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RE: =AQW= New Class Suggestions

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7/14/2018 5:07:44   

I've always wanted a Yokai rep class to be released because it just seems like a waste not to have one, so I built up a concept for one! Here is one class concept of a set of more concepts to come. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to inbox me.

Kitsune Class

Description: Often seen as a mischievous spirit, kitsune are very good about making their opponent frustrated and ready to quit. Their slippery fighting style open up for dodging with ease and toying with their opponent. Be careful, however, these Yokai are very wise and able to communicate with the spirit world.

Means of acquiring: rank 10 yokai rep
Damage-type: Physical
Recommended enhancements: thief
Gains mana when: When a hit is landed in combat (more effective on critical hits); dodges an attack (gains hp as well)
Auto attack
Name: Playful Punch
Damage output: 100% weapon damage; physical
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
Description: the kitsune plays with its foe having more and more fun with each hit.
Note: Each attack grants a stack of entertainment increasing your dodge and crit chance by 3% (stacks up to 5 times). Stacks last up to 10 seconds.

Rank 1
Name: trickster
Damage output: 110% weapon damage; physical
Mana cost: 11 mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Description: you brush past the opponent scratching them and making you more excited.
Note: Deals a moderate amount of damage and grants a stack of trickery increasing haste and hit chance by 4% (stacks up to 10). Stacks last up to 14 seconds.

rank 2
Name: transformation
Damage output: 200% weapon damage; physical
Mana cost: 27 mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Description: you use your mystical powers to transform surprising and confusing your opponent.
Note: you deal a big amount of damage to your opponent while stunning your opponent for 3 seconds.

Rank 3
Name: experience in age
Damage output: magical
Mana cost: 25 mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Description: through the ages of life, you have learned valuable lessons that help you get out of tough situations.
Note: increases your dodge chance and haste by 20% each for 10 seconds.

Rank 4
Name: mischievous
Damage output: passive
Note: Your dodge chance is increased by 12%

Name: 4th tail
Damage output: passive
Note: your haste is increased by 20%

Rank 5
Name: wrath of the ancient
Damage output: 350% weapon damage; physical
Mana cost: 47 mana
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Description: their disrespect turns your playful jokes into spiteful barrages as you slam them with countless attacks causing them to be left dazed.
Note: deals massive damage while also reducing the opponent’s damage output, hit chance, and haste by 10%+3%(X number of trickery stacks).

Rank 10
Name: the 9th tail
Damage output: passive
Note: increases hit and crit chance by 10%.

Any feedback on what would make this and future classes better would be awesome! I hope you think a concept like this would be as amazing as I find it to be. Have a good day!
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7/14/2018 9:07:32   

Legion Necromancer (2.0):

A while ago I posted the idea for the Legion Necromancer class. With a little hindsight, I'd like to update the suggestion with altered skills, commentary on the reasoning for the abilities / passives, and bring the class together as a more complete package. I think it's best for a class to have a specific roll in mind during creation, as well as synergy between skills.

The idea behind this is to provide an 'evolved' version of the Necromancer class, and what better way to do that than alongside the undead legion? Rather than being more based around magical damage like the current necromancer, the training required to become an Undead Champion means that the Legion Necromancer is more than capable of joining their minion in combat. More than that, the 'flavor' of the class is that all the abilities apply effects to both themselves and their targets, whether that be enemy debuffs, enchanted auto-attacks, or even stunning themselves for massive damage!

The necromancer class is entirely single target, and this aims to change that slightly, offering abilities that deal damage to multiple enemies, while still keeping the focus on being single target. The main combat strategy for the Legion Necromancer is to build up stacks of 'Death's Shroud', racking up heals and damage, while debuffing them with Cold Embrace, supplementing this with single target damage in the form of enchanting their minion's damage. Then they can cast Soul Tear, stunning themselves in order to inflict massive damage to all of their foes.

Flavor Text:

Reccomended Enchantment: Hybrid.
A Necromancer's affinity for the undead and desire for power make them willing servants/sacrifices for the Legion. Utilizing the skills of an Undead Champion, the Legion Necromancer isn't afraid to fight alongside their minions, though that's probably because they can't even feel fear in the first place.

Legion Necromancers gain mana when they:
Strike an enemy in combat.
Are struck by an enemy in combat.


Auto Attack - Soulbound Strike: 100% Damage, 2.0 Speed. Physical:

The battle expertise of the Legion Necromancer allows them to command their Minions with great efficiency.
Grants 10% bonus hit chance and critical strike chance if you have a battle pet equipped.
This is to compensate for the lower dex/str bonuses of the expected hybrid enchants.

Rank 1 Ability - Legion Minion: 50 Mana, 15 Second Cooldown. Magical:

Summons a Legion Minion to your side (can only be summoned when not in combat).
Consume a moderate amount of health to make auto attacks to deal an additional 100% magical damage for 10 seconds.
Equivalent to debuffing the enemy, you take 50% less magical damage for 5 seconds (pvp utility).

Rank 2 Ability - Black Wings: 25 Mana, 5 Second Cooldown. Physical:

Lash out with wings of shadow at up to 2 nearby enemies, dealing light physical damage with increased accuracy.
Applies Death's Shroud, granting you a small HoT for 5 seconds, and a small DoT to enemies hit for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.
HoT/DoT starts at 40/70/90/100% of its maximum damage, at 1/2/3/4 stacks respectively.

Rank 3 Ability - Cold Embrace: 0 Mana, 10 Second Cooldown. Magical:

Deals a small amount of magical damage to both you and your opponent, applying the 'Cold Embrace' effect for 10 seconds.
Cold Embrace reduces enemy haste, dodge chance, hit chance and crit chance by 10% for its duration. Doesn't Stack.
It also grants you 5 mana per second for 5 seconds (total 25), allowing for mana regen during your rank 5 ability.

Rank 4 Passive - Swift Soul:

Both you and your minion attack in tandem, attacking quickly and deftly.
Haste increased by 20%.
Nothing significant, just allows stacking (de)buffs more easily.

Rank 4 Passive - Hollow Heart:

Your minion is sworn to protect you, its existence bound to yours.
Reduce incoming physical damage by 25%.
This is to replace Necromancer's magical dmg reduction.

Rank 5 Ability - Soul Tear: 75 Mana, 30 Second Cooldown. Physical/Magical:

Rip your very soul from your body and bind it to your minion. Deals massive hybrid damage to all nearby enemies that cannot miss, applying the 'Soulbound' effect.
'Soulbound' stuns both you and the enemy for 5 seconds. Soul Tear and Soulbound deals no damage, and has no effect if a battle pet isn't equipped.
The 5 second duration here is intentional, halting the battle and allowing your HoT/DoTs to tick away, but causing you to lose your stacks.

Rank 10 Passive - Malign Mind:

Truly a loyal servant of the Legion, Dage allows you to tap into magical energy of the Soul Forge.
Your abilities cost 20% less mana. (e.g. Legion Minion reduced from 50 to 40 Mana, Black wings from 25 to 20, etc).
The class has pretty high costs for its short cooldown, and this is to alleviate that somewhat.

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