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RE: Is MechQuest being updated?

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10/21/2016 0:36:01   

There is lower levelled Werewolf mecha available currently.

Vampire mech also available on Necryptos.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
10/22/2016 3:20:55   


~original: @Roxas45
Yikes... It costs that much for a full license?? :/ :/

And I've been hearing a lot about Notepad ++ lately. With increasing frequency actually.. What is it?

Last thing first, Notepad++ is, as the name suggests, basically an extended version of notepad. It has more functionality than notepad, and is often used for coding applications- all you need is a compiler, and your code is good to go.
I've used it for writing for a few years now. I always find Word a little pretentious- it makes even the most incoherent scrawl look professional. My method was always to make it fluent even when being read on a bare-bones platform first, and change it to Word at the end. It also helps when you switch word processors- if you move from a workplace that uses Word, to one that uses Openoffice, you don't need to go to the hassle of converting your files, since you have a copy in text document format as well.
So it's just a workflow thing.
It also has tabs for different documents, and doesn't lag. Somehow my computer even lags with word. And I can still animate on it, thanks to parallel processing.

I actually double checked the licensing thing (just then). Apparently, Autodesk no longer offer perpetual licenses for their products (my info was at least a year old). That means lower upfront costs, but I'm not sure if it would save money in this case anyway, unless I was working full time on animation. I haven't found the prices yet... Still, the idea is that for a small project, the overall cost is lower. Repeat business is what they're going for here (I hope).
It's a start. I'm still learning how to rig and manipulate rigs, but that shouldn't take too long to work out- I'm not starting from scratch in either case. I can't texture character models on this device, but that's a relatively minor aspect of animation, and won't be hard to rectify once I get a more powerful computer. I already know how to use image editing programs to create textures, which is half the battle.

But I know very little about coding, so if we considered using animation, we'd need to either make a non-interactive animation, or get a coder who can work in 3D.
DF MQ  Post #: 27
10/28/2016 7:45:38   
DyfanMinos Dynasty

Everyone's talking about restarting MQ, which is fine and all...

But can we at least have some closure to the current MQ storyline before the reboot? No one really wants to be left in a cliffhanger and at the current point of the storyline, its a textbook cliffhanger.

Not that its bad but some closure would be great.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
10/29/2016 5:44:37   

The main part of the storyline is over.
The shadowscythe "won" and caused the destruction of the Universe.
We propagated the Reset, and resulted in the Beginning of Dragonfable, and indirectly, Adventure Quest.

If you're talking about the rest of it, that comes after this....
Yeah.... Slight bit of a cliffhanger...

Hey. Can the coders from the other games lend a small helping hand if at all they're free?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
10/29/2016 7:18:34   
DyfanMinos Dynasty

Yeah... that part is what i meant...

Besides MQ isn't the only AE game left alone without any devs updating it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 30
10/30/2016 5:33:09   

But out of the mostly lacking recent update type game... MQ IS the biggest mind..
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
11/3/2016 19:46:13   

There is now the Grand Admiral to deal with.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 32
11/15/2016 23:46:48   


~original: @Dfyanminos Dynasty
can we at least have some closure to the current MQ storyline before the reboot?

Unfortunately, as @Loremaster Maya has pointed out, the reason MQ stopped receiving updates was due to economics. Updating MQ was losing them money- IIRC, the devs were hoping for a massive influx of players once they finished the finale, as happened in DF (the same didn't happen in MQ, for a few reasons). That's why DF is still running.
A sequel would at least guarantee an initial influx of players- the quality of the reboot would determine whether they stayed...

So, does anyone have any ideas? Even brainstorming can help...
DF MQ  Post #: 33
11/18/2016 9:14:07   

I would like to help although I do not know anything about animation or codes at least I want to help in something like attracting people making videos for youtube since I have a youtube account but with few subscribers but just since I have to use a translator to write this since I am Spanish, I can Make help with videos and that.
At least I want to help in something because as I see dead to the game without new mechs or missions to do, at least that modify things although it would be more fun if it were online say nomas but at least online if you only battle when you enter the arcade and put the Id of someone and it is battle if it is online or not something like this or if the flash is finished or only modified to use the html5 or something that is more fun but same if you allow me to make videos and things like that even if it is not good making videos I only do them common and common, just like I can help in something like bring people if there will be modifications or new things in the game is fine :v
I leave you my youtube channel I do not spam only I want you to know if I can help in bringing people back https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYuaMXj1sNtZpjJmvKt1ug desde ya gracias :V
Post #: 34
11/25/2016 23:35:32   

Hmmm.. Question. Regarding the bringing people back to MQ.
IS there an updated sequence of events that players have to complete before reaching the current latest quest line? Beyond the Reset I mean.

Ah... Are there any new storylines which people want? new and/or incomplete?
and by people I mean, the MQ team. Was there ever any issue regarding an incomplete storyline or an idea which never fully came to fruition?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 35
11/28/2016 11:48:39   

I don't think a Mechquest 2 will happen with AQ3D now happening.
DF AQW  Post #: 36
11/30/2016 20:23:46   

I wish the game would receive at least 1 more update... I am shocked the game went from new content every WEEK to a complete grinding halt.
Post #: 37
12/1/2016 8:45:48   

Well, popularity shifted from MQ to DF to AQW to AQ3D

Ah... Wish some of the old people came back, like Artix and Warlic and all..
Ash, being missed the most.

Wonder if theres an exchange program or something? For the workforce getting divided among all the games.
or wishing for one.

Even with all the updates everywhere, MQ remains my favourite game till now
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 38
12/4/2016 1:29:54   

At the very least it would be nice if they gave it a final update to make all previous holiday events playable, possibly some of the old rare events too.

Maybe just maybe bring back some/as many as possible of the rare shops and cut the gold prices just for anyone left to toy around with
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 39
12/4/2016 12:58:22   

It would be pretty awesome if they brought back Flavescent Friday and put some iconic mechas inside.
Post #: 40
12/9/2016 17:36:59   


I wish the game would receive at least 1 more update... I am shocked the game went from new content every WEEK to a complete grinding halt.

The main story ended, staff left the game and it wasn't really the most popular of AE games. It has always been AQW, AQ/DF and then MQ.
DF AQW  Post #: 41
12/13/2016 10:23:59   


The main story ended, staff left the game and it wasn't really the most popular of AE games. It has always been AQW, AQ/DF and then MQ.

It probably was in it's early youth but due to being understaffed the game has been tossed aside. It happened with Epic Duel along with many other games such as Hero Smash.
Post #: 42
12/16/2016 15:55:10   


It probably was in it's early youth

Mechquest was nowhere near Early Youth. It's one of the older AE games as it was created before AQW and that is nearly 9 years old.
DF AQW  Post #: 43
12/16/2016 22:54:57   

Also, in my frank opinion, the best AE Game. (It has Mechs!!)

Ah... I really really really need a revival for this game :/
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
12/17/2016 16:54:51   

I would support a MQ revive, or Mechquest 2. I loved this game and everything in it. The best thing would be just a Mechquest 2. It would be too much of a rocky start and started to do a what if situation where what if the universe was not destroyed and we won against the Shadowscyte and make it another alternative universe. You could start this as a who separate universe to this one that would at least could keep it going.

You could do a prequel to mechquest to see how all of this came to be. I think a lot of the community could help with the story to figure it out. As long as you had a engaging story you could keep it going and yes I know part of the reason why this game died because the universe changed to dragonfable but still. Yes MQ had it problems but still it will always be my favorite game out of them all.
AQ  Post #: 45
12/18/2016 1:36:16   

^I think a prequel would be too difficult. The thing is, MQ, like DF, didn't really bother with a backstory. Any sort of prequel would seem forced (which is a reason prequels rarely work in film, television, or literature).

The main turning point of MQ's narrative is the Reset- it occurred too close to the end for it to work properly.
I thought the sequel could start with different characters, shortly before the Reset, and entail characters who escape the Reset, and go dimension-hopping in various ways (thus, GEARS is still the intro). I have a few unused ideas for that sort of thing kicking around.
Also an explanation for how MQ ended up on the far end of the probability spectrum, despite being sci-fi:

Warlaq: 'The Shadowscythe have completely and utterly out-scienced us. There's nothing left to do.'
Joltadolt: 'I have created a device that will successively reset the universe, pushing it to the far end of the probability spectrum. Very improbable events will then happen frequently. The reset button will ensure its existence in each successive reset, and since it will only be pushed when we lose to the Shadowscythe, it will create a feedback loop that will settle once we win, which you'll admit is fairly improbable.'
Warlaq: 'What if the Reset button is interfered with in one of the improbable regions?'
Joltadolt: 'That occurring is highly improbable.'
Warlaq: ...
Warlaq: 'Oh, never mind then.'
Joltadolt: 'It is settled.' reaches into their pocket and pulls out a button.
Warlaq: "Hang on-"
Joltadolt presses the button. Everything turns white

Dimension-hopping has a vast scope for storytelling. DF's magic allows it to enable original stories from different writers, with different writing styles (and incorporating different cultures). I think dimension-hopping would have a similar, though more sci-fi, effect.


~original: @qubattle
I think a lot of the community could help with the story to figure it out

I could co-ordinate an effort like that. But the story isn't the only concern atm. As @Loremaster Maya pointed out, they are working to

~original: @Loremaster Maya
finish the server rewrite and create a working engine for an AdventureQuest Worlds: Mobile. That would be designed in a way that would allow us to use it for multiple projects.

Until then, it doesn't seem as though we can do much. Unless it involves using whatever they're using for AQ3D, which unfortunately would probably mean stealing some coders from AQ3D as well (not to mention that AQ3D's engine doesn't appear finished).
Providing a decent storyline could help, but... we have no indication that the staff would find it useful, or could even use it.

< Message edited by Shiny_Underpants -- 12/18/2016 2:02:40 >
DF MQ  Post #: 46
12/19/2016 2:51:00   

All I see something being updated would probably be just design notes that's actually just concept art of random design parts turned with a frontal view and tweaked later by us on the forums. Taking cue from the design note about Safiria's body dissembling before that release from DF.

One artist that's kinda free posting up randomly big to tiny latest design parts of art that was made for the other games including the other artists stuff,not backgrounds. So basically random, "deconstruction and fuse" being a design note. Make it looks almost mechanized by using angles. So just like Zorbak's create-a-skeleton spell from the original AQ.

In one way, it'll look like it was bored deconstruction,except with how many combinations now? Also kinda like from the deciphering series from the past in the forums. So like the staff from the other games, mainly who's free usual saying: hot,cold,getting warmer,etc.

Since with it may become whatever gets chosen to branch off that design.Which number circles and..."debates" of whether it'll be arms,legs,torso,head,to the shoulders weapons. Any chains from this chart seems feasible to be standalone again, then turned bigger by connecting to another again. While also looking if any outline is already copyrighted from games besides AE's.

All of this currently reminds me about some things from Yu-Gi-Oh's 5D,Tron, Pokemon OR&AS, D&P&P with them three main legendary pokemons with special event ones.

Basically a art dump into how to become a mecha blueprint sketch.

< Message edited by LurkBlackSmith -- 12/21/2016 20:08:43 >
DF  Post #: 47
12/26/2016 22:37:35   

I would honestly love to see one final update to MechQuest since there is no reasonable chance of a sequel happening, or any major advancement of the storyline. One final update I would love to see would just be adding a button for all of the seasonal events in the game, as well as bringing in the GEARS Games - not as a functional war, but just with the ability to change houses and to purchase the Corrupt versions of the House mechas. I doubt this will happen and it's just wishful thinking
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 48
12/29/2016 10:51:00   



I'm currently working in engineering and I have a tonne of friends who are working with animation, computer science, and so on, as a part of their cirriculum and degree.

You and or your friends could work in MechQuest as a volunteer or a regular and we will honor you as both staff and player
I also remember you helping me last year in my MQ problem. Thanks for that!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 49
1/1/2017 4:30:38   

I would like to volunteer, but AE isnt hiring/asking at the moment. :/ Also, Im still incredibly new to this; bursting with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn with the basics of a lot of things...

And anytime :) Glad to help
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 50
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