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RE: Zuma's Suggestions

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6/13/2017 11:48:28   

You should really take a better look at the Void Crystal. I completely revamped the idea. When you wield the sword, your damage is doubled because it is treated as Void damage, the monster's damage is doubled because of the penalties that add up to 140% Melee.
AQ  Post #: 26
6/13/2017 12:27:31   

Whilst "balanced", the very thought of the void crystal idea in it's current state sounds... well unlikely. A crystal that allows you to do true void damage under any circumstances sounds kinda ridiculous, even with the enemy doing double damage to compensate.
AQ  Post #: 27
6/13/2017 13:42:53   

The crystal itself doesn't let you do Void damage; you need the sword to do that, and that requires a total penalty of 140% Melee.

You can use the crystal on its own to increase your damage by 30% at an HP cost like BloodBlade.

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AQ  Post #: 28
6/13/2017 14:01:58   

Even so, you have access to a true void weapon against every monster in the game... somehow I doubt that would ever get implemented.
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9/14/2017 21:19:59   

It's been a long time since I was last here (on the suggestion thread), and I'm glad these forums don't have any necro restrictions.

Thousand Winds

This is a Wind Magic sword. It is 8-proc (chance of a special is 8%) and the MC is put into a chance to Daze on any attack (not just the special). However, to make the special attack even more special, the chance to daze is increased on the special attack. The Daze is relatively weak, as it derives its power exclusively from the MC, without a damage penalty.


This mystical blade has the power to call winds in all four directions—north, south, east, and west! This can leave your enemy dazed and confused, preventing them from attacking. ZumaChaosReborn encountered this weapon on a transuniversal adventure.

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AQ  Post #: 30
9/26/2017 8:34:50   

Here's another idea, one that's meant for lower-level players that are starting out: HelpZard.

It is an Earth-element monster, but as soon as you find it in RA, it shows this speech bubble:

"Hello! I'm the HelpZard! I see you're low-level and need help. Here's some free Experience and Gold!"

After you click the Done button of the bubble, the battle ends and you get the Experience and Gold the HelpZard promised you.
AQ  Post #: 31
9/26/2017 18:49:01   

An item where you sacrifice health, etc., for more power is an archetype. Akin to someone selling their soul for rock 'n' roll. It could be a decent addition. However, allowing it to just double damage via the Void element sword seems too easy. It distracts slightly from the rest of the design, and especially from the opponent - who should be an important source of pressure here, not a punching-bag. The item could stand to focus on one or two notable aspect, so that the full pathos and significance of these can be brought out. Void weapons at present tend to be more careful and integrated into the 'quests,' so this might not belong with this rare element just to inflict free damage.

What might be interesting is finding such items in Death's Domain - if a player went there.

A zard which is inverted to be helpful could be slightly amusing, at least. It might defy expectations. However, if too frequent it would get in the way of the atmosphere around zard-quests. You suppose it could lead to some sort of parody of the Dracomancer saga. If zards were made more prominent in higher level quests as well, then having benign zards which fade away over time would be a useful shift. It would make them seem slightly more hostile later on, which could be good to avoid them being exhausted quickly.


From beyond my past, from beyond your grave,
you are, you are.

Your memories are mine, they chase me through all time,
and you are, you are.
AQ  Post #: 32
10/1/2017 20:09:02   

I just came up with this idea:

Right now, we have an item that converts HP to SP once per turn (Fruitcake Brick), an item that converts MP to SP once per turn (Shadowfeeder Pendant), an item that converts SP to MP as many times as you like (Pixel Ether), an item that converts MP to HP as many times as you like (Discount Mogloween Candy Bag/Heart Potion), and two items that cost SP and give you HP or MP (Crystal of Restless Shadows and Rejuvenating Necklace, even though they're a bit of a stretch.)

We're missing at least one thing: An item that has an HP cost per turn and gives you MP!

Since it's like Mana Morph (a skill from the old Wizard Robes, which shows a drop of blood being converted into mana) but it does not cost you a turn to equip, I will call it "Mana-Blood Synthesizer".

This glowing green stone may not be as devastating as kryptonite to your enemies, but it will help you instead, at a cost! Each turn, you'll give up some blood to the stone, and it will turn into mana! ZumaChaosReborn found this stone when looking through a wreck in Granemor.

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AQ  Post #: 33
10/12/2017 22:12:21   

Wild Bull Rider

FO Earth armor. (39 to Earth). 48 to Water, Fire, and Light, trivial resistances to other elements.

Free effect: All base damage anyone takes goes to random instead. This affects EVERYTHING, including "other" attacks like Guardian Dragons and Ally Assists, and the Charge Strike skill.

MC: Comes with a weapon-based skill: Charge Strike. It is the same element as your weapon and has no elecomp, but still has the *2 BR/Stat/LS to compensate for the SP cost.

Description: ZumaChaosReborn has managed to tame many wild bulls, and you're riding one of them, giving you amazing Earth resistance and good resistance to Water, Fire, and Light. However, they still retain their unpredictability, causing hits to have much greater damage potential, but are unreliable because of this, and they can charge strike to deal double damage!

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AQ  Post #: 34
10/26/2017 13:05:27   

Evil Surgeon's Scalpel

Melee/Magic weapon (probably a sword). 0-proc and MC.

This weapon spends both the 0-proc bonus and the MC (but without a damage penalty) to attempt to inflict Infected on the monster. This is a combination of Bleed and SP Disease (like the Poutine Golem being Entangled and Burn) and is a single save (inflict with STR|INT/LUK resist with END/LUK). Like the Scarab Mace/Axe, any modifiers on either status are added. The status power is focused on increasing the chance to attempt, and each one is worth 7% Melee.

This should be a -0 save to the monster to strengthen the status, and the probability of rolling is EarthRes * Hits Connected / Hits Attempted after an attack with the weapon (including weapon skills).


Originally a tool used by an evil medical practicioner, ZumaChaosReborn has repurposed and sharpened this weapon so it can be used in battle! The scalpel has the ability to simultaneously infect your foe with a disease that weakens their spirit and lacerate the monster to leave them bleeding!

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AQ  Post #: 35
10/26/2017 18:21:12   

Dagger of the Cold-Hearted

MC Ice Magic dagger. +3 BtH lean.

0-proc, so +9% damage.

MC: Click the dagger's blade to cast a Darkness-element skill (that costs SP). The skill is treated as a spell, and is always Magic. It takes a -50% damage penalty, but heals you equal to the amount of damage dealt.


After ZumaChaosReborn managed to kill an ice demon, its spirit was absorbed into a dagger! The demon's cold-heartedness allows the weapon to deal Ice damage, but you can also click its blade to haunt your foe with its spirit, dealing Darkness damage and absorbing the monster's vitality (HP) into your own!


(when hovering over the dagger's blade) Click the blade to cast a skill, dealing Darkness damage and healing you! <> SP!
(with insufficient SP) You don't have enough SP to unleash the demon's spirit! (<> SP required!)

SP cost is 490 at level 150, but ensure there are lower tiers.

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AQ  Post #: 36
10/26/2017 19:37:38   

When Andlu accidentally typed "sick meme" as "Mick Seme", I noticed that several real-world people, also have the first name Mick (Mick Jagger being a prime example), so I came up with the idea of a boxer NPC named Mick Seme, and a weapon for him.

Mick Seme's Boxing Gloves

These are green boxing gloves, with a white inscription on them.

Melee Earth fist. +5 BtH lean. 10-proc.

When the special procs, the MC does as well. It is a 1 turn, 100% daze with a +20 save (STR/LUK) vs (END/LUK), so no damage penalty.

"Your foe is dazed by your amazing boxing skills!"
"Your opponent stands their ground and remains on their feet! (Or whatever they stand on.)"


Mick Seme, a former amateur boxer, has decided to leave the ring in pursuit of fighting monsters just as you do, so he has sold you his gloves! You can see the inscription "ZumaChaosReborn" on them.
AQ  Post #: 37
11/6/2017 18:56:08   

Silver Bullet Slasher + Wooden Stake Blade (possibly war rewards, or in Vamp/Were Shop)

These are 2 separate MC weapons (tagged as swords regardless of mode). Both toggle from Melee to 100-proc Ranged to Magic. The Melee/Magic versions have no special, and get 9% bonus damage, while the 100-proc versions get +2% for no special special. Attack is 2 hits 100% of the time, for 102% damage (factoring in no special special bonus above)

Both are naturally Earth, but Silver Bullet deals Fire damage against werewolves or were-hybrids, while Wooden Stake deals Light damage to vampires or vamp-hybrids. When this happens, both get +10% extra damage. MC is lack of a downtrigger.

It would be best if these weapons entered the game now to motivate the warmongers.

Description for Silver Bullet Slasher:

This sword was forged out of silver, increasing its potency against werewolves! It deals Fire damage to them, but normally deals Earth damage. This weapon was forged by ZumaChaosReborn to kill werewolves with ease.

Description for Wooden Stake Blade:

This is a pointed wooden stake formed into a blade! It is powerful against vampires and deals Light damage when facing them, but deals Earth damage otherwise. The WereKing made it in a failed attempt to get rid of ZumaChaosReborn.
AQ  Post #: 38
11/25/2017 18:34:46   

After being told that I can't make derivative suggestions like Awe weapons for 100-proc users, I set off to make my own no-drops. These are temporary but can be borrowed by both Guardians and Adventurers.

Chosen's Shortbow (temporary weapon)
100-proc. No BtH Lean. No special-special, so +2% damage. Earth element if Adventurer or no-drops are set to Neutral, no-drop element otherwise. Scales to Level for Adventurers or GuardianLevel for Guardians. Attack is either 1 or 2 hits with an equal chance of either occurring; each hit does *2/3 damage. MC for Guardians; MC bonus is 2.125 BtH and 2.5% damage.

The bow should resemble the Poison/Stun Bows as they are shortbows, but the shaft is green instead.

Chosen's Wand (also a temp weapon)
100-proc. No BtH Lean. +2% damage as it has no special-special. Earth element if Adventurer or no-drops are set to Neutral, no-drop element otherwise. Scales to Level for Adventurers or GuardianLevel for Guardians. Attack is always 3 hits; all three deal *1/3 damage. MC for Guardians; MC bonus is identical to the bow's.

The wand should resemble Zardwarts Sturdy wand, but it's green instead of being brown/orange.

Description for both:

ZumaChaosReborn has forged this [bow|wand] for you to use! It strikes with the force of the Earth, and grows with you as you level up!

When you equip either item, a popup shows up with: "Your weapon grows alongside you, dealing <> damage with <> BtH!"

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