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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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4/28/2017 14:30:21   


[Deleted section]

plus i figured they would add more skills and items, but how it's displayed and used can differ, i would like a skill tree or menu(skills unlocked/upgraded based on level, maybe even the amount of skill use).
also the type of skills matter as well, like AOE and single target skills(1 hit/debuff, 2 to 3+ hits).

and sure damage is damage, why complicate things, but magic is ranged, so why not add some variety, melee is a physical style, magic is a ranged style, but bolts/arrows/throwing weapons are a physical ranged style,
it does not have to be about damage types, it can be about style, variety and choice, the less there is, the weaker things seem, more is more, ofc too much useless filler is....well useless filler, and that would not be the point
to ranged style, like you said, damage is damage, and so it comes down to style and choice. (plus i know there are no ranged weapons ingame, that is part of the reason why i bring it up.

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5/1/2017 8:47:13   

The Party UI is pretty great but I really wish we could see if our party members have any buffs or debuffs that are affecting them so I can know when to cast shield or warcry to my party members.
I like having multiple classes so I can be flexible whatever the situation that arises.
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5/1/2017 22:00:05   


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5/2/2017 8:58:28   

Actually being able to buy keys using Dragon Crystals is already in-game.
Post #: 429
5/2/2017 17:06:56   

no its not, not from what i can see, no visible options, just a timer and the amount left.
Post #: 430
5/3/2017 8:58:22   

Have you checked it when you have absolutely no keys at all?
Post #: 431
5/3/2017 13:03:34   

@Xenon 54:
my bad for not thinking about that, and it makes sense, why pay for 20 keys when your only getting 17, 15, or even 10, so it is best to leave it for when someone is at 0.
thanks for the info.

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5/3/2017 17:21:29   

My primary issue with the game currently is inventory management or the lack thereof. Cosmetic items, consumables, and crafting materials shouldn't take up the same inventory space as the gear and weapons you have actually equipped.

Consumable inventory should be separated from our main inventory. They already have their own menu/button (the button I think should be larger, at least on PC, and closer to the other action buttons like in AQW).

And with each new update, it seems more and more crafting materials are introduced. Seeing as the main progression system thus far is farming materials and crafting, they should have their own dedicated inventory space. At one point materials took up half of my full inventory.

Not only would this clean up the inventory screen (until tabs and filters are introduced), it'll help future-proof the inventory.

Cosmetics are a separate, somewhat more complex issue. My suggestion would be to have an NPC you can go to to "give" equipment to to "unlock" as a "Costume". This NPC would basically have access to every single item in the game, but you would need to actually give it to them to unlock as a Costume option and of course need to be the appropriate level.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 433
5/3/2017 20:25:56   

@Evangel: it would be cool to buy the items cosmetic property rather then the entire item, but that would require a cosmetic storage/inventory, no different then diablo 3, im sure the price would be cut in half.
Post #: 434
5/6/2017 22:32:41   
Iron Volvametal

Since you guys are adamant about not changing how dungeon chests spawn/the drop rate of Rare Dungeon Chest items, maybe you guys can help ease the pain of grinding a bit by having the boss stage always spawn a chest at the end. Maybe lock the chest behind a gate that lowers after defeating the boss?

Tired of diving through a dungeon & not seeing a single chest in the run.
AQW  Post #: 435
5/7/2017 11:18:47   

@Iron Volvametal
Good point.
It also serves as a bonus for completing the dungeon.

Currently there's no incentive to actually go THROUGH the exit gate when it's faster to just leave the party to get kicked out of the dungeon once the final boss has been killed.
Your suggestion would actually negate that so the portal would become more useful.
The number of chests should be equal to the number of players though. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.
Of course this brings up a new problem as some players could get greedy and just steal all of them before the other players could get their own share.

Here's my idea to mitigate that:
Once the party has killed the final boss and enter the portal they would be sent to a lobby where they could each choose 1 door that would lead them to a room with a 1 chest per room.
Each room would only allow 1 player and once someone has entered them the door to it would become "locked"(they also cannot escape other than through the portal or /join mapname) so anyone else would have to chose a different door and the actual exit portal would be in each of those rooms.
The chests inside should still be random so you either get a common, uncommon or a rare chest depending on your luck.
Post #: 436
5/7/2017 15:58:33   

I think there is a lack of replayability, especially in dungeons.

To recount from another MMORPG i've played, dungeon monsters would extremely rarely drop 'Weapon/Armor Formula Level X0' which was tradeable/sellable, but could also be consumed to give a tradeable craft recipe you could consume/learn, to craft a piece of untradeable gear that focused on a certain stat. Essentially, people consuming recipes was a massive gold-sink, but at every stage of the game (especially end-game), everyone needed that gear, and if barely any were being opened, the prices of the recipes themselves would increase due to their rarity, which encouraged more people to open the mysterious recipes if it became profitable. It was a very healthy system of supply-demand, that always ensured lower levelled gear was affordable but still always in demand, whereas top-tier gear price was matched by top-tier players' spending power, even as new content and mysterious recipes came out.

I'd like to see something like this in old dungeons. Something to do there. A reason to re-do them.

EDIT: now that I think about it, this kind of system that naturally matches end-game prices with end-game spending power would only be ideal if our cash stacks were reset again, because +2M players like Blue and Fly2Sky would have too much power over the market.

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DF AQW  Post #: 437
5/9/2017 5:34:45   

Loftyz, you are spot on. just because someone else thought of it doesnt mean we shouldnt use it too. I really think the rare/occasional craft recipe would be phenomenal. Also, on top of that or beyond that perhaps, I'd love to see a FULL ON CRAFTING SYSTEM for armor, weapons, clothing, food, drink, ect. incorporate the DC system into it as well. AAAAAAAAAAAAND......I want a trade/auctionhouse. lol.
Post #: 438
5/9/2017 9:35:06   

Really wish there was some kind of shop in the slabs to sell all the junk that we can collect there.

We can't really sell stuff in a craft shop. It really is kinda like a merge shop but with timers.
Post #: 439
5/9/2017 18:36:14   

Add AFK tags to people (like the ones in AQW) who aren't active for a certain amount of time, if that's not already suggested in previous posts.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 440
5/16/2017 7:39:59   

My suggestion/s to improve the general condition of the game in the long run:(This are generalized terms & suggestions, if YOU want to add, edit or delete something, please feel free to do so.)
1. Integrate the AQ3D forum in the AQ3D Website.
2. I think a world chat is needed in the website/in-game or just a button inside the game where it links you to an external chatting application.
3. Game Functions and Keys(+Shortcut) tutorial. Something like a quest giving a game manual or just picking-it up by chance could be a good start in understanding the mechanics of the game.
^*Please make this unavoidable.*
4. In-game introduction of dungeons; it's features, modes and tricks.
5 Improve the "Carrot and Stick" method on all types of farming.
6. Adopt more AdventureRPG elements with AE's twist and creativity. (For starters, integrate more on Advanced/Technical JRPG dungeon elements and introduce more TOWN(SIEGE) EVENTS.)
7. Last suggestion, if possible, integrate the party system on quests and farming. Having benefits and downsides on making parties could improve the game and player community.


I don't want to explain. I just want EVERYONE to be happy. I wish the AE staff could read this post... I know I don't have the capability to do these kind of things in-game and made this statements on a player's perspective for improving the game so please forgive me.

I'm just hoping the AE team could make AQ3D a "life" with staking everything of itself to improve further and further and reach its furthest limits and capabilities.

On a side note, I just prettily much conceptualized/organized/generalized most of the ideas of forumites in this thread when I read the earlier posts.

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Post #: 441
5/16/2017 9:42:20   

The new Serif Font on the item menus kinda sucks.
I wish we had a way to change it back.
Post #: 442
5/17/2017 9:54:07   


1. Integrate the AQ3D forum in the AQ3D Website.

I second this. And maybe the subreddit as well. This is where all the formal discussions take place, so I don't see why not.
AQW  Post #: 443
5/19/2017 7:08:07   

Frankly, the subreddit is a dead zone. Theres like 4 people there, its ugly as all get out, It actually hurts my eyes to look at it, and moderator isnt the nicest person based on my interactions with him/her.

I know this has been mentioned before, but I have say it again. I have been playing guardian for a good while now and Healing Strike needs to get fixed. HS cant be tied to the damage associated with the strike because you can miss and do zero damage which means zero healing. If im fighting trash mobs, missing on a Healing Strike doesnt matter at all. Whatever. But, if I go into Magma Falls and I miss on a Healing Strike with a boss, theres a very good chance I might die. From just missing one. Healing Strike isnt enough to keep your health up (and of course it shouldnt), but the mobs (and Boss especially) can do so much damage that before I can get 3 GS up again, Im dead. And I need 3 GS because anything less than that is a worthless heal. I would *almost argue* unless its a crit heal, its a worthless heal. Almost. Its a guaranteed death if I miss two HS. Guaranteed. Also, there is no way you can tank 2 mobs. You WILL die if you try that. I have also tried getting my hit up to compensate. Even with 25-30% hit, I still miss enough that its completely worthless to give up everything else to have that much hit.

On the flip side of that coin, Dragons Breath is pretty damn good without ANY GS counters. It does a little under to a little over 200 (give or take) without them or a crit hit. With 3 GS, it can still hit as low as 200 or at best, 350 maybe (without a crit). It averages between 250 and 300 with 3 counters. I find it pretty much a waste to use my GS counters on Dragons Breath because the results generally arent worth it. I *almost* do more damage just auto attacking. So my GS are saved only for Healing Strike.

Now...Guardians Oath. That thing doesnt work. period. I have tried again and again to get a mobs attention with it and it just doesnt happen. The weaken debuff hits, but I dont get aggro. Perhaps an overall increase in aggro production would help. I know we are going to get a compete rework of the combat system at some point, so I guess I just hope these things are addressed.
Post #: 444
5/19/2017 18:41:33   


6. Adopt more AdventureRPG elements with AE's twist and creativity. (For starters, integrate more on Advanced/Technical JRPG dungeon elements and introduce more TOWN(SIEGE) EVENTS.)

My wish has been heard, next week, that is...

Since wave 2 is coming... (hopefully next week, real world war common sense does not apply xD)
My suggestion is that we should get something crazy to farm when we reach Defender Rank 20, something like a rare epic item that is only available on the first(?) Open Beta Battleon Siege Even that costs 500 medals or something to commemorate our hardships throughout the whole event.


An experimental city on a experimental server where experimental NPC's are walking with experimental quests is a good idea for a suggestion? *Boys/Girls be AMBITIOUS!*

Merged double-post. Please do not double-post, it is considered spam and only clutters the page. Next time use the button to add in any additional information to your post. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior. ~Rickyb20

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Post #: 445
5/28/2017 10:36:31   

How about monsters becoming more dangerous when their health goes down? Or bosses gaining new attacks/skills when their health reaches a %.
Something like in the Souls/Bloodborne games where they get more attack patterns when their health drops by a certain amount.
Just hitting everything until they die gets boring pretty quickly.
We need something to make us pay attention when we kill stuff or there would be a rise in botters like in AQW when things become monotonous.

On an unrelated note, there NEEDS to be a whisper option in the Friends List.
Post #: 446
5/28/2017 16:19:13   

I would like to send my idea to the pet system, 2 types of pets.

Offensive Pets: Increase the offensive attributes of their owner, fight along with the owner, possess offensive skills and crowd control break.

Defensive: They are used as combat mounts increasing the speed of movement of their owners, increase their owners' defensive attributes and possess defensive skills and crowd control
Post #: 447
5/29/2017 8:56:48   

Offensive pets? No way. The player base is already offensive enough. :P
Post #: 448
5/29/2017 17:36:44   

I would like a better looting system where we can just press a hotkey (F) to pickup nearby loots instead of clicking on the bag all the time which can be a real hassle.
Post #: 449
6/3/2017 10:24:42   

How about bringing back the Pre-beta items back?
For those with Pre-beta badges or bring them back as challenge items like Scale Slayer sets.
It would be a shame to let those items be forgotten into obscurity.

I think it would be a good 1 year content to celebrate the Beta Phase.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 450
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