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RE: =DF= Design Notes April 7: Return to Lymcrest!

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4/11/2017 3:30:02   

@shiny_underpants except it WOULDN'T be a win-win, since he wants the rematch solely for FALWYNN to win. also, i'm not sure why you want falwynn to die.
DF  Post #: 101
4/11/2017 3:48:37   

You jest but in all honesty there isn't really a place for her in FR and the hero's house seems to be the safest place for her, that and someone needs to take care of the Hero's dragon so they don't try to eat Twilly whenever he comes to visit....

Besides the dragon needs a new person to play with when the hero is gone.
Post #: 102
4/11/2017 4:37:57   

^It depends what happens in the saga. I get the impression that the Hero spends the majority of their time camping and staying at inns. When things are uneventful, the Hero stays in their house.

So if the saga involves a lot of travelling, Falwynn would simply camp and stay at inns with the Hero, i.e. if they're active the whole time Falwynn is apprenticed to the Hero, there'd be no need for her to live in the Hero's house.


Besides the dragon needs a new person to play with when the hero is gone.

A new chewtoy, anyway. Falwynn fits the bill for either.


~original: @Greyor_42
except it WOULDN'T be a win-win, since he wants the rematch solely for FALWYNN to win.

My, I am shocked at this revelation.
Still, it'd be boring if we knew the outcome before it came about.


also, i'm not sure why you want falwynn to die.

I'm... not really sure either.
Character deaths in this game are usually executed well- look at how drawn out Tomix's death was; a condemned character who managed to get more screen-time than any other.
And Serenity's gave us Caitiff.
So character deaths tend to be interesting- and the main reason I play this game is for interesting story developments.

Still, I don't actually want Falwynn to die. Her interactions from here on will be far better than her death.
DF MQ  Post #: 103
4/11/2017 4:38:48   
King of Zards

Jeez guys... Why the panic? I can't imagine her dying anytime soon. Sure she's gonna get in troubles but that's what we're here for.
Post #: 104
4/11/2017 8:28:12   

So, I finally have internet so I can finally log back on again and -

... it seems a lot of people expect character death. While promising to protect someone is a relatively common death flag, I doubt it'll happen too soon. I mean, Book 3 might be darker and all but it's never been too trigger happy. Pain-happy, yeah, but never trigger happy. She'll be fine. Most like. For a fair while.

please don't kill her, assuming she's in the 16-19 range, she's only barely older than my youngest brother, please -

Ehem. I look forward to seeing how they interact with each other, anyway.
Post #: 105
4/14/2017 13:43:13   
King of Zards

On the other hand, Book 3 has already averted infant immortality. (Seal of Ativa, anyone)
Post #: 106
4/14/2017 15:13:46   

Now what would be an even much more interesting stuff to see Fawlyn become the heroes lover that would be the best twist ever even if it wont come true i would really like the hero to fall in love with someone along the way

i mean i would like to see a saga with the hero getting a lover in the long run there is still a way to go until dragonfable will be finished and that would be great

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Post #: 107
4/14/2017 15:59:45   

Won't happen because it requires certain things to be true, possibilities being:

Every male hero is straight

Every female hero is lesbian

Or every hero in general is bisexual

And since there is no way every single person in the fanbase will agree on one set thing, it's best to just let Fal/The Hero just be a headcanon instead of actual canon :L
Post #: 108
4/15/2017 17:46:40   

Yeah i don't know either but it might be fun to have lover at the end of the game why not i didn't said it has to Fawlyn but we will see if they will make something or it will remain a simple fighting game. But i am saying that would spice the things up a bit
Post #: 109
4/16/2017 1:02:23   

I agree head canon is the best way to do it but outside of that platonic would be the only real option.
besides she is only 16 so that makes it creepy...
Post #: 110
4/16/2017 21:31:47   
Lord Alsvinich

Yep if Fal dies I blame everyone who posted on this forum, including myself, but it is good to see that the developers read the forums,

I am really looking forward to this questline

also I love how we came to the end of the gathering of shadows, with no current questlines, and so some of us thought book 4 might begin after would, and so the team starts 3 questlines in 4 weeks
Post #: 111
4/17/2017 9:25:45   
Dark Lord Urmi

^ tch i talked about her fighting a rose fangblade with her coming out on top and teaching her magic.

you can keep blaming yourself however.

< Message edited by Dark Lord Urmi -- 4/17/2017 9:26:49 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 112
4/17/2017 16:17:18   

I want to try and teach her to be a deathknight, but botch the lesson so she becomes somekind of "life and light" necromancer instead of a "death and darkness" paladin.
AQ DF  Post #: 113
4/18/2017 6:04:56   

Woah people don't have to bite my head of for giving and idea to the game it was just an idea if they will make something out of it fine if they won't it will still be fine
Post #: 114
4/18/2017 14:49:57   

there is a reason why there will never be a lover for the hero, remember not all heroes are male.
like I have two male heroes(warrior & rogue) and a female mage, and to try and give them a lover would be hard as the heroes all have different tastes and so on.
also its not like people actually 'bit your head off' we just disagreed with you that is all.
Post #: 115
4/18/2017 16:01:20   

@kiljaedan88: I'm sure many of us would love or wouldn't care to have a lover but we all have different preferences so it'll be too hard to satisfy everyone. Tomix also tweeted out awhile ago (there's a link to it some where on the forum but I can't remember where) that he doesn't want to give us a love interest because it's our character. We decide who, if anyone, our character has feelings for and Tomix doesn't want to take that away from us.
DF AQW  Post #: 116
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