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RE: =ED= Winter Balance Suggestions

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10/28/2016 10:49:29   

that might fix the juggernaut problem.

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Post #: 76
10/28/2016 11:08:04   

Haha so Xendran , have you thought about what happens when a level 40 matches against a level 35 if your suggestion is implemented ? The level 40 will have 20 MORE stat points than the level 35 , in addition to 5 more skill points. Guess what happens then ? I find your suggestion nice other than giving level 40 20 more stat points.
Post #: 77
10/28/2016 11:35:25   

Please read the suggestion thoroughly.
Level 40s would have an identical amount of stat points as they do now, and would only be able to fight other level 40s.
This would have no impact on the endgame, and only serves to prevent the brutally unfair levelling experience that is currently in the game.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 78
10/28/2016 12:52:24   
One Winged Angel1357

I was also thinking about suggesting cap players can only fight cap players, would require removal of PvP benefits from ranks or removal of the system all together, but I wasn't sure if the player density would support such a change.

Might be a fairly easy, albeit lengthy, database check to see where the active clusters of players are
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 79
10/28/2016 13:06:53   

lvl cap fights only could work if we were to remove ranks and lower the cap to lvl 35 or 30 they'd be quite a large player pool at that level.
Post #: 80
10/28/2016 13:30:01   

Taken along with the concept that everything before the level cap is realistically a tutorial, the idea is also to get the large majority of players level capped. Anyone who considers themselves interested in the game should be able to easily level cap in a week or less, without needing to stop to grind for equipment or cores along the way. Grinding comes in once you hit level cap and you reach the point where experimentation is now encouraged, and you need to save up to try out the different options and gear that seem most enjoyable. Currently, it will take the average player months.

Those who don't level cap would be those who didn't really find the game interesting enough to play it for more than a day or two.
Legendary system being reworked into something cosmetic, like how you unlock Golden Cards in hearthstone, would be a great way to accompany this.

Also, people are more likely to invest money on cosmetic microtransactions to make their level capped character look awesome.
People are less likely to spend money if they feel pressured into doing it both to compete with others who are leveling with money, and because the leveling process is far too long. These issues combine, too.
A super long period where you get utterly destroyed by paying players before being given access to the content the game is focused around. You'd almost think it was a satire on the Microtransaction & Pre-order culture of modern games that often gets coupled with Skinner Box progression systems.

More players in the active pool at endgame, faster and more enjoyable leveling process, and a nice feeling of getting a big boost in power every few levels. Seems like a solid way to get players interested in the game, instead of telling them "Come check out our game! All you have to do is battle players who are stronger than you for a quarter of a year and then you get to start making real builds!"

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 81
10/28/2016 16:24:51   

Suggestion #44 by Elrite

1 - Replace current system of enhancing items. Make items each have their own stats and damage predetermined while making the best available equips for max levels , with different stat combinations and sometimes better damage/stats for special ones. At the moment you can stick with one weapons for example on your whole playthrough , and there goes the incentive to buy new items (other than for some not-so-useful cores) , and it's just laughable how a varium Aphrodite's Woe sword has the same DMG/Stats as a 300 credits boradsword. It would make users have incentive to farm credits and buy varium again as it should be and strategize on which items to equip instead of sticking with the broadsword which makes the game much boring and even more unrealistic.

2 - Make HP increases by stat points after a certain amount of HP decrease by a bit and so on after each HP "checkpoint" , but make the decrease a bit lower than what used to be , so that HP isn't THAT abusable anymore.

3 - For the sake of finding battles quicker remove the condition of having exile vs legion in battles.

4 - To make the game more competitive, make wars daily as before. Also make the wins/losses of players viewable by others.

5 - Lower limitations on STRENGTH stat because these current limitations and low str per stat point killed strength builds and not nerfed them.

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Post #: 82
10/28/2016 16:33:18   

This isn't meant to offend anyone but you must have no life if you can reach the lvl cap in just a week.
Epic  Post #: 83
10/28/2016 16:42:44   

@LordAbdi18: We're not saying people right now reach the level cap in a week, I'm saying that in the future it would make more sense for the game if the average player could easily level cap in a week or less.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 84
10/28/2016 17:53:44   
One Winged Angel1357

@Xendran in an average game cosmetics for microtransactions is a working system however the cosmetic packages in EpicDuel always are the lowest selling packages even now that the promos aren't game breaking free win machines.

Even offering things in lower packages shipped less units than the $50 package offered at the same time so our game for reasons unknown gravitate to macro transactions instead of the industry standard of microtransactions

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 85
10/28/2016 21:12:28   
Bender Rodriguez

I would pay for an advantage in battles, but there is no point in financially supporting the game when you are made on par with regular non paying players. If you want players to spend more money, you need to offer a better incentive. As is, there is no incentive to spend real money when another person could just as easily get what you spent money for by botting. (especially when botting is so rarely punished)

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AQW Epic  Post #: 86
10/28/2016 22:16:43   
Cyber Dream

Just put in a npc based storyline that will get you to max level instead of having to grind pvp for it. This way, players won't have an excuse for being under-leveled and under geared.
AQW Epic  Post #: 87
10/28/2016 22:42:05   
One Winged Angel1357

@Bender paying for power breeds negativity. You are no longer on a competitive playing field you are on a battleground with your wallet.

If that doesn't make since just look at how poorly the regional wars have been received due to their pay to win nature or cast your mind back to the hate for varium users in older phases due to battles being decided by money and not skill use or class matchups

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 88
10/28/2016 22:57:33   
.Lord Ginger.


Game needs a change. Devs built the game up for about 6 years or so, then decided to change it which killed the playerbase. We've had our majority of players during P2W and pre-Omega, when we had enhcancements and diff wep stats. We make the game bland with same stats for weapons and without enhancements, that's the truth. Passives to actives was a good idea but needs a LOT of work if they want to be a good substitute for replacing passives. But I don't know if one huge balance overhaul will cut it. I suggest making some small changes- and maybe having actual players test out the future changes instead of the staff, since the players know how to make builds. Remember that random Static Smash nerf for mercenary? That could have been avoided.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 89
10/28/2016 23:20:18   
.Lord Ginger.

Suggestion # 45 by Lord Ginger

I will just put these few important things to be looked at.

Class Specific Weapons

Make Class Specific Weapons better by increasing the stats with it-to be the same as swords while keeping the damage still lower so swords are not rendered useless. This will keep swords used, and increase the usage of class specific weapons which are hardly used.


Make strength builds viable again by increasing the strength scaling once again and increasing debuffs such as smoke screen so strength builds can win against focus, but will not overrun them like they used to.


Some Robots are not used because of weak specials, therefore increase the damage so they are used more(an easy fix) or possibly test out different specials, turns the specials last, damage of specials etc... and have a test update with these robots, and hopefully will make Infernal Android less used, robot variety increasing, while keeping focus a viable build type.

Skill Modifications

Increase the base damage of skills, but decrease the scaling, therefore we will have not so many stat spamming builds, but builds with a variety in each stat such as Hybrid builds.






3 Focus Tech and other variations of these.


I find many cores underused. Mainly the cores that are not Improbability Gate, Azrael's Will, Frost Shards, Generator, and Endless Protection.

Other skills, especially those pertaining to primaries should have a damage increase by a significant amount to be rendered useful or have an effect(examples being Omega Override, Dark Omen, Curse, Frost shards, Energy Storm)Since we have an energy meta, frost shards is perhaps one of the best skills to have right now, as it also causes damage to the opponent.


Strength builds were majorly hurt by this idea which players seem to dislike for strength builds, so again having a high base but a lower scaling as the stat points increase is beneficial to Strength having gun damage.

These suggestions are disregarding any class changes, but overall changes to all classes and builds across the board.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 90
10/29/2016 3:55:28   

Suggestion #46

I really don't have anything much to say since some of the most skilled and experienced players are giving great suggestions for this game.
I just hope suggestions that will be implemented is really for the good of the game.
DF Epic  Post #: 91
10/29/2016 10:20:04   


the cosmetic packages in EpicDuel always are the lowest selling packages even now that the promos aren't game breaking free win machines.

This is becuase
1. Epicduel has no players
2. Epicduel's few players it does have are ones that either always enjoyed p2w, or have been conditioned into not getting non p2w things in ED because it's not 'worth it' in their mindset.
3. Epicduel's pricing on microtransactions is very poor, and does not cover enough of a range.
4. The vast majority of cosmetic options in the game are available for credits, which makes no sense. Only a very small portion of the equipment skins are varium-only, meaning the only people buying it are those that want to spend the money on the cosmetic AND like that particular one AND like it better than all of the other options they could get for free.

It's just not designed well, which is why it doesn't make any money.
The fact that we see immensely successful games that use a cosmetic system also reaffirms that it comes down to a failure on the developer's end to implement it in a way that makes players want to support them financially.



I would pay for an advantage in battles, but there is no point in financially supporting the game when you are made on par with regular non paying players. If you want players to spend more money, you need to offer a better incentive.

You need to realize you're in an incredibly small minority here when looking at the western PVP market as a whole. While you may enjoy the game more if they added more P2W, it would kill the game.
The life of the game is far more valuable to the player than any minor temporary satisfaction of buying a stronger weapon.
The life of the game is far more valuable to the developer than the short lived surge of income that pay2win offers, as opposed to creating a product that retains or increases value over time (like Path of Exile or World of Warcraft).


@Cyber Dream

Just put in a npc based storyline that will get you to max level instead of having to grind pvp for it. This way, players won't have an excuse for being under-leveled and under geared.

Explain how this makes PVP more enjoyable while also being an effective use of resources, and how it helps player retention in the endgame which is where the majority of money is made.
This just punishes people who don't pay by forcing them to either stop playing the actual game, or to constantly lose.
Remember that people pay more for things they enjoy, and this game is meant to be fun, not a second job.

You guys really should read more on the Skinner Box concept I linked earlier.
You can make money on your game without it being an obscene grind that tells you to either pay up or stop PVPing. Again, look at Hearthstone.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 92
10/29/2016 11:18:46   

EpicDuel has no players because of ranks. there are no fun and no more entertainment. look 1 vs 1 battle and look at the game, there are playing only high rank players, nothing more. Ranks need to go. i am waiting late november or early december update. if they do not delete ranks, i will forever give up ED !
Post #: 93
10/29/2016 11:30:05   

Yeah, I'd say its safe to say that if ranks are left in the game with power bonuses it makes any balance updates a complete waste of time and resources, as the game will remain unable to get new players to stay with the game.
Even with balance issues mitigated, players will not stand for the length of time it takes for you to reach max rank and actually be on an even playing field with other maxed out players.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 94
10/29/2016 13:10:57   


Suggestion 47 by JosieSparkles

1. More stats or lower limitations on all 4 stats would be nice. As it would increase build diversity in a way rather than just stat abuse all day, a bit of mix on builds would be very awesome.

2.Match Bunker Buster and Stun Grenades damage equal to Plasma Grenade and Plasma Cannon.
This is self-explanatory since that the two physical moves increase by 15 per level, why not 20? I'm missing out on 50 extra damage. while the Plasma moves just give you the 50 extra damage at max compared to bunker/stun.

3.Underrated moves:
Fireball - Ok, no one uses this, either increase the scaling and remove the effect or buff the effect by increasing the level of fireball by 1%, so it should be 15% max to both defenses which would be quite beneficial if people would upgrade this move.

Field/Blood Commander - well, it's pretty obvious why, but it really depends on what happens if stats or whatever get nerfed.

Fire Scythe - Reason's obvious, strength is ruined, but, either way, its nice that it's unblockable and it IGNORES defense, the solution to this is to buff strength
Post #: 95
10/29/2016 13:26:43   


Suggestion 48 by JosieSparkles

1.Part 2 on underrated moves. (reached over 200 words)
Armors (Mineral, Plasma, Hybrid) - Ok, we've never seen a lot of people use these moves unless their debuffed, rarely there are people who use the shields at the very first turn to defend themselves, and my solution to this is to reduce the cost of the armors since it's %, helps in a way, but the fact that defense matrix can whip up more defense than mineral and is CHEAPER cost than mineral, now my solution is to reduce the cost of the armors just like by 20.

Intimidate - Self explanatory, strength's dead

SuperCharge - didn't expect that? Well It's a nice move and everything, but the fact that the scale is based on doing more damage rather than Surgical Strike. I really don't know what to say about this except the fact that the fact that no one really uses tech abuse builds on tech mage anymore.

Blood Shield - Good move, just rarely used, although, in my opinion. I think the support scaling is a bit absurd.

2.As other people would say, nerf the CRAP out of Field Medic.
That or just remove all moves that give energy hardcore, and decide from there. Field Medic is a massive advantage to tanks against other builds.

3. Buff other cores
Again, self explanatory, most overused cores are Frost Shard, Azrael's Will and Dread Desolator's special.
Post #: 96
10/29/2016 15:16:38   

Suggestion #49 by Elrite

1 - This is something i forgot to say and it's extremely important. Right now , energy drain and restore is the main reason battles take too long and are too boring and repetitive .
What should be done : Nerf ALL energy draining skills' initial draining and the scaling per stat by a lot. Also for Tech Mages and Tactical Mercenaries , replace Battery Backup by other moves , as one energy source is enough. For Blood Mages increase Energy Parasite's cooldown by one turn for a total of 4. Nerf Cyber Hunters' EMP Grenade drain by a lot.

2 - For Field Medic reduce scaling per skill level by 5 while also reducing initial healing by 40.

3 - Make gun's damage scale with strength.

Post #: 97
10/29/2016 17:02:24   

I get that lots of players have ideas that they believe will help the game, however there's no point making multiple posts just to repeat what about 5 people have already said. It's just going to make this thread look pointless if people keep repeating things the devs already know about without even explaining how and why for their reasoning

Edit: this is directed at multiple people.

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Post #: 98
10/29/2016 18:27:16   

If that was directed to me Satafou , I believe i gave more reasoning for the first suggestion than what has been posted here about it , and for the field medic i suggested how it can be fixed and gave specific numbers to help with the balance which i believe weren't mentioned either , it was only the idea that was mentioned. The third suggestion yeah i saw it posted already. Thanks
Post #: 99
10/30/2016 18:41:37   

first of all ED lost it's player base way before rank appeared in game when level cap was only 35 and the removal of p2w and enhancements along with passives removal and x10 were the main reason why ED player base went down hill in a fast very fast time! Omega was and still devs worst mistake ever that killed the game...

my suggestion is to implement a system that allow us to put a third passive core in armors (only) that can be equipped by an old passive slightly nerfd and can be bought with a lot of credits (credits only no varuim shortcut option) like let's say old blood-lust had 27 % passively giving the attacker some health as damage done make it like 20 % and that cost 100 k credits or even more or some mission chain to get it like those op missions pvp or something... like the endless armor that cost 100 k + (25 x 7) k 275000 credits to obtain + 15 resistance/defense or + 2 to all stats which is op imo but totally worth spending credits on... make obtaining blood-lust/reroute etc the same which imo is more worthy than eternal enhance and protection by tons.

some few other fixes like the suggestion of experienced players above also can help a lot but the problem is u rarely listen to us and do as you please not as players want... change this way of thinking and trust me ED will be ED again.

EDIT : for having a passive like old passive make it that it can't be stacked with other actives that do the same like blood-lust can't be stacked with mark of blood and make the max that the player can level the skill to level 5 max not to max to not abuse the skill along side the blood-lust or just figure out something if you guys didn't like my idea .

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