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Frostval Guide

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5/31/2016 20:06:01   
Canis lupus dingo

Taken over Shadow's guide. Bear with me on completing this cuz this one's gonna be a doozy.

By Tristyn
Previously owned by Shadow and then Icy


Frostval is a yearly event held in AE games. It started with their original game AdventureQuest back in 2003 and since then has been a tradition in all of AE's games.

Just for a heads up: if you notice the title of this guide, you will see it says "Frostval" not "Frostvale." This is intentional. There is a common mistake that the holiday is Frostvale, which is in fact, the name of the town in the event. The Holiday itself is Frostval.

This is a Seasonal guide for the annual Frostvale event. This guide is designed to take you through each quest step-by-step so as to help you complete this zone. Please realize that every year the zone will expand and will be updated accordingly; it also may have item/quests taken out, but it will be correct from the most current event. It will be updated as more is released. For any corrections, feel free to PM me. Have fun!

Table of Contents

To skip to any place in the guide, just use the command Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in the tag by the area on the guide. For example, "[FV3]" will take you right to the Ice Cave section.

    Snow Path [FV1]
    Frostvale [FV2]
    Ice Cave [FV3]
    Factory [FV4]
    Frost [FV5]

    'Twas the Night Before Frostval [FV6]

    Snow Globe [FV7]
    Golden Ruins [FV8]

    Alpine [FV9]
    Ice Volcano [FV10]

    Snowy Vale [FV11]
    FrostDeep [FV12]
    Battlefield [FV13]
    Ice Rise Keep [FV14]

    Dark Winter [FV15]

    Frozen Tower [FV16]
    Frozen Ruins [FV17]
    Glacera [FV18]
    Northstar [FV19]

    Cryostorm Tundra [FV20]
    Cryostorm War [FV21]


Previous thanks goes to Shadow for the banner, and sleddyboy3, AoG, Moneybags, SMGS and Glensine for their updates and corrections on the previous guides.

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5/31/2016 20:13:59   
Canis lupus dingo

Snow Path [FV1]

The first zone is /join snowpath. You must complete the quests in this location before entering Frostvale. In this area you see the first Frostvale monsters and start the storyline.

Robina's Quests:

  1. Piercing arrows!
    "Frosty the Snow Golem has put up a barrier to Frostvale! None of my arrows seem to penetrate the frozen barrier. If I had some pieces of Frosty Metal from the Snow Golem I could make some very strong arrows and break that barrier! Please bring me back 5 pieces of Frosty Metal so I can make Frosty Metal arrows. In return I will give you this Frost Guard."

    • Defeat Frosty until you acquire five Frosty Metals.

  2. Rescue Blizzy
    "Oh no! Something terrible has happened! Blizzy the ice Moglin has been captured, and this could spell the end of Frostvale! Blizzy is the only one that can help the citizens of Battleon get through the frost barrier and enter Frostvale. Without Blizzy, Frostvale could be destroyed! Blizzy was captured by Frosty, the Snow Golem. I've tried to save Blizzy and was defeated and I'm all out of my special metal arrows. If you can, please gather some friends, defeat Frosty and bring back Blizzy safe and sound!"

    • Defeat Frosty to recover Blizzy.

  3. Scary Snowmen
    "Thank you for saving Blizzy! However, I'm still in a bit of a jam. Poor Blizzy is now terrified of snowmen and won't return to Frostvale. There are two Snow Golems blocking the way to Frostvale with their sharp swords of ice. You seem to be pretty tough since you bested Frosty. Defeat the two Snow Golems blocked the path and bring me their scarves as proof. The scarves will show Blizzy that it is safe to return to Frostvale."

You can now continue onto Frostvale!

Frostvale [FV2]

Now you can access /join frostvale. This is the main hub of the holiday and you can get to most other areas from here.

Many shops can be found in this area, but all of them require quest completion in later areas. if you've just started this storyline then you won't be able to access the rewards right away.

There is also a part of Frostvale that contains a Snowball Fight mini-game which is quite simple. Just line up to another player and fire a snowball by pressing "Ctrl" on your keyboard. If somebody is hiding in a fort, just throw a snowball at the target board and a pile of snow will fall on them. You can also make your snowball bigger by clicking and holding your mouse down for longer before firing. No prizes, but fun to play!

Ice Cave [FV3]

Now you have made it to the Ice Cave. This area was the first area in which you can join a party room if you are in a party. There are four rooms with four more quests involving ice monsters. You must have completed the SnowPath quests (FV1) to enter this zone.

In the first screen, there is a blue Moglin, Blizzy, click on him to get the Quests:

  1. Moglin Popsicles
    "Blizzy is grateful that you saved him from Frosty…but his friends…are in trouble! They were captured by someone…or something…and encased in ice, like a moglin popsicle! Please free the other 8 moglins that live in this town and bring them back safe."

  2. Crystal Spiders
    "Wow, you are very strong! Thank you for saving Blizzy's friends! Did you see the scary spiders? They just started lurking in the cave…with their hungry eyes…and who knows when they may attack Frostvale! Please get rid of as many spiders as you can inside the cave. Bring Blizzy back 6 ice spider legs as proof of their extermination."

    • Defeat the Ice Spider until six ice spider legs have been obtained.

  3. Fluffy Bears
    Get 3 "Bear Fur Patches" from the Polar Bears. These bears are in the first 3 areas and have 1000 HP at level 15. The good news is that you only need 3 quest items.
    "My friends that were rescued are still very cold from the ice they were trapped in. There are polar bears in the cave that have warm fluffy fur. My friends will be able to make blankets with their fur. The bears have so much fur they won't miss some! The thing is…they won't give the fur without a fight. Can you bring Blizzy 3 patches of fur from the Polar Bears?"

    • Defeat the Polar Bear until three bear fur patches have been obtained.

  4. Blue Eyed Beast
    Get 1 "Frost Dragon Scale" from the Frost Dragon. Finally you head into the fourth screen where a Frost Dragon awaits you. It is recommended(and necessary) to have friends with you, or you won't be able to beat him. This Frost Dragon has 10,000 HP and is level 25!
    "Oh no! A FROST DRAGON? That's how my friends were captured! Blizzy did hear that Frost Dragons can be…moglactose intolerant. Please get rid of this beast ! We want to go back to our peaceful lives and celebrate our big winter tradition again! Bring Blizzy back a scale from the Frost Dragon. This will be your proof that you have defeated the dragon and will be known as a great Hero! You might want to bring some friends."

Toy Factory[FV4]

Moving along to a completely different zone at /join factory. You now must fight the greed driven sneevils, their helper golems, and take out there leader the Ebilsneezer. If you convince him, he may even drop his golden cane! Upon completion you unlock Robina's shop.

Blizzy is back giving quests in this zone too. Just click on him to get started. Quests:

  1. Trouble Makers
    "The great Frost Dragon has been defeated! Blizzy thought our village would be saved, until it was discovered that the Toy Factory has been overtaken by the devious sneevils! These mischief makers have built evil machines that convert our presents into coal. You beat spiders, bears, a horrible dragon and Frosty! The sneevils might be small, but don't overestimate them. Please defeat the sneevils and bring Blizzy back 8 of their tools. This will stop them from making any more evil machines that destroy our presents."

  2. Bad Ice Cream
    "Blizzy didn't think that the sneevils would be doing all of their devious work on their own. There are scary snowmen working for the sneevils that seem to be enchanted. There is some sort of magic in their hats that makes them do these evil deeds for the sneevils. Please go to the Toy Factory and overpower the snowmen and take their mind controlling hats so they return to normal! Bring Blizzy back 5 of their snow hats. That way, it can be discovered what kind of magic was used, 'cause Blizzy wants his own snowmen."

    • Defeat the Snow Golem to get five of their top hats.

  3. Greedy Sneevil
    "The great Frost Dragon has been defeated! Blizzy thought our village would be saved, until it was discovered that the Toy Factory has been overtaken by the devious sneevils! These mischief makers have built evil machines that convert our presents into coal. You beat spiders, bears, a horrible dragon and Frosty! The sneevils might be small, but don't overestimate them. Please defeat the sneevils and bring Blizzy back 8 of their tools. This will stop them from making any more evil machines that destroy our presents.

    At this point, you can go back to Robina in Frostvale. Her shop is unlocked now.
    But ... if you want, you can accept the last quest and continue to the zone Frost. Make sure you get the quest from Blizzy first.

  4. Shadow Figure
    Note: This is completed in a different zone
    "Blizzy just recieved some dire news! Ebil Sneezer wasn't the mastermind beind the unwelcome things that have happened in Frostvale after all! There is another sinister figure hiding in the shadows…scheming all this…but for what purpose? A FrostScythe has been found in the area…a DragonMaster! Defeat the FrostScythe and bring back his notebook so the Frost Moglins can find out more about his master plans."

    • Defeat Froscythe to get Froscythe's Scroll.

Frost [FV5]

In this zone (/join frost), you can complete the Shadow Figure quest that is accepted in the Factory. Who is this shadowy figure? The mind of the operation? He drops many special weapons and items - if you can take him out! Multiple people are recommended for this boss and the Frostzards in the next room are great for exp!

Completing the quest:
    Shadow Figure
    Note: This quest must be accepted in the Factory
    Get 1 "Frostscythe Scroll" from the FrostScythe. As in the previous section, just take a right and you'll find him, make sure you have brought friends! He has 20,000 HP and is level 25!

This is the conclusion of the Frostval '08 event!

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5/31/2016 23:26:13   
Canis lupus dingo

T'was the Night Before Frostval [FV6]

Just released in '09, this is a brand new set of quests that takes you on an exhilirating adventure. To do these quests, you must complete the factory quests. Head over to the Frostvale Town, and look for Major Moglin.


  1. 'Twas the Night Before Frostval
    The timeless classic story book, 'Twas the Night Before Frostval, has gone missing! Someone… or something… must have stolen it last night. Check all the monsters in the area and see if any of them have it! Hurry Hero, the book has to be close by… try checking in the Snow Path that leads to the village!

  2. Find Page 2
    Free a Frozen Moglin to get a page detector, then click on my speech bubble and read the first page of the Frostval story. There should be hints that will clue you in on where the next page might be found.

  3. Find Page 3
    We need to find the third page. Free a Frozen Moglin to get a page detector, then click on my speech bubble and read the first two pages of the Frostval story. There should be hints that will clue you in on where the next page might be found.

  4. Find Page 4
    Three pages found… three pages to go! We need to find the fourth page. Click on my speech bubble and read the first three pages of the Frostval story. There should be hints that will clue you in on where the next page might be found..

  5. Find Page 5
    Only two more pages left! We need to find the fifth page. Open your Book of Lore an read the first four pages of the Frostval story. There should be hints that will clue you in on where the next page might be found..

  6. Find Page 6
    The Frostval story book is almost complete! Only one more page to go! Free a Frozen Moglin to get a page detector, then then click on my speech bubble and read through the Frostval story. There should be hints that will clue you in on where the next page might be found.

This is the conclusion of the Frostval '09 event!

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5/31/2016 23:53:18   
Canis lupus dingo

Snow Globe [FV7]

The '10 release has a new twist to it and a familiar enemy (if you were in the Lionfang war). You can choose between good, evil or a combination of the two! These quests takes you on an new adventure with Blizzy. To do these quests, you must have completed Major Moglin's quests. Head over to the Frostvale Town, and look for Blizzy who is standing right by Robina. If you have caught up in the storyline, an exclamation point will be above Blizzy's head. If not, you need to make sure you've completed everything else.

At certain points in the cutscenes, you will have to choose between Good and Evil. The choice that you make effects the cutscene, but NOT any of the quests or rewards. After the first cutscene with the Frostval Spirit, you will find yourself in the SnowGlobe area with Blizzy.


  1. Shaking the Globes
    Walk around and find all the snowglobes on the ground. Click all 10, and you can return.
    Before we can talk to Garaja we need to make sure that none of these snow gloves are the one that holds the Spirit and our gifts! Shake 10 Snow Globes and come back to Blizzy when you're done!

  2. A Demonstration
    Fight the Snow Golems for ten Snow Golem defeated quest items. There are some on this map, but you'll probably be faster if you join the Northlands or KingCoal.
    Garaja has locked himself in here. He's just scared and trying to protect himself. We can't talk our way in. We need to show Garaja that you can fight. Defeat 10 Snow Golems and return here when you're done!

  3. Hearts of Ice
    Go defeat the Snowman Soldiers for this quest. They are pretty strong, but an experienced player can solo them easily.
    Before we get to Garaja I need to ask a favor of you. Garaja uses Enchanted Ice Cores to animate his snowmen soldiers. We could use their magic back in Frostvale to make some really amazing gifts. See if you can find 6 Hearts of Ice and bring them to Blizzy.

  4. Defeat Garaja
    Find and defeat Garaja. You will watch a cutscene, and the quest will auto turn in so you can continue right to the Golden Ruins!

Golden Ruins[FV8]

This is a continuation of the '10 Frostval. You need to have complete the Snowglobe area to start this one. In this area you will see if you can beat the notorious Lionfang and return the Holiday Spirit of Frostval.


  1. Springing Traps
    You'll see some piles of snow on the ground which are the traps. Click all 10, and you can return.
    *sniff sniff*. Do you smell what Blizzy smells? Steel, oil… TRAPS! You'll need to disarm the traps before you can do anything else. I think I can smell 10 traps… make sure you disarm all 10.

  2. Frost Lions
    Get ten Lion Destroyed quest items from the Frost Lions you see.
    Lionfang must have found some ancient magics here. I see a bunch of Frost Lions patrolling the grounds that he must have created. You have to thin the numbers before you can get to Lionfang. Destroy 10 Frost Lions and return to me.

  3. Onslaught Keyrings
    If you played the LionFang war these enemies will be very familiar. You need to beat them to get the four Onslaught Keyrings.
    The trap door to the safe room is locked! One of the Golden Warriors must have the right key-ring but we don't have time to find out which. I guess you'll just have to grab them all. Get all 4 Onslaught Keyrings and bring them back here.

  4. Defeat Lionfang
    Make your way to Lionfang and defeat him for his quest item. He also has many new drops so you can fight him more! The quest will auto turn in and you can watch the final cutscene.
    Ok, it looks like this key will unlock the safe room were Lionfang is hiding. Please be careful. HE could destroy the snow globe at any moment. You'll have to find a way to convince him to set it down before you can attack. Frostval is depending on you.

This is the conclusion of the '10 Frostval event!

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6/1/2016 12:25:10   
Canis lupus dingo

Alpine [FV9]

Now in the Frosval of '11, head to the Alpines (/join alpine) to begin. You must have completed all the previous areas to unlock this one! Blizzy and Gravelyn both have quests, but only Gravelyn's are required to move on in the Frostval story.


  1. Snow Way to Know Where to Go
    I don't know where we are, so you'd better find out! Let me know if there's anything you'll need my help taking out. Once you've discovered the boundaries of the forest, come back and I'll tell you what to do next.

    • Go to Screen 5 of the map. Directions are Right -> Right -> Up -> Up -> Up.

  2. Arming the Undead Army
    Obtain 15 Perfectly Sharpened Mole Claws from the Glacier Moles and return to Gravelyn.
    Those Glacier Moles have some WICKED sharp claws, don't you think? They would make PERFECT spear tips for Daddy's Soldiers! Bring me back 15 Perfectly Sharpened Mole Claws so we can arm Daddy's army!

  3. Cold as a Corpse
    You know, us Undeads, we don't need to stay warm. But sometimes Daddy brings Humans to the Fortress. They have long meetings after I have to go to bed. They always seem so COLD! I bet they'd be able to plot Evil better if they had some fire. Gather 10 bundles of DeadWood so we can burn it.

    • Walk around the map and find 10 Deadwood Bundles.

  4. Pretty Pretty Princess Undead Decor
    My room is the Evillest, don't you think? But it doesn't have enough… SKULLS! But skeleton skulls are DUMB. I want EVIL Skulls… like DRAGON Skulls! I know there are Frost Dragons in this forest. So SOME of them must have died from heroes like you. Bring me 13 FrostDragon Skulls.

    • Now walk around again and find 13 Dragon Skulls which are lying on the ground.

  5. Deadifying Frost Lions
    Go defeat the Frost Lions until you obtain 13 Frost Lion Tamed quest items.
    Daddy's army doesn't have any mounts! I keep telling him that skeletons riding on top of monsters would be SOOOO COOL! But I guess he just doesn't have time to find creatures for them to ride. So WE will! Go knock out 13 Frost Lions so that Daddy can 'deadify them back home!

  6. Defiant Undead Deserters
    Daddy demands loyalty from his army, and he WILL have it! Those dumb skeletons! Only a couple are silly enough to try to run away, but we'll bring them back, won't we, New Friend? Recapture 15 Ice Skeletons so we can bring them home!

  7. Forest Guardian Gauntlet
    While you were recapturing Daddy's Undead deserters, I spotted a GINORMOUS FEROCIOUS forest guardian! You have GOT to bring me its HEAD! … What are you waiting for? GO!

    • Defeat Windego to unlock a cutscene.

Ice Volcano[FV10]

After watching the cutscene from the Alpines, go to the Ice Volcano to defeat the ice monsters that have captured the city's inhabitants.


  1. Snow Turning Back!
    It looks like Dead Morice has power over more than just the poisoned ice zombies who were once your friends! You'll need to take out 10 Snow Golems and 10 Ice Elementals to reach him! While you journey, renew the spirit of the land by placing 10 wisps of Frostval's Flame around the area!

    • Fight the Snow Golems until 10 of them melt.
    • Fight the Dead-ly Ice Elemental until 10 of them melt.
    • Go around the map and click on the blue arrows to kindle 10 of the flames.

  2. Venom in Your Veins
    Those coldhearted Ice Symbiotes… they were once your fwiends! You has to save all 20 in the area… without slaying them! To melt the ice around them, you'll need to force them to feel the burn of Frostval's Flame. Knock them out so they can get fired up for Frostval once they wake!

  3. Song of the Frozen Heart
    Dead Morice had so much magical potential. It is so sad that we Frostvale moglins didn't get to help him before his heart froze and turned so bitter! Now, to save Lore, you'll need to melt the ice in his soul! Out of the ice volcano… into the fire!

    • Defeat Dead Morice and watch the cutscene afterwards.

This is the conclusion of the Frostval '11 event!

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6/1/2016 12:40:00   
Canis lupus dingo

Snowy Vale [FV11]

The Frostval of '12 was dated on 12-12-12 and marked the beginning of the end. Kezeroth the World Ender reawakens to once again try to free the Beast Quetzal from his giant, ice comet prison. If he is successful, Kezeroth will use Quetzal's powers to encase the world in ice, effectively ending all life on Lore for good! It's up to the hero (you) to thwart his plans and save the world.

These quests do not require any of the previous years' quests to proceed, but it is recommended that you do. To get started, travel to /snowyvale and talk to Athon. He is the event NPC that will provide the quests to begin your journey.


  1. Locate Kezeroth
    "Somewhere there should be a chasm… if we can find THAT, we should find the entrance to where Kezeroth waits."

    • Explore the map until you've located the chasm, which in this case is Screen 7.

  2. Chronoton Detection
    "We must determine just how long these snow gloems have been here. Slay 10 of them to collect the living snow. The chronoton-reading they give off will tell us how long they've existed… and how long this area has lain undisturbed."

  3. Core Knowledge
    "The snow golems have lived here for many years. Now we must see how long the area itself has been here. Collect 6 ice cores to test the land's age."

    • Explore the area and click on the blue arrows to collect six ice cores.

  4. Temporal Revelation
    "Use Athon's pocket watch to reveal the chasm. But stand back, we cannot know what could emerge!"

    • Make your way to Screen 7 and click on the "Find the Entrance" to reveal the opening to the chasm.

  5. Before the Darkest Hour
    Note: This is completed in a different zone
    "We must locate Kezeroth's temple. Once at its entrance, we can begin our descent into darkness. Stay strong, Hero, out quest is only just beginning!"

    • With the entrance revealed, approach it to travel down to FrostDeep.

For the Chronomancers, ChronoCorruptors, TimeKillers, or all of the above, who wish to do something a lil' extra, talk to Yorumi and Yuki to do their quests (this is optional).

FrostDeep [FV12]

You've discovered Kezeroth's temple! This is a dungeon crawl, so battle your way through each room to reach the Sword of Hope at the end! You must finish the quest in each room to proceed to the next.


  1. Heart of Ice
    "Demolish the Polar Elementals and Polar Golems guarding this level of Kezeroth's temple by stripping them of the 4 Glacier Cores and 5 Frozen Snowballs that power them."

  2. Absolute Zero Success
    "Kezeroth was wise. as he slept, Temple Prowlers, Polar Elementals, and Polar Golems ventured deeper into the temple, attracted to his icy tomb, where he trapped them. Take back the 3 IceHeart Amulets, 3 Frozen Hearts, and 6 Diamond Snowflakes holding the creatures on this level and they will disperse."

  3. Dirty Secret
    "Until we confront him, we cannot know the secrets Kezeroth possesses… but we can try to make these creatures tell us! Convince them to share what they know by taking 10 Frozen Fangs and 5 Dirty Claws from the Temple Prowlers and Polar Moles."

  4. Frozen Venom
    "For those who make it to this level, it appears that Kezeroth has left a deadly trap. Destroy the Polar Wyrms and Polar Spiders, then take the 6 Tained Wyrm Scales and 7 Poison Ice Spines from them so they cannot harm you."

  5. Rune-ing His Plan
    "I had hoped to fine SOME kind of information to help us to defeat Kezeroth more handily. These Golems look like they may carry runes. Slay them and take 10 of the runes to see if they can tell us anything."

  6. Deadly Beauty
    "There is beauty in death, and danger makes the heart grow fonder. Do not forget what you are learning here, Hero. Slay the Polar Elementals to collect 10 Crystalline Spines, 10 Crystal Snowflakes, and 6 Frozen Breaths so that you will always remember… at least, you will until they melt."

  7. Cold-Hearted Trophies
    "You are quickly learning the ways of these cold-natured creatures. claim some trophies of your conquests to continue. Slay Polar Moles and Temple Prowlers to complete your trophy collection and move on!"

    • Defeat the Polar Moles to collect eight Frozen Snouts.
    • Defeat the Temple Prowlers to collect four of each of Frozen Fangs and Frozen Tails.

  8. Warmth in the Cold
    "The chill is beginning to seep into your bones. You need to slay Temple Maggots and Spider Guardians to continue to find warmth giving Maggot Spit and Spider Meat."

  9. Icy Prizes
    "Temple Prowlers and Temple Maggots were both hunted to near extinction for their valuable Ice Whips and Poisoned Fangs. Earn a little cash on the side. Collect these prized items to continue to the next level of FrostDeep."

  10. Fading Magic
    "The Ancient Golems were placed here to protect the temples but their magic has begun to fade. They could turn on you at any second. You'd better destroy them and collect their magical remains before you continue."

    • Defeat the Ancient Golems to obtain six Sands of Time and two Obsidian Keys.

  11. FrostDeep Dwellers
    "The Polar Wyrm Riders have alerted the Polar Moles to your presence on this level. Demonstrate your might, eradicate these threats and carry proof of your victory with you to ward off future attacks."

    • Fight the Polarwyrm Rider to obtain 10 Vestigial Wyrm Toe.
    • Fight the Polar Mole to obtain 10 Frigid Fur Pelt and six Frost Lion Tail.

  12. A Breather
    "Might as well clear some Polar Moles, Temple Spiders, Polar Spiders while you're here. Once you have, rest, then move on."

  13. Raiders from FrostDeep
    "Polar Draconians and Temple Maggots have been raiding villages near FrostDeep for a long time. You should take back some Deadly Defrosters and Larvae Silk before moving on."

  14. 8 Legged Frost Freaks
    "The Polar Spiders and Temple Spiders have become too common down here to ignore. Defeat some of these beasts and collect their treasures and eggs to continue."

  15. Freezing the Stone
    "The ancient golems in this layer of FrostDeep guard power. I am not sure how old, or what it would do to us, but we should recover just in case. Recover 2 Ancient Runes and 3 Ruby Eyes. … Just in case."

  16. Can You Feel the Chill Tonight?
    "Take heart, Hero! We are approaching the bottom, I can feel it. I can SEE it, too, with the way my breath freezes in the air. The creatures here only make it colder. Slay the Prowlers and Polar Elementals for 7 Prowler Claws, 7 Frigid Femurs, and 4 Frost Breaths."

  17. Shrouded in Ice
    "I do not know why Kezeroth would have these Ancient Maggots in his lair. They make my skin crawl! And I worry why they would stockpile such items. Retrieve 10 Decayed Silk Shrouds and 9 Rotten Larva Shells so we know they can't be used on YOU."

    • Get 10 Decayed Silk Shroud and nine Rotten Larva Shell from the Ancient Maggots.

  18. Hard Fight for a Cold Truth
    "Look at these Ancient Prowlers. You can tell by their battle scars that they have had a hard fight to survive. Vanquish them and you will be renowned for your courage and skill! Bring back 5 Prowler Tongues and 9 Scraps of Prowler Fur to prove you have defeated them."

    • Fight the Ancient Prowlers to get five Prowler Tongues and nine Scraps of Prowler Fur.

  19. Sand and Shardin' Bones
    "The ancient moles appear to be blind, but be wary. I can tell that these have become carnivorous, feeding off their kin. Collect 7 of the Bone Shards and 6 grains of Hourglass Sand. Someday, I will return them to the mole people so they may mourn properly."

    • Defeat Ancient Moles to collect seven Bone Shards and six grains of Hourglass Sand.

  20. Older and Colder
    "The deeper you go into Kezeroth's dungeon, the colder you get. And the older creatures become. I am troubled by that. Slay Ancient Moles, Ancient Prowlers, and Ancient Maggots for 5 Dried Blood, 4 Wyrm Dirt, and 4 Temple Dust Mites. If they are put to rest, they will not trouble us."

  21. The Sword Of Hope
    "The Ancient Terror is the final guardian protecting the Sword of Hope. It regenerates but claim enough Hearts of Gold and Hears of Darkness and the Sword of Hope is yours!"

    • Obtain 10 Hearts of Darkness and 12 Hearts of Gold from the Ancient Terrors.

Battlefield [FV13]

It's time to face off with Quetzal! The following quests are presented in a random order, but it is necessary to complete them in order to exhaust Quetzal's powers and defeat it! Speak to Athon to begin.


  1. Mana for the Magi
    The magi are running out of mana for casting! If we let the pressure off of The Beast he will regenerate his heath! Quickly run to /swordhaven or /greenguardwest and collect Potent Dried Slime from the slimes there! We can make fast mana potions out of those!

    • Defeat the Slimes to collect six Potent Dried Slime.

  2. Gathering Spell Components
    The mage corps are running low on spell components for the huge fireball spell. We need you to run to /volcano or /mobius and collect Magic Embers from the Fire Imps there and return quickly!

  3. Looking for Loggers
    We're running low on the special fire-resistant wood that we need to make the ballista bolts! If you go to /poisonforest or /farm you can find some Treeants and turn them into Large Logs!

    • Defeat the Treeants to collect eight Large Logs.

  4. Ballista Cables
    The Ballistas can't handle being fired this rapidly. It's wearing out the rope. See if you can find some taut rope on the Horcs in /orctown. Their rope is very tough!

  5. Arrowheads for Archers
    The Kappa Ninja spend a lot of time in the waters of /yokaiboat and /yokairiver. They often find and collect iron nuggets washed down the river to use in their arrowheads. That will be the best place to search for new arrowheads for our fletchers.

  6. Fetching Fletching Feathers
    There is a bird called the Red Bird which you can find in /creatures. The feathers from this magical animal will help give our arrows the fiery magic that they need to hurt The Beast Quetzal!

    • Defeat the Red Birds to collect two Bundles of Feather.

Ice Rise Keep [FV14]

Quetzal has been defeated, but it's not over yet! It is now time to take down Kezeroth the World Ender! Speak to Athon to prepare for your battle with Kezeroth.


  1. A Little Warmth and Light
    Since Kezeroth has taken Ice Rise Keep over, the creatures of the north have been drawn here. Place some torches around the keep to give us some light and warmth…

    • Explore the map and place the torches where the blue arrows point.

  2. Behind Locked Doors
    The World Ender will have take up residence in Ice Rise Keep's throne room, or perhaps the great hall. See if you can locate him in this dreary disaster of a ruin.

    • Locate the throne room by going to Screen 6.

  3. The Lost key
    I have no idea where the key might be if it is even still here. Search the monsters here. Maybe one of them can provide a clue to the location of a key if one exists.

  4. Uncovering Pages Of The Past
    The guard's journal has been torn in half. The monsters have the other half, no doubt. See if you can find the missing pages on the creatures who have come here.

  5. We Know Where To Look
    There are still some pages missing. You must have missed them when you are searching the monsters. Double your efforts and find the well-hidden pages so we can get the complete story.

  6. A Terrible Hiding Place
    The guard says that he hid the spare key in his footlocker. It's the safest place he could think of. The poor man must have been scared out of his senses. Search Ice Rise Keep for the guard's footlocker and retrieve the key to the throne room!

  7. Face Kezeroth
    Have you readied yourself for this battle? I'm not sure how this will turn out but we have made it further than I thought we would. I believe in you, Hero. Let's go face Kezeroth the World Ender!

    • Fight Kezeroth to save the world! (Obtain the 'World Savior' character page badge after defeating Kezeroth)

This is the conclusion of the Frostval '12 event!

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Canis lupus dingo

Reserving for 2013 section

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Canis lupus dingo

2014 section

I've been very busy with other affairs so it's been five months since I touched this guide. Since break is around the corner, as well as the 2016 Frostval release, I will be able to get back to completing this page and adding that release in. Sorry for the delay!
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