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4/23/2014 5:01:57   

Trouble in the slums

People who worked on this: Tazuk and 33misty33

Level: 25+

Release date: May 16 2014

There is anarchy in the slums. The inhabitants of Yokai Isle are reacting in fear to hallucinations and illusions surrounding them which they perceive as real. Neighbor's are destroying each other's property, killing imaginary monsters that only they can see. Some are cowering in fear unable to move, others are running around aimlessly seeking escape where there is none. The Princess Ai No Miko has just returned from a meeting with the High Lord, when she is confronted with this anarchy. She summons you, the hero, to find the Royal investigator and assist him in saving the people. The royal investigator meets you in his human form and gives you 4 quests to complete, once completed you find out that he is actually the one that placed the potion in the wells water that causes people to have these illusions. He has been feeding off the fear of these people to gain enough power to transform into his boss form. You defeat the boss and the people are freed from their illusions, you return to the empress where she thanks you for saving her people

Name: Ai No Miko
Title: Princess

Name: Tazuk
Title: Royal Investigator (in human form)(see artist impression #1 in link)

Tanuki: Level 30 2 star: drops quest item and drops pet see artist impression #2 in link)
Funa Yurei: Level 25 2 star: drops quest item
Ninja Nopperabo: Level 30 2 star: drops quest item
Tazuk: in boss form Type: Beast: level 45 4 star: drops reward items as below
Ultra Tazuk: level 55 5 star: drops secret/hidden item (1% drop) Name: Tainted royal katanas ( same as royal katana but intead it's a dual wielding weapon and has a glow around the blade)( see artist impression #3 in link for boss concept art)

Rewards from boss fight
Armor: Royal investigator (male and female see artist impression #4 and 5 in link)
Cape: Royal sheathed katana ( can be seen in artist impressions #4 and 5 in link)
Helm: Royal weave ( artist impressions #4 and 5 in link)
Royal Locks ( Artist impressions #4 and 5 in link)
Weapon: Royal katana ( It looks just like the cape)

Story Outline:

Opening Cutscene:
You get summons by the Princess, Ai No Miko, at Akiba who shows you the situation and introduces you to Tazuk the royal investigator. In the cutscene you see how the people in the slums are fighting illusions and hallucinations and are in doing so destroying and setting alight everything around them.

: Ai No Miko
Thanks you for answering my summons Hero. I have just returned from my voyage and found yokai isle dumped into anarchy. People are destroying their own homes, especially the slums seems to be the most effected. Please find out what have happened to my people
>>>More: "Go speak to Tazuk, My royal investigator"
>>>link takes you to /join Yokai slums where you find the next NPC (see artist impressions #6 in link for the map)

NPC: Tazuk (in human form)
Map: Yokai Slums
"Welcome to the slums Hero. There is terrible fear in the place. I hope you are strong enough to help me get to the bottom of this."
>>>More "I have nothing more to say, help me find out who did this, we don't have much time.

Quest 1
Type: Map Item
Name: Explore the slums
Description: "Find your way through the slums and report back to me with what you see" (in accepting the quest the person has to walk through the maps until he/she reaches the final map with the well, entering the map completes the quest, quest needs to be turned in to open the second quest)
Turning in reads: "You have found the well, the only source of eater in these slums, looks like the water may be the cause of all of this"

Quest 2
Type: Drop
Name: Save the citizens
Description: "The people are frightened of the Tanuki terrorizing them. Collect the fear from the 20 Tanuki and bring it to me" ( in accepting this quest you have to kill 20 Tanuki for a "fear" drop. Tanuki spawns randomly. (You have to turn in the quest to be able to open the next quest)
Turning in reads: "This fear is truly great, thank you for removing it and bringing it to me"

Quest 3
Type: drop 25%
Name: Find the Potion
Description: " I saw some Funa Yurei carrying bottles of black liquid. Please bring me back a bottle so that I can analyse the contents" (in accepting the quest you have to fight the Funa Yurei that spawn randomly and the bottle is a 25% drop from the Funa Yurei. In turning in the quests it opens the next quest)
Turning in reads: "It seems the potion is the cause of these hallucinations, we have to find out who put it in the well"

Quest 4
Type: Map Item
Name: They're back at it again
Description: "More Tanuki have spawned and are terrorizing the citizens again. Go and collect another 20 fear and bring to to me" (in accepting this quest you have to kill 20 Tanuki for a "fear" drop.)
Turning in reads: "Thank you, That should give us some more time before more of them come"

Quest 5
Type: drop
Name: Find the note
Description: " Go interrogate the Ninja Nopperabo, "see if they know anything" (on accepting the quest you have to fight the ninja napperabo that will drop a signed note. The first 9 note will just state "you have found a note" the tenth kill will state "you have found a signed note" and will complete the quest, in completing the quest it will take you to a mini cutscene)

Mini Cutscene:

In this cutscene you read the note that says "signed Tazuk". Tazuk appears as you are reading this and with a spectacular twist in the story he thanks you for helping him as he was feeding from the fears of the people to give him enough power and enabling him to transform into his ultimate form. He then transforms into the boss Tazuk). At the end of the cutscene you are in the map with the well with the boss Tazuk. You have the quest button on the top left of the screen and once you defeat the boss you have a button in the top right that says "ULTRA TAZUK" (legend only)

Quest: Boss Battle
Type: drop
Name: Defeat Tazuk
Description: Defeat Tazuk to free the citizens from their illusions( in accepting this quest you have to kill Tazuk, after you have killed him the quest will turn in and place you into the final cutscene. (Tazuk will also drop the rewards as listed above)

Legend only quest 1:
Type: drop
Name: Mini Tazuk
Description: Defeat Tazuk
Rewards: Mini pet version of the boss

Legend only quest 2:
Type: drop
Name: Tainted Royal Katanas
Description: Defeat Ultra Tazuk and prove your self worthy of the Tainted Royal katanas (1% drop)

Final Cutscene

Shows you, the Hero, as you defeat the boss. in defeating the boss the power of illusion over the people are broken and they return to reality. The Princess thanks you for your service and you save the day once more.

All the art for the drops, Maps and NPC where done by Tazuk
#1 NPC: https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458809634430525440/photo/1
#2 Boss: https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458856529261641728/photo/1
#3 Item: Pet: https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458856254220152832/photo/1
#4 Armor: Royal Investigator (Male): https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458809634430525440/photo/1
#5 Armor: Royal Investigator (Female): https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458845462544408576/photo/1
#6 Map: Yokai Slums: https://twitter.com/ZakmiYu/status/458818620106084352/photo/1

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4/23/2014 5:12:44   
Class Meister

In-game character name: Inquisitor Templar

Pirates' Early Morning
Levels 40+
Release Date: May 16 2014


There is a new pirate on the scene, who has stolen (perhaps unwisely) some of Rakham's loot. Rakham has managed to chase him down and corner his ship, but unfortunately cannot breach the defence he encountered.

Some time has passed, and Rakham has resorted to calling for help - your help. What can one hero do what a crew of pirate smugglers could not? More than you would think, it seems. Single-handedly battle your way to Rakham's stolen treasure, while Rakham and his men take a 'well-deserved' break for some tea and biscuits!

(91 words)

Name of Map: Set in Lolosia; map name suggestion: /join cornered


Pirate Smuggler
Hero, you're finally here! What took you so long? You'll need to get to work right away - my men and I would help, but we've been fighting since ten minutes ago, and we need a break.

<...Only ten minutes?>
They took us by surprise, so none of us had the chance to eat breakfast this morning. We would offer you some food as well but it's probably not a good idea to eat before exercise. I wonder what we'll have? I'm thinking tea and biscuits.

Lolol-noa Yolo (unlocked after completion of quest 'Knock on the door')
Please help, it's all gotten out of hand! Stop Lovely from wrecking my new ship... I can't take it anymore! I WAN' PEACE! *cough**sob*

Fishman Soldier
Fishwing (for Fishman Soldier and Fishwing, stronger versions than the ones currently in-game. Perhaps lv30 or so.)
Undead Pirate
NekoYasha (x1 only)
NOTruto (x1 only)
Ryoku (x1 only) (NekoYasha, NOTruto and Ryoku also stronger than they currently are. They should be slightly stronger than fishwings and fishman soldiers - maybe around lv40.)

Boss Monster
Monkey T. Lovely (lv45-50, fairly high damage but moderate health pool)

Appearance: the Monkey on your Back (cape that is bought from the Vendor Booths).
HOWEVER, wearing a straw hat and a red shirt.

The boss shouldn't be too big (after all, it's just a monkey), and if possible, make some of its attack animations include arm/leg-stretching jabs, hooks, kicks etc.

IF it were also possible to include a unique skill (probably not, as it would take more coding, but I'll suggest this anyway);
- suggested skill: reduces the boss' damage taken by some amount for a period of time. While this effect is active, Monkey T. Lovely's appearance changes and he appears bloated. (...Like a balloon.)

Reward Types

  • Boss drops
  • Shops that unlock at the end

    Item Rewards

    Wannabe Pirate (armor)
    - Similar to the current Pirate class' look, but tattered and 'cheaper'/less authentic looking.
    - Dropped by boss.

    Paper Tricorn (helm)
    - Just a tricorn, but drawn to look as if it's made of paper, with a feather sticking out the top.
    - Dropped by boss.

    Handkerchief Bandana (helm)
    Description: Hopefully no one has blown their nose in this recently!
    - Same template as Pirate Bandana 1/2/3 and First Mate's Bandana, however it has a checkered pattern.
    - Dropped by boss.

    Bathroom Towel Cape (cape)
    Description: Do pirates even wear capes? Well, it'll come in handy if you run into a storm.
    - Like the standard Red Cape etc. but made a little 'fluffier', if possible (using highlights etc.)
    - Thinking monochromatic colour scheme.
    - Dropped by boss.

    Legendary Four Swords! (dagger)
    Description: You have inherited Lolol-noa Yolo's dream of becoming the world's best cardboard-swordsman! Make sure not to fall down any stairs before then.
    - Similar to Cardboard Sword/Wrapping Paper Sword. Thinking Cardboard Sword with two 'blades' (like with W.P.S. but blades have equal lengths), however, does not have the scissors/wrapping paper that's on W.P.S.
    - Bought from Lolol-noa Yolo once quests are completed.

    Teacup (mace)
    Description: Not sure how the tea is staying in the cup. Maybe it's a magical teacup?!?
    - Like the mug weapons, but a teacup, I guess.
    - Tea is visible.
    - Bought from Rakham once quests are completed.

    Dirty Teacup (mace)
    Description: Ewww! This hasn't been washed since it was used! There are slimy biscuit crumbs in it.
    - Same as teacup except with a few brown splodges (the biscuit). (But without tea).
    - Bought from Rakham once quests are completed.

    1. Opening Cutscene

  • Rakham and a few of his pirates battling Fishwings/Fishman Soldiers. Set on Rakham's ship, Lolol-noa's ship right beside (basic design).
  • The hero runs into the screen (background: beach/trees or something similar).
  • Rakham and co. do the timeout hand sign and run down the planks that connect to the shore to meet the hero.

    Rakham: <Hero>, you're finally here! We've been waiting. Those fish-things are putting up more of a fight than I thought - we need your help!

    <Hero>: What's going on?

    Rakham: A new pirate crew has begun sailing these waters recently. He's built up a reputation very quickly.

    fade, then show a still image of Lolol-noa's ship shooting their cannons at another ship (show the back of Captain Lolol-noa pointing a cardboard sword upwards)
    On that image;

    Rakham: He's already sunk the ships of some of my buddies. Only some of them have survived his cannons.

    His name is Lolol-noa Yolo - apparently, a peace-loving man.

    Still on the same image; speech bubble for Captain Lolol-noa;

    Lolol-noa: Three... two... ONE PEACE!!! *cannon fires*

    Rakham: That's what my fellow smugglers heard before the cannonball hit their ships. But Lolol-noa's not actually a pirate at all. He is a cardboard swordsman whose dream is to become the best cardboard swordsman in the world.

    I can only imagine... that he is after the LEGENDARY Four Swords cardboard sword! Its blades are unrivaled in power; however it can only be used to its full potential by a swordsmaster who practises the four-swords fighting style.

    Last I heard, the legendary blades were in the possession of a notorious pirate by the name of Captain Jack... even I would not dare to cross that man - his infamous bow and arrow pack more punch than a cannonball!

    No one in their right mind wants to cross Captain Jack's Arrow...

    fade back to show the hero and Rakham and co.

    Anyway, this Lolol-noa fellow attacked my ship this morning, and he's stolen some of my precious treasure! Treasure that I, ahem, earned through hard work!

    He must be joking if he thinks he can get away with it... It's nothing to laugh out loud about. He has but one life...

    Zooms in on Rakham's face; his eyes narrow.

    Rakham: ...and I'm giving you the job to end it.

    Scene changes; shows Rakham and the player's backs with the ship visible.

    Rakham: Now go, <Hero>! Fetch me my treasure! (Rakham points at the ships)

    <Hero>: Have a cookie ready when I get back. (Hero runs off towards the ships, fade out.)

    2. Short Cutscene after defeating Ryoku, NekoYasha and NOTruto

    Ryoku: This is the end!
    Ryoku starts charging up his Soul Nuke. NOTruto and NekoYasha try to attack the hero from two directions. The hero ducks down, and the two collide. They roll into Ryoku, who does not notice them coming as he is concentrating on powering up his Soul Nuke. The three of them roll towards the locked door; Ryoku's half-completed Soul Nuke hits the door and it explodes.

    3. Short cutscene when the player first clicks on Lolol-noa

    Lolol-noa Yolo: Ahhh! Don't hurt me!
    <Hero>: ...I wasn't expecting this.
    Lolol-noa: Please! I know I've done wrong things. But it wasn't my fault! I blame my parents!

    They gave me my name... in our language, it teaches us to take the first opportunity in everything, because all people only have one life.

    <Hero>: Strange. That's sort-of what it means in English, too.

    Lolol-noa: So I thought I would try to become the world's best cardboard-swordsman! I'm not a pirate - I was just trying to find the LEGENDARY Four Swords to help me achieve my dream.

    But Lovely has been acting weird ever since we started travelling. And now he's gone berserk and has taken over my ship!

    <Hero>: Lovely?

    Lolol-noa: That's my pet monkey. I bought him from a bartender on an island. He was so cute, I started calling him lovely - monkey, the lovely! Now everyone calls him Monkey T. Lovely for short.

    <Hero>: ...Okay. So, all I have to do is defeat Monkey?

    Lolol-noa: Make sure not to hurt him! He's my precious pet - just knock him back to his senses.

    <Hero>: Don't worry. This is what I do for a living. (zoom in to hero's face; hero smiles)

    4. Ending Cutscene, when boss is defeated

    Monkey T. Lovely is knocked back into a wall. He slumps down, dazed. The Hero quickly throws him a banana and shuts him in a cage. Fade out; shows a scene with the Hero, Lolol-noa and Monkey.

    Lolol-noa: Thanks! You saved Lovely!

    Lovely: Eeep, eeeep!

    <Hero>: No problem. I think I know what the problem was. Lovely can't swim, so he was just getting paranoid when you two were travelling at sea.

    ...Maybe he ate some bad fruit.

    Oh, and here's something for you. I fixed it up myself... with the spare toilet rolls you keep. (hands over the Legendary Four Swords in-game weapon) Lolol-noa goes :DD and takes it.

    Change into a scene where the Hero and Rakham are looking through rooms/crates for the Rakham's stolen treasure. The Rakham finds it; he pulls out a container from behind a pile of stuff.

    <Hero>: So, what was this precious treasure that Lolol-noa stole?

    Rakham (grins): Rare sugared shortbread from beyond the horizon! I managed to buy a tin on our last voyage. Want a cookie?

    Hero and Rakham nom on shortbread. Fade out.


    1st Quest - Clear the Way
    (Accepted from Rakham)
    My crew and I have only been fighting for 10 minutes - so you won't be surprised that we haven't actually managed to get on board Captain Lolol-noa Yolo's ship yet. The fishwings and fishman soldiers were blocking the way. If you take care of 3 of each, there should be enough space to squeeze past.
    3 Fishwings defeated
    3 Fishman soldiers defeated
    (If possible, make it so this quest has to be completed before players can board the ship.)
    Hmm... should I brew pu'er or oolong tea? Oh, you're done so quickly? As expected from the Hero. Well done! Now, move on, before more fish arrive.

    2nd Quest - Scout the Ship
    (Accepted from Rakham)
    Now, what does Captain Lolol-noa's ship look like? I'm curious to find out, but I'm busy preparing tea. Check the ship out - but watch out for traps! Disable any traps you see. Report back when my tea is done. I mean, when you're finished. (Note: doesn't include the insides of the ship, only the exterior.)
    7 Traps disabled (placed randomly across the map; including rope traps, tripwires, maybe infrared sensors with a control box nearby??)
    1 Ship scouted
    Ahhh... well done. The aroma is just right. Oh, yes. What? There are Undead Pirates on board?

    3rd Quest - A Proper Sea Burial (after this quest is completed, players get access to the inside of the ship)
    (Accepted from Rakham)
    I wasn't expecting you to find a crew of undead on board! This could become much more of a threat than fishwings and fish soldiers were. I'm glad I never made it on board! Take out as many of those skeletons as you can, and throw them overboard. May their souls rest in peace in the depths on the ocean... even though it'll only be a few meters from shore.
    10 Bones overboard
    Whew ...did you throw them far enough? I hope they don't crawl back out - at least, until I'm gone.

    4th Quest - Into the ship
    (Accepted from Rakham)
    Time to see what this Lolol-noa looks like! You've done well to clear the deck of... dangerous stuff. Now, head inside the ship and see what you find. I'm feeling a little peckish...
    1 Entered the ship
    What's with the look? Haven't you seem savage pirate-slash-smugglers have biscuits and tea before? *sputter* NOTruto, NekoYasha and Ryoku!? (Oh, and a locked door?)

    5th Quest - Knock on the door
    (Accepted from Rakham)
    NOTruto, NekoYasha and Ryoku must have been hired by Lolol-noa as bodyguards... which means that Lolol-noa himself must be behind those doors! (I wonder if they know each other?) After you take care of NOTruto, NekoYasha and Ryoku, head through the doors.
    1 NOTruto defeated
    1 NekoYasha defeated
    1 Ryoku defeated

    (Note: No end text, auto-complete quest. When completed, cutscene #2 plays and the door to Lolol-noa unlocks.)
    (If possible, make attacking one of them aggro all three of them to attack you.)

    (Note: Cutscene #3 plays when '!' above Lolol-noa is clicked)
    6th Quest - 'Help' Monkey T. Lovely!
    (Accepted from Lolol-noa)
    Lovely's always been a fragile little monkey. He couldn't even fight off a shark as an infant. So go easy on him! Or... or I'll unleash my amazing four-sword fighting techniques on you!
    1 Monkey knocked out
    (Note: No end text, auto-complete and cutscene #4 plays)

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    4/23/2014 5:13:33   
    Kiss Army

    The Cards are Dealt.
    Lvl: 35+

    Release Date: May 16 2014
    By Lord of terror

    A wanderer travels the land of lore, leaving terror, death and destruction in his wake.When he reaches the town of BattleOn. The vibrancy and happiness of the town, it stirs a pit of disgust in his stomach. On this he acts, He shuffles the deck of cards he carries. When the first card is dealt, a powerful mystic axe cleaves a building into two. The second card is dealt. Lightning sparks between his fingers then he hurls it towards the townspeople. They react! people start to flee in droves. As the people run they hear the man screaming in between attacks. "Bring me the card clasher, before your town falls!" The next card is dealt, he summons a pack of wolves to do his biding. Artix is heading up the attack. He takes out the wolves but the wanderes next card is one of defense. A magical barrier has appeared around him. Now the wanderer is unable to be attacked and is too powerful even for him. Artix calls upon the hero and Warlic to uncover a way to weaken him.

    Location: Battleon
    Map Name: card destruction
    NPC: Artix, Warlic
    NPC Text:
    Artix: The wanderer is too strong! GO find Warlic and uncover his weakness. So you and I can deliver the final blow and save the town from destruction.
    We do not know where he hails from nor his reasons for attacking us. All we know is he must be stopped.
    After: Well done! he has been stopped and a fraction of the town remains. All that is left is to clean up and rebuild.
    Warlic: Welcome to 1/2 a magic shop. One of the wanderers attacks destroyed part of the shop. Due to this I've lost some of my ingredients. recover these to allow me to find his weakness.
    I do not know why he want to fight the card clasher, my guess is that since they have similar styles of battle there pasts are entwined.

    1: (Artix) Name :Find Warlic.
    Go find Warlic.

    2. ( Warlic) Name: Potion Ingedients.
    Recover my ingredients to mix a spell that will unveil who he his.
    Ingerients: red dragon tooth, vipers blood potion and the energy of the mana golem.
    Complete: I've uncovered that this man is a powerful wizard, that was once a card clasher. His name is El Drun.

    3. (Warlic) Name: Uncover his powers and weakness.
    Collect for me the following. To cast a spell that will show me his magic powers.
    Ingredients: Frost Kings Beard, the will of guardian Baxter and the bones of the undead legend.
    Complete: I now know that El Drun leaves his battles up to the shuffle of the deck of magic cards that he carries. His magic is powerful, the only way to do serious damage to him is when the joker card is on the field. Otherwise all damage will be minor.

    4.(Warlic) Name: Stack the deck.
    We will now create a charm that will give you good luck and him bad. to allow the joker card to appear regulary.
    Items: 3 souls from wrathful souls in Styx, the heart of the black knight, 10 energy from mana elementals.
    Complete: Here is your charm carry it on you in battle and the deck will be in your favor.

    5. (Warlic) Name: Destroy his barrier.
    We need to pierce his barrier. Ill enchant a blade to do so.
    Ingredients. Reignbringer. 5 astral ephemerite.
    Complete: Here's your new sword use it wisely.

    6.( Warlic) Name: Return to the battlefield.
    Find Artix.
    Complete. Finally! I thought you'd never come back. What have you learned?

    7.(Artix) Name: Clear the path.
    Kill 20 of his summoned wolves to lower his entourage. Wolves lvl 35.
    reward: Cape with card clasher symbol.

    8.(Artix) Name: 1 goes down, 2 get up.
    he has summoned undead beserkers now.
    Kill 10 undead beserkers.
    Complete: the path is clear.
    reward: a sickle in the shape of the card clasher symbol.

    9. (Artix) Name: Kill El Drun
    The time has come for us to take back the town. Kill El Drun.
    If carrying the reignbringer that has been enchanted you can pass the barrier.
    Complete: Well done hero. Battleon is saved. Now we need to clean up and have a nap.
    reward: His armor, hood and deck of cards.

    Member quest: Kill El Drun and have him as a pet

    Boss Type: Human, his apperance will be a cardclasher style outfit that has been tattered from many battles. He also has a hood and cape with the card clasher symbol.

    Cut scenes
    Intro: Wander walking into the town and you see his disgusted face. he draws out a deck of cards and shuffles them. He draws one and its the attack card. you see a mystic axe cleave a building into 2. You see the villagers run while he attacks the town.
    End: You and Artix deliver the final blow. You see ElDruns body fade away. The people and moglins of Battleon start to clean up and rebuild.
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    4/23/2014 5:16:56   

    Space Pirates
    Recommended Level: 30+
    By Tysonterror

    Overview: J6 Decided to persuade Elissa Keelhaul into going on a space journey (WOOYEAH)
    As everything seems to be going to plan, the Journey of the space pirates continues. J6 leading, and the rest sleeping. Within no time, the ship arrises to the heights of the stars. But No-oone knew, they were being watched. In fact they were being watched from the very start... Every movement, Every word, But The ship is hit by a mysterious object and everyone ends up on some random Island that they've never seen or heard of before.
    Like always, you are the hero! You are requested to find out how this awful crash Took place and safely(Nah you'll die) find the Leader and take him down! (Because he's a meanie for destroying your dreams of becoming a spacepirate >:D *Much sadness*)
    Location: Lolosia
    Map name: spaceland ( /join spaceland) + Added ship in /join pirates which takes you there
    Rooms: 6 Rooms ( First room with no monsters just npc's, 2nd 3rd and 4th rooms with monsters,5th room is sub-boss room you can go there once you have accepted 5th quest, 6th room is Main Boss room you can go there once you have accepted the 7th quest)
    NPC'S :
    Elissa Keelhaul (Space Edition)
    *Main Text* How Did this Happen! We are totally doomed! Unless... You're a super brave hero, right? Good. You re now the saviour! Its all up to you hero :D
    *Gives Quests*
    Space Investigator
    *Main text* I knew I should never of boarded this ship! I got told I would get free tacos, but we crashed before the first meal, what a shame.
    *Main text* This isn't that bad, I've dealt with worst. Hero, you should be gratefully we didnt die or get sucked up into the black hole over there!
    *Has the shop that opens once you have finished the 7th Quest 'The Almighty Shadowshaper'*
    Lesser Shadow Serpent (Appears only on the space boat/ship)
    Level 20
    Hp: 4000
    damage: 70-120
    Shadowstone Elemental
    Level: 30
    Hp: 9000
    Darkness Mountain: 80-160
    Shadow Headbutt: 60-200
    Shadow Imp
    Level: 20
    HP: 3000
    Darkness Flame: 60-140
    Shadow Claw: 50-170
    Level: 25
    HP: 6000
    Scythe Slash: 70-170
    Underworld Gateway: 100-150
    Sub Boss: Lord Justicar (Chaos Justicar just a bit stronger with stronger attacks and more health)
    Boss (Human Type): Shadowshaper (A fully black version of Chaos lord Justicar, that transforms into its real formation at half health)(Real Formation is like a Grim reaper WITH A SPACE HELMET 'Holding Evolved Soul Scythe' Which is the Soul Scythe with a Black outline, Maybe a bit larger)
    300k health
    300-800 shadow blast,
    when transforms at half health gets a shield that absorbs all damage for 4 secs,
    900-1500 Devastation(only used once, when at 1/4 health)
    Ultra Shadowshaper Same as Shadowshaper but with 500k Health, and the shield lasts 10 secs

    Quests + text ( All quests Given and spoken by Elissa Keelhaul-Space Version )
    1: Save the 'Space'ship (Drop)
    "We need to figure out what caused the crash landing. I think the Lesser Shadow Serpents have something to do with this!"
    - Kill 10 Lesser Shadow Serpents
    2: The search begins (Map Item)
    "Hero, you are the only brave on here! Venture through the island until you can go no further, then report back to me"
    - Go to the last available room ( Sub-boss room and Boss room do not count for this quest)
    3: DNA Tests (Drop)
    "I need you to obtain some DNA from all these monsters so we can pinpoint their leader, Its all up to you!"
    - Kill 2 of All monsters on the island ( Shadowstone elemental, Shadow Imp, Soulseeker)
    4: Evil Elementals! (Drop)
    " I have tested all the monsters DNA, and the Shadowstone Elementals stand out the most, go ahead and check it out"
    - Kill Shadowstone Elementals until they drop 'Clue' (Quest item) (30% drop chance)
    5: All figured out (Drop)
    "We've figured it out thanks to you hero! A bit deeper in the Island awaits their leader, Take him down at all costs!" ( Quest Unlocks 5th room )
    - Kill Lord Justicar
    6: Clues are wrong!?!? (Drop)
    " so the Justicar Isn't their master!? We need the SECRET"
    - Kill Lord Justicar until he drops 'Secret' (Quest Item) (10% Drop chance)
    7: The Almighty Shadowshaper (Drop)
    " The Justicar has given in to us! Now we have the secret!!! There should be a room nearby the Justicars room, Find the REAL master and make him pay!"
    - Kill ShadowShaper
    Special Quest 1 (Legend Only) (Clicky) The Portable to the ULTRA
    You have defeated the Shadowshaper! Place this portal next to him and you will be able to meet his ultra version WOO!
    Special Quest 2 (Legends Only) (Drop) (Repeatable) Ultra aint easy
    "You've activated the portable, Good job! Now its time to take this guy down...again"
    -Defeat 'Ultra Shadowshaper'
    Evolved Soul Scythe (20% drop)
    Floaty Moglin (5% Drop chance)
    1st Cutscene/Opening cutscene: (Shows how you ended up on the) NPC's and yourself go onto the 'Space'Ship. Skips to when you's are in space and then all of a sudden some random thing, unknown to everyone hits the space ship and the ship starts to sway and then crashes onto the island! Everyone wakes up after being unconscious and j6 Falls over :3
    2nd Cutscene: (Once you Defeat 'Lord Justicar')
    Justicar: *points weapon at Hero* You thought I was the one up to this? How Pathetic! I Will never tell you the secret to our plan! *sinister Laugh*
    You/Hero: WAIT WHAT!? All this attacking and your not even the Leader! *Stern* Great, now I need to do more quests to figure this out :( *cries*
    3rd Cutscene: (Once you've Defeated Shadowshaper)
    Shadowshaper: *insert squeaky voice*
    Everyone(Hero + Npc's) *giggles/Laughs* *Walks away slowly*
    Shop- includes mainly space items (No astronaut suit though)( Not a merge shop )After completing 'The Almighty ShadowShaper'
    Boss drops - (All Drops are non mem)A weapon ('Evolved Soul Scythe'(Soul Scythe with Black outline and a bit larger) (10% Drop) And non mem pet? (Floaty Moglin, A Moglin with a space helmet that floats around!)(1% drop)
    Quest Drops- Only for quest 'Ultra Aint Easy'


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    purple phoenix 96

    The Rise Of The Mana Dragon
    Level range: 25+
    Release date: 16th may 2014-04-23
    Made by- purple phoenix 96

    Deep in the heart of the land connecting etherstorm and arcongrove, a huge crisis awakens threatening the balance of the world. The magical energy is diminishing steadily and quickly. As if it were being drunk from a monster who hasn’t eaten since the day it was born!
    Search through the planes of the mana forest, the place with the most abundant magical energy, to look for the mana dragon. Ask rayst and galanoth for the secret of the twin mana swords so you can use it to open a path to the deepest parts of the mana forest where the mana dragon lays….and then slay it!
    Hurry! Before it is too late for the magical world, stop the mana dragon from consuming all of magic itself.
    (126 words)

    Map location- arcangrove
    Map name- manaforest

    Master of the tower of magic
    Thank you for coming under such short notice hero. But the urgency of the matter is immense. A huge problem has awoken from the heart of the land connecting arcangrove and etherstorm, and it poses a great threst to the balance of the world.
    In ancient times, the mana dragon was supposed to be an ancient-er myth. But recently, studies in the tower of magic has given clues of the existence of the mana dragon. We have found substances made of mostly mana, which resemble in many ways to a dragon egg. These egg like mana things were many millions of years old and could be found only by the techniques used by the magi of the tower of magic.
    Now hero, the mana dragon is very real as you and me and it threatens the magical enegy of our world. Obtain the materials from the monsters of arcangrove and Forge the twin mana blades and slay the mana dragon before it consumes all of the magic of our world and leads it to horrible consequences. Hurry now, it must be stopped before it lays its eggs.

    1) Gorillaphant
    2) Living fire
    3) Mana imp
    4) Mana falcon
    5) merdraconian
    6) Elementals
    7) Acornet

    Boss monster type:
    (description-I was hoping for a normal mana-ish dragon in the first cutscene. After that when we fight it, it must be having more power. And so to show this I was wondering if you could put on some sort of mana armor and helm on it.)
    Neon coloured dragon with white eyes and neon cats eye.)

    Reward types.
    Boss drops
    A shop that unlocks after the quests are completed.

    Item rewards:
    HELM: Mana dragon helm. Male and female version.(helm and locks)
    CAPE: mana dragon wings.
    WEAPON: 1)The twin mana swords having two different colors(blue and green perhaps?)(does extra damage against mana monsters like mana imps, mana falcons, etc),
    2)a single mana sword(red colored) (ac-tagged),
    3)a mana scythe 2, not the same as the one that is a rare item.
    PET: A smaller version of mana dragon.(without the armor if u are going to make it that way for mana dragon)
    ARMOR: mana dragon armor. Neon-ish colored armor.

    Release outline.
    //player joins manaforest
    //player talks to rayst(who is standing together with galanoth)

    OPENING CUTSCENE: First show etherstorm in peace. Then show arcangrove in peace. Then show mana forest. And deep in mana forest a dragons eye opens. It is currently weak. It starts consuming magic. And then a big roar which galanoth and rayst along with their comrades notice. And they say together, “oh no. it cannot be. We need to summon the hero immediately. A great threat awaits” (one sentence each for galanoth and rayst).
    CLOSING CUTSCENE: Show how the mana deficiency has affected the magical mosters of lore. They are all lying on the ground. Then show the hero and the mana armored mana dragon looking at each other and panting. The hero clenches the twin mana swords and charges towards the dragon and makes and “X” slash on the dragon, blinding it. But the dragon slowly heals its eyes. But before it does, the hero swings both the swords through its neck. And the dragon is slayed. The dragons eggs are then shown to be preserved at the tower of magic. Hero asks rayst, “ what do you plane of doing with them?”. Rayst, “we cannot let them hatch at all costs. We may never know the consequences. But we cannot kill them either since it is not there fault if the wish to live. And they can live only by consuming magic. So we will preserve them in the tower”.

    1st quest(drop):
    Get the stonewrits:
    To make the twin mana swords, you need to first look for materials for two stonewrits. You can get them from the elementals. Get me two pairs.
    2 mana stonewrits materials from the elementals
    Hmmm…well done hero. It’s a beauty.

    2nd quest (drop):
    Get the handles:
    The handles are important of course. You will get the materials from the acornets. Go get me two pairs for the mana swords.
    2 handle materials from the acornets.
    Perfect. I will make sure to make it comfortable to hold.

    3rd quest(drop):
    Get the hilt:
    To make the hilt, I need you to get me the materials from the living fire. Their swords are made from the finest materials. But the hilts ARE the finest.
    2 hilt materials from the living fire
    Hmmm…these will do.

    4th quest(drop):
    Get the blades.
    The tusks from the gorillaphants can be made into fine mana blades. Bring me two gorillaphant’s tusks. Remember not the damage the tusk when you are fighting them.
    2 blade materials from gorillaphants.
    Not a scratch. Well done….

    5th quest(drop):
    Mana essence.
    The most important part of the twin mana swords is the mana essence. Without them, they would be just any other twin sword. But with them, you can strike down mana itself. You can get them from any mana monsters.
    1 Essence of mana from mana falcons or mana imps.
    Very good. Now I can forge the twin mana swords.

    6th quest(drop):
    Don’t waste time.
    You cannot afford to waste your time hero. Warm up your body by defeating all the monsters in this place one time until I forge the twins.
    1 Gorillaphant beaten
    1 Living fire beaten
    1 Mana imp beaten
    1 Mana falcon beaten
    1 merdraconian beaten
    1 Elementals beaten
    1 Acornet beaten
    Done. Take this hero. Your twin mana blades are ready.
    (quest reward: twin mana blades)

    Final quest: boss battle(drop)
    Defeat the mana dragon.
    It is time hero. You are fully prepared now. Defeat the mana dragon before it causes more damage.
    1 mana dragon defeated.
    Thank you hero! You have saved the world yet again.

    Special quest(multiple clicky):
    Revive the magic.
    Hero. Are you going to help us restore the world to its original magical state? Well if you insist.
    15 magic restored.
    That’s the way to do it!

    Special quest(drop):
    Mana Scythe
    Have you lost your twin mana swords? Defeat the mana dragon to obtain the mana scythe.
    1 mana dragon defeated
    Here you go, Hero.


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    I Made it By My Self! Created By: xXTommoXx

    Release Title: The Lost Treasure
    Level Range: 25+
    Release Date: May 18 2014 or any time as long as its ready.

    Long Time Ago, When we defeat the undead pirates and the other monsters! the boss Monster named Undead Ninja Pirate
    have revenge and theye attack us!! He Said there gonna stole our treasure, so we hide the treasure in the captain quarters, we lock the quarters!

    and after we hide the treasure the undead pirates arrived they attack us!! they goto the captain quarters and stole the treasure! i need you to get the stolen treasure. and defeat the boss monster. I need you to fight them quick. Your the only hope hero.

    (93 words)

    Name of Map
    map location: Lolosia
    map name: stolentreasure

    Elissa Keelhaul
    Pirate Wench
    Greetings Hero! I'm Glad You Came. The Treasure stoled!! We need your help to find the treasure.

    Fishman Soldier, Fishwing, shark bait, undead pirate

    Boss Monster Type:
    Undead Ninja Pirate (have fish wings at back, have shark tail, and he's face are bone and he's sword are looks like fisman soldier's sword and have bandana)

    Reward Types

    Monster Drops: Pirate Essences, Undead Sword
    Boss Drops: Pirate Essences, Color Blue Pirate Outfit , helm: car racer helmet color blude
    Merge Shop:Need 50 Pirate Essences for Armor: Pirate Racer and need 50 pirate essences for pet Undead Pirate non-mem.
    Shop That Unlocks After Completing all quests: none

    Item Rewards:
    Armor: Blue Jacket have flaming skulls
    Helmet: None
    Capes: None
    Weapons: Undead Sword (looks like wave cutter but evolved) color: blue, flaming and its dagger
    Pet: Undead Pirate looks like undead pirate

    Opening Cutscene: The player are walking in boat. he/she met elissa keelhaul and elissa said "hero can you help me? our treasure are lost they took by undead pirates.

    Ending Cutscene: Elissa is running to (player's name) and said " thankyou hero you get back the stolen treasure "

    1st Quest
    Fish Crackers
    You need to get fish crackers buy killing fishman soldier
    10 fishman crackers

    2nd Quest
    Fried Sharks
    Get a fried shark by killing shark bait
    10 shark bait essences

    3rd Quest
    Crystal all over the place
    Place a crystal all over the place and kill undead pirates
    10 Placed Crystal
    10 Pirates Brain

    Final Quest:
    Defeat The Boss
    Good Luck Hero. I need you to kill the boss
    1 Boss Defeat

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    The Archfiend's peril
    Level range : 30+
    Release Date: May 22 2014


    As Dage's dark forces brought an end to the Archfiend's domination upon the underworld,he felt something that he has long forgotten,something that was taken from him upon achieving his wreched wretched contract.His soul was eternally tormented inside his soulless metal embodiment as he knew that the Archfiend was the only being who knew the location of his long loss.The story passed long ago among his very soul ,his desire for power blinded him,shaping his whole being,never knowing that in the end he will become an unstoppable force of darkness,but that costed his own humanity and that the magic he once controlled would be the one who will cast him in iron and darkness.His will was unbroken,his soul long last but he felt only emptiness inside him,something that no victory over the living nor the dead shall cover the void that Dage felt,such is the unlife of the dead,feelingless with no remorse and no hope.But Dage was different,not only he was more powerfull but more clever than most of the undeads that are kinda mindless anyway because they are mostly skeletons animated with dark magic,but he knew nevertheless that he needed the aid of the Archfiend,even if we was to give it willingly or not.The task ahead was not simple,the Archfiend left an impact with his presence,his followers were vile being enchanted with great power,such as Dage once was ,but this was different,some have mourned the Archfiend's defeat and swore revenge for his master,no matter the cost.The beings who once were pure or dark hearted all walked upon the citadel,defeated the corruption,hunted and destroyed the forces of undead and harnessed the power of the cubes to find themselves upon the forgotten maze and the dangers of tercessuinotliM guided by the mysterious Oblivion and their desire for power,such as the one Dage had.Those who followed and fufiled their contract were rewarded but those who failed were purged,the being became monstrosities and abomination of nature only to serve in the Archfiend's army because of the contract they had with it.But that all happened a long time ago,as Dage relentlessly tried to appeal and communicate within the portal of the Archfiend's new realm,he only heared whispers upon his very own soul,Nulgath refused to help his desire,as Dage's trickery has banished him into the realm of Oversoul.But Dage was unable to force him,as entering his realm would be a regretted mistake,although the Archfiend had pitty for him,or at least Dage thought so,while being intrigued of his real intentions.He bestowed the following words upon him before his whispers faded away, The fiend you seek is being hold in beril,your souls's desire lies forth in the Archfiend's peril.Dage swore to achieve his goal,no matter who stands before him,man or fiend.

    -Name of Map:
    Location: Arcangrove
    Map name: The Archfiend's peril - the place where the power hungry beings seek to devour the magic and where a strange aura filled with enery calls to them.

    Image of Oblivion
    Servant of Nulgath (Unknown Entity)
    Mortal,I see that your quest brought you here,if you still seek for easy treasure you have not yet learned your lesson,the other beings shall tear you up,the ancient power calls them back.

    Hssssssss……..I have nothing to offer someone as fragile as you.If you seek the power as well,seek the being called Herodot if you dare.

    The endless devourer
    You have power inside you,i can feel it,you have been touched by our master before,maybe you can be of use to me,you see i need you to bring me some things,as you see it can be dangerous alone.

    Complete my tasks and i might be able to help you,or else get out of my sight and never return.
    -After completing his quests:
    I can feel the power of the Archfiend flowing inside again but i still hunger.I want more power and i won't stop until i devour everything.
    But you helped me ,little fiend,so i shall guide you to what.....calls to us.

    Skully the undead
    Reanimated skeleton
    Ah hero.....Dage requires your help.....speak with him immediately.

    Dage the evil
    Dark Lord of the Undead Legion
    There is no time to waste Hero,my legion has secured this place and we require your aid for what lies inside.We cannot be sure what lies forth so we need to except everything,that is why i have summoned you here hero.

    This filthy place is full of the Archfiend's minions,seeking what power is left to end their unending hunger.We shall deal with their impurity like we have done before in my underworld.


    Arcangrove monsters: Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind), Living Fire, Mana Imp, Mana Falcon.
    Suggested monster: Mana fiend,Bloodfiend,Infernalfiend of Nulgath.

    -Boss Monster Type:
    Boss name: Crystallized horror
    The remains of what Dage belived was his other part of his soul was only a trap,the Archfiend's minions only stole the power of the inhabitants of Arcangrove only to trap and get his revenge over Dage once and for all.The boss is a human corupted by magic and by chaos,his hands are made of the crystal Nulgath said he would be traped in.Little did he know that the Archfiend was referring that the soul he had would be the one in Dage's armor if he wouldn't defeat the atrocity.

    -Reward Types:
    Monster drops = regular monster drops,mana fiend having bloodfiend's normal drops.
    Boss drops = Crystal shaped weapons and armor.
    Merge shop= Souls collected from killed monsters for crystallized weapons.
    Shop that unlocks after completing all quests = n/a

    -Item Rewards:
    1 Armor: Crystallized horror(merge shop for 500 souls and token that has a low chance to drop from boss)
    1-2 Helms: Herodot's mask(merge for 150 souls)
    1-2 Capes Crystal cape( 50 souls)
    1-3 Weapons: Crystallized mace (100 souls and token drop from boss)
    Crystallized Axe (100 souls and token drop from boss)
    Crystallized Sword (100 souls and token drop from boss)
    1 Pet: Drained Mana Imp( drop from Mana imp but an evolved version where he got drained from the mana fiend)
    The items are dark crystal themed because of them being drained for energy by Nulgath's forces.

    Your Release Outline


    Intro: In the introcution custscene the hero meets with Oblivion as he find out that most of Nulgath's followers have gathered inside Arcangrove seeking for power and seeing that the forces of the land are oposing the being that are trying to atack.The hero is being sent to help a servant of the Archfiend to atack help them devour the energy of the land while being fooled by Oblivion that the Arcangrove's minions were corupted by chaos and that is Drakath's plan to destroy everything.
    Ending:As the hero and Dage find out that it was all a trap planed by the Archfiend,and they barely manage to survive.....kinda of,Dage being undead and all,he swears that he will not rest until he gets his soul back no matter the costs and that the Archfiend will pay for this treachery.


    1st Quest from Herodot
    The hunger begins:
    I am weak for now,little fiend,the enemies of the Archfiend are restless,they must be fueled by the neverending desire to defend their homeland.A feeling that i have not felt for years,home....peace.Forget that,go on and slay the pets and bring me their vital parts so i shall feast.
    15 elemental souls:temp drop from elementals

    2nd Quest from Herodot
    The hunger grows
    I have fed upon the source but i am not yet fed enough,bring me the essence of the mana beings so i shall end my power ravaging thirst.Do that and i shall reward you little fiend,do not spare any time,they never rest.
    10 mana essences:temp drop from mana imps and mana falcons

    3rd Quest from Herodot
    Those wreched living air being,i demand you to kill them for the Archfiend.After you are done killing them i shall give you my final reward and we are going to be ready for the next step of the plan.
    Livin air killed 0/12

    4th Quest from Dage
    The Archfiend's minions have come to stop us,Hero you must listen to me,they have deceived you and now is not the time to chatter,the insolent being who made you kill the Arcangove elemental monster must be dealt with.You must destroy Herodot.
    Herodot destroyed 0/1

    5th Quest from Dage
    The minions of Nulgath have been scavengering the whole place for magic but this shall end soon enough.Slay the fiend in the name of the legion and let none of them survive.Kill the mana fiends,they must be the main source of the power drain.
    Mana fiends slain 0/7

    6th Quest from Dage
    The bloodfiends and the infernalfiends are his rock and hard place in his army.Kill as many as you need,we need to slow them as fast as possible for me to recover my soul.After you've slain enough of them,enter then cave with me so we can recover my soul
    Infernalfiend of Nulgath slain 0/10
    Bloodfiend of Nulgath slain 0/10
    Ancient cave entered 0/1

    Final Quest: Boss Battle
    Cutscene as Nulgath's image appears and mocks Dage for being fooled while he also revealed that they are both going to be crushed by his Crystal monstrosity.
    Hero,we must defeat this enemy or both of our souls will be taken forever.
    Crystallized monstrosity slain 0/1.

    Ending Cutscene.

    End Release

    In-game character name: Darkanarchy(did the new release by myself)
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    4/23/2014 7:40:05   
    gara sandboy

    Release Title: Drakath Shadow
    Recommended Level: 45+
    Release Date: May 16th,2014
    Created by: Gara sandboy & S1M0


    People spend their lives and fortunes seeking piece in thier Twn . So went one come to you willing it was the dream of a life time. However, this dream cannot become true as long as Drakath the villian still alive . So by the end of the day you gained an idea about your mission . However, at the end of the day every person in the Town looking for you , to help them agains Drakath army
    Before you try to go after Drakath army you must first search for the Blade of Light , the legend says only the real hero can find the Blade this blade is the only weapon who have a chance to defeat drakath Shadow

    …. So hurry we are running of time you must find the blade before drakath he is willing to destroy it

    Name of Map
    Mirror Realm in Battleoff
    /join ChaosTown

    The paladin
    This is chaos town the name speaks for him self , the creatures in the town are destroying anyhing in there way , you must stop them before it’s TOO LATE !!

    Camouflaged Sp-Eye
    Chaorrupted Rogue
    Chaorrupted warrior
    Drakath Shadow
    Ultra Drakath Shadow
    Chaos Dragon
    Ultra Chaos Dragon

    Boss Monster Type
    Reward Types
    Boss drops
    Merge Shop

    Item Rewards
    Boss Drop : Drakath shadow armor (1% DROP rate)
    Merge Shop :
    + Drakath Shadow Sword (500 Chaos Token)
    + corrupted rogue Armor (750 Chaos Token)
    + corrupted rogue helm (275 Chaos Token)
    + corrupted rogue cape (300 Chaos Token)
    + Corrupted rogue daggers ( 350 chaos token )
    + Chaorrupted warrior Sword ( 400 chaos token )
    + Drakath Shadow Helm ( 300 chaos token )
    + Drakath Shadow Cape (325 chaos token

    Release Outline
    // Player joins : ChaosTown
    // Player talks to : Artix

    opening cutscene :
    Drakath has run away and left his most powerfull slaves to destroy the town , he is trying to find the trying , you need to find it first because it is the only weapon who can destroy Drakath Shadow
    Closing Cutscene :
    Good work hero you destroyed Drakath Shadow but watch out Drakath is still free , and no one knows what is he up too !!!!!

    1st Quest :
    First Blood
    The creatures are destroying the town we must turn thier attention to you so they
    Destroying the town
    +5 Camouflaged Sp-Eye slain
    +5 Chaorrupted Rogue slain
    +5 Chaorrupted warrior slain
    Good job but the monsters still didn’t stop desttroying the town we must find the Blade Of Light before they destroy everything in thier way

    2nd Quest
    The spys
    The Camouflaged Sp-Eye are spying on our plan kill them before they tell Drakath everything we up too
    +15 Camouflaged Sp-Eye slain
    good work now drakath will have no idea about our plans

    3rd Quest
    The Daimond
    The gate will not open for you untill you find the Secret daimond
    I saw a corrupted warrior stealling the daimond from the kill the corrupted warriors untill you find the daimond
    +Secret Daimond
    Nice but we still need more items to open the gate !!

    4th quest
    The key
    There is no gate without a key
    The gate key will be hard to get because the key guardian is a powerfull Chaso Dragon you must pick up you most powerfull weapons in order to slay him
    Kill the chaso dragon and bring the key back
    + Gate Key
    Nice work hero now we need to get the key from the wizard , Let’s go now BATTLE ON !!!!!!!!

    Final Quest: Boss Battle
    Going after Drakath Shadow
    You finally got the Blade of Light good job
    But you are not done yet you must slay drakath Shadow before he destroy the town !!
    + drakath shadow slain
    Wow you killed Drakath Shadow now we can finally say that’s this town is save

    Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
    Ultra Drakath Shadow
    The real hero is the only one who can slay The Ultra Chaos Dragon
    Slay him and prove that’s you are the real hero
    +Ultra Chaos Dragon
    Good job now you proved that’s you are the most powerfull hero in all of the LORE!!

    Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
    No one has ever killed the ultra Drakath shadow
    Will do the impossible and kill him ?
    + Ultra Drakath Shadow slain
    Now you can call your self a legend

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    The Plight of Lore

    Level Range: 40+
    Release Date: May 16 2014
    AQW Account Name: Mujtaba the Conquerer

    Done Solely by:Mujtaba the Conquerer


    Lore is facing great turmoil. It has been shaken to it's very core. Sibling turns on sibling and the Beasts feed on their own kin. One Hero remains amidst the Chaos, a silent vigilant of the mayhem and destruction. The very elements are at war with one another. Fire is pitted against Water which is already locked in combat with Earth. The Air is thick with malice as Lightning crackles and Thunder booms. Eleven are the Elemental Lords that bring Lore closer to the Night that will not End and at their head-sits Drakath, the Champion of Chaos and now-the Doom Bringer. Suddenly there is a flash of lightning which reveals-WHAT?-Impossible!-Drakath has a son! There he stands in the shadow of his father, hopeless as he witnesses the End of Lore. Another flash of lightning-and the child is gone. The Hero can just make out the little boy's silhouette as he rushes off into the forest. Sighing, the Hero decides to follow,after all, the child is close kin. Drakath watches his brother (The Hero) enter the forest. Another flash of lightning and a smile can be seen on Drakath's face. The One is coming, he knows and soon... the smile widens. It was all going as planned and soon The Queen of Monsters would rise again!

    Name of Map
    Swampstone (Inspired by Neverglades)

    Appearance: The young Drakath from the They Might Be Giants event-except that his name is Helore (or Hel for short).
    Name: Helore
    Title: Son of Chaos
    Main Text: Uncle <Hero's Name>! *sniff* *sniff*. So nice to see you! *sobs*. What brings you here? (whispers)But more importantly He has some work for you.


    (speaks louder) Daddy's being a real jerk! He promised no more destruction if I didn't tell you who I was or who you were. But now that you finally found out yourself, he's still gonna carry out "The Plan"' Luckily we have Him on our side!

    <More 2>

    <More 2>
    Halt now Uncle! I am in contact with The One. (Voice changes dramatically to one of ancient wisdom and guidance)
    Greetings <Hero's Name>! I have finally found a stable link into this world through the boy. Now listen carefully and you just might save Lore!


    Earth Elemental
    Fire Elemental
    Water Elemental
    Wind Elemental
    Dark Elemental
    Chaorrupted Bear
    Chaorrupted Wolf

    Boss Monster Type


    Description: An elemental combination of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Darkness and it shows sign of Chaorruption i.e Chaos Eyes and Chaos Spikes etc.

    Name of Boss: Chaos Manifestation

    Reward Types

    Monster Drops
    Boss Drops
    Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

    Item Rewards and Descriptions

    Monster Drops

    Helm: Primal Visage

    Looks a bit like the Helm of The Living Fire from Etherstorm only, instead of the black parts it is red and instead of the lines there are multiple circles originating from the centre and expanding as they cover the face, these circles are multi-coloured (blue, green, gray, and orange or yellow).

    Cape: Wings of the Ethereal

    They look like the Mafic Wings from Mount Mafic, only colour custom.

    Boss Drops

    Weapon: Elemental Diffusion

    A blade which resembles the unsheathed version of the Eternity Blade but instead of showing the Cosmos, it changes colour between blue, green, grey and red and inflicts random elemental damage like a ball of fire, a gust of wind, a wave of water and a ton of earth.

    Pet: Li'l Chaos

    A mini version of the monster Chaos Manifestation. A Battle Pet and Legend-Only.

    Armour: Ethereomancer

    Resembles the armour worn by Captain Lore but there are spheres of different elemets revolving around the armour and the armour glows.

    Items in Shop Which Unlocks At The End

    Helm: Conquer

    looks like the Helm of The Legendary Hero Set but is a full-helm and instead of white and gold, it is purple and grey respectively.

    Cape: Chaos Envelope

    The cape is a full bodied purple cape with Chaos Spikes emerging from the shoulders and a few Chaos Eyes on it.

    Weapon: Awe of Chaorruption

    As the name suggests, a Chaorrupted version of the Blade of Awe.

    Weapon: The Slayer

    Resembles Undead Artix's ShadowReaper of Doom but instead of the skull there is a Chaos Eye and instead of the Skeletal Hands, there are Spikes of Chaos.

    Release Outline

    Release Timeline

    //Player joins Swampstone
    //Opening Cut-scene
    //Player talks to Helore and Does Quests
    //Last Quest Has an Auto Turn-In and The Ending Cut-scene follows.
    //After Ending Cut-scene, the Hero is transported back to the first room of Swampstone for the Rewards (i.e the End of Quests Shop)


    Opening Cut-scene

    The player fights through legions of Elemental and Chaos monsters while clearing away thick forest to reach his/her nephew. At once there is a shout and the beasts part way to reveal a young boy crying i the distance. The hero calmly walks up to him while the monsters grunt and growl and asks what the matter is, knowing full well what it is but only trying to make polite conversation.

    Ending Cut-scene

    The Hero kills the Chaos Manifestation but nothing happens. He or She looks around wondering what will happen when suddenly the voice of The One penetrates through the earth as it says, "YES I AM... FREE! At FREE! the voice changes to that of an ancient woman as the earth bursts open and a Monster like no other bursts through. She is then revealed to be the Queen of Monsters. Realizing that he/she has been tricked the Hero falls to the floor in despair after reflecting over what he/she has done.


    Note: In all Quests the Starting Text is by The One but the ending text is by Helore.

    1st Quest

    Type: Start Release Event (Map Item)
    Title: Find What You're Up Against
    Starting Text: Venture forth Hero and locate the source of Chaos in this world, but I warn you, you may not like what you find.
    Reach the end of Stoneswamp to find it waiting.

    Turn-in Item: Chaos Manifestation Found x1
    End text: He did warn you!

    2nd Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Aqua Accumulation
    Starting Text: Water! You cannot live without it nor stay clean without it. It lets you swim... but it also breeds Water Elementals which is why it HAS TO GO! Slaying 20 Water Elementals should be a good place to start.

    Turn-in Items: Slain Water Elemental x20
    End text: Great work! Have a glass of water. Nah I'm just kiddin' with ya!

    3rd Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Fire Hazard
    Starting Text: Fire is man's best friend. It can cook your food, keep you warm, incinerate your unwanted clothes and-create Fire Elementals! I want you to kill 20 of them to...umm... make a difference.

    Turn-in Items: Slain Fire Elemental x20
    End Text: Blisterin' blazers! You've done it!

    4th Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Wind Power
    Starting Text: I feel the strength of the wind throughout my Ethereal body. Those Wind Elementals must be stopped at all costs. 20 dead ones should suffice.

    Turn-In Items: Slain Wind Elemental x20
    End Text: And they're Gone with the Wind!

    5th Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Heavy Boulders
    Starting Text: Lightening the load on Lore by destroying Lore..hmm..Interesting. Go forth and slay 20 Earth Elementals.

    Turn-In Items: Slain Earth Elemental x20
    End Text: The earth goes round, round, round, round, round!

    6th Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Way Too Dark!
    Starting Text: It is dark in my realm Hero... darker than you can possibly imagine. The darkness seems eternal, absolute...which is why I want you to slay 10 Darkness Elementals. Go! Go Now!

    Turn-In Items: Slain Darkness Elemental x10
    End Text: I can see the Sun!

    7th Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: Chaotic Harmony
    Starting Text: Ok Hero, listen closely. The Orb is nearly complete. What it is, you will know later. I just need 30 Chaorrupted Souls. Slay 30 Chaorrupted monsters (Wolves and Bears) and watch the magic happen!

    Turn-In Items: Chaorrupted Souls x30
    End Text: Yes! The Orb is Complete!

    8th Quest

    Type: Clicky
    Title: The Orb
    Starting Text: I have constructed an Orb of incredible power and sent it to you through the boy. Take it from his hand and activate it when fighting the Manifestation. It will cloak you in a mist which will reduce the Manifestation's attack and increase yours.

    Turn-In Items: Orb Received x1
    End text: You are ready.

    Note: This quest drops an item called "The Orb" which can be equipped like a potion and phenomenally increases damage against the Chaos Manifestation and reduces the Monster's damage as well.

    Final Quest

    Boss Battle

    Type: Drop
    Title: Manifest the Manifestation
    Starting Text: This is THE battle Hero. Use The Orb to destroy Drakath's pet once and for all.

    Turn-In Item: Manifestation Manifested x1

    Note: Final Quest Auto-Completes.
    Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest

    Type: Drop
    Title: The Hero of Legend
    Starting Text: Legend says a Hero will rise to slay Drakath and be tireless in the face of even a 100 monsters! Since you are a Legend, I want to see you fulfil yourself. Slay 100 Elementals for me and there is a special reward for you.

    Turn-in Items: Elemental Slain x100
    End Text: Enjoy the Reward!
    Note: This Quest gives a lot of Exp and Gold.

    Special Quest 2: Legend-Only Quest

    Note: This Quest is available only to those legends that have The Legend-Only Version of the weapon Chaorrupter Locked.

    Type: Drop
    Title: Master The Blade
    Starting Text: You have the Sword! Excellent! Learn to use it, it will help when you face Drakath. Kill a 100 Chaorrupted monsters, it should be easy with the blade.

    Turn-In Items: Chaorrupted Souls x100
    End Text: At this rate Chaos is as good as gone!


    AQW Account Name: Mujtaba The Conquerer

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    Eukara Vox
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    I am not sure what part of "Do not edit your post" is not understood, but that is the rule.

    Do not edit your post. If you have forgotten something, please let me know.

    Also, maybe it would be a good idea for people to not submit their idea until it is completely finished, edited, checked and ready. It seems people are going back in to do that. A submission is usually something that is complete and ready. Please consider holding onto your submission until it is 100% ready. The order you post it in will not determine if you win. Just because you were early doesn't mean you will get anything. Please consider holding onto your submission until it is ready.

    Also, the complete release needs to be posted. Links will not count. If all you did was link, your post was deleted.

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    In-game Name: Zalyx
    This was done all by myself. Took quite a while to do all the writeup.
    Hero and the Wannabe-Hero
    Any Range
    Release Date: May 23 2014 - Any Period of Time


    The Hero’s role in Lore is not an easy one. He or she must be vigilant and maintain order so everyone may live their lives safely! All being said, not everyone appreciates the Hero’s work, instead there may be jealousy amongst the crowds. The Hero is always busy with enhancing his or her weapon(s) or even finding Cysero’s Left Sock or EVEN dueling with Artix and defeats him by using the shoelace trick; the Hero cannot be aware of his fanatics, or critics.

    A young man, named Calyx who aspires to be just like his idol, the Hero. He tries so hard by going from slaying sneevils to brewing dangerous potions for Alina. From rise to dawn, he attempts and yet he finds failure within him. Warlic knows Calyx very well including his envy for the Hero. He, however, cannot convince him or do anything about his dreams about being the Hero. But being said, Calyx is said to have unimaginable power that may be able to fight against chaos IF he does not get controlled by it first. Because of this, Warlic worries about his safety, for his power may be able to tarnish Chaos.

    On a particular day in Greenguard Forest, Calyx decides to fight chaos! Drakath who senses power and sees a young man, Drakath peers through this man’s soul and comprehends the power he contains, and decides to control him for greater good. Because Calyx does not know much about chaos, he charges at Drakath when a sudden surge of chaos elapses and aims for Calyx. Suddenly, the Hero passes by, and heads into the direction where he sees a young man unconscious. The Hero cannot wake him up, so he calls Warlic and for some reason Cysero and Artix decided to tag along with a bunch of treasure bags. Warlic, being afraid that the young man’s mind is being controlled by a special type of chaos, a passive kind where the mind gets taken over by chaos through DREAMS.

    Warlic explains to the Hero that Calyx is a long follower of the Hero. For some reason, Artix and Cysero were carrying BattleGem stones as they were collecting for some sort of contest. They look over to the Hero and vanishes away in some sort of scavenging fashion. The Hero, confused and takes a breath. Warlic stops him, and says “We’ll have to enter his mind and fight the chaos there. Be careful Hero, for his mind must be entered through the part where he can control it, the dreams, the thoughts, the memories, but not the chaos. I assume you will be going through his dreams of being a Hero like yourself, but it’s not that I know of. I will build a portal right here and sync it with his mind so you may enter at your will, but be at haste”.

    (432 words) - (I apologize if this is not exactly of an overview and instead a scene)

    Name of Map
    Map Name - ForestDream
    Calyx - Wannabe-Hero
    Oh my! It’s the Hero, my idol! What are you doing in thi… Wait a minute, Where are we? I do remember that some weird chaos guy appeared, but… I don’t know?! I’ve lived on Lore for a while but I have never seen this place before. But I think I know this place… it’s like as if I’m dreaming or something!

    I remember when I heard you slayed that Frog named Escherion, or was it the other way around? I don’t know, it was incredible because no one would stand against him, but you did! Anyway, did you tell me that this place is… my mind? This is crazy, why would I dream of an ugly forest with a bunch of monsters and animals needed to be saved? Bleh, I think we should wake up or something, that should solve it!

    So Warlic told you everything? I don’t know why, but Warlic looks over me so much, it’s too embarrassing for a heroic man like me! Or… maybe not, but I should had listen to him about being careful. And now it’s like we’re stuck here forever, in my stupid and useless mind! But I do know that we’ll get out safely because you’re here and nothing fails when you’re around!

    Neverglades monsters:
    Chaorrupted Bear, Chaorrupted Wolf, Trobble, Dark Witch, Dreadspider, Spider, Dark Elemental

    Boss Monster Type*
    http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/dracowerepyre - Since I work at the Wiki as a Moderator, I decided to use a link for this.
    Pretty much like that with the addition of it being chaorrupted.

    Reward Types
    List what types of rewards you want:
    Boss drops
    Merge shop

    Item Rewards
    Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
    2 Armors
    1) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/newbie-armor - Exactly this but chaorrupted.
    OR (This is, if I ask too much then I apologize)
    2) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/original-warrior-armor - This but with a bit more grey and silver - replicating a knight style or tone.
    1 Helm
    1) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/knight-of-love-s-armet - This but with the same as the Original Warrior Armor, grey and silver.
    1 Capes
    1) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/lightwielder-shield-and-sword - This, but with a black repaint. (Black looks great on everything, right?)
    3 Weapons
    1) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/ugly-stick - Chaorrupted
    2) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/custom-trooper-sword - Without the glow, and make the handle grey, the hilt being blue and the blade being silver.
    3) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/general-porkon-s-axe - Chaorrupted!
    1 Pet
    1) http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/baby-red-dragon - Chaorrupted!

    Your Release Outline


    // Player joins “ForestDream”
    // Player talks to “Calyx”

    - Scene with the Hero finding socks and defeating Artix in Duels with text describing the greatness of the Hero
    - Shifts to the young man named Calyx who is a wannabe-hero and does tasks, fails, or feels unhappy.
    - Warlic wants to make sure Calyx is safe and gives rules and advices/tips. Warlic sees unimaginable power so he focuses and spends his time on making sure he is safe. Calyx does not feel happy and feels like a beginner, so he explores further into Greenguard and eventually to Neverglades. He sees Chaos monsters and wants to destroy them along with chaos in general.
    - Drakath sees Calyx, the young man with power that can annihilate chaos if controlled right. Drakath plans to control Calyx for his purposes.
    - Calyx notices Drakath and charges with arrogance, leading to Drakath throwing a powerful, chaotic surge spell that knocks Calyx out.
    - The Hero hears it, and attempts to discover and finds a young man knocked out.
    - Warlic joined with Artix and Cysero whom are doing some contest. Warlic does not seem too happy and investigates on what happened. Tells Hero that he is getting controlled by Chaos through his mind.
    - Warlic tells Hero all about Calyx and constructs a portal while Artix and Cysero run off. Warlic tells Hero that the portal syncs with Calyx’s mind and that the Hero must go through the portal and fight the chaos there.
    - The Chaos Dragon gets defeated by the Hero and Calyx. They have a conversation and Calyx states that being a Hero is life risking, and difficult! But he will still train to become one and grow strong, hopefully to create a persona of his own.
    - Hero talks about Calyx’s power, Calyx is unaware and does not care. All he cares about is adventuring like the brave Hero he is!
    - Unfortunately, they have to return to Lore as they’re in a dream. Warlic speaks to them both and tells them to come back before the chaos strengthens in Calyx’s dream. Hero accepts and heads to the portal just as Calyx refuses.
    - Calyx wants to explore his dream, it looks never-ending and no one could do anything about it. Warlic thinks about it, and if he stays, he may be in danger but at the same time… he may fight off the remaining sectors of chaos.
    - Warlic agrees, and the Hero steps into the portal, into reality.
    - And so the body of Calyx in the real world, lays in safety while his consciousness trails off in the mind hoping to discover and explore.

    Discover the Ugly, Purple Forest
    This is one weird forest in one weird dream. But a forest is a place, and it must be discovered! I would love to, but I’m somewhat scared… why don’t you run around and search for danger… or I meant easy monsters! Because this forest is large, I don’t want to get lost from this so place some twig branches around this place so show that this area has been found. That way, we won’t be lost!.
    Twig Branches Placed x7 Clicky
    Hah, that does bring a lot of relief … or I mean it checks off what to do!

    Chaos Samples
    I know you tackled on chaos… but I haven’t. I want to learn from this stuff, so can you please bring some chaos material examples? Stuff like branches, roots, or even those eyeball things would work! Plus in this way, I may be able to use the advice Warlic gave me to extinguish chaos!
    Samples of Chaos x3 Multi-Clicky
    So this is what it feels to be an adventurer, I like it!

    Trobbles in Trouble
    Hah, I remember ages ago where I slayed a bunch of Trobbles only for fun! But for some reason, I don’t remember them being so strong like they are in my dream. Maybe my skills are getting dry, I don’t know? Please bring me 6 Trobble Beaks so I may safely… investigate!
    Trobble Beaks x6 Drop
    Normally, I would say a pun but I can’t think of one…

    Which is a Witch
    Oh right, these Dark Witches were said to have secret spells! Maybe if we could obtain a couple, we could repel chaos and put right back it in its place! I’ve never seen witches before, so you should handle them! Well, you've been handling everything, right?
    Witch Spells x4 Drop
    Nice, good work! You are indeed a brave Hero.

    8 Legs
    Even in my current age, spiders creep me out! It’s even worst when those Dreadspiders show up and do some sort of weird face. I cannot dare to fight them, so if you have anything against them… go for it! I’m not touching them at all; even the regular spiders. Nope! Nope! Nope!
    Dreadspider Eyes x3 Drop
    Spider Legs x10 Drop
    You’re not afraid of spiders? I… have nothing to say.

    Darkness and Entities
    Warlic once told me that in these dark forests and ruins, a Dark Elemental will appear. I remember them containing Black Cores. What they do, I hope to discover so if you can bring me 2 Black Cores so I may do some research on them.
    Black Cores x2 Drop
    Is there nothing that can stop you? Those Dark Elementals sure looked inferior to you.

    Data Recorder
    So as an adventurer, it is best to record your logs on monsters, quests, areas. I decide that I should do the same! So let me see… we saw spiders, Trobbles, chaos things, Dark Elementals, and Dark Witches. Can you slay each monster we've discovered and collect a sample of Chaos Root so I may observe and record in my books. It would really benefit me, thank you!
    Spider’s Abdomen x1 Drop
    Dreadspider’s Abdomen x1 Drop
    Dark Reactors x1 Drop
    Witch’s Staff x1 Drop
    Trobble’s Feathers x1 Drop
    Chaos Root x1 Clicky
    Do you collect data on your own? You must be some sort of expert or something.

    Search the Purpleness
    Why does it look more purple as we look deeper? I mean, surely the space closest to us has some sort of chaos looks, but deeper… it's freaky! Examine deeper and collect samples of Chaos Roots. Come back as soon as possible since I don't want my idol in danger!
    Chaos Root x5 Clicky
    Are your hands immune to chaos? You can't just get infected!

    Wolf Pack
    Oh dear, we’re seeing packs of chaorrupted wolves looking at us. We have to slay them before they slay us! Bring me 7 Wolf Tails and we’ll move on.
    Wolf Tails x7 Drop
    Heh, nothing can stop you.

    Bears Day
    So wolves, and now down to bears? I remember my grandfather used to wrestle them, but would I want to wrestle a chaorrupted bear? Although I am feeling a little hungry so it wouldn't hurt to try out some bear meat? Bring me 6 pieces of Bear Meat.
    Chaorrupted Bear Meat x6 Drop
    Actually, I’ll pass. I didn’t anticipate bear meat to look like that.

    Final Quest: Boss Battle
    It has Claws, Wings, oh...
    That is… a chaorrupted Dragon? But it looks like a beast too, but wow! I've never seen, or well of course I've seen a dragon but a chaorrupted one? Golly, this won’t be easy! I swear that thing might be the source of the chaos. If we slay it, maybe these trees will recover and maybe chaos won’t take over my mind. Let’s go! You first because you’re the unstoppable Hero!
    Chaorrupted Dragon Slayed x1 Drop
    *Huff*, oh that was something… Trobbles didn’t take this much effort.

    Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
    Vanquish the Chaos!
    So the Chaos in my mind is still here? I thought that Dragon thing was the source of it. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to slay those chaos monsters if we were to clean my mind. Kill 4 Chaorrupted Bears, 4 Chaorrupted Wolves, and please tear off those roots and eyeballs… I really despise them.
    Chaorrupted Bear Hides x4 Drop
    Chaorrupted Wolf Pelts x4 Drop
    Extinguished Roots x3 Clicky
    Eyeball Ripped x2 Clicky
    *Phew* that’ll bring the chaos morale down! Or does it even have morale? Anyway, thank you Hero for cleaning those beasts out and ripping those roots and eyeballs! It would be terrible to be chaorrupted.

    Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
    The Beast Returns with a Blight
    What??! I thought we got rid of that Beast for good! Oh well, I suppose we’ll have to take care of it again. Apparently, the reason why it healed is because of some sort of chaos energy. That means, if we slay that Dragon thing, those chaos energies might come in a form where we can control and investigate it! We have to beat that Dragon again!
    Chaos Energies x1 Drop
    Wow! Never in my life have I felt such immense energy. I feel like a Hero with these! I just have to make sure they don't control me, but that won't happen!

    End Release

    (I apologize if I edited. I just wanted to take part of the template out)

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    The Burning Sand
    (Weather Is Hot , Sand Burns )
    Release Date: April 23 2014

    In A Place That Is Far Away From Town . In The Burning Sands , The Weather Is Too Hot To Survive And There Are Many Evil Creatures That Wants To Kill The People And There Are Only Few Hero's That Could Help You To Do The Challenge . Search For The Mysterious Water To Save The Humans From The Hot Weather And The Heat Power Is So Strong It May Kill Them .

    You Need To Tell The People Of Sandsea To Help You And Save You From The Evil Creatures That Will Kill Humans In Burning Sand There Will Be No One To Help You Except The True Hero's That Could Kill Anyone Stand In Front Of There Life They Never Mind If They Will Die But There Hope Is To Save The People And Kill All Evil Monsters And Bosses That Want To Rule Aqw .

    If No One Could Stand Beside You , You Must Fight Alone To Save Aqw .

    Name of Map

    SandSea : BurningSand


    Master Of Sand

    Help The People In Burning Sands No One Could Help Them Except You !
    You Must Go Kill The Burning Monsters In BurningSand To Help The People
    I Will Tell You What To Do So Follow Me .


    Burning Camel ( He Looks Like : ) Bupers Camel But More Orange With Yellow Eyes 5000 Hp (Drops : Burned Bones)
    Burning Creeper ( He Looks Like : ) Cactus Creeper But In The Red Color 6800 Hp (Drops : Burned Bones)
    Burning Spider ( He Looks Like : ) Lotus Spider But Fire Is Burning In Top Of Him 7100 Hp (Drops : Burned Bones)

    Mini Boss Monster Type

    Human ( He Looks Like : ) Burned Human Fire In His Clothes And The Clothes Are Cutted And He Wears Clothes Of Fire (Name : Burner ) 250,000 Hp

    Boss Monster Type

    Elemental : ( He Looks Like : ) A Big Jinn Red Colored And With Yellow Eyes And Fire Coming From His Hair (Name : Mad Jinn ) 500,000 Hp

    Reward Types

    Boss Drops
    Monster Drops
    Merge Shop

    Merge Shop (Unlocks After Finshing The Quests)

    Sword (Fire) 1 Jinn Spirit And 30 Burned Bones
    Staff (Fire) 1 Jinn Spirit And 30 Burned Bones
    Dagger (Fire) 1 Jinn Spirit And 30 Burned Bones
    Bow (Fire) 1 Jinn Spirit And 30 Burned Bones
    Great Sword (Fire) 3 Jinn Spirit And 50 Burned Bones

    Boss Drops

    Jinn Spirit 100% + Burning Hair (Helmet) 50% + Jinn Lamp (Weapon) 25% + Spirit Armor (Armor) 30% + Lamp Powder 10%

    Monster Drops

    Burned Bones

    // Player Joins “BurningSand”
    // Player Talks To “Zhoom”


    The Player First Talk With Zhoom About What Happen With The Village In The Burning Sands And He Him Monster Has Burned And Became More Mad And Powerful

    1st Quest

    Discover The Map
    (The Player Should Discover The Map When He Reach The Mini Boss) Gives Player 100 Gold And 100 Xp

    2nd Quest

    The Mysterious Water

    (Requires The Player To Find The Mysterious Water

    3rd Quest

    Kill The Burning Camels
    (Requires The Player To Kill 6 Burning Camels) Give Player 500 Gold And 500 Xp

    4th Quest

    Kill All The Burning Creepers
    (Requires The Player To Kill 10 Burning Creepers) Gives Player 500 Gold And 500 Xp

    5th Quest

    Kill All The Remain
    (Requires The Player To Kill Burning Spiders) Gives Player 500 Gold And 500 Xp

    6th Quest

    (Requires Player To Kill The Burner) Gives Player 2000 Gold And 2000 Xp


    He Talks About The Human That Is Burned And Who Can Control Fire Powers

    After Killing The Burner :

    The Burner Sets The Jinn Free By His Last Power

    Final Quest Boss Battle

    Kill The Mad Jinn

    (Requires To Kill The Mad Jinn) And Gives The Player 5000 Gold And 5000 Xp

    After Killing The Mad Jinn:

    The Jinn Run Into His Lamp So Scared Of The Hero's Power

    Special Quest

    Jinn (Pet) (Requires 1 Rare Drop From Boss Named : Lamp Powder )
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    Flame the dragon

    I did it all by myself...
    Aqw name: kingmaster2001

    Years after the defeat of chaos lord legerdeman, the elemental region collided to create a new,strong, and powerful monster. That monster called himself the ultra elemental. He was a mixture of all four main elementals, his head was wind,his body and both legs were fire,his right arm was water, and his left arm was earth. He possessed power from all elementals, which made him immortal. He made small elementals his slaves, and lived in a region near Arcangrove, called Elemental Fort.

    The news came to the wizard Warlic of Battleon, who immediately called you, hero,to travel with him and help him with this adventure. You arrived to the fort, surprised with elementals attacking you from behind. Warlic asks you to battle them while he sets a camp for both of you to settle in. You defeat 10 elementals and go check on Warlic. Warlic finished the camp, but needs some fire. He asks you to gather some fire from the fire Elementals. You gather some fire and get back to the camp. In the next morning, Warlic founds that there is sword he could create with his magic skills to destroy the ultra elemental. He send you to gather 5 hearts of every elemental, and you agreed. Some time passed, and you finally came back. He tells you that he needs one more item, which he can craft only with 20 fire elemental heads. You go and slay the elementals.

    Now the big battle is ahead of you, Warlic hands you the magical sword he created, and you go to where the ultra elemental is, and start battling him. His attacks were powerful, due to him possessing all the elemental powers. You hold up your sword, and stab him in his. The monster was destroyed, only his tornado head was still there. The final talk between you and the monster occurred. All he told you was that he wanted to posses the whole lore, but you stopped him. You return to Warlic and he rewards you with some gear he created while you were away to thank you, for saving lore.

    Location : elemental fort, arcangrove
    Monsters : all the elementals
    Boss: ultra elemental
    NPC: Warlic
    NPC dialog: Dear hero, we need to save lore from this monster!
    NPC more button: the monster formed years after the defeat of Chaos lord legerdeman, he formed from the elemental monster's realm, and he collided from remains of elemental monsters, and we are here to stop him.

    1-kill the elementals in your way, they are 10

    2-get fire for Warlic, you need to kill 5 fire elementals

    3- get 5 ice hearts, kill 5 ice elementals

    4- get 5 earth hearts, kill 5 earth elementals

    5-get 5 ice hearts, kill 5 ice elementals

    6-get 5 fire hearts, kill 5 fire elementals, reward is the magical sword

    7-boss battle, kill the ultra elemental, reward:magic chest key

    8- legend only quest, reputation for arcangrove, kill 100 elementals


    Opening: Warlic gets the news, comes to you and ask for your help, and you agree. You travel really fast using one of Warlic's spells. You arrive and see the elementals. End.

    Ending: you stab the monster in his chest with the magic sword, and he dies. Warlic thanks you and you go back to the camp to pack up.


    Ultra elemental armor
    Ultra elemental hands daggers
    Upgraded fire sword
    Fire and ice sword
    Earth and sand cape
    Fire helmet
    Sand storm pet

    ~Removed personal information.

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    The End of the Magic World
    Level Range: 30+
    Release Date: May 16, 2014

    Individual submission by user Jah_Rakal24

    Magic exists all around the world. It exists in the air, the ground, the water, and in the world's living creatures as well. Magic thrives freely in this realm and is a part of the daily lives of people. But there lies a prophecy lost through the pages of history. A prophecy in which the entirety of the Magic World is said to end in darkness. Legend has it that one day, an entity made completely out of dark magic named Dravaeon, will lay waste upon the land and consume the world's magic source; the giant Mana crystal called "The Heart of Magic" located in a city within Arcangrove named Dawnarch. They say that there are 7 signs that will spread across Arcangrove that will signal the coming of Dravaeon: Darkness of the sky, thunderstorms with red lightning, raging winds, a spreading magic corruption, ash falling from the sky, a white-colored sun, and a blood-red moon.

    This legend has been around for more than a millennium and has been treated as such; a story. The people have been living their lives in peace until the scholars came across a terrible omen. The head mage of Dawnarch, Orianne, saw a vision in her dreams. She saw everything. Exactly everything that happened in the legend of Dravaeon. Orianne is known for her visions in her dreams that are bound to become a reality. Days later, the first sign has come in the form of a dark sky. The locals are in panic because they know about the legend. Orianne has no choice but to call upon the mightiest hero in all of Battleon. But time is running out. Will the world of magic be saved... Or be lost forever?
    (287 words)

    Map Location- Arcangrove
    Map Name- Dawnarch


    *Main text* Greetings, hero! I'm glad you're here. Welcome to Dawnarch, the main city of Arcangrove where the source of all magic is held and guarded heavily. It's a city where all aspiring mages come to hone their skills in the art of sorcery. I am sure you're not yet aware of the details yet. But do not fret. Head into the castle and speak with Lady Orianne. She will guide you in your quest. Now, make haste!

    *Completed the event* The beast has been slain, and the world of magic is saved. We all owe you a debt of gratitude, hero!

    Salamon (Opens a merge shop)
    *Main text* The beast Dravaeon is coming. Better don yourself with good equipment before facing him.

    Orianne (Opens the reward shop when the event is completed) (Quest Giver)
    *Main text* Oh, are you the hero Rayst called for? Thank goodness you're here! We need your help to defeat the dreaded beast of legend, Dravaeon. It was in the prophecy that he will destroy everything and end all magic forever. And as you can see outside, 5 out of the seven signs of his coming are already occuring. The dark sky, red lightning, raging winds, a corruption , and ash falling from the sky.

    <more> It'll only be a short time when the last two signs will occur. And when that happens, Dravaeon will appear. You need to stop him, hero. We will help you as much as we can. If all else falls, the world of magic as we know will cease to exist...

    *Completed the event* Oh, hero! You did it! You saved the magic world. We, the people of Dawnarch and the whole of Arcangrove owe you our lives. This calls for a celebration! Your name will be etched in the pages of history for a millennia to come.


    - Elementals
    - Mana Imp
    - Mana Falcon
    - Scoria Serpent
    - Chaos Sprites

    Boss Monster Type:
    - Beast
    (Dravaeon looks similar to how you'd depict a demon. Large horns on his head, glowing eyes, Bat wings, clawed hands and feet and beast legs. He is completely black, like a shadow and has dark energy flowing all around him. His eyes are red. He also has a long tail. He is about 50 feet tall.)

    Reward Types:
    -Merge Shop
    - Boss Drop
    - Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

    Item Rewards:

    Merge Shop
    - White Mage Robes (A reference to Gandalf haha)
    - White Mage Cap
    - White Mage staff
    - Blade Caster (Samurai-like armor with magic symbols and other other such magic items)
    - Enchanted Blade and Tome
    - Blade Caster's Tome
    - Enchanted Blade
    - Blade Caster Spikes
    - Blade Caster Locks
    - Blade Caster Scarf

    Rewards Shop
    - Orianne's robes (Female only)
    - Oriannes's locks (Female only)
    - Dark Magi Robes
    - Dark Magi Hair
    - Dark Magi Hood
    - Dark Magi Bladed Staff
    - Mana Rogue
    - Mana Rogue Spikes
    - Archmage
    - Archmage Wings and Cloak
    - Archmage Helmet
    - Archmage Shield and Staff
    - Technomancer
    - Technomancer Eye-piece
    - Techno-Katana


    The hero enters Arcangrove and walks on the path leading to Dawnarch. He/she notices some things that seemed out of place. Like the unusually dark sky, while it should be noon by then. The red lightning darting in and out of the dark clouds. The wind was blowing really hard too. There was ash falling from the sky for some reason as well. The hero decided to hurry and go to the city as soon as possible. He/she notices several eyes darting in the darkness of the forest. He/she decides to run faster but trips on a rock. Several magic creatures started chasing after the hero. They seemed rabid, which was unusual because the creatures were usually tame. The hero hurriedly got back up on his feet and ran. But the creatures ran even faster. A Scoria Serpent tagged him to the ground, ready to strike. But then, several mage soldiers came to his/her aid, fending off the rabid creatures with their magic attacks. When the creatures retreated, the mages lead the hero to the gates of Dawnarch.

    -End Cutscene-


    1st Quest- Stop the Imps (Drop)
    The Mana Imps have been ravaging the city and its residents. They're fast and they travel around in groups so be careful. I need you to take them down and drive them out of the city quickly to avoid any serious casualties. Hurry, Hero!
    10 Mana Imp Defeated (Mana Imp)

    2nd Quest- Burning Feathers (Drop/Clicky)
    Mana falcons around the city have been burning the local buildings. I need you to douse the flames of the burning buildings and drive out all of the Mana falcons.
    6 House Doused (click Burning houses)
    13 Mana Falcon Defeated (Mana Falcon)

    3rd Quest: Serpent Wrangling (Drop/Clicky)
    The Scoria Serpents in the area have taken out most of our troops with their burning poison. Please help out the mages affected by the poison and drive out the Scoria Serpents in the area.
    5 Mage Assisted (Click on wounded mage)
    15 Scoria Serpent Defeated (Scoria Serpent)

    4th Quest: Broken City (Multi-Clicky)
    The walls of the city have been severely damaged. Help out the engineers working on them to ensure the safety of the people.
    4 Fixed Wall (Click broken wall 5 times)

    5th Quest: Elemental Trouble (Drop)
    What? Elementals? This can't be good. They're usually not around in this area. Dravaeon's arrival must be close. Take them all out, hero.
    20 Elemental Defeated (Any Elemental in the area)

    6th Quest: Annoying Sprites! (Drop)
    The Sprites are causing trouble for the wounded mages and the civilians. They're usually peaceful creatures, but this doesn't seem to be the case now. Please drive them out of the city.
    25 Chaos Sprite Defeated (Chaos Sprite)


    The creatures seem to have retreated. All seemed safe for the time being. But a menacing sight appeared out of the darkened sky: The sun, glowing with a mysterious white color. It looked almost like the moon at night. The hero and Dawnarch mages gathered around The Heart of Magic located at the center of the city. Dravaeon is coming soon. Suddenly, several creatures returned to the city and attacked.

    -End custscene-

    7th Quest: An Army of Magic (Drop)
    They all returned in bigger numbers! Oh dear, this can not be good. Dravaeon is coming soon... Please, defeat all of them and protect the city's citizens!
    30 Creature Defeated (Any of the Monsters)

    8th Quest: Subsiding (Drop)
    The monsters seem to be dwindling in number... Quickly! You must take this chance and take them out!
    15 Creature Defeated (Any of the Monsters)

    9th Quest: HELP ME! (Drop)
    Ahh! These Mana Imps have entered the castle! There's too many, hero! Please help!
    Orianne Saved (Defeat all 15 Mana Imps in the area)


    Lady Orianne thanks the hero for helping her defeat the Mana Imps attacking her. The two of them check the situation outside the castle and see that things seem to have calmed down for a bit. The White sun subsides, and its position is taken by the Blood-Red Moon. Lady Orianne and the people start to panic at the sight of the deadly moon. S wirling Vortex rips open in the sky, and out comes the dark beast of Legend, Dravaeon. The beast lands in front of The heart of Magic. Defend it with your life, hero!

    -End Cutscene-

    Final Quest: Dravaeon (Drop)
    He's here, hero. And he's heading for the Heart! Please, defeat him! I'm right behind you!
    1 Dravaeon Defeated (Dravaeon)
    (This quest Turns in itself automatically once you defeat Dravaeon)


    The beast falls to its death. It slowly disintegrates into nothingness. Th creatures of Arcangrove have calmed down. The winds have stopped. The ash has stopped falling. The thunderstorms have subsided. The sky is blue once again.and the moon and sky have returned to normal. The beats Dravaeon has been defeated. Orianne and the people of Dawnarch cheered for the hero's bravery and celebrated the defeat of Dravaeon, for the world of magic will continue to exist without fear of it being destroyed ever again.

    -End Cutscene-

    Special Quest: Ultra Dravaeon (Drop) Legend Only
    Seems that Dravaeon hasn't given up yet! Show him who's boss, hero!
    Ultra Dravaeon Defeated (Ultra Dravaeon)


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    The Cryomancer's Wrath

    Level Range: 35+
    Release Date: May 16 2014
    Something weird is happening to Nax the cryomancer, the mirror realm version of Xan the Pyromancer. Nax have been unleashing terrible storms all over mirror realm. He is freezing everything at sight, everything! The trees, houses, even the residents, and the poor moglins.
    No one could understand why he is doing this, Nax used to be very kind and nice, not cruel and naughty, he used to make it snow for the children to enjoy, he always help the residents there. Nax is the mirror version of Xan, which means he should be the complete opposite of him, but instead he is being cruel like xan, he kept on freezing everything, devouring anything he sees.
    He even made an entire army of frozen monsters. He had set an eternal frost in almost the entire mirror realm. By the time he freezes the whole realm, the real world where you and everyone lives would be affected also, hurry and save Lore before he destroys it. You have to get Xan from your Lore, he is the only one who can unfreeze everything down here.

    Name of Map: Mirror Realm in Battleoff
    Map Suggestion: Nax’s Frost Cavern (/join frostcavern)

    Mirror Drakath
    Champion of Order
    Hero, Welcome back to the Mirror Realm, we have a bit of an icy situation over here.
    Monsters: Glacial Goblin, Glacial Mage(Mirror versions of Lava Goblin and Lava mage from /xancave), Frost Imp and Frost Golem ( Mirror versions of Fire Imp and Lava Golem from /volcano and /basani), Skeletal Fire Mage --- All these monsters have 1/3 chance of dropping cyro tokens

    Boss Monster Type: Human (Nax the Cryomancer)— 100k++ hp--- Drops 2-9 cyro tokens
    Reward Type: Merge Shop

    Item Rewards:
    Armor: Evolved Nax’s Robe (The evolved version, have longer, extended spikes on its shoulders, the arms and the top of the boots would lose the white, hair stuff it has on the original version, the spikes would be broader and would appear then disappear with icy animations from time to time. (300 cyro tokens)
    Helm 1: Cryomancer Locks (color custom, a bit long and covers one eye) (50 cyro tokens)
    Helm 2: Evolved Icy Nax Skull (a bit larger, with glowing eyes) (15 cyro tokens)
    Cape 1: Evolved Cryomancer’s Snowing Wrap (Snowflakes come out from the back of the character, floats outward, pops then falls down producing snow on the users path for a period of time. ) –to let people know that a cryomancer have been on the same path they are taking. (35 cyro tokens)
    Weapon 1: Freezing Fists of the Cryomancer (like fists or gloves made of ice) (20 cyro tokens)
    Weapon 2: Nax’s Cyrostaff (Frozen, icy staff) (50 cyro tokens)
    Weapon 3: Permafrost Blade (Does extra damage on elemental monsters) (120 cyro tokens)

    Release Timeline

    // Player joins “/join frostcavern”
    // Player talks to “Mirror Drakath”

    Opening Cutscene:
    The hero, Alina, Beleen, and Artix was invited by Cysero for a tea party. Cysero was serving tea, artix was talking to the hero, Beleen and Alina are drinking their tea, when the portal from inside the Mirror Realm opened Inside of cysero’s home, and then the tea froze, and cysero says “Sweet! This is a totally great time for an Iced tea”, everyone giggled for a while until Mirror Gravelyn came out of the portal and told the hero “Hero, Mirror Realm, and YOUR Lore needs your help again, Nax is setting an eternal winter all over Mirror Realm, and if he does, your world would affected badly.” Then Cysero says “That would be great, more Iced tea” /cheer. The Hero Comes with Gravelyn, then arrived at the Mirror Realm and speaks to Mirror Drakath, then he explains that only Xan can stop Nax. (Shows nax freezing stuff until the end of cutscene) “Some kind of force is making Nax do all of this, you have to figure out what it is and how it is doing it, it has to stop, before it’s too late”

    Closing Cutscene:
    Appears after the hero has defeated the Boss (Nax). The hero raises his/her weapon, almost finishing Nax and says “This is the end for you, Naughty Cryomancer” Xan and Mirror Drakath runs and stops the hero, and yelled “Hero, STOP!” The Hero stops and says “What? Why?” Xan Replies “If you kill him, it will just make the things that Nax froze be permanently frozen, Tie him up First” The Hero runs to get ropes and then he tied nax to the tree. “I’m here to cast a meltdown spell all we need is a piece of Nax’s ice spikes or whatever, get one from his arm” Then Xan merges the ingredients for the spell and casts it on Nax. Then Nax fell asleep and woke up after a few moments and asked “Wha…What Happened, I feel so drained” Then Xan replies, “Oh nothing much, you know, just the usual… Setting a winter for like, forever!” Nax replies “What, you know I would never do that, I think it’s this ring’s fault, ever since the floating purple glowing thing gave me this ring and wore it I became all insane and stuff, no offense Xan.”


    1st Quest
    Fire Energy
    Those skeletal fire mages contain enough Fire energy that we need. It can help a lot for us to defeat these icy, frozen monsters faster. Gather 10 Fire energy that you can obtain from the skeletal fire mages.
    10 Fire Energy-Drop
    Great! Hero now we can defeat these monsters easier!

    2nd Quest
    Burn ‘em up! Melt ‘em down!
    Time to use these fire energy, melt down all the ice monsters straight up until you have reached the big doors.
    Defeat all monsters in the room (Quest Finishes when you arrive the room where the big doors are located)-Map Item
    Now that you can reach the Doors now, time to open ‘em up

    3rd Quest
    A Frozen Key from a Frozen Guard for a Frozen Keyhole on a Frozen door
    These Giant frozen door needs a giant frozen key, I’m pretty sure that one of those golems guarding the doors have the key.
    1 Frozen Key-Drop
    Unlock goes the giant doors

    4th Quest
    More Melting
    It seems that these ice spikes are blocking the way try removing them
    Click the ice spikes on the room when you enter the big doors -Multi-Clicky
    Great! Now head down those stairs, we’re not done yet

    5th Quest
    IMPossible knowledge
    We have no idea where Nax is now, gather up some clues from the Frost Imps down the stairs heading to the dungeon room.
    Defeat Frost Imps until quest item drops- Drop
    we’re almost done hero, head down the Dungeon

    6th Quest
    Unlock the Frost Dungeon
    Okay we’re almost done we just have to figure out the code to unlock the dungeon.
    Click the button in front of the Dungeon locks and figure out the puzzle (something like the one in /gilead) –Start Release Event

    7th Quest
    Favor from the Pyromancer
    I know you had troubles with Xan, but we really need him this time, good luck getting him hero.
    Just go to Xancave (you don’t have to finish the saga there if you still haven’t) and a mini cutscene will play – The cutscene: your talking to Xan and convincing him to help. –Start Release Event

    Final Quest
    The Wrath of the Cryomancer
    This is it! It’s time to devour the cryomancer and end this winter!
    Deafeat Nax(Quest finishes automatically after defeating boss and directs you to the closing cutscene) -Drop

    Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
    Cyro Tokens
    Hero, now that you have solved the puzzle and helped the cryomancer, you can now practice the arts of the cryomancers by wearing their items, defeat Nax for some cyro tokens
    Reward: 10 or 15 or 20 cyro tokens

    Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
    Cyro Tokens 2
    Hero, now that you have solved the puzzle and helped the cryomancer, you can now practice the arts of the cryomancers by wearing their items, defeat Nax’s minions for some cyro tokens
    Defeat 20 monsters

    Reward: 10 or 15 or 20 cyro tokens

    End of Release

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    Here's my submission.
    I make this event with a3master
    My Artix account is tanyuol, and my AQW account is tanyuol and the AQW account of a3master is a3master.

    Recommended level 30+
    Release Date: Anytime

    Overview Release

    Since the Shamans achieve the peace in there tribe, they forgot about how dangerous revenge is. The Elemental King planned to attack the Shaman Tribe but they can’t attack because the force field of the Shamans is impossible for them to break. Rico the vice leader of the village who have darkness on his heart wants to be the ruler of the Shaman Tribe but everyone knows that Old Man is a better ruler. So Rico use the elementals to be in order to rule the Shaman tribe and so that Elemental King can attack the tribe.
    First assist Rayst to help neutralize the monsters that spread all over the village. Find the Elemental King and try to get the dispersing orb. Unless you are able to neutralize the monsters, the suffering of the tribe will never gonna end. Victory of the Tribe or Reign of the Elementals…..

    Map location: Mudluk Village
    Map name: Shaman Tribe
    Access point: / join shamantribe

    Shaman Tribe monster:

    Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind)
    Lvl: 35
    Difficulty: 3 star
    Life: 2300
    1-3 elemental emblem
    Treasure chest

    Living Fire
    Lvl: 35
    Difficulty: 3 star
    Life: 3000
    1-3 elemental emblem
    Treasure chest

    Volcanic Maggot
    Lvl: 40
    Difficulty: 3 star
    Life: 25000
    1-3 elemental emblem
    Treasure chest

    Mana Imp
    Lvl: 40
    Difficulty: 3 star
    Life: 33000
    1-3 elemental emblem
    Treasure chest

    Elemental King

    Lvl: 50
    Difficulty: 5 star
    Life: 150,000
    1-3 elemental emblem
    Treasure chest

    Elemental Shield

    • Ignore all magic attack

    Earth Block
    • Ignore all physical damage

    Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Leaf, Energy, Dark attack
    • 200-1000 damage to all player

    • can damage return to anyone that is under the hypnotism.

    Boss Description:
    A hybrid human like monster that has a golden crown,flaming right arm and freezing left arm, has a black and white wings, dark aura, wearing a full set golden armor, and two assisting elemental fairies.

    NPC: Rayst

    Main text:

    • hero!!,,...... I'm glad you're here. I/we are hoping that u can assist as in neutralizing the monsters in the tribe. All of the villagers are know suffering pain, fear, hunger, and global sadness. Try to kill the Elemental King and not to be killed by it.

    Additional Text:

    Shaman Tribe
    Once this place is very joyfull and peaceful village, but when the traitor Rico join the forces of the elementals, everything has changed. The joyfull and peaceful village is now a sorrowful and ugly village.

    Elemental King
    According to the villagers, he is the king of all elemental monster and can control all elemental powers easily. He might be difficult to be defeated but if everyone konws what is the true meaning of peace we can easily defeat the Elemental King.

    Neutralizing Orb
    This orb is known to be the power to get rid of all the elemental monsters easily. And it is located in the heart of the Elemental King. But the big question is, how can we get the orb in the Elemental King?


    1st quest

    Explore the knowledge
    What u see is what you learn and what you learn is sometimes what you see. Explore the village and seek for clues in how to find the Elemental King. Dont worry about the villagers because they are in the safe place now. Just find the clues. Battleon Hero.
    Quest requirements:
    Clues found
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    2nd quest

    • A useless item

    Useless item can be also useful if we all believe in it. Believing is the only way to make everything real. Go find the mana imp to get the lucky mana bag. Good LUCK.
    Quest requirements:
    1 Lucky mana bag
    Lucky mana bag
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    3rd quest

    • clearing way home

    Villagers had a problem in going home because of the elemental monsters fires up there properties. In order to make them safe at home, u need to clear all fire elementals and living fire in the village. Just be careful they are Hot for you. Use safety gear.
    Quest requirements:
    5 fire elementals neutralized
    5 living fire neutralized
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    4th quest

    • what is that smell!!!

    I smell something gross.... Yaks!!! The air is now polluted. Hero you need to find a way to cleanse the air. Everyone is now getting weak because of it. Try to get wind particles in the wind elementals. Hope you Luck Hero.
    Quest requirements:
    10 wind particles
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 Gold

    5th quest

    • what the crop

    Oh!!!! The crop are dying.......people are starving....the land is cracking....hero the land of the village is corrupted because of the earth elemental. Plss find earth essence in the earth elemental to bring back the nutrience of the land.
    Quest requirements:
    10 earth essence
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    6th quest

    • oh!!! HOly water where are you now

    The rivers are dirty, and they are now smelly. How can we drink if our water storage is this? We are asking you hero to find water pulps in the water elements. You successful journey is our victory.
    Quest requirements:
    10 water pulps
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    7th quest

    • Maggot aura

    It is impossible to a normal person to go to the Elemental King without any traces to the way back home. Some of our warriors get lost because the Elemental King has a power to hypnotize. They all say that if we can get maggot aura we can be immune by his power. Go get the maggot aura in order you to get near the hideout of the Elemental King.
    Quest requirements:
    1 maggot aura
    Maggot aura (quest item)
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    8th quest

    • Village immunization

    Since you’ve got the maggot aura, this is the time that the village will be immune by the hypnotism. Go find the village and put the maggot aura in the center in order to activate the immunization.
    Quest requirements:
    Maggot aura placed
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    9th quest

    • Key to the King

    According to the survivors, the key has feed by the King’s assistant…… The mana imp. They say that the mana imp is hiding near the King’s hideout. Go search for the mana imp and get the magic key.
    Quest requirements:
    Magic key found
    Arcangrove rep: 250
    450 XP
    500 GOLD

    10th quest

    • Time for a little salvage

    And now that you have located and open the Kings hideout, now is the time to make the King disappear. Do your best to defeat the King because you the only hope of this village. May the highest help you.
    Quest requirements:
    Elemental King defeated
    Arcangrove rep: 2500
    2500 XP
    5000 GOLD

    Extra quest


    • Elemental Love

    Sometimes Love is the key to have a peaceful village. Everyone needs love. Even the Heartless Elemental King has a heart to. Go get the Love rune in order to spread love to each and every one in the village.
    Quest requirements:
    Love rune
    10 elemental emblems
    1000 XP
    2000 GOLD


    Peace Maker
    The Elemental King spread total domination in the village that causes all the villagers to fight each other for survival. No one now cares for each other because of it. That’s why we seek for solution. We found out that the Peace essence is the only way. Go find the Peace essence in the King and give peace in all of us.
    Quest requirements:
    Peace essence
    5 elemental emblems
    1000 XP
    2000 GOLD

    Ultra Evolved Shaman

    • Peace to us

    We have finally found inner peace, thanks to you hero. As a reward, we have found a way to make your essence of a Shaman upgrade. Try to find peace orb in the Elemental King. This mission might be hard but if you believe it could be easy.
    Quest requirements
    peace orb
    Evolutionary peace orb (AC)
    1000 XP
    2000 GOLD


    Arcangrove Reputation Shop

    Victory Merge Shop (after the completation of Time for a little salvage)


    • Dual wield sword(right sword is color black)(left sword is turquois)/(AC item)
    (200 elemental emblem)

    • The great sword of the shaman(color black)/(AC item)
    (200 elemental emblem)

    • Dagger of intelligence(any color you want)/Legend (AC item)
    (200 elemental emblem)

    • Staff of Braveness(with glowing effects)/Legend (AC item )
    (200 elemental emblem)

    • Elemental Spear of Victory(with glowing effect) /Legend (AC item )
    (200 elemental emblem)

    • Aura Bow / (AC item )
    (200 elemental emblem)


    • Glowing King’s Crown Legend/ (Ac item)
    (50 elemental emblem)

    • Peace Keeper Hood/ (AC item)
    (50 elemental emblem)

    • Peace Keeper Iron Helm/ (AC item)
    (50 elemental emblem)


    • King’s Black and White Wings/ (Ac item)
    (100 elemental emblem)

    • Maggot’s aura/ (AC item)
    (50 elemental emblem)

    • Peace Keeper Glowing Wings Legend/ (AC item)
    (100 elemental emblem)

    • Peace Keeper Cape/ (AC Item)
    (50 elemental emblem)


    • Dark Peace Keeper Royal Robe /(AC item)
    (500 elemental emblem)

    • Peace Keeper Royal Heavy Armor/ Legend (AC item)
    (500 elemental emblem)

    • Ultra Evolved Shaman 1 /Class item (AC item)
    ( 2000 elemental emblem)
    ( Evolutionary peace orb (AC) )
    Element attack: (2 sec.)

    Basic attack that is taught by the elders and regenerate mana per hit.

    1st skill(Furious Freezing Flame) : (6 sec.)
    Rank 1
    mana cost: 20
    A light damage that cause the foe to freeze for 4 sec. with a matching burn (DoT).Effect is increase with Elemental Soul.
    Notes: AoE attack, can attack for at most 5. Dot last for 4 sec.

    2nd skill (Energy Shock): (10 sec.)
    Rank 2
    mana cost: 30
    Deals a massive damage and when a foe is applied Energy Shortage the enemy decreases its haste while increases yours. Both effect is increase with Elemental Soul.

    3rd skill (Aura of Healing): (20 sec.)
    Rank 3
    mana cost:20
    Heals a friendly unit for at most 5 unit for a large amount. Also applies Good Aura that can HoT. Effect is increase with Elemental Soul.

    4th (passive)(Shaman’s Knowledge)
    Rank 4
    increases DEF by 20%
    4th (passive)(Aura Effect)
    Rank 4
    increases crit chance by 10%

    5th skill (Elemental Soul): (20 sec.)
    Rank 5
    mana cost: 60
    Applies Elemental Soul to yourself that negate all targets Evasion and Critical Strike chance. This effect makes the Evolution of Evolved Shaman’s spell more powerful and gets stronger the more spells the Shaman cast.

    (Solar Strike)
    Rank 10
    very massive attack that occurs rarely if you believe in it

    • Peaceful Dove /Legend (AC item)
    (350 elemental emblem)

    Hero: Sir Rayst, what happen to the Shamans!!
    Rayst: Hero, they have been betrayed by their vice leader....
    Hero:ummm...?? WHO???? (face expression (?.?))
    Rayst:(-_-) he is Rico the man who wants to be a ruler.
    Hero:(^_^") ahhh.........heheeheh....but how????
    Rayst:He want to rule the village.
    Rayst:Everyone don't want him to be the leader.
    Hero:Oh......what a pity man......(facepalm)
    Rayst:So he join the forces of the elementals.
    Rayst:Help destroying the force field of the village.
    Rayst:Because the shield is ow destroyed all the elemental monster spread all over the village.
    Hero: (O_O)
    Hero:Wha....wha...what can I do for them.
    Rayst:Just plss assist us in defeating Elemental King.Our future is in your hands now.
    Hero:(sword up)(shouting) I WILL HELP THIS VILLAGE TIL MY LAST BREATH.!!!!!
    (End of Slide)

    Closing scene
    Since the Hero is still fighting the King ,, Rico has finally open his eyes.. he felt shame on all of the shamans.....He think that because of what happen they will ignore him...................BUT!!!..OLD MAN comfort RICO and say, we will never everignore you, you are part of us and we are part of you....Everyone seem glowing, and there power is getting strong...........THEN BOOM!!!!
    Slash!! Slash!!!,, the hero is finally facing the King.
    BOOM!!!!! BOOM!!! the King cast a spell to the Hero......
    The hero dodge all the attack of the King.
    BANG!!!!......but the hero has been capture...
    Hero:You cant defeat me.... you cant defeat us,,,...uhuhuhuh(the hero is suffering pain)
    King:You are still weak hero.....
    King:You are no match with meh......
    Rayst: Hey monster!!,,,,.....He may not strong but dont forget we are more stronger from you..
    All the shaman charge......Glowing,, the powers are flowing....The King's sweat is showing.
    Hero:I feel......I feel........Strong!!!!!......
    The King is now finally defeated....
    Hero:hey Sir Rayst.,,,what happen to you??
    Rayst:Did you watch Kung Fu panda 2 Hero??
    Hero:I think.....(^_^V)
    Rayst: If you have inner peace everything is possible as what master Shifu said.
    Hero:So you have finally got the inner peace..
    Rayst: Precisely...we have finally got peace not only in our village but specially in our own life......From Shaman, we became Evolved Shaman, and now Evolved Shaman 1..Thanks to you Hero.
    Hero:(talking to own) What did i do??? Ummm......I feel.....at least I do my best
    (End of Slide)

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    Release Title:Crypt of Edgar
    Recommended Level(+30)
    Release Date:16th May 2014
    Created by Kaan_Prenz http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=kaan_prenz

    Overwiew of Release:As you know from last battle with Vordred the Paladinslayer Vayle saved you and Artix.Her brother's spirit orb came and told her this was a big mistake to bring him back.Vayle shocked but she dedicated her life to bring him back and after a long time she is trying to find a way to bring back her brother Edgar.At near Neverglades she found another spirit orb in the deep of Crypt.Artix heard about that and called hero to find Vayle and stop her.But She summoned Edgar as an Undead giant again.Artix and hero go deep of Crypt and defeat Edgar.As Edgar is defeated he talks to his sister to not bring him back again.After Vayle gives up and disappears herself.


    Map Location:Neverglades
    Map Name:Cyrpt of Edgar(5 rooms like Chaos Crypt Map)
    Access Points:/join edgar,Marsh 2 Screen 9 Behind Soulseeker)


    NPC/Quest Giver:Artix
    (Main Text)Hero! Edgar is risen again! Vayle should have found a spirit orb! Make your way through the deep!
    (Again?)Ah a long time ago.Vayle found a way to bring her brother.She did it but Edgar became an undead.I killed Edgar with
    Dragonspear of Desitny and broke Vayle's Spirit orb.


    Neverglades Monsters:
    Undead Berserker(x2)
    Difficulty:2 stars

    Dark Witch(x2)
    Difficulty:3 stars

    Difficulty:2 stars

    Dark Elemental(x1)
    Difficulty:2 stars


    Edgar must be as Undead Edgar in Dragonfable.Edgar's Purple Sword,A Horned Undead Helmet,Sticked Arrows on body and Iron Boots.


    Reward Types:
    Merge Shop
    Quest Reward

    Quest Rewards:

    Light of Sanctuary(Sword): Reward from Dracolich Threat Quest %25 Drop Rate(Yellow and glowing version of Sword of Sanctuary)
    Description:Take this as Paladins Temple reward.It's purified for killing undead monsters.

    Purified Corruption(Polearm):Reward from Go back to the Death Realm Quest %100 drop(Yellow and glowing version of Blade of Corruprion)
    Description:A great weapon forged by Artix with Spirit Orbs.Wield it to battle against Evil!

    Purified Gem Merge Shop:

    Blinding Light of Paladin(Armor)(Golden and White version of Soul Scorned Armor)
    Merge:Purified Darkness Gem x2000
    Description:Now you have got Purified Paladin Powers!

    Purified Helm of Dark Lord(Helm)(Golden and White version of Helm of Darklord)
    Merge:Helm of Darklord x1, Purified Darkness Gem x300
    Description:You purified Helm of Darklord.Battle on!

    Helm of Light's Might (Helm)(Golden and White version of Helm of Thunder's Might)
    Merge:Helm of Thunder's Might x1, Purified Darkness Gem x150
    Description:Etherstorm needs some Light..

    Light Terror(Sword)(Golden and Black version of Unshakeable Blade,Tidal Terror or Whirlwind of Pain)
    Merge:Unshakeable Blade x1,Tidal Terror x1, Whirlwind of Pain x1, Purified Darkness Gem x500
    Description:By mixing water,earth and air swords you forged Light Terror with Purified Light power!

    Jimmy The Eye(Cape) (It must fly with player.Like Pegalion or Parrots)
    Merge:Purified Darkness Gem x1250
    Description:Jimmy The Eye battles alongside you!

    Sacred Wings of Paladin(Cape) (Golden and White version of Platinum Wings)
    Merge:White Feather Wings x1,Purified Darkness Gem x400
    Description:Wings! But not to fly!

    Light Dragon(Pet) (Golden and Yellow Dragon from Final Battle With Vordred that Artix turned in)
    Merge:1000 AC,Purified Darkness Gem x1000


    1st Quest:Lighten The Crypt(Type of Quest,Clicking Torches around the Crypt)
    (This quest can only be completed once)
    Hero,We need to lighten the crypt first.I think dangerous undeads await us.We have to see them.
    Items Required:
    Lightened Torches x5(Click on Blue arrows around the map)
    When Completed:Great! Now we can see our enemies! Battle on!
    0 Gold
    0 Exp

    2nd Quest:Rage of Berserkers(Type of Quest:Gathering drops from Monsters)
    (This Quest only be completed once)
    Undead Berserkers are stalking in the Crypt.Defeat 10 Undead Berserkers and bring me their heads.
    Items Required:
    Berserker Head x10(Dropped by Undead Berserker)
    When Completed:
    Undead's should stay in their graves.At outside they get crazy!
    250 Gold
    250 Exp

    3rd Quest:Crypt Spiders(Type of Quest:Gathering drops from Monsters)
    (This Quest only be completed once)
    Dreamspiders are one of my nightmares.Their stings are deadly.Bring me 4 DreadSpider Stings.
    Items Required:
    Dreadspider Stings x4 (Dropped by DreadSpider)
    When Completed:
    Your immune system is strong against venom Hero! You did great again!
    400 Gold
    500 Exp

    4th Quest:Red Glowing Eyes in Shadows(Type of Quest:Gathering drops from Monsters)
    (This Quest Only be completed once)
    Vayle summoned Dark Elementals to take us down! Bring me 4 Natures of Darkness!
    Items Required:
    Nature of Darkness x4(Dropped by Dark Elemental)
    When Completed:
    We dont have much time! We have to find Vayle immediately!
    500 gold
    1000 exp

    5th Quest:Remaining Spirit Orbs(Type of Quest:Gathering Drops from Monsters)
    (This Quest Only be completed once)
    Vayle ordered her servants to gather remaining Spirit Orbs around the Crypt.Gather 25 Spirit Orbs and bring them to me!
    Items Required:
    Spirit Orb x25(Dropped by Dark Witch,Undead Berserker)
    When Completed:
    Now I can create The Dragonspear of Destiny to kill Edgar.We have to destroy all of these orbs!
    5000 Gold
    1000 Exp

    Final Quest:Go Back to the Death Realm!(Type of quest: Boss battle, leads into closing cutscene after boss' death)
    (This Quest Only be completed Once)
    It's time to Defeat Edgar hero! Find him at deep of Crypt!
    Items Required:
    Edgar Defeated x1(Dropped by Edgar)
    When Completed:
    Dragon Staff of Destiny(Staff)
    5000 Gold
    5000 Exp

    6th Quest(after completion of Go back to the Death Realm):Artix vs Undead(Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
    Hero bring me Crypt undeads' heads.And i want a Dark Elemental's Glowing Red Eye.Then I will reward you with 10 Purified Darkness Gems.
    Items Required:
    Dark Witch Head x1(Dropped by Dark Witch)
    Berserker Head x1(Dropped by Undead Berserker)
    DreadSpider Head x1(Dropped by DreadSpider)
    Dark Elemental's Glowing Eye x1(Dropped by Dark Elemental)
    When Completed:
    Thanks hero! Here is your reward!
    Purified Darkness Gem x10
    1500 Gold
    1500 Exp

    7th Quest(After completion of Go back to the Death realm):Dracolich Threat(Type of Quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
    Hero go to Paladins Temple! Dracolich and it's Master Cryptkeeper Lich awaits you.Defeat them two and i will reward you with 40 Purified Darkness Gems and maybe a special sword.
    Items Required:
    Dracolich Tooth x1(Dropped by Dracolich)
    Lich's Staff x1(Dropped by Cryptkeeper Lich)
    When Completed:
    You are the greatest hero all the time! Here is your reward.
    5000 Gold
    1000 Exp
    Purified Darkness Gem x40
    You may also recieve at random:
    Light of Sanctuary(Sword)

    8th Quest(Legend):Tiny Terrors in Neverglades(Type of quest: Gathering drops from monsters)
    Hero I want you to defeat all of Neverglades Bosses.Defeat Thrax Ironhide,Soulseeker,Lesser Groglurk,Lich and Marsh Smell-O,Wisteria.
    Then i will reward you with 75 Purified Darkness Gems.
    Items Required:
    Defeated Wisteria x1(Dropped by Wisteria)
    Defeated Thrax x1(Dropped by Thrax Ironhide)
    Defeated Soulseeker x1(Dropped by Soulseeker)
    Defeated Groglurk x1(Dropped by Lesser Groglurk)
    Defeated Lich x1(Dropped by Lich)
    Defeated Marsh Smell-o x1(Dropped by Marsh Smell-O)
    When Completed:
    Excellent work! Here is your reward great Paladin!
    5000 Gold
    1000 Exp
    Purified Darkness Gem x75

    9th Quest(Legend):Bases of Darkness (Type Of Quest: Gathering Drops from Monsters)
    Hero Darkness has got 3 bases.Fear,Shadow and Death.You cant believe but Death is alive! You understood what i said! Defeat Shadow of Past,Shadow Nukemichi,Fear Feeder and Death in his realm!
    Items Required:
    Defeated Death x1(Dropped by Death Alive)
    Defeated Shadow of Past x1(Dropped by Shadow of Past)
    Defeated Shadow Nukemichi x1(Dropped by Shadow Nukemichi)
    Defeated Fear Feeder x1(Dropped by Fear Feeder)
    When Completed:
    You defeated them?? Oh! I dont know what to say..
    10000 Gold
    20000 Exp
    Purified Darkness Gem x100


    Opening Cutscene(After Entering /join edgar for the first time)
    Hero:Crypt of Neverglades.What we are going to do here Artix?
    Artix:You remember Vayle.She summoned her brother Edgar in this Crypt.
    Hero:But how? We defeated Noxus and we saw Edgar's orb disappeared!
    Artix:She should have found a spirit orb at the deep of Crypt.

    At Deep Of Crypt
    Vayle:I gathered enough spirit orbs to bring my brother back!
    Vayle Summons Edgar and cutscene ends

    Closing Cutscene(After Completion ''Go back to the Death Realm'' Quest
    Artix:Vayle! Stop this! Your brother cannot live as an undead! Is this that you want!
    Vayle:He died because of you! We both entered the cave and Darkness orb captured me!
    To get Darkness orb monsters destroyed my village and killed him! If we couldnt come across he could live!
    Artix:It's all your fault Vayle now i have to do this! Hero! Dragonspear of Destiny!

    Artix and Hero destroys Edgar like in Vordred cutscene.
    Vayle:Brother.. I experienced that i cannot bring him back.The Necromancery is a fault!

    Vayle Disappears.Hero and Artix show up and cutscene ends..

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    AQ User: dragon warrior 102[Solo]
    Release: Elemental Planes 2
    It all started when the heroes defeated Chaos Lord Ledgermayne. It caused imbalanced between both the elemental planes and the real world, causing portals to appear out of nowhere. Monsters attacks also became more frequent and many heroes were having a hard time to defeat all of the relentless waves of monsters. Even the mages of Lore like Warlic and Cysero could not seal all the portals as they kept appearing. Only the hero has the ability to seal it.

    But, when the hero entered the portal entered the portal to the elemental planes, he learned a shocking truth and a new super villain. He must defeat the super villain fast before he is stuck in the Elemental Planes forever… And Lore gets overrun by monsters! (126 words)

    Map Location: Elemental Planes 2 [Arcangrove]

    Monsters: Mana Imp, Mana Falcon, Chaos Sprite and Scoria Serpent

    Boss: Mana Reaper [Elemental]
    A monster which looks like a grim reaper but a maroon blue acolyte cloak and eyes with blue flames on hands like Nuglath Larvae pet.

    Quest 1: Seek the truth
    You have entered a forbidden area. If you were to exit, I do not know what might happen. I advise you to seek for truth about this place and learn how to exit. Please return A.S.A.P.
    Truth sought out 1/1
    You are saying that a powerful Mana Reaper is responsible for ruling this world. Then, I’ll tell you you have no chance of exiting
    Rewards: 0 Gold, 0 Exp

    Quest 2: Incoming
    The Mana Reaper senses your presence and had sense a flock of Mana Falcons to attack you. Defend or die…
    Mana Falcons Vaporized 15/15
    Something unexpected? 1/1
    What? You recovered a knife from the Mana Falcons? Interesting… Let me examine it…
    Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 Exp

    Quest 3: Get more time!
    The Mana Reaper heard about its defeat and sends another wave of Mana Imps to invade us! I need more time to study the knife. Please buy more time…
    Imps Slayed 10/10
    Quick! I need to tell you something important!
    Rewards: 1100 Gold, 1100 Exp

    Quest 4: Locate the Mana Reaper
    The knife is actually a knife forged from Chaos itself and has the ability to destroy Mana. I believe you can use it to fight and defeat Mana Reaper. Find him now… You are almost there…
    Mana Reaper found 1/1
    While you were gone, Mana Reaper sent his minions to steal the knife.
    Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 EXP

    Quest 5: Find the knife.
    Defeat the Scoria Serpents and Chaos Sprite quickly before they deliver the knife to Mana Reaper!
    Knife Found 1/1
    You are almost done with your quest. Time to confront the Element itself.
    Reward: 1400 Gold, 1400 EXP

    Final Boss Quest: The Mana itself
    The Mana Reaper is just a manifest of its power. It will grow stronger over time and will have enough power to shape the world itself. Thus, we must defeat it before it controls the whole world!
    Mana Reaper killer 1/1
    Quick! Go! The world is about to collapse. Do not weep for the lost souls here! Go fulfil you destiny!
    Reward: 2000 Gold, 1500 EXP

    Legend Only Quest 1:
    The world starts to reform and the monsters came back from the dead. You must kill it before it leaves the world again.
    Monsters Slayed 100/100
    Congratulations! You helped the world gain peace... Even for a short while. You deserve this badge!
    Reward: Mana Slayer

    Legend Only Quest 2:
    The Mana Reaper came back from the dead but with much more powers. He now can shake mountains and cause super natural disasters! Stop him before he leaves the world!
    Ultra Mana Reaper slayed 1/1
    Mana can never be defeated. He will keep reforming only and get stronger... It is destined that he will one day return and wreak havoc worse than Darkrath himself. But for now, you managed to stop him from escaping. Go, Darkrath and his chaos lords still await you

    Warlic appears beside hero and kills the Mana Imp which the hero is fighting.

    Hero: Whatssup?

    Warlic: Nothing. I need you to help investigate the portal. Sealing the portals are tiring and they keep opening.

    Hero: Ok, but you owe me a tuna sandwich
    Jumps into portal which monsters come out

    Where am I? Why is this so familiar?

    Warlic:You have been here before when you fight Lord Ledgermayne.

    Hero:Who are you?

    Warlic: I am Warlic... He conjure me using his mana powers from this world to guide you. Come, lemme explain on the way
    <Fades To Darkness>

    Mana Reaper: Hahahaha! I am an Element. Killing me will strip all the mages of its power. Even succeeding over me will cause a great loss!

    Hero: Hey Warlic? What do I do now?

    Warlic appeared: Kill it. Elements make up the world, but evil makes up the Mana Reaper. You cannot kill an element. You might as well kill the air.

    Hero throws the knife and it hits the Mana Reaper which vaporized with a "Nooooo!"

    World collapsing. Hero turns in last quest and leave the Planes. In the Planes, everything starts to reform from scratch, even the Mana Reaper
    <Fade To Darkness>

    Reward Types: Upgrade Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
    Mana Reaper ---> Pet
    Looks like Nuglath but with blue acolyte cloak
    Mana Disciple Class--->Class
    A class where students learn how to manipulate mana from the other world.

    Extra info:
    Mana Reaper: 100000 Hp
    Mana Imp, Mana Falcon, Chaos Sprite and Scoria Serpent: 4000 HP
    Ultra Mana Reaper: 250000HP
    Abilities: Earthquake---Deals 50% hp damage on hero
    Tsunami------Drains hero's mana
    Whirlwind-----Applies a Dot

    ~Removed personal information.

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    AQW username : Lock747

    Reason why I'm doing this : I've seen people wearing Phantom Counts everywhere.Even if they are newbies or so, they look happy wearing it.As the creator of Phantom Count, I decided to give that armor some upgrades and updates.Evolving into a new and better looking item, I not only wanted to just create an item set but an event reasonable enough for everyone to enjoy the release.Besides, I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to happen.Even if you object to one part of it, it matters not as long as the rest have gone live.

    If you ask me, yes.I did this all by myself.

    Release date: 16th may 2014-04-23
    Level Range : 35+
    All items will be AC tagged :)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [ Release Title ] Unleash The Ripper


    So alright the contest is about stopping Jack The Ripper before he gets to conquer the whole of Lore.

    Little did anyone know about The Ripper.After defeating Constantin, Safiria and Grimskull, Jack came back as the strongest vampire.Dethroning Safiria despite her title of the Vampire Queen, he went on to obtain the last power located at the Ruins of Shurpu, Xan's Volcano.There, he encountered Xan.After a little "chit-chat" an introduction with Xan, he told Xan to move aside giving him the reason that he wanted the power of the lava.Xan obviously denied that selfish intention and attacked Jack.Oh-Ho Xan did not know that Xan's skull crack and his flames got extinguished albeit being in his own home.Whoopsie.'I am the ripper.You will not get in my way anymore, skull head friend.Now just stay put and the effect will wear off soon'.Telling that to the unconscious Xan, Jack put a chalice of booze beside him.Of course Jack continued pursuing for that power.

    The last thing Jack wanted to do is to control Arcangrove.He concealed his presence and created an underground palace for his home to prepare an attack on Arcangrove.
    Jack " I will conquer Lore...starting here! "

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    SWF file, downloadable.
    Do give me credits when posting this somewhere else.Thank you.
    by : Dan X-Doa

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    [ Set 1 : The Ripper ]
    -Special Effects-
    ~Jack The Ripper ( Armor ) -> +10% Experience and +10% Gold

    - http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Jack-The-Ripper-Final-Update-436053094 -

    1 ) Jack The Ripper ( Armor )
    2 ) Sheathed Ripper Scythe ( Cape )
    3 ) Ripper Scythe ( Weapon [ Axe ] )
    4 ) Ripper Claw ( Weapon [ Mace ] )
    5 ) Ripper Claws ( Weapon [ Daggers ] )
    6 ) Bandaged Ripper Mask ( Helmet )
    7 ) Concealed Ripper Mask ( Helmet )
    8 ) Bandaged Ripper Jaws ( Helmet )
    9 ) Concealed Ripper Jaws ( Helmet )
    10 ) Ripper Hair ( Helmet )

    [ Set 2 : Enraged Ripper ]
    ~Enraged Ripper ( Armor ) -> +10% Luck, +10% Damage and +10% Intellect

    - http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Enraged-Ripper-SWF-436301462 -

    1 ) Enraged Ripper ( Armor )
    2 ) Enraged Sheathed Ripper Scythe ( Cape )
    3 ) Enraged Ripper Scythe ( Weapon [ Axe ] )
    4 ) Enraged Ripper Claw ( Weapon [ Mace ] )
    5 ) Enraged Ripper Claws ( Weapon [ Daggers ] )
    6 ) Enraged Ripper Mask ( Helmet )
    7 ) Enraged Concealed Ripper Mask ( Helmet )
    8 ) Enraged Ripper Jaws ( Helmet )
    9 ) Enraged Concealed Ripper Jaws ( Helmet )
    10 ) Enraged Ripper Hair ( Helmet )
    11 ) Enraged Ripper Orbs ( Cape )

    [ Set 3 : Ultimate Ripper ]
    ~Ultimate Ripper ( Armor ) -> +20% Dodge chance and +20% Critical chance


    1 ) Ultimate Ripper ( Armor )
    2 ) Ripper's Eyepatch ( Helmet )
    3 ) Ripper's Bladed Wheel ( Cape )
    4 ) Ripper's Chained Impalers ( Weapon [ Daggers ] )

    [ Class : Insane Ripper ]

    - http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Insane-Ripper-Set-443773285 -
    ~Insane Ripper ( Armor ) -> +20% Resistance and +30% Strength
    ~Insane Ripper ( Class ) -> -Special Effects-

    5% Health Regen each second relative to your maximum HP.
    10% Mana Regen each second relative to your maximum Mana.
    Doubles damage when HP reaches half of your maximum HP.

    1 ) Insane Ripper ( Class )
    2 ) Insane Ripper ( Armor )
    3 ) Insane Impaler ( Weapon [ Axe ] )
    4 ) Sheathed Insane Impaler ( Cape )
    5 ) Insane Talon ( Weapon [ Mace ] )
    6 ) Insane Talons ( Weapon [ Daggers ] )

    [ Special Set : Tuxedo Ripper ]

    ~Tuxedo Ripper ( Armor ) -> +50% Luck and +50% Dodge

    1 ) Tuxedo Ripper ( Armor )
    2 ) Sheathed Ripper's Knife ( Cape )
    3 ) Sheathed Ripper's Aeroblade ( Cape )
    4 ) Dual Ripper's Weapons ( Cape )
    5 ) Tuxedo Ripper Mask ( Helmet )

    Just buy the item, named " Soul of The Ripper " for 10, 000 AC.Open the merge shop and merge it in.Once done, you have access to a shop for all 3 Ripper Sets, including the Insane Ripper Set that includes the class and special ones like the Tuxedo Ripper.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    *Future Ripper*

    [ Cyborg Ripper ]

    ~Cyborg Ripper ( Armor ) -> +35% Resistance and +20% Strength

    1) Cyborg Ripper ( Armor )
    2 ) Cyborg Ripper Helmet ( Helmet )
    3 ) Cyborg Ripper Rifle ( Weapon [ Gun ] )
    4 ) Sheathed Cyborg Ripper Rifle ( Cape )

    [ Armored Ripper ]

    ~Armored Ripper ( Armor ) -> +30% Resistance and +25% Luck

    1 ) Armored Ripper ( Armor )

    Just buy the item, named " Cybernetic Soul " for 2,000 AC.Open the merge shop and merge it in.Once done, you have access to a shop for The Cyborg Ripper set.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Insane Ripper class skills below.

    Price: 0 AC
    Sellback: 0 AC

    Weapon Damage: 125%, 1.5 speed
    Description: No one shall mess with an Insane Ripper.Being on par with a Grim Reaper, Insane Rippers are beyond sanity measures.
    Special Effects:

    Insane Rippers gain mana when they:
    Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)
    Are struck by an enemy in combat


    Insane Ripper ( Class )

    Ripper's Hemorrhage
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 0 Mana
    Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds
    Type: Physical
    Description : Insane Ripper's basic attack, deals Damage Over Time to enemies and make them bleed, lowering their haste and attack speed.The longer you stay in battle, the higher the damage over time each hit.

    -A very fast strike.Ripper's Hemorrhage not only makes your target bleed, but also lowering their hastiness to strike and lowering their attack speed.Its already a pain in the butt for your enemies to be spamming their skills.You took their privilege away.Hah.Your basic attack nerfs hasty classes.

    Sinister Leech
    Rank Needed: 1
    Mana Cost: 30 Mana
    Cooldown: 4 Seconds
    Type: Physical/Magical
    Description : Deals an Area Of Effect to all enemies in the same roomroom, taking life and mana away from your enemies and stuns them for 5 seconds.Applies Insanity Leech to the enemies, a stacking effect ( up to 10 ).Insanity Leech weakens your enemy, making your attacks stronger.The more effect it have on the enemies, the more stronger you are and the more weaker your enemy gets.

    -Quite a pain in the butt, although the cooldown is short, the mana required is high.But fear not, the stacks won't fade until you get over 10 stacks of Insanity Leech.That's where the stacks will reset.So you can basically spam it until 10 stacks and forget about it, since it increases your damage and your enemies will deal lesser damage to you.Unless you want to lifesteal, then keep spamming it.Beat that, Necromancers.

    Chaotic Mind Control
    Rank Needed: 2
    Mana Cost: 40 Mana
    Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    TypeType: Physical/Magical
    DescriptionDescription: Deals an Area Of Effect to all enemies in the same roomroom by the Insane Ripper's mind control, causing enemies to attack themselves for 15 seconds.After the effect wears off, enemies will receive a damage over time for 5 seconds.

    -This skill will be your best friend when a duel starts.Always spam this skill first when soloing monsters or 1v1ing players.75% chance will hit.An irritating skill towards enemies.

    Unholy Ripping
    Rank Needed: 3
    Mana Cost: 20 Mana
    Cooldown: 8 Seconds
    TypeType: Physical/Magical
    Description: Deals an Area Of Effect to all enemies in the same roomroom, increasing your dodge and critical strike by 50% for 10 seconds.

    -What's that? A mini nuke that motivates you to have a little more fun playing with your enemies.Classes that built on high Dexterity will have quite a hard time facing an Insane Ripper.

    Fearless Being
    Rank Needed: 4
    TypeType: Passive Ability
    Description: Luck and Strength increased by 30%

    -You see that? You lucky Insane Ripper.Not only that, but it makes you stronger.

    Insane Mentality
    Rank Needed: 4
    Type: Passive Ability
    DescriptionDescription: Wisdom and Intellect increased by 20%

    -I can see why you're called the Insane Ripper.Your mentality beats the hell out of Xan.Increases your firepower, making you more pain.

    Rank NeededNeeded: 5
    Mana Cost: 50 Mana
    Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Type: Physical/Magical
    Description: Deals extreme damage to all enemies in the same roomroom, petrifying them for 3 seconds and increasing your damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

    -A nuke skill.Probably your 2nd move after Chaotic Mind Control.Extreme damage and petrifying enemies for 3 seconds.Not to mention increasing your damage output by 30% for 10 seconds.10 seconds is quite long.Vindicator of They would be on the ground flattened.

    Ripper's Final Strike
    Rank Needed: 10
    Type: Passive Ability
    Description: A rare occasion, when near death, your next auto attack cannot be avoided and will deal a fierce brute strike to all enemies, killing them and giving you back full healthhealth and mana.

    When this skill is active, other classes find it the most irritating class ever.So beware when facing the Insane Ripper.Prepare for your demise.

    I advice you guys to build Dexterity and Intellect enhancements.This is an Insane Ripper we're talking about.A crazy arcanist that destroys the very nature of Lore due to its existence.Every Grim Reapers hated the Insane Rippers because they reap and destroy the reputation for a Grim Reaper that should do its work.Never ever mess with an Insane Ripper.There's no chance for a Blademaster to defeat an Insane Ripper.Its nearly impossible.

    You paid your price, you deserved what you get for.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    [Overview of Release]
    The Ripper wanted to conquer Lore, changing the way it is.Heroes, Anti-Heroes, enemies all had a common enemy to defeat.
    Will you defeat The Ripper and bring peace to retain the way Lore is?

    Location : Deep Underground of Arcangrove Tower
    Map name : RipperCavern

    Monsters : Scoria Serpent, Living Fire, Volcanic Maggot

    Boss : Ripper Elemental
    ~Boss Description : Like The Ripper, the elemental should be colored crimson red like the ripper himself~

    ~Compulsory main quests~

    NPC/Quest Giver : Rayst
    • 1st Quest : Scorch the snakes
    Requirements : Kill 10 Scoria Serpents
    Quest Rewards : 1000 exp and 1000 gold

    • 2nd Quest : Burn fire with Living Fire
    Requirements : Kill 12 Living Fires
    Quest Rewards : 1500 exp and 1500 gold

    • 3rd Quest : Extinguish the Volcanic Worms
    Requirements : kill 15 Volcanic Maggots
    Quest Rewards : 2000 exp and 2000 gold

    • 4th Quest : Incinerate the fiery minions
    Requirements : Kill 10 Scoria Serpents, 10 Living Fires and 10 Volcanic Maggots
    Quest Rewards : 5000 exp and 5000 gold

    • 5th Quest : Rip the Ripper Elemental
    Requirements : Kill the Ripper Elemental
    Quest Rewards : 25000 exp, 25000 gold and 25000 evil rep

    • Final Quest : Ultimate Insane Ripper
    Requirements : Defeat Jack The Ripper
    Quest Rewards : 1000000 exp and 1000000 gold

    ~Optional quests below~

    • Special Quest ( Non mem ) : The severed killer
    Requirements : Defeat Jack The Ripper 10 times
    Quest Rewards : Severed Ripper - http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Critical-JTR-SWF-416847742

    • Special Quest ( Mem ) : The severed killer
    Requirements : Defeat Jack The Ripper 5 times
    Quest Rewards : Severed Ripper - http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Critical-JTR-SWF-416847742

    [Quest Completion Shop] ~Doesn't include the special quests above~

    ~Phantom Attire ( Armor ) -> +15% Damage and +15% Resistance

    ~Humanoid Ripper ( Armor ) ->+20% Damage and 5% Luck

    ~Shadow Ripper(s) ( Armor ) ->+30% Dodge and 10% Luck

    1 ) Phantom Attire ( Armor )
    2 ) Humanoid Ripper ( Armor )
    3 ) Shadow Ripper ( Armor )
    4 ) Shadow Ripper-X ( Armor )

    Helmet :
    - Ripper's Headgears : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Headgears-446355191

    Pet :
    Little Ripper pet based on : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Insane-Ripper-Set-443773285

    NPC/Shop : Ripper's Soul
    ~The items are above with guide on how to get~

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    -Supreme Special Quest : Ultimate Insane Ripper Boss Fight-
    -Reward : Insane Ripper enhancement-

    Level 60 Insane Ripper enhancement

    Insane Ripper enhancement stats : Strength-91, Intellect-63, Dexterity-70, Wisdom-39, Endurance-85, Luck-100

    The Insane Ripper Boss Fight takes on the form of this : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Insane-Ripper-Set-443773285

    Location : Deep Underground of Arcangrove Tower
    Map name : TheRipper

    *Ultimate Insane Ripper Boss Fight*

    Jack The Ripper ( Monster )
    Notes: -
    Level: 60
    Difficulty: 4 stars
    Total HP: 5810269

    Chain Spikes: 200-311
    Ripping Scythe: 410-570
    Impale: 400-1051
    Lifesteal: 100-250
    Ripper's Final Strike : 2034-5015


    Jack's Lifesteal saps like 20% of your health.When he crits his Lifesteal, he will sap around 50-60% of your health.
    Impale is a rare occasionoccasion.Once used, you will be stunned for 10 seconds.After the duration your damage will be halved and your hastiness will be reduced for a short time.
    Ripper's Final Strike is a very rare occasion.It either leaves you near death or death.It is an AoE skill, affecting every player in the roomroom.
    1-5% chance will drop double damage-ranged items.The items are below under " [ Item Drops ] ".
    At 25k HP his critical chance is increased by 40%.Beware.
    Can't be stunned, frozen, petrified, slowed, weakened.It reflects back these debuffs to the user.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    [ Item Drops ]
    ~Weapon drops are pretty rare because it deals twice the damage against every enemies.

    - Ripper's Rifle : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Rifle-446352594?q=gallery%3AXionicDXelt%2F40686464&qo=5
    - Ripper's Daikatana : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Daikatana-446352780?q=gallery%3AXionicDXelt%2F40686464&qo=4
    - Ripper's Knife : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Knife-446353215?q=gallery%3AXionicDXelt%2F40686464&qo=3
    - Ripper's Shuriken : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Shuriken-446354117?q=gallery%3AXionicDXelt%2F40686464&qo=2
    - Ripper's Aeroblade : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Xionic-AeroBlade-446354959?q=gallery%3AXionicDXelt%2F40686464&qo=1
    - Ripper's Smile : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Smile-448170570
    - ~Special Drop ( 0.1% drop rate )~ Classic Ripper : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/The-Formal-Ripper-448386782

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    [ Character Page Badge Awards ]

    Kill Jack The Ripper once again with a weapon drop from him to gain a respective badge.
    ~For Example, use the Ripper's Rifle against Jack The Ripper and kill him to gain the badge~

    Using Ripper's Rifle against Jack The Ripper will award you with a " Ripper's Emblem - The Hunter " : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Emblem-The-Hunter-449289900

    Using Ripper's Aeroblade against Jack The Ripper will award you with a " Ripper's Emblem - The Savage " : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Emblem-The-Savage-449299043

    Using Ripper's Knife against Jack The Ripper will award you with a " Ripper's Emblem - The Infiltrator " : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Emblem-The-Infiltrator-449299200

    Using Ripper's Daikatana against Jack The Ripper will award you with a " Ripper's Emblem - The Warlord " : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Emblem-The-Warlord-449299408

    Using Ripper's Shuriken against Jack The Ripper will award you with a " Ripper's Emblem - The Assassin " : http://xionicdxelt.deviantart.com/art/Ripper-s-Emblem-The-Assassin-449299502

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    If I win this contest, I'll ask the developers to create a quest, cutscenes and items for everyone to do.

    *Special Cutscene*

    -After all the heroes have left the scene abandoning Jack The Ripper to rot to death, Jack waited for the right moment to resurrect himself taking on the form of his true self, The Count.The main character sensed a very tingly terrifying aura and told the rest of the NPCs to duck as a shockwave of blood disperses horizontally on the plane level at an average human's neck.A miracle for the heroes as the shockwave disintegrates before reaching one strand of hair on them.The corpse fixed himself back to the way he was and disappears.A while later he lands on the ground with a crash, sending out a warcry and shockwave at the same time with literally burning red eyes glaring at the heroes.In his new form, he looks way more intimidating than his previous form which he wanted to die on purpose so that the heroes could have a little fun time playing with Jack.

    The Count has been awakened.The strongest vampire came back to life.The vampire Dracula, The Dragon.

    Drakath trembled on his knees in his own portal.The strange presence that had awakened in Lore, the definition of terror hits Drakath hard in the head.It is something even he cannot imagine.Its the first time fear had him.

    Drakath: What is this? I-I've never...felt...this before.
    *Drakath gets up and smirks*

    Drakath: It matters not, as long as I never get to present myself near him.
    *Drakath Laughs*

    -End of Cutscene-

    [ Extreme Quest ]

    • Extreme Quest : Confront The Count
    Requirements : Defeat Dracula 0/1
    Monster : Dracula
    Rewards : A flashed Dracula as an Armor, and Head Helmet.

    Location : Deep Underground of Arcangrove Tower
    Map name : Dracule

    *Count Dracula Boss Fight*

    Count Dracula ( Monster )
    Notes: -
    Level: 75
    Difficulty: 5 stars
    Total HP: 105923537

    Hemo-Impalers: 355-1005
    Vampiric Leech: 104-230
    Dracule Slash: 500-1251
    Blood Shockwave: 600-2500
    Count's Hemorrhage : 4034-6015

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    The Demon of Terhabia
    Release Date: ???

    In the past...a hero born in the more dangerous place in the world...Terhabia...This hero was called by his emperor, Balthazar, The ‘’Demon Kid’’, he called it with that name because, when the war started in that place, a lot of demons attacked the Empire of Terhabia, killing his mother and his father, and the baby destroyed all the Empire of Terhabia, and then the Emperor Aldair, saved him from the dead...When the CHAOS comes, Drakath asked for Aldair to be a Chaos Lord, but he declines, and Drakath killed him, and Balthazar, is not more the Demon Kid, now is the ‘’Demon of Terhabia’’, and will kill every creature until to get to Drakath, now hero, you need to help to Balthazar, convince him, and DEFEAT him.

    Name of Map
    Map Name: TerhabiaRuins

    Based on: Mirror Realm in Battleoff

    Choose any NPC currently in game to be your Quest Giver. Also, you’ll need to create speech text for NPC:
    NPC Name and title
    Main text; ~4 sentences long
    “More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long
    Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long

    The undeadslayer paladin
    Hi Hero, come help us!. The Terhabitian demon is here!. Is trying to kill every monster!!. You will need some help with this...

    This place, is Terhabia. Here lived a thousand of the better warriors in the world. This was an big empire. After the Demons War this was destroyed.

    Living Fire, undead pirate, Dark Elemental, Dark Witch, Undead berserker.

    Boss Monster Type*
    ‘’Elemental’’ type boss, But looks like an human, with fire angel wings, fire on his right arm, ice on his left arm, please his attacks be of the element of his arms, and the armor of the monster be shadowed.
    *Note:this will be perfect if have 90k hp or less, to be easily for lvl 35 players!.*

    Reward Types
    List what types of rewards you want:
    Monster drops
    <Living Fire>: Fire head morph.
    <all monsters in the map> Terhabia treasure’s (Legend only quest)
    Boss drops
    Boss armor drop (legend only)
    Boss helm drop (free for all)
    Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

    Item Rewards
    Describe what your rewards* will look like. You can suggest the following types:
    1 Armor ( Based on defender class, The shoulders more tiny, more and more darkness on the armor ;P)
    1 Helm ( Just a helm for the armor, design what you want ;D)
    2 Capes (1. a cape for the armor. 2. The wings of the boss (Fire wings) (ACs)
    2 Weapons (1.Sword for armor (free for all, but with high price of gold) 2. Just any shadow sword (Balthazar spirit sword)
    1 Pet ( Just a mini boss :D)

    *note: It would be great if Dage/Nulgath/Memet/Zoshi makes the reward sword, i just want it to be amazing.*

    Your Release Outline


    // Player joins “TerhabiaRuins”
    // Player talks to “Artix”

    Im not good with the cutscenes so, dont make if you dont want, or just made it with anything :C


    1st Quest
    Collect the ruins.
    In the ruins of terhabia, are some treasures and materials, collect them from the Undead pirates!.
    3 Undead pirate treasure! (undead pirate drops, 20% drop rate)
    Now we have some gems and metal to make light with magic!.

    2nd Quest
    Old Berserker
    In the story of Terhabia, there are a lot of strong berserker, search them and steal his swords!.
    x5 Berserker sword (Undead Berserker drops, 50% drop rate)
    now we have some swords to make an army!..

    3rd Quest
    Witch on the ruins!
    Some warriors got defeated by some witch, go and hunt them!.
    x7 Dark Witch Souls (Dark Witch drops, 70% drop rate)
    Thanks hero, now we are more safely!.

    4th Quest
    Fire with live.
    we kill some Living fire and got a gem!, collect.5 fire gems.
    x5 Fire Gems (drops living fire, 30% drop rate)
    Thanks hero, now we have the fire element on our side.

    5th Quest
    Collect souls
    We need you to collect some monsters souls, to get Balthazar to go here.
    x12 Souls (All monsters in map drops, 100% drop rate)
    now the Demon comes here, look at that side!..

    Final Quest: Boss Battle
    Defeat the Demon
    Now is time, defeat the demon, to help him, and safe him from Drakath!.
    x 1 Terhabia Demon Defeated. (boss drop 100%)
    This was hard hero, but now...his soul is safe.

    Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
    The Demon has a secret
    The old berserker book says ‘’ The Demon Kid has a tiny secret’’ look at it and i will reward you!..
    x1 Demon Eye (Terhabia Demon drops,30% drop rate)
    WOW, we have a demon eye!

    *note: please make this a farm quest :D with like 5k xp and 5k gold*.

    Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
    We readed the book again and says ‘’if you collect 5 Demon eyes, you will be rewarded’’
    x5 Demon Eye (Terhabia Demon drops, 30% drop rate)
    Now look...at your power.

    *note: please make this a farm quest, with like 10k xp and 20k gold’’.

    End Release

    AQW usernames: Draegarn/Espartaco mh.
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    Here my contest event design hope Ya like it *sorry for the bad english
    AQW username : Sacavras
    (level cap : 45+)
    A very nice day on the world of lore,but unexpected the greatest prison in the world,"Archonphobia"has been collapse,the dangerous prisoner has been free,Dufgers and his son Malgrove the most dangerous prisoner has breakdown the prison,now Dufgers and his ally come to the world of lore to take control the world of lore,with His powers,He make earthquake in the world of lore,the grounds has splited and the world of lore has absorted into the deepth,the darkness has fallen over the world of lore.
    The Hero,and the other peoples in the world of lore has trapped into the deepth, The Hero and other peoples,in order to control the world,and Dufgers has hostage Artix to absorb the light energy from Artix,to make an very overpowered weapon to beat the General Savith king of the world of lore,to make the weapon He need light energy from Artix,and 99 Lightly Soul,The Hero must beat Dufgers son "malgrove"to get out from the deepth and look for the amulet of wisdom that located in the "Arconphobia" ruins,to slay Dufgers and His allies,but beware Dufgers has put Layfas the overpowered dracula to save the amulet of wisdom,and ask help Batharaguru Dufgers's teacher.You must hurry before Dufgers completed his overpowered weapons!

    #custences begining : Durfgers and his allies breakdown the prison,and slay all of the guard,then dufgers and his allies break the portal segel barrier and he opened the portal into the world of lore
    the Hero and the others people is still having party at Yulgar,the Hero is still talking with Artix and the earthquake begin,*tundher sounds* and then appared a shadow hand take Artix to the underground,the Hero want to help Artix but he can't,then the ground splited and the world has been absorted into the deepth*there is nothing in the deepth the house all absorted into the deepth has been crush,then the Hero meet Rogxath.Then the adventure begin!!

    Map Name:
    Underlore : i think it would be like UnderWorld map
    ArchonPhobia : i think it would be like UnderWorld map
    FallenCastle : i think it would be like swordhaven undead
    MountOroc : i think it would be like Arcangrove-Mount Gilead map

    Monster :
    > UnderLore : evil prisoner ( just like the normal prisoner but look more eviiiil *about 2k hp ),evil soldier ( same with the evil soldier in wiki ),deepth imp (same like the normal imp but it colours black * about 1,8k hp )Malgrove(*boss*look like evil prisoner(human type) but wearing a black cape,and black winged sword,drops winged sacco ( 1% drop blade ) *maybe about 45.000 hp )
    > Archonphobia : evil guardener ( same with the evil soldier but it has black cape *about 2,5k hp ),Deisentors ( same like the "dementors" at harry potter movies XD *about 5k hp),evil soldier,Layfas (*boss*looks like the normal clasic dracula,but this monster can active DoT to a player ( drop Evil Dracula Pet *1% drop member only )*about 87k HP )
    >FallenCastle : evil prisoner ( same as Underlore monster ),evil soldier,dark imp ( same as deepth imp but more stronger *aout 5k hp ),Dufgers ( mortal ) (same like malgrove but he have long white hair and only have one eyes *about 140k hp)
    >MountOroc : SpredEagle(like Vulture Wings but have 12k HP )
    >FallenCastle2 : Dufgers ( immortal ) same like dufgers ( mortal ) but has spear of darkness that give 1100-1600 damage/attack *about 500k HP cannot be killed,Dufgers ( UnderEffect ) same like dufgers ( immortal ) but now he can be killed *about 120k HP)

    NPCS and Quest
    NPCS >Rogxath ( Savith's son *wears a gold armor and red cape )
    NPCS says : "nice to meet you Hero,i want to know more about you,but we don't have any time we need to hurry before Dufgers get his weapons!"
    more *Dufgers? >"Dufgers is the very dangerous prisoner from Archonphopia"
    Quest from Rogxath :
    1.Explore the Lore
    first thing you need to do is explore the UnderLore hurry we don't have much time!
    *when completed
    Very well hero!
    2.Search for the clue
    Go hury,we need to know how to stop Dufgers completing the weapons
    Clue 1/1 *dropped from any monster in the UnderLore *50% drop rate
    *when completed* Good,now let's see how to stop Him!
    3.Light Energy?
    Oh,no! We must search for the Amulet of Wisdom!
    Amulet of Wisdom 1/1
    "Nooo! this is fake you need to search more about the Amulet!"
    Oh,this is bad trully bad the original amulet is in the archonphobia??!Go hurry you need to find a key to get out from here
    *underLore key 1/1
    *when completed
    "very nice,now you need to beat Malgrove to get out from here"
    go use this key to go to the Malgrove room and kill Him
    Malgrove Slay 1/1
    *this is an auto turn in quest
    #custences : after slay malgrove the portal to the archonphobia has been opened,then the hero run and jump into the portal and the hero got teleported to archonphobia,in archonphobia hero found trexar the archonphobia gate keeper and the adventure begin!!

    NPCS > Trexar
    Trexar said "hhh..hhh...hero.. you must help me...please stop him...
    more *Archonphopia? > "Archonphobia is the biggest prison in the world,but now the prison has been crushed"
    Quest from Trexar :
    1.Slay The Guardians
    "i know you here for the amulets,but first you need to take over the guards"
    Guardians slain 12/12 *100% drop
    *when completed*great job!
    2.Find the Orchad Fire!
    "You need Orchad's Fire it will burn the gate to Amulet"
    Orchad Fire 6/6 *Hero need to click items in the ArchonPhobia map
    *when completed *"great now let's burn the gate"
    3.Burn The Gate
    "Go we need to hurry..."
    Gate Burned 1/1 *hero need to find the gate to amulet of wisdom and click to burned it
    4.Search for The Amulet of Wisdom
    "Great let's go"
    amulet found 1/1 *hero need to find Layfas
    "Oh,no it's Layfas"
    #Custences : Layfas killed Trexar the hero got angry and run to layfas. and the adventure begin!
    5.Slay Layfas! *quest from the corner of map
    Layfas got slayed 1/1
    *this is an auto turn in quest
    #Custences : after getting the amulet of wisdom,and pray for trexar's death,The Hero lookin the portal to come back to UnderLore
    NPCS > General Savith
    General Savith said : "Glad to see you,we must beat Dufgers before He completed his sword"
    Quest from General Savirath
    1.Key to Dufgers
    "you need to search key to dufgers room,to stop him"
    Dufgers room key 1/1 *drop from any monster in Fallencastlemap *drop rate 50%
    *when completed*"great now come with me,we will take them down!"
    2.Slay Dufgers
    Dufgers Down 1/1 *you need to slay dufgers ( mortal )
    *auto completed quest
    #custences the dufgers has become immortal,dufgers black overpowered spear has completed,General Savith order The Hero to ask help from Bhataraguru *dufgers teacher
    dufgers want to kill the hero but General Savith cover the attack,The Hero Search for the portal to MountOroc

    NPC > Double Little Angel
    NPCS Little Angel Said : "greetings!hero,we know you want to meet Batharaguru,before it you must had some test!

    1.Search The Fire Flies
    Fire Flies Founded 4/4 *Hero need to search and click it
    2.Search power of wisdom
    Get the Wisdom Scroll from SpredEagle
    Wisdom Scroll 1/1
    *auto completed quest
    #custences : Batharaguru has appeared from the sky with the angle and fireflies,Batharaguru wearing armor like chiton and have white long beared hair,batharaguru using healer staff,the hero ask batharaguru help for beating Dufgers,after know what's happening batharaguru agree to help and batharaguru open the portal to fallencastle2,unexpected dufgers has killed General Savith
    The Hero got angry and attack Dufgers

    NPCS > none
    *Quest from the corner of map
    1.You can't beat me
    Dufgers Attack 1/1 *hero must defeated by dufgers ( immortal ) to complete the quest
    *auto turn in quest
    #custences batharaguru save The Hero and BatharaGuru revive The Hero,and the hero Batharaguru said to the hero to slay dufgers,batharaguru use all of his power to segel dufgers overpowered weapon,dufgers got loose his immortal life,the hero attack dufgers
    2.Slay Dufgers
    Dufgers Slain 1/1 *Hero must slain dufgers
    #custences ending : dufgers and his allies got anlihatted,The Hero search and help Artix then the world of lore back to normal hero and the others people of lore back to the normal lore and watching sunrise together.

    Spear of Immortallity : 250 ac (Spear colours black have a little wings at the spear )
    Prisoner Armor : 100.000 gold ( looks like Evil Prisoner armor

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    4/23/2014 10:30:00   

    My Submission for the AQW Release Contest, by God_of_healers.

    Release Title: Daimyo's Big Secret.

    Level Range: 25+

    Release Date: May 16 2014

    Artix (The Paladin) Noticed that Daimyo (Artix Dog) always Leaves the House when Artix was Sleeping. Artix was Afraid, because maybe Daimyo was Hiding Something from Artix. Artix ask our Help (Heroes) if we can follow Daimyo, Just to make sure that Daimyo will be safe (and he's not hiding something from me).

    Name of Map:
    LightGuard, Or may I suggest my suggested Map Called TheKeep.

    Artix (The Paladin)
    Hero! Good to see you here at Light House. I have a Special quest for You! Would you follow Daimyo (Artix Dog) whenever he Leaves my house?
    Why? Because I suspected DAIMYO my own dog that he is Hiding a BIG SECRET from me! May you help me Hero? REALLY? YOU WILL HELP? That would be Great!

    Undead Soldier, Skeletal Fire Mage and Skeletal Ice Mage.

    Boss Monster:
    Undead Flaming Dog. That Shoots Flame Orb from his Mouth.

    Rewards Type:
    Boss Drops
    Shop that unlocks after completing all the Quest.

    Item Reward:
    Armor: Flaming Undead Armor
    Helm: Undead Flaming Dog Helm
    Weapon: Flaming Dog Skull (Dagger)
    Pet: Undead Flaming dog (Legends Only)

    *Opening Cutscene* Artix Woke up from his bed and realized that Daimyo is missing. When he Go outside he saw Daimyo going to the forest with a Piece of flower that its his mouth bitten.
    *Closing Cutscene* Artix Realize that the Undead Flaming dog Is Daimyo's Older Brother that died because of saving Daimyo's Life when daimyo is still a Puppy.


    1st Quest: Map Item.
    Kill 5 Undead Soldiers, 3 Skeletal Ice mage and 2 Skeletal Fire Mage.
    Quest Rewards:
    500 Exp
    500 Gold

    2nd Quest: Drop Item
    Kill any of the Undeads here at the Forest and Bring me back something Not so secret thing.
    Quest Rewards:
    600 Exp
    600 Gold

    3rd Quest: Drop Item
    Kill 10 skeletal fire mage and Bring me some of there Bones
    Quest Rewards:
    700 Exp
    700 Gold

    4th Quest: Drop Item
    Kill as many Undead Soldiers Until they will Drop something Fishy or something secret.
    Quest Rewards:
    800 Exp
    800 Gold

    5th Quest: Clicky
    Find Daimyo in the Forest.
    Quest Rewards:
    900 Exp
    900 Gold

    6th Quest: Drop Item
    Deafet the Undead Flaming Dog.

    Special Quest (Legends Only): Drop Item
    Deafet the Undead Flaming dog 30 Times
    Quest Reward:
    Flaming Daimyo.

    End Of Release!!!
    I hope You Enjoy my Submitted Design :) -God_of_healers, AQWorlds Player.
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    Hunt for the Hope Blade
    This release is for levels 30+.
    Release Date: May 16,

    Player/Maker’s Information
    Real-life Name: Kaizer Albert C. De Asis
    Player Name: kaizersyoti
    Level & Class: Level 45 and Chunin (Rank 10)
    Country: I’m a resident of the Philippines.

    I’m Kaizer Albert De Asis or just call me kaizersyoti if you want to use my character name or my forum name, ArchclasherJimmy. I really got excited at this contest when I found out that we will make a release for all the players and this made me happy that at least we, the players can make an additional storyline to a certain location but still using the game’s current elements and we can also add some epic items if we can.

    If I win the contest, I’ll use my prize wisely and I hope all players will enjoy this release.

    For more information about my AQWorlds account just visit this link:

    As the battle with the final Chaos Lord and Drakath is coming near, the residents of Lore are now starting to feeling hopeless or specifically they’re starting to lose hope and starting to have despair and one of the people, Zoshi starts to remember the legend of the knight who brought again hope to the world of Lore as The Galin’ vanish through Lauren or Hope, the husband of The Galin’ and the unity of all the defenders of Lore from evil. But then The Galin’ returned and then caused Uncreation through all the corrupt people of Lore but was stopped by one person, Jimmy Runemeadows, a heir to the Rune Kingdom and an Archclasher, a person who can equip all kinds of magic and brute force. Jimmy equipped a very powerful and legendary weapon crafted by him, the Hope Blade, where he made it after he defeated the Mysterious Stranger before he could consume the world with darkness. But one day, Jimmy then announced that he will part his ways to the world and will return at the right time and decides to give the blade to the right person and it was you hero so he then decided to announce the reagents that will be needed to craft the blade and decided that someone will hold the list to the hero.

    Fight your way to the beasts around the Vinci Mall to restore the scattered chapters of the Tome of Knowledge of Jimmy and prepare yourselves to craft the Hope Blade to prepare yourselves to fight the final Chaos Lord and Drakath himself. Don’t underestimate the blade’s power since this still holds big secrets and you are the one destined to reveal the secrets of the blade. Also help Zoshi find a cure to restore the tainted avian and find his missing childhood friend and a great swimmer, Danny. Find the mysteries lurking in the mall to find out why it is closed and you’re the one who can find out and return the mall to its original form. After beating the boss, the mall will return to its state and all the shops will return but the shopkeepers are not yet there, so just explore the mall.

    Map Location
    The map choice will be in Mirror Realm in Battleoff and the added location/map is a shopping mall where many of the items selling are books and one of them is the Tome of Knowledge, so the mall is named after Leonardo Da Vinci, so the name is Vinci Mall. It will only have first 20 screens but if you completed the Tome of Knowledge, craft the Hope Blade and defeated the boss, the mall will be opened. The first appearance of mall includes only a bookstore and the supermarket, the purpose is that the first station is for the tome and the second is for the Hope Blade reagents and the boss. So if the player defeated the boss, it’s like the problem of the mall management is solved so they will open the mall officially since the problem is gone. The mall’s color is vibrant but not so bright the right mixture of colors is very nice.

    Release Timeline
    Player joins vincimall.
    Player talks to Zoshi.

    The table will show you the name of the monster, level and how many monsters are there in the map.

    Monster Name Level Quantity
    Evil Moglin Level 30* 3
    Tainted Pelican Level 30* 5
    Tainted Phoenix Level 30* 5
    Tainted Emu Level 30* 5
    Tainted Hummingbird Level 30* 5
    Living Air Level 35** 1
    Chaos Bandit Level 30* 3
    Chaoruppted Healer Level 30* 3
    Chaoruppted Mage Level 30* 3
    Chaoruppted Prisoner Level 30* 3
    *The HP of the monsters hyphenated will be low but then their damage is high.
    Boss Monster

    **Actually the Living Air in the monster list is actually a boss monster, but is considered as Sub-Boss, so the health of the sub-boss might be around 5,000 or 10,000.

    Chaos Swimmer- the design of this monster is a male swimmer in the Battle/Victory Swimwear where they were fully chaoruppted, so his eyes is now purple and there are spikes in his shoulder and in his arms, and around him is water. Don’t underestimate him, he has high damage.
    Level: 50
    HP: 25,000
    MP: 100

    NPC/Quest Giver
    The NPC that I will choose as the quest giver and shopkeeper is Zoshi, since he is the capable for helping you in finding epic items through hunting monsters and since he is a monster hunter, I selected him as the quest giver and shopkeeper.

    Good Monster Hunter
    Fellow adventurer! Are you here to hunt for the reagents of the Hope Blade? I think you’ve find the right place but first there’s actually a big book named the Tome of Knowledge where it contains about creation of Lore and about the legendary tale of the wielder of the Hope Blade. So can you help me out restore all of the pages of the Tome of Knowledge actually some of the creatures invaded the mall and tore all the Tome of Knowledge?
    - Quests
    After completing the ‘Tome of Knowledge: Complete!’ quest:
    Wow, you were able to reform the Tome of Knowledge in just one hour! Now that you’ve found out the reagents of the Hope Blade but actually there’s one place to find that, the grocery of this mall. This mall’s grocery has all of the items that people need like spell books and more; but the bad news is that the grocery is now being invaded by creatures but this are not simple creatures they are chaoruppted. That’s actually the real reason the mall closed for a long time, and we can help them by returning the mall to its original growth. So hero, are you ready to rumble?
    - Quests
    After completing the ‘Swim to the Truth’ quest:
    Congratulations Hero, you’ve crafted the Hope Blade and now that you’ve know the creation of Lore and the blade’s secret; and also thanks to you the Vinci Mall has returned to its growing state and the residents of the Mirror Realm will be grateful to you and as a gift to you all of the mall’s stores are now open thanks to you! Hero, use this blade wisely and never use this to do anything EVIL. And Hero thanks you for saving my childhood friend, Danny and my guidance is with you now. Hero, bring hope again to the whole Lore.
    - Bonus Quests
    - Hope Shop
    - Replay Cutscenes

    Zoshi’s appearance will be different from his appearance in the Artist Alley and Tower of Doom; he will be equipping an undercover suit to avoid confusion from the residents of the Mirror Realm.

    Location: Vinci Mall
    Quest Giver: Zoshi

    Quest List:
    Quest Title Type of Quest
    Tome of Creation Clicky and Map Item
    Tome of Order Drop
    Tome of Destiny Drop
    Tome of Hidden Secrets Drop
    Tome of Knowledge: Complete! Drop and Multi-Clicky
    The Forgotten Memento Drop
    Chains of Power Clicky and Drop
    Runes of Glory Map Item and Multi-Clicky
    The Ultimate Strike Drop
    Swim to the Truth Drop and Multi-Clicky
    Avian Hunting Clicky and Drop
    Chaotic Winds Drop

    Quest Legend: (when writing the quest outline please indicate what type of quest you are thinking of)
    Drop: Signifies the player gets the quest item from beating monsters.
    Map Item: Item awarded from map based on entering a frame in the Map or Apop
    Clicky: A type of map item that the player simply clicks on around the map to get the item
    Multi-Clicky: Like the clicky but requires several clicks before getting item: Digging a hole by clicking one at a time.
    Start Release Events: (Cutscenes and Gameplay, chronologically)

    Quests Information:

    First Quest: Tome of Creation
    Hero, welcome to the mall of Mirror Realm, the Vinci Mall. Actually, the reason this is the correct place to find the reagents of the Hope Blade because the Tome of Knowledge is located in this big mall, but I bet the Tome of Knowledge is in the bookstore named “Bookworm’s Lounge” since in that very bookstore you can read a book even without buying that book. Ok, find the Tome of Knowledge and try your best to find some of the chapters of the tome.

    Items Required:
    Creation Chapters x 6
     Click on the blue arrows around the map
    Tome of Knowledge Found!
     Go to Screen 10

    When Completed:
    So the Tome of Knowledge is really torn and all of its chapters are missing… how sad. What did you say you found some of the chapters of the Tome of Knowledge? Good job Hero, well the chapters you found are about the creation of Lore and the gods and avatars of Lore!

    Second Quest: Tome of Order
    Hero, the next chapters of the Tome is about Order. And I noticed some of the Tainted Pelicans and Phoenixes are holding all of the Chapters about the Order in the Lore. We must get from those birds before they could taint the Chapters into Corruption; because these chapters contains the Elemental Orbs Saga, Elemental Dissonance, Magic vs. Science and all of the best happenings that proved the unity of the whole Lore!

    Items Required:
    Order Chapters x 10
     Dropped by Tainted Pelican
     Dropped by Tainted Phoenix

    When Completed:
    At last the Order chapters, let’s go hero to the next remaining chapters!

    Third Quest: Tome of Destiny
    The Destiny Chapters are in the hands of the emu; um actually it’s Tainted Emus. I really don’t know why they are tainted but at least we are able to tranquilize the pelicans and phoenixes. So this is what we will do defeat the emus, get the Destiny chapters and tranquilize them so we can find a cure to return them to their normal states; and also the Destiny Chapters contain the aftermaths of the wars and every events happened in the lives of some of the heroic heroes in Lore. Oh I forgot, also try them finding it also on the remaining pelicans and phoenixes and again you know what to do.

    Items Required:
    Destiny Chapters x 15
     Dropped by Tainted Pelican
     Dropped by Tainted Phoenix
     Dropped by Tainted Emu

    When Completed:
    So, you got the Destiny Chapters and the emus… good!

    Fourth Quest: Tome of Hidden Secrets
    The most important part of the Tome of Knowledge: the Hidden Secrets Chapters. In these chapters, all of the revelations in Lore, treachery, betrayal and the most hurtful happenings in Lore are contained. They are now around the Tainted Avian and now also the hummingbirds. Also, after doing some researches in the bookstore I was now able to find the cure in these avian but then some Evil Moglins stole the cure I was able to get. Hero, please stop those treacherous moglins.

    Items Required:
    Hidden Secrets Chapters x 20
     Dropped by Tainted Pelican
     Dropped by Tainted Phoenix
     Dropped by Tainted Emu
     Dropped by Tainted Hummingbird
    Cure Bottle Retrieved x 1
     Dropped by Evil Moglin

    When Completed:
    At last the avian in this mall have returned to their healthy states and now we have the final chapters of the Tome of Knowledge, we can now find out the hidden secrets of the Hope Blade. Wait, there is strong wind brewing in here, this is very fishy.

    Fifth Quest: Tome of Knowledge: Complete!
    WHAT DID YOU SAY, the chapters that we collected for the tome are not yet complete! So that’s why I am feeling some wind in this store, we must investigate this bizarre wind and let’s see if this have the remaining chapters of the Tome. And after finding all of the chapters for the Tome, let’s restore it RIGHT NOW!

    Items Required:
    Balance Chapters x 1
     Dropped by Living Wind
    Tome of Knowledge Complete x 1
     Click multiple times at the blue arrow in Screen 10.

    When Completed:

    Sixth Quest: The Forgotten Memento
    So the Tome of Knowledge reveals that the Hope Blade is crafted by Jimmy to commemorate for the lost lives of the residents of Lore after the The Galin’s invasion, and that memento is a brick of a guardian tower that was destroyed by The Galin’. Find this brick from those Chaos Bandits.

    Items Required:
    Brick of Guardian Tower x 1
     Dropped by Chaos Bandit

    When Completed:
    The Brick of Guardian Tower check! One down four more left to find.

    Seventh Quest: Chains of Power
    The Chains of Power, these are not simple chains, these chains used to hold all of the mightiest dragons of Lore. Hero, these chains have a great color, golden like the Sun’s light. Also, can you find some Magical Glue from those Chaoruppted Mages?

    Items Required:
    Chains of Power x 4
     Click on the blue arrows starting from Screen 11
    Magical Glue x 2
     Dropped by Chaoruppted Mage

    When Completed:
    I’m right all of the Chains of Power are separated, at least I requested you to find some magical Glue to bind these chains. Two down three more left to find.

    Eight Quest: Runes of Glory
    The Runes of Glory, these contain the power of the unity of the mightiest defenders of Lore. I think these are located somewhere from the grocery. And also get this Rune Capturer so we could get these runes instantly.

    Items Required:
    Runes of Glory Found x 1
     Go to Screen 16
    Runes of Glory Captured x 1
     Click multiple times at the blue arrow at Screen 16

    When Completed:
    At last, the Runes of Glory captured! Three down two left to go.

    Ninth Quest: The Ultimate Strike
    The most important element of the Hope Blade, the Shard of the Ultimate Orb was said to be found around the world and actually this will appear on battling multiple enemies at once. Get the Shard as quickly as you can do.

    Shard of the Ultimate Orb x 1
     Defeat all monsters in Screen 18

    When Completed:
    The Shard of the Ultimate Orb… THIS IS CERTAINLY THE SHARD!!! Wow Hero, you did it. Now one more left, the Legendary Hilt.

    Final Quest: Swim to the Truth
    Actually the hilt is now in the hands of the great swimmer, Danny or actually my childhood friend. The weirdest happening on him is that he suddenly disappeared from the swimming contest. WHAT, he is chaoruppted right now!!! NO, that’s impossible please defeat him not kill him, I want him to return on his normal state. And also after doing that, go to the next screen and collect the water from the fountain after him, it actually contains the cure of Chaorupption just like the Cleric said and we also need that to sanctify the blade.

    Legendary Hilt x 1
     Dropped by Chaos Swimmer
    Chaorupption Cure x 1
     Click multiple times at the blue arrow at Screen 20

    When Completed:

    Special Quests (Legend Only):

    Special Quest One: Avian Hunting
    I need you again to capture some of the avian to cure them and return them to their correct corresponding cages, so they would not be tainted again.

    Avian Captured x 10
     Dropped by Tainted Pelican
     Dropped by Tainted Phoenix
     Dropped by Tainted Emu
     Dropped by Tainted Hummingbird
    Cage Collected x 10
     Click on the blue arrows around the map.

    When Completed:
    Good job, Hero. Here takes this as your reward, this will prove your great monster hunting skills.
    Special Quest Two: Chaotic Winds
    Oh no, the Chaoruppted Humans in the grocery again have revived and cooperated with the Living Air to chaoruppt all the air conditioning in the mall. Hero, please take down those two sides.

    Chaoruppted Human Slayed x 10
     Dropped by Chaos Bandit
     Dropped by Chaoruppted Mage
     Dropped by Chaoruppted Healer
     Dropped by Chaoruppted Prisoner
    Living Air Slayed x 1
     Dropped by Living Air

    When Completed:
    Hero thanks for saving the mall from chaoruppted air. Here take this as your reward, use this to merge into awesome items.

    First Cutscene: Tome of Knowledge Restored
    After beating the culprit behind scattered pieces and tainted avian, the Living Wind and restoring the Tome of Knowledge to its original state, the legend of the Hope Blade is revealed and Zoshi reveals that he is the destined person being the informant of Jimmy Runemeadows then he reveals that he is also finding for someone, Danny a great swimmer and was missing a long time ago. After his disappearance, Zoshi is now having nightmares on Danny being a Chaos Swimmer and chaoruppting all the swimmers and water creatures. Zoshi then returns and reveals the list of the reagents of the Hope Blade. But then water then starts to spread on the grocery and then Zoshi starts to feel sick when he saw the water and falls unconscious. After a few minutes ago, Zoshi was then awake and the player reveals that the water spreading is actually a Chaorupption cure, where this made Zoshi hope to find a cure and use it to sanctify the blade, then Zoshi warms up and shouts to the Hero to strat the hunt for the reagents now.

    Second Cutscene: The Mall’s Resurrection
    After beating Danny or the Chaos Swimmer, Zoshi then starts to shed tears and throws the cure to him and pours all the reagents of the Hope Blade to the fountain to sanctify the blade thus causing the reagents to react and merge to each other, thus forming the Hope Blade and the cure caused Danny to return to his original state, a figure says that it was due to a negative reaction due to nightmare where it was revealed to be Sora To Hoshi and reveals that the mall is actually headed by someone in the other universe not in the Mirror Realm but someone then cast a spell all out the mall and it caused all the machines, light and stores open. When Zoshi left Danny, he trained for himself but was then drowned on Chaos Waters, but he returned on his normal state when Zoshi shed his tears where it actually hit the cure and reveals that it was because of Zoshi’s tears why he was cured. Zoshi then wake up and give the Hero the Hope Blade and give him some inspirational message then Sora to Hoshi and the Hero returned to the other universe.

    Item Rewards
    Boss Drops:
    Dual Ebon Chaos Shotgun (Non-Legend)
    - This is the same Ebon Chaos Revolvers but then I used the Ebon Chaos Shotgun into two and evolve it with more Chaotic power dealing more damage.
    Fiendish Warrior Helm (Non Legend)
    - Increased metal for the fiend warrior helm with more claws in the head.
    Battle Chibi Chaos Swimmer (AC)
    - This concept is the same with Chaos Swimmer but in Chibi form ready to aid you in battle. I want this to be an AC Item and Non-Legend so those who haven’t experience the permanent Battle Pet experience when they were equipping a Battle Pet Class so their Battle Pet won’t lose again and again.

    Hope Merge Shop:
    Hopeful Monster Hunter (AC)
    - This armor’s design is like the Ronin Hunter’s design where the upper body is exposed but now evolved with the mixture of a Chaos eye belt, skull badge, paw print badge, dragon’s fang badge, Ultimate Orb badge and a human silhouette badge placed in the armor’s lower cloth under the Chaos eye belt representing all of the monsters you’ve hunted and gilded slippers as your footwear.
    Rainbow Bejeweled Blade
    - Like the Bejeweled Blade but now infused with the 12 birthstones of the year and now sparkling as ever and the blades is now sharper and the color of blade is like a rainbow going down in sequence.
    Evolved Trident of Storms
    - This item is the evolved version of Trident of Storms, with more glows, longer than the original version and the aura of the weapon grows starting from the glow up to the handle.
    Hopeful Monster Hunter’s Headwear
    - It’s like a belt with a sign of unity engraved in the belt but not affecting your hair style meaning it will just add on your hairdo.
    High Shield of Hope (AC)
    - Like the High Shield of the Clerics but with a different color scheme and evolved with more runes and new animation.
    Aristocratic Cape and Back Blades
    - Aristocratic Cape with an Additional Back Blades just proving aristocrats defend their own colonies from others.

    The merge items that will be used in the merge shop can be obtained from the special quest only for Legends but these merge items will also drop on ALL of the monsters in the Vinci Mall.

    End Release
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    The Hidden Rune of Arcangrove

    In-game name: Naruto rasengan 21 (Done it by myself only)
    Level range: 21+
    Release date: Anytime


    One day, Rayst was reading the Encyclopedia Arcana from the Tower of Magic looking for an another cure for Chaos infection. While he was turning the pages, he saw the 'Arcane Rune' that is said to be sealed away from a Hidden Temple around the forest of Arcangrove, but some say it's only a myth, but Rayst needed the rune for curing Chaos infection. Now, Rayst is encouraged to find the Hidden Temple and the Rune, he decided to descend to the Forest of Arcangrove. After hours and hours of searching, he didn't find the Hidden Temple, that's why he went back to the Tower of Magic. While He was on his way back to the Tower full of despair within him, a portal suddenly appeared before him, and He had no idea where the portal could lead to. Then, He thought that the portal could lead to the said Temple, that's why He summoned you (Hero) to enter the portal and hope to find the Hidden Temple and the sealed Rune.

    (172 Words)

    Name of Map:

    Name of Map: Arcanetemple


    Master of the Tower of Magic

    Hero! I need you to assist me by both of us entering this mysterious portal. I'm pretty much sure that this portal is the only way to go to the 'Hidden Temple'.

    As the Encyclopedia Arcana stated; that the 'Arcane Rune' is sealed away from this 'Hidden Temple' and that temple is inside this portal, I can just feel it!

    This 'Arcane Rune' is said to be a myth that can cure Chaos Infection, that's why we must find this Temple and hope that the rune is real.

    Chaos Sprites, Earth Elementals, Water Elementals, Fire Elementals, Wind Elementals.

    Boss Monsters Type:
    Elemental, Dragonkin
    (A Dragon that looks and controls the 4 elements)

    Reward Types:
    Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
    Boss drops

    Item Rewards:

    Boss Drops:

    Supreme Arcane Armor (Boss Drop)
    Supreme Arcane Helm (Boss Drop)
    Elemental Dragon Pet (Boss Drop)

    Shop after completing all the quests:

    Arcane Rune Fighter Armor (Shop)
    Arcane Rune Hood (Shop)
    Elemental Runed Cape (Shop)
    Runed Cape of Arcangrove (Shop)
    Cape of Arcangrove (Shop)
    Runed Sword of Arcangrove (Shop)
    Scythe of Despair (Shop)
    Hidden Dagger of Arcangrove (Shop)

    Release Outline:

    // Player joins “ArcaneTemple”
    // Player talks to “Rayst”


    The Hero is summoned by Rayst to enter the portal and arrived at a mysterious temple, they now planned to go inner through the temple.


    Quest #1:

    Type: Click
    Scout the Temple
    Hero, you must scout the Temple and determine if it is safe to continue.
    Reach the end of the Temple, and return back to Rayst.
    Temple Revealed x1

    Alright, since it is safe, we must continue.

    Quest #2:

    Type: Kill Monsters
    Clear the Elementals!
    Hero, we must defeat each of the Elementals so we can get to the next room!
    Water Elemental Defeated x2
    Fire Elemental Defeated x2
    Earth Elemental Defeated x2
    Wind Elemental Defeated x2

    Good job, let us move on.

    Quest #3:

    Type: Kill Monsters
    Chaos Sprites won't allow us
    Those Chaos Sprites doesn't allow us to continue unless we fight them, We have no choice but to defeat them. Defeat all 5 Chaos Sprites
    Chaos Sprites Defeated x5
    I can feel this powerful energy getting near...

    Quest #4

    Type: Kill Monsters
    Where is the Key?
    We need to find the key so we can enter the following chamber, I'm sure those Elementals are hiding it among them. You must defeat each of them until they surrender the key to you.
    Key Found x1
    Alright, let's open the chamber, but I feel this... this powerful elemental energy...

    Quest #5

    Type: Kill Monsters
    Defeat the Elemental Dragon
    Hero, you must defeat the Dragon so we can unlock the Rune at the end of this chamber.
    Elemental Dragon Vanquished! x1
    Hero, we did it! Let us now unlock the Rune

    *Cutscene Plays*
    The Hero defeats the Dragon, as they unlock the Rune

    Quest #6 (Final Quest)

    Type: Kill Monsters
    Hero, one last thing before we can claim the Rune; we must unlock this vault, and it can be only unlocked if we defeat 5 Water, Wind, Fire and Earth Elementals! Hero, I'm counting on you.
    Water Elemental Triumphed x5
    Fire Elemental Triumphed x5
    Earth Elemental Triumphed x5
    Wind Elemental Triumphed x5

    This is it Hero, the mythical Rune that is said to cure Chaos infection. Hero, thank you and I could'nt have done it without you!

    *Final Cutscene Plays*

    The Hero and Rayst unlocked the Vault, as they grab the Arcane Rune, A hidden message tells that the Arcane Rune only cures Chaos Infection partially and cannot cure Chaos to the fullest, but still, Rayst felt happy since the Arcane Rune is still helpful as it can partially cure Chaos Infection.


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    The Chaos Origins
    Level Range: (40+)
    Release Date: i not have idea :P
    AQW Username: Semyazza

    Long in the realm of lore ago, the people and creatures lived in harmony, but the peace was about to end, another bad dimencion lore came to corrupt the minds and hearts of all people ...

    while the people of the kingdom of lore live quietly without worrying evil chaos had begun its work in the forests of lore, beasts of great power were controlled by this evil, the heroes began a hunts to eliminate chaos by the King.

    go to the forest of corruption and defeating the behemoth Grand Sifyr satyr protector of forest that was corrupted by the chaos and use the power of his legendary horn Holy Protector to purify his heart and mind the chaos and save the forest.

    Map Name: Corruptforest
    Location: Neverglades

    Guru Forest Witch
    Ascended witch

    Main Text:

    hero chaos has gripped the inhabitants of the forest, you must find the source and eliminate it, I will guide you to your destination but there are many dangers you face That in this place is our home must help hero.

    More Text:

    Many of our sisters have been controlled chaos including our leader, the great protector satyr has also been controlled, finding the sacred horn to blow it carries Might deliver all of his control, is the last hope for the forest.

    Corrupted Wolf
    Corrupted Bear
    Dark Witch (corrupted)
    Undead Berserker (corrupted)

    Boss Monster:
    Sifyr The Grand Satyr (Beast – Corrupted – Behemoth – Sacred horn on his neck)

    *should be a sacred and bright horn on his neck and giant axe weapon*

    http://prntscr.com/3cod8c here I leave a drawing reference to the boss


    (unlocks after completing all quests)

    Ancient Protector Armor
    Ancient Protector Helm
    Ancient Protector Cape
    Ancient Protector Axe (leyend only)

    Boss Drops

    Holy Satyr Horn (maze)
    Chaos Berserker Claymore
    Chaos Dark Witch Hat (helm)
    Child Dark Witch (pet)

    Player Join “Corruptforest”
    Player Talk To “Guru Forest Witch”


    Main Cutscenes

    my story is based on the arrival of chaos lore, I saw a cutscene where the chaos reaches the forest for dimencional portal and seizes creatures, I see something, also wanted to show how seizes freaks my forest and boss monsters, I would like it all started when the good (alteon king) and evil (Sepulchure) were not yet at war, even when not at his appearance Drakath.

    End Cutscenes

    Here I want to show by beating the great protector Satyr Forest take their sacred horn and blow it to purify your mind and the minds of all the inhabitants of the forest, I also want to see how the corrupted dark witch that were controlled chaos purified and meet his sister (guru forest witch). It does not end there because the chaos has not yet been completely eliminated, even more powerful evil will come in the future (Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos).


    1st Quest
    hunting corrupt claws
    many forest wolves and bears have been acting strangely lately, chaos has taken over your mind, we must find a way past them to get to where the satyr protector of the forest, located 12 and 9 corrupted corrupted wolf bear and bring me their claws.

    12 Corrupted wolf claws
    9 Corrupted bear claws

    well done, now we need to move forward we can free ourselves from the chaos control son.

    2nd Quest
    Berserker Bones
    the undead berserker have protected the forest for a long time but now are destroying life and peace to all creatures ... you bring me 15 bones of chaos from corrupted undead berserker.

    15 Bones of Chaos

    amazing you did it! now continue to our destination, before the chaos control throughout the forest!

    3rd Quest
    Books of Dark Magic
    dark witches lost their magic books in the woods without them our magic is useless against the chaos, you must find and pick up 6 books of black magic ... and also help my sisters who are under corruption.

    6 Books of black magic

    which is now just find the great protector of the forest Satyr.

    4th Quest
    Sisters in trouble
    So now we have to help my sisters witches to release chaos control. to defeat 10 dark witch corrupted and will be a step forward to eradicate the chaos!

    10 Corrupted Dark Witch staff

    my sisters are very grateful to you for having helped. Now we must find go!

    5th Quest
    Turned into animals
    Most animals have come from the depths of the forest we arrive to prevent the Satyr, the wolf must defeat corrupted delay us who want to find the Great Satyr.

    10 Corrupted Wolf

    perfect! Now you just need to defeat the corrupted bear who appeared!

    6th Quest
    No Hugging Bears!

    Corrupt bears have appeared must be defeated in order to progress, you could handle this hero

    10 Corrupted Bears

    well done hero!

    7th Quest
    The Satyr
    in the depths of the forest is the great satyr Sifyr You must investigate and find not much time left for that chaos takes over the forest

    Find the Satyr

    Great! hero is when the chaos is eliminated.

    Final Quest: Boss Battle
    Defeat the Chaos
    Time the hero has come, the time of the final battle against chaos ... must defeat the Great Satyr and take their sacred horn to blow it the mind of forest dwellers who have been controlled chaos will be free!

    Defeat the Satyr Sifyr!

    did you get hero, has defeated the chaos my sisters and I will be pleasing ...

    Legend-only Quest 1
    King of Berserker
    Defeat 25 corrupted undead berserker to get the reward!

    25 Corrupted Undead berserker

    Has shown that they can defeat the chaos whenever you want, here's your reward.

    Dual Chaos Berserker Claymore (daggers)(reward)

    Legend-only Quest 2
    Protect the forest

    Chaos rests should never defeat chaos beast 100 for the character page badge and become the protector of the forest.

    100 Chaos beast

    a new protector of the forest has come!

    Character Page Badge (reward)

    End Release.

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