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RE: =AQW= Pet Suggestions

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11/14/2016 17:01:57   

For Black Friday:
Black Derp Watermelon (SWF)
DF AQW  Post #: 51
11/19/2016 13:25:30   

Mini Death BankPet!

"A piece of Death's soul miraculously survived after you slayed him to become Death. He is now your little buddy! He can help you find his Robe and Hood if you click his scythe. Beware of his touch if you aren't his friend... Evil Hero WingBane was the one to discover Death in this predicament."
As a note, if you aren't the owner of the pet, you will perform the /feign emote. Will also have a skull chest on his back for the bank functionality. Onto the quest dialogue!


Quest Name: "Never say die!" Okay... This is embarrassing! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO ME! I'M FREAKING TINY AND CUTE! Oh well... I am, or rather "was" Death! So "killing" me wasn't exactly possible. Despite losing your powers, you still uphold Death by title! Might as well make it 100% official... My Robe and Hood scattered when I "died". Luckily I left behind a simulacrum of myself in the place "YOU" killed me! What? This is an MMORPG. Do you really want me to use "respawn" logic? Just vanquish the simulacrum and you will "reap” the rewards! HA! Who says I'm not funny?

Items required: Kill Death! Again...? x1

Items: Death's Skull Hood

Death's Robe

Quest Complete dialogue: Good job! What? You didn't think I'd give you gold or xp did you? You're lucky I'm even speaking to you after killing me! You make this more humiliating than losing a limbo contest! That makes for a Grim Adventure...

Death’s Skull Hood (Free Player AC)
Death’s Robe (Free Player AC)

Death's Skull Hood description: Now you too can look as handsome as Death! Well if you don't mind having no skin... Stay away from cats and blonde, evil, little girls when wearing this!

Death's Robe Description: A good way to lose weight fast! It's to DIE for! No seriously!

Notes: Mini Death's mention of Limbo and Grim Adventure are a reference to The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The Hood's description references Greg from Conker's Bad Fur Day (He hates cats. A LOT!) and Mandy from the previously mentioned cartoon.

My AQW Character: WingBane

My Twitter: DarkLore @DarknessOfLore

Pet Art: Clicky! Credit goes to Hikari @ItzHikari!

Backstory on Discovery of pet:
Death Returns! MINI DEATH?! (Just for fun...)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
11/20/2016 4:59:32   
Rare Rarity

Black Friday Pet suggestion by me.

Dark Makai Pet (Black) This is black version.

Suggestion by Rare.

post on twitter

AQW  Post #: 53
12/3/2016 22:49:55   

I have a suggestion for a new Paragon Pet "Northlands Ranger Paragon Pet":

You can see in:
DeviantArt or Twitter


My Twitter

Thank You. xD

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 54
12/5/2016 1:31:24   
Rare Rarity

Santa Daimyo Pet suggestion for Frostval 2016 Quibble Coinbiter's shop.

Santa Daimyo with Candy Pet

post on twitter

My AQW character: Rare

Twitter: @AQWsRare

My Pet suggestion for beleen pink shop.

Pink Armored Baby Frost Dragon

Suggestion by Rare.


Please do not double-post. If you have anything else to say, please use the Edit button. ~Zyrain

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AQW  Post #: 55
1/31/2017 22:44:01   

Hello Artix Team,

I believe in a totally different type of pet for AQW. This pet is an attack pet, it doesn't need an armour along with it to attack like the battle pet but this one attack automatically on its own in battle the player takes part in and does some real damage. It levels up to the same level as its owner, a bit like in dragonfable , it could have multiple featues, block, heal, attack and mega attack. It does it on its own without us choosing the attack for it, just randomly. It could come in the form and shape of any pet but I personally like it as a dragon.

Post #: 56
3/12/2017 6:34:40   

Zorbak wearing the Paragon armor.

BOOM! Dage the Ebil.

AQW  Post #: 57
3/27/2017 10:04:08   

Would be nice to have a free battlepet that have lots of massive boosts. But of course, to earn it, you need to get rank 10 for all factions or collect specific items thats hard to get. Of course we can't get class rank points because many classes are already rare
Post #: 58
3/30/2017 20:16:05   
Octopus Slayer

Another pet like the Ceremonial Void Sword? I would like a faster way to farm for void highlord.
Post #: 59
4/18/2017 0:25:45   

Hi! folks I'm Blueboy16412 a fan of Aqw. My Suggestion for a pet is a friendly, but useful in a way used to heal group players by +200HP.

Name for this pet: Assistant of trápeza

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AQW  Post #: 60
5/26/2017 5:52:48   
Paulus Xiphos

A Red Parrot pet version with boosts? Maybe like 15% boosts to all rewards, and can be achieved through extensive farming. The concept's not what one would usually think of, but a pet like that would make my game life better.
AQW  Post #: 61
7/22/2017 11:03:44   

Dark Phantom
This little ball of dark fire is the keeper of the souls you collect. Seems like it's his favorite snack

Enlightened phantom
This white little phantom seems too friendly to eat souls, what could be his purpose? Maybe to save them from everlasting wandering in the living world.

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Post #: 62
10/12/2017 11:08:24   

With there being a Caladbolg bank pet in the game, a Caladbolg battle pet akin to the Nulgath blades would be really cool, should any new legion items be added to Heromart.
AQW  Post #: 63
10/12/2017 22:32:33   

I have a suggestion: make the "Lich Better Have My Candy" pet bigger! It's way too small for a pet with so many details, which makes it look like a dark red blur with some dark yellow scraps, it should be at least person-sized or bigger...

It's kinda sad because I just sold a lot of items to buy it, including my old Zorbak Bank Pet, just to equip it and feel the immense disappointment! I can't help but utterly regret doing so, as even the old Zorbak Bank Pet I had looks far better.

Image of it

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Post #: 64
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