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RE: =DF= Design Notes April 7: Return to Lymcrest!

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4/8/2017 4:39:59   



...Oh god Falwayn's gonna end up dead isn't she?


Don't give Tomix any ideas. If we end up being responsible for Falwynn death......

Oh Avatars, I can already taste the guilt. Coupled with the moglinberry juice to deal with said guilt.....
Post #: 51
4/8/2017 4:59:47   

Awwwwww! New Apprentice! XD Wonder how our dragon will react....hmmmm...maybe happy since there is someone to smuggle them extra treats lol

I can't help but feel a bit sadden when Doug asked us to take care of her.....anyone else got Tomix flashbacks?


"Part of growing up is doing what's best for the people you care about. Even if it sometimes means hurting someone else."
~Lee Everett
DF  Post #: 52
4/8/2017 5:03:07   
Lord Run

yay its about time we will have a new apprentice i mean Ash was a cool aprentice but he is to old to be the hero sidekick Ash now he is a hero on his own right
and i all ways liked the idia of the hero have this teenager side kick i mean bat man have one superman have one hack even green arrow and wonder woman had one
Aniken Skywalker had one i mean come on a hero is not a hero unless he have that pipsquick teenager side kick right?
so she is the threed side kick first one was Ash second was sir Ano and now her wow 6 legendery heroes and with the hero it will be seven and then we will be like the seven samurais
or the bend of seven.

< Message edited by Lord Run -- 4/8/2017 5:08:08 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 53
4/8/2017 5:26:10   

Ah, what a classic-

The dwarf raising the human child.
Bruenor Battlehammer and Cattie-Brie, Carrot Ironfoundson, and probably many others...

Also, nice Undertale reference. Undyte and Papyrite... NYEH HEH HEH.

As for the six heroes: We've made many heroic friends, several of which would not be heroic without us (Zhoom), but I'm pretty sure our really strong or experienced friends won't be a part of this team, so:
Falwynn- Hawkeye/Black Widow
Yashta- Thor
Konnan- Iron Man
Aria- Lots of black widows
Ash- Captain America
Us- Nick Fury with Hulk powers (We organize the team, and when they start losing we ROFLSTOMP).

And last, but not least-Awesome quest! Seems like a great quest-chain is coming!

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DF  Post #: 54
4/8/2017 5:30:36   


Don't give Tomix any ideas.

He's already thought of it, drawn a practise pic and is thinking about how he can get her impaled by us and our weapon of choice for extra guilt.
DF  Post #: 55
4/8/2017 5:42:14   


does this mean that we will get a new guest?,
does that also mean that our homes will get an automatic guest room for the young lady that will be going with us?
also does this mean we can have have her stay at the player's home for instant access to her as a guest(kinda like the Artix Statue but free)?

man this opens a lot of new things that can be done!
Post #: 56
4/8/2017 7:19:20   
King of Zards

Beautiful visual effects with the dusk and the light from the forge. Very atmospheric. Such a warm feeling in this quest overall. Very nice.

...I want a crossbow-using class. (Timekiller doesn't count)
Post #: 57
4/8/2017 7:19:45   

Hmm, I think I'm gonna like where this quest chain is going :D

Looks like it's gonna be fun


DF Epic  Post #: 58
4/8/2017 7:28:51   

What's funny about all the undertale references is that right before doing this quest I was watching Undertale videos on youtube.


Master of Light and Darkness
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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
4/8/2017 7:32:56   


that is QUITE the coinkidink...
DF  Post #: 60
4/8/2017 9:01:39   

Another quality release by Aeon! This saga is going to be epic.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 61
4/8/2017 9:39:04   

I think this will become a love story...


Just another gamer, of Role Playing Games
DF AQW  Post #: 62
4/8/2017 9:45:18   


Personally, I don't. I wish it were, but there are simply too many IRL factors to consider.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 63
4/8/2017 10:01:59   

Everyone's comparing the idea of "6 Heroes" to the Avengers. My personal theory though is that it will end up being more like the 7 souls from Undertale, with each hero representing a different virtue, or something like that.

Also, what could Lim want with crystallized determination......

...OMG, what if that's why the hero finds themselves "regaining consciousness" at the beginning of levels when they've been killed :O

< Message edited by GreyCat -- 4/8/2017 11:45:33 >
DF  Post #: 64
4/8/2017 10:06:21   

I'm concerned about all the other dwarves and how they're faring with the mess that's going on. I'm furious with the Rose for essentially confiscating those valuable resources but damn those weapons looked so ELEGANT I WANT ONE.

But when Doug told us he trusted us with Falwynn... well there go the Tomix flashbacks. And the "You gotta take care of her." part, Doug I DIE SEVERAL TIMES, sometimes in a day or a quest but THAT DOES NOT MY COMPANIONS PLOT ARMOUR. Falwynn pls don't die, you're barely younger the me ;n;
DF AQW  Post #: 65
4/8/2017 11:22:03   

I would love a Undertale inspired quest but I have a feeling it was more of a nod to the game with this quest. Then again I wouldn't mind if I turned out to be wrong about it ^^
DF AQW  Post #: 66
4/8/2017 11:32:56   
necro emperor


I've just recently cleared the tournament, so Fal is still fresh in my mind. I'm legit worried about what's going to happen next. We all know by now that accompanying our hero is a danger in and of itself.

< Message edited by necro emperor -- 4/8/2017 11:33:36 >


The Dark DragonLord Rises...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 67
4/8/2017 12:48:04   


I'm torn between glee and dread. It's never a good idea to party up with the main protagonist in a story where character death happens. ESPECIALLY if said character is beloved by the fandom.
On the other hand, she does have plenty of check marks in continuing our hero'ing legacy. Can't wait for her and our dragon to interact.

So, question: How old is she actually? I'm confused as to when she was picked up in the bushes (Doug hears crying makes me assume Falwynn's a baby) and how many years it's been since we first went to Lymcrest, up to getting frozen and unfrozen in the present time. Answers?

The urge to ship is strong, but I must persevere and NOT do it. The heartbreak will be too much.
DF MQ  Post #: 68
4/8/2017 13:21:06   

From what I understand(could be wrong) we were frozen for 5 years and been unfrozen for 1-2 years. It's hard to tell for sure cause some events did major time jumps and some only did a week or two. But I'm pretty sure someone mentioned it before.
DF  Post #: 69
4/8/2017 13:45:53   


So how many crossbow bolts does she got in stock as she'll be traveling with us? In which does Lim gets be the supplier for her with scientific made bolts from trying to save metal for experiments?

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Post #: 70
4/8/2017 13:51:23   

I'm not really understanding this dying thing everyone is worried about. How many of our companions have actually been killed, not by something we had no control over, but because we failed. Serenity is gone but that's more our fault, I remember that war being during a very busy time of year for us gamers but it's not like we hung around her a lot. Tomix was technically undead, Celestia we had nothing to do with, Demento got caught, probably missing some others but no people who adventure with us don't die and I highly doubt we're going to let another war failure happen. A house guest would be cool but then we'd need houses to relevant in book 3, since the only use for houses is to have access to the armor closet( I fully decorated since I had the DCs to spare). The only thing bugging me is that we probably wont find out who all makes up the 6 heroes for another year or two unless they make this an official questline of book 3.
DF  Post #: 71
4/8/2017 14:11:45   

Woah. Woahwoahwoah.


Yay, missed Lim.
The feeling when you're out for some years and when you see they guy again he has a wife and a child.

And that reaction that Falwynn had, it was so cute, she's so excited. Glad we have a (baby) apprentice! Should i give her the book of "How to React When Your Friends Are Dead"? Because it can come in handy.

Undyte, papyrite, alphyte, toryte, sansyte...

< Message edited by Vonix -- 4/8/2017 14:39:33 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
4/8/2017 15:12:11   
Fire alandry

Falwhynn! finaly!! I've been waiting since the tournament!
But... apprentice? I thought she would be our assistant..
Anyway, this is gonna be fun. Thank you Aeon!
DF  Post #: 73
4/8/2017 15:21:02   
The Darklight Hero



Doug found her in the bushes 16 years ago, so she's at least that old.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 74
4/8/2017 15:46:03   


So will we be visiting Vertoche Crossing or walk back to Falconreach on ground...except did we already found a route loophole across that wooden blockage near Surewould Forest?
Post #: 75
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