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RE: =DF= Design Notes May 12: Hunt for Atgno

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5/13/2017 1:30:18   
AQW Lore-titician


Is it just me or did anyone else notice some of the deceased loved ones sometimes changed appearance after attacking?

I think that was a simple glitch, since those enemies are the "randomly generated"-type of "monsters", so it might be just a small glitch randomizing their appearance mid-fight.
DF AQW  Post #: 26
5/13/2017 1:33:39   


yeah. it happens to similar villager-like enemies, the void creatures, and those dark energy ball things from castle valtrith that i can't remember the names of......
DF  Post #: 27
5/13/2017 1:46:53   

Get better soon Verlyrus! Take good care of yourselves devs! What Tomix caught might be something like what I had, turns out there was a virus going on in campus and due to self-neglect (haha TeamNoSleep and EatWhateverIsAvailableOrAffordable) and very suddenly I found myself struggling to even sit up from bed and with a raging fever and headache. Funny thing was that I got it 3 days after I last went to school so I had to entertain the possibility of getting dengue in the middle of the school year.

This second quest is giving me a better notion of what the other quest was about (also credits to all the people who posted earlier on this thread, you're insight is much appreciated). I was suspicious about how the "Rose" members were disappearing, it just felt very odd and I've been trying to remember whether that was what normally happened (forgive my addled memory, I've got one week to go before I can finish this semester, ugh). I'll assume that it isn't but that brought me to asking "what even are they?", they were actual, physical people and the Rose wouldn't have much or a reason to waste resources by stationing a bunch of troops in a ruined town so when someone suggested the idea that they are a manifestation of SOMETHING and the drops were related to what that something was I'd take it that they're somewhat like Aspar was to Pandora? But because they weren't particularly powerful or not connected to elemental spirits the resulting manifestations didn't have any particularly striking features or powers, but are caricatures of the emotions and what the survivors/victims felt was most significant about them at the time so that's how they would be named in the game play. I find it interesting how Elryn hadn't added names to the monsters, I'm probably going on a slippery slope here but could it be, that at the time these were made, those who made them did not see themselves as themselves anymore? Like they can't say "I'm Bob", they'd say "I just lost the love of my life". Sort of like their trauma and their loss overwrote who they were and now they are defined and motivated by them? Gosh, I hope they have some kind of support group going on in the Rose, if a significant number of their recruits are like this than they had better address the problem and keep an eye on their upkeep.

Anyways, the weapons from the first quest was probably the monsters' desire to kill and seek vengeance on the Rose for the damage they had done to them, while the helmet might signify the way past struggles are still tormenting the rose troops. Yeah I demand mental health support from the Rose for their troops.
DF AQW  Post #: 28
5/13/2017 2:00:11   


So for the burnt home that we thought was a shadow moved...was it a Vurr'men? Also will the next area be uh... ...Vertoche Crossing?
DF  Post #: 29
5/13/2017 5:04:25   

Atgasedd... And now, Atgno. I feel relieved that I wasn't the only one who got the ideas already mentioned by the others in this thread. I appreciate the mystery that's been building up in this quest line, too. It's very well thought out and I have NO idea what's going to happen next. Keep up the good work, devs! ^w^

... But please take care of yourselves. We would prefer a delay or two than hear about one of you potentially dropping dead. DX

On that note, I guess I'll add a theory of my own. I've put it in a spoiler so that no one gets bothered by it.


First "hatred", and now... "remorse". As confirmed by the posts before this one, the main themes of these quests seem to revolve around emotions that lead to the rise of the Rose. If I may be so bold, you could even call these emotions as the "Seeds of the Rose".

Now for my theory:

Someone... Not a member of the Rose or anyone in direct opposition of the Rose... Just someone or something is tricking the Hero into harvesting these emotions, these "Seeds", in order to achieve their own goals/schemes. This is already made obvious by the fact that we never see just who the quest giver is. And by the way they write their requests, it's questionable if this mysterious quest giver is human or not. Or if they're even sane.

Now... What made me say that this "mystery person" is NOT a member of the Rose or not even a member of a faction directly opposing the Rose? Here are my reasons:

1. If the quest giver is a member of the Rose...

... then why not let the fellow Rose members know what you're up to? Surely they've got at least a little resource to spare? It seems as if the quests we've been given so far delve into the Rose's activities and motivations. Why post it on a quest board where anyone can just see and take it? Plus, we've seen members of the Rose who aren't afraid of revealing their affiliation. Why remain anonymous, too?

Of course, it could easily be someone within the Rose who can't reveal themselves lest they risk blowing their own personal operation...

2. If the quest giver is someone opposing the Rose...

... then why not say so? So far, our Hero seems to be completely okay with openly helping the different factions that are against the Rose. In fact, if you revealed yourself to be someone opposing them, I think the Hero wouldn't be having as many second thoughts as they do now. They'd probably even do it with some gusto.

So... I believe that this could be some new, unknown entity we're dealing with. Someone who could possibly "harvest" these emotions...

I mean... While there's this giant conflict going on between the Rose and those against them, there could be an unknown threat that's building up, lurking in the shadows and biding its time. While everyone is distracted and at each other's throats, this new entity could be gathering up the power of these emotions for themselves or to achieve their scheme.

And why harvest emotions instead of magic? Simple. Right now, people are incredibly on their toes about magic. The Rose is trying to suppress and get rid of magic, while the people against them are trying to find more sources of magic to use against the Rose. But emotions... These "seeds" are in high supply right now because of the tensions going on between everyone. High supply, but no demand. Whoever this mysterious entity is, they're just asking us to collect the different "seeds" for them...

For what reason? I can't even fathom just yet...

Well... I know my theory's really far-fetched... But I just thought I'd share. >w<

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DF  Post #: 30
5/13/2017 5:10:25   


one slight problem with that theory is that in the first quest, you're harvesting the atgasedd that magical creater harbor towards the HUMANS who have been attacking and killing them(for instance, the rose), which allows you to create an anti-rose weapon. so, it can't really be emotionsthat led to the rise of the rose. it's more like "lingering emotions of those who have died, or those who have lost someone, and have manifested in an approprate form".
DF  Post #: 31
5/13/2017 5:14:33   


Do we know someone who laughs insanely (although it was in a different way in the past), was a part of the fire war and in the elemental foothills (where the previous quest takes place- look at the stones), and has not appeared yet in book 3?

Someone who knows us, and due to lack of any other friend might consider us as one?

Someone who might have lost some, or all, of his power 5 years ago, and therefore can't do those quest himself?



< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 5/13/2017 5:16:26 >


His followers called him Mahasamatman, and claimed he was a god.
He never claimed to be a god, but then, he never claimed not to be a god.
Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be of any benefit.
Silence, though, could.
DF  Post #: 32
5/13/2017 5:41:26   

I must say that this quest is absolutely amazing.
To be honest I didn't look at the names of the Rose members at the beginning nor the villagers.
Sucker punched me when I did... Didn't expect that at all.
Please continue with this kind of quests! they are excellent for world building and showing the conflict about magic (for both sides).
Hopefully we will get our Hero to have theirs thoughts voiced about this quests at some point.
AQ DF  Post #: 33
5/13/2017 6:07:07   

Well this one hit me in the feels and provoked some thoughts. At the same time!


Looks like the community has already done a swell job of interpreting the quest. I must say, the helmet that drops definitely gives off some bad vibes (especially after the seeing the -3 LUK stat). Is it merely stuffed with Atgno, or is it another manifestation of it? It makes me wonder if it has any unique abilities or attributes like the weapons from the previous quest.

Get well soon Verly, look after yourselves, team!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 34
5/13/2017 6:23:04   
Cherubic Card

Man, this quest was yabba dabba depressing, I like it.
Post #: 35
5/13/2017 8:01:02   
The Jop


Well, that felt awful. Looks like someone wants to remind us of our greatest failure, possibly someone else who survived Akriloth's attack.

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 36
5/13/2017 8:51:19   

wow Its a good thing i still have the infused Daggers. They really helped out at the quests


Just a thought i had...seeing how these notes are written...the style...and the places they lead us..with Konnan nearby...could it be that the author of the notes is AleXANder...trying to make things right in a very...twisted and perverted way? The doll is a big hint for that theory

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DF MQ  Post #: 37
5/13/2017 9:32:06   

Custodian (DFGD)

*Elryn grins and chuckles*



ORIGINAL: Greyor_42


so, i take it we're eventually going to get another creepy note by this probably spidery-thing(credit goes to @dark lord urmi, i actually really like that idea) that's going to send us on yet another hunt for a negative emotion that's using its welsh name?
*grins* You may very well. The Team wants to bring some of that juicy Rose main storyline forwards more and hopefully that can be done with making the Gala happen for one. If there are however filler gaps to fill in between... then you just might *chuckles*.

*grins* Good to see many interesting theories and thoughts. And to clarify, yes, the Atgasedd you found in the previous quest is indeed that of the magical creatures for those who chain/capture them just as the Glob of Atgasedd's description indicates.

As for our new friend... mum's the word for now, but aye, it is not Xan at least.

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AQ  Post #: 38
5/13/2017 9:55:51   

Just started the quest and noticing the names of the monsters, and the differently shaded rose warriors (with the darkened eyes and so on) makes me think of one of those infamous creepy pasta stories about cursed games..


For any players who wish to up the ante a bit and the spook factor, go to youtube and type in
Reverse Song of Healing Majora's Mask
and listen to it on repeat.

I cant post the link, unfortunately, since net is sadly terrible...

So that song, or Reverse Gravity Falls Theme Song.

< Message edited by Roxas45 -- 5/13/2017 9:57:43 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 39
5/13/2017 13:07:15   

It's amazing that a mere change of name for a bunch of monsters gives so much more character.
Post #: 40
5/13/2017 13:19:04   

@Roxas45 Reverse Song of Healing Majora's Mask
Reverse Gravity Falls Theme Song
and i'll add on the original lavender town music for good measure


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 41
5/13/2017 13:26:57   

Just what we need, disturbing music to make the sad and slightly creepy quest into a sad and really creepy quest :P
DF AQW  Post #: 42
5/13/2017 13:37:02   

I have another theory given these quests, what if Atgno and Atagsedd are involved in the release of the spirits from Jaysun's Mask? We are dealing in some dark stuff here on multiple levels.
AQ DF  Post #: 43
5/13/2017 17:13:43   


So if we're fighting in memory lanes areas to gather these physical emotions... ...any chances we'll get a revived typing quest somewhere at the end?
DF  Post #: 44
5/13/2017 17:14:18   

Honestly, this quest was genuinely haunting! It really felt like we were going back to a bad memory, a place we never wanted to go back to! Even I, the player, a bystandard, felt the guilt crawling up my back a little bit!

Also, am I the only one who noticed the dead, black eyes on the enemies in this quest?
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 45
5/13/2017 18:54:37   
Aura Knight

The point of the quest was to get us to sympathize with members of The Rose, I think. We saw the victims of a war and the darkness the survivors had to face. Almost makes it seem like the actions of The Rose is justified.

Post edited to remove reference to a deleted post. ~Karika

< Message edited by Karika -- 5/13/2017 19:18:56 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 46
5/13/2017 19:21:44   
Level 1 Laughing Tog

I have removed several posts that were discussing other forum users instead of the release, which is what this topic is for. Flaming other members (including accusing other users of trolling) is not allowed and will be met with warnings.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
5/13/2017 19:37:20   

Now, here's some fitting music for this quest.

The Lament of Falling Stars
Post #: 48
5/13/2017 20:10:05   

I love this quest!!! I like Erlyn's quests, their pretty interesting and filled with mysteries! Tomix/Val, take all the time you need! We got this guy to keep us entertained for awhile! *Grins* lol

On another note, if the Author of the notes not Xan....then who? I notice the hand writing for Strange Letter looks a lot like the notes. Could be wrong thou..... hmmmm *Thinking*
DF  Post #: 49
5/13/2017 20:35:23   

I like Elyrn's quests, their filled with mysteries and subtle answers that gives us the life of other peoples' grey thought of matters that comes from different perspectives.
DF  Post #: 50
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