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Legend's guide to AdventureQuest Worlds

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10/28/2015 21:14:40   
Voltaggia 1551

A Legend's guide to AdventureQuest Worlds (temporary title)

Original Owner: Necro-Knight
Current Owner: Voltaggia 1551

This is a WIP, will be completed ASAP. I'm sorry that the format right now is not very reader-friendly but I'll think of a way to change it. (I'm currently trying to do as Zyrain suggested but the guide itself needs to be more developed before I feel ready to do so.)

How to upgrade your account:

This guide will not be very useful to you until you have upgraded! If you ARE already upgraded then feel free to skip this section. If not and you want to upgrade, click here.

Different methods of paying:
  • Xsolla PayStation: Xsolla is a trusted partner that offers many world wide payment methods.
    Includes Credit Cards, BitCoin, DogeCoin, QIWI, PaySafeCard, Neosurf, Cherry Credits, INTERAC, Bank transfer, iDeal, PayToo, hyperWallet, Skrill, Gudang Voucher, MoneyGram, WebMoney, UKash, Rixty(MOLPoints) and many more!

  • PayPal: Use your PayPal account or Credit Cards

  • Artix Points - It is important to note that you can either pay for Artix points or earn them (the same way you do as AC's) To do this you need a Battleon portal account

  • Mail-In Payment: Use your postal service to send checks or money orders.
    Print out and complete the Mail-In Form, and include your payment in the envelope. Game upgrades will be processed when we receive your funds. We suggest requesting Delivery Confirmation on mail-in payments.
    Note: Cash not accepted through mail. Checks/money orders currently not accepted from Australia/New Zealand.

  • Artix Pre-Paid Game Cards: Purchase upgrade cards at Wallmart, Toys R Us, or AAEFS retailers and redeem them online for Artix Points. Click to find a location near you!
    They can be used with ANY of our Artix Entertainment games to get upgrades, memberships, special items and in-game currencies! None in Australia unfortunately...

If you have passed this step then, congrats! You are now a Legend!


Greetings, player of Adventure Quest Worlds and AE games.
So, you've upgraded your account and earned yourself the honor of being an AdventureQuest Worlds Legend! ^_^ Congratulations!

Now, all of Lore is yours to explore and many opportunities have opened up to you as an AQWorlds Legend, such as pets and armors and new maps! All of this is sometimes layed out and easy to find, but at times, some of the finest Legendary Perks of AQWorlds are the ones we don’t see right away!

This guide is here to help you on your new journey through Lore, or aid the Veterans who are returning to seek new adventure as a Legend.

Two immediate changes will happen when you become Legendary, your character’s name will take on a blue hue, in order to identify you as a Legend and you will have access to all Legend-only Servers now!


We dun’ need no stinkin’ badges! …Ok, maybe we do, if they’re as epic as the Legendary Badges you can earn!

  • Master of Time; defeat Ultra Iadoa and Ultra Kathool in the UltraVoid map!

  • Skypirate Slayer; slay 100 Skypirates in the strategy dept (Skyguard) map!

  • The Harder They Fall; defeat Lv50 Blixx and Lv50 Meatball, located in the Dwarves vs Giants event!

  • Ultra Carnax; defeat Ultra Carnax. Accept Ragnar's quest, Defeat Ultra Carnax, to complete it at the same time! This is done in the ultracarmax map.

  • /join firehouse and do the storyline there. Once you finish the Tie a Black Ribbon 'Round on an Old Burnt Tree quest, you'll receive the Unicorn Commander Character Page Badge!

  • AVAST!; seasonal on every Talk Like a Pirate Day event, requires the completion of a set of tricky quests.

  • /join gamehaven and complete the Ctrl Alt Delete Event to receive the Ctrl Alt Delete Character Page Badge!

  • Sepulchure's Armor; Complete the "Summoning Sepulchure's Armor" quest in necropolis

  • The “Member” badge appears on your character page as soon as you become upgraded as well!

  • There is an upholder badge every year for those who are upgraded till the beginning of November. With this badge you usually get a star sword(s) and access to the sentinel class and set.


Is Lore not big enough for you, Hero? Well now that you’ve become a Legend, the world has just become even greater!

  • Check out /clubhouse, created by the Mad WeaponSmith, Cysero!

  • Check out /creepy, a war led by the Paladin Artix against Fear monsters!

  • Check out /battleunderd, rich with new undead and quests and rewards!

  • Check out /voltairetown, the town created by Voltaire and his Extraterrestrial Teddy, Deady! Re-visit all previous Friday the 13th events here! ( Rare items do not return.)

  • Check out the room under the stairs in /castle and /castleundead, featuring a Legend-only shop, rich with epic items for Rookie’s and veterans alike!

  • Check out the extended maps like Yokai Isle and Pirates and others as well for extended mini-releases, featuring new quests and shops and monsters!

  • Check out TempleB, an extension to the DoomWood Temple Run, made for Gold and XP farming, with dangerous monsters! Better bring friends!

  • Check out the lower levels of Bludrut Keep, to continue the trek into the deep, mystery-filled dungeon and her rewards! Also, a special Legend-only quest chain waits here, as a Mini-release!

  • Check out Yulgar-Zombies, a zombie-ridden Yulgar’s Inn, excellent for reputation and experience farming!

  • Is your level not high enough to farm XP at /battlegrounde? Check out /honorhall (/join honorhall) to fight high level monsters with other Legends! (Monsters in this map can deal high damage even to level 65 players so be careful!) There is a quest that gives 20000 XP for each of the 10 monsters you kill (this can double if you have an XP boost!)


If you weren’t strong enough to defeat these new Legend-only bosses, maybe you need some Legend-only classes, Hero!

*Classes with a red asterisk (*) next to them can also be bought from the BattleOn AC Shop for 2000 Adventure Coins. Alpha Omega is an exception to the class prices and can be bought at 1000 Adventure Coins.*

This does not include permanently rare classes or Seasonal classes, such as Pumpkin Lord or No class.

Acolyte Class – Offered by Juviana, located in BatteonTown. Acolyte is an advanced form of the Non-Legend Healer, offering the same skills with a new look and class name.

* Alpha Omega – The Alpha Omega shop is offered by Ragnar (NOTE: This class can be bought for 1k AC not 2k unlike the other classes!) , this class is earned by merging 300 PvP Trophies, earned in the brutal Bludrut Brawl PvP Arena. The PvP option can be found on your game menu.

Assassin Class – Offered by Mazumi in GreenGuard West, the Assassin is made to hit and not be hit! If you want to dance circles around your enemies, talk to Mazumi and look in her shop!

Bard Class – The Bard is offered by Jon Jett in the MythSong Reputation shop, for Rank 4 mythsong! While this class will not pack as big of a punch as some of the others, Bard is focused around making your party stronger…and you dance really well too, what’s not to love!?

Beast Warrior Class – The Beast Warrior is sold in the Legend-Only shop from Ragnar in BattleOn, utilizing the fury of the beast!

Berserker Class – Sold right next to the Beast Warrior in Ragnar’s shop, this class is for those who simply can’t contain their rage! Unleash your inner fury and become stronger the closer to death you come!

* Blood Ancient – All the strengths of the Vampire…none of the weaknesses. Speak with Orlok at the entrance of Safiria’s castle to do the quests and earn Ancient Vitae to merge into the powerful Blood Ancient class!

* Blood Titan – Using the blood that courses through your very veins as power and energy is what the Blood Titan excels at. Talk to Shi Mar in Green Guard East to fight the Infamous Blood Titan challenge fight and farm Tokens to merge into the class!

* DeathKnight Class – Cold, empty, unfeeling. The Death Knight is either summoned from death by a Necrotic master, or a former being who crawled back into Life to pursue unfinished dreams. Speak with Lady SpeedStyk in LightGuard or Lady Vayle at the Necropolis to learn this chilling class. Requires Rank 10 Doomwood.

DoomKnight – Known for ages as the most ruthless and merciless beings of Lore, the Doom knight is feared by those of the Light and beloved by those of the Dark. Speak with Dusk in Shadowfall if you wish to sacrifice your soul to the harrowing darkness. Requires:
- Rank 10 Warrior Class/Warrior Class (Rare)/Warlord Class
- Rank 10 Healer Class/Healer Class (Rare)/Acolyte Class
- Rank 5 Evil (Faction)

Legendary Elemental Warrior: Found in Vinara's Shops in Battleon (next to the barber shop). It is an interesting class which makes use of combinations of buffs. Also very useful for those interested in Bludrut Brawl (I might add).
NOTE: As a Legend, you can buy all the 8 capes for gold as long as you have:
- Rank 6 Elemental Master Rep
- Rank 4 Sandsea
This means you don't have to buy the capes for 300 AC each (total of 2400 AC's!!). It is also worth noting that each cape has a boost (for more info, read the description of each specific cape).

Ninja Warrior Class – Offered by Drew Drechsel in Battleon, this class utilizes the same skills as the Ninja…but with dashing new threads inspired by American Ninja Warrior’s own Drew Drechsel!

Paladin Class – Guardians of the holy Light and all things right, Paladins focus on exorcising their foes and healing those close to them…which just happens to be everyone in your party! Speak with Lady Speedstyk to master the Light! Rank 10 Warlord Class/Warrior Class/Warrior Class (Rare)
Rank 10 Acolyte Class/Healer Class/Healer Class (Rare)
Rank 5 Good (Faction).

ProtoSartorium – Utilizing steam and metal, this class features skills of the mechanized kind, with energy and multiple enhancing abilities! Ironically, this class is dropped by the monster of the same name, located in the dwakel map!

Renegade Class – The Legend-version of Rogue, this class features the same skills, but with a more Legend-deserving appearance! Speak to Metrea to learn the way of the Renegade!

* Skyguard Grenadier – If sword and spell aren’t enough for you…how about EXPLOSIONS!? This class, designed by the Skygaurd of King Alteon, uses explosive grenades and ranged weapons over a sword or spell! Speak with Stratos in the Skyguard map to earn this class! Requires Rank 10 SkyGuard reputation.

Sorcerer Class – The Legend-only version of the Mage, utilize the elements to destroy those who would threaten Lore! The Sorcerer uses the same skills as the Mage, but with a sharp new robe to flaunt before it unleashes fire and ice! Speak with Arcana in BattleonTown to purchase this class!

Sentinel - This class is NOT a Legend only class BUT requires you to have an upholder badge. This means that when your upgrade expires, you can still use this class!

* UndeadSlayer – When a Paladin goes to the Gym regularly, you get the UndeadSlayer! Skills that are similar yet different to the Paladin, UndeadSlayers harness the spirit power from the undead to increase their power! Every blow you land increases your power by that much more! Speak with Lady Speedstyk in LightGuard to obtain this class of the Light, Right, and Might! Requires Rank 10 DoomWood.

Warlord Class – The Legend-form of the Warrior, this class features you in massive armor that no foe should ever be able to breach! With the same skills as the Warrior, veterans of the battlefield should enjoy this fresh look to an old class! Speak with Thok in BattleonTown to purchase this behemoth!


So, Legend, you've traveled Lore and proven your heroism over and over and reaped the rewards of your actions. Now, your coin purse weighs more than your armor! Where do you possibly spend all this currency?


Sitting under that tree in Battleon, staring up at the blue sky, wondering what to do? Seek out these people of Lore, and accept the tasks that only a Legend could possibly complete

  • Don't forget your daily boost! These are useful for farming and last for one whole hour! Every time you log in to battleon, click on the NPC named "Ragnar" (the one on the very right) and the " Free Daily Boost" option. He will give you a daily quest in which you can choose the boost you want! Sweet huh?

Note: Please feel free to point out any typos or add constructive criticism.

Necro-Knight - Started the guide and so far I've done almost nothing to add to this guide.
Shadowhunt - Thanks for the Legendary Elemental Warrior suggestion and info about the capes too!
Zyrain - His brilliant idea of the "how to upgrade your account" section.
Banpreiomaster - Pointing out the mistake for Alpha Omega's price
The AQW Wiki Team and its contributors

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6/6/2016 22:36:20   
Jake Harrison

You might want to add the shadowrealm map, that if you are a legend you can go in regardless of your level, as opposed to heroes who have to be at least level 45. You should also add the axe master and chaos shaper badges and shops. In addition, your section titles should be the same size. Although it is not completely necessary.

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I don't play solo because I don't have friends, it's because I'm just that good.

That One Solo Player,
Jake Harrison
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