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Game Etiquette Guide: Friendly People of AQWorlds

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9/11/2014 23:43:12   

Are there things you should do to be polite in an MMO? Things you shouldn't do? What manners are considered acceptable -- and what aren't? Are there any people that you've met on AQW that really stand out in your mind because they were really nice? Well you're just in luck! This banana is going to teach you the do's and don'ts of AQW! Following this guide will not only make you a better person, but your overall game experience will also see improvement!

AQWorlds Etiquettes & Guide To Be Friendly

Table of Contents
  1. Interacting with fellow Players
  2. Non-Verbal Actions
  3. Help out the Community
  4. Other Do's and Don'ts

[1] Interacting with fellow Players(The Rule of Banana)

[This one is the most important rule. It is viewed by the bananas as a core value.] Try to be as friendly as possible and be polite to your fellow players. Here's what you should and shouldn't do in terms of interaction and community:

1. Try to be friendly and helpful: Nice people often find new friends really quick, whether it is at a party or a random room. it doesn't matter. your helpfulness will be appreciated

2. Be polite: It gets you very far, polite people will find it easier to find friendly players. They'll also find fun just hanging around and talking to people

3. Don't spam (silly pointless annoying messages): repeative spamming is annoying, it takes up chat box space and destroys community. Spamming party invites and summons is also counted as spam in general. A spammer will most likely be ignored on the spot, and is one of the most disliked types of players

4. Don't use swear words: Filter evasion is bad, really really bad. Evading out of random will most likely get you warning from others (hopefully). however if you insult someone by using filter evasion most aren't as forgiving and you'll face the concequences.

5. Do not stalk/harass others: Stalkers and harrassers are among the most hated types of players in the game, keep in mind that there are real life people behind that screen, Don't think like ''it's just a game'' if you harrass their characters the persons themselves can feel offended too.
The same is with stalking, even though it's in the game, the players have the right on privacy, respect that and don't stalk them.

6. Mind someone's feelings: People can be offended if you mistreat their character. This may not always be the case, but do keep in mind it's possible you might hurt someone's feelings.

7. Don't type in all caps: It's very annoying and sometimes seen as spam, someone using all caps often won't be taken seriously, and most likely ignored.

8. Don't be a Trickster: Trickster are people who trick others into leaving a room, or giving false information on purpose. Tricksters don't come along often, but they are troublesome. As a trickster, you will find yourself ignored by many

9. Use your friend invite with care: DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT ask someone you've just met to be your friend. For all you know your ''friend'' can be a hacker. Only ask to be friends with someone you know for a while, and has shown a considerate amount of friendlyness. You can only have 40 players as friends at the moment, so think it through before adding people. Please do not ask people to turn on friend requests unless they have already agreed to add you as a friend. Lastly, please do not ask people to delete a friend so that you may be added. It is very rude. If the person wants to add you, they will delete a old friend when you ask to be friends.

10. Moderators and AE staff: Moderators are human just like anyone else. Though mostly everyone praises them as an higher entity. You can be excited when meeting one, but using all caps and spamming to get their attention is just annoying, not only to them, but also to others. If you just act like you always do, and just be cool, you'll get the most of the fun out of it

11. Spamming Skills: When you're in a Non-Combat area, people would appreciate it if you didn't Spam Skills from such classes as Acolyte and Bard. It creates a lot of lag and is very distracting.

12. Parties: Please do not invite people to a party without first asking and don't ask people to turn on party invites unless they have agreed to join your party.

13. Fellow players' Quest Pets: If you ask a room if there is a quest pet (Mini Milt, Drudgen, etc.) and you do not see any equipped after a reasonable amount of time, please do not look at peoples char pages and ask them specifically to equip a pet. Some people have expired memberships and are unable to equip pets.

[2] Non-Verbal Actions

Ignore or not, your actions can be found inapropriate or annoying. Here are some don'ts on non-verbal behaviour:

1. Don't cheat: For those of you who don't know, botting is cheating. Not only does it make the game less enjoyable and more laggy, but botting is extremely disrespectful towards the creators and staff of AdventureQuest Worlds. It also directly changes the rarity of hard to get items, and is unfair to the dedicated AQWorlds players that actually farm for those items organically. Play the game as it's meant to be played.

2. Don't equip laggy items on purpose: You can equip items with animation, or pet, or something that lags, it isn't a violation if you do so. However equipping laggy items for the purpose of lagging is a violation of the Terms and Conditions, and is therefore reportable. Also, if someone politely asks you to unequip a laggy item, please comply to their request. It'll be appreciated.

3. Don't block someone: Mostly accidental, standing infront of someone is something that happens alot, though you won't break any rules if you do, it's somewhat rude. If someone requests that you would not block his/her character, then please do so

4. Don't show inappropriate behaviour: Things like like: hugging, dancing real close to one another, or the ''looking up the skirt'' emotes can be taken the wrong way. DO NOT show such behaviour if the player in question does not want it.

5. Don't annoy someone with your actions: Same as 4. though not in the same category. annoying another by: punting (or other emotes), attack animations, stalking, etc. are ways to get yourself ignored. Once or twice might not be a big problem, however if someone asks you to stop, you are advised to do so. If you continue such behaviour can get you reported for Griefing.

[3] Help out the Community

Ever seen players who behaved in a way that isn't right, and don't know what to do? here are some tips on how you can help the AQWorlds community:

1. How to deal with rule breakers: The best way to deal with them is by reporting, and for your own safety, ignore them aswell. If you don't know which report you should use, here's a little list you could use:

Inappropriate Language: Those who evade the filter belong here. If you see someone using bad language which is supposed to be filtered (you'll notice when there are spaces and such in the word) report such people for this

Following/ ''Griefing'' another player: Account traders and stalkers are mainly reported for griefing. So if you're being followed all the time, or when someone pm's you if you want to trade accounts, report them for griefing

Harassment: Those who assault others with sexism go here, report them, they really are one of the worst!

Unreleased / Illegal Equippment: Anyone with a Staff Item or Unreleased Item needs to be reported. So if you see anyone with an Item you know they shouldn't have; report them.

2. Use the /ignore feature: Use it whenever you see someone you don't like. It's not only for you, but you can warn your friends for players you ignored.

3. Don't join a fight: If you see someone in an arguement, don't join in, it just escalates the problem. Simply ignore them, and if they break any of the rules, report.

4. Attempt to change one's behavoir before reporting: Try to remind someone that they show unacceptable behaviour before you report them. This can prevent players from getting banned while it could be unnecessary. (Note: this mostly applies to spammers)

5. Use /report instead of telling a moderator: Reports are viewed by the moderators, there is no use in telling one that someone should be banned for something.

[4] Other Do's and Don'ts

Some etiquettes that didn't fit in the other categories:

1. Don't ask for releases: Players don't know when there will be releases, or what they are. Moderators won't tell becuase it's confidential. (and it would be spoiling)

2. Don't advertise: Whether it is for your clan or a party, advertising is commonly seen as spam. if you want to host a party, use the =AQW= Let's Party! thread in the AQWorlds General Discussion forum.

3. Try to help others: Some might need help with something, help them if you can. With a quest, a boss battle, or farming. It's a great way to be friendly.

4. Type in English: It's the most accepted language around the globe, so it's not strange you should also talk English in AQWorlds, in private rooms you can talk other languages if you want, but in company, it's polite to talk the same language. This mainly applies for when you are just talking to random players. You can talk in whichever language you choose to with friends. The Espada server is available for those who would rather speak Portuguese, and the Talim server for those who would rather speak Phillipino.

5. When asking, name the receipent: You surely have heard it before: ''where did you get that item?'' ''uuh, who?'' don't forget to type the name of the person you're talking to, it prevents confusion and gets you your answer.

6. Don't demand: Don't demand players to do something you want them to do. Rather ask them politely

7. Don't Beg: Begging for help, for an upgrade, or anything else, is plain annoying, rather than to beg, ask politely. It will help yourself and others if you just ask it nicely.

8. Don't whine: Please, don't whine because you don't have an item you want, or if people aren't as polite as they could be, or any other reason to whine. It's annoying for others, and the ''whiners'' will hog up all attention, which could cause spam.

9. Don't flame: Don't flame others, 'nuff said

10. Don't steal kills: Don't keep stealing other players' kills on purpose, i.e. waiting for them to die then attacking the monster so only you get what is needed.

Feel free to let me know if you have any tips you have!

~geoffthoma, the friendly forever alone banana

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
9/13/2014 14:07:12   
The Arcane

It is common courtesy to carry over the credits from the previous version, or at least credit the previous owners of the guide. Adding credits does not degrade you in any sense, but it just shows respect to others who have contributed to the guide.

One thing I'd like you to change is the font/color used throughout the guide. It's fine to have it in a few places which aren't specific to the guide, such as your opening few lines at the top of the guide as it reflects the friendly banana that you are. However, having it throughout the guide makes it hard to read, whereas it should be clearly visible (meaning black regular font is best).

I'm going to carry over the posts from my previous version of this guide which I never had the chance to implement, and I don't know if you've seen them:


ORIGINAL: Shadowhunt

If I may make a suggestion... One of the really, really annoying things I see people do a lot is one-shotting a room full of weak mobs when others are in that room farming. Be it for monster drops, quest items, etc., it's rather frustrating when you're unable to get an attack in to get the drop from a monster kill because someone came in and is killing everything in one shot before anyone else has a chance to attack. So perhaps add something along the lines of "Do not kill weak monsters in one attack when others are in the same room farming that monster"?

ORIGINAL: Movestofca

I hope you don't mind another piece of advice: when attacking a monster that other players are attacking as well (especially when attacking "big" monsters or farming and includes the red dragon in Vasalkar Lair), try to attack from the same spot as the rest of the group whenever possible instead of standing off on one side and drawing off the monster(s). Benefits:
1) when farming, attacking as part of a group leads to the monster(s) not jumping around as much = more hits per second = more damage = faster kills = faster re-spawning (to a certain degree) = receiving whatever benefit one is farming for faster.
2) skills are time based and a player derives less benefit for mana investment in a skill when he or she has fewer chances to hit a monster
3) some classes gain mana and/or hp when they strike, get struck, or dodge during combat, so the less striking, getting struck, and/or dodging such a player does, the less they recoup mana and/or hp.

Usually, the easiest way to "join the group" is to click directly on the monster from the group side of the attack. For example, if the group is on the left side of the monster, then go to the left of the group and click on the monster from there. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to stand to the immediate right or left of the group and use a skill.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
9/13/2014 16:11:37   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

One thing you may want to do is proofread through this, I've noticed several typos and a couple of formatting issues (like not capitalizing after a period) that should probably be fixed. Easy way to do that is copy/paste into something like Microsoft Word that has a spellcheck. You'll obviously get a lot of squiggles because of gaming/in-game terms and names but it should catch some of the spelling and formatting issues as well. Another thing you might want to add (I didn't see it in there) is blocking NPC icons. A) It's unappreciated as, even though you can join a private room to get around it, sometimes that shop/NPC can take a while to get to and B) it's a form of harassment, so it can be reported. With the recent addition of some of the bigger capes (Drakath Wings and Eternal Death Wings, but also others like them) it's become more of a problem. If you're going to wear the wings, take the extra consideration to make sure you're not blocking the (!) bubble.


9. Don't flame: Don't flame others, 'nuff said
Not really sure if that is 'nuff said, as some people may not understand what flaming is or why they shouldn't do it. It can be okay to make some assumptions in your guide but it's better to state things that most may think are common knowledge than to assume they are. Does it require some more work and words? Yes. But it'll make for a better and more useful guide.
AQ AQW  Post #: 3
11/24/2014 19:28:12   

ArchKnight AQWorlds

This guide hasn't seen any major development since it was posted. As per the =AQW= Pending Guides Rules, this Guide is now subject to a completion deadline due in two weeks: on the 9th December. If, after this deadline, this guide still sees little to no development in the way of completion, it will be locked.


  • Approval Deadlines
    There are no hard deadlines for when a guide has to be completed; however, if the AQW Guide AKs feel that there is insufficient progress on a guide over a reasonable period of time, a deadline for completion will be imposed. This deadline will range from two weeks to one month depending on the scope of the guide. If a guide fails to meet its deadline for approval, the thread will be locked and the guide topic placed within the Guides Vacancies thread.
  • (quoted from the =AQW= Pending Guides Rules)
    AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    12/8/2014 21:05:36   

    ArchKnight AQWorlds

    I still can't see any major developments in the way of completion. As outlined by the =AQW= Pending Guides Rules above, this guide is now subject to being locked.

    The Guide topic has been added to the =AQW= Guide Vacancies thread for anyone interested in taking over.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 5
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