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1/24/2017 20:51:10   

Testing Server Feedback!
Yorumi is almost finish with the server re-write and needs everyone help to complete it. Where Yorumi needs every player, free players and legends to come test it out. So join us on our four Testing Servers and help us TEST things out!

Why we need help testing, and what is different

When we set out to rebuild the server, we decided to change the way stats work in order to make the game more fun. But that means the entire balance of combat has changed - which means we have to rebalance EVERY class in the entire game.

It’s a giant task, but one that we can do with your help! (I know a lot of you have wanted classes rebalanced for a long time. That time for that STARTS now, and will need a lot of testing.) We need to make sure each class is working properly, and that the changes to the stat system have not made any single class too over- or under-powered.

Important information

  • This server is still in testing, and not every feature is included in this build. Whatever you see while testing may - and probably will - change in the final version.
  • You MUST use the correct version of the game to help test. If you are not logging on to the right version, you will not be able to log in to the server.

    How to help test

  • Log into your account. Then click on one of the following four servers: Zorbak, Safiria, Testing Server 1 or 2.
  • Click the button to go to the new testing client, and log back into one of the testing servers.
  • Play the game as normal, and report any bugs you might find.
  • Post your feedback and thoughts about the server in this thread!

    What to do during the test and how

    The purpose of the test is to convert the game onto a new system that will give us more flexibility to fix issues and add in new features. Since some things were added like parry and resist it means it's impossible to get things to be exactly the same, but we want to make sure no classes are “broken.”

    Warrior Class test example:

    1. Equip Warrior Class, with all fighter enhancements at your current level. and
    2. Go fight the Red Dragon in Lair on the test server.
    3. Record how long the fight takes you, and what damage you are seeing.
    4. Log into a regular server in the normal game with all the same equipment.
    5. Go fight the Red Dragon in Lair on a normal server.
    6. Post your findings in the AQW General Discussion forum.

    Let’s say on current servers you can kill him in 1 minute. If you kill him in 30 seconds on the new server, it means the Class is too powerful and will need some sort of nerf. On the other hand, if the Red Dragon kills you on the test server, then it means the Class is too weak and needs a buff.

    Another good test is to equip classes, use them on the regular servers to see how much damage you do, mana regen, buff/debuff amounts, and how much damage you take, then compare those numbers to what you get on the test server.

    Good bug reports vs Bad Bug reports

    The more specific details you can give the better.

    Bad report: “Warrior is too weak”
    A report like this gives Yorumi a place to look but does not tell him HOW WEAK it is.

    Good report: “I was using warrior, level 35, all fighter enhancements. I fought monsters in arcangrove. On live servers I was hitting for 100 and taking hits of 80. On the test server I was hitting for 280, and taking 60 damage hits. Monster HP was higher on the test server but they were much easier to defeat.”
    Look at all that information! It will help him determine exactly how weak the class is, and how much to change.

    Stat changes

  • Parry and Resist were added to the game. Both work the same way, but parry is for physical attacks, and resist is for magical attacks. When you parry or resist an attack you reduce the damage done by an amount based on your parry/resist stat.
  • Strength increases physical attack power, the amount of damage reduced by a parry, and for melee classes the amount of extra damage you get from a crit.
  • Intelligence increases magical attack power, and reduces damage from a resist instead of a parry.
  • Endurance still increases HP like before, but also reduces the incoming damage from all attacks. The higher your endurance the less damage you take from attacks.
  • Dexterity and Wisdom are largely the same, except Dex works for melees and Wis for mages. These stats increase dodge, hit chance, haste, and crit chance for their respective classes.
  • Dexterity increases parry chance, and Wisdom increases resist chance.
  • Wisdom has one more effect - increasing all healing output. The goal here is to make Wis a healing stat.
  • Luck has been significantly changed. Luck now has a very small effect on hit chance, dodge, and crit chance for most classes.
  • Luck has a major effect on Luck-based classes: Cardclasher, Leprechaun, and a few others. (Luck enhancements are designed to work best this those classes. Mages and Fighters will want to use Strength or Int from here on out.)

    Final Thoughts: Combat is different, but different can be GOOD

    One final thing to keep in mind, as mentioned with the luck stat, sometimes things will just be different. I'm trying to avoid huge changes to the combat system, but there are also times it's better to just try something that's really broken for one reason or another. So again the goal is to get things as close to live as possible while allowing for some differences.

    Report bugs and balancing issues to this thread and I'll be reviewing things and making changes as necessary.

    Thank you so much for posting, Chmeliik! I am going to conscript your thread, since it is already active, and make it the new official feedback thread. - Alina

    The idea is for everyone to post everything they think is wrong with the testing servers here. It can be bugs, or it can be changes in how the game works. And if there's something you like about the test servers, feel free to post that too

    Anyway, I thought that since Alina is looking for feedback, the official forums might be a good place to do that. If we work together, we might be able to put together a fairly comprehensive list of bugs and other issues, unlike the current system, where everyone is mostly on their own.

    Can we make this happen, please?

    Alright, I'm gonna start.

    Bugs I've reported:

    1) Stacking boosts.
    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't like the idea of having equipment boosts stack. This essentially reduces the number of viable farming equipment to 1 set, that being AFDL. But more importantly, the way they stack is currently broken, with full AFDL giving 6x XP, CP, gold and rep and 4.6x damage, rather than 2x and 1.6x as it's supposed to.

    2) HoTs and DoTs are way stronger on the test server. For example, BB's 3 skill does ~1k DoTs and the HoT, while somewhat random, seems to do between 400 and 1500 per tick. Also, SC's HoT is incredibly weak.

    3) Haste buffs.
    Haste is bugged, causing haste buffs to only affect skill cooldown if the buff is already in play when a skill is used. This also means that skills like UOK's Invictus or SC's Echoing Earth can't be looped because they don't affect themselves.

    4) Global cooldowns aren't always there, meaning you can spam all 4 skills at once. This only happens after logging in until you a) change any equipment or b) use a haste buff (maybe any buff?).

    5) Can't go to tercessuinotlim, the 50 Bone Dust room in /citadel won't let you enter even if you have the dust.

    6) All stat values are different, in general classes have lower crit chance, haste, crit modifier etc. Basically, most classes just don't feel right. And that's just wizard based ones, don't get me started on physical classes, let alone hybrid ones.

    Edit: removed most of the salt as promised

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    1/24/2017 21:04:21   
    Bailey Hudson

    At the end, this is just gonna turn into a discussion were Alina will never see it and most of the Bug hunters will also never see it.. we should just use the Bug Tracker.. i guess this thread was to complain about what you have listed but not necessary necessarily helping.. like i said Bug Tracker would be the best That's it.

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    1/25/2017 2:09:54   
      Loremaster Maya
    Lab Lore Recorder

    Hi Chmelik! Thanks for taking the time to post this feedback. I'd like to make sure this gets saved so I don't lose that feedback. Also, please post about the bugs you mentioned in the Bug Tracker so we can make sure Cemaros and Yorumi get to see them. Artix.com/bugs

    Have a good evening!
    Alina (as Loremaster Maya)
    Post #: 3
    1/25/2017 3:54:45   

    @Bailey Hudson: The point of the thread was not to complain, rather, it was
    a) To post bugs you have reported so that we have a better idea about what is already known.
    b) To post bugs you can't confirm for whatever reason and would like someone else to do so, for example: A class bug, but you had to sell the class. A questline bug, but you went and completed the quest on the normal servers and can no longer test it. A house bug, but you're worried that if you go on the test server, it will reset your items @Veya in another thread.
    c) To post general feedback about the testing server.

    The first post doesn't do a good job of explaining this, I'm gonna go and restructure it when (if) I have the time (and also tone down the saltiness, sorry Alina). Also, you're giving Alina way less credit than she deserves

    @Alina: Thanks for replying, do you think it would be possible to get any of the bug hunters to communicate with us here? To know what bugs are being worked on, which have been fixed etc.

    Anyway, I'm gonna keep posting here, if y'all are not in that's fine, you can just come here every now and then to see which bugs I've reported.

    Bugs that need confirmation:

    1) DBSK not getting extra crit chance on 5 skill when skill 3/4 is applied
    I reported this back when I could test it, but I had to go and sell the class for inventory space. I might be able to test it ~10 hours from now, would be cool if someone could do it before then.

    2) Can't complete questline in /rivensylth
    The quests don't unlock the following ones, making you unable to progress through the storyline. Reported this back when I knew it was bugged, then I went and completed it on normal servers. Can't test it anymore.

    Got a train to catch now, will come back with more in the evening ~10 hours from now.

    Edit: forgot to mention, I have (as of now) reported all the bugs in the first post except the different stats thing, as I don't consider that a bug.

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    AQW  Post #: 4
    1/25/2017 12:15:46   

    1) All hybrid classes greatly underperform. VoT nuke does 500% damage (~1.2k) and is severely weaker than the 250% fireball from mage (~1.6k). this is regardless of enhancements.
    2) equal amounts of intelect affect magical skills on different class builds differently.
    3) VoT and Collector passives only provide 10% haste instead of 20% haste
    4) haste doesnt work as intended. With over 100% haste with elemental dracomancer i can spam 1st and 2nd skills every <1s but scales and wings are not affected. same for other skills
    5) stacking skills work in reverse when fading, causing my glacial warlord to have -400% to -500% haste, making each auto attack take like half a minute. if i continue to stack, i can reach even greater slows.
    6) dot and hot happen chaotically and as a whole deal many times higher damage than normal.
    7) luck classes underperform with lucky enhancements. i have auto attacks of ~300+ damage (90%) with mage and ~100 dmg (100%) with luck classes
    8) rogue stileto gives max damage at any health percentage of the enemy.
    9) we cannot see our passive skills anywhere.
    10) certain stacking classes dont deal correct damage (tss and darkside). first tss skill with wizard enh deals 20 damage (40 with stacks) but goes to 160 with fighter enh.
    11) royal battlemage, chaos slayer dont switch to single target with their skills
    12) burning ward skills make you immortal (you take 0 damage)
    13) temporal insanity skills dont work, you take all the damage and reflect 0 damage.
    14) arachnomancer toxic adrenaline makes the enemies deal 100% more damage instead of 50%
    15) random disconnects without 60 seconds wait time
    16) berserker classes deal less damage with more str than warrior classes with less str.
    17) undead goat bones of steel adds str but doesnt change damage or anything.
    18) ninja shadowblade stuns the enemy.
    19) blademaster passives that give dexterity dont really give any dodge, hit chance or anything at all. i.e. they dont work. perhaps all primary stats passives dont
    20) legendary hero cant stack legendary despite stated cd is 5 seconds but it takes much loger than that.
    21) stacking boosts stack incorrectly. 4 +25% boosts dont add up to 100% but to 500%.
    22) temporary boosts (20min and 60min) dont stack with equipment item boosts.
    23) boses with skills dont have any skills (iadoa is a great example)
    24) ninja thin air doesnt work at all.

    this is all from a short 30 min playthrough. i dont think i am ready to dig deeper. too many and too easy to find bugs which are 100% reproducable. it will take too long to list them all right now. once the most obvious bugs get fixed, then we can continue with the testing. now the testing servers are broken and unplayable

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    DF  Post #: 5
    1/25/2017 13:35:44   

    funny how we waited all that time for temporal insanity to be fixed on the current servers just for it to get bugged up agian on the test servers
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    1/25/2017 14:48:53   

    1.) The monsters are overpowered. They aren't in the same level with health and damage as the normal servers are.
    2.) The damage we deal is nerfed greatly. I can't even kill monsters at /join nightmare anymore!

    Only feedback I've got to give - for now, at least. A lot more work is needed before I feel like actually wanting to help and test out.
    Post #: 7
    1/25/2017 15:03:36   

    @ShadowMoon dont worry, it aint alone.

    oh now we can say what we think is wrong in the design.
    the thing that bugs me the most that passives completely overshadow existing stats. on normal servers you have 30% dodge and 15% bonus from passive. so the passive gives you 50% more dodge than the base. on the testing servers with full dodge i cant get 10%. the 15% dodge is now more than doubling what we already had. and there is great thief that gives mind bogling amounts. this is not ok. now this would also be the case for damage resistance but to a much smaller degree as we already have up to 40% or so damage resist from stats alone. i want only active skills to give a high amount in any given stat and with a very well thought out cooldown. if a skill gives you 300% dodge, it better be for 4 seconds and with at least 8-10seconds with its own haste. so if you have max haste, then your cd should be 16-20 seconds. exceptions can be made based on design but not exceeding a norm like this by too much.

    in the same sense, now crit damage is actually good because it increases damage more noticeably. before when you had 400% multiplier, 20% bonus crit dmg wouldnt be felt (1/15 bonus increase). now with 160% multiplier, 20% is a very big deal. (increase by 1/3 of bonus damage)


    Bugs that need confirmation:

    1) DBSK not getting extra crit chance on 5 skill when skill 3/4 is applied
    I reported this back when I could test it, but I had to go and sell the class for inventory space. I might be able to test it ~10 hours from now, would be cool if someone could do it before then.
    i cant say that i can confirm it with any proof but from my experience, i dont crit at all with this skill. what is the crit chance increase?

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    DF  Post #: 8
    1/25/2017 15:13:13   

    The last skill gains an increased crit chance as well as a damage boost if either of the debuffs is applied, i can never crit with the skill either.
    AQW  Post #: 9
    1/25/2017 15:31:56   

    the double damage works for me
    DF  Post #: 10
    1/25/2017 15:44:16   
    Beshin Adin

    Don't make Luck exclusively for Luck-based classes.
    I like the 'jack of all trades, master of none' enhancement.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 11
    1/25/2017 16:59:05   

    I for one am very glad that the damage boosts are now stacking. I think it adequately rewards us for our effort in farming and it makes the items actually feel "powerful" instead of another cosmetic items. After all, despite it being the best possible set, there's a point of diminishing return where someone would want to wear what they want to wear for the looks of it instead of just the stats - how many monsters are there that warrants the actual possible boost anyway?

    So, it is a win for everyone - a win for the power hungry and a win for people who likes cosmetics!
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
    1/25/2017 17:07:40   

    I'm not too big of a fan of the way boost stacking currently works. Soon enough, every high-level player will be wearing full AFDL, and there will be very little variation and customization until something else comes along with similar boosts. I think it should have a special enhancement system like BoA that gives those boosts (instead of Awe Enhancements it could be called something like Doom Enhancements) so that it still requires AFDL but not everyone has to look the same. I also think that damage should be buffed for people who don't have AFDL because it's currently way too low to make up for the greatly increased survivability that most monsters have, which makes AFDL pretty much a necessity.
    AQW  Post #: 13
    1/25/2017 17:43:16   

    I think that's a big fallacy to think that if something is really powerful than everyone would have it. BLoD is very powerful against undeads, but not everyone who have it wears it. Evolved DB is very powerful and yet not everyone uses it against dragons. Burning Blade and the other +15% weapon is also powerful and easily obtained and yet, people don't use them. We, the higher level player don't necessarily only care about having the most damage. We also want to look the way we want to look :)
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
    1/25/2017 17:51:30   


    I think it should have a special enhancement system like BoA that gives those boosts (instead of Awe Enhancements it could be called something like Doom Enhancements)

    This might invalidate future items with boost if we have something like this. Especially with AFDL having the highest amount of boosts.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
    1/25/2017 18:01:59   

    Considering the amount of HP sponges in the game as well as the massive difference in damage output, I don't think it's a fallacy. BLoD is only useful against undead monsters, EDB costs ACs and is only useful against dragons which aren't exactly the most prolific of enemies, and Burning Blade, Nightlocke War Axe, etc are just +15% whereas full AFDL in the testing servers multiplies damage several times. The monsters in the testing servers also have significantly more HP than they do in the normal servers, and the passive regen makes high-HP bosses far worse, to the extent where it's literally impossible to kill some of them if you have low damage.
    AQW  Post #: 16
    1/25/2017 18:11:08   

    Evolved DB actually doesn't cost AC. I have just shown you that there are better options that are available to people and yet, people don't use the most optimal choice because they care about other things besides the damage and you just outright dismissed them . As far as I know, +15% is indeed better than +0% and yet, people don't do optimal things. Furthermore, it is a CHOICE. If you want to use powerful items, great - here are the available options with the most powerful option at the moment being a full stack of AFDL. If you don't want to use powerful items, great - here are all the available items with all its cosmetics. Why would the dev want to remove such a beautiful option for all players?

    Additionally, I think the damage boost that AFDL have is justified and the stacking should be allowed, otherwise, those items wouldn't be living up to their names and demands.


    The monsters in the testing servers also have significantly more HP than they do in the normal servers, and the passive regen makes high-HP bosses far worse, to the extent where it's literally impossible to kill some of them if you have low damage.
    <-- That would be a problem with the standard of monster and not the problem of allowing bonuses to stack.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
    1/25/2017 18:57:49   

    I'm siding more with Nalguth in this discussion, I think having one set be objectively better than anything else is quite limiting. Mew is right in saying that even though people have access to boost items, they often choose not to use them. However, when I personally do any serious farming, be it gold, rep, CP, nulgath items etc. - I always make sure to be using the most effective equipment. Currently, that would mean using a 15% boost weapon and one piece of 25% boost armor (or just any piece of AFDL). This still leaves a lot of room for customization. However, with stacking boosts, that would mean wearing a full set of boosts, which is currently only AFDL. And another thing to consider is, while +15% damage and +25% XP/CP/rep/gold isn't that big of a deal, +60% damage and +100% XP/CP/rep/gold certainly is, so even players who were OK with missing out on the boosts might feel forced to use them. And that's assuming the stacking gets fixed, currently the +360% damage and +500% XP/CP/rep/gold is just way too good to pass on.

    My point is, seeing nothing but Arcana Invokers, Armors of Awe, Sun mages and Archfiend Doomlords when farming might get old after a while.
    AQW  Post #: 18
    1/25/2017 20:03:49   
    Bailey Hudson

    Allow monsters to be able to use Mana from their special attacks and/or skills too and of course, able to regenerate their HP and Mana respectively.

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    Post #: 19
    1/25/2017 21:53:51   

    Why the Monster Regen?
    DF AQW  Post #: 20
    1/25/2017 22:21:18   

    Report on the class CardClasher:
    I am using CardClasher, Level 65, All Luck enhancement. I fought level 25 Makai in Nulgath. On live servers, I was critting for 706 damage with a stable weapon unarmed and normal damage of 252. On the testing servers, I was hitting for 137 and critting for 205. Stacking the ability Raise the stakes, leaves me with 20 mana. 20 mana is unable to allow me to combo my first and second ability. Although CC is a spamming class, I can only use my 1 and 2 abilities 7 times, then I am OOM. I believe CC is really weak in the Testing Server, because I am unable to spam abilities, unable to stack my abilities, and the monsters regen more health than the damage I can do to it when I am OOM

    PS Near Impossible to Kill Red Dragon because He regens for more than the damage I deal!

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    1/25/2017 22:28:31   

    @Dracelix720 imo monster hp regen is to encourage parties. to expand on that, when I went to the testing server during frostval I went to fight a boss with I think 250k health,i had legion doomknight so I figured its just another hp sponge boss but during the fight I noticed that i'm barely doing damage to it, so i reset the fight and watched the enemy HP ,I would do decent damaged but would see the HP regen so it's obvious my dps can't overpower the regen.
    The thought came to me "I can't beat this,I think i'll need help", that was a thought I haven't had since the whole breed of solo classes came and after that i pondered "Wait! aren't bosses suppose to be challenging that you would need help?".

    I would strongly support the monster HP regen to encourage forming parties,just like back then with aracara when nobody could solo it and was only beatable with a party

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
    1/25/2017 22:38:50   

    General :

    -The "rest" action is almost useless. The health/mana regen is way too slow and sometimes, it doesn't regenerate at all.
    -Sometimes, equiping a new item will have no effect at all. You will only equip the item after several tries.

    LDK :

    -Mana regeneration is inexistant.
    -5 skill DoT is too slow : I have too wait 4 seconds to see the first tick appear.

    Enhancements :

    -When you apply an enhancement on an equipement, it won't have any effect until the next login (the old enhancement is still apllied).
    -In the enhancement shops, enhancements spells don't have any color (they all appear black instead of blue for wiz, red for fighter, ...).

    Login :

    -When you logout -> login, the connection will fail and send you back to the login screen.

    That's all I have noticed for now.

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    Post #: 23
    1/25/2017 23:32:35   

    Hello, I'm Surix,

    And I've been playing for a long time, and my all time personal favorite class has been Card Clasher since it's release. I love the concept of solo killing bosses on AQW and it's so fun to challenge yourself by facing bosses that are too strong to be faced alone... well alone.

    Now like many other players the allure of helping test the server has attracted me and of course I wanted to join in and what better way than to test out one of my favorite classes using the newly changed mob fighting system and 'LUK' (luck) enhancement by comparing it to the current games server. I've discovered a few things and wanted to share it to a place where I was told it would be heard, so here goes.


    Compared to some other features and classes in the game, Card Clasher is almost bug-free, and the one bug I did encounter over and over again in the amount of testing I did with this class, wasn't enough to ruin the class, but what was it.

    "Deal" Visual bug: Unfortunately a main feature of this class is currently broken on the testing server, and that is the ability to Buff and Debuff yourself based on a 'card' you draw, but when activated no animation will show on the testing server, only the sidebar name of whatever buff or debuff you can apply to the enemy or yourself.

    Now this bug isn't game breaking, and it did not result in any main problems, however it was a little distracting to have to look over to the side of a fight to see what I was about to 'Tap' myself into. It was also impossible to determine what I had currently once the text faded, making it a Gamble(get it?) just to apply a major part of this classes kit.

    I've sent a bug report, but I felt it necessary to include it in this post for completion sake and to ensure this is as helpful as a post as it can be!


    Now let's talk Solo.

    Card Clasher is without a doubt, a class designed to Solo bosses. And on the normal server, it does it very well! Despite the power creep the game experiences it can solo a good majority of bosses in one try and if not, it's usually possible with a few extra college tries or maybe a potion or three. However I was very displeased to see that on the Testing server, this ability has almost been all but eliminated and had the difficulty (Of an already moderately skilled based class) seeming maxed out.

    Not only was it extremely hard to conserve or regen mana for this class, but I also found that a lot of the 'Deals' I used would fade before i could even use 'Tap' whether because of an occasional lag or just because it was impossible to gain enough mana in time.

    Mana was almost always gone within 10 seconds a fight, and conserving it from start to end not only would prolong it even further but often leave me dead or leaving the room to recall.

    Finding this interesting I decided to log some Solo's on both the testing and normal servers and jot the down on a notepad. I tried 3 Bosses and one "mini-boss" and battled them 3 times on each server so that I could get an average time and a difficulty level based on my experience. Here are those stats:

    (By the way I used a full Luck Enhancement build, with Unarmed as my weapon for a stable range)

    Crystalized Jellyfish

    Normal Server:
    1: 25.54 Seconds
    2: 20.73 Seconds
    3: 19.65 Seconds

    Testing Server:
    1: 3:01.77 Minutes (Mana Issues)
    2: Inconclusive (Death, Mana problems)
    3: 3:12.14 Minutes (mana issues again)

    Red Dragon

    Normal Server:
    1: 40.73 Seconds
    2: 31.99 Seconds
    3: 35.65 Seconds

    Testing Server:
    1: Inconclusive (Kicked from sever, Suspected time 3:50-4:10)
    2: 5:00.34 Minutes (Low mana Most time)
    3: Inconclusive (Died, 0 mana most time)

    Onyx Lava Dragon

    Normal Server:
    1: 2:42.96 Minutes
    2: 2:19.99 Minutes
    3: 2:12.59 Minutes

    Testing Server:
    1: Died
    2: Died
    3: Died

    Tainted Elemental

    Normal Server:
    1: 4.23 Seconds
    2: 6.19 Seconds
    3: 4.38 Seconds

    Testing Server:
    1: 10.98 Seconds
    2: 11.33 Seconds
    3: 37.93 Seconds??

    From those stats alone it's obvious not only is there a problem with this classes power on the testing server, but that a top 10 Solo class on normal servers is so unequally matched to a scaling mob buff, that Quick and easy kills became long, painful, and even impossible.

    So let's take a look at the averages of these bosses to simplify the data

    Crystalized Jellyfish: Ns (Normal Server): 20.3 Seconds.
    Ts (Testing Server): 186.955 Seconds (Plus a death)

    Red Dragon: Ns: 36.1233
    Ts: 270.17 Seconds (Plus a death)

    Onyx: Ns: 211.84 Seconds
    Ts: N/A (Could not be pulled off)

    See the problem?

    On the testing server it took 7-9x longer to solo easy bosses on the testing server! And not to mention my only deaths during these tests resulted from the testing servers mobs.

    I know Cardclasher is in for a look over and balancing but this is just insane. These mobs have power spikes like I've never seen. A class goes from perfectly balanced and healthy from one server to weak and bottom tier in another, and this isn't a solo class problem or even a class problem period. The balance on monsters needs to be addressed. When a class can't do its job when built and enhanced to it's highest degree.

    I know this server rewrite is a long process and I have a lot of respect for the AE tester staff (Who I've always wanted to join) and those who write these codes and make the rewrite possible but this is a serious problem.


    This rewrite is a great thing, ove all it's healthy and looks like a big improvement, however this is a problem I want to see faced even when I know it's probably under the microscope right now.

    I want to thank you for reading to this point and maybe even responding with your opinion on my post or information about what can or will be done if at all. These aren't the only tests I did, just the mot consistent and applicable to the topic I did manage to get working for me.

    I apologize for the long post or any mistakes I've made typing this but I figure long and detailed is better than short and whiney. Have a good day and thank you for reading.

    Merged threads. Please be sure to check there is not a thread already existing that covers the topic you post in the future. ~Shadowhunt

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    1/26/2017 7:26:42   

    Monster HP regen is causing glitches with them dying and respawning. They're kind of annoying.
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