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Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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3/6/2017 17:21:53   

Hi, Uskius here with a new suggestion thread. This one(to start, at least) will be based on fighting games/anime and things which might come up in an AQ PvP environment(I'm not suggesting PvP). I won't be able to post the related art ideas, so you'll just have to use your imagination; and I also won't be able to get things organized into a table of contents/index in this post frequently. So, without further ado:

Duelist's Blade
Appearance: A slender, rapier-like blade. The handle is black leather, with a silver pommel. The guard is a solid(?) basket hilt, but with engraved swirls.

Stats: An accurate melee sword with a random damage lean, of the Earth or perhaps Wind element. It would have an effect where if the player blocked an attack, it would have a chance to inflict Disarmed on the monster for a turn. If it had a special attack, it would be to give the player a Defense Boost(dealing no damage); otherwise, it would have no special attack.

Description: En garde! Built for dueling , this blade will give you an edge in single combat! Or, you could say it will be giving your opponents an edge. Either way, just remember to stick them with the pointy end.

Spirit Crusher
Appearance: A crackling ray of black energy tinged with ghostly violet shooting into the enemy. The rest of the screen might dim during the cast to place extra focus on the ray.

Stats: Spirit Crusher would be an SP cost spell(probably Charisma based) that would damage SP directly, and would have an accurate, slightly base-heavy damage lean. If the monster's SP is reduced to 0, any overflow damage would then be directed to its MP, if it had 0 MP, any overflow damage would then go into its HP. If it had an effect, it would be for a chance to inflict Fragile(but renamed into something ominous) for a turn or two.

Description: Said to have been handed down to mortals by Death himself, this spell has the power to send your opponent's spirit to a place unknown by the keeper of dreams!

Appearance: An ethereal, sickly green mist/fog that would waft in from the player's side towards the monster, dissipating once it filled the screen.

Stats: Miasma is a spell would trade most(Earth or Darkness element) or all of its direct damage to inflict heavy Disease and Poison on the monster. The Disease and Poison can stack, and the monster would have a penalty to its save against their infliction.

Description: This spell is sick! No, literally- it conjures up a foul and vile fog that can poison your foe and prevent them from healing!

Appearance: Small drops of fire would fall from the player's face and burn at their feet for a moment before a fierce golden aura bursts from them.

Stats: A quick-cast SP cost skill. It would inflict the player with Burning Tears(taking some Fire damage each round until a Charisma based save is made) and in return would give a very hefty boost to the player's damage for a few turns(or, if possible, while the player is afflicted with Burning Tears). The boost would not stack, and if cast multiple times the duration would just be refreshed.

Description: This skill allows you to ignite your spirit, causing you to cry sting tears of fire, and bestowing you with a furious might beyond the reach of most mortals!

Test of Might
Appearance: Five(stacks of?) tiles set on two wooden blocks appear on the screen. When clicked they would crack and fly away.

Stats: A skill like the Lazer Blazer's where the player has a chance to interact for a few seconds, and if completed would inflict Fear on the monster. If the tiles are clicked, the chance of inflicting Fear would rise for each one- from 0% up to 100%(ex: 1 tile clicked, 20% chance of inflicting Fear; 3 tiles clicked, 60% chance of inflicting Fear). If no tiles were clicked during the window, the player would take a small bit of damage("You hurt your hand trying to smash the tiles!"). If possible the skill would have no cost, but if it had one it would cost SP.

Description: It's time to show your opponent who's boss- these tiles are made of Lore's hardest rock, and if you can smash through them, your enemy will cower in fear!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 1
3/7/2017 6:19:46   
Bu Kek Siansu

A powerful SP spell "Spirit Crusher" that can damage monster's SP.

If I may give my opinions:

If it's possible, has a +10 BtH lean (or at least a +5 BtH lean) to increase a chance to hit.
Otherwise, it's fine without a BtH lean.

Warriors and Rangers would complain if it's only for Mages.

It would be more useful if it can be used for (Beast) Warriors, Rangers and Mages as well.
Uses CHA (or DEX or any other Stat) for Stat Bonus to Damage and DEX for Stat Bonus to BtH.

This spell would most likely be more useful for Beast builds as far as I can imagine.

Non-Beast builds will use this spell for just a strategy IMO.
Post #: 2
3/7/2017 17:26:20   

@B.K.S. I think it does make sense for Spirit Crusher to have an accurate lean. I also thought about it being auto hit(the damage penalty wouldn't be the a major setback as most monsters will only build up to Skill Cost SP), but thought its damage potential should be maximized. I do think that as far as stats go it would use either INT or CHA, as those make the most sense to me; but then the issue of it being mage exclusive by using INT and MP might come up, which is why I thought it should use SP instead. Thanks for the feedback! :) I'll go ahead and edit in your suggestions.
AQ Epic  Post #: 3
3/14/2017 18:10:10   

Necragon's Dominion
Appearance: The center of the shield would be a skull like the armor's minion's, the rest is made of the same dark material as Necragon's Might's blade, and with dark purple trim.

Stats: A Magic Darkness shield with a focus on its Darkness resistance. It would have an effect of draining the monster's health when blocking an attack, a hits connected/attempted/expected damage type thing.

Description: A bastion of dark power, this shield is capable of draining your foe's life when they make contact with it!

Lorithia's Touch
Appearance: A transparent, fiery red aura flares up around the player for a moment.

Stats: A quick-cast SP skill that inflicts the player with the Lorithia's Grace status, which increases the player's damage until they fail on an Endurance based save. The bonus does not stack.

Description: Lorithia has blessed you with a deep reserve of power to tap into! You can call upon this power at will, but you'll need to be very hardy to maintain the high level of strain this puts on your body.

Chosen's Burden
Appearance: A bright, flaming metallic gold aura bursts out from the player briefly.

Stats: Similar to the above, is a quick-cast SP skill that inflicts the player with Glorious Purpose, a status which increases their damage until they fail a Charisma based save. The bonus is capable of stacking, but the player also has a slight penalty to the save.

Description: You've learned to call upon the powers your destiny as a Chosen has invested you with, but you'll need considerable willpower to draw it out.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 4
3/15/2017 11:55:51   

Some nice things here. I really like the idea of Aura spells.
AQ  Post #: 5
3/20/2017 14:09:57   

^Late, but thanks! ^_^ And now...

Celestial Hammer
Appearance: A warhammer, about 5/8 of the player's height, made of a very shiny and bright steel. The middle half of the handle is covered with a woven leather grip, held in by two golden rings around the handle on either end. Just below the pommel is a band of engraved knotwork. The head of the hammer is rectuangular; on the sides of it is an engraved knotwork pattern, and there are two slightly larger square striking plates on the heads of the hammer.

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) Light hammer with a slight base heavy damage lean. It would have an effect of dealing more damage based on the monster's Power- against a power 1 monster it would have no boost, a slightly larger boost against a power 1.5 monster, a normal boost against a power 2 monster, and so on. It would have no special attack, and the usual increase in damage from that would instead go towards slightly reducing damage the player takes from attacks.

Description: One of three glorious weapons belonging to ancient warriors known as the Guardians of Light. This hammer's steel is so pure it's like crystal, and strong enough to damage the most powerful of foes!

Last Resort
Appearance: A very shiny and flashy large golden-white beam of energy shooting at the monster, making a large explosion on contact. The screen might dim a bit to place extra emphasis on the beam.

Stats: A once per battle, very inaccurate spell with a slight Random damage lean dealing Light damage. Its primary effect is that it would deal more damage the lower the player's health is(i.e. reduced damage at full health, normal at 50%, etc.). Depending on the player's stats, the spell would be either Ranged or Magic. The cost for casting would be all of the player's current SP. If it had a bonus effect, it would be an increased chance of Lucky Strikes.

Description: Just when your opponent thinks they've cut your life into pieces, pull out THIS! The blast is a little unwieldy, but incredibly powerful- you can only manage this kind of effort once per battle.

Cleric Trobble
Appearance: A snowy-white Trobble with soft, feathery wings, and a laurel wreath resting on top of its head. When acting, it would glow golden for a moment, with sparkles rising up.

Stats: The Cleric Trobble would store up charges. When at max charges it would revive the player with half their max HP if they died, or until then perform a three-hit Heal element attack on the player. If it had an bonus effect, it would be a small bonus to saves against hostile status effects.

Description: This trobble is trouble-free! Its healing spells will help you out in battle, and with enough time to prepare, it can even revive you if you die!
AQ Epic  Post #: 6
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