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3/28/2017 14:09:31   

Well, i suggest to make juggernaut mode as a normal juggernaut mode again, now people actually do botin jugg to, yeah i bet that is what the devs want why not just make a new juggernaut mode where you actually face players and have a seprate player vs 2 npc mode people gets to alltime jugg throught botting is that fair?
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3/28/2017 17:23:00   

NPC only pop up when actual players aren't found after a period of time. The fact that NPC are popping up almost every match should tell you that actual players especially those within the juggernaut's range are few and far inbetween.

In fact it is the fact that NPC's are added period that players can get matches without waiting 5+ minutes period. Making the mode a normal battle mode again without a player base to back it up is basically killing the mode.

If botters are a problem report them to the mods in game or use the in game report.

So all in all I can't support this change seeing as doing so would kill the battle mode.

But on the suggestion of the other mode, until AQ3D is self sustaining they won't be able to make this battle mode either.

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Epic  Post #: 2
3/28/2017 18:22:57   

the fact is, jugg is at that stage were i know pretty much everyone ingame botting in jugg cause it's easy, i know jugg is dead othervise, but they can at least call it NPCers or somthinge, and change alltime jugg lb to alltime npcing lb, cause it isen't jugg, to be honest i liked jugg better when i took half an hour to find a battle, i honestly quitted cause of this change for awhile don't see mjuch motivation to come back and play ED. IK jugg is dead and i know npc occuring cause nobody plays. They could also but legendary npc's instead of thise bad npc's or armor hazard or such
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3/28/2017 19:43:27   

While you might not have mind waiting others did, and were begging for months if not years for a change to jug so it could be playable at this higher levels. Sadly the passive to active change was the final nail that destroyed jug for high level players (with omega's changes itself being the first) due to making so everyone needed energy control which made it almost impossible for the jug to win at high levels while simultaneously making low level jugs real easy due to the lack of energy control by the opponents as well as quick kills working far better there. However even they died out due to the lack of players in this range playing.

But as for adding bosses and legendary NPC to jug would be extremely bad for 2 reasons.

1) Not all classes can beat some legendary bosses which would be dooming anyone who happens to get those bosses from the start.

(Merc, Bounty and Cyber hunters can't win against any legendary bosses, and Blood mage can only win against the two legendary bosses who don't have mixed weapons)

2) The fact that these bosses would show up in pairs and at random would make it almost if not completely impossible to win jug fights.
Epic  Post #: 4
3/28/2017 19:47:48   

Well, if you want my advice, just avoid playing 2v2 unless you're above lvl 35, so you won't have to deal with stupid juggernaut...

Or even better, just save 20000 credit to become a juggernaut yourself :P


DF Epic  Post #: 5
3/28/2017 20:10:10   

@ HwarangxDxArcher

Actually it is level 34 were you stop running into jugs seeing as the smallest gap is 7 levels not 6.
Epic  Post #: 6
3/29/2017 10:05:04   

well, i said to just oly legendary bosses, what i said was they can add 2vs1 bosses, all of them are easy enough to 1vs2 for a level 40, or at least make the npc's harder, what im saying is that them are to easy.
and before anyone tells meto buy it myself, i already have the jugg card and most wins from omega in jugg, from the harder days before this update so i know for a fact that it was better before, cause then you couldn't chet to much with a program, you had to make a good build at level 40, the 20% boost was enough, they buffed us to much is what i saying
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3/30/2017 15:07:18   

@ Kelvin48997

The later suggestion (of making NPC's harder) was already suggested by several older players including myself. However as pointed out, the staff themselves was ordered by their superiors to work on AQ3D until it is self sustaining, so it might be a long while (if the staff even considers this change) before they so it.

But I have to ask when you started playing the game did you start before or after the passive to active change?
Epic  Post #: 8
3/31/2017 9:00:59   

i started before passive changed, to be exsact i started in delta and was a noob in infernal war

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4/9/2017 16:44:54   
hello there

Making npc's harder would not really solve the problem , As their unlikely to be able to balance them against ranked players and none ranked at the same time

And the fact is AI is never going to be a match for actual instinct and ability...

And this could have negative impact on 2v2

What they need to do now they've added npcs and made juggernaut to all intents and purposes a free win mode (check the 2v2 daily lbs then check juggernaut) is give people an opt out if people want to face juggernauts fine , if not give them the option, Let all the juggers face all the npcs they want , Just dont force players to 1v1 someone vastly higher level with a trash bot on their team....

TLDR- add a toggle for juggernaut , dont force people into fights unwinnable without an act of god.....or a 1 in a million set of events. The juggers have the npcs now which is all they mostly face anyway

Current daily leaderboards

position 20 on juggernaut leaderboard -135 wins
position 1 on juggernaut leaderboard-275 wins


position 20 on 2v2 board-16 wins
position 1-57 wins....

This says it all really lol- 218 more wins in juggernaut then 2v2 in position 1, And what makes it more of a joke the 2v2er in position 1 is 17 where really fast battles take place, The juggernaut in first place is level 40 , even against 2 npcs a juggernaut cant kill faster then a l17 in 2v2 , Thats how badly juggernaut has affected 2v2.

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Post #: 10
4/12/2017 16:45:56   

@ Hello there

I remember seeing that suggestion made several times in the past by player who for the life of them were sick and tied of fighting juggernauts (Way before almost every fight was just that a jug fight) and the staff had two reasons to veto it.

While the first one (the mode would be effective killed if everyone had access to removing themselves from the jug pool) is no longer an issue the second reason (it being a security issue for them) still stands.

Personally I would have loved that option back in the days when I first started fighting jugs (due to my partners straight out running away for battle to the point where I was more annoyed with my partners) but even back then those were the two reasons they gave why they couldn't make the toggle switch. Not sure if they will say the same now though.
Epic  Post #: 11
4/12/2017 22:12:23   

Considering the fact that the active users on EpicDuel is extremely low, I believe the mode should be strictly NPC. In most cases it's a surefire loss for the player that is dragged into a juggernaut match, and sadly at mid-range levels most of your team battles are against juggernauts from what I've seen.
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4/13/2017 5:53:07   
hello there

^ only thing id change is all mid range matches in 2v2 are against juggernauts and yep almost guarenteed losses unless the juggernaut is really bad even luck wont help you with an npc

But yeah i agree
Post #: 13
4/13/2017 7:29:27   

@ hello there

while level 27 -33 are the ones who deal with jugs to most (I used several alts in 2 vs 2 those within the level 40 jug range and those out of it) lower levels also get hit with jug fights as well, and the really low level players are at even worst risk. I used a level 21 alt and at times I was able to get battles with players that weren't even level 10 yet when I did get human opponents and like before the change they were in just as bad of shape as they are now.

If it were me doing said change I would do it variation's way and just make the entire mode this way. It makes no sense just to change mid level ranges while leaving the lower levels below this to be sent to slaughter if said change was to be made.
Epic  Post #: 14
4/13/2017 10:01:16   
hello there

^ you misunderstood

I think jugger should be npc only at all levels

I was just disagreeing with the comment about mostly facing juggs in mid levels imho its always not mostly

2v2 is in the worst place it's been in 7 years IMHO, Unplayable for anyone below 35 , and at 35 all you will see is 40s

Wont happen though since as good as no one plays epic duel anymore

< Message edited by hello there -- 4/19/2017 17:53:36 >
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4/22/2017 6:28:39   

i want jugg battles to become harder again that's why i want to buffs the npc's at least so you have to heal loop and pay attention at leastcompared to now while mostly everyone bots and you know what i don't blame em when it is pve i blame the game for it was much more fun to jugg when it was harder, i remember h 20% boost was enough, i played when we got it and that buff worked, but adding npc's made it worse, allot worse cause it became way to easy
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