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Auribus Confusa "Holding Chaos"

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5/18/2017 23:24:39   

Hey guys, I'm Haiku. I've been a forum member for a long time but didn't have the need to utilize the forums until now. This is the prologue and first chapter out of quite a few chapters I wrote for a contest and a friend. My friend, like many others, role plays characters. And he RPs Chaos or the embodiment of it. The first chapter of my story is his origin story and takes place in ancient Lore. I would appreciate it if you would read it for me, tell me your thoughts and give me some constructive feedback. Enjoy. :)


The predecessors of the inhabitants of Lore were an enormous clan with many tribes within. Those tribes eventually would adapt to their respective environment of occupation and become the many factions seen today. Each tribe had a deity they worshipped and that dictated their cultural beliefs and norms. However, there were a handful of deities that every tribe shared and even figures that had obtained deity like status. One such figure, they called him U-guruyset. Roughly translated to "Chaos Incarnate," the immortal demigod symbolizing benevolent chaos and protector of life. His notoriety paved the way for abundant cults to flourish in Ancient Lore. They built shrines for U-guruyset and taught his principles to the next generation. A traditional and famous goddess by the name of Lilidorasha was displeased by these actions. For eons she had been the only shared deity which the most praise and respect had been given. She was the exalted one; shamans and priests/priestesses from every tribe alike would consult her advice for the community. Tribes would make gruesome and cannibalistic sacrifices to her; sacrifices that amused her. Warriors would use her name as a war cry and die in her honor. Lilidorasha saw this new demigod as an abhorrent rival and sought to quell it.

Capitulum I: Chaus Inceptus (Inception of Chaos)

“Make the decision that benefits the whole, since the part is incomplete.”

My name is U-guruyset, eldest son of Randy, and dirt of one of the mightiest and fiercest tribes, Traellan, of Eruditio. My tribe resides on a mountainside, toward the base; a place we call home, north of the lands home to the magical Arcana tribe. My tribe calls it Mount Skull. I am not entirely sure why it's called that besides the resemblance to a human skull except it's been the name for generations. Many of the other tribes possess amazing abilities such as harnessing the elements, living in harmony with dragons and their environments and or living for physical combat. My tribe is mysterious, we possess an array of talents, volatile talents. We are natural mediators between the many tribes of Eruditio. Every tribe are sometimes at war with each other for fun. When the war games get too serious and drags on longer than one month our tribe brings the belligerents together to make peace. We have architectural and engineering geniuses who have built complex structures for every tribes to benefit from. I won't name all of them. They include soul binding, creating new monster races, roads, weaponry, madness and quite a few others. We are also very destructive…


Behold our mighty warrior Atiq. He wears a purple loincloth and an aura that matches his leadership. He is our bravest and strongest warrior of our tribe. He is feared among the fertile lands, abyssal waters, free full skies, dimensional planes and dark underworld of Eruditio. When he comes back to the homeland from a bloody campaign of carnage he sports a necklace of his fallen opponents' heads.


In standard traditions someone of my lower social position would be used a warrior, a pawn nonetheless. However, I am nothing but a sheep herder and farmer. I tend to my flock and plant and harvest fields to feed my tribe. I am told I'm the backbone of our great tribe...

As much as our tribe (and others alike) praises war and violence I found an alternative to pacifying neighboring tribes. Randy says I am young and foolish but I tell him cooperation and the value of life will be universal some day.


One cold summer day my love and I were traversing the Skull's summit. Zards were coming out of their burrows while rhisons gave birth to their young and trobbles made nests and gathered food. Oh yes excuse my manners, let me introduce you to my love. She is one of the tribe's mightiest and stubborn warriors and was to marry Atiq. Even though she was his warrior equal she didn't love him, for Eshe loved me, a peasant. Kept in secrecy, our love was forbidden between the warrior class and slave class. A few hours trip, we scaled the mountainside with near ease and all I could do was admire her gracefulness. She is as skilled with an axe as with any bow or sword. I do recall of this one trip she took not so long ago. She was once stuck in a canyon on the land of ice for five frigid days and a legion of frost dragons attacked her. She single handedly slew all of them with a dagger and two days worth of food!! This is one of her many feats. She is much loved and respected in our tribe...oh how incredible she is!

As we approached the summit it was near dark.
Eshe said, "U, look at that."
A few hundred feet away a plasma type light brightened the shadows, such that a fire in a goblet would.
I said, "What light is that? Could it be a scavenger of the Arcanes?" "Or the Darkbloods?"
Eshe responded sternly, "No. They have no desire to traverse the Skull at this time of day."
Eshe paused and concentrated on the light and then said, "We should go and investigate, it could be an unforeseen future threat."
I said calmly, "Ok, I'll watch our rear."
I turned around to see if anyone was following or watching us as we treaded softly and quickly to the place the ball of light was being emitted.
Coming out of a thicket of trees into a giant clearing we were startled but what we saw. Freshly singed into the dirt was a huge symbol, a clockwork surrounding a dragon face, a couple hundred feet in both length and width. This was the sign of "The Eternal Dragon of Time."
I said with a flicker of fear in my voice, "What does this mean?"
I had never seen an ominous pattern in Eshe's eyes before.
She replied with a steely, "It means we're in much danger, we must quickly get back to the village and tell everybody."
The moment she said that the sky surged with immense power and split open. A cobalt sheath of lightning came from it striking the center symbol moving outward to the edges. The symbol started to burn with huge columns of obsidian flames. I was petrified, I was scared, I couldn't move and so was Eshe. Her expression was the same as when someone killed her sister. Dread and fear consumed her face. The obsidian flames merged together like a muddy water waterfall and formed a portal from a different dimensional plane. Out came what appeared to be a human encased in a ghostly green dragon. The dragon had green pupils and red irises that matched the human.

We were in the presence of Kronon, the being before time, the creator of Eruditio and every tribe!

Dragon Kronon opened his mouth to speak but we couldn't hear anything. Until a piercing dark voice penetrated our minds.
Eshe, now with collected thoughts, said, "Neither of us Ancient one." "We were traversing the Skull when we saw a burning light then we stumbled upon your symbol."
I said, "I didn't even notice it until Eshe pointed it out. Ancient One I was eating rhison jerky."
I said, "Hey you don't need to call me something I already am!!!"
Eshe looks at me and we both burst out laughing.
An eruption of voices filled our heads, "SILENCE!" says Kronon.
We clutch our heads and start screaming in pain as we fall to our knees. I'm trembling as I start to hallucinate, I feel blood coming out of my skin. Eshe recalls the day her sister died, yelling, "NOOOOO LILLY!!" while pounding the ground with her fists.
As we looked up his dragon form began to recede into his human counterpart in a swirl of time symbols. Still hearing him in our minds he said, "I REQUIRE A SACRIFICE FOR YOU TO WALK AWAY ALIVE."
Eshe looks at me with a grin, and says, "I guess this mean you're going home U."
I say, "What about the tribe?"
She says, "They'll find another great warrior."
"I am strong and the Ancient One needs a sacrifice."
I say, "Noooo you can't...I won't let you!!"
She says, "You have so much to live for U." "Even though life right now isn't all that great."
"Trust that it will be alright, the unknown."
She pauses and sadness starts to seep in her voice.
She says, "This is the only way I can be with you."
"What do you mean?" I reply with tears starting to come out of my eyes. I continue, "I don't want to lose you..."
She says, "I know..."
With tears streaming down my face I look at her with all our memories running through my head. She looks at me one last time with the smile the first day I saw her.
She starts undressing, folds her clothes puts them on the ground. She places her shoulder, chest, leg plates and her sword on the clothes. She boldly walks to and in front of Kronon and whispers, "I'm ready."
Kronon appears to agree. Out of the air a column of fiery time symbols engulf Eshe until it's a shape of an egg. It starts ascending then disappears.

The love of my love disappeared.

Kronon turns his back to me and ponders about a distant future. Deep anger overcomes me and without conscious thought I grab Eshe's sword and charge at Kronon not fearing whether he would kill me or not. I raise the sword and I'm about to slay him when he turns around. He puts his hand out and a horizontal obsidian column of molten flame wraps around me. I scream with terror and agony. I feel the weight of the time flames crushing my bones. Needle like tremors surges through my body. I grab my face and peel my skin while my eyes bleed dark flames. My light purple skin and hair begins to transform to a dark purple.

Kronon stands over me and says, "Remember who you are. You weren't meant for this mortal form. Remember the value of life. Remember how you will spread cooperation all over Eruditio." He then walks to the obsidian portal and disappears leaving me ashy and scarred beyond recognition with golden glowing time symbols covering my body.

I try to get up but I collapse and start screaming. But no one can hear. Nothing can hear me. I am trapped in pain and suffering more than any being in Eruditio ever would for eons. The pain is so excruciating and horrid that I want to die.
Before I faint I remember the last things said to me, "This is the only way I can be with you," and "Remember the value of life."
I awake much later not knowing how much time has elapsed. I look around and I'm laying in the charred center of Kronon's symbol. I get up and touch my arms. Everything in and outside my body is regenerated while I'm swallowed in a purple aura.

A huge grin and flaming purple eyes overcomes my face.

I remember.

I yell, "I AM CHAOS!!!"

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AQW  Post #: 1
2/10/2018 3:11:38   

Wow good story! Can't wait to read more of it :)
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