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RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread

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8/19/2017 20:42:11   

ACC: Finally hit level 66 after coming back from hiatus
DIS: I almost forgot just how annoying the grinding can be, this Evolved Agony Chain is taking unreasonably long
AQW  Post #: 526
8/23/2017 3:51:32   
  1welve Gull2

ACC: A couple days ago leveled 12 Gulls from 72 to 73 while also ranking Glacial Berserker (AC version) from 7 to 10.
ACC: Went and tried for the You mad Bro? badge for her the third time since having ranked Alchemy at release and received it on the 10th try.
ACC: Obtained the other 3 dragon keys so far available for her today while helping people and just listening to the music.
ACC: Went and obtained the last two gems needed to obtain the last two items from the Dark Chest for 1welve Gull2 yesterday.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 527
8/23/2017 10:28:45   

ACC: 25 Slime fangs, 100 Slime claws, 22 Sloth hearts and god knows how many Sloth Gems and scales later, I finally got the Bloodborne Dragonfang's Blade + got Plague DragonFangs Blade back from the buyback shop.

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AQW  Post #: 528
8/26/2017 2:38:23   
  1welve Gull2

ACCbutkindaDIS: Finally ran out of Diamonds for Nulgath from the war on 12 Gulls, doing a few turns ins for the Void Spartan. Didn't get the armor, but that's fine enough. More concerned with re-obtaining the old items I had before that are now AC anyway.
ACC: Re-obtained the Champion Blade of Nulgath for her yesterday though meaning she now has all of the pre-August 2010 items I'd had on her before then that turned AC. Just the Juggernauts I'd deleted for space remain to re-obtain.
???: Realized while typing the above that it's been exactly 7 years, 1 month, and 3 days since I originally turned in for the CBoN and then turned it in for the Dual variant after it being the first thing I obtained from the OBoN. Time.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 529
8/27/2017 21:40:46   
the warden

ACC:14th rotgenum of nulgath finally,
ACC: found out about void spartan so doing that next.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 530
8/28/2017 11:16:07   

DIS: Can't quite get 1 RoN per day.
ACC: Reached 120 Tainted Gems for the day.
DIS: Still need A LOT of misc.
Post #: 531
8/28/2017 22:04:22   

DIS: i wasted my time fighting 1v1 pvp and wasted combat trophies for a portal key to fight the legion inquisitor in /archportal only to realize it was in my bank all along, but since its a quest item it wasn't put in order alphabetically
DF AQW  Post #: 532
8/29/2017 19:42:24   

ACC: Finally completed the Void Spartan Set. It only took 20 or so turn-ins for that stubborn armor.
DIS: Need to Re-stock my Gems and Diamonds to max again.
AQW  Post #: 533
8/29/2017 20:57:13   
you stop

ACC: got VHL (and ranking up to 10)
DIS: i have a potato pc and i cant use vhl without lagging really badly lol
AQW  Post #: 534
8/30/2017 15:51:12   
  1welve Gull2

ACC: Finally finished obtaining the earned version of ArchPaladin for 12 Gulls.
ACC: Also obtained Lightcaster for her along the way since I needed to complete that area's story in the process.
ACC: Completed 3 of the Throne of Darkness areas with her.
ACC: Ranked ArchPaladin (earned and AC) from 1 to 10, LightCaster and DeathKnight Lord (both it's AC versions) from 1 to 7, Evolved Leprechaun (earned) from 6 to 10, Evolved Leprechaun (AC) from 5 to 10, Daimon (Gold and AC), Abyssal Angel, and Chrono Assassin (AC) from 1 to 6, Arcane Dark Caster from 1 to 5, and Naval Commander (Gold) from 5 to 6.
ACC: She leveled from 73 to 76 in the process.

ACC: Brought Shako Tullis through the Mobius storyline and leveled her from 29 to 30 in the process.
ACC: Also started doing the BoA questline for her.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 535
9/1/2017 22:52:11   
the warden

ACC: got the last 100 tainted gems, emblems needed for my last roetgenum
ACC: Void highlord class is finally mine

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 536
9/2/2017 23:42:02   
The Finnish Phoenix

ACC: All 8 Betrayal Blade swords!
ACC: Never doing Kiss the Void again!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 537
9/3/2017 8:56:47   

Finally beat the 13 lords of chaos saga, managed to collect 3 of the dragon keys yesterday, bringing my total up to five. Not a huge accomplishment, but it still is! Oh, and I got my hands on Stone Crusher. My new favourite class.

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AQW  Post #: 538
9/6/2017 2:30:33   
  1welve Gull2

ACC: Finally rememberd to do the daily enough times to get the earned version of DeathKnight Lord for 12 Gulls.
ACC: Ranked her BattleMage of Love, Drakel Warlord (AC and Gold), Eternal Inversionist (AC Version), Dragonslayer General (AC Version), Scarlet Sorceress (AC and drop versions), Troubador of Love, ShadowStalker of Time, and ShadowWalker of Time from 1 to 5, DeathKnight Lord (earned version) from 1 to 10, Lightcaster from 7 to 10, and DeathKnight Lord (both AC versions) from 7 to 10.
ACC: Also did a few hours of Experience farming for her, leveling from 76 to 81 in the process/as a result.
???: Didn't have any intention of grinding out levels this time around since I met my original 12+ characters capped goal long ago but I really can't help myself when I get into it.

ACC: Completed the Mobius and Arcangrove stories with Baron Elyse.
ACC: He leveled from 21 to 30 during.
ACC: Ranked his Undead Goat from 7 to 10 and his Warrior (Rare) from 5 to 8 as well.
ACC: Ranked Arcangrove from 1 to 8 in the process for him.

ACC: Completed Brimstone and Nightmare with Calla Viva...
ACC: So I could easily rank her Sakura Cryomancer finally and ArchPaladin's AC version which I decided to pick up for her while there. Both were ranked from 1 to 10, Embersea was ranked from 1 to 6 and she leveled from 65 to 66 in the process.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 539
9/7/2017 10:53:33   
the warden

ACC: got 3 items from my 2nd void spartan turn in, void spartan helm, and void sparten helm and scarf, and another cape

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 540
9/9/2017 1:44:13   
  1welve Gull2

ACC: Earlier yesterday I noticed I was very close to it anyway so I got the 3 items needed and picked up Void Light of Destiny for 12 Gulls.
ACC: Completed /Shadowblast's quests in the process.
ACC: Got a Throne of Darkness set from HeroMart for 12 Gulls so she could get the 4 points needed for Great Thief and they arrived mid-day yesterday.
ACC: Ranked Great Thief from 1 to 10 for her immediately...
ACC: ...and having started that at over halfway, went ahead and leveled her from 81 to 82 as well.
ACC: After turning in for that she also just needed Diamonds for Juggernaut so I quickly grabbed those to also re-obtain the Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath for her as well.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 541
9/9/2017 11:47:11   

DIS: Accidentally clicked No on my 8th Roentgenium.

Feels bad man.
Post #: 542
9/9/2017 13:23:39   

DIS: Still no non-mem VoN in sight. My go-to private Elemental room is empty and I just ran out of Gold while doing The Assistant.

Removed bug abuse discussion. ~Shadowhunt

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AQW  Post #: 543
9/10/2017 13:43:53   
the warden

DIS: turned in void spartan quest for the 3rd time and got no drops
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 544
9/10/2017 15:38:36   

Things I accomplished the past couple days.
ACC: Got Void Avenger Scythe (this includes the resources spent on Ungodly Reavers).
ACC: Got my Crystal Phoenix Blade back. I turned it into Cyber Crystal before buyback, sadly.
ACC: Got dual Crystal Phoenix Blade.
ACC: Got the Dragonbone Key while farming a Weapon Reflection.
ACC: Helm of Awe on the alt. Credit to the PTR servers for making Raxgore a whole lot less of a nuisnuiance.

Things I have NOT accomplished:
Getting the Void Spartan Armor, despite having done 75 turn ins. Pretty sure I'm setting a record here.
AQW  Post #: 545
9/11/2017 13:22:23   
Arcane Energy

ACC: Maxed LT, Dark Crystal Shard, Totem, Gem of Nulgath, Tainted Gem

ACC: Got evolved warlord hammer on 20th turn in :c

DISS: Can't seem to get evolved warlord hammer Used 20 uni 13, 20 totem, 2 million gold, 200 dark crystal shards, 200 tainted gems, 200 gem of nulgath

< Message edited by Arcane Energy -- 9/12/2017 16:10:09 >
Post #: 546
9/13/2017 7:18:37   
  1welve Gull2

Over the last few days...
ACC: Quickly grabbed the Legion Tokens required to obtain the Cursed Legion Naval Commander for 12 Gulls.
ACC: After turning in the last couple quests she was just missing another Voucher (nm), a few Tainted Gems, and the Diamonds for Void Paladin the next day I solved that for her to obtain it. Now back to the regularly scheduled program for her of focusing on re-obtaining the other Juggernauts.

ACC: Leveled True Blue Legend from 29 to 30 and Ranked her Sentinel from 3 to 6 in the process.
ACC: Leveled Tangerine Ninja from 29 to 32, bought him ArchPaladin to do so and ranked it from 1 to 8 in the process.
ACC: Leveled Tunis Fish from 29 to 32, bought him ArchPaladin to do so and ranked it from 1 to 10 in the process.
ACC: Bought Mister Merry Rose ArchPaladin and leveled him from 28 to 29, ranking the class from 1 to 10 in the process.
ACC: Completed the Mobius story for him to further level him from 29 to 30.
ACC: Started and completed the Mythsong and Arcangrove stories for Rale Xavier.
ACC: Bought him ArchPaladin to do so and ranked it from 1 to 10 in the process. He also leveled from 13 to 27 while doing that and I further leveled him up to 30 afterwards.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 547
9/13/2017 14:27:49   

ACC: Obtained all non mem items from "Juggernaut Items of Nulgath"
DIS/ACC: I don't even like half of them, but it feels good to finally knowing I won't have to waste more Non-Mem Vouchers for that.
DIS: 80 turn ins and still no Void Spartan armor. Starting to lose hope.
ACC: Got Enchanted ArchMage Staff, Dogear shall be a pain in my rear no more.
AQW  Post #: 548
9/15/2017 13:27:15   
the warden

ACC: turned in void spartan quest 3 more times and got the sword, but nothing the first two turnins so wasted 1mil gold....
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 549
9/16/2017 14:54:03   

DIS: Didn't know that earth gems stacked up to only 20. What have I been doing for the past three hours?!
AQW  Post #: 550
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