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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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5/13/2018 16:31:15   

Keyboard rebinding like in AQ3D would be excellent. I prefer to have my skills on HJKL; instead of 12345.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 201
5/13/2018 17:31:46   

What's up AQW Community- I am a proud owner of Drakath's Armor, and have been since it came out. I remember Alina way back when it was released agreeing with someone's tweet that such a majestic, end-game, ultra hard to get item should have some nice boosts. I think she even said that they will roll out something soon. That was a few years ago.

I think Drakath's armor should have a pretty wicked damage buff. It is such a difficult item to obtain and there is no reason why items you can get with little effort should have advantages that Drakath's armor, the attire of the Champion of Chaos himself, doesn't have. I think Drakath's armor should have the very highest of boosts, since it is the most difficult main story line item you can get. The BLoD, SDKA, the NSoD, AFDK, AoA, and more all have boosts, and the BoA has special enhancements. Drakath's Armor easily fits in this tier, espcecially since it requires some of the items I listed to get in the first place. And many items that don't come close to this tier have boosts.

I think either damage against chaos or all monsters would be fitting. Anywhere from 50-100% extra (like Chaorrupter Unlocked before and after) versus chaos, or 15-25% versus all monsters (since some of the best items with v/all boosts are at 15%, and are way less important than Drakath's armor) would be great.

I hope the community agrees, and that this item of the highest significance get a boost that it, and all the players that worked their tails of to get, deserves.

EDIT: does the staff even bother to read this???

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DF AQW  Post #: 202
5/19/2018 17:30:08   
Edme MacHeath

Can we have something similar to the stat panel in the testing servers that changes values when your values change?

Whenever you use a skill that increases haste the testing server's panel shows the new total value.

Can we make the new panel in the rewrite also increase with passives, we have quite a few passsives that don't specify how much they improve your stats.
AQ  Post #: 203
5/23/2018 16:05:35   
the true one

how about making a system that has daily missions and allowing players with at least lvl 20, have a chance to win ac and equipment daily, plus rep of a faction of the game that they choose, and every ten levels the mission reward would increase and the prizes improve, could have a free version and another member
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6/12/2018 14:19:14   

Only I find it frustrating to be in the middle of a fight, especially PvP, and accidentally click on an iten that allows you access to the quest, where you open a window on your screen affecting its gameplay?
Examples of such items: Prime Bloodletter of Nulgath.
So I've come up with a mechanism that disables access to the quest, just like pets that you can enable or disable by the options icon on the gameplay tab.
What I mean is that in the options icon on the gameplay tab you have the option of the player to choose whether or not what quests are opened.

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Post #: 205
6/18/2018 2:05:14   

Firstly, I'm sorry for the English errors, well as a Brazilian player I miss some things in the game, I would like to request a Portuguese translation on the Espada server, 2nd to hire someone to resume the pvp and potions system, 3rd option for disable class animation to decrease lag in full places. I know you can make the game full again, those 3 requests would help a lot.
AQW  Post #: 206
6/25/2018 8:05:02   
you stop

Add a check box for separate BGM and SFX i want to enjoy the absolutely awesome background music without the 15 year old sword sound effects that you probably took from AQ classic.
AQW  Post #: 207
6/27/2018 2:41:26   

If players are afk for 10 minutes, they get kicked out of the game.
What does this mean? It means there will be less server overload, less lag and other stuff you get in less populated servers.

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Post #: 208
6/29/2018 16:17:53   

Can we PLEASE get some sort of white listing system for our houses! A stalker just sent half dozen people over to my house!
I want a function where we can choose that only people on our friend list, are allowed to come to our houses!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 209
7/6/2018 20:16:05   

I don't know if this is a "feature" persay, but maybe if the Giftboxes in AQW would turn into what the Giftboxes in AQ turned out to be. Like 2017's became Windter Warrior, and 2018's became Samukematsuri Samurai. The armor, helm, cape, and weapons can be copied imo.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 210
7/8/2018 23:20:56   

So I certainly didn't expect to see Champion of Light in the latest LQS, or expected a genderswapped version of the regular Champion of Light armor. When I saw it, it got me thinking.

"Why not do the same for the other DOOMfire armors?"

Granted, the Onyx DOOMfire Warlord was a one time only thing for the 2016 Black Friday shop, but that doesn't mean the other DOOMfire armor shops couldn't get their own genderswap armors added to their shop pages.

Heck, to expand on that idea, perhaps you could have a dedicated Merge Shop, where you can bring specific sets of armors, whether they're seasonal, perma-rare, farming rewards, boss drops, special offer/Heromart armors, Treasure Chest rewards, or whatever, provided they don't already have a readily accessible genderswapped version to begin with and merge them with a special material item, in order to change that armor into a genderswapped version?

"But couldn't you just spend 1000 ACs to change your gender? That's a lot less complicated."

Maybe so, but some people might just want to have a genderswapped armor, without having to spend more money than what they've already spent on the armors to change genders when they feel like looking like a guy or girl, especially since some perma-rare armors are cheaper than the cost to change your gender.

As for where to put such a shop... when in doubt, the NostalgiaQuest map is always an option, or, if you want it to be accessible to people that haven't been playing for THAT long, BattleonTown is another fine choice.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 211
7/9/2018 15:07:28   


- Create a setting to toggle music on/off in the game settings.
- Allow non-members to create guilds. This will encourage more social interaction and thus increase player count.
- Allow non-AC items to be bought back, or create a method that would allow us to convert non-AC items into AC items. The buy back feature did not completely solve the problem that players wanted to resolve with the feature in the first place, because some rares are non-AC items.

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Post #: 212
7/9/2018 16:42:22   

New features in Game - Titles

Titles (Available to use - Appear on top of the name)

Arena Leader 1x1 - PVP [5000 Players Killed or Ranking System]*
King of War 8x8 - PVP [10000 Players Killed or Ranking System]*
Magnate 500.000 Acs purchased in total
Hero - Quest Champion's Adventures -> 61 Adventures Completed (ALL)
Chaos Lord - When completing all the story
Guardian of Lore - All story e Adventures completed
Dage's Soldier or Legion - Become a Legion
Ancient - Playing for over 8 years or more

Titles are permanent, only those marked with a "*" may be temporary.

These were just an example of titles that could be and how to get them.
Now it's up to you what it will be like and how to get it.
This would make people more motivated to play

Font colors changed. Please do not use bright fonts, as they are hard to read. ~Shadowhunt

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Post #: 213
7/17/2018 10:12:31   

I was looking through my badges, and I think that there's not many that consist of completing the MAIN storyline. There's badges for defeating Kathool and Iadoa (ultra ones at least), and for defeating the Harpy and the 2nd Chaos Lords, and something for Drakath, but not much for the other chaos lords. I think if AQW made consistent achievements for at least the main storyline (13 chaos lords), the QoM saga (throne of darkness), and future storylines, we could create a more consistent view of story completed on a character page.

That, and I like badges!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 214
7/18/2018 9:04:34   

I'd like to see Spellbreaker versions of the Awe enhancements added, it seems a little off that they're missing.

A few new Awe enhancements would be cool too, perhaps ones that buff your haste, evasion, or hit chance.
AQ AQW  Post #: 215
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