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=AQW= Constructive Criticism of AQW Analysis: Game Mechanics

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3/23/2017 12:36:34   
The Arcane

Alina is really enjoying the critique on AQWorlds and has asked that we separate the original thread into specific focus topics. Use this as an opportunity to offer honest and constructive feedback to help make the game you love even better. This thread is for critique on Game Mechanics.

Thread Rules
1. The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules and =AQW= General Discussion Forum Rules apply.
2. Remember this is a critique thread. Any posts which are just suggesting changes without offering any feedback on the game's current status will be deleted and redirected to the AQWorlds Suggestions forum.
3. Constructive criticism is a requirement, not an option. Any trolling, flaming or rude posts will not be tolerated and consequences will happen, accordingly.


Constructive Criticism

  • What is it?
    Constructive criticism is being able to process and offer your own thoughts and opinions in order to give courteous and friendly feedback. This is done by explaining what you like and dislike, while at the same time providing feedback that is useful. This is what separates constructive feedback from ranting/complaining and flaming.

  • Does it help? How?
    Yes! Constructive criticism helps because not only are you giving feedback about what you don't like about a quest/event, but you're also giving feedback about what you DID like in the quest. Feedback could include on such topics as statistics, more dialogue, more explanatory cutscenes, more fights - everything that quests or events would normally include. This gives the game staff a better idea on future improvements.

  • Example of Constructive Criticism:
    "I didn't partularly like this war because it felt too empty. To have made it better, I think the staff could have had a 50% cutscene to unlock rather than just a shop to progress the storyline. As it was, I personally was a little dissapointed that this war felt more rushed than previous wars, however I do understand that the staff had a lot on their plate when making this release.
    That said, I greatly enjoyed the boss fight, the animations and art fit perfectly with the song that was playing in the background. So while not one of the best wars AQW have done, I still enjoyed it. Thank you, AQW staff!"

  • Example of Unconstructive Criticism:
    "I didn't like this war at all. What were the staff thinking? The items in the shop were ugly, overpriced and were bugged!! No cutscene? That was never done before and it is not how it should be done ever. Seriously, doesn't the staff ever listen to us?! The boss fight was too hard and took forever to beat :( And there was no sound. I don't think the staff even care anymore. Best war ever /sarcasm I hate this game D:<!"

  • Also see:
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    Thanks to Ikaros for the original thread idea and Christophisis for the divided threads idea.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    12/27/2016 19:55:20   

    WoW first reply...
    Has been mentioned for other in the "original" thread:
    The skills of the classes who are only 5, (Really are only 4 with few exceptions) they can try to create a Tree of Skills , maybe can up the Max. Rank of skills to 30 and give points through that or maybe can buy them with AC 50/15 (Upping the level of the ability/skill, up the cost) or 50.000/100.000 of Gold.

    This don't apply to this (type) of RPG, but the decision of Race (Elf / Horc / Troll / Darkblood / Human / Dracomancer / Hybrid / Angel / Demon )
    maybe can up or down the stats of the character and Factors, too can divide the factors of classes to no OP (this is not class discussion...?) or UP the classes of Excessive way

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    Post #: 2
    12/27/2016 20:55:29   

    Random monster spawns are terrible and have even ruined events such as the Desolich war for many players. Rather than creating separate maps or even splitting a single map evenly between two sides, we received a single map with random spawns everywhere. This made farming for Dragonslayer General take probably twice as long as it should have while also making our characters look like stupid traitors at the same time. I do not enjoy being sent to kill 5 or 10 monsters of a specific variety only to need to kill 15 or 20 monsters for the quest items due to random spawns, and it only gets worse as the item requirements grow. It seems lazy and is an unnecessary annoyance. And now that I think about it, I don't believe we received the boost to dragon killing weapons we won in that war. That would be nice. Also, if we are going to have two sided wars, please consider making them fair. Why should one side have weaker or easier monsters?

    Post #: 3
    12/27/2016 23:04:37   
    Guardian Patrick

    I found the game is lacking a little bit of replayability and many game features. By replayability, I mean a gameplay that can make a player happy and who want to replay that same gameplay. For example, so far, AQW has PvP, alternate endings from some quests, mini-game, these are examples of replayability. The game needs something that is not tedious, fun and replayable. It also needs a purpose too. For example, helping players to build up their own hero because everyone's main objective is to work on their hero, making it nice and strong.

    The best part of AQW are the Arts (Items, weapons, armors, etc), the Classes, the Humor, the Story, the Community. The only thing AQW needs to focus more is the game features. It's vast to provide some examples because they are many idea to suggest. The main objective is to make players addicted to AQW.

    Players will always try to find the "best" combo, but there is no really best combo because it depends how the players play. (A player might want to have more dodge than haste, or more crit rate than accuracy, or the opposite.). It's like Rock-Paper-Scissor, but with more stuff in it and a little bit more complex. lol

    I always found 4 class skills is not enough and that we risk ending up with similar classes.
    It's a little weird how the Inventory bag's default slot amount has more slots than the default slot amount for housing.
    Having 30 slots for the default size of the Inventory bag is not enough due to farming quests like BLoD, NSoD, Nulgath Quests. These require stuff to keep in the bag.
    I think it's also time for necklaces to be more useful and not just be useful in PvP only.

    I also think monsters should give us some informations directly in-game. We want to know directly in-game if it's an undead type monster, a dragon type monster, a chaos type monster or a mix of them. We can simply look at monster name or look to know, but bonus damages might not work on some of them (some dracoliches). So players would rely less on AQW Wikidot. This also reminds me of the class panel, only rank 1-5 skills information are showing, not rank 10. It would be nice if the information about rank 10 skills are directly showing in-game so we don't have to get on AQW Wikidot. (I like AQW Wikidot but I think we are getting too dependent of it).

    In resume, AQW just needs to focus more on replayability and game features. The rest (arts, humors, story, creativity, staff members) are all fine.

    Personally, I find AQW is still a very unique browser game.

    Lastly, I really hope this post will give the AQW team new useful idea. I wish all the best for the AQW team.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    12/28/2016 4:03:43   

    the way magical and physical skills are labeled and handled. right now we have skills that state that are magical, but are physical and dont get reduced by int shield, or magical (gets reduced by int shield) but get stronger from str instead of int. this should be corrected.

    as Patrick said, we need to have an indication what type a monster is. its best to have a small icon below a monster instead of the stars.
    right now the stars which should represent the strength of a monster doesnt mean anything. same for level. either completely remove the star system or completely revamp, making a table with stars and relative strength of monsters.
    for monster levels, fix the levels or the monster strength. there are lvl 12 monsters with more hp and damage than lvl 75 monsters in the game. and of course the lvl 12 monster which is stronger has fewer stars than the weaker higher lvl monster.

    skills need to have a cooldown timer so you can see exactly how many seconds are left on that skill.

    skill buffs need a small icon below your character or above your skills.

    add all skills (active and passive) in the char panel.

    right now the way missing and dodging is handled is not ok. same goes for blind and hit chance. hit chance should only affect your chance to hit and should be completely different from the dodge. all dodge values should be independent and since it wont be affected by hit chance, it should be lowered significantly or capped at 50-60%.

    no secondary stats should be reaching 100% or more. either reduce stats or cap them at 50%. for hit chance it can be that you have a 50% base hit chance and all else is just bonus. so if you hit the cap of 50%, then you will have a total of 100% hit chance.

    critical hit damage on the new servers should start from 200% and increase to something like 250%. right now its too low and crit doesnt feel satisfying at all.

    on the testing server classes with mage stat build now have insane skill damage and aa damage while hybrid stat build classes cant do even half as much.
    a fully magical skill on either with full wiz results about 4 times difference in favour of the mage stat build.

    being able to hold only 3 normal potions is not good, its too much of a chore to go get more potions after a single fight. if potions and scrolls are to be more main stream they need to be available in high quantities and maybe not take inv space (have its own 1 slot) but multiple potion items will take inv space. maybe stop taking inv space when equiped in the potion slot.
    also this will remove the need to make the effects of these potentially game breaking. all of these need a serious balancing.

    boses should all have multi target attacks, so oneshot gimmick is never ever used.

    make warrior mana regen comparable to others by increasing the amount of mana received on hit/crit and when taking a hit.

    use more damage block skills.

    remove all unavoidable skills. also all guaranteed crit/non crit skills. its useless having hit chance, dodge chance and crit chance when such skills exist and break multiple stats.

    balance classes and monster hp - this one is the shortest statement but has the highest weight of all. right now everything is chaos and there are classes that basery take a weak monster and there are those that take on the toughest of enemies and also have damage per second which is in magnitudes higher than that of the weak classes. such insanely high disparity should never have happened.
    DF  Post #: 5
    12/28/2016 4:25:47   
    Aura Knight


    I also think monsters should give us some informations directly in-game. We want to know directly in-game if it's an undead type monster, a dragon type monster, a chaos type monster or a mix of them. We can simply look at monster name or look to know, but bonus damages might not work on some of them (some dracoliches).
    I completely agree with this and even suggested a way this could happen. The gray area next to the stars could mention what a monster is classified as. This can be useful in determining whether or not certain damage boosting items would be of use or not, without requiring use of the wiki. The wiki's great and all but something as simple as a monster's classification should be known in game.

    Something I've disliked since I started playing are the battle sounds of AQW. It's been years now and I think it's time we got new sound effects. It's almost a shame that I play with sounds off because some of the music in game can be pretty nice but I wouldn't know until I hear it someplace else. If sound effects can't be changed, at least give us the option to have music on while keeping game sounds off. And speaking of sounds, maybe we can have random background sounds that are appropriate for certain areas. Let's say we're in a rainy place. The sound of rainfall or a storm wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps the occasional sounds of a gentle breeze on the more brighter areas. Maybe some animal sounds when appropriate. Such things would add more of a realistic feel to the game. Going around in silence all the time is strange and as I've already said, I play with sounds off because, at this time, I think they're pretty bad. If sounds are improved, the game would too, probably.

    It's not as if sounds play a huge impact on AQW at this time, but don't most MMOs have realistic sounds which makes the fictional world we're playing in feel a bit more real in some way? How are we supposed to go on adventures and have nothing but silence or a rather obnoxious whacking sound be heard? I don't expect adding sounds to be simple thing, but it can and should be done. Hopefully there will be opportunities for this once the rewrite is finished.

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
    12/28/2016 6:09:50   
    orc orc orc

    On the topic of monsters, I do agree the star and level systems are in need of revamps. They are severely flawed and no way indicate a monster's relative strength in a consistent fashion. Why does the level 28 Ice Elemental have lower HP AND deal less damage than its level 12 brethen? In my opinion, a monster's strength should be scaled by level. As for the stars system, it could help scale monsters of the same level and distinguish them. For example, a level 10 3 stars mob would be stronger than the 2 star variant. Since there isn't any visual distinction between bosses and regular mobs, the star system might help too in this regard, though I'd prefer a new system.

    I would also love to see a visual representation of monster category/kind as said above. If possible, I'm hoping there will be multiple tagging for cases like dracoliches.

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    Post #: 7
    12/28/2016 11:01:14   
    Doxus the OverLord

    Having monsters tags in-game would be awesome, either showing it by symbols or just a place where it's written in-game.

    Other nice thing I would be glad to see is a enhancement system where you can choose the damage range of the weapon by just enhancing it.
    I mean the same weapon being capable of being fixed, stable and unstable - just by enhancing it and chosing its damage range when doing it.
    It would give us more choices for sets and aesthetics, and, while doing doing it, being useful.

    As an addiction, incorporating this kind of system in-game won't obligate us anymore to keep some things like this by just having the "best" unstable weapon in-game. And not entering the discussion of rares, but I have to mention that the most unstable weapon in-game is currently rare.
    I currently own it, but how about other people who likes unstables?
    Anyway, having this system in-game would be wonderful.

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    Post #: 8
    12/28/2016 11:58:40   

    I'd like to be able to go through older maps I beat and not have to kill them all again to go through each room. I can understand doing this the first time. But it becomes a chore when you come back to find you have to kill to progress. Despite beating it already. It is a logical game mechanic, it just needs tweaking. Also, I agree with others who say random spawns are a huge issue. It takes more slaying then necessary to quite a few of the zones. On the other hand, Fixed spawns are an example of how to do it right though. Fixed spawns eliminate the tedium of killing over and over again, hoping you get that last monster to spawn. Drop rates for story quests need tweaking too. I can understand if the quest dialogue implies getting them 100% may not happen. But getting guaranteed monster kills on a quest is the best compromise. They only live once. At least until they respawn. No reason we should be deprived over some technicality.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    12/28/2016 12:02:14   

    One thing I'd like to see is buffs on the side of the screen, like you can see the stacks of SS pacts, or stacks of LDK's 2 skill, or # of commandments on the target, etc. If it's a self-buff, it's on the side of the screen, if it's a debuff, you can see it beside the target's name. Also we should be able to see the amount of stacks and how long before the stacks are gone.

    I also like the suggestion of customizing your weapon's damage range. It's be cool to rock Nulgath weapons on caster classes

    The login map should be edit-able by the player too. I experience severe lag on a battleon map, and I can barely type or click to get away from the 9 other guys on the screen. Or, each person has a separate instance of battleon (1-99999) when they login. Battleon should only have a room limit of one player.

    Drop rates of items from bosses or the quests should be more transparent to the playerbase since only the significant ones have a confirmed drop rate.

    Also we need improvements on awe enhancements either L50 or L60 should be available to non-mems. It/d be nice if HVamp, MVamp, SCarve and Awe Blast have guaranteed proc rates, but I dunno if that would be OP.

    Add more rep quests for all factions since rep farming is extremely tedious and repetitive, and it's frankly boring.
    Post #: 10
    12/28/2016 12:47:59   
    Doxus the OverLord

    Buffs showing stacks would be amazing, it would give us more "advices" on how to use properly the class loops.
    I have to confess, I own a lot of classes but some I don't use just because it seems not worth having its space in my inventory, so, there's a lot of classes that is currently in my bank while I just use the ones that seems most powerful to me.

    Other nice thing that I liked so much was DarkLore's suggestion of not killing monsters in some maps for advancing through them if you already did the story before.

    About class mechanics, wouldn't it be possible to rank up skills by any way? I mean spending ACs/gold or just by questing/farming or gathering resources for it.

    Also a system that gives points per each rank lvled up on classes and chosing this points for spending in skills of the class for boosting them wouldn't be cool?
    Let's do an example:
    I have AbA ranked up to 10, so I'll have 9 points for spending. Let's say that I'll spend all my points at the 2nd skill (Aphotic Overdrive), so, I'll have 4 options for these points:
    1st: Lowering its cooldown (5% per point, up to 45% at max);
    2nd: Lowering its mana cost (5% per point, up to 45% at max);
    3rd: Custom improvement (here each skill may have an unique improvement to choose, let's say here we'll be hitting 1 more target per point, up to 9 at max or increasing the number of stacks or increasing buffs/debuffs stacks up to a given number);
    4th: Auto-attack combine (make this skill trigger something with the auto-attack - this means any kind of things, stacks, DoTs, HoTs).

    Class passives could be boosted too, here's an example:
    1st: Increase the effect of the passive by a percentage of its actual given number up to 90% (10% per point) - let's show an example: 25% endurance improvement from SSoT/SWoT being increased to 47,5% (25% + 90% of 25% being 47,5% as total);
    2nd: Adding a setted passive given to the actual - ex.: same endurance passive having the option of adding dodge due to SSoT mechanics, and it being a given % per point spent like 1,5% per point, being 14% (13,5%) if 9 points spent;

    Here's for passives that triggers with something:
    1st: Increase the chance of triggering from 1% to 33% (9 points spent for +33% chance, I'm not talking about 33% of the actual chance, I'm talking the actual chance +33%);
    2nd: Increase the effect of the triggering skill (if it deals damage, so, more damage, if it lower damage incoming, it'll lower more, if it increases damage output it'll increase even more by a given percent);

    Think about each class having this system incorporating an unique combination skill tree with just 4 skills + auto attack and its passives!

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    Post #: 11
    12/28/2016 13:16:12   
    Aura Knight

    Random spawns on maps aren't actually too bad. However, when those monsters have lots of hp and the quest drop we wish to get from them isn't a constant drop, that's when they get to be problematic. While I think it's fine to have random spawns there should also be areas in each map where certain monsters are guaranteed to be there.


    I also like the suggestion of customizing your weapon's damage range. It's be cool to rock Nulgath weapons on caster classes
    While I don't necessarily disagree with something like this, wouldn't having customized damage ranges on weapons defeat the purpose of farming for those harder to get weapons with unique damage ranges?

    A while back I think I suggested having dual weapon enhancements and I'm not sure if that would be a good thing. When equipping this dual enhanced weapon, you can choose to use enhancement A or B. Right now it seems the two most used enhancements are luck and wizard. Even with ac tags given to many things earlier this year, there can still be inventory issues for some. By allowing more than one enhancement on items, this can free up space that would have been used for other enhanced items.

    This next thing has to do with wars. It should be obvious by now that one of the better wars was the Midnight one from TLaPD. The way the map was made as well as how the rewards were done, is something I had hoped to see in future AQW wars. But it doesn't seem that had been happening. If there's a two sided war, I think our starting point should be a neutral zone in the middle of it. If we start on one side, chances are we're only going to use the first few screens to fight and sometimes using only those screens can favor one side over the other. This can make a two sided war quite unfair. I also think merge shops aren't the way to go with war rewards. I'd like to go back to Midnight War as an example. The rewards from that area were monster drops and also linked to the medal turn-ins. I believe this is something that should happen again. There's incentive to fight and a reason to turn in medals.

    The Kezeroth vs Karok war we've got now is at least trying to do something similar, but I still dislike the use of a merge shop. It's just an unnecessary extra step that can slow down fighting.

    And it's a bit hard to keep track of how many medals we've collected in wars. Only way to see is by checking our temporary inventories. I think it would be great if we could see our medal count on screen. This would allow us to know how many we have and when to turn in. Of course, in wars that have only one side, I am not opposed to auto turn ins, but for wars with more than one side, doing such a thing would be bad as it could force you to assist the side you'd rather be fighting against.

    War challenges could also make wars more fun. I think these have been done before, where we have a certain time limit to reach a given percentage.

    If AQW wars were created better, there would be more reason to fight in them and there would be no need for random assistance. The turkey war was a complete disaster and the dracolich war that happened before was no different. It's funny how the more random war against chickens was a lot more fun than the other wars we've had after it. I forget if that war happened before or after the Midnight one but it was still pretty amusing.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
    12/28/2016 13:45:43   
    Hardcastle McCormick

    There is A WHOLE LOT to talk about here, but one of my biggest beefs relates to monster levels and the way CP/XP is gained.
    The levels of monsters are currently wildly inconsistent with their actual difficulty.
    Why on earth is every Dreadrock enemy level 11 for example, when they're tough enough to be level 40 or 50 easily?

    Part of why this matters is that the imbalance of monster levels creates designated "farming zones," I.E. the only zones in the game where the labelled level of monsters happens to be lower than their difficulty. This removes the value of actually playing the game (going on adventures and quests) to level up, since you will always be better off leveling up or ranking classes by grinding the same 3 monsters in some specific area, and by an extremely wide margin. You can play through the first 5 chaos lord releases and still not level up as much as you would by spending 20 minutes killing undead pirates with your fellow zombies players. This also follows for bosses. Shouldn't boss XP gains simply be scaled to their difficulty as a monster?

    Labeling monsters as level 1-100 isn't really suitable since it's insufficient to account for the range of monster/boss difficulty. You would need much higher levels to put a fair XP value on some giant ultra boss, for example. Also if you tried to re-balance things with the current system it would require individually tweaking thousands of monsters' levels, which would be quite a chore. A simpler solution would be to have a formula for XP gains based on any given monster's HP or damage. But then how will people level up without their farming areas, you might ask? How about non-repeatable QUESTS become the game's biggest source of XP. That would require an insane amount of nitty gritty changing of quest values throughout the game, so perhaps it's not so realistic, but it would be incredibly healthy for the game if playing story releases was more rewarding than grinding.

    Honestly I think this is a bigger problem on the whole than class imbalance, but it's also a bit harder to fix.
    I can only hope the staff will find time for more class balancing after the server rewrite.

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    AQW  Post #: 13
    12/28/2016 14:56:36   
    Doxus the OverLord


    Honestly I think this is a bigger problem on the whole than class imbalance, but it's also a bit harder to fix.
    I can only hope the staff will find time for more class balancing after the server rewrite.

    I have fear that classes which works in a way won't be that way after server rewrite. One of my favourites class is LDmK and actually in server rewrite it's just a pile of junk, even using hybrid.
    Staff need to handle with classes built for using luck enhancements.

    By the way, the way the enhancements works in server rewrite is cool, I just have fear that functional classes like LDmK get useless after the rewrite.

    I think it'll be cool if some improvements would be made like buffing the class for having more stacks and its skills being magically/phisically based, even the lifesteal. Anyway, being a hybrid of thief if being physically-based would be cool for seing its haste increased. Looping its skills in shorter time would be cool, even if not delivering high crits.

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    Post #: 14
    12/28/2016 18:55:52   

    I think we should have moderate monster identification, as what the earlier forumites have said. Having a monster encyclopedia might be good, registering monsters that we have identified show the stats of the monster and some humorous jokes could be worth the while. It's like completing your poke-dex sense-of-achievement. Something like, you can only identify a monster (stats, hp, mp, etc.) if you have a certain magical magnifying glass. (that has available higher forms which allows you to be more informed about the monster).

    Just deleted my 2nd paragraph post, it feels like it doesn't belong here.

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    Post #: 15
    12/28/2016 20:54:34   
    Aura Knight

    I'm not exactly sure if this belongs here or in class discussion, but it's about class testing. At certain times there are opportunities for legends to test a class approximately a week before actual release. Through this testing, they can provide feedback on the class and suggestions for possible changes. While this is a very good thing, because it's limited to legends, the feedback given isn't likely to reflect what everyone thinks about a class.

    Because of this, I believe having also a brief period of everyone being able to test a class wouldn't be so bad. If upgraded players get a week, everyone should be given a day. Testing a class shouldn't really take too long anyway. And who knows? Maybe someone discovers an issue that was overlooked by others. It's best to get more than one opinion. I'm sure no one likes being bombarded with comments about how much a class is bad or too weak and if there were more chances to do player testing, maybe such things could be avoided.

    Classes are one of, if not the most important things in the game. There's this talk of balancing classes, but nothing's truly changing. I have doubts the rewrite will change anything. It seems the loss of the luck enhancement's power is making classes that are currently amazing, not so much with the upcoming changes. It's great that there are new effects that can reduce damage, but if the overall power of a class is severely weakened, it defeats the purpose of trying to improve anything. Especially if the end result makes it worse than it originally was.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
    12/28/2016 21:20:48   
    Hardcastle McCormick

    I'd like to think the current state of the testing servers isn't indicative of what the rewrite will be, considering that a lot of core basic mechanics like passive mana regen or damage boosting don't work properly on these servers.
    Virtually everything that could possibly be bugged is bugged, and every class does wildly different damage numbers than the live servers, which I assume was never really the plan.
    IIRC the plan was to rework the system so that stats other than Luck are actually useful for boosting classes' effectiveness.
    While I'm sure there will be big changes, it isn't really clear what the finished result is supposed to be, since nothing on the testing servers feels finished.
    I would say players are jumping to conclusions, but the staff has been working on this for nearly 3 years, and the test servers released 8 or 9 months ago. What are we supposed to think?
    If the finished result is anything like the current servers, every class in the game is going to need a complete rework to be anything close to the gameplay players have been paying for.
    AQW  Post #: 17
    12/28/2016 21:25:42   

    What do you think is wrong with the damage boosts?
    Post #: 18
    12/28/2016 21:50:42   
    Aura Knight

    I'm hoping for a smooth transition when the rewrite is actually finished, but if the way the test servers are now is any indication, I will expect nothing and probably still be disappointed. I don't think they're doing a good job explaining how some things will function on the test servers or why some things don't work as we'd expect them to. It certainly is great that there will be new opportunities for all classes to be useful, but if the changes that will happen once rewrite is finally finished will weaken the already powerful classes, that won't be a positive change. I've been avoiding the test servers for some time and last time I used them was when there was that weapon drop. So many things on testing servers are confusing to me and some things I just don't like.

    Take the monster hp regen for example. While it is okay with monsters that have lower hp, when you get to the higher hp ones, the regen is pretty insane. There can be monsters that can recover all their hp back with ease. Player damage might not be able to keep up with that and I think there needs to be some adjustments to this. If player damage is increased, maybe the regen of monster hp would be okay. There are some changes that sound better than they are. The new effects parry and resist, I believe they are, add something unique, but I don't know much about them.

    While it's great to try new things, I think it's important to make sure the basics are working as intended.

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 19
    12/28/2016 23:58:35   

    As someone says before: would be very good to be able to disable battle sounds without taking the music out, music in aqw is great but i wasnt able to enjoy it due to this problem.

    Fix the lag:

    Fix the way item-drop works because its been like that a long time and is very laggy and maybe way too "fancy" and big, ex:if you are getting the same drop over and over again it shouldnt scroll all over the screen it should be seen as one box-drop with the x3 or x10 on in.

    Is actually a easy way to implement a couple of options to hide some players stuff? like others players animations and buffs and maybe be able to hide them at all. if is easy to implement it should be something to work with to reduce the lag a lot.
    A little off-topic: i think staff should try to put us on perspective about what changes can be done faster than others or some changes that will be very dificult to implement this way we wouldnt imagine all kinda of fancy ways to improve the game if we know it will be really hard to implement or even try. This will help both players and staff to come with a selected-idea list to work with to help aqw as fast as we can.

    < Message edited by juanz1996 -- 12/28/2016 23:59:13 >
    AQW  Post #: 20
    12/29/2016 0:21:20   
    Aura Knight

    If there's a way to only see your own attack animations, maybe that can reduce lag. But it might be a bit strange to be the only one with attack animations on screen and it's not like private rooms aren't an option if other players cause lag for you. Perhaps the fighting motions can be seen without any of the flashy animations. I don't know if this can be done, but it may be useful for reducing lag. There are some attack animations that are a bit too flashy.


    i think staff should try to put us on perspective about what changes can be done faster than others or some changes that will be very dificult to implement this way we wouldnt imagine all kinda of fancy ways to improve the game if we know it will be really hard to implement or even try. This will help both players and staff to come with a selected-idea list to work with to help aqw as fast as we can.

    Maybe once in a while, we can get a staff member's commentary on our feedback. Perhaps there can be a list of things to prioritize as well as a list of things that actually can be done. It's fine to list things, but if nothing comes from that, we're just wasting time.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 21
    12/29/2016 4:20:48   

    Completely agree with what Aura Knight and Hardcastle said. Although it's important to balance out the classes, the way things currently seem to be with the test server isn't the answer to that. While I agree that luck is probably imbalanced right now, it should still be relevant.

    So, I'm pretty much just going to say what I did in the original thread, but shortened. So, here we go.

    The game is focusing too much on rares and cosmetics than the actual gameplay itself, and it has been this way for several years. This is not good. Of course, lots of players enjoy collecting rares and the cosmetic appeal of the game, but this should not be why people are playing your game. People should be playing your game because they genuinely enjoy the gameplay and the story, although I do understand AE seems to be in what appears to be a financial crisis at the moment, and rares are a quick and easy way of making money. Although, another reason I don't like rares is because it is rather unfair to players who were unable to play/didn't play back when the item was released, or those of us who can't afford to constantly buy rares. I believe that there should be more permanent items available, and less emphasis on rares and more on the gameplay and story, although for people who do enjoy collecting rares and for the sake of money, still put some emphasis on it, just not as much as before, because, again, this should not be why people are playing your game. I see cosmetics as a really shallow reason to continue playing the game, rather than playing it because the game itself is good.

    Also, I mentioned problems with the classes. For one, many of the older classes, especially compared to the newer ones, are laughably weak, and sometimes, even buggy. I think a lot of people have mentioned the Clawsuit class being buggy/unusable with the mana or something like that, so that might be a good start. Speaking of classes, right now, there also wayyyy too many. I can't even name half of them without my head spinning or resorting to the wiki, and I doubt most players could, either. Classes are a great way of adding more variety and strategy to the game, although I do believe that new class releases should be toned down, and more emphasis was put onto rebalancing/fixing the older classes. Several other posters suggested dedicating around a week a month to fixing gameplay flaws, and I agree with them and think it would be a really good idea. I doubt most players would mind skipping a release if it meant fixing up the game and getting rid of errors. I certainly wouldn't. In the long run, letting such problems roam freely only hinders the game, and the players. And there are already other countless releases to complete anyways, and lots of classes/factions to rank.

    Anyway, that's what I've got for now regarding game mechanics. I'll probably be back later with more feedback and suggestions.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
    12/30/2016 0:04:30   
    AQW Tester
    Lore Adept

    I find it interesting how we have a section in our bank that's only for enhancements, yet there are little to no enhancements in-game that you can have in your inventory.


    I also like the suggestion of customising your weapon's damage range. It's be cool to rock Nulgath weapons on caster classes

    Perhaps we could have farmable enhancements that would significantly increase stats and effects when applied to certain weapons and armour pieces. We have the lv. 100 GrimSkull enhancement that's currently just a joke but it would actually be something worth farming for. Maybe we can have 1% boss drop enhancements, end-game enhancements and other special enhancement scrolls tat you can actually hold in your inventory and bank if you so choose.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
    12/30/2016 7:11:53   

    @Christophisis: That thing about few inventory enhancements actually isn't true. Instead of applying an enhancement to an item right away (using the "Apply Now" button), you can purchase it to save for later (using the "Buy and Hold" button), meaning that all enhancements can be in your inventory.

    Well, credit where credit is due, so I will start with what I feel AQW has done extremely well, and how to preserve the important aspects of those things, while still improving upon them. What in my opinion makes AQW such a great game, is the insane amount of freedom the game provides, particularly for role players (which is much appreciated for an MMORPG, considering the role playing is half the genre). This freedom however, is granted due to limited functionality. While from the freedom sense it is good to not be chained down by how the game wants you to play, it also limits the strategic variety for those who look more for that than role playing.

    Enhancement system
    This, right here, has up until now been how we have improved our gear, and been a way to ensure that no item ever becomes useless, due to level difference between it and yourself. It is not a bad way of going about it, as it gives the player full control over exactly how powerful they want each of their items to be, which for the sake of role playing, is a brilliant option to have. For instance, say I had a curse put on me in one of my roleplaying adventures, which is supposed to weaken me: I simply put on lower level enhancements, and boom, I instantly see the effect. Say that I have just gotten an item I've been questing for, but unfortunately it is level 1: I just enhance it!

    The problems with this approach however, can pretty much be described in the two following manners:
    1. All items in the game are pretty much identical. Since you can buff or nerf any item at will, the only things that ultimately seperate them are their damage ranges, graphics and potential trigger effects. If one does not care for these differences however, then they can simply use one set of items for the entire game, and not even bother questing for/or obtaining new items, removing a lot of the game's incentives to explore.

    2. Every time you level up, you have to go through all of your gear and re-enhance it, in order to make sure it is up to date. This is a very tiresome task, both early on where you level up much more frequently, and at end game, where you probably have an insane amount of items in your collection.

    Suggestion for improvement
    So how can we best address these issues, while still holding on to the dynamic aspects of being able to control the stats your items provides? AQ3D is working on that very same thing right now, and DF has it already: Cosmetic equip slots, otherwise known as being able to show one item over another, to get the stats of one and the appearance of another. If we moved to a system like this, all items in the game would have value, both from a roleplaying and stat perspective, but the problem of having to update all your gear with each level would be gone. This would serve as a way to encourage people to get new and better items, even if they still want to keep the appearance of an old one, but does introduce a new problem: More limited inventory. If you effectively need to keep extra items for stats, in addition to the ones you keep for appearance, then it could quickly take a toll on your inventory.

    So even the cosmetic equip slots aren't ideal, but it could be something worth considering for the future, or it might even inspire an actually ideal solution down the road.

    No element-locked monsters and items
    This is perhaps one of the biggest strengths and greatest weaknesses of AQW, in that all your weapons will always be at their maximum damage potential against any enemy (unless they have a boost against a certain kind), and likewise, the enemy will always inflict their max damage on you. This serves as an incredible safety measure, in that you do not need to worry about switching equipment for nearly every fight you engage in, and you can always trust that your equipment is doing the best job possible. In terms of roleplaying, this is an absolutely amazing feature, as it doesn't restrict you from playing certain roles against certain enemies, and even enables you to play a more powerful character than you necessarily have.

    For instance, imagine that your character is supposed to be someone incredibly powerful, like say, a champion chosen to represent the sun itself. Alright, using a fire-based class like Pyromancer would be a good choice here, to showcase your impressive control over the element. Since you are the champion of the sun, you should now be able to burn pretty much any living being to the ground, right? Well, you can! Even a creature made of fire, shouldn't be able to stand against the might of the sun, and they can't. Using your "fire-based" magic, you slice through Fire Elementals as well as any other enemy, showcasing your control and power of this element to all beholders.

    With all that being said though, not having to take elements of monsters and gear into account, removes a significant amount of strategy from the game, which is often found in RPGs. So while not having "elements" is good for roleplaying, it also serves to remove appeal from the game, for those who are looking for challenging and every stimulating fights. If elemental resistances and damages were forced into the game, that would prevent you from playing out scenarios like the one described above, but would cater to those who prefer a more strategic experience. But could we possibly have both?

    Suggestion for improvement
    My solution here would be, that all items be given a "default element". For instance, Blinding Light of Destiny would be Light. Similarly, all monsters should be given an element was well, with Skeletons for instance, being Dark (unless a factor in it's design and use warrants another element instead). This alone would only serve to make those looking for strategy happy however, so allow me to introduce the final step: A new kind of enhancement, that can be applied to any item, which overwrites it's default element with "None".

    Any item with the element "None" would just treat damage as neutral. For instance, a weapon doing 10-10 with the None element, would always do 10-10, where as a Light weapon doing 10-10 would do more damage to Dark enemies, but less damage to Light enemies. The same concept would be applies to other equipable items, which would either increase or decrease the damage you take from it's opposing element, or simply take the pure damage from everything if the element of your item is None.

    This works fine for most cases, but what about class skills that are clearly a specific element, like Pyromancer's? Good question! I propose that these specific skills, if your weapon is NOT enhanced to do None damage, will always use the element they seem to fit the most. For instance, Warrior's skills would all just use your weapon's element, as they don't seem to have any element of their own, but Pyromancer would always be treated as Fire, regardless of your weapon's default element. If you weapon is None element however, the that will overwrite the default element of the given skill, and treat the damage dealt as None.

    Many people have over the course of the years, claimed that AQW is a "dress-up game", which to me just translates to they don't roleplay. Since they don't roleplay, they are looking for something different in the game, which it currently doesn't offer. To forcefully make it offer those things however, could well drive away the role players however, which is not an optimal solution either. It is because of this that I have made the suggestions above, to both keep the spirit of what is currently there, for those who appreciates it, and to allow new strategic elements to be introduced into the game, without them being forced onto those who do not want them.

    One of the things that makes AQW great, is that the staff is always willing to compromise, and try to satisfy everyone as much as possible. I believe making these much requested changes relatively optional, like I did with my element suggestion above, is the best way to satisfy everyone that is currently playing and those who will come to play in the future.

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    12/30/2016 11:31:40   

    One thing which keep annoying is... Why all the monsters have infinite range on all its attacks? Even when it are melee attacks. After the Rewrite, enemies will can cast special attacks, then will be possible to enemies have both melee and ranged attacks.

    @Doxus The Overlord

    Your idea... I really liked it. It's amazing.
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