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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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7/11/2018 11:16:53   

The Doomknight Overlord needs an adjustment, as finding groups and keeping them together is not always feasible to max out the classes potential; not to mention the bugs with the grouping system in AQW.

I would suggest that the class looses itís grouping requirement, having its full power available to it without needing a party.
After all, itís an armor mirroring Sepulchure and the lord of DOOM has power beyond anyone else and thus needs no one.

I say this from experience, as I have been using the class despite itís limitations for years. I canít help the fact I am a die hard loyalist to Sepulchures Shadowscythe.

Unchecked the "Add signature" box. Please do not check the "Add signature" box, as signatures are not allowed in this forum per the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules. ~Shadowhunt

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Post #: 251
7/17/2018 11:19:39   

It would be nice if the way to get the Void HighLord was increased a bit more, so the game does not get too easy and injurious. Maybe that's why there are few players.


Void HighLord Class

0/1 Void Crystal A
0/1 Void Crystal B
0/15 Roentgenium of Nulgath

change for

0/1 Void Crystal A
0/1 Void Crystal B
0/1 Void Crystal C (NEW)
0/30 Roentgenium of Nulgath (0/15 to 0/30)

Reward: Void HighLord Class


Void Crystal C

0/50 Souls of Nulgath
0/1 Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
0/3 Unidentified 13

Reward: Void Crystal C


Quest - Souls of Nulgath /size]

Items Required
Essence of Nulgath 0/100
Bone Dust 0/50
Unidentified 10 0/30
Tainted Gem 0/10

Rewards Items

1 x Soul of Nulgath

1 x Soul of Nulgath
2 x Soul of Nulgath
3 x Soul of Nulgath
50 x Unidentified 10
Post #: 252
7/25/2018 12:49:46   

Very specific suggested changes(but mostly just ADDITIONAL EFFECTS) to make Archfiend(Legendary Archfiend) be able to stand on itís own and/or to deal more damage with a group.

Fiend Leech:
- No change needed

1. Auto Attack Change it's name to Soul Eater
- Weapon Damage: 200%, 4.0 Speed
- Damage Type: Magical
- Effect: Each attack increases your Spell Power and lowers the Target's Haste by 2% stacks up to 15 lasts for 14 seconds.
- Like the other Nation Classes this class should also get it's own unique Auto Attack Animation.

2. Mark of Death
- Effect: Apply a Spell Damage DoT that stacks up to 6 last for 12 Seconds.
- 2nd Effect: Applying "Mark of Death" while at 6 stacks will apply "Death", a high damage DoT(300% Weapon Damage per tick) that lasts 12 seconds and consumes all stacks of "Mark of Death", cannot Apply "Mark of Death" while "Death" is active.
- Damage is increased with more Party Members.

3. Fiendish Strike
- Mana Cost: 15 Mana
- HP Cost: 15% of Total HP
- Cooldown: 3 Seconds
- Effect: Spell Damage Melee AOE(6). Damage scales depending on the User's Current HP; more HP = more Damage
- 2nd Effect: Increases Haste of the User and nearby Allies by 10% for 10 Seconds.
- Damage is increased with more Party Members.

4. Fiend Frenzy
- Applying "Fiend Frenzy" on an Ally will double the Effect and refunds 15 Mana.
- Added Effect: Has a 60% chance to apply "Fiend Leech" to the chosen ally.

Rank 4 Passives:
- No Change Needed.

5. Abyssal Contract
- Effect: Apply "Archfiend" to the User and Apply "Abyssal Binding" to you or an ally for 15 seconds
- 2nd Effect: Damages up to 3 targets and increasing the damage they take by 70%(Increases by 5% per stack of ďMark of DeathĒ) while the user takes 30% less damage for 15 seconds.
- 3rd Effect: Applies ďAbyssal BindingĒ to the target affected by "Fiend Frenzy" will "Taunt" Targets affected by "Abyssal Contract" and taking Damage from these Targets would restores 5% HP to the "Archfiend". Applying "Abyssal Binding" on an Ally refunds 15 Mana.
- 4th Effect: Has a 60% chance to apply "Fiend Leech" to the chosen ally.
- Damage is increased with more Party Members.

Blood Rage: 100% chance to instantly kill your enemy when they are below 20% Health.

The Auto Attack change is giving the Archfiend a similarity with the 2 other Nation Classes(Unique Auto Attacks) but mainly itís is to give the Archfiend more raw power especially in long fights.
The Mark of Death buff is to give the Archfiend a sudden burst of damage as the fight goes on.
The changes to Fiendish Strike are to lighten the Mana problems this class tends to have, lowering the Cooldown and Mana Cost and adding HP Cost will make constant use of this skill to return your Mana (combine this with Fiend Frenzy to Increase Crit chance, because we know Crits = more Mana return) but this will deplete your HP.
The Fiend Frenzy buff is to make supporting better and more beneficial.
The changes to Abyssal Contract will compensate for the HP drain of Fiendish Strike and to make players choose a high HP enhancement(so that going Healer would actually be good). And it also makes Supporting more beneficial to you and an ally.
The Blood Rage buff is meant to immediately end winning fights(also because currently Blood Rage is useless).

These changes make the Archfiend be able to solo weak bosses but still keeps it's main role as a Support Class. It will also make the Archfiend a bit more difficult to use but will become even more impactful as a damage dealing, damage buffing support and with these changes it is also a Damage diverting(with the Taunt) support.

The Skill Icons and Animations look so outdated compared to the newer classes...

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AQW  Post #: 253
8/25/2018 14:38:18   

While I love the Elemental Dracomancer class and its aesthetics, I think that it'd be far more aesthetically pleasing to have the draconic form be colour custom based on my armour CC instead of my skin/eye/hair colour. Additionally, I'd also love to see a version of the armour that's just pre-transformed and stuck in its draconic state.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 254
8/29/2018 17:46:01   
Ultimecio The Great

I Apologize, I Am VERY New At This, But I Have A Suggestion Regarding The Protosatorium Class. (NOT The Rustbucket And Enforcer Classes!)

My First Suggestion: Protosatorium's 1st Skill (JackHammer) Could Have A Stack System, In Which, For Every Stack, Increases The Damage The Enemy Takes By 3%, Which Would Stack Up To Around 10, And Last Up To 8 Seconds. However, The Skill's Weapon Damage Would Be Decreased By 25%.
My Reason For This Suggestion: The Skill Lacks A Support For Players In A Party.

My Second Suggestion: The Second Skill, Plasma Bolt's Effect Is Fine As It Is, And I'm Alright With This. However, I Was Thinking That This Skill Could Use A Minor (Maybe Moderate) DoT That Would Last For 10 Seconds. However, The Cool Down Would Be The Same Amount Of Time As The DoT.
My Reason For This Suggestion: This Might Not Sound Pleasing, But It Is A Pretty Good Skill On It's Own. However, The Skill Needs A Little More Spice To It's Damage, Which Is Why It Should Have A Small, Reasonable DoT.

My Third (And Last) Suggestion: The Third Skill, Arc Lightning, Could Be Replaced With An Entirely Different Skill, It Would Be Called "ProtoBeam". It Would Have The Same Amount Of Targets As Arc Lightning, But Would Have The Same Damage To Each Target. However, It's Cool Down Would Be 22 Seconds, But It Would Do 280% Weapon Damage, And Would Apply A Small Stun To Both, The Enemy, And The Player. The Enemy's Stun Would Last Up To 4 Seconds, And The Player's Stun Would Last 2 Seconds.
My Reason For This Suggestion: I Have Noticed That All 3 Classes (Rustbucket, Enforcer, And Protosatorium) Have The Same Skills, Which I'm Fine With, Except For The Protosatorium Class. I Have Also Noticed That This Is A Member-Only Class, Which I Am Fine With, Except That This Class Has The Exact Same Skills As Rustbucket And Enforcer, Which Are Non-Member Classes. I Figured That The Protosatorium Class Could Use A "Slight" Buff, Because It Is A Member-Only Class, And It Should Be Slightly Stronger Than The Other 2 Classes. Now For The Reasoning Of The Third Skill: To Be Honest, The Third Skill Is Kind Of Bland, Although It Is Mostly Useful, It Lacks At Dealing Damage, Along With A Slight Effect.

My Other (Optional) Suggestion: The Last Skill, Event Horizon, Is Perfectly Fine By Itself, And (Maybe) There Probably Shouldn't Be Any Changes. However, There Could Be A Rank 10 Passive Skill, Which Would Increase The Player's Crit Chance And Crit Damage By 15%

Anyway, Thank You For Reading, And I Hope To See (At Least Half Of It) It In-Game!
From, Ultimecio The Great.
AQW  Post #: 255
9/12/2018 4:47:09   
Captain Kuchiki

Abyssal Angel, Chunin, Blademaster, Blademaster Assassin, Dark Caster, Evolved Dark Caster, Arcane Dark Caster, Artifact Hunter, Chaos Champion Prime, Dragon Shinobi, Calendar Classes. And the list goes on.
So many Rare Classes that don't need to be Rare.

Considering that Classes are how you interact with/get things done in the game, my suggestion is a modest one - The return of Rare Classes, be they placed in a section in the Souvenir Shop, or for some, even become Seasonal Rare.
Exceptions like Alpha Pirate/Beta Berserker are understandable, but for the rest as I had mentioned above..it's just silly, and as an RPG, unnecessarily counterproductive.

Edit: Considering that it only has two versions, Legendary for Gold or Heroic for ACs with no other alternative to earning/merging it for Non-Members, Naval Commander Class should be a 1k ACs class. 2k ACs and strictly such for non-members seems excessive.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 256
9/24/2018 19:41:57   

Hello! So basically i want to share with you my point of view about buffing Rustbucket(Enforcer) and Necromancer. Back in 2011-2012 when i started playing this game Rustbucket was a decent class for new players and Necromancer was something... special... almost every player back in that time was playing with the Necromancer class. Right now it's a decent class but there are better options like LightMage or Lightcaster, Archpaladin and even the new buffed Royal BattleMage.

So my opinion for the buffs are as following:

-->For the Rustbucket class :

Auto Attack
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers, deals 90% damage.

Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 15 Mana
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A rapid assault dealing 130% weapon damage, It applies a moderate DoT that stack up to 3 times and last for 7 seconds.

Plasma Bolt
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Type: Physical/Magical
Description: An energy-based ranged attack dealing damage up to 3 targets and heals more for each target it hits. (Not necesarlly a HoT).

Arc Lightning
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 9 Seconds
Type: Physical/Magical
Description: Emits a burst of electrical energy that will damage up to 3 targets reducing their haste and damage by 15%.

Overloaded Screws
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 60 Mana
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Reduces all incoming damage by 20% for 6 seconds. Deals 100% weapon damage +80% for each stack applied by Jackhammer stopping it's DoT effect.

Passive Abilities
Quick Like Lightning
Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Your Haste is increased by 15%

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: All damage taken is reduced by 10%

Sharp junk
Rank Needed: 10
Type: Passive
Description: Increase all damage by 10%.

In my opinion this will be a really fun reworked class to play ... if you think it's maybe too overpowerd for new players you could place actual Rustbucket in the Rare classes category and for this new one add a little bit of farming or something like that. I know that there is another class called Protosartorium or something like that for members .. you can buf this one for members a little bit for example the 5th skil to deal 100%+100% for each stack ... it will be a decent class in my oppinion.

-->For necromancer class it would be fun to change the 5th skill a bit... From my oppinion:

Command Undead
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Order your pet to attack doing increased damage. It also got a 15% chance of applying one of the four buffs that last 5 seconds. If it's not used properly the buff expires.
Note: Deals 188% weapon damage. The four buffs are the following:
1)"My pet is crazy"-Weaken deals double damage but heal for 20% less.
2)"Manacaster"- Infect doesn't cost heal but gives you 30% less mana.
3)"This pet was a ninja"- Increase haste by 10% for 4 seconds.
4)"Pet's shell"-Reduces all incoming damage by 65% for 4 seconds.

So i think this one is pretty balanced .. this buff gives Necromancer a little bit more mechanics and also a lot of fun to play in my oppinion because you need to watch what kind of buffs it applies so you can use Weaken or Infest properly.
P.S: Sorry for my bad english :P

Hope you will take a look on this note.
Have a great day!
Post #: 257
10/2/2018 7:11:44   

1) Increase Weakness Sigil duration by 9 192 631 770 cycles of a Caesium.

2)Oracle 5th skill rework:
Fear of the Unforseen
5 mana
no cooldown
stacks duration infinitely
"Temorarily eninvelociticise flow of time of 8 friendly targets and slow down chosen foe"
duration 5/0.15 seconds
15%haste/stops enemy activity completely

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AQ AQW  Post #: 258
10/11/2018 6:12:58   
Hardcastle McCormick

Confirmation Class buff ideas


Crushing Sweep - mana cost reduced to 12, both debuffs increased to 20%
Founder's Mark - passive endurance buff increased to 40%
Defender's Oath - mana cost reduced to 20, cooldown reduced to 15 seconds, damage absorption cap becomes 500% of weapon damage (instead of 174% according to the wiki)


Heated Blade - both debuffs increased to 10% per stack
LifeStealer - cooldown reduced to 4 seconds


Pulse Compression - mana cost reduced to 10, hits up to 2 targets instead of 1
High Energy Arc - mana cost reduced to 15, cooldown reduced to 6 seconds


Guardian Rage - debuff increased to 10% per stack
Guardian Light - cooldown reduced to 6 seconds
Guardian Blast - no longer affects more than 1 target

Reputation Class buff ideas


Scorching Arrow - now only consumes 2 stacks of Death Mark
Vampiric Shot - mana cost reduced to 25, cooldown reduced to 15 seconds


Infect - now also increases crit chance by 15% for 5 seconds

Evolved Shaman:

All abilities do double their original damage and healing (just like Shaman)
Freezing Flame - stun duration reduced to 2 seconds
Refreshing Rain - now also grants a mana HoT to the caster and affected allies

Troll Spellsmith:

Energy Arc - cooldown reduced to 8 seconds
Frostflame - now hits up to 2 targets

Horc Evader:

Whistle - mana cost reduced to 30

Elemental Dracomancer:

Astioloís Wings - cannot miss, guaranteed to crit

Skyguard Grenadier:

Double post merged. Please use the edit button in the future. Thanks. -Laos

Okay so I just spent 40 minutes adding about 15 more classes to this post, but it got deleted since they were merged. I'll fix it later.

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AQW  Post #: 259
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