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4/23/2014 11:23:47   

Destiny’s Rise
note I did this all by myself and hope this is worth it!
Level range: 36+
Release date: 16 May, 2014
Map location: Neverglades
/join afterlife
By: Sepulchure 1234
The immortal surge of chaos has caused a imbalance among Destiny. Each day that flows by kills it more and more. All that will be left is the Kismet. Soon the world will be in the lap of the avatars, deceased.
All that’s left is the critter light shines dreary deep within the lair of Doom hidden deep in the heart of the Never Glades. If this continues, all of Lore will fall into Chaos’s Void, which will result in a catastrophe. Doom itself supports chaos, yet it is neither good nor evil, but it acts on its own will.
There is not much time until the light of critter will die out and Destiny will fade from the world forever, leaving nothing but darkness and chaos. It’s up to the hero to save what he/she can of Destiny before Doom has its way. We must all act hastily, save Destiny and put Doom back in his own place. (159 words)
Map Name: /join Afterlife
NPC: Artix: The paladin of order (should look tired and worn out)
Hero! *pants* Darkness has fallen over the Never Glades and I’m afraid it will continue to spread if nothing shall be done. We must venture deep in the Never Glades before Destiny fades. Doom has summoned some minions, blocking the path. *coughs* We have to *pants* defeat each one to *coughs* get into the lair of *harshly coughs* Doom. *Falls to the ground gasping for air*
<more> (are you OK?)
Don’t worry about me, just focus on what needs to be done. I can bear what is happening now, but not if we are not doing anything.
Monsters: Dark witch x7
Dark elemental x5
Dread-spider x3
Marsh tree x10
Boss monster type: Elemental
He should look a little bit like death, but not entirely. He has some features from the Undead legend armor (skull and animation), but also looks like an elemental (dark elemental). The monster should have two big blades and be slightly bigger than average bulk bosses. (Name: Doom’s Rage)
Monster drops (regents for merge shop)
Boss drop (gear for merge shop)
Merge shop (unlocks after completing all the quests)
Item Rewards: (all is free player)
Evolved blinding light of destiny (just a more bulkier version of the BLoD and maybe with increased attributes which includes buffs against certain monsters)
Destiny’s light (Looks like a Pandora’s blade but without the laser and the size of Behemoth Blade of light/darkness) (yellow and white color
Doom’s Betrayal (Looks like the Phoenix blade but backwards like undead assassins sword) (black and red with some dark blue)

Destiny’s pledge (a compressed version of Dage’s undead legend, but without the bulky things on top of the shoulders) (yellow and white)

Destiny’s Hope (a simple looking cape with some cool animations) (yellow and white with some fur)
Doom’s Despair (the opposite colors of Destiny’s Hope)

Destiny’s Pride (an evolved version of archfiend bezerker helmet but on the good side)
Doom’s humility (opposite colors of Destiny’s Pride)

Doom’s spirit (just a small version of the boss monster)

Quest 1: Do or die
I could use a little boost before we go charging into the lair of Doom. So I need a rare, but special herb from the marsh trees. I’m counting on you hero!
Herb found! 0/1
End text: I feel the warm healing magic of the herb already!

Quest 2: Overview Needed
Before we go and confront the thing responsible for thing we must know the area. Even the minions get lost in this never ending maze. I’ve seen a few using a map to find their way. That is exactly what we need! Get the map from one of the monsters and return with it in one piece.
Map found 0/1
End text: You’re really good at getting maps from hostile monsters! Can you show me how to do that someday?

Quest 3: We need a weapon!
I know you had a hard time getting that map, so I came up with a solution to defeat them with ease! Just bring back a Violent Sphere from the Dark Witch so we can blast through their defenses.
Violent Sphere 0/1
End text: Now the difficulty should be reduced

Quest 4: The conversion
If we want to restore the critter light, we are going to need a lot of light wisps! Unfortunately there are only dark wisps in the area because of the Dark elemental. On the bright side, I can convert them to the light side. Bring back some of them to brighten the hope of lore!
Dark wisps 0/25
End text: We are one step closer to saving Lore Hero!

Quest 5: Black Magic
The witches at the back line are causing havoc to our forces. The map shows a short cut around to the witches at the defensive line. Defeat them so we can pass through!
Dark witches defeated 0/10
End text: “What kills can also be killed” Bear that in mind hero for you will need motivation to face what will come up.

Quest 6: Dreaded spiders
No hero likes spiders, even Arachnomancers. They need to be put down, and I mean now. Defeat 5 dread-spiders to reach the end of the passage.
Dread-spiders defeated 0/5
End text: we are just about to reach Doom hero… just a little bit further.

Quest 7: Cutting through
All these trees are blocking the way to the critter light. We must chop them down before it fades away!
Marsh trees cut down 0/50
End text: The time has come hero!
Start release event: The hero runs through the cave opening with his/her blade ready to dish out some damage, only to all down to a trap door and be hung upside down from a rope. He/she can see the critter light, now barely shining and Doom staring at the hero with his deathly eyes. All seems lost when Artix spring out of nowhere, cuts the rope, slashes Doom across the chest and lands an epic back flip. Right at that moment, the remaining minions barge in the room and dash towards the hero, only to be held off by Artix. As he struggles to fight, because of his condition, he says, “ Go on and fight him! I can hold them off! And then the battle begins with Doom

Quest 8: In the face of Doom
This is the final battle hero! Do your best and save all of lore like you did numerous times before! I trust the fate of lore in your hands hero.
Doom defeated 0/1
End text: …
Start release event: There lays the hero on the floor, defeated, but by a force of will he/she attempts to get up. Right when he/she gets to his feet, Doom kicks the hero back to the wall and the hero is now defeated. Doom walks up and is about to deal the finishing blow, Artix comes in-between the fatal blow and shields all the damage from the hero. All is now lost, until the hero cries out the aid of the Avatars, pleading to restore his strength. The moment of silence passes by and the small critter light fades to darkness. The hero then begins to float above the floor and a bright flash of light fills the room. The hero regains his strength and defeats Doom. The hero then approaches Artix, drains gives own life to almost death and gives it to Artix.

Opening: The hero receives an urgent message from Artix, saying that lore is once again endangered. The hero inspects the note carefully and notices a spill of blood on it. The hero fears the worst and makes his way quickly to the Never Glades. There the hero found Artix, looking exhausted with some blood on his forehead. There he helps Artix and he explains everything that is happening.
Ending (after the release cutscene): There, the hero lies on the edge of life and death in his/her attempt to revive Artix, but his/her efforts were proved futile. The hero begins to moan to the death of one of the most praised heroes of lore. The hero notices the corpse of Artix begin to decompose quickly, and the hero knew something was not right. The corpse of Artix then turned into an old man, which he then explains what he did to save everyone, by taking his own life. He then tells the hero that Artix is safely outside the cavern, weakening havoc. The hero thanks the old man with all his/her gratitude and stands up and walks away with the old man in his arms. The hero and all the heroes of lore gather after the critter light is restored. It was the funeral of the old man, who gave his life that saved all of lore. It all ends with the heroes saluting him and the cover of his statue is removed and his statue is placed, where all of battleon can see it.
Ending (after the release cutscene): There, the hero lies on the edge of life and death in his/her attempt to revive Artix, but his/her efforts were proved futile. The hero begins to moan to the death of one of the most praised heroes of lore. The hero notices the corpse of Artix begin to decompose quickly, and the hero knew something was not right. The corpse of Artix then turned into an old man, which he then explains what he did to save everyone, by taking his own life. He then tells the hero that Artix is safely outside the cavern, weakening havoc. The hero thanks the old man with all his/her gratitude and stands up and walks away with the old man in his arms. The hero and all the heroes of lore gather after the critter light is restored. It was the funeral of the old man, who gave his life that saved all of lore. It all ends with the heroes saluting him and the cover of his statue is removed and his statue is placed, where all of battleon can see it.

End release

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AQW  Post #: 76
4/23/2014 11:43:59   

Design your own AQW Release:
I wrote this by my own.
AQW Name: Amethin

<Chaos above Arcangrove>
Darkness has risen in Arcangrove. The Seed Splitter and the Gorillaphant were playing in the sun and laughed. The sun was shining, and there was no cloud in the sky. When suddenly lots of dark clouds came above Arcangrove. The Gorillaphants and the Seed Splitter was wondering what happened. Suddenly when they heard a noise from the ground, a whole chaos undead army came from the ground. The Gorillaphants were afraid of if something bad would happend.
The Undead chaos army was cheering. Suddenly, when a big chaos skeleton arrived (Which is the boss). In that second he pointed at the Tower of Magic, the army started to attack it. It started to rain, chaos. All the monster in Arcangrove who got hit by the rain, transformed into undead chaos monsters, who joined the undead chaos army to attack the Tofer of Magic.
Ryast had to get a plan quickly.
The only chance we have, is to ask Ledgermayne if he could help us against the army. But to gain Ledgermaynes help, we have to bring something to eat, which was zards. After getting the zards to him, he would finally help. Our hero fights the army as much as he can, when suddenly the Boss came at him. Ledgermayne ran fast against him and charged a gigantic anti-chaos-undead beam at him. Then our hero will stand together and fight with Ledgermayne against the Undead Chaos Boss (Undead Chaos Lord)

Map location: Arcangrove, my sugged mapname: Magicplayground
1. Seed Splitter
2. Gorillaphant
3. Chaos Sprites
4. Maggot
6. Lurker
7. Undead Chaos Lord

Boss: The boss is undead and his name is Undead Chaos Lord. He is a big skeleton which has a big chaos armor on. His eyes are Purple. His sword is a big skeleton leg and his shild was made of mini-skeleton bodies.

NPC/Quest giver: Ryast is our NPC in this AQW Release.
Main text: Finally your here, our hero! We need your help to defeat the big chaos undead army! If we can't stop them, then they will take over the Tower of Magic and control Lore!
<More Text; explains details further>: Our last hope is Ledgermayne. You have to find him and ask him if he could help us against the undead chaos army! He is the only one who could stop them! Our hero, Lore is in your hands!

1. <Undead Chaos enemy> Defeat 10 Chaos Sprites! Ryast: Get ready and kill some monsters! There are too many of them!
3. <Are you worthy?> Defeat 20 Chaos Sprites! Ryast: Can you prove yourself?
4. <Free the Seed Splitter> Defeat 5 Chaos Seed Splitter! Ryast: Our hero, you need to free our friends!
5. <Free the Gorillaphants> Defeat 7 Gorillaphants! Ryast: Our hero, you need to free our friends!
6. ''Fight your way to the boss'' Defeat another 20 Chaos sprites! Ryast: Clear the path to the Undead Chaos Lord!
7. Are you ready for the boss?'' Attack the boss and die to complete the quest.
8. ''Help, Ledgermayne!'' Find Ledgermayne and ask him if he may help. Ryast: Our only hope is Legermayne. Hero, you must find him!
9. ''Ledgermaynes Help'' Bring Ledgermayne 30 Zard tailes and he will help you. Kill 30 Zards to get the drop.
Final Quest: Defeat the boss''Undead Chaos Lord' The time has come hero. Prove yourself worthy by defeating the undead chaos army with Ledgermayne! Undead Chaos Lord: 60k health and 3 different attacks:
1. Almighty fist of the Undead Chaos 600-2000 damage
2. Super damage over time (Dot) 100-300 damage, over 10 secounds
3. Shield of Darkness. Uses his shield to protect against all incoming damage for 4 secounds, doubles the damage done and does it against all the players who is attacking.
Special Quest: Legend-only: Kill 50 Gorillaphants. Reward: 2% Evolved ryast bacsk sword
Special Quest: Legend-only: Kill 100 Horillaphants. Reward: 1% Evolved Ryast Dagger

Opening Cutscene: We see the happy Seed Splitters and the Gorillaphants playing around and having some fun. When suddenly some dark chaos clouds arrive above the sky. The Gorillaphants are getting afraid. Suddenly the ground is trembling and manye undead chaos skeletons are coming up from the ground. The skeletons are cheering and laughing. Suddenly, the big Undead Chaos Lord came, hes pointing at the Tower of Magic and the army is starting to attack.

Closing Cutscene: Ledgermayne is coming flying at the Undead Chaos Lord. He is charging a powerful beam to lower his defence. The Undead Chaos Lord is getting so angry, that he is starting to attack our hero. Ledgermayne is standing in the backround and fighting the undead chaos army, while our hero is getting to the boss. <Undead Chaos Lord>: YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME! NEVER!'' --- After Battle <Undead Chaos Lord>: I CANT BELIEVE THIS! UNDEAD CHAOS ARMY, COME BACK!'' The army is getting down where they came from. <Undead Chaos Lord>: UNTIL NEXT TIME!>'' And the Undead Chaos Lors is going down the ground.

Items Rewards:
1 Armor Evolved Ryast Robes
1 Helm Evolved Ryast hood
2 Helm Evolved Ryast helm
1 Cape Evolved Ryast cape
2 Cape Evolved Ryast back potions
1 Weapon Evolved Ryast potions (Daggers)
2 Weapon Evolved Ryast sword
3 Weapon Evolved Ryast staff
1 Pet - Mini version of Undead Chaos Lord.

Adventure Quest Worlds Name: Amethin

DF AQW  Post #: 77
4/23/2014 11:49:06   

AQW account: Tokuban the Dragonmaster

Recommended level: 20+
Release Date: ASAP! :D

Overview Release

Forgotten in time, there exists a type of magic that has never been successfully controlled: The Words of Power. They can be used easily, but whether the effects occur or not is the problem. Maybe there is some sort of a reason they were never really studied?

Now is your time to accompany Warlic to find this magic once again. He has learned of a certain town where the secrets of the Words of Power lie. But will it be a mighty discovery... or your doom?

Map location: Arcangrove
Map name: The Village of Speech
Access point: /join speechvillage

NPC: Warlic, the Blue Mage

The Blue Mage
I have gained information of a new type of magic! It is called the Words of Power, able to twist fate itself by using simple words! However, it is a mystery why it isn't used these days. Only one way to find out!

I cannot tell you a lot more about the Words, because there is so little information about them. The village, however, was always a glorious and rich with culture. It still may be inhabited by people, but there's a good chance we are going to find only wild monsters.

Monsters (not going to be too specific with this)

Fire Elemental
Earth Elemental
Water Elemental
Wind Elemental
Swamp Frogdrake

Boss Monster
Speaker of the Voice (level 30, 50k health)
He is a humanoid, wearing long, trimmed purple robes. He wears a hood that matches the robes. He carries a scroll with him on his hand. This boss can use special abilities like Stun and Berserk. Berserk also activates the Stun more often. There should be a warning "The Speaker is about to Speak!" to warn the players of an incoming Stun.

Reward Types
A shop unlocks at the end, giving some sweet phat loot!

Item Rewards
Boss drops the Robes (can be purchased for a LOT of gold at the shop as well)
Boss drops the Hood he is wearing (can be purchased for a LOT of gold as well)

Release Outline
// Player joins /join speechvillage
// Player talks to Warlic

Opening cutscene: The player walks to Warlic, who is looking at the Village. They start a conversation and Warlic tells what the Player has to do. Warlic tells that he will study everything he can while the Player should clear the way of the monsters.

End cutscene: Warlic translates a scroll you found previously. He says this: "Hmm... I can probably translate this. Let's see here... 'When one speaks, he twists the laws of fate upon his own hands and controls the outcome of future. Whatever the Speaker says shall happen, as long as the Speaker can control the Speech and not let it out of control. One cannot fool the Words and one is forbidden to use them to harm others, for one will be punished if they break the laws.'" The Player says: "The reason why the Words were hidden is that they could have made unspeakable damage just by speaking! It could be used for so many bad things. Warlic?" Warlic nods and burns the scroll. Screen fades out and the cutscene ends.


1st Quest
There are a lot of Swamp Frogdrakes here. They seem to be guarding the entrance to the Village. Kill them out of the way.
4 Swamp Frogdrakes Killed
Good, they won't be causing us any more trouble. Let's go.

2nd Quest
What are these beats doing here, of all the places? Wipe them out and try to find something about them being here.
6 Gorillpahants Wiped Out
No luck? This is most strange...

3rd Quest
"Gaining Information"
There are so many Gorillaphants! Find out why this is so.
1 Book of the Village Found (one-click quest update)
Ah, that's it. Let me have a look.

4th Quest
It seems these Gorillaphants are bound by their will. Kill them and bring me their spirits.
6 Gorillaphants Spirits
Confirmed. The Words have been used on them. Good thing they are free now.

5th Quest
These Elementals have been bound as well. Kill a good amount of them and free them.
10 Elemental Spirits (any of the types will do)
Interesting. Even their form was formed by the Words. They can be used on a lot of things, it seems.

6th Quest
"The Temple of Speech"
We must gain access to that temple. I am rather sure the secrets lie there!
Investigate the Temple (you must go to the zone where the door to the temple is, quest then automatically updates)
Sealed off. What a surprise. Now to find a way to open it.

7th Quest
"Searching for a Code"
I think the code to open the door must be somewhere here. Try to find it.
1 Code Found (one-click)
Oh? You have to use the Words? Interesting.

8th Quest
"Open Sesame!
Go on, use the magical phrase on the door.
1 Opened Door (one-click the door)
Good, let's go in!

9th Quest (Boss Battle)
"The Speaker Defeated"
This guy must be guarding the Words! And he isn't going to give you them without a fight!
1 The Speaker of the Voice Defeated
No text, because the end cutscene rolls immediately after the fight.

Special Legend Quest 1
"Defeat the Ultra-Speaker!"
It seems this guy doesn't give up so easily. Defeat him once again!
1 Ultra-Speaker Defeated
Good job! (There is a random chance to get the armor or the hood, better chances than just killing him normally.)

Special Legend Quest 2
"Elementals Dissolved"
No one should play with the elementals like that. Free them and I will reward you handsomely.
10 Elementals Dissolved
Good, here you go. (Gives a good amount of money and exp.)

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4/23/2014 11:51:44   

AQW Character Name: Nakor
Dawn of the Celestial Warrior
Release Date: May 16 2014
Above the tallest mountains, beyond the highest cloud, lies the celestial city of Elvanor. The people Elvanor are one of four magi: Pyromancers, Aeromancers, Geomancers, or Aquamancers. Until recently, all lived in perfect equilibrium with each other. Alas, this was not to be. The power of Almodaka (a fallen Celestial Being who found Drakath) overtook even the most valiant of magi. Everyone except the Queen, Lady Celestia.

The city of the stars has been overtaken by Almodaka’s spread of chaos and it needs your help. The Queen says there is an ancient legend of a mighty Dragon Rider named Ashugar. Legend says he single handedly defended the city for ten millennia. When he was close to death, a powerful spell was cast upon him to put him into a deep sleep to restore him to his full power.

To ensure his sleep was uninterrupted by the unworthy, a lock was made at the entrance to the cave. Only a master of all four elements may enter the room where he sleeps.

In order to enter the room, you will need to learn and master each of the four elements. They can only be learned from their region in Elvanor.

Journey to the Flaming Boulevard to learn fire magic, to the Windy Tower to learn the secrets of the air, to the Garden of Life to understand the earth, and to the Fountain of Divinity to glean the power of water. Be aware, the citizens will send their respective creatures to stop you from learning their secrets.

To reiterate, you need to learn all four elements, wake Ashugar, and kill the Lady of Chaos, Almodaka. She will not be easy to kill, even with Ashugar’s help. By the way, the citizens of Elvanor will be trying to kill you at every step. Good Luck!

Name of Map
Release is set in Arcangrove. Map name suggestion is: Elvanor

Lady Celestia
The Queen of the Stars
Welcome to Elvanor. I wish you could have come under better circumstances. The city is overrun by Chaos now! It is up to you to fix it.

You can fix it by finding the secret cave of Ashugar. He is said to have the power to kill any monster, even the Lady of Chaos Almodaka, the woman who stole my city! Finding and waking him won’t be easy, are you up for the task?
<More 2>
<More 2>
In order to get his help, you need to learn and master all four elements. Travel around the city until you have completed each one. Hurry! Chaos is spreading every minute!

Seed Spitter, Swamp Frogdrake, Living Fire, Karasu, Chaos Sprites.

Boss Monster Type
Human. A Human woman with a dress decorated with a mix of stars and chaos. She has a blue energy staff with a star at the top floating, no chaos on the weapon, just her dress.

Reward Types
● Boss drop
● Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards
● 1 Armor
-Armor is custom to Base color, dragon insignia on front and outline of armor custom to trim
● 1-2 Helms
-helm color is custom to base, dragon wings outspread going backwards both sides custom to trim
● 1-2 Capes
-solid color custom to base
● 1-3 Weapons
-color of blade custom to base, small dragon wings on hilt custom to trim, inscription on blade “Valheru” in real letters
-color of blade custom to base, small dragon wings on hilt custom to trim, inscription on blade “Valheru” in real letters, and a shield with a dragon insignia and border custom to trim on a background custom to base
- Almodaka’s staff

Release Outline
// Player joins “elvanor”
// Player talks to “Lady Celestia”

● 200 word summary of opening cutscene.
Starts in Battleon when a star comes down and engulfs hero and whisks hero away to the city in the stars. See the city coming into view, at this time chaos tendrils start wrapping around the towers. Small clips of citizens organizing into ranks fighting the already overcome citizens with their respective magics (fire, water, wind, earth), then being overcome themselves. Then hero lands next to Lady Celestia and she says the city is named Elvanor it is being overcome with chaos because of a fallen celestial being called Almodaka, and it was her who brought hero to Elvanor. She then speaks of the ancient Dragon Rider known as Ashugar who hid away inside a cave not to be disturbed and that only a master of all four elements can enter that cave and wake him.
● 200 word summary of closing/end cutscene.
The chaos of the city falls off of the buildings and the citizens. Lady Celestia congratulates hero and she knew he could do it. Some dialogue saying that the city will once again be peaceful. Shows Almodaka frustrated with her loss and calls on more and more chaos until she is completely consumed with it and is swallowed within the chaos tendrils wrapped around her. Then shifts to Ashugar talking to hero telling him that he cannot defend the city and it is up to the hero now and now the hero deserves to wear the mantle of protector of Elvanor.

1st Quest: Drop/Clicky
Journey to the Flaming Boulevard to learn Fire Magic. First, you will need to subdue 6 of the fire creatures that guard it. Then, read the 4 scrolls of fire magic.
6 Living Fires Doused
4 Fire Scrolls Read (Clicked)
Good job hero, but that is only the first of four magics.

2nd Quest
Aeromancy: Drop/Clicky
Climb the Windy Tower to learn Aeromancy. The Aeromancers have sent their Karasu to stop you, kill 6 of them so they will not get in your way. Then, read the 4 scrolls of air magic.
6 Karasu Wings Clipped
4 Air Scrolls Read (Clicked)
Well done hero, only two more elements to master.

3rd Quest
Geomancy: Drop/Clicky
Take a stroll to the Garden of Life to learn the Magic of the earth. Seed Spitters have been summoned to protect the garden. Defeat 6 of them, and read the 4 earth magic scrolls.
6 Seed Spitters Tangled
4 Earth Scrolls Read (Clicked)
You are close hero, just one more magic you need to learn.

4th Quest
Aquamancy: Drop/Clicky
Travel to the Fountain of Divinity to master the element water. The Aquamancers have brought forth Frogdrakes. Kill 6 of them and you will be able to reach the fountain. Then read the 4 scrolls of water.
6 Frogdrakes Tongue Tied
4 Water Scrolls Read (Clicked)
This is it. You can now find the hidden cave and wake Ashugar to help defend the city.

5th Quest
Find the Cave: Multi Clicky
The cave is rumored to be under the Garden of Life. Dig around the garden until you find the entrance. (Click areas around garden a few times until entrance is found)
Entrance Found
Now go deep into the cave and wake Ashugar.

6th Quest
Wake the Protector: Clicky
The only way to get to Ashugar is to pass the 4 walls. Pass through the Wall of Fire, the Wall of Winds, the Wall of Stone, and the Wall of Water. Then wake Ashugar.
Wall of Fire Passed (Clicked)
Wall of Winds Passed (Clicked)
Wall of Stone Passed (Clicked)
Wall of Water Passed (Clicked)
Ashugar Woke (Clicked)
What is this? Ashugar is still weak from death and cannot kill Almodaka? This is grave news. It is up to you to kill Almodaka. Good Luck.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Fight, Fight, Fight: Drop
It is up to you hero! Use your newfound mastery of the 4 elements to take down Almodaka. If you can’t do it, then no one can.
Almodaka Taken Down
You did it hero! You have saved Elvanor from Almodaka!

Special Quest 1: Legend-Only Quest
Fight, Fight, Fight Again: Drop
You have defeated Almodaka once, you can surely do it again.
7 Times Almodaka Taken Down
Truly well done hero.

Special Quest 2: Legend-Only Quest
Fight, Fight, Fight Ultra: Drop
This time Almodaka will be more challenging than before. I believe that you can do it though hero.
Ultra Almodaka Taken Down
There is nothing you cannot do hero.

End of Release
AQW  Post #: 79
4/23/2014 12:25:34   

Just myself. Character name:Grimlinkiller188

Event name: Darkness takes over Battleon

OverView: The Darkness is taking over Battleon, Taking Heros souls by one by one. The Heros are trying to attack but the Darkness is so strong. People are getting weaker. The darkness is letting all the evil monsters taking over Battleon. We need your help to beat the darkness.

Map Name: Arcangrove

NPC: Artix and Cysero

NPC Text: Artix: w....w.ww.WHATS HAPPENING TO BATTLEON. Cysero: I have no idea but we have to defeat it. Help us Hero.

Main Text: Artix: Hello Hero, We need your help defeating the monsters and the darkness. There is only one way to defeat the darkness. There is a potion that makes you stronger than anything. But there is only one way to get it. You need to kill the darkness monsters. Please help us Hero. Everyone is struggling. Its hard seeing people suffer. Do you want to see people suffering NO!. This is serious hero. We gotta win this.

Monsters:(Seed Spitter (50 %) Sword with lightning) (Chaos Sprites 70% Gold armor) (Swamp Lurker 100% Undead Essence) (Maggot 100% Undead Essence)

(Maggot) You kill 8 maggots 100 Gold 100 XP
(Darkness weakness) Kill 15 random monsters 5000 Gold 500 XP
(Lurkers) Kill 9 lurkers 50 gold 50 XP
(Seed Spitter) Kill 21 spitters 50 gold 50 Xp (8.5% Dragon Armor)
(Chaos Sprites) Kill 30 Sprites 5000 Gold 1000 XP
(Darkness Away) Kill 50 Random monsters 6000 Gold 3000 XP (100% Darkness potion)
(Kill Darkness) Kill Darkness he is at arcangrove. Kill him with that potion. 1000 Gold 2000 XP (100% Darkness Armor) KILL UNDEAD BOSS!

Opening Cutscene: You kill darkness and darkness starts to fade, People are feeling better, The sun rises.

Ending Cutscene: Artix says: YES!!! we know you can do it HERO Cysero: Ughh well i think im better....... Artix: OH Cysero your just jealous!. Cysero: Ughh No im not... Everyone is Cheering. (The End)

Post #: 80
4/23/2014 13:12:04   

all made by me. aqw character name: tocetic

The forsaken Songs
Level range : 30+ Release date: may 16 2014
As chaos tries to get a hold of Lore another threat is about to make its appearance. Dark magic is beginning to show itself again in Arcangrove. The heir to the demon throne Mirathos is about to make its rise again into the land of Lore. And this time he wants all the power he can get.
a thousand millennia’s ago the demon king rose from the depths of the demon realm in his search for power. He ended his search in Lore, a place with limitless magic. The demon ruled the lands if it was his to rule. Eventually a simple women stood up to the king. Because of her courage the demon spared her life but she had the leave the planet. The demon king gave her the power to do so. She searched across the galaxy for a way to stop the demon until she found the scrolls of destruction. But not knowing how to cast a spell she needed to change the scrolls into songs. She went back to lore and with her new power she managed to seal the demon king away in a temple in Arcangrove. But due to the resent chaos outbreak the first seal has faded away and Mirathos is ready to rise again.
You need to find the six scores of destruction to defeat Mirathos before he undoes the three seals that are keeping him locked in the temple. Nythera will send you on a quest to gather the key of songs blade plus the six music scores of destruction to create a weapon capable of destroying Mirathos. But is the key of songs really powerful enough to destroy the demon king. Or will Lore fall into oblivion.
Name of Map
Arcangrove - Ancient Sonata Ruins
magical investigator
Thank the heavens you are here hero. Mirathos already undid one of the seals and time seems to be running out. We must find a way to stop him, because if that things escapes from the temple we will all die. The faith of Lore is in your hands.
a long time ago the goddess Seriphim imprisoned Mirathos in this temple. Upon using all of her power she died. Her grave is supposed to be somewhere on this island, but so far no one has found it yet.
it is also said that she left a weapon strong enough to defeat Mirathos. We must hurry and find it before it is too late. Because if we are to late there will be no Lore to go back to.
• Earth Elemental
• Fire Elemental
• Water Elemental
• Wind Elemental.
Boss monster type
Elemental, a huge demon with fiery horns and shaped like a human holding a spear with the four elements. He is very muscular and he wears an berserker like armour on his legs. He also wears the demon crown on his head.
Reward types
• Merge shop
• boss drops
• shop that unlocks after completing all quests
Item rewards
• Armour: battle priest of the sky (holly song priest) gold and black with Flying notes on the shoulder accessories and on the gauntlets.
• Helm: demon king crown. A dark crown dropped by the demon king it has a dark jewel inside it.
Helm: purified demon king crown. A light version of the dark crown with a light jewel inside it.
• Cape: white feather wings but they faintly move and drop musical notes
• Weapon: key of songs a blade with a musical core every now and then music notes will burst out of it. It is slightly red coloured with a moving core.
Weapon: upgrade key of songs blade (legends only) Nythera’s dragon jewel is inlayed in this sword.
Weapon: crimson mana staff (nature mana staff) light green instead of red and a bit more details on the staff.
• Pet: arcane wolf (legends only) with green rune armour.
Opening: the dark demon king destroys the second seal keeping him locked away. The power of the seal upon breaking it makes the forest tremble as the hero arrives. Mirathos screams that he will destroy Lore.
Ending: The hero pulls its sword out of the Demon king. The demon kings corpse will start shining and will vanish. Upon vanishing Sephirim who was apparently not dead but captured inside Mirathos body appears and thanks the hero for freeing her..
1st quest (seek and you shall find)
the blade of the key of songs is said to be at Sephirim’s grave. You need to collect runes from the elemental creatures on this island so that I can create a location spell.
Collect 10 runes
The way to Sephirim’s grave has appeared. Now go and get the blade.
2nd quest (on the edge)
Now that we can reach the grave we must search for the blade. I want you to go to Sephirim’s grave and retrieve the blade
Collect the blade (by clicking on it)
Thank goodness you found the blade. Now we must start looking for the scores of destruction. Before it is too late.
3rd quest (score of fire)
First we will start looking for the score of fire. I want you to battle as many fire elementals as necessary until you have found the score
Collect the score of fire (25% drop chance)
One down five more to go.
4th quest (score of light)
The score of light is somewhere hidden on this island you must find it at once. The only clue I found says that it is time to read.... I don’t like reading.
Collect the score of light (find the scroll in the ancient library)
Luckily you found it. I feel that the third seals is beginning to fade. We must hurry or else....
5th quest (score of earth)
This score may be a bit hard to get since the earth elementals seem very strong on this island, but I know you are going to do.... cause I won’t
Collect the score of earth (20% drop chance)
6th quest (score of water)
It is time to hit the waves. I am just joking, but you do have to slaughter some of the local water elementals for the score of water. So do your best hero.
Collect the score of water (15% drop chance)
Your almost done so keep up the good work and don’t die.
7th quest (score of darkness)
The score of darkness is just like the score of light hidden somewhere on this island. The only clue that I found says that it is hidden somewhere in a dark place... probably the library *mweheheheh*
Collect the score of darkness ( click on the score in the dark corner of the ancient library)
I told you so. Well I was joking at first but that is not important now. So get yourself together and find the last score.
8th quest (score of wind)
The last score is being held by one of the wind elementals. You must get it and hurry because I am not sure how long the 3rd seal will last. And if it breaks this was all for nothing.
Collect the score of wind (10% drop chance)
Thank goodness, you’re on time. We must merge the sword and scores togheter before it is too late.
9th quest (forge the key of songs)
Now all that is left is combining the scores with the blade. And then it is time for the battle that will decide the faith of millions of people.
Merge the key of songs in the merge shop.
Are you really prepared.
Final quest (destroy Mirathos)
Now hurry to the temple and slay the demon king. I know you can do it so go and show him what true power is.
Mirathos defeated
Who would have thought that Sephirim had actually survived. Well I guess that miracles happens now and then.
Special quest 1 (upgrade the key of songs) (only available after boss fight)
Sephirim told me that if I pour my magic into the blade that it will grow even stronger. I just wish that I had something to pour my magic in. I want you to collect ten diamond pieces from Mirathos so that we can enhance your blade.
Collect ten diamond shards.
Now it’s time to battle even bigger bosses.
Special quest 2 (purify the demon king crown) (only available after boss fight)
If you can find the demon king crown we can purify it by combining it with the elemental souls.
Collect and merge the following: *wind soul *fire soul *earth soul *water soul *demon king crown
Now you can wear it without feeling the darkness in your body.
End release
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Release Title: The tree that Dreams

Level Range: 10-60.

For thousands of years the shrine on the slumbering tree has been hidden. The tree holds all the Memories of the Yokai Isle and it also predicts any tragedies that may befall the yokai isle. Rumor has it that the wondering swordsmen Yojimbo Aims to take the memories and powers of the tree for his own evil purposes. Ai no Miku asks you (the hero) for help protecting the tree from any harm. If the power falls into Yojimbos hands Yokai Isle might be destroyed.

Name of Map: Forgottenshrine.

Ai No Miku (Shrine maiden)
Hero, Yokai is in grave danger! Yojimbo has found out where the Tree is and he wishes to take its power! Please you must help us prevent this from happening. I'm sure if you do theres bound to be a nice reward or two in it for you!
Yojimbo has been searching for 500 years and has finally found its location! The tree is sacred to us, please you must stop him at all costs. If you help us the Yokai Isle will be forever in your debt!

Ninja Kappa , Ninja Nopperabo, Samurai Nopperabo, tanuki , Neko-matta

Yojimbo (human/demon samuari) a giant demon samurai who uses two long katanas and has a mask covering his face he easily towers other samurais

Reward types:
Evolved Ninja kappa shell.
Fires of war (sword) boss drop
Scythe of Dreams (polearm) boss drop (legend only)
Spirit of the Trees (sword) boss drop
Origanal drops from the monsters
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

Member only quest rewards
Armor: Yojimbos armor
Helm: Helm of Yojimbo
cape: sheathed Yojimbo swords
sword: Katana of Yojimbo
pet: Mini Yojimbo

*Befor Fighting yojimbo*
Yojimbo: so you are who they sent to stop me?
Hero: Yea, Thats what I was thinking too... *iching behind head*
Yojimbo: I've been looking for hundreds of years I cannot allow you to stop me! *slashes at the hero*
Hero: woah! hold on, it appears you can't be talked into stopping, lets do this!
*After defeating him*
Yojimbo: *limping unable to stand for much longer* I can't be stopped! You can't.....*falls appart*
Hero: whew....That was exhausting..
Ai No miku: Hero! You have done a great deed for the Yokai Isle again, we are forever in your debt.


1. Race to the Tree!
Hero! we have notime to waste Yojimbo draws closer and closer each second. We must find the tree befor he does!
End Text: Good job hero, we made it first now its time to build up some defenses!
Tree reached 0/1
exp: 0
Gold: 0

2. Tree Da-fence.
Alrighty hero gather up some tanuki bamboo rods and we can build up a nice fence with them.
End text: Excellent hero, but this isn't enough we will need a better defense.
Tanuki Bamboo sticks 0/10
Exp: 300
Gold: 300

3. Strength the Defense
Maybe we can use some Kappa shells to make the wall more fortified. Gather 15 Kappa shells hurry!
End text: Good work hero, lets get to work making some charms to ward off his dark powers.

4. Just simply Charming
The last thing we need hero, lets make some charms from neko-matta claws and tanuki whiskers!
End text: Great work that should be enough to stop his power.
Tanku whisker (0/5)
Neko-Matta Claws (0/5)
Exp: 400
Gold : 500

5. Lurking in the Shadows.
Oh no his goons have made it here hurry and stop them before they harm the wall!
End Text: Good job but we are not done yet more are coming hurry!
Ninja slain (0/10)
Exp: 500
Gold: 500

6. Samurai Force!
Look out hero, His samurais have reached the wall stop them befor they destroy it!
End text: Good job hero, The only thing we have left to do is deal with Yojimbo.
Samurai slain (0/10)
Exp: 500
Gold: 500

Boss Quest: Defeat Yojimbo
Now is the time to face Yojimbo, Be warned he will not fall so easily
End text: Amazing! You defeated Yojimbo Yokai is forever in your debt.
Yojimbo defeated (0/1)
Exp: 1000
Gold: 1000
Yokai Rep: 1000

Lengend Only quest 1. Yojimbo styles!
Hero, if you are lucky you might be able to get a piece of Yojimbos armor from him!
End text: Congrats hero enjoy your new peice
Yojimbo armor fragment (0/1) 50% drop
Exp 500
Gold: 500
You may choose one of the following items
Yojimbos armor (armor)
Helm of yojimbo (helm)
Sheathed Yojimbo katanas (cape)

Legend only quest 2: Summoning souls
Hero I heard theres a chance of making Yojimbos soul be your minnion, maybe you can give it a try!
End text: well good job hero, You summoned him! but at a much smaller scale....
Yojimbo's soul (0/1) 25% drop rate
Exp: 1000
Gold: 1000
Yokai rep: 500
You will recieve one of the following items
Mini Yojimbo (pet)

Thats all of it My character Profile is http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=firefox67 :3

~Removed personal information.

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Our aqw account names are inspectorscout and armandee2311

my release is: the dark sandstorm

description: A sandstorm terrifies sandsea, but this one is different then the others... It is already there for weeks, and nobody knows a solution. Everyone who got to close to the storm, disappeared. Only warlic came back, confused and talking about sands and mysterious magic. That's why you are going to help these people out and you will try to investigate the reason of this unnatural sandstorm, together with warlic.

map: darksands

NPC: warlic
monsters: earth elemental, marsh lurker, dark elemental, sandshark, bupers camel
boss type: elemental (it should look like a sand golem thing, I guess you guys can make something nice of it xD)

NPC-text: (player name), This doesn't feel right...this magic...dark sand...not right...it eats them... <cough> urgh, sorry hero, but the sand is not good for me. It makes my throath really dry. But that doesn't matter right now. Whatever was in there, it was really strong. Can you help me investigate it?

more text: That sandstorm is not natural. Something very dark has caused it. Only cause of my magic I made it back <cough> to the village. We must find what is in there and destroy it before it kills everyone in this town!

1st quest: water for the weak
<cough> my throath is really dry hero. Can you please <cough> search these camels to find some water they carry with them?
to complete: water bottle (20% drop chance from bupers camel)
complete: Thank you hero, my throath is much better now!

2nd quest: shark slaying
Now, i've seen some sand sharks in there, and they move the sand even more. kill 10 of them to clear the air a bit.
to complete: 10 sand sharks defeated (drops from sand sharks)
complete: That's better. But what is that over there?

3rd quest: investigation of the strangers
Marsh lurkers and earth elementals?! They shouldn't be here! 'ask' them if they know anything about it, and send them back to where they belong.
to complete: the answer (dropped by earth elementals and march lurkers, 15% drop chance), 5 marsh lurkers sent back (dropped by marsh lurkers), 5 earth elementals sent back (dropped by earth elementals)
complete: They are talking about a dark orb...I think I know what is going on!

4th quest: oh no here they are again
Oh no, the sand sharks are back! kill them before they prevent us searching the cause of this sandstorm!
to complete: 12 sand sharks defeated (drops from sand sharks)
complete: great job hero, now we can investigate the hint about the black orbs.

5th quest: taking dark orbs
I heard rumors about a sand golem that causes sandstorms everywhere it goes. He needs dark orbs to feed the magic that keeps him alive. That's why there are dark elementals over here. Kill them, take their orbs so the golem has to come here, so we can finish him off!
to complete: 9 dark orbs (dropped from dark elementals, 50% drop rate)
complete: Awesome! now he HAS to come here!

6th quest: turn him into dust
Here he comes! finish him off before he kills you!
to complete: sand golem defeated (drops from sand golem (boss))
complete: thank you hero for saving sandsea once again! here is something I found when you killed that golem! (quest reward: dark orb(weapon))

7th quest: the legendary archer (legendary quest)
I heard rumors of a legendary bow, that the sand golem should have carried with him… Search trough the monsters and maybe you will find the bow or the quiver…
To complete: 15 sandstone samples (dropped from every monster in the map, 25% drop rate)
complete: awesome! Now let’s break the sandstones and hope for the best!
(quest reward: legendary sand bow or legendary sand quiver, both 5% drop chance)

starting cutscene: hero arrives in sandsea, while a sandstorm is raging over the town. warlic slowly comes out of the sandstorm, totally exhausted. the hero brings him to a house in sandsea, where he rests on a bed. once he wakes up the cutscene ends.

ending cutscene: When the hero tries to slay the sand golem, the sand ripples around its feet and he gets stuck in the sand. Then the golem tries to kill him with a smash of his fist. Then the hero suddenly notices a big dark orb in the golems chest and throws his weapon to it. The orb flies away and the golem turns into normal sand, and gets blown away by the wind.

Items: dark orb(weapon): dropped from the 6th quest, 100% drop rate. It’s an orb with mace animation, that (if u guys can do it) emits waves of darkness
Description: The dark orb that was in the chest of the sand golem. It has lots of power when it can hold something like that together! Better use it as a weapon…

Legendary sand bow(weapon): dropped from the 7th quest, 5% drop rate. It’s a bow, made from sandstone, and it emits a bit of light or some thunder effects or something.
This bow was used by a great archer, until he was destroyed by the sand golem. Wear his bow with pride!

Mystical sand wanderer (armor): boss drop, 1% drop rate. It’s an armor like zhooms, only when you click the arm it turns into a sand-structure arm.
You have wandered long enough through the eternal sand storms, that your arm sometimes camouflages and becomes like sand.

Sand wanderer locks (helm): boss drop, 1% drop rate. It’s a hairstyle that you guys can design, (I have no idea about hairstyles in a game xD), and it random changes to sand structure locks.
After being in the sands, your hair sometimes takes that color and structure…

Sand wanderer quiver: dropped from the 7th quest, 5% drop rate. It’s just a quiver on your shoulder, only it is sand-colored and it emits a bit of light.
The quiver of the legendary archer, that was killed by the sand golem…

That's all :D

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AQW Character name: Verdante
Created by Verdante.

The Great Pirate’s ship
Level 40+
Release Date: May 16, 2014

The Great Pirate ship and its crew once fought with the Ninjas of Yokai sank on the sea near Lolosia due to unknown reason, along with its crew and possibly some treasures on board. The Pirates of Lolosia discovered a new area near Lolosia while roaming around the sea of Lolosia, The Ship Graveyard, where they found the shipwreck of the Great Pirate ship.
The entrance to the Ship was blocked and protected by captain Rhubarb/Valencia. Certain quests must be completed to prove your worthiness to explore the ship, and these quests will require you to gather some lost artifacts that can be found around the lore. After proving your worthiness, you will be tasked to retrieve the message inside the bottle made by late captain of the ship from the Captain’s quarters, and discover the message of the pirate captain to the lore. The “Captain” waits for your arrival on his quarter.
The retrieval of the bottle will save the lore from the impending disaster. This is our last chance!!, and we must take all the risk to retrieve the message.

Name of the Map
Place: Lolosia
Area: shipgraveyard

Captain Rhubarb/Valencia
One of the Pirate Captain of Lolosia Fleet/Rare item Hunter
<Before entering the ship>
Welcome to the Ship Graveyard, Hero. What is your business here? To look for treasure? HAHAHAHAHA! Obviously, but, first, we must retrieve the bottled message left by the Captain of the ship. To explore the ship, you must prove your worthiness to me first.
<After finishing the quests>
You prove yourself that you are worthy to take this quest, and journey inside the ship. Go!!! And Find the bottled message inside ship; most probably it can be found in the Captain’s Quarters, but beware…. The Captain will not make it easy for you. Good luck, Hero!

The ship is filled with sea creatures along with undead crews and undead pirate captain that resides inside the ship and cannot escape while the ship is sinking. Some undead crews hold keys to unlock doors that lead to clues and treasures.

Long time ago, the Great Pirate ship was tasked by the pirate king to explore the seas and search for a new and undiscovered land, and riches, but during its exploration in the sea, it spotted a mysterious ship that carries unidentified chaos materials docked in an island near Lolosia, and the chase happened until it reached Lolosia, but sadly, didn’t make it. It was believed that Chaos Napalm was the reason behind the destruction of the ship, but there were no prove about it, we are hoping to find more clues inside the ship.


Lolosia Monster:
Fishman Soldier, Fishwing, Shark Bait, Undead Pirate

In addition to Lolosia monster, certain monsters from arcangrove will be included:
Arcangrove monster:
Anglerfish, Merdraconian


Chaotic Undead Pirate Captain
The most logical boss in the area would be an Undead Pirate Captain, and maybe a little chaos infusion to the boss.

For the reward types:
● Boss drops
● Merge shop
● Shop that unlocks after completing all quests
● Repeatable quest/s to get drop/s

Item Rewards
Armor: Pirate King
Description: Pirate king armor is almost the same with the other pirate armor design released in AQW, but the color should be gold that symbolize Authority and power to its subordinates

Helm-1: The Golden Hat of the Pirate king
Description: Typical Helm for the pirate armor released in the game though, the color is gold.

Cape-1: Golden Monkey on your Back
Description: Golden Monkey

Cape-2: Pirate king Side Swords
Description: A one or two unsheathed swords on the side on the armor

Weapon1: Golden Pirate king Cutlass-(Dual Wield/Single Wield)
Description: Cutlass Made of Gold with a glowing ancient inscription of “Everything is Gold” just like nulgath’s ware had.

Weapon2: Evolved Undead Pirate Cutlass
Description: The evolved version of the undead pirate cutlass will be a larger and longer version, but not too long and too large of the current cutlass and the all sides of the blade will be color custom. Little animation can also be added such as lightings or energy emitting from the sword.

Weapon3: Evolved Trident of Storm
Description: The evolved version will be clickable version of the trident of storm that changes its form when clicked. Animation such as lighting from the trident is also good. A Color Custom Trident of storm will also be good.

Pet1: Living Cutlass of the pirate King
Description: Just as ordinary sword battle pet in the game. It is a battle pet.

Release Timeline
//Player joins “shipgraveyard”
//Player talks Captain Rhubarb or Valencia
Starting Cutscene:
A pirate ship is roaming around the sea near Lolosia until the ship graveyard was discovered by the pirates. There is an incoming storm when they discover the area, and it was reported back to Lolosia for further investigation, and hero heard and came to explore the shipwreck of the great pirateship. Some conversation with Captain Rhubarb before it finally begins the quest.

<Worthy test Quests>
1st Quest
Slay some bones
First, hero I want to test how many undead you can slay. Go and slay undead pirate in Lolosia, and gather 15 undead pirate broken cutlasses from them.
15 Undead pirate broken Cutlass (DROP)
You did well, Hero, but it is only the start of your test.

2nd quest
How long will you last?
Hero, Endurance is the most important thing when you enter the ship, Defeat Bone terror in Battleundera to test your endurance when you face the captain.
1 Bone terror head (DROP)
You’re strong, hero. You’re almost ready.

3rd Quest
Inextinguishable Frozen Flame
Hero, you will need light once you enter the ship, and the only way to lighten the path is the eternal frozen flame that will never die even under water. Slay 5 Living fire in Firestorm, 5 Fotia Spirit in Fotia, 5 Frozen Fotia spirit, 5 Ice shards on mountfrost and Talk to Amia in frozenfotia to create your own Frozen Flame.
5 Eternal Red flame from Living Fire(drop)
5 Eternal Blue flame from Fotia Spirit(drop)
5 Ice essence from Frozen Fotia Spirit(drop)
5 Ice shard located on mountfrost(clicky)
Well done, Hero, Frozen Flame will lighten your path as you travel inside the ship. Good luck!

Mid Cutscene:
Gaining the trust of Rhubarb to explore the ship, and the hero will now start set of quest once he/she enters the ship
<Quests after completing Inextinguishable Frozen Flame><Inside the Ship>

4th quest
Find the Map of the Ship
The ship is huge ya know? You will need a map to guide you to reach the Captain’s quarters, but the monsters that reside inside the ships tore apart the map and some of them might eat. Slay Anglerfish , Merdraconian, Fishwing, and Fishman soldier to retrieve the pieces of map.
10 Great pirate ship’s Map fragement
Well done hero, you will only need the key to unlock the door to the captain’s quarter.

5th quest
Unlock the Captain’s Locked Door
The door to the Captain’s quarter is locked? Then we must find the key, the key is held by the undead pirates inside the ship, slay them until they drop it.
1 Captain’s Key
Well done, hero! You’ll now face the Captain, and retrieve the message from his quarter.

Final quest: Boss Battle
Undead Captain is waiting
The Captain is turned into undead? And he also affected by chaos caused by Chaos Napalm? This is bad. We must retrieve the bottled message from him As soon as possible before he became stronger.
1 message inside the bottle
Hero, at last, we retrieve the message. Well Done. Now we must reveal the message and tell it to the whole lore. Thank you for your help, Hero

For the special Quest, I highly suggest to turn this into a repeatable quest that drops rewards, highly encourage if the rewards will be non member.
Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest

Praise the Pirate King
You’re legend aren’t you? Then you are qualify to offer offering to the pirate king. Slay the monsters inside the ship until they drop the artifact of the golden ship.
1 Artifact of the Golden ship (DROP)
<at Random drop>
Well done, hero, now, turn in your quest, and hopefully you get what you want in the rewards.

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Smuggling Pirate
Rakham is still on business? I guess, no one can stop him. He send a request for Golden tooth of the pirate captain. He also added some rewards for you.
1 Golden pirate captain tooth(drop)
<At random drop>
Well done, err.. hero, What will Rakham do with that? Anyway, here is your reward.

Ending Cutscene:
After retrieving the bottled message, the message will be flashed on the screen, and will mention about the mysterious ship that carries unidentified Chaos Objects aboard, and how they great pirate ship sank due to the unknown cannon shells that contains Chaos Napalm. Scene of Drakath will appeared at the end of the cutscene showing that he is involved.

Thank you for giving your time to read my work.

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The Rise of Necrosis

An AQW Submission

AQW: Mon Dez

Poster Picture
*The images used are legal under fair term use. They were bought with the licensed rights to the program that came with it aka RPG Maker VX Ace*

Overview of Release
The portals of death open from the gates of the rift and there a man emanating the stench of decay emerges. In this world and the previous one, no one knew his name for he did not exist in the realities of those worlds, but he comes with a message for the heroes of Solstice and Battleon that he has come to test their mettle.

“All that a worthy to heed this warning I tell you of this. I, Necrosis, the necromancer have come to judge this world under the name of my master. If you value your lives and the lives of your loved ones then fight to protect this world or suffer the pain of my everlasting army of the undeath. I await you all at what you call the Neverglades to face your darkest hour.”

Gather your courage and will to fight with allies and enemies alike to combat this impeding threat for the hour of the necromancer has come.
Necrosis, the true necromancer has come from the rift.

Map Location
Neverglades – UndyingRift

Warlic, The blue mage
This is really unnerving to be challenged by a mere necromancer, but a pressure of dark malice can be felt in this entire forest area. I would be wary of what this person is for I fear he is someone we should not underestimate.

<More/Unlocks after “Dead except living quest”>
These findings of the undead in this area is astounding! Compared to Dage’s and the common undead, the undead soldiers have retained their souls. What I mean is that we are fighting the undead that are not dead, but still alive which should not be possible. With the undead in full control of themselves they fight as if they are still alive.

<More2/Unlocks after “Inspiration Intrignation”>
I am intrigued to meet Necrosis in person because he is the first necromancer I’ve seen that does not bind his undead to him. He controls them as a king that commands soldiers who can think and fight for themselves. A necromancer that gives total control to his soldiers is very rare in the necromancer world. Makes me wonder if Artix can still view them as undead at this point given the information found.

<More3/Unlocks after “Grand Undying Finale”>
That was surprising! Necrosis was from a completely different realm from this one and he wasn’t physically here to begin with. He also stated that he can be found in the same plane as Nulgath? This is really confusing, but everything is over now…I hope.

Neverglades – Dark Elemental, Undead Berserker, Dreadspider, Dark Witch, Chaorrupted Bear, Chaorrupted Wolf

Boss Monster Type
Description: Using my winning contest entry from Oversoul, Necrosis. http://oversoulgame.wikidot.com/necrosis-dezgardo

Reward Types
Drop Rewards - Boss

Stitches: Helm, Description – Mmmmmphh, Using the stitch lines from the face of Necrosis.

Shattered Bane: Item, Description – The Bane of Necrosis’s sword.

Ominous Presence: Item, Description – The feeling of malice can be felt in this drop.

End Quest Shop
Cracked Necronomi Staff: Weapon, Description – An ominous presence that lay in the weapon is no longer present. Whatever it was escaped through the crack in the skull. The staff of Necrosis.

Shattered Bane of Necrosis: Weapon, Description – The sword of one who never existed shattered or not is now in your possession. The sword of Necrosis.

Journey man’s shrouds: Armor, Description – You realize this clothing is very ordinary not something that a powerful necromancer would wear. The armor of Necrosis.

Darkened hood: Helm, Description – Worn over the head. It’s just a regular hood so what gives? The helm of Necrosis.

Merge Shop
Bane of Necrosis: Weapon, Description – Pieces are in place and the restoration of the dark blade is complete. The sword of Necrosis.

Ominous Spirit: Pet, Description – A dark ball of darkness and yet it has red eyes. I hope the name doesn’t make it scary because it looks kind of cute.

Release Outline
//player joins “undyingrift”
//player talks to “Warlic”


A dark portal emerges from the depths of the rift and Necrosis emerges. “A new world to be judged and heroes to test. Come the creatures of this world’s darkness and my soldiers of the undeath to follow my will.” Undead berserkers emerge from the depths of the portal and started marching forward. Chaorrupted Wolves, Bears, Dark Witches, Dark Elementals, and Dreadspiders march with them. Necrosis looks onward at what he created. “Time to test the mettle of these humans and what they are capable of. My master wishes to see how strong the will of this world has left through the chaos.”

Necrosis kneels down. “Impressive show of will human, but don’t think you won because you never fought me.” Hero gasps and then shows a fit of anger. “What do you mean? I just clearly fought you right here at this exact spot and exact time which was 10 seconds ago.” Necrosis laughs at the hero’s statement. “What you fought was just a mere image. I never existed on this plane because I exist on another. If you fought the real me then your chances of winning are mere slim.” Hero stares in confusion. “If you aren’t you and I fought an image then that’s cheating! What did you even come here for?” Necrosis stands up to face the hero, “I was sent here to test this world like many before me to see how strong your will is. Besides, it’s not cheating if I never existed.” Necrosis disappears. Hero just sighs, “Why do I feel that I was just messed with. Necrosisception much?”

Quest Logs

1st Quest – “Invasion of the Unknown”, Pick up item quest, Obtain 5 Berserker sigils
Hero, thank goodness you are here. Reports of the undead emerging have been traced back to this area. We need to start figuring out who is controlling the undead by collecting sigils that are dropped by the Undead Berserkers. Artix has been destroying every single one so we can’t determine the threat. Five Berserker sigils should do the trick.

<Completion Quest Chat>

Great! I just need a moment to determine who is controlling these undead forces. This is strange…these undead are not Dage’s nor Gravelyn’s forces. Someone with exceptional necromancer power is controlling these undead.

2nd Quest – “Dead except living”, Slay monster quest, Defeat 8 Berserker Undead
The wonderful thing about magic is that it’s like a fingerprint meaning it is unique to a person that uses it. If we can defeat some more berserker undead then I can determine where the source of the spell is emanating from. This way we can locate whoever is controlling these undead.

<Completion Quest Chat>

My word! This spell is something I’ve never ever seen necromancer’s use with their undead servants. These soldiers are alive and I mean it they are alive. They are dead, but alive with consciousness still intact.

3rd quest – “Chaorrupted Confusion”, Slay monster quest and pick up quest, Defeat 10 Chaorrupted Wolves and 5 Chaorrupted Bears, Pick up 1 Vial of Chaorrupted Blood
The undead are one thing, but the chaorrupted creatures are another because they are fighting with the Berserkers. As chaotic they may be to see the creatures tainted by chaos to be this tame is unnatural and we need to find out why. Slay some of the beasts and a vial of their blood should give me some good insight.

<Completion Quest Chat>

One find after another and this goes beyond what a necromancer should be able to do. The Chaorrupted creatures are infected by a toxin injected through their system. Strange thing about the toxin is that it is a living being itself.

4th quest – “Inspiration Intrignation”, Slay monster quest and pick up quest, Defeat 5 Dark Elementals, 8 Dark Witches, and 10 Dreadspiders, Pick up Memorandum
Dark Elements, Dark Witches, and Dreadspiders are strangely coexisting with each other as if they formed some sort of truce. Someone with powers of darkness greater than all three must be the glue binding them together or they would not be fighting together this long. Defeat all three of the factions and find what causes this truce.

<Completion Quest Chat>

A Memorandum?! They should not be bound by paper let alone each other’s words. Whoever this is has a hold of their respect, but no one should be able to do that easily. I see a name I do not recognize among the races…Necrosis? Whoever this Necrosis is, he is doing things that break from what necromancers usually does.

5th quest – “Tracking the Dug Trio”, Placement quest and pick up quest, Place giant willow stick on a dirt mound, Pick up 5 Essences of the Soul
Finding where Necrosis is located is difficult as it is so we need to draw attention from his soldiers who are located deep underground. We had reports of soldiers being ambushed from the undead attacking from below so what better way to draw them up than these modified willow sticks. The willow sticks will locate and draw the soldiers up. Once they come up I need you to beat them to gain their essences of the soul.

<Completion quest chat>

Good with this we should be able to track the origination point of these soldiers. Time to gear up because soon we’ll be facing this necromancer.

6th quest – “Grand Undying Finale”, Boss Quest
This is it, the time to fight Necrosis is here. A man who leads his soldiers instead of controlling them and forms pacts between races is someone to fear. Good luck!

<Completion quest chat>

Great work! The portals are starting to close and the numbers of his undead are starting to dwindle. Shocking to see that we were fighting someone who didn’t exist on this plane of this existence, but why do I get the feeling this isn’t the last time we are going to see him.

End Release

~Removed personal information.

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Head of AQW Bugs

"Of Wizards and Wolves" by BloodWynne

As Chaos continues it's spread across the lands, the Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands once again requests your help Hero.
The Wizard Paylt, one of the most respected scholar wizards in the lands, was investigating the nature of Chaos. His research led him to the Chaoruppted Wolves in the deepest part of the Chaos Marsh. He sent word back to the Sisterhood that he had made an amazing discovery, and asked for a Cleric to meet him in the Marsh. Cleric Citra was promptly dispatched to meet with Wizard Paylt.
But now, Wizard Paylt has gone missing. Can you help Cleric Citra find him, and the secrets he uncovered, Hero?

NPC/Quest Giver: Cleric Citra
Main Text: It is vital we learn as much as possible as fast as possible. We need your aid Hero. The Wizard Paylt was investigating the properties of Chaos but we haven't heard from him in some time.
"More" Text: He reported that he had made a major discovery here in the Chaos Marsh, but then he vanished. We need your help to find out what has happened to him Hero.

Map: Chaos Marsh from NeverGlades with a small hut added to screen 1 (map name /deepmarsh)
Screen 1 - Cleric Citra NPC, 1 Chaoruppted Wolf, 1 Leatherwing
Screen 2 - 1 Chaorrupted Wolf, 1 Trobble, 1 Guru Chest
Screen 3 - 1 Chaorrupted Wolf, 1 Leatherwing
Screen 4 - 1 Chaorrupted Wolf, 1 Chaos Spider, 1 Trobble
Screen 5 - (Locked until completion of Quest 7) Boss Monster (beast):
Boss Monster (beast): Wolf Peylt (transformed Wizard Paylt) - Giant Chaorrupted Wolf
Looks based on Chaos Wolf Pet, view 2 but colour changed to black. The 2nd view.
Wolf Peylt is a giant Chaorrupted Wolf. He is the result of Wizard Paylt's research into the creation of Chaos Beasts. The Wizard Paylt was infected by a bite from a Chaorrupted Wolf, and transforms into the Wolf Peylt.

Reward Types:
Boss Monster Drop: 1 armour, 1 Pet.

Armour: "Evolved" Wolf Priest/Priestess
Based on Pantheiran Priests - Evolved look would be to change lion face on plate to wolf face, tail tufts on belt to wolf paws, and recoloured to black, silver and red.

Pet: Wolf Peylt Pet
Mini version of Wolf Peylt - Chaos Wolf view 2 in black.

Merge Shop: 2 Helms, 1 Cape, 2 Weapons.

Helm 1: Lupine Crown
Based on Tentacular Buzzcut, recoloured black, silver wolf paw added to front.
Cost: 25 carved bone, 2 silver ingots

Helm 2: Lupine Crown Locks
Based on Tentacular Locks, recoloured black, silver wolf paw added to front.
Cost: 25 carved bone, 2 silver ingots

Cape: Evolved Lupine Pelt
Based on Wolf Fur Cloak, recoloured black on the outer part, red on the inner part.
Cost: 20 carved bone, 1 silver ingot

Sword Weapon: Lupine Blade
Based on Lionfang's Silver Blade, face changed to a wolf and coloured silver and black.
Cost: 25 silver ingots

Staff Weapon: Lupine Staff
Based on Bone Claws of Turmoil, front/top end shaped more like a wolf paw, blade part removed from back/bottom end.
Cost: 20 silver ingots, 2 carved bone

Release Outline:
//Player joins /deepmarsh
//Player talks to Cleric Citra
//Player begins quests.
1st cutscene after Quest 6.

Cutscene 1:
Hero: Wizard Paylt, thank the stars I found you! The Sisterhood was very concerned when you stopped communicating with them. What was the discovery you made?
Wizard Paylt: Oh (heroname), it's the most remarkable thing! I believe I have found one of the secrets Drakath has been hiding.
Wizard Paylt: You see Hero, Drakath doesn't do things as randomly as it seems. He has a method and a purpose for everything. He ...URK!
//Wizard Paylt's eyes flash chaos purple and he starts shaking. The cutscene continues with Wizard Paylt transforming into a giant Chaorrupted Wolf.//
Wolf Peylt: NO! I will not tell you The Master's secrets!
//Wolf Peylt runs off.//
(end cutscene)
//player continues with quests 7 and 8
//completion of quest 8 triggers 2nd cutscene
Cutscene 2:
//a battle replay with Cleric Citra rushing in while the hero stands over the defeated Peylt.
***This is where my brain shut down on the actual text to be used. I would like to do a punny/serious ending with Cleric Citra taking Wolf Peylt back to the Temple for the Sisterhood to try to find a cure for his chaos lycanthropy.***
Merge Shop unlocks at the end of the quests/final cutscene.
***Quest names are another thing my brain refused to come up with punny/serious titles for***

Quest 1:
Type: Clicky
Description: I'm so glad you've made it Hero. Please, can you hunt around the marsh and see if there are any clues while I search Paylt's hut?
Items Required: Clue Found (from clicky on screen 4)
Description after complete: This is the Wizard's ring! He would never willingly take this off his hand. I fear something awful has happened to him Hero.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 2:
Type: Drop from Chaorrupted Wolf
Description: The only thing we know about Paylt's work right now is that it involved the Chaorrupted Wolves. Bring me 10 clumps of their fur so I can examine it.
Items required: 10 clumps of fur (from Chaoruppted Wolves)
Description after complete: This should be most useful Hero. But it still isn't enough for me to figure out what happened.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 3:
Type: Multi Clicky
Description: Hero, I found Paylt's journal on his research. But so many of the pages are missing that what is left makes no sense. Search around the marsh until you find the rest of the pages.
Items required: 5 journal pages (from clickys on the ground)
Description after complete: This is a good start Hero, but there are still more pages missing.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 4:
Type: Drop
Description: Hero, the monsters in the marsh must have the rest of the missing pages. Battle them until you find the pages.
Items required: 10 journal pages (from any monster in the marsh)
Description after complete: Ahh, thank you Hero. The more I read in this journal though, the less sense it seems to make.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 5:
Type: Drop
Description: Now that I've reassembled the journal, there is one more thing missing. Paylt describes locking an enchanted talisman into a chest somewhere around here. We need to find this talisman, Hero.
Items Required: Enchanted Talisman (from Guru Chest)
Description after complete: This is wonderful Hero. With this and the journal pages you found, I should be able to figure out what happened here.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 6:
Type: Map Item
Description: Hero, it is vital that we find Wizard Paylt NOW! From what little I could make out from his journal and the talisman, something terrible has happened to him that somehow involves the Chaorrupted Wolves of the marsh. Please search until you find him.
Items Required: Wizard Found (on screen 5)
Auto turn in, no description after complete. Triggers 1st cutscene.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 7:
Type: Drop
Description: This is terrible news Hero. It seems Wizard Paylt was infected with a form of chaotic lycanthropy when he was bitten by a Chaorrupted Wolf.
The monsters in the area must know where this Wolf Peylt has run off to. Battle them until one of them drops a clue to his location.
Items required: Location Clue (from random monster)
Description after complete: Now that you know where to go you must hurry and find him Hero.
250 Gold
250 Exp
Quest 8: Hair Of The Dog (Boss Battle)
Description: You must bring Peylt back to me Hero. Use any means you need, but bring that Wolf back!
Items required: Peylt defeated
Autocomplete, no description after complete, triggers 2nd cutscene.
250 Gold
250 Exp


Quest 1:
Description: If you wish to possess the finest items, you need the finest ingredients.
I will trade you 1 carved bone for every bone fragment you bring me.
Item required: bone fragment (from all monsters except chest and spider)
Description after complete: This will do nicely. Here is your reward Hero.
100 Gold
100 Exp
You will also receive 1 Carved Bone.
Quest 2:
Description: If you wish to possess the finest items, you need the finest ingredients. I will trade you 1 Silver Ingot for every pouch of silver dust you bring me.
Item required: 1 pouch of silver dust (from guru chest)
Description after complete: This will do nicely. Here is your reward Hero.
100 Gold
100 Exp
You will also receive 1 Silver Ingot

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Cool Vu

Walk like a Legion Egyptian!

Dage the evil wishes to gather undead from all over Lore to further grow his legion. He enlist his general Rogath to invade a pyramid in sandsea known as “The Tomb of Anubis”

You and Zhoom will have to venture to tomb of the ancent jackal reaper. Stop legion from tampering with the ancient power sealed away in that tomb. And free the undead from legion control.

If you fail, Dage with gain control of a powerful force that will unleash death not only to Sandsea, but to all of Lore.

The location is in Sandsea, and the map name will be called “Jackaltomb”

NPC is Zhoom, when you click on him he says. “How dare the Legion ruin our sacred lands! Taking our fallen kings and friends to serve in Dage’s army! He is truly evil to devise such a plan. What low will he sink next?” For the more he says “Hero we must purify this land! Rogath has no idea what dark forces he is tampering with. Quickly! Before Anubis unleashes his rage on all!

The monsters are Jackal Guardians, Mummies, and Tomb Robbes. As for the boss, how about a big Jackal Guardian that looks like he’s part of he legion? He’ll be called “Legion Anubis!” As for the reward type, let go with merge. Everytime you slay an enemy you’ll get a “purified soul”to use in the shop. As for what’s in said shop, Jackal guardian armor redone with a legion feel, like the lycan fenrir’s. Legion Jackal Guardian Spear weapon, daggers called Kult of Dage. I suppose the spear could double as a cape. Also an undead legion jackal pup pet, Jackal Legion helm, and blue glowing mummy bandage wrap helm.

For quest

1) Drop. Kill mummies to free them from legion control
2) Drop. Fight Tomb Robbers so they’ll run off from the danger
3) Clicky. Click on bones that are scattered around the map that you’ll feed jackal guardians
4) Drop. Beat up Jackal Guardians sill under legion control
5) Clicky. Click on spots to place special jars
6) Drop. Face Boss

The cut scenes will be like this. When you join jackaltomb, the opening will be Dage saying Lore is full of undead he could persuade to join his legion. Rogath suggest invading Sandsea pyramids. Dage allows him. Scene changes to Sandsea, skies become dark and cloudy, mummies and jackal guards come out of the ground. And Zhoom says “The temple of Anubis has been tampered with”

For the ending one, once you beat the boss, he changes back into a normal Anubis (jackal head, human body, wearing a cloack around his legs. He thanks you. Rogath flees back to Dage. Dage asks about who he got. Rogath says he manged to get a few mummies and jackals. Yet the jackal start to much on Rogaths bones (or other undead) Dage gets mad yet says the gnawing on his generals bones is punishment enough.

My AQW name is Madaraoblood

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Aqua Dragon Master

Gates of the underwater Kingdom Lockers

Main Story
Captain Rhubarb has been attacked and lost his crew and boat to vicious creatures of the sea, and it's time to get his loot back!
take your boat and find the creatures who took the loot.
as you get nearer you will find the real reason behind the attack and why captain Rhubarb wanted to get the loot back so badly.
The place were Sea Elves lived and took care of the oceans before the elemental war happened.
You'll find items above your imagination, all come from a different dimension and are enchanted with strange magic.
As you get closer to the truth, you'll find Captain Jones, Captain of the ship called the flying Fishman, this legendary ship is known by all pirates as the ship of death!
Once you entered the ship, a crewmate asks you a simple question "Do you want to become Jones' Slave, or do you rather die?"
the hero denies and starts to fight his way toward Jones' "office" were he was embracing the jewel.
You notice that the loot that captain Rhubarb obtained from his last adventure was one of the royal relics of the area once known as The Lockers.
Your fight starts and as Jones’ pulls out his trident and his tentacles you pull out your sword and start attacking him with all your might, but never did you see someone use 8 swords at you at the same time!
When it looked like you won this fight, a sudden event causes you to be blown back to Lolosia, were Captain Rhubarb hits you in the face and tells you that you will have to give him a new boat (which is a misc award from the last quest (it’s a rubber blow up boat)). Happy as a kid he runs away and sings this song from Lazy Towns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLMJpHihykI

Name of Map
The area will be named: "SeaPirates" and it will be located in Lolosia

Captain Rhubarb the Troubleshooter

Main text
Arr! I'm glad you wanted to help [Hero] ! Are you ready to find my precious loot? I think Jones' got it hidden in his desk. Go find him!
<Quest> <More>

“More” text;
Jones' is one of the last Sea Elves in Lore. After the Elemental War the sea has been abandoned by the elves, nobody knows what happened to them or were they went. It seems that only this Outlaw is left.
<More> <Back>
(after more you get this button) Elemental War?
Arrr indeed a Elemental War, you might not know it anymore, but you sure were fighting in that war! If not you should visit that time again! (Possibility of a goto Dragonfable button?)

<Dragonfable> <Back>

Swamp Lurker
Fishman Soldier
Shark Bait

Boss Monster Type
Name: Captain Jones
Type: Elemental

Looks like:
Just thing Ursula from the little mermaid and Davy Jones had a Baby and he is the result

Reward Types
As this is based on "the end" of The Lockers and to let people know about Dragonfable, I would like to transfer some items from the lockers release from Dragonfable to AQW
Monster drops
helmet: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17539718
staff: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=18489755&mpage=1&key=�
Boss drops
House item (you know what to make) http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17588754
gun: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17514974
1% drop of this scythe: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21311542&mpage=1&key=�
5% armor drop: A fully frozen version of http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/pirate-renegade

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My in game name is Skillthelovable.
I would do this with my guildmates, but I'm the only one in our small guild (WkillersW) that still plays this game.
Here is my idea for a release. Enjoy!

Vi’illsur’s jealousy
Lv range 25+
Release date: May 16 2014

Danger has come to the Sandsea. The people are suffering from having their life force sapped away by the dragon of darkness, Vi’illsur, in his quest to become human.

Help Galanoth, the dragonslayer, as he tries to save the people of the Sandsea and find out what happened to Vi’illsur to make him envy the humans. To do this you will need to journey across the Sandsea to find a way to defeat Vi’illsur before he can sap away the life force from everyone in the Sandsea and moves on to the rest of Lore.

If nobody does anything all of the Sandsea will die out and maybe even all of Lore

Map name:
Set in the Sandsea, map name: /Vi’illsur


(before completing everything)
Dragonslayer of Lore

Thank you for coming hero, I, no all of Lore is in need of your assistance. A poweful dragon known as “Vi’illsur” is slowly draining the power of all the residents of the Sandsea, and it is only a matter of time until he moves on to the rest of Lore.

Vi’illsur was originally a dragon of light, but something caused him to resent his fellow dragons and envy us humans, making him fall to the darkness and become what he is today: a dragon of the blackest darkness imaginable.
<More 2>

<More 2>
Vi’illsur, envious of us, now wishes to become human and abandon his fellow dragons. And he hopes to accomplish this by draining the power of us humans until he is satisfied. Hero! We cannot let this happen, not only would it disrupt the balance between the dragons and the humans, it would also cost thousands of people their lives. We have to defeat Vi’illsur before it is too late.

(after completing everything)
Dragonsaver of Lore?

Hero! I am grateful for what you did. I… I never imagined I would shed a tear for one of them, but it seems I was wrong and some dragons CAN be our comrades. I will never forget what happened here, and I hope you won’t either, hero.
Golden scarab, Cactus creeper, Anubis deathguard, Lotus spider, Mummy

I would like Vi’illsur to look like something half dragon, half human to go with the theme of the questline. I would like the dragon part to be black/purpleish kinda like the dark draconians and I would like the human part of him to have a brighter colour in contrast.

Reward types
Shop that unlocks after you finish the questline
Boss drop

Item Rewards
Armor - Dragonsaver armor (10.000 gold): Color custom, simillar to the Dragonslayer armor but a bit less cracked and with some sort of crystal instead of the dragon teeth on the shoulders

Helmets - Dragonsaver helmet (5.000 gold): Color custom, something that fits the armor, maybe like the dragonslayer helm but with a friendlier looking dragon head.

Lightshade helmet (10.000 gold): Like the Dragonsaver helmet but not color custom and like a mixture of light and darkness. Maybe like very dark helmet but with halo on top or something

Capes - Dragonsaver wings (5.000 gold): Color custom - some regular wings fitting the dragonsaver theme

Lightshade wings (10.000 gold): One wing black and demonic, the other wing bright and angelic

Weapons - Dragonsaver sword (7.000 gold) Color custom, fitting the other Dragonsaver items, preferrably a Katana or Cleaver of some sort

Lightshade sword (11.000 gold) A standard sword with a black hilt with demonic wings and a white shining blade

Vi’illsur’s radiance (100% boss drop) A sword with a hilt that looks like a dragons mouth with the blade coming out of it. The color scheme is white with golden trims and light-blue eyes for the dragon mouth part

Pets - Purified Vi’illsur (7.000 gold) The purified version of Vi’illsur (White with golden trims instead of black with purple trims) and a bit semi-transparrent to show that he is a spirit. Same basic look as the red dragon pet otherwise.

Release Timeline

// Player joins /Vi’illsur

// Player talks to Galanoth

// Player finishes first quest

Cutscene of Vi’illsur’s past:
Galanoth and the hero look at the past-showing water.
You see Vi’illsur in his first form (A white dragon with golden trims) flying around Lore when he is assaulted by the order of dragonslayers. Vi’illsur then crashes in the outskirts of a village in an undisclosed location. Injured Vi’illsur drags himself to a cave nearby and makes that his home.

A few days later a young maiden from the village comes into the cave following the tracks of whatever crashed nearby. When she finds Vi’illsur she is not afraid, this confuses Vi’illsur as he always thought humans only wished to kill dragons. The maiden replies that she believes everyone to be equal no matter what they look like. The maiden sees that Vi’illsur is injured and starts patching him up. Soon they become friends and Vi’illsur starts to develop a love for her.

But alas, a dragons lifetime is much longer than a humans, and his love falls sick. On her deathbed she declares her love for him and with a loud cry Vi’illsur’s noble soul gets tainted by darkness and he transforms inte the dark dragon he is today.

// Player finishes rest of quests and defeats Vi’illsur

Cutscene of Vi’illsur’s end:
Wounded, Vi’illsur brushes away the player and starts regenerating as he exclaims “Fool, no one can beat me as long as I have the life force of this much people within me” the hero then exclaims “Taking you down was never my intention” and throws the purification serum into the nearly regenerated wound. At the same time Galanoth shouts to the hero that he has destroyed the device that was sucking energy from the citizens.

Vi’illsur explodes in a ball of light and you then see his purified spirit saying “thank you hero, I was corrupted by darkness and could not see clearly, but now, at last i can meet my love… my… Valerica” His soul then disapears leaving behind the Vi’illsur’s radiance weapon. The hero and Galanoth both shed a tear out of respect.

1st quest
Haunted by the past

Hero! Vi’illsur has the energy of many people, it will be near impossible to defeat him. We need another way to win, maybe his past holds some secrets? I have heard that if we gather some preserved water from the cactus creepers, a piece of soul from the Anubis Deathguards and a bit of Lotus spider poison, as well as something part of them, you can see the past of someone. Bring this to me.

5 Preserved water (drop)
1 Anubis soul (drop)
3 Lotus poison (drop)
1 Vi’illsur’s scale (clicky)

Perfect, now if we just add it all together we should get some “past-seeing water” allowing us to see Vi’illsur’s past.

2nd quest
Starting the purification

Hero! I think we might have a chance if we try purifying him. Firstly we will need something to put the purifier in, since it is highly corrosive. Let’s see… Golden scarabs have husks that can resist most anything. Gather around 10 or so and i will make a holder for us.

10 Scarab husk (drop)

Perfect. Now we just need the serum.

3rd quest
Put your heart into it!

As a base for the serum we will need some rotten hearts from the mummies dwelling this place. Go get, say, 7 of them and then come back here

7 Rotten hearts (drop)

Great! now that we have the base we only need a few more ingredients and it will be done.

4th quest
That’s the spirit!

As the main purifier reagent we will need some Anubis souls, 5 should suffice. We will also need about 7 bottles of Lotus poison as a secondary reagent and some puddle water for consistency.

5 Anubis soul (drop)
7 Lotus poison (drop)
3 Puddle water (clicky)

Good job hero. Now we’re one step closer to bringing this guy down

5th quest
Uncovering secrets

Now that the serum is brewing why don’t you go find whatever he is using to drain the power of the people and see if we can destroy it.

Device found (map-item)

Now that we know where it is all we need is a way to destroy it.

6th quest
Blow it up!

To destroy the device as fast as possible we need some explosives. To make them we’re gonna need some Bandage from the mummies, some more of the lotus poison, and some scarab husks for the exterior

5 Bandage (drop)
5 Lotus poison (drop)
10 Scarab husk (drop)

Great! Now all that remains is blowing it up

7th quest
Final preparations

Now that we have the bombs all that remains is setting them by the device. I trust you to handle this hero, then all that remains is Vi’illsur himself.

5 Explosive set (clicky)

Good job hero! Now we just have to take down Vi’illsur and we’ll be home free

Final quest: Boss battle

Hero, you go face Vi’illsur, I’ll come help out as soon as I have set of the explosives and helped the citizens.

1 Vi’illsur purified (drop)

Hero! We did it. It’s over. And all thanks to you, you have my grattitude

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Made by Caedwyn :)

Call of the Ancient
Level range 40+
Release Date: May 16 2014


Long ago, there was an ancient monster. A monster so menacing that no one dare to stood

against. For over centuries, that abomination reign over lore. Until 4 unknown heroes stood

against it, sealed it deep within the underground of lore. That monster was dormant, sealed

by the unknown heroes, who sacrificed themselves, to summon 4 ancient keepers, to keep The

Ancient one from rising again.

Those ancient keepers are:

Lazarus the Vile, keeper of the blight, who summon a blight so evil that not even an undead

dare to thread to keep everything in lore away from such abomination

Cyndarion, The Just, keeper of the light, who summon a holy blinding light so bright to keep

The Ancient One chained and weakened it.

Naarhogg, The Ghastly one, keeper of the void, who bind The Ancient one in a dark, endless


Ezdarr, The Wise, Keeper of the Life, who cast over an indestructible prison made from an

unbreakable ancient tree to keep The Ancient one on its eternal slumber.

But lately, an unknown energy surge is flowing through the prison, weakening the seal made

by The Keepers and the unknown Hero and strengthening The Ancient One. You must earn the

keepers trust by completing a series of challenge and fighting them to prove you are worthy

and strong enough to defeat The Ancient One for once and for all.

The seal is keep weakened over time while you delay, and when The Ancient one return on its

full strength, you might won't be able to defeat it at all...

Name of Map:
Arcangrove. Map name is: EtherealPrison


The Supreme Archmage
The Keepers are growing weak. The Ancient one is getting stronger by the unknown energy

surge flowing through the prison. This can't be a natural cause, someone or something must

have caused such thing. help the keepers to defeat The Ancient One, before it grow


This place is a prison for a powerful entity known as The Ancient One. It's so powerful that

to seal it, it required 4 noble souls their lifeforce to summon The Keepers to keep The

Ancient One away from the surface of lore.

Nobody knows who the Heroes were. People only know the tales, from the song sung by the

bard. All we know is that they sacrificed themselves to save the lore.

All four elementals, Mana Falcon, Gorillaphant and Mana imp

Boss Monster Type*
Elemental (for the 4 keepers) and Dragonkin (For the Ancient One)
If you could, i'd like to make The Ancient One looks like this >>> http://twitpic.com/cjk5t1

Reward Types:

Boss Drops:
Ancient Hero Set (From The Ancient One) >>> http://twitpic.com/dstrct

Merge Shop (unlocked after quest completion):
Evolved Mana Golem Pet
Fiery Blade of Ancient One (The red one) >>> http://twitpic.com/ch5jg6
Evolved Blade of Battle Kris >> http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/blade-of-the-battle-kris

Release Outline


// Player joins “EtherealPrison”
// Player talks to “Warlic” in magic shop in battleon


Opening Cutscene: The Hero come to warlic and then warlic will explain the legend about The

Ancient One and how The Ancient Heroes sealed The Ancient one by sacrificing themselves, and

the summoning of the keepers. And then, the cutscene will go forward in current time,

revealing an unknown energy surge which has weakened the seal. Warlic then will ask for the

hero's help to defeat The Ancient one once and for all.

Closing Cutscene: The Ancient One seduce The Hero to join it to rule over the Lore, but Hero

refused, and delivering the final blow, which put an end to The Ancient One, once and for

all. After that, the keepers finally leaving, revealing that The Keepers is actually a

manifestation of the 4 Heroes's noble spirits.


1st Quest
Energy Surge
Unknown energy surge are flowing through the prison, giving power to The Ancient One and weakening The Keepers. I think the energy surge are coming from the mana monster, who are awed by The Ancient One presence, which are now reside in this prison. Defeat Mana Falcons and Mana Imps to stop The Ancient One from getting more power!
10 Mana Monster Defeated
The Energy Surge are sealed. But i think it's too late, The Ancient One already have enough energy to break the seal.

2nd Quest
Lazarus's Challenge
The Keepers has spoken to me through telepathy. He said you need the blessing of the four keepers to strengthen you before you face The Ancient one. But before that, The keepers will provide several challenges for you. The first keeper, Lazarus requires you to collect 5 Fire Elemental Essences and 5 Gorillaphant's Fur for an offering in order to proceed further.
5 Fire Elemental Essences
5 Gorillaphant's Fur
Well done, Lazarus is pleased by your offering.

3rd Quest
Face Lazarus
You are now ready to face Lazarus and receive his blessing of strength. defeat him to prove your worth!
1 Lazarus Defeated
Lazarus deems you as a worthy adversaries. You are now blessed by his strength.

4th Quest
Cyndarion's Challenge
Cyndarion the Just has spoken to me. She's impressed that you have beat Lazarus, but now the real challenge begin. Collect 7 Water Elemental Essences, 3 Mana Falcon's Wings, and 4 Gorillaphant's Trunk for an offering.
3 Mana Falcon's Wing
7 Water Elemental's Essences
4 Gorillaphant's Trunk
Well done, Cyndarion is happy with your offering

5th Quest
Face Cyndarion
You are now ready to face Cyndarion and receive her blessing of might. Defeat her to prove your worth!
1 Cyndarion Defeated
Cyndarion is awed by your strength. You are now blessed by his might.

6th Quest
Naarhogg's Challenge.
Naarhogg The Ghastly one has spoken to me. He's impressed that you have beaten both Lazarus and Cyndarion. He think that you are no ordinary human. He will need your offering before you could face him. Collect 6 Mana imp's horn and 4 Wind Elemental's Essences for an offering.
6 Mana Imp's Horn
4 Wind Elemental's Essence
Well done, Naarhogg is pleased by your offering.

7th Quest
Face Naarhogg
You are now ready to face Naarhogg and receive his blessing of cunning. Defeat him to prove your worth!
1 Naarhogg Defeated
Naarhogg is amazed by your ability. You are now blessed by his cunning

8th Quest
Ezdarr's Challenge.
Ezdarr the Wise has spoken to me. He marvel your strength and ability, knowing that you have defeated the three Keepers. Collect 12 Earth elemental's Essence for an offering before you could face him.
12 Earth elemental's Essence
Well done, Ezdarr is pleased by your offering.

9th Quest
Face Ezdarr
You are now ready to face Ezdarr and receive his Wisdom. Defeat him to prove your worth!
1 Ezdarr Defeated
Ezdarr admired your determinacy to defeat The Ancient One. You are now blessed by his wisdom.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
The Ancient One
You have received the blessings of the Keepers. You are now ready to defeat The Ancient one and put an end to it. The Keepers and I wish you a good luck.
1 The Ancient One Defeated
You actually did it! You have defeated The Ancient One! Lore is now saved again, thanks to you!

End Release

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Achuzo Did This
Batters gave the Blade of Enigmata idea
Haroon980 gave me the Klonkidus monster's ,dea
Derp Vader
Level Limit : 15-25
Release Date: May 16 2014
Our hero is a player . A new Mage called ProOfAQW (He has classic mage armor) . He levels up , and levels up , he becomes Level 30 (he has Mirror Cysero) . One day , he meets Warlic . ProOfAQW wants some magic power from Warlic . Warlic teachs ProOfAQW a very strong magic , but Warlic fails it . Warlic and ProOfAQW changes bodies . Warlic's soul gets into ProOfAQW's body , and ProOfAQW's soul gets into Warlic's body and ProOfAQW's body turns into a derp , but very strong monster (monsters name is Derp Vader) . Derp Vader tries to destroy the whole Lore . Unfortunately , ProOfAQW can't use Warlic's powers to stop Derp Vader. Help ProOfAQW and Warlic turn into their body , and save the Lore one more time !

Name of Map
I choose Arcangrove , maps name is derpgrove

Warlic ProOfAQW in Warlic's body
You have to help me hero ! We need to stop Derp Vader ! He has a very strong , and so cute derpsaber ! Its like a lightsaber , but it is derp and pink !
Derp Vader has serveants called Gorillaphant and Seed Spitter ! We have to defeat them , then save the Lore !

Seed Spitter
Derp Vader
Klonkidus (A mix of rhino and bear , make it anything you want)

Boss Monster Type*
The boss is called Derp Vader ... He has a pink Darth Vader armor and a pink cape , but he has no helm . His head is Warlic's head . Only armor is pink . No changes at Warlic's head . He has a pink light saber as a weapon . His health is 9.000 . He is level 25 .His attacks are :
-Slicing With DerpSaber (hits 50-150)
-Force (hits 100-200)

Reward Types
Monster Drop

Item Rewards
Armor : Derpy Armor of Derp Vader (Pink Darth Vader)
Description : Pink Vader's power is now with you ! Use the force to defend Lore !
Rarity : Epic Rarity
Drop Rarity : 30%
Dropped From : Derp Vader

Armor : Derpy Void of Derp Vader (Pink Void of Nulgath)
Description : What a rare drop ! Derp Vader just bought Void of Nulgath before it went rare ! A chance for you to get ! So Derpy !!!!!!!!
Dropped From : Derp Vader
Drop Rarity : %1
Rarity : Rare Rarity (make it rare after a week)

Helm : Hair of Warlic (Simply , Warlic's head)
Description : You have Warlic's head ... You can have this hair at hair shops , but this is good ...
Rarity : Awesome Rarity
Dropped by : Derp Vader
Drop Rarity : %99

Cape : Epic Cape of Derp Vader (Pink Version of Artix's Cape)
Description : Did Artix paint his cape to pink ? I am sure that Beleen did this ...
Rarity : Awesome Rarity
Drop Rarity : %75
Dropped From : Derp Vader

Pet : Derpy Chibi of Derp Vader (Small and Cute Derp Vader)
Description : Chibi Derp Vader looks so .... Cute .... *hugs Chibi Derp Vader*
Drop Rarity : %20
Rarity : Rare Rarity (Make rare after 2 weeks)
Note : Make it non-member , so it would worth to go rare
Dropped By : Derp Vader

Weapon : Derpy Blade of Nulgath (Pink Version of Oblivion Blade of Nulgath)
Description : You lucky ! You got the most rare item ever ! Rarity is %0.01 ! More rare than Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness !
Rarity : Rare Rarity (Make it rare after a month)
Drop Rarity : %0.01
Dropped By : Derp Vader
Hit : 3-57

Armor : Derpy Paragon Plate of Nulgath
Description : A good armor for Dage/Beleen fans ! Be the Derpy Evil and control the Derp Legion !
Rarity : Rare Rarity (make it rare after 2 weeks)
Dropped By : Derp Vader
Drop Rarity : %5

Weapon : Blade of Enigmata (A half Calabdog , a half Overfiend Blade of Nulgath which has E word on hilt)
Description : Use this blade , and carry the honor of Enigmata Clan ! Dont keep this blade in your inventory if you arent from Enigmata !
Rarity : Unknown Rarity
Hit : 20-60

NOTE ! : If you can , please add this blade only to all of the Enigmata members :) If you can't , make it dropped from Derp Vader (I decided to do this item , because my guild mates helped me so much , and they work hard ! Not about this , in the whole game . They are all good persons . They are helpful , friendly , AWESOME ! I think they deserve a blade like this . I had this Blade of Enigmata idea from a player called 'batters' in Enigmata , and i got the Klonkidus idea from 'haroon980' in Enigmata . Thanks to all Enigmata members ! <3 They deserve more than Blade of Enigmata <3 )

Quest Legend: quests are defeating monsters
Drop: Gorillaphant Defeated
Seed Spitter Defeated
Derp Vader Defeated
Klonkidus Defeated

Start Release Events: cutscene

Your Release Outline


// Player joins derpgrove
// Player talks to Warlic

Beginning : *A player called ProOfAQW is a level 1 mage(he wears classic mage armor) . He trains himself and becomes level 30 (he wears Mirror Cysero armor) . One day , he meets Warlic . He wants Warlic to teach him a spell . While Warlic was teaching , he had an accident at teaching . ProOfAQW's soul got into Warlic's body , and Warlic's soul got into ProOfAQW's body . ProOfAQW's body became a derp monster , a derpy Darth Vader , Derp Vader (has Warlic's head , and a pink Darth Vader Armor . Derp Vader gets to Arcangrove .

Ending (After defeating Derp Vader) : *player hits Derp Vader with a high damage , Derp Vader stops moving* Derp Vader says ' -Hero Name- , i am your father !' . -Hero- shouts 'I DONT CAARE !' and kills Derp Vader . ProOfAQW and Warlic gets into their own body . ProOfAQW and Warlic thanks to -Hero- . For this honor , Warlic gives -Hero- a golden trophy .


1st Quest
Clear the Path
We need to clear the path to get to Derp Vader and defeat him . Kill five Gorillaphants !
Gorillaphant Defeated x5
First step is done ! Lets continue !

NOTE : This quest can be completed once .

2nd Quest
Clear the Path , Again
We killed Gorillaphants , now , kill five Seed Spitters !
Seed Spitter Defeated x5
Second Step is done ...

NOTE : This quest can be completed once .

3rd Quest
Clearing Is Boring
There are too much monsters ! Kill 10 Seed Spitters and 10 Gorillaphants . Then , the path will be cleared completely .
Gorillaphant Defeated x10
Seed Spitter Defeated x10
Clearing the path is done . Now , lets go and defeat Derp Vader !

NOTE: This quest can be completed once .

4rd Quest
Oh no ! A monster called Klonkidus chased us ! We have to defeat it !
Klonkidus Defeated x1
Path is cleared ! Now , lets go !

NOTE : This quest can be completed once .

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Defeat Derp Vader
The final battle ... Battle your father *whooops , i gave spoiler* Derp Vader and save the Lore one more time !
Derp Vader Defeated x1
Reward :
You saved Lore , and killed your fater *whoops , spoiler again* Derp Vader .

NOTE : This quest can be completed once .

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Quest For Awesome Reward (Nulgath)
Do this quest for good stuff ! Takes long , but would worth it ! Do if you want to get Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath !
Derp Vader Defeated x1000
Now , one of the strongest blade is yours !
Reward : Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Quest For Awesome Reward (Dage)
Do this quest for good stuff ! Takes long , but would worth it ! Do if you want to get the most legendary blade , Caladbolg !
Derp Vader Defeated x1000
Now , one of the most legendary blade is yours !
Reward : Caladbolg

End Release

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The Desolation of M’raug

AQW Account: Catullus (made only by me)

Level requirement: 1+. Everybody should be able to enjoy the release! Maybe adjusted difficulty levels depending on current player level.


A storm is coming. Long have we foreseen this event. Long have our ancestors warned us for this. But we didn’t do anything. And thus, the return of M’raug is near. Drakath has summoned him to wipe out any pirate resistance. He has set his eyes on the naval fleet of Lolosia. If he were to corrupt all the pirates residing there, he could dominate the waters with their ships. Invade villages. Destroy cities. Unleash Chaos.

But Drakath is no fool; he knows the pirates won’t give up without a fight. The piety in the hearts of the pirates is remarkable. But there is something they fear. Something that had been destroyed long ago. The elemental water dragon, M’raug, has awoken to serve Drakath. To kill in his name. To wipe out all who oppose him. Centuries ago, this beast destroyed most of Lolosia and left surrounding areas in its wake. The fear he awakened among the pirates has passed on from bloodline to bloodline. He ultimately disappeared without a trace... and now he’s back, hungry for more destruction. Drakath is aware of this. With M’raug as an ally, the two of them could infest the pirates with Chaos. That has to be prevented at all costs, and you, Hero, have your part to play..

Map name

The story, as mentioned before, takes place in Lolosia. I’d like to name my map /join pirateshore.


Lady Celestia
High Priestess of Dragons

I welcome you, Hero. I was summoned here by the inhabitants of Lolosia because they sensed the arrival of a great peril. And now, I feel it too. Such fierce, raw energy... This is a dragon. I’ve never felt this kind of energy before... I myself am afraid of what may come.


Chaos is in the air, we know that for sure. The sky is turning purple, the sea is turbulent.. Drakath must have some kind of involvement in this, which troubles me very much. Please, I need you to figure out what’s going on!


- Chaotic Pirate (I was thinking enemies with the Chaos Naval Commander set. They tried to fight back valiantly but were corrupted anyway)
- Merdraconian
- Water Elemental
- Chaos Sprites
- Chaotic Symbiote
- Chaos Sp-Eye

Boss Monster Type

M’raug, the Elemental Water Dragon (exactly what it sounds like: a water elemental with a dragon-like appearance or vice versa)

Reward types

- Boss drops (I’d like them to have one of the lowest drop rates of all time)
- Monster drops (The Misc. items don’t always drop, but often. Like Bone Dust.)
- Merge shop (Unlocked after speaking to Lady Celestia)
- “M’rawsome” badge unlocked after doing all the quests. (You have restored peace to Lolosia and slain M’raug! Y’arr!”)

Item rewards

- Chaos Core (dropped from any Chaos monster in the area. A Misc item that can be used in the merge shop.)
- Elemental Essence (dropped from both the Water Elementals and Merdraconians. A Misc item that can be used in the merge shop.)
- Pet drop from the boss (Mini-version of M’raug: M’rawww: “You have received a small version of the Elemental Water Dragon, M'raug!”)
- Weapon drop from the boss (A sword that resembles the ReignBringer ((I thought this could serve as an evolved weapon, in a way)), with the flames being water: RainBringer: “This mighty blade is a reminder to the day you destroyed M’raug!”)
- Armor drop from the boss (M’raug“The vicious Elemental Water Dragon is now gone. But you managed to take on his legendary form. All tremble at the sight of you!”)
- Cape drop from the boss (M’raug Wings“The once mighty M’raug has granted you his wings. Use them well!”)
- Helm drop from the boss (M’raug Faceplate“Your face has morphed into Lolosia’s greatest fear!”)
- Merge shop containing pirate-themed items and/or water elemental-themed items.


Hero joins /pirateshore and speaks to Lady Celestia.
*cutscene begins*

Opening cutscene: In essence, the opening cutscene is the same as my overview.

Ending cutscene: Lady Celestia and the pirates gather to celebrate the freedom of their people. She individually thanks the Hero as well, just in time before the inhabitants of Lolosia start throwing the Hero in the air and /cheering and /laughing. They are ever grateful to the Hero for saving their lives and quite probably the lives of Lore. They start chanting a song:

"A Hero has arisen, to defeat the beast.
For he now is destroyed, let us commence the feast!
Our Hero, our Hero, the saviour of Lore.
He means much to many, but to us even more."


1) I’m Shore to Explore
You cannot operate on grounds that are unknown to you. Explore the area and return to me.

<area explored> (Map Item)

Good job. Now we can commence.
<500 Gold & 500 XP >

*end quest*

2) Trapped like Pi-rats! (Must have completed previous quest)
Before we march on M’raug, we need to destroy all who serve him. He has corrupted some of the most valorous pirates and infested them with his power. Free their spirits, please!

8x Spirit Freed (Drop, temporary item)

Thank you. Let’s proceed to the next objective.
<700 Gold & 700 XP >

*end quest*

3) Ordnance for Discord (Must have completed previous quest)
The pirates were not the only corrupted enemies. Drakath has provided M’raug with a small but powerful army of
Chaos Monsters to serve him. Destroy them at once, Hero!

10x Chaos Monster destroyed (Drop, temporary item)

Well done! His corrupted servants won’t trouble us anymore.
<900 Gold & 900 XP >

*end quest*

4) Water you doing? (Must have completed previous quest)
Even with Drakath’s reinforcements gone, M’raug still has minions left. The place is crawling with Merdraconians and Water Elementals. They each hold a part of M’raugs power. Come back to me after slaying them!

14x Power Absorbed (Drop, temporary item)

Well done. We are almost ready to face our biggest threat yet..
<1,000 Gold & 1,000 XP >

*end quest*

5) Hide and Weak (Must have completed previous quest)
M’raug has hidden the key to his hideout somewhere in the area. You must find the key before it is too late!

1x M’raugs Key (Clicky, temporary item)

You did it! Prepare for battle, Hero!
<1,500 Gold & 1,500 XP >

Final Quest: Boss Battle

6) Elemental Water Dragon, my dear Watson (Must have completed all the other quests)
This will not be easy, Hero. But I, and the rest of Lolosia, count on you. Destroy M’raug and free the people of Lolosia!

1x M’raug defeated (Drop, temporary item)

You did it! Thanks to you, the people of Lolosia are freed from this threat! Well done, Hero!
<2,000 Gold & 2,000 XP >

1) Legend-only Quest

The Essence of the Core (available after doing all the quests)
M’raug has hidden Chaos Cores and Elemental Essences in his lair! Beat him and retrieve the treasure!

1x M’raug Slain (Drop, temporary item)

I commend you, Hero! Here is your share of the loot.
Quest Reward: 10x Chaos Cores & 10x Elemental Essences

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Devastation of Hypernatium


One the far east, Akiba Scientists were trying to merge Samurais and Robots, to create a hero who will be able to move faster than the wind. A hero who would slice through his enemies so easy. They created a Mechano Samurai, and they gave him name Vultex. While he was still unable to fight, one of the scientists who helped create Vultex, made a fatal mistake, he opened the cell that Vultex was located. Gigantic Mechano- Samurai escaped and started devastating everything. Legend says that there is a hero who is strong enough to destroy Vultex. Legend never lies.

"There is a glimpse of good in everything evil.
Lucky is one who find it.' - Creators of Vultex

Name of Map

Location: Yokai Island
Map name : Cybernatium


Mechanical Samurai
Greeting wanderer! Have winds of fate brought you on this mysterious place, or it was your will? Once you come here, There is no way back. You need to stay here, and help us fight!

Our scientists managed to develop a creature, named Vultex, that is powerful enough to destroy everything living. Covered with Nano- Suit, armed with mechanical katana, it can slice through anything. Your mission is to destroy Vultex, and re- build Cybernatium temple. But beware, Vultex doesn't look powerful, but trust me, he is! Good luck!

To reach Vultex, you will need to clean your way to the hear of the temple. You will need to destroy some of his minions. Good luck!

Wind Elemental
Samurai Nopperabo
Neko Yasha
Funa- Yurei

Reference: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Boss-for-Cybernatium-Temple-449589722?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398276007

Reward Types

Shop that unlocks after completing all quests.

Item Rewards

Vultex's Armor: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Vultex-s-Armor-449590514?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398276240
Samurai Horned Face Protector: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Samurai-Horned-Face-Protector-449592443?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398276859
Vultex's Helmet: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Vultex-s-Helmet-449592765?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398276961
Evolved Rocket on your Back: http://i50.tinypic.com/2d7ymtx.png (Add two small rockets on both sides, to make it more powerful)
Evolved Mechanical Jetpack: http://i.imgur.com/QFcqavk.png (Remove mud, make it looks clean and add holes from bullets)
Vultex's Katana: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Vultex-s-Katana-449593796?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398277313
Vultex's Dark Katana: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Vultex-s-Dark-Katana-449594195?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398277459
Mechanical Katana: http://i50.tinypic.com/i4fyoo.png (Add mechanical feeling, steam punk stuff, make it looks like it's full of energy)
Mechano Bot: http://vultex.deviantart.com/art/Mechano-Bot-449600989?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398279611


1. Hypernatium Exploration

Seems like you are already in love with this island. Go explore it, and come back with the results!

1 Explore the map

Great! Now we know how the island looks like!

2. Faster than the wind

To destroy Vultex, you'll have to keep moving at the speed of wind. I think Wind Elementals will provide that!

7 Wind Elementals Slain

Now you can move at the speed of wind!

3. Trouble with Samurais

Those Samurais seems to be angry because we are exploring their territory. Go there and show them your power!

7 Samurais Slain

Great! Those Samurais won't be a threat anymore!

4. Conflict with Neko Yasha

Neko Yasha is well known by his powerful blade. Legend says it can slice through anything. I think we will need one of those! Go kill him, and take his blade!

1 Neko Yasha's Blade

Great job! Seems like we are getting somewhere!

5. Elimination of Fura- Yurei

While battling with Vultex, there will be chances that Fura- Yurei will appear to linger your job. Eliminate all Fura- Yureis!

10 Fura- Yurei Slain

Great! Now. nobody can distract us!

6. Lasers

We are almost done! All you need to do is to place lasers around the map! Once you start fighting Vultex, lasers will shoot into the sky at the same time, and combine into a giant laser, that will strike Vultex.

5 Lasers Placed

Congratulations! I have one more task for you!

7. Battle with Vultex

The time has come, Hero! It's time to face Vultex! Good luck!

1 Vultex Slain

Incredible! We /salute you!

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest Clean Cybernatium Temple (multy clicky)

There are many remnants of Vultex! Clean them up!

1 Cybernatium Temple cleaned

Everything is so clean!

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest Re- Build Cubernatium (multy clicky)

Great! You cleaned Cybernatium Temple, but all the buildings have fallen. Re- build them!

1 Cybernatium Temple Re- Built

Everything is perfect now!

Player joins Cybernatium
Player talks to Yirago


Opening Cutscene:

Shows Yokai from the sky. Shows scientists working in the lab, developing mechanical Samurai. One of the scientists accidentally presses button to set Vultex free. Vultex runs away. Giant explosion and temple starts to burn. Player comes to forest and looks to the left, than looks to the right. He sees Yirago. Temple is far away from the forest where they are standing now. He watches Yirago from the safe distance. They get surrounded by monsters from that area. Yirago starts running toward the temple, bacause there is much safer, and player starts following her. They found shelter near the temple.

Closing Cutscene:

Vultex gets weaker and falls on knees. Player jumps to punch Vultex and at the same time, lasers shoot Vultex and player punches him. Yirago comes to player and gives him a medal for power and loyalty. Shows Temple from the sky and you can see that everything is destroyed. Yirago and player start to clean everything. Shows Vultex's eye in the forest, laying on the ground.

My AQW Username is Vultex023

~Removed personal information.

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Character: Gabrielsslf
Mischief Village
Release Date: May 16 2014
The chaos arrived to Neverglades, the forest is replete of chaos, but the peasants still fighting to protect their village from Akizutsu.
Akizutsu is an ancient demon and the God of Mischief.
Drakath aroused Akizutsu to destroy Neverglades and your mission is defeat Akizutsu and stop the chaos, if you can.

Name of Map
Neverglades: Mischief Village

Hello hero! I need your help to defeat Akizutsu. We will need to combine magic with technology to defeat the God of Mischief!

Mad Magical Weaponsmith!
Hiya! Arklen needs your help! You will need my magic to help Arklen and defeat Akizutsu!

Scientific Science Guy
Hi there! Arklen needs your help! You will need my technology to help Arklen and defeat Akizutsu!

Trobble, Marsh Tree, Leatherwing, Chaorrupted Wolf, Chaorrupted Bear, Dreadspider, Dark Witch.

Boss Monster Type
Description: Green skin, pink eyes, yellow clothes, silver pants (made of iron), the leg is 2 fire balls and him fly

Reward Types
Monster drops:
Trobble: Green Trobble Pet.
Leatherwing: Green Leatherwing Pet.
Dreadspider: Akizutsu’s Brutality.
Dark Witch: Green Lolly Pop (green version of the Giant Lolly Pop with glow) and Green Sphere (green version of the Violet Sphere).

Boss drops:
Akizutsu: Akizutsu’s Tooth (use in the Merge shop), Akizutsu's Soul (sword), Akizutsu's Spear and Akizutsu's Legacy (sword).

Merge shop:
Akizutsu Pet (50 Akizutsu’s Tooth), Evolved Star Sword (40 Akizutsu’s Tooth), Lim’s Legacy (sword, 30 Akizutsu’s Tooth) and Spectral Blades (dagger, 20 Akizutsu’s Tooth).

Item Rewards
Green Trobble Pet: green version of the Trobble with green glow.
Green Leatherwing Pet: green version of the Leatherwing with green glow.
Akizutsu’s Brutality: green version of the Balor’s Brutality with green glow.
Green Lolly Pop: green version of the Giant Lolly Pop with green glow.
Green Sphere: green version of the Violet Sphere.
Akizutsu’s Soul:
Akizutsu’s Spear:
Akizutsu's Legacy
Akizutsu Pet: a pet version of Akizutsu (boss).
Evolved Star Sword:
Spectral Blades:
Lim’s Legacy

// Player joins “Mischief Village (/join mischief)”
// Player talks to “Arklen”

After defeat Akizutsu and complete the last quest Arklen destroy the Mischief Orb.

1st Quest (drop)
Stop The Chaos
The chaos monsters are destroying the village, help the peasants and defeat them!
Kill 5 Chaorrupted Wolf, 5 Chaorrupted Bear and 5 Marsh Tree.
5 Chaorrupted Claws
5 Chaorrupted Tooths
5 Leaves

Now the animals are free, but the village still on chaos!

2nd Quest (Drop)
Mischief And Chaos
Oh no! The creatures are attacking the village! Help your friends and defeat them!
Kill 10 Chaorrupted Wolf, 10 Chaorrupted Bear, 5 Trobble and 5 Leatherwing.
10 Chaorrupted Claws
10 Chaorrupted Tooths
5 Feathers
5 Wings
Finally the chaorrupted monsters are defeated but they still attacking the village!

3rd Quest (Drop)
Mischief And Magic
The Dark Witch arrived to the village, defeat the witch and recover the Magic Necklace.
Kill 1 Dark Witch.
1 Magic Necklace
Yes! You got the necklace, now you need the Technologic Ring to defeat Akizutsu!

4th Quest (Drop)
Mischief And Technology
The Dreadspider have the ring, defeat the her and recover the Technologic Ring.
Kill 1 Dreadspider.
1 Technologic Ring
Now back and bring the necklace to Cysero and the ring to Lim.

5th Quest (Clicky)
Mischief Protection
Bring the Magic Necklace to Cysero and the Technologic Ring to Lim.
Talk to Cysero and Lim.
1 Cysero’s Spell
1 Lim’s Technology
Finally! Now you can defeat Akizutsu!

Final Quest: Boss Battle (Drop)
The God of Mischief
Finally you have the necklace and the ring! Now defeat Akizutsu and save the village!
Kill 1 Akizutsu
1 Akizutsu’s Heart
Yes! You defeated Akizutsu and saved the village!

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest (Drop)
Akizutsu’s Spirit
Bring me 5 Akizutsu’s Heart and I’ll give you 10 Akizutsu’s Tooth and you can use if in the merge shop.
Kill 5 Akizutsu
5 Akizutsu’s Heart
Thank you! Here is your reward!

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest (Clicky)
The Mischief Scroll
Collect the 10 scrolls in the village and I’ll give you 1 Akizutsu’s Tooth.
Pick up 10 scrolls.
10 Mischief Scroll
Thank you! Here is your reward!

End Release
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A Thread of Agony
by dark tech priest (AQW)
Levels: 30+
Release date: May 16, 2014


Red. Howling, raging, crying, consuming. Red spirit threads have spread upon the western outskirts of Arcangrove. From these threads, cries and sobs of pain have been heard, joined by the chorus of the land’s inhabitants; they are quickly silenced, until only one voice is heard. Spectators have seen fires spawn and consume fauna and flora, while the threads continue their encroachment.

Tomix has summoned You, the hero, to help investigate the anomaly. Put out the fires, remove the threads, and put to rest a story that has continued for too long.

(91 words)

Name of Map

Arcangrove - Cyrilean Forest


The Soul Weaver
Hello, Hero. Thanks for coming so quickly. As you can see, we have a problem. So, let’s keep the chat to a minimum.
< More >

< More >
These threads are no ordinary thread. They are spirit threads weaved by a powerful Soul Being. What amazes me is how much they have weaved without a Soul Weaver. If we don’t hurry, I fear that they will continue to grow.
< More 2 >

< More 2 >
Hear that. It’s the sound of agony. When a Soul Being make spirit thread, they are usually made with their strongest emotions; then they are tempered and shaped by a Soul Weaver. However, this Soul Being is unleashing theirs unchecked. Whatever their motive is, they are experiencing nothing but pain.
< Back >


Arcangrove: Fire Elementals, Living Fires, Scoria Serpents, Gorillaphants, Seed Spitters

Boss Monster Type


Name: Alyce
Description: A DF Soul Being like Aegis, except bright red. Appears to be a small girl, like Aria. Should float and appear partially curled, in pain.
Abilities (if possible): Stun, Damage Increase at below 60% health, Crit Chance Increase at below 20% health

Reward Types

Boss Drop

Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Reward Items

1 Armor
-In Embers Clad (Reward Shop)

2 Helms
-Burning Agony (Reward Shop)
-Veiled Agony (Reward Shop)(Mem Only)

2 Capes
-Alyce Unchained (Boss Drop)(2% Rare)
<Description> Alyce model floating behind the hero
-Aura of Agony (Reward Shop) (AC)

2 Weapons
-Pain Claws (Daggers)(Reward Shop)(Mem Only)
-Pain Claw (Mace)(Reward Shop)

1 Pet
-Lil’ Rageling(Reward Shop)(Mem Only)

Release Outline

//Player joins “Alyce
//Player talks to “Tomix


Opening Scene
*Scene opens* Somewhere at the edge of Arcangrove Small, red orb appears. Shimmers, then expands. SHRIEK!!! as screen goes white. Shot goes back to same scene but, now covered in glowing red threads. Fire monsters spawn from threads, igniting trees and attacking animals (i.e. Gorillaphants, Seedspitters). Camera pans left. Orb turns into Alyce in the center of the threads. Tomix is watching from a cliff. Dialogue about situation. Ends with deciding to summon the Hero. *Scene closes*

Ending Scene
*Scene opens* Hero and Tomix around Alyce. Tomix: “Thanks, Hero. Let me take over.” Tomix weaves Enslave. Tomix: “Now, for the hard part.” Tomix slowly pulls chains as Alyce screams. Screen goes white. Scene reopens with Hero and Tomix (holding a shard of chaos) around a quieter Alyce. She thanks the heroes, and explains through flashback about the whispers from the shard of chaos she picked up. The whispers grew in her head, and began tearing her sanity. Alyce fades. Tomix thanks Hero for help. Hero offers to continue helping. Tomix: “Sorry, Hero, but this next journey can only be done by a Soul Weaver. Besides, you have your own work to do.” Scene moves to Drakath. Drakath: “Hmph. At least it was an entertaining intermission. Now back to the show.” Scene fades with Drakath’s glowing eyes. *Scene closes*


1st Quest
A Quick Response: Drop
Hurry, Hero. We have work to do. But first, we need to stop this fire. Let’s start with the monsters. Take out 7 Fire Elementals and 7 Living Fires.
7 Fire Elementals Slain
7 Living Fires Slain
Good work, Hero. But we’ve only just begun.

2nd Quest
Stop Catching Fire: Drop and Clicky
Now that we’ve halted the advance, let’s try salvaging the forest. The Scoria Serpents are flying around igniting trees. Take them out. And here is a magical bucket of water. Use it to put out the trees.
6 Scoria Serpents Extinguished
8 Trees Put Out
Now, hopefully, we can continue onward.

3rd Quest
For Their Own Good: Drop
Hero, we can’t continue while the animals are rampaging. They’re scared and panicking. Try to subdue 5 Gorillaphants and 5 Seed Spitters.
5 Gorillaphants subdued
5 Seed Spitters subdued
Good work, Hero. At least now they are out of danger. Unlike us.

4th Quest
The Threads of the Soul: Drop and Clicky
We need to know what we’re up against. Get some spirit threads for me. You’d be surprised what one can discover from the threads when you know what to look for. Gather 5 Threads of Agony from the trees, 7 Threads of Hate from the Fire Elementals and Living Fires, and 5 Threads of Sorrow from the Scoria Serpents, and bring them back to me.
5 Threads of Agony
7 Threads of Hate
5 Threads of Sorrow
This may take awhile, but I’ll find out what I can.

5th Quest
To The Rescue: Multi-Clicky
Alright, Hero, this is what I’ve discerned: we are dealing with a young Soul Being who is spinning spirit threads uncontrollably, and weaved into the threads are the words, “Save me.” We must hurry, but first we must clear the wall of threads in our way.
1 Wall of Threads Cut
Let’s hurry, Hero.

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Alyce Chained No More: Drop
Prepare yourself. You must weaken her before I can help. And no matter what, you must not stop. This is necessary.
1 Alyce Weakened
*Sigh* Your work here is done.

End Release

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From where dost thou come, O wayward soul?
Come, and I will weave you anew.
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My aqw account name is Djbj

Title:The Undead Beast

Vordred has came back and he is more powerful than ever.
He is in arcangrove this time. But now he can turn other people
And monsters into undead.The map name is /join undeadisland
But after you do all the quest up to the boss vordred wil be at /join undeadbeast.

A custence will appear when you join the map that will show vordred turning npcs into undead.

The npc you get quest from is:blakk
1st quest:collect skulls you have to kill 12 skeletons

2nd quest:summon portal you go click a circle with arrow pointing at it and a portal will appear.
3rd quest:kill th undead beast you go through portal and kill vordred but he has 100 thousand life
And can do up to 600 damage. Then a custence will show your character killing him. And that is my release for aqw.

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Nobeck the Caster

Smoke and MirrorMares
Lvls 25+


Someone is invading peoples dreams, and causing mass terror. One twist- this started in somewhere in the Mirror Realm! Hurry to the Mirror Realm to help Drakath, Warlic, and Cycero to find the source. But be careful, things will not always be as they seem...

Name of Map
Mirror Realm in Battleoff

Suggestion: /MirrorMare

Mirror Drakath
The Slightly-Off, Order Lord
<Hero> it’s good to see you again! The second time? No...Anyway, we must stop whatever is causing these amazing-uh, I mean bad nightmares! Are you up for it?
Our world is in great danger, which means yours is too! If the Mirror Realm is destroyed, then you're world has nothing to mirror, causing Lore to implode. Everything we have worked for will become irrelevant if this incred-I mean terrible, monster is not stopped! *whew*



Mirror Realm monsters:
Evil Moglin , Karasu, DeathGuard, Undead Pirate, Ninja Nopperabo, DreadSpider, Dark Elemental.

Boss Monster Type*
Phobeto (needs to be undead) :(based off of a greek god of nightmares) A hulking mass of dark mist, taking the forms of common nightmare creatures!

Reward Types
Boss drops
Shop that unlocks after completing all quests

Item Rewards
1 Armor: NightFlame Extinguisher; A dark, Vampire Hunter type armor.
1-2 Helms: NightFlame Extinguisher Hood; A dark hood with only the slightest glimmer of eyes. DarkFire Fiend: A head with white eyes and fangs, flaming with black fire.
1-2 Capes: NightFlame Runes; A ring of runes reading (THE DARK ETERNAL).Extinguished NightFlame Runes; Same thing, without glowing runes.
1-3 Weapons: Nightmare Evolved Blade of Awe; A twisted, dark, version of the Blade of Awe(The Evolved form) Blinding Shadow of Nightmares; A dark version of Artix’s Blinding Light of Destiny, Sort of a cross between GrimBlight and ShadowReaper. Freezing Burn; the mirror of the Burning Freeze Blade.
1 Pet: NightMare Orb; A dark and Nightmarish Spirit Orb.


// Player joins “MirrorMare”
// Player talks to Mirror Drakath”

Hero:*Wakes Up* Ahhhh! Whoa, just a dream… Mirror Drakath no Her, not just a bad dream. Hero: What?! Where am I Drakath!? Drakath explains situation quickly, and the Hero gets ready for the trip to the mirror realm. Hero greets old friends, and thinks about how they are all acting. Cycero says a lot of stuff the Hero doesn’t understand, and the Hero grimmly says,” Ok lets get this over with.”
REAL Mirror Drakath:Thank You Hero! Drakath tells hero what happened to them, goodbyes are said. Before the hero leaves, Drakath warns the hero to remember, keep your friendsclose, but your enemies closer...

1st Quest
Dream Dust will allow me to summon the creature out of the dream world .Go kill Dread Spiders for Night Dust and Undead pirates for Lifes Glow, so I can make the DreamDust.
5 NightDust
10 Life Glows
Good, Good. Now I can rechar- Uh, Start the ritual!

2nd Quest

2nd Quest
Now, to finish the ritual, we need solid ShadowScratches. Go destroy Karasu until you get 10 .
10 ShadowScratches
Sorry that had to hurt so much, but now we need to ready for the creature!

3rd Quest
Protection Runes
How do you stop a monster who will be very powerful, from destroying you the instant you summon him?
RUNES! Go kill Evil Moglins until you have ten.
10 Protection Runes?(yes the ? should be there)

4th Quest
Smoke and Mirrors
Are you ready? Go place the Runes, DreamDust, and the ShadowScratches down around the fountain to summon m-uh, it!
Runes placed
Dreamdust placed
ShadowScratches placed

5th Quest
Warm Up
Now warm up by defeating one of every monster, while I uh...finish the ritual…
Evil Moglin Killed
Karasu Killed
DeathGuard Killed
Ninja Nopperabo Killed
Undead Pirate Killed
DreadSpider Killed
Dark Elemental Killed
Where is Drakath?

Final Quest: Boss Battle
Defeat Phobeto!
Yes Hero! It is true, I am not Drakath, I am PHOBETO the Nightmare! Enter your doom!
Phobeto Defeated
Finally, Nightmare is gone...for now. .

Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
Nightmare Farmer
Do you have the strength to defeat Phobeto 5 times hero?
5 Phobeto Defeated, Again

Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
Cleanse the Mirror Realm
Well hero, Phobeto is gone, but the monsters are still here. Go clear every room of them.
12 Rooms Cleared
End Release

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AQW Account: Snecko

Bro Nez's Journey
Level range 50+
Release date: 16th May 2014

A new face has risen from the caves of Dwarfhold to find new adventure for himself and experience a new taste of the world instead of dirt from the caves. All the other dwarves thought he was crazy but he knew what he wanted.

Gain experience and help Bro Nez fight for a ship that he can handle at
Galleon, he wants a good ship that he can travel around Lore on, so it has to handle anything.

Maybe it's just the chaos gone to his head they say.

Name of Map
Based on the map Lolosia
Name of map Galleon


Bro Nez
Chaos Survivor, Dwarf Adventurer

Thank you for helping obtain a ship, so I can set sail and discover new land, I will escape the chaos that infects this land, it's exhausting Lores' life slowly but surely.

I'm sure this shipyard will have a powerful boat that I can use to journey, I'm ever so grateful and I owe you one Hero. Let's see if we can get our hands on one.

Dark witch
Water elementals
Fishman soldiers

Boss Monster Type
Drow Sea Captain
Human (Drows coloured skin)
He is taller then a normal player(height of a Draconian not as broad though)
Same body type as player
Drows head(pointy ears like one) greyish White long hair few hairs singled forward
Black Skyguards skyhunter (Renegade Skyhunter) uniform chest showing with a few scars
No skyguard details(Don't want to make Stratos mad...)
Buster like blade
Has 400k health, hits fair strong. Immunity ability randomly for 7 seconds
Level 57

Reward types
Monster drops
Boss drops
Merge shop

Item rewards
Armor: Renegade Skyhunter
Helms: Pirate bandana 3
Capes: Red Parrot, pie-rate cape
Weapons: Buster like blade, Grundmir Master Dwarven Broadsword(Maybe found), Evolved Pirate Cutlass,
Pet: Floppy fish

Bro Nez's Journey Outline

Release Timeline

//Player Joins Galleon
//Player talks to Bro Nez

Opening: Bro Nez walks looking at the boats, sees the enemies on board from where he is walking, looks of exhaust takes to his face looks around a bit sees you approaching raises eyebrow and then asks for your help

Closing: Bro Nez walks on to the ship and thanks you for you're support and waves goodbye wishes you the best of luck.

Start Release Events: Cutscene then gameplay
1st Quest
Glad you're helping me Hero can you please defeat the enemies on board the ship I might even let you have something in return. I see Karasu and fishmen soldiers swarming the boat. Birds and fish everywhere.
10 fishman soldiers
5 Karasu
Thanks for clearing the boat but I have some bad news, I've just spotted water elementals too.

2nd Quest
Water Attacks
Looks like the chaos is at it again!? maybe Drakath even controls the water?! I must be losing it too but I'm not giving up yet. I will not give up until I have this boat, it will be mine.
15 Water elementals
Yes! The more clearing you do the easiest this gets but if I'm going to journey I'm going to need some resources from around here.

3rd Quest
Collecting Resources
Looks like I'll need some food and water if I'm going to survive on the ship. There probably is a few crates around that will have some food and any other helpful resources.
Collect 5 Food crates
Collect 5 Water crates
Well prepared now all we have to do is claim that ship. Something is missing though...

4th Quest
Magical enhancements
We need some magical ability if this ship is going to withstand attacks, monsters and such, so Hero can you collect 5 Magical knowledge from the witches I know you can get it out of them.
5 magical Knowledge
Those Witches are ever so kind haha! This is brilliant!

5th Quest
Boat Note
Looks like I'm going to need a Boating ownership agreement I should think it's somewhere around this boat as well. It would be a shame if I got sent to prison for obtaining a boat with my own agreement.
1 Boat Ownership Agreement Found
Yes, this is great! almost done Hero then you can see me off.

6th Quest
Oh great! Does he protect boats in his spare time while he's not at a Dragon Koi tournament? Can you please dispose of him I don't really want to journey with him on board MY boat.
1 Nekoyasha Defeated
I'm feeling excited but I have a sudden sense of power and evil that I've been threaten by before...Oh no.

Final Boss Quest
Last Man Standing
I didn't realise how many enemies would be on this boat! I hope it isn't too much for you Hero at least your getting gold from me! I knew it, I just knew a Drow would be here, I could sense it in my blood I will help you, if you help me. This must have been his old ship.
1 Drow Sea Captain Defeated
Yes! You've done it finally after all that I should award you with my wares that i've picked up from the past. Here!
Start release event: End cutscene

Special Quest 1: Legend Only
100 Fishman Soldiers
Still want a challenge? How about you defeat 100 fishman soldiers for me?
100 Fishman soldiers defeated
I knew you had it in you, so many Fishmen. your weapon must stink now! You better go and wash that.

Special Quest 2: Legend Only
Lores cleanest weapon
Since you defeat so many enemies which are sea lovers maybe you want to clean your weapon?
1 Weapon cleaner found
There we go all nice and fresh now even with a hint of lemon!

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Class Tester Guru
Stoof Dooer

Legacy of Good & Evil

Release Date: May 16th at Sundown!

Overview of Release
It starts out as the conflict between "TimeLord Shishkabibal" & " Nox Eternal the Renegade" whom are after the Blade of Righteous.
Opening Cutscene Text

As both Shishkabibal & Nox Eternal teleported in a different dimension

“Shish & Nox Eternal: Uh..Are we interrupting something?

Evil/Good Hero: It's cool I got this in the ba- *Gets hit by Drakath* Or not...

Drakath: -To Evil/Good Hero name- I..Am you're father!

Shish & Nox Eternal: -insert poker face- :O Wrong dimension.. *Teleports back to where Alteon VS. Sepulchure?.. -words switches around-"

"Sepulchure Vs. Alteon...In the Mirror Realm!*”


After the battle of Sepulchure & Alteon, Drakath the 13th Order stops the fight and wanted peace, as Sepulchure ask for truces but suddenly Alteon backstabs Sepulchure as he grasp onto his soul and destroy it. Gravelyn yell for her father, then Alteon laugh as Drakath show tears on Sepulchure leaving nothing behind but a suit of armor and his personal sword. Drakath then releases a massive burst of light as Alteon and his troops retreats, Evil Swordhaven shakes, accidentally BlightFall dragon falls as it also was close to the shockwave of light. Then both Nox Eternal, Shishkabibal & the Evil/Good Hero took the blow and fades to another dimension where Akeem01 & Fhone awaits preparing for the trap that seals one own fate!

Evil ending Cutscene

Nox Eternal & Fhone side along each other as they fought Shishkabibal & Akeem and used the Tainted Claymore of Righteous (Evil vers.) and seal Shishkabibal & Akeem. Fhone later gives the Tainted Claymore of Righteous to Nox Eternal who later delivers it to Empress Gravelyn as he continue on with his Evil deeds. Fhone however wanders off continuing his skills as a Blademaster & wanders off to new places.

Good ending Cutscene

Shishkabibal & Akeem side along each other as they fought Nox Eternal & Fhone and used the Claymore of Righteous: (3 versions: Good, Evil & one that changes to both Good & Evil) as they seal Nox Eternal & Fhone Both Akeem & Shishkabibal later helps around SwordHaven along with Lord Bretan making’ sure there will be no evil disturbing’ the peace of Lore as they prepare themselves for a war that is coming’ near..

3rd Ending Cutscene

Both Good/Evil routes: -While fighting' dimensions- Fhone & Akeem01 used Lost Dark/Light Magic to seal both Shishkabibal & Nox Eternal for their arrogance of Good & Evil. Both Akeem & Fhone sided then took the weapon and decided to use it against for Chaos.

*This 3rd ending'/Cutscene has to be unlock AFTER you complete both Good & Evil routes*

Side notes: The Evil/Good Hero Is the player that's playing the release.

Maps name
AkibaShowDown = http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/bamboo-forest (reference the idea)
SkullCrusherMountain = http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/skullcrusher-mountain (reference the idea)
BossShowDown = http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/shadow-lord-location (reference the idea) of us boss battle; Normal: NPC, button: Akeem01 Boss Battle! button: Fhone Boss Battle! button: Take ‘em both on!

Level Range: 40+

Monsters and Boss

Yokai Monsters: Samurai Nopperabo & Ninja Nopperabo & Ryoku
Mirror Realm Monsters: Undead DracoLich & Undead Artix

Human Paired Boss
Akeem01 & Fhone
Level: 60
Stars: 4
Immune to Stuns
Able to reflect damage for a short period of time

NPCs/Quest Givers
Akeem01 the Hero of Good
SwordHaven Youngster, Lore's of..Butter.

Heya, Hero! Haven't introduce myself names Akeem01! A Hero just like you! Anyways I need your help to either stop Nox Eternal or Shishkabibal...That is why you'll be helping me what's the right thing to do!

Talk: What? You wanna know about me? Well all I can say is I used to serve and help the land of Lore just like you!..Also I like butter...Enough talk then! It's Battle-On Time!

Button: GuildLaunch page: http://the-pwnzerz.aqlaunch.com/

Blade Master Fhone Hero of Evil
Wielder of Bloodriver, & Wanderer

Greetings Hero, the names Fhone, no time to ask why that's my name but..Now you need to help me to either stop the conflict of Shishkabibal & Nox Eternal...Or should I help Nox Eternal?..

Talk: Curious of who I am? Obviously you can tell I'm the wielder of Bloodriver who serves under Empress Gravelyn & Dage The Evil..If you're curious about my name? Don't worry curiosity kills the cat..And you're the cat. *smirks*

Button: GuildLaunch page: http://the-pwnzerz.aqlaunch.com/
Quests (Given from both Fhone & Akeem01)

1st Quest: The Samurai & Ninja
Take down the Samurai's & Ninja's that are in the way if we want to go on ahead to chase after Nox Eternal & Shishkabibal!
2nd Quest: Ryoku's return!
It looks like Ryoku is Back!..Again! But this time he seems much more determined than before! Defeat him now or to be continued in the next quest episode of Adventure Quest World Z!
3rd Quest: The Dracolich
There's a Dracolich on the loose! As well something attached to it, take it down and return it to me then I can figure out who is behind the Dracolich attack!
4th Quest: Dracolich much?
More Dracolich are appearing again one after another! Here I thought IF Artix or Galanoth are here they can take them down easily...Guess it's up to you now! Take down at least 13 Dracoliches then we can go on ahead!
5th Quest: 5th Quest: Undead Artix?!
It seems Undead Artix is behind the attack of the Dracolich army! Apparently he won't go down easily at all! Get his helmet and return it to me as proof, 'cause I'm not standing here all day as he turn dragons to Dracolich!
6th Quest: Shishkabibal & Nox Eternal
Apparently they're hiding from each other since they're bringing havoc within the castle of SwordHaven! Convince them to temporarily stop fighting just so we can watch the battle of Sepulchure & Alteon!
7th Quest The Time-Fairies
It seems Undead Artix kept a few time fairies around the castle...Find them and bring them to us! Never know if we need them, and don't worry we'll release 'em afterwards..You have my word!
Final Evil Quest: Boss Battle
Final Good Quest: Boss Battle
8th Quest: *Can be unlock after you did both Final Evil & Good Quest: Boss Battle*
8th Quest: The 3rd option.
Ask the time fairy to take you back to prevent all this from happening! Therefore making things right! Is it true what they if words are weapons...Then defeat both Akeem01 & Fhone!
Special Quest 1: The Undeads Return!
It seems that Undead Artix has spawned in more Dracoliches which is causing havoc. Kill 30 more Dracoliches and also Undead Artix to stop the havoc.
Special Quest 2: Shish kebab & Derp Eternal
It seems both Shishkabibal and Nox Eternal drop an artifact...Take this opportunity and find it! Last from what I heard is both Akeem01 & Fhone drop it!
Fhone drop: Derp Eternal
Akeem01 Drop: Shish Kebab

Item rewards

The Claymore of Righteous https://twitpic.com/cgqvze & Tainted/Evil ver
Demonic Slayer http://twitpic.com/dwytm0

Acid Void of Nulgath
Akeem01 was hiding this! Can only be obtain from either the special quest or Akeem01 as a boss drop! (1% Ac’s Drop!)

Acid Void Helm of Nulgath
Akeem was hiding this helmet! (1% drop Ac's tagged item)

Sheath Bloodriver
Apparently Fhone drop this...On the epic side now you can carry this around as a legacy for both Bloodriver & Fhone!

Butter Blob (Battle pet)
A lost blob of butter created by Akeem to use at times of need and will also aid you in combat!

Created by Fhone & Akeem01
Guild Website: http://the-pwnzerz.aqlaunch.com/

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