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=HS= Superhuman Story Smash! Submissions Thread

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3/1/2017 19:24:42   
The Arcane

Superhuman Story Smash!
Submissions Thread

Calling all Heroes! We have a brand new contest for you! We want to see all the different ways our community can be creative and this contest will do just that! Inanitas, one of the Writers for AQWorlds, DragonFable and HeroSmash, wants to not only see the writing our community has to offer, but more people checking out our game, HeroSmash! HeroSmash has been somewhat quiet lately and Inanitas wants to see it making some noise!

How to Enter
Players must log on to HeroSmash at http://herosmash.artix.com/ to take a screenshot of themselves doing something and create a story explaining the screenshot. Please use the following format when submitting your entry:
[b]HeroSmash Name:[/b] 
[b]Link to Image:[/b] 
[b]Your Story:[/b] 
This contest is running until Friday 31st March, 2017.

The Rules
  • The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • ONE post per person.
  • You're only allowed ONE image. See the Forum Commands guide for information on how to take a screenshot.
  • Do not use image tags! Provide a link to the image instead.
  • Your character must be in the screenshot. However, you can have friends in your screenshot also.
  • There is no limit on the amount of words for your story. You must keep it PG though.
  • This thread is for submissions only! If you have any comments or questions, please use the discussion thread.

  • Grand Prize Winner: 1,000 Artix Points and your story being posted on the Design Notes.
  • Winner's Circle: 1,000 Artix Points.

    Best of luck and SMASH On!
  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    3/1/2017 21:52:24   

    HeroSmash Name: Cobra Commander
    Link to Image: Cobra Commander
    Your Story:
    As Cobra studied his beautiful city from above, he couldn't help but, as he often did, reminisce of the events that led him too where he was in life. His parents were of the Shadowscythe Cult, an illustrious position within the Evil community, though their lack of power left them in low standing within the cult itself. While most parents would hold a child born with powers in high esteem, Klaw and Duchess saw their higher position as an affront too their honor, and treated him with disdain, even hatred. They'd often refer to him as "Viper", communicating without words that he was weak and treacherous, unworthy of his true name. Cobra touched his branded, scarred face, remembering vividly the night his father had woken him in violently to "bestow the gift of his people's symbol to him." Though painfull, his parents' lessons made him strong, and in gratitude their deaths were quick and painless.

    The strength he learned from his parents paid off in the outside world, as he made a name for himself early on by 'appropriating' technology from various Evil Superpowers such as Ebilcorp and DaVinci and used them for his plots. He laughed as he remembered his childish panicking after being cornered by none other than DaVinci himself. However, rather than killing him then and there, DaVinci smiled, handed him mega machinegun, and, to Cobra's utter astonishment, said, "Welcome to the big leagues kid!"

    That was five years ago, and Cobra hasn't regretted a day of it. His vigor and ruthlessness has earned him quite a reputation, making him one of the youngest to earn the title Commander, and rumors abound of another promotion in the future. His minions call him Cobra Commander, though they don't know why...Cobra has much bigger dreams in mind. Secretly he gathers followers and allies, creating a base of power any villain would envy. One day, he'll return to the Cult of the Shadowscythe and take command, using it to unify the Villain community into a vast empire. HE will be the one to control the criminal underworld! HE will end Herospire and scatter the pathetic heroes across the globe! And, Valoth willing, HE will be the one to fulfill his peoples prophesy, covering the world in darkness.

    He will be KING! KING COBRA!


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    3/1/2017 21:57:53   
    Crystal Lion

    HeroSmash Name: Atroxia Lion
    Link to Image: Saving Melissa
    Your Story: This is a transcript of a speech given at Pleasanton High by Atroxia Lion, one of the American Lions.


    A really long time ago, I used to be a hero, along with my twin sister and best friend. That is, until our cousin Demo lost Pandora's Malachite. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about our early days. Our glory days, if you will.

    I'm sure you guys heard about the upsides of being smashers before the gray years set in. Fame, fortune, fans, all that good stuff. Today, I'm gonna talk about fans and fame; both the good and bad parts. You see that picture up there?

    Bet'cha you're wondering how I got it. An intrepid witness just so happened to take it while I was saving a damsel in distress. Sounds good, at first.

    After all, I saved the corporal from major losses except for broken furniture and windows. Luckily I didn't have to pay for that. I ended up with an earful from my mean old mother, though.

    She heard it from Melissa's mother. That's the downside of fame when you pull stunts, people worry for your safety.

    The main problem after that? Melissa's been trying to stick to me ever since, hounding me for some downtime with her. That's the downside of fans, they get crazy.

    But after Pandora's Malachite was lost, Melissa was one of the few who would stand by us. Even though she got mad when I met Mo in Tradertown, she still believed in us.

    That we could do right even if nobody else believed it. Even after the Clock Blocker managed to curse us all with frozen time so we could never do great feats again.

    And do right we will. This year, we're gonna go into Skulldeep and take back the Malachite by force. Come what may, we'll break the Clock Blocker's curse of frozen time once and for all!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
    3/4/2017 17:43:15   
    Chaosweaver Amon

    HeroSmash Name: Rockjaw
    Link to Image: Rockjaw's Vengeance
    Your Story: John Marrigon was only twelve years old when the Chudlings attacked, and could remember it as if it were yesterday. As he walked down the alley with his father, mother, and sister alongside him, he could feel that something was definitely wrong. He had warned them as such beforehand, but they wouldn't listen to him, too eager to get on their way to the Mainstreet sales. It happened so fast as a slobber fell upon his sister, teeth gnashing violently, desperate to get a taste of her. Her father tackled the slobber, only to be swarmed by the shorties hiding behind the dumpster, who then proceeded to rip off his limbs and devour him. His mother didn't have time to scream before they did the same to her. Frantically trying to run away, the Chudlings grabbed John, but rather than kill him, they dragged him down through a manhole into the sewers. They then offered him as food to "Mama Chuds" as they called her, but when she tried to grab him, he kicked out one of her teeth. She then clawed him across the face, but in the process her finger snapped off, earning John the title of Rockjaw by the Chudlings.

    He managed to escape eventually, but the wound he received from the mother Chudling became infected, and nearly killed him. After the doctors had restored his health, they then discovered that Rockjaw had developed intense powers of radiation. After years of intense training, he honed his new powers, and from Mama Chuds' tooth he carved claws for a pair of battle gauntlets. He was then finally ready to face Mama Chuds again, in a final attempt to avenge his family.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
    3/8/2017 14:57:03   

    Herosmash Name: FreezeCalibra
    Link to Image: The Chilling Showdown!
    Your Story: On a unusually chilling morning, Arctikiller went around different locations only to notice that everybody... WAS FROZEN, how could this be? He was puzzled because he did not know who or what could have done this! As he goes to the shops he notices writings on the wall which read beware of the cold. He thought for a minute then had to come to the conclusion that it had to be a strange thing and this "thing" must have came from a different undiscovered dimension! from the FREEZECALIBRIUM! Arctikiller had heard of this possibility before in only legends before and he knew that the only survivors of a dangerous freeze-realm attack like this one by villains were those individuals that were bounded shaped and made of the cold. Therefore it was only Arctikiller who was a few of the last survivors of this treacherous attack. There were some brave guardians who could withstand the cold.... there they were stationed up on the roof of a building to figure out who was behind this and how they could put a stop to this freezing madness and unfreeze the citizens and heroes of Herosmash! no matter how difficult the challenge they would find a way!

    All of the sudden a mysterious character arose from the skies very slowly and confidently, all of the heroes looked and were in shock as to how much COLDER THE AIR WAS GETTING. As this mysterious thing was coming closer, as they finally saw, it was clear that it was a former Herosmash citizen who had been fallen and trapped into a Ice-Realm dimension which happened too long ago for anyone to know. Over the lonely and endless times that character had to endure it eventually made him evil and corrupt. It had trapped him a long long time ago, you could see he had lost his hands and now had ice claws, his eyes as cold as ice, the armor he wore as frigid as glaciers! and that scary smile he wore as if he was going to wreck havoc! he was.... as Arctikiller discovered it was indeed the one and only FREEZECALIBRA! the legends were true. He was finally back in Herosmash to claim vengeance on everything because of the suffering he endured while trapped in the Freezecalibrium.

    Immediately everybody froze in a blink of an eye and only Arctikiller and a couple other brave heroes endured the freezing cold temperature as Freezecalibra came closer and closer. Finally FreezeCalibra got close enough that you could hear his chilling laughter. Arctikiller was ready for a showdown of his life as these two would clash and possibly destroy everything by both their sheer power. The heroes were scared and cold but brave enough to watch and hopefully help fight the unpredictable, epic, historic battle that would determine the fate of Herosmash and be remembered and told for all passes of time.

    And so it begins........ THE CHILLING SHOWDOWN!

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    AQ  Post #: 5
    3/12/2017 12:30:38   
    The Jop

    HeroSmash Name: The Jop
    Link to Image: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost
    Your Story: John Parlow was a regular farmer until everyone got super powers. His only problem was constant harassment from ghosts. They would often throw things at him, whisper weird things, and just generally get in his way. It got to the point that he would hide from the ghosts after calling for help while they destroyed his home. He was on the verge of losing everything because he was unable to continue farming, but then he gained the powers of flight and invulnerability. He used his newfound gifts to laugh at the ghosts in his home. Their attacks and presence had so little effect on him and his laughter was so demeaning that they went to find someone who would take them more seriously. Now he uses his power to travel the world laughing at ghosts who are unable to harm him, lessening the perceived threat from them and just lowering their self esteems. His goal is to make ghosts a laughingstock the world over so they will go hide somewhere like he had to and leave innocent people alone forever.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    3/15/2017 14:39:05   

    HeroSmash Name: The Dealer
    Link to Image: http://i.imgur.com/ovADBHo.png
    Your Story: A Day in the life of a Corporate Villain

    5AM: Secretary work me up, saying there was a emergency at the research lab. Some ant experiment got loose and wrecked my office. I will need to cancel the antroid experiment. You hire ONE insect obsessed guy to handle AI projects and he babbles on about the hive mind and wrecks your office. I have a feeling it is going to be one of those days.

    6AM: Got to office, Antroid was still there. Why do I even hire security? Or the Security Protocol Designers for my office for that matter. I will need to set up meetings with them later today. Killed it myself in the end. Will have autopsy team look into what made flip.

    7AM: Called in Dr Antstrom for Employee Review. When he asked "What happened to your office?" I told him about how his little project had totaled it. The face he made was priceless. Untill I told him I killed it myself. He got mad and declared that "I don't beleive you!", going on a half hour rant about how ants were the master species and I do not understand their greatness. I told him he was fired. He took it surprisngly well, just leaving the office swearing revenge. I will have to have him dealt with on the down low. Can't have someone going on a evil crusade now can we?

    8AM: Contacted expert in infiltration, told them I need to reclaim an artifact stolen from me by a hero for future research. It's one of the old heroes, and I made it VERY clear not to fight said old hero. Just get the artifact, run and do not let it get traced back to me. Will hear results later today.

    9AM: Called in Office Protocol Designer Team for Employee Review. At this point they must have heard about the office. Told me that the Antroid had hacked into the system and turned it off. Fired the man resposible for the access point it used, and told the others they could keep their jobs if they made sure it did not happen again. They complied.

    10AM: Called in Chief Of Security for Employee review. Smart woman this one. Claimed that the security team was working on keeping staff safe and preventing further escapes. Provided video evidence from cameras. Gave her and the team a raise. Don't want my staff getting hurt by such escapades after all.

    11AM-1PM: Lunch. Went to a nice little cafe near the Overlook. You can see the Sky Tower Ageis from there, glorious view. You know, I think I'd like to set up my own little city of industry one day. Maybe make it fly myself. Or set it in the ocean? Nah that would be stupid. Pretty sure the cafe is owned by some hero in a civilian garb, but I like it here so I won't make a fuss.

    2PM-6PM: Various fights. First of all Illusion broke into my office (smashing the window that had JUST been replaced by the way) claiming one of my weapons had been used in a bank robbery. I pointed out that a shipment of weapons had been stolen last week and that I had reported it to the police. He accused me of giving it to them and attacked. Fought for an hour, I eventually sorted it by pointing out he had assualted me first, that I was merely fighting for my life, and that the court would see it that way. He left. The bigger issue was the old hero. Turns out my infiltration "expert" got caught in the act, tried to kill him and got beaten up REALLY badly for it. And since the artifact I wanted was very important to him, he was not going to take any of my nonsense. Picked me up one handed and held me outside the window, threatening to drop me to the street far below. Talked him out of it, stayed smooth throughout but inside I was shaking like a leaf. Will need to think about replacing window with something sturdier. Going home now. Need sleep. Rough day.

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    3/19/2017 6:13:12   

    HeroSmash Name: Remnant
    Link to Image: Remnant in the face of death...Super Death.
    Your Story: Ruination (Warning: The story is very sad.)

    This is a recollection from Remnant's autobiography. He had given a copy to Zyrain as a present in order to reveal his story to those who have yet to know of his tale.


    Not even my advanced technological ordinance could save my mother, father, brother, and girlfriend.

    My name is Remnant, and I am not from this world. I arrived in Super City, keeping my identity anonymous. I was on vacation, and wished to spend a month with my family and my beloved girlfriend. The skies were clear, the sun was as bright as ever, and even the people strolled down Liberty Square with big smiles on their faces. Alas, what seemed like a perfect day in paradise would turn me into one of the most devoted heroes in Super City. Chaos had erupted throughout the city, with various heroes and villains duking it out on the skyscrapers and various other buildings in the area, but one villain slipped through: Clown the Jester. The wily maniac slipped into the bank, in which me, my family, and my girlfriend were hiding. With the laugh that had begun to haunt me from now on had shown, and with lack of morality in his eyes, he had begun to gun down everyone in his sights, which included my group. After Clown the Jester emptied his rounds, he had slipped out. When that happened, I, who had been shot in the head and chest, crawled around the small space I could reach. My face begun to show horror, seeing my mother and father dead, my brother gone, and my girlfriend fighting for her life. It was then I crawled over to my girlfriend and hugged her before my vision turned to black. I had been killed.

    So I knew of my fate as I woke up in Deathitude. My injuries remained, but my eyes were without life. I blindly followed a dark path, with floating pictures of my dead loved ones floated around. I stumbled in the domain of none other than Super Death. His garment was old, worn, and smelled of ash. His face showed lifelessness, and burned fear in my mind. This reincarnation of the Grim Reaper snarled with pure anger. He inches closer to me, as I had already awaited my fate as I failed to protect my family and girlfriend. All I wanted was to visit somewhere with the people I was closest to, and I lost every single one of them. I was ready to leave, never to avenge my family. With weakness in my movements, I dropped to my knees and awaited execution. Super Death, without hesitation, lifted his scythe, about to claim yet another soul. It turned black yet again, however I could still feel. I was supposed to be gone from this world. I opened his eyes to see a hero combating Super Death and swiftly forcing him to retreat. It fades to black again, for I had passed out.

    For the next week, it was completely black. No recollection of what happened between passing out and waking up entered my mind, as I could swear I was slain by Super Death. I woke up from a bed, in what appears to be a utopia of sorts. I got up, feeling rather dizzy, and unable to stand up straight. I was then held by someone. It was the guy, from Deathitude, that fought Super Death.

    "Take is easy now, champ," The guy spoke with a reassuring voice, almost angelic and sort of robotic. "You've just survived the dance with Super Death." He was right, I did recall dying to the maniacal Clown the Jester, walked all the way to Super Death's domain, and he was there driving him away. I was hoping to ask him some questions, but he had foresaw all of them, and stopped me in my tracks.

    "I know you have many questions to ask of me, Remnant," He again reassures me, letting go of me so I could attempt to walk. "I am Drakkoniss, the one that saved you in Deathitude. When I saw what I thought to have been a civilian, I was shocked. You're not normal, Remnant, you are destined for great things, and destined to find your brother and girlfriend. That much I know, but it's up to you to pave that path and free Super City from villainy.

    You have lost so much over the past week, and so you will need to be prepared to avenge your parents. I've turned parts of you into a cyborg, in order for you to obtain immeasurable strength. You've also been fitted with a highly defensive spandex suit that Yergen, our supposed mayor, calls the Echo Assault suit. You'll be able to track alerts from all over the place using cyber-echolocation. You can also turn into UltiEcho, an armored Echo Assault, with a jetpack which features rockets and hands that have various weapons. You will become this city's next hero, and you will have the support of the rest of us here in HeroSpire."

    It was so much to take in, but I knew I couldn't leave my parents' deaths and the disappearances of my girlfriend and brother go unavenged. I nodded and flew down to Super City, where it became the start of one of the most illustrious and most breathtaking careers of my life. I had become a beloved hero, to fellow hero and civilian alike. I had become Remnant, while a shadow of my former self, I have become the one that avenges the dead.

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    3/23/2017 9:12:43   

    HeroSmash Name: Dynamite370
    Link to Image: A Hero's Fears
    Your Story:
    It was a job no one liked doing, but it needed to be done. He stepped out onto the street, surrounded by fire and decay, these seemingly paradoxical elements creating something… horrific. Only the sound of the crackling infernos and occasional guttural shrieks filled the void of otherwise emptiness. Thankfully over time from his dirty work, the musk of rusted blood-oiled machines and burning flesh were unable to penetrate his nose. Yet still he grimaced. It should’ve been an easy job for him. It always had been. He knew he was stronger, far stronger than the monstrosities that lay in wait for anything they examined as a threat.

    Even so, past his façade of steel, the animalistic fear of these unforgiving, sadistic creatures remained logged within his heart. Solidified by far too many moments of being on the brink of death, his last memories being of the creatures slashing his body to ribbons then resetting back to their original state, as if he was nothing more than a fly that had been swatted. Solidified by cries of the over confident new heroes as they realised this was a challenge there were unable to face and unable to escape, only the miracles of science bringing them back from brink of death.

    His gaze crawled up creature in front of him. Once an elegant saviour and protector, now tainted and corrupted to its core. The impossibility of technology creating the possibility of a new breed of precise savages and butchers. But a hero is a symbol of something greater, someone who’s willing to go above and beyond to protect their people and nurture the future. A hero is not defined by their fears, but by their actions. With this thought cemented within his conscious, he stepped forward this time not with fear and trepidation, but with confidence and poise. His sword in hand, he began his assault. His strokes, once panicked and sloppy in the past, became a thing of beauty, the grace creating a pattern of deliberate methodical strikes, piercing the hard outer shell of the Tainted Sentinel. Finally with a silent prayer to those who had been taken and enslaved by these cold puppets he summoned his thunderous rage, destroying the creature where it stood. He let out a long breath, free from the shackles of his anxiety, and began to walk on.
    It was a job no one liked doing, but it had to be done.

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    3/26/2017 20:17:40   

    HeroSmash Name: ZOROK
    Link to Image: http://image.prntscr.com/image/07cf362dd51b46d8a729e1bc3e0da3e4.png
    Your Story:
    So this is the City Mall, and people think that a meteor landed there, where slimy purple monsters crawled out. But there is more to it! As a member of the HeroSmash police, I will present you with the truth that the public does not know.
    Meteors are thought of as a random series of events, however this one was planned. Planned by ancient creatures from another planet. The "meteor" landed in this exact specific location, because the mall was build over a large deposit of amethyst rock. Now the creatures and their minions depend on these rocks as they provide them with immense energy and power. Ever since the Zombie Invasion in 1993, I have accustomed to reading books on old legends and myths that are apparently true.
    I have decided to willingly stand against the creatures and the minions to protect planet Earth, so that we can conserve its beauty and nature. I remember reading in one of the books that aluminium shields objects and people from these purple monsters, and so I constructed a special suit out of aluminium and distributed among the population. Together, we will draw the creatures away from the amethyst rocks and eventually slay them. We will build a aluminium dome around the large deposit of amethyst rock to prevent future "attacks."
    However! There is more to beauty that meets the eye! The amethyst crystals contain a naturally occurring manganese, which is more powerful and potent then the manganese found in foods. Because manganese strengthens our connective tissues, and helps in our brains and nervous system, we have no idea what magical effects this manganese will have. We believe that we can make naturally stronger and more intelligent people with this natural effect rather than genetical engineering.
    And so we come to the end of the story, where the lesson learned is not to ignore the mysterious but to face it.

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    3/28/2017 20:23:56   

    Heresmash name: Ganadian
    Link to image: Takin' a break from being a hero
    My story: How it came to be

    Gandiral wasn’t like the other heroes. He had no powers and was born into a normal family while living a normal life. As a child, he loved listening to music because it comforted him when nothing else could. At the age of eight, Gandiral decided he wanted to share his passion for music with others. Thus, from that moment on he vowed that he would become a popular music artist. The following year Gandiral took singing lessons and loved it. He practised singing at anytime he could such as singing in the shower, but his all time favourite occurred when he was home alone because he could sing as loud as he wanted. His mom and dad were very supportive of his dream and wanted the best for him. They put him in the best singing lessons they could find, hired the best coaches, and spent thousands of dollars on guitar and singing lessons. One day, Gandiral’s parents went out for dinner but needed to stop at the bank for money. As they were at the bank a robbery had taken place. Gandiral had no idea what had happened until his parents never came home and they, along five with others were on the news. Tears flooded his eyes, then poured out and flowed like a waterfall. From that moment on he vowed he would become a star no matter what and would diminish any challenge that got in front of him.

    Despite the self-promise Gandiral made, the death of his parents really got to him. He spent months lying around and not doing anything and became lazy about his school work and paying rent. He got food from people as they came by to say how sorry they were so his meals were covered. His aunts, uncles, and grandparents sent him money to help him out in this tough time and relied on that money for rent. Since he was an only child he was able to get more money than if he had siblings. Gandiral was failing most of his classes and almost dropped out but decided not to when his family whipped him into shape and forced him to work. He got a part-time job, worked hard at school, and finally graduated from his program and got his degree in English. He had a part-time job at the local coffee shop where he knew the owner so he benefited from that greatly. He still thought of the person who took the lives of his parents and others so he looked online for any potential justice but no one was ever arrested or convicted. This angered him but there was nothing he could do. He so desperately wanted to wipe evil off the streets but just continued on with his regular life.

    Years had passed by and Gandiral was now singing songs and playing his guitar at any local pub that was looking to take him for the night for nothing more than a few dollars for an hour or so. His routine usually consisted of school for the duration of the day and then singing at a local pub that would take him for the night. His friend's dad owned a pub and decided to hire him as nightly entertainment for $20.00 an hour until he got noticed. Finally, Gandiral’s life was starting to look upwards. The pub Gandiral sang at got a lot business so his paycheck and dreams were looking pretty good, or so he thought. Months had passed and things weren’t looking so good for him as he was still doing the same old thing, school during the day, and singing at night. It seemed like an endless cycle.

    However, one night he had finished singing and started to pack up to leave when an older gentleman approached him. The man was average height and wore an old brown bombers jacket, an old plain grey baseball cap, dark blue loose fitting jeans, and black sneakers. His eyes were covered by the hat but when he lifted his head Gandiral could make out green eyes that were being covered. The man’s eyes were a shamrock green and when their eyes met, Gandiral got a weird sense that the man was staring deep into his soul. As if the man was doing some sort of an analysis like a robot does in those movies. The man’s short white beard highlighted his shamrock green eyes. The man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a white card with the man’s name, number, location, and his apparent title. Gandiral read the card, “Lucas Jones,” “Musician scout,” and stopped there. He looked up at the man, the old man’s head was tilted down and he said in a low muffled voice, “Meet me at this location in 12 hours sharp. Don’t be late. We’ll see if you get your lucky break. Also, don’t bother bringing a guitar or music, I’ll supply both.” Then the old man left without saying a word. Gandiral was shocked, happy, and suspicious all at the same time and really wondered if he should go. Gandiral gathered his things, said his usual goodbyes and left to go wait for the bus. The bus had finally arrived after what seem like an eternity of standing out in the cold, rainy weather. The bus ride home was a long one so he had some time to think about whether or not to go and visit the man. After contemplating on the bus back to his apartment he made up his mind and decided to go.

    Gandiral awoke the next morning, got dressed, ate and took the bus to the man's location. He stood outside the man’s door. Gandiral checked his watch. One minute before he had to be there. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The man answered the door fairly quickly as if he had been standing there waiting for Gandiral to knock. The old man wore the same clothes that we wore to the pub and his breath seemed to have a very strong and minty odour. The old man invited Gandiral in and said to follow him as he would bring Gandiral to the studio. As the man did so, Gandiral noticed how poor and run down his place looked. They went into the dark and cold basement. Gandiral had a bad feeling about it. The man turned on a light and to Gandiral’s surprise the man had a new soundboard system, a new recording studio and it was clear that this model was the newest since it was very shiny and he could see his own reflection.

    The man told Gandiral to pick up the guitar and enter the recording studio. The old man sat down on his leather chair on wheels and waited for Gandiral. He walked towards the guitar and realised it had an acoustic guitar body but had an electric head, the colour of the guitar was a faded red with white in the middle. He picked it up and entered the studio. The music he was going to play was already on the stand. The sheet of music read, “O Canada With a Twist.” Intrigued, yet apprehensive by the title he proceeded to play nonetheless. At first, it seemed like the familiar anthem that he knew and he played it with ease, however, as he continued to play and sing the song it became different. His eyes became glued to the sheet of music. The man arose from his seat with excitement. The notes Gandiral played sounded like the anthem but with an electrical and personal twist to it. Then, he played, sang and started to have no control over his body. A whirlwind started to develop inside and broke the glass of the studio. Books and vinyl records shot from the bookcases going in unpredictable directions. Gandiral could no longer see anything, only black. His sixth and seventh senses started to kick in and he became aware of everything going on. Bang. Clash. Boom. Then, silence.

    Gandiral woke up in a white room filled with nurse-like people treating him. He had no recollection of how he got there but could only remember that he played the national anthem, something happened, then darkness. The nurse-like people came and went as they pleased as he was the only one to be treated. He looked around and saw white beds in an orderly fashion. The place he was in looked like an infirmary in the first world war but with white modern technology. He looked at the equipment and realised that it wasn’t modern, rather something he had never seen before. He was no doctor, but he knew that what they were putting inside of him was not normal since it was making him feel weird and sort of powerful. He looked around and saw the guitar that he was playing before he ended up in that place. He took out the needle that was injecting the weird fluid into his arm, got out of bed and stumbled towards the guitar. His vision became hazy but nevertheless got to the guitar. He picked it up and examined it, no scratches were present but he found a small gold plate on the back with his name on it. He instantly became dizzy, dropped the guitar and tried to run away but couldn’t move very fast. He looked down and saw he was wearing a white hospital gown and nothing else. His legs couldn’t move far despite his legs being so free and tripped over some equipment resulting in a hard fall. He blacked out again.

    Gandiral woke up to find five nurse-like people treating him. Off to the side was a female in what looked like a white lab coat and she wore black gloves. Her reddish-pink hair was tied back into a ponytail and she walked towards Gandiral. She could tell he was shocked and scared because of the expression painted on his face. What she didn’t realise was that he somehow got from one end of the room on the floor to the other and being on a bed. It frightened Gandiral to have no recollection of how he was getting from place to place. His head was resting on a pillow and he stared directly upwards thinking of how he’s getting from place to place without remembering. Maybe it’s the guitar? Maybe a nurse, he thought. He turned his head to find the needle was back in his arm. He got the nurse-like person’s attention and demanded to know where he was, what was going on and why that guitar followed him. He was eager for answers and wanted them immediately. The nurse-like person was about to speak when the doctor instructed her not to. The doctor decided to tell him everything. “Gandiral, I’m Medic, your doctor. Your scout, or rather Professor Smash, brought you here because you passed out after showing a sign of extraordinary power from a mere mortal. You have been brought to the land of heroes to be given a serum to help you be more like a superhero with regeneration of health and power. We tried to separate you and the guitar but no matter what happened whether we burned it, tossed it, or broke it, it always came back here in one piece. Fear not, though, you will be building your own flight system, probably a jetpack, and will be given your very own power suit. Sadly, your weapon of choice is unavailable because here, the weapon chooses you. We will give you a basic white power undergarment that is given to everyone as standard wear under their suit. Nurse, if you please. This will have to suffice until we get your power suit ready. Fear not, we know everything about you. Nurse, now please.” “Here you are,” the nurse said with a smile as she gave Gandiral the suit. “Enjoy. Oh, also, don’t forget your guitar and a map of the Power Academy is outside this room.” The nurse departed. Only Gandiral was left inside. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

    Gandiral got out of bed, unclipped the needle since it was finished pumping serum into him, grabbed his guitar and looked at the map. He frantically looked for an exit but was compelled to be calm and find the combat training zone. It was weird since his old conscience wanted to leave but his new conscience wanted to go to the training zone, so he followed his new one. As he walked towards the combat zone and followed the signs he ended up talking to himself. “The serum must be giving me new these thoughts. It appears that my fight or flight response is deteriorating as my new responses seem to only be wanting to engage in combat. This serum is giving me powers of a superhero,” he mumbled to himself.

    He got to the training combat zone and found he was alone except for a man in a dark corner of the room watching him. The man had his arms and legs crossed as he leant against the wall. The man in the corner spoke, “Proceed. Show me what you got, kid.” A wooden dummy flew quickly towards him from a machine controlling the dummies using some sort of a pulley system. It stopped directly in front of Gandiral and he didn’t know what to do. He took the guitar and swung. He broke the dummy but also his guitar. The man stepped out of the dark corner and said, “No no. You’ll never be a good super if you use your guitar as a swinging axe despite its regeneration ability. However, you used it to get here so that is what you must do again to utilise its extraordinary power. You’re one of a kind, just like Professor Smash. It’d be a shame if I had to report your uselessness to him. He saw so much power and potential in you. Now, do it again but as I instructed you to.” Gandiral was puzzled, he looked at the guitar and played and sang “O Canada” as he did before. He did what he was instructed and a beam from the end of the guitar shot from it and hit the next dummy in line. “Better, but not good enough. That beam was super weak. Do it again, but instead of continuing the song, just play what your heart feels. That is how to unlock your true power,” exclaimed the man. Gandiral was shocked by how inspiring that made him. He did as instructed. Words flowed from his mouth, sometimes the lyrics didn’t make sense but he demonstrated his full power and obliterated the dummies. The man smiled and said, “Good job, you can now move on to get your jetpack. Oh, the name is Spear, just to let you know in case you and I meet again. And yes, they told me you’d be coming.” He winked at Gandiral and then departed.

    Gandiral looked at the map to find where he could get his jetpack and mumbled to himself, “Where oh where can I get my jetpack?” Then, an animated female voice startled Gandiral and told him where to go, “To get to the Science and Test facility for your jet pack, turn left in 40 metres. Then, right in 20 metres. Then, 50 metres straight ahead. Your destination is on your left.” He thanked the voice and proceeded. At last, he finally got to the Science and Test facility where he would get his jetpack. He looked around for someone in charge, a young man in a white labcoat snuck up behind him and grabbed his shoulders. The man spoke with confidence, “Welcome to the Science and Test facility! Here is where we make and test new superhero gadgets, not to mention we also do repairs. So, Gan, may I call you Gan? What colour do you want your jetpack? Just kidding, we only make them in white, sorry. You and I will build it together and if there’s anything you want just let me know! Oh, sorry, you must be petrified as to how I know your name. Well, it’s because I was told you would be coming and you look a little lost so I figured that’s who you were. Let’s begin, shall we?”

    The two of them proceeded to a lab bench where there were gadgets all along the table. The man exclaimed, “Lookey here! We have a base model nearly complete, what a coincidence! This is great, I’ll just add a boost and some more wires so you never run out of fuel and can fly as high as the sky will let you.” Gan replied, “Awesome, this means less work for us, eh? Also, do you think I could get some tiny wings on it for balance? I’ve seen-” he was interrupted mid-sentence, “Sure thing, pal! Anything you want! If you just have a seat over there I’ll be done in a jiffy.” Gandiral headed over to where he was told to sit in and waited patiently. Not knowing what to do, he just sat awkwardly and twiddled his thumbs. The young man returned after a few moments with his white jet pack, a boost, wings and everything added. “Wow, thanks a million. You really were a jiffy, eh?” The young man replied, “You betcha! I don’t like to keep my supers waiting. Anyway, enjoy! And if you need a repair or anything you can come and talk to me. Oh gosh dang it, I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Jiffy John, but my friends call me John, I’m usually done your request in a jiffy, so call me what you please. ” Gandiral laughed and thanked him for everything. Just before Gandiral could leave, John said, “Oh, Gandiral, I’m new around here like you, well, not as new but they recently hired me on so I don’t have much experience. Only a few years, not much, I know. I say that because if you need a helpin’ hand I’m always here.” Gandiral replied, “Thanks, John. I will definitely take you up on that offer and once again, thanks for everything.” He left and just wandered for awhile and took a look around not knowing what to do. His jetpack was in a bag that he carried it around in for easy transport.

    Then, a woman came up to him and said, “Gandiral, Professor Smash would like to see you in his office immediately. Follow me, please.” Gandiral followed at once and reached the office. Upon entering Professor Smash arose from his seat and ran over to Gandiral and gave him a great big bear hug which nearly suffocated him. He then released him and went back to his desk, reached under it and pulled out a bag. He said with enthusiasm, “Gandiral, I have so much to tell you but I will make it as short as possible. First, we made you a suit much like the one you have now but with a little more protection, red and white colouring, a red maple leaf on your chest, padded gloves and boots, and a white belt with a red maple leaf on it. Second, we realised you need a hat of some sort so we looked for a red and white mask but couldn’t find one. I had someone tell us they found a red and white hat from my favourite place to watch movies, Movie Plex. So, you can represent my favourite place while being a great superhero! Lastly, your name. Gandiral the Canadian was too long so we had to shrink it down a bit, we decided to call you, Ganadian. Like it?” Gandiral replied, “Love it! I love it all so much, thank you!” Professor Smash nodded and said, “Lastly, I see your serum has kicked in. The mark on your face tells us that. Also, that mark is unique to each super.” Gandiral fired back with excitement, “Great, now I can start kicking evil kiester.” Professor Smash replied, “You demonstrated so much power and potential that I just had to bring you here. My studio is a real mess but don’t worry because you are well worth it. Now, go make me proud, Ganadian!”

    Ganadian was pointed out of the office and shown a staircase that led upwards from the ginormous, poorly lit basement of some place. He walked through that long grey hall that seemed endless. As Ganadian got closer to the doors he could see the sunlight trying to pour in to invade the poorly lit basement and flood it with natural sunlight. He walked through the doors and was met by a small room with four people, and two whom he already met. “Spear, Medic, hi!” He was astonished to see them and gave them both big hugs. The hug surprised them both but they were accepting of it. Medic said with a smile, “Glad to see you’re alright. Also, I will always be here if you need anything.” Spear said in agreement, “Yes, I’m sure you’ll make Professor Smash proud. I too will always be here if you need any more training.” Ganadian replied, “Thanks, guys! I will visit when I can, and please, call me Ganadian, it’s my super name.” Both Spear and Medic said at the same time, “It’s a super name alright, and congrats! Jynx!” They all laughed, even the other two that Ganadian never met before. He looked at them and noticed the silent ninja just staring him down, and the evil looking green girl who looked powerful. The ninja said nothing but stared, the girl said, “I’m Useless. Yes, my name is actually Useless No, I am not saying my name is useless as in the synonym for pointless, rather my name is actually Useless. Anyway, I noticed your guitar uses laser abilities so if you want me to teach you some cool laser moves just let me know and I will teach you. “Thanks a million” answered Ganadian excitedly. “They all said at the same time, “Go trump evil, Ganadian, make us all proud and do good!”

    Ganadian darted through the door and was greeted by the warm outside and saw a man. The man wore turquoise gear with a matching mask, even his energy weapon was turquoise. His hair was the same reddish-pink colour as Medic’s and his darker skin implied he was in the sun a lot more and was fighting for what he believed in. “Hiya, Beta’s the name. If you need any advice on how to make a name for yourself just ask me and I’ll surely give you advice. My first piece of advice, go to Overlook and start there and you’ll find plenty of ways. Need more? Just ask and don’t be shy,” said Beta with a smile. “Oh, thanks a bunch, Beta. It’s like you read my mind.” Ganadian went to Overlook and could oversee the entire city and felt so inspired and motivated to wipe evil off the streets. Also outside where Beta was standing were a bunch of heroes goofing around that he later became great friends with. They all had one goal in mind, to trump evil. Ganadian flew off and that’s when it all started.

    Then, from that moment on Ganadian started roaming the streets and building his legacy to become a notorious hero fighting for good and sweeping evil off the streets like he wanted to when he was younger. His power is great, but when he is not using his power to kick evil butt he is playing in local pubs and public places to entertain people for nothing more than a smile. Ganadian thinks of his mom and dad sometimes and sheds a tear or two as he thinks, Mom, Dad, are you proud of me? For his question will never be answered but he has a hunch that they are proud of what he has achieved. Another thought that crosses his mind is what happened to everyone that knew him back in the other world? His home world. He just had a feeling that their memory was wiped off their knowledge of him as if he had ceased to exist. That doesn’t bother him nor does it affect his ability to fight evil. Ganadian continues to do great things to this day and if you see him maybe he will play a song or two for you. All you need to do is give him a smile as payment.

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    Legendary Ash

    HeroSmash Name: Ultimate Ash
    Link to Image: Witch are the real Villains
    Your Story: I am a survivor who neither lived in the wilderness and hunted for small game to quell my hunger nor required aid from the generous ones or the city government. I do not see the usefulness of the gift of powers granted by the foremother to all the inhabitants and abhor the high technology presence in this world which had made itself a convenience to all classes of society. My people come from a distant land far away from this pollution. We are able to tap into abilities of the entire population of those superindividuals and carry strenuous repetitive actions with ease and high precision. We are Wizards and Witches, we live in rural regions and wield wands, tools to cast spells and perform magic. We only come to the outskirts of your city to escape from the persecution by a dark sect of Wizards who have waged war on us and have quietly invaded your society. I rarely step into the heart of the city, only to visit crime scenes and gather evidence of any association with the dark sect. Lately the number of heroes and villains having disappeared never to return have increased, we suspect it is their doing.

    On a night of the waning moon, as I was walking down the street in the alley, I took a corner two children bumped into me with such a force that they fell onto the pavement with their masks knocked off. The girl had torn a patch of her costume exposing an inch of roughened skin with blood seeping through. She whimpered as she assumed a sitting position and her brother got up to take a look at her knee. I said to her that if they can keep it a secret I could make her wound go away and their costumes good as new, they nodded. I my wand of its case and casted a tissue regeneration and clothes patching spell, the two looked at themselves in awe as it seemed as the accident never happened. I stealthily casted a third spell to reveal any spell remnants by other wands on their clothing, whats identified was a brain death by internal fluid-pressure spell, known to be used by those with the intent to torture. These youngsters apparently had crossed roads with cruel beings, when asked of where they got their costumes from they spoke of a Titanium Threads store. I gave my thanks, told them to be more careful and wary of their surroundings and bid them goodbye, they ran off towards the end of the street where I could no longer see.

    Before midnight I have located Titanium Threads and stood at its entrance at mainstreet east. The sign at the door said its opening hours were from 9:20 am to 6:50 pm and the store was closed with no one inside. I cast a loaded trap security check and sensed that there was a myriad of them on the interior rooms and doors. Taking risks to plow through the security measures is not an option at this stage in the investigation because the suspects can receive a signal of a break in an abandon their belongings to leave without a trace of identity. I headed towards my apartment and rested until daybreak, which is when I shall begin preparations for a possible duel. At my awakening, using a disguise spell I cloaked my mind intrusion secured witch's hat as an ordinary cap, ailment reducing sorceress's robe as business attire and wand as a wooden pumpkin lance.

    I walked through many buildings to reach the store, a red headed lady with green sludge eyes greeted me with a warm welcome. I moved in the direction of the mannequins and took genuine interest in examining the clothes with my wand. An aerodynamic lift suppression spell was uncovered on the wings of the female hawk suit, an acute rapid osteoporosis was on the luchador shorts with leg tights and phospholipid bilayer breakdown on the laboratory dress. I raised a question, what inspired these costumes? The lady said, it was from heroes who had several instances of fame and that the store had a partnership with them to sell their personal outfits. I introduced myself as a businesswomen who would like to leave an offer to the boss if present at this time. The lady said she be out in a moment with her boss, he was a middle aged man walked out of the office. I offered better material quality and prices for the fabric if he would lead me to the production warehouse.

    The warehouse was spacious and had many rooms, which I checked were soundproofed with magic, he led me into the heroes meeting room where walls have cracks and there was a small distinct odor of decay. The boss seemed to have noticed me looking around and explained that heroes tend to show off and spar with another in here. I decided to stop with the play, and casted a disarm spell on him, his figure flickered and I realized it had been an illusion. His voice came out at the door saying that I was too carried away by the marks of struggle of the dead heroes and will end up like them as he threw a pin needle spell in my way. I had begun moving away when his first words flowed from his mouth and it punctured my left shoulder. Although the pain's magnitude was reduced by the robes it worsens over time. I cast a strong north and southwest gusts of wind, he lost his balance and hit an industrial machine, but teleported away to recover on a limp limbs. I jumped out of the room as he fired a tear appendage which hit a table and tore its legs into cut straws of hay. Spheres of toxic gas exploded around me and I responded with a vacuum pocket that kept the air safe to breathe. Hearing the thumping of footsteps, I kept my head down and inflicted a wide range hallucinatory environment, distorting his vision. The man ran for what he thought was the exit, he tripped over a chair, got up and casted an obstruction breaker. Windows and walls broke where he pointed at, the pieces tumbling over in a spread out manner. I was gaining ground between us and empowered the rubble with animate conglomerate, the glass, rocks and metal rods stuck together, standing a few feet tall around him. He stopped in his tracks and stared with his eyes, what he saw was the golems unrelentingly gazing back. He attacked with powder crush, the golems behaved like a swarm, transparent shards gleaming, silvery and coarse sand rotating furiously. He raised his hands and said to hold them in place, I paralyzed his motor skills and caught him mid-fall.

    The remaining persecuted Witches and Wizards were called together to find a permanent solution for the dark wizard, we will extract what intel resides in this individual for a trade in lessened sentencing terms. As for those heroes who fell victim we worked with the employees of Titaniums Threads and city police to find their bodies. In a moment of silence for various people to gather together in remembrance of those who we lost and continue believe in our values. Lets recognize that we are not alone in an incident of hate delivered to it's targets, it has the potential to expand to encompass those who are connected, by relationship or vicinity. To understand that despite our differences in thoughts and methods of dealing with internal issues, being able to tolerate another, find unity in what we have in common, act on it and seeing results is our greatest strength in the fight for justice.
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    Level 1 Laughing Tog

    Locking this since the submission period is over! Best of luck to all participants!
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