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RE: War Improvements Thread

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4/8/2018 18:58:41   

Hmmm...tweaking the Xan blasting slime mini-game with the destructive darkness projectiles for a war mini-game to pass the time maybe.

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DF  Post #: 26
4/8/2018 20:10:45   

The only thing I can think of that would improve Wars would be if "Take to The Skies" from the Final War in th eCatiff Saga were to be made a permamant fixture of the Wars(with Titan Dragon taking Kordana's place.)

Honestly, it was more fun and held my attention better than Foot waves and catapults and I'll take a steady 3 waves per minute contribution that holds my attention for hours at a time over anything from 3 a minute to 1 in half an hour.
AQ DF  Post #: 27
4/9/2018 10:26:23   
Alm Nullamors

A war related addition I'd really love right now would be to have more Defender Medal accesssory upgrades to go with our current level cap. None of them go above level 80 right now and I honestly enjoyed the personal goal of maxing out my main's Defender's Dragon Necklace since it also contributed towards the ongoing war efforts.

When was the last time we got new things in the DM shops anyway? It feels like it was years ago.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
4/9/2018 10:47:08   

I would love to have there be a 1% Drop item (or less) from Foot Waves. This wouldn’t affect the war—you go in there for grinding Gold, EXP and DMs anyway. That way, players would be more and more keen on doing more and more foot waves, easily beating Starflame’s goal of 25 Waves per day, hopefully even winning the war (if it’s hard) and gett8ng an OP rare artifact or something (it could be like making Mana Burst Grenades hit your foe additionally for 1-2% of your health in addition to damage, and use that extra hit to heal mana like DmK V1’s Life Carve Skill (but less broken/busted/OP/don’tBanMehPls) for Technomancer or some other fairly weak class, or even make ranger lose three focus as opposed to four per defensive skill.) I would love a good grind for that item, but not if the war’s permanent (but it could be made a DC/400,000 Gold Item later in some hard-to-reach quest shop). Wow, I’m asking for a lot.
DF  Post #: 29
4/9/2018 13:29:25   

BluuHorseOfficial: I like the concept of a 1%-drop rate item for war waves. An artifact seems too much for it, but maybe something that could be sold for 1000+ gold, or a hard-to-get resource (unlucky doom essences for example).
DF  Post #: 30
4/9/2018 14:22:23   
Chaosweaver Amon

I think it definitely would be cool to have more dire consequences for losing a war, for incentive's sake. It might also be pretty interesting if we were to see War Merge shops based on items that drop from alternate quests that still add to the wave count. So say someone doesn't feel the need for Defender's Medals, maybe add a quest or minigame that drops a merge item for the specific war shop, yet still adds to the wave count? To the best of my knowledge, I don't recall seeing that before, at least recently. While it would still be another form of grinding, a different and/or more rare item is more appealing than Defender's Medals to some players, and still gets the wave count up.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 31
4/9/2018 14:26:51   

We have dire consequences for losing an war just not all wars. Not all wars matter think if the Mogloween war why would it have dire consequences its an happy fun holiday why make it worse. We mostly won the war that had dire consequences and the won we did not well we all saw.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 32
4/9/2018 15:06:41   
Lord Run

about war improve wars game play wise:

i would say smaller number of waves, listen i know we used to defeat a very large wars back in the days but back in the days DF had a lot more players and i think that they should do a logical number of waves per player like i don't know 200 wave per player i mean not every one of us is a war monger who kill 1000 waves every single war and if we are like i don't know and if we have like 4000 players then 800000 waves. sounds logical i mean wars with more then million waves are well a bit to much compeer to the number of players we have nd some of us are adult and we have jobs and kids in real life so we don't all ways have time dealing with thous wars we have life other then dragonfable.
other then that i guess more cut scenes and mini boss i mean some times in big wars its nice to have like a mini boss in 50% and then the big boss in 100% or a bit more story in the 25% where we see Artix and bunch of his paladin friends help us push back soe enemy troops waile rideing on horse back like a calavery unite or seeing Falwyn and bunch of archers doing a volley of arrows that cover the sun like in 300 that fall like rain of death over the enemie ya know epic battle cut scenes for epic wars.
all so impressive gears as a reword is a good way to motivate players to take part in wars and all so special mercenary can be cool! like some unimportant over powered party members that can join you if you pay them like 500 gold any time you add them to your party it can be great help and it will be some thing spend our gold over not only that some of thous rendom mercenerys can be us the players and we can use players IDs from the froum to add us in the wars like in the mummy dragon quest it will be epic to see a character of other player in your party fighting in the war by yourr side i mean adding Sir Dante's character to my party for 1000 Gold tht can be awesome!, speaking of mercenarys remember sir Tax that some times used to come and we could donate gold how about instead sir Tax there will be armys of mercenarys that collect gold from all of us players and if all the gold we players payed together surpass a certen value of gold then the army of NPC mercenary will clear 10% of the war waves automatically? all so weapon dealers,come on guys its a war!when there are wars a lot of mercenary army and weapon dealers see thous kind of things as opportunity to get rich! all so classic party members! in wars at the classic adventure and quest we all ways had some of the classic party members like Artix or Warlic or Robina it will be nice to see some of our old friends appear more offten in wars in the background and say few lines and being party able for the war i remember that in some wars i saw Warlic in the war camp and if i clicked his crystal ball he would join me and help me in the war, or like that war with the earth dragon that from some reason Ash and Robina came there and joined my party thous i knew that Ash and Robina in a canonn way in the war of Willowshire and didn't sited at home to drink tea all the war.
we can even make them say few lines and some funny jokes to lighten up the mood, maybe few tips of how to use a spesific weakness of an enemie that apper offten among the enemie waves. or maybe even let us use tactics of war like there is the steal supply quest if we win engouth of thous then we can have 3 potions in the boss fight instead of 2 or maybe the enemies waves will have less mana and less HP because they are hungry and maybe create quests like deliver ally supply wail we defending an NPC tht carry the supply like in the Vetreteroche Cross delivery quests and if we do engouth of thous the Balista way of clearing waves will be unlocked because we have the weapons supply. all so we can make it that the boss straight will be changed with how fast we won the war if we did it fast the boss didn't had engouth time to i don't know drain engouth mana from the mana core or some thing and then he will have 3000 HP and if we did it slow he had engouth time and now his HP is 6000.
now about that time we asked for wars with consequences:

as for impotent results..... when we say wars with consequences i am pretty sure that what most of us meant was like wars that effect the story in the long therm. like there is a war between the mages rable and the rose and we the players can fight for both sides and if the rose side win then the story of the game will be in fever of the rose and they will rule.... i don't know the island of pirate/ninja! and if the rable will win then the ninja and prates will be in the side of the rables.or for example there is a war in Dragesvard if we win Galnoth will side with us aginst the rose or what ever, and if we lose Galanoth will be disapointed at us and because Dragonslayers hate dragons and we failed him then him and his dragon slayers will join the rose and then in future quests we will see dragon slayers among rose soldiers that we need to fight them and at some point we will have a battle against Galanoth ((not to the death only to get throw his thick head and prove him he is wrong and then make up with him like Naruto and Sasuke did and be friends agine?)). that what we mean by wars with consequences,just wars that effect the story and what will happne in the future or maybe a war that will determened if the big evil of book 3 will be Jania or Sapchulre. like we have a war that we can choose or help Sapachulre and thous make him to turn to our side or to fight Spachulre and then make him our enemie agine, and let us the players to choose if we want Sapachulre to be redemed or if we the players can't forgive for his past deeds and thous fight aginst him in a scene like this the paladin order discover Sapachulre and his dougther they send paladins to hunt them down we can help Sapachulre and fight waves of rendom paladins or help the paladins to fight Sapachulre's undead minions and if Sapachulre side win the war and reach 100% before paladin side then Spachulre will be grateful to the hero and will become the hero friend but if paladin side win then Sapachulre will hate the hero and will become a vilan agine and we the players can fight for our opinion in this war if we prefer Spachulre to continue the story as a villain or continue the story as our ally.
see thous kind of wars give us the player the power of choice as a community if moust of the fans like Sapachulre as an ally
then the Spachulre side moust likely win but if moust of the players prefer him as an enemie then Paladin side will win that what we meant
we didn't meant if our favorite characters and NPCs will die or not!what we meant is wars that effect the story with where the story will go and who will side with who and will actually change the story in the long therms and let us as comunity the power to deside where the story will go on in future quests.

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4/10/2018 0:41:25   

Lord Run, while you have some interesting ideas, your post is very hard to read. Please work on your formatting so everyone will have an easier time understanding your ideas.

Instead of :

i would say smaller number of waves, listen i know we used to defeat a very large wars back in the days but back in the days DF had a lot more players and i think that they should do a logical number of waves per player like i don't know 200 wave per player i mean not every one of us is a war monger who kill 1000 waves every single war and if we are like i don't know and if we have like 4000 players then 800000 waves.

You might try:

i would say a smaller number of waves. I know we used to defeat very large wars back in the days, but back in the days DF had a lot more players,
and i think that they should do a logical number of waves per player, like maybe 200 wave per players. Not every one of us is a war monger who can kill 1000 waves
every single war. If 4000 players then 800000 waves, or something like that.
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