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=DF= Design Notes February 9, 2016 - Jaania's Thorns

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2/9/2016 18:53:44   
Advocator of Wills



Jaania's Thorns

Maar is a smoldering, smoking mass of rock and glass that lies in the middle of the sea between our continent and Azaveyr. The Five Sisters stand tall over glittering plains of obsidian glass and belch fire and smoke into the reddened skies every century or so. Dragons roost in the peaks and craters of the Sisters, safe and warm in the scorching heat.

On the northern edge of the western peninsula, a once grand city lies in ash and ruin. Not even dragons dare go there. Wind and ash moan through the eerie, silent streets that are lined with obsidian statues. Statutes of citizens and livestock, rodents and insects… they all stand frozen in time as the ash and cinder of the ruins of Pelekoa swirl around them.

It’s said that if you visit Pelekoa on a night when the wind is calm and the waves are asleep and you stand perfectly still, with bated breath, you can hear… very faintly… if you strain your ears and hold your breath… the muffled beat of ten thousand hearts.

Pelekoa, was once a small but shining city that survived for almost a thousand years on the edge of the fiery, inhospitable island of Maar. The citizens and the dragons lived in harmony until, years ago, one young adventurer crept too far into the fiery depths of Maar and was fooled into revealing Pelekoa’s greatest secret. When the Great Fire Dragon burst forth from his lair, not the Guardians of the Fire Tower… not the dragonkeepers… not the few DragonLords that had bonded with dragons from the peaks… none of them could stand against Akriloth.

Now, everything that lived in Pelekoa stands frozen in time as a monument to the beginning of the Great Fire War.

Tephra and Limu are the last citizens of Pelekoa. The twin sisters could only watch in horror from the deck of the ship taking them to Dragonsgrasp as Akriloth destroyed their town in a rain of fire. They survived, while everyone they knew and loved was encased in dragon-fired obsidian. The tears and horror have turned to hope, though… as a woman who was once trapped in ice now walks among the living again.

The twins now stand with The Rose and have become Ahimsa and Tipu, Jaania’s Thorns.

Special thanks to Laken who created the original artwork for the twins!

The gates to Swordhaven don't open this week, but they will soon.

Paw printed and tagged! ~Gingkage

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
2/9/2016 18:31:16   

We will see Book 3 DragonGrasp?! OMG!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
2/9/2016 18:32:12   

Laken used Seraphic Paladin template as a base, though it's nice to see him moving to other games to help too :)
Post #: 3
2/9/2016 18:37:11   
Advocator of Wills

We would probably see them either in Book Three Swordhaven quests or DragonsGrasp.

I had always assumed Akriloth would spread the wildfires of destruction to other lands we have never heard of in Book One, and especially learning more about Jaania's Thorns, their story, Maar and Pelekoa.


This looks to be within the Land of Dragons.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
2/9/2016 18:39:50   

They're Jaania's personal guards so Swordhaven!

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2/9/2016 18:45:33   

Holy mother of Lore, that's powerful. And they look amazing. I'm so excited for Swordhaven!!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
2/9/2016 19:21:02   

Interesting but I thought AQ Dragons implied the first town Akriloth destroyed was Galganoth's in his lore upgrades.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
2/9/2016 19:46:25   

Pele = Goddess of Volcanoes, fire, lightning wind, and rebirth in Hawaiian mythology.

Koa = The Hawaiian word for "Warrior, brave, or fearless"

Pelekoa = "Warriors of Pele" or "Pele's Warriors."

Coincidence? Don't think so!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
2/9/2016 20:27:54   
Advocator of Wills

Anvos: AQ Dragons' lore doesn't necessarily equate to Dragonfable's lore in this case, nor does AQWorlds'.

This is an interesting tidbit on a Hawaiian legend for Pele.


If you want to protect yourself and your family from the lava flow, you have to pay your respects to Pele, the volcano goddess. According to local legends, if you see a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair or an older woman with long, white hair, you must greet her with aloha and offer her help or respite. To really get on her good side, however, you have to visit her at Halemaʻumaʻu crater and give offerings of food, flowers, and gin. Yes, gin -- apparently Pele is a fan.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
2/9/2016 20:49:57   
AQW Lore-titician

The backstory was AMAZING, and I loved the design of the twins, that helmet one of them wears just SCREAMS "Sentinel".
DF AQW  Post #: 10
2/9/2016 20:52:39   

Im so excited, and I just cant hide it!

But seriously, this quest looks epic. Can't wait to see whats the deal with those twins, as well as to learn more about the rose.

Here we come Jaina, here we come *cracks knuckles*
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
2/9/2016 21:13:36   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

So a new Rose class? Jks jks (not really). We'll just put that idea in the game's back pocket until we get FleshWeaver and Chaosweaver.


Tbh I don't understand the significance of this event/story. Is it just me?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
2/9/2016 21:28:04   

So, is Akriloth not native to the Land of Dragons? That could help explain how he was so powerful, in addition to being the Great Dragon of Fire and having the Fire Orb. You would assume that dragons who were raised in a more violent/less...civilized...environment would be stronger.

I just thought of something. Neron said Akanthus had terrible burns, burns he might have gotten while escaping. He might have thought he was the only survivor left, and decided to live in the empire that Neron said he came from.

Of course they don't geo, everyone knows that plants are the real liars. And, you make a good point. About 1/3 of stuff about Akanthus that we think we know were told to us by NPCs. We might be totally misjudging him. Of course, I still think he's actually Hagrid in disguise, so...yeah.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
2/9/2016 21:35:32   

Roirr calls it the land of dragons because it's shaped like a dragon and all the dragons that were in Azaveyr left a long time ago (to go east). It's not the only place that dragons exist on Lore.

@TheFarReach - Akanthus is not from Maar.

Note: emphasis mine.

Magus Neron: Yes, his Emperor sent him here after the Day of Darkness, when Sepulchure's dracolich ate the sun...
Magus Neron: ... he came to me for a burn salve and told stories of giants that demanded tribute...
Magus Neron: ... humongous elemental titans, and dragons that wreaked havoc across the country side.
Magus Neron: He watched as his parents were consumed by fire and almost died himself... it's why he never takes off his helm.
Magus Neron: The amount of pain and anger in his voice almost make me think his scars rival Xan's....

Note part deux: NPCs can be unreliable narrators. They can lie, they can misinterpret, they may have been lied to or manipulated, or they may be arrogantly overconfident and just think what they're saying is true, or it's true based on what they know and then they can learn more information later. Kinda like real life.

Note part tres: Rocks absolutely don't lie. Def not.

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2/9/2016 21:50:38   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept


This really makes people feel empathetic towards Akanthus. Maybe his actions and ideologies are justifiable.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
2/9/2016 22:01:32   

Or, it could be that Akanthus' "scars" are not of a physical nature. I mean, it's pretty near-impossible to have scars worse than a blackened, burning skull for a head. *shrug*
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
2/9/2016 22:01:44   

@Christophisis - Well, yes, that's kinda the point....

Random Batman TDK spoilers:

Every time the Joker explains how he got his scars, the story is different. Each story is tailored to who he's telling it to.
Post #: 17
2/9/2016 22:04:39   

Blackened, burning entire body?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
2/9/2016 22:09:00   

@FarReach: Well, I've always thought Xan's flames consumed his whole body, but it's kinda hard to tell under those robes and puffy pants combo.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
2/9/2016 22:19:44   
Advocator of Wills

Mordred: Warlic's magic seemed concentrated to only engulf Alexander's head in fire, but I may be wrong.

< Message edited by Jorath -- 2/10/2016 10:28:01 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
2/9/2016 22:23:55   

Actually, aren't his hands on fire too?
Ah, ok.

< Message edited by TheFarReach -- 2/9/2016 22:38:26 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
2/9/2016 22:27:35   
Advocator of Wills

TheFarReach: His hands aren't on fire, though he can ignite it temporarily at any time.

Xan said these three lines in The Merge.


Xan: ...
Xan: You set my face on fire.
Xan: Do you really think I want to hear an apology? Hahahaha!

< Message edited by Jorath -- 2/10/2016 10:28:31 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
2/9/2016 23:33:26   

Yeah, but I prefer to think his whole body's engulfed with flames because it's cooler that way in me head. :P
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
2/10/2016 0:09:16   

Kinda funny that the Great Fire Dragon lair is on the same patch of land as the Fire Tower, while the others are no where in sight.

That said, malevolent Akriloth backstory is malevolently awesome. Makes you wonder what else did he do during the Great Fire War before we confronted him, beside killing Galanoth's parent that is.

In the mean time, what are "dragonkeepers"?
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 24
2/10/2016 0:25:48   

ooooooooooooooh, looking forward to it!
AQ DF  Post #: 25
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