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=DF= Design Notes May 12: Hunt for Atgno

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5/12/2017 17:56:36   
Level 1 Laughing Tog


Hunt for Atgno

Greetings everyone
It has been a pretty strange and rather unpleasant week.

Firstly, Verlyrus had a rough couple of weeks. Tomix, on the other hand came down with a mysterious plague...

We are not quite sure what happened exactly, other than that it started late last week, then he was out commission for several days after the release. He is just coming out of it. Well wishes to both of them!

Tomix is still working on plots and ideas for the Gala at King Alteon’s court and I wrote a small quest for you to play in the me-

Did anyone just hear an odd, cackling laughter just now, or was it me?

*Elryn looks left and right suspiciously*

I could have sworn there was a shape just around the Swordhaven Quest Board as well...

This is most definitely a strange week indeed.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
5/12/2017 18:21:06   

That so far has been one of the quests that I thoroughly enjoyed. Going through it made me question what the hell was going on. An interesting take on seeing our hero's inability to save everyone.
Post #: 2
5/12/2017 18:22:02   


If the town was destroyed by who I think it was well that will mean I was right.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
5/12/2017 18:23:25   

Are they doing okay now?
if they need some extra time then they should take it.
we would rather have them healthy and feeling better than having them worry about pushing things out on time.
please you guys don't push yourselves too hard.
Post #: 4
5/12/2017 18:30:58   

@dragon monster

These were ruins of the fire war, it says so in the quest objective. Though i'm kinda confused about why the rose are there.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
5/12/2017 18:47:58   

Custodian (DFGD)

Are they really Rose members though?
AQ  Post #: 6
5/12/2017 18:53:03   

i'm really curious about who's behind these two notices, and if they'll end up posting any more. i'm kind of hoping they don't, because these quests they're sending us on are really unsettling.
DF  Post #: 7
5/12/2017 19:20:40   

Would it be too far fetch to say that the Hero is suffering from trauma? PTSD or something

Even the "Rose" members disappear into smoke after they're defeated.

Also, this is some long quest. I'm still not done with it. That took a long time. I'm not sure if I defeated someone specific or just defeated all the mobs. Have to defeat all the mobs to finish the quest.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
5/12/2017 19:34:30   

DF Pedia

The fact that some people join the Rose because they've lost a friend or relative(s) to a conflict heavily involving magic got me believing some Ashenvale residents have chosen to do the same, which causes me to bring up my theory; "are the Widows and Guilt-Ridden Fiancees people who joined the Rose because they lost loved ones during the Fire War?" One of the popups that came up during the quest mentioned that "Memory's a funny thing, isn't it?" The answer can vary because it depends on who is being asked and how the past has shaped them into who they become. A simple question does not always have a simple answer.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
5/12/2017 19:46:11   

Custodian (DFGD)

Aside from the Ashenvale part...


*Elryn grins and brings out a tray*

Would you like a scone, Occavatra?

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AQ  Post #: 10
5/12/2017 19:47:59   

DF Pedia

*takes a scone with a smile on my face.* Don't mind if I do. It's delicious and still fresh from the oven. :)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
5/12/2017 19:51:01   

Apparently, Elryn like his Welsh dictionary.

Atgno means remorse. Which is appropriate for the quest.

Edit. Spoilers added not to spoil too much to those who have not played the quest yet. ~Elryn

< Message edited by Elryn -- 5/12/2017 20:30:55 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
5/12/2017 19:57:16   

These quests feel like they're building up to something, and I hope to see more of these between larger releases.
DF  Post #: 13
5/12/2017 20:20:56   

it seems like each of these quests is showing different reasons as to why people join the rose.

the first one was "atgasedd", or revulsion, as in, they just outright hate magical creatures for whatever reason.
and now we have "atgno", which as @louiscyphere quite helpfully pointed out, means remorse, signifying that some people join because of something important to them that they lost due to magic, and are in grief about the loss.

DF  Post #: 14
5/12/2017 20:28:32   

Custodian (DFGD)

*Elryn grins*


And you are handy with your dictionary. Say true, there was an additionnal drop in the quest that would clue you in as well, but Atgno is indeed the terrible remorse that gnaws inside of people. Just as you fought Odium previously... you just fought the Atgno that comes from some folks who died or experienced the regret of another's death.... And you can see what that lead some of them to.
AQ  Post #: 15
5/12/2017 20:30:06   


Is it just me or did anyone else notice some of the deceased loved ones sometimes changed appearance after attacking?

< Message edited by Strength -- 5/12/2017 21:04:35 >


Shadow Warrior is Best Warrior!



DF  Post #: 16
5/12/2017 20:35:31   
Dark Lord Urmi

hrm...something tells me this is going to become the new world ending threat and it will be the fault of everyone magic and antimagic alike.

I also really want to meet this creepy quest giver...i feel like it may be a spider like being.

< Message edited by Dark Lord Urmi -- 5/12/2017 20:36:41 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
5/12/2017 21:03:42   

This is getting exciting, I really want to know who is writing these requests and why they want us fighting these... creatures? I'm honestly not sure what to call them.

Based on this and the Hunt for Atgasedd quest I wondering if we're fighting the physical forms of the monsters and people's emotions. In Hunt for Atgasedd we fought magical creatures and we got a glob of Atgasedd which means hatred, most likely from The Rose attacking them just because of their magic. In this quest we fought people who were affected by the Fire War and we got Atgno which means remorse, clearly from what they experienced during the Fire War. These emotions are manifesting into... something. Maybe we see Rose members during this quest because some of the survivors from this town wished there was a way to prevent their town from being attacked and their strong feelings took the shape of The Rose because they know The Rose can and will stop attacks like this. Regardless of what's going on I'm worried that these emotions are taking a physical form, this can't lead to good things.

Nice job on this quest Elryn, I enjoyed it :)

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DF AQW  Post #: 18
5/12/2017 21:31:58   

Custodian (DFGD)




Impressive. Three full course teas for you.

AQ  Post #: 19
5/12/2017 22:17:28   


so, i take it we're eventually going to get another creepy note by this probably spidery-thing(credit goes to @dark lord urmi, i actually really like that idea) that's going to send us on yet another hunt for a negative emotion that's using its welsh name?
DF  Post #: 20
5/12/2017 22:42:59   
Lord Alsvinich

I loved this quest, it actually made me let go of my childish, Rolith(NPC) view of the rose, just hating them
also is it now normal for if a guest dies during a battle that they disappear after woulds


well my favourite theory is the reasons behind people joining the rose, so lets think logically, Hatred or disgust of magical beings, remorse over the loss of a loved one, due to magic. I might be jumping the gun here, but both words have started with A, so my guess is if there is another note, it might be fear, or uncertainty, as the Welsh word for uncertainty is ansicrwydd

< Message edited by Lord Alsvinich -- 5/12/2017 22:43:31 >
Post #: 21
5/12/2017 23:18:12   

Hope Verly get better soon, and Tomix.... well since you're feeling better already, I guess I'll be looking forward for next week's quest

The Fire War is indeed devastating, and frankly speaking, it's better that they join The Rose than turning into a second Drakonnan


DF Epic  Post #: 22
5/12/2017 23:36:22   


This quest was beautiful.


This right here is how you make me believe in Book 3 being a gray overarching story. Not by throwing in my face 'Jaania is the nicest girl alive', but by the simple 'Widow' and 'Grief-Ridden Fiance' titles the Rose Members have. It subtly reminded us that the PEOPLE working for the Rose were royally screwed by magic. That they've lost just as much as we have. Everyone has their own reasons...everyone wants to fill the void left in their hearts. The void that for these select few magic clearly caused...

We're not fighting monsters. We're fighting people. We're fighting husbands, wives, moms and dads. We're fighting those who have lost. They aren't evil, they just want to...stop hurting. They want to make sure magic doesn't hurt anyone else like it hurt them.

I am in love with this quest. Just perfect.
Post #: 23
5/12/2017 23:53:57   
Silver Sky Magician

Brilliant quest, totally agree with FriendOfAFriend. But a lot of people here are saying that the previous quest was also about people's motivations for joining the Rose, which I think is inaccurate. Remember the reward from the previous quest? It was an anti-human weapon, completely out of place for a quest about, purportedly, the Rose's hatred of monsters.

I think what these quests are showing are the emotions of the various victims/ parties in this conflict, not just the Rose's perspectives alone. And quite clearly someone is weaponising these emotions, I don't think they're arising organically. Certainly not by the way our mysterious quest-giver was cackling about them. Very, very ominous disconnect between the tragic origin of these things we have to face and the schadenfreude our quest-giver is displaying.
Epic  Post #: 24
5/13/2017 0:30:21   

^I feel like the subtleness of this quest really appreciated the players intelligence. Not that the other ones don't, but it could have been quite easy for them to have just been like 'THESE ARE ROSE MEMBERS WHO JOINED BECAUSE THEIR FAMILIES ALL DIED AND MAGIC DID THIS!!!'

No, the Fire War flashback and then showing us/making us fight Rose Members who had titles of people who had lost loved ones really, really hits harder. It honestly made me feel bad.

I don't need to be told about how much good the Rose is doing all the time. I think I honestly appreciate learning/seeing just WHY the people who joined the Rose joined more. And this quest should make almost everyone understand the mindset of why people are joining.

Beautifully gray. I am still in shock with how flawless it was.

< Message edited by FriendOfAFriend -- 5/13/2017 0:31:09 >
Post #: 25
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