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RE: =AQ= Chinese New Year Suggestion Contest! Entries

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2/22/2015 11:00:15   

Panoply of Perspicacity

«Mastercraft Fully-Defensive Water & Light Armor»

Level: 150 G
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: 24,205,166 Gold
Sellback: 12,102,583 Gold
Location: ?
Element: Darkness

Melee: +48
Ranged: +56
Magic: +58

Fire: 78%
Water: 40%
Ice: 72%
Wind: 72%
Earth: 78%
Energy: 91%
Light: 40%
Darkness: 91%

You receive Armor Lean x0.8

Hits: 4
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 200%
Rate: 25%

Hits: 1
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 66.67%
Rate: 75%

Effect: (Toggle between 2 modes using skills menu! One button which changes names)
  • Channel Ram Spirit!*
    Deal 0.8*1.5625x damage, take 0.8x damage, pay 150 sp per turn (only if you attack with it!). Armor loses 10 MRM and deals 85/75 damage.

  • Cut Ties To The Spiritual Plane!**
    Deal 0.2*0.8x damage, take 0.8x damage, and regen 78 extra sp per turn (only if you attack with it!). Armor gains 10 MRM and deals 85/95 damage.

    Skill: The Wave of Change!
              Damage: 200%
              Element: Water
              Type: Magic
              MP cost: 653 MP
              Effect: a 2 turn spell. First turn is spent charging, (with increase to MRM). If the opponent misses their attack, the next turn a huge wave is summoned
              which damages the enemy and washes away pets and guests to do more damage.

    *:"Your body is filled with the power of the ram's charge!"
    **:"You cut your ties to the ram spirit before it fully consumes you..."
    : "Your pets and guests are washed away by the roaring sea! Wipe Out!!"

    "As a warrior born under the sign of the ram, you can channel the ram's boundless wisdom and creativity to strategize during battle! You have even learned to channel the ram's spirit with a secret technique, an explosive tidal surge that, when called at the right times, can literally turn the tides of battle in your favor!"

    APPEARANCE: A Blue, heavy samurai plate kneeling on the ground like the kindred set with shield on back and weapon on top of lap. When Ram mode is chosen, a Ram spirit appears (like in tribal shaman) and the helm's eyes glow red. The player stands up and holds sword and shield in the hands. The helm also grows large curved horns.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 51
    2/22/2015 21:36:17   
    Legendary Ash


    Nian Gao Villager
    <Mastercraft Earth armour with strong Wind and Water secondaries>
    Tiers every 15 Levels

    Level 150 variant:
    Melee: 52
    Ranged: 52
    Magic: 52

    Elemental Modifiers
    Fire: 88%
    Water: 44%
    Ice: 96%
    Earth: 39%
    Energy: 96%
    Light: 88%

    Attack 1: If in Sticky form and hit with Water attacks, returns resistance to normal

    40% on First Hit, 60% on Second Hit
    Standard BtH

    Animation - Jogs up to monster and in Melee proximity swings arm up and stabs at 30 Degree angle and do a roundhouse kick pulling weapon from enemy right when foot contacts enemy, this motion pushes the player back while in the air to half way of screen, turns around and walks back to idle position.

    Attack 2: If hit with Fire attacks, becomes Sticky form, switches value of Water with Fire resistance

    80% on Hit and uses the 20% to inflict Tangled, a renamed Numb for 1 turn
    Lean 80/85 +5 BtH

    Major is vStat vs MonsterDex
    Minor is PDex vs MStr
    +0 bonus to saves
    *"Your enemy struggles to move in the sticky mass of Nian gao"

    Animation - Bends down and bangs left hand on ground, the Nian gao is attached to the ground, stands up stomps right heel into ground, Nian gao is attached to ground, steps back shifting towards a runner in start position, only head and upper chest with tip of foot visible on screen, rest is offscreen, suddenly shoots forward and is a foot in the air when passing left hand's nian gao position, flying at 15 degree angle. Downward slash starts at halfway the travel distance while in mid air and completing as feet meets ground, backtracks at faster than human speed due to Nian gao pulling, and player snaps off the Nian gao resuming idle position

    Lean Effect: Player starts at Lean 0.8 and at the beginning of the next turn after two turns moves up a lean, so 0.9 on third turn.
    This continues until it is 1.25 at which it stop changing for the rest of the battle, but on re-equip it resets to 0.8.

    Lean change Animation - the Chinese words Nian gao appears superimposed on the player, and white light envelopes entire character then fades
    *"The magic of the Nian gao manifests in your stomach, bestowing a year's worth of growth"

    Idle Animation - Raises arm and eats a piece of Nian gao off of the armpiece between the elbow and hand every few seconds, frequency is same as Nulgath's laughing animation

    MC Effect: A 20% chance of when a monster makes a strike against player, it makes a save against a 50% damage reduction for that hit

    Major vStat vs MonsterStr
    Minor PLuck vs MLuck
    +0 bonus to saves
    *"The viscosity of the Nian gao absorbed the sharpness of the attack, but the force still comes through"

    Art: A medium armour of Nian gao, plating and cloth. Guidelines for makeup of armor: 60% Nian gao, 25% plating 15% cloth.
    Nian gao should be shaped in realistic proportions, try not limit it to rectangular blocks or a single colour, but won't delve into thin projections. It should accentuate the armor and cloth while maintaining a defensive posture.
    Sticky form uses normal as base and might use Liquify tool to make it partially molten, lines are still there but blurred and droopy.

    Description: A festival partaker whose love for Nian gao can't be satisfied by eating, throw it onto plates and outlast others in intensifying martial arts combat for those who can't handle the sticky goodness. Happy Chinese New Year 2015!
    AQ  Post #: 52
    2/23/2015 0:00:55   

    ID - 12309652

    Let me be honest. I really don't care at this point with all of the things that have been going on. So I'll just post a quick sentence on what I'd like. I'd like an earth/fire pet, a snake with metal scales with dried lava looking skin showing between them. The snake pet can use one of two attacks. The first being a lava spit fire attack, pure dmg. Then it has a poisonous strike attack which can of course should poison the foe. I'd actually like it to stun the foe though if at all possible. Numbers aren't my thing so you can choose those however you wish. Blah.

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    AQ  Post #: 53
    2/23/2015 0:06:02   

    AQ ID: 61387621

    Misc Item: Jiérì Tiān (Days of Festival)

    Description: Don't let the festivities end! With this misc you can celebrate the 15 days of the Chinese New Year all year long.

    Effects: Works pretty much the same as LSCV1 & V2

    Day 1: New Year's Day! All those fireworks and firecracker have left your enemy blinded and dazed.

    Day 2: Day of the Son-In-Law! Visiting and seeing family, you've grown closer to your friends. (pets & guests do increased damage & you get a bonus to CHA)

    Day 3: Red-Dog Day, the god of anger can inflicts unlucky on your foes or fill them with fear

    Day 4: Welcome the God of Stove, who has left you full and happy and your enemy lethargic (heal a little bit every turn & inflict enemy w/ overstuffed, DEX loss)

    Day 5: Welcome the God of Wealth, time to get back to work! (bonus to damage, DEX & INT)

    Day 6: Clear-Water Master Day! The Clear-Water monk has brought rain & increased water damage!

    Day 7: The Human Day! Celebrate longevity and clear yourself of ailments. (small heal every round, bonus END, and high chance of removing status effect)

    Day 8: The Birthday of Yen-Lo King! Fireworks are in the air again, leaving your enemy blinded and dazed.

    Day 9: The Birthday of Jade Emperor! You have left sacrifices and gained great power! (lose access to pets while equipped for damage boost, plus reglar damage boost of a misc)

    Day 10: The Eating Day! You are full and happy while your enemy is left lethargic (heal a little bit every turn & inflict enemy w/ overstuffed, DEX loss)

    Day 11: The Break Day! Time to rest, at least your enemy thinks so... (attempts to inflict paralyze on enemy)

    Day 12: The Break Day! Time to rest, at least your enemy thinks so... (attempts to inflict paralyze on enemy)

    Day 13: Death Anniversary of General Kuan Yu! He has bestowed you with hisprotection and a little bit of luck (elemental shield & LUK boost)

    Day 14: Decoration Day! Failed lanterns leave your enemy burning! (inflicts burn on enemy)

    Day 15: The Lantern Festival. Your moral is boosted and you enemy left in awe. (chance to paralyze enemy, damage boost, boost to CHA, STR & INT)
    AQ DF  Post #: 54
    2/23/2015 7:38:43   

    Item: Golden Nugget (Misc)

    Light damage received x0.5
    Luck +45
    SP cost 66 (level 150)

    This Golden Nugget will bring you good luck for the entire year and will even protect you against light attacks
    Post #: 55
    2/23/2015 14:58:04   
      The Hollow
    AQ Lead

    Thank you for all the great ideas! We will now begin the difficult process of selecting a winner :)
    AQ  Post #: 56
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