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Thanksgiving Guide

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9/23/2014 19:43:06   
Moglin Lady

Thanksgiving Guide

Guide Owner: Eonaleth

Previous Guide Owner: Rickyb20 and Icy

Guide Creator: The True Assassin


To skip to any place in the guide, just use the command Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in the tag buy the area on the guide. For example, "[TG2]" will take you right to the Turdraken.

Thanksgiving, which is called various names in the BattleOn Games, is a annual AE event. It started with the original game "Adventure Quest" back in 2003 and since then has been a tradition in all of AE's games. Currently, it has been held trice in AQWs after just completing the third year.

This is a Seasonal guide for the annual Thanksgiving event, and is many peoples favorite zone. This guide is designed to take you through each quest step-by-step so as to help you complete this zone. The drop rates on the quest items and item drops are NOT 100%, so it may take awhile. This guide will also be used to help with the item drops, how much they sell for, and where to get them. Please realize that every year the zone will expand and will be updated accordingly; it also may have item/quests taken out, but it will be correct from the most current event. It will be updated as more is released. For any corrections, feel free to PM me. Have fun!

Table of Contents
Harvest [TG1]
Turdraken [TG2]
Float [TG3]
Foul Farm [TG4]
Banquet [TG5]
Grams [TG6]
Artix's Home [TG7]
Killer Kitchen [TG8]



The Harvest area(/join harvest) is the main section and you can reach any area related to Thanksgiving from the first screen. After completing the quests from Oishii, you can enter Turdraken and also buy items from Oishii's Harvest Shop. This zone was originally known as Cornycopia in 2009, but was changed when the zone became more complex in 2010.

To start the quest chain, click on the exclamation point above Oishii's head and click Quests:
  • Scout the Cornycopia
    Go to the screen with the door and the combination. You should see a bag on the ground. Click on it and you'll receive the "Ingredients List" quest item.
    You really want to help me save the Harvest Feast with the power of cooking? Great! First we need to scout out the Cornycopia to the right and find out what we have to cook with… and by "we" I mean YOU! Go all the way inside and bring me back a list of ingredients.

  • Unboiling Water
    Go one screen to the right and you'll see a bucket of water on the stump. Click on it to get the water. Then go back to Oishii and click the over right by her. It will give a list of options. Select the first one "Boiling Water" and you'll get one "Unboiled Water" quest item.
    Hurray! Now it is time for you to learn how to cook. Let's start with something easy. Can you boil water? I left a bucket of water outside of the Cornycopia. Bring it here and use the Hard Bake Oven to cook it!

  • The Corn has Ears
    Beat the Corn Stalkers until you get eight Corn Stalker Ears. Then click on the oven by Oishii again and select the second option(Pop Rock Corn) and you'll get the Pop Rock Corn quest item for the quest.
    Shhhh… be vewy vewy quiet… even the Corn has ears! No really, they do! Defeat 8 Corn Stalkers and cook their ears into some awesome-sounding "PopRock Corn!"

  • An Apple a Day
    Get five Worms from the Bad Apples and use Oishii's Oven to turn them into to the Worcestershire sauce item.
    An apple a day is supposed to be good for you - but the ones around here are all wormy! Ewwww! Hunt those Big Bad Apples and collect 5 worms from their rotten remains. Bring 'em and cook the worms in the Hard Bake Oven to make Oishii's special Wormcestershire sauce!

  • Whine 'n Cheese
    Obtain eight Whines from the Grapes of Wrath and return to Oishii's Oven to change them into Cheese 'n Whine.
    I hate it when grapes go bad… all they do is whine! Get 8 whines out of these grapes and bring them back to my pampered chef's oven! I'll teach you how to make a beautiful whine and cheese plate.

  • Fruit of the Loot
    Defeat any monster in the Cornycopia to get seeds. Use the seeds at the steam door to get the key. Once you get it, return to Oishii to complete the quest.
    Your cooking power is almost ready forthe ultimate challenge. But first, you have to find a way through that strange door inside the Cornycopia! Use the seeds that drop from rotten fruit monsters to activate the door. Each try has a chance of earning you a key. If you get the key, bring it back here right away!

  • The Turdraken
    Go through the Steam Door and beat the Turdraken for the "Turdraken Giblets" quest item.
    You have heard the legend of the Turdraken. And now the time has come to meet the fowl beast face-to-beak. Defeat the Turkdraken and save the Harvest Feast! Bring me back the Turdraken Giblets and get ready to party!

Now you can access Oishii's shop and move on to Turdraken!

The Turdraken is the only monster that drops equipment items in this area:
Turkey Head
Turkey Tail Feathers



Once you have complete the Harvest quests from Oishii, you can move on to /join turdraken. This zone is member only and has a Harvest House Shop and a Food Fighter Shop. To access you must complete the quest at turdraken and win the minigame at /join harvest.

To begin the quests, click the exclamation point above Twig's head --> Quests:
  • Pain-Apple!
    Defeat the Bad Apples until you get five Applesauces and return to Twig.
    Oh yummy! I'm vewy vewy hungwy. I'd LOVE some applesauce to with my fishfish… it's the pewfect combination! If I eat enough, I might give you this match! Bwing me 5 Applesauce fwom the bad apples, pwease!

  • Squishy Squash
    Obtain five Squash Soups from the Gourd Monsters.
    Mmm… thewe's nothing betta than Squash Soup in the fall! Bwing me back 5 bowls of Squash Soup so I can warm my tum-tum!

  • Ice Cream!
    Get five "Strawberry IceCreams" from the Mad Strawberries to complete
    Fish! Fish and Ice Cweam! My favowite!!! Bring back 5 bowls of Strawberry IceCream for the mostest adowablest moglin in all of Lore—That's meee, silly!

  • Ring of Pain!
    Beat the Pineapple Beasts for 5 Pineapple Rings.
    Oh, thewe is nothing betta than Pineapple Wings! No, no, not "wings"… Twig meant to say… "rrrrings!" Can you bwing me 5 Pineapple Rings and I'll show you just how jummy they awe!

  • Cholesterious
    Head to the very back of the Turdraken and defeat the Cholesterious for the "PiePlate" quest item.
    Deep within the Tuwdwaken is the last of the wotten fwuit. But it's gwown into a flaky-pastwy monstwosity! Battle Cholesterious and bwing the Pie Pan to Twig as pwoof!

    After completing this quest. Return to Cholesterious and click the ButterBomb to blow up the Turdraken.

  • Cater To His Every Dish
    This quest will take you all over the map. For the Pulled Horc Sandwich, go to /join orctown and fight the Horc Warriors. For the French Flies, go to /join farm and fight the Mosquitos. For the Corn Cob Wed, go to /join cellar and fight the Spider. For the Ratatouille, go to /join sewer and fight the Green Rats. And for the Chocolate Covered Beetle, go to /join uppercity and beat the Rhino Beatles. Then return to Twig.
    Mmmm… I'm still hungwy! I hewd that some baddies make the vewwwy best food of all.. but Twig don't know whoor whatmakes them! You smawt and stwong enough to figuwe it out though! Will you help fill my tummy with special Hawvest yum-yums? Twig wants a Pulled Horc Sandwich, some French Flies, a Corn Cob Web, a plate of Ratatouille, and I wanna finish it alllll off with a Chocolate Covered Beetle fow dessewt! Twig is weady to twy anything!

As of Turdraken 2010, no monster in this area dropped an item although the Pineapple Beast did in 2008.

Now you can proceed to the newest zone of 2010, Harvest Floats - /join floats. There are two sets of quests, non member and member. You can also use the Red, Green, and Pink balloon scraps to get items at the Harvest Day Parade shop. If you have the Harvest Scythe, you can get an upgrade version in the Harvest Scythe shop.

To start the quests, click the exclamation point above Scott the Pilgrim's head and select either member or non member quests(member listed first in guide):
  • Turtle Shells Pop Balloons
    Go to /join pines and defeat the Red Shelled Turtles for 10 Red Turtle Shell quest items.
    As I was preparing for the Harvest Dat Parade, my balloons suddenly became chaorrupted! I have no idea who is behind this, but we need to get these hot-aired hooligans under control. Someone once told me that Red Turtle Shells are excellent at popping balloons. Apparently they never miss their target when thrown… or something. Find me 10 Red Turtle Shells somewhere in Lore and bring them back to me!

  • Make Things Pop with a Sentry Bot
    This quest it a bit more complex and you may want a person with you to help take damage. Go to /join dwakel and get to the Protosaurtorium. Then you need to walk across the red line. All the monsters in the screen will attack, but you only need to defeat the two sentry bots that come out from behind the Protosautorium. Once you beat the Sentry Bots, you can return to Scott the Pilgrim.
    Another great way to make a balloon pop? Lazer Beams! The hovering Sentry Bots built by Dwakels can knock out a Harvest Day Balloon in one fatal swoop. Or um, whatever Sentry Bots do. Get me 2 Sentry Bots and bring them back so I can put them to work.

  • Web Browsing for Balloons
    Go to /join twilight and find the big spider Gressil. You will need to defeat him until you get the Gressil's Web quest item. He has a lot of HP, so you might want to bring friends!
    Once the Red Turtle Shells and Sentry Bots take care of the balloons, we will need a way to regain control of them before they float away. We will need the biggest and stickiest web in all of Lore. And there is one particular spider that is the biggest and meanest and nastiest of them all. Find him and bring me his web!

  • Complete Airheads
    Walk around the Float area and get four Deflated Cysero and four Deflated Beleen from the Beleen and Cysero floats to complete.
    Now that we have everything we need to control the chaorrupted Harvest Day balloons, we can take matters into our own hands! Defeat 4 Balloon Cyseros and 4 Balloon Beleens and bring me back the deflated masses. I can always patch them up and make them as good as new!

  • The Final Pilgrimage
    Get to the last screen and defeat the Twilly Balloon for the Deflated Twilly Balloon item.
    You have traveled all over Lore and defeated all sorts of monsters. The time has come to complete your pilgrimage. Pop the giant balloon Twilly and bring me its head! …on second thought, don't do that. I need to reuse it after you've popped it… so just bring me Deflated Twilly!

  • Cyser-no!
    Get four Popped Cysero Balloons from the Cysero Balloons to complete
    As I was preparing for the Harvest Parade, my balloons suddenly became chaorrupted! I have no idea who is behind this, but we need to get the hot aired hooligans under control. And fast. Pop 4 Cysero's Ballons and come back to me when you've done it!

  • Pink Balloon of Doom
    Get four Popped Beleen Balloons from the Beleen Balloons to complete
    Nothing is quite as scary as a giant pink Beleen wreaking havoc above Lore. I think all Paladins would agree with me in this one. So it's going to be up to you to defeat this air head! Pop 4 Beleen Balloons and hurry back when (or if) you succeed!

  • The Hundred Foot Tall Twilly
    Get one Popped Twilly Balloon from the Twilly Balloons to complete.
    The biggest threat remains. Literally. The giant Twilly balloon is the biggest and the baddest of all my chaorrupted balloons! In order to save the Harvest Festival Day Parade, you MUST stop and pop the Twilly balloon!

All the monsters drop in Floats drop:
Red Balloon Scrap
Green Balloon Scrap
Pink Balloon Scrap

You have completed the Thanksgiving Event through 2010!

Foul Farm


Storyline Quests are located at Samba. You can also access the Dark Harvest Shop from Samba as well (do not need to complete the quests to gain access.)

  • Farm Frenzy
    Receive Chicken Scratch Notes in Screen 5 of Foul Farm
    Something CRAZY is going on at the farm… and that's coming from a Troll dressed up as a giant turkey! Hero, I need you to scout the farm and report your findings. Once you see for yourself what's going on, we can begin to figure out how to put an end to this farm frenzy!

  • Wish on a Dish (Requirements: Must own Empty Dish.)  
    Defeat Wishbones.
    The Wishbones that roam the farm MUST know something! Well… since they had bird-brains when they were living, I doubt they will know anything in this current state… but we might find some answers after we defeat them! Cook up some Wishbones and pile on the clues that they drop. Bring me those leftovers!  

  • The Root of all Evil (Requirements: Must own Burlap Sack.) 
    Defeat 5 Wishbones and collect 10 Chaos Potatos which are scattered around the map. 
    Potatoes are roots… and the root of all evil! Use that Burlap Sack and harvest come Chaos Potatoes from the farm. But don't let the Wishbones see what you're up to, or they might report back to their gobble guardian…! Defeat 5 more Wishbones so that your vegetable vengeance goes unnoticed.  

  • Home for the Holidays (Requirements: Must own Gravy Ladle.)  
    Free 12 Humans (click on the arrows around the map) and crush 6 coops. 
    We have to set the humans free so that they can spend Harvest Day with their families. Now that you've found a Gravy Ladle. you can free the humans trapped in the gravy lagoon. But don't forget about the folks stuck in the chickens coops and the people neck-deep in soil! I'm sure they will give you plenty of thanks!  

  • Human-nequins (Requirements: Must own Pile of Clothes.)  
    Collect 5 Breath of Life, 5 Scarecrow Hat and 5 Skeleton Frame. 
    The Wishbones might be dumb, but surely they'll notice all those people you set free. So let's create some human decoys! That Pile of Clothes they left behind will work great, but we'll need more materials. How about some Scarecrow Hats from Farm Scarecrows and Skeleton Frames from the Skeleton Warriors and Fighters in BattleUnderB. And for the final touch: 5 Breath of Life from the Living Air in Airstorm. That will bring them to life!  

  • Defeat Then Eat (Requirements: Must own TurKEY.) 
    Defeat Foul Fowl.
    Take the TurKEY and unlock the barn doors. Whoever… or whatever… is hiding in the barn is the gobble guardian responsible for this Human-Harvest havoc. Defeat the foul villain responsible and restore the holiday spirit to Harvest Day!



To start the storyline quests for Banquet, talk with King Alteon.

  • Subdue the Squadrons
    Defeat Hungry Knight until you obtain "Knight Knocked out x10"
    You will have to fight your way out to get help, Hero! You can't take on the whole Castle Guard yourself, that would be crazy! Clear the rooms of all the Chaorrupted Knights so that you can more easily-find assistance.

  • Pactagonal Aid Required
    Go to Screen 8 in Banquet
    Now that you have the majority of the Knights subdued, search through the castle until you find one of my ever-loyal Pacatgonal Knights. He shall assist you in finishing this mess.

  • Contain the Chaos
    Click on the arrows around the map.
    I have seen Chaorrupted Knights passing through the halls. You did not subdue all of them, it seems. Please lay traps to disable them humanely. I do not want my once-loyal warriors to be harmed!

  • Chaorrupted Captain Encounter
    Defeat the Hungry Knight Captain
    I believe the only remaining Chaorrupted Knight is the Captain. I fear though, that you will have a challenge in battling him! He is now renowned for his skill with weaponry! But if you can take him down, I hope to one day cure him and regain his abilities for my guard.

Quest's that don't need completion to advance in Storyline;

Princess Brittany

  • Makeup Should Sparkle
    Obtain 6 Vampire Sparkles from Chaos Vampire Knight in /join lycan, and 6 Powdered Claws from Lycan Knight also located in /join lycan.
    Hero, I can't find my one true Princely love if I don't look my best! And now I'm out of ShimmerShine Powder. You simply MUST gather the ingredients so my maidservant can make more. I'll need 6 Violet Vampire Sparkles from Chaos Vampire Knights and 6 jars of Powdered Lycan Knight Claws from Darkovia. You can do that for me, can't you? *bats eyelashes*

Princess Tara

  • I want the Perfect Pet!
    Defeat the Tiger Leech in /join mudluk
    If I can't have a DRAGON for a pet, then I need something suitably… FIERCE! I know! Tame me a Tiger Leech. No one has one of THOSE for a pet! I think you can find them in the Mudluk Swamp

Princess Victoria

  • The princess is NOT amused
    Defeat the Hungry Knight.
    Hero! One of these bonehead Knights thought he was falling in love with me. With ME! Can you believe it? He has NO idea what he is getting into! In my hurry to quell his attempts at wooing me, I accidentally signed my pseudonym. We can't have THAT falling into Father's hands! Please find the Knight and get my reply back!



Talk with Yulgar to begin the quests.

  • Bandits are Bad News
    Go to screen 8 in Grams.
    I've heard rumors of a new brigade of bandits in Greenguard, Hero! You'd best find out where they're ramped to make sure they don't have Grams!

  • Creatures Serving Chaos
    Defeat the Wolf 5 times for Wolf Pelt x5, defeat the WereBoar 5 times for Boar Tusk x5, and defeat the Spider 5 times for Spider Silk x5.
    I know my Ma would not approve, but if we're going to get her back safely, you're going to have to take down those wild animals she's trained to defend her! If I know my Ma, she's got at least 15 of them on patrol at all times.

  • Bandit Battles
    Defeat 13 Bandits.
    Her rag-tag crew of bandits will never let you take Ma! Not now that she's gotten them organized and increased the amount of loot they can take! You'll have to take out the 13 bandits she's brought together, or we'll never get her home!

  • Can You Regain Grams?
    Defeat the Grumpy Grammy.
    I know you don't want to do this, Hero… but if you're going to get Grams back here so we can try to treat her Chaorruption, you're going to have to battle her. Just be gentle; try not to hurt her! She's my ma, but I know she's a tough old bird. She can handle herself in battle.

Quests that don't need to be completed for Storyline;


  • Animal Army for Aria
    Defeat 3 wolfs, 5 WereBoars, and 2 spiders.
    I can't just sit here when Grams is in Danger! Help me build an animal army so that I can got after her! If you don't, i'll just run off and do it myself! If you'll help, Bring me 3 captured wolves, 5 capture wereboars, and 2 captured spiders.

Artix's Home

Storyline Quests are located at Farmer Zeek.

  • Chaos Critters in the Crops
    Defeat 7 Mosquitos and 6 Chaorrupted Poultrygeist.
    Them mosquitoes and Chaorrupted Poultrygeists are crowding up mah fields! You'll need to clear them out if'n you're going to take care of the zombeh problem. Squash 7 Mosquitoes and pluck 6 of those birds.

  • Zombeh's Aren't So Smart
    Click 10 arrows scattered around the zone, and defeat 3 Zombeh's.
    Y'cain't trust a zombeh. Y'never know where they'll attack next! Best to use what they don't have - yer smarts! Trap'em in holes - an' keep them from fillin' the holes back in - an' maybe you'll have an easier time of getting them all out of mah crops!

  • It's the Anti-Mall
    Defeat 12 Treants and collect 5 Tree Branches which are scattered around the map.
    Y'cain't expect me to live next to a village where th' zombehs can just wander FREE, do ya? No, I think you'll have to keep them contained in thet there village. Build a barricade. Chop down 12 Treeant for logs and find 5 Supply Branches on th' ground.

  • 28 Battles Later...
    Defeat 13 Zombeh's.
    Looks like most of them zombehs have fled or been trapped in th' holes. Take out the remainin' 13, but you should prob'ly just knock them out. Y'r friend Artix seems to be fond o'em for some reason.

Quests that don't require completion to advance in storyline;

Mr. Krieger
  • Spice it Up!
    Defeat 5 Fire Elementals.
    My boy eats like a MAN! And manly Paladins like their food HOT! Find me some Spicy Wasabi from the Fire Elementals in Gilead so that Artix can eat his mother's sushi the way he likes it best!

Mrs. Krieger
  • Mother's Best Sushi Recipe
    Defeat 7 Merdraconions and 7 Anglerfish.
    I would LOVE to make my little Artix a special treat for the Harvest Fest! Please bring me 7 pieces of Raw Anglerfish Meat and 7 Merdraconian Scales from the Natatorium in ArcanGrove to wrap them in. No one makes sushi better than my little man's Momma!

Speak with Oishii to begin her quests

  • Oishii's Special Blend (Requirements: Must have completed the ' The Turdraken' quest.)
    Find Oishii's Special Blend (Click on the arrows on Screen 2 until you get it).
    I can't believe the mess in here! There's no way I can finish cooking this turdraken without my special blend of harvest spices! I can't find it on the shelves, so it must be in one of the jars that got knocked to the floor. They all look the same, but if you bring them to me I can smell them to find the right blend.

  • Cornstalkerbread Stuffing
    Defeat Cornstalkers.
    You know what would make this feast great? Cornbread stuffing! But not just any cornbread - the best tasting corn comes from the Corn Stalkers wandering the harvest. I'll need both white and yellow corn to make the best stuffing.

  • Super Special Chutney
    Defeat Bad Apples and Grapes of Wrath.
    Cranberry Chutney is one of my favorite parts of the harvest meal! But I should add something extra to it this year, don't you think? I bet fruity chunks from Bad Apples and Grapes of Wrath would add some zest! But only bring me the best, freshest bits!

  • Oishii's Secret Ingredient
    Defeat Harvest Sneevils.
    Sneevils love to snack on a kind of jerky known as Sneevilbark. I have no idea what's in it, but it has the most wonderful meaty flavor! It would be the perfect thing to add to my gravy. Get me 12 Sneevilbark Sticks - the Sneevils loitering in front of my yard should have some.

  • Taking Out the Turdrakolich
    Defeat the Turdrakolich.
    Now! I need one last favor. *Oishii smiles sweetly* I need you to take care of that horrible thing that keeps messing up my kitchen! The last time I saw it, it ran out back… I think it's still out there.

  • Defeat Ultra Turdrakolich
    Defeat the Ultra Turdrakolich.
    Why aren't you at the feast with everyone else? Are you still looking for more stuff to fight? Heroes, sheesh! Ok, go way back out and see if you can defeat Ultra Turdrakolich! Maybe then you'll be ready for dinner!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
9/24/2014 2:37:36   

Hi, glad to see another guide up and in the works!

However, I find your guild too plain. Maybe you could add some more colors. You can always use a combination of colors, bold, italicizing and Page breaking to segment the parts of the guide. The current design of your guide makes it look a little too 'hard-to-read'. You really should split up the page a little. Your current format is as follows:

[b] Name of quest [/b]
[i] Quest text [/i]

Honestly speaking, it would be easier to read off the AQW Wiki. I would recommend that you colorize the page. For example, make the name of quest nice and BIG & BOLD maybe color it red to draw emphasis. Also, it is important to break the pages. You should not do it in between quests, but line breaks could be necessary when it comes to splitting up major segments of the story. (maybe when the quest giver changes)

I would recommend that you take note of these commands:


B - The bold command
This is cool because its [b]bold[/b]

effect: This is cool because its bold

I - The italics command
This is cool because its in [i]italics[/i]

effect: This is cool because its in italics

U- The underline command
This is cool because its [u]underlined[/u]

effect: This is cool because its underlined

hr - Horizontal rule line
I am saying stuff here
I am saying different stuff here

I am saying stuff here

I am saying different stuff here

For more commands check out the guide for: Forum Commands (screenshots, images, links, colors, signatures)


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9/24/2014 3:12:10   
Legendary Vampire


I made this banner for Ricky when this guide was under his ownership, feel free to use it if you wish to give your guide a bit more visual flare. It's no problem if you don't want to, just thought I'd put the offer out there.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
9/24/2014 12:24:41   
Moglin Lady

Hi Shadow,
Thanks for the graphic and I'm just trying to finish this off before jazzing it up. Any recommendations?

Thanks RugbyBeast for the suggestions but for me red really hurts my eyes. I might color code the quest names and NPC names based on their armor colors but right now I just want to make sure the guide is complete before going crazy on it.

Double posts merged. Please use the edit button when making non-urgent posts between 24 hours. ~Zyrain

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