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=HS= Superhuman Story Smash! Submissions Thread

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3/1/2017 19:24:42   
The Arcane

Superhuman Story Smash!
Submissions Thread

Calling all Heroes! We have a brand new contest for you! We want to see all the different ways our community can be creative and this contest will do just that! Inanitas, one of the Writers for AQWorlds, DragonFable and HeroSmash, wants to not only see the writing our community has to offer, but more people checking out our game, HeroSmash! HeroSmash has been somewhat quiet lately and Inanitas wants to see it making some noise!

How to Enter
Players must log on to HeroSmash at http://herosmash.artix.com/ to take a screenshot of themselves doing something and create a story explaining the screenshot. Please use the following format when submitting your entry:
[b]HeroSmash Name:[/b] 
[b]Link to Image:[/b] 
[b]Your Story:[/b] 
This contest is running until Friday 31st March, 2017.

The Rules
  • The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • ONE post per person.
  • You're only allowed ONE image. See the Forum Commands guide for information on how to take a screenshot.
  • Do not use image tags! Provide a link to the image instead.
  • Your character must be in the screenshot. However, you can have friends in your screenshot also.
  • There is no limit on the amount of words for your story. You must keep it PG though.
  • This thread is for submissions only! If you have any comments or questions, please use the discussion thread.

  • Grand Prize Winner: 1,000 Artix Points and your story being posted on the Design Notes.
  • Winner's Circle: 1,000 Artix Points.

    Best of luck and SMASH On!
  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    3/1/2017 21:52:24   

    HeroSmash Name: Cobra Commander
    Link to Image: Cobra Commander
    Your Story:
    As Cobra studied his beautiful city from above, he couldn't help but, as he often did, reminisce of the events that led him too where he was in life. His parents were of the Shadowscythe Cult, an illustrious position within the Evil community, though their lack of power left them in low standing within the cult itself. While most parents would hold a child born with powers in high esteem, Klaw and Duchess saw their higher position as an affront too their honor, and treated him with disdain, even hatred. They'd often refer to him as "Viper", communicating without words that he was weak and treacherous, unworthy of his true name. Cobra touched his branded, scarred face, remembering vividly the night his father had woken him in violently to "bestow the gift of his people's symbol to him." Though painfull, his parents' lessons made him strong, and in gratitude their deaths were quick and painless.

    The strength he learned from his parents paid off in the outside world, as he made a name for himself early on by 'appropriating' technology from various Evil Superpowers such as Ebilcorp and DaVinci and used them for his plots. He laughed as he remembered his childish panicking after being cornered by none other than DaVinci himself. However, rather than killing him then and there, DaVinci smiled, handed him mega machinegun, and, to Cobra's utter astonishment, said, "Welcome to the big leagues kid!"

    That was five years ago, and Cobra hasn't regretted a day of it. His vigor and ruthlessness has earned him quite a reputation, making him one of the youngest to earn the title Commander, and rumors abound of another promotion in the future. His minions call him Cobra Commander, though they don't know why...Cobra has much bigger dreams in mind. Secretly he gathers followers and allies, creating a base of power any villain would envy. One day, he'll return to the Cult of the Shadowscythe and take command, using it to unify the Villain community into a vast empire. HE will be the one to control the criminal underworld! HE will end Herospire and scatter the pathetic heroes across the globe! And, Valoth willing, HE will be the one to fulfill his peoples prophesy, covering the world in darkness.

    He will be KING! KING COBRA!


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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    3/1/2017 21:57:53   
    Crystal Lion

    HeroSmash Name: Atroxia Lion
    Link to Image: Saving Melissa
    Your Story: This is a transcript of a speech given at Pleasanton High by Atroxia Lion, one of the American Lions.


    A really long time ago, I used to be a hero, along with my twin sister and best friend. That is, until our cousin Demo lost Pandora's Malachite. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about our early days. Our glory days, if you will.

    I'm sure you guys heard about the upsides of being smashers before the gray years set in. Fame, fortune, fans, all that good stuff. Today, I'm gonna talk about fans and fame; both the good and bad parts. You see that picture up there?

    Bet'cha you're wondering how I got it. An intrepid witness just so happened to take it while I was saving a damsel in distress. Sounds good, at first.

    After all, I saved the corporal from major losses except for broken furniture and windows. Luckily I didn't have to pay for that. I ended up with an earful from my mean old mother, though.

    She heard it from Melissa's mother. That's the downside of fame when you pull stunts, people worry for your safety.

    The main problem after that? Melissa's been trying to stick to me ever since, hounding me for some downtime with her. That's the downside of fans, they get crazy.

    But after Pandora's Malachite was lost, Melissa was one of the few who would stand by us. Even though she got mad when I met Mo in Tradertown, she still believed in us.

    That we could do right even if nobody else believed it. Even after the Clock Blocker managed to curse us all with frozen time so we could never do great feats again.

    And do right we will. This year, we're gonna go into Skulldeep and take back the Malachite by force. Come what may, we'll break the Clock Blocker's curse of frozen time once and for all!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
    3/4/2017 17:43:15   
    Chaosweaver Amon

    HeroSmash Name: Rockjaw
    Link to Image: Rockjaw's Vengeance
    Your Story: John Marrigon was only twelve years old when the Chudlings attacked, and could remember it as if it were yesterday. As he walked down the alley with his father, mother, and sister alongside him, he could feel that something was definitely wrong. He had warned them as such beforehand, but they wouldn't listen to him, too eager to get on their way to the Mainstreet sales. It happened so fast as a slobber fell upon his sister, teeth gnashing violently, desperate to get a taste of her. Her father tackled the slobber, only to be swarmed by the shorties hiding behind the dumpster, who then proceeded to rip off his limbs and devour him. His mother didn't have time to scream before they did the same to her. Frantically trying to run away, the Chudlings grabbed John, but rather than kill him, they dragged him down through a manhole into the sewers. They then offered him as food to "Mama Chuds" as they called her, but when she tried to grab him, he kicked out one of her teeth. She then clawed him across the face, but in the process her finger snapped off, earning John the title of Rockjaw by the Chudlings.

    He managed to escape eventually, but the wound he received from the mother Chudling became infected, and nearly killed him. After the doctors had restored his health, they then discovered that Rockjaw had developed intense powers of radiation. After years of intense training, he honed his new powers, and from Mama Chuds' tooth he carved claws for a pair of battle gauntlets. He was then finally ready to face Mama Chuds again, in a final attempt to avenge his family.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
    3/8/2017 14:57:03   

    Herosmash Name: FreezeCalibra
    Link to Image: The Chilling Showdown!
    Your Story: On a unusually chilling morning, Arctikiller went around different locations only to notice that everybody... WAS FROZEN, how could this be? He was puzzled because he did not know who or what could have done this! As he goes to the shops he notices writings on the wall which read beware of the cold. He thought for a minute then had to come to the conclusion that it had to be a strange thing and this "thing" must have came from a different undiscovered dimension! from the FREEZECALIBRIUM! Arctikiller had heard of this possibility before in only legends before and he knew that the only survivors of a dangerous freeze-realm attack like this one by villains were those individuals that were bounded shaped and made of the cold. Therefore it was only Arctikiller who was a few of the last survivors of this treacherous attack. There were some brave guardians who could withstand the cold.... there they were stationed up on the roof of a building to figure out who was behind this and how they could put a stop to this freezing madness and unfreeze the citizens and heroes of Herosmash! no matter how difficult the challenge they would find a way!

    All of the sudden a mysterious character arose from the skies very slowly and confidently, all of the heroes looked and were in shock as to how much COLDER THE AIR WAS GETTING. As this mysterious thing was coming closer, as they finally saw, it was clear that it was a former Herosmash citizen who had been fallen and trapped into a Ice-Realm dimension which happened too long ago for anyone to know. Over the lonely and endless times that character had to endure it eventually made him evil and corrupt. It had trapped him a long long time ago, you could see he had lost his hands and now had ice claws, his eyes as cold as ice, the armor he wore as frigid as glaciers! and that scary smile he wore as if he was going to wreck havoc! he was.... as Arctikiller discovered it was indeed the one and only FREEZECALIBRA! the legends were true. He was finally back in Herosmash to claim vengeance on everything because of the suffering he endured while trapped in the Freezecalibrium.

    Immediately everybody froze in a blink of an eye and only Arctikiller and a couple other brave heroes endured the freezing cold temperature as Freezecalibra came closer and closer. Finally FreezeCalibra got close enough that you could hear his chilling laughter. Arctikiller was ready for a showdown of his life as these two would clash and possibly destroy everything by both their sheer power. The heroes were scared and cold but brave enough to watch and hopefully help fight the unpredictable, epic, historic battle that would determine the fate of Herosmash and be remembered and told for all passes of time.

    And so it begins........ THE CHILLING SHOWDOWN!

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    AQ  Post #: 5
    3/12/2017 12:30:38   
    The Jop

    HeroSmash Name: The Jop
    Link to Image: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost
    Your Story: John Parlow was a regular farmer until everyone got super powers. His only problem was constant harassment from ghosts. They would often throw things at him, whisper weird things, and just generally get in his way. It got to the point that he would hide from the ghosts after calling for help while they destroyed his home. He was on the verge of losing everything because he was unable to continue farming, but then he gained the powers of flight and invulnerability. He used his newfound gifts to laugh at the ghosts in his home. Their attacks and presence had so little effect on him and his laughter was so demeaning that they went to find someone who would take them more seriously. Now he uses his power to travel the world laughing at ghosts who are unable to harm him, lessening the perceived threat from them and just lowering their self esteems. His goal is to make ghosts a laughingstock the world over so they will go hide somewhere like he had to and leave innocent people alone forever.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    3/15/2017 14:39:05   

    HeroSmash Name: The Dealer
    Link to Image: http://i.imgur.com/ovADBHo.png
    Your Story: A Day in the life of a Corporate Villain

    5AM: Secretary work me up, saying there was a emergency at the research lab. Some ant experiment got loose and wrecked my office. I will need to cancel the antroid experiment. You hire ONE insect obsessed guy to handle AI projects and he babbles on about the hive mind and wrecks your office. I have a feeling it is going to be one of those days.

    6AM: Got to office, Antroid was still there. Why do I even hire security? Or the Security Protocol Designers for my office for that matter. I will need to set up meetings with them later today. Killed it myself in the end. Will have autopsy team look into what made flip.

    7AM: Called in Dr Antstrom for Employee Review. When he asked "What happened to your office?" I told him about how his little project had totaled it. The face he made was priceless. Untill I told him I killed it myself. He got mad and declared that "I don't beleive you!", going on a half hour rant about how ants were the master species and I do not understand their greatness. I told him he was fired. He took it surprisngly well, just leaving the office swearing revenge. I will have to have him dealt with on the down low. Can't have someone going on a evil crusade now can we?

    8AM: Contacted expert in infiltration, told them I need to reclaim an artifact stolen from me by a hero for future research. It's one of the old heroes, and I made it VERY clear not to fight said old hero. Just get the artifact, run and do not let it get traced back to me. Will hear results later today.

    9AM: Called in Office Protocol Designer Team for Employee Review. At this point they must have heard about the office. Told me that the Antroid had hacked into the system and turned it off. Fired the man resposible for the access point it used, and told the others they could keep their jobs if they made sure it did not happen again. They complied.

    10AM: Called in Chief Of Security for Employee review. Smart woman this one. Claimed that the security team was working on keeping staff safe and preventing further escapes. Provided video evidence from cameras. Gave her and the team a raise. Don't want my staff getting hurt by such escapades after all.

    11AM-1PM: Lunch. Went to a nice little cafe near the Overlook. You can see the Sky Tower Ageis from there, glorious view. You know, I think I'd like to set up my own little city of industry one day. Maybe make it fly myself. Or set it in the ocean? Nah that would be stupid. Pretty sure the cafe is owned by some hero in a civilian garb, but I like it here so I won't make a fuss.

    2PM-6PM: Various fights. First of all Illusion broke into my office (smashing the window that had JUST been replaced by the way) claiming one of my weapons had been used in a bank robbery. I pointed out that a shipment of weapons had been stolen last week and that I had reported it to the police. He accused me of giving it to them and attacked. Fought for an hour, I eventually sorted it by pointing out he had assualted me first, that I was merely fighting for my life, and that the court would see it that way. He left. The bigger issue was the old hero. Turns out my infiltration "expert" got caught in the act, tried to kill him and got beaten up REALLY badly for it. And since the artifact I wanted was very important to him, he was not going to take any of my nonsense. Picked me up one handed and held me outside the window, threatening to drop me to the street far below. Talked him out of it, stayed smooth throughout but inside I was shaking like a leaf. Will need to think about replacing window with something sturdier. Going home now. Need sleep. Rough day.

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    DF  Post #: 7
    3/19/2017 6:13:12   

    HeroSmash Name: Remnant
    Link to Image: Remnant in the face of death...Super Death.
    Your Story: Ruination (Warning: The story is very sad.)

    This is a recollection from Remnant's autobiography. He had given a copy to Zyrain as a present in order to reveal his story to those who have yet to know of his tale.


    Not even my advanced technological ordinance could save my mother, father, brother, and girlfriend.

    My name is Remnant, and I am not from this world. I arrived in Super City, keeping my identity anonymous. I was on vacation, and wished to spend a month with my family and my beloved girlfriend. The skies were clear, the sun was as bright as ever, and even the people strolled down Liberty Square with big smiles on their faces. Alas, what seemed like a perfect day in paradise would turn me into one of the most devoted heroes in Super City. Chaos had erupted throughout the city, with various heroes and villains duking it out on the skyscrapers and various other buildings in the area, but one villain slipped through: Clown the Jester. The wily maniac slipped into the bank, in which me, my family, and my girlfriend were hiding. With the laugh that had begun to haunt me from now on had shown, and with lack of morality in his eyes, he had begun to gun down everyone in his sights, which included my group. After Clown the Jester emptied his rounds, he had slipped out. When that happened, I, who had been shot in the head and chest, crawled around the small space I could reach. My face begun to show horror, seeing my mother and father dead, my brother gone, and my girlfriend fighting for her life. It was then I crawled over to my girlfriend and hugged her before my vision turned to black. I had been killed.

    So I knew of my fate as I woke up in Deathitude. My injuries remained, but my eyes were without life. I blindly followed a dark path, with floating pictures of my dead loved ones floated around. I stumbled in the domain of none other than Super Death. His garment was old, worn, and smelled of ash. His face showed lifelessness, and burned fear in my mind. This reincarnation of the Grim Reaper snarled with pure anger. He inches closer to me, as I had already awaited my fate as I failed to protect my family and girlfriend. All I wanted was to visit somewhere with the people I was closest to, and I lost every single one of them. I was ready to leave, never to avenge my family. With weakness in my movements, I dropped to my knees and awaited execution. Super Death, without hesitation, lifted his scythe, about to claim yet another soul. It turned black yet again, however I could still feel. I was supposed to be gone from this world. I opened his eyes to see a hero combating Super Death and swiftly forcing him to retreat. It fades to black again, for I had passed out.

    For the next week, it was completely black. No recollection of what happened between passing out and waking up entered my mind, as I could swear I was slain by Super Death. I woke up from a bed, in what appears to be a utopia of sorts. I got up, feeling rather dizzy, and unable to stand up straight. I was then held by someone. It was the guy, from Deathitude, that fought Super Death.

    "Take is easy now, champ," The guy spoke with a reassuring voice, almost angelic and sort of robotic. "You've just survived the dance with Super Death." He was right, I did recall dying to the maniacal Clown the Jester, walked all the way to Super Death's domain, and he was there driving him away. I was hoping to ask him some questions, but he had foresaw all of them, and stopped me in my tracks.

    "I know you have many questions to ask of me, Remnant," He again reassures me, letting go of me so I could attempt to walk. "I am Drakkoniss, the one that saved you in Deathitude. When I saw what I thought to have been a civilian, I was shocked. You're not normal, Remnant, you are destined for great things, and destined to find your brother and girlfriend. That much I know, but it's up to you to pave that path and free Super City from villainy.

    You have lost so much over the past week, and so you will need to be prepared to avenge your parents. I've turned parts of you into a cyborg, in order for you to obtain immeasurable strength. You've also been fitted with a highly defensive spandex suit that Yergen, our supposed mayor, calls the Echo Assault suit. You'll be able to track alerts from all over the place using cyber-echolocation. You can also turn into UltiEcho, an armored Echo Assault, with a jetpack which features rockets and hands that have various weapons. You will become this city's next hero, and you will have the support of the rest of us here in HeroSpire."

    It was so much to take in, but I knew I couldn't leave my parents' deaths and the disappearances of my girlfriend and brother go unavenged. I nodded and flew down to Super City, where it became the start of one of the most illustrious and most breathtaking careers of my life. I had become a beloved hero, to fellow hero and civilian alike. I had become Remnant, while a shadow of my former self, I have become the one that avenges the dead.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
    3/23/2017 9:12:43   

    HeroSmash Name: Dynamite370
    Link to Image: A Hero's Fears
    Your Story:
    It was a job no one liked doing, but it needed to be done. He stepped out onto the street, surrounded by fire and decay, these seemingly paradoxical elements creating something… horrific. Only the sound of the crackling infernos and occasional guttural shrieks filled the void of otherwise emptiness. Thankfully over time from his dirty work, the musk of rusted blood-oiled machines and burning flesh were unable to penetrate his nose. Yet still he grimaced. It should’ve been an easy job for him. It always had been. He knew he was stronger, far stronger than the monstrosities that lay in wait for anything they examined as a threat.

    Even so, past his façade of steel, the animalistic fear of these unforgiving, sadistic creatures remained logged within his heart. Solidified by far too many moments of being on the brink of death, his last memories being of the creatures slashing his body to ribbons then resetting back to their original state, as if he was nothing more than a fly that had been swatted. Solidified by cries of the over confident new heroes as they realised this was a challenge there were unable to face and unable to escape, only the miracles of science bringing them back from brink of death.

    His gaze crawled up creature in front of him. Once an elegant saviour and protector, now tainted and corrupted to its core. The impossibility of technology creating the possibility of a new breed of precise savages and butchers. But a hero is a symbol of something greater, someone who’s willing to go above and beyond to protect their people and nurture the future. A hero is not defined by their fears, but by their actions. With this thought cemented within his conscious, he stepped forward this time not with fear and trepidation, but with confidence and poise. His sword in hand, he began his assault. His strokes, once panicked and sloppy in the past, became a thing of beauty, the grace creating a pattern of deliberate methodical strikes, piercing the hard outer shell of the Tainted Sentinel. Finally with a silent prayer to those who had been taken and enslaved by these cold puppets he summoned his thunderous rage, destroying the creature where it stood. He let out a long breath, free from the shackles of his anxiety, and began to walk on.
    It was a job no one liked doing, but it had to be done.
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