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RE: =AQW= Design Notes, May 18, 2017: Void Challenge Monster Skills

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5/19/2017 21:02:10   

Well, stuff happened while I was farming for NSoD and I decided to just take the opportunity presented to me. Notice how I'm not lvl 85 yet, I prolly won't bother much with it from here on out, so unless something else unexpected happens, don't expect me to be lvl 85 within the next couple days.
AQW  Post #: 26
5/19/2017 21:07:24   

^still thanks for sharing it on the forums,I wont have to worry about level a bit for the next 4 months
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 27
5/19/2017 21:20:08   

Void Bosses on PTR Feedback

-I could solo every boss without a problem
-Boss HP was way too low, I could defeat Flibbit, Drakonnas, and Djinni before they could even do anything.
-Boss damage was way too low, especially for the higher level bosses. Nightbane only hits me for around 320 damage and The Reaper's nuke does nothing if you have damage resistance.
-Xyfrag only healed for around 800-1000 hp, and even with his damage resistance I was able to beat it without any trouble

I like the skills the bosses have (if they're able to use them before I defeat them) and I'm not expecting every enemy to be impossible to solo, but I was still hoping for more of a challenge.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
5/19/2017 21:30:25   
The ErosionSeeker

Xyfrag's damage resistance actually negates his heal, which is why that doesn't work as well as it should. I was able to just mow it down with VHL.
DF AQW  Post #: 29
5/19/2017 22:30:16   
Aura Knight

I'm bored of xp farming now. I wasn't able to get to level 70 as I had hoped today, but I am close. Maybe getting 5 levels each day won't work out. I dislike not being max level but it's not as if levels matter anyway.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
5/19/2017 22:37:45   

Snow Angel of AQW GD/Q&A/Guides

I wouldn't necessarily say they don't matter. Sure, it's indirect, but the enhancements do matter, so levels do matter in that regard.
AQ AQW  Post #: 31
5/19/2017 22:51:10   
Rancore AQW

I would love to see some double server boost due to the fact a lot of members abused the nightmare map.There should be a chance for non members who never got the chance to use those 2 hours.The 15% isn't enough.
Post #: 32
5/19/2017 22:58:36   

thevoid is already dead content. people are just farming the reaper on live server for his low% Hourglass drop.

I was hoping for bosses at least as strong as Desolich, because Stonecrusher, ArchPally, and LightCaster are insane classes that make any difficult content into a complete joke. There's just no way to take old classes like DoomKnight and buff them up to same power-level. If super-bosses aren't going to account for these insane classes, then please nerf ArchPally's ridiculous 90% damage reduction skill, and pretty much every skill Stonecrusher has.

I've found that Alchemy tonics/elixirs/potions can double my damage fairly easily, but nobody uses alchemy because the reagents never drop, and it's a frustrating system that gives random, useless, bag-filling potions 90% of the time. Even with the members-only option to exchange some bad potions for good ones, nobody is using it. Can you please do something to make this system more conveniant/usable, and less "I want to pull my hair out"? Also, I think the cooldowns for Potions were changed. Before a boss fight, I want to pop my Elixir and Tonic immediately, but now I have to wait for a 1 minute cooldown, with no way to reset it. Is it possible to still let this slot reset the cooldown when you equip a different potion? (since only 1 tonic, elixir and potion effect can apply at a time anyway)

It doesn't help that there is no way to seek players and form a team, at all. Can't we have a party chat? Or just have a button we can press, that will throw us into a party with other people who pressed the button on the same map? You can't micro-manage random players on a map, but you can manage and organise players who want to be in a party and pressed a button for the purpose of getting one. And all the bosses besides Reaper are garbage. What's the point of having bosses for low-levels? If low-levels want to kill those bosses, they can't form a party to do it since everyone is fighting Reaper. Or in my case (before the server reboot & nerfs), I wanted to fight Reaper and everyone was insta-killing Kathool for scraps of XP.

I didn't like the rooms letting 7 people in. It's impossible to organise and lead 6 others unless everyone is voice-chatting. Everyone just picks whatever class (it doesn't matter, so long as there's 1 Stonecrusher) and vomits DPS, and whoever dies comes back into the room 10 seconds later. It shouldn't be like that. There should be some thought in making sure we have the right team composition.

And it really annoys me how these 'extra content' releases are done. Why are we in the Void? How did we get there, and how did the AQ bosses get there? Why are we fighting them? I don't care if it's just 2 lines of dialogue on an NPC saying we're here to train in preparation for the Queen's next attack, just do SOMETHING to create a plot-point, or tie it to an existing plot-point.

Lastly, are there any kinds of penalties for certain player(s) who livestream XP exploits (the snake) for multiple hours, and to thousands of people? Or is this exploit that let people hit Level 85 already just being swept under the rug and forgotten.

< Message edited by Loftyz -- 5/19/2017 23:06:53 >
AQW  Post #: 33
5/19/2017 23:04:41   

There was this snake in /timevoid that was also giving an abnormal amount of XP.
AQW  Post #: 34
5/19/2017 23:29:02   
The ErosionSeeker

So uh, has anyone actually found the 5k amulet?
I'd rather hunt for that first instead of the other merely cosmetic things.
DF AQW  Post #: 35
5/19/2017 23:29:17   
Rancore AQW

Yeah dreadnaugh.I was lucky enough to grab few levels of it before patched.A lot of people did too.2 hours and easy lvl 82-85.Sadly,i only got to level 74.
Post #: 36
5/20/2017 2:41:50   


Lastly, are there any kinds of penalties for certain player(s) who livestream XP exploits (the snake) for multiple hours, and to thousands of people? Or is this exploit that let people hit Level 85 already just being swept under the rug and forgotten.

I'm pretty sure AE's stance on exploits are that it's their fault and usually just fixes it and let people keep whatever they got out of it, one exception being if it has to do with gaining ACs via an exploit (I sitll remember those couple unlucky people who found out and used an AC gaining exploit on the test servers and got their account not just rolled back, but also disabled untill they contacted AE about it).
Now on to if this is just "being swept under the rug", no, it's not, but it would be hell of a lot of work to start rolling back all those accounts and since levels are not the biggest matter ever, it doesn't seem like a priority to them. Remember when everyone abused the Yasaris Serpents? They gave immense XP and CP for a good while, they just fixed it and let it be where it was, no other actions really taken,
And I also think because it was something that happened on the testing server, it was actually helpful for AE, remember, the test servers are meant for people to spot possible bugs/glitches before it goes live, so I think they would be more lenient when it comes to test server stuff. At least that's how I see it, test servers are fair game, as long as you let AE know about it in some form or another, I don't think they will take much action against you, but again with the exception of stuff like gaining ACs, or litterally being able to put items in your your inventory which you have no rights to (like exploits that can copy items etc.)
At least there was equal opportunity for both mems and non mems, that's a plus.

In other news, Evo Leprechaun now has a 5.5 (9,6 with the last skill's first activation) crit modifier, that's kind of hilarious.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 5/20/2017 10:41:12 >
AQW  Post #: 37
5/20/2017 2:53:18   

is the infinite stacking crit mod from the last skill bug fixed yet?
i got to around 300 yesterday before getting disconnected
AQW  Post #: 38
5/20/2017 2:57:43   

It's still a thing and with the new level cap, it's actually better because now I gain 8 per activation instead of 6, it seems like the actual gain is tied to how many 100 Luck stats you have. Nothing too special, but being able to do it slight faster is nice.

One thing they DID fix though, is drops that should not be able to drops, they are now gone (bye bye useless Dark Energy).

And btw, Luck does not affect crit mod on a stat to stat basis whatsoever, it's just about hitting those intervals of 100.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 5/20/2017 3:05:32 >
AQW  Post #: 39
5/20/2017 9:46:46   

Regarding the new amulet, according to Yoshino:


[...] If you're talking about the new one mentioned in the DNs, It was forgotten in the release.


Is it just me or Nightbane's Wings aren't loading when you equip/preview them?

< Message edited by iDreadnaut -- 5/20/2017 10:49:32 >
AQW  Post #: 40
5/21/2017 4:12:43   

is it just me or nightbane's manacost debuff is increasing mana costs by 150% instead of 50%?
AQW  Post #: 41
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