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RE: =AQW= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread

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1/8/2017 18:59:20   

ACC: Managed to get the following classes in the last 2 weeks, and only had to spend ACs on LightCaster, but it was worth it ^-^

Blaze Binder
Darkblood StormKing
Dragonslayer General
Glacial Berserker

Big shout out to my Dark Mage Set and the 6x (12x for a few days) Boost on the Testing Servers which made this possible.

DIS: Only Legion DoomKnight missing from my list of needed classes, doubt I can get the ACs before it's released ;-;
AQW  Post #: 126
1/9/2017 16:52:27   

ACC: Honorable Hero finally came in!
ACC: Joined the legion
ACC: 1k ACs left
DIS: Not sure if I should buy Lightcaster or keep the ACs in case a farming pet shows up on Nulgath's birthday

ACC: Rank 10 Lightcaster
ACC: The class armour goes really well with Knight's Shag
ACC: Did LE4 a few times, got the Scythe and the Corrupted Dragon Slayer (which looks great with AFDL)

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AQW  Post #: 127
1/10/2017 2:11:17   
Raven Star

Acc:- Finally got Arch Paladin
Dis:- Ahhhhh gad.... what a nightmare. Not a fan of Binky or Ultra Alteon, never want to do a questline with these 2 as a part of a quest requirement. Got drop from Xan after my 3rd try ..... clicked NO to drop.... so tired.

Spent the whole day at Xan getting drop again.

All in all, pleased I got it.
AQW  Post #: 128
1/10/2017 9:38:56   
Doxus the OverLord

ACC: Ending my "max-stacking saga" for Nulgath items
ACC: Bought ACs for my alt account for having something cool from Nulgath birthday and Dage birthday

DIS: Dage birthday still in march

???: Thinking on about getting ArchPaladin in my alt account
???: Thinking on about getting more inventory slots for my alt account (still with 30 slots)
Post #: 129
1/10/2017 14:02:01   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Got my first 1k LTs on the alt.
DIS: It brings back the bad memories of farming LTs without a paragon pet.
???: At least I feel accomplished every time i can sense a noticeable difference in the LTs (usually when i round the 100s)
AQW  Post #: 130
1/10/2017 17:25:07   

ACC: 1,300,000 Gold on Alt
ACC: 3.700.000 Gold on Main
ACC: lvl 49/55 Goal on Alt
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 131
1/10/2017 18:54:28   
Raven Star

ACC:- Metakirby reminded me I need to farm for LTs

Sigh have to farm for legion tokens

UPDATE:- Awwww I forgot how boring LT farming is. Keep falling asleep.

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AQW  Post #: 132
1/10/2017 22:20:16   
Doxus the OverLord

ACC: My sweet legion castle will be arriving tomorrow. Only need more 1 Shadow Shroud
ACC: Done Skyguard story and got a badge at the process
ACC: Done with Nythera's saga (Northlands)

DIS: Thinking on about taking a little break and doing sagas
DIS: Divided if doing sagas or ranking up Skyguard rep
DIS: Wanting for farm for Realmbreaker
DIS: Wanting to farm for Eternity Blade
DIS: Thinking about killing Jir'Abin for all that 1% insane drops

???: This friday is arriving... and the only details we have are about Friday 13th release (Drakath + Voltaire)
???: Nothing as DNs for Nulgath Birthday? His birthday is january 16th and still not saying anything as DNs about it
???: Am I willing to farm for Blood Gems of the ArchFiend? I have nightmares just for thinking about it
???: Is it time to farm for LTs after getting my legion castle?
???: Should I spend my Nulgath materials doing AFDL or wait for Void of Nulgath release? Having stacks of every stackable nulgath material seems to be so usefull and come in handy...
Post #: 133
1/11/2017 3:18:43   

ACC: Got Honorable Hero on 3/4 accounts. Apparently the report system does work because I got muted for 24 hours even though I didn't swear, it was just light banter.
ACC: Found another old account with 50 bag spaces and very little rares so it's a clean star
ACC: That account also had 2,150 AC's acculumated from Frostvale and HH, so got LightCaster.
DIS: Almost all my friends are inactive
ACC: Yulgars aren't full of just AFK people which is fabadabadoo.
DIS: Got catfished by people.
ACC: Catfished them back.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 134
1/11/2017 6:32:09   
Doxus the OverLord

ACC: Finally I got my Legion Castle, so I had to do this
ACC: SkyGuard near rank 10

??? Thinking if now my path will be farming for more LTs
??? Still wanting some drops...
??? Thinking about what to do now...
Post #: 135
1/11/2017 9:29:01   

ACC: Procuring ArchPaladin class with chronic procrastination.
AQW  Post #: 136
1/14/2017 11:47:08   

So far this is my progress since I last posted here

-5th alt managed to finish Arcangrove Saga and got the REP boosting equipments.
-5th alt reached lvl 55
-4th and 5th alt managed to get their cape of Awe
-They finally got their Honorable Hero Badge as well
-Four of my alts managed to reach lvl 65 thanks to the Testing Server boost
-1st alt managed to max up Rep for Mythsong, Arcangrove and Brightoak allowing him to get Stonecrusher
-5th alt managed to max up Rep for Ravenloss allowing her to finally get Arachnomancer.
-All alts almost have 1k acs. One more year and they might be able to join the Legion Faction
-Managed to rank up a lot of classes to 10 in my main with the help of testing server boost
(Team is almost complete )

-Still need to get Archpaladin in one of my alts
-Membership on my main expired few days ago.
-Hoping i have enough ACs to cover all the items i might want to buy at Nulgath's Birthday
-One more alt needed to lvl up to 65.
-Not much progress happened to my main since i focused too much on my alts this last few days...
AQW  Post #: 137
1/14/2017 22:48:18   

ACC: Finally got ArchPaladin, 2 days and 1 night.

DIS: Well, I remember I missed my chance to get Altar of Caladbolg by 1 day last year.
DF AQW  Post #: 138
1/17/2017 2:55:26   

ACC: Bought Exalted Legion Champion
AQW  Post #: 139
1/17/2017 7:32:54   

ACC: Rank 10 Glacera.

Thnx Test Server boosts.
Post #: 140
1/17/2017 13:33:59   
  kaos rules x

Shadow Slayin' ArchKnight of AQWorlds

ACC: Roakaa hit level 65. As much as I dislike repetitive farming, that didn't take too long when I actually sat down and worked at it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 141
1/17/2017 14:24:26   

ACC: Nulgath birthday is close, got all reagents stacked to max to be prepared
DIS: Apparently class requirements have been changed so I dont know what to expect
???: Apparently I have 700 AC to spend on birthday rares, probably wont be able to buy farm pet or full armor set, but hopefully will get a nice gear or two
AQW  Post #: 142
1/17/2017 17:18:19   

*Begin for first time to farm Nulgath Reagents
*Obtained in the 2nd Try a Voucher (Non-Mem)
*Obtained in the 4th Try a Voucher Mem
*Obtained in the 5th Try a Tainted Gem
* Obtained in the 16th try a Unidentified 13
*Obtained in the 18th try Other Tainted Gem
*So... Much Boring
Post #: 143
1/18/2017 12:24:14   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Managed to solo doomkitten with LC
???: Killed my friend a couple times in the process.
AQW  Post #: 144
1/18/2017 12:48:13   
Guardian Patrick

ACC: Got Hadean Onyx :3
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 145
1/18/2017 17:28:56   

ACC: Got the Hadean Onyx of Nulgath

DIS: Welp Time to do a lot of Nulgath farming
DF  Post #: 146
1/18/2017 19:18:23   

Acc: Hadean Onyx and NonMem Voucher in the same day.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 147
1/19/2017 17:44:02   

ACC: Hadean Onyx
DIS: Not in the mood to farm Totems
DIS: I'll have to figure out a new farming pattern for Essences because of the spawn changes
AQW  Post #: 148
1/20/2017 16:43:54   
Constructive & Helpful!

ACC: Completed my first Void Highlord Challenge quest.
DIS: Didn't get Roentgenium (never sure if i spell it correctly).
AQW  Post #: 149
1/20/2017 17:17:26   

ACC: Managed getting the farm pet for 300 AC
DIS: Cant really afford anything else (cant complain at all though)
DIS: 1st turn in - No roentgenum, the class will take a while to get
AQW  Post #: 150
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