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=DF= May 5th Design Notes: Mother's Day Release!

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5/5/2017 19:22:19   

Wolf Rider of DFQ&A/GD/Guides/RP


Mother's Day Release!

It's Mother's Day!

And Ash is trying to get his duties around Falconreach done as soon as he can, so he can spend the day with his mom!

Speak with him to see if there is anything you can do to help out, because that's what Heroes do!

Word is, that a Necromancer is roaming around the woods and he's raising an army! Put a stop to him!

In the name of all Mothers!

Or something!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
5/5/2017 19:43:32   


Did we...

Did we just see a hint of the Heroes current relationship with their Mom?

Note the sad face they make if you choose 'YES' and go to Ash's house to visit his Mom.

I wonder...I know the Heroes backstory is being left to us to decide, but what if that there was a very subtle hint as to what the canon backstory might be? I might just be overthinking things but that is interesting.
Post #: 2
5/5/2017 19:54:02   

Gryffin Warrior of DF GD & RP

I have one thing to say about this release.



In all, thanks for the quick but meaningful release, and Happy Mothers day to all!


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
5/5/2017 20:10:54   



remember, the hero hasn't been in contact with the rest of their family for at LEAST five years. and it's mother's day in lore.

great quest as usual, and it was nice to learn a bit more about ash's family, and their relationship.
DF  Post #: 4
5/5/2017 20:14:47   

@FriendofAFriend: I thought the same thing!

Didn't realize Ash's mom was a big fan! AWWWW... Then again, we were the hero that molded her son into the young man he is today! That princess line! HA! Mom's be trolling with embarrassment! Perhaps our hero's sadness is much more devastating than we think... Maybe since we decide their life's story, they don't know where they came from canon to AE wise... That's actually quite the tearjerker with a dash of Nightmare Fuel. I would have objected to the lack of a quest reward, but that end cutscene was worth it! No really!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
5/5/2017 20:22:49   


Hero's reaction is to be interpret however you like! We won't really be getting into your hero's backstory, it's up to you to write your own.
So the reaction is absolutely up to you to insert into your own canon for the hero.

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DF  Post #: 6
5/5/2017 20:34:05   

@Tomix: Haha, yup! Lucky for me that reaction fits in pretty perfectly for my own Hero's backstory, so I'm very lucky:D
Post #: 7
5/5/2017 20:54:30   

A sweet quest, it was nice to meet Ash's mom. It seems the past few quests have been short/ simple, a part of me hopes it's because they're preparing for the Gala quest :)

I like that they put in the Hero's reaction to Ash's mom, it's not much but it allows us to build a little on our backstory.


DF AQW  Post #: 8
5/5/2017 21:06:11   
Stephen Nix
Helpful Penguin!

Great release, and good to see a new character on L.O.R.E.

One thing that's bugging me...the title of this forum page Ging, should be today's date HAHAHA!

The mom joke at the end had me chuckling for sure.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
5/5/2017 21:45:01   
Aura Knight

This was a very nice release. I wonder if Ash's mom has a mime helping her do house chores.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
5/5/2017 21:46:48   

I hope father's day we get to meet Ash's father.


Master of Light and Darkness
Rio Skyron
with Bianca, my blade of Destiny
theme song
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
5/5/2017 21:58:22   

Loved the release, it was very cute. They really hammed it up, which went well with all the cheese.

We also meet Ash's mom, that's so cool! When is that boy going to introduce Aria to her?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
5/5/2017 23:59:58   

@rio3678 well, we know he's a farmer in falconreach, but that's about it.
DF  Post #: 13
5/6/2017 0:45:47   


So we are going gift Ash's mom tough handmade kitchen knifes straight from our forging with regular and exotic materials next year?

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DF  Post #: 14
5/6/2017 1:02:37   


the princess.. hehe, I am sure he could call upon her through his sword.. now I wonder how that introduction would go? "mom she is the light of my life, I think she will take a real shining to you...." hehe

sorry.. I know I am not very punny but I thought I would give it a shot but I am just not Gouda as the cheese master as he will always be punner than me.

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Post #: 15
5/6/2017 1:52:05   
Onyx Darkmatter



I was actually about to say "No" on such a decision, but then I was like "Eh, why not? What could really go wrong?".
Didn't think Ash's mom would ever actually be the Hero's fan, so I suppose mistakes weren't made?


Anyways, I find these decision-making quests quite fun, because you as the player will make an impact on the story. It's unfortunate that it's not common in this game, especially the amount of time you guys need to put in making the alternative scenes.
As for the Mother's Day quest, it turned out to be a bit interesting.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
5/6/2017 2:22:41   


Wait, is the Hero's mom deceased?

< Message edited by Spendin -- 5/6/2017 2:23:19 >
AQ DF  Post #: 17
5/6/2017 3:40:32   


Its your choice if you want it to be or not your backstory is your's.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
5/6/2017 4:12:51   

It was quite a nice quest.

There was a minor problem; all of the Hero's dialogue was obscured by the Riftwalker arm.
I just read from the guide Occatrava had so promptly created though, so it wasn't too bad.


Also, does Ash's 'princess' refer to the spirit in his sword (who is an actual princess), or a human girlfriend? Does it refer to an actual princess? It's a pretty common turn of phrase...

Edit: added spoiler tags.

< Message edited by Shiny_Underpants -- 5/6/2017 5:09:05 >
DF MQ  Post #: 19
5/6/2017 4:32:34   


Ash is so cute in this quest, he brings out his more childish side in this quest and I'm reminded that last time we saw him before we got iced, he was still just a kid hero who was trying to prove his worth and bumbled around us like a sidekick. When he cleaned himself up to go with us to his mom I had to pause for a moment because holy mackerel he looked a lot younger and i didn't figure out until I redid the quest haha. The wonders of facial hair everyone. The height difference between them is also cute and disoriented me even more about why Ash did not look like himself. I wasn't expecting his mom to sorta gush over us but it's not unwelcome :) Kinda weird being your son's idol who he literally had to look up to and now being about the same height and age.

I interpreted the hero's reaction to be about how they realise how young Ash used to be (and probably some part of us still has the habit of believing he still is) to us. So we shaped Ash into who he is now but we weren't THERE when I'd say he'd grown exponentially. We weren't there for those years we were frozen, we missed out on his upbringing and he took over some our responsibilities while we were gone. I wonder what would have happened if we were there, would he have grown as independent and reliable as he is now? Were there times when he truly missed us and wanted (not really needed since he looks pretty well grounded by Book 3) our help? I'm sure if we were able to watch we would have swelled with with over how much he'd grown.

I don't know, it's all really hard to connect Book 1 Ash with Book 3 Ash, it's as if they really are separate people to me, they just so happened to have the same name and similar faces.
It's all very jarring to see him show sides of his younger self I guess.
DF AQW  Post #: 20
5/6/2017 5:06:22   

What a cute quest. Ash is so freaking adorable in this one.


Also I can't help but laugh when a certain someone popped up in the background when our hero said the magic word.

When you ask me, I interpret the Hero's reaction to be a mix of sadness and guilt. I mean before becoming a human popsicle the Hero was Ash's mentor and friend so being gone for years and returning back to see the kid that looked up to you isn't a kid anymore is bound to make the Hero slightly sad. They weren't there to support him and see him to grow up to the adorkable and fine Archknight he is now.

Then again that's just my thoughts on the subject.
Post #: 21
5/6/2017 5:20:17   
Dark Lord Urmi


Hero's reaction is to be interpret however you like!
Oh Dovmix dovmix dovmix...you REALLY are going to regret giving us that leeway XD

"Mrs. Dragonblade are you trying to seduce me?"
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 22
5/6/2017 5:43:21   

question is Mr. Dragonblade still around hehe ;)
Post #: 23
5/6/2017 6:51:48   
Dark Lord Urmi

I don't care what anyone says this is now my headcanon. I want that little tinge of awkwardness XD
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 24
5/6/2017 6:53:02   
Silver Sky Magician


Ties in nicely with May the 4th too. Ash, I am your new father.
Epic  Post #: 25
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