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RE: =ED= Winter Balance Suggestions

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10/31/2016 0:19:41   
mega worrier

There's only 3 major things I could ever ask for.

1. The x10 stat thing, I absolutely hate. If I had a choice, I'd bring back the old stat system 100%.

2. I would KILL to have weapon specific stats instead of the fact ALL weapons are the same besides a core. To me, that's what broke ED completely and ruined the game.

3. Juggernaut. Level 40 destroyed jugging. If we could either make it so jugging is possible as a level 40 or just drop the level to 35 then everything would be okay.

AQ DF  Post #: 101
10/31/2016 13:50:31   

Also, please begin making wars such as the first infernal war. Make them a lot more interesting
AQW Epic  Post #: 102
10/31/2016 13:58:03   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

I am going to quote myself again on this since many people still aren't following the rules.


Hey everyone, please remember the rules for suggesting according to the quidelines stated by the OP. I'm mainly referring to the thing where you should split up each individual suggestion into a separate post. No single suggestion should be longer than approximately 200 words. Avoid congregating all your suggestions into a single post. It makes it a lot easier for others to quickly address by simply referring to the number of each individual suggestion rather than the # of the post.

As another note this is a balance suggestion thread. Stuff related to factions and other things that don't have an impact on battle mechanics or anything of the like shouldn't be posted here. Another thing worth mentioning is if you provide a solid rationale/reasoning for why you think your suggestion would be good to implement, it goes a LONG way in helping the staff decide whether or not your suggestion is viable. Just stating what you want to happen and giving a weak or no rationale at all makes it very hard to consider many suggestions thoroughly.

I am enjoying reading all of these suggestions! Please keep them coming!

Just as you have expectations for us to implement your suggestions, we have expectations for you all to follow the rules so that we can better understand why your suggestion should be implemented. Part of this is organization and the other part of this is just actually giving a good reason as to why your suggestion is a viable one that should happen. If you cannot meet our guidelines, then the chances of your suggestion getting passed onto the devs becomes much smaller. Please, be descriptive and provide a solid reasoning.
Epic  Post #: 103
11/1/2016 7:12:04   

What about i can say at balance. well i played 15-30 levels, and op class is support tactical mercenary and dexterity bounty hunter. i lost and win many battles, but it was ok. and i wanna say that battles were so short and i liked it. what about 35+ level and high ranks, i think it is terrible situation, and good will be if level cap reduce to 35 level and delete these ranks. thanks

until 30 level it looks like old time playing. but need nerf suport tactical mercenary and dexterity bounty hunters. they are so strong, i changed build but still losing against them

so Here is my opinion

< Message edited by Front45 -- 11/1/2016 9:28:51 >
Post #: 104
11/1/2016 10:29:54   

take down ranks to 40 level at least and build from that
Epic  Post #: 105
11/1/2016 12:21:33   

@front on my level 27 ain't having any issue with dex bh and tactical are okay a bit strong yest but can be beaten with the right brain skills but ain't that op at all
P.S i play a focus level 3 bounty hunter which no dex can kill or support only with a couple of crits he can.
idk how u play the game but i have to disagree with what you are telling here cause it's 100 % false.


Bane.Hall0w The Last Shadow Fiend.
Currently on Ban3.Hall0w.
AQW Epic  Post #: 106
11/1/2016 12:55:56   


Dexterity Bounty Hunter and Support Tactical Mercenary are OP classes 10-30 level, i mean 1 vs 1

35-40 level Support Tactical Mercenary and Dexterity Bounty Hunter are op classes, i mean 2 vs 2

it's true. of course i can change one of 2 classes but its bored, other 4 classes are ruined

yes i am about 27 level also on other acc. just look 2 vs 2 in 40 levels there are at least 2 bounty hunters and 1 tactical mercenary

That thing is annoyble, playing as robot with always same build. i was also dex bh and it was cool 2 vs 2 in 40 classes but so bored

i think there must be nerf in points of dex bh's and support tlm's
Post #: 107
11/1/2016 16:04:57   

Tm- Buff plasma rain and plasma bolt. They do weak damages compared to Bunker/Plasma cannon and multi-shot/artillery. Make Shadow arts and Kartherax special effective to assimilation. Every other energy skill from classes is getting affected by those 2 moves except for assimilation. Tech mages already gain immense energy from battery so I think assimilation needs to be affected when shadow arts and Kartherax is being used.

Bm- Make parasite to 3 rounds instead of 2 like before. Lower the cost of bludgeon. It cost 140 at lvl 1 and that's too much.

Mercenary- Static smash needs buffing. Have static smash get increased by technology instead of strength. Blood commander and adrenaline should be exchanged with new skills since they rarely get used in battles or increase them as well. Lower the cost of Hybrid armor. It's effective should but cause too much energy loss for mercenary and with the kind of energy regeneration skill they got now, the energy they get back won't be much.

TLM- Frenzy needs to be nerfed. With healing being at 150 at lvl 1, TLM can constantly loop heal themselves throughout the match.

CH- Emp needs to be nerfed. Emp takes a lot of energy with little cost. So, emp cost should either be increased or only be supported by support.

BH- Shadow arts energy cost needs to be lowered by 20-30. As effective as it is, it cost too much energy for a player to use.

Lvl cap should either go back to lvl 35 or remain at 40 without the legendary points. People had no issues with the lvl cap being at 35. If the lvl cap is at 40, it would bring more diverse builds than it would at 35. There are many reasons why legendary points should be removed from the game but at the end it becomes lvl/rank difference.

Juggernaut- If the lvl cap turns out to be lvl 40, make the opponents a lvl 40 get be against lvls from 31-34 with underdog mode to also help them. Underdog mode would give lvl 31's +4 tech, dex and +2 strength and support. For lvl 34's, it would be +2 tech, dex and +1 strength and support.

2v2- 2v2 matches should also gain underdog mode. Say, if it was 2 40's vs 2 lvl 37's, then the lvl 37's would get +3 dex, tech and +2 strength and support.

Underdog mode should also be included in boss fights.

Flag- Contributions should be brought back to the game. The cycled wars the game has now is immensely boring seeing as how not much plan to participate in it and the war prize isn't being put much effort into it. Not as it was back in 2014.

That's all I've got to say. I hope some of the suggestions I've given gets implemented to the game.

~l Lord Abdi l

Epic  Post #: 108
11/2/2016 15:32:14   

Suggestion #50 by .Darkness Lord.

Just wanted you to see my old suggestions since you now started to listen to us.

Suggestion 1

Suggestion 2

Suggestion 3

Suggestion 4

Suggestion 5

Suggestion 6

Suggestion 7

Suggestion 8

Suggestion 9 (Easy and cool)

Suggestion 10

Suggestion 11

Suggestion 12

Suggestion 13 (Important)

Also, there were 2 more important suggestions I suggested but they were too old so I couldn't find them in the forums:

- Faction Wars

- A new promo package

Please do focus on improving Underdog mode and juggernaut for now. We also need some more balance changes (nerfing and buffing) because we already got bored from the current builds; we need new ones to appear.

< Message edited by nowras -- 11/2/2016 15:46:31 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 109
11/3/2016 6:15:02   
Ruthless Gunner

Suggestion #23

If you guys consider removing legendary ranks, could you then please make a refund for us players who has spent heaps of money and credits just for the sake of ranks. Thank you.
Post #: 110
11/3/2016 17:09:13   
Lord Machaar


So both of these exile players, without mentioning names, got around 654 super drone sabotage kit, which worths 127,530 varium, and you can deal 107,910 damage with that amount of super war bombs (Since Exile are defending, a super bomb can deal 165 damage on average). Such damage can change the result of any war. Same thing happened during Frysteland war when Legion were winning, and got robbed off their legit and hard work at the end.

Pretty impressive numbers. good for the devs since they are getting massive support over a dead game that they spent few to zero time on in the past couple of years. So are the devs ready to let go of the free funding? As in make the war system more competitive, rather than just put their war prizes on auction and wait to see which alignment is going to pay the most? Are devs still in need of more free funding for a new project probably, despite the repercussions that such money-draining techniques do harm to ED?

I guess we are going to wait and see which case we are in here. If the devs are ready to sacrifice of a good amount of free funding to make the game competitive again, or they aren't just ready yet to let go of it.
MQ Epic  Post #: 111
11/3/2016 18:51:34   


It's actually fair because we exiles got the rich ones on our side and you guys got the smart ones on your side. It's actually balanced.
And when I say you got the smart ones I mean they are more INTILLIGENT than Exiles and the biggest proof for that is when I'm not there spamming #EDCodes telling them to attack the Finisher after the Health objective they won't do it and sometimes even when I spammed the # they didn't listen. They have lost a lot of wars due to attacking the Standard first/second and they are still managing to do that.. Even the donkey, which's an animal known for it's stupidity, doesn't fall in the same hole twice (Arabic Idiom) but,
Exiles still manage to do that; that's why I see that it's fair. Oh! Not to mention that you guys also get lucky and get all the rallies even when we both have almost the same influence.
AQW Epic  Post #: 112
11/3/2016 23:11:32   


The whole idea of being able to shop for utilities while in the middle of a war is sickening. These wars aren't legitimately won as Machaar said. When do you ever see someone buying nuclear bombs in the middle of a war? I've never seen it happen. But then again...that's just reality and we're doing this in a virtual game that nobody really plays anymore.
Epic  Post #: 113
11/4/2016 9:31:29   
Lord Machaar

Exile Victory. Congratulations to the devs, your money sucking feature is working! Legion's hardwork went into vain.

Legion players aren't intelligent, legion or exile, they are ED players, and vast majority do not understand how this war system works.
To me, the only criterion that decides if the defending alignment targets the finisher objective second and not the standard objective, is the distance between the health objective and said objectives on the map.
The health objective is always targeted first, and devs try to place the health objective near places where players spawn, so it gets attacked first. Now since the devs want exiles to lose so bad, because the war is so unfair (numbers wise and money wise) and they are too busy to fix it (or liking the money coming from richies), they change the only parameter that they have on their hand, which is the position of objectives.

Logically, players will target the nearest objective to the health objective after they destroy it. Take any war map, calculate the distance between the health objective and the finisher objective, and between the health objective and the standard objective. You will find that the health and standard objectives are always close to each other, especially when Exiles are defending. For example this war, in order to go to the finisher objective, you have to go through the ship, and leave Wasteland While the standard objective is very close to the health objective (You didn't play the war at first, exile players were attacking standard objective first before Twitter propaganda changed that, and this strongly confirms the theory of objectives placement and its repercussion on the order of objectives destruction). So since devs want exiles to lose indirectly, they place finisher objectives way too far.

But if devs really wanted to fix this pay to win issue in the war system, they would have done it before. It's not the case, they are liking the money, the free funding, despite the repercussions of such money sucking techniques on the game, they don't care about the future of ED, they only care about what's coming up next.

< Message edited by Lord Machaar -- 11/4/2016 9:36:27 >
MQ Epic  Post #: 114
11/4/2016 14:30:21   

The exiles were foolish enough to decide to leave the finisher objective for last. We should have lost this war but even I don't have a clue. Looks like Exiles are good at suprise attacks.

Also @Machaar, why having to go through paths when you can just open the map and teleport to a npc?

< Message edited by Warmaker04 -- 11/4/2016 14:43:10 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 115
11/4/2016 15:21:20   
Lord Machaar

^ Exiles have bombers (heavy money spenders).

Most exile players are newbies, alts, bots, you name them. Few legit players are there and play the game correctly. Others are just lost in the game, found themselves in the Wasteland near Snork, the first objective they encounter (Which was the standard objective near Rabblefroth, which is basically the spawning place for Wasteland region), they attack it. Hence why the standard objective was attacked first, and it went down on the same day as the health objective.

The war system doesn't integrate players, which confirms the theory of "BB free funding". I mean it turns out good money, imagine having constant money source without having to actually introduce anything, for 2 years. Would we blame the devs? We can't. I doubt they would fix the war system therefore.

< Message edited by Lord Machaar -- 11/4/2016 15:22:45 >
MQ Epic  Post #: 116
11/4/2016 22:52:54   

i agree with Machaar on this ISSUE where legions don't have heavy bombers (money spenders) while exile have them and that's a turn out for the whole wars like what have happened yesterday were legion had 100 % the win in the bag while 2 X players came spend money gg legion turned the war upside down... and players who worked hard during those 20 days of the said war where they played everyday for hours to make legion wins loses to 2 PLAYERS who didn't battle not even 1 battle but buy bombs and fire them the last hour so 20 days hard work was lost in 1 hour time from heavy bombers... where is the fairness in that?


Bane.Hall0w The Last Shadow Fiend.
Currently on Ban3.Hall0w.
AQW Epic  Post #: 117
11/5/2016 14:23:37   
El3tric Ic3

As an Epicduel veteran who's been playing since gamma but watching since beta I do have a few quick suggestions to note

1) The idea that characters can have 130+ points into a single stat is completely absurde, not to mention the ridiculously high scaling that skills have with certain stats (we’re all looking at the bounty hunters who put 100+ stats in dexterity and max stun grenade and multi shot for a 2 turn battle)

2) Legendary points are horribly unfun for people level 39 trying to get to 40 (or new lv 40) to play against, it gives an unrealistic win chance to the player with the points

3) The variety of ways one can reduce the resistance and defence (smoke screen & assimilation for example). Being able to reduce one’s defences by 30+ points first turn and then nuking them with my first comment makes the for uncreative builds and bland 1v1

4) Side notes: I VERY much enjoy what AQW has done with the buy back option. This would help many people claim old rare items that they sold when they were 7 years old or items they sold and can’t get back because they got them from missions.
Post #: 118
11/5/2016 14:59:58   

i just come up with an easy fix to ranks/levels with the help of my friend xNoddy and it's the following :

Cap level to 45 or 50 and remove all ranks and compensate high ranked players with the credits/varium they spent.
With this change there would be a problem with skill tree and stat points given so reduce them to 3 stats per level and 1 skill per 2 levels or 2 skills per 3 levels or so.

fix stats progressions for no stat spam for less nuke skills and weapons damage to be reduced to a fair amount at max level let's say about :

Swords : to 390 damage on level 50
CSW : to 380 damage on level 50 (Class Specific Weapon)
Gun : to 400 damage on level 50
Aux : to 450 damage on level 50
Armor : to 150 Defense/Resistance on level 50

and on lower level reduce or add to a reasonable logical amount of damage.

this may increase variety of skills and builds and no more ranks problem since i see the majority of ED players are against ranks...

< Message edited by shadow.bane -- 11/5/2016 15:01:32 >


Bane.Hall0w The Last Shadow Fiend.
Currently on Ban3.Hall0w.
AQW Epic  Post #: 119
11/5/2016 15:24:01   

Shadow.bane you're right about one point that is ED players are against ranks. Wrong on all other points.
I am sure that it would take a current level 40 with 90% win rate and daily exp grinding around a full year to reach level 50 , which is absurd and nobody wants to further increase levels other than you so far. The time to find a battle would futher increase since the level range would be much higher , which is absurd. Having 1 skill per 2 levels would make a level 30 (considered fairly high) have around 15 skill points not allowing for any strategy build and players would quit which is absurd. All in all , this idea is absurd. Just my oppinion.
Post #: 120
11/5/2016 20:04:54   

Suggestion #51 by RACING

1. Lower every energy skill to end with the energy meta, reducing the energy stolen, removed, and won. Passive skills were taken because every build needed them, so here something should be done then(That will make battles funniers, bring back the ultimates and give builds not based in energy skills).
Here I described it better: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22158007&mpage=1&key=�

2. Buff those cores so they are usseful:
-Platinum's pride: Lower the energy cost since it only does 85% and takes 25% rage.
- Frost Aura and Curse Aura make them work with every meele attack. Nobody strikes now, so they re usseles, its a small change that will make work these cores.

Epic  Post #: 121
11/5/2016 20:07:50   
One Winged Angel1357

Increasing the level cap will always be a bad idea as long as the player pool can't support it. We have covered this a few times now but I guess it just need reiterating like 10x is a good move with no real drawbacks.

Removing ranks isn't a great idea either as the compensation most likely won't be high enough for players who have grinded out the credits or just paid for them flat out with cash.

Decreasing the level cap back to 30-35 would ease the strain of late game match making, not fix just ease, and switching ranks to no longer impact PvP would further decrease the strain because they no longer factor into the level range calculations. Is this a perfect solution? No fair from it but given the current size of the player base we need to start looking at ways to decrease the number of match making ranges
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 122
11/5/2016 20:29:29   

just to stat a point here reaching level 40 took 107500 exp i guess which is at max u need 7800 exp to reach level 40 from 39 and 7500 exp every rank lets say if we added 300 exp to each level like 39 to 40 needed 7800 so 40 to 41 needs 8100 41 to 42 needs 8400 and so on people can reach 1 level higher within 3 days of 200 pvp per day and on to level 50 need 5 to 6 days so that's a month and a half of grinding each day 150 - 200 wins might be 3 months for lazy players it wont take as much as u think elrite. and if you red my suggestion fairly u would notice i said 1 skill per 2 leves or 2 per 3 levels which if they take 2 per 3 a level 30 would have 20 skills which is enough to make a decent build with no nukes like a level 30 have now (example max multi level 5 stun max emp with loads of dex) <<< which pvp botter take advantage of it winning a 2 hits match nowadays my suggestion prevents that from happening which leads to less pvp botters and more variety of builds.

and well what OWA said is good too like decrees to level 35 is a good solution and matchmaking to min 2 levels lesser or max 2 levels higher would be better cause a lot more players in that range.

idk let's leave it to devs to decide what suggestion work and what don't i just stated my opinion here.

< Message edited by shadow.bane -- 11/5/2016 20:30:13 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 123
11/6/2016 1:16:04   

Suggestion #52 by TRIFT 21

1-Enter Armor of Habuky for buy.
2-BioBeasts Weapons on credits.
3-Mission-1000 credits for move on next mission loaded.
4-More packets on varium buy.

5-Artists have EpicDuel name written in red
6-More missions

7-More skills ,and weapons of Winter

8-Create GIFT'S on Credits
1 gift=3,339 credits.

< Message edited by TRYFT 21 -- 11/6/2016 14:44:17 >
Epic  Post #: 124
11/6/2016 4:56:07   

Suggestion #53 by Xendran

Increase EXP gained per 1v1 battle from 12 to 350.
Award increases and decreases in 10% intervals rather than the current ones when facing opponents of different levels.

At a reasonable length of 3.5 Minutes per Battle (assuming slightly faster battles than this on average, but then accounting for loading times, time spent assigning skills, buying items, etc.) , it will take approximately 18 hours of gameplay to reach Level 40.
This provides the player more than enough time to get comfortable with their class and learn the game before being pitted against other level 40 players.
This change also greatly increases the pool of players playing in the level 40 bracket, and makes it the most populated bracket in this game. This means you can easily separate it into it's own pool of level 40 only without any negative impact on matchmaking speeds.

This also allows players to reasonably have multiple characters of multiple classes that they can permanently use and switch between at will.
This adds real value to character slots to be sold for money for funding for the game, and encourages people to purchase unique cosmetics for multiple characters rather than just one.
Varium exclusive equipment skins, hairstyles, accessories like capes, etc. go along with this perfectly.

(Fun fact: This would be 30 times faster than leveling right now. That means right now it takes about 540 hours to hit level 40.
Assuming you win every battle.
Even if you fought and won every battle and they were all +5 in level, it would take 200 hours.

You have to spend HALF A THOUSAND HOURS in the game before you get to the real game.
In most games, 500 hours get you far more than just to the level cap.)

< Message edited by Xendran -- 11/6/2016 5:05:56 >
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 125
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