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Ally Link 2vs2 Implementation

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3/12/2017 19:41:54   

I know this is a long shot as well as the fact it's been suggested before but please hear me out.

The players of this game along with myself are very well aware that this game has come to it's end however can the developers please at least let the game die with a big bang, rather than let it slowly wither away.

This this all being taken into consideration, I cannot recommend enough that you guys put in ONE LAST update which includes the implementation of 2vs2 ally link. It's quite evident that it is possible to make as we have the wonderful ally link system for bosses, yes it may require some work, but I think for the long 7-8 years players have stuck around that they deserve some sort of fun battle mode. I do not speak on behalf of the entire community for this next part, however in my opinion 1vs1 is simply too boring, by this I mean it simply is a very basic battle mode but it is playable. 2vs2 for higher ranks is suicide and jugg is simply too easy to even be worthwhile playing. Although I do argue that even without any additional balance tweaks that 2vs2 ally link would be a very enjoyable, strategic and competitive battle mode, much more so than any battle mode that is currently existing.

I realise that this game isn't your problem anymore, but I don't see any real arguments as to why it cannot be done, or why it would possible be bad for the game.

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~Exploding Penguin

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3/12/2017 20:54:07   

While I can see the reasoning for this idea, the reasons you are suggesting this be put into play IIRC was the main reason why the staff actually vetoed. Meaning that linked players would always have the edge over unlinked players which was something they found unbalanced.

Plus the only fair solution to making this work in 2 vs 2 would be to have linked players fight against other linked players but that would involve making another separate battle mode for 2 vs 2 which would make the mode have even more wait times (Unless this mode was affected by the NPC input meaning the linked players would battle NPC)

But on another note isn't Ally links for 2 vs 2 in the FSI?
Epic  Post #: 2
3/12/2017 22:11:29   

Supported because this idea encourages strategic game play.
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3/13/2017 6:34:19   

@Mother1 This would be a brand new battle mode separate from 2vs2, with it's own daily and all time lb. The way in which I believe it should work is that players have the option to team up with 5 different partners from their friend list, if they want a new partner after this, they'd have to drop 1 of the previous 5 etc. The lb would show both players on it at the same time i.e.
Mother1 / Variation 90%. . For the top 5 the picture would be split in half with both players on it, or you could allow teams to choose a custom icon if that's too difficult to implement, basically what we have for flags.

Note: How the total wins would work it is intertwined with your selected partner. For example, on your char page it would be: 1vs1, 2vs2, jugg, 2vs2 (team) partner 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It would make quite the list if 5 options, so it should possibly be cut down to 3. Or even charpages just showing your highest ranked team.

I'm not sure if it is in the FSI or not, however even if it is, it's quite evident that it's not going to get implemented unless a large amount of the community can show the devs that we really want this, I honestly believe that even though this game is inevitably dying this implementation would keep players happy even if we all know it could be a waste of time, at least players can say they actually had fun in Epicduel again, as at the moment for myself at least. This game's most important aspect (PVP) hasn't been enjoyable for a long time.
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3/13/2017 11:07:17   

Ah thanks for clearing up the confusion.

I could support this as well seeing as 2 vs 2 despite being my favorite battle mode has been broken for the longest sadly. Though at the same time though as we have seen the forums are even on stronger life support than the game itself. I would also suggest posting a link to this on twitter if you have a twitter account in the hopes of getting support.

Off topic

@ Variation

Long time no see.
Epic  Post #: 5
3/13/2017 14:53:50   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

I'm not entirely sure on this, but since the devs have been reallocated entirely to work on another project, I don't know if this suggestion will pass (as much as I'd like to see it, honestly).

As far as I'm aware, this would need to get passed and given the okay by higher-ups in artix since it isn't quite as simple as just copy+pasting code and adding another couple things here and there. It would definitely take a good amount of hours of coding + bug testing and whatnot, especially since I feel like ally-link 2v2 matchmaking would have huge potential connectivity issues when actually entering battles, and lots of bugs would need to be hammered out of the code.
Epic  Post #: 6
3/13/2017 17:36:48   

It would take some time and effort to implement there is no doubt about that. However it would be a fitting final release for the game even if it's just as a little thank you for players still staying faithful to the game, by giving them a fun and creative battle mode.
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3/23/2017 12:37:28   
hello there

This will never happen and it shouldnt , It would be abused the ...... Out of , 2 good players using not only min maxed builds , But the obviously broken builds that are ALWAYS present going up against the clueless kids that always roam in 2v2.....

This would be great for the elitists, Terrible for the casuals and the final nail in the 2v2 coffin

Not that im saying 2v2 is in a good place at all right now with juggernaut, But this would only make it worse and harder to find games, as 98% of the people looking for battles would almost instantly become allied linked only, Everyone else would either stop playing 2v2 or the game entirely

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3/23/2017 14:02:27   

@Hello there,

Please read other posts, it has been stated that these would be entirely separate battle modes. It would be a battle mode of strategy and wit versus the other players who tag team together. Also you would be surprised at what would appear to be broken builds in 2vs2 ally link. I can assure you multi spam builds wouldn't turn out to be the most dominant combo, there is much more tactics required for a good 2vs2 team.

Again for future reference, 2vs2 ally link would be a brand new battle mode. Completely separate from 2vs2. Think of it as solo 2vs2 and team 2vs2.
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