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RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread

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12/27/2016 0:27:23   

ACC: Finally got my Cape of Awe! :D
Post #: 101
12/27/2016 2:08:13   
Iron Volvametal

ACC: Got Rank 10 Glacera on my alt after all.
AQW  Post #: 102
12/27/2016 10:18:44   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Got the rest of the Emblems of nulgath i need in preparation for Void warlord.
???: While farming, i got 23 free Fiend seals due to some weird bug. (Right after a turn in, having 0 Fiend seals left, the game started telling me "This item already exists in your bank" when i try to accept any. I relog, and there's 23 Fiend seals in my inventory for some reason)

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AQW  Post #: 103
12/27/2016 19:57:53   

ACC: Finally reached 3 million gold! (again)
???: Weird bug on Gold boost (1hr), I only have 20+ secs. left 'till expiration and got suddenly disconnected in the test server. I was shocked when a notice appeared in the chat box that there's 1 hr. left till gold boost expiration. Didn't even lost a drop of gold and boost. Oh well, no can do about the test server being kind.

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Post #: 104
12/29/2016 0:37:59   

ACC: Rank 10 Sandsea. I never realized how much I hated frasks and monkeys until now.
AQW  Post #: 105
12/29/2016 15:07:08   
Guardian Patrick

ACC: Max totem of nulgath :3
ACC: Max diamonds/tainted/DCS of nulgath :3
ACC: Got Walord of Nulgath :3
ACC: Rank 10 Glacera
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
12/30/2016 15:26:20   
Iron Volvametal

ACC: Thanks to the extra ACs AE gave me, I was able to buy the Mounted Paragon Pet. It's easy Token Farming from here on out!

DIS: Despite having keep them in my bank & are amongst my favorite armors in the game, I had to sell my Berserker Champion & Undead Berserker armors to buy the pet.

???: I have 2ACs.

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AQW  Post #: 107
12/31/2016 19:22:34   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Rank 10 GB x 2
ACC: I love this class
???: I think i might have a new favorite class, LBMA, you have been dethroned.

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AQW  Post #: 108
1/1/2017 18:57:32   

Acc: I have my 4th AFDL item, and also...
MEGA-Acc: UNI 35!!

???: This means I can get the armor too, but I'm not sure how I feel about the final stretch. I need 4 more uni 34 and I'm not sure if I want to do that first or do everything else.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 109
1/2/2017 16:06:53   

ACC: Completed all the New Year's releases
ACC: Once I get my Honorable Hero ACs, I'll be a few Ballyhoo vids away from being able to join the Legion
ACC: Came close to soloing Maximum Slugfit on my level 46 alt using Glacial Berserker
DIS: Used my gift ACs on my minor alts to try and get good treasure chest rewards, but all I got was items I wouldn't even buy for free
AQW  Post #: 110
1/2/2017 17:04:30   

ACC: Rank 10 Fishing
ACC: Just one more rep to rank up until I have maxed out all nonmember factions
DIS: Elemental Master is really hard to rank up

DIS: Elemental Master is really really really boring I literally fell asleep trying to rank it up D:

ACC: Finally finished farming Elemental Master Rep
DIS: Realized that I forgot about DeathPitBrawl rep
???: Decided to pretend that nothing PvP related exists
???: Now I don't have to worry about doing anything PvP related

< Message edited by ShatteredReality -- 1/3/2017 17:02:45 >
AQW  Post #: 111
1/3/2017 3:55:18   

ACC: Obtained Glacial Berserker class
ACC: Class is awesome, but last animations duration is a bit annoying
ACC: Came up with a nice-looking ice themed set for the class
AQW  Post #: 112
1/6/2017 5:54:04   
Hells Elder Brother

ACC: Got the Northlands Ranger set before it goes rare
FUNNYACC: I calculated the items in my bank. There are 12 items in each rows of 35, calculated it and the total items I have in it are 420.

Drug reference removed. ~Shadowhunt

< Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 1/6/2017 12:39:32 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 113
1/6/2017 15:03:49   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Got honorable hero badge on both accounts
ACC: Got legionship on the alt.
DIS: Cant afford the mounted paragon pet.

ACC: Got Painsaw and Soul scythe in my first 4 turn ins of legion excercise 4 on the alt, lucky me.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 1/6/2017 16:11:06 >
AQW  Post #: 114
1/6/2017 16:45:39   
Guardian Patrick

ACC: Honorable Badge :3
ACC: LightCaster class on my alt
ACC: Changed my main char name :3
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 115
1/6/2017 19:48:30   
Raven Star

Alpha DOOMmega (Rank 10)
Alpha Omega (Rank 10)
Arachnomancer (Rank 10)
ArchFiend (Rank 10)
Artifact Hunter (Rank 10)
Barber (Rank 10)
BladeMaster (Rank 10)
BladeMaster Assassin (Rank 10)
Blaze Binder (Rank 10)
Blood Titan (Rank 10)
Chaos Slayer Berserker (Rank 10)
Chaos Slayer Thief (Rank 10)
Chaotic Slayer Cleric (Rank 10)
Chaotic Slayer Mystic (Rank 10)
Chunin (Rank 10)
Classic Pirate (Rank 10)
Cryomancer (Rank 10)
Darkblood StormKing (Rank 10)
Dragon Shinobi (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer General (Rank 3)
Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
Enforcer (Rank 10)
Eternal Inversionist (Rank 10)
Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Evolved Leprechaun (Rank 10)
Evolved Shaman (Rank 10)
Exalted Soul Cleaver (Rank 10)
Glacial Berserker (Rank 1)
Healer (Rank 10)
Healer (Rare) (Rank 10)
Horc Evader (Rank 10)
Horc Evader (Rank 10)
Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10)
Leprechaun (Rank 10)
Love Caster (Rank 10)
Lycan (Rank 10)
Mage (Rank 10)
Mage (Rare) (Rank 10)
Master Ranger (Rank 10)
MechaJouster (Rank 10)
Necromancer (Rank 10)
Ninja (Rank 10)
No Class (Rank 10)
Oracle (Rank 10)
Pinkomancer (Rank 10)
Pyromancer (Rank 10)
Pyromancer (Rank 10)
Ranger (Rank 10)
Rogue (Rank 10)
Rogue (Rare) (Rank 10)
Royal BattleMage (Rank 10)
Rustbucket (Rank 10)
Scarlet Sorceress (Rank 4)
Shaman (Rank 10)
StoneCrusher (Rank 10)
The Collector (Rank 10)
Thief of Hours (Rank 10)
Thief of Hours (Rank 10)
Troll Spellsmith (Rank 10)
Troll Spellsmith (Rank 10)
Ultra Elemental Warrior (Rank 10)
Ultra OmniKnight (Rank 10)
Undead Goat (Rank 10)
Vindicator Of They (Rank 10)
Warrior (Rank 10)
Warrior (Rare) (Rank 10)

@ShatteredReality:- She who wears many armors has very expensive laundry bill.

< Message edited by Raven Star -- 1/7/2017 23:32:17 >
AQW  Post #: 116
1/7/2017 0:57:57   

ACC: Rank 10 Glacial Berserker, ArchPaladin, and Light Caster
DIS: After reading the above post, my accomplishments no longer seem as amazing.
AQW  Post #: 117
1/7/2017 1:06:49   

ACC: 150 200/200 Combat Trophies
???: Farmed 155 Trophies in a day
DIS: Still no Honorable Hero, not sure if I'll even end up getting it at this point

< Message edited by nalguth -- 1/7/2017 2:01:45 >
AQW  Post #: 118
1/7/2017 7:00:11   

Mega Acc: Finally finished AFDL farming.
???: Success hangover time, I did a thing and now lack a goal.

Acc: Used Enchanted Lightcaster to unlock Light Caster class.
Acc: Ranked to 10, and liked it so much that I...
Acc: Sold some stuff on my alt to get it there too. Ranked to 6 currently.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 119
1/7/2017 10:56:19   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Stopped being so conservative and did something with my ACs.
ACC: Got light Caster.
ACC: Rank 10 lightcaster.
ACC: It's even better than i thought.
AQW  Post #: 120
1/7/2017 12:51:38   

ACC: 3,600,000 Gold on Main
ACC: Rank 36/10 Blazebinder on alt
DIS: had 1,200,000 Gold on alt
ACC: 1,200,000 Gold on Alt
Update edit:
ACC: Level 47/55 Goal on alt
ACC: Rank 78/10 BlazeBinder on Alt

< Message edited by Icetex -- 1/7/2017 22:15:31 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 121
1/7/2017 23:25:15   

ACC: Got that scythe weapon from the merge shop from the event this week.
???: Not sure exactly why I got the weapon, it's not that good looking.
ACC: On the other hand, I've never really farmed for a weapon that required me to merge a certain number of tokens that dropped from the boss of an area, so I guess this a first for me! (A first that took like nine hours!) (For a weapon that's not even that good!)
AQW  Post #: 122
1/8/2017 4:45:31   

It's been a while since I last posted here

*Finally managed to get full AFDL set just a week and a few days ago
*Four Alts managed to finish Arcangrove Saga to get their rep boosting equipments
*Managed to get Nightlocke War Axe for my main and five alts after hourssss of farming
*Managed to Rank up Glacial Berserker and Light Caster to 10 (I'm glad I managed to get the enchanted armor one months ago. Lots of people using the evolved one atm)
*Three alts reached lvl 55 and got their Cape of Awe

*Those days of easy Dark Spirit Orbs farming ended and now I'm stuck at 430
*One more alt to finish arcangrove saga(those puzzles though...)
*Need to level up two more alts to 55 to get their Cape of Awe
*Need to get Archpaladin for one alt, Stonecrusher for another and Arachnomancer for the other.
*Membership might end tomorrow and might take a month to renew it. It also means I might miss the current package for the 12 month one

AQW  Post #: 123
1/8/2017 11:29:21   

ACC: lvl 48/55 Goal on Alt
ACC: Rank 10 BB on alt
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 124
1/8/2017 12:10:59   

Abyssal Angel r10
Alpha DOOMmega r10
Arachnomancer r10
ArchPaladin r10
Artifact Hunter r10
BeastMaster r10
Berserker r10
BladeMaster r10
BladeMaster Assassin r10
Blaze Binder r10
Blood Ancient r10
Blood Titan r10
CardClasher r10
Chaos Shaper r10
Chaotic Slayer Mystic r10
Chrono Assassin r10
Chrono DragonKnight r10
ChronoCommander r10
ChronoCorruptor r10
Chronomancer r10
Chunin r10
Classic Pirate r10
Cryomancer r10
Daimon r10
Dark Caster r10
Dark Legendary Hero r10
Darkblood StormKing r10
Darkside r10
DeathKnight r10
DeathKnight Lord r10
Defender r10
DoomKnight r10
DoomKnight Overlord r10
Dragon Knight r10
Dragon Shinobi r10
Dragonlord r10
Dragonslayer r10
Dragonslayer General r10
Drakel Warlord r10
Elemental Dracomancer r10
Eternal Inversionist r10
Evolved Leprechaun r10
Evolved Pumpkin Lord r10
Evolved Shaman r10
Exalted Soul Cleaver r10
Flame Dragon Warrior r10
Glacial Berserber r10
Glacial Warlord r10
Great Thief r10
Guardian r10
Healer (Rare) r10
Horc Evader r10
Infinity Knight r10
Legendary ArchFiend r10
Legendary Elemental Warrior r10
Legendary Hero r10
Legion Blademaster Assassin r10
Legion DoomKnight r10
Legion Evolved Dark Caster r10
Legion Paladin r10
LightCaster r10
LightCaster Test r10
Love Caster r10
Lycan r10
Mage (Rare) r10
Master Ranger r10
MechaJouster r10
MindBreaker r10
Mystical Dark Caster r10
Naval Commander r10
Necromancer r10
Ninja r10
No Class r10
Oracle r10
Paladin r10
Paladin High Lord r10
PaladinSlayer r10
Pirate r10
Prismatic ClawSuit r10
Pyromancer r10
Royal BattleMage r10
Rust Bucket r10
Scarlet Sorceress r10
Sentinel r10
ShadowStalker of Time r10
ShadowWalker of Time r10
Shaman r10
SkyGuard Grenadier r10
StarLord r10
StoneCrusher r10
The Collector r10
Thief of Hours r10
TimeKiller r10
Troll Spellsmith r10
Troubadour of Love r10
Ultra OmniKnight r10
Undead Goat r10
Undeadslayer r10
Unlucky Leprechaun r10
Vindicator Of They r10
Warrior (Rare) r10

Removed parts of your post that came off as offensive and sarcastic. Check your inbox if you haven't already. ~Solanaceae

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 125
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