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=AQ= Chinese New Year Suggestion Contest! Entries

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2/9/2015 18:53:23   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

What to do: Create an original idea themed around Chinese New Years! It can be a weapon, shield, armor, pet, spell, or misc item - Any category as long as it's made by you and involves something to do with the Chinese New Year!

Prizes: 1st place: The winning idea will become a permanent addition to the Golden Giftboxes! 2nd place: Wins 3000 Z-Tokens! 3rd place: Wins 1000 Z-Tokens!

When: It starts Monday, February 9th and ends two weeks later on Monday, February 23rd. Winners will be announced one week after the contest is over.

Rules (entries not following these guidelines will not be considered)
1. Have fun!
2. Each player gets one entry.
3. Your idea must be your own original idea themed around Chinese New Years.
4. You cannot delete or edit your entry once submitted. This isn't a race and everyone's submission will be reviewed! -Unless it's something simple like a typo. Then just note it in your post!
5. You must include your AQ ID in your submission, so we know who to reward the prizes to.
6. Not following these rules will result in an automatic disqualification.

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AQ  Post #: 1
2/9/2015 22:33:08   

AQ ID: 86128517

Misc Item: Golden Red Packet (scales to player level, 66 SP upkeep for Lv 150)(Appears as a red envelope with golden outline)

Effects: If monster equals player level, it does nothing. For monsters lower than player level, it boosts player normal attack/weapon special/spell damage by (player level minus monster level)%.
For monsters of higher levels than player, all monster attacks lose (monster level minus player level) BTH.

Description: Dragons of faraway land gift these red packets to their young during a special holiday, it's empty now, but I'm sure you can think of something better to give out, right? And seeing this will touch the soft spot in elder's heart too, yay.
AQ  Post #: 2
2/9/2015 23:04:45   

AQ ID: 17573390

Misc - Chinese music box – Apperance

Description: From the world of Terra. This seemingly ordinary music box has been imbued by the Paxian faction leaders. Their connection to Terra is stronger than once perceived.

Activate to randomly gain one of several effects:

Fire – red firecrackers are thrown at the enemy and explodes (damage).
Water – chance to regain mana (re-named tranquil mind).
Wind – soothing spring winds invigorates your character – healing effect.
Ice – the monsters blood freezes as a wild Nian enters the world of Lore. Appears through a portal, attacks the monster and flee through the same portal. “It must have heard a loud noise!”
Earth – a massive amount of food appears on the screen – the monster can’t help himself and starts feasting (great chance to inflict fragile (re-named food coma) but your character might suffer the same fate).
Both the character and monster must use a stat roll(s).
Energy – “The tunes are static! Uh oh.*Zap!*” Tries to inflict paralyze.
Light – a bright lantern appears on the screen and explodes in a blinding light (blind status).
Darkness – hordes of dark rats charge the enemy – unlucky status.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
2/9/2015 23:06:44   

AQ Pedia

AQ ID: 22856754

Fire spell
Name: Nian's Intimidation
Appearance: A lion dance costume charges across the screen being chased by exploding firecrackers. MC goes into a chance to inflict cowed (a turn based version of Panicked) for 1 turn.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
2/9/2015 23:21:23   
Lord Yeoj

AQ ID: 11495371

Weapon: Majestic Dragon's Renewal (Scales to player level) (Similar to a Katana but with a wider blade. Ruby in a red hilt, a red crossguard and a gold blade with Chinese runes embossed in the metal. Red cloth hanging from hilt.)

Effects: Melee/Magic sword - Click blade to switch in between. EITHER Fire or Light attribute, shows in shop as ?, when bought becomes either Fire or Light. (If this isn't possible, either attribute would be fine) Low proc (10-15%) - Chinese dragon appears and blasts the opponent for 3 hits of Melee fire damage. Opponent can be burnt with the text: The Chinese Dragon seared the [Monster Name] to the bone!

Description: This elegantly crafted blade was forged from the flames of a Chinese Dragon, on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. Legends say the dragon imbued some of its own aura into the weapon making it have a fiery effect...
AQ  Post #: 5
2/10/2015 0:50:47   

AQ ID - 49524878

Darkness Armor
Name - Yue-Lao's Champion (Chinese God of Love)


2-hit attack, Neutral Lean
MC Ability - Every attack has an 8% chance to stun the monster for 1 turn.

Description - As a champion of Yue-Lao, the god of Love, you have the ability to make almost anyone fall head over heels for you! He has even granted you the use of his magical red string, which he uses to unite any who he sees fit.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
2/10/2015 1:57:55   

AQ ID - 45495211

Healing Spell
Name - New Year's Feast (Scales to Level ) (Uses Sp) (Healing done is based on Endurance)

AQ  Post #: 7
2/10/2015 2:19:14   
skull x

Aq ID: 25433828


Name: Formidable Spirit Protector

«Mastercraft Fully Offensive Fire/Ice Armour. Has a Skill that can randomly inflict Paralysis or Bleed»

Price: Not sure
Level: 150 sample (up to the staff on tiering)
Power Level: 153 MC
MP Level: 152
Element: Fire
Appearance: You are a big red ram with glowing white Chinese lettering symbol (the message is ram in Chinese lettering) along your wool (or just "aq style" runes if the Chinese symbols can't be used). Your horns are shiny reddish brown and your eyes illuminate with a shiny white glow.

Melee: +50
Ranged: +48
Magic: +50

Fire: 40%
Water: 90%
Wind: 95%
Ice: 40%
Earth: 70%
Energy: 75%
Light: 66%
Darkness: 100%

Hits: 2
Element: «As Weapon»
Type: «As Weapon»
Damage: 349.4% Base, 349.4% Random, and 693.6% Stats each
BTH: 19

Attack Animation: You unleash a white glowing laser beam at the enemy (first hit). After the laser hits, it will have a mini fireworks explosion effect (the small firework effect will also be color white) for the second hit. (fast animation)

You receive Armor Lean x1.25 (Phase 1)



Charge towards the enemy with the might of a ram! This skill attack costs «»SP

Cost: 392 SP (if Ranged) or 490 SP (if Magic)

Attack Animation: You charge towards the enemy letting them feel your mighty horns.

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged if {STR+DEX ≥ INT*3/2} or {STR/5+DEX/20 > INT/4}; Magic otherwise
Element: Fire
Damage: 230-712 plus 500% Stats each (not sure about the damage formula for the skill or the penalties included in the skill effects.. so.. up to the staff)
BTH: 38 plus Stats each

Effect (I am not particularly familiar with the saves... so forgive/correct me if it's wrong)

The following effects will be randomly inflicted after casting the sp skill... so your opponent may bleed or get stunned, but only one effect will be chosen. (the skill effect will be 50/50 chance of occurring)

When you use the skill, there is a [# of hits that connected] / [# of hits attempted]*22.45% chance of attempting to make the monster Bleed*. The level of the Bleed is 153, dealing 23-137 damage each turn. The monster can resist this with a save:
Level: 153 vs MonsterLevel
Major: Vstat vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
**In addition to monsters with Bleeding Immunity***, monster categories "undead", "golem", "robot", "ooze", and "xyfrag" are immune† to this effect.

vstat is 200

If the hit connects, It can paralyze the monster for a turn. The monster makes a save at a +0 bonus:

Level: 153 vs MonsterLvl
Major: Vstat vs MonsterEND
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

*If the enemy is still bleeding then it will use the stun effect.

EleComp 1.25289 (I am not sure about this)

Pop up messages:
The monster is paralyzed by the force of your horns.
The monster is wounded after you ram your horns at them.
Your opponent miraculously stands even after unleashing a powerful gore.
Your horns did not make it deep enough to the enemy to start bleeding.
This enemy is immune to bleeding.

The spirit of an ancient ram fused with you to aid you in battle. He provides you with a thick magical wool that can defend against the chilling cold and the infernal flames of lore. Additionally, he also gave you the ability to shoot laser beams or charge on enemies.
Post #: 8
2/10/2015 4:21:45   
Rafiq von den Vielen

AQ ID: 82777257

Contest Entry:


Bái xīn de chuāncì zhě (or White Heart's Impaler - whichever staff finds more appropriate)

Accurate 5% Ice spear. Mastercraft, can Daze on its attacks. Can pay SP for a more effective Daze. Can be clicked to switch between a Spear and a 100%proc Bow-like weapon.

Sample tier
Level: 150
PLvL: 153 MC
Type: Ranged

Damage: Very Base-heavy
BtH: 24

Every player attack made has a chance to inflict Dazed (31.49% chance of not acting, 2 rounds)*. If you pay SP (62 SP for the level 150 one), the daze is empowered to (58.66% of not acting, 4 rounds)**. You can resist this.***
*The brute force of your attack leaves your foe Dazed!
**Your empowered attack lets your foe forget where he is! He can't stand his ground!
***Somehow your foe is not impressed by the sheer force of your impact. @_@
Save rolls are STR/END and LUK/LUK.

You can click the tip of the weapon to change it into an 100%proc Throwing weapon. The weapon special will be treated as a "special-special" in this state. Normal 'bow' attack is 2 hits.

Special is 4 hits, Magic Ice. Each hit gets +5 BtH and the according damage modification.

All weapon attacks gain +5 BtH (Already factored into the 24 BtH listed above).

A sleek, white spear crowned with a massive, curled horn. Said horn has small, light blue glowing runes all over it, and small pieces of paper floating on the base.

Don't you dare fleece before this sleek weapon! It may look graceful, but believe me, it's strikes will ram you into the ground faster than a rising dragon!
Post #: 9
2/10/2015 4:28:11   
Daimyo Daimyo

AQ ID: 19770378

Qilin Form

  • Element modifiers of armor are the opposite of your no-drops.
  • Rate of lucky strikes is increased to 100% and stat bonuses from Lucky strikes are reduced to a tenth (Luck/20). Technically free? So...
    Possible MC bonuses (Couldn't decide on which one):
  • Click on armor to increase your LUK by +50 with appropriate SP upkeep.
  • If the monster has >0 LUK, then all normal player attacks, weapon special, and spells gain +10% damage. Magic weapons get /0.75 of the boost, and spells get /2 of the boost.
  • Chance to inflict Lucky on the player(+30 LUK, 3 rounds) and inflict Unlucky on the monster(-30 LUK, 3 rounds). The monster can resist with a save:

    If you get this effect a second time before the first instance wears off, then the first instance has its power increase. The LUK drain increases by +90/[status's current duration]. This does not change the status's duration. There is no cap to how high the LUK drain can go.

    Take the form of a Qilin, a chimeric creature that possesses aspects of many of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac!

    Appearance: Like this but with the ox horns of this

    If it's okay to take artistic liberties:
    Snake head as its tail
    Rooster feathers
    Dragon head with whiskers
    Bunny Ears
    Boar tusks
    Scale-covered horse body
    Tiger-striped fur
    Two hooves and two talons for feet
    Optional: Two other animal heads, feather wings, and eight legs like the horse Sleipnir

    Inspiration: I was thinking of how to combine all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac together when I remembered that chimeras have a goat and dragon head with a snake as a tail. Luck-based effects are because

    Qilin are thought to be a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity by the Chinese.
    Good luck is also what the red packets given during Chinese New Year symbolize.
  • MQ  Post #: 10
    2/10/2015 4:37:06   

    AQ ID: 2214571

    Misc Item: Nian's Dread (Different versions with proper SP Cost) Example Cost [One time 200 SP for level 150 version]

    Effects: For the cost of 200 SP, the player can reduce damage from enemy x .90 [just an example, can be adjusted] for 1 turn by offering red [Health] potions. Up to 5 health potions [5 turns] can be offered for the level 150 version (and can scale down based on level).

    Misc Picture: Head of Mythical Beast Nian

    Misc Animation: Potions (equivalent to offered) will fly mid screen and explode into firecrackers.

    Description: The spirit of the mythical beast Nian flows into your opponent and cowers in fear from your festive bursts reducing its damage dealt to you.

    Reasoning: The mythical beast Nian in actual lore was afraid of fireworks and RED robes. Utilizing health potions in this sense allows not only the game to capture the essence of tradition but also give more meaning to the use of potions passed simply healing.

    Notes: - The actual calculations are really open to adjustment [I'm not a master at the game mechanics so it is open to adjustment while allowing it to not be game breaking].
    - It doesn't have to be a damage reduction, can also be a -BTH or a chance to even reduce attack frequency.
    AQ  Post #: 11
    2/10/2015 6:13:48   
    ray zard

    AQ ID: 85984570

    Pet : Spirit of Nian MC
    Level ranging from Level 20,70,90,110,120,135,150

    Description: Legend has it that Nian was a ferocious beast that attack human every chinese new year. This Spirit of Nian has somehow been controlled by some unknown forces. And he now obeys you and only you.(It has a small chance to heal you a portion of the damage done by the monster and a moderate chance of inflicting fear)
    Appearance: The appearance of the mythcal beast Nian
    MC special effect: The pet has a 5%chance healing the player 15% of the damage inflicted on to the player by the monster(Healing chance will increase to 10% if the player has a charisma of at least 20)
    Has a 20% chance of inflicting fear

    Animation: The Pet will charge towards the target and perform a 3 hit attack on the monster
    Charisma training diffculty , 0
    Effects***The monsters is terrified of your pet's attack on them***
    *** The monster is terrified but managed to stay still***
    ***Your pet heals a small portion of the monster damage being inflicted to you***
    *** Your pet loves you very much healing chance increased by 5%***
    AQ AQW  Post #: 12
    2/10/2015 9:31:59   

    Adventure Quest I.D.# 7516199

    Zaota Nian(armor)

    Description: The spirit of the man-eating nian permeates this armor, heightening your senses and allowing you to attack with savage grace. Just make sure to stay away from anything red!

    Appearance: Kind of like this, but the helmet, boots and colors(coffee brown, gold, and white) are the most important parts. The armor would have an aggressive posture/stance.

    Defenses: Melee- above average, Ranged- above average. Magic- below average

    Resistances: Water and earth would be the best resistances, both around the same %; ice would be second best, and fire would be the worst.

    Attack: A leap forwards, and two attacks before landing.

    Effect: Against human(oid) enemies, player attacks would deal extra damage.
    AQ Epic  Post #: 13
    2/10/2015 9:45:56   
    Smackie El Frog

    AQ ID: 31477675

    MC Spell: Bah Ram Ewe

    Description: You speak out these words and summon a sheep/ram diety and do magical damage with a high chance to control you enemies for one or two rounds!

    Appearance: A large half sheep/ram, half human being appears and summons the runic characters of the spells name in front of the monster and inflicts damage.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    2/10/2015 14:47:38   

    AQ ID: 39690965

    Weapon: Shānyáng Dao

    Appearance: A large Dao saber (okay, technically a dadao, since dao are fairly small) sword with the same basic shape as the one shown here with a gold hilt and pommel-ring, dark wooden handle, and dark silver blade with a stylized mountain goat head etched into the tip (appearing as a pale gold outline). While in magic mode, the eyes of the goat glow red.

    Description: An ancient eastern greatsword empowered by the spirit of a noble mountain goat in honor of the New Year. The mountain goat's spirit can empower your attacks by ramming into your foe's very life force!

    Element: Wind

    Damage: -BtH, +Damage lean.

    Effects: No normal special. Can be switched from Melee to Magic by clicking the goat outline. while in magic mode, the weapon deals *.75 damage. The extra damage from the lack of a special and its MC damage boost are applied to a small on-hit chance to inflict a wind-elemental Spiritual Seed*. While the enemy has a Spiritual Seed or related effect such as Spiritual Resonance applied, the weapon no longer attempts to apply it, but deals increased damage**. The enemy can resist the Spiritual Seed effect based on the weapon’s power level vs. their END.***

    *The Spirit of The Mountain Goat charges into your foe’s soul with devastating force!
    **Your blade drives yet deeper into the enemy’s spiritual wounds!
    **Your enemy’s unyielding spirit withstands the Mountain Goat’s charge.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
    2/10/2015 15:18:58   

    AQ ID:75079191

    misc item: zodiacal force

    player can click to spend mana or sp to empower weapon atacks spells and skills
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
    2/10/2015 19:53:10   

    ID #5162381

    Chinese Dragon Costume
    FD Fire, +5 bth lean

    You, your pet and guest turn into a Chinese Dragon Costume that is made for multiple people. While in this armour your pet and guest are disabled, you pay a guest upkeep cost (SP) and add the standard pet & guest damages (I believe that's 40% & 60% of a warrior's damage) to the damage of the armour. This bonus damage is dependent on CHA, but independent of leans, CIT and other damage boosts.

    If above does not take an MC (I don't think it should, since the extra damage really is just pet/guest damage) then add:

    Fireworks Breath
    Fire-locked skill with appropriate compensation to lower casting cost (since the armour already uses up SP every turn). the pet & guest part of the attack is to give it an incredibly powerful *EXPLOSION* effect (renamed burn) that lasts a few rounds. Stackable.

    Post #: 17
    2/10/2015 19:57:50   

    The Four Symbols of the Chinese constellation; http://www.ancient-origins.net/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/field/image/china-mythological-symbols.jpg?itok=6qrp43pi
    Azure Dragon: east - symbol of wood (Earth) and Spring
    Black Tortoise: north - symbol of Water and Winter
    White Tiger: west - symbol of Metal (Energy/Ice) and Autumn
    Vermillion Bird: south - symbol of Fire and Summer

    This could be a spell/misc. that summons one of the four armours (changes with seasons?). I;m not entirely sure how this would work but I know the creatives in the AQ HQ would be able to do something awesome as usual :D :D
    right guys??

    There is also the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas - summon 4 drgons based on the weather elements - energy/wind/ice/elements corresponding to the dragons of the four corners of the oceans.

    If not, please please make @Daimyo Daimyo's idea Qilin is a frikkin amazing idea.

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    Post #: 18
    2/10/2015 21:02:56   

    Shenlong "Spiritual Dragon"

    Looks like http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_97HYfP5GSdU/Sw3ehEEINiI/AAAAAAAAAAk/ZNl7GfjGj-4/s1600/shenlong.jpg but with blue scales and white hair

    «Mastercraft, Fully Offensive (Lean x1.25) Water/Wind Armour»

    Price: This would be a majorly powerful compression armour, so I'd imagine "big bucks"
    Level: 150 (up to the staff on tiering)
    Power Level: 153 MC

    Melee: +48
    Ranged: +58
    Magic: +48

    Fire: 75
    Water: 39
    Wind: 42
    Ice: 70
    Earth: 92
    Energy: 96
    Light: 56
    Darkness: 83

    ATTACK #1
    Hits: 4
    Element: «As Weapon, wind, wind, As Weapon»
    Type: «As Weapon, ranged, ranged, As Weapon»
    Damage: «Up To Staff»
    BTH: 19

    Attack Animation: You unleash a breath of the divine winds at your enemy, followed by two swift claw strikes as you race into the sky, and upon descending slam your enemy with your tai (chance to stun/daze?)

    ATTACK #2 - this attack has a 1 in 9 chance of occuring.
    Hits: 2
    Element: Water-locked (like Algern's Carapace/Svadilfari's Oath takes a damage bonus)
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Damage: «Up To Staff»
    BTH: 19

    Attack Animation: Thrashing your tail, you stir up the great rivers to drown your enemy.

    Skill: either; 1) 'Striking Winds' & 'Heaven Unleashed'
    in similar fashion to the Kindred set, you can spend sp to charge the skill. After 3 turns, you unleash a storm (wind) "eyes glow"; after 5 turns, choose to send a mighty typhoon battering the enemy with the force of the skies rage (water) "eyes glow, teeth drip white flames, either talons motion the storm or you begin to swirl and writhe in the fashion of a tropical storm"/"plays with glowing ball of energy"
    2) 'Shenlong's Wrath' Like berserker/paladin/dragonslayer etc, you automatically accumulate charges (that stack between battles) and unleash an element-seeking (water or wind) "eyes glow, teeth drip white flames, either talons motion the storm or you begin to swirl and writhe in the fashion of a tropical storm"
    3) 'Lightning Strikes-Twice' A two-hit skill for massive damage, dragon rakes it's claws across the skies, which creates friction with the clouds and unleashes an almight thunderclap that shocks your enemy for static-burn that lasts 4 turns. (energy) "talons extend slightly, and drags across the darkening sky creating glowing gashes, and as dragon brings claw down towards enemy drags with it and projects 2 enormous lightning strikes simultaneously at enemy.

    «All skill attacks are ranged damage» (For being dual-element skill it takes damage penalty. For having a non-aligned skill (3) it takes penalty also)

    Description: Among the mightiest Five-Clawed Imperial Dragons, Shenlong was a God of extraordinary power. equal to even the Celestial Dragon. Known as The Master of Storms, Shenlong was a spiritual deity governing the wind, clouds and rain, and thus important to agriculture. To cause offence meant dire weather, drought, flood or thunderstorms.

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    Post #: 19
    2/10/2015 21:34:34   

    AQ ID: 31982538

    Misc Item: Yáng Talisman

    Appearance: It's a wooden pendant type of misc item that has this Yáng symbol on it. (the symbol supposedly means "Goat" in Chinese).

    Effect: When equipped, the player spends X SP and gains +Y INT and +Y CHA (to represent increased calmness/thoughtfulness towards others). At the same time, there is a 20% chance that ALL damage done and taken by the monster and the player (including pet and guest attacks) by 20% similar to the PeaceZard.

    Clicking on the emblem allows you to spend additional SP and activate an armor:

    Goat Costume (Temporary armor that transforms you into an actual goat with armor. The goat fur is white and the armor is red and gold like Chinese New year colors. The horns of the goat are large and are red.)

    Lean: 1.125X; 2 hits (first hit does 25% of the damage with no accuracy lean; the second hit does 75% damage with +5 bth (gets a 85/90* modifier))
    Animation: You charge at the enemy. For the first hit, you rear upwards and smack your hooves into the monster. Then for the second hit, you ram your horns into the enemy and reverse back into your original spot.

    Resistance: (Has low MRM to compensate for elemental compression)
    Main: Earth/Water
    Ally: None
    Neutral: Energy/Light
    Poor: Ice
    Oppose: Fire/Wind/Darkness

    When using this temporary form, the misc slot is disabled except for potions and you are required to equip the Talisman. Unequipping the talisman removes the armor.

    Because the misc slot is locked, the second hit of the armor gets a 10% chance to Daze the enemy (75% chance of not acting) if it connects without any penalty. (Save rolls are END/LUK).

    Misc Description: This ancient talisman was used in an ancient Chinese Terran holiday. Equipping it sharpens your thinking and makes you calmer, and it can even calm a battle atmosphere! Legend has it that you can also take the form of a powerful goat in battle by clicking on the talisman.

    MC Effect: The misc is MC'd so that the armor can compress into the misc. The armor forgoes a misc slot essentially so it gets a slight compensation by having a damage free daze 10% of the time. I'm not good with numbers so the team is more than welcome to balance this if it's too UP or OP.

    Information for the zodiac sign were taken from: this link
    AQ AQW  Post #: 20
    2/10/2015 22:23:55   

    AQ ID: 82129945

    Armor: Ryu Haou (English: Supreme King Dragon)
    Element: Fire/Darkness

    1-3 Attacks
    2-MC Hability: Fear Attack, every hit has an 5% chance to into a fear your enemy for 1 turn.
    3-Skill Armor: Ko-Ku-Ryu-ha (Dragon of the Darkness Flame): Throw a black flame that destroys everything in its path (SP: 425)
    Element Skill: Fire/Darkness, depend of your luck

    Aparience: Like this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/0849e99831806ab7da406e93a0737891/tumblr_mgw6g2WZJh1r4aifqo4_1280.jpg

    Element Modifiers (EX: 135 level)

    Fire: 45%
    Water: 95%
    Wind: 95%
    Ice: 97%
    Earth: 85%
    Energy: 75%
    Light: 97%
    Darkness: 45%

    Decription: Your power is unsurpassed with your very presence frightened to face you ... !!!! show them those cowards Dragon Fury !!!
    Post #: 21
    2/11/2015 3:39:49   

    AQ ID: 990943

    Weapon: Firecracker Rod
    Element: Fire
    Type: Ranged
    Proc Rate: 10%
    Damage Lean: Base Heavy
    Accuracy Lean: Neutral

    Special is 4 hits, if at least one hit connects, attempts to blind and burn(foe receives fire damage every turn) foe, does 90% after factoring MC. Does 95% if foe is already burnt or blinded and attempt to inflict the other(i.e. if the monster is already burnt, special will do 95% and attempt to blind and vice versa). Does 100% damage if foe is both burnt and blinded. Both burn and blind last for 2 turns. Severity of both depends on the fire resistances of the target. Fire elemental creatures are immune to the effects.

    *The firecrackers brilliant display blinds and burns your foe
    *Your foe endured the burning effects but not the blinding effects of the firecrackers brilliant display.
    *Your foe endured the blinding effects but not the burning effects of the firecrackers brilliant display.
    *Your foe endured both the blinding and burning effects of the firecrackers brilliant display.
    *The firecrackers brilliant display blinds your foe. *(only when target is already burnt)
    *The firecrackers brilliant display burns your foe. *(only when target is already blinded)
    *Those aligned to the Fire element are immune to the effects of the firecrackers brilliant display.

    Special Animation: Summons firecrackers to explode at your targets
    Weapon will look like this:
    not so well drawn, since I did it purely on MS paint, but can be improved and updated of course

    Description: Usher in the Lunar New Year with this firecrackers-imbued weapon that is capable of creating a brilliant display of firecrackers explosion that will attempt to blind and burn your foes.

    *Note: The chinese character on the octagon is 福 (Fú) which means luck/fortune. Also the number 4 in certain dialects sounds like the same word for 'death' which coincides with the 4 hits special here, sort of like literally implying the word 'death' on your foes.

    Reason for Editing: Correcting minor typo errors.

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    AQ  Post #: 22
    2/11/2015 8:25:06   
    Raphael 777

    AQ ID: 8422683

    Misc: Shengxiao Ban (or Zodiac Board)
    Element: Earth
    Uses SP for upkeep

    Appearance: A circular medallion made of jade divided into 12 segments with the a chinsese symbol representing one of the 12 zodiac animals in each segments. There's another circle in the center with the yin yang symbol.

    Effect: Gives a boost to Int and Luk. Clicking on the misc allows the player to cast one of two earth spells of their choice.

    Spell 1: The Great Race
    Hits: 12
    Element: Earth
    Type: Magic
    Appearance: A bigger version of the board appears andd the twelve symbols fly out towards the enemy each dealing damage. Order of symbols: Rat (first) -> Pig (last)
    Uses SP for the spell

    Spell 2: The thirteenth one
    Hits: 3
    Element: Earth
    Type: Magic
    Appearance: Same the first spell, but the board flips over revealing the chinese symbol for cat on the back. The symbol flies towards the enemy and flashes twice for the first two hits, then slashes the enemy (in a claw like way) for the third.
    Effect: If the third hit connects, it will attempt to make the enemy bleed (the message: "Cat Scratch!!" pops up).
    Uses SP for the Spell. Costs more because of the attempt to make the enemy bleed

    Description: A jade medallion showing 12 animals who became known as the zodiac. It seems to enchance your intellect and luck as well as allowing you to summon the twelve animals. There appears to be a thirteenth animal etched on the back. It seems to emit a feeling anger.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
    2/11/2015 14:42:22   

    Screaming Goat (Earth Spell)

    Discription: Summon a baahrrage of screaming goats to trample your enemies and leave them with serious eardamage.

    That's kind of an homage to the screaming goats that once invaded youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIaFtAKnqBU
    AQ  Post #: 24
    2/11/2015 15:58:57   
    Lord Fhalkyn

    Long Dragons

    Level 10: Panlong
    Level 30: Feilong
    Level 70: Shenlong
    Level 100: Huanglong
    Level 120: Tianlong
    Level 150: Zhulong

    These, er, long, dragons have awoken in response to some inscrutable cosmic call. Click to switch between melee and magic damage. Every once in a while, they unleash a powerful fire and light special attack!

    They look like traditional Chinese dragons, but each one has a different color scheme, as noted (how they correspond to real Chinese mythology is noted in parentheses):
    Panlong: Blue and green (this is a lake dragon)
    Feilong: Blue and white (this is a sky dragon)
    Shenlong: Yellow and white (this is a storm dragon)
    Huanglong: Gold and red (this is the imperial or emperor's dragon)
    Tianlong: Blue and gold (this is a celestial dragon)
    Zhulong: Black, orange, and gold (this is the dragon sun god)

    They deal fire or light damage every round.
    They deal their special about 5-8% of the time.
    Their melee attack is their claws. Their magic attack is their breath.
    Their special attack is some celestial object (a meteor?) called down to crush the monster.
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