/1 Get Over here and calm down! 0/1

Final Quest: Boss Battle
The Dragon Ninja in the shadows
"Hmm. The ninjas have told me of a Dragon Ninja that told them these lies. Go make sure he never causes this again!"
The boss area unlocks and the boss monster is inside. Kill the boss to get the quest item.
Zeruso Defeated 0/1
"Zeruso? Where have I heard that before... Oh well good job calming this war down now all of lore is safe.

Quest 5: Legend only, Drop
"We may need to convince more ninjas to stop fighting dragons..."
Beat any non boss monster in the map 20 times
Ninjas convinced 0/20

Quest 6: Legend only, Drop
"Why are these Chaos Sprites here? Make sure they are gone and don't cause any trouble."
Kill 15 chaos sprites throughout the map
Chaos sprites gone 0/15
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Here is my submission, solely made by myself. My AQW character is Uupop. This release is focused on the description of my suggestion shop weapon, the Angelic Runed Broadsword, specifically where it says "you can make out something about the sands of time shifting in near future. What could that mean?"

Release Title: Immobile Sands of Time
Level Range: 35+
ReleaseDate: May 16th, 2014

A mysterious sink hole has appeared in the vast Sandsea and apparently the time around it has slowed to a crawl. Zhoom has been investigating and has requested some help from none other than the hero of Lore. Inside they discovered a cave that expands far downwards! Mysteriously, the hero is the only one who is not slowed down as a result of the sink hole. Will the hero be able to venture to the bottom of the cave and return time to its normal flow or will all of Lore be frozen in place?

General Area; Name of Map: Sandsea; TimeHole
The map would start out in the desert, right next to a large hole in the ground. The next 4 screens would be of a cave that spirals downwards, and the final (boss) room would be at the bottom of the cave and contain a shattered, glowing crystal.

NPC 1, Questgiver:
Name: Zhoom

Title: Now Shlow

Main Text: Thank you for coming, [insert character name here], I would not be able to conquer this cave without you. I was only able to get a few yards in, but even from there I can see it is infested with monsters who can move at a normal speed, just like you. Venturing into the cave at all would be a great help but I really need you to explore the cave thoroughly to try to stop what is going on. If I squint, I can see a faint light coming from the bottom...

More Text: The time is slow just outside of the hole where we are, but as I entered it slowed much more at an alarming rate. I would try to enter myself but there's no way that I could fight many monsters that are multiple times quicker than myself. If it weren't for you who knows what would happen to Lore! The glimmer at the bottom must be the source, get there quickly!

NPC 2, for more information:
Name: Chronox (Appears as an NPC only during quests 3-5. He becomes the boss during the boss quest)

Appearance: Described in the boss section.

Title: Unholy Time Guardian

Main Text: I am Chronox, the guardian of time. You must have a strong will to have gotten down to me, but that is not matter as you will not defeat me. This crystal beside me is Lore's time crystal; without it; Lore would remain at a standstill. I'm in the process of destroying it, so I'd appreciate if you left me alone.

More Text: So you're wondering why Zhoom cannot get down here himself? Well, he's right that he has strong willpower, but I'm using some of my energy to slow him down personally. I would slow you down too but my hands are currently full. Now shoo, I've told you too much.

Horc Sell-Sword, Tomb Robber, Mummy (All have a 3% chance to drop and Angelic Shard, explained later on)

Chronox; this boss would be undead (a skeleton), but have angelic features such as a robe, wings and/or even a halo. It will wield the aforementioned Angelic Runed Broadsword. This boss will have two special skills (if possible): 1) The boss randomly slows an individual player's attack speed and cooldown by 10% for 10 seconds. 2) When the boss is reduced to 10% health it will slow all player's attack speed and cooldown by 30% until the end of the fight. (Has a 10% chance to drop the Angelic Runed Broadsword, 5% chance to drop 1-3 Angelic Shard(s), and a 3% chance to drop 1 Angelic Plate)

Quests (All from Zhoom):
1: Mysterious Minerals
Text: During my brief visit to the cave I noticed some odd crystals floating above me. Can you collect a few samples for me to observe?
Required Items: 7 "Crystal Shards" (Temp. item, these are picked up by clicking on them in the first few rooms of the cave)
End Text: Thank you, now I'll just need some time to examine these.

2: Determined Baddies
Text: While I'm looking at these crystals you should go and fight some of the cave's residents. Bring back anything of interest!
Required Items: 10 "Monster's Willpower" (100% chance to drop from any monster in the cave)
End Text: Hm, all of these monsters had some great willpower, maybe that has to do with why they were not frozen. That is odd though, I thought that I too possessed a great will.

3: Source of the Anomaly
Text: These crystals seem to have recently broken off of something, presumably what is the source of all of this. Try to get to the bottom to see what it is.
Required Items: 1 "Time Hole Explained" (Obtained by talking to Chronox at the bottom of the cave; the room he is in is inaccessible before this quest is started)
End Text: Lore's time crystal is at the bottom, and it's being destroyed by the time guardian himself? Well, isn't that ironic!

4: Gathering More Crystals
Text: Before facing off against Chronox you should gather some more crystals. I would not be surprised if the monsters were holding some.
Required Items: 20 "Crystal Shards" (90% chance to drop off of any monster in the cave)
End Text: All right, now it is time for the final push!

5: Restoring Time
Text: Bring all of these shards back to the main crystal in an attempt to restore it. Hopefully this will stop the slow of time.
Required Items: 1 "Crystal Restored" (Obtained by clicking the shattered crystal at the bottom of the cave)
End Text: Get Ready to fight Chronox. Be warned, he may take his magic off of me to try and slow you.

Boss Quest: No Time for Slow Time
Text: Chronox is waiting for you, hero. Defeat him to ensure that this never happens again!
Required Items: 1 "Chronox Defeated" (100% Drop from Chronox)
End Text: None, quest automatically gets turned in after defeating Chronox and the end cutscene starts.

Special, Legend Only Quests (Available after the story quests):

1: Shard Seeker
Text: By collecting the remains of the monsters of this cave I should be able to forge an Angelic Shard for you.
Required Items: 15 "Angelic Essences" (80% chance to drop from any monster in the cave)
End Text: Here you go!
Reward: Angelic Shard x1

2: Plate Plunderer
Text: I'm sure that I can craft an Angelic Plate from Chronox's big wings.
Required Items: 8 "Angelic Feathers" (85% chance to drop from Chronox)
End Text: That wasn't too hard! Bring me some more at any time.
Reward: Angelic Plate x1

Zhoom is running through the desert as a giant hole emerges in front of him. He noticeably slows down, as well as everything else around him. He briefly enters the cave then (slowly) runs out.

Zhoom shoots an arrow through Chronox to finally defeat him. He and the hero run outside of the cave and Zhoom thanks the hero for everything they have done.

1 Sword
2 Armors
1 Cape
2 Quest Items

Monster Drops:
Any normal monster in the cave: 1% chance to drop 1 Angelic Shard.
Chronox: 10% chance to drop the Angelic Runed Broadsword, 5% chance to drop 1-3 Angelic Shard(s), and a 3% chance to drop 1 Angelic Plate

Merge Shop:
Sword: Evolved Angelic Runed Broadsword: (Looks like an updated version of the original sword; it would be larger with new art and animations)
Requires: 1x Angelic Runed Broadsword, 5x Angelic Plates, 0 ACs
This sword would be non-legend and an AC item.

Armor: Chronox's Robes (This armor looks identical to the armor Chronox is wearing)
Requires: 5x Angelic Shards, 2x Angelic Plates
This armor is non-legend.

Cape: Chronox's Wings (Big, feathery wings)
Requires: 3x Angelic Shards, 1x Angelic Plate
This cape is non-legend.

Armor: Angelic Robes (This armor is a non-undead version of Chronox's Robes)
Requires: 3x Angelic Plates
This armor is legend only.

End quest.
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Finding Resonance In Dissonance
By Salene
(in game name) Taff De Chocolate

Level 20+ (there could be a harder version for players level 35+)

Overview: The land is constantly ravaged by tempestuous winds, storms of sand as sharp as glass, and bandits, with hearts as cold as the ice in the frozen north. Lets just agree that the Sandsea has never been an ideal vacation spot, but now, as a new threat reaches the climax of it's power, the Sandsea has become close to inhospitable. The Equalists, a society of Horcs seeking to gain authority and power in a world ruled by humans, have decided to capture Sandsea, and refuse to release it until their needs are met. They have chosen the opportune moment, as a gap in power continues to widen. Cosmo, a veteran hero and travel connoisseur, has called upon your help. Can you solve this 100 year deadlock, by sneaking into the Saharan city and stopping their leader, a powerful Horc by the name of Thrull, or will your scheming just make everything worse?

Map name:
/join SaharaDesert
map location: Sandsea

NPC Questgiver

He looks like an older gentleman. He has a cane with a compass emblem on the end, and it seems to be carved of rough oakwood. He wears a brown fedora with a small medal pinned to the center. He has a sort of round face. He has large spectacles, which rest atop his slightly large nose. He has rosy red cheeks, and a jovial expression always seems alight upon his face. He has gray and black hair coming from under his hat. He also has a bushy mustache and beard, making him seem sort of wild, even though his eyes show him to be wise and thoughtful. He wears a tan Cardigan, with a white shirt and red tie underneath, as well as a small sash that crosses from his left shoulder to his right hip. Upon the sash are badges and medals. He also has a bronze pocket watch in his breast pocket. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, as well as his pant legs are rolled up to his shins. he wears dark tan corduroys, with a red and white spotted handkerchief spilling from one pocket. He holds a travel brochure in the opposite hand as his cane.

Name: Mr. Cosmo Politan
Title: Veteran Hero, travel connoisseur extraordinaire
Main text[/i: Hello Hero I am Cosmo, Cosmo Politan. I am sure you have heard of me, I used to be quite the hero and adviser in my day. Unfortunately my glory days are behind me, and yet I have been called back to the battlefield because some young Equalist has been causing trouble! Now hurry (hero’s names) the Equalists grow stronger and closer to their goal every second we waste standing here and talking.
Under the main quests their are two buttons, one says how old are you? and the other says Horcs
How old are you? I may look old and useless now, but in my younger days I was as sharp as a dagger!
Orcs All I know is that they have always wanted to ally with the humans. Unfortunately, Horcs have a small memory span, and next thing you know they are trying to eat you. They are a mysterious race (heroes name), and I wish I could tell you more.

- Horc sell sword (renamed Equalist Visionary) X 4
- Tomb Robber (renamed Equalist Prisoner) X 8
- Thrull X 1
- Kalestri hound (renamed Horc rage beast) X 6

Boss Monster Type:

Reward Types:
Cosmo's Shop (unlocked by completing the final quest)
In this shop you can get Cosmo's Walking staff, as well as his signature armor set
Hidden sands shop (a shop hidden in the boss room)
Horc armor, as well as some sandsea looking weapons
(all the items are up to the artists/animators, as my personal preference is pretty loose)

Release Outline:

The beginning cutscene shows a Sandsea sentries silhouette, standing atop of a sandy hill with the sun rising on the horizon. He wears flowing robes, and his hair is pulled up into a small cloth wrapping atop his head. He has a goatee, and orange glowing eyes. He stands taller than the average player, and holds a large, graceful curving spear in his hand. There can be heard a rustling sound from the bushes, and the sentry turns to look. Dark shapes emerge from around him, circling slowly, growing bigger, until the guard is surrounded. The sentry turns around frantically, then stops, turning to the largest of them, the one that seems to be their leader.

Saharian Sentry: Wh-Who are you?

Thrull Verikson We are the Equalists, and all we seek is a welcoming place to stay

The camera angle changes, revealing what Thrull Verikson looks like. He is a large Horc, with large white tusks, capped with gold, coming from his mouth. He wears flowing green robes, with dull iron shoulder plates. His helmet is similar to that of a boar, made from tarnished iron. Upon his belt are multiple scrolls with runes, and small vials and jars of florescent liquids. He has large boots, with rats skulls at there tips. He has large flowing white pants, seemingly made from thin canvas. He has a small torn and ratty beige cape, that goes to the floor and covers his arms and hands. He has a wicked smile upon his face at all times. In his hands Is a large iron rod with a spiked ball at the end. Thrull stands opposite the Saharian Sentry. Behind the Saharian Sentry, is about five Horc Sell swords, with their swords raised and pointed towards the guard. The Guard continues looking at all the Horcs and Thrull suspiciously.

Saharian Sentry: We cannot offer this. Food is scarce in the desert, and we barely have enough of it too feed ourselves. Now move along bandits, before someone gets hurt.

Thrull looks at his companions, and smiles even wider. He opens his hands wide, in a welcoming gesture. He seems completely calm, as sentry begins to become more and more frantic and frightened.

Thrull Verikson That is quite a shame. Unfortunately, nothing can stand in my way at this point.

Thrull's silhouette is seen lunging forwards, while orange and brown are shown in the background. Thrull is suddenly in front of the sentry. The sentry tries to raise his spear, but Thrull easily bats it away with his closed fist. Then, Thrull grabs the sentry by the front of his armor, and throws him through the air. The sentries from is seen flying across the desert, before his downward ascent is stopped by a sandy cliff. Thrull then dusts off his hands, and turns to his bandits.

Thrull Verikson Sahara stands no chance against us. And anyways, I am sure black and blue looks nice on that fool of a guard.

The screen blacks out, as it slowly closes in on the glowering form of Thrull standing in front of his troops and laughing.

The scene changes to the scene of a ruined and destroyed Sandsea village. A small tent is set up outside it, in the desert. A man can be seen setting up a fire pit. The hero enters from the side of the screen, holding an official looking letter. He walks over to the man setting up the firepit, and begins to talk.

Hero: Are you... Cosmo Politan?

The bent figure jumps slightly, knocking over a pot of water and dousing his small fire place. He sighs, wiping his hands on his corduroys. He turns to the hero, smiling, and extends his hand.

Cosmo: The one and only! Yes, I am Cosmo, veteran hero and traveling connoisseur extraordinaire. Are you here to help me?

The hero nods, putting the paper away. Then, the hero goes over to the fire and lights it in one try. Cosmo looks bewildered. The sun is gone behind a sand hill, and the sky is dark.

Hero: Yes. Brentan sent me to assist you. So, when do I run in there and bash them with my sword.

The hero holds their weapon up in the air, and Cosmo shakes his head, sitting down on a log by the fire.

Cosmo: This mission will have to be more stealthy. The Horcs leader, Thrull, has proven to be more powerful than anyone expected of an Horc. We will need to be more stealthy on this attack.

Hero: Still, I will get to fight something, right?

Cosmo: If all goes according to plan, then no. But then again, when do my schemes ever go as planned?

The screen changes as the hero smiles and sits next to Cosmo, and they begin to talk quietly. The hero then spawns in /SaharaDesert next to Cosmo who is standing outside his tent. He will give you the quests.

Quest 1:
Mission Unreasonable
Quest info: You will have to be sneaky, as the Horcs will swarm you if you don't, and if you happen to survive, then you will be lost in the twisting streets of Sahara. Sneak around and slowly place down yarn, so that we can find our way safely through the city. Once you have done that, report back to me.
You go around the screens, and click on the ground to place a silver yarn on the ground. There are approximately 10 screens to go through, none of them have monsters, and they all seem to be deserted and broken down/pillaged.
When you complete the quest: There was no extra yarn? Yarn isn't cheap these days hero! Whatever, at least you did what had to be done.

Quest 2:
Unleash the Horde!
Quest Info: We will never make it into the palace with those pesky Horc Rage beats sniffing around everywhere. I know I said there would be no violence, but plans have changed. Bring me 10 Horc rage beast pelts as proof of a job well done.

0/10 Horc Rage Beast pelts

Now, around the streets closest to the palace (which is a large locked building) you will find Horc Rage beasts. Defeat 10 of them. They are immediately aggressive towards you when you enter the screen, so you may have to fight more than one at a time. They do a lot of damage, but have low health. After killing ten, you must return to Cosmo to talk with him.
When you complete the quest: Great. We beat up a bunch of defenseless puppies. Well, we could make a nice coat out of all of these pelts!

Quest 3:
Prison break 101
Quest Info: Horcs have terrible eyesight, so now that those hounds are out for the count, stealth should be much easier. Unfortunatley, they still beat us in numbers. Go free 15 Saharian prisoners. They may show resistance, so use force if necessary. Bring me their names as proof

0/1 Ralder
0/1 Caverston
0/1 Bagene
0/1 Talli
0/1 Asser
0/1 Vanessa
0/1 Versaries
0/1 James
0/1 Xavier
0/1 Varnum
0/1 Yeallah
0/1 Jameson
0/1 Persier
0/1 Wanda
0/1 Sice

Fight 15 Equalist prisoners. They are very widely spread. Each one gives a different name too you so you can complete the quest. you can fight them each multiple times if you need too.
After completing the quest: Great! Now we have an army to back us up. They should be helpful when push comes to shove. Now, we strike!

A cutscene then happens, starting with a scene of the prisoners trying to fix up their city. They are interrupted when another prisoner runs into the city panting, with his hands on his knees. He then shouts

James:: Thrull, he... he has declared...

Cosmo: Calm down, calm down. Drink some water and then tell us what happened

Cosmo hands James some water, and he drinks it before continuing.

Cosmo: Okay, no continue

James:: War, Cosmo. Thrull has declared war on humanity. We must stop him

Cosmo turns around, and gestures to the escaped prisoners.

Cosmo Who will stand with me?

All prisoners: Us!

Cosmo Then tonight, we storm these upstarts and show them whats what here in the desert.

The night darkens, and the scene changes to the morning, where the Horcs and the humans are standing across from each other.

Quest 4:
Hunt and Destroy
Quest Info: This escalated way too quickly. We need to stop this now. See if you can talk with Thrull, perhaps even calm him down a bit. Take these notes, they may calm him down. We could use Horcs in our army, they are ferocious.
Quest info: Go to Thrull, and click on his hand to give him the letter. He then talks to the hero about how Horcs have always been misunderstood and mistreated by humans, and how he will destroy the humans, and how he would never join them. You then immediately accept quest 5

Quest 5:
Final Battle
Quest info: Beat up Thrulls minions, and do it fast! The final battle approaches much too quickly for my liking! Kill five of Thrulls minions, so the odds are more even!

0/5 thrulls minion destroyed

After completing the quest: Great, the final battle is here. Humans and Horcs...

Quest 6:
Thrulls skulls!
Quest info: I won't talk for long. Thrull must be defeated, or he will march straight Bredan and Swordhaven! Defeat him and bring me his skull as proof. Defeat is the only way we will ever achieve peace at this point

0/1 Thrull defeated

Cutscene: Thrull falls to the ground, defeated.

Thrull Verikson All I wanted was peace, but you, you monster, had to ruin my plans! Ruin ME! I will destroy you, I will not LOSE!

Thrull sloppily lunges forward, his spear coming out from the folds of his robe. Cosmo pushes the hero out of the way, blocking his spear with his staff. He then pushes Thrull back. Thrull stays on the ground, groaning. Cosmo puts his hand on the hero's shoulder

Cosmo It is done and over (hero's name). We will handle the rest of these Horcs. Without there leader they are nothing. You go home and take a nice long break, you deserve it.

The screen blacks out, and the questchain is over.

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Goodness Has Fallen .. But there is still HOPE!
Level Range: Any Level ..
Release Date: May 4, 2014

Darkness it fell over almost all of Lore .. And as it consume all of Lore .. CHAOS descends ..
One time .. As Darkness has reached Yokai Island .. The Yokai named Kitsune has been consumed .. But not by Darkness .. But by Chaos .. As so .. Drakath the Chaos Lord had convinced Kitsune to rebel rebel against the people of Yokai Island .. But in Battleon there rised a hero of might and courage. So this so-called hero just because he was struck by lightning and fell from a mountain and still lived and he was called a hero. But never mind as this hero go deeper into the heart of CHAOS itself .. He has sensed something is wrong .. One by one his friends had disappeared .. It has come to his his senses that he is the only one left .. but it does not shook his faith and still keep moving on .. But as soon as he reached Kitsune’s lair .. He has been caught and put into jail by one of the monster in yokai island .. He has been brought to Bamboo Forest. Where he is held captive .. Then one of the hero named Artix had come to his Aid .. But Artix cannot come as the reason he is the one left in Battleon to guard it from Undead and Drakath’s Chaos ..
Artix* “Go Hero, Finish this Madness and Chaos Itself!
Hero* “Okay, I will. Take Care Of Battleon I Promise I’ll Come Back With Everyone!!
Artix* Good Luck, Hero ..
(285 words)

Map Location: Yokai Island
Other Map Name: Ayakashi

NPC/Quest Giver: Good Yokai , Princess Ai No Miko ..
Ninja Nopperabo
Level: 18 (1.310Hp)
Difficulty: one star
Samurai Nopperabo
Level: 18 (1,310Hp)
Difficulty: one star
Level: 15 (3,318)
Difficulty: Two star

*Kitsune, A Fox Also A Human, A yokai who is roaming on Yokai Isle, A friendly , Harmless .. Until Chaos has consumed until her very spirit .. Now she seeks vengeance for yokai’s who has been slave to humans over the past years .. Misunderstood the meaning of yokai to humans and started controlling humans and yokai .. But all EVIL must end ..*

*Hachiko Hotel*

*Dog Days:
Items Required:
• Ninja Questioned x5
o Dropped by Ninja Nopperabo
• Samurai Questioned x5
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• 225 Gold
• 200 Exp
• 150 Rep : Yokai

I first began to notice my father acting oddly when he sent his most loyal ninja and samurai to go ransack a village who could not pay their taxes after he raised them unreasonably high. My father would never cause his people that kind of hardship. Go to Hachiko Tower in town and question 5 ninja and 5 samurai then return to me with their answers.
*Note From DT

Items Required:
• Note from DT x1
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• 250 Gold
• 200 Exp
• 150 Rep : Yokai

*Zodiac Puzzle Key

Items Required:
• Rat-Ox-Tiger Piece x1
o Dropped by Ninja Nopperabo
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• Rabbit-Dragon-Snake Piece x1
o Dropped by Ninja Nopperabo
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• Horse-Sheep-Monkey Piece x1
o Dropped by Ninja Nopperabo
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• Rooster-Dog-Pig Piece x1
o Dropped by Ninja Nopperabo
o Dropped by Samurai Nopperabo (Monster)
• 300 Gold
• 225 Exp
• 175 Rep : Yokai

*Bamboo Forest*

*Jimenju Tree

Items Required:
• Jinmenju Clue x1
o Go to screen 5 of Bamboo Forest
• 0 Gold
• 0 Exp

*Yokai Bandits
Items Required:
• Jinmenju Fruit Core x5
o Dropped by Tanuki
• Charred Paper Talisman x1
o Dropped by Tanuki
• 150 Gold
• 150 Exp
• 200 Rep : Yokai
*Hero take this Paper Talisman with you. It will not only bring you good luck, but it will also help protect you against the Yokai responsible for hoarding all of the Jinmenju Fruit. The culprit will be most powerful, and a tough brute to kill at that. I believe Wanyudo the one you are looking for. Be careful when around this fiery fiend.
*Yokai Junkyard*
*Dumpster Diving
Items Required:
• Tsukumo-Gami Tribute x1
o Go to screen 6 of Yokai Junkyard
• 0 Gold
• 0 Exp
*Reduce , Respawn , Recycle
Items Required:
• Wild Kara-Kasa x5
o Dropped by Tsukumo-Gami
• Wild Bura-Bura x4
o Dropped by Tsukumo-Gami
• Wild Biwa-Bokuboku x3
o Dropped by Tsukumo-Gami
• Wild Koto-Furunushi x2
o Dropped by Tsukumo-Gami
• Wild Bakezouri x1
o Dropped by Tsukumo-Gami
• 500 Gold
• 450 Exp
• 600 Rep : Yokai

*Big Bad Yokai*
Items Required:
• DaiTengu Talisman x1
o Dropped by Dai Tengu
• Wanyudo Talisman x1
o Dropped by SoulTaker
• Onibaba Talisman x1
o Dropped by Onibaba
• 400 Gold
• 300 Exp
• 1,000 Rep : Yokai
*Who is The Greatest
Bone of O-Dokuro x1
2000rep. Yokai

Important texts*
I sent you the secret message in the invite because I fear he might be under Chaos Shogun Kitsune's control somehow. We have no way to track Kitsune, so my fathers odd behaviour might be the only lead that we have. I need you to do some investigation for me.
After fullfilling the quests: So my father is under some evil Yokai influence! I knew it! We have to free him but we can't let him know that we're looking for a cure for him. Some of the Yokai are still friendly and helpful. You're going to go to the Yokai Shrines around Yokai Isle and ask the Yokai there for help. Maybe they know a way to break the spell.
Bamboo Forest**
Thank you for coming. The bamboo forest is the home to many Yokai big and small, including adorable Tanuki and the legendary Jinmenju Tree. I hope nothing bad has happened to them, for I cannot imagine a life without our Yokai neighbors. They are the spirit of the Island, after all.
After fullfilling the quests: Ya-ta! Great work Hero! You recovered all the Jinmenju Fruit, and just in time too! With the return of it fruits, the Jinmenju tree will flourish once more. Arigatou Gozaimasu! Please let us continue our journey through the shrinesand venture into the Tsukumo-Gami Shrine.
After fullfilling the quests: The Tsukomo-Gami will be able to live in peace once more. Thank you Hero! This is great news for Akiba, I only hope we can keep helping other Yokai.

*Before the quest .. “Dog Days”.
• Ryoku .. Finally, A worthy opponent! Prepare yourself, my friend, for I am to use my ULTIMATE ATTACK!
• Ryoku .. SOUL NUKE !!!! Aaaaaaaah !!!!!
• Ryoku .. Uhh .. This will take me a bit …
• Hero .. Oh no problem, Take Your Time.
• Ryoku .. Aaaaaaah !!!!!
• Hero .. Do you mind if I grab a drink or something ??
• Ryoku .. No Problem, Go for it .. Aaaahhhh !!
*After 15 minutes*
• Ryoku .. Aaaaaah !!!! Aaaaaaaaaah !!!!!
• Hero .. Still going ??
• Ryoku .. I really have to focus my chi.
• Hero .. How long will it take you to charge your ultimate attack ?
• Hero .. I’ll see you in a few days.
*One Week Later*
• Hero .. Still charging your Soul Nuke ?
• Ryoku .. Aaaaaahhhhh !!!!!
• Ryoku .. Yeah, Sorry, It’s taking a little longer than I expected.
• Hero .. Do you mind if I talk to Princess Miko for a little bit ??
• Ryoku .. Go ahead. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Aaaaaaaaaah !!
Aaaaaaaaaah!!! *inhale* Aaaaaaaaah!!!

• Hero .. So this is the legendary HANZAMUNE DRAGON KOI BLADE ?
• Princess .. Yes, It is the most prized possession in all of yokai isle.
• Princess .. It was created nearly thousand years ago by legendary sword maker, Hanzamune. It represents the legend of Dragon Koi. It is one of our oldest legend. They say Koi swims all the way upstream. And even manages to swim to the top of the waterfall… Then that Koi would become the next great Dragon.
• Princess .. The Dragon Koi has come to represent the ability to overcome impossible odds.
• Princess .. This tournament celebrates that same powerful will, to reach no matter what opponent you are facing… And the winner becomes the guardian for a entire year.
• Hero .. Wow, that’s a great story!
• Kitsune .. I’ve always thought so.
• Princess .. Kitsune? What are you doing here? GUARDS!!
• Kitsune .. Don’t mind me, princess, I’ll just take my prize and leave.
• Hero .. I GOT IT !!
• Kitusne .. Too Slow, Hero .. You should be grateful that i did not bother joining the tournament. You’re no match for me.
• Kitsune .. Not the either of you don’t know the true power of the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade. It’s wasted on human like you.
• Princess .. Kitsune, the sword does not belong to a cheater like you! My father will not stop until it’s recovered.
• Kitsune .. HAHAHAHA .. I disagree, princess, I doubt your father will care. The Yokai are true masters of this island and it’s time that you humans remembered that.
• Kitsune .. I’ll be seeing you. Both of you.
• Princess .. Oh, why are all this happening ?
• Hero .. First the strange note on how to get me here in this island.
• Princess .. This is not a place to discuss it. THE TOURNAMENT MUST BE PUT ON HOLD UNTIL THE SWORD IS RECOVERED! Hero please let us meet in palace and I will explain everything there.

Item Drops ..

-Ninja Nopperabo
-O-dokuro’s head
-Sheathed Hanzamune Blade(Non Member)
- Glowing Crystallized Kunai
- Chaotic Samurai Blade
*Other Item
-O-Dokuro’s Tooth

End Of CutScenes

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Arry of the Legion

Fully made by me, AQW account : Arry

Release Title : Battle of the Mirror, Legion of Light against Undead Legion

Level range : 25+

Release date : up to AE team (lol)

-Overview :
Mirror realm, mysterious place where little moglin was an enemy for every people, and place where empress gravelyn was noble, and good empress, also place where overworld, upside-down version of underworld, exist, at overworld, Lord of Legion of Light, Dage the good, command numerous army of Holy legion, bringing light to every dark place and heart, saving every soul of dead creature, and maintain peace over the mirror realm

in lore, Dage the Evil, 1 and only lord of the undead legion, trying his new experiment, experiment which already take uncountable soul of his undead minion, and it was ended in failure, fueled with anger of his failure, dage threw moglin’s skull which given by the hero when the hero venture through mirror realm, an unexpected blast orrured and finally, the failure experiment has become portal to the mirror realm,

after found whats inside the newly created portal, and knew about overworld and legion of light, dage the evil decided to wreck havoc at the mirror realm, to prove which legionnaire is stronger, in other side, dage the good also knew that an army of dread, soulless yet evil udead legion will charge through unknown portal, so, dage the good command every member of his legion to prepare for war, and bring peace over mirror realm, once and for all

Mirrorrealm, name suggestion : mirrorbattle

-NPC :
Dage the Evil (for evil heroes)
Dage the good (for good heroes)

-dialog :
(dage the evil)
I never thought that my failure experiment will bring me and my minion here, thanks to your gift hero, now I will have more realm to conquer, will you join me hero? or join them and waiting to be crushed by my loyal minion? #evil laugh
tch, legion of light? Are they kidding me? And look at them, that punny legion saving soul to redemption, that’s the most useless thing that I’ve ever heard, if they really want to save that dead soul, I’ll help them, I really want to help them, to devour that useless soul, #eviller laugh

(dage the good)
hero, glad to see you, as you see, mirror realm is in havoc, and you’re right, I summon you here to help me to get rid of undead legion, those heartless army of undead trying to capture every single soul in here, will you help me hero?
it is my duty as a commander of Holy legion to keep peace in this mirror realm, peace of every creature also peace for every soul, when I know Undead legion leader want to devour every soul to become source of his wicked power, I’ll stop him, no matter what the cost!!!

-Monster :
>skull warrior
>undead infantry
>legion fenrir
>golden caster (renamed to holy wizard)
>golden cavalry (renamed to holy horseman)
>golden warrior (renamed to holy knight)

-boss monster
>advanced undead legend (same as undead legend monster, but carrying judgement scythe)
> holy legion lieutenant (monster with sanctified armor)

-reward type

>shop that open after story has been cleared, including :
~ dishonored knight (Legionized sanctified armor, sanctified armor with legion colouring) (ACs)
desc : what if a holy knight of overworld was legionized by the wicked power of dage the evil?
he/she will become dishonored knight, an undead legion army with noble battle style
~ holy annihilator (brutal annihilator without skull and gold coloured with faint blue trim) (ACs)
desc : when a brutal annihilator receive its redemption from holy light of dage the good,
he/she will become holy annihilator, a fighter that will do some brutal action to maintain peace
~ ring of destruction (like guiding cape, but with faint blue light n black wyvern-like wing)
desc : every soul need to be guided to reach its final place, and if the place that you mention is
dage’s soulforge, then you will need this cape to guide those (unlucky) souls
~ sheated sanctified sword and shield (like its name, vertical sheated)

opening : take background at battleoff screen 1, hordes of unded legion coming through portal and wreck havoc, then dage the evil appear and said “so, this is mirror realm? Not bad place for my next conquest”,
after black screen, view of undead legion and legion of light having fight appear through 3 or 4 scenes in battleoff, then hero come out from portal and welcomed by dage the evil and dage the good, then dage the evil said “perfect timing hero, will you join me and crush this fake legion and take control of this place?”
then dage the good replied, “don’t hear his evil command hero, help us to maintain peace of mirrorrealm and peace for every soul” then hero must choose, join undean legion, or help legion of light

ending : dage the evil and dage the good crosses their sword in battle and dage the good said, “listen my mirror self, if you really want to kill me, the imbalance in our world will appear, and as my mirror self, you will also destroyed” and dage the evil replied “bah, such nonsense, im immortal, and nobody can kill me, are you really afraid of dead so you come out with that joke?”
dage the good : “its not you’ll be killed at all, but your very existence itself will devour you alive”
the battle ended,
dage the evil : “hmph, maybe you’re right, because when battling with you, I just feel like battling with my self”
dage the good : “im sure right, so, why we not end this battle rather than killing each other and in the end, both of us will vanished”
dage the evil : “fine, but when the time come and when I’ve found the way to kill you without being vanished,
I’ll come back here and conquer this useless realm of yours”
dage the evil and his minion enter portal and dage the good destroy that portal <end>

-quest :
(evil quest)

>quest 1, clicking blue arrow (ESSENCE OF MIRROR)
so, this is mirror realm, I will need some sample from this place, and I’ll need you to collect essence of mirror realm
>item required
~ 7 essence of mirror realm
> when completed
nice hero, I just have feeling that I need this essence in my future experiment
reward : 750 xp
750 gold

>quest 2, drop (ANNOYING HORSE’S VOICE)
those horseman really annoying!! I want you to ged rid of them
>item required
~ 7 horseman defeated (dropped by holy horseman, sure drop)
> when completed
now, its more calm without that annoying horse’s voice
reward : 1000 xp
1000 gold

>quest 3, drop (KNOW THE ENEMY)
hmph, those holy army really have a unique material to make their armor, maybe I should take a look at some of their armor, collect 5 armor piece from holy knight, 5 broken lance from holy horseman and 1 rare holy blade essence from both monster above
>item required
~ 5 armor piece (dropped from holy knight, common drop)
~ 5 broken lance (dropped from holy horseman, common drop)
~ 1 holy blade essence (dropped from holy horseman and holy knight, rare drop)
> when completed
took you so long, ahh, I know, maybe you have some difficulty to obtain the last item, well done hero
reward : 1250 xp
1250 xp

quest 4, drop (STRANGE SPELL)
those wizards, they wahe vary strange magic flow inside them, I can feel it, it’s a waste to use some high potential magic like that to bring peace, I need you to collect ancient tome from holy wizard, and let me se what type of magic they’ve use
> item required
~ 1 ancinet tome page 1 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 2 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 3 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 4 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 5 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 6 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 7 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 ancinet tome page 8 (dropper from holy wizard, uncommon or rare drop)
>when completed
interesting, maybe I can improve this spell to a more powerful spell of destruction
reward : 1500 xp
1500 gold

time has come to face their lieutenant, crush him to the dust!!!
>item required
~ 1 holy legion lieutenant slaughtered (sure drop from boss)
>when completed
ahahahaha, no one will stop me!!!!!!
reward : 2000 xp
2000 gold

(good quest)
quest 1, click blue arrow (SAVE PEOPLE)
hero, mirror realm is in danger! And many citizen still wandering through battlefield, save them!!!
>item required
~ 7 citizen saved
>when completed
thanks hero, now we will be more free to battle those undead legion
reward : 750 xp
750 gold

>quest 2, drop (TERIBBLE CREATURES)
is that werewolf? No? its fenrir? What a terrible creature, slay 7 of legion fenrir to give more ease at citizen
>item required
~ 7 legion fenrir slain
>when completed
I have no idea why such an terrible creature life, thanks hero
reward : 1000 xp
1000 gold

their heart, full of agony, pain and darkness, we must save them, free their soul and let them feel the peace, hero, bring some sense and light to them, and maybe you’ll find something interesting
>item required
~ 5 purified undead infantry’s soul (dropped from undead infantry, common drop)
~ 5 purified legion fenrir’s soul (dropped from legion fenrir, common drop)
~ 1 old diary (dropped from two monster above, rare drop)
>when completed
what a sad past they have, thanks to you hero, now, they’ve been purified
reward : 1250 xp
1250 xp

quest 4, drop (WALKING SKELETON)
just 1 more undead that need purification, skull warrior, I don’t know why, its harder to purify their soul, maybe I will need your help again hero, collect their memories, 8 of them, and then, bring it all to me, and I’ll try may best to purify them
> item required
~ 1 skull warrior memories 1 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 2 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 3 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 4 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 5 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 6 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 7 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
~ 1 skull warrior memories 8 (dropped from skull warrior, uncommon or rare drop)
when completed
>thanks hero, now I will purify them
reward : 1500 xp
1500 gold
now is the time to confront and defeat their captain, I heard that this version of undead legend is stronger, well, I don’t know since I never see the original 1, whatever, just slay it and this battle will reach its end
> item required
~ 1 advanced undead legend slain (dropped from advanced undead legend, sure drop)
>when completed
thanks hero, now, peace over mirror realm will be back
reward : 2000 xp
2000 gold

- bonus legend only quest,
quest 6, drop (EXTERMINATE ALL!!!)
defeat 100 of holy legion army
> item required
~ 100 holy legion defeated (drop from holy wizard, holy horseman and holy knight, sure drop)
>when completed
take you so long, hero
reward : 5000 xp
5000 gold
you may also received at random
dishonored glaive (legionized version of sanctified glaive)

quest 7, drop (MASS PURIFICATION)
defeat 100 og undead legion
> item required
~ 100 purified undead soul (dropped from undead infantry, legion fenrir and skull warrior, sure drop)
>when completed
it must be hard, hero
reward : 5000 xp
5000 gold
you may also received at random
axe of absolute purification (holy version of axe of absolute death, without skull)

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Elemental Radioactivity
level range 25+
Release Date: May 16, 2014
Made by: Ogulcan123


Arcangrove has fallen into disarray…AGAIN! The elementals on Lore is terrorizing Arcangrove with their radioactive elements and compounds that no one has ever seen on Lore to kill everyone through radiation. Magicians have gathered in Arcangrove to conduct an investigation about these elements and compounds and put a stop to the elementals’ nefarious plan.
Procure all the chemicals throughout Radiation Plane that Warlic and other magicians need to complete their scientific research on the radioactive elements and compounds in an attempt to create a crystal to protect Arcangrove from the elemental’s radiation.
The life of the Mana City now lies on your hands. Quickly young hero! Or we will all die because of radiation.
Name of Map
This is set in Arcangrove. Map name: /radiationplane
1. Warlic, (quest giver)
The Blue Magician
Thank you for coming to the Radiation Plane! But there’s no time for chatting here. Elementals are attacking Arcangrove using radiation! There is only one way to stop this and that is to conduct a research on the radioactive elements and compounds.
Our goal is to create the legendary “Half-life Crystal” made of elements 93 and 104, and some other compounds. Don’t fail us or we will all DIE!
Radiation plane is full of chemicals and we may be able to stop the elementals. You will help us gather all the chemicals. Be careful Hero because this plane is full of Mad Elementals and the chemicals here might hurt you if you handle them incorrectly.
2. Alina
3. Cysero
4. And other Falconreach Mages
1. Water Elemental
2. Fire Elemental
3. Earth Elemental
4. Wind Elemental
5. Mana Falcon
6. Mana Imp
Boss Monster Type
The boss is an Elemental Type. Its name is “Uranium-238”. It is Shiny , green and waves are rising to the air from its body (like the heat wave from the surrounding, it’s wavy right?).
Reward Types
• Boss drop
• Merge shop
Item Rewards
• Armor (Boss Drop)
1. It should look like a magician battle robe like the one from Rayst. It’s called Polymer Robe and Non Mem and 1% Drop Rate
• Helms (Merge Shop)
1. Polymer Hood- it matches the armor. It should look like “Chaos Breaker Hood”
2. Polymer Glasses- It looks like an eyeglass with shining crystals on your forehead as a bandana.
• Capes (Merge Shop)
1. Half-Life Crystal- It’s up to you on how it will look like. As long as it is shining brightly like a diamond.
2. Chernobyl Atoms- it has atoms floating on your back
• Weapons (Merge Shop)
1. Evolved Phoenix Blade (name: Little Boy) – It is color Blue. Non mem. It requires a .5% drop rate of item from boss
2. Blue Alkane Staff- It is a staff with orb on its ends and has atoms appearing and disappearing on it.
3. Red Alkane Staff
• Pet (Merge Shop)
1. Uranium-238 pet
Release Outline

// Player /join radiationplane
Opening Cutscene
The hero, together with Warlic and other Falconreach Mages, are in Arcangrove Tower. Warlic casted a spell of “flashback” to tell the hero about what is happening. The spell showed this:
A shady monster is shown (Uranium-238, it is black and is not yet revealed) and is leading the army of elementals and the mana falcon and imps in wreaking havoc in Arcangrove. A lot of chemicals and poisonous fumes are sprouting from the ground as if life is slowly taken away from the land and smokes are appearing. After that, the spell stops and Warlic talks to the hero and asks for his help. Then the hero replied” Uhmmm. Oah! I have a stomach ache, I should go to bed.” Warlic and other falconreach mages did a facepalm and Warlic said “You won’t help us? Then I won’t give you candies”. Alina said “I’ll give you love potions..” Cysero said “Well, you want my beacon piggybank?” The hero had a water droplet on it’s head (you know what I mean). Then he agreed.
// Player talks to Warlic and accepts the quests
Final Cutscene:
The hero swings his sword and Uranium-238 is knocked down. Warlic and other mages summons the “Half-life crystal” and it shined brightly. It absorbed Uranium-238 and the other elementals, imp, falcon suddenly stopped attacking. The hero then learned that Uranium-238 casted spell on the elementals and mana imp and falcon that made them wreak havoc. After absorbing Uranium-238 like a tornado sucked up into it, a scientist bunny was left in the place of Uranium-238. It turned out that it was a bunny who was just experimenting and he accidentally made himself Uranium-238 and got out of his mind. Arcangrove and the plane glittered and everything quickly disappeared and everything turned back to normal.
1st Quest
Investigate the plane (DoT applied to hero)
Hurry! Investigate the area for some to locate some chemicals we can use to create the Half-life Crystal. Your health will slowly drop as time goes on because of radiation so run as fast as you can!
Area Investigated!
When finished- Great! Now we can start gathering the materials.
2nd Quest
Suit yourself
You need to protect yourself from radiation from the surroundings as it can harm you. In order to do this, you need to have a barrier, an ORGANIC NUCLEAR barrier! Yep, a barrier! You need 3 carboxylic acid from mana imp and 2 Nucleus of hydrogen molecules from the water elementals.
3 Carboxylic Acid
2 Nucleus of Hydrogen

I will be casting this to you now! You will now be protected from the radiation.
3rd Quest
Saturated Hydrocarbons
One important ingredient to create the Half-life Crystal is a biogas which is known as methane, CH4. It is an alkane which means it is a saturated hydrocarbon. You will need to gather 15 methane molecules from the Wind Elementals.
15 Methane CH4 Molecules
Yes! This will give the Half-life crystal the power to purify life as it is the simplest organic compound you can find on Lore.
4th Quest
Milk of Magnesia
This is an inorganic compound but we need it to relieve the pain from…hmm…our stomach? Or constipation? Anyways, just get it because I think it will help in creating the Half-life crystal. You can get it from the Earth Elementals and I need 7 of it.
7 Magnesium Hydroxide
Thank you! I will now mix this with the other materials. I hope this will work *fingers crossed.
5th Quest
Element 93
Three more items and we’re good to go, hero. Now, I need you to find the element 93 from all the monsters here in Radiation Plane. Element 93 is known as Neptunium named from the Plane Neptune. This will counter the radiation of the elementals.
Neptunium Found!
Okay! We’re close to finishing the crystal. Good Luck! We shall put an end to this chaos in Arcangrove.
6th Quest
Element 104
I need the last element to finish the crystal, the element 104 which is known as Rutherfordium. This is the last component and it will enable the crystal to absorb chaotic essence of the surroundings. Defeat several monsters here until you find the element. I’m counting on you!
Rutherfordium Found!
Wehave all the items! The Half-life Crystal will now be finished….*poof *poof *poof Behold! The beauty and power of the Half-life Crystal.

7th Quest
Fuel up
We have created the crystal but we still need to make it work. To be able to power up the crystal, I need 5 Butane C4H10 Molecules because it is the most commong fuel source. You can find them from the Fire Elementals scattered here.
5 Butane C4H10 Molecules
Now I’ll just put it here. And then…*poof* aha!! Good Job hero! The Half-life Crystal is now on our hands!
8th Quest
Since the Half-life crystal is in our hands, we may be able to stop these radiations. But who is the mastermind of this chaos? Patrol the area and defeat the boss!
Uranium-238 Defeated!
Thank you hero! You saved Arcangrove from the harmful radiations caused by these Elementals! About the candies, love potions, and beacon piggybank…. Hahaha. It’s not true. Sorry hero!

Legend Quest 1-
Alkane, Alkyne, Alkene
Hello Legendary hero! Arcangrove is full of important compounds essential for life. Our supplies of Hydrocarbons were stolen by the elementals and I need you to retrieve them. Approximately, 20 hydrocarbons were stolen. Defeat all mosters to take them back.
20 Hydrocarbons
Good job! You have saved our supply of organic compounds. We can make more compounds to make our lives better now!
Exp: 5000
1000 Arcangrove Rep
Legend Quest 2-
More Helium and Carbon
Helium and Carbon atoms are very important on Lore. Carbon is the most important element in your body while Helium comprises most of our atmosphere but we are lacking these elements right now. Hero,put on your armor and weapons and get 5 carbon and helium atoms each.
5 carbon atmos
5 helium atoms
Thank you! The thickness of our atmosphere is returning to normal. Ultraviolet rays are now slowly diminishing. You saved us once again!
X5 Carbon atoms
X5 Helium atoms

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My AQW username is Deo, I was the only one involved in this outline. The level for this quest is 25+ so I did not add "experience/gold rewards to the listed quests, nor HP or levels for the enemies and boss. I figured that could be determined with the "25+" level range!

The forests surrounding Battleoff in the Mirror Realm are home to many mysteries. In a dark corner of the forest, west to the town of Battleoff, there sleeps an ancient Legend. Stories have passed of
a Hero from days of old, who did battle with an unspeakable evil, and sealed the creature away forever. Mirror Drakath comes to your world to request your aide. A young Cleric from Battleoff had come to
him and told of his visions, an ancient evil awaking from it's eternal slumber...The Cleric has since gone missing. You must head to the Mirror Realm with Drakath and journey into the forest and find our young Cleric.
Battle your way through the ancient ruins and confront the mysteries that sleep within. Perhaps there is more to this legend than you have heard...

Map Name


4-6 rooms. First screen is entrance, with Mirror Drakath NPC. Ancient Golem room has a stone "portal" on the wall. Portal room is just a white/pale blue room with nothing but the boss in it. General appearance of this map is similar to the Citadel, just in ruins for hundreds of years.

Stone Golem x4
Gargoyle x4
Ancient Golem x1

All monsters drop "Portal Fragments". 1 per kill. 100%

Ancient Hero? (New art; Armor, helmet, cape, and weapon all in Merge Shop; Appearance- Gourdian armor, recolored black with silver replacing the gold. Long blonde dreadlocks, with a white scarf. Holds a
recolored Sword out of the Stone, with a red jewel and a black hilt)

Boss drops Portal Fragment x5 at 50% chance.

NPC Mirror Drakath
Champion of Order

>I am glad to see you, "username". An adventuring Cleric from Battleoff has informed me that an unsettling power has been eminating from these ruins. He has since disappeared.

MORE-These ruins are from an ancient citadel, from an age long before ours. Legend tells of a Hero much like yourself who fought to imprison an evil like none alive today have ever known, deep within
the ruins of this citadel.

MORE-We should press on and find the young Cleric. Be on your guard, "username", even I am not entirely sure what lies deep within these ancient walls.

NPC Mirror Drakath (after quest line completion)
Champion of Order

>Thank you, "username". I will stay and investigate these ruins further. The power of these Golems is very perplexing!

MORE-Don't worry about our young Cleric, I will keep him by my side. I feel as though he has only begun to tap into his true potential. We will uncover the mystery behind these ruins!

NPC Young Cleric (Never given a name) (appears in first screen AFTER quest line completion) (Young Cleric appearance is the Cleric of Nulgath armor, helm, and cape. No weapon)
Curious Youth

>Thank you, "username". I should not have gone off alone, but...it was as if the power within these ruins called to me...I couldn't control myself!

MORE-I will stay and help Drakath investigate the ruins further, gathering samples to examine so that we may try and find the source of the Golems' power! Perhaps we will meet again, someday!


Explore the Ruins DROP/CLICKY
Be wary, Hero. The stone guardians in these ruins seem to have...come to life. Defeat the Gargoyles blocking the path deeper into the ruins, and open the doors to continue further.
Gargoyle Fingernails 6/6
Doors opened 1/1
Great job. We should make haste, I sense a strange presence within.

Whack-a-Gol-em DROP QUEST
These ancient Golems seem to be reanimating because of the power I feel eminating from below. Defeat them, and proceed further.
Golem Teeth 8/8
Excellent, but we are not done yet. The boy is here, I can feel his Light. We are getting closer.

Open the Gate! DROP QUEST
It seems as though this Giant is what has been animating the Golems and Gargoyles within the ruins. Stop it from squishing our young friend, and put the creatures here back to rest.
Giant's Foot 1/1
What is this portal..?

Defeat the...Hero?! DROP QUEST
*appears after "Open the Gates!" is completed*
Apparently, that Giant was the REAL "Hero" the legend spoke of, and you broke him. Now you have a whole different mess on your hands. Defeat this anti-hero and banish back into the portal, once and for all.
Sword in the Stone 1/1
Congratulations, Hero! All seems quiet, at peace, now. We are in your debt, once again.

*After completion bonus quest for Members*
Casting Shadows DROP QUEST
Hello again, Hero. It seems the creatures within the ruins have risen again. Destroy them, and bring me some samples. I need to learn about them, to understand how to put them to rest for good.
Stone Guardian scraps 10/10 (drop from all enemies in map)
Golem core 1/1 (drop from boss, 30%)
Thank you, once again, Hero. Your efforts will help us to understand the mysterious power of the ancient Golems.

REWARD 100% 10 Portal Fragments
REWARD 10% 1 Ancient Energy

The Hero is asleep against a tree in Battleon, when a shadow is cast across their face.
Drakath: "Username"! Quickly, you must come with me back to my world!
Hero jumps up, surprised.
Hero: What's wrong, Drakath? Let's go, tell me of your situation.
The two begin to walk, trees and buildings passing behind them.
Drakath: Two nights ago, a young Cleric from Battleoff came to me, flustered, speaking of a great power within some old ruins in the forest surrounding the town. I took him to the inn, but when I returned the
following morning, he had gone without a trace. Now I, too, have been feeling a strange presence from within the ruins. I fear the boy may have entered the ruins on his own.
Hero: I see. We must hurry, then.
end cutscene, the two pick up the pace from walking to running

The Hero strikes down the "Ancient Hero?" boss, and jumps out of the white room. The portal goes blank as you exit. We see the Cleric for the first time, on hands and knees.
Cleric: T-Thank you..You must be "username". What happened in there?
Hero: It seems as though that Giant was the true "hero" of your legends. I have finished what the Giant started, and the portal seems to be closed for good now.
Cleric: Yes...everything seems at peace now...Quiet. Maybe too quiet?
Hero: ...Let's just get out of here and meet up with-
Drakath walks up to the two of them
Drakath: I see you have found the truth behind this mystery, "username". I thank you for saving the boy, and quelling the evil within these ruins. What exactly was in that portal?
Hero: It was...nothing. Literally, it felt so empty, as if it was endless nothingness. When I defeated that...man? ...I'm not sure, but it felt like I was being pulled back into this world. Like, the portal was forcing me out.
Drakath: How very mysterious! Well, at any rate, all seems well now, and you have found our missing friend! We are in your debt, "username"!
end cutscene

*Merge Shop unlocks after quest chain completion, speak to Drakath in Ancientruins map*

Dark Guardian (armor) "Evolved" Black recolor of the Gourdian armor, with silver replacing the gold armor plates.
Armor of the Legendary hero? This doesn't look very heroic...
100 Portal Fragments

Cold of the Abyss (cape) White scarf-cape.
You guess this is more of a fashion statement, it doesn't look like it would keep you very warm.
25 Portal Fragments

Guardian Hair (helm) Similar to Spirit Wolf Hair, dreadlocks pulled back, maybe one hanging out of place? Intended for male avatars.
20 Portal Fragments

Guardian Locks (helm) Similar to Spirit Wolf Hair. Longer, thinner dreadlocks. Intended for female avatars.
20 Portal Fragments

Sword from the Stone (weapon) An basic recolor of the Sword out of the Stone weapon. Red gem, black hilt.
A fabled sword said to be the bane of all...Good? The Ancient "Hero" used this to fight the Stone Giants!
100 Portal Fragments
1 Ancient Energy

Baby Golem (pet) A miniature version of the "pre-boss" Ancient Golem.
You managed to assemble your own Golem! It's a bit smaller than you remember...
50 Portal Fragments
1 Ancient Energy

*All items require "Portal fragments", which drop from all enemies in the map.*

*Weapon and pet are member, and also require "Ancient Energy", which drops from the repeatable Member-only quest.*

Release Outline

Player clicks "Secret of the Ancient Ruins" New Release button in Battleon, or clicks Mirror Drakath (if located in Battleon for release)

Cutscene 1 plays.

Player joins AncientRuins map. Player speaks to Drakath for information about the area, and to begin questing into the ruins.

Player finishes "Defeat the...Hero?!" quest, cutscene 2 plays.

Player completes questline and unlocks the Merge Rewards for Boss gear and the Legend-only Pet, and the Legend-only farming quest for Ancient Energy and 10 Portal Fragments.

End of release.

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I made this using the actual google doc and just ctrl+C, ctrl+V 'd it here. For a better looking version look here: Release Contest Submission

With the merge shop option I made merge quests at the end since I wanted to have a storyline and the rewards being merge after completing it. That was the only thing I made that went out from the template.

Realmbooks Training
Designed by Alses (AQW/Forum Username)
Release Date: May 16 2014


Warlic has always been a mage attempting to master all magic whereas others such as Xan attempt to become the greatest at a specific type of magic but all of these mages and wizards visit the same enchanted library in which each book is a different created realm designed by an ancient league of magi to train different yet specific magic styles*.

The hero assists Warlic as he wants to create a realmbook that will allow him to train all magic simultaneously and Xan** attempts to show the good in his fire and helps to create said multi-elemental realm but then decides that he can recover his magic*** and taints Warlic’s realmbook by making it drain life force instead of mana when casting spells.
When Warlic begins training he almost destroys himself and the hero sets out to drain mana from enemies outside the realm to bring in as life to restore him whilst Xan, of course, attempts to stop this.

After being healed and the hero once again defeating the crazed pyromancer Warlic attempts to destroy the realmbook**** only to be stopped by a spirit of one of the libraries’ creators, an unamed spirit***** titled the Atmos Wizard~Master of All, which tells Warlic his efforts are not in vain, about how it is possible to master all magic, the way in which he used his powerful air****** magic to one day manipulate all other elements and states “A landslide starts with the tiniest stone being out of place, this can be great or horrible depending on your choices.” making Warlic leave his book as training for healers and necromancers.

(271 words ~ Notes below and I hope I detailed enough ^__^)

*The library is disguised as a rock or pebble on the outside but has a huge interior.
**Desperate to have the hero and Warlic release his power once more.
***Despite having had his power reduced a thousand-fold in the previous encounter with Warlic.
****At this point nicknamed the Realmbook of Selfdoom.
*****Unless you wanna call him Alses. xD
******The air magic was used to bend water and sand lifting them against gravity, let fire breath or go out, stop or allow passage of light by concentrating all air to a location to make a wall or bubble and from there evolved into being able to moved anything including the world’s Atmosphere which is why he is titled Atmos Wizard, master of all. He can show thing by causing unnatural auroras in the sky, making the sun disappear etc.

Name of Map



NPC Name and title
Main text; ~4 sentences long
“More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long
Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long

NPC1: Warlic (Quest giver NPC)
Title: The Blue Mage
Main Text: Greetings, Hero! I’ve called you here to help me create a book of sorts... Well, an entire new realm is more like it. It will allow me and anyone else to train their magic more than in any other realmbook!
<What is this place?>: This is an ancient library dedicated to keeping books with entire realms created to assist magi in mastering their magic, it includes from healing magic to cryomancing training all in these halls! Looks smaller on the outside, I know.
<What do you need me for?>: It’s a dangerous quest to gather all the ingredients from the monsters in these books and I need to actually figure out how to make the realm real so I’ve no time to waste on fights, other magi and the occasional Xan.
<Why is HE here?>: Various mages come here to train, although I wish he wasn’t, Xan is here and apparently wanting to play nice.

Mid-plot Text: Argh! We should’ve launched that nutjob out of here with a swift kick instead of allowing him to roam free! He’s done this to me hero and I need you to go into a different book to gather mana to heal me.
<How did he cause this!?>: He tainted my realm with some inverted magic while I wasn’t looking and apparently casting spells in here drains life force instead of mana.

After completion Text: Thank you for all of your help, hero! I will remain here training to master all good magic but if you want to quest or trade feel free to speak to me.

NPC2: Xan (Storyline factor)
Title: Powerless Pyromancer
Main Text: Ahh, such a pleasant surprise to see you here, perhaps I could assist you and have my power restored to full? If you don’t there will be nothing but consequences! Don’t worry, I won’t bother either of you.


Included Monsters*:
Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind)
Mana Falcon
Seed Spitter
Living Fire
Scoria Serpent
Chaos Sprites

*There is a mighty lack of air-related enemies… Good thing I gave attention to that element in the storyline!

Boss Monster Type


Reward Types

Boss drops
Axe of Many Flames
Merge shop
Robes=5xNaturally Enchanted Cloth+10xCluster Soul+5xGreat Metals+1xBlue Flame
Crowns=8xGreat Metals+1xBlue Flame+10xShiny Gem
EvldFireStaff=1xFireStaff+15xUnstableGunpowder+4xNaturally Enchanted Cloth
Pet Rock=1xRock+10xCluster Soul
AuroraFlame=1xBlue Flame+10xShiny Gem+5xCluster Soul

Item Rewards

1 Armor: (Evolved) Molten Robes http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/molten-robe
Evolved would look more like the new mage design. http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/mage-armor
1-2 Helms: Flame King’s Crown/Locks http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/royal-beast-crown
Would look similar to Royal Beast Crown/locks (only without the beard for the male version), a bronze color and the gem being in a flame design.
1-2 Capes:
Aurora Flame Similar to eternal flame except with a blue-pink-white gradient color.
Member Only
Blazemoglin on your back Similar to frostmoglin except red and perhaps on fire.
1-3 Weapons:
Evolved Reign Bringer (Click to switch on flames) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/reignbringer
Evolved Fire Staff http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/fire-staff
Member Only
Axe of Many Flames http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/axe-of-many-flames
1 Pet: Pet Rock Similar to hard rock pet only without the sunglasses.

Quest Legend: (when writing the quest outline please indicate what type of quest you are thinking of)
Drop: Signifies the player gets the quest item from beating monsters.
Map Item: Item awarded from map based on entering a frame in the Map or Apop
Clicky: A type of map item that the player simply clicks on around the map to get the item
Multi-Clicky: Like the clicky but requires several clicks before getting item: Digging a hole 1 click at a time.
Start Release Events: (Cutscenes and Gameplay, chronologically)

Your Release Outline


// Player joins “Realm Library”
// Player talks to “Warlic”

200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your opening cutscene.
Warlic takes the hero towards a rock after requesting his/her assistance and once inside explains what the library is and why he needs the hero’s help. (His main text also has this information in case the player wants to skip and just read) It will also show that Xan was already inside waiting on the pair to arrive.
200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your connecting cutscene.
Warlic finds his realm to be mostly on fire and attempts to control bubbles of water that are floating around to burst and put out the flames thus causing him to use his life energy instead of mana and have Xan appear saying how he didn’t know his magic would cause that effect when he messed with Warlic’s (left unguarded) realmbook and states how it was even better. After this cutscene Warlic’s NPC is now in the “selfdoom” realm room with new text and quests and Xan in the main room becomes an enemy for the last quest.
200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your closing/end cutscene.
After defeating Xan and gathering his mana the hero heals Warlic, they leave the realm and Warlic decides to destroy the book, having his realm so easily tainted by Xan makes him lose hope for being able to master all magic and starts to question which style he to get into afterwards only to be interrupted by the Atmos Wizard (stated in the overview) and have his hopes restored opening new quests and a merge shop (Xan remains a monster after his NPC is gone)

* We reserve the right to change requests based on time/feasibility.

It wouldn't be AdventureQuest Worlds without Quests! You need AT LEAST 5 storyline quests, and may write up to 10 quests* for your release. Additionally, you may create at least 2 Legend-only quests.
All Quests need to have:
Text describing what should happen during the quest
Kill monsters,
Pick up items,
and/or Place items
Number Amount and Name(s) of quest turn-in Item(s)
End Text after completing the Quest
*Due to the lack of mention of merge item quests I’ve put them after all other quests (Storyline/Legend-only)

1st Quest
Find out what some of these realms are and find bring back a Lantern from a Fire Realmbook, a Hourglass from an Earth Realmbook, a Cup of Water from a Water Realmbook and a Whoopee Cushion from an Air Realmbook
One of Each of the above items from going into rooms of the map
I’ve got use for one of these which does not emit light, tell something of use nor satisfy a need. Oh, Xan, why don’t you take a seat?

2nd Quest
Looking through the yellow pages, if they would stay still.
Slay Wind Elementals in the Air realmbook to collect loose paper for the new book.
15x Page that went for a wild ride
Great! Now we have something to work with, let’s get some more items to enchant these with.

3rd Quest
Worse than mosquitos
There’re too many sprites flying around here! Slay 10 of them to see if they stop bothering us.
Slay 10 Chaos Sprites
Ahh, finally my eyes aren’t going crazy from the flashing lights.

4th Quest
Magical but totally natural Ink
I can use the juices from a seed spitter seed for some great magic ink, go get spit at!
Slay 20 Seed Spitters
Thank you! This will do wonderfully!

5th Quest
Dentist in Candlelight looking for enchanting power
Slay Merdraconian for their teeth and light these candles on 10 Living Fire to start enchanting.
30x Merdraconian teeth, Slay 10x Living Fire
Ahh, now we have enchanted these writings and can start on fueling the creation of this new realm!

6th Quest
Birds and Snakes are the same, both are great for fuel!
Slay 10 Mana Falcon and 10 Scoria Serpent
Slay 10x Mana Falcon and 10x Scoria Serpent
This energy is perfect! I think the realm is finally ready to open, the perfect training for casters is here!

7th Quest
Time to get crafty
Collect items around the map to create a mana crystal to collect mana for Warlic!
1x Potion of Solidify, 1x Floating Bubble, 1x Magic Dust, Slay 10x Water elementals
This might not be the greatest way to get mana but it is the fastest and right now we really need fast.
8th Quest
Birds and Snakes aren’t the same but both are great for MANA!
Slay 15 Mana Falcon and 15 Scoria Serpent
Slay 15x Mana Falcon and 15x Scoria Serpent
This didn’t fill up enough! We need more and fast!

9th Quest
Elemental Energies
Slay 50 Elementals of any kind for their elemental mana!
Slay 50x Elementals
Almost there! But wait, there is ONE more mana source here that would be even faster to use...

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Only one more, insane, mana source left
Defeat Xan and take the mana crystal back to Warlic!
1x Defeated Xan
Hope this isn’t how you catch crazy.
Merge Shop open with Warlic afterwards

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Totally Solid
Slay Rock Elementals until you find something that rocks your world
1x Awesome Rock
What an awesome rock! So awesome that you should ask Warlic to make it more magical!!
Rock reward to use in merge

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Roses are red, violets are blue and fire is as blue as water too
Slay 25 Water Elementals, Collect 10 Sparks from Fire elementals and one bottled sneeze from Xan.
Slayed 25 Water Elementals, 10x Sparks, 1x Bottled Sneeze
I’ll leave this mystical blue flame on this candle for you, I suggest collecting gunpowder from Rock elementals to really get it going!
Blue Flame reward to use in merge

Special Quest 3: Merge Quest
So much life, make it less
Slay any elemental for elemental souls
10x Elemental Soul
That was a lot of elemental Slaying! You’ve earned this!
Cluster Soul reward to use in merge

Special Quest 4: Merge Quest
Explosive ideas
Slay earth elementals for strange dust, water elementals for wet sand and wind elementals for dry air.
3x Strange Dust, 3x Wet Sand, 3x Dry air
Don’t blow off your fingers, or anything really!
Unstable gunpowder reward to use in merge

Special Quest 5: Merge Quest
Shinier means better
Slay merdraconian for their scales and 10 chaos sprites to enchant the scales to polish that rock!
5x merdraconian scales, slay 10 chaos sprites and 1x rock (Merge item)
Now that is one shiny rock!
Shiny Gem reward to use in merge

Special Quest 6: Merge Quest
Heavy but great
Slay Earth Elementals and Living Fire to find metals and forge them into usable metals.
10x Metals, 10x Forging Fire
Now that is one shiny rock!
Great Metals reward to use in merge

Special Quest 7: Merge Quest
Natural Threads
Slay 10 Seed Spitters and roll their parts into threads, they’re surprisingly soft!
Slay 10x Seed Spitters
Who needs fabric softener?
Naturally Enchanted Cloth reward to use in merge

End Release

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Search for the Emperor
For Levels 20+
Release Date: May 16 2014
By Combatunit57 and Antisoldier (Antisoldier does not have a forum account)

Trouble has surfaced from a deserted strait near Lolosia known as the Redecles. As fish, men, and monsters alike are stirred up, rumors have it that the return of the mighty sea deity, the Emperor, is at hand. With the help of the strange Teio, you will have to explore the ancient strait and do what you can to stop him from causing havoc. However, things are much more suspicious than they appear. It is your job to find out the truth behind your quest in the Redecles.

Teio convinces the Hero to help him “prepare” for the possibility of the Emperor causing problems, but he never really discloses any real details of what he is doing. When the two enter the ruins, another Teio appears and it is revealed that the one that the Hero was interacting with was the Emperor! He had gotten the Hero to make his return to power easier, and promptly ejects the player and the real Teio from the ruins. The real Teio has the Hero prepare to face the Emperor, and the two eventually meet in battle.

/join strait (lolosia)

Old Man Who is Both Figuratively and Literally Fishy
Welcome, outsider. I am Teio, local shaman of the waters, and I assume that you are the one that has responded to my summons. We have no time to lose.
Whether it is because of the Emperor or otherwise, peace has been lost in these parts. Monsters that don’t normally appear have been surfacing, and it has driven most of the people away. We must do what we can in order to restore order.
<More 2>
<More 2>
The Emperor is considered a deity by the local people. He is said to be a giant that lives in the depths of the sea and is considered to be a neutral being. Outsiders do not believe in him because of what they consider to be a lack of evidence, but we can’t afford to take any unnecessary risks.

After Quest 6:
The Real One
Now that the Emperor is free, we can expect things to get worse. We will have to stop him before things get out of hand.

I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done, Hero. Aside from restoring peace to the Redecles, you have made me a very rich and happy man. Ha ha!

Undead Pirate, Fishman Soldier, Water Elemental, Living Water, Kuro

Boss Monster Type
The Emperor (Human-Elemental): A giant elemental shaped like a human, he is made completely out of water, and he is so big that only the top half of his body sticks out of the waters. He has flowing waters for hairs, both on his head and as facial hairs. Also, he is incredibly ripped. In terms of body color, he should be a bright turquoise color, and his eyes should be a pupilless white glow. His three attack animations should consist of a punch that strikes the ground, a wide slapping motion, and jets of energy shot from his eyes.

Reward Types
· Boss drops
· Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards
Blade of the Emperor: Sword - A sword that pulses the power of the Strait. The Emperor himself would be proud of owning this sword. (Low probability drop from the Emperor)
-A white lightning claymore, lightning comes off of this weapon. The blade is ethereal. The handle should look like black metal of a sleek style.

Warlord’s Trophy: Sword - A sword worthy of one who has defeated the Emperor in battle. It cuts well, and it looks fine as well. (Post-Boss Shop Item)
- A rapier styled sword. It is incredibly flashy, being decorated with numerous jewels and golden plating. Even the blade is gold.

Finger of the Emperor: Staff - Regardless of the name, it is not actually the Emperor’s finger. And it isn’t an actual finger of any type. It does however reek of the power of the Emperor. (Post-Boss Shop Item)
-Golden sceptre that has a spiral design for the head. It should be skinny, long, and very sparkly.

Little Emperor: Pet - Although he does not have all of the macho of the real deal, this little guy certainly could be ruler of the fish tank. (super-rare drop from the Emperor)
-A little Emperor.

Warlord’s Mantle: Cape - A beautiful cape, it is an elegant item that was created with a great deal of character. Anybody would look great wearing this. (Post-Boss Shop Item)
-A large black cape with golden patterns embroidered into it.

Veil of the Emperor: Cape - A garment retrieved of the Emperor, it is perfect for the hero who defeated him, even if it doesn’t fit by a number of sizes. (Post-Boss Shop Item)
-A gargantuan blue “cape” that drags behind the wearer. Near the end, it begins to resemble a stormy sea, with actual waves rippling across.

Warlord’s Crown: Helm - No ruler is complete without a crown, so here is one befitting the one who defeated the Emperor. It shines brightly, and it is so clear that you could probably use it as a mirror.
-A large, flashy, silver colored crown. No further decorations are on it, but it shines.

Helm of the Emperor: Helm - While wearing this, your head will be filled with the knowledge of the gods, or so it will appear to anybody who sees you. (Drop from Emperor)
-A gold helmet of Hellenistic style, sparks of lightning occasionally come off of it.

Blessing of the Sea King: Armor - A fine robe and armor at the same time, feel the incredible power of the sea flow within your veins when you wear this gear.
-Male: The area from the middle of the chest to the pelvic area is a design of crossing grey metal armor parts, decorated with round teal jewels. This is covered by an aqua blue robe with gold trim that extends like a coat down to the thighs. The robe should be incredibly flowy. There are also pauldrons of grey metal, decorated with round teal jewels. Legs are bared. Arms are covered in elbow length gauntlets of grey metal, decorated with round teal jewels.
-Female: Same as male, except leaner, and grey metal armor of the torso covers chest area.

Your Release Outline


// Player joins “strait”
// Player talks to “Teio”

Opening: In the ruins, silhouette of the Emperor announces that he will return to power very soon, and that his plan will be set into motion. Scene shifts to the strait, in which various monsters have gathered.

Midway: Teio and player enter the ruins. Player questions how Teio hasn’t really told him/her anything about what they are doing, to which he replies that he should believe in him. Player notes that everything that has been going on is strange, and then questions Teio’s intent. Teio flashes evil smile, but then another Teio appears behind the two. Player is confused, and new Teio reveals that he is the real Teio, and the other Teio is an imposter. Old Teio laughs maniacally, and thanks the player for helping him, THE EMPEROR, prepare for his return to power, and he states that everything went according to plan. He blasts the player and real Teio out of the ruins, which are promptly sealed off.

Closing: After player defeats the Emperor, he/she and real Teio wonder about what they should do to him. The Emperor pleads for his life, saying that he will give the two of them treasure if they let him stay, as well as saying that he will not disturb anyone anymore. Player is thinking about declining, but real Teio immediately agrees. Scene shifts to first room, where Teio is sitting on a pile of riches. Player makes sure that the Emperor isn’t causing any trouble.

Start Release Events: (Opening cutscene)

1st Quest
Exploring the Ruins
Most likely, clues of what is really going on is hidden somewhere on this strait, as it is the epicenter of these strange happenings. Explore the strait and see if you find anything interesting.
Map Item: Ruins Found (Second to Last Room)
Hmm. So you found a ruin that you couldn’t enter? More likely than not, what we are looking for is lurking in there. But we best not be hasty.

2nd Quest
Evidence of the Emperor
If the cause really is the Emperor, then we can expect that he is responsible for the way that all of these creatures have appeared. Strike them down and see if you can’t find 15 suspicious items on them.
Drop: 15 Suspicious Items (Dropped by All)
Very good, outsider. Perhaps these items shall lead us to the truth of what is really going on.

3rd Quest
Not Enough Evidence
From what you’ve gathered for me, it seems that there is something abnormal at work, but it is difficult to say if it really is the work of the Emperor. Please see if you can bring 25 more suspicious items that may further clarify the situation.
Drop: 15 Suspicious Items (Dropped by All)
Thank you, outsider. I feel that the truth may be within our grasp now.

4th Quest
Clearing the Ruins
I still cannot make any conclusions about whether the Emperor is involved, but we do not have any time to waste. We should proceed by driving these monsters back to the depths from which they came. Slay 10 of each normal monster that you come across, and then report back to me.
Kill: 10 Skeletal Pirates Defeated
Kill: 10 Fishman Warriors Defeated
Kill: 10 Water Elementals Defeated
Kill: 10 Living Waters Defeated
Your efforts are valiant, outsider. I can already feel that things are calming down, even if minimally.

5th Quest
Preparations for the Worst
We still do not know whether the Emperor is involved, but we must assume the worst situation. Take these 7 runes that I am giving you and place them across the strait. Perhaps they will ward away the evil that is to come.
Place: 7 Runes Placed
Your progress is pleasing, outsider. Even if the Emperor decides to show himself, we will have a great advantage.

6th Quest
Opening the Ruins
Now that we have adequately prepared, it is time for us to explore those ruins. Most likely, the beast Kuro has the key to get in. Slay him and bring the key so that we can open the ruins and finish everything once and for all.
Drop: Ruins Key Obtained (low-probability of dropping from Kuro)
At last, everything is prepared. You have done excellent, stranger.

Start Release Events: (Midway cutscene)

7th Quest
Freeing the Guardians
I do not blame you for what happened, Hero. However, this turn of events makes things much more inconvenient for us. What we should first do is free the guardians from the control of the Emperor. Defeat each monster and free them from his influence.
Kill: 5 Skeletal Pirates Freed
Kill: 5 Fishman Warriors Freed
Kill: 5 Water Elementals Freed
Kill: 5 Living Waters Freed
Kill: 1 Kuro Freed
Good. Although we haven’t gotten all of them, now that they have been freed, they should be willing to aid us in our cause.

8th Quest
Preparations for the Battle
Earlier, the Emperor tricked you into placing his runes across the strait. It is time to let him have a taste of his own medicine. Remove the 7 runes that you placed earlier and place these 7 that I have prepared. It should do us well when we face him.
Clicky: 7 Emperor’s Runes Removed
Place: 7 Real Runes Placed
With that, we should have weakened his power considerably. I think that it is time for us, or rather you, to face him.

(Last room becomes available)

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Defeat the Emperor
The time has come. You must put an end to the madness of the Emperor. Challenge him in battle, and restore balance to the strait!
Kill: 1 Emperor Defeated
(None; Quest autocompletes upon fulfillment of the objective)

Start Release Events: (Ending Cutscene)

Special Quest 1: Level 40+ Quest
Chaos Emperor Battle
Welcome back, hero. Perhaps your previous battle with the Emperor wasn’t satisfying enough. I have heard that if you go to a certain place, you can have a rematch with him while he is at full power. Are you up to the challenge?
Kill: 1 Chaos Emperor Defeated
Absolutely impressive, Hero! You really are the strongest around!

End Release

Extra Notes
-NPC giving quests does not change. However, the description does change.
-Everything in this release is available for F2P players. If a player can work hard enough, there isn’t anything that they should be denied.
-Antisoldier is my very important partner, so make sure that he gets his stuff as well. Hoping that our design gets picked. =)
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All by Myself: Flamedragon92

Event title: Save the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard!!

Description: Mirror Drakath has called you back to the mirror realm to save the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard, why you ask? BECAUSE THE WORLD WILL TURN MIRROR AND EVERYTHING WILL BE REFLECTED IF THE SHARD IS DESTROYED!!! <gasp for air> Anyway, if the crystal is to be destroyed, then all of Lore will be reflected and ...... BAM! BIG KABOOM! Total Destruction!! You have to protecct that crystal from evil claws, hands, paws, etc.

Map name: mirrorshard

Evil Moglin x 10
Flying Fire Ghast x 4
Portal Invader x 20
Chaorrupted Guardian x 1

Opening Cutscene:

Hero: (look around) Why am I here?
<mirror drakath jumps out in front of you>
Mirror Drakath: I have called you Hero, the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard is in danger!
Hero: The what?
Mirror Drakath: No time to explain everything, we have to hurry!

Closing Cutscene:

<Hero battling chaorrupted guardian>
Hero: Huffff, that was exhausting, hope that was all worth it.
Mirror Drakath: It is worth it Hero, if this crystal shard falls to the wrong hands, the universe will EXPLODE!
Hero: Glad that's safe, where are we going to store it now?
Mirror Drakath: Don't worry, there's a really secure vault that I know, so don't worry, it's safe now.

Quest#1: Clear a Path
We need to clear the big wood in the way Hero, get us five chainsaw from the evil moglin's and we will clear the way!
When completed:

Items Required: Chainsaw x 5
Dropped by Evil Moglin

Quest#2:Clear The Path
We have the chainsaw, now clear that wood!
When completed:

Items Required: Clear Path
Click the wood in Screen 4

Quest#3:Open the Portal
We need to open the portal to the chamber of the crystal shard,but to open the portal we need the runes of the enchanted fire, Kill the flying fire ghast's so i can enhance the runes with it's fire. But be careful hero, the ghast fire is a rare item, I only can say good luck
When completed:

Items Required: Ghast fire x 3
Dropped by Flying Fire Ghast

Quest#4:Cleanse the Portal
I can't belive it! The Portal is filled with numerous and countless of monsters, the shard crystal will never be safe in this chamber.
Hero, cleanse the portal so we can make it to the chamber!
When completed:
That will show them who's boss in here!!

Items Required: Monster defeated x 20

Quest#5:Protect the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard
This is it Hero, the chamber of the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard. Defeat the Chaorupted Crystal Guardian that has been Chaorrupted!!
When completed:

Items required: Guardian Slain! x 1


LEGEND Quest#1: Defeat the Ultra Guardian
Defeat the Ultra Guardian and reap more rewards!!
When Completed:
Victory !!!

Items Required: Ultra Guardian Slain! x 1

Mirror Drakath

Before completing "Protect the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard":

Hero, we must save the crystal shard from any harm! Hurry

After completing "Protect the Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard":

Thank you Hero, now that its in good hands ,we are planing to store it in a more secure place

The crystal shard is protected by a guardian but im afraid he has been chaorrupted, that's why I called you hero

The Mystical Mirror Crystal Shard is one of the key to Universe Destruction, if it falls to the wrong hands the universe will EXPLODE!

- Quest

-Rewards Shop

Armageddon Warrior
Evolved Armageddon Warrior(LEGEND)
The Protector

Reverse Armageddon(Sword)

Armageddon Warrior Hood
The Protector's Spikes

Ready to Blow(LEGEND)

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Deadly Quests
level range 35+
Release Date: May 16, 2014
Made by: TeknoCyber
Email linked to aqw name

After order was lost in the lands of Asphilixia, a planet quite near lore itself, a corrupt man takes control over the world. A small group of young adventurers fight against this man in hopes to stop his evil reign. The group decided that after an insane attempt at saving a burning house, they chose their name to be Deadly Quests in honor of their hard battles. The group of 6 (Tekno, Zakary, Sammy, Ashlyn, Mary, Jack) find their way through treacherous areas in a hope to find out who has taken over the world. Years after forming, each one discovers an ability of their own. Tekno (or Tek) can forge anything he wants, with the loss of something else, Zakary (or Zak) can manipulate ice, Sammy (or Sam) can run faster than a train, Ashlyn (or Ash) can manipulate fire, Mary can heal others, and Jack can manipulate thunder. Under the command of their headmaster, whose name is unknown, they train every day, growing stronger every hour. But they face hardships that force them to split up after a certain witch sends them to different lands, each one of them have to face problems of their own to return. Finally as the last team member reunites together, they face the headmaster who was the evil ruler all along. Jack ends up spindling a lightning strike, which finds its way to lore, and hits a certain hero instead of the headmaster.

The hero takes responsibility as the adventurers disappear into their own place. He must solve the mystery of the evil ruler. You are that hero.

(His name is Talacin) First, I want to discuss the boss. The boss I find suiting will be Dilligaf. I imagine this version of him to be, again, duel wielding but skinnier swords. His tunic covering more of his upper body. I don’t want a helm to be on, but a hood, a black hood to be exact. Covering his dark face. His hp total is 148,932. He hits low, around 175 per hit, hits are 1.25x faster than normal player. The catch is that this boss heals, every 30 seconds he regains 2000Hp, which makes the boss more brutal.

Second, I want to talk about the area. I find Ruins a perfect place. Located in the Neverglades. The map name, Mysterious Grounds. If you can too, I wish to ask for the sky to be a red-violet. Now the quests converge to a new area itself. After fighting some enemies, keys drop and you find an underground cellar. Beyond this again is a large room with the boss in the center.

For the monsters I think that anything Mana would be perfect; ex. mana imp, mana falcon.

The NPC I find suiting (because I love hoodies!!!) is Vayle; a darker tone of Vayle. Their name will be Mystic Being. When clicked he shall say, “Hero. We must find out what has happened to Deadly Quests. Since their absence the area is flowing with chaos… order has seemed to have abandoned us. Please, find out some clues, maybe order can be restored… eventually.” Clicking ‘More Text’ says, “It is a strange thing for them to disappear so suddenly. They are close to discovering the threat. If I can find a parchment they gave me… *continuous shuffles through bag*”.

First quest is to find out what really happened. Seek for the witch and ask her what happened. (I’m sorry but I don’t know if a witch is implemented in the game already). Asking her and she will send a note to the ‘Mystic Being’ and she has requests.
Quest 2. You need a vile of dragon spit which lies in an underground room. The second quest isn’t to get the vile but get into the room. Enemies outside will need to be killed for the key to be dropped 15-35% drop rate.
3rd is to Get the vile. Vile drops from monsters 45% drop rate.
4th Is collecting bone meat. Kill 25-35 enemies for meat. (This is if there were dog enemies)
5th quest requests you to find shards of glass from the floor. (Click on swirly thingies to receive item).
6th quest is a final request of hers, a piece of the tunic from the boss.
Now I notice how fast this can be, so you can change it so the player does more tasks for the witch.

Cutscenes…. Fun. We open up on an area lit by the sky (red-violet) with the adventurers. Of course I want your jobs easier so the adventurers are just silhouettes (of course you may select any hair-do you wish, the heroes are lined up in fighting stance as different colored beams come from the sky and select one by one, and they vanish. The witch standing in front. You see the hero slouching by a tree, relaxing, when all the sudden he too is teleported. You see the player fly out of lore, and into Asphilixia (this is probably a hassle so go ahead and change this). The hero ends up next to a man and he explains that the adventures have gone missing. Final cutscene fades in on the boss as you slash a piece of his tunic and before he can harm you anymore you run away. Giving the piece to the witch, she begins to summon the adventurers back and in the process sending you home too.

Rewards… Come from shop.
Armor: A cloak, I find a good idea for this here: LINK Basically the Kingdom Hearts Hoodies. But change the colors of white strands to purple. Purchased from shop for 1Mil gold.
Helms: Basically a hoodie, male and female. Male has a small amount of hair at the top, female has hair coming from side. Hood makes face darker. Shop, 15k Each
Weapon: Sword, LINK Yes, this is my sword, yes I think its awesome. This weapon is a rare drop from the boss, a low 3% drop rate.
Cape: I don't in general like capes, but if I really needed one, I think that a rune of some sort, like a cap that has a rune above the players head that changes between logins. Color Custom. Also from shop, 20k Gold
Pet: This is basically a mini-me it will have the armor, helm, and sword mentioned above. This is bought from the store after beating the story. Its named Mini-TeknoCyber. Price: 10k gold

AQW IGN: TeknoCyber.
This was fully written by myself. any questions message me.
Have a good one!

~Removed personal information.

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The following is an AQW release designed all by me Mikejestic:

Release Title: Kappa Invasion

Level Range: 20+

Release Date: May 16, 2014


War has broke out on the peaceful island of Yokai! The Kappa have invaded and have oppressed it's people. Make your way to Yokai Island, find out who is behind this diabolical act of savagery and put an end to this invasion!

In order to defeat the Kappa, you must talk to Ai No Miko who will help you learn more about the fearsome Kappa. Travel across Yokai Island to battle the Kappa Army, defeat their massive forces and free the Akibans!

The people of Yokai Island are relying on you once again. Their future lies in your hands. Stop the Kappa and bring peace to Yokai Island before it’s too late!

Name of Map

My release is set in Yokai Island. I suggest the map name should be shinryaku (which means invasion in Japanese).


Ai No Miko

Princess of Akiba

Hero, thank goodness you've arrived just in time! The Kappa have taken over Yokai Island and no one knows why, including myself. My father's Akiban army and a handful of patriotic souls are the only things standing between the Kappa Army and complete control of Yokai Island, but we can't do it alone. We need your help to stop this madness and restore peace before it’s too late! The people of Yokai are relying on us!


The monsters who will populate my map are the following:

1. Kappa Ninjas
2. Fisherman Soldiers
3. Shark Baits
4. Swamp Frogdrakes
5. Gorillaphants
6. Karasu

Boss Monster Type

The boss monster will be a beast type. He will take the appearance of an oversized rat that stands on it's two hind legs. By oversized I don’t mean fat. I mean this thing is huge! Taller than two average sized players combined HUGE! This massive rat will be wearing a dark-brown kimono with ripped off sleeves, armored in certain areas and wielding two deadly katanas that glow. Also, this rat is buff and muscular due for some reason I am not aware of... Perhaps it could be a mutation of some kind??? Bosses are meant to be buff because that’s the way it is. The name of this boss will be Hahen (which means Splinter in Japanese).

Reward Types

Types of rewards I want are monster drops, boss drops, and a merge shop that opens after all quests are complete.

Item Rewards

The following are item rewards I would like:

1. Jasey Cones (Armor)
2. Helm of Jasey Cones and Scruffy Hair of Jasey Cones (Helms)
3. Torn Cape of Jasey Cones and Weapons of Jasey Cones (Capes)
4. Scythe of Hokkē, Blade of Yakyū, and Mace of Gorufu (Weapons)
5. Daimyo the Ronin (as the name suggests, this pet is Daimyo but in a cute/epic ronin costume complete with a sword and helmet)

My Release Outline


// Player joins shinryaku
// Player talks to Ai No Miko


Opening Cutscene: The beginning of the scene starts out pitch black and then slowly fades into a scene showing a dark sky with the moon as it’s focus. The focus is transitions from the moon downward toward a view of the whole island of Yokai from a distance. Suddenly, an explosion occurs on the island (this will also be viewed from a distance). The scene transitions to a scene filled with thick dark smoke. Slowly, the smoke clears and reveals the shadowy figure of Hahen (the boss) standing in front of the blown up gate of the Akiba palace. He slowly enters the courtyard. Guards rush towards the intruder heavily armed. The next scene shows the boss (still completely black and barely visible) surrounded by palace guards. Then, from the high walls of the courtyard and on top of roofs appear Kappa and other monsters surrounding the palace guards. The final scene zooms in close to Hahen's face (still dark) which produces a small grin (that can be seen clearly). From there the cutscene ends.

Closing Cutscene: The hero then says, “Hahen, Yokai Island will be free from your tyranny and you will bother it's people no more. It ends here!” The hero delivers the finishing blow to Hahen. Hahen shouts in defeat, "Nooooooo," exploding in the process. The blinding white light of the explosion illuminates the scene. Gradually, the scene fades in from white to focus on the hero, who can be seen standing triumphantly on the battlefield which he/she fought Hahen, who has mysteriously disappeared. Akibans slowly gather around the hero with bright happy faces and the cutscene ends in a slow fade into black.


1st Quest: Attack on Akiba

The Kappa alone are a force to be reckoned with but with the enlisted help of the Gorillaphants, they are practically unstoppable! In order to stop this invasion it is essential that you defeat the Gorillaphants and weakend the Kappa Army.

10 Gorillaphants Defeated

The Gorillaphants have been defeated have abandoned the Kappa army. Thanks to you hero, Yokai Island is one step closer to having peace.

2nd Quest: Do You Want to Make Some Sushi?

The humanoid fish population has aligned itself with the Kappa! Unlike the Gorillaphants, the fish people pose no threat. However, with their help, the Kappa Army outnumbers us. If you fight the fisherman soldiers and shark baits long enough, they will eventually remove themselves from this war and Yokai Island will get closer to liberation!

20 Fisherman Soldiers Defeated
5 Shark Baits Defeated

The fish people have had enough and have swum back from whence they came. This war will be over soon thanks to you hero!

3rd Quest: Just Hold On We've Almost Won

A large majority of the Kappa Army’s foot soldiers comprises of frogdrakes. Like the fish people, the frogdrakes allow the Kappa Army to outnumber the forces of Yokai Island. If we hope to win this war, the frogdrakes must be stopped. Meet the frogdrakes in battle and reduce their forces!

30 Swamp Frogdrakes Defeated

Those smelly toads will no longer be bothering us again. They won't dare set foot on this island!

4th Quest: Tweet of Death

Our spies have gathered information on the Kappa Army. It seems as if the Karasu have been a key force in this war mainly because of their intelligence and ability to strategize. Confront and capture the Karasu so that we will have the upper hand!

45 Karasu Captured

We have captured the all the Karasu and are transporting them to Arcangrove where they will face judgement for their actions this day according to their laws. Meanwhile, let's see how the Kappa will fight this war without the brains in their operations!

5th Quest: Enter the Kappa

We have defeated the allies of the Kappa and now all that stands in our way of liberating Yokai Island is the Kappa themselves. Defeat the Kappa and put an end to this invasion once and for all!

50 Kappa Ninjas Defeated


Final Quest: Boss Battle "Hanen Unleashed"

It appears that our troubles aren’t over just yet. After questioning the Kappa, we have discovered that the true mastermind behind this unexpected attack on Yokai Island is the oversized rat Hanen! You must defeat him before he escapes and threatens to tyrannize another day!

1 Hanen Fatality

The Kappa have been stopped and Hanen is finally destroyed. It is over... it's finally over... I thank you hero. The people of Yokai Island thank you.

Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest "Wandering Ronin"

There is a rumor going around the soldiers about a certain furry ronin who fought in the front lines and disappeared without a trace. On behalf of the Akibans, I want to thank this hero for his contribution in liberating Yokai Island. The Kappa had control of the entire island and should be able to tell you where this little hero is located. Question the Kappa for information regarding our small friend.

1 Wandering Ronin Found

So this furry ronin has a name! Daimyo! What a lovely name! He's SO FLUFFY!!!


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Descent into the Sands.

Level range = 45+
Submitted by AQW player - Jissu

*NOTE: All quest text, cutscene text, quest rewards and item prices (or any other misc details) is subject to change. All of them are just and only suggestions.


Sek-Duat was responsible for the extinction of the Sand Elves. Zhoom was alone, and thought he was for the rest of his life.
The hero just finished off Chaos Lord Tibicenas with Zhoom at his/hers side. After the great fight between the chaos lord, a girl came to the hero and Zhoom in the Djinn world. She knows who you and Zhoom are. She felt the Heroes energy radiate intensely which is how she found you. It turns out she is a Sand Elf like Zhoom who survived Sek-Duat's killing spree and made home underground. Her name was Asailya. She needed help. Her people were revolting in the streets, they were chanting Osiris's name. The God of the Dead. What could be going on? If someone doesn't start investigating what is going on soon, the sand elves might become extinct, for good. It is up to you to save the entire race!

Name of map
/join nethersand (a city underground, underneath the sands of Sandsea)
NPC giver is Zhoom who talked to Asailya about what she needs done.

Tomb Robber, Anubis Deathguard, Mummy, Golden Scarab and Kalestri Hound.

Undead: (Osiris) The God of the Dead (in Ancient Egypt). His flesh is rotten, his face is that of an undead abomanation. He wears a white helmet with feathers and a white robe that is shredded and dirty.

/join nethersand
Opening cutscene
Asailya: "Runs towards the Hero and Zhoom as they just finished off Tibicenas in /join djinn"

Zhoom: Hey "hero". You see that in the distance? That person running towards us?

Hero: Yeah I see them. What about it? It is probably just another... wait... what IS that?

Zhoom: "Mystery figure reaches them" What!? A Sand Elf!? How!?

Asailya: Hi Zhoom. You do not know me but I know you. I know you too "hero". My name is Asailya. I bet both of you are wondering, what is a place like me, doing in a sand elf like this? Wait... that is backwards. Anyways, enough talk. I will explain everything later. Right now, I need your help.

Zhoom: "Looks at the hero as the hero looks back with a shocked look"

Asailya: My people are rioting in the streets. They aren't fulfilling their duties to the kingdom and are chanting the name "Osiris" in the streets. If you don't know, Osiris is the god of the Dead. So this is very serious. Please come with me to the Undersand city and help us.

Hero: Wait, wait, wait! How did you find us in the first place?

Asailya: I felt your energy. It is very great, and as soon as I felt Tibicenas's energy disappear, I knew you were here. Now come! We must hurry before it is to late!

Zhoom, Sand Elf Master Ranger
Asailya gave us the job to investigate things. She is investigating, but on her own. She said she works better alone. Personally, I want to know how the Sand Elves have survived all this time without me knowing. Why do you think the they are causing all these issues? It's our job to find out. Let's start investigating.

More: How are all these Sand Elves alive? Didn't Sek-Duat kill them all? I even found everyone's bodies, scattered across the dunes. Were they fake bodies? I do not know how they escaped Sek-Duat's wrath, but they did. Could you look for clues to help find this answer out while accomplishing Asailya's tasks too? Thank you, Hero.

Quests - Available from Zhoom
Quest #1
Interrogate the Elves
This is all such a mystery. Hero, I need you to investigate what is going on. We need to find out why the majority of the people are chanting and rioting. Talk to the few people who aren't doing so and find out why the rest are, also ask them, for me, how they are alive. (This is a Clicky quest) "Sand Elf interrogated, 4/4"
End text
Thank you, Hero. Give me all the evidence and I will begin my studies on it immediately
Turn in rewards- Gold - 500... XP - 500... Sandsea Rep - 400

Quest #2
Ancient Wraps
Hero, I investigated all of the evidence and it seems that ever since the Anubis Deathguards and Mummies appeared, things have been out of place. I need you to collect six Ancient wraps from the Anbuis Deathguards and Mummies... I can probably find out what they have to do with this by searching their clothing. (This is a drop quest, drops from Anubis Deathguard and Mummy) " 6/6 Ancient Wraps found"
End text
Awh, these wraps stink. I should have told you to clean them before delivering them to me.
Turn in rewards- Gold - 600... XP - 600... Sandsea Rep - 500

Quest #3
Robbery Robbing.
I found evidence that leads to the Tomb Robbers. What does the thievery industry have to do with this? I need you to collect nine Tomb Robber Bags and see what kind of items we can find, remember though, not all robbers carry their bags with them. (this is a drop quest, "9/9 Tomb Robber Bags Gathered, dropped from Tomb Robbers)
End text
Wow, there sure are a lot of goodies in these bags. But wait, what is this book doing in here?
Turn in rewards - Gold - 700... XP - 700... Sandsea Rep - 700

Quest #4
Ancient Book of what?
I found a book in one of their bags, it is in the Ancient Elven language. Good thing I sat through hours of what I thought was pointless language learning. I need you to find the key to open it though. I overheard someone saying their dog had a key on his collar after it returned from running away. Look for the dog with the key and we can open the book. (This is a drop quest. Ancient key found'0/1" , drops from Kalestri hounds)
End text
Good job! We can finally open this book, the title appears to be "Book of the Undead". Let's find out what is inside.
Turn in rewards - Gold -700... XP - 700... Sandsea Rep - 500

Quest #5
Scarabby Legs
Woah, as soon as I opened it, there was a sudden shake in the ground and a bunch of Golden Scarabs started appearing everywhere. There are so many of them! I need you to wound as many as possible and gather their legs so we can research them. Return to me after that so we can talk about the book more. (this is a drop quest, 30/30 Golden Scarab Legs Thrown in a Pile)
End text
Eww! The legs are still twitching! That is not very pleasant. Let's talk about this book now.
Turn in rewards - Gold - 800... XP -800... Sandsea Rep - 1,000

Quest #6
Doorway of Death
Apparently, the book is used to summon the undead and to control anything the owner wants to control. The end of the book says it is owned by the Death God, Osiris. Is he the one behind all of this? Let's find out. The book says there is an entrance to a secret doorway where we can find death. That doesn't sound very inviting does it? I need you to look for the doorway. Search the alleys, that would be the best place to start. (This is a map item quest)
End text
You found it!? Ahh! Well, the only thing left to do is to go inside of it.
Turn in rewards - Gold 900... XP - 900... Sandsea Rep - 800

"Semi end Cutscene"
(Osiris is waiting inside the doorway) Welcome to my lair, "Hero"! "chuckles" The book was right, you found death. Is there anything I can help you with?

Hero: What are you doing!? Are you Osiris!? Why are all the Sand Elves chanting your name and rioting!?

Osiris: Yes, I am Osiris. But oh "Hero", you do not understand. I saved the Sand Elves from extinction.

Hero/Zhoom: WHAT!?

Osiris: That is right. I saved them. When Sek-Duat decided to kill all of them, I decided to make fakes of them. I replaced all the Sand Elves with dummies, except for Zhoom.

Zhoom: !?

Osiris: I did not have enough time to save all of them. So there was just one Sand Elf left behind. But what am I saying anyways? I have been saying I saved them haven't I? Wrong! I rescued them so I could use them. As slaves! I want to be the ruler of the Sandsea. By using these Sand Elves, my mummies I raised from the dead and my guards, I will be the rightful ruler, and no one will dare to stop me!

Hero: "Looks at Zhoom" This guy is just like all the others, "I'M GONNA BE THE RULER AND BLAH BLAH BLAH AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME BLAH BLAH BLAH"

Osiris: "Hits the Hero and he/she is sent flying back" Don't mock me Hero! My power is greater than you could imagine! Do not underestimate me!

Hero: OUCH! That hurt! Don't underestimate me either Osiris! I'm going to make you pay for enslaving those innocent Sand Elves. You're going to eat my rubber and burn my dust!

Zhoom: "/facepalms" Hero, I think you mean "Burn my rubber, and eat my dust"

Hero: ....

Osiris: HAHAHAHA! Fools! Now come face the most powerful God of them all!

Quest #7 - Final
God of Death
Come on Hero! We have this! We need to save the Sand Elves for real this time! Defeat Osiris!
"Automatically turned in"
Turn in rewards - Gold - 3,000... XP - 1,500... Sandsea Rep - 2,000

End cutscene
Osiris: NOOOOOO!!!!! (poofs and dies)

Zhoom: You did it Hero! Once again! You are the savior of every life, the most appreciated person Lore has ever known and if there is anyway to repay you...

Hero: "cuts him off" Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. You're welcome. And no, I don't want anything.

Asailya: "Comes into the lair from the entrance" You guys did it! I'm so grateful of you two! You helped solved the mystery! I was investigating and then I felt the ground shake, so I decided to spy on you two and see what you were up to. When I saw you guys go in the door, it slammed shut! So I couldn't get in! It turns out Osiris was controlling the majority of the Sand Elves using this book! So now, let's use this book to set them free!

"Book shines, elves are set free, Mummies and Anubis Deathguards poof and die"

Asailya: Now, we need to repair the entire city. Zhoom, you are welcome to stay forever and Hero, you are welcome to visit anytime you'd like, on behalf of all the Sand Elves, I thank you.

SPECIAL QUESTS All quests leading up to these two can only be completed once. (available from Zhoom after Osiris has been defeated)
Quest #1 (Non-member, but harder)
All Mummies must die... again.
Now the hard work begins. Hero, there are still many Mummies in the city. We need you to find them and kill them all! (this is a drop quest, 14/14 Undead Mummies Dead)
End text
Eww, the undead mummies are dead, and now there are dead bodies of dead mummies all in a pile of dead undead mummies, that died and are now dead because they died.
Turn in rewards - Gold - 1,000... XP - 500... Sandsea Rep - 600

Quest #2 (Legend only and easier, more rewards)
Deathguards? More like Dying guards.
Many of Osiris's Anubis Deathguards still roam the streets. Reeking havoc to the Sand Elves. You must kill them so we can restore peace to the city. (this is a drop quest, 7/7 Deathguards Met Their Death)
End text
Hah! Those Deathguards met their Death by dying. By trying to guard themselves from death even though they guarded death. But now since they're dead and met death, they cannot guard death anymore.
Turn in rewards - Gold 1,500... XP - 900... Sandsea Rep - 800

Monster drops
A shop that unlocks after completing all the quests.

Item Rewards - The Osiris Set is a set that will drop from Osiris
If only one armor is allowed, I would like Evolved Anubis armor in the rewards shop. Osiris would drop his helmet, and weapon, not an armor.
Evolved Anubis armor -
(male version) all of the skin is clothed besides the face. (could the face be like the one "Malani Warrior and Mage of Cinders" has? With the scars as well?) The cloth is hanging in tattered strands all around. The claws on the feet are longer and the necklace is dangling from the neck in a sideways angle. The shoulders aren't pointy anymore as they broke off. I want it to look worn out and dirty.

(Female version) All the cloth is ruined and tattered, all of the skin would be covered but there are rips all over, especially in the arms, legs, front drape (the part that dangles in front of the legs) and the side of the chest. The shoulders aren't pointy anymore as they broke off. It should look worn out and dirty.

Evolved Anubis helm - This helm should look relatively the same as the original but worn. One of the ears is broken off, there are scratches all over it and the eyes glow a faint yellowish. The mouth is semi open and you can see sharp teeth.

Anubis Wrap (cape) This cape should be the tan color as the armor cloth, that is just a bunch of the cloth ripped and tattered in strands that hangs down from the neck to the knees in length.

Anubis Claws (weapon) These claws should match the claws that are on the feet except are much larger in size and have around 4 claws on each one. (Daggers)
- If I am allowed* (refer to note at begining) to choose the currency of these, I would like the Evolved Anubis Armor to be 600 ACs, the helmet to be 100 ACs, Cape to be Non-legend and weapon to be Non-legend -

Osiris armor - It should definitely look undead, but also have a mummified look to it. The cloths should be white but worn out. Both the Female Version and Male version should look mostly the same, except for the obvious changes. (breasts, smaller arms, legs and waist)

Osiris helm - This should be the white cloth like headdress that has feathers, Osiris's "official helmet" you could say. The face would be undead.

Osiris Sword - This sword I want a cloth like handle. The blade should look like a dagger, but very long and pointy at the end. It should not be thin like a rapier but rather thick and large, similar to Caladbolg's size with Death written on it.
*Osiris armor will be non legend and the weapon and helmet will be legend

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Zero IX

The Dark Oracle
Level Range: 25+
Release Date: 16th of May 2014
By: Zero IX and Punii


Once upon a time, there was a young, intelligent, brave Paladin named Sir Yous-Lee who protected Swordhaven for over a decade. One day, after slaying a cold-blooded flesh-eating basilisk dwelling in Greenguard Forest, he went to Yulgar’s Inn to grab a mug of Oakberry juice. As he was leaving the premises, he saw this beautiful, young acolyte, name Xiorez, at the corner if the Inn reading a book based on his survival on the Northlands. He then walked up to her and introduced himself. They shared a lot of things while the sun was descending waiting for the moon to rise.

<10 months later>

Xiorez gave birth to two lovely cute little babies, Rayst and Delta. As both of the kids grow up, Sir Yous-Lee and her wife told their children that they inherited their parents’ talents. Soon after, they trained both of them to become an Oracle.


While the family is celebrating Rayst and Delta’s 18th birthday, the castle-gate’s emergency rang and startled the whole kingdom. One of the gate guards confirmed that an army of Undead and Slimes are on their way to Swordhaven. One of the King’s messengers was sent to the City Hall to gather and make a line-of-defences containing all of the best paladins, acolytes, warriors, archers and mages which will be led by Sir Yous-Lee. The twins wanted to help but their parents told them that it was too dangerous for them to fight since they haven’t fully mastered their talents. So they waited... And waited... And waited... Until Rayst decided to get out of the house and fight the enemies alongside their parents. As soon as he walks out of their house, he saw his mother lying beside a tree with a sword stabbed through her chest. Delta then follows him outside telling him to go back inside the house. They heard a huge explosion and saw a massive grey smoke slowly covering the castle. They went to check on their mother but she was already dead. A minute later, Sir Yous-Lee went back to see his family just to know if they are safe but as he was running to them, he saw two Undead Archers aiming at his children, but, it was too late to cast a shield spell to them so he jumped in front of his children and used his body to block the incoming arrows.
Rayst and Delta saw their father get killed in front of their eyes. Delta told Rayst to go inside their house then... both of her eyes went black and a huge black force-field with red electric bolts appeared around her. The force-field was too powerful that she can’t do anything to stop it. The Undead Archers fired arrows... the field exploded... and everything went black for 10 seconds. All of the Undead and Slimes disappeared, so did Delta...


Starting Area:
• /yulgar <Screen 2 – Rayst sitting on the chair (Right side)>
> Disappears after completing Yulgar’s quest

Release Area:
• /arcangrove:
o Mount Mafic
o Mudluk Village
o Natatorium
o Para-Elemental Plane
o Ruins of Great Gilead
o The Cloister

Map Name:
• /darkvoid
o Access points:
> Portal in Blakk and Moonwrath’s room at the Tower of Magic
> Talk to Rayst


• Rayst
• Rayst & Delta
• Yulgar

NPC Dialogue(s)

<<At Yulgar’s Inn>>

Master of the Tower, Oracle
NPC Dialogue: You need to train more, hero. Come talk to me when you’re ready.
> Hint: You need to be a level 25 or above to accept this quest.

Master of the Tower, Oracle
NPC Dialogue: Hello, hero! Are you the person Yulgar told me about, that can help find my long-lost twin sister?
Player response: Yes, I am. What’s her name?
o NPC Response: She shall not be named here. If you’re interested, you can ask Yulgar about my whereabouts. See you there, hero.
Player response: Ok.

Innkeeper, Whereabouts-giver
NPC Dialogue: Greetings, hero. If you want to know where Rayst is staying, you need to help me find my oakberry juice barrels first. Are you up for the challenge?
Player Response: Yes, just tell me where to get it.
o <Opens ‘Find the lost Oakberry Juice barrel’ quest>

<<After completion of ‘Find the lost Oakberry Juice barrel’ quest>>

Innkeeper, Whereabouts-giver
NPC Dialogue: Thank you for locating and bringing my Oakberry juice back here. Now, here is the coordinates of Rayst’s whereabouts.
Player Response: Go now. <Teleports to /arcangrove>

<<Before completion of Rayst quests>>

Master of the Tower, Oracle
NPC Dialogue: Now that you’re here, I need you to find clues on where my sister had been in.
<Opens Rayst’s Quests>
• Story (Opening Custscene)

<<After completion of Rayst quests>>

Rayst & Delta
Oracle Twins
NPC Dialogue: Thank you, Hero! Now that me and my twin-sister are together again because of your help, you are welcome to access my shop. But hold on, these items are going to be expensive. Thanks again!
Player Response: No problem!
o <Shop: Rayst’s Oracle Gear>


Arcangrove Monster(s)

• Mafic Dragon x1 - Lv25
• Tiger Leech x1 - Lv25
• Nessie x1 - Lv25
• Mana Golem x1 - Lv25
• Mana Elemental x1 - Lv25
• Wendigo x1 - Lv25

Dark Void Monster(s)

• Dark Mafic Dragon x3 - Lv30
• Dark Tiger Leech x3 - Lv30
• Dark Nessie x3 - Lv30
• Dark Mana Golem x3 - Lv30
• Dark Mana Elemental x3 - Lv30
• Dark Wendigo x3 - Lv30

Note: The monsters above are darkened versions of the Arcangrove bosses (With +10% HP and Damage Range)

Boss: Delta the Dark Oracle x1


Boss Type: Human
Boss Name:
• Delta the Dark Oracle
o HP: 909,909
o Attacks:
> Dark Blast: 90-140
> Shadow Slash: 90-140
> Blood Lightning: 100-150 (Occurs right after berserk)
> Berserk: Activates every 25 seconds (Can be evaded if the player is using ‘Oracle Class’)
o Special Skills:
> Cannot be stunned.

Cutscenes & Quests

Opening Cutscene (Talk to Rayst)
While the family is celebrating Rayst and Delta’s 18th birthday, the castle-gate’s emergency rang and startled the whole kingdom. One of the gate guards confirmed that an army of Undead and Slimes are on their way to Swordhaven. One of the King’s messengers was sent to the City Hall to gather and make a line-of-defences containing all of the best paladins, acolytes, warriors, archers and mages which will be led by Sir Yous-Lee. The twins wanted to help but their parents told them that it was too dangerous for them to fight since they haven’t fully mastered their talents. So they waited... And waited... And waited... Until Rayst decided to get out of the house and fight the enemies alongside their parents. As soon as he walks out of their house, he saw his mother lying beside a tree with a sword stabbed through her chest. Delta then follows him outside telling him to go back inside the house. They heard a huge explosion and saw a massive grey smoke slowly covering the castle. They went to check on their mother but she was already dead. A minute later, Sir Your Lee went back to see his family just to know if they are safe but as he was running to them, he saw two Undead Archers aiming at his children, but, it was too late to cast a shield spell to them so he jumped in front of his children and used his body to block the incoming arrows.
Rayst and Delta saw their father get killed in front of their eyes. Delta told Rayst to go inside their house then... both of her eyes went black and a huge black force-field with red electric bolts appeared around her. The force-field was too powerful that she can’t do anything to stop it. The Undead Archers fired arrows... the field exploded... and everything went black for 10 seconds. All of the Undead and Slimes disappeared, so did Delta...

<<Quests can only be completed once>>

1st Quest – Located at Yulgar’s Inn, talk to Yulgar
Quest Name: ‘Locate all of the lost Oakberry Juice barrels’
Quest Type: Drop
Quest Description: The Oakberry Juice is one of the best-sellers here, without it, my Inn will just be another normal Inn. I need you to locate the barrels containing the juice and bring it back here as soon as possible. If you finish this favour, I’ll tell you where to find Rayst.
Items Required:
Oakberry Juice Barrel x10 (Dropped by Wereboar)
200 Gold
200 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for locating and bringing my Oakberry juice back here.

<<All clue pieces have a 1% quest drop rate>>

2nd Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the first set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to Mount Mafic, defeat the mighty Mafic Dragon and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
First Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Mafic Dragon)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over Mount Mafic)
300 Gold
300 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the first set of clues. Continue hero, there are 5 more clues to go.

3rd Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the second set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to Mudluk Village, defeat the fearsome Tiger Leech and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
Second Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Tiger Leech)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over Mudluk Village)
400 Gold
400 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the second set of clues. Continue hero, there are 4 more clues to go.

4th Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the third set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to Natatorium, defeat the swift Nessie and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
Third Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Nessie)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over Natatorium)
500 Gold
500 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the third set of clues. Continue hero, there are 3 more clues to go.

5th Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the fourth set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to Para-Elemental Plane, defeat the great Mana Golem and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
Fourth Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Mana Golem)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over Para-Elemental Plane)
600 Gold
600 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the fourth set of clues. Continue hero, there are 2 more clues to go.

6th Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the fifth set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to the Ruins of the Great Gilead, defeat the mana-draining Mana Elemental and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
Fifth Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Mana Elemental)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over the Ruins of Great Gilead)
700 Gold
700 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the fifth set of clues. Continue hero, there is 1 more clue to go.

7th Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Find the last set of clues’
Quest Type: Drop & Clicky
Quest Description: Go to The Cloister, defeat the giant Wendigo and pick-up all the bolt fragments.
Items Required:
Last Clue Piece x1 (Dropped by Wendigo)
Bolt Fragments x4 (Click ‘Bold Fragments’ scattered all over The Cloister)
800 Gold
800 Exp
When Completed: Thank you for finding the last set of clues. Now, that we have all of them. I can trace and teleport both of us to her current destination.

8th Quest – Located at Tower of Magic, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Teleport to the Dark Void’
Quest Type: Map Item
Quest Description: Now that we have all the clues, let’s go inside the tower and build a teleportation portal to the Dark Void.
Items Required:
Go to Blakk and Moonwrath’s room and step on the portal located at the right-hand side
900 Gold
900 Exp
When Completed: N/A

9th Quest – Located at Dark Void, talk to Rayst
Quest Name: ‘Defeat The Dark Oracle’
Quest Type: Drop
Quest Description: Here it is, the moment I’ve always waited for. I need you to defeat my sister so I can talk to her and remove the dark essence controlling her. Go now, before it’s too late. And remember, don’t kill her.
Items Required:
Dark Oracle Defeated (Dropped by Delta the Dark Oracle)
1,000 Gold
1,000 Exp
When Completed: Thank you very much for re-uniting us once again!

<<Legend Quests are accessible to owner only>>

1st Legend Quest – Click the ‘Oracle Orb’
Quest Name: ‘Dark Oracle Helm and Armor’
Quest Type: Drop
Quest Description: Now I know that you are a truly brave warrior, Hero. Collect 3 Dark Oracle Essences so I can make you a safe Dark Oracle set which contains a mystical energy.
Items Required:
Dark Oracle Essence x3
• Dropped by:
o Dark Mafic Dragon
o Dark Tiger Leech
o Dark Nessie
• Choose one of the following:
o ‘Dark Oracle Helm (AC)
o ‘Dark Oracle Armor (AC)
5,000 Gold
5,000 Exp
When Completed: Here you go, the items aren't fully cleansed so beware, Hero!

2nd Legend Quest – Click the ‘Oracle Orb’
Quest Name: ‘Dark Oracle Cape and Staff’
Quest Type: Drop
Quest Description: Now I know that you are a truly brave warrior, Hero. Collect 3 Dark Oracle Essences so I can make you a safe Dark Oracle set which contains a mystical energy.
Items Required:
Dark Oracle Essence x3
• Dropped by:
o Dark Mana Golem
o Dark Mana Elemental
o Dark Wendigo
• Choose one of the following:
o ‘Dark Oracle Cape (AC)
o ‘Dark Oracle Staff (AC)
5,000 Gold
5,000 Exp
When Completed: Here you go, the items aren't fully cleansed so beware, Hero!

Closing Cutscene (After completing 'Defeat The Dark Oracle' quest)
Rayst and his colleagues tried to removed the dark energy controlling Delta... The cleansing was successful and the dark energy was destroyed.

<After 3 months>

The town folks built a statue of Sir Yous-Lee pointing his sword towards the Northlands.



• Monster drop(s):
o <Normal drops from monsters already available in-game>
• Boss drop(s):
o Dark Oracle Set (Black and red version of the ‘Oracle Class’) (Dropped by ‘Delta the Dark Oracle’) <2% drop rate/item> Note: Available for all players
> Dark Oracle Helm (Non-legend)
> Dark Oracle Armor (Non-legend)
> Dark Oracle Cape (Non-legend)
> Dark Oracle Staff (Non-legend)
• Shop that unlocks after completing all quests:
o <Rayst’s Oracle Gear>
o <Class Shop> (Already in-game)

Item Reward(s)

Evolved Oracle Set (50,000 Gold per item) (Must have ‘Oracle Class’ to obtain’)
o Evolved Oracle Helm (AC)
o Evolved Oracle Armor (AC)
o Evolved Oracle Cape (AC)
o Evolved Oracle Staff (AC)
Oracle Orb (Contains 2 legend-only quests: ‘Dark Oracle Helm and Armor’ & ‘Dark Oracle Cape and Staff’)

Editing done. Eukara.

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How to de-fang a mirror
Level 20+
Area name: Were-traitor

Your help is needed in the mirror realm again but thing have gone crazy All the mirror realm vamps and were-wolfs are about to wage war, the pace treaty is falling apart and both sides are on edge but the vamps seem to know more than the were-wolfs. The vamps need your help to fix the treaty and fast before a war becomes inevitable

Location and NPC
mirror realm (drakovia)
Drakath (Order)
Drakath : thank you for coming. we fear war is coming and I need ur help to stop it. Safiria and Constantin are on edge. Plus the treaty is wearing thin. She thinks that a vampire is in her ranks of were-wolfs
(More info) some of the were-wolfs safiria sent on recon have vanished and that was 5 hours ago we fear they were killed or abducted but I fear something worse … traitors!
(More 2) we need to fix the treaty and find out who or what would do this. be careful this place is different then before. since u left things have been healing the wounds chaos left. Good luck

1st paper thin
We need to fix the treaty. The vampire ghouls should have some rolls of tape on them get 7 strips so we can tape this back together (7 strips obtained)
• Good u have the tape now we can fix the treaty
2nd act it out
Good job now go ask the Vampire Knights if they saw anyone act weird I they won’t answer you then beat the answer out of them(2 dead ends 1 clue)
• That wasn’t a total let down cause we know it was a werewolf
3rd were-wont
Now that we know it was a ware wolf we need to know why go search the Lycan Knights for a clue ( 1 key )
• You found a key I wonder what it’s for?
4th lock and key
Wow a key let’s see if there’s a door a round here it will fit in (door opened)
• It looks like a laboratory but for what
5th dread it naught
The sick vampire has been experimenting on albino bats and dires wolfs might as well get DNA from those mutants to find out why (6 DNA samples obtained)
• Looks like he was using those animals mutant dna to become a were-pire through testing
6th lab-o-door
It’s a lab so the traitor’s office must be in there go find it ( office located)
• After this is over he won’t be altering life any more

Boss fight ego trip
The traitor has been experimenting on himself put him down so we can lock him up and stop his war (Ware-pire elemental defeated)
• Now we can close that lab permently thanks for the help

Vampire Ghoul
Vampire Knight (Monster)
Albino Bat (Monster)
Lycan Knight (Monster)
Mutant Albino Bat
Mutant Dire Wolf
Boss monster
Were-pire elemental

Boss drops
mirror realm ware-pire transformation (armor)
it changes from human to ware-pire when u click it click the chest for wings click the feet for clawed feet and click the hands for claws
(besides the above following u have free reign on the other aspects of the design)
Portable mirror realm door ( weapon ) mace )
It’s a smart-mirror that transports you to this area
Switch sword (blade)
It’s a blade that switches from front facing to backwards (click on the handle)
Opening cut scene
*Your sleeping on the roof of the inn at battleon then a portal to the mirror realm opens and drakath is on the other side*
Drakath: hey _____ I need ur help again.
You: what’s wrong drakath
Drakath: something big is happening here!
You: wait let me guess the vampires and were-wolfs are on the brink of war
Drakath: how did u know!?
You: I see them fighting in the back
Drakath: oh. well can I count on your help
You: you bet! I’m in!
Cysero: wait _____ here u will need this
You: uh thanks for the stinky sock
*drakath pulls u through the portal*
*you and drakath walk through the mirror portal drakovia*
Drakath: as u can see things are more peaceful now the chaos has been defeated here on this side of the portal
You: it looks like it did a few years ago on my side just without the chaos
Drakath: Constantin and I both sense a war is brewing and thought u could help us
*we walk to Constantin’s throne*
Constantin: hello again hero I assume drakath told u we are on the eve of war
You: not if I can help it
Constantin: just what I was hoping you would say I dont want a war I suspect the were-wolfs are behind this.
You: are u sure
Constantin: Yes I am now go with drakath so u can stop the war before it starts
*You and drakath leave the palace*
You: should we talk to Safiria
Drakath: nah she will just blame the vampires *end scene
Closing cut scene
*The hero stands in front of a weakend were-pire elemental with your weapon at the ready*
Were-pire: I can’t lose to you hero I have been altering my DNA for years
You: well prepare to have your wings clipped then you stupid test subject
*the hero dives feet first between the were-pires legs as he reaches the other end he tosses a rope over both the were -pires wings and ties them together just as were-pire turns around*
Were-pire: mwahahah u think that can stop me!?! I am genetically unstoppable I’m like nothing u ever seen. plus I have a purpose
You: No actually I saw something like u before and this will stop you * chucks Cysero’s sock at the ware-pire it sticks to his chest*
Were-pire: *wails in pain* no! How! No item in this realm can hurt me
You: exactly that sock isn’t from this realm it’s from my realm
*the hero runs up and slashes the beast in half*
You: talk about static shock
were-pire: NO!! I just wanted to unite the clans! this isn’t over!* the beast vaporizes
*The hero leaves the lab to tell Safiria, Constantin and drakath the good news*
Safiria, Constantin and drakath: is it over?
You: yes it turns out he was a traitorus vampire who turned himself in to a were-pire to unite the clans but he went about it the wrong way
drakath:how did u beat him?
You: Cysero’s sock
Drakath: your Cysero?
You: yep
Drakath: I think I speak for both the vampire and the were-wolf when I say thank you hero
You: any time you guys gonna be ok
Drakath: yes thanks to you. now get going
*the hero leaves through the portal *

The end

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Character Name: Megakyle777

Reflections Rising
Level 40 +

Mirror Drakath has brought you back to his realm on a most urgent matter.
After your last encounter with the forces of evil, The mirror version of King Alteon learned of his counterpart’s death. Unfortunately, the death of a counterpart allows travel for that counterpart between realms. With Mirror Drakath and the forces of good winning at every turn, and even destroying his champion Undead Artix, Alteon has thought of a desperate solution –He plans to invade your world with the largest undead army anyone has ever seen.

Gathering undead counterparts of all the undead you and others have slain over the years, he now has an army of them unlike any other, all capable of travel between the two realms. Mirror Drakath has called you here for one purpose: Destroy Alteon and his army before he invades your world!

However, Alteon has planned for your arrival and attempt…

Name of Map:
Mirrorarmy in the mirror realm


Mirror Drakath, Champion of Order
Main Text: Hero, I call you here on a urgent matter. Our version of King Alteon plans to invade your world with the largest undead army ever seen! You must stop him before he destroys your entire world!
More Text: I believed it impossible for him to travel to your world too. But then I learned your version of Alteon is dead. When a counterpart dies it allows room to travel between worlds. You must stop him before this happens!
More Text 2: I was confused as to how the undead would travel there too at first. But it turns out they were very carefully selected. From the counterparts of undead YOU and your fellow heroes have already slain. You must stop them again!

Angry Undead Giant
Big Jack Sprat
Dark Dracozombie
Lich Ravanger
Skeleton Warrior
Undead Paladin

Boss Monster Type
Well, it’s the Mirror Version of Alteon. Not much to say on the looks since he already exists. He hits for about 200 damage, had 35,000 health, and has a special ability where he summons a aggressive version of one of the above 7 undead for extra damage to you.

Reward types
Monster Drops
Boss Drops

Armor: Mirror Alteon Armor
Helm: Mirror Alteon Helm, Big Jack Head Morph
Cape: Mirror Alteon Cape, Ravenger Cape
Weapons: Cursed Blade of Alteon, Warrior’s Blade, Undead Paladin Sword
Pet: Mini Soulseeker (Battle Pet if possible)
(Note: If possible, I’d like for any of these monsters that ALREADY drop stuff to keep the stuff they already drop, both perm items, quest based one and temp ones)

Release Outline:
Player joins /join mirrorarmy
Player talks to Mirror Drakath

Opening cutscene: Player is talking to Artix about maybe making some sort of shoe that does not need shoelaces, when he is pulled into the mirror realm by Mirror Drakath. He apologises for the event, but time is short. He explains how Mirror Alteon has learned of his counterpart's death, and has gathered an army of counterpart undead to the ones you have slain over the years, intending to leave the Mirror Realm and take over YOURS. He calls on you to help him stop an army of undead from invading your world. However, Alteon has a trick up his sleeve…

End Cutscene: Mirror Alteon lies defeated on the floor. The hero says something about how his reign of evil had ended and his army slain, but then Alteon pulls out a Crystal and it glows. Suddenly, EVERY undead slain gets back up again and Mirror Alteon gets back up. He holds the hero against the wall with dark magic and explains how he long ago made a Crystal, and then each year of his undeath put a portion of his power in it, so after a good amount of time it had enough energy to raise an entire undead army again and again as needed. He opens a portal and gives the order for the invasion, but then Mirror Drakath Smashes the crystal out of nowhere. The energy blasts out, overloading Alteon and his army and they all blow up with alteon’s lasts word being “But… but I wanted it all…”. Mirror Drakath thanks the hero for saving the world, and returns him to Artix, who is now trying and failing to make a shoe with no laces.


First Quest:
Scouting mission (Map Item)
We need to know exactly what we are dealing with here. Numbers, types of undead, you get the idea. Explore the entire enemy camp and report back to me.
Enemy camp explored 1/1
This is not good. The undead he has gathered look much more dangerous than the typical undead we are used to… looks like he really wants your world.

Second Quest:
Giant Slaying (Drop)
Okay, I have a plan, but we need to thin out the undead hordes before we can do it. This is gonna take a while. Kill 7 Angry Undead Giants and bring me their Souls.
Undead Giant Souls Gathered: 7/7
I don’t like having to gather these souls, they should be made free. But we have no choice.

Third Quest:
Big Jack Had A Great Fall (Drop)
I need 7 souls of the Big Jack Sprats in the area. Their souls are dangerous, so be careful.
7 Big Jack Sprat Souls
Good. We still need some more however before we will be ready.

Fourth Quest:
Dark Dracozombie Dies (Again) (Drop)
Okay, here’s the plan – I am talking to the souls we gathered when freed of Alteons control. They have agreed to wipe out the army before moving on, but of course we need much more 14 to do that. Gather 7 Dark Dracozombie Souls. Draconic souls should be powerful enough to lend a great hand in slaying them.
Dark Dracozombie Souls 7
Good. This should lend us great power in destroying them.

Fifth Quest: Lich Revengers (Drop)
Okay, the Lich Ravengers could be a problem. Odds are they are there willingly and they could take command of the souls. Slay 10 of them. If you can find 5 there who are willing to aid us all the better.
10 Lich Ravengers Destroyed
5 Lich Souls Freed
I was not expecting any of them to help us to be honest. I am glad I was wrong.

Sixth Quest: Skeleton Warrior Souls (Drop)
We need a brunt force to back up the other souls. Bring me 12 Skeleton Warrior Souls to back up the others.
Skeletons Warrior Souls Freed 12
Good. They have agreed to help us. They did not like Alteon a lot anyway.

Seventh Quest: Warriors Of (Bad) Virtue (Drop)
Not all Paladins were made evil in this world. Some were captured heroes, slaughtered and raised to serve King Alteon in his elite forces. Find 5 of these brave souls and bring them to me.
Noble Paladin Soul freed 5
Good. We are ready save for one thing.

Eighth Quest: Soulseeker Troubles (Drop)
The Soulseekers of Alteons Army are made to find freed souls and take them back to Alteon. This is obviously a problem to our plan. Slay ten Soulseekers to give us room to move.
Soulseekers Slain 10
Okay. We are ready.

Ninth Quest: Heroes Call For Aid (Multi Clicky)
Okay, the souls are ready. I need you to head into the heart of the enemy camp and light a signal. Then we charge!
Signal Lit: 1 (Note, the reason it is multi clicky is because the first few times the single won’t light and you get messages like “Why won’t this light? And “I KNEW I should not have brought matches from Zorbak!”

Tenth Quest: Defeat Mirror Alteon!
The army is being attacked, but while Alteon remains it can be risen again in time. You must slay him once and for all!
Mirror Alteon Slain: 1
Auto turn in.

Special Quest 1: Legions Of The Doomed

I need you to free 2 of every type of undead soul here. Do this and I will reward you.

Angry Undead Giant Soul freed: 2
Big Jack Sprat SOul freed : 2
Dark Dracozombie Soul Freed: 2
Lich Ravanger SOul freed: 2
Skeleton Warrior Soul freed: 2
Undead Paladin SOul freed: 2
Soulseeker Soul freed: 2

Thank you hero. Their passing makes the world a better place.

Special Quest 2: HE JUST WON’T GIVE UP!

Hero! Alteon has risen again! If he is not stopped… You MUST stop him! Bring me hos crown as proof of his death!

Alteon’s Crown: 1

Good. May he rest in peace now. Even if he does not WANT to.
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Christian Oliver

here is my submission..hope u guys like it :)

Get Back to Doomwood
level range : 20+
Release Date: May 16 2014

Now that King Alteon is gone, war has fallen over Doomwood. The Necromancers are on their move to destroy Swordhaven, Rally to Lightguard and help the paladins!

You need to talk to Arryd, Michem and Axe for you to begin.

Time is running out, and if the necromancers defeated us......i don't know what will happen.

Name of Map
DoomwoodWar - The place to put yourself in battle...where necromancers and paladins battle.



Hero, we need your help again!The necromancers are now on their way.There are thousands of them!Gather your Friends to help us.BATTLE ON!

We find out that the Necromancers are now Stronger Or I should say they EVOLVED!!!

Doomwood monsters-Doomwood Soldier,Doomwood Bonemuncher, Doomwood treant
Suggested monster-Apprentice Necromancer

Boss type:
Boss Named:Evolved Necromancer(monster)

Reward Types
List what types of rewards you want:
Monster drops(check)
Boss drops(check)
Merge shop(check)after completing all the quest
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests(check)
badge(optional)after completing all quests

Item Rewards

1 Armor:
Evolved Necromancer(Merge shop)requiresx60Evolved necromancer Token

1-2 Helms-
Evolved Necromancer Helm(Merge shop)
Bonemuncher Skull(Dropped by Doomwood Bonemuncher)Common Drop

1-2 Capes-
Evolved Necromancer Cape (Merge shop)requiresx60Evolved necromancer Token
Necromancer Sheathed Blades(Dropped by Apprentice Necromancer)Common Drop

1-3 Weapons
Necromancer Armaments(Blade and Shield,Dark Colors)(dropped by Apprentice Necromancer)
Evolved Necromancer Staff(Merge shop)requiresx60Evolved necromancer Token
Paladins' Holy Staff(0 AC Non-mem Item ....(Shop that unlocks after completing all quests)

1 Pet
Living Bonemuncher(Non AC Non Mem pet)1% drop from all the monsters in map but 2% at the boss.

Misc item:Evolved necromancer Token-used in to merge to get the evolve necromancer gear
Opening Cutscene: (player) is sleeping at battleontown and suddenly Arryd the Battle-Trainer called the (player)...Arryd is catching his breathe
while explaining all what happened in Lightguard And the Necromancers' move...Closing scene would be like Arryd is saying "We Need Your Help Hero..."

Closing Cutscene:(player slashed the Evolved Necromancer (monster) and Exploded like a Bubble...The paladins are rejoicing and thanked the hero.


// Player joins “DoomwoodWar”
// Player talks to “Axe”


1st Quest from Axe(NPC)
Let's get Started
You are now in this war hero there is no turning back..For us to get started kill 10 bonemunchers for me.
10 Bonemuncher bones(dropped from Doomwood Bonemuncher)
Now get ready to slay more monsters!

2nd Quest from Axe(NPC)
Soldiers on the Move
Soldiers are on the move hero..kill them 10 of them to go on.
10 Soldier's skull(dropped from Doomwood Soldiers)
Ohhh shiny skulls!

3rd Quest from Axe(NPC)
Blocking the way
Treants are blocking the way destroy them!
15 Sticky Branches(Dropped from Doomwood Treants)
Now, we can go on.

4th Quest from Axe(NPC)
Soldiers and Bonemunchers are not compatible
Slay 7 BoneMunchers and 7Soldiers for me.
7 Collars(Drpped from Doomwood Bonemuncher)
7 helmets(Dropped from Doomwood Soldiers)
Now, we can go on.

5th Quest from Axe(NPC)
So they are letting students to fight??.....slay 15 apprentice necromancers
15 Identification card(dropped from apprentice necromancers)
Now, we can go on.

6th Quest from Axe(NPC)

Annoying Students..
Slay 10 apprentice necromancers.........again
10 staffs(dropped from apprentice necromancers)
Now, we can go on.

7th Quest from Axe(NPC)
Locked Door..
Find the key ....maybe some of the monsters have it
1 DoomKey(dropped by all the monsters)
I think we are close to their commander

8th Quest from Axe(NPC)
Another locked door...
Find another key....monster have it
1 Another key(Dropped by all the monsters)Rare drop
Now, we can go on.
//insertedcutscene//as players enter the door they saw the boss...Evolved Necromancer..

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Behind the plans
Kill the Evolved Necromancer
1 Evovled Necromancer slain
Well done hero
//closing cutsecene//

Special Quest 1:
Evolved Necromancer Gear
Kill the Evolved Necromancer for items
1 necromancer Head (dropped from Evolved Necromancer)
//rewards :evolved necromancer token x1//

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Evolved Necromancer Gear
Kill the Evolved Necromancer for items
1 necromancer Head (dropped from Evolved Necromancer)
//rewards :evolved necromancer token x2//

End Release


~Christian Oliver
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Release Title: Sepulchure's Secret Stash Levels 30-50


As the final confrontation with Drakath draws near, Gravelyn discovers some documents hidden within her father's throne room. Within these documents Gravelyn learns of her father's plan to build an undead naval force! Unfortunately his plan never came to fruition due to Drakath's sudden reappearance. Thankfully though, Sepulchure had already raised the undead needed to fill his navy, UNfortunately the ships were never finished and due to the secrecy of his plan the undead he raised are no longer under control. Seeing an opportunity to strengthen the Alliance, Gravelyn sends for Lore's champions to help finish what her father started. When Gravelyn's messengers find us we are relaxing, (surprising given Lore's current situation, but nonetheless) and having a conversation with everyone's favorite Paladin Artix about some of our past adventures. Once we are informed of Gravelyn's intentions and summons we quickly decide to pay her a visit in Shadowfall. Upon our arrival Gravelyn tells the hero to meet her in Lolosia once we have made our preparations. Once we meet Gravelyn at the location we were given she explains what is going on and that she needs us to help her. After slaying enemies, completing quests, and searching lore for materials, we find ourselves standing proudly before Gravelyn's new Undead Navy. After thanking us for our aid we shake Gravelyn's hand and say we'll be sure to return whenever we can to help some more with the navy's upkeep.

Map location: Lolosia
Map name: doomnavy

Map Monsters and descriptions
Undead Swabbies, Undead Canoneers, Undead Navigators, and Undead Quartermaster. (Swabbies would look like the undead soldiers from /battleundera, the canoneers would look like the Skeleton Fighters from /battleunderb, the navigators would look like the lichs from /battleundera, and the Quartermaster would look like the Undead Giants from /battleundera except they're all in pirate outfits.)

Boss Monster
Undead Commander
The Boss is an Undead, but kind of a Dragonkin too. (Think Skypirates, but undead.)

The NPC that gives us the quests is our very own Shadowscythe Empress Gravelyn!

Main Text: Glad you could make it hero. It seems my father had more than his fair share of secrets, but who would've thought he'd make a navy of undead?! Since my father is gone now it falls to me to continue his work... and YOU'RE going to help me. I hope you're ready because we have a lot of work to do!

More Text: I have a list of things we'll need in order to get the navy ready. We'll need wood, cloth, and metal for starters... but those can wait. First things first, since my father's gone the undead he had for the navy are out of control and need to be subdued. There's one more thing, my father's notes made a mention of some sort of weapon that he made just for the Commander of the navy, keep an eye open for it.

1st Quest: The bottom rung of the ladder. Gravelyn: Just like any organization or group, pirates have a chain of command too. Let's start with the swabbies, subdue a few of them and return to me with their eyepatches as proof. 6 tattered swabby patches needed to complete quest.

2nd Quest: Cork the Canon...eers! Gravelyn: Nice work, now to do something about those annoying canons! The canoneers are next on the list of new recruits, blast your way through a few of them and bring me back the matches they use to light the canons as proof. 4 soggy canon matches needed to complete quest.

3rd Quest: Blind the Navigators! Gravelyn: Well done, next up are the navigators. The navigators are the ones who will keep our ships from sailing into the rocks, cliffs, and other dangers out at sea. Take them down a peg-leg or two and bring me their navigation instruments as proof. 2 rusty compasses needed to complete quest.

4th Quest: No Quarter for the Quartermaster! Gravelyn: Excellent! Now it's time for the Commander's right-hand man, the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster is the Commander's most trusted crewman. Cut him down to size and bring me his cutlass as proof. 1 Quartermasters Chipped Cutlass needed to complete quest.

5th Quest: Getting Ship-Shape! Gravelyn: Wonderfully done, but you say there was no sign of the Commander? Well we can deal with him later, let's focus on getting these ships in seaworthy condition first. Go fetch some wood planks from the wooden creatures of lore and I'll have my minions start patching the holes in the ships. 40 wood planks needed to complete quest.

6th Quest: Patching The Sails. Gravelyn: Splendid, while the ships are being repaired let's move on to the next material on the list shall we? These sails seem strong enough to use, but we have to patch these holes in them first! See if you can find some usable cloth on the humanoid monsters scattered throughout Lore. 30 cloth scraps needed to complete quest.

7th Quest: Can't cut without a Cutlass! Gravelyn: Superb, these will work perfectly. The last material we need is some metal to fashion some new weapons for our crew! Pick away at the earth-element creatures across lore to get what we need. 20 lumps of raw ore needed to complete quest.

Final Quest: Cut down the Commander! Gravelyn: Absolutely wonderful, this will make some fine weapons! Now then, while you were away the Commander appeared in the Captain's Cabin of the main ship. Once we have him under control the undead navy will be complete! Take down the Commander and bring me Cap as proof. 1 Ragged Commanders Cap needed to complete quest.

Special Quest One: More Materials. Gravelyn: Just because we have the navy together doesn't mean we can relax. We could always use more materials to help improve. 10 wood planks, cloth scraps, and lumps of raw ore needed to complete quest.

Special Quest Two: Sepulchure's gift to the Commander. Gravelyn: Now that the navy is in order I'd like you to look for the weapon my father mentioned making for the Commander in his notes. If the Commander still has it you can bet he won't let it go very easily. 1 Sepulchure's Gift needed to complete quest.


Opening Cutscene- Gravelyn is pacing back and forth in the Shadowfall throne room and isn't paying very much attention too her surroundings. Eventually this causes her to stub her toe against the first step in front of her throne. This makes her upset which leads to her kicking the stair in frustration, inadvertently opening a hidden compartment in the stair. Within the compartment is a large scroll sealed with her father's personal seal. Upon opening the scroll and reading it's contents Gravelyn learns of one of her father's many secret plans. To raise an UNDEAD NAVY!

Closing Cutscene- Upon defeating the Undead Commander Gravelyn seems to cast a spell, apparently to bring the Undead Commander under her control. With the Undead Navy now in place Gravelyn thanks us for all the help we have given her and tells us to come back anytime we want to help with the upkeep of the navy. We say that we'll be sure to do that and shake Gravelyn's hand... but in the background you can see the Undead Commander hiding something behind his back. Though he's not hiding it in a "I'll get you" way, but more of a "I won't let anyone have it" sort of way.

Item Rewards and Descriptions
Armor- Doom Pirate- Basically the Pirate Captain Armor but the design is in the Shadowscythe style.
Helm1- Doom Tricorn- A Pirate's Tricorn in the Shadowscythe style.
Helm2- Doom Bandana- A Bandana in the Shadowscythe style.
Cape1- Doom Parrot- An undead parrot perches on your shoulder to signify your leadership amongst Gravelyn's navy.
Cape2- Doom Cloak- The Pie-rate cape in Shadowscythe style.
Weapon1- Doom Cutlass- A Cutlass in the Shadowscythe style.
Weapon2- Doom Blunderbuss- A Blunderbuss in the Shadowscythe style.
Weapon3- Doom Trident- A normal trident in the Shadowscythe style.
Pet- Doom Swabby- Your very own undead swabby! Arrrr!
Epic Quest Sword Drop- Sepulchure's Gift- It appears as if Sepulchure fused two replicas of his own Undead Blade! It's basically two Sepulchures Undead Blade intertwining like the Death Bane of the Legion sword.

I may come back and do some editing and fine tuning on this later, but right now I think this is pretty good.

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