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RE: =AQ= Chinese New Year Suggestion Contest! Entries

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2/11/2015 17:59:45   
Immortal God

AQ ID: 25957378

Type: Misc. Item
Name: Zodiac Fortune
Misc. Ability: There are 12 different animals on the wheel, and every year/animal is given a different ability. This creates a misc. with 12 totally different abilities. Each ability could either inflict a different status effect, it could heal the player, or it could give back mana.

For example the ability goes off and randomly has a chance to inflict choke, paralyze, poison, bleeding, daze, blind.... etc. It could give a mana shield, celerity, or even heal you a little. It could boost bth for a turn or damage even by a little.

To make it even more interesting it could be made so that it works for either you or the monster you are facing with 6 abilities helping you and 6 helping the monster maybe.

As a misc. item it could function like the Pendant of the Galin flashing a different animal. Each animal represents a different ability the misc. has.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
2/12/2015 1:01:29   

AQ ID# 75270098

Armor: Ao Dragon Emperor
Fully Offensive water armor.
design: using a chinese dragon as a base the armor should be medium-sized not bulky. if you want a giant chinese dragon like DBZs shenlong thatd be cool too. colors would be various shades of (main) blue, silver and gold. if there is a helm please make it clickable to be removed. otherwise artistic freedom.
descrpition: the divine ruler of the waters has gifted you with but a mere portion of his power, even then it is enough to flood your enemies.

MC bonus: armor skill to summon a waterspout (tornado made of water) to hit your enemies [slight hourglass shape with clouds above the vortex and a whirlpool below it]. 4 hits of water. If STR+DEX >= INT*3/2 or if STR/5+DEX/20 > INT/4, it does Ranged. Else, it's Magic. if possible ranged hits use SP magic hits use MP. if not lets just go with SP.

regular attack 4 hits. element and type as weapon.

Post #: 27
2/12/2015 5:40:52   

AQ ID: 21911686

Name: Shi Er Bian Lian
Name Note: Supposed to be Chinese for "12 mask change". It is meant to be a portmanteau of the Chinese term for Zodiac(Shi Er Sheng Xiao) and Mask Change.(Bian Lian)

This armor will be themed heavily on Bian Lian. So if it is okay I will just leave the wikipedia article on it here, so that those who are unfamiliar can just go take a look. Basically it is some magic trick performance where the performer changes his mask a lot with quick movements that usually obscures his/her face for a very short time.

Base Element: Neutral(in shop, actual element depends on mode)
High blocking focus like Fujin(so 55 to MRM for top tier version)
Elemods: Depends on element picked by mode. It will be based on elemental wheel somewhat but should be kinda similar to that of Fujin's in the end for high blocking.
Armor Lean: Lean also depends on mode, FO by default though.
BTH Lean: Neutral throughout
Hits: Depends on mode too.(usually 3 hits fire breath with some exceptions)

MC: Compresses a default mode(cat mask) and a Chaos Knight styled random mode.(Zodiac Mask with 12 forms) Click on mask to switch between the two.

Default Cat Mask Mode: Light resistance and chance to bleed foes!(Note: Italics here will be the pop up when you equip the mask)
Lean: FO
Element picked: Light
Effects: -3 MRM but gains chance to bleed on any attacks to compensate. Bleed stacks with any bleeds. Purely a tradeoff effect.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.(ALL ATTACKS HAVE NO TYPE CONVERSION, uses weapon type)

Zodiac Mask Mode: This mode will randomly pick between 12 mask forms at the start of the battle similar to Chaos Knight. To compensate for this unreliability these modes get an extra effect that amounts to +10% effectiveness.(or two "MCs" depending on how you see it)

1. Rat Mask: Darkness resistance and power to curse your adversaries with various aliments!
Lean: FD
Element Picked: Darkness
Effect: At a start of every attack a random "power" will be picked, if it was a status it will be attempted at the end of the attack based on hitsconnected/hitsattempted(if your attack autohits with autohit penalty, then the status has a flat 15% chance of failure)
"powers"*: Bleed, Cripple, Defense Loss, Unlucky, Entangled, Choked, Dazzled and Dieseased are the possible status powers. The "last power"** consumes ALL statuses(not just the 8 statuses mentioned before) on the foe for extra damage based on the combined power of statuses removed from the mob.
If the enemy has none of the above statuses the "last power" will not activate. If the enemy already has any of the above statuses than the power that causes said statuses will not activate. Other than these two conditions all powers have equal chance to proc, so the more negative statuses the enemy has the higher the chance of "last power" to proc.
btw these effects are applied for every player attack as long as you are in Rat Mask mode. So it works for spells and 100% proc weapons too.
Statuses Save: Major is player STR/DEX/INT VS monster INT, rest is standard. No bonus/penalty to save.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

*Success: Your foe feels feverish as it succumbs to the curse. Failure: You foe manages to magically repel your hex.
**Pestilence Withdrawal!

2. Ox Mask: Darkness resistance and great might to crush your foe's mind, body and spirit!
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Darkness
Effect: Katar-esque effect where enemy loses MP equal to 10% of damage dealt. When MP reaches zero it overflows into SP. When MP and SP are zero overflows into HP
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

3. Tiger Mask: Fire resistance, aliment resistance and backlash! However you can't avoid attacks.
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Fire
Effect: All enemy attacks autohit the player(so -9001 MRM? :P), in return you get a powerful backlash status identical in style to Nemesis armor's except much stronger and does spirit element.(so it is %tage based) You also get a +10 to save against all status effects.(paid for with +10% effectiveness)
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

4. Rabbit Mask: Wind resistance and chance to avoid any attacks. Plus able to find openings to strike without fail!
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Wind
Effect: Chance to instanly dodge attacks*(worth +5%). When you doge enemy attacks there's a chance of your next turn's attacks hitting without fail**(the other +5%). But this attack's damage will be modifed by how accurate you normally are. The more bth(before the +300 bth boost) you already have the higher your damage. On the other hand if you are very inaccurate to begin with you take a damage penalty on the autohitter strike.
Hits: You vanish in a blur and deliver several blows to the enemy from many directions for 7 hits.(lower lever versions can just do 3-5 hits instead)

*Nice try but you're too slow.
**You managed to swiftly prepare an unavoidable strike. +300 BTH this turn!

5. Dragon Mask: Ice resistance. Wait for the right moment to strike your enemies with humongous force!
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Ice
Effect: All armor attacks deal 201% damage, but you must spend a turn charging up* before being able to attack. All attacks done in armor gets +8bth. Magic weapons get /0.75 of the boost, and spells get /2 of the boost.
Hits: On charging up you just do nothing. When attacking simply breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

*You gather your energy as you plan your next move.

6. Snake Mask: Ice resistance. Venomous ward grants great avoidance and softens unavoidable blows, but causes you to take extra damage from any normal strikes.
Lean: FD
Element Picked: Ice
Effect: All enemy attacks that don't autohit deal extra damage such that you take FO damage despite being in a FD armor. In return those attacks take a massive bth penalty. Attacks that autohit deal slightly reduced damage instead. Part of +10% effectivness is used for the smart switching between autohit and non-autohit attacks and what's left is used to further bloster the effects.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

7. Horse Mask: Water resistance and gradual healing lets you recover from any sickness. Or plant a seed of healing to fix future wounds!
Lean: FD
Element Picked: Water
Effect: If you are suffering from any negative status aliments, the armor attemps to reduce its potency and/or cure it drawing from a pool amounting to +10% effectiveness. If the pool is more than enough to cure all statuses then you gain a stacking healing seed based on the leftovers.(if there is nothing to cure, you passively get a stronger healing seed every turn) If you have healing seed and are suffering from a negative effect, the healing seed will be consumed if necessary to cure the status faster.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

8. Goat Mask: Energy resistance and ability to psionically put your enemies in a comma.
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Energy
Effect: If enemy is neither Asleep nor immune to sleep, your attack damage takes a very heavy penalty and then enemy is automatically put to sleep*. Otherwise does full damage with +10% bonus.(Magic weapons get /0.75 of the boost, and spells get /2 of the boost.)
Sleep save: Player STR/DEX/INT... same as Rat and Ox.... VS mob CHA. -20 to save.(if this is too much, have the penalty remove player damage and/or also cause omni-elemental vulnerability that makes you take extra damage equivalent to having Blood Contract)
Hits: Breathes white flames at enemy for 3 hits.

**Shh no tears...

9. Monkey Mask: Earth Resistance. Trickster aura occasionally halves and reflects the damage you take and may even render enemy effects useless!
Lean: FO
Element Picked: Earth
Effect: -6 MRM. All enemy hits has 10% chance to deal half damage* and when that happens they take (spirit element)damage equal to how much you received on that hit.(paid for by +10% effectiveness)
Also if a negative status effect is inflicted on you, you have a low chance to remove it instantly**.(paid for with -6 MRM)
Hits: Breathes white flames at enemy for 3 hits.

* What's mine is yours.(by that I mean your enemy takes half the damage for you)
**No, I don't want that.

10. Rooster Mask: Fire resistance and inferno shield reflects blocked enemy attacks back at them!
Lean: FD
Element Picked: Fire
Effect: When you avoid enemy attacks, they take spirit element damage at the start of your next turn.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

11. Dog Mask:
Light Resistance and longevity barrier converts force of blocked enemy strikes into health!
Lean: FD
Element Picked: Light
Effect: Every time you block/dodge attacks you heal a certain amount of health.
Hits: Breathes white flames at the enemy for 3 hits.

12. Pig Mask: Earth Resistance. Shoot fiery beams of death out of your eyes!
Lean: MO
Element Picked: Earth
Effect: All attacks are elelocked to FIRE and get appropriate elecomp. Also all attacks in the armor deal +5% damage and gain +4bth. Again Magic weapons get /0.75 of the boost, and spells get /2 of the boost.
Hits: Red Eyelasers for 1 hit because obvious reference is obvious.

Description: This fancy getup is used by illusionists of a distant civilization. Normally not a tool for combat, these robes managed to be re-purposed for such activities. All thanks to some magical tinkering turning it into a power amplifier for two enchanted masks. The first is the mask of the sacred cat, which grants its user decent light protection and bloody good attack power. The second is the unpredictable but powerful mask of the Zodiac, constantly changing between its 12 different forms. Use the second mask at your own risk, for you never know which shape it chooses to take until the battle has already begun.

Appearance: Something along the lines of the side view of this.
Mode Switching Appearance: Player swiftly covers face with fan for a very short moment and uncovers it. Revealing that the mask has switched.
Mask Appearances: Just a series of masks that bears good resemblance to their corresponding animal. Can use this and this for reference though I prefer the former due to this armor having a helmet.

Basically this is something like Timekeeper Axe meets Chaos Knight. One mode is consistent with no special bonuses while the other randomly picks a mode it likes to use per battle and comes with various bonuses.
AQ  Post #: 28
2/12/2015 12:14:54   

Chinese guardian dragon armour

For both guardian, z-token and free adventurers

Guardian dragon breath - magic breath attack
Red envelope - Grants user either boost in mana or health (percentages can be set by staff)
Parade stampede - Rush of earth attacks in the for of paraders (only higher level gear)

All damage percentages and whether the armour is magic, melee or ranged can be chosen by AQ staff

Should cost more gold for free adventurers / only higher level gear available for guardians

Predominantly SP based armour
Post #: 29
2/12/2015 13:07:30   

Aq ID:85821008

Name: Golden Samurai Warlord

«Mastercraft Fully Offensive Fire/Earth Armour. Has a Skill that can randomly inflict Burn or Bleed»


Golden Summoning

Burn your opponent,petrify your opponent or make them bleed

Cost:100 SP

Attack Animation: Either summons a Dragon,Tiger,or Holy dog to
attack your opponent

Hit: 3
Type:If Dragon Ranged,If Tiger Melee,If Holy Dog Magic
Element:Fire,Light,or Earth
Damage: 222-521 plus 200% Stats each(not sure about the damage formula for the skill or the penalties included in the skill effects.. so.. up to the staff)
BTH:12 plus each stats

Price:500 Gold
Power Level: 153
MP Level: 152
Appearance: You are a Golden Warrior that shows you are brave as a Dragon
with a Golden Cape(that has the message Artix in Chinese lettering)
Skill Name: Golden Summoning

Elemental Modifiers

Hits: 2
Element:<<As Weapon>>
Type: <<As Weapon>>
Damage:349.4 Base,349.4% Random, and 693.6% Stats each


Attack Animation: You unleash a pet dragon to attack breathing fire at
the opponent(First hit).You throw your weapon at the foe mysteriously returning to you(Second hit)

You will be immune to Fear,Paralysis,Others also you have
a 30% chance of attacking again

Description: The Beast Tamers,Dragonslayers and Artix taught you how to
Control the spirits of Dragons,Tigers and Dogs

Pop up messages:
The monster is burned by your Dragon's Fire
The monster is wounded by your cuts
The holy dog petrified your opponent
The monster stands tall in the light
The monster puts out the flames
The cuts wasn't but enough to wound your opponent
The monster is immune to flames
The monster is immune to bleeding
The monster laughs at you(attack again)

Post #: 30
2/12/2015 16:17:18   
Aura Knight

AQ ID: 2698598

Idea- Weapon

I'm not entirely sure what to call this or if such a thing can be made, but my idea if for a three-sectional staff with a few hidden powers.

possible look for it: http://i.imgur.com/pB3ArY7.png

The staff would have its three parts, all wooden and they are linked with arcane threads. Floating at the ends of each of the outer pieces of wood are two orbs which will have the chinese symbols for the animals of the chinese zodiac and they will change in a pattern. This pattern will be based on the chinese zodiac. They will keep alternating unless the person holding the weapon chooses to pay some SP to lock the two animal powers for that fight. I'm not sure how much sp that should be though. Anyway, so the orbs would draw power from the animals from the chinese zodiac and at the start of each turn attempting to attack with the weapon will open an option menu which will ask the user which of the two animal powers they want to use for the turn.

My idea for possible effects of each animal power are as follows:

Rat: player intellect increased by 25 or 30.
Ox: player strength increased by 25 or 30.
Tiger: player range defense increased by 10.
Rabbit: player dexterity increased by 25 or 30.
Dragon: player magic defense increased by 10.
Snake: player earth defense reduced by 5.
Horse: player charisma increased by 25 or 30.
Goat: player luck increased by 25 or 30.
Monkey: player melee defense increased by 10.
Rooster: player fire defense reduced by 5.
Dog: player endurance increased by 25 or 30.
Pig: player wind defense reduced by 5.

-The stats being increased by either 25 or 30 depends on the person using the weapon being either free player or guardian. Guardian characters get the 30 increase whereas free players get the 25 increase. If 25 and 30 are too high, those can be reduced as necessary.

The weapon would be range and of the earth element.

Possible description: This seemingly simple weapon holds a powerful secret. Blessed with the powers of the 12 animals of the chinese zodiac, it grants the user special abilities if they so choose to invoke the power that's hidden within.

Unfortunately I really have no clue what to even name this.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 31
2/13/2015 14:17:40   

Name: Dumpling pet
Looks: Cute looking, cartoon style. Has 3 stages of being eaten. Funny quotes when eaten.

Clicking on it will make you take a bite and restore some HP. This will change the look of the pet and its attack.
First stage, does melee earth damage. Classic tackle the enemy.
Second stage, does ranged water damage. Spray hot soup on enemy.
Final stage, does magic wind damage. Fly at enemy with remaining scraps.
After 3 bites, the pet will be completely eaten and you will be unable to change pets. Pet status persist through-out battle but regenerate after.

The general idea is to have a pet that has different strategic values with a interesting choice between healing and switching. I prefer different elemental damage on the 3 stages but if that is too unbalanced or would sacrifice too much damage then feel free to chance it. Maybe just 1 element but start with full damage, then reduced damage with weak effect, then no damage but strong effect.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 32
2/13/2015 14:36:59   
How We Roll Winner

AQ ID: 85726581 (Sophia Heartnett)

Armor idea:
Nián chú mó shèngrén (Nian slayer sage)

Staff (close-up)
Torso (Close-up)
Lower half
DragonHand (Close-up)

Staff is ebony black. The face and hair are also black, except the eyes and the tinted parts(White in the picture) are slightly reddish. The helm is golden, and so are the horns. The left arm's pauldrons are also golden, and so are the bands across his arm. The brick-ish gauntlet is also golden, while the dragon head's fair are black, with a red glow in the eyes. The beard and the tail hair are also red. The dragon head's horns are also red, while the dragon's scales are black and the underbelly is grey.
Coming to the robe, the main colour is white with bluish stripes and the cloudy-pattern is grey.

Armor info:
Lean: Fully Offensive (x1.25)
Element: Fire

Defense Modifiers:
The focus will be on Melee and Magic, and ranged will be neglected. The magical accumen lets the wearer deflect attacks, and since its a robe, the freedom of movement allows the person to dodge melee/physical attacks easily while leaving the person weak to ranged.
Sample MRM:
Melee - 52
Ranged - 45
Magic - 55

Elemental modifiers:
FIRE, WATER and LIGHT are the primary elements. The armor will focus on Fire and Water resistances equally, while having a Light tertiary. The armor will be weak however, to Energy, Darkness and Wind, leaving Ice and Earth neutral
Sample resists:
Fire: 40%
Water: 40%
Wind: 95%
Ice: 70%
Earth: 70%
Energy: 110%
Light: 55%
Dark: 110%

The armor has two attacks.

Attack 1:
Hits: 2
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
BtH: +22 (+3 lean)
Rate: 80%
Animation: The armor melds into a shadow.. basically becomes black, all that's visible is the player's eyes. Then the armor rises and strikes the monster twice, similar to the Winged Truphma's animation.

Attack 2:
Hits: 1
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
BtH: +19
Rate: 20%
Animation: The armor glows red (The eyes of the player, dragon head as well as the otherwise blue stripes and the chinese markings) and the player strikes the monster with the dragon head. (The hitting part is similar to Hand of TeraSuul's skill, minus the ice)

Mastercraft Bonus(s)
Skill 1:
Shēnhóng de qìxí (Crimson Breath)
Element: Fire
Type: As weapon
This skill is an elementally locked, weapon based skill ie deals 2x the armor's attack. The elemental compensation is used to increase the damage (ideally the skill would receive a small boost AND the cost would have a slight redux... 50/50 of sorts). The skill charges for a turn however, so you attack the next turn, dealing 201% damage of the skill.

Animation: The player raises the dragon head-arm upwards, and a red light starts pulsing through it. Then the player puts the hand down, and then a red aura starts surrounding the arm, eventually turning the entire dragon head into a red silhouette. This goes away however, when a pulse of red and yellow light is fired in a concentrated shot at the foe.

Skill 2:
Lóng zhī fēngyìn (Seal of the Dragon)
Element: Neutral
Essentially this is a spell, which deals 0 damage. However by sacrificing it's damage, it attempts to Seal (Renamed Panicked) the monster, ie damage reduction until the monster makes a save. There are 4 hits which deal a max of 0-damage.

There's a save each turn, which starts with a a -20 bonus:
Level: 153 vs MonsterLvl
Major: 200 vs MonsterCHA
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
The Panic makes the monster deals 100% - [X%*[Hits connected/Hits attempted]*(monster FIRE resistance)] damage.

Animation: The player raises the staff, and the orbs in it get released, glowing with a white light and they strike the foe. The player returns the staff to its normal position, and the four orbs reappear.

Basically, in my own made-up version of the original myth regarding the CNY. The taoist monk first shares the secret with the village on how to protect itself from the beast, Nian by making merry with loud noises and fireworks, two of the things the Nian cannot tolerate. Then monk then manages to gain the power of a benevolent dragon, in order to slay the beast once and for all. When he finally faces the Nian, the monk manages to overpower the beast with the crimson breath and uses his tao abilities to seal the creature within his body, enhancing his abilities in combat(reason it's FO) and allowing him immunity to the water element to an extent.

*NOTE: In order to accommodate the second skill, please double the price of the armor (2.2x MCcost = skill + skill )*

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 33
2/14/2015 1:12:54   
Glade Stone

AQ ID: 9920998 (Gladestone)

An idea for a handy pet.

Concept: Ok so I know "fortune cookies" aren't traditionally Chinese but I thought it would be quite fun to utilise it's concept for an in-game ability of sorts. Besides they taste great. The idea came from the guardian dragon, with it's fun speech bubble, always having something to say before an attack.

Ability: As an aesthetic feature for the pet, during it's turn it will speak out a random fortune. (eg. "you will obtain many riches from the next boss battle") There should be two types of fortunes, positive and negative. The positive fortunes should have a 80%-ish chance of being rolled, while the negative might want to be a little rarer depending on the effects chosen, I will provide x4 effect ideas. You could use any combination of them, maybe even all four OR you may have more effect ideas to add which is cool too. I'll also use "common" and "rare" labels to get across my idea of what the rolls COULD be like.

Fortune Effects:

+ Positive #1: (common) The good fortune's effect should heal a nice percentage of the player's HP. Due to the recent stat changes I've noticed the usual effective healing spells have been far less effective for a warrior. A little tough to get by with little manna. HP potions are hardly effective for high level players too so it would be better if the pet healed a fair percentage based on the player's level to keep the balance. Doesn't have to be OP but really should make a noticeable difference in battle. This effect would essentially need to be worth running the risk of the other negative abilities engaging.

+ Positive #2: (rare) Monster loses an equal amount of HP% the player would gain from a positive fortune AND player obtains 50% (maybe 100?) of the amount of HP the monster loses. Basically a good health drain.

+ Negative #1: (uncommon) On the chance you get yourself a bad fortune, (eg. "you will lose to a frogzard and be teased about it") the monster you face will GAIN the same percentage of HP as the player would on a good fortune. This is just to keep things interesting, but only as a sort-of-rare-ish effect. If you kept getting bad fortunes no one would even bother using the pet as the risk of constantly healing the enemy wouldn't be worth the amount of heals said player would get. Well that really depends on what % you guys decide to give the healing effects. I'll leave it to the professionals ;)

+ Negatie #2: (rare) The player is stunned for one turn. Something along the lines of "You just can't believe how bad that last fortune was."


If we are going to give it crazy effects we might as well have equally awesome art. I especially like the style of how the "Ventus' Aggravation" pet looks, but maybe it's scales or a possible armour plate are made up of fortune cookies instead. It doesn't even have to be a dragon, could be any of the 12 animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig) - as long as it looks cool I guess. I think it would be best to avoid a giant floating fortune cookie, way too literal.

Final Notes

- If it's going to come from a golden gift box we should have the CHA requirement kinda low. If not 0.
- You could even make a Mana variation of this pet for non-warrior players.
- This pet does not attack, it just tells AQ-related fortunes and has a great personality.
- I would just love to think of 50 AQ-related fortunes for the pet to say but er- oh boy look at the time!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 34
2/14/2015 10:47:26   

AQ ID:39816581

Item: Azure Dragon Form (Fully Offensive MC water armor)

Description: Take the form of the legendary Azure Dragon! The Azure Dragon is a minor diety from an eastern land that defends virtuous rulers, it has amazing water and energy resistances and you can control enemies with your regal presence!

Appearance:A colorful(Various shades of blue and silver) eastern style dragon with glowing yellow eyes that has a thick mane and antlers, along with long flowing whiskers.

Stats: My concept is that It has energy and water resistances, high magic and ranged defenses, and has a skill that deals water or energy damage(Whichever is the highest) and has a chance of controlling your enemies for a turn.

Animations: Its basic attack is firing a two-hit beam from its eyes, its skill fires a massive blast from its mouth that does one hit.
AQ  Post #: 35
2/14/2015 15:39:26   

ID: 463981

Autumn Related Name

Level: 150
Power level: 153, Mastercraft

Melee   30
Ranged  30
Magic   30

Wind    39
Earth   45

Hits: 3
Type: As weapon
Element: As weapon
Damage: 550% BR, plus 1090% Stat
BTH: +19

  • If player's STR+DEX >= 3/2*INT, gain +X Melee defence and Y% chance to deal Z% more BR for T SP. Else, gain +X Magic defence and Y% chance (high) to power spell for Z% increase MP cost.
  • Click on the armor to access Winter Related Name. Cost gold to access. (Mastercraft bonus)
  • FSB: A skill
      Perpetual Changing Season

      Hits: 1
      Type: Melee if STR+DEX >= 3/2*INT, else Magic
      Element: Void
      Damage: 10-10, 0% Stat
      BTH: 38

      If damage done is >0, monster takes a save: -10, Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs MonsterDEX/LUK. Failing the save, both player and monster are transported to an enclosed world, Perpetual Changing Season.
      The background cycle through 4 screen, 1 per turn (monster + player). The background are: one for summer, another for winter, spring and autumn. All of course, have Chinese miscellaneous. The cycle order is random, but in 4 turns, a season can appear only once. You can get summer->winter->autumn->spring but not spring->spring-summer->autumn.
      Both player and monster are subject to a save at the beginning of their turn. The effect depends on the current background.

      • Player: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs 200/200. Winning the save grants you Party under the warm sunlight!. Gain X BTH and Y% BR (weapons/spells, both magic weapons and spells gain the same boost). Last until next summer background.
      • Monster: MonsterEND/LUK vs 200/200. Failing the save, it gets Exhaustion under the blazing sun, attacking normally cost X SP, and skills cost +Y% SP. Last until next summer background.

      • Player: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs 200/200. Winning the save grants you Dancing through the failing leaves!. Gain X MRM and Y SP per turn. Last until next autumn background.
      • Monster: MonsterEND/LUK vs 200/200. Failing the save, it gets Melancholia. Monster deals *X, and gets Y-Z Harm damage per turn. Last until next autumn background.

      • Player: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs 200/200. Winning the save grants you Having fun with the snow!. Gain . Last until next winter background.
      • Monster: MonsterEND/LUK vs 200/200. Failing the save, it gets Seriously sick with cold. Gets -X in save and receives *Y more damage. Last until next winter background.

      • Player: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs 200/200. Winning the save grants you Breath of spring. Heal X HP, Y MP and Z SP per turn. Last until next spring.
      • Monster: MonsterEND/LUK vs 200/200. Failing the save, it gets Moody Spring. Gets -X BTH, but deals *Y more damage. Last until next spring.

      SP cost: 490 or more
      Skill last 9999 turns. Turns off if one piece of the set is unequipped.

    Autumn theme armor?

    A Chinese proverb related to autumn?

    Winter Related Name

    Level: 150
    Power level: 153, Mastercraft

    Melee   +0
    Ranged  +0
    Magic   +0

    Ice     -24

  • If player's STR+DEX >= 3/2*INT, gain +X Melee defence. Else, gain +X Magic defence. In both case, shift eleresist to wind when receiving wind damage.
  • Click on the shield to access Spring Related Name. Cost gold to access. (Mastercraft bonus)

    A winter themed shield?

    A Chinese proverb related to winter?

    Spring Related Name

    Level: 150
    Power level: 153, Mastercraft

    Element: Water
    Type: Melee
    Damage: 24-48
    BTH: 19

    Hits: 3
    Type: Same type as weapon
    Element: Water


    Rate: 5%

  • Click on the handle to shift between Melee and Magic type. Magic deal *075.
  • When your HP reach 0, there is X% chance to set your HP to 1 and immediately when it is your turn, the weapon's special proc. Sacrifice some BR for this effect.
  • Click on the blade part to access Summer Related Name. Cost gold to access. (Mastercraft bonus)

    A Chinese halberd...

    A Chinese proverb related to spring?

    Summer Related Name

    Level: 150
    Power level: 153, Mastercraft

    SP cost: around 100

  • Each turn misc's turn, monster take a save: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs MonsterEND/LUK. Failing save, monster gets Summer Daze, X% chance of no acting, AND Regeneration Level 150, all for 1 turn.
  • Each turn misc's turn, monster take a save: Your(STR or INT)/LUK vs MonsterEND/LUK. Failing save, player gets Summer Feel, X% chance of getting Celerity AND Regeneration Level 150.
  • Both effect above can happen at the same time. At very least, 1 effect proc.
  • Click on the misc to instantly get 490 SP (works once per turn). You lose 98 SP per turn for 6 turns (like Borrow spell).



    Armor that essentially compress a whole set (barring spell for mage). Use gold to access one piece of the set for 'balance'.
    The main point of this armor is actually the FSB skill. New year means going through the 4 seasons again.
    Sorry that I have no idea for appearance/description .
  • AQ  Post #: 36
    2/14/2015 22:56:08   

    Hey AQuers how abt Tian Xia (sweet prawn) built-in spell misc? XD

    This item would be in the form of a cookie made of prawn & 'sweet' jasmine tea & would have the ability to control the enemy for as many rounds as the spell hits(total 4 blasts 2 of light/fire)per turn & animation would be freshly steamed prawn tumbling out of the cookie misc rapidly with an accurate lean but mc would be no decrease in dmg while using sp so that it would be accessible to all builds especially warriors as well as mages:)
    AQ  Post #: 37
    2/14/2015 23:02:00   

    *저는 한국인(Korean)인데요, 영어(English)를 잘 못하니 이해해 주시기 바랍니다.

    AQ ID : 23447896

    Misc Item : 전설의 붉은 부적

    특징 : 일정한 SP와 MP를 사용해서 불(fire) 속성 피해를 줄여 준다.

    Level SP MP 피해율(배) 가격(Gold/Token)
    5 10 10 ×0.9 20 Gold
    25 20 20 ×0.8 120 Gold
    45 30 30 ×0.7 720 Gold
    65 40 40 ×0.6 4320 Gold
    85 50 50 ×0.5 25920 Gold
    90 60 60 ×0.4 4320 Z-Tokens
    105 60 60 ×0.4 155520 Gold
    125 70 70 ×0.3 933120 Gold
    145 80 80 ×0.25 8640 Z-Tokens
    150 90 90 ×0.2 16796160 Gold
    (Guardian Only!)

    < Message edited by dabio2 -- 2/14/2015 23:05:48 >
    Post #: 38
    2/15/2015 8:16:10   

    Spell Name: Party with Friends!

    Description: What is more fun than throwing fireworks at your enemy? Having your friends throw fireworks at your enemy!

    Effect: summons one of the characters you have talked to during this play session (since you've logged in). That character comes into the screen, says a witty punchline and then throws fireworks at the enemy, dealing ranged/magic (read notes) fire damage and applying a different effect, based on the character:

    Artix: gives you an X% chance (based on the level of the spell, caps at 10%) to invoke Celerity (for you and your pets) for the next 3 turns.
    Robina: after throwing the firework, she shoots an arrow at the enemy, dealing ranged damage (of your weapon's element) based on your CHA.
    Twilly: heals you for a portion of the damage done.
    Galanoth: deals extra damage against dragons.
    Aria: boosts your CHA by X (caps at 40) for the next X turns (caps at 5).
    Yulgar: forges your weapon to deal X% damage (based on the level of the spell, caps at 110%) for the next X turns (caps at 3).
    Cysero: has a 90% chance of dealing extra damage with the firework, however he has a 10% chance of throwing the firework at you instead.
    Walric: boosts your INT by X (caps at 30) for the next X turns (caps at 4).
    Valencia: after throwing the firework, asks you if you would like to give her X gold (based on your level). If you do, she will deal Y damage to your enemy, (of your weapon's element) based on your CHA.
    Zorbak: has a chance to inflict Fear on the monster.

    In addition, this spell deals 1% extra damage for each of the above characters which you've talked to today (stacks additively, for up to 10% bonus). This is to prevent the player talking to one or two characters in order to only get the effects they are interested in.

    NOTE1 : there should be an MP version and an SP version which deal magic/ranged damage respectively.
    NOTE2 : the numbers may be adjusted for balancing purposes
    NOTE3 : if this spell's mechanic is limited by the game's engine, it could just be "summon a random character from a list of 10" instead of the whole "characters you've talked to" thing.
    NOTE4 : I've mentioned above that every character should have a witty punchline, but I won't write them since AE have come up with some good puns in the past and I'm pretty sure they would do a better job at this than me. That said, it would be pretty cool if the staff members each wrote in their own lines for the characters they represent .. but I guess I'm getting ahead of myself here. I highly doubt this will actually be implemented :(
    AQ  Post #: 39
    2/15/2015 18:38:09   
    How We Roll Winner

    AQ ID:59477000

    Je Lei

    Type: Pet

    Name: Je Lei

    Effect: 1. Bite and spin-strike with tail. 2 (special). Blows out the senses of the enemy causing a lesser chance on BTH.

    Element: Wind

    History: Je Lei is a snake, But not just any ordinary snake. He was raised by wind elements and honors wind. His breath-blow can cause an enemy to become disoriented (sometimes it doesn't work though) and their BTH is lowered. He is a master of Wok-Fu. A delicious combination of wind martial arts and succulent stir fry. Just don't get him angry or he'll have a hissy fit.

    Shop Description: Need a pet? Why not try out Je Lei. Honorable, and strong in the ways of Wok-Fu. So good he'll have your enemies winded before you can say "Kung Pow Chicken."
    AQW Epic  Post #: 40
    2/15/2015 20:15:49   

    AQ ID#: 3529659

    Xinnian Drummer - Armor


    The character is standing behind a large drum that's waist-high, facing the monster. The character is holding a drumstick in each hand, wearing the equiped shield on their left forearm and the equiped weapon is on the ground on their right side, perhaps slightly wedged into it. The drum has small frames on it's sides where the drumsticks can be placed.

    - Entering animation can be the character walking in from the left, carrying the drum and the weapon, then placing the drum in it's spot, dropping the weapon (wedging it) and drawing the drumsticks from the frames.
    - Idle animation is the character drumming in a fast rhythm.
    - The drumming stops while an attack is being received and also the shield is lifted when a block occurs.
    - Attack animation is the drumsticks being placed into the frames and the weapon being picked up, after which the character jumps from atop of the drum onto the monster thrusting their weapon into it, then hits it again as they jump back and behind the drum again. Finally the weapon is dropped (wedged), the drumsticks drawn and the idle animation resumes.
    - Casting animation is the same as above, but instead of the jumping the weapon is just help up.

    Graphical inspiration for the appearance:
    - The male character's attire can look like >this< (image).
    - The female character's attire can look like >these< (youtube video).
    - The drum can look like >these< (image).

    The armor is mid-offensive or fully offensive. It has a primary wind elemental modifier and secondary light, with below average combat defenses. It has a 2-hit attack. "The drumming" passively increases damage, distributed between the character, their pet and their guest (or perhaps it can apply only to the pet and guest). Clicking on the drum changes the drumming to a slow rhythm and removes the damage bonus; instead of it, at the end of each turn the player attempts to make the monster Demoralized (renamed Choke). Clicking on the drum again changes it back to the default form.
    Post #: 41
    2/17/2015 17:42:50   

    Character ID: 21253859

    Type: CHA-Based Healing SPell (Cookie of Fortune?)

    Effect: You have a set amount of SP to spend on the spell (for example, 440), but can "gamble" an amount of HP (maybe 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of your current HP) to have a chance for a full HP (and MP?) heal. This would come under the SPells MC.
    1/4 of HP = 5% chance for full heal.
    1/2 of HP = 7% chance for full heal.
    3/4 of HP = 12% chance for full heal.

    Regardless, when the spell is cast you will heal a set amount like an average healing spell.

    Appearance: Once the SPell has been cast, four identical fortune cookies will appear (signifying the gamble) and will clearly be labeled with the amount of your HP that will have to additionally be spent, as well as one labeled cookie to spend no HP (and get no bonuses). When a cookie is clicked on it will crack apart and either something to signify succeeding or failing the roll will be seen.

    PS: This was hastily put together so some percentages (probably all, actually) should be changed, but not to virtually negate the MC effect. Also, I do not expect this to be very simple to put together, so feel free to change some aspects. I mainly would like the spell to have a HP gambling MC, so if the graphics I have said will be too difficult, don't be scared to change them to your liking.
    AQ  Post #: 42
    2/19/2015 3:16:41   

    FO MC Armor. Long unkempt Solid Gold fur cape, ornate rams head on chestplate, gold and silver Ram's skull helmet for player. Triple compression armor covering Water, Earth and Wind all at the same time equally based off the Ram. The Guardian's Ravaging Fleece.

    Fire 50%
    Water 24%
    Energy 44%
    Wind 24%
    Earth 24%%
    Ice 41%
    Light 40%
    Dark 55%

    Armor's regular attack is a two hit attack equal to or greater than the power of the Decimator armor. Costs 123 million for the MC version. Armor has two specials. One is a two turn special costing 425 SP, first turn it moves the fleece in front of the player to absorb 85% of the damage the enemy caused and on the second turn reflect that damage before conducting the players regular attack. The fleece would turn red when absorbing and explode blinding Gold light when retaliating. Second would be a rage attack at 250% attack power costing 400 SP.

    AQ ID#23667111
    Post #: 43
    2/20/2015 1:44:11   
    Bu Kek Siansu

    AQ ID#: 28244576 > http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=28244576

    Armor: +5 BTH ~ *85/90 damage.

    The God of Wealth

    «Fully Offensive Energy armor with Earth/Light secondary. Mastercraft; can increase Charisma by spending some SP.»

    Location: Golden Giftboxes - UltraRares Shop <- Estimate location
    Element: Energy
    Type	G
    Level	150
    PowLvl	153 MC
    Price	36307750
    Sell	18153875
    Price	48410333
    Sell	24205166

    Melee	48
    Ranged	48
    Magic	48

    Fire	71
    Water	95
    Wind	87
    Ice	87
    Earth	48
    Energy	39
    Light	48
    Dark	71

    Hits: 4
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    BR%	164.98
    Stat%	327.55
    +BTH	24

  • You receive Armor Lean x1.25 (Phase 1).
  • During your turn, if you have at least 34 SP, then you can click on the armor and spend 34 SP to activate the CHA Drive. This increases your Charisma by +50. During your turn, you can click on the armor again to deactivate it.

    The fifth day is called Po Woo. On that day people stay home to welcome "The God of Wealth". No one visits families and friends on the fifth day because it will bring both parties bad luck.

    Appearance: Like this.

  • Post #: 44
    2/21/2015 0:01:23   

    So this contest sounded fun so here's my entry. Sorry if the stats are all too Underpowered or Overpowered, I'm not the most experienced with how all of the stats and stuff works with the armours, but I based it off what I have seen with a few other armour stats.

    ID: 20935752

    «Matercraft, Fully Offensive Fire/Darkness Armour. Click Chinese Symbol for special attack.»

    Name: Ancient DracoLich Robes
    Level: 150 [Scaled to however the staff wishes]
    Power Level: 153
    Price: Not sure
    Sellback: Not Sure

    Element: Fire

    Melee: +55
    Ranged: +55
    Magic: +45

    Fire: 30%
    Water: 90%
    Wind: 85%
    Ice: 88%
    Earth: 70%
    Energy: 70%
    Light: 90%
    Darkness: 35%

    ATTACK #1 – Weapon charge
    Hits: 2
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; Else as Weapon»
    Damage: 350.5% Base, 350.5% Random, and 650% Stats
    BTH: 35 plus Stats
    Rate: 60%
    Animation: Character floats over to the monster at high speed and charges their weapon through the monster, leaving through the right of the screen and re-enters from the left.

    ATTACK #2 – Aura Blast
    Hits: 2
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; Else as Weapon»
    Damage: 360.00% Base, 360.00% Random, and 673.13% Stats each
    BTH: 40 plus Stats each
    Rate: 35%
    Animation: The character’s eyes begin to glow white and their body starts to glow and the glow changes to a colour depending on the current element (e.g. red for fire or blue for water). A beam shoots from each eye, making two attacks.

    ATTACK #3 – New Year Blast
    Hits: 3
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; Else as Weapon»
    Damage: 350% Base, 350% Random, and 800% Stats
    BTH: 25 plus Stats
    Rate: 5%
    Animation: The red gem on the head of the character begins to glow. It then floats from the character into the middle of the screen, grows in size. It glows in a colour representing the currently used element and begins to spin. It will create a large beam which will shoot the enemy for three attacks.


    • You receive Armor Lean x1.25: You take 25% more damage in this armour.
    • During your turn*, if you have at least 450 SP**, then you can click on the Chinese Symbol on the robe and activate a special attack. It will be a powerful 6 attack special that is based on the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. It has the possibility to lower defence. (Giving -10 to all defences),**** Reduce the enemy BTH (-5 BTH) *****, Lower the attack of the monster (-10% on all attacks) ******. However, there is a chance where it may benefit the monster (+10% on all attacks) *******. At least 4 attacks must connect to apply any condition. *** The conditions may not be stacked.

    *You can only seek help from the Sacred Zodiac Beasts on your turn
    **Your Aura does not have enough power to summon the Zodiac Beasts. You must charge it up and summon once you have at least 450 SP
    ***The enemy’s Aura has been shifted, but shakes off the ill effects
    ****The Zodiac Beasts have shifted the Aura of the enemy, it has lowered its guard in response.
    *****The Zodiac Beats have shifted the Aura of the enemy, it has now become less focussed.
    ******The Zodiac Beasts have shifted the Aura of the enemy, it has now become less confident in its attacks.
    *******The Zodiac Beasts have shifted the Aura of the enemy, it now has become more skilled in its attacks

    ATTACK SPECIAL – Zodiac Beast Annihilation
    Hits: 6
    Element: «Hit 1: Earth, Hit 2: Fire, Hit 3: Darkness Hit 4: Wind Hit 5: Light Hit 6: Water»
    Type: «Melee converts to Ranged; Else as Weapon»
    Damage: 350% Base, 350% Random, and 600% Stats
    BTH: 13 plus Stats
    Animation: Once the symbol is pressed and SP used, it begins to glow along with the character’s eyes and the gem on the head of the character and a larger version of the symbol appears in the middle of the screen. The symbol will then start to fade and portal will then appear and seem to ‘unzip’. Out of the portal, coming in twos, will be the zodiac animals. The first attack will be an Ox and Goat with an Earth AQ monster look, the second will be a tiger and dragon with a fire AQ monster look, the third will be a rat and a snake with a Darkness AQ monster look, the fourth will be a rabbit and a rooster with a Wind AQ monster look, the fifth would be a monkey and a horse with a Light AQ monster look and the final attack would be a pig and a dog with a Water AQ monster look. They will all leave the portal and proceed to go to the monster and attack them, leaving the screen via the right. Once all hits are made, the portal will then shut back up like a zip and the characters eye will then stop glowing and the attack is finished.

    There was once a glorious race of DacoMages called the ‘Legion of the Aura’ However, long ago, one Elder wished to become ‘High Ruler’ and the race perished, becoming a group of evil Liches. All that is left is a tablet of sacred runes. It is said that the one true Heir to the DracoMages can embrace the power of the long dead High Ruler. Could that Heir be you?

    The head can be switched with the player face by clicking the head. (Just like armours such as the Aegir's Doctor)
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
    2/21/2015 17:32:23   
    The Forgotten

    Exquisitely pathological (AQ Q&A/Strat)

    ID: 4496786

    Nyan Nian
    Category: Pet/Pun

    Item Description: Terrifying monster of Oriental antiquity or internet meme? Either way, this amalgamation of past and present will cause nightmares for your foes! 新年快乐! 恭喜发财, 红包拿来!

    [In English: ~ Happy New Year!]

    Appearance: A pixelated Nian-like monster with a pop-tart body. Approximately same size as the Nerfkitten, but its stubby legs are constantly moving a la Nyan Cat. Attack animation is it floating up, then riding a rainbow-coloured firecracker that explodes on contact with enemy.

    Effect: Darkness element (or anything, not really important to the idea). MC effect goes towards paying for a high-ish chance to inflict Control.* ... can take damage penalty to increase the odds of attempting inflict, or to lengthen the duration of the effect once inflicted.

    *"AGGHH!!! DO NOT WANT." Your pet's horrible pun causes your enemy to hurt itself!
    AQ AQW  Post #: 46
    2/22/2015 4:09:05   
    Luster Bladewarrior

    New Years' festivities
    MC compressor Misc/Spell(/possibly Pet?) for options between Infusion, quickcast Status and Guest+Pet summon akin to Archmage Research.
    Level	35	52	66	88	110	132		150G
    Price	200	1 018	4 278	42 206	418 962	4 161 500	27 230 812	
    GCost 	4	21	86	853	8464	84 071		677 800
    Init+	300	280	268	254	132	88		95
    Initially, appears as an unfired firecracker, which then gets crossed out (“Fireworks are forbidden.”).

    Re-enact your favourite moments of Chinese New Year, such as putting on a mask in carnival, giving prayers for wealth and - who let that Nian in here?! Ow....
    ...Where was I? Ah right - and watching Nian attack everything around.

    When equipped or activated you get your pick of three options:
    ( Have a carnival ) §
    ( Send off a red letter ) *
    ( Call a Nian )

    Have a carnival:
    ......Appearance: On the background, red candle lanterns appear.

    ......Inflicts player with “Carnival!” (“ You're giving up your rest, but you can put on a costume now!”)
    ......Carnival remembers player's equipment at activation, but does not prevent changing it. It equips remembered equipment when pet's turn ends.
    ......To pay for this, player SP regeneration is disabled.
    ......If Carnival is active, the first option becomes ( Stop a carnival ).
    ......If you're more than 8 levels above the PowerLevel, then for each level there is a 4% chance that it fails to equip when the time comes. °

    Send off a red letter:
    ......Appearance: Player pours gold into red letter and blows it off in the wind.

    ......If possible, the gold is paid towards another player like Kibbles.
    ......In return, next turn Lucky Strikes occur 100% of the time and next battle gets Init+ initiative bonus.
    ......For each level above the PowerLevel the initiative bonus drops by 23 (19 and 22 for two lowest level variants, respectively). If there would be no more initiative bonus this option stops working, excluding level 110 and 132 which have their LUK chance boost reduced by 11,33% and 9,15% per level respectively. ×

    Call a Nian:
    ......Appearance: Green and golden two-horned four-legged stocky beast, with thin tail and bad posture

    Water HP guest plus pet
    Level: 	35	52	66	88	110	132	150G
    Damage: 12-24	18-34,5	24-45	36-64,5	37-88	66-114	82-142
    Stats: 	372% 	498%	603%	766,5%	930%	1092%	1248%
    BTH:	8%	13%	16%	22%	27%	33%	38%
    Trigger: Deals 110% damage against all Human targets(both player and monster) it hits with its attack.

    AntiTrigger: Does 106,25% damage
    When player takes fire or light damage flees from said battle and cannot be re-summoned. Neither can it be used during Carnival.

    Attack: Bites player, then rams monster with its horn, then further bites monster. Afterwards walks back

    First hit: 28,33% Base, Random and Stats, autohit, Harm element, targets player. Uses ExpectedMajorStat for Stats.
    Second hit: 100% Base, Random and Stats, BTH as listed, Water element.
    Third hit:66,66% Base, Random and Stats, BTH as listed, Water element.
    Rate: 100%
    Effect: If player has pet equipped, snacks on the pet, scaring all pets off while Nian is equipped.
    The first two hits are treated as guest attacks while third is treated as pet attack - disabling pet disables third hit and such.
    Treated as having pet equipped for the purposes of Celerity. In case of partial Celerity, see the line about disabling pet above.

    § “Re-enact a brief but completely exhaustive dance by putting on a costume of your choice!”
    * “Give blessing to the god of wealth, so you can get lucky in near and far future! (<GCost> gold.)”
    “Call a Nian for a snack! They eat monsters, pets and players, especially humans!”
    ° “These worn-in carnival clothes are so comfortable you'll keep wearing them!”
    × “Your letter fails to seek out future wealth.”

    Note1: Nian's picture was taken from web search for Nian as reference image; it does not belong to me.
    Note2: Odd level variants are so Red Letter can keep even starting number for cost for good luck!
    Note3: AQ ID: 77370852. I'm aware AQ id doesn't match with my under-avatar id - this is my poor quaternary ranger.
    AQ  Post #: 47
    2/22/2015 5:47:28   
    Exodus Winter

    AQ ID: 11188118

    Name: The Lantern Warrior
    Level: 150
    P Lvl: 153 MC
    Element: Fire/Light
    Lean: Full Offensive
    Appearance: The Lantern Warrior (Female) | The Lantern Warrior (Male)
    Description: Become an embodiment of Chinese New Year's 15th day.

    Defense Modifiers:
    Melee- 50
    Range- 50
    Magic- 50

    Elemental Modifier
    Fire: 40%
    Water: 90%
    Wind: 90%
    Ice: 90%
    Earth: 90%
    Energy: 90%
    Light: 40%
    Darkness: 90%

    Attack #1
    Hits: 1
    Type: As weapon
    Element: As weapon
    Damage: 750% B/R and 1500% stats
    BTH: +19 plus Stats each
    Rate 80%

    Attack #2
    Hits: 4
    Type: As weapon
    Element: As Weapon
    Damage: 200% B/R and 375% Stats each
    Bth: +19 plus stats
    Rate: 20%

    Animations: Contains attack sketches Female animation shares the same motion with the male animations.

    Name: Lantern's Fortune
    Hits: Randomly uses Attack#1 or Attack#2
    Type: As Weapon
    Element: As Weapon
    Damage: Randomly uses Attack1 or Attack2
    Bth: +19 plus stats
    Effect: Increases Luck by 20 per hit landed
    Cost: 194sp

    Note: Mastercraft- (Increased Damage)
    Note: Luck increase caps by 300.
    Note: If you equip another armor. You lose the boost.
    Note: Vfx- Weapon glows bright red. If skill is used.
    Note: Vfx2- Veils glows bright red. If skill is used.
    AQ DF  Post #: 48
    2/22/2015 6:08:58   
    Lupus the Wolf
    Heres How We Roll Winner
    July 2014

    Dragon Dancer

    Offensive Fire/Light armor

    Visual image


    Each turn, you get a damage boost if all of your hits connect. *The successful dragon dance brought you good fortune*

    Compressed SP skill: Fire Breath

    The dragon mask closes off before breathing yellow flame. ElementSeeking between Fire and Light, and inflict Dazzled upon the enemy.

    < Message edited by Lupus the Wolf -- 2/22/2015 6:09:23 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
    2/22/2015 10:20:10   

    AQ ID: 66182045

    "Xiao Nian Yang"
    Level: 150G Highest (15-level tiers)
    Price: MC Pet, so 12,102,583 Gold at level 150
    Element: Earth
    Appearance: A lamb whose body is obscured with a curly white fluff resembling the simplified clouds surrounding the Fujin shield. It has cute blue eyes and a cute-sy facem but has 4 golden stubs on its head.

    Attack 1: Mama!!!
    Hits: 1
    Type: Melee
    Element: Earth
    Damage: 100% damage to enemy
    The pet shouts a text box with "MAMA!!!" written. An adult version of a sheep (with 2 horns and a more subdued coat) runs in from beside the player and rams into the opponent, with an appropriate impact explosion.

    Attack 2: That's its daddy...
    Hits: 2
    Type: Melee
    Element: Earth
    Damage: First hit deals the player damage but the second hit deals an increased amount to the opponent (double damage?)
    The pet shouts a tet box with "PAPA!!!" written. Out comes a draconic version of Nian which resembles a blend between a raydius dragon and a more modern AQ dragon (like the Time Dragon Heads). However, it has 4 golden horns, is an olive green colour, and bears a mane consisting of the cloudlike designs covering the original pet. It rams through the player and rushes into the opponent.

    Proc: The chances of each attack happening is determined through a way like that of Buster the Incomplete Shard, so that at high HP, Attack 1 has a higher chance of occuring, while at low HP, Special 2 has a higher occurance.

    Mastercraft: Both attacks have a chance to activate twice in a row*, like Robodeer, at a fixed 5% chance (if possible)

    *"三羊大团圆" or "Three Sheep Family Feast"

    Description: This adorable little lamb really seems to like beating up monsters with you, and its approving mother always seems to be nearby. Something also seems off about your fluffy friend's name...Wait, where's the father?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 50
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